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I know Cornelius is the defacto starter but I'm here for Tre Ford taking his spot. Always liked a QB that's better outside the pocket than he is inside.
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2023.05.22 01:06 Logic_Sandwich JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #6 - Round 5 Wrap-Up

The results are in for Match 3. The winner is…

Electra, with a score of 69 to Aristi’s 63!

Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Electra 21 (5+2) - 9 (1+2) Voters came out in force for Electra!
Quality Aristi 18 (6 6 6) - 23 (8 7 8) Delibs
JoJolity Aristi 20 (6 7 7) - 21 (7 7 7) Delibs
Conduct Tie 10-10 Nothing to report!
Before too long, one too many branches to the head in the garden she had sought to plunder had struck Dr. Vasundhara Astley, stuck underneath her impenetrable skin as it was torn away to fight back. The more angrily, the more aggressively she fought, the more desperate not for this to be the end, the more certain it had been.
After a certain point, attacked from above as she tried to strike her younger opponents, something cracked. When she fell onto her Golden Beacon-made floor shining above Electra and Aristi, her tendril-fingers went limp, and she didn’t get up again.
As if this barely even mattered, the two who had come to stop her continued their bouts, the Rudisimo standing in a ring of light amidst a sea of inky, righteous black.
Though by then the end result was inevitable, and as far as he knew, only Electra was there to see it, he fought on as though the world was watching, never relenting until he was unable to stand.
Here, an institution of the old era died, and the bold heel of the present saw the glistening, potential-filled darkness of the future. He could barely move, needing to be taken to medical attention, but Electra Heart saw him laughing, heard him wish her well and tell her that this was not the end of him, made her promise that this was nowhere near her peak. He had been defeated once before—also by a much younger contender—and these losses filled him with pride. Those who would inherit the world were strong as hell in their own way, and when he was that old ghoul’s age, he had no goddamn intention of slowing down or losing to any of them. He knew he would be challenged for as long as he lived, and thrived on it.
Wouldn’t be surprising if some Black Market-aligned types trying to jump ship from EEP made this virus someone else’s problem again, or some bastard made something like it happen again, but if that happens…The people of this region are already building something. This world’s more aware than ever! Just think, a secret garden kept guarded for millennia, and now it’s been breached, outsiders know it! I just hope that we can ride these winds of change to a better future.
“…oh, cool! You had me worried leading with the bad news like that, but it sounds like all was well that ended well…You said there were zombies out there, though? I kinda wish I’d been able to make it…”
Dédalo’s face was on the screen of a laptop computer, a video call between him and Ninian so he could see the ancient greenhouse which they had been in. She laid playfully in the grass, having changed to a sundress at some point, and off in the distance, Midori and Seymour could be seen downright giddy at the ecological significance of the giant garden, at the history literally taken root there, at the fact that she had been granted special permissions to tend to the place and, alongside Ninian and Electra, filter which outsiders were even allowed to lay eyes upon this place. It seemed thanks enough for saving the town above from the tragedy that had overtaken it, anyway.
“Don’t worry ‘bout it! Like I said, I wanted to make sure this place was pristine for ya for when the big mission’s all done. Anything short of a complete success would’ve made me a bad friend!”
“Yeah, yeah…Hurry back, alright? Big day’s gonna come way sooner than later! Oh, and… Electra, right?”
Electra had been standing in the distance, attempting to seem cool and aloof while thankful most couldn’t see the small grin on her face at the sight of Midori’s giddiness. Hearing her name called again snapped her out of her self-satisfied haze, reveling in the feeling of having taken out a no-good bastard like Vasundhara Astley and given a thumbs-up by an arrogant bastard like Aristizábal de los Flores.
“Oh, huh? I was paying attention.”
That got a laugh out of Dédalo. “Right…Anyway, Ninian sought you out personally for this, yeah? And you delivered when it got even hairier than expected…A plus-one like that would do some real good helping me close out this chapter. Would you be interested?”
“What?” Electra tilted her head. “You barely know me, and…where the hell is this coming from? Last time I went on an archaeology trip I had to deal with this freak.” She gestured at Ninian, but she, Dédalo, and Ninian all knew she was really pointing to the desert spirit occupying her body. Pausing, then, she added, “…kinda sudden, is all. Can I have a minute?”
“Yeah, sure. I guess I’ll know your answer based on if Ninian shows up with you or not.”
“Don’t wanna totally monopolize her, yeah. Let’s talk it out in the morning, Electra, yeah? Too nice a part of Sicily not to at least spend a day where we can…Things’re about to start coming to a head very fast, an’ even I can’t be sure what that looks like.”
There was much unsaid there that had been on Ninian’s mind. Errok was still poisoning the very company she had helped Dr. Taylor found, and he had already seen Pieduro tech as one possible tool in his ‘kill the soul’ mission. Electra had fended him off once—with help, albeit—and, she thought, could certainly do it again if he tried something there of all places…
Knowing Oliver, Barcas would definitely end up sending someone on this mission, with or without Dédalo and the House of Muses’ permission, and it was 50/50 whether it was the worst-case scenario, or the only person he trusted besides Midori at that company who was present.
Electra, though? Electra let herself relax at the question, at the prospect of a day spent enjoying San Battista, adored as a hero, alongside…New friends.
The results are in for Match 4. The winner is…

2095, by Majority with a score of 70 to Val's 70!

Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Val 16 (4+2) - 14 (3+2) It was a tight tug of war, with Val eeking out a slight lead!
Quality 2095 22 (7 8 7) - 23 (8 7 8) Delibs
JoJolity 2095 22 (7 7 8) - 23 (8 7 8) Delibs
Conduct Tie 10-10 Much of BoB’s strat was dedicated to (very effective) flavor text, which is excluded for the sake of Conduct penalty.
Slowly, painfully, Val unpeeled herself from the ground and propped herself up with her sword. A thick layer of gravel and brick dust coated the ruined construction site alongside countless fragments of crates and girders. The armored truck had been blown to smithereens, its contents reduced to ashes as well. Valentine sucked a breath of air through her teeth and made a mental note to pick up an apology gift for Aisha on the way home.
The door of one of the nearby portapotties swung open, revealing her opponent brushing gallons of hand sanitizer from her hands and arms. With a pained grunt, Valentine rose to her feet, dusted herself off, and made her way over to her android assailant.
Seeing the manager of the Eight Melodies approach, 2095 sniffed sharply and hurriedly wiped her reddened eyes. When she got close enough, she smiled as wide as her face could physically allow and stuck out a hand.
”My name is 2095. It’s such an honor to meet you!”
Val laughed and took her hand. “Val Yao, but I think you knew that already. Nice work out there. Haven’t taken a beating like that since my leave of absence.”
“Thank you,” 2095 beamed. “I, uh, hope I didn’t hurt you too badly.”
“Nah, I’ve been through worse.” Valentine looked at the smoking, burning wreckage of the armored truck and grimaced. “Yeesh. Rinascita’s gonna be real pissed when they hear about this.”
2095 glanced past Val’s shoulder. “Perhaps you can ask them now.”
Val turned around to see someone she recognized from the Olympus Gala—except her appearance now as a far cry from her extravagance back then. Leaning against a wall for support, battered and bloodied, Lucetta Domani looked like she had been through Hell and back. Her coat was completely gone, exposing deep gashes and wounds on her bare shoulders. Whole locks of her luxurious hair were singed off. One arm was limp at her side and bent at an awkward angle, while the other still held her trademark sunglasses—one lens shattered, the other completely covered by a spiderweb crack, rendering it useless.
Lucetta stared at the wreckage of the truck, then at 2095 and Valentine. “It’s done?”
2095 nodded. “Scrap metal, as requested.”
She gave both a curt nod; an uncharacteristically subtle gesture. She gazed down at the ruined pair of sunglasses in her hand.
“I used to paint, once. Watercolors—landscapes, mostly. I gave it up when I got my first apprenticeship; the paint would stain my hands and transfer to the clothes. When I became head of Rinascits, the artists would send me thousands of watercolors every month for me to approve for sale. But I actually haven’t touched a brush since. Imagine that; Lucetta Domani, fashion icon and international superstar, painting like a high school art student. I’d be the laughingstock of Rinascita!”
Her laughter was cut off by a painful cough. “...I should try it again some time. Just for myself.”
“The painter is not simply someone who looks and who sees. Above all, the artist is someone who exposes a personal vision by rendering it visible. Today is a victory over ‘villains’ everywhere. My masterpiece! Signed, Domani.” Without another word, Lucetta tossed her sunglasses over her shoulder and limped away.
“...guess I’m in the clear?” Val wondered aloud, watching her go. “I don’t think the Czar’s coming out of there any time soon, so…time to take my leave.”
“Oh, my autograph-” 2095 blurted out, then put a hand over her mouth and kicked herself internally. But instead of glaring at her, Val chuckled.
“I would, but I don’t have a pen right now. Don’t worry—I’ll send you a care package when I can. Thanks for all of your support!”

Let's take a moment to remember...

8th Place - Wyatt and Aeson Everly - The brothers got involved with an art heist that quickly went far bloodier than anyone involved had anticipated!
7th Place - Bohdan Paska - This clever salesman had big plans, but a chance encounter with a fortune-teller on the Nile showed that his success was not written in the stars.
6th Place - Rigatte Rosso - Hired as security on a gay pirate beach wedding, he met his match when a self-made matchmaker elected to sabotage the occasion.
5th Place - Lincoln Duncan - The old Boxer quickly encountered some friction against a idol manager when they both chose to investigate the same archaeological site.
4th Place - Texas Holdem - This gambler found great success smuggling cargo for Dead Man's Hand, but his luck ran out in a fishing competition against a COLOSSI enforcer.
3rd Place - Lucas Rayard - After his loss on the Nile with Bohdan, Lucas played in a high-energy volleyball game that brought his team and Blue Top Antiquity together on a well-deserved beach vacation. However, his next cross-team collaboration went a little worse, when he and the Hundred-Head Voyage failed to take down Farewell to Kings' Ilar Opeth.
2nd Place - Nicholas Conlan - This Smooth Criminal opened his run smuggling goods alongside Texas and playing volleyball with Lucas. This was followed by an intriguing deal with Jamir Ó Santos and a jinn at a teleporting gas station. His run ended as it began, running a mission for Dead Man's Hand in exchange for help dealing with Aerials.
1st Place - SAD - The Melancholic Silver Knight and Doctor Without Borders was yet another member of the team who developed an unease alliance with Dead Man's Hand, helping them catch an unruly demon to start. This was followed by an encounter with the infamous Manny Elflad at a Pieduron archaeological site, and a return to dealings with Dead Man's Hand, this time taking down their then-leader. This was followed by a mission deep into the bowels of Enyalius and Enyo's disturbing P-Virus experiments. SAD ultimately met its match at the culmination of all these themes, battling out EEP's own rotten knight, Errok, when the two were both hired to deal with a similarly mutated figure in Frederick and a similarly concerning underworld leader in Alalu.
Scenario: Istanbul, Turkiye — 4:00 PM
The ceremony floor was rather vacant at this time of day. Most of the staff had gone home, leaving only a few stragglers to finish up the paperwork. Sitting in the front pew was one of these planners, seated across from a disheveled, shaggy-headed Lucas Rayard.
He looked over a series of forms, taking a pen to each one as he flipped through them with a tired pace. After one more lookover, he handed them back to the planner, who was glancing at her watch every so often. “Are these conditions to your liking, sir?”
“Yes, that’ll do,” Lucas Rayard said with a wave of his hand. With a nod, she left, leaving Lucas hunched over in his pew. He fiddled with a match from his pocket, staring at the match head as a series of thoughts ran through his head. Though it’s not like he had much of a choice.
It didn’t feel real. It seemed like only yesterday that Darius had revealed its true nature to Lucas and Nicholas. The day the Global Cinders Surveillance Co. was founded. Together, they would solve the mysteries of the world, bring closure and relief to countless people. All three of them.
The sudden thud beside him brought Lucas back to reality. He snapped the matchstick in half, as he laser focused on whatever just landed at his side. With a frown, he stuffed the remains of the stick in his jacket pocket.
It was Nicholas Conlan, with his hands on a stack of manilla folders wrapped in brown string. He too had seen better days, but there was something different about him. Lucas shot a brief nod to his partner as he turned his gaze back towards the casket ahead.
Nick frowned. “Well ‘hello’ to you, too…”
After a moment of silence, Nick took the folders and pushed them forward, right into Lucas’ side. Lucas ignored it, but Nicholas continued to push them. Lucas’ eye twitched with each blow, until finally he turned. “Would you cut that out?!”
“I gave you your space. We both needed it, but it's been three weeks! Are you still not going to talk to me about this?”
Lucas glared at the thief, gripping the bottom of the pew. He tried to come up with some witty retort. All he could do was weakly exhale. “What’s there to talk about…”
“The doc’s dead, man!” Nicholas said as he gripped the bridge of his nose. “And here you are, sulking. That’s not the Lucas I know.” Lucas blinked, but ultimately remained still. “I miss Darius too. But I haven’t been lying around, waiting for it to come back.”
“That’s not what I-” The shaggy-haired investigator was interrupted with a single file shoved into his face: a picture of a bulky figure in pale green armor, accompanied by a haunting mask that practically taunted Lucas.
Looking over to Nicholas, his eyes opened up wider than they had been in weeks. “Is this-where did you-”
“Don’t ask.” Nicholas remarked as he flipped open another file. “What’s important is what’s in them: Names, Last Known Locations, Potential Enemies…” He counted each one on his fingers. “Even if it’s a deadend, this could at least get us back on track…”
Lucas crossed his arms, looking away from the thief once more. “I don’t know...”
“C’mon! We’ve already tracked down Aerials! What’s one job compared to a bunch of flighty birds?”
“We had a full team on that,” Lucas shot back, his face falling to a slump. “It’s not the same. It never will be.”
Nicholas leaned back, his eyes drooping to the floor. “You’re right,” he sighed. “We’ll never be able to go back to volleyball games and high speed boat chases. We may never get the chance to go to another beach wedding, or round up unruly demons in the name of catching that bird-brained fool.”
He looked back up at Lucas, whose eyes were still glued to the ground. He offered a gente smile. “But isn’t that what life is all about? Forming memories, forging bonds?” Nick leaned in closer, putting a hand on the investigator’s shoulder. “Even if those days are behind us, you can never take away our memories. We proved that, right?”
Lucas looked up in disbelief. He could hardly believe that the man in front of him was the same slacker he’d met almost a year ago. Nick’s eyes were no longer filled with sloth, instead a calm, steady flame of determination.
Lucas let out a hoarse chuckle, tears threatening to leak from his eyes. He couldn’t help but be reminded of his own youthful drive. After wiping away the few tears that managed to break through, Lucas placed his own hand onto Nicholas’ shoulder. “Yes, I suppose we did.”
Nicholas grinned as he stood up from the pew, taking a file in hand. “How about we crack open a new case, then?”
Lucas shook his head. “With what resources? The Cinders’ in shambles right now.”
“But not dead! We still have Phil and Lily around to help.”
“Maybe so, but we’ll need more than that to keep us afloat…”
“—I might be able to help with that.”
Both investigators stopped in their tracks upon hearing the sudden, yet familiar voice. The figure approached the boys in the pew. “I heard about a potential opening from Darius, you know before …er, sorry…”
Evelyn Lister sheepishly gripped their arm. Nicholas leaned over to Lucas as he whispered something into his ear. Lucas cocked his eyebrow as he rubbed his chin. He whispered something back to Nicholas, causing him to do the same.
Evelyn's eyes sank. Had she said something wrong? Was she overstepping? Finally, Nicholas let out a decisive hum. “You’re in!” he smiled towards Evelyn. “Welcome to the Global Cinders Surveillance Co!”

Let's take a moment to remember...

8th Place - Marione - While she lost her first match, a Who's Next Tomb Raid Race against HHV's intrepid explorer, her story was only beginning, her remaining arc resulting in a number of exciting matches and moments throughout the rest of the tourney thus far!
7th Place - Elliot - The monk met his match against an arms-dealing duo backstage at a Milan fashion show.
6th Place - Dr. Lucille Lister - Her sole match was the same as Elliot's, but like Marione, she warrants special note for the lasting legacy she had in the tournament, with her daughter Evelyn becoming a major mover and shaker as her own dead remains became a dangerous Pgoslav... 5th Place - Marissa Novaya - This awkward explosives expert bumbled her way into incredible success while infiltrating a pit crew at Circuit Paul Ricard, but then faced the one who turned out to be the master of bumbling his way to victory when caught in a comedic assassination competition set by a resurrective immortal.
4th Place - Frederick Loverman - The Senator in charge of the Exhibition opened with a crowd-pleasing display at an outdoor market, but met his demise at the hands of Gishimmar the Devourer in Algeria. What returned from that encounter carried with it consequences for some time to come, which we've seen is a trend among the members of Zverska Izložba.
3rd Place - Dirty Ghost - While it initially lost its match at the hands of the perfect Spin (in all but name) in a Moroccan casbah, this revenant couldn't be kept down forever, and made a return at an XPLICIT Xperiment. Ultimately, after a journey of self-discovery, Nobody went home..
2nd Place - Jamir Ó Santos - This dealmaking smoothtalker made it clear from the beginning that he was playing by his own rules, debuting as the undisputed life of the party at an Ibiza rave. He doubled down on this with a clean victory in "New York City". If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. This dealmaker was always on the job, making allies even as he defeated them at a teleporting gas station. Even his final bow was made on his own terms, showing an android the way of passion as they both made a fool of a Rinascita assassin.
1st Place - Izuru Boniface Marianas - The Nobody Killer started his arc as a stagehand, assisting Jamir in performances in Ibiza and “New York City”, before allying with the Melancholic Silver Knight against the head of Dead Man’s Hand. His search for an end to his own immortality lead to continued work with the demonic gang, returning to his roots as a hitman against a DMH defector and performing for the Baba Yaga herself. While the curtain closes on his and his team’s run in the tournament, the show must go on...
Scenario: Outside of Istanbul, Turkiye — 2:12 AM
At last, the crackling flames hushed into ashes. The only sound in the barren woods was laboured breathing. Curled in a hidden corner, Alalu tended to her many wounds. It was fortunate that Frederick hadn’t been able to finish her, nor had he destroyed her hidden stash of Prestige. Though, she wasn’t fool enough to eat it. Alalu did not aspire to some false godhood. These flowers would simply grant her a few more moments.*
It was a shame; Alalu hated Frederick’s ego, but admired his tenacity. She had seen it from the start, how he hid his righteous fury beneath a smile. Alalu was glad to see him follow his desire, yet she did not believe in his world. God stayed in heaven for a reason.
It was easy for her to reminisce in the silence. She had nothing else to do, other than wait and listen to the rasp of her breath and the dripping of blood, as 「Wolf Murder」’s hand slid over her own.
“Thank you, love…” Alalu whispered, regarding her stand with a smile. “What a battle. You fought beautifully.”
Alalu simply laughed. “Sit with me, Cennet.” Her little pet name, it had a better ring than ‘Commit’. “The fight is over now.”
「Wolf Murder」 did as she was asked, resting on her remaining leg.
“What do you think about the Exhibition?”
“But you are wrong, Cennet,” Alalu chuckled, tasting blood beneath her tongue. “The era of beasts is ending. I always thought Savvas was posturing. But maybe he was right about all those myths and legends. Hawheheh…it’s not like ‘Alalu’ was ever above them.”
‘Cennet’ wiped away the blood beaded on Alalu’s lips, only to paint them with her own.
“That doesn’t mean I’ll call these folks God, but they're more than simple beasts like us. Though there were exceptions in the Exhibition. The ones who vanished quickly enough.”
“Maybe. It was a shame about Lucille, I was fond of her. But Veles was never going to take her alive. If only that old fool let me catch the Pgoslav.”
She chuckled. “The Exhibition was full of demons. Some hid their nature better than others, O’Santos in particular. But that boy would have torn the Mediterranean apart just to escape us. Yet these urges were tempered by others. He’s not even the only one who changed. Maybe love is its own miracle?” Alalu laughed.
“Look how sappy I’ve grown in my old age. It’s sad we couldn’t catch the miracle, but better Marione get with a girl her age than pursue me.”
“All but one,” Alalu smiled, hearing footsteps in the cabin outside. The fact she could hear his approach meant he was panicking. This was confirmed when the knob was torn from the rotting wood around it. The door was flung open, and…
“Veles,” Alalu rasped. He looked even worse than before, his cloak in tatters, revealing that the spectral flesh had nearly consumed his arms. His socket eyes were wild with dancing light.
“…” He could only shudder, ink trailing from his eyes.
Alalu filled the silence in his stead. “You didn’t return with Mx. Wah…and yet their scent is all over you. I wish you wouldn’t disappoint me like this, dear. But I understand…no one can refuse Madam Yaga’s summons. I’m not mad, Veles. I’m just happy you finally showed up.”
「Wolf Murder」 loomed behind Alalu, bracing herself on the wall, blade gleaming…before she fell to her knee, head bowed.
He took a step back, startled by the words, looking to Alalu.
“I couldn’t defeat Frederick without you. Once the Collection hears of my injuries, many will try to take my spot. I am dead already, Veles. But you will be my successor.”
His eyes widened. Speechless.
“Isn’t this what you want, dear? You understand the Collection’s purpose…and how it can achieve your own.”
Before he could respond, Cennet growled out a command. “KNEEL.”
His shaking legs buckled instantly. As he looked Alalu in her remaining eye, she smiled kindly. “You’ll be perfect, Veles. But…not everyone sees that. Because of your bonds with our enemies, you’ll gain more resentment than respect. But it will be alright…you just need to give them a show of strength, and prove you aren’t distracted by our foes. I know you can. You are the strongest beast of all.”
He continued to shudder, ink now seeping from his nose and mouth. The hunger in his eyes brought Alalu joy.
“Now, let my life nourish yours.” Bowing her head, she reached into his coat and pulled out his switchblade, placing it in his talons.
“…” What more could he say? What choice did he have?
“Make me proud,” she whispered. These would be her last words, before her breath and blood emptied from her throat.
In the ashes of her empire, the wolf’s remains are eaten by the crow. All while its murder waits and watches.
The age of beasts is over. This is the beginning of the end.

Let's take a moment to remember...

8th Place: Haru Okubo - This intrepid reporter kicked off the tourney working security in a Croatian Shipyard, and while his smuggling foes got past him, Haru's story certainly wasn't over.
7th and 6th Place: Finni Angelos and Eshe Senme - These two feline-loving idols put in good work on the Cyprian isle of cats, but no one can truly outdo the BOYS.
5th Place: Jerry Bryant - Alongside Haru, Jerry dealt with smugglers in Croatian shipyard, but he received a second chance in the form of an Algerian Temple Run, where he was outpaced by a biologist and her carnivorous Stand.
4th Place: Ravee Chandra Bequasimodo - Eight Melodies' security expert found herself caught in a snowboarding avalanche early on, tying the semifinalist Electra Heart in that battle, but her next bout was less lucky: the thing is, Red Barchetta always wins.
3rd Place: Echo - This dimension-hopping tourney veteran made her debut as ‘Echo’ by standing up to big boiz Aristi and Futura, demonstrating why it was really her who was truly Da Bes >B]. Unfortunately, an art heist gone wrong resulted in a traumatic fusion into Pollyanna, prompting Echo to take a step back from the spotlight.
2nd Place: Nadine Sokenna - The other half of Pollyanna got her start turning olive oil production to overdrive, and the fusion battle wasn't the end of her run. A mission to subdue a Pgoslav revealed unexpected bloodlust, and finally a desert duel forced the overly positive idol to confront her negative feelings.
1st place: Val Yao - Last but not least, we have the idols' fearless manager herself! Kicking things off with a treasure dig against Lincoln Duncan, she followed this up with an iconic appearance at a cook-out hosted by the Mediterranean's most dangerous groupchat, where she caught the eye of their social chair whom she took on a lovely Parisian date. How sweet! Next, though, Val was tossed by storms and fate across the Mediterranean sea of monsters on a journey of self-discovery. But even the brightest stars must fall, and Val was ultimately defeated by an Eight Melodies superfan!
Scenario: Somewhere above the Mediterranean Sea — 8:45 AM
“Right here’s fine, thank you!” Val tapped the pilot’s shoulder as she opened the skydiving plane’s door. None of this had been up to code—the woman came into his business like a whirlwind, gave him coordinates to fly to, and skydive above open water, and now she was about to base jump without a parachute.
“Miss, I don’t think that’s safe!”
The sea breeze whipping through her hair, Val’s laugh boomed louder than the engine. “Of course it is—I’m a professional!”
Already leaning out of the plane, Val let go of the handles, falling towards the ocean. Valerie, Valentine, Val Yao—she was what she had always been: a star, a bolt of purple streaking against the clear sky. The salty sea air flushed the acrid smoke of Rinascita’s infighting from her nostrils and lungs, and Val felt her heart skip beats—a calm hammering. Adrenaline flooding through a body that was not in panic, but making calculated and thoughtful movements, to stave off or speed up her descent.
Despite all the turmoil of the Dead Drop Bay, of the storms and seas, she could see it; she could see the same, serene blue that she painted during her odyssey and now colored the sky and world around her. As she approached terminal velocity where all felt still, the wild winds caressed her, and she felt like she could be here forever. Heart-pounding peace.
Suddenly, she twisted her body, pointing her gunsword upwards. “We’re on in ten, 「Hiero Oldies」!” One fairy possessed their manager, another the loaded bullet which was fired upwards, Val’s descent coming to crawl as the countervailing forces suspended her in a dance of physics.
She somersaulted in the air, gingerly landing upon the upper deck of the Jellyfish Skyquarium. The blimp had acted as one part tourbus, one part mobile office, all parts home for the Eight Melodies who politely applauded their manager. Jerry had struggled mightily to get them all in one place. Ravee, Finni, and Eshe were still idols, but Haru had looked to start his own investigation business; Jerry the Dog was on vacation; Echo and Nadine were still unreachable, but at least they could come together for this.
Val rushed through them, slapping backs and giving high fives, before heading to the bridge where Aisha stood. Val’s smile faltered for a moment, “I’m sorry I-”
Aisha pressed a finger to her lips and shook her head. “Boohoo, I’m out of the running for FtK head over a glorified laser pointer—this is your moment now. What are we here for?”
“Right.” With a quick hug and steeling of her resolve, Val turned to face the rest of her crew. “I might not be as active in production, but I’m still the manager of Eight Melodies, and no matter where we go, its light shines in our hearts! Alas, our work is never done. We’re going to need somewhere a lot bigger with what we’re planning! A concert hall—no, a stadium—no, an entire city plaza! We’re artists, dammit, and we need somewhere with a capacity big enough for all our friends to celebrate!”
The idols were going their own ways, and just had Val had started this whirlwind venture, she too would chart out her next one. She took the steering wheel, checked the map, and with the might of a thousand ships, the blimp adjusted its course for Bordeaux where a world of endless adventure awaited. If you thought the Jellyfish Skyquarium was a ride, you haven’t seen nothing yet! “Next stop: Yaoworld!”
As the Eight Melodies cheered their captain, a similarly free spirit leaned against the port window. This hadn’t been the first airship Al had crashed into, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last—this one didn’t even need guidance on where to go! So long as people continued to sail the earth, sea, and now sky, there would always be something to do and somewhere to be.
With a satisfied smile, they dissipated into grains of sand that scattered into the morning sun.
With 4 players left, we have 3 matches left before the winner of the entire tournament is decided. From here on out, instead of the usual match select, the Judges will pair the players into two semifinal matches whose winners move on to the final match. We intend to have these as done as quickly as possible while accommodating to the player’s scheduling needs, and with luck we hope to finish the tournament by early June.
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2023.05.21 13:00 waterse7ensinger Vivid Seats Garth Brooks Coupon Code

Check this out for Vivid Seats Garth Brooks Coupon Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.05.21 06:11 whyohwhy115 2023 SUGA Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ Megathread Pt. 2

Hello everyone!
The last tour thread was getting thicc (almost 10k comments!) so we’re creating a new one to kick off the Asia leg of the tour!
Information for the 2023 SUGA - Agust D ‘D-Day’ Tour will be collected and organized here. Unless new information is noteworthy enough to need a new post, please use this thread for concert discussion and questions.


Meet up Thread

Tour Announcement

Information Regarding On-site Sales of Official Merchandise at the East Coast Concerts

Information Regarding On-site Sales of Official Merchandise at the Mid-West and West Coast Concerts

Official Merch 🇺🇸 U.S limited on-site only merch

JAKARTA Official Merchandise Sales Notice






Click for concert information including times, seat charts, and bag policies.



City Advice Threads



Japan Prices

  • Assigned Seats
    • ARMY Membership (GLOBAL/USA) Advance Tickets: 15,400 Yen (VAT included)
    • General Tickets: 16,500 Yen (VAT included)
  • VIP Seats (Upgrade Tickets)
    • Only for ARMY Membership (GLOBAL/USA) raffle: 26,400 Yen (VAT included)
    • Assigned Seats 15,400 Yen + Upgrade Tickets 11,000Yen


  • Standard tickers: 5,800 / 6,000 / 5,500 / 4,500 / 3,500 / 2,500 Baht
  • VIP Package: 6,200 Baht


  • VIP SEATED: $348
  • CAT 1 STANDING: $288
  • CAT 2: $288
  • CAT 3: $248
  • CAT 4: $198
  • CAT 5: $168
  • CAT 6: $168 (Restricted View)
Info to be added as it becomes available
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2023.05.19 23:22 ChaBoiShnitz Seats in Gillette stadium

Hey guys I had a quick question for people that are familiar with Gillette stadium. I am going to the game on September 17th for the Miami dolphins game and I want to be right next to the player tunnel/ entrance and exit. I was wondering what section is closest to the patriots tunnel to be near the players?
Thanks, let me know!!
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2023.05.19 10:54 Business_Revenue_757 Garth Brooks recalls bumping into Steven Tyler in stadium showers

submitted by Business_Revenue_757 to taoufik_ighzer [link] [comments]

2023.05.19 09:06 fajrymilk ISO Gillette Tickets

Hi! I'm looking for 2 tickets seated anywhere in Gillette stadium to see Taylor. My sister and I just got scammed $700 and we're extremely desperate. You must be able to provide all proof asked for and I will only pay with PayPal G&S!
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2023.05.18 21:29 Otherwise_Toe6652 Could tickets in Ticketmaster app be fake

Could tickets in Ticketmaster app be fake
Traded with this girl in person. I claimed the tickets and now it’s in my Ticketmaster app. Any way they could be fake?
submitted by Otherwise_Toe6652 to erastourtickets [link] [comments]

2023.05.18 02:37 Negative-Wasabi I bought 2 Luke Combs Tickets for the wrong date...

I bought 2 Luke Combs Tickets for the wrong date...
I got 2 tickets for Luke Combs for my bf and I to go in June. It was gonna be a super amazing birthday present for him, but I found out the tickets are actually in.... July, the 22nd :( and we're gonna be out of state, in California actually, so I'm trying to figure out how to give those tickets away. It's at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. So any New England country fans who would like to take these? I'm having a hard time finding places to give them away. But I can explain it more if you DM me :') Thank you much!
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2023.05.17 14:17 darkmattermirsalad Vivid Seats Garth Brooks Coupon Code

Check this out for Vivid Seats Garth Brooks Coupon Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.05.16 20:16 DJR0587 Selling 1 ticket 5/21

Selling 1 ticket 5/21
Yesterday I posted about trading, however there didn’t seem to be any interest in trading. So I’m looking to sell 1 floor seat ticket. I paid 417.10 for this ticket.
Many people reached out about purchasing the ticket, so I decided to do a fun lil questionnaire for the ticket :)
If you are interested, please let my know your favorite Taylor song as well as the two secret songs you’d love for her to do, how long you’ve loved Taylor, and how many times you’ve seen her previously.
Also please let me know what you are willing to pay for the ticket.
I will choose someone by 12PM EST Wednesday.
Thank you!
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2023.05.16 19:14 Dependent_Appeal1205 Vegas Tickets - July 8th

Vegas Tickets - July 8th
Garth Brooks tickets available at face value.
Sadly this date no longer works for us. Section 203 Row B Aisle Seats $720/ticket x 2 = $1,400 total Ticket transfer via Ticketmaster Priced at face value
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2023.05.16 03:48 jacyf02 The Eras Tour Megathread: Foxborough, MA (Warning: Spoilers)

SpoileMeetup Mega

Main Setlist

Surprise Songs

Setlist Spreadsheet

Outfit Tracker

Eras Tour VIP Posters

Foxborough, all I really want is you. Please use this thread to share photos and videos, talk about the show, arrange meetups, ask questions, etc. We will be posting a new thread for every city.
Please do not post spoilers on the sub as they will be removed.
Show list:
May 19 Gillette Stadium With Phoebe Bridgers & GAYLE
May 20 Gillette Stadium With Phoebe Bridgers & GAYLE
May 21 Gillette Stadium With Phoebe Bridgers & Gracie Abrams
For more information, make sure to check out the official Eras Tour website. Upcoming tour dates can also be seen our events widget.
Other Megathreads:
Tour Discussion
General Tour Spoiler Discussion
Theories Thread
A View From Swifties Seats
Fan Outfits & Costumes
General Discussion
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2023.05.15 16:22 hey-party-penguin Gillette Stadium seating suggestions

Gillette Stadium seating suggestions
Question for anyone who’s seen Metallica at Gillette in Foxboro, or I guess any concert there with the round stage.
From what I’ve gathered, there’s no ideal “side” since there are 4 drum sets that Lars will work through. Also, that the sound is overall better the lower you are in the stadium(?).
I’m currently deciding between Section 114 (back row) and middle-ish Club Level 12.
  1. Will the better vantage point gained in CL 12 be worsened by less than optimal sound? Can’t be that much different, if at all, right?
  2. Can anyone confirm that the back row of 114 is covered by the section above? And if so, is that annoying?
  3. In both areas, should I anticipate the possibility that the people behind us would want to sit during the show? I want a seat so I can have a designated spot, go get a beer, etc. But I have zero intention of sitting, not sure if the higher you go in the stadium, the more likely it is that people sit? Been to enough Patriots games where that’s the case.
  4. Lastly, any chance the new mega TV at the stadium would be part of the show?
TIA! 🤘🏽
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2023.05.12 22:12 HotRodHH Attendance Forecast Update: Volkspark Game vs. Championship Game

Attendance Forecast Update: Volkspark Game vs. Championship Game

Hamburg has sold their 23.000th ticket today for their highlight game in Volksparkstadion on June 11th. And they have overtaken the current sales of the Championship Game in September as you can see in the chart above.
With about four weeks left Hamburg still has got a good chance to pass the 31.500 which is the maximum stadium capacity of the Championship Game.
My most likely scenario averages out 30,9k currently. Even in my pessimistic scenario Hamburg will have 28,4k. The average daily growth of the sales went up again this week and equals 270. In order to stay on my average scenario Hamburg needs a daily growth rate of 150 in the next week.
The Championship Game has currently sold about 22k tickets (20,4k seats + estimated 1,6k standing room tickets). The total of 24,5k seats will of course be sold out sooner or later, maybe the 7k standing room tickets as well.
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2023.05.12 18:25 Lust_In_Phaze Verified Resale Only at Gillette?

(Hi, I'm not asking for tickets so hopefully this doesn't violate rule 7, but please remove if so)
This is probably a rookie question, but I've never bought tickets at Gillette before. Trying to look at seats on Ticketmaster but it's only "Verified Resale" tickets available, and it has been since the schedule was announced last night. Did face value tickets directly from the stadium really already sell out, or where are you supposed to find those? Thank you for any insight!
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2023.05.11 20:34 opheliadelilah Taylor Swift May 21st

Taylor Swift May 21st submitted by opheliadelilah to taylorswifterastour [link] [comments]

2023.05.11 02:21 Ambailey11807 Artist of the decade

Welcome back to Country Music 4 Ever! The ACM Awards have chosen one artist from each decade since the 1960s to give their “Artist of The Decade” award to. So far, out of every country singer who ever existed, there have been six artists who have received this award. Those artists are Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn, Alabama, Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Jason Aldean. All six of these artists have had very successful careers, which is why they were selected to receive this award. Since it will still be several more years until they announce a new “Artist of The Decade,” I am going to focus on the six artists who have already won this award.
Marty Robbins was the very first ACM “Artist of The Decade.” It must've been pretty cool for him to be the first person to ever win this award. Marty earned 17 number one songs throughout his career, and he also released 82 other top 40 singles.
Loretta Lynn was the “Artist of The Decade” in the 70s. She was the first and only woman to win this award. Loretta earned 16 number one songs throughout her career. Throughout her entire career, she released a total of 86 singles. Loretta is one of my all-time favorite singers, so I think they made a good decision when they picked her as the “Artist of The Decade” in the 70s.
Alabama was the “Artist of The Decade” in the 80s. They are the only band to ever win this award. Throughout their career, they charted 77 singles on the Hot Country Songs chart, 33 of which went to number one.
Garth Brooks was the “Artist of The Decade” in the 90s. He earned 19 number one songs on the Hot Country Songs chart. Nine of his albums have achieved diamond status, which means each of them have sold over 10,000,000 copies. That is pretty impressive.
George Strait was the “Artist of The Decade” in the 2000s. He has earned 60 number one songs, which is more than any other country singer ever. He has charted 126 singles throughout his career. They don't call him “The King” for nothing.
Jason Aldean was the “Artist of The Decade” in the 2010s. Jason has earned 24 number one songs on the Hot Country Songs chart. He has released 38 singles so far in his career.
It will be interesting to see who they choose at the end of this decade to be the “Artist of The Decade.” I guess we'll have to wait and see. You can tune into the ACM Awards tomorrow night on Amazon Prime Video at 8:00 ET. with a live red carpet one hour before the show.
Thanks for reading. I'll be back soon!
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2023.05.10 01:04 USOC_Matchday 2023 U.S. Open Cup Thread: Round of 32, Day 1

Flashscore Live Table
List of Streams Round 4 Preview
Charlotte FC (MLS) 1–0 Orlando City (MLS)
7:00 ET - Mecklenburg County Sportsplex; Charlotte, NC
Time Event Team Player Score
18' Yellow Card Charlotte B. Bronico 0-0
27' Yellow Card Orlando C. Araujo 0-0
51' Yellow Card Charlotte B. Bender 0-0
70' GOAL! Charlotte K. Jóźwiak 1-0
74' Yellow Card Orlando R. Schlegel 1-0
78' Yellow Card Orlando R. Jansson 1-0
90' - FULL TIME - 1-0

Charlotte FC advance to the Round of 16

Inter Miami (MLS) 1–0 Charleston Battery (USLC)
7:00 ET - DRV PNK Stadium; Ft Lauderdale, FL
Time Event Team Player Score
10' Yellow Card Inter F. Negri 0-0
48' GOAL! Inter J. Palma (OG) 1-0
64' Yellow Card Inter C. McVey 1-0
66' Yellow Card Inter D. Ruiz 1-0
72' Yellow Card Inter N. Marsman 1-0
73' Yellow Card Battery D. Dodson 1-0
90' - FULL TIME - 1-0

Inter Miami advance to the Round of 16

New England Revolution (MLS) 0–1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USLC)
7:30 ET - Gillette Stadium; Foxborough, MA
Time Event Team Player Score
19' Yellow Card Revolution L. Blessing 0-0
44' GOAL! Riverhounds D. Griffin 0-1
81' Yellow Card Riverhounds L. Biasi 0-1
85' Yellow Card Revolution J. Panayotou 0-1
90' - FULL TIME - 0-1

Pittsburgh Riverhounds advance to the Round of 16

New York Red Bulls (MLS) 1–0 D.C. United (MLS)
7:30 ET - MSU Soccer Park; Montclair, NJ
Time Event Team Player Score
28' GOAL! Red Bulls O. Fernandez 1-0
36' Yellow Card United E. Hurtado 1-0
66' Yellow Card United H. Sargis 1-0
77' Yellow Card United M. Akinmboni 1-0
90' - FULL TIME - 1-0

New York Red Bulls advance to the Round of 16

Chicago Fire (MLS) 2–1 Saint Louis City (MLS)
7:00 CT - SeatGeek Stadium; Bridgeview, IL
Time Event Team Player Score
3' GOAL! Fire Haile-Selassie 1-0
70' Yellow Card City C. Martins 1-0
75' GOAL! Fire F. Herbers 2-0
90'+3 GOAL! City M. Perez 2-1
90' - FULL TIME - 2-1

Chicago Fire advance to the Round of 16

Minnesota United (MLS) – Philadelphia Union (MLS)
7:30 CT - Allianz Field; St Paul, MN
Time Event Team Player Score
30' Yellow Card United R. Lod 0-0
34' Yellow Card Union D. Lowe 0-0
68' GOAL! United B. Hlongwane 1-0
73' GOAL! United J. Rosales 2-0
78' GOAL! Union C. Donovan 2-1
90' Yellow Card Union K. Wagner 2-1
90'+2 Yellow Card United J. Rosales 2-1
90'+4 GOAL! Union K. Wagner 2-2
101' Yellow Card United K. Arriaga 2-2
103' GOAL! United B. Hlongwane 3-2
103' Yellow Card Union J. Torres 3-2
110' Yellow Card Union J. Elliot 3-2
115' Yellow Card Union M. Real 3-2
120' GOAL! Union K. Wagner 3-3
120' - END OF EXTRA TIME - 3-3
120' - END OF PKS - (7)3-3(6)
United Union
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️

Minnesota United FC advance to the Round of 16

Sacramento Republic (USLC) – Colorado Rapids (MLS)
7:30 PT - Heart Health Park; Sacramento, CA
Time Event Team Player Score
4' GOAL! Rapids J. Lewis 0-1
15' GOAL! Rapids M. Edwards 0-2
30' GOAL! Republic S. Herrera 1-2
45' - END OF FIRST HALF - 1-2
52' GOAL! Republic S. Herrera 2-2
55' GOAL! Rapids S. Nicholson 2-3
60' Yellow Card Republic S. Wiedt 2-3
62' Red Card Republic S. Wiedt 2-3
78' Yellow Card Rapids A. Markanich 2-3
80' GOAL! Rapids M. Barrios 2-4
82' Yellow Card Republic M. Briggs (HC) 2-4
83' Yellow Card Rapids R. Priso 2-4
90' - FULL TIME - 2-4

Colorado Rapids advance to the Round of 16

Monterey Bay FC (USLC) – Los Angeles FC (MLS)
7:30 PT - Cardinale Stadium; Seaside, CA
Time Event Team Player Score
25' GOAL! LAFC C. Torres 0-1
45' Yellow Card Union J. Murphy 0-1
45' - END OF FIRST HALF - 0-1
89' GOAL! Union S. Dawkins 1-1
94' GOAL! Union J. Maldonado 2-1
103' Yellow Card Union A. Siaha 2-1
105' GOAL! LAFC M. Maia 2-2
110' Yellow Card Union M. Fehr 2-2
120' - END OF EXTRA TIME - 2-2
120' - END OF PKS - (4)2-2(5)
Union LAFC
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️

LAFC advance to the Round of 16

Previous Threads:
Round 1, Day 1 / Round 1, Day 2 / Round 1, Day 3 / Round 2, Day 1 / Round 2, Day 2 / Round 2, Day 3 / Round 2, Day 4 / Round 3, Day 1 / Round 3, Day 2
Visit /usopencup for more U.S. Open Cup news and discussion.
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2023.05.09 18:34 blue_lions2012 Lineup for graduation

Lineup for graduation
So as a bio major im part of college of arts and science right? Just making sure
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2023.05.08 15:46 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/01/2023 - 05/07/2023: Undrafted Free Agents, 5th year options, NFL Rumors, and More!

— Individual Team News + Tracking 5th year options + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - "New York"
Arizona Cardinals:
Most surprising news here was then new about WR Deandre Hopkins saying that he plans to stay. It is interesting because all that has been done this offseason would have led us to believe he was traded making me think either it was a negotiating tactic or he did/does in fact want to leave. It is hard to believe it was a negotiating tactic at this point because I think most teams view him as overpaid and kind of expensive at the moment when it comes to his contract. We shall see if there is not more news here over the coming weeks/months. Declining 5th year option on LB Isaiah Simmons is not all that surprising even though I like him. He has kind of been hit or miss when it comes to playing well and will have to prove himself this year or will more than likely be signing with another team.
Atlanta Falcons:
A lot of news here but not too much happened. Interesting to hear how HC Arthur Smith felt about Peter Skoronski’s answers. He was definitely not the coach I was expecting to grab headlines the week following the draft. I feel like the trade talk on draft night for Kyler Murray was probably more of them checking in to see if they could get some sort of discount on him since he is hurt and not going to be available til mid-season at the earliest. The marching orders here still appear to be that QB Desmond Ridder will be given the reigns and be in a very good position to be able to have success with how this team has re-tooled this offseason.
Baltimore Ravens:
Good to see QB Lamar happy after signing with his new team. Interesting to get some more details on this contract and good for him for getting no tag and no trade clauses put in there. I feel like he has some good pieces around him again this year. Better receivers though than he has had in the past in my opinion. Great signing here to get another corner in Rock Ya-Sin. He has been solid during his career and will definitely help out this Ravens team in a division full of good quarterbacks.
Buffalo Bills:
Great to hear that QB Josh Allen was excited about Dalton Kincaid like I am. I feel like he is an elite pass catcher and adds an element to this offense they have not really had. I like TE Dawson Knox but feel like in the passing game a lot of the time Josh Allen helps him look better than he is rather than the other way around. Think Kincaid will open things up in the passing game and provide Allen another target he can trust when the game is on the line like he already can with Stefon Diggs. Great signing here getting Poona Ford to add depth to the defensive line. Still feel like this team could add a veteran receiver but it appears things with D-Hop have cooled off at least for now.
Carolina Panthers:
Not much news here but will be fun to watch and follow the Panthers this offseason. It sounds like Bryce Young is going to have to earn the starting job since they will technically list Andy Dalton as QB1 until they feel Young is ready. They wouldn’t have drafted Young first overall if they were planning on waiting with a QB so I feel like this is just the organization thinking that it will somehow protect them and Young from unnecessary scrutiny for a few months until the season begins.
Chicago Bears:
I hope Justin Fields is “light years ahead” of where he was this time last year after playing a full season in between and being a young quarterback still. He is going to need to be in order for this team to succeed. He took a big step last year and learned how to better evade pressure, escape with his legs, and work well with his tight ends. This next year is going to hinge on his ability to do a bit better job on his read before bailing from the pocket and executing well in passing to his wide receivers. I am hoping he can continue to develop and end up one of the top quarterbacks in the NFC and he could break the Ohio State curse.
Cincinnati Bengals:
Good move getting Siemian who is a solid backup option that can come in and keep things from sinking entirely if Joe Burrow gets hurt. Not much news here other than that just that EDGE Amani Bledsoe got suspended for a season for breaking the NFL’s policy for performance enhancing drugs. I don’t know if guys get away with it still but it seems crazy that people still try it with how often folks get caught.
Cleveland Browns:
Good move picking up the 5th year option for Jedrick Wills Jr. Love it when teams keep/add to their offensive lines when there is a good quarterback in the building especially. Other than that hopefully things continue to just continue to proceed for this team until Watson is back out on the practice field. Deshaun could be a favorite to watch as someone who regains their form this year.
Dallas Cowboys:
Interesting news this week with Micah Parsons being told he is going to be playing defensive end rather than the linebacker role we have gotten used to seeing him in. Excited to see what beefed up Micah Parsons looks like on the field and how the rest of the defense fits in behind him with the change.
Denver Broncos:
After an interesting offseason where receivers were being shopped the Broncos did the right thing and picked up Jeudy’s 5th year option. When healthy he is a dynamic receiver and with how he runs routes gives his quarterback the comfort of always knowing where he is going to be. Jeudy and Russ’ relationship is going to key this season if the team is going to have a chance at succeeding because if you look back Russ has always had a couple of those receiver that he can trust throughout his careers. Back in Seattle it was Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf most recently.
Detroit Lions:
Not necessarily surprising to hear that QB Jared Goff and the team have discussed a contract extension. I think some thought maybe there was a chance the Lions would be moving on from Goff after another a season or two. It will be interesting to see how this all plays itself out over the next few months. Goff has seen his career revitalized in Detroit and arguably is playing more efficient, better football than he ever has. I imagine also that there is excitement now that they may be viewed by some as the favorite to win the division this year. What a turnaround it has been thus far for the Lions under hC Dan Campbell. Fingers crossed that this teams avoids more drama like it has had already this offseason with the gambling stuff.
Green Bay Packers:
It will be interesting to see if the Packers are bringing in another veteran free agent after restructuring Savage’s contract to create more than $5m in cap space. Something I would be curious to see is if one of the veteran QBs ends up signing here to back up Jordan Love and be an insurance policy should there be issues early on. Also, great job by the Packers to get Jordan Love still signed for this 5th year without having to exercise his 5th year option. This is another team that will be fun to watch this offseason.
Houston Texans:
Good amount of positive movement this week but I feel like this team is going to be a couple of years out. The way I see it is that they still don’t have a true #1 receiver which is key for a young quarterback. I know John Metchie is healthy now and they got Robert Woods but don’t feel like either of those have shown true #1 capabilities yet. The key for the Texans this season is going to be the defense will need to keep them in close games and make some big plays for them.
Indianapolis Colts:
Releasing Nick Foles was unavoidable and not surprising especially since Frank Reich has been gone for over half the season now. Not much news here. the Cole Coleman signing is a good one and will help the rotation. The more exciting news that everyone is following is the day to day with Anthony Richardson. From what I have read and heard it sounds like he has made his fair share of wow plays as well as his fair share of bad plays. All things you should expect with a young QB. Great to see though that at the moment he appears to have the work ethic and right attitude about everything.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
Not much news here which is a good thing for this team. They are still just enjoying not being put under a microscope I can imagine. Seems like all the right pieces are in place here and that this should be a pretty exciting season. Crazy to think that if the young quarterback from the draft all start this year in the division the Trevor Lawrence will be the veteran of he division.
Kansas City Chiefs:
If Chiefs fans didn’t already like RB Isiah Pacheco he gave them another reason to like him and see how tough he is after news broke that he played the Super Bowl with a broken hand and torn labrum. No surprises with the other two runnings backs though this week with them signing Jerrick McKinnon and declining the 5th year option on Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I could see the Chiefs being open to trading Edwards-Helaire in order to get something for him and there might be teams calling. The news about WR Kadarius Toney being viewed as their #1 receiver is not new news but somehow made the rounds again. If he can stay healthy and focus up he has the potential to be Tyreek Hill lite and a very productive #1 receiver.
Las Vegas Raiders:
Not much to say here but interesting to see how late their list of Undrafted free agents is thus far. Most of the time they don’t mean much but there is it seems like a couple diamonds in the rough each year that end up contributing with different teams in the league.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Not much new here this week as the 5th year option with Herbert happened a couple weeks ago. Will be interesting to see if they still work on and an extension done this year with him.
Los Angeles Rams:
Nothing really here just they have a ton of Undrafted Free Agents. This team does have a lot they need to fill so makes sense to give themselves as many folks as possible to look at and see if they are going to become key contributors.
Miami Dolphins:
Declined a couple 5th year options which was not all that surprising. Miami is pretty well set with their core and makes sense to work on having young complementary pieces around that core in the long term. Going to be a fun year for them playing in arguably the toughest division in football.
Minnesota Vikings:
I want RB Dalvin Cook to stay but I know he is expensive, getting older, and has suffered some injuries recently but it seems that there is still hope even though it appears to be pointing towards him leaving and most likely going to Miami. No surprises here with them declining the 5th year option for Reagor but picking it up for Jefferson. Excited to see how this team plays this year and how that impacts the future of the franchise in terms of the quarterback position going forward.
New England Patriots:
No surprises here that Belichick wanted to mess with the Jets during the draft. Sadly I don’t think it is going to work in the long run and that the Patriots are going to have a hard time in the division this year. Will be interesting to see how things progress with the offense this year though under Bill O’Brien and then with Belichick’s defenses this team could very well end up being a lot better than some are thinking right now.
New Orleans Saints:
Not much that notable in the Big Easy. It will be fun to see how things continue to develop here with Carr under center.
New York Giants:
I liked the comment Eli made this week about Daniel Jones and the moments not being too big for him. So often we see QBs come to New York and just struggle tremendously with the limelight they have. Jones even though he has had ups and downs during his career has always handled the media and the pressure to get back out and play really well. It also should help too that the Giants signed another piece in agreeing to an extension with DT Dexter Lawrence. This team could be scary this year but will be interesting to see how things work out with Saquon this offseason before we can get to that.
New York Jets:
As expected the Jets signed WR Randall Cobb giving Aaron Rodgers yet another good friend of his that he can play with. Interesting to heart that the Jets and DT Quinnen Williams aren’t close on a deal after all the reports a couple weeks ago were that they were very close to getting a deal done. Hopefully the two sides can work things out because I feel that he is a key piece to the defense and one Saleh would hate to watch leave.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Great signing to get TE Dan Arnold in the building. I think he is a top 15 tight end in the league and the Eagles get to have him as their #2. Other than that news there was not much else out of the Eagles this week but a rumor that Fangio would have stayed had their not been the tampering incident with Gannon.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Once again the Steelers just go about their business and don’t make a lot of noise until the season rolls around. Great to hear Peyton Manning talk so glowingly though about WR George Pickens and gets me excited to see more of his one handed grabs and physicality at the WR position.
San Francisco 49ers:
Interesting week for the Niners. It is amazing how much QB drama they either put themselves in or get put in by the media. I am not sure which it is yet but it has been happening for a long time now. I understand though the argument for Sam Darnold being the most talented. I think potentially when you look at it as just the ability to make throws Darnold was the most complete coming out of college. However, it will be interesting to see how he does in camp. Also, good to hear that Purdy is on track but if I am the 49ers the team is good enough to win a couple games without him so that they can be extra careful and ensure that he is healthy. It has been weird to see how much QB Trey Lance has been pushed to the side which may be a signal that the Niners are quietly giving up on him because all of last year he was being shoved in everyone’s faces. Once again all this drama makes for an interesting offseason where we all have to pay attention to the offseason program to see how folks are performing.
Seattle Seahawks:
Not much news here this week but it would be huge if they could get Frank Clark this offseason. Would be a great move for them to get themselves that much closer to the Niners in terms of firepower on both sides of the ball.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Enjoyed hearing Bruce Arians take on QB Baker Mayfield and he makes a good point that we often all forget. All these quarterbacks each year come into the draft with high grades and besides a handful every 10 or so years we largely don’t know how they are going to turn out. I’d say in the last 20 years there have been 3 that were surefire can’t miss prospect that everyone knew were going to be good and that ended up being really good. Don’t feel that Baker was one of those but he has definitely playerd well in his young career and has much more experience obviously than any of the young quarterbacks from this years draft.
Tennessee Titans:
Right away it sounds like Will Levis will be #3 on the depth chart and that Tannehill will have a short leash. I doubt that short leash will be because of Willis after how he played last year in his limited time. To me the news sounds like they are making it an open competition and that the job is out there for the taking really no matter what order the QBs fall in right now.
Washington Commanders:
Just when you think the Commanders are going to figure out a way to stop getting in trouble they go and do it again. While calling on other teams for Quarterbacks last year, supposedly they made a call directly to Andrew Luck who has been retired now for a few years. That may all appear fine but the Colts still have the football right to Luck and so technically he could not be contacted directly. Probably all going to amount to nothing but kind of funny that they got caught up in it. On another note it made sense for them to decline the 5th year option on Chase Young with him having been injured. Look for him to be a potential trade candidate this summer.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:
Restaurant of the Week: (New York - Rutt's Hut)
Since the stadium is technically in New Jersey I decided to go with where the stadium is located rather than the name of the team this time. Rutt’s Hut is famous for the Ripper Hot Dogs and you have the option to get them with or without cheese. The Hut has been a staple hot dog place since its establishment back in 1928 and has seen many many folks pass through over the years. The best part about Rutt’s Hut is that it is still pretty close to the stadium too. Now it is not a walking distance one for most and either way would probably not be a great place to walk from but you are within 10 minutes of the stadium if you take an uber or drive yourself. Besides getting a hot dog by the way I recommend a side order of their french fries with Mozzarella cheese. Can’t go wrong with a pre-game bite from Rutt’s and the best part is they are open 8am to 8pm so you can go there for whatever meal you would like to eat with them or maybe you have a hot dog pregame and come back postgame for another to celebrate or drown your sorrows depending on the outcome of the game.
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2023.05.07 01:21 thatgirl239 PPG Paints Arena - stadium cushion

I’m going to brooks & Dunn next week @ppg. Does anyone know if you can bring stadium seat cushions? I have a mobility problem / major issue with my leg, and I’m hoping a cushion might make it more bearable for me.
I pretty much have pain with anything that isn’t my leg straight in front of me. I avoid a lot of things that have stadium type seating or cramped seating…it’s not fun. I missed Kenny chesney last year because of it plus the steps but since this is gonna be their last tour, I’m not missing it, just trying to find as pain free as possible.
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