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eli5: drunk in public law and charges (CA. USA) and multiple court dates

2023.05.28 09:06 unoriginaloser eli5: drunk in public law and charges (CA. USA) and multiple court dates

): i got arrested for a drunk in public because i fell asleep outside drunk after a fight with my partner and parents. i’m a mess, i know.
i got sent to jail for almost 24 hours & have an upcoming court date. am i going to go BACK to jail!? or, rather, can i?? I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK.
i am in some deep shit from missing a court date recently from a car accident — i was in surgery. i had an ectopic pregnancy and could have died, of course i wasnt even THINKING about my court date.
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2023.05.28 08:45 SigmaANenigma The Union is need of some centralization

Instead of rampant complaining and moaning we should strive to do something else.
Gaijin has been proven to be botting for years so the only thing we can do in that area is compile as much evidence as we can and then publish it with full transparency. its no point crying to the main subreddit about. most individuals there are loyal to the snail. You'll only be silenced and ridiculed for no reason other than a conflicting opinion
I think we should focus on some things that bring out the most impact. Which are:
  1. Leaving a negative review, if you haven't already. This seems to have hurt them the most in the last two weeks. Though you should aim to make it as constructive as possible and not spam because it makes for a funny meme. Bad publicity will keep new players away, they are aware of this.
  2. The second should be addressing as many concerns as you can on the various platforms the snail is most exposed to. Such as their youtube videos, or twitter whenever the twitter guy says something. (stona and wolfman can't ban you there). Let those concerns surround Br placement, the economy and other issues that are prevalent in warthunder.
  3. Should be an attempt to grow this subreddit, we have large base of players already. 15000 people might mean nothing in the grand scheme of the game. but 15000 active pplayers not doing gaijin's bidding is still even if minor a good effort. The recent sentiment on this subreddit is overly negative, lots of people doing a 'stab in the back.' if the union failed so badly why would they come here and complain constantly. It means the effects of what we are doing is visibile
  4. The fourth would be to avoid all monetary transactions until gaijin has given us fair value. of course this is a personal choice and no one could force you.
That's about all I can think of. Other than that its time to realise warthunder it is over a decade old. It's time to make and support other tank games. If you are young game dev with ambition. You literally have the opportunity of the century here.
Mods its time to make some flairs
A final point. Just because some tells that what you believe in is worthless. Doesn't mean you should cave.
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2023.05.28 08:33 -Bonjour-- More Madeir

From my travel report (2014):
The second trip to Madeira we made to escape the winter. The weather was like a moody diva in winter. It changes not only from day to day, but also within a few hours. So you can never plan anything for the next day, because you should not think, today it is so nice and sunny and warm, it will be the same tomorrow. But if you are unlucky, the next morning it will be completely cloudy, only to possibly be sunny again in the afternoon.
It is always a pleasure to stroll in FUNCHAL's old town. Here times an ice cream to eat, there a coffee possibly with Nata to take. But this should be done when there are no cruise ships in the harbor. Then you see fortunately more locals than tourists in the streets.
For football fans: Christiano Ronaldo, who comes from Madeira, now has his own museum in Funchal - eagerly visited by his - mostly young - supporters...
Funchal is spreading out more and more - the slopes all around are already built on, and in the hotel zone construction continues eagerly. Although it is obvious that in the newly built apartment houses still very many apartments are empty.
The first two weeks we booked apartment at about 350 m altitude with a beautiful view of Funchal. The disadvantage was that it became - especially in the evening - but quite cool. Fortunately we had not only an electric heater but also a fireplace in the apartment.
From up here you can see how Funchal has grown in recent years. It is a huge sea of houses, which goes up to all the adjacent hills.
For the second part of our stay we had chosen an apartment house at Praia do Formosa with direct view to the sea and also to Cabo Girao.
One of the most beautiful and varied gardens of Madeira is located only about 9 km east of Funchal: the Palheiro or Blandy's Gardens. In 1801, the property was purchased by Count Carvalhal. A hunting lodge was built and the count had exotic trees imported from all over the world. The count's descendants squandered the fortune, and so in 1885 the estate became the property of the Blandy family of wine merchants. The villa above the garden is still inhabited by the Blandy family and is not accessible.
The gardens are famous not only for the variety of (often exotic) plants but also for their location on a 500 m high hill with a magnificent view of the bay of Funchal. The Count's hunting lodge was renovated in 1997 and is now the exclusive hotel "Quinta Velha do Palheiro".
The gardens are divided into the main garden, the sunken garden, the valley of hell (Inferno) with mighty fern trees, the rose garden, the ladies garden and the tea house area. There are also ponds with water lilies and beautiful flower beds.
Some of the numerous trees are 100 years old. The garden has been constantly developed. Hibiscus, bougainvilleas, jacaranda, African tulip trees, coral trees and orchid trees grow here. The Blandy family imported proteas from South Africa and had a rose garden planted and a small baroque chapel built. The gardens are also famous for their numerous camellias and magnolias.
The orchid garden, created by an Austrian, apparently has more than 5000 plants and is located below the botanical garden. At the moment the orchid garden is closed, because in the big fire of 2016 in Funchal not only many houses were destroyed, but also great damage was done to the orchid garden.
Carnival is also celebrated in Madeira and by chance we saw a children's parade. It was interesting to see with which eagerness the children were partly "there". Therefore, there will probably be no problem with carnivalistic offspring in Funchal.
The town of RIBEIRA BRAVA is located at the mouth of a wide - sometimes wild (brava) river (ribeira). From Funchal there is a highway to get there. In Ribeira Brava there is a wide pebble beach, and on the other side of the promenade there are cafes and restaurants. In the historic center there are small stores, and here is also the pink town hall from the late 18th century
The Igreja de Sao Bento was built as early as 1440, but was given a new look during the Baroque period. The spire with the white-blue tile pattern and the sphere symbol of the Portuguese explorers is striking.
We still drove to Punta do Sol. This place lies between two high rocky capes. In the old core there are only a few houses and the church, behind it already begin the terraced banana fields. There is a pebble beach and on the promenade you can have a drink in small cafes. Except for us, there were hardly any tourists in the village. But here we drank the best poncha on the island. Poncha (made of honey, lemon juice and sugar cane brandy) is a kind of national drink on Madeira.
The village of Camara de Lobos - situated between two rocky cliffs - is only 9 km away from Funchal. Camara de Lobos is still a typical fishing village with the many colorful boats (xavelhas) that you can admire in the small harbor. A small church was built at the harbor early on, this was remodeled in 1420 and the current Capella Nossa Senhora de Conceicao was built.
There is still fishing and some boat building in Camara de Lobos. However, these are no longer particularly lucrative, so tourism is now a larger source of income. The fishermen in this area mainly catch the black scabbardfish (Espada), which is offered in many restaurants - also in Funchal.
There is a promenade path from the Lido in Funchal to Camara de Lobos since 2011. The path - always with a view of Cabo Girao - is partly concreted and partly laid out on wooden walkways. If you walk in the direction of Camara de Lobos, you can see the approaching waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the partly high cliffs on the right. Not far behind Praia de Formosa there are some beach bars or restaurants where you can have a drink or eat quite well.
Cabo Girao near Camara de Lobos is one of the highest cliffs in the world. More than 500 m the land here falls almost vertically into the sea. Since our last visit, things had changed here, there was now a large parking lot. Then the cafes and souvenir stores were also new for us. And surprising for us was also the glass viewing platform, which exists since the end of 2012. Here you can see that wine and vegetables are grown on the small rocky outcrops. The farmers can reach their fields on the coastal fringe with a cable car. Before the cable car was built, these fields were only accessible by boat.
From Funchal it was not far to CANICO. The original village became in the course of time one of the most important tourist places on Madeira. Large hotel complexes, apartment buildings and villas were built. However, we turned off before we reached the town in order to get to Ponta do Garajau. There on a rock cliff is the 14 m high Christo Rei statue, which was erected in 1927. From here you have a beautiful view of Funchal. Since 2007, there is a cable car nearby that goes 200 m down to the pebble beach.
CURRAL DAS FREIRAS is a small village nestled between huge almost vertical mountain slopes in the heart of Madeira. There is only one road that leads serpentine to the 633 m high valley. Originally the valley was inhabited by nomads and shepherds. Towards the end of the 15th century, the land became the property of the nuns of the Santa Clara convent.
The name Curral das Freiras means "pen of the nuns". In the 16th and 17th centuries, the island was repeatedly attacked by pirates, and the nuns retreated here to the protection of the mountains, which are up to 700 meters high. Here people still live from what they grow themselves on their fertile fields. One of the specialties of the village is chestnuts. They are used to make liqueur, cakes, bread and soups, which are also sold to tourists. On November 1 of each year, the Chestnut Festival is held here.
Not many tourists come to SANTA CRUZ, although this place is certainly worth a visit. There is quite a pretty old town with the church of San Salvador built in 1533 as well as like a large modern market hall just behind the long gray pebble beach lined with date palms.
Just north of Santa Cruz is Madeira Island's airport, renamed "Cristiano Ronaldo" Airport in 2007. Opened in 1964 and reconstructed in 2000, this airport is one of the most dangerous in the world. The 2777 m long runway is built on the rocky coast above the water and looks like a bridge with large concrete supports. A large parking lot has been built below this runway.
Before the landing approach, the mountain massif must be overcome so that the narrow runway can be approached. Unfortunately, there have been numerous accidents, but this is still one of the busiest airports in Portugal.
From Santa Cruz we drove to MACHICO, one of the larger towns of Madeira. Machico profited from sugar cane cultivation in the 15th century and is now a modern town, which is divided into two halves by the Ribeira da Machico. On the eastern bank of the river is the historic fishing quarter with the main square surrounded by tall laurel trees.
The town church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao in the center was built in the 15th century and partially rebuilt in the 18th century. Opposite stands the town hall built in the early 20th century There are several fish restaurants here.
In the surroundings of the small village FAIAL there is still a lot of agriculture, e.g. wine and fruit growing. The village is dominated by the 600 m high Eagle Rock. Only a few tourists come here, because there is hardly anything worth seeing.
Most people come to Santana to see the famous "Casas de colmo". In total there are still about a hundred of these thatched historic wooden houses. They are very scattered throughout the municipality.
On the way back to Funchal we passed through Ribera fria. Here you can take a short hike up to the Miradouro dos Balcoes, from where you have a beautiful view of the mountains.
The peninsula PONTA DE SAO LOURENCO is 9 km long and 2 km wide. In 1982 it was declared a nature reserve, mainly to ensure the preservation of the fauna with the great variety of birds and the great occurrence of the native flora. The eastern tip of Madeira is barren and windy. One can no longer imagine that everything here was lushly forested.
Then, in spring, a carpet of flowers enlivens the bare hilltops. But also in other seasons the turquoise sea and the rocks in different shades - ocher, rust, gray and green-black - bring color to the area.
The south coast can be easily approached by boats, which is almost impossible on the drastically shaped north coast with its strong winds. There is a paved access road to the parking lot above Baia de Abra. Here you can also take the public bus.
From there there is a popular rocky hiking trail. This hike is absolutely not a walk. There are some climbs, often wooden stairs. You have no shade and are exposed to gusts of wind. To avoid being blown down somewhere, I ducked down and waited out the sometimes strong gusts - really quite extreme.
At the narrowest point with a land bridge only a few meters wide, the rock drops almost 100 m vertically - fortunately the place is secured with a fence.
The hike takes - depending on your condition - 2 to 3 hours. It also depends on whether you only walk to the plateau of Casa Sardinha - administration of the national park - or if you want to make the ascent to Pico Furado. Below the Casa there are some tables for picnics. From there there is also an entrance for swimming, which can certainly be pleasant in the summer.
On the way there are always beautiful views of the sea and the rock formations - e.g. the so-called rock gate. On the south side you can see the cages of a fish farm in the sea. In front of Sao Lourenco there are two small islands, on one of them stands the oldest (from 1870) lighthouse of Madeira.
From the cape we drove to CANICAL, the easternmost municipality of Madeira. This place is still characterized by fishing and boat building. Fishing boats are still built here and there is a large repair yard.
Over the 1000 m high Encumeada Pass we drove northeast to Sao Vicente. Unfortunately the old coastal road to Seixal and Porto Moniz was closed and we had to drive through many tunnels. A few years ago it was a special experience to drive on the narrow and winding ER 101 directly at the coast - on one side the high cliffs and on the other side the sea. But apparently the road has become too dangerous in the meantime because of constant falling rocks.
We got to Porto Moniz , and unfortunately the weather got worse, more and more clouds came up. The sea raged with huge waves to the shore. Porto Moniz is a nice little town located on the northwestern tip of Madeira, a region with high mountains and views of the endless Atlantic Ocean.
From Porto Moniz you can go hiking, for example on the coastal trail "Levada da Ribeira da Janela", one of the best hiking trails in Madeira.
Porto Moniz is known for its volcanic pools. Daytrippers mostly come for these pools filled with sea water.These pools owe their formation to a lava tongue that flowed into the sea here thousands of years ago, creating caves due to the force of wind and waves. The black basalt lava pools form swimming pools and are the attraction of Porto Moniz, because you can swim (swim) in them very well - at least in good weather...
There are two different lava pools in Porto Moniz: the completely natural pools and the western pools, which have been transformed into natural outdoor pools - there are no sharp rocks here. The surrounding rocks of the outdoor pool were built as a terrace , and here you can sunbathe. The pools are open every day - even in winter. But when we were there, there was no one in the water....
The natural pools are not safe because of the black sharp basalt rocks. It is very interesting to watch the waves as they crash against the rocks. The water is sometimes whirled into the air in such a way that it looks like a geyser.
The PICO DE ARIEIRO is the most visited mountain of Madeira, because it is the only one that has been opened up with a road, but it is only the third highest. The road was probably built primarily for the observatory and not necessarily for the tourists. Already the approach through pristine landscape with rugged rock and sparse vegetation is an experience.
If the weather is good, you have a breathtaking view all around. Equally beautiful, however, is the sight of white cushions of clouds hanging between the high mountains. In winter there can be ice and snow on the peaks. Since it had snowed on Madeira about 2 weeks before our trip there, we could still see the sparse remnants on the shaded layers.
From Pico de Arieiro you can hike up to Pico Ruivo (1861 m) if the weather is good. At the beginning, the path is quite wide and in places secured by railings. Some then walk at least to the first viewpoint - the rocky peak Niho de Mata with beautiful views. The entire hike up to Pico Ruivo is clearly difficult, even if there are partially secured stairways since the 1960s. Some of the paths are steep up to 700 m, the rock steps are high, the paths are sometimes narrow and beaten, and it also goes through unlit tunnels. So you should have a good condition and be free from giddiness and sure-footed.
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2023.05.28 08:19 PinkJellyGirly The man that followed me home twice got what he deserved

So this happened back in 2020, during the summer. I was 18 at that time, working a summer job at a local beach bar. I had just gotten my driver's licence and my first car. That day I was working the night shift, I got to work at 6pm and got off around 2am. For reference, I live in a suburb that has a max of 10000 permanent residents. There are more people during the summer, as many people rent vacation properties because the beach is literally 5-10 minutes away on foot.
I got off work and on the drive back home, I felt kind of nauseous (I had eaten a chicken sandwich at work, maybe the chicken had gone bad), so I thought a soda would make me feel better. In my country, we have these small 'shops' (you can find them in every corner). It's more like a kiosk where you can buy refreshments, chips, ice cream etc. So because my city is a small suburb, there is only one of these kiosks that is oppen 24/7. I drive there and park my car directly in front of the kiosk with my hazard lights on, as I was only parking there for just one minute.
As I exit my car, I notice that right across the street there is a man sitting on the hood of his car, looking right at me. As soon as I saw the way he was looking at me, I knew he was looking for pray. He was around 45-47yrs old, short and chubby, with a bald spot on the top of his head. I ignore him, I grab a soda from the kiosk's fridge, I pay and I get back in my car. The moment he saw that I was heading back to my car, he got in the driver's seat in a rush and drove off. I knew something was fishy so I didn't take my eyes off that car. He thought he was being all smart and shit, because he drove a few meters ahead and he parked his car on the side of the road, in a spot that you wouldn't be able to see him unless you had witnessed him park, and he turned off his lights and engine.
I start my car and drive past him, acting as if I hadn't seen him. Just then, he starts up the car and follows me. He wasn't riding on my bumper, thinking that I wouldn't suspect anything if he kept a safe distance. Just because I was sure he was following me, I had already made a plan. I call 911 (not the number we use in my country, I live in Europe) and I tell the operator that I think a guy is following me and I need them on the line as I am about to make a few turns to confirm that he is following me. So I choose to go around the block, and get back to the same point, as that would mean that he was for sure following me, I mean why would someone go around the block just to get to the same spot they were before, if they know where they are going they wouldn't need to do that.
So as you can imagine, he turned every single time I turned and we now both are right where he started following me. That's when I look at my rearview mirron and spell the licence plate to the 911 operator. She wasn't even saying anything, so I tell her: '' Please stay on the line just in case anything happens, I'm gonna lead him right to the police station ''. The police station was straight ahead from where we were, so I shift gears and drive faster. He does too. The police station is not visible if you're driving and looking straight, you would have to turn your head to the left in order to spot it. So I slam the brakes right outside the police station, and I pull to the side. He pulls up from the left, his car is now right next to mine, I roll down my window and he rolls the window on the passenger's side. Before he was able to say anything, I point with my finger and I show him the police station. He turns his head and he sees it. There was a cop guarding the outside door. I tell him: 'See where I brought you? You wanna follow me you pervert, let's go to the cops right now.' I hadn't even finished my sentence and the guy sped off so fast he didn't even roll up his window.
I hang up the phone to the police and I watch his car turn left and dissapear. I stay there for a few minutes, just to make sure he's gone gone, and I drive to my house, which is also straight ahead, just two streets above the police station. I get in my house, but I first check my surroundings, because I was paranoid, thinking he was hiding in a bush or smth. I wake my mom up and tell her all about it. She asked me for the number of his licence plate was but I had already forgotten it.
A month goes by, and I was again coming back home from the night shift. This time I hadn't eaten anything at work and I was very hungry, so I stop at that kiosk again to buy some chips. FYI, there isn't any other place to buy food at that time, no restaurant in my city is open 24/7. I look around and check if the man was there, since I suffered from ptsd because of my last experience in this kiosk. I buy the chips and as I am paying I hear a car pulling up across the street. Sure enough, there he was, coming out of the car and sitting on the hood, as if he was reenacting our first encounter.
He starts staring at me again. It felt as if he didn't remembed what had happened the last time. So I was like, no, this time, I'm calling the cops on you. I get in my car, and of course he rushes to get in his. I call 911 an I explain that the situation. I tell the operator that this is the SAME man that did this to me a month ago. She told me to wait there and that she would send a few officers over, but that it might take some time until they get here. So I thought, since this guy is now making me lose sleep, I might as well have some fun. Also, note that he seemed a little bit retarded. As if he had some kind of mental issue.
So for the next 40 minutes, he would copy my every move. I got out of the car, he got out of the car. I got back in, he got back in. I started the engine, he started the engine. I turned on the lights, he turned on the lights. This little game was going on for the whole 40 minutes. A few times, I tricked him into thinking that I would actually drive off, so he drove a few meters, checked if I was coming, and then did a U turn and came back. After these long 40 minutes, 4 officers on bikes arrrive at the scene. I immediately point at him and say: 'That's the guy'. He was sitting at the hood of his car so he couldn't just drive off this time.
The two policemen start asking him questions, and the other two ask me for my ID and my version of events. After I explained everything to them, they do a quick search of his car and they find some rope in his trunk. That didn't proove anything though. At some point, this guy started walking up to me, yelling at me, saying: ' I don' t know you miss, when did I ever cause you any trouble, I've never seen you before, I didn't do anything to you! '. The policemen stopped him right away. I was infuriated so I replied and said: ' Yeah right act as if you don't know me you piece of shit, you followed me home a month ago, don't you remember? '. He insisted, telling the police officers that he hadn't done anthing and that he had no idea who I was or what I was talking about.
After the police officers collected all of the information they needed, they pulled me aside (one of them was watching him) and they informed me about my options. Me, being naive and not knowing many things about the law, I listened to the police officers, who basically told me that there was no point in pressing charges. He hadn't taken any action. He hadn't physically hurt me. So taking him to court is basically pointless. That's what they said.
They told him to get in his car and leave. They asked me if I needed anything and I hesitated but I eventually asked them if they could escort me to my home because I wasn't feeling safe after that.
A year goes by. It's 2021. It is around that same time that guy had followed me home the year before. I am sitting in the living room with my mom, watching the news. And this title appears on screen: 48 yr old man tried to abduct a 13 yr old girl riding the bike to her home in _____(the name of my city). They show a blurred picture of him on the news. I immediately knew it was him. There were no public pictures of the guy yet. I tell my mom: 'It's the guy that followed me home, I'm sure it's him'. I sit and watch the whole coverage on the case. It happened in broad day light. They found sleeping pills in his car. He was calling her beautiful and he was following her with his car as she was riding her bike back home. He asked her if she needed a ride and when she declined the offer, he started shouting at her and demanding that she gets in his car now. The girl escaped and went straight to her parents and they called the police.
I immediately got dressed and went to the police station to give my statement. I sat there three hours, recalling every moment from those two times he tried to follow me. There were phone call records where I was saying the licence plate. There were police records from the time I called the police on him. At the end, they showed me a picture of him and I confirmed that I recognised him.
After the trial, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 6 months house arrest. Do I think that's enough? Absolutely not. But at least I know that I did everything in my power so that he would get locked up. I know I could have pressed charges but honestly the officers made me think there was no point in doing that. Also, I had just finished school, it's not that I am all wise now but life has taught me a few lessons since then.
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2023.05.28 07:57 SnooMemesjellies7591 Can we file petition to faculty to refund late tuition fees? Due to system error, one out of two course was not dropped in time so the tuition that I paid for 1 course was not enough, which triggered an overdue tuition that resulted in $400+ fees GA Tech required me to pay in spring 2023 and summer 2023. But I have the record timestamps from my side that those fees are not just. What should I do? Do I fill a petition to faculty or do I dispute with my bank to reverse the fee payments? Thanks
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2023.05.28 07:52 Not-The-Dark-Lord-7 LOR Question

Ok, so for my LORs, I know I can get a good one from my math teacher (he basically lets you write your own), but I am wondering about my second LOR. I don’t have great relationships with any of my teachers tbh. I was thinking about getting a letter from my sophomore AP Physics 1 teacher. I will have him again for AP Physics C senior year, and he'd be one of the only teachers I'd have had for more than just one year. I struggled in Physics 1, and barely eked out a B both semesters. However, that was largely due to a lack of passion and friends to help me out. I have since developed a liking for physics, I will have smart friends in the class to help me out, and I’m solid at the math required, so I would be aiming for an A in both semesters (ok maybe just Mech I’ve heard the stories about E&M). However, I would need a letter for early deadlines. The angle I’d ask him to take would be something along the lines of “This kid struggled a lot but he’s persistent. Came back for Physics C after struggling in Physics 1. Doesn't give up, etc.” However, this might be a bad idea for multiple reasons. First of all, that would be two STEM recs. Second, I might not have enough time to prove myself competent. If he’s writing a letter in September or October for early deadlines, most of his experience with me would be my subpar performance in sophomore year. Additionally, we aren’t really close. I barely interacted with him in sophmore year. The final issue is the fact that he teaches exceptional students. My school is a public school, but the top 10% are basically bay area kids. I am, quite frankly, a below-average student when compared to the rest of the class. He’s gonna be writing letters for the science bowl kids who go to nationals and the kids who interact with him on a daily basis over the course of 3 years, and I just don't think he’d write me a glowing letter in comparison. But I thought the angle would show growth, persistence, and passion. Another thing I heard is that it is bad to show weakness. I have heard some people say that highlighting your faults would be a bad idea. I plan to major in STEM, so would talking about my struggle in Physics 1 be bad? Basically, is it better to do my best to create some form of a relationship with a different teacher, or should I stick with this? I honestly am not close with any of my teachers though. Any advice is massively appreciated, sorry for this long post lol.
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2023.05.28 07:27 klimme56 Update to AITA post

Hey folks, a few people messaged me about an update to the post I made a while ago on AITA so here it is:
My girlfriend (now fiance) and I are fine. We talked about it and agreed since it is my house, I would be the one to grow a pair and say 'no'. Her mom came up to visit (probably to scout out the house she thought she would be living in) and I laid it all out for her over dinner.
After sitting down and having some small talk, I essentially said that under no circumstances would she be moving in with us, and that was that. She got pretty agitated, trying to guilt me with "what's the big deal? where will I go? I'll be on the street if you don't let me move in". I started to reiterate that it's not my/our problem, but I remembered some of the suggestions that the commenters on the original post gave, and suggested public housing, some local assistance programs like food pantries, etc. She still wasn't having it though. She's very entitled.
She said it would be a lot easier (for her, of course. These people only think of themselves) if we just let her move in, she didn't want to go through the hassle of applying for public housing, she doesn't want to have to go to the food banks, stuff like that. We kind of went back and forth, talking over each other and it escalated to the point that I kicked her out. Didn't lay any hands on her, but I took her plate of food and threw it out, and told her to get the hell out of my house. She left, after some yelling, and my new neighbors saw the whole show of her cursing me out and peeling out of my driveway, chewing up some of my yard during the process. So that was fun.
When the yelling started,, my girlfriend retreated to our bedroom and after her mother left I went back in to find her crying. After giving her some time and cleaning up dinner (I didn't so much throw her mom's plate out as I did launch it at the trashcan, so it was everywhere) I went back in and we had a long talk about what happened. She told me I did the right thing, but I had scared her with all the yelling - she has a lot of childhood trauma, unsurprisingly, but I reassured her that her mom wouldn't be coming back, and this whole thing was over. So far, that's rung true. I suggested she give therapy a shot since her family is such a mess and she has a lot of baggage she could talk out and she agreed, only asking if I would attend some sessions with her, which I happily agreed to. She's been to 3 sessions so far alone, and a fourth one with both of us, and from what I've heard they've been going very well!
So that's pretty much it. Her mother has pissed off back to the hole she came from, and hasn't bothered us since. Asked her to marry me last week and she said yes, so I'm looking forward to starting this new chapter in our lives - and no, her mother won't be invited to the wedding. Thank you all for your helpful comments and suggestions, they really helped me out.
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2023.05.28 07:25 RobOhh Force Tears with Ziplines SUCK

Whatever level designer thought force tears with zip line courses would be a great addition to the game needs to be publicly humiliated in the town square, preferably tarred and feathered, too.
On top of the totally ridiculous mechanics and shitty camera angles there’s no good reason for them to even exist as they add NOTHING to the game but endless frustration. Only an absolute sadist would believe these totally unnecessary excursions should have been included in the game.
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2023.05.28 07:04 Fictionarious Quick overview of the ProRights position (and of its compatibility with Reddit's content policy)

Today (well, a few days ago, anyway) marks the second time that polite explanation/defense of the ProRights position on reproductive rights (abortion necessarily included, of course) has been maliciously reported by "pro-choice" users and subsequently censored by mods over on abortiondebate (this time with the assistance of some Reddit admin or another, evidently not doing their due diligence in reviewing the position, any statement I have ever made pertaining to it, and/or Reddit's own policies). In honor of this occasion, it may be warranted to provide a brief restatement of the position, review its general compatibility with Reddit terms of service, and observe its obvious relevance to the aforementioned debate in any (unbiased or free) public forum.

What are the motivations for and intended consequences of the ProRights position?

As ProRights advocates, we believe that nobody should be forced to become/remain a parent to any child (in any capacity) against their present will. They should not be forced into parenthood by the government. They should not be forced into parenthood by their partner. They should not be forced into parenthood by some act of conspiracy between the two. Likewise and therefore, there is no basis for forcing them to undergo or remain in any of the biological processes that typically or necessarily precede parenthood (coitus, impregnation, gestation, or delivery). The compulsion of the initiation or of the perpetuation of any of these conditions/events, either by force or by fraud, is categorically a moral wrong, and the best-of-all-possible-societies are those that adopt reasonable and effective policies specifically to discourage and prevent the occurrence of these varieties of reproductive coercion.
The morally-incidental fact that humans are a viviparous species presents a notable (but not remotely insurmountable) practical challenge to this effort. As a technologically advanced civilization, we have the ability to provide both of the following improvements to justice "according to (or under) nature":
The moral impetus for both of these provisions is, in fact, identical: enfranchising people with maximally symmetric rights under the law. Pregnancy-incapable partners have the effective right not to undergo or remain in a state of pregnancy, by virtue of being incapable of it. Pregnancy-capable partners should, therefore, be granted this same right as soon as is feasible. Pregnancy-capable people have the effective right to be totally confident that their forthcoming children are really theirs, in every case, by virtue of being susceptible to it. If they have also been granted the right to abort said pregnancy, they also have a postcoital right to end their forthcoming parenthood status/role in real terms, in tandem with that. Pregnancy-incapable people should, therefore, be granted these same rights as soon as is feasible.
As a morally advanced society striving to establish a reasonable combination of freedom and justice in a Rawlsian sense (or, justice "over nature"), we have the obligation to provide both of these improvements, to members of both biological sexes where appropriate.
The first of these improvements, of course, runs afoul of the common notion that fetuses and/or neonates should be considered legal persons with their own intrinsic right-to-life. The ProRights position explicitly rejects and refutes this misapprehension, on the basis that neither of these undeniably human entities possess (or have ever possessed) an identified sense of self, of the sort that would allow them to function as a member of any society on even a basic level (use language, form autobiographical memories, self-regulate one's behavior in relation to others, etc).
That is, we recognize that legal rights (including the right-to-life) are a social construct formed via some hypothetically-collaborative estimation of justice, and propose that these rights be formulated with the express purpose of benefiting/protecting present-and-former members of society proper (ie, not exclusively-prospective ones).
We therefore propose that, in practice, it is most reasonable (practical) to ascribe general right-to-life as beginning with the second month of life after birth, to all those fetuses/neonates which have likely reached a level of "situational" self-awareness that necessarily precedes (by a year or more) the emergence of any identified self.

Does ProRights advocacy violate Reddit content policy?

Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.
It warrants our explicit consideration: does formally arguing against the general right-to-life of zygotes, embryos, fetuses, or neonates younger than 28 days, constitute an attack on a marginalized or vulnerable group of people? Does it constitute harassment? Is it a threat of violence?
Perhaps we should click on the link elaborating on this matter:
Marginalized or vulnerable groups include, but are not limited to, groups based on their actual and perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability. These include victims of a major violent event and their families.
For each of the examples of marginalized or vulnerable groups cited, the group is distinguished by the configuration of some obviously morally-superficial characteristic. Is sense-of-self such a morally-superficial characteristic? Since this list is not exhaustive, it is hard to state with complete certainty that fetuses and neonates younger than 28 days old are not on it. What we can state, with categorically greater certainty, is that both of these (fetuses and neonates) would reasonably be on this list (or not on it) together.
This is because a conceptus only becomes less vulnerable with the passage of time (it is most vulnerable immediately after it begins to exist, according to the statistics) and both are equivalently helpless/vulnerable from the practical perspective of an adult human being, or even a six-year-old child.
Which of these two groups is most popularly marginalized? Given that the most commonly-occurring debate involves the contested personhood/right-to-life of the fetus (with the right-to-life of neonates being near-universally assumed) the fetus is the human entity subject to the most explicit marginalization (or, dehumanization, in the moral sense of the term humanity).
So, if we are being at all reasonable in our estimation of whether neonates younger than 28 days old qualify as a marginalized or vulnerable group of people, we might look to see whether or not unborn fetuses so qualify (as either marginalized, vulnerable, or people, strictly speaking). The continued existence of both prochoice and of abortiondebate provides a rather clear and unambiguous statement that it is within the scope of the Reddit content policy to discuss and even "promote" the deliberate killing of fetuses, by whatever justification. In light of the aforementioned fact that fetuses have a monotonically-decreasing level of both vulnerability and popular marginalization, we can conclude, by elimination of factors, that an honest questioning (and answering) of whether neonates are people in the first place (of the kind that should be regarded as possessing an intrinsic legal right-to-life, and on the basis of the presence/absence of morally-substantive criterion commonly cited by moral philosophers, such as sentience, sense-of-self, consciousness, viability, etc.) is also within the scope of the Reddit content policy.
If a serious philosophical defense of filicide/infanticide is good enough for Peter Singer and Mary Anne Warren, then it is good enough for the rest of us.

Is ProRights advocacy obviously relevant to the debate surrounding abortion, specifically?

Yes, although we can state this a bit more strongly. The ProRights stance represents a kind of Hegelian synthesis of the extant stances/arguments on the ideal reproductive rights of sexually-mature human beings with functional sense of self (the pro-choice and pro-life stances, respectively). We acknowledge that children younger than 28 days old do not exhibit any of the requisite features/capacities of personhood that would merit any associated right-to-life, and that it is impossible for them to be considered a member of society in any honest or simple descriptive sense. Subsequently, we recognize the prior moral imperative to equalize the naturally-unequal distributions of burdens and boons associated with pregnancy-capability (all of them), via a rising tide that lifts all boats.
As its founder (myself) has discussed elsewhere, the generating impetus for the debate surrounding abortion is fetal personhood. If there were no pro-lifers (that is, nobody that believed fetuses were people deserving of the right to life), there would be no more debate. The debate itself lives or dies on the fundamental contested question of when it is most reasonable to infer that this personhood and associated right-to-life emerges, exactly.
Some assert that it should emerge at conception.
Some assert that it should emerge at birth.
ProRights advocates assert that personhood emerges continuously but in recognizable stages over the course of months and years of early childhood development and socialization. We put forward the conservative stance that the "right-to-life line" should be drawn approximately one month (28 days) after birth, as a extremely cautious lower boundary and gross under-estimate of the actual time required to develop any appreciable identified self, and so as to facilitate the provision of equal reproductive rights (veto power) to the biological mother and biological father, either of which may express dissent to the outcome of remaining a parent to some extant child (for any reason, and in whatever sense).
It is simply the provision of a different (wildly ahead-of-its-time, apparently) answer to the same essential question.
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2023.05.28 07:03 No_Bid_6808 Has my(f28) husband(m29) emotionally cheated?

My (28) husband (29) is a private tutor and had a student(18) in 2021 that he had lessons with for some months online and they had a very friendly relationship. He were talking about much more then just the subject of the lesson, trying to help her gain a broader perspective of the world. All good so far.
We met her, him and I by the time their lessons ended to meet irl for once. She kept talking about how great he is and went on and on and on about how much she valued him. I was happy about how great a teacher he is but she was a little too much and I got a little uncomfortable.
They added each other on socials and started sending memes and such. One night on 2021 he told me he might have been inappropriate in how he talks to her past midnight. He showed me their messages and they had talked about reasons people start Only Fans and he made a joke on edible underwear. Since he showed me I felt he was just being stupid and told him yes it is inappropriate and he shouldn't keep contact since their lessons ended some weeks ago. He said he agreed.
Then they kept talking on socials and messages. I saw notification with her name pop up many times and asked why he kept doing it. He said she had questions on the subject and sent memes and it was nothing. He kept saying that he wouldnt talk to her but she kept showing up in different ways.
One of the times I noticed a notification I gave in and checked out the conversation. It was about how he felt he gained so much weight and she was talking him up about how handsome he was no matter. The conversation was also starting of at a weird point so he had deleted whatever previous. So I raged and told him how he broke my trust saying he would stop talking and kept on with inappropriate conversations at inappropriate times and even deleted god knows what. He said he would delete her number and this was an issue discussed in therapy.
Now, a month ago they met at an event and hugged and talked about why they don't talk anymore. He had explained he handled it stupidly and I got jealous because of his stupidity and she was sorry to hear and said she wouldn't want to mess our marriage up.
Then that night he sent texts about how good it was meeting her and that he had missed her and she returned the thought and hoped they would come across sometimes like this time(to which he sent a teared emoji to). He hopes she will have a future as beautiful as herself and she said thank you and left a melting emoji.
Now, I came across this out of sheer stupidity of checking his messages and he had told me they met but of course not this. He says it was just him bidding farewell and not as big of a deal as I make it. That this is a stupid mistake he made in the past and he thinks she is a good kid to say farewell to. I am not convinced. He lied. Again. Is it just me thinking this is super inappropriate and something he isn't getting over because it strokes his ego or is it really just nothing?
Tl;dr: Husband kept talking to young attractive student even at inappropriate times and about inappropriate topics and lying that he didn't now after a year of nc they came across and he messaged her later that night with farewell messages that were romantic in my opinion. Is it emotional cheating?
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2023.05.28 06:54 young_gryff Advice on Program/School Choice

Hey everyone :)
The deadline for choosing unis is approaching FAST. I need help deciding between pursuing public administration at York University or attending social science at UOFT (with plans to pursue International Relations). The york program has a practicum component that allows you to gain job experience. I am not aware of UOFT offering anything related to gaining job experience. After my undergrad, I plan on either pursuing a master's in a related program (e.g. Global Affairs, Public Policy etc.) and joining the foreign service or going to law school.
I would really appreciate advice on the two programs and which one would be better suited to my long-term goals. For anybody currently in the programs (or aware of them), I would love to hear about your experiences pursuing either program. Especially information about how hard it was to get into and the course material.
Thank you in advance!!
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2023.05.28 06:53 Strange-Grapefruit88 Asian male in CS bags MIT and multiple ivys (no safeties)

This information is unspecific for anonymity purposes
Intended Major(s): CS (lol)
Standardized Testing
Extracurriculars/Activities (kept broad on here)
  1. Cofounder of an AI startup (12). I did this with a couple graduate students I knew and we've raised a decent amount in early funding. Dropped all other ECs senior year to focus on this.
  2. AI research at a T5 over the summer (11). I was accepted into a very selective program. Didn't publish anything but it was a good experience for college apps
  3. AI research at another T5 (10). Published a paper into a fairly reputable journal (not lead author though)
  4. CS research at my local college (9). Published paper as lead author, presented at a conference
  5. President of my school's peer-tutoring program (Member 9, President 10-12). I mostly help with Math and Physics (about 2 hrs/week)
  6. President of my school's CS club (Member 9, President 10-12). tbh we never do anything so I can still join and focus on EC #1
  7. Physics club vice president (member 9-11, President 12). Also do pretty much nothing.
  8. Volunteer at my local Buddhist temple (9-11). I work with new converts/people interested to help teach them more about the faith main Buddhist texts.
  1. 3x USACO plat (9,10,11)
  2. Winner of a prestigious national coding comp (11)
  3. Finalist in another prestigious tech comp (10)
  4. National Merit Semifinalist (11)
Letters of Recommendation
Math Teacher (9/10): I knew him super well and we work together for the peer-tutoring program. We often talk during lunch.
English Teacher (7/10): I'm a good student but I don't know her as well as the math. I'm active in her class though and she seemed excited when I asked if she would write me a letter.
Professor at T5 (7/10): I worked with this guy everyday. Our relationship was pretty much limited to only technical stuff, but I think he had a lot to say.
MIT (first interview, dream school): Went really well and I clicked with the interviewer. She asked a lot of technical questions about my research, but I answered them well and she seemed impressed. I tried to act a lil "quirky" during the interview (since MIT's culture is like that) and she mentioned I'd be a good fit.
Princeton: Went well. Mostly talked about ECs and why I want to go.
Cornell: This was non evaluative. Consisted mostly of my interviewer talking about how the school was
Columbia: No interview :(
Harvard: Went well. The interviewer seemed impressed over how I name dropped certain professors and research groups I want to join.
Stanford: Nothing special. Mostly talked about why I wanted to go to the school. The interview ended in like 30 minutes :(.
Common App Essay (10/10): I spent 3 months pouring over this and it is honestly the best thing I have ever written. I spent like a month just outlining literary techniques and stuff I would use and it helped a ton. I had an English professor at my local college read it and say that it was "one of the better" student-written works they've seen. Lowkey trauma dumping (my hs english teacher cried when she read it) but I guess it worked
Supplemental (7/10): Half of these were done like a week before the deadline. They related to my ECs pretty well though and I was able to elaborate on my research experiences.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
EA (0 safeties baby)
Additional Information
MIT has always been my dream school and I was ecstatic when I got in, but the FA was TRASH. I adored the school when I visited. As I began to visit the other schools, I also really enjoyed Princeton. Cornell felt too isolated and Columbia was too urban, but Princeton fell right in the middle. I was still dead set on MIT though.
It was an incredibly difficult decision, but I chose Princeton. As much as I loved MIT, the tuition was too much for my family, and I couldn't pass up on the full ride. Go tigers!
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2023.05.28 06:52 young_gryff Need Advice on Program/School Choice

Hey everyone :)
The deadline for choosing unis is approaching FAST. I need help deciding between pursuing public administration at York University or attending social science at UOFT (with plans to pursue International Relations). The york program has a practicum component that allows you to gain job experience. I am not aware of UOFT offering anything related to gaining job experience. After my undergrad, I currently plan on either pursuing a master's in a related program (e.g. Global Affairs, Public Policy etc.) and joining the foreign service or going to law school.
I would really appreciate advice on the two programs and which one would be better suited to my long-term goals. For anybody currently in the programs (or aware of them), I would love to love your experiences pursuing either program. Especially information about how hard it was to get into and the course material.
Thank you in advance!!
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2023.05.28 06:49 tonikyat Sick of people unaware of proper golf etiquette!!!

Was golfing yesterday and having a great time through the first 8 holes not waiting on any shots when some jabroni in a cart with his fiancée (who didn’t even seem like she was playing) skip some holes to get in front of us on the 9th hole. My group was now forced to sit there and wait on every shot for this guy to play the slowest solo hole of golf I’ve ever witnessed.
I drove ahead to confront him and file a complaint with the golf pro at the turn. This a-hole didn’t seem to register anything I was saying and saw no issue with his transgression. My day was so ruined I gave up on playing the back 9 and went home to try and calm down.
I came back today to talk to the pro (private course) and he assured me this issue would be handled and that we’re all good. But I’m assuming this guy just had his head up his ass? How could he not know what he was doing wrong? I’ve been playing for 21 years, so I’m confused wtf he was doing.
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2023.05.28 06:48 nekotantei_19 WN Chapter 154

---After some time has passed.......
"How should I put it...... you both look so good together that it's almost too good to be true"
"Yeah. I think you're right"
Liscia sighed in admiration and I nodded my head in complete agreement. Tomoe and Ichiha were now in front of us, dressed in their wedding attire. Today is their wedding day, and instead of the dress and tuxedo that are common attire in the Kingdom of Friedonia, they are now wearing traditional Japanese wedding attire: white kimono, tsunokakusi, and montsuki hakama.
"Thank you. Big brother and Big sister"
"Th-thank you very much"
Tomoe, dressed in plain white, smiled beamingly, but Ichiha, dressed in Hakama (traditional Japanese male formal attire), looked nervous and stiff-shouldered. Incidentally, these outfits were used by people of high rank in the Nine-Headed Dragon Archipelago Kingdom for wedding ceremonies. I felt that the culture of the Archipelago Kingdom is a mixture of Tang Dynasty and Edo, but the wedding ceremony seems to be Japanese style. Then Liscia looked seriously at Tomoe's outfit and said.
"Both Tomoe and Ichiha usually wear this kind of clothes. Maybe it's only natural that they both look good"
"Well, when Tomoe was little, her clothes were things I made myself as a hobby"
When I first met her, she was wearing ragged clothes that looked like a refugee's kantou gown. After becoming Licia's adopted sister, I made Japanese-style dress-like clothes as a hobby and gave them to her as gifts, but it seems that she became accustomed to wearing such clothes and ordered clothes with similar designs from the 'Silver Deer Store' after she grew up.
Ichiha, on the other hand, was able to wear the crested hakama without difficulty, partly because the clothing of the Duchy of Chima was originally more Asian in origin. Apart from the two of them, Hakuya and Excel also usually wear Asian outfits, and now that I think about it, it is probably the result of designs that once existed in the world I was in that have remained throughout the ages. Then.......
"Oh my. You two look so wonderful"
"Yes. They truly look like the brides and grooms of the 'Nine-Headed Dragon Archipelago Kingdom'"
Shabon and Kishun came and complimented them. Behind them, Princess Sharan, who had pulled Prince Sharon's hand, discreetly followed behind her parents, hiding in the shadows. Then Tomoe's face lit up when she saw Shabon.
"Shabon! Thank you so much for lending me such a beautiful outfit!"
"I am glad you like it. That attire has been handed down in the Nine-Headed Dragon Archipelago Kingdom family, and I myself wore it during my wedding ceremony"
"What, are you sure you wanted to lend me such a precious thing!?"
Tomoe was blinded with surprise. Yeah, I was surprised too. I was grateful that they lent her such nice attire, but I wonder if this is a national treasure class attire. In contrast to our speechlessness, Shabon was smiling at us.
"I do not mind. The royal ladies wear these garments only once in their lifetime, so their next appearance will be at Sharan's wedding, no matter how soon it may be. It would be better for the outfit to be used to promote weddings in our country than to be put away until then"
Shabon says it with a carefree smile. Indeed, this wedding is part of the bridal business that Roroa and Lucy are promoting, and will be broadcast live to our country, the Archipelago Kingdom, and other countries that want to play a part in the bridal business, such as the Republic of Turgis and the Euphoria Kingdom. If we can convince unmarried women watching this broadcast to want to wear Archipelago Kingdom-style outfits and hold their ceremonies in the Archipelago Kingdom, it will be in the national interest for the Archipelago Kingdom.
Shabon is becoming increasingly formidable and reliable as a queen.
"Big sister Tomoe......looks absolutely wonderful"
Princess Sharan said with a sparkle in her eyes. Tomoe looked like a mixture of happy and embarrassed, and unfolded the kimono to show it to us.
"The outfit that Lady Sharan will eventually wear. I'll borrow it just for today"
"Will I be able to wear it too?"
"Yes. Certainly someday"
That little Tomoe is acting as an older sister to a girl who is about the same age as she was when I met's something that made my eyes burn.
"Tomoe's......really grown up"
"I saw Inugami express the exact same sentiments earlier"
Liscia, who heard my muttering, said, slightly taken aback. Tomoe's family has seen this bridal gown one step ahead of us. Inugami, who was dressed in formal attire from the neck down but still wore a mask, was so moved that he was sobbing so hard that his mask was blotting out. I remember her mother, Tomoko, smiling and consoling such a troubled stepfather.
......Yeah. I felt a little calmer when I remembered Inugami's weeping. The theory is that you can calm down when someone more distraught than you is nearby.
"But Tomoe Chima, huh. You're leaving the castle, aren't you?"
“It must be pitiful for a newlywed to live in the castle. Well, Tomoe is the chamberlain, and Ichiha lives in the castle and goes to the castle every day because he has the Prime Minister's job, so it doesn't make much difference. I heard that Inugami and Tomoko are going to run the estate given to the Chima family"
"Rou's getting big now. Will Belle be raised in the territory?"
Rou is Tomoe's younger brother and Belle is the girl born to Inugami and Tomoko. Rou, who is now about middle school age, was trained by Inugami and is in the Officer's Academy. Belle is a little girl who looks like Chibi Tomoe, and she was named after her father......I wonder what part of Inugami makes her Belle.
As I was thinking this, Lucy, the facilitator, came in.
"Come on, come on, you two, it's about time. Everyone's been waitin' for ya"
Then we moved to a place where my family, Tomoe's family, two schoolmates from the academy, and others had gathered. Ichiha's relatives, Yomi, Sami, and Nike, who hold important positions in other countries, could not come due to security and schedule constraints, so they were limited to sending gifts of local products from their countries as wedding gifts and congratulatory messages over the broadcasts.
The two were in splendid form, and those who had gathered there were in awe of them.
"Tomoe, you've become really beautiful"
"Hohoho, that's right. This is what it feels like to give your daughter away in marriage"
It was my in-laws, Lady Elisha and Sir Albert, who said that.
"Um, there's a married daughter here too, you know?"
Liscia said with a slightly displeased expression, and they chuckled.
"In Licia's case, it was as if she had taken our son-in-law. She is still in the royal castle, and I didn't feel like I gave her away as a bride"
"I can't help but look at it as a royal wedding ceremony. On the other hand, Tomoe is my adopted daughter, so I can send her off as my daughter without any reservations"
"Something doesn't add up......"
Licia gave my in-laws a cold stare, but they passed it off with a cackle and a laugh. While her adopted father, mother, and big sister were saying such things, Tomoe and Ichiha were surrounded by the usual group of Yuriga, Lucy, and Velza.
"......It's frustrating to say this, but you look beautiful in that outfit. It suits you"
"Hee hee, thank you. Yuriga"
"I'm glad ta hear Yuriga's honest praise for Tomoe. It must be rainin' for Yuriga to praise Tomoe so honestly. It's not good! If it suddenly rains, it'll mess up the ceremony arrangements! Yuriga, please! Please be your usual, prickly self!"
"What the heck are you talking about!?"
Yuriga was pulling Lucy's cheek. It's an exchange that hasn't changed since they were young. Ichiha and Velza, who are in the circle, are also smiling and watching the exchange between the three. And then,
"Oh, yeah"
Suddenly, Tomoe-chan clapped her hands. When she sees Carla (who is assisted by the attendants of the royal castle in this wedding ceremony), she calls out to her.
"Carla. Can you bring me that thing?"
"Ah, yes. Understood"
Then Carla ran off somewhere and came back a short while later with something in her hand. It was a bunch of pure white flowers, and it was a......bouquet? Why would they use it in a Japanese chic Archipelago Kingdom-style wedding? As I was wondering, Tomoe accepted the bouquet from Carla and held it out toward Velza.
"I wanted to give this to you Vel"
"Wha, for me?"
Tomoe smiled at Velza, who looked at her with wide eyes.
"Yeah. I'm not going to use a bouquet. Today's wedding is in the Archipelago Kingdom-style, so we won't be using bouquets, but Yuriga and I received bouquets from Taru and Leporina for 'future brides' at Kuu and his family's wedding. Vel's getting married to Hal, right? That's why I wanted to give you this bouquet"
Velza received the bouquet and held it to her chest with tears in her eyes.
"Thank you so much. I will definitely be happy!"
"That's a bride's word, ain'it? It's not Velie who's gettin' married today!" (Bish)
"Ahahaha......indeed you are right"
Lucy gave a snappy comment, and Ichiha laughed as if he was troubled. Then Yuriga said to Tomoe, who was giggling as well.
"Are you sure you want to do that? You're the star of the day, aren't you?"
“I like Vel’s natural side”
"But, maybe they'll misunderstand that it's Velza whose marrying Ichiha......"
"......Ichiha is my husband, okay?" (smiles)
"Don't give me a strange intimidating impression! Your smile (black aura) scares me!"
Little, is it Tomoe already? You've grown many ways (far too many). With such a normal scene, Tomoe and Ichiha's wedding ceremony went off without a hitch. The upper class in the kingdom became aware of overseas weddings after watching the ceremony, and among the general public, weddings in the style of the Archipelago Kingdom (of course, traveling to the Archipelago Kingdom is too expensive, so people simply have an Archipelago Kingdom-style wedding in the country) became a boom, albeit a temporary one.
But that boom, too, would be renewed at the time of Velza's marriage.
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2023.05.28 06:40 AutoModerator [Get] Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit Download

[Get] Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit Download
Download :
In the past 12 months, I built 5 profitable businesses and made over $100,000 leveraging my web scraping skills. In this course, I’m for the first time sharing everything I know about the topic.
You’ll learn:
  • The basics of web scraping using Python libraries such as Beautiful Soup.
  • Effective strategies to speed up your scraping scripts and reduce error rates.
  • How to avoid getting blocked.
  • Advanced screen scraping methods that will allow you to scrape websites that require a login.
  • How to reverse engineer browser requests.
  • How to find undocumented APIs and use them to extract information that’s not publicly available.
  • What I’ve learned about building and selling data products.
You’ll get access to:
  • 10+ videos (á 20-40minutes each). In each video, I’m showing you how to solve real-world problems that occur when we’re scraping a specific website.
  • All the source code used in the videos.
  • All videos and content that will be added in the future. (I’ll be adding additional videos over time based on the feedback I’m getting.)
The course is non-linear and self-paced. This way you can always pick whatever lesson is most relevant given your current situation.
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2023.05.28 06:34 bimbo_wannabe_ [I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 5: The Dead Are Especially Nosy Down Here

[I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 5: The Dead Are Especially Nosy Down Here
Previous Part:
These last few parts have taken a lot longer for me to write than I thought. A lot of shit has gone down in the last two months, and a lot of it, frankly, is kind of a blur. But I figure, if you've stuck with me this long, then you deserve to know how it all ended up so I'm going to try my best to remember every detail of what happened.
Me? I've spent every free hour I've had, just lying in bed. I've got a lot of healed wounds that still hurt me pretty damned badly.
Blood loss from multiple gunshot wounds and then drowning in the East River, dying and then being brought back while still human, incidentally, takes a lot out of a guy.
But… I'm getting way ahead of myself.
Where were we, again?
Oh yeah, that's right. The funeral without caskets, inside of a Ukrainian restaurant just off the boardwalk in Brighton Beach. That's where I left off at.
Antoni's corpse and I had spoken together for a while longer, about Beccs and their baby, actually, sitting there in the floor in front of the three empty bathroom stalls. The next moment, as usual, he was… just gone.
It took a while to slow the bleeding, and it took even longer to try and clean myself up with just hand soap and paper towels and the water from the sink. Nobody came into the bathroom again, and as I left, I saw why. There was a sign on the door that read 'Out of Order' with something printed below it in Cyrillic that I imagined probably said the same thing as the English.
My new winter coat had been left on the floor in front of the door and the Emergency Exit at the end of the hall had its alarm disabled and had been left propped open with a brick.
I took that as a clear message that they didn't want me rejoining the party, so I exited into the alley and sat on a milk crate chain-smoking until 2 PM when the funeral ended.
The weather app on my phone said it was 10 degrees outside, but oddly enough the cold air felt soothing on my bruised face. My eyes were nearly swollen shut, and every now and again I had to pull some of the toilet paper out that I'd stuffed in my pocket to wipe another trickle of blood from my nose when I sniffed a little too hard and moved the clots loose.
At 1:57, I started to hear people exiting the restaurant, so I moved onto the sidewalk to wait for Becca. The people leaving the funeral only glanced at me for a second and then looked away with a bored expression, like I wasn't even there. Finally, only Becca and Toni's immediate family were still inside.
Tatiana gave Becca a hug, Igor, a gentle handshake, and Antoni Sr. bent down, cupped his hands around Becca's face and pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead. I could see that his right hand was bandaged and he was holding it straighter than his left. Good. I hoped the fucker had broken it when he'd punched me in the jaw.
As Becca exited, I could tell she was angry even before she stomped over to me and shoved me three times in quick succession. Like Jimmy, Becca was a lot stronger than she looked, but now I knew why. I couldn't do much but ball up and take the hits.
"Where the fuck did you go? You just took off and left me there by myself. 'He wouldn't have left without saying goodbye if he had a choice.' You knew, you cocksucker, you knew, you knew he was dead!"
"Yeah, I knew! Antoni was in the news. But we gotta get the fuck out of here, Beccs, you're making a scene, another one, and I gotta get outta this neighborhood before something worse happens to me."
The high color of anger in her cheeks dropped away immediately into a pallid white. She'd been so pissed she'd never once registered the state of my face.
"Jesus Christ, Tony, what the fuck happened to you?"
"Your little Polish sausage's Daddy Dearest just beat the fuck out of me in the men's bathroom, that's what the fuck happened."
"Why would he do that?" Becca asked, but I didn't answer. She looked back to Skovorodka, following my gaze. Antoni Sr. was still standing there, just inside the front door, watching me with narrowed eyes, his hands folded neatly behind his back like a soldier at ease. It reminded me a lot of how Antoni used to stand while we were waiting for the train together.
"Fuck," she muttered, then "Shit," and grabbed me by the arm. "Come on."
"Why would he do that?" She asked me again as we climbed the stairs to the train platform.
"Antoni was Mob, Becca, Bratva. His whole goddamned family is. Him and his brothers and his father and his fucking Russian uncle, and I'd say your Mama Tatiana probably isn't in the dark about what her brother and her hubby and his sons do to make a living, either. I don't know why the Zabrowskas were on the Avenue, but suffice to say it was probably for nefarious reasons, and Jimmy found out about it and took care of business.
"Only I don't think he realized exactly who he was taking out at the time he did it, or else he never would have put the body in the River for somebody to find. And then the other three showed up to avenge their brother, only two of 'em never made it past Bianchi any farther than Antoni did."
"The fuck are you trying to say?" Her tone says she already understands just fine and doesn't want to.
"I'm saying your dear sweet Mamma killed your boyfriend, Becca. She removed all the identifying marks from his body, ate what she wanted, then pulled all his teeth out and chewed off his hands and his feet. They dumped the body in the East River and they found him about 5 days ago, floating off of Battery Park."
"Oh God. That's why. I asked Tatiana where Antoni was going to be buried and she told me in the public cemetery on Hart Island. They're not claiming the body because they don't wanna go to the cops. For the last week I been cussing him for everything he was worth, and he's been laying in the fucking morgue." She pressed her hand to her mouth, and I saw her bloodshot eyes filling with tears again.
"Please don't cry, Becca, cause I'm gonna start crying again and I've cried enough for today."
She sniffed back her tears and swallowed hard.
"But I don't understand, Tony, what the fuck does that have to do with you?"
"They knew, Beccs, they knew how the Zabrowskas died, who killed them, and they knew I helped Moretti get rid of the bodies afterwards. That's why Antoni's father went after me. The uh… the fucking Pakhan thought Jimmy sent me there to rub it in their faces that they weren't going to be able to bury any of their boys."
"How the fuck would they know that?" She barked at me.
"Somebody's feeding them information and not some asshole on the street, somebody from inside the Camorra."
"Who would do that?"
I saw her eyes darting about wildly as she tried to think of the answer to her own question.
"I don't know, uh, the driver that brought Moretti, he didn't look like he was too fond of Bianchi, maybe he's a fucking option."
"Frankie? I mean, him and Ma have never gotten along. He's never liked her and the feeling's mutual but… that doesn't make any sense, Frankie's always been loyal to the Camorra. Rossi always said he practically muttered the Omerta in his fucking sleep, that he was a soldato down to the bones."
"I have no idea, Becca, but it gets worse," I said quietly. If it didn't hurt so goddamned bad, I would've squeezed my eyes shut.
"How the fuck could it possibly get worse, Tony?"
"First you gotta promise you're not gonna hit me again."
Her hand balled into a fist, and I couldn't help but flinch.
"I'm gonna knock you the fuck out right now if you don't stop wasting my time, Cipriani."
"I sold her out, Becca. Bianchi. I told them where she lives and how to find her tonight."
"You what!?"
"I had to! He was gonna cut my fucking fingers off, and I don't know if he was going to take all four or just three but I wasn't about to fucking find out. I kind of need those fingers seeing as I'm a fucking southpaw!"
I held my left hand out to her, curled my fingers inward, but the third finger just… stayed straight. "Ah, fuck, I didn't even notice that."
"Jesus Christ, the tendon's been cut," she whispered, and when she pressed her hand to her mouth again she looked less like she was swallowing back tears and more like she was trying to swallow back vomit. I couldn't really blame her. I felt pretty nauseous myself.
"You know, I'm, I'm not worried about Ma," she said, finally. "It wouldn't be the first time somebody's tried to take her out. She's harder to kill than they think."
"Would, uh, would cutting her head off work? Cause if so I think they're already pretty aware of how to get the job done. They… they know Bianchi's not human, Becca."
Her face got paler, if that was even possible, and her eyes were the size of saucers.
"This is a goddamn nuclear disaster. Jesus fuck."
We stood the last few minutes waiting for the train in silence. As the doors slid shut and we sat down, Becca began laughing wildly.
"So you're in hysterics for real, huh?" I asked.
"You're gonna have to forgive me, I'm a little slow on the uptake today, but I just got it, Polish sausage… only, he wasn't little, you know, he was hung like a fucking horse, and it's a goddamn tragedy for women everywhere that the man isn't on this earth anymore. And he knew how to use it, too. Best sex I ever had in my life… only sex I ever had in my life, but that's not the fucking point." A short, barking sob tore out of her.
I groaned. "You know, that is way, way more information than I ever wanted to know about you and Antoni's sex life. You couldn't, uh, you couldn't let that one pass by, huh?"
"I never pass up the opportunity to make a good dick joke. And he had Good Dick."
I laughed and regretted it as it tightened muscles in my stomach that were still a little angry about being used as Antoni Sr's personal punching bag.
"Touché, Miss Rebecca, touché."
"The two-faced bastard, I gotta give the motherfucker that much, you know, it's a uniquely personal way to say Fuck You to the Underboss, getting his teenaged daughter pregnant. I am so, so goddamned tired of being a pawn in other people's games. He's lucky he's already dead or I'd kill the bitch myself," she whispered.
"It wasn't a game, Becca, what happened between you and Antoni," I whispered back. I knew because Antoni's corpse had told me as much. "Don't ask me how I know, cause I don't wanna talk about it, but it wasn't a game. You didn't know about him and he didn't know about you and it was a big, fucked up coincidence. You loved him, and he really, truly loved you... he worshiped the ground you walked on." Actually, he had said he worshiped the boots she walked in, but I figured it was a translation issue. "It was a regular old Romeo and Juliet: Brooklyn Edition."
She squeezed her eyes shut, snorted and at the same time choked on another sob.
"Yeah, but Romeo and Juliet ended in a double suicide, not a murder and a single mother." Her tiny hand went to her mouth again, and she wasn't able to hold back the tears this time. "I miss him, Tony, I miss him so fucking much."
"You know, Beccs, I miss him, too." I miss him when he was alive, not looking like a walking nightmare, and talking my goddamned ear off half the time, but I wasn't about to tell her that. "He was the first friend I made down here."
"It's fucking stupid. I still remember every single thing he said to me those first few times I met him."
"Odd as it is, I do too, Beccs. He was that kind of guy, I guess, he didn't have to work hard to make an impression on people. It was, uh, three days after I moved in, I think. I was in the basement, getting ready to do my laundry that morning, fighting with the stuck knob on that machine down at the end? And he walks in with his clothes basket balanced on his hip and reaches past me and just… turned the fucking thing, like it wasn't even stuck to begin with. 'It has an attitude, but it likes me,' he says, and I say, 'I can see that.'
"And he, he told me his name. 'Zabrowska,' he says, 'Antoni.' And I laughed and said, 'Nice to meet you, Toni, I'm Tony.' 'Really?' he says, and I say 'Yeah. Really. Antonio Alessio Gioele Cipriani, the third, if you please.'"
"Goddamn, that name is painfully Italian. No wonder you tell everybody 'Just call me Tony,'" Becca snorted.
"Thank you, Miss Rebecca, I can assure you I didn't pick it myself. But, 'Ah,' Toni says and kind of taps his hand in the center of his chest, 'Junior.' And I laughed again and said 'Our parents were goddamned creative when it came to the baby naming, right?' And he laughed, too, and shook my hand.
"And uh, a few days after that he showed up outside of my apartment and asked me if I wanted to go watch a game with him and his brothers at the sports bar down the street. It was Poland vs Korea. I still don't know shit about soccer, I've always been more of an American football kind of guy, but I did learn quite a few Polish swear words that day. Apparently they'd all bet money on the home team winning that game."
"I bet you did. Poland kept catching red cards that whole game. I bet on Korea, of course, and altogether I won 8 grand from four extremely pissed off Polish dudes when we stomped their ass all over the pitch. I had no idea how seriously the four of them took soccer. Antoni wouldn't even talk to me for three days. Probably didn't help I made an ass of myself laughing at all of them. Course, I woulda bet more if I'd known they were good for it. Dry cleaners, my ass," Becca spat.
"Well, in Antoni's defense, he probably did work at a dry cleaners like he told us, just like you work at a bodega, and Jimmy and me work at a restaurant, and Pops works at a hardware store. We all got day jobs. You know, I hate to bust your balls, Becca, but did it… never occur to you to ask Antoni if the tattoos meant something?"
"No," she said weakly. "I mean, I knew they were prison tats but Jesus Christ, half the people I know have been to prison. You've been to prison, half of my cousins have been to prison, hell, Pops has been to prison. You weren't here then, but all of 2016 to 2020 I was wearing a 'Free Rossi' t-shirt everyday, a lot of people in this neighborhood did. Ma got him off on the Murder 1 charges but numbers are numbers, and she couldn't get him out of the Tax Evasion. But I figured, if Antoni didn't wanna talk about it, then it was none of my business what had happened before we met each other."
She'd minded her own business a little too hard this time.
"What did you and Antoni talk about, Becca?"
"Everything! And anything, and nothing, all at the same time. He'd complain about living with his brothers, about Misiu always leaving hair all over the bathroom, and how Ciech always left sugar all over the kitchen counter after he made his coffee. And I'd complain about having to pick up all the empty bottles of makgeolli after my Dad in the morning. I'd help him wash all the dishes his dirty ass brothers would leave piled in the sink, and fold everybody's clothes.
"We got along well, me and Antoni, we were actually very compatible, we were both neat freaks when it came to our housekeeping. We even folded our towels the same way. And he'd bitch about how Igor could never balance the register correctly at the end of the day, and I'd bitch about how my Dad never checked our invoices correctly, and I was always having to cuss out the distribution reps for shorting us on our deliveries myself.
"And we'd watch TV together. He always made fun of me for the lame ass old Chuck Lorre sitcoms I loved to watch, and I'd make fun of him for all the stupid cop dramas he watched, every Law and Order known to man, and Blue Bloods and shit. We just… talked to each other, like we were two regular people, just living our lives. It was simple and it was easy, and it was enough, it was goddamned enough for me. Our relationship was the one normal thing I had going in my fucked up life."
She cracked at the end, sobbing brokenly. She turned her head to the side, pressed her face into my bicep as she wrapped both arms around mine. Tears filled my eyes, as well, and now I was wiping snot out of my nose as well as blood. I felt goddamned sorry for the kid, and I felt like she had a right to cry, but I had to distract her, for my own sake.
"So tell me, when was the first time you talked to Antoni? Was that the same day he asked you out?"
"No, there was some time between the two. He'd been there about a week, I guess, after they moved in. They got there back in like April. I'd fucked with him the first day, you know, asked him where the hell the accent came from, and he said Poland, and I told him welcome to America cause I felt like being a dick. And he said that he'd already been in country five years and I laughed at him and told him, goddamn, I couldn't tell cause he still sounded like he was fresh off the boat. And he got this look on his face, like he was trying to decide if he needed to be offended or not, so I told him I was just fucking with him, that he was doing better than my Mom, God rest her, cause it was seven years after she got here from Seoul before she even learned a word of English and my Dad was the one that had to teach her."
"Makes sense. I moved in in June, Toni mentioned he'd only been in the building about two months hisself."
She nodded, I could feel the movement in the sleeve of my coat where her cheek was pressed to my arm.
"Him and his brothers started coming in every day after that and you know, I kind of had my eye on him from the first time I talked to him. He was goddamn gorgeous, quite literally the walking definition of 'tall, dark, and handsome.' He had those incredibly blue eyes, and that fucking accent, man, shit put me in knots everytime he came in. I learned them all pretty quick, and Antoni was easy. He got the same thing everyday, box of Newport 100s and a pack of Russian Cream Backwoods with a large slushy. You know I gotta keep the cups behind the counter because motherfuckers'll fill it up and walk out when I get busy. I saw him when he came in, and went over to the ATM, so I had his shit sitting on the counter waiting for him."
Becca had a talent for memorizing all of the regular's orders, it wasn't unusual to see a long line of cigarettes, blunts, medicine, sometimes even crack pipes and Chore Boys, and anything else she kept behind the counter, set up neatly next to the register. She also had a talent for running both registers at the same time when the line got overly long and she was there alone. Sometimes I had no idea how she kept up with it all, but that was just Becca.
"And this drunk asshole came in, right after, he didn't even belong in the neighborhood, he stayed in Bed-Stuy, but he was with his cousin, and his cousin I knew and he was shooting me apologetic looks so I was already on guard. I was in a bad goddamn mood that day, anyway. And the drunk bitch, he walked over to the bathroom and tried to open it."
"Key's behind the counter," I said, and she nodded.
"And the key costs five dollars cause people make a fucking mess in the bathroom and I ain't cleaning that shit everyday for free. Well, drunk fuck got pissed and started talking a bunch of shit and threw his five dollars down on the counter, and you know, I can't stand that. You don't throw money at me, I ain't a goddamned stripper, you can put that shit in my hand or you can get the fuck out my store. And, I said 'Naw, son, for you it's gonna cost ten, five dollar Drunk Dick surcharge for being an asshole and cutting my line.' And the motherfucker… he called me a fucking stupid little bitch, and he told me people like me needed to be sent back to my own country."
I made a sound of disapproval, already seeing where this was headed.
"I hate that stupid shit. Where the fuck am I getting sent back to? The fucking hospital in Manhattan where I was born? Everybody in the store just kind of stopped and stood there, and dude's cousin? He just shook his head at me and walked right out the store and left him there."
"He wasn't gonna get involved, huh?" I asked.
"Fuck no. He wasn't stupid. I… uh, I was seeing red by that point so I balled up his money and I threw it across the store and told him to get the fuck out. I don't even remember half the shit I said to him, but I was yelling and he was yelling back and all of a sudden Antoni was… just there. I never even noticed him walking up. He was a big motherfucker, but goddamn he was quick and quiet when he wanted to be."
Becca laced her fingers through the fingers of my right hand and I gave them a squeeze as she readjusted her head against my shoulder. I turned mine to press a kiss to her hair. She was short enough that I didn't have to worry about bumping my nose. As I turned back, I noticed that there was a puddle of water on the seat across from us, and a pit formed in my stomach immediately. My face felt cold as the blood drained from it. The puddle of water made me more than just a little nervous to see it.
I had new enemies stacking up quick, and the last thing I needed was a pissed off, jealous ghost because his grieving fiancée was getting a little handsy with me. But… Antoni never showed himself, so I could only assume he approved of my offering her comfort in her time of need. Either that or he was waiting till I was alone to express his displeasure.
"'Is there a problem here?' was all he asked and the drunk bitch turned around and he got even more pissed. He goes 'Man, fuck you, white boy. Mind your own goddamned business.' And Antoni kind of got in his face, and goes, 'I have made it my business. She told you to leave. Either remove yourself or I will remove you.'
"And the liquor must've given him a bigger set of balls than he actually had, cause he took a swing at him. And Antoni, he just kind of… leaned back a little to avoid the swing and then leaned back in and… he knocked that bitch out cold with one punch. And then he picked him up, literally picked him up, and threw his ass out on the sidewalk, and kind of dusted his hands off afterwards."
"Well, if he's anything like his father then he could throw a hell of a right cross."
Becca laughed weakly.
"Yeah, his Dad boxes, they all did, you know, from when they were young. Antoni told me he got in his Dad's face once when he was about 16, and Old Papa Zabrowska coldcocked him in the kitchen, and when he woke up on the couch, his Dad dragged him out back in the alley and beat him bloody. Told him if his little grown ass thought he was a man, then he was grown enough to get his ass stomped like a man."
That made me feel a little better, to be honest. At least I wasn't the only one I knew who had caught an ass kicking from Antoni Sr.
"I bet he didn't talk shit to his Pops again after that, huh?"
"I asked him that exact question, he said 'Oh no, no, never again. I learned my lesson.' Toni and his brothers, though, were always getting in fights, even when I knew them. He told me it was hard on their Mama, back in Kraków, having four hormonal, teenaged boys with just shy of a year between each of them, you know cause… us fucking Roman Catholics ain't too fond of any method of contraception."
"I didn't know you was Catholic, too, B."
"Of course. Rossi is a devout Catholic, and that's how he raised me, and Nia, she's an Angel, you know, a Fallen One, that's what they call themselves, but she's even got real wings. A little more leathery and less feathery, but… same thing. She goes to Mass daily, turns out demons are actually very religious. Both of my parents were atheists, and that's how they raised me, but after some of the shit I've seen, you know, it ain't too unbelievable that there's a Big Guy upstairs."
She sniffed again, wiped at her nose and I offered her a bit of toilet paper from my pocket.
"That's how it all got started, the War in Heaven. God created Adam, the first living human body, and he told all the spirits in Heaven to kneel to him. And at least half of them weren't too fond of that idea, and the Morning Star stepped up as representative and said they wouldn't kneel to anyone but God. And they, uh, they lost the War, and He banished them all to Earth, to wander without bodies of their own while the other side got to come to Earth one at a time, to live their lives.
"But… then there was the first murder, Abel. Cain beat him to death with a rock, and the blood on the ground, the first human blood ever shed in violence, it called to God, but He wasn't the only one it called to. The blood, it gave him a way inside of a body. Lucifer. He was the First One. He's still here, you know, I've met him. He has a particular fondness for Nia, he calls her Young One, cause according to him 1607 wasn't all that long ago."
"I guess it isn't when you're that old."
"But, back to what I was saying about Toni, all of them were packed into one place together like fucking sardines, the four boys sharing one bedroom in a two bedroom apartment, and all having vastly different personalities. Tatiana is little, like me, and I don't imagine she could do much to break them up when they got to fighting about everything from who ate all the leftovers to who got the top bunks on the beds."
"Probably not," I answered.
"I mean, I could practically smell the testosterone in their fucking apartment whenever I walked in, and it was probably even worse back then. And apparently, that had been their Dad's method of keeping them from tearing up his wife's house all the time. Whenever a problem inevitably developed, he'd just take them down to the gym and throw them in the ring without any gloves and tell them to fucking handle it, and whoever was still standing at the end was the one that won the argument.
"Uh, but, uh, when Toni hit the guy, all, all I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open like a fucking fish. I mean, I was in love, right that fucking second, standing there. The hormones were running on overdrive, my head was practically spinning with how fast all the blood rushed south, you know? Everybody was still standing there and Antoni tried to get back in line and I said, 'Uh-uh. Take your shit and go on.' And he goes," Beccs began laughing again, laughed so hard there were tears in her eyes once more.
"He goes, 'Am I in trouble?'''
I had to wrap my left arm tight around my stomach because I couldn't stop myself from laughing either. The makeshift bandage on my left hand that I'd wound out of paper towel had soaked through, I was going to have to change it soon.
"He didn't say that, Becca."
"Yes the fuck, he did. And I went, 'No, you dumbass, it's on the house, and in case I gotta translate, that means it's free. Small price to pay for a security detail.' And he just kind of blinked at me for a second, before he nodded his head and grabbed his things off the counter, went and filled his slushy up."
"You probably scared the piss out of him for that second, he probably thought he'd been found out. That's what they call it, what he was, Obshchak, Security Group."
"He stopped before he left, and told me thank you. And I said 'No, dziękuję', thank you. And then I winked at him and said 'Miłej nocy, piękna.'" She straightened up as the train began to slow for our stop.
"And what did that mean?"
"Have a good night, gorgeous." She said with a watery grin.
"Smooth, B, real smooth. Nothing quite like hitting on a man in his native language. "
"I mean, you know us, Tony, we got Southern Hospitality down here. As long as you're not an asshole, I do everything I can to make sure everyone feels welcome when they come inside. That's why there's a sign on the door that says 'DMZ.' They might have beef on the streets but don't nobody take that shit inside my store. And that means asking the Mexicans down the street if they need a bolsa, and making sure I ordered Farid's miswaks so he didn't have to walk all the way down to the Pakistani store, and sometimes it means learning a little bit of Polish so I could flirt with the new guy downstairs the next time he came in."
We exited the train, made the switch, and stood on the platform waiting for the next to take us back to Avenue U. As I glanced to the side, I could see a puddle forming on the platform next to me, drip by drip. It was already freezing around the edges. As it turned out, I wasn't the only nosy fuck around here.
"And apparently the flirting was well received by our dearly departed half-Russian friend."
"Apparently, cause about a week later I was having a busy fucking Friday night and my Dad had already gone home, and I was trying to shut her down but motherfuckers kept coming inside right up until 11. I made DeAndre from downstairs stand at the door and tell people we were closed and that he was the last customer for the night and after I rung him up I told him to flip the sign on the door and I'd lock it when I finished my cigarette count… only, I forgot to ever lock it, and DeDe's traitorous ass, he fucking set me up. He knew I had a thing for Antoni, and when he saw him coming down off the platform and rushing down the sidewalk, he let him in and told him he was the last customer for the night and to flip the sign on the door."
She closed her eyes for a moment.
"It took me… exactly 16 minutes to notice he was there. I know, cause after I was done pissing myself when I figured out I wasn't alone, the Polish smart-ass showed me his watch. He'd set a timer when he realized I wasn't paying any attention to him, and then just stood there, waiting to see how long it would take. I had my earphones in, and it took four songs," she held up her hand and ticked them off with her fingers. "'Savage Like', 'Money, Sex, Drugs', 'Proud' and 'Only.'
"I turned around and screamed like a little bitch when I saw him. And then I got pissed, cause I was embarrassed, I'd been singing along to all the songs cause I thought I was alone in the store. I started screaming at him. 'What the fuck, you can't read? The sign says Closed.' And he goes 'No, it didn't. It still said Open. I turned it myself.' I hadn't counted down my register yet, so I just went ahead and grabbed his shit and rung him up, cussing DeDe the whole time and I asked him how long he'd been standing there, and he showed me his watch. And he says, 'You shouldn't wear those, it's dangerous,' talking about my headphones, and I said, 'What are you, my fucking father?' And he got kind of a funny look on his face."
I released a weak snicker, holding my stomach tight again. I couldn't resist fucking with them both a little bit.
"He kinda had a point, Becca. Although, I can tell you he was probably less concerned about being your father and more concerned about becoming your Daddy."
"Oh, so now you got the dirty jokes," Becca said flatly.
"What can I say, B, you're a bad influence on me."
"Eh," she said after a moment, "You wouldn't be the first. You know, months later he told me that he'd stood there that long because he didn't think he'd have the nerve to ask what he wanted to ask the next time if he left, which, you know, what the fuck? What am I, scary?"
I couldn't help but laugh again.
"Yes, Becca, you are, you're fucking terrifying half the time. You might be a short fuck but dynamite comes in small packages, you know? He was probably afraid you'd tell him to suck your dick and ban him from the store for a month like every other poor motherfucker I've seen ask you out, and he probably didn't want to go through your particular brand of ridicule in front of an audience, on top of that, with all the other customers laughing him out of the store."
"It ain't my fault I'm this size," she said after a moment, shooting me a perturbed look.
"No shit, Sherlock. It's genetics."
"It ain't even that. It's the blood. I mean, my parents were both tall, you know, for Koreans, anyway, my Mom was 5'6. I probably would've been too if I'd had the chance, but, you know, the blood it… stops things. Why do you think Jimmy looks the way he does? I mean, Pops believes in 'aging gracefully,' as he says, but old Giacomino is a vain fuck, and he's got more of a taste for 'the Stuff' than Rocco ever had. He turned 65 this year, he's only two years younger than Pops, he was already 34 years old when he met Nia for the first time. He tells people he's got a good plastic surgeon, when they ask. And the same thing happened to me. My body wanted to stay 8 years old, forever.
"Rossi had to get hormones, fucking estrogen and progesterone and HGH, off the black market to force my body to start puberty and to fucking grow. It's not like we could go to a doctor and explain why I needed the prescription. I mean, these tits aren't even mine. Ma bought 'em for my sixteenth birthday so I wouldn't feel so goddamned self-conscious. Nia's not exactly flat-chested, as you know, neither was my Mom, and it kind of gave me a fucking complex when I was growing up."
"I mean, is she? I haven't really noticed," I replied, evasively.
"Yes, you have, you lying fuck. There isn't a straight or bisexual man, or a lesbian or bisexual woman for that matter, that comes within fifty feet of Appolonia Bianchi that doesn't notice all of her unnatural charms. It made for some interesting 'family' trips during the summer when we'd leave the city, lemme tell you. I asked Pops once, you know, if he ever got jealous when she'd show up with some random dick she'd run across, cause I used to think it was pretty shitty of her.
"I said she could've at least kept things on the downlow and not throw it in Rocco's face every few days. But he told me no, he loved her, he understood her nature very well and he'd accepted what she was years before I was even born, and that she loved him too, and more importantly, respected him. She always introduced the men to him because that was what he'd asked of her. That it was the one aspect of control he had in the situation, giving his 'permission' for her little liaisons. That it made him feel better to let them know they might be getting a piece, but she'd be ending every night lying in his bed, regardless of what they did."
I nodded. "I guess I can kind of see his point."
"But, the blood, that's how I ended up pregnant. I mean, I'm not a dumbass, I know how babies are made, but I wasn't worried about using condoms with Antoni, neither of us wanted to. I told him if he gave me anything I'd cut his dick off, and he knew I was serious, too, and he considered it a proportional response. I didn't even think I could get pregnant.
"I stopped the birth control when I was 16 because it was making me gain weight and my cheer coach bitched me out in front of fucking everybody, and Rossi's guy said I needed to keep taking it to keep my hormone levels even. So I told Antoni I didnt want to get into my medical history, but suffice to say I was probably fucking sterile anyway, so he didn't have to worry about it, and he told me he wasn't worried about it at all. But apparently my fucking parts work better than I thought."
"Or maybe he had some damned determined swimmers, who knows."
"I don't know why I was even concerned about not using condoms anyway. Technically we were all excommunicated as of 2014. Pope said the mafiosi lifestyle isn't compatible with the Catholic one. You know, I wonder how Antoni would feel about all this, I wonder if he'd be pissed, think I lied to him about not being able to get pregnant."
"You're just gonna have to take my word for it, B, but he's not angry in the least, he's pretty fucking proud of hisself." I'd say his chest was stuck out but he didn't have much of a chest left these days, so I just kept that part to myself. "Pretty sure he said he wasn't worried about it because he was hoping you were wrong about being sterile."
Beccs gave me a strange look but the train arrived at just that moment. The people exiting did quite a bit of staring, unlike the people leaving the funeral, but I just tucked my arm around Becca and shouldered my way past them and found us a seat. The drops of water followed us into the train.
"What's with the present tense, Tony? Is that some kind of cliche 'he's lookin' down on you' bullshit?"
I snorted and wiped the bubble of blood from my nose, staring at the puddle of water that was starting to form in the seat next to us. I could feel the cold emanating from Antoni all along my left side. Oddly enough, it was easing the intense ache in my nearly severed ring finger.
"He ain't looking down on us, B, I can tell you that much."
"So it's a Hell joke?"
"No, not really. But then again, I'm pretty sure we're all in Hell right this second, Miss Rebecca, so yes, yes it is."
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2023.05.28 06:11 Flashy_Dragonfruit_9 Destiny’s Cuck Antics Effort Post

First of off let me preface my post by saying I don’t think Destiny is a cuck. Secondly Idc what actions if any Destiny takes regarding this situation this is just a suggestion I’m offering.
Destiny has faced consistent criticism throughout his career, often being labeled as a cuckold. Initially, these allegations had little impact on his reputation due to the lack of substantial evidence supporting such claims. However, the recent interactions between Destiny and Melina with the redpill community have altered this perception. The circulation of clips like the one featuring Melina and Aba dancing has strengthened the belief in the minds of the general public that Destiny embodies the characteristics of a cuckold, regardless of whether it is true or not.
In the past, Destiny employed a strategy during redpill podcasts where he would initially present himself as a stereotypical "blue-haired cuck," only to gradually reveal his reasonable perspectives as the discussion progressed. While this approach may have been effective previously, it has become increasingly challenging to counteract the impact of the numerous clips that depict Destiny as a cuckold.
It is widely recognized that ethos, the appeal to credibility and character, holds significant influence when attempting to sway people's opinions. Consequently, presenting oneself as a cuckold in front of an already redpill-oriented audience, with evidence compelling enough to persuade the average person, does not align with Destiny's intended objective of persuading the audience to his point of view.
If Destiny were to read this message, I acknowledge that the situation is undoubtedly challenging. I also understand the desire not to dictate whom Melina can associate with or what activities she can engage in. However, it appears that the situation has reached a critical juncture. If my memory serves me correctly, Melina even inquired about whether the issue of being labeled a cuck is becoming problematic and if she should take a step back. Deciding on the appropriate course of action is a conversation that you should have with Melina, but it may be necessary to establish certain boundaries if your goal moving forward is indeed to persuade and convert people through your platform.
I apologize if my writing is confusing I wrote this on the phone while on the toilet with the help of Chatgpt. Ask me to clarify any questions.
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2023.05.28 06:06 vi3nus Should I stay in an abusive household, or move but have a high chance of becoming homeless?

So I am 20F autistic, dealing with many mental health issues primarily due to my environment. I am living in an abusive household mostly from my aunt and her husband (we all live in my grandfather's house). Lots of verbal abuse, gaslighting, stealing, eavesdropping, dirty stares, and even minor physical abuse such as shoulder checking. I think they may be monitoring me (and my brother) too, via camera or microphone. I do not safe here, and at times I am scared to be here. I have already contacted the DV hotline, and they basically told me to ‘tough it out’. Because it was not physical they couldn't help me out, in other words. I also have a gut feeling that they somehow manipulated my grandfather into giving them the title of the land/house. My grandfather is severely depressed and does not give a fuck about anything. I have told him about the abuse many times before and he just passes it off. I have this feeling because I have heard her say she was going to kick me and my brother out of the house before. As I mentioned before I am autistic, and because of that I am unemployed. I cannot do most work such as cashier. It is way too mentally and physically taxing for me. I am okay at physical work, like stocking or cleaning. I have even applied to some places but never heard back. Right now I only have 20$ in my bank account. Even if I did get hired, I cannot drive and I live in a more rural area so I am stuck at home all day, or until my brothemom can drive me. There is also no buses or other ways of public transportation where I live. I do sell some old stuff of mine on ebay, but I don't get much out of it. The point being, I am very financially unstable, and cannot move out by myself. There is potentially one way I could leave. Because I am extremely desperate I thought about making a go fund me. If I calculated everything correctly I would need about 10,000$ it would be enough to move me, my pets, and my stuff to a city with decent public transport, and cover at least one month of rent. Of course, this plan is very risky. First, I don't know if I can get a job in one month, or at all. Second I will be by myself I will have no one to lean on in case I need it, whether that be financially or emotionally. Because of that, there is a high chance I may become homeless, that scares me especially because i have pets. To be honest, taking such a big step is terrifying to me. I don't know if I am mentally prepared for it. I feel like if I stay here any longer I will die. I cannot put up with the stress anymore. I am so stressed sometimes I feel like im having a heart attack. I have gotten really high blood pressure and can't seem to keep it down. I’m scared of being here, I feel like at any moment her husband can come and get physical. Not even the locked door makes me feel safe.Does anyone have any advice for me? Should I stay here and put up with the abuse, all while my mental and physical health crumble even more, or move out by myself and risk becoming homeless? Both don't sound ideal, but I guess that's just how it is.
Just found out my brother is staying at my father's house for the next couple of weeks, I am now currently home alone with them. fuck. Your're probably wondering why I also dont stay with my father. I wont because, to put it simply my father does care for me. In the past my father was physically abusive towards me, so its not like i would be comfortable their either.
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2023.05.28 05:48 stardumplingg upca 2023 upm dpwas

hello, are there former dpwas peeps here from upm (from upca era) that got accepted into a white college/course? can i ask about the process? super nag-ooverthink na po kasi ako simula nung nagfail aq to secure a slot huhu
background (since i dont know what my upg is): - gen ave from g8-g11 ranges from 95-99 - from public school in jhs (and a former ssc/ste student) - my current school is a big public high school, on average mga 20+ naman natatanggap sa up samin over the years (is that a good standing tho? 😭)
i chose 1 course from a white college kasi and 1 from cas (ba course), but even though interested ako in both, i prefer the first course more
did u immediately get an interview after submitting your courses in the portal? if the release of results is near and wala pa rin akong email, should i give up na? nasasayangan lang talaga ako sa opportunity, please tell me if merong similar standing sakin na nakapasa huhu tyia po
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2023.05.28 05:47 GermanShepherdMomz Why is it always so exhausting dealing with an emotional abuser/narcissist?

The roller coaster is “officially” starting the downward spiral. It’s been a year since everything happened, and he’s still completely oblivious to everything he did—he actually believes that he was in the right making the choices he did, and then expected me to just welcome him back with open arms (after I literally told him that wasn’t going to happen)!
I have been doing my best to stay NC with him because every time he texted me after we separated a year ago now (5/4/22), there was nothing he said that I wanted to or needed to respond to. He was in his “nice” stage until now because he was hoping that I would eventually respond to him—as if I would somehow realize he was “right” all along.
I didn’t.
He’d text me every few weeks, telling me how much he missed me, etc., without response, for the past year hoping that I would tell him to come home.
I didn’t.
He started texting me again last night at 2am, first telling me that I was being cruel to him by not responding to any of his messages—“do my vows mean nothing to me?” (says the man who broke every promise he’s ever made in 35 years of marriage).
Then another message came this morning, warning me that he’s getting impatient.
Then came “the book” (a really long text; one paragraph, of course) a couple hours ago. He’s now threatening to “devastate me” in front our “whole family”. It seems he’s basically going to try to embarrass “the hell out of me” because since I became disabled after having my last child 25 years ago, and unable to do everything that I could before, especially physically—he “suffered” because of it—so now I’m going to pay.
He went on and on about how I was going to become destitute, that he’s going to change his name and disappear just so he can see me suffer.
Our kids have been helping out with bills and such, since he left me holding all the financial responsibility. I lost my SSDI case due to bad doctors. Different and much longer story, but basically I wasn’t able to fight for myself, so I lost after fighting twelve years.
Mr. “Hyde” is back. I had a year’s reprieve at least, right? Walking on eggshells, reactivated.
He wonders why I haven’t responded to him? Seriously? Would you?
He’s given me 24 hours to respond to his 4pm text, “or else”. What should I do? I don’t think I can contact APS until Monday to see how I can protect myself? (He left the state before we could file a restraining order the last time). I don’t know if it’s something I should bother them with?
Any suggestions?
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2023.05.28 05:41 Repulsive_Evidence_8 23 [M4F] - Indiana - So, hear me out

Forewarning, anytime I say that to someone who knows me, their immediate response is "oh no". But hear me out :) Picture this: We hit it off, because we're both just fantastic attractive people. But wait, there's more. Then, we make plans to go play some mini golf somewhere, because let's be honest, it always ends with a smile. But wait, THERE'S MORE!!! After a day of laughing and one of us getting so much luckier than the other with whatever dumb shortcut contraption the course has set up, right before we depart ways for the day, you get a quick kiss on the cheek. Need I say more? I didn't think so.
Alright well I'm guessing you're curious about me, so this'll get you started: - Little religious (Christian, mostly just attend church) - Master's degree (you gotta figure out what in) - Real nerd about star wars - Got that switch and PS5
Ok, you get the idea. I'm also on the slim side if that's a problem for you, just fyi. Lmk if you like what you read :)
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