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The possibility a Mangaplus creator, manga series can be adapted into an anime

2023.05.28 07:47 Healthy-Froyo-8194 The possibility a Mangaplus creator, manga series can be adapted into an anime

I’ve been thinking for a while about creating a manga to break records and sail to the new top. With creative new ideas to add to anime as a whole. One thing has been on my mind even though Im not from Japan there are sites to post your works independently, like WEBTOON, Mangaplus creators, etc. Is it even slightly possible to get a series to that height to become an anime adaptation?
I know that webtoon has made some series on Crunchyroll like god of highschool and some others that I can’t remember the names atm but would Mangaplus be a better place to start? Even though the creator side of manga plus is very new to this day it is coming up on a year old. Given the youth of the program I feel it would be a prime chance to upon that void to be the first, and make a name for myself.
I’ve got a lot of planes and ideas boiling and rendering in my head about where to start on the series and what to do for it I feel like this is the place to ask questions. I would really love to see my characters and ideas in action but I need to start somewhere.
Please let me know your thoughts I’m really intrigued to see what everyone says and share this with friends if this at all interests you. Maybe there can be a collaboration of creators in the near future.
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2023.05.28 07:45 big-guy-small-car a unicorn rare 1988 chevy nova twin cam. it was the only way to get a 4age in an ae82 4 door in the u.s. the current twin cam nova registry has 12 on it including this one. located in a junkyard near me.

a unicorn rare 1988 chevy nova twin cam. it was the only way to get a 4age in an ae82 4 door in the u.s. the current twin cam nova registry has 12 on it including this one. located in a junkyard near me. submitted by big-guy-small-car to COROLLA [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 07:44 strawberrycow-wow what are things i can do to continue to make positive progress when times are tough?

tonight it’s rough. i had been doing so well the past year but tonight i am having quite the breakdown.
i ate a chicken sandwich and some fries. i remember not being able to eat chicken for a while due to me being petrified of food poisoning. i am trying very hard to not jump to a food poisoning conclusion or the stomach bug. my siblings ate the same things from the restaurants and they are both fine. i am wondering if this is just a SEVERE GERD flare up. i try to burp a little but it just ends up being water brash and i’m nearly regurgitating. i passed some green stools too.
i am so tired right now it’s nearly 2 am and i worked all day today i really wish i could put this on pause and just feel nauseous a different time haha.
back to my point, i feel like i am regressing in progress because i am overthinking about the dinner i ate and that i’ve contracted good poisoning since the nausea hasn’t gone away and i’m trembling (shakey?)
if i let myself go too far, i feel like i may spiral and go back to my old habits.
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2023.05.28 07:42 hyperspace-elf 5/27/23 Ground-level yellow blinking/pulsing light

I almost never post things on the internet in general, and almost didn't want to make this its own thread, but just can't resist reaching out to see if others have experienced something similar as I can't seem so find anything even close. I know these things are real, but am also a healthy skeptic myself, so please, flame away if you must, I understand where you're coming from.
5/27/23 Ground-level yellow blinking light42/300
I live alone, pretty far out in the county. (Like, Amish neighbors far out)
I've had experiences with these (usually) high altitude, obviously intelligently controlled craft/light(s) that many describe. Many times over the years, in fact. Almost always with other people present, also witnessing the same things, so though jarring, things always felt safe.
Well, it'd been awhile (a year or so) and something inside me decided it was time tonight to go outside, look up, and to try to say hello; see if anyone was in the area.
About 9:30, make coffee and go stand out in a spot in my yard (not too far from the house, ~50ft) with the best view of the entire sky. Very dark, party cloudy. While staring at the sky waiting for my eyes to get adjusted to the darkness of the sky, I tried meditating on just being a calm, peaceful, and welcoming presence out there. After a few minutes of standing, I decided to walk down to the boathouse shed next to the pond (maybe ~60 feet from the house) to grab a lawn chair that I could take back to my spot in the yard.
Not a minute after returning to my spot and setting up the chair do I notice a very small, blinking/pulsing yellow light zipping around down by the pond in the SAME AREA that I JUST WAS a minute or so before. I watched, it would blink erratically a few times, allowing me to catch its path of travel, then disappear, only to reappear a second or two later in a completely different location in that area with another few quick blinks/pulses of this yellow light. One second it'd be ground level, another, it was floating up to the top of one of the trees nearby the pond. No sound. At this point I know that something strange had arrived, and also that it was VERY aware that I was there and looking in it's direction. I got my hello. My heart immediately starts racing out of control. I'd not had this CLOSE an experience before, and was hardly ready for it. My mind hopelessly attempts to attribute it to a firefly, as that's what it could MOST closely relate this sighting to. But it traveled around MUCH too quickly, blinking patterns were odd, and as I tried to quickly reevaluate my surroundings, there were exactly 0 other fireflies around ANYWHERE. We don't get them until late June/Early July anyways.
At this point I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed because I keep loosing it's position between the blinks/pulses and wondered if it intended on coming nearer to me, so, out of fear, I began walking briskly back towards the house, attempting to respectfully make clear that I'd suddenly gotten very overwhelmed due to the close proximity of this encounter, which I hadn't experienced before, and needed to stop. Once I was back on my back porch, near the door of the house, I took another long look back in that direction. Though I was genuinely freaked, I still wanted to see if I could catch it's flashes once more. I did, and it was coming quickly nearer, about at the spot in the yard where I'd just been. In an instant, I felt my entire nervous system electrically light up, all the blood drain from my body, my face go pale. I couldn't help but to nervously scurry back inside, my self-preservation taking the wheel. I wish I could've shown more courage, but the behavior of these things have a way of making you feel very small and helpless, especially in one-on-one encounters.
Again, not trying to prove anything, just trying to detail an experience that I had. Still in that, 'not quite sure how to proceed' state. I feel bad, I meant no disrespect and attempted to make that clear. Don't ask unless you are prepared to receive, I suppose.
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2023.05.28 07:41 CPlayto 6 days sober - Fun story!

During that first COVID summer I bought an inflatable boat (it's a real boat not a toy lol) so my wife and I could get out on some of the lakes in the parks near our house without investing in a truck & trailer. It sat in the garage unopened for the past 3 years.
I landed on cirrhosis last weekend and spiralled. Something stuck, because I've done what I couldn't do for years/over a decade - shut down the drinking.
This morning, after the first Friday I didn't drink in memory, my wife and I were having coffee together (already a great Saturday morning) and I remembered the boat. Now, I had remembered the boat several times in the past and I love being out on the water, but I had been too lazy, too out of shape, too hungover, and too unwilling to give up a socially acceptable afternoon drinking window to commit to unboxing and figuring out the damn thing.
From the time I had the idea this morning I; unboxed it, figured it out, packed in into the car, packed a full-on picnic, went to the park, paddled it across the lake where they were having an art fair, did the art fair thing, had a picnic with my wife (coke zero, no beer or white claw), got back in the boat, she did some reading I did some fishing, paddled back, and we spent the early evening heading to a few stores to get the trolling motor setup because we wanted to go back out tomorrow.
My wife said it was the best day she'd had with me in a long time. I agreed.
It's 1am on my 7th day here. IWNDWYT (sp?)
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2023.05.28 07:41 GoGoWolf PLEASE HELP!!! Lost bird near SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY


This is to anyone near the Santa Clara University campus. I have lost my dear Buddy when we were out on a walk today (May 27, 2023) and he flew off after something spooked him. He went up into a tree and after some time, some crows got to him and chased him toward the dorms on Market Street. If anyone finds him (whether he's alive or the worse thing possible) please contact me here. Thank you.
He is VERY SHY AND SCARES EASILY!! So if you find him on the ground (which is actually normal for him) please DO NOT approach and contact me instead.
He will respond to his name or a "Wolf Whistle" but DOES NOT TALK! He instead makes various noises.
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2023.05.28 07:40 GoGoWolf Please help my find my baby!

Please help my find my baby!

This is to anyone near the Santa Clara University campus. I have lost my dear Buddy when we were out on a walk today (May 27, 2023) and he flew off after something spooked him. He went up into a tree and after some time, some crows got to him and chased him toward the dorms on Market Street. If anyone finds him (whether he's alive or the worse thing possible) please contact me here. Thank you.
He is VERY SHY AND SCARES EASILY!! So if you find him on the ground (which is actually normal for him) please DO NOT approach and contact me instead.
He will respond to his name or a "Wolf Whistle" but DOES NOT TALK! He instead makes various noises.
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2023.05.28 07:39 aaspicy 26 [TF4M] Ate girl na gusto na jumowa

Madami dami na akong nakikita na reddit success stories dito so tingnan natin if magwowork nga ba. Wag niyo ko kulitin sa hookup kasi di yan hanap ko now
About me: Cutie na trans F 🏳️‍⚧️, 5’4, fair and short hair and talkative. Has cats, Likes fashion and gaming. Confident naman akong cutie ako tingnan mo nalang profile ko hahahaha
About you:
-Cutie din - mas matangkad sa akin or pwede din kaheight ko -Kaya magcarry din ng convo - a plus if bisexual or pansexual ka kasi mas madali tayo magconnect - Not sexist, transphobic, homophobic, apologist etc. - Near QC or nearby placrs
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2023.05.28 07:39 lostings My co-workers won’t stop asking about my boyfriend and it’s only gotten worse.

I’m (20f) a caregiver at a group home and I just started working here barely a month ago. I’ve been doing everything correctly but my co-workers keep on asking about my boyfriend (24m) and it’s gotten to the point where I’m scared my job is in jeopardy.
For context, my boyfriend drives me to and from work and parks outside while I’m working (I work the graveyard shift). He does not feel comfortable going back to my home without me due to some conflict between him and my parents (who we’re staying with until we have enough money to find a place) and the fact that it’s about a 35-40 mile drive one way (70-80 round trip, if he were to go back home it would be around 140-160 miles per day and we don’t have the money to pay for that kind of gas). Also note he’s comfortable staying out in the car and sleeping in it as needed, his car is his treasure. He does not enter or go near the house I’m working in at all and does not come in contact with anything related to the house.
Moving on… it all started when a co-worker commented about a guy parking across the street and sitting in his car, in which I let her know that it was my ride and he was waiting to come pick me up. I didn’t think much of it since it’s just conversation and I didn’t think my boyfriend being parked across the street would be a big deal. She started asking more questions about it, like if I had a DL, my own car, why he was out there waiting for me, ect. I answered all the questions honestly and we moved on.
The next day two other co-workers bring it up and they both tell me, “Don’t bring him inside, it’s not your house, we need to respect people’s privacy and it’s not appropriate”, and they went on for about 5 minutes about it. I know it’s related to another situation regarding another employee who got put in suspension for that exact thing happening (plus some worse stuff happened relating the person’s partner after entering the house but I won’t elaborate on it), but every day that I have worked either Management has notified me or another co-worker, each time getting more aggressive. While having these conversations I also added that it’s a HIPAA Violation to do so and that neither my boyfriend or I are interested in doing anything close to that. Today at work about an hour after my shift started one of my co-workers (not on the schedule today) pulled up to the house, sat in his car for like 5 minutes and then drove off. My boyfriend texted me telling me about this and I feel very uncomfortable being here. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I really do feel like people are gossiping about me and it’s going to lead to an unlawful investigation with suspension and potentially getting fired even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m thinking of calling HR when I get off work although I’m unsure of whether that’ll actually help. What should I do?
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2023.05.28 07:39 aaspicy 26 [TF4M] Ate girl na gusto na jumowa

Madami dami na akong nakikita na reddit success stories dito so tingnan natin if magwowork nga ba. Wag niyo ko kulitin sa hookup kasi di yan hanap ko now
About me: Cutie na trans F 🏳️‍⚧️, 5’4, fair and short hair and talkative. Has cats, Likes fashion and gaming. Confident naman akong cutie ako tingnan mo nalang profile ko hahahaha
About you:
-Cutie din - mas matangkad sa akin or pwede din kaheight ko -Kaya magcarry din ng convo - a plus if bisexual or pansexual ka kasi mas madali tayo magconnect - Not sexist, transphobic, homophobic, apologist etc. - Near QC or nearby placrs
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2023.05.28 07:38 Illustrious_Town_163 Is it possible to lose weight with Cushing’s?

I’ve had some Cushing’s symptoms since 2011, but they’re mostly ones that overlap with PCOS - absent periods and hair growth. I also gained a lot of weight around that time, but my lifestyle was terrible food and exercise wise. I also have severe anxiety but I’ve had that all my life, it just really flared up then and I ended up on antidepressants. My weight is mostly in the belly and my face is fat but I wouldn’t say moon face, and I haven’t developed any of the other hallmarks of Cushing’s like high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle weakness, stretch marks or fatigue.
Anyway, I went through various Cushing’s testing in 2013 which came out all negative. Endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS. I really didn’t do anything about it but at now realizing I should have and am getting on meds for it and working on weight loss. If it’s PCOS, cool and that makes sense as several women in my family have it and my periods were never regular, but I’m perplexed by a recent result indicating my estrogen isn’t high, which women with PCOS usually have.
The worry of Cushing’s never really went away, but this year I’ve lost 30 pounds and quite easily, just by cutting back on unhealthy food. My understanding is that would be near impossible with Cushing’s. Is that correct?
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2023.05.28 07:37 hxmlet Where can I find a fan for cheap here?

I've heard people tell me I can find cheap fans near station Square, but where exactly? ive been there a couple times and i can only remember clothes or food shops
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2023.05.28 07:37 LukeWasNotHere The Men of The Mountain

“Dad, can you tell me the story?” The son asked, pulling his covers.
“I will try. Promise you’ll sleep afterwards.” The father replied, grabbing a chair.
“Promise.” He said.
The father leaned in close, a half whisper, soft and comforting, like a campfire in a long night.
“There was once a mountain, the tallest and wildest in all the lands. So vast and so steep no man nor animal could climb it or claim it. They sat for so long, so alone they did not know what the ground was like. They grew used to the lack of air, the height, the wind and the cold. Other days, the rain and the heat. They forgot to be scared of the ground.
Until one day. An animal did climb upon that mountain, the bravest of all the animals on the ground. The strongest, the fastest, the ones the animals feared. Once it saw what lived on its peak it became the smallest. The scaredest, littlest thing on a great giant mountain, not made for things like them.
They fought, The Men of The Mountain were primitive but matched only in their ferocity. Many battles took place but soon the animals were forced to stop.
They not used to the mountain, the air, the height, the wind and the cold. The rain and the heat. But, once the battles were over, when the last of the animals were caged, the Men of The Mountain did the thing they always did. ‘Why?’ They asked. ‘Why?’
‘Why come to our mountain, for it is so steep and so cold? Why fight us?’
The animals answered, ‘We climbed because we had to. Because we lost, and because she made us.’ They then told the story of revolt, of trying and failing. For hundreds of years. A story of tyranny and a tragedy. How the ruler made the animals go all throughout the lands to find others to conquer.
The Men of The Mountain wept for them. For some came from a place higher than the mountain, after losing, forced to go down. Then the Men of The Mountain climbed down, to the ground they long forgot. To see things they could have never imagined or hoped.
And with the animals they fought together. Fought the ruler to free the animals they once killed. To free all the other animals throughout the land. Now the Men of The Mountain are the most feared, not the biggest or strongest. Yet, they’re presence is met with fear or anger buried, and sometimes even love.
Some other animals chose to climb that mountain, they talked of wonderful things. After they avoided the deadly. The way the sun set on the clouds in the most peculiar way. The smells. The animals also built for that mountain the same as the men, their danger and beauty.
The Men of The Mountain are still feared. Many will never dare come near it, but to those who do, it seems as though the mountain has tempered their bodies, but not their hearts. For they have saved our people too.”
“Thanks,” The son spoke, his voice growing soft and weary in sleep. “Love you, Dad.”
“Sweet dreams, I love you more.”
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2023.05.28 07:34 LordTetravus Kenrith and Atraxa in Unholy Matrimony

I realized recently just how many cards overlapped between my Atraxa, Grand Unifier cEDH build and my Kenrith Wheels high-power / semi-competitive decklist.
My cEDH group has been heavily experimenting with Atraxa and I decided to put together a meld of the two decks with Kenrith as the commander to provide access to red. We all worked together to fine-tune the build and present it to you all for your feedback.
We made some very hard cuts, about 20 cards from our original rough draft. There is no budget and our goal is just to create a highly competitive and resilient deck.
The deck uses all the common Kenrith combos and synergies - Dockside and Phantasmal Image, Underworld Breach and LED with Wheel of Fortune, Tainted Pact and Thoracle. Adding Atraxa and more effects like Emiel/Displacer Kitten and Kinnan to generate mana and value was a nearly seamless package that turbocharges the deck.
Initial playtesting appears very promising. Blood Moon was a notable issue in one game. Basics aren't really a great fit in the list.
My cEDH playgroup is about 15-20 people and very diverse, with all the usual top partner combos, Gitrog, Shorikai Stax, Magda, Krrik, Omnath, and many others making appearances.
Please let me know what you think! 🙂
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2023.05.28 07:34 Halycon949 Do you desire people to follow their heart?

When you see someone act out of their own inner self or has a high sense of individualism, does this attract you as an INFP? Or it matters not to you? Do you appreciate this kind of person or is it still a case to case basis depending on your principles, morals and values?
For me this question has been a tough nut to crack with regards to INFPs.
I've watched Michael Pierce's video (I felt this is the best explainer) about Fe vs. Fi and I am wondering in the last statement he makes at the end of the video is true about Fi doms. I am wondering if INFPs are attracted to people who have a high sense of self even (i.e. individualism) even if it isn't nearly the same as their own sense of individuality or does your sense of individualism still take hold?
Some other notes:
I observed as well that types as well who have Fi in their first 3 slots are individualistic and have their own identity. Fi is the last of the functions that I'm trying to demystify and get to know in depth after learning all the other functions
If you search "Follow your heart" in this sub, it has been mentioned - but for a different context
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2023.05.28 07:32 M1ST3RT0RGU3 [LoZ] Why don't we hear about any other Gerudo men?

It didn't really occur to me until after I started playing Tears of the Kingdom, but why is Ganondorf the ONLY Gerudo male we ever hear about? If there's supposed to be only 1 every century, you'd think it would be a much bigger thing that nearly everybody across Hyrule would hear about; they'd practically be a celebrity from birth.
In Breath of the Wild, it's been 100 years since Age of Calamity. In Tears of the Kingdom, it's revealed to have been 10,000 years since the birth of the kingdom of Hyrule, as well as its subsequent near-downfall at the hands of Ganondorf. In that entire time, nowhere in presented history is there even a single mention of another Gerudo-born male.
But it's not just limited to the two most recent games: to my knowledge, there's never been any other Gerudo man other than Ganondorf in the entire series.
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2023.05.28 07:31 0nesweetw0rld At my wits end…

I am at my wits end with shaving my lady bits. For as long as I can remember, every time I shave my bikini and mons pubis area I break out SO badly (doesn’t happen on my legs or underarms). Red angry bumps and razor burn every time. To the point I switched to Brazilian waxing 1x month for an entire year. Waxing was great in the beginning but sure enough towards the end of my stint I was getting horrible ingrowns and needed to stop. It was getting pricey too. The irritation wasn’t nearly as bad as shaving but the cyst like ingrowns were terrible. I’ve since reluctantly gone back to shaving and I hate it more than ever. I tried the new Venus 2 blade pubic and skin razor and it’s okay but not great. I’ve started chemical exfoliating before shaving with an AHA/BHA, following up with The Ordinary glycolic acid after shaving as well as Fur oil once that dries. I wear loose clothes and no underwear to let everything breathe post-shave. I just went through that whole process for the second time since switching back to shaving and my bikini is so red and angry still. Shaved in small patches, rinsed the razor a lot, used shaving cream, shaved with the grain and not against it. The whole 9 yards. I don’t know what else to do. It’s affecting my self esteem and makes me feel so insecure (and is quite painful) that I haven’t been wanting to have sex with my husband for the fact it looks like an absolute war zone down there. He recently switched to Supply single blade razors as he’s battled similar reactions while shaving his face and his face has honestly never looked better. He really loves the shave and he doesn’t get nearly as broken out now. I am toying with the idea of switching to a single blade (I think it’s called a DE safety razor on these threads?) but I’ll be honest I’m terrified. It seems tricky to get use to and if this doesn’t work, my last resort is laser hair removal which I really don’t want to do. I have tried going au natural and I hate it, it will never be for me. If I do make the switch to one of these fancy razors/blades, what do you recommend and do you have any advice? I saw the Maggards kits recommended a few times and they seem promising, but just scared to make the leap. Any/all recommendations, advice, and personal experience is appreciated!
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2023.05.28 07:30 Big-Pension-7438 AITA for eating my sisters bread?

Hi m(20) here, recently my sister had moved near where I live for a job. So one day she invited me over for a visit at her place. I had driven to her house on the way there I stopped at a gas station to fill gas and I bought a bag of doritos. Anyways drive to her house and when I finally got there I was greeted and I came in with my unfinished bag of chips. So I put them on the counter near the doorway so I could take them back when I went home. So I saw this slice of bread on her kitchen counter. So we were like having out and stuff when suddenly she needed to go to the bathroom and stuff. So I went and ate the slice of bread because I was really hungry. But when she came back and saw what I had done she was shocked and screamed at me. Apparently it was her past slice of bread that she had been saving for the past couple of years. So she told me to leave and I forgot to take my bag of domino's. She won't let me back in the house and has blocked me on everything. I can't get my domino's back and i am really worried. Should i apologize and AITA for eating the bread?
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2023.05.28 07:29 Aggressive_Honey_23 Where can I get experience?

I have a bachelor's in Medical Laboratory Science.
I want to try and get started in a forensic science field, but all the jobs near me require 5+ years of experience.
What is a entry level job that I can search for?
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2023.05.28 07:29 stinkypuppo My experience moving somewhere I didn't know anyone

As many of you can probably relate to, my life has been topsy turvy since a handful of awful things happened when I was a kid, and it's just been a rotating series of traumas ever since (not to sound self-indulgent, that's just how it's been unfortunately lol). Covid happened right as I was about to graduate, so I moved back in with my parents in my small town, and within the next few years I had a needlessly painful breakup with a man who put me through hell, had friends move away, was in and out of weird, formless friend groups, and of course had multiple scary moments within my family. I felt paralyzed, both by how expensive it was to move anywhere where I'm from, and from just being back in a familiar cycle of darkness. But the thing that really pushed me over the edge was when I watched my sweet dog, my best friend, die in an incredibly frightening way.
Over the next few months, I plotted and realized if I stayed put any longer, I'd just go entirely numb and start to regress, and I'd lose the few close friends I still have. So I moved to a city I'd visited before, could afford with my new job, and felt comfortable in, despite not knowing anyone. I've been here for a couple months now, and it's definitely strange, but overall, it's been good.
I've been forced to confront that inner, gnawing loneliness we go through, and ngl, it's been a motherfucker. Heavy melatonin and daily walks through the park have been lifelines lol. But it's also been really helpful. Sharing my experiences has allowed other people in my life to finally peek in, making me realize that the way I related to my loneliness was largely internal, and related to the traumas I still had to care for. I've been in a constant grind moving forward since I started DBT, feeling like I needed to "prove" I could handle myself, without really stopping to think what that means. Yes, it's painful to go multiple days without hearing from people I know, and to be in the world and see people with roots already established in this city. But I'm also more clear-headed than I've been in...fucking years, I don't even know lmao.
When I cry, it's catharsis coming out. When I have a positive experience with a stranger, it's my light finally being brave enough to show its face again. I'm writing so much more, enough that I might be able to finally submit a portfolio somewhere (fingers crossed!). I'm not saying this is the path for everyone, but I wanted to share bc I know how scary it can be for us to imagine ourselves on our own. Hell, it takes constant work on my end to regulate myself and not let my inner fears and demons take the reins. But I feel myself growing, getting better, and even if this city isn't forever and I end up moving back to the city near my home, I'll still be that much more stronger, and secure in my solitude, instead of afraid of it.
It might feel like a black hole, but it isn't. We're alive and capable of experiencing great joy and beauty, painful as it might be to get there.
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2023.05.28 07:29 Mannerless1 Of Wolves and Thorns!

Hello and welcome!
Here is the tale of my adventure with the headhunting banner we got for the Siracusa AK event, Through a path of briars...
So, I am a MASSIVE Texas fan, she's my girl, no one is better than my lovely, quiet and stalwart Texas, last of her name and prime pestering target of Lappland. Essentially this means I've been saving every single orundum I own ever since the announcement of a TEXAS EVENT! (oh god the excitement!)
Finally, our cool chika was gonna get her own event and even better than that, BECOME A 6 STAR OP!
So, I saved and saved, spending nothing on Mylnar's banner because I got him for free on my 4th pull (Yes, I know, you hate me :D) and managed to save 240k pure orundum, alongside my life savings of 720 OP, so basically I was SET AF for this banner.
And boy what a banner it was, I shall now tell you what happened and how:
Day one, hour one, minuet one - Spend all my free tokens/rolls/ten pull and get nothing.. spend another 30k and pull the girl, the lady, the wolf herself, my beloved TEXAS as I was sitting in my car waiting for the workday to start 15 mins from now. Absolute elation, listened to every voice line, made her main bae on the screen and immediately got her to E2/90 and began her road to M3 (third skill ofc). Used her absolutely everywhere and my god, she's so god damn powerful and cool (UGH, I'm such a simp! :P)
That was that for 2 days... I did the event and nothing else, that is until I just so happen to watch a video witch (and to my shame) showed me that in the Limited Pool was my favorite Horse Lady, the one and only Nearl The Radiant Knight, who to my shame, I had sobbingly failed to pull on her banner all those months ago.
Suddenly a fire was lit underneath me, I WILL NOT MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN! I screamed internally, as I had every intention of pulling for Penance anyway to add her to my wonderous collection, but like on the last day after exhausting all the free pulls I got.
As I finish work and head home, the game resets and I get my daily free pull. Who should it be, but of course: Main Bae Texas once again! Which is fine because hey, why not right? But I'm no whale, I don't spend anything on this beautiful game other than my time (which I give freely) so getting another rank and reducing her already cheap DP -1 was fine with me, but the new mission was to spend all the necessary orundum to bring home NTR once and for all, and boy did I not know what the game had in store for me...
I lie on my bed, two pillows stuffed under my chest, hand gripped tightly... It was time to say goodbye to my mountain of orundum I had so cautiously saved, I was a man on a mission. I pulled 10 at a time, and to my surprise, I got so very many 6 stars!
First came Horn, the amazing "Tank" (LOL) that I Had been jibbed back a year ago and never got! Oh the envy I had over my friends, so that was simply amazing, next came (drumroll please...) YET ANOTHER TEXAS! WOW, I mean damn girl, I love you but STAHP! Nah, I could never be mad at you <3.
After that I got Stainless (eww) certainly didn't want him, but eh, another sixer never hurt. Next came another lady I didn't much care for in the form of Archetto, so I was like: "Oh cool, I spose" don't gotta grab her in the store now", but finally, I get a double pull and who does it happen to be? None other than the lady of Mafia backed Justice herself, Penance! or should I say, Penance and her twin sister, cos I got two of her in one pull, which is decent because she's got a high DP cost and I totally wanna abuse the game with her and mommy Mudrock /kiss.
On the way to 300 pulls, we're now sitting at 180, so we've passed the point of no return and then some, I go again and out comes Fiametta (Who I totally have the hawts for btw!) and despite her not quite fitting my all star team, she'll do will in my reserves, blowing fools to bits. So yeah, lots of decent luck on the way, every time the bag glows I'm just begging God to let me get NTR before 300 so I could be done and dusted.
We now enter the cold streak! Not a damn thing for ages, it's not until pity kicks in that I get another in the form of Blemishine, who is just cute and darling, but I already had... But hey, will take! We keep going and keep going and not we near the very end, we are at exactly 297/300 rolls, so it's time to stop my tenners, ignore the number on the top right having lost so much weight, and roll 3 little singles to the finish line.
I did exactly that, and the game poetically decided that on pull 300, I would yet once again get my main girl, my own true love, Texas for the fourth time! TALK ABOUT LIMITED! I sigh, give her a sly smile and tell her I loved her too (who knew this former gangster could be so damn clingy!)
I open the spark show, click on NTR and complete the mission! I bought her skin day one just in case I would ever get her (looking at you too Dusk -.-) and took her home where she belonged, with the hoard of other sixers I not gotta build after the Orirock event we got here ends, which is fine cos I got like 10 mil LMD anyway due to it being 1 of 2 stages I throw my energy at!
So, how's that for 300 pulls eh? 10 sixers, 10 free tokens, 1 free ten pull, 168,000 Orundumb leaving me with a widdle over 33k for the next limited (Yato) or whoomever else grabs my attention before then.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is the end of my story and the close of my adventure! Thank you for coming here and being a part of it, I can't wait to hear what you all think of this AK lover's go down in the comments, and to all, may Texas bring Blueberries and Dark Chocolate to your door for a nice romantic evening!
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2023.05.28 07:29 D_Wayne48 I have a pretty simple question, that I should know the answer to after playing this game for years.

I should totally know this, after playing this game for years and years. But before i usually just messed around in creative on a superflat, and although I still love doing that, I actually wanna beat the game at least once.
Every time I get a good survival world going, something stupid happens and I die without a spawn point, thousands of blocks away from where I was. I now have a decent world going, with a place I'm settled, very near a village with a couple others not all that far past it. I bave gotten some diamonds, specifically 13 diamonds. I have made a pic and a sword, leaving me with 8. I am not sure if I should save them and wait til I get more. Or, if I should make a chest plate, or an axe. Should I just make a chestplate? Should i save it until I get enough for a full set? Should I make an axe and shove? I don't know what to prioritize, because my diamond finding luck is sub-par, at best.
Any help would be appreciated, I'm not new to this game at all, just a mainly creative and builder, not survival expert.
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