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Transmission problems. Possible transmission fluid leak. Jeep grand Cherokee 2011 3.6L

2023.05.28 04:48 tristenr19 Transmission problems. Possible transmission fluid leak. Jeep grand Cherokee 2011 3.6L

Transmission problems. Possible transmission fluid leak. Jeep grand Cherokee 2011 3.6L
Had a check engine light come on in my 2011 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6L 163,000 miles. Checked the codes and came back with codes p0730 and p0732 which are ‘incorrect gear ratios’ in the automatic transmission. The transmission has been running awfully lately it has terrible acceleration doesn’t really want to go above 2000 rpm, and will slip and shift gears weirdly. Also an off smell every once in awhile coming from the engine. The possible causes to this issue are low transmission fuel(what I think the issue is) or other transmission mechanical problems. I think the possible direct cause of this is that my transmission fluid has been leaking. I got the transmission flushed probably about 4 months ago and the vehicle ran fine for a couple months and went back to running not well which is why I think I may have a leak. There is also red fluid which is most likely transmission fluid sitting on a cover near the bottom of the engine bay under where the transmission line runs. I bought a transmission dipstick from autozone today and pretty much confirmed my suspicions that the fluid level was very low and this may be the issue (line should be between 60-80mm of oil mine was at most 30mm). My question is, before I have to go to a mechanic , could I have the fluid changed again maybe drop a quart and monitor the levels as I drive the car and I could see if its a leak? Then if it is indeed a leak could that buy me time until I get that leak fixed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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2023.05.28 04:32 tristenr19 Transmission problems. Possible transmission fluid leak. Jeep grand Cherokee 2011

Transmission problems. Possible transmission fluid leak. Jeep grand Cherokee 2011
Had a check engine light come on in my 2011 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6L 163,000 miles. Checked the codes and came back with codes p0730 and p0732 which are ‘incorrect gear ratios’ in the automatic transmission. The transmission has been running awfully lately it has terrible acceleration doesn’t really want to go above 2000 rpm, and will slip and shift gears weirdly. Also an off smell every once in awhile coming from the engine. The possible causes to this issue are low transmission fuel(what I think the issue is) or other transmission mechanical problems. I think the possible direct cause of this is that my transmission fluid has been leaking. I got the transmission flushed probably about 4 months ago and the vehicle ran fine for a couple months and went back to running not well which is why I think I may have a leak. There is also red fluid which is most likely transmission fluid sitting on a cover near the bottom of the engine bay under where the transmission line runs. I bought a transmission dipstick from autozone today and pretty much confirmed my suspicions that the fluid level was very low and this may be the issue (line should be between 60-80mm of oil mine was at most 30mm). My question is, before I have to go to a mechanic , could I have the fluid changed again maybe drop a quart and monitor the levels as I drive the car and I could see if it a leak? Then if it is indeed a leak could that buy me time until I get that leak fixed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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2023.05.28 01:58 JonNexoid Gaming Google - (SEO) The perfect lighthouse score

I've always been hesitant to share my code. It's not that I believe it's subpar, nor am I plagued by imposter syndrome. It's just that sharing code offers a glimpse into the madness that is my mind, and that feels somehow cruel for everyone else. Allow me to guide you on a journey that nearly drove me to the brink of sanity. It all began with Google's Lighthouse update.
For the SEO uninitiated, Google's Lighthouse update represented a substantial shift in search ranking, hinging on a website's performance and adherence to best practices. If you'd like to test your website, simply open it in Chrome on a desktop, press F12 to open the Chrome developer tools, and then click the "Lighthouse" tab. Choose either Desktop or Mobile and click "Analyze". After about a minute, you'll receive five scores, each ranging from 0 to 100, for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice, SEO, and Progressive Web App (PWA).
Before delving into the technical details, let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Grantham, and I'm the proud owner of a small B2B SaaS company, Nexoid, which specializes in ERP and ITSM software. The website I'm discussing in this piece is Feel free to have a look, open up the source code. You can also follow me on LinkedIn. My profile is
Upon the release of the Google Chrome Lighthouse update, I did what any conscientious business owner would do: I checked my website. Much to my dismay, the results were far from satisfactory. With scores of 21/100 for Performance, 30/100 for Accessibility, 45/100 for Best Practice, 11/100 for SEO, and a failure for PWA, I was shocked. I had personally built the website, a fairly standard Single Page Architecture using React.js. The scores were a crushing blow.
Undeterred by the initial setback, I launched MS Code and began addressing the issues one by one, with Performance being my first target. The guides provided within the Lighthouse tool proved quite useful. I converted all images from JPEGs and PNGs to modern WebP files, and ensured that every img tag was equipped with a width and length property to prevent layout shifts. These modifications alone boosted my score from 21/100 to 60/100. It was a significant improvement, but far from perfect. The only suggestion remaining was to "reduce unused JavaScript," which wasn't particularly helpful. The only JavaScript present was the React.js framework, as everything else had been eliminated.
Despite my persistent efforts to rectify the issue, I was met with constant roadblocks. I attempted to remove parts of React.js, explored "lazy loading," and tested various optimizers and compressions. However, the issue stemmed from React.js itself, which was approximately half a megabyte in size.
I can almost hear seasoned web developers shouting, "Don't use React for a website! It's meant for building web applications!" I'm well aware of this now.
What began as a seemingly simple task of converting a few images had now morphed into a complete website overhaul using a new framework. Frustrated and uttering a few choice words under my breath, I set out in search of a suitable replacement. I first considered Vue and later Angular, arguably the biggest competitors of React.js. However, they both presented the same issue.
In an attempt to simplify things, I decided to look into older technologies, and gave jQuery a shot. Yet, I was met with the same problem. It became abundantly clear that there wasn't an off-the-shelf Single Page Architecture framework that could appease the Google deities.
It seemed my only remaining option was to resort to vanilla JavaScript.
My series of experiments began with a basic HTML page without any JavaScript. Then, I tried an HTML page with a div whose contents could be replaced. I quickly realized that making multiple simultaneous changes to the page via JavaScript incurred penalties from Lighthouse. The solution was to manipulate the contents of the body tag as a string and then reintegrate it, thereby creating only a single visible DOM change.
I now had a minimalist HTML page with an empty body tag, complemented by a small onload function in the head tag. This function inspected the URL and executed an HTML GET request to retrieve the corresponding text file containing the page's body HTML. One would think this is a suitable solution. Unfortunately, it fell short when I attempted to dynamically load JavaScript functionality.
Unlike other tags, if you add a script tag with a simple alert("yes this fired") into the body contents string, it won't execute. Although not ideal, one workaround was to parse the body string, identify all the script tag contents, and place them in a JavaScript eval function. The approach was somewhat effective but stumbled when dealing with namespaces, and the developer console was flooded with unsightly warnings. The solution was to extract the script tags from the HTML and add them as a script element after the DOM had rendered. Google did not penalize this action for some reason.
Progress was being made, and I had a basic Single Page Architecture solution. But not so fast. While Google is efficient at indexing Single Page Architecture pages (they do this by opening it in a browser, allowing all the JavaScript to run, and then scanning the DOM), Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines use a similar, simpler method. However, most other platforms like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp only fetch the HTML file, retrieving a small HTML file with a blank body. My solution was not viable. I now had to replicate this concept for every page on the website and include the JavaScript to switch to Single Page Architecture mode when a user clicked on a link.
I needed a tool capable of generating HTML for each page, based on my solution. It occurred to me that I had the perfect resource at my disposal: my own ERP system, Nexoid. I created a Nexoid model encompassing a website and web page data objects. The website record facilitated the creation of a generic template webpage, while the web page records contained the content for each individual page. The final piece of the puzzle was a workflow function or script that could read the website record and all related web page records to generate the HTML files. After a few days, it was operational. I had created a basic Content Management System (CMS). Developing a CMS to this point is not overly complex; the real challenge arises when integrating other CMS workflows, approvals, localizations, previews, etc.
A key requirement for the new website was localization; we aimed to launch it in 11 languages. Being an IT company, I naturally leaned toward technological solutions. Rather than hiring a translator for every page, I opted for AWS Translate. While AI translators are decent, they're not perfect, and the errors are noticeable enough to reveal a non-human origin. A French-speaking staff member evaluated the AI translation and gave it a 6/10, describing it as "understandable, but not proper French."
However, we stumbled upon a valuable trick. We found that feeding the English text through ChatGPT first, asking it to 'tidy this up', and then pasting it in, it rewords the text in a way that's still English but is much more compatible with the language models. Using the ChatGPT-reworded English as the base for translation significantly improves the translation quality, elevating it to a 9 or even a perfect 10 out of 10.
Having developed a solid technological foundation for creating the website, I was making progress. However, a new challenge emerged as we began to build more complex pages. Under the new Lighthouse guidelines, it became necessary to consolidate all JavaScript, CSS, and HTML into a single file. This also applied to the Single Page Architecture versions.
We resorted to inserting all JavaScript and CSS files as inline tags. A similar strategy was required for the Single Page Architecture version. We created a JSON file containing all scripts, styles, and HTML.
Lighthouse identified the next problem as the size of the assets; the HTML and JSON page files were excessively large. I resolved this issue using 'minify,' a Node.js library specifically designed to compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. This solution resulted in a reduction of text file size by over 40%. Additionally, minify offered the added benefit of obfuscation, making the raw code more difficult to read, enhancing security.
Let's delve into the topic of hosting. Traditionally, a Content Management System (CMS) operates via an application server that handles the user's HTML request. It interprets the page request from the URL, locates the corresponding assets in a database, retrieves the database record (possibly alongside others), processes the information to assemble the page, and finally delivers it to the end user as a flat HTML document. This description primarily pertains to the initial HTML request when a user visits a new website, although I am aware of AJAX and other similar technologies.
However, this conventional model presents certain drawbacks in the context of the new Lighthouse world. Firstly, the back-and-forth communication between the application server and the database server, as well as the page compilation, introduces delays. Secondly, in its simplest form, an application server and a database server are only physically available in a single location. This setup is excellent if you're in the same building or city, but significantly less efficient if you're attempting to access the site from the other side of the world. For instance, the average ping latency between Australia and the UK is approximately 250 milliseconds.
Our solution to these challenges involves utilizing AWS S3 for hosting the static files generated by the previously mentioned publish script, and AWS CloudFront for global content distribution. At the time of this writing, AWS CloudFront was distributing content to over 90 cities in 47 countries. For an individual in Melbourne, Australia accessing a UK website, AWS CloudFront reduced the ping latency from 250 milliseconds to a mere 13 milliseconds (this is the time difference between Melbourne and AWS edge servers in Sydney).
We now arrive at the Progressive Web Application (PWA) component of the Lighthouse test, which was not something I had previously given much consideration. For those unfamiliar, a PWA involves a JavaScript service worker that manages the website as a web application. If that's a bit complex, consider it this way: it's essentially an automatic downloading and caching tool. When a user visits your website, the goal is to make their subsequent requests as speedy and seamless as possible. The PWA service worker allows you to already have the next assets downloaded to the user's local machine, eliminating the need for another internet GET request.
At the time of writing this article, the Nexoid website is relatively small, containing only 19 pages. However, those 19 pages are translated into 11 different languages, making a total of 209 pages. Initially, I tried to download every asset into the service worker, which amounted to around 5MB. This size was too large for an initial load, and Lighthouse penalized me for it. I settled on downloading only the English page JSON files, which include all the necessary CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to display each page.
The final structure is as follows: An S3 bucket houses the compiled HTML files, named without the .html extension. For instance, represents the English homepage HTML, /de is for the German homepage HTML, and /en/platform refers to the English platform HTML, and so on. Additionally, there are JSON files that contain the parts of the body and head that change when navigating between pages, such as /en.json, /de.json, and /en/platform.json, among others.
In conclusion, comprehending Lighthouse posed a significant challenge. I am skeptical that traditional, out-of-the-box CMS products can effectively tackle this task. Reflecting on my experience with platforms like WordPress and Drupal, I find it hard to believe that they could be optimized to achieve a perfect Lighthouse score. Overall, I believe the effort is worthwhile, and Google is justified in placing more emphasis on performance. However, this shift is and will continue to be a considerable pain point for web designers and agencies.
If you're interested in learning more about Lighthouse or if you'd like to discuss Nexoid's products and services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach out via LinkedIn or through the 'Contact Us' page on our website.
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2023.05.27 22:27 Tonay4 What did I break?

What did I break?
2008 jeep wrangler. I tried to remove the AC condenser when this yellow stuff sprayed in my face. What did I break? How do I fix it? Is it safe to drive?
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2023.05.27 18:57 Schizothymia It Happens All The Time (Part 2)

I don't know how long I'd paced the living room until I decided not to wait any longer for the power to return. I grabbed my phone off the kitchen counter and dialed the electric company. It rang a few times before being forwarded to a message, "if you're experiencing a power outage, please be patient, we're in the process of fixing the issue." Just as I took the phone from my ear I thought I'd heard something. Static… and voices? Then an unsettling phrase "Don't worry, it happens all the time". I put the phone back to my ear "Power outages are common during this weather, we will have your electricity restored as soon as possible."
As eerie as it was to hear those words, I had to chalk it up to a coincidence. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, the beginning of a headache creeping in. I sat down on the couch in the dark, with only the flashing of lightning illuminating my surroundings. My eyes were heavy. Thoughts began to blur together as sleep took me despite my attempts to prevent it.
I found myself walking down a road, on either side were nothing but tall trees. The woods were thick and rarely were there any breaks to seeing you much of anything beyond the treeline. I didn't know why I was walking but I kept walking nonetheless. The road stretched on and on with no end in sight. Looking to my right, I saw her. My wife. I realized we were holding hands.
At that moment there were so many things I wanted to say, but I just kept walking hand in hand. She gazed straight ahead and I couldn't take my eyes off her. “I miss you.” I said. She didn't respond, she just smiled. It was lightly raining, reminding me of the walks we used to take in the rain. Suddenly she stopped walking and her smile faded, her expression turning serious. “You need to wake up.” She said, Her lips didn't move, it was as if she were speaking to my mind. I followed her gaze.
Down the road about a football field away I saw a figure. It looked familiar, like the one I'd seen on the lightning-lit road, only this time it was easier to see. Freakishly tall and emaciated, its arms were longer than any human, as were the legs. As terrifying as it was, I didn't want to leave. “I don't want to wake up.” I said a bit choked up. “No I mean really... wake up.” She said.
The way she put emphasis on the word “really” was strange and unnerving. Looking ahead again I was startled by the fact that the thing was noticeably closer. Its head cocked to one side and its torso contorted at an inhuman angle. “I don't…” I trailed off. Looking left, I found that the trees were gone, on a small patch of land, and in its place was the familiar motel building from my previous nightmare.
Briefly gazing upon the structure, it was shrouded in a disturbing aura of what resembled death. There was only one building and had only twelve rooms for each of the two floors, rusted metal stairs led up to the second floor. The only other building was what I assumed was a dilapidated office.
My attention was caught by the windows of the eerie place. The curtains were drawn to reveal the darkness, but I could see the faint silhouettes of someone or something. It seemed as though they occupied every window of the building, I couldn't quite see the faces, only the faintest shapes to know that they were there.
A flicker of yellow light flashed from within a room on the second floor, the faint flash illuminated the same man from my dream. He was grinning, his eyeless gaze focused directly on me, as if he was staring into my very consciousness more I looked forward, the creature was maybe 50 yards away now. I stood terrified as it emitted an inhuman wail. The sky above seemed to start swirling in a vortex of darkness as the breeze and rain around me turned into a severe frenzy. And it seemed as though a cloud of darkness followed behind it. “Looking back at my wife, she was looking directly at me. Suddenly her mouth opened, and a loud white noise was emitted from inside. My eyes snapped open.
I recognized the sound of ringing which startled me awake, it was my phone. Looking at the screen I realized it was my brother calling. I hesitated, I only had so much battery charge to last me. And who knows when the power would be restored. I wanted to talk to someone, to anyone, but how do you explain to someone that you may or may not be insane? Furthermore, I grew tired of the cliche comments. "It will get better." Or "She wants you to be happy." Or, the ever popular; "She's in a better place." I've always loathed those sorts of so-called sympathetic phrases.
After a few moments, the ringing stopped and I sighed. At this point, I wasn't certain if I had the mental clarity for such conversations. I don't know if it ever will be since the accident. I never like going to this place in my head, it only brought more inner turmoil. I stared at my phone, contemplating whether or not I should call back. Just as I reached for the phone it rang once more, making me jump.
"hey bro what's going on?" I said. "Oh same shit different day, just thought I'd call and see if you were still alive." Something about what he said made me feel uneasy. "Yeah um… yeah I'm ok, just taking it day by day," I responded. "You sound tired, are you sure everything is ok?" He asked. "Yeah, just a bit annoyed, the power is out and I've been waiting for it to come back on." He chuckled at that one. "Don't worry, that happens all the time." He said. My blood went cold. "What did you say?". "Awe what's the matter, are you scared of the dark?" His voice was warped.
I dropped my phone as the sounds of white noise and the familiar screams filled the air. I jumped up and ran up the stairs as the sounds seemed to follow me. I slammed the door and huddled in the corner with my eyes shut tight and my hands covering my ears, I could feel the floor shake as if something monstrous was coming up the stairs. Then after several seconds passed I realized that they were gone. I dared not move, worried that somehow I might once again hear the horrible noises that filled my ears only moments before. Several minutes passed, and I finally managed to stand, still shaken.
The way things were going, the nightmares, the noises, the whole experience seemed impossible to comprehend in any sane manner, I could only logically chalk it up to my sleep-deprived mind playing tricks on me in the dark. The darkness… somehow seemed to not only be the absence of light, but a sort of force all its own. I felt as though I was going truly mad.
I headed down the stairs and into the kitchen, opening the fridge I squinted, and spotted the six-pack on the top shelf in the dark, as I closed the refrigerator door I stopped, something was odd. Opening it I was met with the odor of spoiled meat. "What the fu-" I trailed off. How was it that the contents of the fridge had already gone bad? How long has it been without power?
I tried to make sense of it. I could've sworn that the refrigerator was working fine before… I rubbed my eyes. Had it been long enough for it to spoil everything? Whatever the case, I tried to convince myself that it must have been acting up before the power outage. I sighed, practically dragging my feet over to the couch, careful not to trip over anything in the darkness.
The rain was still coming down heavily, not letting up for an instant. The lightning is still the only source of light, I just stared at nothing. The events of the night were weighing heavily on my mental state, even if it was just my sleep-addled brain causing these things they were nevertheless bothering me. I finished my beer and went to grab another.
After doing so I suddenly remembered dropping my phone, so I walked over to where I was standing and squinted through the darkness. I felt along the floor for a minute or so to no avail. Upon standing back up I happened to glimpse something on the coffee table. It was my phone.
Once again, I was confused. It seemed to be the common theme of the night. How have I been so oblivious to these things? Was I really going insane? I was starting to get frustrated, with the power outage, the confusion, the dreams, but mostly at myself. Whatever was going on with me was amplified by my delirium, lack of sleep, and stress. It was starting to annoy me.
I considered calling the electric company again but decided that nothing I could say would make any difference. Admittedly, I was still a bit paranoid that I might hear those god-awful sounds. I went to grab another beer. I didn't want to go back to the bedroom just yet so I decided to sit on the porch again, as I was feeling a bit cooped up. Although I still noticed that there seemed to be no cars in any of the driveways on my street, I was too tired to care. I just sat, my back pressed against the front door, watching the rain as it poured endlessly. Even though it knocked out the power, I loved thunderstorms, and despite everything, I started to relax a bit.
I sat under the shelter of the porch, only the slight mist of the rain grazing my skin as the wind blew it my way. Ever so often I'd still get the eerie feeling that I'd once again see the figure in the street, but thankfully I saw nothing save for the torrents of rain pouring from the dark skies, and the steady flash of lightning illuminating only the shortest glimpses of the scenery before me in the distance.
Still staring in the direction of where I'd seen the figure I was becoming convinced that it had all been my imagination. Then I saw a brief glimpse of a light down the street, not lightning, but what seemed to be the flickering of a street light.
I stood to my feet. In hope that this may be a sign that the power was being restored, I turned around and stepped into the house to see if they worked. I was immediately met with confusion, and a sick feeling churned in my gut. I surveyed my surroundings, and to my horror, I was met with the familiar scenery of the motel room. As if I were in a scene of a horror film I turned only to find that the door behind me wouldn't budge. All was quiet, too quiet except for the rain.
I could hear some conversation coming from beyond the wall behind the bedpost. Someone was talking, and I could hear them in the next room over. As I listened intently, the conversation was incomprehensible, although it sounded entirely casual initially, like the mundane conversation of two friends.
I'd just begun to think that this was just a normal dream that somehow counteracted my previous experiences, but then the verbal exchanges became strange as if the very essence of the voices themselves slowly morphed into something else entirely. Their casual cadence and tone shifting into something or someone different.
I was slightly able to hear bits and pieces of the conversation, though the words seem to jumble together as if they were both speaking at once. Then everything went silent for a moment as I stood still, my ear pressed against the wall. "He doesn't think we know he's listening." They both spoke at once, their voices warped into one inhuman tone. "And he doesn't know he's coming, very soon."
I stood frozen as I heard movement from the other room, fear building within my gut, I felt sick. The two voices whispered incomprehensibly, both giggling in their warped voices. Then strangely the two voices started humming. Some haunting melody that was made all the more creepy by the inhuman voices.
I noticed that the humming was getting louder as if they were moving closer. The humming was soon accompanied by scratching, which was now directly on the other side of the wall, only a couple of feet away. The voices abruptly stopped, and after a few moments of silence, I heard… tap….tap...tap. then “we know you're listening.” The voices said in unison, even more inhuman than before. “why not invite us in?” It said. I then heard scratching again. Only this time it sounded as if fingernails were being scraped along the wall as it moved towards…. "oh my God no" I thought. It was moving towards the conjoining door between the two rooms.
I instinctively scrambled as silently as possible to the closet in the room. Once it stopped at the conjoined door, I prayed silently. “Please be locked...please be locked.” To my horror, I heard the knob turn slowly. The old door creaked open loudly and I felt a presence of something terrible enter the room. Bare feet were heard slapping against the floor as the creature crept toward the closet door, stopping just feet from it.
I could hear ragged breathing as the thing of my nightmare stood at the door. My blood froze in my veins, and I waited in complete helplessness as I heard the knob slowly turn and the closet door creaked open. Even as I stared ahead at the darkness, the presence of the creature was palpable.
Then a flash of lightning illuminated the room, and standing just inches from me was something almost indescribable. A naked and mutated monstrosity stood before me, in the brief flash of light, I could see the emaciated body that was arched unnaturally where the spine meets the ribcage, its legs arched backward like that of an animal, and an outstretched hand with too many fingers.
The most terrifying and sickening detail were the heads, two heads outstretched from long necks, both bald, their jaws hung loosely and were too long, both with a terrifying smile, and needle-like teeth. Two large white eyes extruded from each face as if there were no sockets at all. All I could do was shut my eyes, unable to scream as I waited to be consumed by this abomination.
I opened my eyes to find myself back in my room, huddled in the corner. I stood, still shaking, still very much afraid, it was becoming hard to determine whether I was awake and hallucinating or still in some nightmare. I stood for several minutes, staring out the window as the rain still poured endlessly. At this point, I wanted nothing more than for the power to return so that I wouldn't be in the dark.
I paced back and forth across the bedroom floor, trying to keep moving. I felt as though I was losing my mind. My sleep-deprived brain was now experiencing waking nightmares, and hallucinations. At any given moment I could possibly fall into another episode.
I was suddenly snapped out of my daze by the sound of knocking from downstairs. I waited a few moments until I once again heard the knocking, and cautiously I made my way downstairs. Once I got to the bottom I heard a woman's voice from the other side of the door. "Hello? Please can you help me?" I paused. "What do you need?" I demanded, sounding a bit shaky. "I was wondering if you had any batteries for a flashlight." I paused once more. Then she knocked again. "Please, my kids are afraid of the dark." I sighed. "Ok," I said.
It seemed to be the most harmless encounter of the entire night, and by all accounts, she sounded normal. I was still cautious. Being that it was apparently just an innocent person seeking help I turned toward the utility closet to search for any batteries I may have. Then I realized something that stopped me dead in my tracks. Why had the knocking sounded like it came from the bottom of the door? I slowly crouched down to peek under the door. I immediately regretted it. I was met with a deformed, vaguely human head, missing its bottom jaw, the top part of the jaw extended out, teeth jutted out at various angles, and grew in various places. There was a gaping hole where the eyes and nose should be, and the cavity was filled with maggots. Before I could react, a long black tongue snaked out of its mouth and underneath the door, making contact with my face, the smell was indescribably awful.
Just as I tried to move away I fell, only to regain my footing and was suddenly aware that my surroundings had changed. After several seconds of confusion, I realized I was standing at the bedroom window. When had I run up the stairs? Had I hallucinated the woman knocking and walking down the stairs? I felt so exhausted, the feeling of losing my grip on reality was stronger than ever.
I decided then and there that I was too sleep deprived and there was nothing I could do to prevent these things to manifest themselves in countless and horrific ways. Regardless of the nightmares and/or hallucinations I'd had, I needed sleep. I no longer had the energy to fight it. I couldn't help but feel like I might not wake up next time. I sluggishly moved to the nightstand where there sat a picture, the only one I had. My wife and I embraced one another.
I pulled out my phone so that the light from it illuminated her face. Tears filled my eyes. I sat on the bed, staring at the picture for several minutes. Just before I was about to shut off the phone I saw something that caught my attention, the time on the phone read 3 a.m. just as it had some time ago.
I suddenly realized I didn't know how long it had been since the first nightmare of the motel room woke me, but I knew it should be daylight out, however, the darkness of the storm raged on with no sign of any light behind the thick clouds, aside from the faint glow of the moon which hadn't moved in the night sky. I couldn't take any more confusion, I was way too far down the rabbit hole.
Admitting defeat, I crawled into bed and slowly shut my eyes. I'd soon find that it was a mistake. I found myself on the road again, standing in front of the motel. Only this time my wife was not by my side, and the darkness that followed the creature in the previous dream enveloped everything as far as the eye could see.
Lightning flashed constantly, and while gazing in the direction of the motel, the brief flashes of light made it possible for me to see the curtains of the rooms all seemed to be drawn open still, save for one. Only one door was open, the one with the flickering light. I don't know why but I felt compelled to approach the building. As I walked towards the stairs I heard a familiar giggle to my right. I gazed in the direction of the sound I caught a glimpse of something, two heads were outstretched, peeking around the corner of the building.
They continued to chuckle in the same distorted voice as if they were holding in a secret. I turned and continued towards the stairs. The storm raged more violently than ever, I was soaked as torrents of rain poured over me. Despite the churning in my gut and the fear in my heart, I slowly climbed the stairs.
I didn't know what I expected to find but carried on anyways. The fear grew stronger as I passed by every room, seeing horrible things through their windows with every flash of lightning. Blood painted the walls, and dismembered body parts were strewn about the floor. Walking past a window a few rooms down from the open door, terror filled my heart as I witnessed an inhuman creature ripping flesh from the writhing body of a man. His limbs were removed, and his eyes were gouged out, yet he was alive, and screaming. I could do nothing more than continue on.
I stopped at a blood-covered window belonging to the conjoining room where I saw the dismembered corpse of a man Looking down I saw something that made me want to vomit. A human head lay on the floor of the breezeway in front of the window, the face of the man was obliterated and broken to unrecognition. Teeth were scattered around the head in a pool of blood and brain matter.
I heard a giggle that made me turn around, the two headed monstrosity stood at the end by the stairs, watching me. I turned and once again continued to the next room. My heart raced faster than ever as I approached the open door. I peered through, my eyes darting around. I reluctantly crept into the room, as slowly as possible, trying not to make a sound
To my immediate horror, the door behind me shut, plunging the room into darkness. I stood as still as possible, not knowing what to do. I became aware of a noise, it sounded like breathing, coming from the direction of the bed. The raspy animalistic breath of something that was anything but human. I slowly backed away toward the door reaching for the handle. As I did so the sound of breathing stopped, for a moment the room was silent. What happened next was too horrifying for words.
The TV came on, emitting the familiar white noise, and as the light shone throughout the room I saw two things. Laying on the bed was the body of a man, it didn't take long before I recognized the face… it was me, laying on my back, eyes rolled to the back of my head, completely still. Standing beside my body was something so unimaginable that my mind couldn't comprehend it. It's eyes alone were enough to destroy the soul of anyone. They were pitch black and very large.
I recognized the form of the being, it was the creature that approached me from the dream of my wife. It was freakishly tall and emaciated with long thin arms and legs that were inverted. The creature's eyes bore into my very being, The expression on it's face was one of cold indifference, like a shark preparing to devour it's prey, though still somehow pure evil. It's features were indescribably horrific. As it lifted it's head… it's eyes… if the old man with no eyes resembled death, this…. thing's eyes resembled hell.
I felt as though my experience had reached its peak of horror, that was until the thing began to approach me, never breaking it's malicious gaze. I felt as though I was looking into the deepest depths of hell. I couldn't scream… my voice failed me. It stopped in front of me, tilting it's head to the side. The mouth of the thing slowly opened unnaturally wide, deafening sounds of agonizing screams filled my ears as it reached for me with it's black claws. At that moment I knew I was going to be consumed by this… thing, down to my very soul, and again, I could do nothing to stop it. So I closed my eyes and covered my face, anticipating whatever fate awaited me. Then everything went silent.
I opened my eyes in a state of confusion, I soon realized I was on the floor. Only it wasn't the floor of the room, I was sprawled out on the floor at home next to my bed. The next thing I noticed took me by surprise, a light shone throughout my bedroom.
I gathered my senses and slowly climbed to my feet. Looking toward the window I indeed saw sunlight trickling in through the curtain. I sat on the bed and reached for my phone. I breathed a sigh of relief as I read the time, it was 9:46 a.m.
I pondered the whole situation for a while and wondered if I'd simply had a severe nervous breakdown and dreamt the whole thing. I felt a little rested, though still groggy. My mind wandered for a while before I finally stood up to go downstairs. I was looking forward to getting out of the house and just absorbing some sunlight. As I reached the bottom steps I flipped the switch to the living room. The electricity was restored. I took a deep breath in relief, trying to shake off the lingering angst of the night before.
Satisfied, I moved toward the door and opened it…. My stomach dropped. I realized I was looking over the rail of the motel's breezeway. The scenery before me was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life. One glimpse of what I saw was enough to destroy anyone to their core.
Countless bodies, as far as the eye could see were writhing and screaming far below me in an endless river, only it wasn't water. Waves of lava tossed bodies in every direction as they begged for mercy, faces were melted, eyes were missing, though they were all alive, feeling every inch of their bodies being broiled. The sky was a swirling vortex of blackness and fire and rained more bodies into the vast river of magma that stretched as far as the eyes could see.
Some were trying to climb onto other people to escape the torture, only to once again sink into the melted rock again, and again. On either side of the pit were rock formations and low mountains. As I gazed at them I could make out the forms of countless grotesque creatures doing unspeakable things to countless people. Some were being held over blazing fires by their feet, some were being dismembered, their skin being peeled away slowly. Some were sewn to one another with various other limbs attached in the wrong places, some were being eaten, or forced to eat themselves. Blood and body parts were strewn about the cliffs.
A familiar voice behind me interrupted my catatonic state. "If hell wants you, no matter how much you run, hell finds you. It happens all the time." I turned to see the old man, he had a sickening grin on his face. He raised a hand, pointing somewhere behind me, I once again turned to look as a massive tidal wave of fire and lava was approaching, the floor began to quake violently as the walls of the building started to crack and crumble, the structure beneath me was about to give way. As I looked down, to my horror I saw charred black hands with exposed glistening bone reaching for me as they climbed the railing. I once again had no choice but to close my eyes and accept my fate. At the last moment I heard another familiar voice. "Wake up!!!"
Suddenly all was quiet until I heard muffled sounds coming from somewhere. I slowly opened my eyes, my vision was too blurry to see anything in detail, though I could make out vague silhouettes of people. I could feel something helping me breathe. After a few confused moments I drifted back into unconsciousness.
When I awoke next I was much more alert, I almost immediately started to panic, not recognizing my surroundings. I bolted upright, shouting as I found that I had wires and tubes and shit connected to me. Then I heard a new voice "Calm down, you're ok, you're in a hospital, you suffered heart failure and we had to resuscitate you, but you're gonna be fine just calm down." I was still confused, to say the least, but I eventually calmed down.
They explained to me that I had overdosed in a motel room and was dead for around 3 or 4 minutes, that's where they found me. I dialed 911 just moments before I lost consciousness and my heart stopped. Luckily there was an ambulance nearby.
That was the conclusion of Derek's story, he let out a long sigh. I sat bewildered for a moment until he looked directly into my eyes. "You are the only one that I've told this to since I woke up here, I know what I experienced was real." I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't find the words. "You believe me don't you?" He asked. "Derek, buddy i-" I was cut off. "I died in that motel room! And everything, EVERYTHING I experienced was the truth, it was no dream my brain concocted when my heart stopped! Every time, I woke up in my own home after each and every fucking experience I had in that room!" He paused, his voice trembling. "That was me trying to escape my fate goddammit! These fucking things were after me! The shit I saw! They wanted to devour me and torture me for eternity. MOTHER OF GOD!!!" He wailed.
Nurses came into the room ushered me out of the room and sedated him. There was nothing else I could do but wait, and hope Derek would come to his senses. It's only logical that it all had to be the experience of an oxygen-deprived brain as it shuts down. As his best friend, I wanted nothing more than to help him recover.
A few weeks later I got a call from Derek after the motel manager contacted him. He'd left his wallet in the room, and needless to say there was no way he was going back there. So of course I opted to retrieve it for him. I couldn't blame him, he had the worst experience of his life at that place, aside from his wife dying of course.
Maybe it was just reimagining the story he'd told me, but when I arrived at the place I felt a chill creep up my spine. The place was damn near dilapidated to begin with, but reimagining the details of his experience made it all the more unsettling. Aside from a handful of cars, a few of which were seemingly abandoned, the lot was empty.
I didn't intend on staying long so I pulled to the front of the office leaving the car running. As I entered the office the smell of mold invaded my nose, the lights were dim and gave off an eerie sort of tone. "Can I help you?" Said a woman at the desk. Her voice sounded like she had been smoking two packs a day since she was an infant. "Yes ma'am, a friend of mine rented a room here, he had a medical emergency and had to call an ambulance, anyways he received a call from here regarding his wallet being-" I was cut off by the woman kneeling grabbing something, and tossed it to me. I opened it to see that it was indeed his wallet. "Thank you, ma'am," I said walking out. She seemed to stare at me without any emotion.
After I got back in my car I was about to leave, but hesitated. I was compelled to look up toward the room Derek stayed in. I noticed the other rooms had no light outside their doors besides this one. I sat staring for a minute before curiosity got the best of me. I got out and walked towards the stairs. The closer I got to the old building, the more desolate the place seemed.
After climbing the stairs I made my way across the breezeway until I reached the room. I don't know what I expected to find but I peeked through the edges of the curtains. It was pitch black. The aura of the place felt lifeless, just as Derek had described. "Got a light?" I almost leaped out of my skin. Standing in the blanket of darkness to my right was the silhouette of a man, hidden in shadow, his shape only illuminated by the pale moonlight. "Y….yeah.". I reached into my pocket to retrieve my lighter. I lit it for him and strained to see any details of the man, but it was too dark.
A buzzing sound interrupted my thoughts. I turned to gaze at the yellow bulb next to the door as it flickered. The whole situation made me uneasy. "Don't worry, that happens all the time." I quickly turned my head towards the man, but he was gone. I never returned to the place again. As for Derek, I don't think he recovered from his experience, I don't think he ever will.
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2023.05.27 18:18 dbacc77 Sony KV-13FM12 MultiMod: RGB + Component + S-video + Remote

Sony KV-13FM12 MultiMod: RGB + Component + S-video + Remote
A while ago, while helping a friend to mod their 13FM12, I had the idea of adding all possible inputs to this little tv, and enable them through the remote. The main reason, honestly, was to experiment and learn by doing a nice project, so when the same TV showed up at our local e-waste center I just grabbed it and started this journey...
This TV originarily has RF and two composite inputs, one in the back and one in the front; at the end it will have:
  • RGB with a SCART connector
  • Component with Y/Pb/Pr RCA connectors
  • S-video
  • commuting between RF, RGB and component using the remote (and not a physical switch)
Let's get started...
The 13FM12 has a BA5 chassis, so for RGB the standard mux mod works; for a detailed explanation you can check this article on CRTDatabase, or my previous Reddit post about a KV-24FV12


The entire mod can be done in the MB board; start by removing the grounding resistors R1084, R1085, R1086:
The R,G,B signals can be injected in the jumper wires JW1337 ( R), JW1336 (G), JW1335 (B), and the blanking signal Ys to JW1334.
I chose to use Video1 for the RGB sync, and injected the signal to the negative leg of C1353. This is not ideal, as there is a lot of left shift in the image, more than what can be corrected with the service menu. The best soluation is to inject the sync after the comb filter, and we will fix that later in the "Preventing image shift" section.
I used my SCART mod board to simplify the wiring. You can see that there are 75 Ohm termination resistors and 680 Ohm inline resistors on the R,G,B lines.

RGB Audio

Since we are using Video1 for RGB, we need to connect the SCART audio to the right place. In this case, the most convenient place to inject the signal is the negative pole of C208 (close to the existing RCA connectors in the A board).


The chroma chip accpets Y, Pr and Pb at the pins 37, 38, 39, and enables Component input through the YUVSW signal at pin 36.
The first thing to do is to remove the existing grounding capacitors C1345, C1349, C1350:
Then what we need to do is to inject Y, Pb, Pr to the same pins, using 0.1uF coupling transistors and terminating each signal with 75 Ohm resistors. The Y cable has to be also connected to the Sync input (after termination and with another 0.1uF cap), and since I chose to use Video2 for the Component sync, that corresponded to the front RCA connector. This will generate too much shift in the image, same problem we have with the RGB mod. See the "Preventing image shift" section below for the solution we implemented.

Component Audio

There are two options here; we can either wire the audio signal to the front video2 connector on the HD board and inject on R2216/R2215 or we can recreate the small circuit with the grounding resistor and the capacitor, and inject at the jumper wire JW250 in the A board (close to the existing RCA connector). I decided to go that route so I added a 470k Ohms ground resistor, a 4.7k Ohm inline resistor and a 4.7uF cap to the small PCB I used for the other components needed for YPbPr. For injectiion, another excellent point is the unpopulated connector CN460, pin 19.
The following picture shows the breakout board I used for the Y,Pb,Pr and audio signals.


I also wanted to add s-video, because... well, why not! At the end of the day the main purpose of this project was to experiment and learn...
The chroma chip can take luma and chroma from the comb filter on pins 9 and 7, that are used for all the input sources, independently from which channel is selected. But there are also 2 additional pins (4 and 2) that are used in other BA5 sets for s-video on Video1. In order to use the additional s-video input on this set is not enough to just hook Y and C to the chroma, unfortunately. Looking at the schematics of another set with the same chassis and s-video (for example the KV-20FS12), C can be injected directly to the chroma, but Y goes to both the Chroma and the Micom, using a video switch IC that is missing on the 13FM12 and has to be populated along with a few other components. The steps that need to be taken are:
  • add the video switch IC1002. It's a NJM2534M, and I used one from a donor board in a broken BA5 chassis. This chip routes the h-sync to the micom from the right source.
  • add the 10uF electrolytic cap C1002
  • remove the jumper JR1083 to properly route the signal using the now populated switch
  • add the 10uF electrolytic cap C1367 for the Y line
  • add a 0.1uF ceramic cap C1389 for the C line
  • inject the Y signal at the negative side of C1367
  • inject the C signal at the jumper JW1320 or at R1318
  • add 75 Ohm termination resistor R1317 and R1318 (or just make sure to terminate the input signals before injecting)
It's also possible to route the signals all the way up to the RCA connector on the A board, but I decided not to do it because I already had all the other wires for RGB and component coming to the MB board. If you want to do that, info can be found on this shmup thread.
Changes for S-video on the MB, before and after:
Now the last thing you need to is go into the service menu and change ID-1 from 3 to 19. This unlocks the s-video input.
Video 1 will now be used for both the rear composite and the s-video inputs, and automatically switch to s-video if connected.

Using the remote

In order to use the remote to automatically enable RGB and Component on the right channel, we will use the O-SEL0 and O-SEL1 signals (pin 10 and 11) in the Micom. They will go high (approx 3.5V) when the TV is tuned on Video1 and Video2, respectively. The idea is to use those signals to trigger YS2 for RGB (pin 29 in the chroma) when on Video 1 and YUWSW for component (pin 36 in the chroma) when on Video 2.
The problem is that connecting them directly will bring down the voltage too much on those lines and make switching of the audio/video very unstable. Using an inline 1k or 2k resistor will not work either, because then the voltage will not be high enough to activate YS and YUVSW in the chroma.
The solution in this case is to create a buffer using a transistor for each line, so we can decouple the two sides, and get ~3V to the blanking pins. The schematic is like the following:
Adding a 2PST switch on the O-SEL0 and O-SEL1 lines will allow us to turn on and off the mod and still use composite on Video 1 and Video2.
The following gif shows me switching between RF, MiSTer in RGB on Video1 and a PS2 in Component on Video2:
And we are done!
But... are we?
There is still a problem we want to fix: the left shift. Injecting RGB and/or Component sync produces a left shift of the image that is usually corrected in the service menu (see the guide here for how to compensate only when in RGB). In this specific TV though, the image is also cut by the chroma so shifting alone is not enough because we will still miss a piece. Let's fix that!

Preventing image shift

To understand why the image is shifted, let's think about what happen to the composite video signal as it is processed:
  1. the composite video signal goes to the comb filter, that splits it into luma+sync "Y" and chroma "C". This is the same format of s-video, by the way.
  2. the chroma/jungle chip takes those 2 signals and extract sync info from Y
  3. Y and C are converted to RGB, amplified and sent to the tube, synchronized to the Sync
The list above is an oversimplification, but, well, you get the idea...
Each one of those steps introduces a small delay that is taken into account when the image is composed before being sent to the tube. The image is shifted because with the RGB/Component mods the picture information and sync signal are taking different paths:
  • the sync signal is injected before the comb filter, and goes through steps 1,2,3
  • the picture signal (either RGB or Component) is injected directly to the chroma/jungle chip, and goes through 2,3 only, skipping the comb filter
The picture data has less total delay and it is a little bit "ahead" of the sync signal. Since the sync is used to start each line, that is then drawn left to right, the offset between picture and sync results in the colors being sent slightly too early and the entire image will look shifted to the left.
The obvious solution is to inject the sync signal after the comb filter, and that is typically done by using the s-video Y input instead of composite, if the TV has s-video.
In our case we could use the s-video connector we just added, but then both RGB and Component will go on Video1, and we will lose the capability of switching with the remote.
But there is another solution: the chroma IC takes luma+sync from the comb filter on pin 9, and that path is used for RF, Video1 and Video2:
What we have to do is to inject the right signal, depending on which input is selected, and at the same time send the blank signal to YS2 or YUVSW. The following table shows the different signals:
Source O-SEL0 O-SEL1 YS2 YUWSW Sync
RF 0 0 Off Off use original (tuner, etc)
Video1 1 0 On Off use RGB sync
Video2 0 1 Off On use Component sync
C1385 provides a very convenient injection point: if we remove it we can get the original Y signal from the negative pole, and inject our selected sync to the positive pole.
We can use a mux IC like the CD4052 to select which input to pass function of the values of O-SEL0 and O-SEL1, exactly like in the table above. Since the CD4052 has 2 sets of inputs/outputs, we can also use it for the blanking signals YS2 and YUVSW, removingthe need to use the buffers. The following schematics show the circuit:
The three sync sources are connected to pins 12 (original sync), 14 (RGB) and 15 (Component), and the output goes on pin 13; we added a 0.1uF coupling cap to replace C1385 that has been removed. On the other side a fixed voltage is applied to pin 3, and routed to pin 5 (YS) or 2 (YUVSW). A 2PST switch is used to enable/disable the mod: when the switch is off, the pull-down resistors drive the selector pins S0 and S1 to low, that select the original inputs.
In my particular case I went one step forward: I wanted to use a SPST push button hidden in the front panel to enable disable the mod, this way I have a very convenient access to the button and it is also hidden behind the panel door.
We can use another CD4052 as a global switch to replace the 2PST, extending the previous circuit like in the following schematic:
The following pictures show the circuit implemented on a breadboard and the final one:
After adding all the mods the final board looks like this:
The push button is hidden behind the panel door. When it is On we have RF + RGB (Video1) + Component (Video2), and when it's Off we have RF + composite (Video1 and Video2) + S-video (Video1).
This little TV now has all possible input types, and the image is incredibly good, one of the sharpest I've seen on a consumer 13".
This was a nice project, again mostly driven by learning how to add all the missing inputs on a BA5 chassis.
Of course each one of the mods can be done independently if needed; I hope that people that are planning to mod a similar CRT will find it useful.
Let's conclude with a few pictures showing the TV and the image quality:
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2023.05.27 02:45 Thehikelife Plans canceled!

Here’s one for ya - taking the jeep to go camping (05 jeep wrangler sport, 6cyl, automatic) and we stop for gas. Fill up, then it won’t start. Electronics all work but won’t turn over. Checked the starter by jumping it there at the solenoid and all it did was try to turn over but it never fired. Check engine light came on. No indication of a problem prior to departure. It’s at the shop now but I won’t have an answer til next week so I’m just brainstorming what it could be. I’m thinking electrical.
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2023.05.27 01:59 Zerbo FHOA Something a little different: One fire department's humble fight against an HOA

Just throwing out this story because I know you folks will get a kick out of it.
While I am fortunate enough to not live in a neighborhood with an HOA, I'm a firefighter for a suburban district that is chock full of them. Big ones, small ones, old ones, brand new ones. HOAs fucking everywhere. For the most part, they aren't a hassle. They gate off their private roads, but as long as they put a sensor on it or a padlock that uses our standard department key, it's not an issue.
Enter "The Views."
"The Views" are condos built in the late 70s, and as far as I can tell, the only view they have is of a freeway onramp and some eucalyptus trees. The Views were built along a narrow road that starts and ends off of the main road, making one big loop about a quarter mile long with a couple cul-de-sacs branching off. It's important to note that the driveways for each end of the loop are about 30 feet apart, off of the same road.
The Views have a lot of older residents, so we're there semi-frequently for medical aids, people smoking out their kitchens when they forget about the food they left on the stove, and even the occasional structure fire. Responding there is annoying, because they built speed bumps about every 25 feet along this loop. So once you're in The Views, you're not getting anywhere fast. Annoying, but it's a private road so they can technically built as many speed bumps as they want.
Enter "The Chain."
About a third of the way along the loop from the first driveway, there is a chain across the road, padlocked to a steel pole on one side. It's a generic Master brand lock to which we do not have a key. Why is it there? What does it do? Why would anyone build something like that? The answer to all three of those questions is, "Who the fuck knows." The Chain has been in place as long as I've been working at this department, and no one can tell me exactly why it's still a thing. Phone calls to the HOA regarding The Chain went unanswered and unreturned.
The problem with The Chain is its location. If we're responding to an address that's closer to the first driveway, but just past The Chain, we would have to go the long way around to get there. The operative word here is would.
When COVID was really ramping up in early 2020, we were at The Views A LOT. Sometimes two or three times a shift. Approaching from the main road, we always take the first driveway, because fuck taking the long way. Someone called 911, we're going to get there quickly. That's what we're paid to do. So when the address came up on the other side of the chain, it was unanimously decided that we take the path of least resistance.
Enter the bolt cutters.
Every time we needed to get to an address past The Chain, I would hop out of the engine, grab the bolt cutters, and snip a link. Chain goes down, engine and ambulance go through. Simple solution! After about a week of this, and many mysteriously replaced chains, the enigma of The Chain was finally revealed.
One night, as I have a hapless link firmly in the grasp of my bolt cutters, I hear a shrill shriek.
A middle-aged woman comes speedwalking out of the condo right next to The Chain. "I'm the HOA president! That's there for a reason!" I want to hear all about that reason, but we're here for a response and the clock is ticking.
SNAP. Another link is broken, The Chain falls slack, and onward we go. We resolve that we'll stop by her unit after we clear the call to let her know what a nuisance The Chain is, and that something needs to be done about it. This course of action was ultimately unnecessary, as HOA President took it upon herself to huff and puff after us as we drove away, and came speedwalking up again as we pulled up to the response address. I went inside with the ambulance crew, but I could hear her shrieking at my captain outside. We wrap up the call, get the patient loaded into the ambulance, and she's still going off on him. What it basically boiled down to was that she took it upon herself to install The Chain because she didn't want people "using the road as a thoroughfare." The reasoning behind this is an utter mystery to a rational mind, because it's a loop. That begins and ends on the same road. Thirty feet apart. NO ONE is using The Views as a thoroughfare. The Chain got installed where it is because that's where her condo is. She demands that we just go the long way for addresses past the chain, we explain that it hinders response time. She does not accept this. It takes my captain asking her that if her unit was on fire and we were responding from the other direction down the main road, would she want us to take an extra minute going the long way, or just cut the chain and get to her unit faster? She acquiesces that she had not considered this, but also refuses to do anything about The Chain.
War it is, then.
Every opportunity we got, we cut that fucking chain. Never maliciously, only out of necessity, but it was necessary to the point where it was getting comical. A pile of snapped chain links lay discarded in the gutter. She made numerous attempts at peace; what if we just notified her when we needed it unlocked? Yeah, no. What if we just cut a link on one end instead of down the middle? Sorry, middle is faster. What if she gave us a key to the lock? Sorry, but if it's not the department issued lock we're not going to take the time to dig through the key box.
One day, as I hopped out to gleefully cut The Chain as always, something was different.
Zip ties.
Tired of buying new chains, or perhaps The Chain Fund had dried up, HOA President had resorted to zip-tying the chain back together where we had cut it. She even attached a tag saying "FIRE DEPARTMENT- CUT ZIP TIE ONLY." After consulting with my captain, we decided upon the most prudent course of action. I didn't have a pair of scissors on me, but I sure as shit had a pair of bolt cutters.
SNAP. Dead center in one of the remaining lengths of chain.
And so it went, as The Chain got gradually shorter and shorter and became more zip tie than chain. Despite her rushing out of her condo when the engine pulled up to The Chain, we were always faster with the bolt cutters.
The Chain has been fully replaced a couple more times, and the same cycle has ensued. Until one day last week, when everything changed.
Enter "The Gate."
As we responded to The Views, we pulled up to The Chain. I already had the bolt cutters out and ready to go, only to be greeted with a most unexpected surprise. Where The Chain had once stretched across the road, impotent in the face of our departmental onslaught, now loomed a two-arm swinging gate. A beefy one, too. They definitely assessed some new HOA fees to pay for this beast. On cue, out came HOA President. This time she said nothing, only crossed her arms in defiance and looked on with a smirk.
I assessed this new obstacle for a second. Too thick to ram through, plus that would damage the engine. Tubular steel mounted on concrete-anchored posts, so no just lifting the gate off the hinge.
"Looks like you'll be taking the long way from now on," she said, clearly having played out this exact scenario in her head countless times since having The Gate installed.
And she would have been right, except... the arms of The Gate were secured by a length of chain wrapped around and padlocked.
I looked straight at HOA President as I lined up the bolt cutters on a chain link AND the padlock shackle.
I have never seen someone visibly deflate the way that HOA President did at that moment. I pushed The Gate open and the engine drove through. As I climbed back into the engine, I heard her call out, "At least close it behind you!" I probably don't need to tell you that I left that bitch wide open.
The icing on this cake is that we sent out fire marshal to check it out. While The Chain technically met the definition for impeding emergency vehicle access, we let it slide due to it being so easily bypassed. The Gate, however, was a massive violation of county codes. Despite being a private road, the number of residents along the loop in The Views stipulated that any gate shall be automatically opening and have an emergency vehicle sensor. The Gate fits neither of those criteria, so boom. 30 day notice to remove that shit or face massive fines from the county for impeding emergency vehicle access.
So in summary, we waged a years-long battle against one HOA president's desperate grasp to control a problem that never existed in the first place. And if that doesn't capture HOAs in a nutshell, I don't know what does.
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2023.05.27 01:23 TheMcMuffinTTR An Open Letter of Game Suggestions

Toontown community,
This document contains a list of ideas that I believe would enhance Toontown’s gameplay or fundamentally change Toontown for the better. I started collecting these ideas in December 2021 with the release of Toontown Rewritten’s Sellbot Field Offices. I wrote the majority of this document in early 2022 but became hesitant to publish this document. Since, Toontown Rewritten has implemented some and I have done my best to remove those suggestions. Apologies if any suggestions are already in Corporate Clash. I do not follow or play Corporate Clash, so I am unaware of the game’s features. Regardless, I wrote the following ideas with Toontown Rewritten in mind; however, I believe any Toontown server should consider them because any improvement to the Toontown community is better than none.
I wrote the suggestions below independently of each other, so some may overlap or contradict each other.
If it matters, I joined Toontown Rewritten during the alpha testing after playing Toontown since 2007. I played consistently until the past few years when my availability decreased significantly with school and work. The introduction of the Field Offices into Toontown Rewritten inspired me to start this project. I believe the Field Offices indicate Toontown Rewritten is ready to start taking more risks and become a more modern game, so rather than baselessly make the request, I wanted to provide my input as to how I would move the game in a modern direction. I firmly believe Toontown Rewritten should maintain three principles:
  1. Toontown targets a family-friendly audience
  2. All new additions should stylistically match the original game
  3. Toontown Rewritten should not fear fundamentally changing the game to prolong the game’s life

Section 1: New Features

1.1 Custom SpeedChat Phrases

1.2 Reimagine the Battle Dance

1.3 Crying Shopkeepers in the Street

1.4 Harder Cog Buildings

1.5 Replace the Cattlelog with an Online Store

1.6 New ToonTasks

While new playgrounds would add significantly to the game, new ToonTasks based on currently existing elements could occupy the fanbase while larger projects receive attention. These ToonTasks should not have a preset order so Toons can choose their own path.

1.601 Add New Cog and Building Radar ToonTasks

1.602 Custom “Just for Fun”

1.603 Gardening

1.604 Fishing

1.605 Gag

1.606 Sellbot Suit Parts

1.607 Cog Headquarters

1.7 Replace All In-Game Achievements with Shtickers

1.8 Totally Remove Disney References

1.9 Improve the Vice President Pie Fight

1.10 Require Planting Each Flower

1.11 The Resistance Headquarters

1.12 Celebrate More Cultural Holidays

1.13 Move the Fourth of July

Section 2: Quality of Life

2.1 General

2.101 Always Run Fast

2.102 Toon Rewrite History

2.103 Gags Price Inflation

2.104 New Silly Teams

2.105 Fish Variants

2.106 Cog Variants

2.107 Carry 6 ToonTasks

2.108 Cog Building Radar

2.109 Rewrite Gag Trees’ Purpose

2.110 Add Resistance Rank to Toon Profiles

2.111 Toon Ages

2.112 Remove “Check Back Later”

2.113 ToonTask History

2.114 Toon Effect Bonuses

2.115 Add Select All to SpeedChat

2.116 Friend Note Roledex

2.117 Icon-Focused GUI

2.118 Toon Panel ToonTasks

2.2 Battle

2.201 A Toon has Left the Battle

2.202 Fix Facility and Boss Incrementing on Dance Screens

2.203 Standardize Level 7 gag use

2.204 Allow Toons to Cancel Joining a Cog Battle

2.205 Cogs Should Jump Dodge all Drop

2.206 Rebalance Wedding Cake Damage

2.207 Gags and Lured Cogs

2.208 Redo Trapdoor and Quicksand

2.209 Drop and Remote Controls

2.210 V2.0 Attacks

2.211 View ToonTasks and Gags in Battles

2.212 Replace Presentation

2.213 Presentation Accuracy

2.214 Add Gag Stun Visual Indicators

2.215 Multiple Drops

2.3 Cog Facilities

2.301 Change the CEO Track Indicator

2.302 Promotion Indicator

2.303 Collect Pies in the VP

2.304 Mingling Cogs in Facilities

2.305 VP Pie Accuracy Visual

2.306 Increase VP Rolling

2.307 Add Maps to Facilities

2.308 Convert all Boss Battle Dialogue to Cut Scenes

2.309 Give the CFO an Attack All

2.310 Add Visual Indicators for all Boss Attacks

2.311 Swipe Attacks

2.312 Expand Door Open Areas

2.4 Rewards

2.401 Increase Boss Battle Rewards for Maxed Suits

2.402 New SOS Restock Animation

2.403 Rework Cog Summons

2.404 Boss Battles Should Reward Points

2.405 Remote Visuals

2.406 Faulty SOS Restocks

Section 3: Technical

3.1 Account Consolidation

3.2 Separate Boss Battle Server

3.3 Programming Internships

3.4 District Scaling

3.5 Return to Battle

Section 4: Storyline

As an outsider looking inward, critiquing the storyline can be easy. These are some thoughts I would love to see incorporated into the storytelling strategy, but I understand that shifting an already-written story can be difficult.

I hope this post can generate some quality discussion about the future of Toontown. If something I wrote lacks some clarity, please let me know and I can try to make any fixes necessary.
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2023.05.27 00:38 gusrub Flywheel / Flex Plate part number for an auto 42RLE transmission?

So after some off-roading a few months ago I noticed my '06 TJ was making noises while on idle or shifting gears on my automatic transmission, Reverse seems the only one that does not make any noise. Anyway I took it to my local jeep mechanic and after some quick check he determined it was the flywheel probably and told me to get one which I did (P/N 53010630AB) however, today I returned to the shop with the so called flywheel and he told me that this was for a manual trans, not auto. Just FYI, the TCase, Transmission, Diff, etc. had maintenance just last December.

I was told the disc for the auto is slimmer and lighter, but I can't seem to find the part number anywhere. The initial one that I bought from Quadratec doesn't say anything about the transmission so I figured it was the right part since they ask you about the model, engine and such.

I can't, for the life of me, find anything close to an "automatic transmission flywheel", is the part named something else? Here's the one I've got (and that I have to return I guess)

Thanks for your help!
submitted by gusrub to JeepTJ [link] [comments]

2023.05.26 23:35 gusrub Flywheel / Flex Plate part number for an auto 42RLE transmission?

So after some off-roading a few months ago I noticed my '06 TJ was making noises while on idle or shifting gears on my automatic transmission, Reverse seems the only one that does not make any noise. Anyway I took it to my local jeep mechanic and after some quick check he determined it was the flywheel probably and told me to get one which I did (P/N 53010630AB) however, today I returned to the shop with the so called flywheel and he told me that this was for a manual trans, not auto. Just FYI, the TCase, Transmission, Diff, etc. had maintenance just last December.

I was told the disc for the auto is slimmer and lighter, but I can't seem to find the part number anywhere. The initial one that I bought from Quadratec doesn't say anything about the transmission so I figured it was the right part since they ask you about the model, engine and such.

I can't, for the life of me, find anything close to an "automatic transmission flywheel", is the part named something else? Here's the one I've got (and that I have to return I guess)

Thanks for your help!
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2023.05.26 23:18 cortaydo_cortado got myself a 1955 south bend lathe. i was able to track down the original invoice though the company.

got myself a 1955 south bend lathe. i was able to track down the original invoice though the company.
i like restoring tools so i figured i can restore this then use it to make parts for my restorations and anything else.
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2023.05.26 19:32 MajnaBunny Legion of monster: Sanguine ... 31

Down the rabbit hole of the Bureau we go to see what horrors and wonders lie hidden upon and within the earth unearthed by an alien invasion...
Story connects My Moral Grey Area and useSilent_Technology540 and his Legion of monsters stories.
First Previous Next
Legion of monsters: Sanguine … 31 the House of Dealan
Pilotpriest, Future is dead
Arthur and his wives had been informed of the dress and … armament requirements that would be needed for their foray below and when he saw what the girls unveiled, he visibly winced.
Of course, there was some confusion in his disdain for their armour but Arthur insisted and within the hour they had travelled out to a place almost literally round the corner from the houses of parliament.
As he approached the old stone arch with its thick wrought iron door Arthur suddenly remembered the particulars of mixing Shil’vati and confined spaces.
“Um, I'm sorry but it slipped my mind that this place is underground.” He said, chuckling as his wives all gave him a cold disapproving look.
Arthur knew that just banging on the door would not open it so he pursed his lips and whistled the tune of the nursery rhyme pop goes the weasel while resting his hand on a very specific glassy green stone beside the doorway.
The clunk of a door deeper down the passage opening made him smile to his wives to reassure them that everything was okay.
As the chains rattled on the other side of the door, he heard the guard’s deep breath and several deep sniffs at the air, there was a deep animal growl, Arthur without meaning to swallowed dryly at what he knew was about to emerge.
The door swung open showing it to be a literal foot thick slab of metal, but from behind it stepped a man who emerged from his stoop in the hall to stare down at Arthur and look level eyed at his wives.
The man appeared Jamaican by descent by his predominant skin colour and hairstyle of dreadlocks, his face was mottled with vitiligo across his cheeks and brow speckling his brown skin with splotches of white, those eyes were brown but tinged yellow around the iris and his nails were thick and pointed claws.
This was a werewolf in human form, one that was not too shy about its inhuman traits being plain to see.
“Is master Ancetto in?” asked Arthur politely.
The doorman leaned over to be eye level with Arthur looking him in the eyes then looking past him to the four shil’vati behind him.
“Sebastian, they are my wives and I am looking to ensure they are well protected.” Stated Arthur.
Standing up straight the wolf in a man’s form smiled broadly displaying his fanged teeth as he then said in a deep Jamaican accent.
“Sooooh, da boy aboot town haz finally found someone’s dey is confortable with… doh-nah stress he is in, shall ah call da gent as well?” he asked smiling down at him.
Arthur nodded, and the guard looking over him to the four shil’vati women he smiled wider saying.
“Ladies, Welcome mahster Ancetto the artifaycer is down deez stairs mind your eads, dis tunnel wah made by shortah people dan us.”
As the guard turned Arthur let out the breath he was holding.
Gly’nrie and Imizael cast him an odd look.
“It’s okay I was just worried that he might turn us away is all, they are very particular about who they allow in past the doors.” Said Arthur as he followed the giant guard down the well-lit old stone stairs.
As they reached the bottom, they entered a room with much taller ceilings panelled with wood but also lined with hooks to take the coats of guests, the guard went back upstairs and could be heard locking the door behind them.
Coming back down he bowed slightly saying.
“You be da first sheel-vahti’s ever to be in-vye-ted to this place lay-deez we strictly insist that only trusted wehl known customah’s can introduce uthars to dis place, Arthur noh dah mahsters wohk very well, he wearin one of our suits right now he is.”
Another door opened and out came a well-dressed thinly built gentleman who looked almost totally albino, paper white skin and hair on a balding head, his eyes were only the faintest grey as only his glasses sharp red metallic frames applied any colour to his strictly monotone black and white attire.
“Master Gwydion, I trust that these people are both the ones you contacted me about and that they are well within the rules I insist upon?” asked the well-dressed man as he narrowed his gaze at Arthur.
“Master Ancetto, these are my wives!” said Arthur with a hint of sharpness in his voice but he held out a hand gesturing to each in turn.
“From left to right Viscountess Shal’endra Isilynor, Baroness Gly’nrie Xyrcaryn, Duchess Imizael Balcyne, and Marquess Miralana Umegwyn … we are expected to perform a diplomatic duty somewhere very, very dangerous and were told that it would be considered unseemly to arrive at said event in anything less than full battle armour.” Said Arthur politely.
The last time he had been here was being fitted for several suit’s both business and otherwise with armoured enhancement by Sir Philip and even then, it had been made plain that this was not a bureau establishment and that it served the needs of very special elite clientele of all types and strived for absolute neutrality.
“Battle armour for a diplomatic duty?” said Master Ancetto with a hint of a smile.
Arthur sighed, rubbing his brow.
“We have been invited to the investiture of a kind of lord before a council of similar lords in a very strange place I only recently learned existed, the lord in question is a former bureau agent called Sanguine.” said a blushing Arthur.
Master Ancetto smiled for the first time in front of Arthur, the corners of his mouth drew back very wide exposing fangs, his eyes, once milky grey, turned a startling sky blue as he rose a foot from the ground floating mid-air.
“You are attending the investiture of a lord of the depths?” said the now floating master Ancetto before a shocked Arthur.
“Yes.” Arthur replied nervously realising very quickly the signs of a grey stood before him.
“Then it is good that YOU came here to me, I was born of the depths and until recently I was exiled… recent changes have altered this… I have to say you are going to see wonders I long to see again, I am jealous but my duties tie me to this place a while longer.” Said the grinning telepathic vampire in front of them.
Leading them through another door they found themselves in an armourer’s workshop equal to any in imperial space they had seen with both power armour and lighter armoured garments being worked upon by a plethora of people both grey and rather obviously cyborgs.
The man performing servo maintenance on the power armour had multiple mechanical limbs extending spider-like from his back and even a multi-lensed prosthetic eye on his right-side which swivelled all three mechanical eyes to look at these new arrivals.
“As you can see, we create all manner of attire from heavy powered armour,” remarked master Ancetto as he gestured to the spider mechanic as he resumed his work, “to the finer and more flexible protection.” He said gesturing to a suit not unlike Arthurs which was having flexible polymer armour inserts applied.
“But this is all what one would consider as commonplace for the surface world.” He said as a black cube floated up beside him then, morphed into a suit of insectile armour around the body of master Ancetto… “You will be needing finer attire in the depths.”
Ixion OST, Across the void
Bellaluna watched as one of the Sanguine’s sparred with Zilyana.
One of the older one’s was sat beside her at her table sipping tea as they perused the options available from master Ancetto’s armourer’s.
They were sat within a glass roofed garden, the environment inside was absolutely not one you would ever see on the surface of earth, the dark red barked trees throbbed with bioluminescence between their scaled bark as their shimmering jewel like obsidian crystal leaves tingled and rang like crystal glass windchimes as they swayed in the breeze created by the room’s climate controls.
This was what the Ancetto clan called their hidden jewel, a garden made of depth’s native plants and a few insects in its center was a sparring ground for customers to acquaint themselves with their armour’s properties.
Bellaluna examined the possibilities available and found that many options were familiar to her thanks to the prevalence for noble families to outfit their daughters with Exo armour.
Only these suits were not the nine to ten feet tall armoured behemoth suits she knew, these were skin tight suits of biopolymer synthetic muscle synchronized directly to the user’s nervous systems through either telepathic or cybernetic means.
They self-repaired and maintained themselves and acted as a combination of life support system and power armoured combat body glove amplifying the wearers speed endurance and reaction times by a factor of two while allowing Exo levels of raw strength and physical power.
All while incorporating multiple strange biological systems requiring specialised “bio-ports” to be installed to allow the suit to interact symbiotically with its wearer's anatomy allowing it to sustain the host without water or food in the depths for months by recycling their sweat and waste.
Setting everything to its most basic Bellaluna took stock of what she could estimate to be the bare bones of a basic depths soldier.
It was an army of five-to-six-foot bio-armoured soldiers able to live for months without food water or resupply all while being able to jog at speeds near to that of Terran cheetahs, go toe to toe against Exo’s in hand to hand while being faster and smaller, and be able to self-triage when wounded, as the suit was designed if a limb was severed to seal the wound and assist its host in growing a new limb?
And that was the basic model.
“Sanguine?” she asked getting the attention of both the fully grown man beside her and the boy sparring with Zilyana.
“Got you!” exclaimed Zilyana proudly as she held the blade near Sanguine 1898’s neck.
Chink ! ….. That sound made Zilyana’s eyes drop to find a blade poised to do something drastic to her crotch.
“Shit.” Was all she could say to that.
Then the boy did something that made her freeze in shock, he leaned his cheek against her blade and without a single sign of pain opened an inch deep gash up on his cheek.
Then moving away from the blade, he pressed his fingers to the side of the wound pulling it open so she could see into it as with a mental effort he made the flesh seal and mend, the sight making her shudder in revulsion.
1898 nodded, sighing before he said.
“Flesh sculptors and their ilk are infamously capable of surviving decapitation, for next time if you are poised to cleave one open young Zilyana, have something like an incendiary grenade ready to shove deep inside the wound when you do as in their haste to heal, they will seal the flesh around it creating a much worse wound when the grenade detonates.” Said the boy clone in an aloof tone.
Zilyana snarled in offense but a faint growl from the older Sanguine beside Bellaluna caught her attention, and reminded her that yes this was but a boy in front of her, but it was also the weakest part of Sanguine and as such the least challenging one for Zilyana to fight.
“What did you want Bellaluna?” asked the older clone 818 beside her returning his focus to the interior mistress as the two in the ring resumed their practice.
Handing him her omni-slate she asked.
“Is this a good approximation of the basic depths soldier?”
Sanguine perused the screen with his eyes, the faint smirk on his face and the raising of an eyebrow told her that he had found her assumption amusing.
“For scav teams and tunnel runners yeah, proper city patrol wear,” he tapped several options then showed her the screen again, “this.” He said, showing a much heavier suit.
Bellaluna took back her slate and looked over the selections that Sanguine had put in, several options were highlighted as needing special licenses to acquire but the resulting armour was closer to power armour to her eyes with heavy plate armour requiring extensive mechanical articulation and amplified muscular systems bringing it closer to being something between an Exo and the baseline bio armour she had chosen.
“This is for the police?” she said with some incredulity.
“That bio-suit you showed me in terms of ease of acquisition akin to a basic Kevlar vest,” he said then handed her his slate, “For proper military assaults you would want the depths call a nomad suit which is what’s on that slate.”
Looking down at what was on her slate the resulting suit was much sleeker than the heavily plated police suit but the price was close to ten times more and resulted in a matte black suit heavier than the basic bio-suit but the list of extras said a lot.
Full NBC countermeasures rated for minimum two years survival time in contaminated environments under a mixture of biological toxic and radiological hazards.
In-built bio-support allows the suit to digest inedible substances to sustain its host, including the extraction of oxygen from ingested materials and water to allow the host to survive in environments with minimal to no atmosphere for extended periods.
In-built suit support mind and thus also its own barriers to allow it to shield itself, which required either the host be psychic or the installation of a neural symbiote on the hosts spine to ensure the suit can always remain in contact with the host.
Integrated pig plasma pulse guns in the bracers, retractable monofilament blades and claws and reinforced synth muscle and armour allowing for nearly four times the power of a police suit.
Bellaluna could feel her eyebrows going higher and higher, you could almost say she suspected them of trying to emigrate over her scalp to flee down her neck.
“How fucking dangerous is it down there?” said Bellaluna with a noticeable squeak in her voice at the shocking details of this virtual Exo that the depths considered a standard line solider.
Sanguine again smiled but it quickly faded away as he said.
“You sent salvage expeditions to Mars, full marine detachments, all manner of advanced digging equipment even tried to use some orbital fire to blast your way down below the surface.” He stated staring at her intently, this was not a question, this was a statement.
“Tiamat’s children are nothing if not tireless, so I will only say on that matter that they are not cruel, any trespasser would have died quickly, cruelty is a trait only found in the more human breeds of tyrant bio-forms.” He remarked with a melancholy smirk.
“Most if not all of them are a misguided bureau attempt to domesticate and weaponize things commonly found in the various bio-domes residing below, there are all manner of different environments across the universe preserved down there.”
He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a packet of settock nuts judging by the picture on the packet, which were something native to the shil’vati home-world, only these were in a packet daubed in a language she did not recognise.
“You call them settock nuts, I grew up calling them Kalzee and eating them as part a traditional meal in the depths called Ahrical,” the look of confusion on Bellaluna’s face spurred him into expanding his description, “The basic sauce is kind of a sweet red gravy like what you would expect of the human sweet and sour chicken, like a lot of grey cooking it has finely ground up iron rust powder mixed in the sauce but you can get it without.” Bellaluna’s face became more confused.
“The meat and nuts are simmered in this sauce on a low heat over several hours till cooked, then the sauce left to cool overnight, the next day sliced fresh fruit and vegetables are added and mixed with the cold sauce, its eaten with Sahsan a kind of salty cone shaped biscuit bread about cob or bun size that I would describe as halfway between naan bread and a tortilla with a soft inner side and a crispy outside that’s like a tortilla,” he remarked.
“You use the bread like a spoon to scoop up the Ahrical eating both as you go, it’s only the non-psychics down there that use cutlery.” He said smiling as he pointed to one of the Ancetto armourers sat eating his evening meal in the garden, a chunky reddish soup using small cones telekinetically to scoop up the bowls contents.
“Ahrical?” she asked Sanguine.
“No, that's something more common up here, beef bolognaise with pasta shells, but the bread is Sahsan.” He replied.
It was at this point that the small packet of settock nuts leapt off the table and an old man in a finely crafted suit of chitinous armour snaffled half the bag greedily.
“Kalzee,” he said with a blissful voice through a half full mouth as he savoured the nuts, “Can we have more of these brought up with the armour material shipments, I would pay their weight in gold for more of these.” Said an uncharacteristically uncouth Master Ancetto as his escorting cadre of four shil’vati and a single male human customer looked at him oddly.
Sanguine laughed before pointing to Bellaluna and saying.
“Sahngah those nuts grow on the shil homeworld,” he said to the old grey armourer, “they’re a common snack food, they sell in the vending machines on their bases.” He said with a toothy grin.
Master ‘Sahngah’ Ancetto looked to Bellaluna expectantly saying.
“You have Kalzee on your world?” he said with an odd intensity.
“Settock nuts,” said a bemused Bellaluna, “commonly roasted and put in bags with salt and spices.” She said seeing the old man’s eyes light up during her explanation.
Then the master looked at Sanguine and said rather excitedly.
“Mahak-sa Sanguine, do you know of any other foods they have that I might recognise?” he asked the seated clone 818.
“Mahak-sa?” said the lone confused human that had been accompanying the old master armourer.
Sanguine rose from his seat and approached the human smiling, he was well aware of this human, and what he really was under his genteel appearance.
“You must be Arthur Gwydion,” he stated crossing his arms and staring oddly intensely into the human’s eyes, “Mahak-sa is an honorific, a title it means that I am in essence I am a king, khan or emperor of one of the cities or domains of the depths, at least I will be officially soon.”
Arthur to his credit caught on quickly.
“So, you’re that Sanguine, the one who we are to escort down there as part of the delegation.” He said, taking a slight step back with what looked to be a nervous smile.
Sanguine 818 all six foot eight of him stared down at Arthur, his red on blue eyes glinting from his ashen white face, his grin framed by his white beard.
The dragon’s boon had brought more of the wolf out in him resulting in him being taller and more muscular with snow white hair on cream white skin… that this also caused slight grey speckling on the roots of his changed black horns was a little odd.
“Mahak-sa Sanguine Nah’gratha Mourdin, Grandson of the Ancient of Ahrama’geidahn Aihbael Nah’gratha Mourdin who is brother to the Gorr Mah’kjan,” he said seeing the evident confusion.
“Gorr Mah’kjan means the god king of the depths Kain Reish Mouridin, the one who swept the dead sea crater clean with a wave of reanimated dead.” Said Sanguine with a little hint of a smirk.
The way all five of them froze in apparent fright like a deer in headlights at that detail summoned a chuckle out of Sanguine.
Still for all his amusement his mind’s full attention was elsewhere, dealing with more important matters than this.
Darktide OST, Main theme
Tanis was a male Exo pilot in the shil’vati military which was a rarity but also, he was a single male pilot without a wife bound to him which was even rarer and his team were part of the support Exo’s of the local insurgent suppression unit tasked with keeping Massachusetts relatively calm and maintain it as a yellow zone.
It had begun as a raid of a suspected insurgent base at a mansion in a small town called Innsmouth, the brief had mentioned something about a cult, add in the area according to the marines muttered rumors being oddly infamous for lots of sightings of strange mutant fish monsters apparently, sightings which the incumbent regional government apparently had suppressed prior to the empire’s arrival for reasons unknown.
As they struck the marines storming in it quickly became apparent to her that more was going on, her unit commander Searsa kept switching comms channels, obviously their noble captain had been keeping details from them as shortly after the marines stormed in the shrill screams and shouts of ghastly horror filled the open coms as echoing the las-fire took up a cadence only heard during moments of sheer extremes, frantic fully automatic the fall back of the desperate and terrified.
The sounds of Las-Fire rattled out from inside the mansion punctuated by screams and strange gurgling roars as the unit commander started shouting into her coms, the words muffled and unintelligible under her Exo Armour's closed visor.
“What the fuck is making that noise?” Tanis asked and the commander whirled on him, a rebuke plainly mere moments from utterance.
Only for the screams and las-fire to stop, this shifted everyone's attention to the mansion’s doors.
Whispered chants oozed out of the air hissing and uttered in barely pronounceable mantras, the very shadows around them seemed to move with odd sinister momentum.
Then the mansion's doors slid open and a sea of darkness lay within, Tanis could feel something writhing within that inky depth but his ears alerted him to an odd silence.
Turning he beheld a true nightmare, monstrous things half fish half human assailed the marines in total silence, their screams and las-fire completely silent all sound lacking as marines were eviscerated and monsters devoured them alive.
Turning Tanis opened fire and in an instant all the riotous noise of the world came back.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” bellowed his commander in shock as the sudden return of sound snapped her out of whatever fugue had gripped her.
The rest of the unit took moments longer to regain their senses, moments enough for one of the monsters to grab a hold of a team mate called Kaunt, the monsters skin rippled under shredding las repeater fire but still it heaved and tore open her armour to thrust its maw inside to get at the pilot.
Tanis acted stepping forth he drove his armour’s fist flat like a blade into its ribs and with a sucking squelch tore out its insides before pushing it off Kaunt, but she was already dead.
Turning he hosed down a mass of swirling something that moved out of the corner of his eye and bellowed to his commander.
“We need to move!” but she stood visor open staring at him like she was drunk as a swirling tendril of shadows curled round her and touched her face, Searsa a woman barely a year older than himself let out a strangled groan as before Tanis’s horrified eyes the years passed in seconds and she withered away inside her armour.
The other women were similarly dumbstruck and barely moving, snaking shadows binding their feet as they stood immobile and insensate.
“DEMON!” roared a man’s voice and a blast of blinding white light rocked the mansion's doorway.
Around them had appeared soldiers clad in silver armour carrying blades that crackled with eldritch energy and guns that spat globs of blinding light that left after images in Tanis’s vision.
Thanks to Tanis’s cursory examination of this world’s history, he recognised something of these warrior’s armour and stylings, these were knights? And if their armour and cruciform symbology was anything to go by these were some forms of paladins.
There in the doorway one of them struggled with a figure that was as much a shadow as it was possibly a human being, snapping lightning exposed their struggles amidst that living darkness inside the house.
Tanis did the only thing that seemed to make sense after all of this he levelled his repeater on that shadow and fired.
Pulsed laser fire was swallowed by the darkness but a hissing roar of anger emerged, its attention shifted to Tanis and he felt something horrifying reaching for him but the paladin was on it fast cleaving down through its skull with one blade while another was driven into its chest.
In one lurching moment the shadows dispersed leaving the paladin stood blades pinning a withered old corpse.
Across the battlefield that had been the mansion's lawn the monsters broke and fled running back towards the mansion as the marines and what little of the Exo’s snapped from their fugue and opened fire on their fleeing assailants.
But then the ground heaved and rumbled, the paladins leapt back as the mansion collapsed into a chasm that had apparently been below it?
A shuddering growl rumbled in the air and ripples of that same unnatural darkness oozed out from the pit now exposed as up from it rose what to Tanis’s shocked eyes was a miniature black hole.
An orb of utter darkness as a big as a small ship tore free of the ground swirling mist like shadows cloaked it as the monsters hurled themselves towards its surface their flesh as they got close liquifying and becoming an orbiting ring of wailing meat around the orb which spat jets of steaming ichor out towards them.
One jet swallowed up a group of marines near Tanis and in moments their armour and flesh just dissolved leaving behind steaming bones.
“EVADE! … PULL BACK … EVADE!” roared Tanis and what little of his fellows not still gripped in fugue obeyed and fled, but the paladins stood their ground.
He saw some carrying large egg-shaped things tangled in roots towards the orb, his ponderings answered as he saw one hurled at the ominous thing, it crackled with energy as it drew close sticking to its surface there was a howling shriek as more were hurled onto its surface.
Finally, as it orbited with dozens of these things stuck to its surface the blasted orb just dropped back into its hole whatever dark power once animating it spent.
Still the paladins did not rest, more of those egg-like things were brought forth as well as lengths of massive chains as big as those you would anchor a ship with their surfaces etched with symbols that seemed to make Tanis’s eyes itch as he looked at them.
As they swarmed into the chasm Tanis could hear shrieking wails and screams that shook him to his core, moving to the chasms edge he stared down to see that they were chaining up and binding this thing lashing it to a frame they were building around it with the kind of haste one expects only with plentiful practice.
“All units form up and arrest those men!” bellowed the voice of their noble captain across the comms, turning Tanis surveyed the remnants of their force, barely a handful remained, many were horribly mauled by either the monsters or being caught by the acidic sprays, many more were simply catatonic in shock and were either stood or sat staring into empty space as if still entranced by the dispersing fugue.
The rest were rushing about trying to tend to the wounded or take stock of what the hell had just happened, even the Exo’s pride of the shil’vati military were stumbling broken and still in shock.
“I said Arrest those men!” bellowed the captain now outside of her mobile command unit pointing to the nearest paladin.
Tanis coughed as he stifled a laugh at the looks of incredulity passing across the marines, they knew that they had just been saved by these knights and the look of hesitation was evident everywhere Tanis looked.
“I SAID!” she roared, only for a bolt of lightning to snap out and reduce her in an instant to just a greasy smear of cooked meat and tattered armour.
One of the paladins was floating towards the MCU, his armour crackling with electricity as his eyes glowed like small suns through the slits of his visor.
The armoured vehicle peeled open under invisible forces and her command staff were plucked out and thrown to the ground beside the still steaming remains of the captain.
“Your captain was commanded by her own betters to stand aside and leave this matter to us, and she ignored this, her officers knew what they were facing and thought themselves prepared.”
As one of the captain’s lieutenants snapped off several bolts of las-fire at the floating paladin from her side arm they impacted a bubble of energy around him, the shots fizzling to nothing.
In a flash he hurled towards them the first he touched his fingers to her brow and she just evaporated in a spray of blue, ducking and twirling out of the way of the seconds wild firing she erupted into flames with a gesture.
The third tried to shoot herself, the pistol aimed up at her own skull swatted out of her hand in the last moment telekinetically the paladin clapped his hands together and the woman officer simply imploded.
Number four the one who had shot at him when he had been floating dropped her pistol.
“You were her sister trusted by the generals and admirals to keep your hot-headed sister in line.” Snarled the paladin as he produced an omni-slate from his armour.
“This is a warrant of execution for this woman, signed by six of this world’s ruling nobles… In ancient times when warriors failed so severely on this world they were made into a severe example, some were even given the honour to hurl themselves on their own swords to answer for their shame.” Said the paladin.
He removed his helm revealing a snow-white face with luminous blue eyes and black curved horns on his brow, as a long mane of startling white hair whipped about in an eldritch breeze.
“I am not as merciful to those who defy me!” he hissed as his mouth opened far too wide for a human revealing a set of very sharp canine teeth more akin to the mouth of a dog or very large cat.
He shot forward driving his fist into her guts folding the officer in half as she shot off her feet showing the force of the blow.
She begged, she pleaded but no one tried to help her as this supernaturally empowered man beat her savagely finally ending her by driving his thumbs into her eye sockets.
Tanis had been inching closer by the minute as he and everyone else watched this sentence be passed, the warrant and its signatures visible on their head up displays for every marine around them.
Finally, as Tanis drew close enough, he popped open his visor and simply asked.
“Who the fuck are you, and what in the deep minders barnacle ridden salty clam hole is going on?”
The paladin turned to him revealing a youthful if angularly gaunt face which smiled.
“I am Sanguine 984 hunter of demons and monsters,” he said with obvious mirth, “to you this will be one of the most confounding and horrible days of your life…… to me it’s just another FUCKING Tuesday doing my job.” He said as the other paladins pulled that dark orb out of the chasm by the chains, that faint agonised whine now a faint whisper, the very sight of that thing made Tanis’s eyes twitch.
“HEY!” barked the one calling himself Sanguine, to focus their attention on him, “not a good idea to stare at it like that, just try and ignore it until the transport arrives, staring at it will fry your brain cells and make you a mindless shell.” He said gesturing to one of the catatonic marines.
With that the paladin took a rag from his pocket and started to wipe the blood and viscera from his gauntlets saying.
“Stare too long causes brain burn, hollows you out, nothing left of your memories or mind, just a still breathing corpse with enough brain not turned to mush to keep the organs ticking but little else.”
Tanis looked to the many catatonic marines staring blankly into space, a cold horrified dread welling up inside at the sight of the living dead around them.
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2023.05.26 14:59 CogentNext SharePoint Online: Empower Your Team with Unified Communication, Information Sharing, and Data Security

SharePoint Online: Empower Your Team with Unified Communication, Information Sharing, and Data Security
The Changing Landscape of Document Management: Embracing Microsoft SharePoint Online
In today's increasingly decentralized work environment, teams are spread across multiple office locations, working remotely from home, or constantly on the move. This shift has presented new challenges in managing access to sensitive corporate documents and ensuring seamless collaboration. As a result, organizations need a robust solution that can keep their teams connected, regardless of their size or location. Microsoft SharePoint has long been recognized as a reliable document-sharing platform, and its transformation into a cloud-based solution has made it even more valuable in addressing these evolving needs.
So, what are the advantages of implementing Microsoft SharePoint Online?

Simplified User Access Management and Provisioning

SharePoint Online offers granular control over user access, allowing organizations to grant permissions to specific folders and documents on a per-user or group basis. This ensures that each individual has the necessary access while restricting unauthorized users from sensitive information. With Microsoft's secure sign-on method, users can securely and reliably access SharePoint from anywhere in the world without the need for complex solutions like a VPN. The integration with Windows also provides users with a seamless experience, and they can synchronize shared data offline for editing even while traveling without internet access.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Storage

Businesses experience fluctuations in team size and data storage needs over time. SharePoint Online, as part of Microsoft 365, offers the flexibility to add or remove licenses from a central portal, allowing organizations to pay only for what they need each month. Moreover, storage space can be easily adjusted as required, ensuring that you never run out of space or pay for more than necessary. This scalable approach provides businesses with cost savings and eliminates the hassle of managing storage capacity independently.

Tight Security and Reliability

In an era of increasing cyber threats, data security is paramount. By migrating to the cloud with SharePoint Online, organizations can leverage Microsoft's robust security infrastructure. Microsoft operates highly secure server farms equipped with advanced measures such as biometric scans, video surveillance, motion sensors, and on-site armed security personnel. Additionally, data stored in SharePoint Online benefits from encryption using the powerful BitLocker encryption. Access from the internet is further secured through SSL encryption, and organizations can employ Information Rights Management to encrypt sensitive data and control access permissions.
Microsoft's commitment to user privacy is evident as they have a strict no-data-mining policy for content stored in SharePoint. This sets SharePoint Online apart from many other storage services that profit from mining user data for targeted advertising. Furthermore, Microsoft performs multiple redundant backups regularly, ensuring data integrity and protection against loss. These backup practices surpass what most organizations can reasonably achieve independently.

Compliance and Support

Meeting regulatory compliance requirements can be a challenge for organizations. SharePoint Online is compliant with various standards such as HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, FERPA, SSAE 16, EI Model Clauses, and US-EU Safe Harbor Framework by default. This ensures that organizations in regulated industries can confidently use SharePoint Online while adhering to security standards mandated by governmental bodies.
Microsoft also guarantees 99.9% availability of its services through its Service Level Agreement (SLA). This eliminates concerns about internet outages, power failures, and other factors that can disrupt system availability. In case of any technical issues or concerns, administrators can rely on Microsoft's technical support by submitting support tickets through the Microsoft 365 portal and receiving prompt responses and resolutions.

Seamless Integration with OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business, integrated with SharePoint, offers users a convenient cloud storage solution. Instead of managing network shares within the internal network, organizations can allocate individual users a 1TB storage slice for their personal use. OneDrive integrates smoothly with Windows Explorer, allowing users to interact with their cloud storage as if it were local. The best part is that these per-user storage allocations do not count against the overall SharePoint Online storage quota, providing organizations with ample storage capacity.

Automatic Updates and Upgrades

IT administrators often face challenges when migrating to new versions or applying updates, as it requires extensive effort to ensure smooth installation and functionality. SharePoint Online alleviates these concerns by providing automatic updates and upgrades as part of the subscription. With advance notice through the Microsoft 365 portal, organizations can stay up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements. For those who want to stay ahead of the curve, enabling preview features allows them to be on the cutting edge of SharePoint development.

Predictable Expenditure

Moving away from large periodic investments in hardware and traditional software licenses, SharePoint Online offers a monthly subscription model, providing organizations with predictable and manageable expenses. This allows businesses to allocate capital investment funds to other critical areas.

Embrace the Power of SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online offers a comprehensive solution for information sharing and collaboration in organizations of all sizes. Its benefits in terms of streamlined user access management, robust security, flexible storage, compliance adherence, seamless integration, automatic updates, and predictable expenditure make it a compelling choice for modern businesses.
At CogentNext, we specialize in SharePoint Online implementation and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and expertise at an affordable offshore rate. Contact us today to discover how we can empower your organization with the capabilities of SharePoint.
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2023.05.26 07:04 COG92 Advice on purchase 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

Advice on purchase 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara
Hello. I am new to the Jeep world, but have always been interested in them. I recently decided to start looking and came across this one that I really like. I wanted to get some advice on whether this was a good deal or if there is anything else I should consider before moving forward with this particular purchase. Any input is greatly appreciated!
83,000 miles
Exterior Color: Gobi Clear–Coat Exterior Paint
Interior: Black Leather Seats w/Diesel Gray Accent Stitching
Engine: 3.6–Liter V6
Engine Transmission: 5–Speed Automatic Transmission
Freedom Top® 3–Piece Hard Top
Asking: $29,500 with free lifetime powertrain warranty
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2023.05.26 06:17 C_N1 Need some advice about a new ticking noise

Need some advice about a new ticking noise
So I've got a bit of an issue here. Let me first start with the specs, then the issue, and how the issue was caused (or at least what I think caused it)
96' Lt1 automatic with 105k miles on it. Well maintained and service records kept. Everything is stock except a cold air intake.
The issue is that the engine has a ticking noise. Driver side, seems to be coming from or below the exhaust manifold. I'm fairly certain it's coming from the engine and not the exhaust.
When did it start? OK, so I bought the car back in November. Drove it back home 200 miles, no problem. It was a cool rainy day.
When I got it home I parked it under a carport (don't have a garage yet) and would drive it around town. Anyways, I found some condensation under the oil cap, panicked a bit and tried to use the block tester on it to make sure it didn't have a coolant leaking into the oil. I've only had ford cars where the coolant reservoir was under pressure but you can remove the cap while hot. I knew it would be different with this car, so I read the manual, misunderstood it and opened the cap while hot. (Yes im that stupid 🙃) anyways, coolant spewed out and I refilled it with the 50/50 mix it calls for. Blead the line by the thermostat and it all seemed fine.
A few weeks pass and I've driven it on 20 minute drives to my friend. Warmed up and ran fine. Didn't overheat. So I was confident the coolant was done correctly.
First nice day of the year I drive to my other friend to pick him up to watch the mario movie. A bit of a longer drive with highway, hot day and the ac running. I get to his place and while waiting in the car I hear some noises. I think it's the exhaust cooling... nope... gurgling noise. I open the hood and the coolant reservoir, the one with the pressure cap on it is gurgling. I don't know if it was bleeding air, boiling, or pulling air from the overflow tank. Temp gauges all looked fine and no dash lights or dic lights flashing. (Side note: I haven't touched the coolant since I filled it and the coolant level is exactly at the lines they should be for hot and cold temps)
So anyways, after that incident I've got this ticking noise. It's in sync with the rpm, doesn't change with engine or oil temp either. When I first heard it, it was quiet enough to where I thought it was just part of the engine running normally, however I checked a video I made before and I couldn't hear any ticking. I drove it a bit more, maybe 50-60 miles total and the ticking noise is more noticeable.
I replaced the valve cover gaskets and while doing so I checked and wiggled the rockers but they seemed OK. I didn't turn the engine to check if any were out of spec, but it didn't look like anything was different when comparing them to each other. I also twisted the pushrods to feel any resistance or anything abnormal, and the ones I was able to turn and weren't under pressure all seemed to be OK.
I asked my uncle and he suggested a bad oil pump, but my oil pressure is ok according to other people/forums. 60psi when cold and 25ish when warm and idling. And it goes up as the rpm increases. Oil was changed about 700 miles ago at a shop. Also no engine lights or codes either.
What I've done so far was check the rockers, and put some seafoam in the oil. I'll be doing another oil change soon just to rule that out.
I'm not sure where to start, I've read plenty of different causes. Stuck valves or pushrods. Shifted cam bearings causing sloppy tolerances. Loose rockers. Clogged oil passage. Low oil pressure. Etc.
I'm just worried I've got a big problem happening. I'm too afraid to drive it or even idle it. Luckily I've got the service manual for it and I'm handy enough to learn how to do the repairs, just not sure where to start.
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2023.05.26 05:52 Drakolf Maintenance Ch. 4: Malice - The Greater Multiverse Adventurer Hero Guild

There are only a few signs of a nascent Dark Lord, and they were only really detectable if you were looking for them. A year was a lot of time for a fledgling to grow.
Even neutered by the presence of another Dark Lord, the accumulation of malice being weakened, there could be untapped sources of corruption, dark artifacts hidden by the previous one simply to make our jobs harder.
That wasn't even going into the potentiality of Blackthorn deciding to mentor them, even if that was strictly to try and convince them to work with us, rather than against us.
The first sign was fairly benign, a gradual darkening of hair as malice is accumulated. I recalled reading about an albino Dark Lord who simply couldn't, and had escaped detection that way.
The second was the gradual change of eye color to red, gold, or silver. It was a mistake to think that the eye color conferred any specific alignment, one that had cost many lives in the past.
The third was an uncanny rapport with animals, which also led to a lot of innocent farmers and shepherds getting lynched by a paranoid populace.
The fourth was a suspicious line of deaths connected to them. Adoptive parents meeting some grim fate, family members falling into addiction or- or worse.
It was why I noticed the lay priest in the Temple.
He was cleaning the statues, speaking prayers to the Gods to aid all Heroes past, present, and future in their works. He was albino, and as much as I hated profiling people based on their appearances, I at least needed to check.
Since one and two were out with him, clearly, I needed to see how he was with animals.
Wendy grabbed my hand as I started walking to him, she shook her head. "It's not him." She said.
"What? Why?" I asked.
"He's my brother." She said. "We're twins, and I know for a fact the Gods have touched him."
"I still need to check." I said. "At the very least, he might have noticed something."
She let my hand go and I approached him.
I wasn't walking particularly loudly, yet he turned around and looked at me. I stopped in my tracks, confused. His hair was bright silver, not white, and his eyes certainly had a similar coloration.
He closed his eyes, bringing his hands together, and bowed. "Honored Hero, you grace me with your presence."
Yeah, yeah. Enough of the Hero talk. "Mind if I talk to you a moment?" I asked.
"Absolutely." He said. "What can this humble lay priest do for you?"
"Can you get me a horse? I need to head out soon."
He bowed again. "Apologies, Hero. I don't tend the stables." I blinked, confused.
"What?" I asked. "You don't tend the stables, have I missed some change in policy where lay priests don't maintain the Temple grounds?"
"He can't." I glanced back at Wendy, who looked at her brother with an apologetic look. "The horses can't stand to be near him, they won't even let him ride them."
I furrowed my brow, looked at him, then back at Wendy. "I'm sorry, what?" I asked.
"It's true." He said, his voice full of shame. "It may be a curse, or perhaps some ill omen. They refuse to accept my touch."
"I... see." I said. "Fine, it'll have to wait, then." I got ready to ask him about his family, when Wendy interrupted again.
"Hero, I know my brother, any aspersions you could cast upon him could be cast upon me. Understand, we are both humble servants of the Temple."
Her brother looked at her and said, "Sister, dear, I will gladly submit to any tests necessary to prove I am well." He looked at me. "After all, I have nothing to fear."
Bravado was something anyone could pull off, most Dark Lords who attempted such were exceedingly clever, but were often undone by careless actions.
I held out my badge, and he took it. I furrowed my brow when the gemstone darkened, as if he had less malice than the baseline person. He handed it back.
"Alright." I said. I looked at my badge, which glowed briefly for a moment as it normalized. I thought for a moment, considering the possibility that I might be a latent one myself and made a note in my menu to get myself checked.
It would be absolutely embarrassing if I was one of those few who managed to get a false negative during screening. The note made, and therefore unable to be erased by me without permission from a higher up, I filled him in on the situation.
"Yes, it would be unfortunate indeed for a fledgeling to show up now, of all times." He remarked. "That would reflect poorly on the Guild, as it is your duty- and by extension, the Temple's- to weed them out and destroy them."
"Or convince them to cooperate." I said.
"No." He said, more forcefully than I was really comfortable with. "They are a blight, it would be far better to rid the multiverse of them entirely."
"Which would then result in total sublimation in light which would render the universe null." I countered. He looked confused. "What, were you sleeping on that day of class? A Dark Lord can always be defeated, a world can always be pulled back from the brink of darkness! Hell, reverse-worlds exist as a counterbalance and have the opposite needs as worlds like this one! Sublimation of the worlds, the inability to maintain the balance of light and dark would lead to the eventual destruction of the multiverse in its entirety!"
"Please, there's no need to yell." Wendy said, taking hold of my arm.
I took a deep breath. She was right, that was uncharacteristic of me. "Sorry." I said. "It's just this is very strict, technical stuff the deeper into how things work you go, and having people on our side who are ignorant of some fairly basic concepts just... It gets to me."
"Ander, please forgive his wrath." Wendy said to her brother. "He is doing his best to find the fledgeling."
Ander looked at her and his expression softened. He approached her and hugged her. "Of course, my beloved sister." He said. "Forgive my ignorance, Hero. Perhaps I did sleep that day."
I sighed. "Alright." I said. "I have some tools at my disposal for tracking a fledgeling down. It's not precise, at best it just locks onto nearby sources of malice, which I can siphon off for containment. It's a long, laborious process, and if containment breaks, that's a lot of malice just getting spread out that could cause a lot of problems."
"We will accompany you, Hero, to ensure you are uninterrupted." Ander said. "After all, if someone were to sneak up on you and harm you, that would be even worse."
I blinked. "Alright, so full disclosure, you are extremely unsettling, so when this is all done, I'm putting in a request to get you some therapy or something."
"Apologies, Hero. I do not often engage with others. I prefer solitude."
At least he wasn't offended.
I pulled down my menu and sent in a request for some tools and some blessed water. Now, this kind of request would raise concerns about a seemingly Level 1 situation. Normally, it's a Level 1 handling these things, so my being here is just serendipitous.
The request was automatically accepted, considering my Level, and I said, "Alright, step back." An incantation appeared in front of me, with some instructions.
Even though I'd done this a few times before, I still followed along, because nothing was worse than misremembering an incantation and having nothing happen.
A blinding white light flashed as the equipment I requested was dropped off. I looked at Wendy and Ander and said, "Alright, I'm going to show you how we do a quick and dirty purification ritual."
The gear I received had a different form, depending on the world I was on. Here, it was explicitly a magic item that used holy power to siphon off malice.
All creatures have a certain amount of malice in them, and generally, it's a bad idea to outright remove it. That caused problems which can lead to the aforementioned sublimation of a world in nothing but light. Without malice, good has no shape, no form. Without love, evil is much the same.
Even evil has loved ones.
I'd remembered stories of Recurrences who fell in love with each other. They played their roles, certainly, but rather than ending in one dying and the other living until they died, being reborn the next cycle, it was a story of a person falling into evil in spite of their efforts to be good, and love redeeming them.
I'd love to study one of those Recurrences, they didn't really need Heroes, but the light half of that Recurrence was a member of the Guild for clerical reasons.
Mainly in case of divorce. Not every incarnation is the same, and Blackthorn wasn't always going to be Blackthorn.
The average person knew not to get in the way of a Maintenance Adventurer when they had magic items out. That meant Danger and nobody liked Danger.
I followed the direction of the lodestone compass, keeping track of if and when the needle shifted suddenly. Triangulating the source off corruption was generally a problem, and I wasn't going to have Blackthorn come out of his cave to gobble it all up and cause an early Recurrence.
"Alright, found one." I said, pointing my extractor at an off-colored patch in a wall. Malice is thick and goopy, getting submerged in it instantly mutates a creature into a monster, usually mindless, but always evil.
The purification ritual I'd done for myself was primarily to help me equalize, my acting out of character was an indication that there was probably enough malaise to make me grumpy, and considering I wasn't having any more issues with my temper, I was right.
It was a small amount of Malice, barely a standard unit, and certainly not particularly dangerous by itself. If someone had purposefully extracted it without the proper precaution, about the worst that would happen to them is a brief state of insanity.
The compass pointed in another direction, and off we went.
There are rarely large pools of malice, those are Level 6 and require at best a full team to clear it out.
At worst, it was just better to let a fledgling jump in and kickstart their reign of terror. People generally didn't like that, which was another reason maintenance is important.
Malice doesn't accumulate like this without a good reason, and that reason was proximity to a fledgling. The more spots I found, the more I realized it was in the city. Bit by bit, I extracted the malice out, working well into the night because I wasn't going to rest until this was done, my vacation be damned.
Actually, on second thought, let's not damn the vacation, that's why I was here in the first place, to get as far away from damnation as I feasibly could.
Wendy and Ander took turns bolstering me with magic, giving me energy so I didn't pass out on the job. The moment one of them needed sleep was the moment I went to bed.
Thankfully, even with a city this large, I only got up to about half a tank before the compass started pointing at me.
Well, that's actually pretty fucking concerning.
"Hey guys-" I started, turning to face them, the compass needle shifted away from me.
To them.
To Wendy.
She stared at the compass in shock and confusion. "Why is it pointing at me?" She asked.
"Move three steps to the left." I said, she did, the needle followed her. I walked around her, and sure as Hell is terrifying, it was locked directly onto her.
A thing about the Lonestone Compass is that it doesn't register anything below ten standard units, the average per individual was around five, it could be greater or lower than, but never zero or ten.
Below zero meant something very, very bad was happening, and considering Ander wasn't radiant with light, he probably had a solid two, maybe three. We'd get him checked out, and if he was at a solid one, then we'd break out the infusion.
"It's you." I said. "You're the fledgling."
"That has to be a mistake." Ander said. "Maybe she came into contact with the Malice, you only did a purification ritual for yourself."
"And you both should be regularly performing one for yourselves." I countered. "They don't work on fledglings, at least, not ones who have begun to awaken. The only thing that triggers an awakening is contact with malice, either in large quantities or in small amounts constantly."
"I haven't been doing my purification rituals." Wendy said. "I know you told me not to visit Blackthorn, but... I couldn't ignore someone in need. I thought, maybe I could ease his burden."
Yes, that was a feasible answer. It was extremely stupid for her to do, but a proper purification ritual would prove her words.
"Alright." I said. "We'll perform a ritual in the Temple. If the ritual works, then, we're either back at square one or I'm the fledgling and am far enough along that I'm attracting malice. Which would suck if true, but we can't just ignore that possibility."
We headed for the Temple, and as we walked, Ander asked, "Is it common for fledgling Dark Lords to not realize they are one, in the Guild?" He asked.
"It's not uncommon." I said. "The ritual prevents them from accumulating any, so it often goes unnoticed until something changes."
"And is there anything other than contact with malice that can trigger this 'awakening'?"
I nodded. "Yeah. Repeated contact with another Dark Lord, which is why Wendy's on the hot seat right now. Contact with dark artifacts, deals with demons, opening Hell Mouths..."
Being near one.
We reached the Temple and Ander got things ready for a proper Purification Ritual, which he performed. He was... a lot more hands-on than I was used to, and it did make me uncomfortable, but it was working, the compass was beginning to waver, and then it started spinning.
Oh no.
Before I could begin to tell Ander to stop, Wendy crumbled to ashes in his hands, her malice completely drained from her body.
He fixed me with a cold stare, and I understood the situation completely.

[Navigation for 'Maintenance': [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]]
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2023.05.25 21:40 ElMiguel- Everything We Know About Stormgate - A Giant Compilation (With Sources)

Hey everyone! I’m a long-time lurker who’s been following Frost Giant and Stormgate since 2020 before the game’s name was even revealed.
And after accompanying pretty much every news reveal, article, and interview, I’ve decided to make a giant (get it?) compilation of just about everything we know so far, par some details.
Also, all of the video sources are timed, so they’ll take you to the specific portion of the video that is relevant to what is being described.

What Is Stormgate?




The Engine

New Player Experience & Making the Game More Approachable


Game Speed




Air Combat & Territory Control

Team Games (3v3 Ranked PVP)



Co-Op Commanders

Custom Games & The Editor



It’s a Social RTS


Post-Release Content


Concept Art

Big Names Behind Stormgate

…And a bunch of other awesome people that all deserve a giant post dedicated just to thank each of them for the amazing games and memories they’ve helped create, and the (probably) amazing game they’re currently working on.


How Can I Get Into the Beta?

How Can I Support Frost Giant?


Did I Miss Something Important?

Just leave a comment and I’ll add it!
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2023.05.25 16:09 BeefosaurusRekt Freightliner Sprinter 2500 asking $41,000 - Description in comments

Freightliner Sprinter 2500 asking $41,000 - Description in comments
  • 2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500
  • 3.0L 6F Diesel, RWD
  • 225,759 miles
  • 170" Wheelbase
My wife and I purchased this van in the summer of 2022 and spent 6 months driving around North America with our dog. With us it has been through roughly 30 states and 3 provinces and seen some of the most beautiful scenery, parked in the coolest downtowns, and boondocked in the most wild and remote places. Before us it was also a van life van and the previous owner spent two years traveling around the states and living off grid!
We love this van and had intended on being it's forever owners but I had a sudden career change and it was simpler for my wife and I to settle near my family and plant for a while. We plan to purchase a home and are selling to help fund that goal.
The build out was done by a combo of the previous owner and licensed plumbers/electricians/carpenters. Anything that wasn't a simple build was done by the licensed professional which includes all gas line work for the stove/oven, solar install, lighting, diesel heater install, etc.
This van was very comfortable for my wife and I and our poodle and while it's obviously a small space it is very well laid out and practical. Nothing is wasted. Our favorite parts are the spacious storage which includes a closet and the cute little dinette! We ate here for most meals unless it was really nice outside and we wanted to enjoy the weather. Also, I'm 6ft and being able to stand inside is a luxury I'm glad I didn't have to do without.
The van also has ample room in the back for supplies, toys, tools, etc. I stored multiple tool kits, a blow up kayak, camp stoves and chairs, tons of stuff for our dog, a jackery, and a whole slew of other things with room to spare.
  • When we purchased this van it needed the brake line repaired. The temporary repair didn't make me feel very comfortable in Colorado mountains so I had a shop in FT Collins custom build a brand new set of brake lines for it in September.
  • It also had an engine light on, which was coding for a glow plug problem. I had a hard time finding the actual root of the problem as the light still remained on after replacing all 6 glow plugs. In March I had a Mercedes shop replace the glow plug module itself and all 6 plugs again and now the van has no check engine light and no codes.
  • The only warning light still showing right now is when the headlights are turned on. This light indicates a bulb needs to be changed. I have changed both bulbs and the light will not turn off. I'm not sure if there is a reset I'm missing but the bulbs have been changed. The indicator light doesn't show until you turn on the headlights.
  • transmission replaced under warranty at 100k
  • new turbo (2018)
  • DPF Delete (2018)
  • Alternator replaced 4k miles ago
  • Filters replaced 5k miles ago
  • fluids topped off recently
  • oil recently changed
  • new rear tires 20k ago (front tires still have plenty of life but were installed in 2020)
I have hard copy records for lots of maintenance before me and all maintenance records since I bought it.
Okay so now to the good stuff about the build!
  • Three 100W solar panels, Renogy 300W 12 volt monocrystalline solar RV kit w/ Renogy Adventurer controller
  • Battery I believe is 250+ Ah marine battery. The previous owner said it came recommended with her solar kit and the pros installed it. I have included a picture of the serial number in the photos. It powers the interior lights, outlets, roof fan, diesel heater, and fridge and in our 6 months of driving and some weeks of terrible weather where we stayed inside all day it never fell below the normal use threshold
  • Fan-Tastic 3 speed manual crank RV Fan 1200 series
  • Diesel Webasto Bunk Heater
  • Pioneer AVH2230NEX Radio
  • Garmin GPS RV model w/ back up camera (back up camera is Bluetooth to Garmin GPS so doesn't show on built in van display)
  • Two motion window camper style windows and screens
  • ARB 4x4 retractable awning (ARB4401A)
  • Roof rack
  • Grill guard
  • large outdoor rug
  • Coleman 2 burner camp stove
  • ARB portable fridge/freezer 50qt Electric 12V/110V
  • Three burner Wedgewood Vision propane oven/stove combo (this thing is amazing to have in a van! We didn't have to miss out on homemade pizza!)
  • Sink, 12v water pump w/ interchangeable 5 gal tanks for fresh/gray water
  • Custom Tile mosaic
  • Stained wood countertops
  • Dinette table
  • Lots of kitchen storage!
  • A literal banana hammock (I really should be charging a premium to include this lol)
  • Dresser for clothes
  • Closet with mirror
  • Storage in dinette chair bases
  • Curtains and pull down blinds
  • Overhead LED lighting
  • Cheap fairy lights down the interior side of the van. Easily replaced or removed
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring
  • Horizontal custom queen mattress 6" gel memory foam 72x60
(I'm 6ft and my wife is 5'3. I imagine any taller than me and you would have to turn diagonal a bit so this may not work for two over 6ft people. Could be retrofitted though as there is room to remove some wall.)
  • Outlet near bed
  • Diesel heater controls near bed
  • 2 storage cabinets above bed
  • Curtains and pulldown blinds
  • Pull out drawer underneath bed
  • Thetford Porta Potti Curve 550e cassette toilet
This toilet is on a slide out panel. We never used it and the previous owner assured me it was only used on rare occasions for midnight #1 emergencies in cities. It is a simple toilet with a tank that can be removed for dumping. You fill the reservoir with water, dump in some chemicals, and you're good to go.
It could be replaced with a composting toilet if you desired but for us it was not necessary as we spent most of our time near toilets or so far out in the woods that the wilderness was a better choice.
  • storage behind/beside the toilet to store toilet paper, wipes, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Custom sun shields
  • Custom Covercraft seat covers (these were made for a different model Sprinter so they do not fit the sides perfectly. They are snug and work well but are not a perfect fit.)
  • built in Apple lightning plugin for phone connection (radio is Bluetooth but this is more stable and charges)
  • Passenger mirror is cracked (can send photo). Still usable and can be adjusted. It never bothered me in 6 months of driving.
  • Roof fan crank knob is missing. I twisted a screw into the threads and simply use a screwdriver to turn it. Fan works great!
  • water pump has a pin prick leak. It's honestly barely enough to notice but just to be safe rather than the drops getting on the vinyl plank I keep the trash can under the pump.
  • the LVP flooring has had to endure tons of hiking trips and rainy days. A few spots have noticeable seam movement or wear. They still look great from distance but up close they're not pristine. None of the planks are coming up or shifting though so it's still a healthy and easy to clean floor!
  • one of the LED ceiling lights will go out (can send photo). I think it must be an electrical connection right at the light but I'm not familiar with electrical work. Sometimes it is on and sometimes it is not. It doesn't flicker thankfully.
  • few tiny rust spots on exterior (can send photo). Cosmetic and surface issue only and I have occasionally touched them up with paint.
  • Outlet by dinette does not currently work. Previous owner bought the parts to fix but I do not know how and we never needed it.
  • Driver side window roll down button is broken. It works but it is finicky. The window roll down itself is fine. Just the button.
  • small paint cracking where rear exterior ladder is drilled into the door.
  • sliding window screen is beginning to tear in one corner (can send photo)
  • one rear reflector was broken and removed (can send photo)
  • The diesel heater works VERY WELL and is an amazing little unit. The van is insulated so it holds heat very well. With the curtains drawn and running the diesel heater it gets TOASTY in there quickly!
  • The van drives very smoothly and does have cruise control to keep things easy on long stretches.
  • it drives very comfortably at or under 75mph. It can certainly hit higher mph as I often did to pass slow moving traffic but it rides smoothly and still quiet and low ish rpms at under 75mph.
This van was a part of some amazing memories for my wife and I. We loved driving it, living in it, taking pictures of it, and telling all of our friends about it to make them jealous! We visited probably over 20 national parks and more than that in state parks and public lands.
If you any questions at all do not hesitate to dm me! We are based in coastal Delaware and I would be willing to drive it to you depending on the distance and agreement/interest on a sale.
We're about 1.5 hours from BWI and DC area airports if you live in another area and wish to fly out. I would be willing to meet you near the metro areas if necessary as I have friends who live there.
Thanks so much for looking and I wish you the best on your van shopping journey!
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2023.05.25 12:59 superkilometerfilter Car Care: 20 Ways To Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

Car Care: 20 Ways To Make Your Vehicle Last Longer
200,000 miles is an average lifespan of a car, but if you don’t pay attention to car care, this number will decrease significantly. Even though the manufacturer and model also affect the durability of the car, they don’t play a critical role. There are multiple factors that influence the “health” of your vehicle and you have to be aware of them.
Whether you would like to make your brand-new vehicle last longer or get the most out of the used car you purchased, you have to follow the same steps to improve the durability of your “life companion”. Keeping your car running longer will not only make your automobile usable for a long time, but it will also lessen the unnecessary expenses that are unavoidable once in a while.
1. Buy the right vehicle
First things first, if an automobile is not meant to last long, you can’t do anything to increase its lifespan. There are multiple threads online that provide information about the specific cars with their approximate longevity. The automakers always state the mileage as a measurement representing the distance that you can drive without facing any major difficulties with your vehicle. The mileage is not the sole factor that will truly reflect the lifespan of your vehicle, but it is meant for approximation solely. Even so, mileage is an important factor for the customers.
Car makers aren’t always entirely sincere or simply exaggerate the stats for boosting sales. Hence, it is always advisable to ask an expert i.e. almighty google for advice. There are many enthusiasts who are willing to share their experiences related to the lifespan of their vehicles. To ease the pain of surfing the web, we made a list of cars that have proven to have superior longevity:
  • Toyota (exceeding 250,000 miles);
  • Mazda: (Up to 200,000 miles);
  • Honda;
  • Ford (only applies to trucks and SUV models);
  • Chevrolet (applies to trucks and SUVs only);
This is not the full list of cars that can last for a long time. But if you were considering one of these vehicles anyway, you can undoubtedly purchase it without further research.
2. Change the driving habits
Despite the multiple positive feedbacks, some still claim that they didn’t have the same experience in terms of the longevity of seemingly harmless automobiles. Such inconsistencies are usually caused by multiple factors that affect the lifespan of your vehicle.
To keep your car running long, it is vital to pay attention to autocare. However, if you are one of those drivers who prefer to test the speed limits of their vehicle constantly and even make unusual maneuvers, you may find that your automobile is not immortal. If your priority is to make your car last longer, it is inevitable to avoid driving excessively fast and using brakes unnecessarily.
By modifying your driving habits, you’ll also be able to increase the mileage of your vehicle. In other words, you’ll be able to save some money on fuel.
3. Use your air conditioning regularly
The air conditioning is one of those parts of the vehicle that you have to use time by time to keep in working condition. The air-con systems sometimes leak refrigerant gas; however, this process might accelerate if you don’t use them frequently. We call it re-gassing and it can significantly damage your automobile, as all the parts of your car act as one and affect the performance of one another.
If you would like to extend the lifespan of your automobile to avoid extra expenses, you might find this topic quite contradictory. Using air conditioning usually causes the usage of more fuel that is associated with more expenses. However, re-gassing can also cost you around $70 and it can also damage the other parts of your automobile. Not to mention blowing cold air in the winter – we can all agree that it’s not the most desirable outcome.
4. Auto Care 101: Keep Your Machine Clean
Cleaning your vehicle doesn’t simply make it look good, but it also helps to keep your car last longer. This opinion is not sometimes given enough thought when considering the automobile’s preservation methods. Nevertheless, it truly is a crucial point that you have to take into account.
Washing and waxing your car can prevent the rusting process and will preserve the paint much better. Correspondingly, vacuuming can minimize premature wear, which is the usual cause of tears and holes. Lastly, this can help you to discover any issues that require prompt action. For instance, if there are any faulty parts or cracks that require your attention you will be able to find out about them before the situation escalates and leads to excess expenses.
If you have the resources, consider investing in professional detailing from time to time as it will take your auto care to a whole new level. But if you can’t afford this procedure, you can buy a complete car care kit and do everything yourself.
5. Purchase quality automotive parts for total car care
Who is not tempted to purchase a car part that is not visible on the outside, looks the same, and costs 3 times less? This is usually the main cause that leads to engine failure or any other problems either related to the part that you changed or with any other parts it interacts with.
If you search for your automobile’s parts you will find multiple providers; However, it is essential to either buy it from a manufacturer or from a reliable provider that produces premium quality products. Even though this solution might cost you a lot, consider it to be a long-term investment as it can outlast three low-quality products. After all, buying one quality part will translate into total car care.
The country of origin effect is usually an important determinant while you consider different providers for your parts. For instance, Germany is well known for its unrivaled quality of car parts, whilst China is well known for its low-quality and low-price products.
6. Consider moving to a different place
It may seem silly, but if you’re already considering changing your living place, this might be another reason for you. If you live in a place where snowy weather is quite common, you’d notice that the roads are constantly salted. Unfortunately, the latter is the main cause of rust damage. Likewise, rainy climates and beach areas with a salt spray can also cause premature rust and corrosion.
The cars thrive in sunny areas. If you already feel fed up with your cold region, it might be more profitable to move to a different place in terms of your automobile’s maintenance. Rust is an important issue that you have to deal with instantly as it can become irreversible if you don’t take appropriate measures.
7. Keep your tires properly inflated and rotated
This is the most important safety measure that we usually have to take into consideration to avoid a car accident. Having the tires inflated just right will not only keep your gas expenses low but will also save your vehicle from wear and tear. Therefore, it’s also an important step for proper car care.
You can consult the auto guide or the manual of your automobile as it contains recommended pressure stats for your car. Under-inflated tires significantly affect your vehicle, causing high maintenance costs. Likewise, they can cause irreversible problems that will result in much more trouble in the long run. Hence, if you sometimes feel lazy to inflate the tires when necessary, think of the long-term consequences that your actions might have on your car.
8. Read the owner’s manual i.e. a complete car care guide
Let’s admit – no one likes reading manuals as they can be quite boring. Sometimes it contains information that we’re not interested in or seems useless. Nevertheless, reading a manual of your vehicle is essential as it can provide useful and valuable information. To say the truth, some of the information won’t be necessary. So, you can just skip to the part that includes the maintenance schedule. The latter will be based on the specific characteristics of the model of your automobile.
This information is especially important if you’re not one of those gearheads who knows a lot about all the vehicles out there. Following the schedule of the recommended maintenance is essential for determining all the flaws that require your prompt attention. As we have already discussed, this might become a serious problem after some time.
9. Find a trustworthy mechanic who is capable of total car care
We have already discussed the role of car parts; however, it is important to mention that even premium quality parts won’t work properly if not installed appropriately. There is a plethora of so-called mechanics out there who chose this profession without appropriate knowledge, solely to get money for life.
Make sure that they aren’t solely a good mechanic, but also have specific knowledge of your car’s model. Every automobile is unique in its way and it is vital to know the specific characteristics of the vehicle you are dealing with. Moreover, after finding such a person, make sure that you always bring your car to them. They will already know the condition of your vehicle and can make necessary changes without further investigation.
10. Use your car regularly, but not too frequently
If you want other autocare tips to work, it is vital to use your vehicle at least once per week. This will make sure that the battery doesn’t go flat, fuel doesn’t go stale and the clutch and the brakes don’t seize up. Simply using your automobile once per week will allow you to avoid all these problems. Even though it might be like the best buddy for you, never forget that it is still made of metal and is prone to getting rusty.
On the other hand, your automobile will be significantly damaged if you don’t give it a rest time by time. Basically, you have to find a golden mean for the annual mileage that will allow you to make your car last longer. There are a plethora of factors that affect the condition of your vehicle. Though, frequent usage is the main criterion that lessens its lifespan significantly.
Moreover, finding a silver lining for the annual mileage has other perks as well. Insurance companies also care about the number of miles you drive annually. By being proactive, you won’t have to worry that the car insurance mileage limit is exceeded at the end of the year.
11. Don’t ignore the signs
Never, ever ignore the warning lights
You may have heard that these lights sometimes blink for no reason and you can neglect them. However, if you truly intend to enhance the durability of your vehicle, you have to make sure that you find the underlying reason for this light. The sudden appearance of warning lights will occur even more frequently when the automobile gets significantly old. This won’t happen without a reason – trust me, there are some issues that even mechanics can’t determine. The prolongation of the lifespan of your car requires you to be more cautious when you notice any signs of potential damage.
Never, ever ignore odd noises
The noise can sometimes be misleading. Most of the time it can be caused by a rock or any other object that you might encounter on the road; however, it can also be a sign that a certain part of your car is not working properly. If you are not sure what caused the unusual noises, take your automobile to the mechanic instantly. It’s always better to examine the vehicle when it’s still possible to repair the damage.
Never, ever ignore the smell
If you check the oil on your own and it smells burnt, it means that the engine is not using enough fuel. Similarly, if your car has a dipstick to check the level of the automatic transmission fluid, the burnt smell will be a bad sign. Neglecting these problems can cause major issues, such as engine failure. If the damages to the engine are serious enough, it mightn’t even be worth replacing. Hence, to keep your car last longer, make sure you consult a mechanic if you smell something unusual.
12. For proper auto care, use good gasoline
Sometimes it is tempting to use the cheapest options on the pump to reduce the expenses. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the consequences of low-quality gasoline. If you would like to extend the lifespan of your car, it is vital to consider this criterion carefully. Low-grade fuel will affect your car’s engine and its acceleration. In most cases, the engine is the most expensive part of any automobile. This means that being careless can cost a lot in the long run.
Correspondingly, it is not the only part that is affected – low-quality gasoline deteriorates the condition of many other parts. Lastly, even if you’re not fond of extreme driving, you can notice annoying issues related to the acceleration of your automobile during ordinary daily conditions.
These basic auto care tips can boost the performance of your car significantly and extend its durability at the same time.
13. Don’t run on empty
All petroleum products (despite the quality) leave a certain amount of sediment at the bottom of your fuel tank. Even though this may seem harmless, it can become quite problematic after some time. These outcomes become detrimental when your gas gets low, as these sediments get pushed into the engine.
As you may have already guessed, time by time this will destroy the engine entirely. In that case, you won’t have any other options but replace the motor. Since the price of this vital part starts from $4,000, it would be great if you were proactive and simply filled in the fuel tank on time. Don’t forget that global prices shift regularly and the motor might cost even more in a year or two.
14. Keep your automobile covered
If you think that keeping your car in the garage is solely a security measure, you may have to think again. As we’ve already discussed, the weather can significantly affect the condition of your vehicle. Since keeping your car in the street for a long time can expose it to harsh weather conditions, it is always advisable to keep it in the garage.
If you don’t have a garage, you can also use a high-quality car cover. This will protect the exterior of your vehicle from damage and vandalism at the same time. Similarly, this can also help to cut your insurance premium significantly depending on the insurance company that you are dealing with.
To crank things up, you could also use complete car care kits with formulas that protect the exterior from rust, scratches, and environmental damage.
15. Keep the weight down for total car care
It is a well-known fact that the weight of the car affects the acceleration and fuel consumption of the vehicle significantly. The main result of excessive weight (which we usually overlook) is that it puts too much strain on the wear-and-tear parts of your vehicle. Parts such as tires, brakes, and suspension bushes are significantly affected by the excess weight of your vehicle. Hence, you will have to replace them quite frequently, unless you want them to damage the other parts as well.
To make your car last longer, remove any unnecessary stuff from your automobile and make it as lightweight as possible. This will not only save you some money, but it will also keep your “life companion” clean and tidy. Plus, it will help you improve the gas mileage of your car.
16. Maintain your car’s battery
Some of the suggestions that we’ve already talked about will apply to the car’s battery, as the weather conditions and the frequency of usage affect it as well. It is an important component since your car won’t start without it.
Try to drive your vehicle at least once per week to avoid the degradation of your battery. If it still dies, consider using a trickle charger to keep the battery topped up after keeping it in a stationary condition for a long time. Jump-starting the automobile can damage the engine management system as it puts too much strain on essential parts of the vehicle.
17. Replace spark plugs and leads
This is the easiest auto care step that you can take in advance without much effort. Changing these components is quite inexpensive as it doesn’t require a mechanic. You can easily replace them yourself. It’s important to replace these parts time by time as they wear out easily compared to other components.
You have to remember that the “well-being” of these parts will affect the performance of your car significantly. It’s always better to be proactive and avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.
18. Top up fluids regularly as a preventive autocare measure
Fluids are the lifeblood of your car and, therefore, it’s essential to replenish them frequently. The most important liquid that you have to care about is oil. Changing it once per 5,000 miles is necessary to keep the engine running. Moreover, you should check it every two weeks to make sure that it is at an optimal level. Make sure that it is between the minimum and maximum markers. Pay attention to the color: it should be a light yellowy-brown color in the case of petrol engines. It can be slightly darker for diesel engines, but that isn’t a sign of alarm.
Correspondingly, make sure to check the fortnightly coolant reservoir. If necessary, top it up with 50% distilled water and 50% antifreeze. These measures are part of total car care and are necessary for the smooth operation of the vehicle.
19. Rust-proof your car
As we’ve already mentioned, rust can be an important issue with your vehicle. To avoid such difficulties, it is vital to rust-proof it when necessary. Don’t skip this step if you live in an area where the car is exposed to either snow or rain.
20. Test your vehicle frequently
The last step of autocare is to check it frequently for any inconsistencies. There are multiple methods to do so. Though, the most reliable way is to test yourself.
The best tool for such testing is a mileage stopper that will allow you to test your vehicle in a controllable environment without recording unnecessary miles. This tool is frequently referred to by different names, so make sure you’re buying the correct module. It’s vital to purchase a premium quality product that you can even use later to compensate for incorrect mileage caused by irregular tire size.
The lifespan of your car is always in your hands, which is why car care is so important. If you would like to enhance the lifespan of your car, it is vital to follow all the steps we’ve already mentioned. Even though sometimes it can be exhausting to deal with all these issues, it is the most cost-efficient choice you can make. Being proactive always pays off and will save you not only money but trouble associated with its maintenance as well.
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2023.05.25 01:07 patopansir My personal arkenfox useroverrides.

Sharing is caring. I won't update this unless you request it, but updates are rarely necessary. Here's the purpose of this useroverrides.
  1. Provide documentation for settings I'll probably want to enable/disable. This documentation is way shorter and less detailed than the original, and it only shows settings that are relevant to me.
  2. Provide minimal improvements to privacy(mainly) and security that are not applied by default (I agree with the documentation that these changes, most of them listed under extra, will have very little to no effect in improving arkenfox, but I still either don't like these features or feel like disabling them.)
Settings that I had enabled are uncommented, this includes personal changes that reduce privacy/security/experience. I had for example disabled saving passwords because I already use a password manager. I didn't touch any setting I did not understand. If you suggest changes, I'll likely won't put them in because it is a personal list after all. It's more of a service to me than to others. Here's the file's contents
// // Extras, to disable just uncomment. user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled", false); // 0401 Safe Browsing user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled", false); // 0401 Safe Browsing user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled", false); // 0402 no checks for downloads user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_potentially_unwanted", false); // 0404 no checks for downloads user_pref("browser.safebrowsing.downloads.remote.block_uncommon", false); // 0404 no checks for downloads user_pref("browser.send_pings", true); // 0610 Enforce "No Hyperlink Auditing" user_pref("network.trr.mode", 5); // 0710 Disable DNS-over-HTTPS user_pref("", false); // 0906 disables automatic authentication on Microsoft sites user_pref("privacy.cpd.downloads", true); // 2820 not used, see note above... what note? user_pref("privacy.cpd.openWindows", false); // 2820 Session Restore user_pref("privacy.cpd.passwords", false); // 2820 user_pref("privacy.cpd.siteSettings", false); // 2820 user_pref("browser.privatebrowsing.autostart", true); // 5001 Start in Private Browsing user_pref("signon.rememberSignons", false); // 5003 Disable saving passwords user_pref("extensions.formautofill.addresses.enabled", false); // 5017 Disable Form Autofill user_pref("extensions.formautofill.creditCards.enabled", false); // 5017 Disable Form Autofill user_pref("extensions.formautofill.heuristics.enabled", false); // 5017 Disable Form Autofill // Extras that break user_pref("security.mixed_content.block_display_content", true); // 1241 disable insecure passive content (such as images) on https pages user_pref("layout.css.font-visibility.private", 1); // 1402 Limits fonts user_pref("layout.css.font-visibility.standard", 1); // 1402 Limits fonts user_pref("layout.css.font-visibility.trackingprotection", 1); // 1402 Limits fonts user_pref("", true); // 1244 HTTPS-Only mode in all windows // user_pref("", true); // 1245 1244 HTTPS-Only mode for local user_pref("", true); // 2004 Protects ip in trusted scenarios, can break video conferencing user_pref("media.gmp-provider.enabled", false); // 2020 Disable Gecko Media Plugins user_pref("media.gmp-widevinecdm.enabled", false); // 2021 Disable widevine CDM (content decryption module) user_pref("privacy.antitracking.enableWebcompat", false); // 2702 disable ETP web compat features // Adds features users want // user_pref("", true); // 26/51 This is confusing. If set to true, Firefox won't ask where do you want to save the file and just put it in the download dir. I am confused because I swear setting it to true would achieve this, but it's not doing that anymore. It's also not on user.js, so there should had been no reason for Firefox to prevent me from changing this setting from the settings menu. I am so confused. // user_pref("", 0); // 0102 set startup page. 0=blank, 1=home, 2=last visited page, 3=resume previous session(2811) // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.history", false); // 0102 option 3 depends on 2811 clearOnShutdown user_pref("keyword.enabled", true); // 0801 Search through web search. If you manually select the search engine instead, it will still work // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cache", false); // 2811 don't clear cache on shutdown // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.downloads", false); // 2811 don't clear downloads history on shutdown // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.formdata", false); // 2811 don't clear form data on shutdown // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.history", false); // 2811 don't clear history on shutdown // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.sessions", false); // 2811 don't clear http login sessions on shutdown (not cookies) // Websites fixes // user_pref("network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy", 0); // 1601 Can break some sites. #1 issue. Use Smart Referer extension (Strict mode + add exceptions) // user_pref("media.eme.enabled", true); // 4501 RFP #2 issue. Install Canvas Blocker // user_pref("media.eme.enabled", true); // 4504 Letterboxing #2 issue. // user_pref("webgl.disabled", true); // 4520 Disable WebGL // user_pref("media.eme.enabled", true); // 2022 enables all DRM content // More features users want user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.siteSettings", true); // 2811 clear site settings on shutdown. Uncomment to disable user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.openWindows", true) // 2812 clear open windows on shutdown. Uncomment to disable user_pref("privacy.clearsitedata.cache.enabled", true); // 2816 set cache to clear on exit. Uncomment to disable // user_pref("browser.cache.disk.enable", true); // 1001 enable disk cache, can improve performance // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cache", false); // 2811 don't clear cache on shutdown // user_pref("browser.sessionstore.privacy_level", 0); // 1003 save extra session data. 0=everywhere, 1=unencrypted sites, 2=nowhere // user_pref("pdfjs.disabled", false); // user_pref("pdfjs.enableScripting", false); // 2651 Open PDFs // Less Likely Website Fixes // user_pref("network.IDN_show_punycode", true); // 2619 Messes with non-latin alphabets. // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cookies", false); // 2815 don't clear cookies on shutdown // user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.offlineApps", false); // 2815 don't clear offline apps on shutdown // user_pref("privacy.window.maxInnerWidth", 1600); // user_pref("privacy.window.maxInnerHeight", 900); // 4502 Max site resolution. idk what resolution is the default // user_pref("security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation", false); // 1201 Breaks old websites with outdated security, vulnerable to MiTM // user_pref("security.OCSP.require", false); // 1212 Certification errors // user_pref("security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level", 0); // 1224 Strict PKI/Public Key Pinning. MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_KEY_PINNING_FAILURE // user_pref("extensions.enabledScopes", 5); // user_pref("extensions.autoDisableScopes", 15); 2660 lock down allowed extension directories. This is not the setting that disables it // user_pref("javascript.use_us_english_locale", false); // 02011 Restricts Firefox locale to english. // user_pref("network.dns.disableIPv6", false); // 0701 Disable IPv6. Router already disables it but some websites may still have an issue. // Android Fixes // user_pref("", false); // Allows longtapping and saving images. // Extras copy and paste from user.js /*** [SECTION 5500]: OPTIONAL HARDENING Not recommended. Overriding these can cause breakage and performance issues, they are mostly fingerprintable, and the threat model is practically nonexistent ***/ /* 5501: disable MathML (Mathematical Markup Language) [FF51+] * [1] ***/ // user_pref("mathml.disabled", true); // 1173199 /* 5502: disable in-content SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) [FF53+] * [1] ***/ // user_pref("svg.disabled", true); // 1216893 /* 5503: disable graphite * [1] * [2] ***/ // user_pref("gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled", false); /* 5504: disable asm.js [FF22+] * [1] * [2] * [3] ***/ // user_pref("javascript.options.asmjs", false); /* 5505: disable Ion and baseline JIT to harden against JS exploits * [NOTE] When both Ion and JIT are disabled, and trustedprincipals * is enabled, then Ion can still be used by extensions (1599226) * [1] * [2] ***/ // user_pref("javascript.options.ion", false); // user_pref("javascript.options.baselinejit", false); // user_pref("javascript.options.jit_trustedprincipals", true); // [FF75+] [HIDDEN PREF] /* 5506: disable WebAssembly [FF52+] * Vulnerabilities [1] have increasingly been found, including those known and fixed * in native programs years ago [2]. WASM has powerful low-level access, making * certain attacks (brute-force) and vulnerabilities more possible * [STATS] ~0.2% of websites, about half of which are for crytopmining / malvertising [2][3] * [1] * [2] * [3] ***/ // user_pref("javascript.options.wasm", false); /* 5507: disable rendering of SVG OpenType fonts ***/ // user_pref("gfx.font_rendering.opentype_svg.enabled", false); /*** [SECTION 6000]: DON'T TOUCH ***/ /* 6050: prefsCleaner: reset previously active items removed from arkenfox FF102+ ***/ // user_pref("beacon.enabled", ""); // user_pref("browser.startup.blankWindow", ""); // user_pref("browser.newtab.preload", ""); // user_pref("browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.discoverystreamfeed", ""); // user_pref("browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.snippets", ""); // user_pref("", ""); // user_pref("browser.region.update.enabled", ""); // user_pref("browser.ssl_override_behavior", ""); // user_pref("", ""); // user_pref("dom.disable_beforeunload", ""); // user_pref("dom.disable_open_during_load", ""); // user_pref("extensions.formautofill.available", ""); // user_pref("extensions.formautofill.addresses.supported", ""); // user_pref("extensions.formautofill.creditCards.available", ""); // user_pref("extensions.formautofill.creditCards.supported", ""); /*** [SECTION 7000]: DON'T BOTHER ***/ /* 7001: disable APIs * Location-Aware Browsing, Full Screen, offline cache (appCache) * [WHY] The API state is easily fingerprintable. Geo is behind a prompt (7002). * appCache storage capability was removed in FF90. Full screen requires user interaction ***/ // user_pref("geo.enabled", false); // user_pref("full-screen-api.enabled", false); // user_pref("browser.cache.offline.enable", false); /* 7002: set default permissions * Location, Camera, Microphone, Notifications [FF58+] Virtual Reality [FF73+] * 0=always ask (default), 1=allow, 2=block * [WHY] These are fingerprintable via Permissions API, except VR. Just add site * exceptions as allow/block for frequently visited/annoying sites: i.e. not global * [SETTING] to add site exceptions: Ctrl+I>Permissions> * [SETTING] to manage site exceptions: Options>Privacy & Security>Permissions>Settings ***/ // user_pref("permissions.default.geo", 0); // user_pref("", 0); // user_pref("permissions.default.microphone", 0); // user_pref("permissions.default.desktop-notification", 0); // user_pref("permissions.default.xr", 0); // Virtual Reality /* 7003: disable non-modern cipher suites [1] * [WHY] Passive fingerprinting. Minimal/non-existent threat of downgrade attacks * [1] ***/ // user_pref("security.ssl3.ecdhe_ecdsa_aes_128_sha", false); // [DEFAULT: false FF109+] // user_pref("security.ssl3.ecdhe_ecdsa_aes_256_sha", false); // [DEFAULT: false FF109+] // user_pref("security.ssl3.ecdhe_rsa_aes_128_sha", false); // user_pref("security.ssl3.ecdhe_rsa_aes_256_sha", false); // user_pref("security.ssl3.rsa_aes_128_gcm_sha256", false); // no PFS // user_pref("security.ssl3.rsa_aes_256_gcm_sha384", false); // no PFS // user_pref("security.ssl3.rsa_aes_128_sha", false); // no PFS // user_pref("security.ssl3.rsa_aes_256_sha", false); // no PFS /* 7004: control TLS versions * [WHY] Passive fingerprinting and security ***/ // user_pref("security.tls.version.min", 3); // [DEFAULT: 3] // user_pref("security.tls.version.max", 4); /* 7005: disable SSL session IDs [FF36+] * [WHY] Passive fingerprinting and perf costs. These are session-only * and isolated with network partitioning (FF85+) and/or containers ***/ // user_pref("security.ssl.disable_session_identifiers", true); /* 7006: onions * [WHY] Firefox doesn't support hidden services. Use Tor Browser ***/ // user_pref("dom.securecontext.allowlist_onions", true); // [FF97+] 1382359/1744006 // user_pref("network.http.referer.hideOnionSource", true); // 1305144 /* 7007: referers * [WHY] Only cross-origin referers (1600s) need control ***/ // user_pref("network.http.sendRefererHeader", 2); // user_pref("network.http.referer.trimmingPolicy", 0); /* 7008: set the default Referrer Policy [FF59+] * 0=no-referer, 1=same-origin, 2=strict-origin-when-cross-origin, 3=no-referrer-when-downgrade * [WHY] Defaults are fine. They can be overridden by a site-controlled Referrer Policy ***/ // user_pref("network.http.referer.defaultPolicy", 2); // [DEFAULT: 2] // user_pref("network.http.referer.defaultPolicy.pbmode", 2); // [DEFAULT: 2] /* 7010: disable HTTP Alternative Services [FF37+] * [WHY] Already isolated with network partitioning (FF85+) ***/ // user_pref("network.http.altsvc.enabled", false); /* 7011: disable website control over browser right-click context menu * [WHY] Just use Shift-Right-Click ***/ // user_pref("dom.event.contextmenu.enabled", false); /* 7012: disable icon fonts (glyphs) and local fallback rendering * [WHY] Breakage, font fallback is equivalency, also RFP * [1] * [2] ***/ // user_pref("gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled", false); // [FF41+] // user_pref("gfx.downloadable_fonts.fallback_delay", -1); /* 7013: disable Clipboard API * [WHY] Fingerprintable. Breakage. Cut/copy/paste require user * interaction, and paste is limited to focused editable fields ***/ // user_pref("dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled", false); /* 7014: disable System Add-on updates * [WHY] It can compromise security. System addons ship with prefs, use those ***/ // user_pref("extensions.systemAddon.update.enabled", false); // [FF62+] // user_pref("extensions.systemAddon.update.url", ""); // [FF44+] /* 7015: enable the DNT (Do Not Track) HTTP header * [WHY] DNT is enforced with Tracking Protection which is used in ETP Strict (2701) ***/ // user_pref("privacy.donottrackheader.enabled", true); /* 7016: customize ETP settings * [WHY] Arkenfox only supports strict (2701) which sets these at runtime ***/ // user_pref("network.cookie.cookieBehavior", 5); // [DEFAULT: 5 FF103+] // user_pref("network.http.referer.disallowCrossSiteRelaxingDefault", true); // user_pref("network.http.referer.disallowCrossSiteRelaxingDefault.top_navigation", true); // [FF100+] // user_pref("privacy.partition.network_state.ocsp_cache", true); // user_pref("privacy.query_stripping.enabled", true); // [FF101+] [ETP FF102+] // user_pref("privacy.trackingprotection.enabled", true); // user_pref("privacy.trackingprotection.socialtracking.enabled", true); // user_pref("privacy.trackingprotection.cryptomining.enabled", true); // [DEFAULT: true] // user_pref("privacy.trackingprotection.fingerprinting.enabled", true); // [DEFAULT: true] /* 7017: disable service workers * [WHY] Already isolated with TCP (2701) behind a pref (2710) ***/ // user_pref("dom.serviceWorkers.enabled", false); /* 7018: disable Web Notifications * [WHY] Web Notifications are behind a prompt (7002) * [1] ***/ // user_pref("dom.webnotifications.enabled", false); // [FF22+] // user_pref("dom.webnotifications.serviceworker.enabled", false); // [FF44+] /* 7019: disable Push Notifications [FF44+] * [WHY] Push requires subscription * [NOTE] To remove all subscriptions, reset "dom.push.userAgentID" * [1] ***/ // user_pref("dom.push.enabled", false); /* 7020: disable WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) * [WHY] Firefox desktop uses mDNS hostname obfuscation and the private IP is never exposed until * required in TRUSTED scenarios; i.e. after you grant device (microphone or camera) access * [TEST] * [1] * [2] ***/ // user_pref("media.peerconnection.enabled", false); 
Since these are being used on a new system I had barely used, with time, more settings would be enabled by default as I encounter more issues. Next time I make a post like this, I might provide multiple useroverrides files instead of one. Currently, this is a file I used when I had mostly only needed to access my web servers and do some minimal browsing to install applications. Next time, I'll probably shorten the list of not recommended changes, despite not being recommended some can be used as a personal preference. Example: Disabling desktop notifications. You can perfectly do so on the Firefox settings, but it's useful in case you for some reason want to disable it this way anyways. These settings are useful.
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2023.05.25 00:08 polarity-berlin Bitwig Studio 5.0 Beta 7 released

Changes in Bitwig Studio 5, Beta 7 [released 24 May 2023]

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