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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee revisit the Kanto region in a Pokemon Yellow game with Pokemon Go features. The games will release on Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018. There will be a new Pokeball controller called Pokemon GO Plus. Are you Team Pikachu or Team Eeevee?

2023.05.28 08:13 -UnamedX- Finale goodbye before i go unactive for 9 days

Its my time to go
when i comeback let me know if theres is any updates im leaving this account for 9 days because im going on holiday but remember i will always meet you in the morning light
thank you
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2023.05.28 08:13 MissionPC My only friend

My only real friend in middle school that actually cared about anything i had going for my had the saddest background. I was new to public school and couldn't make any friends but there was one kid who always tried to include me. I was just depressed at this school and asked why he even cared and told him he should just let me sit by myself. Turns out i am the dick for feeling sorry for myself and he was trying to be the nicest person at school for his sister that had died a few years earlier. He told me how she was having a headache and her family took her to the doctor and the doc wouldn't do anything and just said it was a simple migraine and they wouldn't give her any checks. This poor guy had to watch as his sister bled from her eyes and ears right infront of him until she died from a brain anurism. I may be getting some of the details wrong but it feels good to het the feeling off me.
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2023.05.28 08:12 ConsiderationAdept88 Guilt (triggering)

How do you shark off the feeling of shame and guilt for not being able to leave sooner? I have moments in the past 3 years where I know I should’ve left, when he lied at work and got fired, when he would push our son, I was making good money back then, our kid hadn’t picked up so much in all the abuse and his aggressive ways, he was a happy child and now he’s an anxious 6 year old, he’s been through a lot. Then I think if I would’ve left 2 years ago I wouldn’t have to have an abortion, cause I didn’t want more kids with him, and if I would’ve left a year ago I wouldn’t have a miscarriage either, or so much fighting or crying. I would’ve been able to get my shit together all those times, I had the strength, health, youth. I would’ve been a much better mother, focused, present not just trying to survive or depressed, I would’ve done great in my businesses because I wouldn’t have had someone to bring me down. I would’ve saved myself so, so much shit I had left 3,2,1 year ago. I know if I don’t leave now I’m going to be saying this same thing further down the road but I just feel it’s so fucked up now, like the future caught up with me and I’m so stuck depressed, my health has deteriorated so much, my son is harder to deal with and I end up making bad decisions, I feel so pressured to be the best mom and I feel I haven’t been able to, I closed my business ventures too. I feel a failure, worthless, who is going to want me further down the road right? A kid and a narc ex. Ha! Damaged goods. I’ve thought about just putting a gun in my mouth many times but I know I won’t do that so my son. I just wish I could move on, or I wish I could’ve already moved on better said. But when I look at at those moments 3,2,1 year ago I said the same thing. I CANT LET GO. I don’t have the strength to fight him for custody, or what if right? What if I regret it, what if my son ends up worse, what if I don’t find happiness, what if I’m still the same depressed person after he’s left. I’m scared of that too. How do you process the grief of the past that never was and let go of the fantasy of the family and partner that never will be? How does one move on from abuse?
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2023.05.28 08:11 whoareyougirl [TOMT] [SHORT STORY] Narrator goes to Paris, meets a man with an italian last name. This man seemingly "cold reads" the narrator. Afterwards, he finds out that a common acquaintance has told the man about the narrator. Ends with a Sherlock Holmes reference.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. I'm pretty sure I've read this story after 2019, in a book I got from the Internet. So it exists somewhere. Also, I can't for the life of me remember the man's italian last name. It was something like "Manzolini" or "Manotelli", but neither of these two returns any results. Another detail: by the way it's written, I'm fairly certain that this is from a "didactic"/graded reading book of sorts. It had several other stories, and it may or may not have had exercises as well.
To the best of my memory, the story goes more or less as follows:
The story is told in first person. The narrator is going to Paris, and is instructed by a friend to look for this man (let's call him Manzolini, but it was not this last name) as soon as he gets there. This friend tells him that Manzolini would help him find a job.
When he is walking through an arrondissement (the story talks about a specific one, albeit I don't remember which one it is), he sees a man painting or building something. The man then calls him, and starts telling him that he (the narrator) is British and looking for a job, and presents himself as Manzolini, much to the narrator's surprise, and hooks him up with a place to stay and a job starting the next day.
The narrator is impressed with how clever this Manzolini was, and by night, calls his friend back in England. His friend then asks if he found Manzolini, and tells the narrator that the night before, he had called Manzolini and given him a description of the narrator, so that he would be able to recognize him. The last sentence of the story is an ironic remark about the man's trick, something like "Way to be a Sherlock Holmes, Manzolini", that the narrator says to himself.
Thanks for taking your time to read!
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2023.05.28 08:11 cgjkbvc Bouncer didn’t let me into my favorite dive bar :(

I’m just kind of sad and it seems so silly to be sad about so I figured this is a good place to get it off my chest.
Whenever I go out, I end up going to the same gay bar that I’ve been going to for years. This bar has such a special place in my heart—I know the history of it, it’s helped me feel comfortable in my sexuality, I’m familiar with the bartenders and regulars. I have so many stories that have taken place there, and know all the urban legends of the place. When I’m there, it almost feels like I’m going to hang out at my friends basement or something.
There’s usually a line but I never mind. I smoked with my friend and we waited for a bit. Now, while we were waiting, several people started arguing with the bouncer. There was a group who had stepped outside for a smoke and wanted to go back in, and the bouncer kept saying he didn’t recognize any of them. Then, another person started telling him that she was mad that their friend had reported a creep to the bouncer and he was very dismissive.
The group in front of us was pretty obviously underaged so he told them they couldn’t go in… then he turned to my friend and I and told us they were at capacity and would let us in in a minute.
He then let in about 8 people who showed up off the sidewalk…. When someone on the street stood up for us asking why he let them in front of us he just said we had to wait till more people left. He then let the underaged girls in and we left.
My friend and I were behaved, cute, and of age. This is not the type of place where you have to ~be somebody~ to get in, it’s a dive bar… I can’t figure out why he snubbed us. I’ve never had a problem with him in the past, but I have heard people say they don’t like him.
I’m just really disappointed and I feel embarrassed, and annoyed that I will never know for sure what happened. The story with the other girl made me pissed too.
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2023.05.28 08:11 Disastrous-One3335 How do I "get over" a girl? (personal rant)

As a 17 year old who is about to finish his junior year, I've gotta say; this is the worst I've felt yet.
First, when I say, "get over", I don't mean moving on from a breakup because lord knows I've never been on (and never will be) a relationship.
"Get over", as in, cutting off these feelings that I hold for a girl who literally doesn't even know I exist.
The school year is about to end, yet I can't help but think about her every fucking day. I don't love her because I don't know her, and I don't have a crush on her because I don't blush nor get extremely nervous around her and I actually honest to God hope to spot her kissing another person so that my brain can finally accept this reality and I can move on from this stupid phase.
I try hard not to look at her and (here's the weird part) I've tried my damnedest to make myself dislike her too, but none of it is working.
What makes ZERO sense is, just a year prior, I doubt I would have felt this way- hell, just around 5 months ago, even though we shared the same classes, I held absolutely nothing for her!
What's ridiculous is that this all changed when my teacher (for one of the classes we share) decided to change our seats and have us both sit together.
"Ok, cool, whatever. Idk her and she doesn't know me so, what the hell? Let's just get this over with."
One day, however, she asked me a question for something related to our assignments, and the second I turned to her to look at her eyes and respond, I literally felt myself fucking freeze on the inside.
I was flabbergasted! I was fucking stunned, I was- fuck, dude, I don't even know WHAT I was actually feeling at the time, but her eyes were so beautiful and unique. They were they kind of eyes you'd only see in celebrities, and while I'm not going to get into any specifics, all I'm gonna say is that they were a beautiful color that less than 10% of the US population has.
Afterwards, I started noticing all of her features and all of these pretty little details that made her unique and gorgeous in my eyes. The way she presented herself, her confidence, her sense of fashion (as in, her clothing fit her perfectly and looked very nice), her hair, her naturally good looking face, her voice which wasn't overly feminin and annoying nor was it deep or anything like that (it just simply sounded good and, again, it suit her perfectly), her laugh also sounded pretty nice, etc.
It feels weird yet right to say this, but she's, in my eyes, the most beautiful woman I've seen in my life. I can't believe I'm typing these words, but it's true, idk man. She's just so alluring to me, and it's so fucking weird because she's a tomboy who I'm 99% sure is a lesbian.
Yes, you read that correctly, the same girl who I've been praising and acting as if she was some sort of goddess is actually just a tomboy who probably isn't even into boys.
It's just a whole mess, and I wish I never looked at her eyes. No, I'm not blaming it on her eyes, I'm just blaming it on my idiocy for looking at her eyes.
I could have simply just responded to her question, which was (no specifics) literally 2 words, without having to look at her. Just a casual answer, no need to face her.
But nah, since my confidence is low, and I can't find it in me to respond to people's questions without having to at least stare at their direction, I just had to look up and now I'm here.
I just need help shutting down these feelings, I really wanna stop thinking about her. Shit's gonna be a pain in the ass if we get the same classes again next year, and it's most likely gonna haunt me throughout summer if I don't get some sort of confirmation that there's a negative chance I could ever "be" with her before school ends.
It just sucks, I don't like her, I just find her very interesting and eye catching, but these feelings for her are not real. These are annoying thoughts I never once held for anybody, never.
I've had crushes before, and all pale in comparison to this girl's looks, however, at least I actually RECOGNIZED that I had a crush on those people and they seemed to fit with what I thought were my preferences.
This person is so different from them, just so in contrast to what most people think I would like, and I DON'T want to think about her, but, Jesus, man, I don't even know anymore.
I had to let this out, because it's affecting me at this point. For example, in the two classes that we share (yeah, only 2 out 8) I'm just...I never noticed it before until last week, but I get very fucking nervous. Ik I previously said I don't get extremely nervous, but like, this is different. I get a tick, where I tend to scratch my head or sigh a lot, not like with the others where I tended to fidget a lot and glance at them every now and then.
I also just feel sad, ok? I just feel sad, like, "damn, why the hell did I have to share these classes with you?", and at home, I just find myself laying in bed more often, thinking about futures that can never happen and scenarios that won't happen due to me not wanting to act, and because Ik I don't have a chance.
She's so fucking cool, dude, she's the best girl I've ever laid eyes on and I just wanna leave it at thst, just some girl who I really liked but not in that way.
God damn it, this is so fucking stupid, I actually feel like I ended up gaslighting myself into feeling some sort of way towards her because I also distinctively remember that the feeling didn't start out this strong immediately after I looked at her eyes.
I vividly remember thinking, at that moment when I saw her eyes, "what the fuck? Those eyes are so weird [in a good way], I've never seen them before", and then after turning away, "she's so pretty, what the fuck? How did i never notice? Oh my god, what am i thinking? Fuck, whatever"
Yeah, "whatever" Alright.
Again, I just had to let this out, I'm so sorry. I promised myself I would never feel this way towards anybody as I realized it's a way of time and energy, yet, this is so frustrating and shitty.
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2023.05.28 08:11 Fexnex Help never helps...

I've asked for help before... In real life and here... And I've gotten support and help, but it never helps my mental state... It either Just makes it worse, or it temporarily makes me forget about my shitty life... Help never helps, and I don't know what to do... To those of you Who have messaged me and tried to help, you've done Great, but I feel like help Just doesn't work for me, the only way to not feel shit, is to distract myself from the shit we live in, but I can't always avoid it... I hate going to bed without my Phone because that's when it gets the worst... Emotions are amplified when your tired and I can't distract myself from anything when trying to fall asleep... I've lost hours of sleep Just sitting on my Phone The past couple nights, and I've never lost this much sleep before in my life... I keep thinking about suicide but I'm too afraid to survive and I don't want to let my family down. There's no point in writting this, it hasn't helped and it isn't going to, but my fucking stupid dement brain is addicted to asking for fucking help... I want to die but I don't want to kill myself... Fuck life, fuck society, fuck me, fuck everything... I wish People didn't care so I could end it easier...
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2023.05.28 08:11 TheBeeOfBygone 22M/US. A Path To True Friendship

So,what brings me here and why is this going be a long post? Well, I'm on a journey of sorts to rewrite some of, maybe, my wrong way of thinking and and life living and this is a post for hope and olive branch to make some wrongs right so to speak.
So, about me. I'm 22, gay, live alone, financially independent,wanting of nothing in that aspect of life. I consider myself a nice, soft spoken with the ability to stand up for himself but don't have the energy to do so; person who tries to think happy thoughts and help those less fortunate. I really have nothing to complain about, but yet, here I am 22 with not one friend in the world. First, I'm not blaming the world or others of my intolerance of human connections and my war on friendship,which I have raged for the last 5 years of my life. I have waged so hard, I stopped vocally talking to anyone in the world. It's been almost two years since I vocally talked to another human. You ask.. how is that possible? I have developed communication of nods and eye speech so to say to avoid happening to use my vocal cords. I even work from home to avoid contact with humans. I know this is very weird. I told myself 4-5 years ago I could learn so much about others by just listening and not talking. Now, to this day, I still, think that is holds some truth but maybe I'm missing something by not letting others hear my voice? Maybe their is something that can be relayed by sound and not silence; like how sarcasm over text can't be depicted correctly.
So, why am i like this why? First, I have had nothing happen to me violently or trauma that changed me. I, honestly, not sure why I started shutting everyone out. I decided one day that friendship was fake and its been so long since I had anything like that, so maybe I don't know what I'm missing or even if I am? Now, 22, maybe I'm thinking their is something to "go to war" for someone with so to speak; I mean someone to play games with and pick on each other. My brother left my life a few years ago and we used to talk baseball every day and we don't speak anymore so is it that? I mean we never were very similar and I can't even say if I liked him.
I think my biggest issue and why I'm here. I don't know if I like something or don't. It seems i just do stuff like a robot and not because i enjoy it. I don't know how to know who I like being around or what game I like playing or if I like a movie. I know this sounds off but I don't know what it should feel like to have a friend, a word I'm scared to say. How do you know if you enjoy someone's company or not? How do you know if someone is your friend or not or they just blowing smoke up your x-mas chimney? So, I figured Reddit might hold some answers or maybe, someone feels like me. I guess I'm just lost. I think some of it is I don't like myself at all and don't like being compliments. I'm more of make the other person feel good type.
So, know these are posts to make a friend but I wanted to be open about how I feel and maybe someone will read this and not be afraid in their post to admit their imperfections and maybe more people will find friends on here and not be scared to know others don't know what their doing in making friends. Anyways, that's the back story. Now, on to a little about me and what I'm looking for in a friendship.
Well hobbies wise, I'm into video games, I'm mostly into sim, strategy, and Rpgs. I play on PS5 (moved from PC a few months ago). I play more slower pace games as I think my reflexes are too slow for shooters, so only game I play competitively is Rocket League (I'm bad at that too).I'm also into sports (big 3; MLB, NBA NFL); I'm a bit of a sports nut. I also like to cook and love to learn new recipes. Other than that, I spend my time listening to asmr (monk chanting is my fave), daydreaming I am somewhere else (mostly Mars) I love anything about space. I spendway too much time wishing I was somewhere else so I probably need to ground myself. I like to read but never do. I'm in the beginning stages of learning about camping, survival (and stealth camping seems so fun).
So, what type of friend am I looking for? I'm going to list some a few things I want. I'm not listing them to be picky or be mean but I think if I got any chance of finding a long-term life long friend (which is what I'm looking for), I will hopefully find someone who into lots of stuff I am to make the best possible chance. First, I need the person to understand the things I listed by me above and be understanding and respectful about it. I won't become friends quick and not sure how long it would take to use the word friend. I can't become instant friends; that thought scares me to be honest. I move slow and like others very slow. That doesn't mean I won't respect you. You will always get that but a friend connection I can't say how long or it will ever happen. This is all new so not sure how it will go. So, anyone who wants to voice chat right away or want personal details about my life, i won't give them that; it will take a long time.
Others things I want in a person- I need someone from the Usa as I am and makes it easier time zones wise. I am CST (MidSouth) US so if you were too, that be great. It be cool if we could meet one day way down the line. I'm looking for someone who wants to and can talk regularly chat via here, text. I don't want someone who talks once a week, as I need someone not pushy but can drive the friendship until i get used to having someone to talk to. That doesn't mean you will have to lead the conversation all the time but maybe be more talkative. I'm quiet with new and more of a listener so I can come off as dry but don't intend to be. I thought about ages and I'm open to all but I'm 22 so someone my age would be cool but I'm an old soul so open to everyone I suppose. You do need to know this is platonic and I will not tolerate any weird stuff; only sfw here. I don't want any part of stuff that is not. You will get the same respect from me.
It will also be nice if you were a sports/gaming fan. It help with that start but we can be into different stuff but games seem to bring others together, so maybe it can with me and, hopefully, my future friend.
So,yeah this is A lot. If you made it this far, you either were intrigued really bored, or love the pain of listening to some random on Reddit making himself a fool. Whatever the reason, if you feel the urge,send me a instant chat message and say hi, drop a recipe, or just tell me I'm crazy asf and don't deserve a friend. Whatever it is, I will reply quick.
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2023.05.28 08:09 ojyen Dog issues

My house and my neighbors are very close. My bedroom backs against their patio (yeah it sucks design wise). Last year, they got a dog and left him out all night. He woke me up and kept me up for hours at night. We would go over but no one would be home. I left a note on their door once and my husband followed up with him in person the following day. He apologized, gave us his number and it didn’t happen again. Flash forward to now. They have a new dog and the same thing is happening. The issue is the new dog doesn’t bark continuously. Just sporadically. He is waking me enough it’s a problem. A few weeks ago he barked on and off every 15-20 min for a few min from 10-12 ish. 2 nights ago he woke me at 1030 and 1130 and tonight 1 am. I cannot fall asleep again when I’ve been woke up. I work and have an infant and my husband is in military. I texted him after the one a few weeks ago and he didn’t respond. This is what I want to send tomorrow. I do not want to go over in person. I don’t want this to escalate but I cannot function with 4 hours a night. We live in an HOA but I’m sure I’d need proof of the disruption and how do I record a dog barking for 30 seconds? I guess I’ll have to be quick. I hate this and I’m pretty sure they hate me.
Hey again. I just wanted to let you know the dog has been waking me a lot. Twice Friday night around 1030 and 1130 ish and then woke me tonight around 1. He also has started as early as 430/5. He just barks randomly and I have a horrible time falling back asleep. I’d really appreciate it if there’s any alternative to the back deck for him at night, which is right by our master.
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2023.05.28 08:09 LeSamouraii [Selling] [USA] Shigeki Tanaka 300mm Ginsan Yanagiba

For sale is 300mm Ginsan Yanagiba made by Shigeki Tanaka. The condition is brand new and unused. It is a stainless knife with a well ground ura, steel that takes a great edge, and a very comfortable premium walnut handle.
I am selling it because I've no opportunity to use it. Purchased from Japanny for about $400 shipping and tax included. Willing to let this go for $320. I will take $20 off if you buy together with my Shigeki Tanaka 180mm Ginsan Deba or if you can take it off my hands by end of next week (6/3/23).
Thank you for looking.
Specifications: Knife Type: Yanagiba Steel Type: Silver Steel No.3 (Stain resistant steel) Blade Hardness: HRC 59-61 Blade Type: Single edged blade Blade Length: 300mm (11.8") Blade Height: 32mm (1.3") Blade Thickness: 3.2mm (0.126") Ferrule Material: Pakka wood Handle Material: Walnut Handle Length: 135mm (5.3") Weight: 200g (7.1 ounces)
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2023.05.28 08:09 aimeme_ my mom made a comment about my boyfriend

Hello, first of all, english isn’t my first language so there must be some mistakes, sorry for that.
I (20f) have a boyfriend (22 m) who is an awesome, caring and loving person. He has gone to my house a couple of times, he knows my parents and everything seemed great. The issue was a couple of hours ago, my little sister (15 f) was getting ready because she was going to a pool party and my mother (47 f) make a comment along the lines of: “even your younger sister goes out and has more social life and friends than you”, and I just shrugged it off and said that I’m fine with my two best friends and my boyfriend, and then she said: “well, that boyfriend of yours has no money, so he can’t take you anywhere”, I got angry and asked her what was that about, she just ignored me. And I’m really mad because my bf has been struggling to find a job because his university scheme doesn’t let him, but he finally found one and he’s staring it in two weeks, and he’s happy because he told me that he was finally going to be able to take me out to some cute places he looked at. He’s really precious. I’m just really happy seeing him so excited.
Maybe it made me really angry because even some months ago my bf told me he was sad he wasn’t able to find a job and gave me nice things or take me to nice places, but I told him I didn’t need any of that, but he still promised he was going to. And my mom doesn’t know how much he tries and his situation, that’s why I always try to support him.
I really love him. He’s a great man.
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2023.05.28 08:09 Top_Hedgehog_6366 Original Planet name: Ivybur

Original Planet name: Ivybur
Playing on (not series) Xbox One S. Let me know how it fairs on other platforms.
I have a favor to ask. I REALLY like this planet and would appreciate any high end tech travelers to send me pics of this place looking it's best.
If you're going to visit this planet it's best you know that the more advanced the terrain becomes the more unstable the game and potential crashing.
The game is at it's most stable near shorelines so beach front properties are all my console can afford.
There is a hot rain every now and then but that only adds to the environment.
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2023.05.28 08:08 Motor-Band7672 Do you think Manson has ever committed homicide?

Do you think Manson has ever committed homicide?
I read this on Instagram and wondered if there was any more information on this. I wish she could disclose more.
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2023.05.28 08:08 flowinginside 40 [M4F] #BayArea, CA - looking for a girl who wants bare natural sex with a dad

I'm looking for a girl who wants sex the bare and natural way. I'll cum inside you in the heat of the moment. Sex should be raw and intimate. If you're ready for a baby then the pregnancy risk is worth it. I'm a dad so you could very likely get pregnant. I'm a clean guy who usually has safe sex. I'm a sensual guy who loves to touch and caress you and make you feel good. So let's forget about condoms and feel each other skin on skin and go for it. I'd love to meet up regularly and have an FWB if we enjoy our first time together. Breeding is a definite possibility. I'm from San Jose can meet in San Mateo.
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2023.05.28 08:08 TheFourthReichRises I hate my feelings

I have always hated the idea of long distance dating or even cringed at the idea of even liking someone long distance, someone I have never even met in person and possibly never even will. But now I am conflicted, severely. After losing most of my real life friends, and further sinking further into developing closer ties with people online, I have found someone. Someone special to me for some reason. I’ve never even met the person before, hell they live in another country, but yet I think I may like them.
For context, I met a girl about a year ago online, let’s call her Anne. Anne is from a neighboring country, but very far from me, she’s a year older than me and very attractive. I loved her personality from the first moments that I met her, she was similar to me in a way, same kind of humor too. Never thought too much of her in the aspect of dating or whatnot due to the whole anti-long distance ideals. But yet here I am now, thinking about it more than ever. I highly doubt she feels the same sentiment towards me that I do her, and I know I will likely fail if I even try to pursue something. But I can’t get the idea out of my mind now.
Maybe something is just wrong with me, maybe I’m just fantasizing too much and should just try to let go of my own feelings. I’m lost now. Sometimes I find myself thinking “Maybe if she lived closer” or “Why can’t she just live nearby, or someone like her”. Who knows. I suppose I will just see what happens.
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2023.05.28 08:08 steeze206 Thoughts On The Specialized 2FO Roost MTB Shoes? Or Just Quality Alternatives To Five Ten?

I'm a pretty new rider. Came from BMX so have a lot of experience on a bike, but have only been into MTB for a few months now. I haven't had too many complaints with my combo of BMX specific Vans and my Race Face Chesters. I've always had Vans and love them for riding and wearing around town. But since my current pair for riding has seen better days, I've been thinking about trying a pair of MTB specific shoes.
The obvious answer that you see online is Five Ten. But, I did some more research and came across a few different options. The one that caught my attention the most and is claimed to match the grip of Five Tens are the Specialized 2FO Roost. Based on my research it seems like Five Tens have just been a notch above in terms of the compound they use on the sole locking you into your pedals. But Vital MTB did a very comprehensive comparison of a ton of shoes and found that Specialized created a compound/sole that grips just as well as Five Tens.
Anyways, I dig the look of the Specialized a lot more. Just curious if anyone has any experience with them because I haven't seen much talk about them online. Have also heard good things about Ride Concepts. Recently heard about the Fox Union Flats and really like the design, but don't know much about them. Also stopped by a Trek storefront the other day and saw a pair of Bontrager Flatlines that looked quite nice but I haven't heard a single thing about that brand or model.

Just looking to weigh my options. Five Tens are obviously great. But I guess I like to go against the grain sometimes lol. Surely Five Tens can't be the only option worth buying on the market? Have you gone on a journey driving to different bike shops and outdoor stores to find that perfect model? Let's hear about it. If you just heard Five Tens are great and went straight online to buy them. That's rad but probably doesn't bring a lot of perspective to how good they are in comparison to other options out there. I think we all know Five Tens are awesome. I'd really like to hear people who either used to ride Five Tens and switched, or went for a different option because you preferred them.
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2023.05.28 08:08 SaturnRing12 Manifesting SP for 2 years turned into this

Hello, I came from the other sub.
I’ve been into the manifesting world for 2 years now, manifested many small things and two big things ; a new job and a car successfully. But I also manifest my SP (that’s how I got into Neville from the first place).
We’ve got from total zero connections to talking every day. But now he out of nowhere he has a 3p now.
I almost felt like I’ve failed, but I also know accepting the failure is failure. I don’t know what exactly I should do.
I’ve decided to cut him off my life and I’d accept him back only when he’s the version i experience in my 4d. I was able to maintain my state for days. But when this happened I’ve decided to let go and wait for my 3d to conform like I wait for a package online.
That’s also how I’ve manifested my job and my car, but I’ve been persistent about my SP for 2 years straight so I just feel weird doing this now.
I need anyone’s advice please.
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2023.05.28 08:08 Sagka64 Is this something to worry about?

Is this something to worry about?
Hiii! This may sound gross so if you don’t like reading gross descriptions I suggest clicking off.
I had this pimple on my chin last week and when it popped it ended up forming a crust over it. The crust would fall off anytime I washed my face and I would usually get a q tip to clean the pus that leaked out. I was moving my jaw and pus leaked out, I cleaned it with a q tip and clear liquid came out afterwards. I decided to stop touching it with a q tip and let it leak and clean up if it dripped on my chin. It looks like this now and I’m worried it could be infected or something. It doesn’t hurt or itch, which is why I decided to ask here first before going to the derm.
I appreciate any advice given <3
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2023.05.28 08:07 Equivalent-Mail-709 Someone I rented a room to doesn’t want to pay rent

I (M,20) am an owner of a family flat in London
Back in the summer of 2022, I discussed and came to an agreement with my former flatmate (we’ll call her C). The terms are £220 a week for 40 weeks starting on the 19th of September 2022, meaning the move out date would be the 26th of June 2023. We agreed with the payment schedule of paying rent every 4 weeks.
As I considered her to be a close friend, I decided that a lodger agreement will not be needed as I trusted her enough to pay on time and in full.
Over the time she stayed at the flat, she’s asked me if she could stay for another year. Which I reluctantly said yes to at the time but informed her that she should still look for alternative properties as I might change my mind or rent out the entire flat.
Her boyfriend secured an internship for the summer, so on the 4th of January 2023, C and I agreed to extend her stay at the flat to 52 weeks instead of 40 weeks via WhatsApp, meaning the move out date will be on the 18th of September 2023.
On the 19th of February 2023, C and her boyfriend bought a dog. Prior to buying the dog, she asked me if it was alright to have the dog at the flat. I agreed to it as long as C and her boyfriend treated the flat with respect and made sure the flat was kept in good condition.
Between the dog arriving at the flat and C and her boyfriend moving out, there has been multiple occasions where they would leave dog faeces on the balcony for hours. Sometimes, even on the indoor floor, they would leave the dog’s urine on it. They would often put dog products, dog bowls and even fur trimmings on the dining table and the table in front of the tv, which are often used for eating food.
I’ve voiced my concerns to them, asking them to clean the faeces and overall keep the place tidy and clean. They cleaned the flat a few times, then continued to leave urine on the indoor floor, leave fur and dog products on tables used to eat.
Over time, I got irritated by this. So I decided that letting C and her boyfriend stay for another year will not be an option. On the 30th of April 2023, I kindly informed them that I will not be renting to them next year and will be renting to my close friends instead. At first, they asked me when they should move out, I said the agreed move out date, which is the 18th of September 2023.
After a few days, C tells me she will no longer be extending the agreement from 40 weeks to 52 weeks. I accepted this as I understand why she does not want to extend. She also informed me that she is actively looking for a new flat and will move in as soon as her and her boyfriend have found a new flat. I told her I understand.
Fast forward to the 22nd of May, C and her boyfriend informed me they have found a new flat and will be moving to the new flat on the 26th of May, giving me 4 days notice.
On the 23rd of May, I texted C regarding the original 40 week agreement. I explained that even though she will be moving out early, the original agreement is still in place and that the final 4 weeks of rent is still due to be paid.
She avoided replying to my text for a whole day. It was only until I asked her boyfriend to read her messages, she replied saying that she does not want to pay the final 4 weeks of rent. She explained that because I broke the agreement of letting her and her boyfriend stay for another year (even though the price or move out date had not been agreed), it meant that it was only fair that the final 4 weeks won’t be paid. She said that she assumed she wasn’t going to have to pay for the time she wasn’t living here as a ‘gesture’ because I’m ‘kicking’ them out.
However, if we’re counting, she will breaking 2 agreements, firstly, the extension of 12 weeks from 40 to 52 weeks as well as the original 40 week agreement.
I have been nothing but kind and calm to them. I simply do not want to live with them for another year. I explained that one of the reasons I do not want to live with them is because of how they are treating the apartment. To which she responded with that I should’ve expected it as I agreed to them having the dog at the flat.
I told her that the most I can do is to knock down one week of rent (originally £880) as well as deducting £15 from the amount due as she purchased a separate fob to enter the building for her boyfriend. Coming to the total of £645 (£660 for 3 weeks of rent).
As we are all students, she explained that because she had to pay 6 months upfront with her new flat, she cannot afford to pay the rent she owes. She told me she will speak to her parents and get back to me around the 29th of May (the date the rent is due).
Obviously, I regret not making her sign a lodger agreement but if she doesn’t pay me, what are my options?
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2023.05.28 08:07 curioussneaks 21 [M4F] Need a Gym Bud Sta Rosa

Recently started going to the gym again after a long hiatus, but I kinda get lazy/dont push as hard without someone to with. Plus, it’s my first time at this new gym so I was looking for someone that could make the new experience better since I get lowkey anxious. Let’s vibe and motivate each other. Hit me up so we can gym later!
About Me: - 21 - Med Field - College Student - Southie
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2023.05.28 08:07 Samson-Red Introducing a 11 week old kitten (m) to our 7 month old cat (f) advice

Hello, me and my partner recently got another cat to keep our other cat company while we’re at work, but we’re having trouble getting the older cat to get along with him We first introduced them between a playpen screen and there was the regular growling and hissing but now the older cat won’t leave our bedroom, I tried to carry her out today to see how she would react but before I could even get to the door she started hissing and I let her down to not force her where she doesn’t want go. Is there anyone that has experienced a similar situation that could give me advice? I don’t want to force them together and i’m also worried she might hurt the kitten
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2023.05.28 08:06 Overall_Algae_8802 Cant call other person who has an iphone

Cant call other person who has an iphone
So my boyfriend recent got an iphone and i tried to facetime him since his other phone we were calling on was going to die. it showed this message and we had already hung up the phone. I do have data/service and can call other people’s icloud’s/gmails, but i’ve never seen this before. he doesn’t have data/service but the sim card is in his phone otherwise we wouldn’t be able to text. what i can do on his iphone to let us be able to facetime/facetime audio call.
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