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Fobik is the first application in crypto space that help Automotive Locksmiths, both Dealerships and Private Car Owners interact each other when looking for Key Fobs replacements for their cars.

2023.05.28 09:20 Impressive_Pilot1068 Car driving tips for new drivers in Kathmandu

The title
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2023.05.28 09:18 BummieLarue Is there a lot of demand on Memorial Day?

I’m rather new and wondering if I should bother working on Monday, I don’t want to miss good money, but don’t want to spend the day in my car for nothing…🤷🏻‍♂️
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2023.05.28 09:18 KingofFractions National Debt

Is my logic here wrong? Is there a correlation between valuations of everything we touch in our lives and Washington’s unwillingness to balance the budget. Meaning - the more money that DC creates thru the issuance of debt or IOUs…equals that much more “NEW” money that enters the economy that has to go somewhere. Whether it’s the value of land, houses, equities, precious metals, used cars, you name it. That NEW money is entering commerce and it can’t just sit in bank accounts or it loses value to inflation. Wherever that money ends up it increases the cost of said item because there are now more dollars competing for said item. This motivates every one of us to deploy whatever cash we have into something. Be it savings bonds, stocks, crypto, real estate, bigger house, fancier car. Then you also have the actual money the US government is injecting into the economy thru the issuance of those new debts. That money eventually settles into the economy thru projects, payroll, subsidies, etc. And also in effect raises the costs of everything. I hope I explained this ? ok. It’s a deep question. But it scares me as I see no end to the cycle of national debt increases. This cannot be sustainable. Can’t DC see that? the national debt clock said every American owed like 80 grand last time I checked.
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2023.05.28 09:18 jake25456 how are people like this at top tier

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2023.05.28 09:17 CM_gogo People who own cars not compliant with E20 petrol, what are your plans? What about folks who recently bought E10 cars?

I have read up a fair bit online and there is little clarity on how the government plans to roll out the E20 fuel. Pump attendants don't have an idea whether they're dispensing E10 or E20 fuel.
E20 will cause significant engine issue if used in a non-compliant car and I don't think manufacturers are going to come up with conversion kits since a lot of touchpoints will need to be changed.
I am unable to understand if/when E10 fuels will be discontinued and WHY. What does the govt think older car owners are going to do? Does anyone here understand or is this just another brain-dead my way or the highway policy?
How are people who have recently bought new E10 cars planning to cope?
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2023.05.28 09:17 peedika_dapukone Looks like UPSC is at Open War with such Predictionbaazi 🔥

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2023.05.28 09:16 Ok-Veterinarian-6548 Helppp pleeeaasseee

There is a 2D animated film which had a protagonist that had a grey car with orange stripes and it could fly by opening its doors like wings, I cannot remember what it’s called
His allies where people in different coloured suits or something and the style of the show was an anime like one PLEASE HELP ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY
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2023.05.28 09:15 ChiliSwap Is buying a 90k mile coyote a bad idea?

I’m looking into getting a mustang GT as a fun daily driver. From what I’ve heard coyote engines seem to be very reliable and well built. I know there are some cars where high mileage is a no go, and some cars where it’s fine. And i know it’s not about the miles it’s about how hard the car was driven blah blah blah it’s a mustang GT of course it’s going to have been driven hard. So if the car is in good condition but has high miles, is it even worth looking at or no? ‘15+ btw
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2023.05.28 09:15 monza27 Bing wheel button to setup tabs?

I use ACC in VR so try to do everything with just the wheel buttons.
How do I bind a button to going through the car setup tabs (dampers, aero etc)? On the keyboard it is pageup and pagedown keys. I have a Moza RS wheel and can navigate around the menus with the joystick but you can’t go up to the tabs along the top…
Trying to avoid using the Moza software just to bind wheel buttons to pageup and pagedown if possible
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2023.05.28 09:15 Uberantwild My AP story

I'm not on a laptop now and just on phone so please forgive typos. If I miss something I'll add it later. L

I'm not the only one who uses astral projection/OBE to visit other places and gain information beyond our physical brains. Anne Varnes wrote a book on how she won big Lotto prize by seeing the numbers in a news paper in the Akhashic records and she also astral projected to the moon and saw a base there with some men and 1 woman inside the moon base.

I learned astral projection from Robert Monroe in his book the Ultimate Journey. Robert brought back some psychic abilities from the astral projecting he did and so did I. Robert one day fell down stairs in his home and was caught by a psychic cushion that prevented him from face planting. The CIA uses Robert Monroe's Gateway/Hemi-sync which they bought from the Monroe institute he founded. They use it to train psychic spies. It's how they're often able to precision know Russian war ship or other Russian positions to help Ukraine. The Air force soldiers get trained in this and CIA has pdf declassified documents of this. Air force soldier selected for remote viewing test is already able to tell the top ranking Air Force guys their name and everything about the test right when he meets them, and he surprises them because he already remote viewed into the future the night before and saw everything abot them and test they give. US is always 50 years ahead of any tech including Metaphysical/Multidimensional tech.

My Astral projections gave me some interesting psychic abilities. A random thought will come to me and that thought becomes true. Example someone is about to knock my door and a thought of someone knocking my door comes to me and a few seconds or minutes later someone does. Same with when someone is about to call me, I'll think of them.

I myself also used astral projection to win lottery a few times and not millions but in hundreds of thousands and I bought a house and nice car. I've won two large prizes and people in my state wonder how I do it. I've also won lots of smaller thousand dollar prizes. Something about the Astral projection also keeps me youthful. I'm 37 and I still look and feel like I did in 2003 when I had my first epic OBE. There's a psychic challenge in California that I plan to participate in, they offer $250k for proof of the paranormal. During test I'll be telling them something located in room next door when I astral project and see what it is.

Here's pic of me to show you proof I'm smooth and youthful at age 37. I believe AP has an affect on the body at the cellular level.

Fyi I've learned from Akhashic records that the Octopus , squid and another wild earth living creature (Forgotten which) are of alien origin. They arrived here with advanced Alien intelligent beings in the distant past. God used to allow Alien civilizations to come to Earth in the past but has since barred them from coming so man can have own evolution to those kinds of techs the Aliens use.

Egyptian Pyramids were built by an Alien race that has advanced space travel capabilities using special elements not found on Earth. Their home world looks a lot like ancient Egypt, green and rivers and Pyramids all over the place. There's over 500 advanced Alien intelligent life and they've all evolved past the need to eat meat or plant material to sustain themselves. They draw their sustaining energy directly from Gods infinite living light energy.

Fyi guys I've also learned that our physical Universe and its laws of physics don't just occur by coincidence. God is very advanced in mathematics and powers man hasn't grasped yet. If the electron didn't orbit the nucleus in the atom at approximately 6,000 mph there wouldn't be any large matter like humans. There's more proof of Alien being or God being creating our universe. The universal constant is also fine tuned. Universal constant is so fine tuned that it's the equivalence of hitting a small target 🎯 on earth with a dart launched from space. Our Universe is too fine tuned for it to be coincidence.

Our consciousness is made of a special living light particle that is also part of Gods own living light. I learned in the Akhashic record that the photon is directly from God. During a high energy event space/time micro tears releasing the Photon from Gods own infinite living light.

Ever noticed on a sunny day you feel happy? That's because the suns light is an extension of Gods own living light energy. Your soul is feeling the loving energy from Gods living light which the sun light is also an extension of. God wants us to love each other. Love is power.

God wants the very best for us but gave us gree will so awful things can and do happen in the world. My previous post on this sub went into more on this part.

The last part I wanna mention is that I also saw some future events on Earth in the Akhashic record. Humans last year on Earth will be in decade of 3,500. But prior to that a lot of nuclear wars. If you're a millenial fyi your grandchildren and your children will be caught in these awful nuclear wars and most Millenial mau not be alive anymore than. If you live in the East and West coast USA, I recommend building in your basement or backyard a nuclear proof bunker and long survival food that can last 20+ years like olive oil canned tuna and plenty stored too. There will come a time when water and food will become the currency and people fight over it. Well 💯 be going back to Barter system so silver, gold and ammo will become like currency.

After all of that nuclear war mess is over, some young people will take over the earth and they'll be calm and spiritual in nature. Earth's population will be only 1Billon. God doesn't interfere with Mans affairs so the world nuking each other won't nean God doesn't exist fyi. All those dead souls will go back to God.

I will be around early 70s when the first big nuclear war happens and thanks to all the AP/OBE I do I'll be looking like 45 or 50 years old and feeling that way too. But I'll eventually be ready to astral project out of my body for the last time and go into the higher heavens in our Multidimensional Hyperverse.

The hardened atheists think God is some imaginary Greek big white beard looking God in the sky but they'll discover in physics death the truth.

Oh I forgotten to mention to get ready for a big surprise in 2024, and then in 2028 another big surprise about who becomes US President. You'll 😂
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2023.05.28 09:15 AutoModerator [Big Luca DOWNLOAD] ONLINE AGENCY REVOLUTION



Scarica il Corso Completo in Alta Definizione e con Aggiornamenti Garantiti! 🤩
Copia & Incolla questo link: 
Registrandoti al sito avrai accesso ad un Corso Gratis Extra! 🎁
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2023.05.28 09:15 unoriginaloser confused on my drunk in public charge, and how/if this will affect an already pending court date

edit: California, USA, OC for the drunk in public, LA for the car accident
got arrested for a drunk in public because i fell asleep outside drunk after a fight with my partner and parents. i’m a mess, i know.
i got sent to jail for almost 24 hours & have an upcoming court date for this, plus another court date from my car accident. am i going to go BACK to jail!? I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK. genuinely may just off myself, not to be dramatic, but will not ever go back there.
i am in some deep shit from my missing the court date from a car accident where i was uninsured — i missed it because i was in surgery. i had an ectopic pregnancy and could have died, of course i wasnt even THINKING about my court date. there would’ve been a warrant they said if i hadnt paid x amount or go before the judge, and i rescheduled the court date to appear before the judge… i didn’t have over $1k available
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2023.05.28 09:15 BucketAI Interior care and maintenance

Hello V50 lovers :).
I hope we can have discussion hare about care and maintenance of interior. How you handle this?
For example in my country there is a service called "chemical cleaning" and for full wagon cleaning it will cost about 300€ - 400€ and later on simple maintenance will be around 100€ and I believe it is needed about twice per year. But it cost too much when you salary is around 1000€ and car cost ir around 4000€. What do you think?
So I have never ordered that service, but my car I believe was never fully cleaned. So I can spend my time on removing everything behind the seats., etc., but I'm curious, is it worth to buy some chemicals by myself? I found that "Turtle Wax" cleaning chemicals are pretty popular, but are they good? Is it worth to buy some kind of that and use? For example how to handle dust in the card? If I use simple methods like water + napkin so after few days car saloon is full of dusts again. So if I buy some chemicals like Turtle Wax, it will be better? Or only the way is to buy chemical cleaning?
How you handle this problem? What brands you are using if using?
BONUS: What to use for rims cleaning? :D
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2023.05.28 09:14 Jockwr Toyota Yaris - 2013 1.3L Automatic - Motor Mounts?

I'm trying to diagnose the issue with my Toyota Yaris 2013 1.3L. It makes a clunk sound when I put it in reverse. It also makes a rattling sound when I drive around 2000-3000 rpm.
For the clunking sound, I thought it might be the CV joint. I lifted the car up and tried to replicate the noise and see where it is coming from.
I have posted a video here. In this video I switch between drive and reverse, then back to drive then back to reverse again, each time reverse is engaged, there is some movement and a clunking sound. On some days it sounds much worse than in the video:
The sound is not coming from the cv joint area, its coming from the middle section underneath the motor. Is this the motor mount? It looks like some movement in the bushings causing the clunk sound? Thoughts?

Thanks for
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2023.05.28 09:14 ninjamoves0808 to leave or not to leave

hi bromos, stuck and in need of advice.
i (31 f) met my partner (31 m) while working overseas thousands of kilometers away from home. He was born and raised here. we got married 2 years after in 2020 after a bit of a rollercoaster (in which I should have known not to end up with him I guess).
before getting married, I asked him to get an STI test as I was never sexually active, and he was (raw at times). he got super offended and ignored my request. I didn't think much of it. we got married and I lost my virginity to him. I felt excruciating pain having sex with him. I finally went to the gyno and did tests and low and behold I found out I had an STI. it was so upsetting. and he ruined my first sexual experience. I confronted him about this and he said "great, now you're gonna hold this against me for the rest of my life". no accountability, no remorse, no compassion for what I just had to go thru because his ego was to large to just do the damn test.
the medication/antibiotics I was given apparently helps with fertility as well and I was pregnant within 3 months of us getting married. I was mortified. and scared. and anxious. I told my husband and he was so supportive in the moment. later on the same day, he yelled at me for his car tire popping and was in a mood the whole night we were out.
my pregnancy was a disaster in terms of support from him. not understanding how to be patient with me. making me feel shit. he kept blaming work for being the culprit. didn't help me plan anything or buy anything for our son.
I gave birth via c-section during covid times and the country I'm in did not let anyone in the operating room except the mother and doctors. it was tough. while in the hospital recovering, my husband would sleep thru the night and have me wake up struggling to grab our baby if the nurses didn't answer in time. he'd wake up for a work call though. in the next month's I struggled waking him up at night to help me with our baby. I even ripped a stitch out because work was just being sooooo hard on him, poor guy /s.
whenever I speak to him about any sort of concerns or issues I have, he dismisses them and gaslights me for making a big deal out of nothing. he's emotionally abusive. and when I do finally break thru to him, he's so understanding and amazing for a total of maybe 1 week if I'm lucky. he tries to rebel against me as if I'm his mother. I'm sure he has me in the mother role since he is always thinking I'm "controlling him" by asking him how long he'll be out or where he's going.
parenting with him has only made me realize this is not the man I want. I had horrible postpartum anxiety and some depression and I had to pull thru because this man was sooo tweaked and removed from life. as though not really living. I kept begging him and asking him to go to therapy and if he doesn't go for himself let us go to couples therapy. he refused.
in August 2022 I gave an ultimatum. he finally saw a therapist. one that further advanced his ideas that I might be controlling. I was at my wits end. we finally saw a couples therapist. did about 3 sessions with him until I couldn't take it anymore. he's 2 different people. one in front of others, and one with me. everyone else gets his kind charming side, I get whatever's left over.
he does petty things and I know they're being done in petty ways - he gaslights and acts like he would NEVER do something like that.
apart from all of this, his mother is a witch to me. she has tried in many ways to ruin our relationship, and before we got married she pushed him into investing in a property in their home country to have a "family home" which caused a ton of money issues for us going into the marriage (a background to this story is his dad cheated on his mom and married his mistress when my s/o was 20 or so). his dad's mom was also horrible to her, so she's obviously paying it forward (lucky me). she came to stay with us for 2 weeks when I was 1 month postpartum and in that time she barged into my room unannounced, invited people over without consulting with me, and talked shit to my husband that I wasn't serving her guests while I was healing from my c-section.
I've asked him multiple times to have some boundaries with his mom, he hasn't listened. until his mom decided to come visit in Jan 2023 and all hell broke loose. she's now trying very subtle ways to ruin our relationship (what relationship you might ask lol).
I have so much resentment, this guy has left me high and dry so many times! he has resentment too but his shows way more than mine which has me thinking that I've never done anything remotely as bad to him as he has to me. I just don't want to be in this relationship anymore.
within the last 2 weeks (after I finally told him I'm leaving him for good) he started properly seeing a therapist. he's been trying to get me to go to the couple's therapist with him. he's cried and kissed my feet and said he's really gonna change this time. he's made a schedule to change his life and habits. but something is telling me it'll all just be temporary.
I just don't have it in me to care anymore. and I don't know if I should?
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2023.05.28 09:13 MgaSangheili619 There is no shame wearing a diaper as an adult.

It sounds nasty but it's very convenient. I'm an adult and sometimes when I go out on long trips, I wear a diaper. I don't tell my friends but it's very convenient. Yeah there are bathroom breaks but some people's bladders are weak or the next bathroom is 1 hour away and your bladder fills up 30 minutes before you get there. Plus you are in your car and don't have to worry about nasty toilets or peeing in the grass. I mean my friend's dad is a surgeon and he wears a diaper (I understand tho) but still. Wearing a diaper during long road trips is very convenient if you really need to pee. If you need to poop please stop at a bathroom but peeing is fine for the diaper.
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2023.05.28 09:12 Infinite-Associate95 2019 series 7 help please

2019 series 7 help please
Hey guys idk what happening with my series 7 (73.500 miles on it ) I did spark plugs and coils I'm driving and drive train multifunction deploys but not every time. Also I go to car wash and engine light comes on after the was lol Could be battery fault? Wasn't been replaced since vehicle production 2019
No aftermarket on the car Thanks in advance
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2023.05.28 09:12 beem00 our waiter

ive seen our waiter here for the last 7 years? must be in his 50s, maybe has kids. divorced, second wife, more kids. and I just wonder, what must he think of himself? His life's potential reached at a 30k a year salary, an economy car he still owes money on, 2 bedroom apartment, child support, coupons. I couldnt bear it, a life like that, a life of an ordinary cockroach who's biggest value in life is to serve me salad.
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2023.05.28 09:12 burnenen My car was broken into and my gun was stolen

Last night while I was at my friends house in my area for a get together my car was broken into. I woke up at 10am and went out to my car to leave to see my driver door was cracked open. I look inside and low and behold my firearm was gone, my glove box was open, and my registration was sitting on my passenger seat, so they must know my name and some info from those papers. I locked my car that night so whoever got in it knew what they were doing. I honestly don’t know who it could have been, it would be hard to believe that it was someone that was there with me last night, but then again this area I live in isn’t one where outsiders would normally come to look through cars. (Out in the desert down a dirt road). I obviously reported it stolen with the serial number but does anyone have any other advice on what I should do?
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2023.05.28 09:11 MsCannaBass Sideshow rant-Norwood & Bell

Tonight- cops flying past my house chasing these dam donut doers- loud fireworks scaring the shit out of my dogs- helicopters overhead- fire in the intersection of Norwood & Bell
2 vehicles have been hit here because of this almost weekly event. One was in the driveway!
52 cars drove by trying to evade the police.
For almost 2 hours it was chaos. I was listening to my scanner as well. One guy doing 100+ mph ,they followed almost to Vallejo!
This is not fun for residents. It's a pain in the ass! I literally had to park on my lawn so not to get hit!
Where do these ppl get $ to keep buying tires because I know it's gotta ruin them? It's just a nuisance! Go do that shit in some empty parking lot somewhere! I hope your shit gets towed!
(And when I'm mad I don't care about my grammer, spelling nor punctuation! Sorry!)
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2023.05.28 09:11 Accomplished_Bat_817 Honda Accord 06 2.0 Ex. European road trip car

Honda Accord 06 2.0 Ex. European road trip car
Drove from Cambridge UK to Venice and back (including a lap of the nurburgring, over Stelvio Pass and a straight through drive from Rovereto Italy to Dunkirk France (760 miles). Was planning on selling it when home but keeping it for another trip across Europe in the next year or so. We gave the car a once over pre flight check didn't change oil or any parts and it was flawless the whole trip. Best road trip car to date (previously used an Audi A6, S class Merc and S Type Jag)
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2023.05.28 09:10 Abbyracadabraa Do you think it would be okay to drive my car in the condition it’s in?

Do you think it would be okay to drive my car in the condition it’s in?
I had an accident the other day and can’t afford to fix it, only have liability insurance and I desperately need the income.
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