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2016.02.15 07:58 Kjm520 It's just another day in Memphis, TN...

Things one might find in Memphis, TN.

2023.05.28 09:34 karmic_queen Success with online therapists and licensed psychologists

I was seeing a counsellor from my second year of college to help cope with things. It helps but it was just general advice and strategies to get through college, not anything long term. I graduate this year and got rejected from my dream schools where I intended to do my master's following which my mental health went on a downward spiral. I am trying to be independent financially and self sufficient but my family is not supportive of my goals and due to the mental health stigma in my country and is strictly against getting any form of help as such. I explored my options online and decided to go for online counselling and therapy session from a well established site that has licensed and highly qualified professionals. It's a bit expensive but considering the expertise and quality of proffesionals listed, I am willing to give it a shot. The only thing is my family can never know or they will blow it up in my face and try to stop my road to being complete again. Any positive experiences, feedback or advice regarding your personal experiences with online resources is welcome. I would also like some advice on doing this in complete secrecy so that my family never comes to know. I have been dealing with a lot recently and can't take it anymore.
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2023.05.28 09:32 yikkizh Some fists questions

  1. Unbound or Gong? I'm currently taking Unbound since it feels more accessible but idrk if it's better or worse than the other option.
  2. Beyond Infinity or Limitless generally? Limitless seems easier to use a lot of times but timing a perfect Beyond Infinity on a confused enemy just melts them.
  3. What stats are desirable for a Susano corruption build in DotW? In Nioh 1 you could stack CTA, CCD 20 and Familiarity Damage bonus but so far the only major damage stat I've got is Attack Bonus. What are some other good stats?
  4. Any tips for how to manage Unbroken more effectively? I try to chain skills and attacks together but in tougher fights I often just forget and end up spamming buttons randomly, which works half the time but doesn't feel like I'm using the full potential of the weapon.
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2023.05.28 09:31 retry94 29 [M4R] Melbourne/Anywhere - How about a cool new person in both of our lives?

No, not a third person, we are the cool ones, dummy.
Hey 😊 it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’m mostly an introvert, an avid learner with a few hobbies and have a rarely quenchable curiosity/thirst for knowledge. I work more than full time and tend to exercise a lot.
I’m seeking a fellow nerdy person, or just someone to share a few laughs with (I can be quite sarcastic/funny). Maybe we’ll end up talking about music, philosophy, aspirations, computers, tech in general, marvel, etc. Let’s share our favourite songs with each other and perhaps talk about our day, interests, whatever. I’d be open to some casual games on the phone but nothing more most of the time. I would absolutely love to bond over mutual interests/hobbies/philosophy. That said, they don’t have to be mutual, as long as we have something going on and can be interested enough in each other’s thing.
I’d like to move to voice notes/chat shortly (discord preferably, open to iMessages if you don’t seem like a murderer). I type a lot at my job and outside, and not looking at doing much more than that. Plus, voice chats can feel a lot more intimate and it’s easier to get to know someone at a deeper level. Move along if you’re not open for that, are going to waste my time seeking endless text chats (I’ve had plenty of those already), or have terrible internet connectivity. Also move along if you’re unkind, racist, homophobic, Putin supporter, etc.
Please be over 24. If I don’t reply soon, it’s probably because I haven’t checked my phone yet, but I will get back to you.
Please include a bit about yourself instead of one-liners or direct me to a post about yourself on your profile. For my fellow dudes—I am straight, though always open to making friends.
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2023.05.28 09:30 IchMagVoegeln Classic Mythics vs Unified Era

So i am quite new to the game and i looked into the fandom viability rankings. So my question is: Are Unified Era mythics generally better then classic mythics? For example: I got Noar now, ranked as OP- in the classic mythic tierlist, is she better then Duke Shrimpwader? Because, in another Tierlist i saw Stat ratings in which the Duke was far ahead of her even tho he is ranked A/Unified Era Rank C.
Confuses me atlot ty.
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2023.05.28 09:30 Affectionate-Dish993 What is the best office job to try and get for a recent college graduate who just wants An Office Job, the specifics are irrelevant. I'll take anything damnit. And how do I stand out better?

So I graduated college in May last year with a degree in history and a minor in Spanish, and after 7 months out in the country I moved to a large-ish city (Nashville, TN) with a friend to try and get my post college life started. I'll be fine enough with a whatever job, no debt, and the savings I've built up. So far I've been a cashier at a grocery store and now I'm a host at a restaurant (but I'm trying to be a cashier again because it was sooo much better and they lied to me, I'm not a host I'm a fucking busboy and I hate it.) and I really really really want an office job so much, anything. I don't care. The problem is I have no direction to focus on and no way to stand out. I had a great GPA and all but only like 9 months experience in anything approaching white collar work. I have no idea what would be worthwhile to pursue (as in actually have a chance to get) everything gets absolutely flooded with applications and there's bound to be someone better than me.
They say networking is the way to go but no one seems to want to talk to me on LinkedIn, and my only decent avenue for networking is with gay men from Tinder which is not nothing but it would be nice to have more.
I know I need to somehow rebrand and remarket myself better and somehow gain some more valuable skills, but I have no idea which or where to do that..
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2023.05.28 09:30 Actual-Bonus-9364 28m [chat] hitting 29 soon starting to think I need to put myself out there

Anyone else feel like this or been in this position? Getting closer to 30 and I don't have my years long partner.
I don't do too much outside of work these days and I'm no longer a gaming warlord nor use a pc that extent to just get out more and do fun things. I've spent the last year or two self-improving myself but getting lonely. I've been on ldrs, had flings over the years but nothing solid. Some have had a few guys on-reel and I just kinda don't like the idea of being reply guy 5 so I've just worked on myself, instead of chasing focused more on my personal happyness and goals until the right girl comes along, hasn't happened yet. On the upside it's been really good absolutely love gym which I probably wouldn't have looked at doing!
So I'm primarily looking for a chick to chat with even just for a while, just generally miss talking to a single chick everyday. If it really matters I'm 194/5cm tall white guy slightly above ideal bmi currently.
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2023.05.28 09:28 Chwana I think I'm a fake queer but I'm terrified of losing my community and identity.

A few years ago I (M26) had a chaotic long-term relationship with a trans guy who at the time still looked pretty feminine. I considered myself straight, maybe a little curious and definitely attracted to androgyny, but generally attracted to women and female genitals, and turned off by penises and masculine men. He insisted that to date him I was bisexual by default, and I was already a pretty sensitive artsy feminine guy who had spent plenty of time hanging around the queer community so I ran with it.
I leaned into my new identity, came out to my parents, started going to exclusively queer events, clubs, marches, I would sit at parties with the other queers and snicker about how awful and naive and toxic all the cishets are. Mardi gras was the biggest night of the year, and I would make a point of only living in queer exclusive sharehouses in the gayest part of the city and fight for queer friendly rules and pride flags at all my workplaces and talk on and on about gender as a malleable social construct (which I do 100% believe I was just annoying about it). I was well known in my local community as a flamboyantly bisexual man and I loved it.
My boyfriend started taking testosterone and looking significantly more masculine while also upping his alcohol and drug intake and things started to get unhinged. The relationship went up in flames just over a year ago. With the dust settling I'm starting to realise I'm not as bisexual as I think I am. I'm still deep in the community, and genuinely feel far more comfortable dressing gay and going to queer events but I'm starting to think that deep down I'm just a straight guy who's attracted to androgynous women and is much more in touch with my feminine side than most. I've had two healthy relationships with women since the breakup and it feels right, I don't seek out intimacy with men or have particularly gay thoughts. The imposter syndrome is crushing, but I have no idea what to do. I love being a "queer" man and I love my community but I feel like such a poser. Especially with a lot of discussion around the hetero-gentrification of queer spaces (e.g. lots of gay nightclubs are now full of straight people since being gay is so much more accepted now and the music is better) and more than a few mentions of straight guys masquerading as vaguely queer so women will put their guards down, I can't help but feel like part of the problem. I feel lost.
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2023.05.28 09:28 Capable-Squash-5071 Investment Scam, How To Recover Stolen Or Lost Bitcoin.

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2023.05.28 09:27 Natural_Response_978 Thinking about microdosing

Hi All. Been reading a bit into microdosing shrooms and thinking about starting to try it in the hopes of generally improving my quality of life. I’m a 45 year old female so I’m in the transition towards menopause. I also have osteoarthritis and I just basically feel physically awful all the time which is also affecting me mentally.
I stopped drinking alcohol just over a month ago and haven’t yet noticed a any improvement (I was a weekend binge drinker). I’ve been physically fit all my life and don’t smoke so I kind of feel like I’ve done everything I can to look after myself and I still feel like death every day. I was originally looking at CBD but then found contraindications with the hayfever tablets I’ll likely be on for the next couple of months. I’ve read about many women experiencing menopause having wonderful experiences with microdosing and am keen to try.
I think I understand that starting dose should be 0.03. I think you need to take the dose daily but my query was what if I need to take a week’s break from dosing here and there? Would I experience unpleasant withdrawal type symptoms? I need to travel abroad for a week here and there by plane - between the UK and Europe and the US. I won’t be able to take the product with me so is it best to start microdosing after I have travelled?
Sorry if I sound really naive. I will be reading more before I attempt to get started. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 09:27 TooDriven KotD5 - Finals Discussion and Prediction (Spoilers)

Caution, this post contains spoilers for the entire tournament including the upcoming Finals:
Hera vs. TheViper
El clásico of AoE2, what are your thoughts and predictions? Personally, I am hoping for great games and ultimately a Viper victory. I love his playstyle and have been following his games since 2015 or so.
However, I believe Hera is the favorite right now. While Viper IMO still has slightly better game sense/map awareness/overall "feel" for the game and what to do, Hera has the edge in a few other categories: His mechanics/apm/multitasking are (slightly) better I think. But his biggest edge is that he plays "safer", more meta strategies that leave less room for error. Viper plays a bit more greedy, open, sometimes risky I think.
So if Hera pulls off his super clean meta builds with top tier macro and micro, I feel he might just be slightly ahead all game, up faster and ultimately win. Whereas Viper might lose at least 1-2 games due to choosing worse civs or playing too risky/greedy (this is not me being an armchair general, Viper obv knows better, it's just my noob perspective on how I experience Viper's performance throughout the years). A clear prediction is super hard IMO. I'll go with:
Hera 5-3 Viper
But honestly, if Viper has an off day, it could end up 5-1. Thoughts?
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2023.05.28 09:26 Proletlariet Iroh II

Respect Iroh II

My grandfather would respect the Avatar's instinct. So will I.
History: Born to a prestigious line of firebenders as the grandson of Zuko and the son of Fire Lord Izumi, Iroh bore the name of the Dragon of the West who mentored Zuko in the days of the Hundred Years War. Iroh II proved himself a capable leader in military service much like his namesake, becoming the youngest general in United Forces history.
Iroh II became a valuable ally to Avatar Korra and a pivotal piece of the resistance against Equalist forces during their attempted coup of Republic City. Although he seldom took part in battle firsthand he was a capable fighter and a tactical leader.
Note: All feats come from S1E11 & S1E12 of The Legend of Korra and the Art of the Animated Series
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2023.05.28 09:26 Proletlariet Tonraq

Respect Tonraq

Many believed this forest was the home to spirits, and the barbarians retreated there because they thought we wouldn't attack them on such hallowed grounds. They thought wrong.
[History:]() The next in the line of succession to lead the Water Tribes, Tonraq grew up with a promising future ahead of him. He established himself as a proud warrior and general, but found disgrace when he spearheaded a raid on violent barbarians that desecrated a sacred forest. Banished, Tonraq travelled to the Southern Water Tribe where he became it's unofficial leader. Yet his greatest role in history awaited him: the father of the Avatar.
The Avatar Cycle started anew with Tonraq's child, Korra, and she inherited much of her father's brash personality and straightforward approach. Tonraq's younger brother Unalaq was revealed to mastermind the events that plagued Tonraq's past, and it was after Unalaq's defeat that the Southern Water Tribe reestablished its independence and its Council of Elders elected Tonraq as the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.
Source Key: The Legend of Korra Season & Episode = S#E# 
Scaling: 1. Unalaq 2. Zaheer 3. P'Li



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2023.05.28 09:25 apricottaa Has anyone been told not to wear glasses for 6 months after rhino?

Hi! I had a rhinoplasty 2 and a half months ago and recently ran out of contacts.i purchased new ones but they are taking forever to come in this time for some reason, so I've been on and off wearing my glasses for a few minutes at a time :s My surgeon told me not to wear glasses for 6 months. I know most people can after 6 weeks or so, but im sure he told me 6 months for a reason. I'm just wondering of I've done any permanent damage because of my own dumbassery 😭
I work a job that I absolutely need to see for as well so it's been a struggle--
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2023.05.28 09:25 olikicks132 RETURN ou REPLACE - Que choisir après un QC non concluant ?

RETURN ou REPLACE - Que choisir après un QC non concluant ? submitted by olikicks132 to FrenchReps [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:24 DocWatson42 SF/F, Character Driven

Originally taken from my Science Fiction/Fantasy (General) Recommendations list of resources, Reddit recommendation threads, and books (eighteen posts).
My lists are always being updated and expanded when new information comes in—what did I miss or am I unaware of (even if the thread predates my membership in Reddit), and what needs correction? Even (especially) if I get a subreddit or date wrong. (Note that, other than the quotation marks, the thread titles are "sic". I only change the quotation marks to match the standard usage (double to single, etc.) when I add my own quotation marks around the threads' titles.)
The lists are in absolute ascending chronological order by the posting date, and if need be the time of the initial post, down to the minute (or second, if required—there's at least one example of this, somewhere). The dates are in DD MMMM YYYY format per personal preference, and times are in US Eastern Time ("ET") since that's how they appear to me, and I'm not going to go to the trouble of converting to another time zone. They are also in twenty-four hour format, as that's what I prefer, and it saves the trouble and confusion of a.m. and p.m. Where the same user posts the same request to different subreddits, I note the user's name in order to indicate that I am aware of the duplication.
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2023.05.28 09:24 Realistic-Zombie-967 2 years and counting

Title says it all. It started because of an incident involving a week-long bender, an ambulance ride to the psych ward, and a month-long inpatient rehab. The drinking finally stopped and I’m super grateful for that. And when he came home we had sex twice and it was good. He had a few relapses within 6 months of being sober but he got through it. I’ve been able to move on, and I assume he has moved past that incident also, and quit drinking for good. Started anti-anxiety meds and it made him put on some weight. I’ve been there myself years ago and stopped anti-depressants because I packed on 50 pounds and felt worse (this was before I met my husband).
Well, things are back to a kind of normal-everything but the sex, anyway. I work and he doesn’t (hasn’t for a long time, just has done side jobs to get by). He seems motivated to work and is actively looking. And I’m proud of him for that. Our relationship and marriage has been a roller coaster and sex started out normal but then became more of doing what he wanted and less of what I wanted. It became more of a chore for me because I knew it wouldn’t involve what I wanted to do. I wanted a baby and he seemed to be onboard, but we never did it enough to actually make a go of it. And now I’m too old for a baby. I haven’t brought it because I don’t want to make him feel bad about it. And I regret that I couldn’t hide my feelings on the way we were having sex on his terms and not mine but at least I felt desired.
But since the incident, it feels like living with a roommate. I’ve made remarks about that to open a conversation but he just laughs it off. So I’ve stopped bringing it up. He made mention a few months ago about not having any desire when I asked him if he was watching porn. I told him I didn’t have a problem with it but to remember I’m here. He said he didn’t have any desire. Another time I told him that maybe switching his meds would help. He agreed but hasn’t changed it. Instead he started sneaking edibles. So I quit making any attempt to talk about it and just try to focus on work and myself.
Honestly, I’m generally content. I’ve lost some weight. I’m not fit by any means but dropping some weight makes it easier to go for walks at least. I’m working on my self esteem, even though being a 46 year old woman in todays world makes me irrelevant to men in general. I mention this because I’ve had random men sneak in looks or make friendly conversation lately. I don’t read much into it, as I’m aware my vibe says “nerdy and friendly”, and it doesn’t have to mean anything.
Met a contractor around the same time of the incident on a job assignment. Worked on that assignment for a couple of months and after the first month of working there, he sent me a friend request on FB. I didn’t think much of it and accepted, as he’d done the same with another female co-worker. I figured he’s the type that likes to collect FB friends. Well then he added me on another app and we’ve messaged a lot on that one. Nothing bad- mainly sharing stupid videos and wise-cracking jokes, same as I would with regular coworkers.
Then, a few months ago my libido ramps up and I’m just aching. I masturbate almost every night now and it’s really bothering me because I know my husband won’t do anything about it. This contractor knows I’m married. He’s made a couple of comments though that could be taken as an attempt to flirt but i brush it off- he has an even number of female and male friends, and most are married or involved in relationships, so it’s not like being friends with him means anything.
Lately, my vibe must be inviting because I’m getting more male attention than usual. I chalk it up to the nightly alone time I have just makes me smile more. And I’ve worked with this contractor for the last couple of weeks. We are not closely working but i do see him at least once a day. We text all day too because the nature of the work is a lot of sitting around. And my attention has turned to him and i find myself fantasizing about having a purely physical relationship with him, as I’m sure he would be the type to have the normal kind of sex that i want to have. And its just so hard to resist the temptation. I’m sure he doesn’t see me as attractive, especially knowing I’m married. But I still think about openly flirting and just going for it. If nothing else it distracts me from the sad reality I find myself in. And i find myself really looking for a “green light” to make something happen, as much as I know it’s wrong. But not feeling wanted or desired is really messing with my head. I just want that fun, hot and heavy feeling that comes with having good sex.
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2023.05.28 09:24 decofairykun Areola/nipple aesthetics?

I qualify for keyhole and I'm quite attached to the way my areolas and nips look. In theory, if possible, I wouldn't want them to be touched at all by an incision and would only want something similar to a liposuction, but I know this is unrealistic.
How do I make sure the surgeon will not change my areola or nip size during surgery, and will not take away too much "areola material" when making the incisions? I really like every awkward bit of them and would like them to look the same as pre-op afterwards, only with the tissue gone.
How realistic is this?
For others who have had similar feelings, how did you communicate this to your surgeon, and how did it turn out?
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2023.05.28 09:23 filipinapearl I was bullied in High School by some of my Teachers

I might update with 2 more parts after this post.
I was bullied by my teachers in high school and still years later, I find it hard to have will power. If any of my friends see this, they will probably know that it’s me who wrote this. Even though this is from my side, I will still admit any faults I had made in the past.
I don’t blame them for my failures in life but my hate for them is eating me up even if more than a decade had passed. Hate is a strong word, I know, but after so much things that had happened, I never felt so humiliated and harassed in life like what they did to me — and to my friends. I never wanted to have hate in me any,ore and I want to be free.
This all happened in High School. My small group of friends who I am still in contact with know this story and how hateful I am to the characters to be mentioned.
I transferred school in my sophomore year. For the next two years, I thrived for academic excellence by devoting most of my after school hours to academic clubs that prepares us for contests, etc.
Everything was totally fine and drama free until we got to our senior year. With a new set of teachers, we were feeling how things would go. We had another drama/issue that happened that year. It’s related but not significant in this story.
You see, ROTC was about to be brought back into the curriculum again in those year and because of that, our High School implemented the start of the CAT program.
I joined the CAT and it was another activity that I can pursue after school. I see the good in joining the program to instill discipline and of-course rather than doing anything else, I find it as a way to also exercise because of the training.
At first, most of my friends in the inner circle was in the program. They (CAT seniors) know that I participate in academic trainings and they were very lenient to let me still join those and just catch up with them after math club.
Side note: some people think negatively of CAT/ROTC trainings as a threat to youth (in general) because of the h*zing stories. I understand them and for me also, I wouldn’t support any kind of abuse. Anyway, none of those happened during our CAT.
Unbeknownst to us chill and YOLO seniors, a group of faculty staff were against the return of the CAT program. They would express their distaste for such programs to us students and even to me, since I also interact with some of my teachers because of Math Club.
So the drama involving me started when we had our first general assembly after we became officers.
A few of us finished the whole program and graduated as officers, which meant we would lead the entire senior year students to drills and exercises.
I was assigned to a lower platoon and we didn’t have to do a lot. I had no issue with it.
All was fine until a guy from another class came in late for the GA.
He had an athletic build so I supposed he would fit in the higher class platoon but he was a little snobbish at that time to a lot of my co-officers. Since he was minutes late, which was intentional on his part, (our directions back then was to have a short break after the last class of the day to eat and then proceed to the gym for the GA). He was about 10-15 minutes late if I remember so it would suffice to have the same number for him to do pumpings. (Like squats then stand up). In my mind, it wouldn’t be an issue since he was an athlete, right? No. He would try to annoy the hell out of me. Like who is this guy? He slouched and was not doing it right. Yes, I felt disrespected and also he was disrespecting his platoon mates who arrived on time and was kind and respectful to one another as we did exercises. You would know they were trying their best. We’re talking about guys who were less athletic compared to him but was doing their best in their 5-10 reps of exercise. But this guy was on a whole other level. I cut him when he was slouching or loudly complaining and asked him to repeat the exercise so he could do at-least a few times correct.
I was a bit of an AHole for telling him that he might do it nonstop but I was just waiting for him to do a proper five or less since he had been slouching. He came through after so much tantrums and after that since we were in the lower ranks, we spent time in our platoon getting to know some of the seniors from other classes and share a bit of what we learned in the program as officers. Chill platoon.
I guess it was the next day or the other day that another thing happened.
We had our last class for the morning and were about to go have our lunch when our in a science Physics teacher slammed our home room door open and screamed “SINO NAGPAHIRAP SA ESTUDYANTE KO?!” Ha ha. The “athletic” guy who came late in the GA pointed at me (this was in front of my whole homeroom class in our room plus a whole lot of seniors in the hallway). “YUNG MATABA NA YUN, MAAM” (Yes, I was and still am overweight).
It might have been a funny story but I was singled out and a little bit harassed by that faculty staff who was the homeroom teacher of that guy. I kind of forgot how it was let go and resolved at that time but I wasn’t fully able to have it across that teacher that he was late and disrespectful.
From my understanding, there were other seniors from her homeroom class. (Those kids I referred to as less athletic who were giving their best in doing reps) And when they were asked, they didn’t say anything bad about the drills in our platoon. So I wasn’t reprimanded or anything but was just given a fair warning. I just asked if the guy can be removed from my platoon because it would be awkward plus I don’t want to deal with him again.
I didn’t know what it was before but compared to today, it can be called out as fat shaming and humiliation from what they did.
I guess he was moved to the higher class where they had to do a lot of exercises since he was quite athletic. I never crossed paths with the guy even though our home rooms are two doors from each other. In my mind, he caused a huge part in this. (To be continued…)
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2023.05.28 09:23 Otherwise_Turn_4597 This is arguably more fun than collecting Pokémon cards

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2023.05.28 09:23 Honest-Confidence591 Tonsillectomy Success Story

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2023.05.28 09:22 GalacticCrescent Question: Misprint SLD's

So, I hope this doesn't break any group rules but I have a genuine question after looking at a post in the general mtg sub here:
It seems like SLD's have almost no quality control with the sheer amount of posts I've seen loaded with printing errors and since they seem so much more common now, has that affected the cost of misprints from more recent print runs? Or is it that just because people are posting more often online when they get misprints that makes it seem like a more regular occurrence than it was and the misprints are essentially happening at about the same rate, they're just more visible now? Thanks for the answers folks, and good luck finding cool misprints!
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2023.05.28 09:22 One_Lake_1816 [Discussion] My response to someone asking for good game recommendations, and I basically told them what makes a platinum fun. What do you guys think makes games fun to 100%?

Someone asked for some fun platinum games so i decided to write a 500 word essay for his poor soul to read, but I want to hear from you guys what makes a platinum fun?
Anyways my response:
TL,DR: Fun platinums are fun games that have trophies that stick to the core concept of said game. List of my favs below (although I haven't platinumed them all)
Whenever I hear the question "what are some fun plats" Ratchet and Clank INSTANTLY comes to mind.
For a platinum to be fun, I believe each and every trophy (and really the games content as a whole) from the easiest stuff, to the hardest has to be enjoyable, and few games can do that. A lot of collectibles, speed runs, and hard mode trophies aren't fun for me, simply because few games are good enough that I want to stick around after I beat the story, let alone be provided a challenge like beating it on "git gud mode" or having to watch a guide because I have to find 200 notes laying on the ground in obscure places.
Ratchet and clank was good from the story, to upgrading the weapons, all the way to traversing through cool platform-y parts of the game to get gold bolts. Other games I had fun with were tell tale games (and other games of that genre). All you do is beat the game, and I respect that, I respect a game for realizing it's quality and not adding a bunch of half-baked filler 90% of the players will have no interest in doing in order to get the 100%.
Anyways, other amazing games with a good trophy experience will be added below (my opinion ofc)
Just a few recommendations of games I love with trophies that are fun if you love the general concept of the games themselves!
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