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Become a WiFi hotspot and earn crypto with the Aloha WiFi mobile app.

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Karma Mobility, Inc. offers nationwide unlimited 5Mbps LTE for 50 USD/month (also known as "Neverstop"); offered through a Karma Go mobile WiFi hotspot

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2023.05.28 06:58 803jay7 Should I update?

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2023.05.28 06:50 OrganizationNo9819 My personal development(opinions)

Hello there! My name is Siddharth Rai and I live in India. I am a twenty-six-year-old male and I live with my parents. I work at the nearby airport as an electrical engineer. I have a younger sister who is studying zoology in a college nearby and she lives away from us due to her college. My writing style might not be appealing but I would be happy if you read and reviewed my article. It will help me get new interesting things to you. I hope you enjoy reading this.
I have always wanted to write a book. I like to write poems, I like music, I like art and I like to travel. I have never travelled out of my country except to Nepal. Nepal is quite nearby to where I live. I live in the eastern India, Darjeeling. Some of you might have heard or visited the place before. I live in the foothills though- Siliguri but the district is Darjeeling. I have spent around thirteen years of my life in Darjeeling. I miss those golden days that I have spent with my family and friends in Darjeeling. Those days will never come back again. It is a beautiful pain. All the crazy things that we do as teenagers, I did it in Darjeeling- fighting, having girlfriends, forming a band, roaming around the streets- everything. Some of the people I met on the streets are now superstars and some homeless vagabonds. Some are married and some committed suicide because they couldn’t love. I am just a regular guy like you. I think I am below average when it comes to money, prestige, personality and many other things that define us- a lifestyle.
The reason I thought about writing this article is because I want to become a better person as I am approaching towards my thirties. I have heard somewhere that writing makes it easier and effective to do something that we want to do. I hope this article will help you in some way or the other. I will share some of the deepest things that I feel. I will talk about my past. I will let you know about my present and I will also try to show you the future that I have visioned for myself. I will be talking about my personality development.
We have often heard about the word personality. We have often heard about one getting complimented for their personalities and sometimes people finding their personalities not matching with others, mostly to their partners. It’s interesting to see us being conscious about so many things in our lives. Our beauty, physique, clothes, status in the society, possessions, partners and other small things like our fear of facing people, inferiority, pride, love, attachment. Well personality is a sphere where all of the conscious things are confined into.
It is the way we react to the factors that make us feel something- good or bad. Feeling good includes many things- paragliding, completing a trek, listening to classical music, releasing a music video. Feeling bad might feel like thinking about the moment that hurts you- could be anything, you know better.
How are you going to react to the situations-now and then? That defines your personality. If you ask the instructor for your money back after a paragliding session because you couldn’t fly for another ten minutes because of the weather then you need to work on some parts of your life and if you left your girl with the man and her friends just because you missed the party the previous night then you need to work on some part of your life- you might be using your head too much. I am worried about how am I going to handle a relationship in the future because I’ve messed up my previous ones- I need to work on some part of my life. My personality is not balanced.
Personality is a gift- a box of chocolates- it’s tasty but harmful if eaten too much.
It was the last day of 2017 and my girlfriend had come to Siliguri with her friends. I had my aunt come over from a distant place and we had to go visit our relatives, so I was caught up with my family. My girlfriend called me and told me that she was around in the market with her friends and some unknown person gave them a lift back home. I told her to be cautious around and we agreed to meet the next day. Late night she told me how she missed me, and she went to sleep early that night. I thought she was cheating on me, and I sent her some rubbish texts. Cool- the night passed quite fast.
I went to meet her the very next morning just to see a guy in their apartment. He was my old friend. She told me that he had just arrived. And he looked like he had just woken up. Good! She treated me like a kid, and I know I was in the wrong place with wrong people. She tried to be herself, but I didn’t feel her. In my mind I was constantly thinking about she is cheating on me. I left the place early and booked two tickets for me and her to get back home. They came late. I had to travel with them. This guy had a car. An unknown man giving them a lift back home, sleeping early, not wanting to go home with me- I was hurt and mad. I wanted to break up already. But I waited because I wasn’t sure if it was the right reason to leave her. So, I waited and just after two months I saw her with a different guy. This time she had come to visit me, but I went to play basketball with my friends because she wanted to have some time with her cousins. Well, I was late by a couple of hours, and she called up her friend and had him over as a company- this guy was the one whom she met when we had a fight back in 2016. Her friend had introduced them to each other- her friend who wanted her to break up with me because I was a needy, passive and a childlike boyfriend- who always was insecure, quarrelling and a noob. This friend of hers was the one whom I admired back in high school.
We broke up January 2018 for good. It was the third or the fourth time, but we broke up finally, forever. I wanted to break up with her because I thought I wasn’t good enough for her. Well, it was a whole different reason for me because the actual reason why I wanted to break up with her was because I wasn’t feeling loved. I didn’t have the guts to accept it and move on. I used to think it will hurt her badly, she is an innocent girl, and I would give it a new chance. I once put my mobile on complete shut down for a month to get away from her- that was the time she changed drastically because she realized that I wasn’t into her anymore. But we got back together shortly- she loved me after all, and so did I because I realized that instead of roaming around with strangers it was better for me to strengthen my relationships with people who love me- I was wrong. She had other guys in her life now- like that guy in their apartment, like that guy her friend had introduced to her and that addict guy who she had her in her phone list.
I was alone-broken. I put too much pressure on my rational mind and started emphasizing on my emotions. I brought this cloud of sadness over me. I wanted to put her into depression- I did. I was depressed too. Influence. My friend was a depressed person. He would talk about how depressed he was, how his past relationships had failed, how jealous he was of me, how he would talk about suicides and philosophies that I couldn’t understand. Influence! I don’t hang around with him anymore. I don’t meet him. He has a good job now. He is financially stable and has a girlfriend. I have no idea about my ex. We haven’t talked with each other since the day we parted our ways- she is hurt you know. I hurt her more than anybody else and I don’t want to go back to her with my dark shadow over her head. I am fine alone with my personality development obsession and sickness. I hope both of them are safe and sound.
I want to forget about my past but I can’t because I have hurt some of the best people of my life like my parents, family, friends, teachers, girlfriend and even a dog- damn! I wonder if she is alive- Dalli the dog. My friend’s dog. She gave birth to two little puppies. One is with us-a mother now- Lily. Lily makes me happy. She is wonderful. The only reason why I was facing the hardest time of my life was because I didn’t have any purpose in life. I wasn’t fulfilling my duty-studying. I would get high the entire day, miss my classes and sleep after a masturbation session. Food and shelter were available for me as my parents paid for it. They would send money every month and I would eat, get high, sleep- repeat. I did this for two years and my girlfriend was gone, I had failed in my semesters like a dead toad, I was financially depressed, I had lost weight, I was now a little jerk. I wasn’t happy. I never wanted to kill myself though. I wasn’t raised that way. My father was in the army, and you know how it is in the military family- respect and discipline but I packed my bags and returned back home during my third year and a year of my college was still left behind.
When I went back home, I couldn’t find my peace because my aunt was living with my mother with her little daughter- my sister. When I went there to live with my mother there were four ladies and me- one man. I had habits and it was difficult for me to maintain them. The rooms were small, and everything was audible. I had a habit of masturbating before sleep. And my aunt would sleep in the room right next to mine. I sometimes wanted to screw her up, but I knew it was not a moral decision. I wanted to seduce her just to masturbate but I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to. And interestingly I was a virgin until twenty-five years old. That was one of the reasons why my relationship didn’t work out with that girl because I couldn’t fuck. I mean she would say after marriage, but she would also get naked and get missionary, but I was facing mild erectile dysfunction because of heavy marijuana dosage, porn and excessive masturbation. So, maybe that didn’t work out. I left my mother’s comfort and came back to college to complete my education and I did but a year later. My psycho friend had passed his college and I was left behind with another friend of mine- loser no.2. I think he still is a virgin. But I am not. Not anymore!
My friends and I none of us got placed. We were jobless and there was corona virus and lockdown. It was good time for assholes like me to waste life away. I would spend my day by playing Pubg with my friends, watching porn and masturbating. My good time had begun. I was lucky enough to have faced an interview with the army for army engineering and not lucky enough for selection but reaching that spot where I was trying to compete to become an officer in the army. I was lucky enough to have got the chance to spend my time peacefully with my mother and my sister. My aunt had gone back home- her child had a vacation now- due corona and all.
One of my cousins are the in army. He was home for a break, and he motivated me to jog in the morning. I ran for two or three months but quit. But my mind was now looking for motivation to stay fit. One day I was watching porn and masturbation. Right after ejaculation I decided to stop watching porn and masturbating. Oh! Good days! I felt so good that day when I didn’t masturbate. I felt clean and guilt free. I was free now. I would miss my ex though. Her smile, her sadness, the burden she had due to me, the heavy heart that she had because she never wanted to leave me. I hope she is free and happy. I wish her the best and ask for forgiveness for every little thing that I did to her. I never wanted to make you cry but I am sorry. I have realized my mistakes now and I want to see you with a smiling face one day. I have moved on, but I am around, and I hope you too. Take care.
My friends have hurt me too and I have hurt them too. My family has hurt me, and I have hurt them too. People change but you don’t. Things always happen to you. Girlfriend, friends, family, money and etc.
If I could move a mountain, I would try to carry it around on my shoulders. A child, a teenager, an adult, a man, a woman, old, new no matter who, everyone is trying to find something in their lives- focus. If they lose focus, they will never be able to talk. Try not thinking anything and talking- you will notice how your brain coordinates your speech. We don’t care what we talk about because we are focused on something- conveying our message. It’s important to learn how to improve your focus. Thus, in order to improve your focus let’s try:
  1. Meditating: Five to fifteen minutes a day- om meditation or guided meditation. Connect yourself with the inner spirit. Find out how heavy your chest is and how clouded your mind is. You are supposed to be as light the air and as clean as the water in the spring. Your mind should contain natural sceneries and not porn.
  2. Exercising: Your body is a masterpiece of art. A godly creation. The entire human civilization is based on bodies. The entire art and history show how great leaders and warriors and scholars looked like. They had extremely appealing bodies, no matter what nation they belonged to. Romans, Greeks, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Gorkhas, Sikhs, Mughals, and Americans, all of them have an interesting thing to notice- their bodies. Fast and furious to giants and strong. They all are focused. Some ruling the nations, some fighting wars, some creating art, some politics and some philosophies. They have a balance between their and heart and their brain. Have you ever done a chin up? Next time you do try to notice how your heart gets connected to your brain like a hook linking a loop. So, dear friends- exercise.
  3. Study: I study engineering because I want to reach a better position in my career. You can study to be happy or flourish your business. But study something- learn.
  4. Work: Work. Move your body, use your head. Work. Let your body know about discomfort and tiredness. In these modern times we have found new ways to earn our livelihoods- investment especially. If you are not a broker who works, his heart out to analyze and make profit and you are the one who makes money and live luxurious life out of the money your broker made for you then you should at least spend some time trying to make money the hard way- at least a day. I know you have been through a lot, and you have finally found your financial peace, or you were born rich, but I must tell you he is not a man who doesn’t work. You can try house chores if nothing is coming to your mind. So, work just to get yourself in motion.
  5. Hobbies: I play dota2 and I want to play the internationals. I sing karaoke. Do what gets you excited to get back home.
  6. Read: Read books. I want to learn finance, health, relationship, science and engineering. You can read them too. Reading is something that makes time for your brain to rest for some time. It will settle down some of your chemical imbalances there.
  7. Write: Write your deepest feelings, write a short story, write essays. Write. You can’t always be verbally sharing things with others. Some things might have been missed and some left unsaid like the ones in the previous paragraphs. It’s just a good thing to do-write.
If you can’t quit, then it means you are inspired. Inspiration and motivation are two different things. You can’t inspire someone verbally, but you can motivate them. Inspiration is long lasting, and motivation is short term. Motivation is like fuel to your inspiration. You will understand it. Just try to do something that you are interested in for three months. That’s a goal.
I am interested in many things. Interest as I say please refer to skills- just to make it easier for you to understand the difference between hobbies and interests. My interests are in programming, designing electrical circuits, photography and content writing. These are skills that I want to acquire, and I am “interested in”. My interest can’t be lifelong because I have distractions around. So, with a small technique I can learn these skills without losing my interest. The technique is numbering. Just put make a list of things that you want to learn. It will help you not lose your interest.
How to keep your interest alive?
You can try writing them down on a diary. Make a list of your interest. Interests are those skills that can make you famous, rich and happy like painting, programming etc. Show your interests to the world on social platforms to gain fame, sell them or get a job to get rich and master your skills to be happy. Have some interest friends.
Basically, if you have a good body, wealth, character, behavior, manner, education, then you will have a personality that is safe and sound. People below your level will not mess with you and you won’t mess with people that are above you. But you will become someone who can deal with both the types because it’s not every day you get to meet and talk to the president and it’s seldom you need to avoid people that can harm you- rich and the poor.
Thank you for sticking to this post for such a long time. I feel humble enough to present this article to you. I would like to apologize if anybody was offended in this post. I can’t think more than this my friends. I would appreciate it if you left your valuable comments on this. Thanks, and may God bless you.
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2023.05.28 06:38 Onemightymoose Mesh Router Pro - Unable to get IP Address from Modem

Mesh Router Pro - Unable to get IP Address from Modem
Posting this here in the hopes that it will:
  1. Allow me to document this fix.
  2. Allow others to find the fix.
This has been one of the more frustrating and also confusing issues I've had. Mainly because it effects my entire network and while I had a similar issue on the initial setup, it was working fine until I needed to move the room that the router was configured in.
So now I'm back in the cycle! 😢
Here are the 13 steps given directly from Wyze support that have yet to resolve my issue.
  1. Check that your Wyze app is up to date.
    • Go to the Account tab > tap About.
    • The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo.
    • Compare your app version to the most up-to-date version listed on our Release Notes and Firmware page.
  2. Make sure you have the following setup requirements:
    • A modem or modem/router combination with an active broadband Internet connection with a LAN Ethernet port.
    • A smartphone with BluetoothⓇ and mobile data enabled.
  3. Confirm the smartphone being used for setup is using a mobile data 4G/LTE or 5G connection during setup.
    • This ensures the smartphone using the Wyze app doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network conflict.
  4. Make sure BluetoothⓇ permissions are enabled for the Wyze app.
  5. Confirm Wyze Mesh Router is connected to the modem’s LAN port.
    • Combination modems/routers usually have multiple LAN ports. Ensure your Wyze Mesh Router is physically connected to the LAN port of the combination modem/router.
  6. Confirm the Wi-Fi SSID of the combination modem/router is turned off.
    • If you are unsure, please check with your Internet service provider or the device manufacturer.
  7. Ensure that you are using a different name when you create your Wi-Fi network name on your new Wyze Mesh Router, if turning off SSID is not possible.
  8. Ensure all cables for the modem and root Wyze Mesh Router are correctly and securely connected.
  9. Confirm that the modem is working by connecting a laptop or PC directly to one of the LAN ports of the modem and check if you can access the Internet.
    • This can be done by going to a website, such as, and attempting to play a video.
  10. Check if the home Internet is configured via a Dynamic IP address.
    • If not, you should have been given a static IP or PPPoE credentials after signing up for your Internet service. Choose the Configure ISP Settings option in the “Pairing failed” page to proceed with the static IP or PPPoE setup.
  11. Confirm the previous router’s MAC address is not locked.
    • In rare cases, your Internet service provider may lock the MAC address of the router that’s connected to your Internet. In these cases, the Internet service provider will have to manually unbind the old MAC address.
  12. Confirm the root Wyze Mesh Router is placed in an ideal location.
    • We recommend placing the router in an open area, close to the center of the home, on a flat surface or countertop (not on the floor or between furniture), and away from large electronic devices such as TVs or speakers. Ensure the router is laying flat and not on its side or tilted to ensure the best coverage.
  13. Move any devices experiencing issues closer to the root Wyze Mesh Router (within 10 feet).
  14. Power cycle the root Wyze Mesh Router.
    • Unplug the device for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then plug it back in.
  15. Factory reset the root Wyze Mesh Router using the pinhole method.
    • If the root router is reset, all satellite routers will also need to be reset.
    • Insert a paper clip or similar into the reset pinhole for 15 seconds. Wyze Mesh Router's status light will begin rapidly flashing orange to indicate the factory reset has begun and once the reset is complete, it will flash white to indicate that it has been reset and is ready to go.
If anyone has any thoughts on things I could try, that would be amazing. Otherwise, I'll post my findings in this thread for the next person to experience this!
Current other tech involved: -Pixel 6 Pro -ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 -Also tried the setup on a Pixel 4a 5G
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2023.05.28 02:06 JusturaverageEboy Im having to repost this in a new community bc windows 10 removed it.

Im having to repost this in a new community bc windows 10 removed it.
Basically i updated my windows vista to windows 10 and its saying my IP configuration is invalid even though my phone and laptop works just fine
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2023.05.27 20:27 miked999b Trying to set up nzb360 while on mobile network, and failing miserably

I've been trying to set up NZB360 for six long hours now and I just cannot get the Primary Connection Address to be accepted for any of the arrs. I've tried following the steps outlined in the help within the app as well endless googling but I'm getting absolutely nowhere. I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise what I'm doing wrong - or if it just isn't possible to connect in this way.
I'm away from home without wi-fi access, and I'm using my Android mobile as a mobile hotspot for my PC. It all works fine. Radarr, Sonarr and Lidarr are all working perfectly and passing downloads to Newsbin Pro. Everything works exactly as it does when I'm at home and connected to wi-fi.
I've established I'm connected to a Private network in Windows. I've disabled the firewall in Windows 11 for all of Private, Public and Domain networks and I've turned Malwarebytes off. My phone has no AV software on it except Malwarebytes free. Can't see how to turn it off on there but firewall isn't mentioned in the options anyway so I assume that's not a factor.
I know my API keys are correct, as I'm copying/pasting them directly from the apps. So it's an issue with the Primary Connection Address. My browsers display the address for Radarr as localhost:7878 . Having read the setup help in the app, I understand that this is not correct and I need to get the actual IP address from one of the suggested websites. I've done this, and the IP returned is one beginning with 82. It's the same IP whether I browse it on my PC, my phone or my tablet. I've used multiple websites and they all give the same IP, so that's consistent.
When I look at the IP address on my phone using About Phone>Status I get a different IP address, starting with 10. I understand this address may change rather than be static, but I'm using the current one as shown.
I've tried setting up all three of the arrs using the 82 IP address but nothing works. I've tried http and https, no good. 'Test connection' fails every single time.
When I ping the address starting 82 from my PC using command prompt I get 'Request timed out'. I've tried this over and over, it never works. When I ping the IP address starting with 10, it works fine.
I've also downloaded Pingtools network utilities, same result on there. The address starting with 10 can be pinged, the one starting 82 can't. The error message I get when trying to ping 82 is 'no answer yet'. I've tried this on my tablet and then on the phone itself, in case there was an issue with connectivity to the tablet. I've also tried downloading NZB360 and running setup on both my tablet and phone for the same reason.
I read somewhere that I should be able to launch Radarr by typing the IP followed by :7878 into my internet browser. This doesn't work either. I've tried the same approach for all three of the arrs and I've tried on it on Firefox and on Edge. When I use IP 10 I get 'refused to connect' and for 82 I get 'took too long to respond'.
I read that sometimes an Android phone won't ping unless a webpage is actively loading, so I tried that. Made no odds.
I also read I should try this, which gave me the below:
C:\Users\xxxx>netstat -na findstr 8989
TCP [::]:8989 [::]:0 LISTENING
C:\Users\xxxx>netstat -na findstr 7878
TCP [::]:7878 [::]:0 LISTENING

I don't know why, but I noticed the IP address here is completely different for some reason so I thought I'd givethat a go. Hey presto, when I enter into my browser, Sonarr launches. As do Radarr and Lidarr.
So I thought I'd finally cracked it, but when I tried this in nzb360 it rejected it instantly. Didn't even pause whilst trying to connect (unlike when I use 82 when it at least tries before failing). Pingtools is able to ping the 127 IP successfully.
So to sum up, IP 82 times out on everything. IP 10 can be pinged from cmd prompt and Pingtools but neither work on nzb360 and neither can be used to launch the arrs in a browser.
IP 127 works perfectly in the brower and in Pingtools, but doesn't work in nzb360.
I'm at an absolute loss. Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to offer advice.
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2023.05.27 18:22 biggrabo Wifi in a Not so inhabited area

Im in a Area where there is no Wi-Fi options as the house is in the middle of nowhere. My mobile data is still okay there. How do you usually solve this? I heard that you can get an Card and a special modem to have mobile Wi-Fi. What is the best solution there for me (I’m not always in Greece but sometimes for a few weeks)
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2023.05.27 16:53 rockysalmon Domestic Roaming on Visible+?

I'm currently on Spectrum Mobile, and am (usually) satisfied with the service. I'm thinking about moving to Visible though and am trying to learn what differences there are between the two. Biggest differences I can tell are the hotspot features, premium data amounts, and service in Canada & Mexico.
My primary concern is in domestic roaming though. Does Visible+ include it? To be clear, I'm not talking about LTEiRA partners, but truly off-network roaming. I hike and ski in West Virginia occasionally, and on my current plan I will often roam onto AT&T and US Cellular towers. I really want to maintain this feature.
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2023.05.27 16:21 Citytecapp Unleash the Power of Your City with Citytecapp! 🌇📱

Unleash the Power of Your City with Citytecapp! 🌇📱
Hey fellow Redditors! Are you ready to take your urban exploration to the next level? 🏙️✨ Introducing Citytecapp, the must-have mobile companion for discovering and experiencing your city like never before!
🗺️ Discover Hidden Gems: Uncover the best local hotspots, secret spots, and hidden gems that only true city aficionados know about. From trendy cafes to offbeat art galleries, Citytecapp has you covered!
📅 Stay Up-to-Date: Never miss out on exciting events, concerts, festivals, and exhibitions happening in your city. Citytecapp keeps you in the loop with its comprehensive event listings and timely notifications.
📍 Seamless Navigation: Say goodbye to getting lost! Citytecapp provides detailed maps, reliable directions, and real-time updates to help you navigate the bustling streets with ease.
📷 Snap and Share: Capture your favorite moments and share them with fellow city enthusiasts. Show off your discoveries and inspire others to explore their urban surroundings!
📲 Ready to join the urban revolution? Download Citytecapp now and unlock the full potential of your city experience! 🌆💡 Share your thoughts, experiences, and favorite features in the comments below. Let's embrace the urban life together! 🙌
Coming soon.
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2023.05.27 13:40 Think_Sample_1389 The unhealthy WHO connections to William Gates Jr and the USA

About twenty years ago, in 2007, the World Health Organization, a UN-associated body, that receives the bulk of its cash from the United States and second the Gates Foundation, decided they would remove the foreskins of newborn boys for the best efficiency in exporting and transforming world cultures. They began after a group of circumcision zealots, two from USA academia and a French doctor stopped their HIV/AIDS circumcision studies early because as they said, " we obviously had the truth that male circumcision can reduce HIV by sixty percent and the uncut African men deserve this service." There was joy in parts of Africa because the billions in United States cash would start to trickle down to many health and political persons. One tribal leader even said from this day every boy and man in this country shall get his penis mutilated. The hands were stretched toward the United States taking in millions that the local government could spend as long as they could reach a quota of 30 million African men circumcised. The foreskin open season was so profitable, many NGOs and health ministers inflated the number of foreskins they harvested.
Several Universities inside the US also received cash and administered this secret trojan horse from the most hypocritical and corrupted country the USA..
Soon after the WHO wrote a biased How to do it and cut babies, published with pro-circumcision propaganda directly from the United States CDC and AAP playbooks, in praise of male circumcision manifesto concerning the ancient rites of circumcision stating it was thousands of years old and could prevent the same diseases the AAP listed. It included the same unqualified non-sense normal men who spread HIV, and STDs, and develop cancer of the penis, caused by some strange evil virus that lurks under a foreskin. And this passes as science? But the WHO USA propaganda went much further in claims, cancers in female partners, and men with foreskins cause these too. And I ask, are you insane, that this passes as anything other than sick propaganda? Yes, we've all read the American medical list of charges against a foreskin penis! That a normal body part causes all this is such trash only an absolute blue pill addiction would buy any part of it. The US stands alone by continual pro-circumcision propaganda.
The manual was intended to cut into babies by politically haranguing mothers to allow operators to do up their newborn boys. Soon large numerous mobile circumcision vans with logos of USAID, CDC, and WHO were roaming for male infants, men and boys in the most remote villages of East Africa. However, plans were being set to begin USAID in some West African countries including Namibia where the US ambassador distributes USA circumcision cash for foreskins.
No US press ever questioned what this scam was all about because William Gates had bought them out and at that time despite not even being a college graduate, a billionaire instead, he had wrapped himself inside a shield of wanting to transform the world with his so-called foundation. Today Gates is being interviewed as if he has a medical degree and is changing our planet for the good. Only a few seem to follow his tracks, including his 40 sessions with Jeffrey Epstein.
Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Tried To Blackmail Bill Gates Over Affair With A Young Russian (
Here is a how-to get foreskins from the Babies manual Published by the WHO. And here is an excerpt that the WHO will not be responsible for any damages accruing from its propaganda or use. To quote the manual that had been written and prepared by USA Family doctor, David Tomlinson of Brown University, who had as a mechanical engineer designed and patented a quick circumcision device. To quote the WHO disclaimer:
"All reasonable precautions have been taken by the World Health Organization to verify the
information contained in this publication. However, the published material is being distributed
without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The responsibility for the interpretation
and use of the material lies with the reader. In no event shall the World Health Organization be
liable for damages arising from its use."
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2023.05.27 11:04 majikmanpp Just got the May security update

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2023.05.27 09:06 CoastalCyclist Beach Soccer Live Streaming

Hey everyone! I’m excited to set up my VEO 2 with live streaming for a beach soccer tournament next weekend. I got a Verizon titan hotspot with 5G Wi-Fi & Ethernet capabilities. I have been toying around with the team features
I’ll need to set up 12 team accounts and multiple live streams for the tournament
I have a few concerns and hopefully you all can provide some feedback or advice:
-I want to have a strong connection to stream quality videos at the beach in Oceanside Harbor
-I am concerned about overheating after streaming all day in the sun at the beach
-Charging will most likely come from a generator and then extension cords for power along with an Ethernet cord if that will be the best way for a solid connection
-I have been trying to use the app and it seems to crash when I exit the app after starting the livestream
Any advice will be appreciated (:
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2023.05.27 07:33 info_khaasit IT SOLUTION

IT SOLUTION submitted by info_khaasit to u/info_khaasit [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 05:05 Born-Wolverine-2643 Feeling very misled and frustrated

Feeling very misled and frustrated
So we've been T-Mobile customers for about 8 years. Overwhich we've traveled to lebanon once a year with atleast one person. We've never been able to use data roaming in Lebanon even when we tried to. My mom traveled to lebanon in October and everything was fine, she then traveled again in March of this year and traveled back on May 15th.
We were surprised to see 200$ in roaming charges and are expecting another $1000-1200 for the next cycle.
The T-mobile messaged she received clearly states that data is disabled by default unless you specifically dial to enable it. No one ever dialed to enable it which was verified by T-mobile employees.
Furthermore the data usage spikes on random days as you can see by the usage charts. The electricity in Lebanon cuts off every 6 hours or so so you lose wifi quite often that is other than all the times that you leave the house.
I am frustrated that the mobile data roaming was enabled by T-mobile without our consent nor approval.
T-Mobile customer support was not helpful at all and now I am not sure exactly how to proceed. Between the random usage spikes which don't correlate to loss of WiFi and usage of mobile data, and the text message shown I am now stuck with a $1,400 charge.
Please let me know if you can reccomend an avenue to pursue.
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2023.05.27 03:36 dpwilly E sim for Europe/Switzerland or 2 separate sims?

Travelling from Australia to Europe for the first time next week, Italy, Switzerland, germany, belgium, netherlands.
What do people recommend is the best way to get mobile service throughout the trip? A bunch of e sims offer Europe and Switzerland roaming but are pricey and/or low data plans etc. Or is it best to buy a prepaid sim that will work in europe then when getting to Switzerland buying just a basic one for there ?
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2023.05.27 03:05 Never_Let_Me Setting up Nest with iPhone Xs: Connects to Wi-Fi but no internet

Help. All my devices connect to the Nest Wi-Fi I set up with my iPhone, but only my Lenovo laptops actually have Internet (one Ethernet, one Wi-Fi). My iPhone, my iPad, and my Samsung smart TV don’t have Internet.
I’ve been on the phone with Google for a total of three hours and have tried 9 total setups, including factory and Apple device resets.
After my Apple devices join the network, I turn off “Private Wi-Fi address” and “Limit IP address tracking.” Too late, I saw a suggestion here to turn off “iCloud private relay” before starting setup. I suppose I can try again with this off before I start. It’s off now. It’s been suggested here that all three of these can be turned back on after successful setup.
The Google CSR had me enter custom DNS settings in the Google Home app, and said to wait two hours. I checked after two hours and the custom settings were gone.
My iPhone has device management from Microsoft with VPN, and I tried turning that off and did all the things in this article: I even tried using my iPad (no VPN) for setup, connected to my iPhone as a hotspot. “Private Wi-Fi address” and “Limit IP address tracking.” come on automatically when connecting to a new Wi-Fi. The best I can do is turn them off immediately but I think they are just defeating the Nest and I won’t be able to get around it.
Any ideas? Is my phone too old? I update the iOS regularly, including yesterday. TIA.
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2023.05.27 01:55 ParticularSea5449 Help Understanding Premium Options

Hello all! I have a special use case for starlink service, several times a year my company needs a lot of bandwidth in a pretty rural area. The problem with bonded 4g connections in the past is the fact that the other thousand + people at the event are trying to use the same tower too, with lots of device data being used. This is for something like a trade show.
I’d like to combine any 4g/5g and several starlings together (already know how to do this part!). The question is, which plan and service do I need?
The events are usually several days, is it possible to love a starlink business account to different addresses several times a year? and pause the service?
What about roam vs mobility? Seems like roam is way at the bottom of the priority list, if that is the case it’s not a good option except for maybe a dedicated management link.
Can someone explain where these plans all fall on the hierarchy of prioritization?
Also for the dishes, should i sludge for the $2,500 models? or since bonding several just do the standard?
A huge plus would be to pay for additional priority data, pause/active service at different addresses, and of course i don’t want to spend more then I need to!
1TB for $1,000 of priority isn’t bad for my use case!
Does roam offer more then 50GB of premium data?
Maybe i could use a mix of services? What do you think is best for my use case?
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2023.05.27 01:21 _seawolf Using Control D to Redirect WiFi Calling

I've been trying to use Control D to redirect my mobile carrier's WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) without any success. My carrier blocks WiFi calling when you're outside the home country (Australia in my case), but if I was able to get the redirect working for it then I'd be able to avoid roaming charges for making and receiving calls by connecting to WiFi. I'm talking about the native WiFi calling provided by my mobile service, not making calls with an app like WhatsApp, Signal etc. Having a VPN running on the phone doesn't help as the phones do not send WiFi calling through the VPN. The only way around this is to run the VPN on another device and then hotspot it to your phone. I'm hoping to avoid that and just use Control D as a completely on-device solution.
Initially I just used Redirect All Traffic to redirect everything with Control D but then discovered in the logs that there's a Global Rule for (used to find the WiFi Calling servers) to prevent them being redirected. I then put in a custom rule to override it and discovered the reason for the global rule, the redirecting breaks WiFi Calling immediately.
So, my question is, why is it breaking? Is it something about the way WiFi Calling works that means it's never going to be possible to redirect it? Or is it because the redirection servers only redirect traffic on certain ports and if the WiFi Calling ports were added to the servers then it could work (making this a feature request)?
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2023.05.27 00:44 MTGeomancer Simple choice vs Go5G comparison question

Simple choice vs Go5G comparison question
A couple things surprised me when I was looking at my bill and the app prompted me to "upgrade" my plan.
1) It says my current bill is $165 plus taxes but I'm really paying $140 plus taxes ($100 first two lines, $40 for line three).
2) It says unlimited 4G LTE and implies I do not get 5G. All three of my phones say they're on 5G though. Also, it says I have no "premium data" and will be deprioritized, is that true?
3) Video streaming quality is X'd out but I'm pretty sure with "Binge On" turned off I'm getting full resolution video?
Thanks in advance for any insight and helping me understand!
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2023.05.27 00:39 crins0n Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

I’ve just installed parrot 5.3 on my laptop and am having issues connecting to Wi-Fi. The SSID for my network shows up and prompts me for the password. I enter the correct password, however it will not connect and continues with the password prompt. I’ve pinged loop back with success so I know my NIC is working, however I am at a loss as to what to do next. I’ve also attempted to connect to my mobile hotspot, however I cannot even locate the network, which is odd since I have no issues finding and connecting to it on another device.
What can I do to resolve this issue and get online.
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2023.05.26 22:42 zincnighti US, 5G Mint Mobile/T-Mobile, $500-ish, Battery and reliability, listening to youtube during work

After 3.5 years, my OnePlus 7 Pro is getting warm through the case, missing calls, and dropping connection to my computer's wi-fi hotspot so I'm looking for a replacement this year. I had paid $500 for it, so I figure that's a good starting point though lower is better of course.
Use Case
Don't care about
Looking for
Would be nice
What are my options?
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2023.05.26 21:20 MountainShine9056 Seeking Advice: Mobile Hotspot vs. Dongle for Stable Internet Connection during Hotel Stay

Update : I've decided to check my mobile Hotspot and go with optus sim for the month, or ill check for dongle in local store as long as it can be returned without charges.
Hello, fellow Redditors!
I'm seeking some advice regarding my upcoming stay in a hotel where the provided Wi-Fi is notoriously unreliable. I'll be there for about a month and need a stable internet connection to work remotely, connecting to my office system. I've considered two options: using my mobile hotspot or purchasing a dongle specifically for this purpose. However, I have a few concerns and would appreciate your insights.
  1. Mobile Hotspot: I'm thinking of buying a SIM card with 60+ GB of data and using my mobile as a hotspot. Does this option provide consistent speeds and reliable connectivity for a whole month without latency issues? I'll be connecting to my office system remotely, so I won't require excessive speeds, maybe around 25-50 Mbps. My plan is to connect my laptop to the mobile hotspot for internet access. Can anyone confirm if this setup is capable of maintaining a stable connection without latency issues or frequent breaks?
  2. Dongle: On the other hand, I'm aware that purchasing a dongle would provide a dedicated device for internet connectivity. However, I only need this solution for a month or two, and getting tied down with a dongle contract for a year doesn't seem ideal. Is it worth considering this option despite the potential long-term commitment? Would a dongle offer more stable and consistent connectivity compared to a mobile hotspot?
Furthermore, I've noticed some affordable data SIM plans offered by Aldi, Woolworths, and other providers that utilize Telstra's network. Can anyone share their experiences with these providers in terms of delivering reliable and constant internet speeds within Melbourne (South Yarra to be more specific) ? I'm particularly interested in the coverage and performance of these options, considering my specific requirement of a stable connection for remote work.
I greatly appreciate any advice, personal experiences, or suggestions you can offer to help me make an informed decision. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Note: I'm looking for options that will cost under 60$ per month, a sim that lets me do calls (international included is a plus) and stable high speed Internet for remote work.
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2023.05.26 21:06 ElLechero Weekly Question and Answer Thread for: 5/26 - 6/5: Ask your Moving, Visiting, Neighborhood, and "Where Can I Find _____" questions here, instead of making a new post

Please ask any Denver-related questions here, but it would be a good idea to search the sub and read our FAQ before doing so -- many of your questions have likely already been answered. A little research will allow you ask more detailed questions which will get you better answers. If you want a quick answer or just to chat, check out the /Denver discord server..
Here is a short list of topics frequently asked about on Denver:
Read FAQ entry Free on Your Birthday BBQ Mexican Bars Cultural Restaurants MEGATHREAD Denverfood
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Read FAQ entry Search COBeer
Cannabis FAQ COents
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Places to see and visit
Read FAQ entry Past moving and visiting threads Travel Guide Westword Events Calendar Search
Internet Providers
Comcast CenturyLink Forethought WiFI Hood Search
Cell/Mobile service
T-Mobile Sprint Verizon Search
Neighborhood Recommendations
Read FAQ entry Denver Crime Map Past moving and visiting threads Search
Hiking / Camping (Seasonal)
Article on beginner hikes Search coloradohikers/ (Colorado Hiking Sub - Guides, Pictures, Conservation)
Advice on employment/finding work
Denverjobs (job search/hiring post are not allowed in Denver)
"I would like to buy buy, sell, rent …"
Denverlist (Posts for buying and selling items, concert tickets (unless giving them away for free), ride shares, and finding housing are not allowed in Denver.)
Medical recommendations
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"Colorado traction law restricting 2WDs on I-70 in mountains signed into law" - Denver Post** Read FAQ entry RTD General questions
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Covid-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus) Information:Colorado Subreddit:
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State National Resources: Information Nationwide Map by Johns Hopkins
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