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Shitty Dark Souls is a community that celebrates the awesomeness, and often shittiness of the game Dark Souls, as well as the rest of the 'Souls' universe. Whereas /DarkSouls is a community around Dark Souls that is more discussion oriented in nature, /ShittyDarkSouls is about playful, and charming comics that mock and/or poke fun at the Dark Souls universe.

2016.04.07 21:46 SoulsBorne Character Sliders

Post your SoulsBorne/Elden Ring character sliders here!

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Welcome to HollowEldenRingFans where we all share how disappointed we are about game events and lack of Elden Ring news in general.

2023.05.28 09:24 Delicious_Attempt_99 Data modelling experience in real projects

Hi All I have a genuine concern on data modelling. In most of the projects I worked as data engineer, I had less exposure to data modelling. How do I gain experience in real time modelling the data and stuff? Getting started is different, I find few good resources, getting hands-on on real projects is tricky. Any suggestions/ideas would be helpful
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2023.05.28 09:24 openlander Does prestige matter for an international student?

After reading the 999th "your state school is equivalent to a T20 for jobs" advice on ApplyingToCollege, I wish to verify how true it is for international students who want to get a job post-graduation. Are my chances of getting sponsored and getting a high salary job after graduating Yale the same as after, say, Ohio State, or U-Alabama? Assuming you put an effort to find a job in both cases of course I wonder the same for other private schools and LACs as well Is there any data on how many international students +found a job +went to graduate schools +unemployed etc. from a particular university, it could be useful. I would like to hear if you or someone you know had any experience about this I'm not comparing eg. Notre Dame and Princeton here, I'm talking about T20 vs T50 or T100 etc. difference in getting a job as intl
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2023.05.28 09:23 filipinapearl I was bullied in High School by some of my Teachers

I might update with 2 more parts after this post.
I was bullied by my teachers in high school and still years later, I find it hard to have will power. If any of my friends see this, they will probably know that it’s me who wrote this. Even though this is from my side, I will still admit any faults I had made in the past.
I don’t blame them for my failures in life but my hate for them is eating me up even if more than a decade had passed. Hate is a strong word, I know, but after so much things that had happened, I never felt so humiliated and harassed in life like what they did to me — and to my friends. I never wanted to have hate in me any,ore and I want to be free.
This all happened in High School. My small group of friends who I am still in contact with know this story and how hateful I am to the characters to be mentioned.
I transferred school in my sophomore year. For the next two years, I thrived for academic excellence by devoting most of my after school hours to academic clubs that prepares us for contests, etc.
Everything was totally fine and drama free until we got to our senior year. With a new set of teachers, we were feeling how things would go. We had another drama/issue that happened that year. It’s related but not significant in this story.
You see, ROTC was about to be brought back into the curriculum again in those year and because of that, our High School implemented the start of the CAT program.
I joined the CAT and it was another activity that I can pursue after school. I see the good in joining the program to instill discipline and of-course rather than doing anything else, I find it as a way to also exercise because of the training.
At first, most of my friends in the inner circle was in the program. They (CAT seniors) know that I participate in academic trainings and they were very lenient to let me still join those and just catch up with them after math club.
Side note: some people think negatively of CAT/ROTC trainings as a threat to youth (in general) because of the h*zing stories. I understand them and for me also, I wouldn’t support any kind of abuse. Anyway, none of those happened during our CAT.
Unbeknownst to us chill and YOLO seniors, a group of faculty staff were against the return of the CAT program. They would express their distaste for such programs to us students and even to me, since I also interact with some of my teachers because of Math Club.
So the drama involving me started when we had our first general assembly after we became officers.
A few of us finished the whole program and graduated as officers, which meant we would lead the entire senior year students to drills and exercises.
I was assigned to a lower platoon and we didn’t have to do a lot. I had no issue with it.
All was fine until a guy from another class came in late for the GA.
He had an athletic build so I supposed he would fit in the higher class platoon but he was a little snobbish at that time to a lot of my co-officers. Since he was minutes late, which was intentional on his part, (our directions back then was to have a short break after the last class of the day to eat and then proceed to the gym for the GA). He was about 10-15 minutes late if I remember so it would suffice to have the same number for him to do pumpings. (Like squats then stand up). In my mind, it wouldn’t be an issue since he was an athlete, right? No. He would try to annoy the hell out of me. Like who is this guy? He slouched and was not doing it right. Yes, I felt disrespected and also he was disrespecting his platoon mates who arrived on time and was kind and respectful to one another as we did exercises. You would know they were trying their best. We’re talking about guys who were less athletic compared to him but was doing their best in their 5-10 reps of exercise. But this guy was on a whole other level. I cut him when he was slouching or loudly complaining and asked him to repeat the exercise so he could do at-least a few times correct.
I was a bit of an AHole for telling him that he might do it nonstop but I was just waiting for him to do a proper five or less since he had been slouching. He came through after so much tantrums and after that since we were in the lower ranks, we spent time in our platoon getting to know some of the seniors from other classes and share a bit of what we learned in the program as officers. Chill platoon.
I guess it was the next day or the other day that another thing happened.
We had our last class for the morning and were about to go have our lunch when our in a science Physics teacher slammed our home room door open and screamed “SINO NAGPAHIRAP SA ESTUDYANTE KO?!” Ha ha. The “athletic” guy who came late in the GA pointed at me (this was in front of my whole homeroom class in our room plus a whole lot of seniors in the hallway). “YUNG MATABA NA YUN, MAAM” (Yes, I was and still am overweight).
It might have been a funny story but I was singled out and a little bit harassed by that faculty staff who was the homeroom teacher of that guy. I kind of forgot how it was let go and resolved at that time but I wasn’t fully able to have it across that teacher that he was late and disrespectful.
From my understanding, there were other seniors from her homeroom class. (Those kids I referred to as less athletic who were giving their best in doing reps) And when they were asked, they didn’t say anything bad about the drills in our platoon. So I wasn’t reprimanded or anything but was just given a fair warning. I just asked if the guy can be removed from my platoon because it would be awkward plus I don’t want to deal with him again.
I didn’t know what it was before but compared to today, it can be called out as fat shaming and humiliation from what they did.
I guess he was moved to the higher class where they had to do a lot of exercises since he was quite athletic. I never crossed paths with the guy even though our home rooms are two doors from each other. In my mind, he caused a huge part in this. (To be continued…)
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2023.05.28 09:23 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Get Course)

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2023.05.28 09:22 fr-karl I feel like my best friend was really manipulative but I also feel like I’m just crazy [very very rant]

My best friend was obsessed with me and was usually very mad I wouldn’t date him. He constantly threw the biggest fits over everything I did that he didn’t like. He literally got mad at me for hanging out with my other friend in school when I was told I wasn’t allowed to hang out with him, as well as he got very angry at me for refusing to skip class to hang out with him during his lunch (we have lunch at different times). He also lied to many people telling them that we’re dating when we absolutely are not and twisted times we simply hung out to seem like dates. He constantly pressured me into holding hands with him and hugging him and guilt tripped me when I wouldn’t. I told him I was uncomfortable with this and he got all mad and said I should be fine with it because I do it with all my other friends, which is true, but they don’t have obsessive crushes on me and lie about dating me. He tried to convince me that I liked him a lot of times, saying he knew I was staring at him and I had a crush on him, when also isn’t true, closest thing that happened was I said he was attractive to my (now ex) best friend and she told him I said it. He found several of my social media accounts when I never gave them to him (I had posted a picture on Snapchat that I didn’t realise had my reddit username in the corner, but still he had to go out of his way to search for it and then proceed to go out of his way to search for my other accounts that I had never posted). He stalked these accounts that he found without my knowledge, though I did end up finding out, because he flipped out on me for the things I was posting and the comments I had made. He tried to be like my ex because he knew how much I loved them which pisses me off to no end as they’re nothing alike. I think by far the worst thing he did was make several posts detailing how he was going to commit suicide because he had no point of living because he couldn’t have me and it was making him so depressed. We argued a lot and he would always start talking about how he deserved nothing and needed to die because of how awful he was to me (very self aware lol) and how he knew I hated him and wanted him to kill himself too which was annoying as fuck. I feel like he thought he had so much control over me and that he thought he owned me or something. He definitely took advantage of how forgiving I am because he constantly said he’d change if I gave him another chance, but he never changed lol. Fortunately we weren’t friends for too long, only since about January. He didn’t do any of this shit until after my ex and I broke up in early April though, before that he was an incredibly kind person and a truly great friend. I wish he were still the person he was when I met him, clearly he let his obsession with me get the best of him though. I have never been more disgusted and honestly scared by a man in my entire life. Maybe him having professional women respecter in his bio should’ve been the red flag I noticed in the beginning, ya shouldn’t have to say it for it to be noticed if it were true. Part of me still feels bad though, what if he wasn’t trying to do anything? I’m not going back though, I’ve blocked him on everything and it’s staying that way because I cannot believe the things he’s done. I’m sure my life will be a lot more stress free without him lol.
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2023.05.28 09:22 UltraShadow01 Missing custom resources crash

I've had some custom resources in my project that at some point i deleted
After moving some files to another project any time i open the dialog to create a resource i get an error
Attempt to open script