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Mixes and Mashes of Gaming music!

2014.07.08 21:10 RamirPascal Mixes and Mashes of Gaming music!

There is gaming music, and there are mashups. This Subreddit is dedicated to (re)mixes and mashups of gaming music. Whether it's "normal" music mashed with you favorite gaming themesong, or that one character's theme mixed with another stage-song, here is the place to put it!

2019.10.28 00:17 Rahvenar Male dating strategy

FemaleDatingStrategy but with a twist.

2023.05.28 08:49 Mattrapbeats Making first 10 sales with $0 marketing budget

Last week I made a post about generating 2.5 million in sales for a client without spending a dime on ads. The thing is, I did this on a brand that already did over a million in sales the year before. I got a bunch of messages from people that don't already have established brands but thought they could benefit from organic traffic. So I made this post, I'll explain exactly how you can generate sales with literally nothing other than time and a website.
Quick disclaimer, it's 10x harder to make your first 10 sales if you don't have a marketing budget or an existing audience to market to. You're going to have to consistently spend multiple hours a day working to accomplish anything. Not just mindless work either, you're going to have to be a critical thinker and have a basic understanding of human psychology to see any type of success using these methods. If you don't have time to do that, you won't see any results from these methods and you might as well stop reading now.
Now that we've cleared that up let's get to the good stuff. Here's how you make your first 10 sales without spending any money on marketing.
In order to get sales you need traffic. You can't test anything or sell anything if no one visits your site.
So here are 3 ways to generate traffic for free:
  1. Become a member of the community that your customers interact in
In my last post, I explained how I built a community from scratch, but at this point, I'm assuming you don't have time to spend 3 months building a community if you haven't even proven that anyone wants to buy your products. So I'm going to teach you how to piggyback off existing communities.
It is easier said than done, but 1 good post can get easily get you your first 5 sales. You can do this on Reddit, in Facebook groups, or any other type of niche relevant group/forum. If the people in these communities think you're trying to sell something you'll probably just get banned and people will actually get mad at you for trying to sell your products. The trick is being a casual, you want to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. Don't even mention your products in your first 2-3 posts. Maybe ask niche relevant questions, or provide value in comments under other people's posts and show people that you have a genuine interest in the topic. Think of this like warming up your account.
Now when it's time to sell, you do it in the most discreet way possible. The better your product is, the easier it is to do this. This is the fastest way to find out if your product is actually useful and if there's actually demand for your product. The best way to promote your product and create brand recognition is with lifestyle content. Never post a product photo with a white background in a community group. NEVER!
I'll give you a few examples of how to post product pics correctly:
Example 1
niche: dog niche
product: dog collar
You take a dog to a beautiful place. Maybe a beach by the water and you get a whole photoshoot with the dog. Bring lots of treats and showcase a happy dog wearing the collar you sell. Now you don't post the entire photoshoot in the group. You post 1 picture, not necessarily the best picture or the most professional looking one. You want to post the picture that evokes the most emotion. It's the picture with the dog making a funny face, or another dog sniffing your dog's butt, or the pic with your dog in bliss chewing his favorite treat that goes viral. Pick a picture that'll start a discussion and reply to every single comment. Then, once the post does well, without a doubt someone will ask about your product. That's when you come in and give a shoutout to the site that you got it from. If no one does this, you can literally create a fake account and ask/answer the question on your own. You're basically creating the perception of product demand.

Example 2
niche: food and beverage/electronics
Product: digital thermometer
Imagine... It's steak night, you fire up the BBQ and you want the perfect steaks! We're selling the dream of a perfectly cooked steak, not a digital thermometer. You post 2 pictures. Picture 1 is the steak on the grill with the thermometer showing the perfect temperature. Picture 2 shows the perfectly sliced steak being served. Try to capture someone that stirs emotions in the picture, whether it's a happy grandma, a kid with the steak on his fork, or a hungry pet drooling and looking at your plate. Emotion is what sells the product. Make sure you have a caption that conveys the message that you're trying to send. Use something short and simple but also try your best to convey a story. Further, convey the imagery in the comments ex. "Inlaws are over, got this thermometer to make sure everything was cooked perfectly, Now everyone thinks I actually know how to cook."

Example 3
Niche: candles
Product: candle
"Midterms are around the corner, sparked my favorite scent to set the mood tonight" (caption for the post in studying group or collage group) + a picture of an opened textbook and candle in the background, but you can clearly still see the candle label. This example is for the people who have general products. It may actually be harder for you to sell a candle in a candle subreddit because there are just too many options. So you get into the mind of your customers, you imagine the scenario your customer is in when they use your product, and you sell the feeling of enjoying the product in a situation that they've experienced before.
In the comments, you describe the scent in detail and you talk about how you prefer this candle over the one you got at Bath and Body Works because it's made from natural materials.
If you do this right, consistently. Eventually one of your posts will go viral and without a doubt that will convert into a sale.
2. Grow social media organically
This is a lot easier if you can afford to order the product that you sell. But it's still possible to make this work if you can't get the product in your hands.
With this method, you're essentially picking up a new part-time job. You are now a social media manager, you work 20 hours a week and create and post new content on multiple platforms every single day. You want to take advantage of platforms that favor new accounts. A great place to start is Tiktok but Instagram reels is pretty good too. Tiktok boosts the reach of new accounts, you can see a lot of success blitzing a new Tiktok account (2-5 posts a day). The Instagram algorithm boosts accounts that post a lot of reels because for a good while Tiktok was destroying them with short term content. (Fun fact this feud between platforms is so deep that if you make a video on Tiktok and you cross-post it on Instagram without removing the Tiktok watermark, the Instagram algorithm will suppress the reach of the video)
You want to focus on making short videos with a focus on real-life use cases of your product. I'd break this down into 3 steps.
A. Research
B. Content Testing
C. Doubling down on what gets traction
It can take weeks or even months to get a good feel for how to create engaging content. The true key is consistency. At the end of the day, it's gonna come down to volume. Not just any volume, but a high volume of quality content. Whatever platform that you decide to use, I suggest watching at least 4 hours of content on youtube from experts on the platform. You'll pick up a bunch of tricks and tips. It's important that you understand how the algorithm works on different platforms to see any type of success doing this. I wouldn't suggest attempting to scale on more than 3 platforms at once. In fact, it's actually better to focus on 1 platform and do it well over splitting your time into other platforms trying to scale 3 pages at the same time. Don't spread yourself too thin.
3. Elite cart protection
If you do under 10k a month most email marketing is irrelevant. People with startup brands book calls with me all the time and I tell them the same thing. You need traffic before there's anything I can do to help you other than give some basic advice. However, there are 3 automated email flows that actually can make an impact at this point. These flows are the welcome series, the abandoned cart, and the browse abandonment. Most email platforms are free and they charge based on volume. So in most cases, this won't cost you anything. Sites like Klaviyo make it very easy to set up the basics. Don't overthink this at all, at this point you don't need beautiful designs or stand-out copywriting. You simply need to just follow up with the interested potential customers that visit your site. A healthy store converts 3% of its traffic, 7/10 people who add things to their cart don't complete a purchase. You have a second chance at converting 97% of the people that visit your site if you actually follow up with them.
I've made entire posts about how to set flows up correctly so I won't be expanding on this much more.

I know this post was a bit long-winded but if you've made it this far you must be serious. There's going to be a bunch of people that read this thread and take no action that'll stay at 0 sales. The beauty of life is that you get to choose what happens next.
With that being said, thanks so taking the time out of your day to read my post. I hope even some of the bigger brand owners were able to get something out of this post. I look forward to seeing some of you guys make your first few sales in the coming weeks. As always feel free to add onto things that I missed, or maybe share what worked for you. I'll reply to everything that I see.
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2023.05.28 08:48 knickinalivin Large backyard - what to do with it?

Bought our first house about a year ago. Our section is approx 700 square metres, with a 90m2 house on the front and a large backyard, with great side access through a gate. We also have a small front yard. No kids FYI
We originally thought about subdividing, but read it can cost upwards of 100k and we just don’t have a heap of money so it isn’t really an option.
What’s something we can do with the backyard that will add either monetary value or enjoyment? Currently it’s just a pain in the ass to mow
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2023.05.28 08:41 smokealottatree Please help with some info [7T32-7D19]

Please help with some info [7T32-7D19]
I've had this watch for about 15-20 years. Hasn't ran in 4-5 years. Ive tried to search it and really cant find the same one. Needs serviced/battery replaced and im also missing any extra links and a couple pins for the band latch. Any source on a Seiko band or parts? Also maybe like estimated age and value. My favorite watch, i just think it has the best proportions. Also including another watch, a recent gift that I just can't fall in love with but also know nothing about , any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys
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2023.05.28 08:41 TAA_0401 Mom’s dog developed a sort of hole in her lower abdomen.

My senior mother has a 14 year old chihuahua mix that has been in good health other than normal signs of aging. We’ve recently hit an extremely rough patch and are both currently homeless and staying with friends, with very little funds. She called me sobbing yesterday because she noticed what basically looks like a hole (about quarter-sized) in her lower abdomen near her genitals, right near the fold of her leg, not sure how it wasn’t seen earlier as she loves belly rubs. I was able to go by and see her today and my stomach dropped. I was speechless from how bad it looked. My mom never noticed her get hurt, but it’s red and swollen around so there is clearly an infection. I think it may be a ruptured abscess, but I don’t want to post the pic due to the graphic nature. If it is allowed, I can add it in another post. We’re scraping together whatever we can to get her to the vet, but I have a few main questions here. 1. Have any of you experienced something like this with your pet? 2. What can we do to treat at home until we can get her to the vet? 3. When we take her in, what can we expect in terms of testing and treatment? Any ideas on how much we may need to scrounge up for this visit? We have already applied for Care Credit and were found ineligible. We’ve been applying for grants and other assistance programs but not sure how long that would take. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 08:40 ihatemoltres Minecraft Servers are way more predatory than the Marketplace

Now minecraft (both versions) have servers which involve micro transactions which is fine, However for Java we see many MANY servers break the EULA prohibiting pay-to-win practices however it is rarely enforced by mojang and is literal gambling for children.
Bedrock has a promoted server (pixel paradise) which abuses the integration with marketplace to lock parts of the server behind pay walls, so more pay to play but still awful Also pay-to-win servers are hosted on bedrock mainly accessible on mobile and pc platforms
Now the marketplace can be predatory to the child with a lot of mediocre content however things like ratings help combat this to a degree with a lot of great content on the marketplace mainly gamemode1 but alot of other collaborations are made for the marketplace which is presented upfront not the among us, dream, anime stuff. Lastly you get something from the marketplace, be it skins or maps you own these and get something of value
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2023.05.28 08:39 Nikki8272 How to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively


Hey there, looking to shed some pounds? Great! It's essential to first understand your weight loss goals and define a healthy weight loss rate. Let's get started!

Eating habits

It's not just about what you eat, but how you eat. Make a meal plan to stay on track. Cut down on process junk and added sugars. Increase your protein intake to keep you full longer.


Exercise: Figure Out What Works Best For You, Create A Routine, & Include Cardio and Strength Training Exercise is crucial for weight loss. Determine which exercises work best for you, and mix it up for variety. Create a routine that you can stick to, and make it enjoyable. Consider incorporating both cardio and strength training to maximize weight loss and improve overall health.

Lifestyle changes

Water, sleep, and less stress! Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your weight loss journey.


Dietary supplements aren't necessary. Consult a professional before taking any.


Track progress. Stay consistent.
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2023.05.28 08:36 theblondelebron99 Resignation letter advice

Hey everyone, so I’m resigning from my job on Tuesday. I’ve drawn up a letter to specifically target my manager who truly screwed me over (I left a good job and then get bamboozled into a shitshow).
Anyway, here’s what I wrote, it’s long. HR will read it and my managers manager will read it. Let me know what I should edit or add. I left out the name of the actual company.
To Whom It May Concern,
This notice serves as my resignation from company Inc., effective immediately. Thank you to those who brought me on to the team, however, this position is not a good fit for me. It has put immense strain on my mental and physical health, and I believe it would be beneficial to both entities for me to exit.
Obviously this was not an easy decision, but there were a multitude of factors that have led me to this. I will highlight the issues I identified. Hopefully this can be used as helpful when looking for a new candidate.
• The hiring/onboarding process was unorganized. HR was not responsive and provided little guidance on steps to be on-boarded. I had to phone and email HR representatives to find out what I had to do for the pre-employment process. I had to travel to Jacksonville, FL for pre-employment, and they forgot to give me a badge.
• From the time I started, there was disconnect and misunderstanding of my qualities and skills. While I acknowledge I bare some fault for this, management initially was receptive to training me to enhance these skills.
• I received very little guidance or training on the systems and processes & procedures. Company utilizes homegrown tools that are old, complex and require some nuance. I would be given tasks I would not know how to do, and despite my pleas for help and guidance on how to do them, coworkers were either too busy with work, or would send me out of date work instructions. There was disconnect from my understanding of System 1. Even though System 1 is an EVM tool used by most defense companies, each company has different processes, templates and procedures when using the tool. Again, I did not receive any guidance on how it’s used with Company.
• There is no emphasis on work/life balance whatsoever. I see people working after normal hours, on weekends & holidays. I have also been encouraged to work after normal hours, despite being on a 9/80 work schedule and going over the allotted 40 we are paid for. This is not healthy.
• In addition, there was no communication to me that I would be working with people on Pacific Standard Time. This was not communicated to me until my start date, nonetheless, I was expected to work until 7PM-8PM every night to accommodate their time. I cannot do that, as I have other matters to tend to outside of work. This reinforces my point on there being a lack of emphasis on work/life balance.
• Everything from data management, systems and processes is sloppy, unorganized and a logistical nightmare. Nothing is streamlined in any regard. Deadlines and processes are arbitrarily changed with little communication.
• The program itself, while it being a great program, is in financial shambles. I believe this has allowed pressure and stress to be allocated from upper management to regular staff employees. Everyone seems to be under a great deal of stress, which is not conductive to a healthy working environment. As it was stated in the all-hands meeting, the program is at risk of losing a very large contract.
• The amount of travel. I flew up to Michigan for a week, which was fine. However, I was expected to stay in Detroit the next 2/3 weeks (June 4th-9th and June 11th-16th). While it is not consecutive since I can come home during the weekend, and management has been receptive to being flexible, I cannot travel this much and be away from home, as I have a sick grandmother and other activities I have to tend to outside of work. It was also noted that we would work 10-12 hour days, and maybe longer when in Michigan. Again, this is not conductive for work/life balance.
• I received no correspondence or guidance on my daily, weekly and monthly job duties. My coworkers and management were either unclear or too busy to go through my duties. Although there are battle rhythm calendars, there was no clear explanation on my responsibilities. While in training sessions, there was too many times I would receive calls from others to hop onto meetings or to drop off from the training sessions. This came off as unprofessional and was very frustrating. However, I understand they also had their duties to tend to as well.
There were more reasons, but these were the main ones that drove me to resign. I don’t want this to be shown as an ill-will towards the people of Company. I met some great people and value to connections I made. However, my professional experience with company has been nothing short of unprofessional, unpleasant and stressful.
All in all, I do not believe I was given the tools to succeed with Company. I am very disappointed with the outcome, as I was very excited to accept an offer from a great and reputable company. I do not believe this to be a representation of the people or the company as a whole, but I believe I was not given the tools to succeed.
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2023.05.28 08:35 Defiant_Reading_934 (American) Teachers of reddit, what do YOU think society must do to value and change our education system today?

America has fallen behind greatly in education. I'm not a teacher (junior in HS), but one thing that really worries me is that America now has an entire generation of students who, in the grand-scheme of things, are more uneducated and very un-competitive in a global market due to a lower quality of education compared to the rest of the world. This might be unrealistic, but I worry that this issue will catch up to our society and overall hurt the US as a whole.
While there are a multitude of factors contributing to this issue, I think one of the sole reasons is because Americans, in general, under-value education compared to the rest of the world. American culture has issues with anti-intellectualism, and I think that this is both a contributor to and a result of the widespread apathy and general disregard for education and studying (especially for the K-12 levels of education).
We are rich enough as a nation to fix issues of funding (although bc of politics that will be incredibly hard to accomplish), but re-defining our cultural attitudes towards education might take decades. Additionally, some of Americas core social/cultural values (such as individuality, freedom), a direct opposition to uniformity, may result in a lot of social push back for any change that empowers the authority of teachers and experts. Parents are apathetic, students are apathetic and are not given responsibility. Overall, a teacher can be amazing, but a population of students who refuses to learn, study, apply their knowledge, and advance their education will render the efforts of that teacher useless. A parent who isn't taking an active role in the education of their child, especially of a child who is having difficulty or needs discipline, causes just as much damage. Some care, work hard, and thrive, but apathy is more widespread, curriculums have been made easier and pale in comparison to the curriculums outside of the US, so even the best of the best aren't really being empowered to their full extent bc of our system.
Overall, it's a pretty bad situation over here. We shouldn't accept the bare minimum. In my opinion, in our increasingly competitive global market and world, the bare minimum of things will not suffice. For now, we are ok, but other nations are catching up quickly because the people of their nations are empowered by education and hard-work. If we do not fix this, I believe that we will soon fall behind and our powerful status as a nation will severely diminish as we are outcompeted (ex. Korea was able to go from one of the poorest nations in the world, to an incredibly rich and advanced society. Why? Because of education, they understood a societies success correlates directly to their education and dove headfirst into it. It worked, and now, they are renowned for their innovations in technology and science. Use this logic in reverse, America, a global power, fading away due to an inability to remain competitive, low quality education, and an ignorant populace).
This isn't me saying that Americans are dumb, nor me trying to conflate this issue. We might be more insular and ignorant, but we have every ability to reverse that. I believe that we are smart people but our systems just don't empower that, and we do not empower ourselves most importantly!!! Yes, we have incredible institutions and innovators, but those are not the majority. They cannot carry this nation, we all must.
As educators with experience in the system, what do you think must be done to fix this? How can we re-define our culture to emphasize and cherish education as seen by other nations? Policy changes/radical movements/government funding/national standardization of education (this literally sounds impossible tbh since states control education but idk)? Please give me all your thoughts, your voices are incredibly valuable! Thank you!!!!!
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2023.05.28 08:32 Jaytiss Aful Performer 8

Aful Performer 8
Hi I wanted to post some quick impressions of the performances 8. I have a full review on head fi and it is linked below.
Ok, for the TL;DR first of this iem, just buy it. It’s S class for Technicals and S for tuning. It’s fantastic. Just don’t spend 999 for it, wait until it drops in price. I expect it to be around 400.
It’s a modern world, where we need to find value and technology in which we buy. I personally don’t want to buy a rebranded iem but something special. We live in a world of a race to the bottom really exists meaning that iems are getting better and cheaper as manufacturing becomes more efficient.
Not long ago I found a particular iem on a particular reviewer’s list. It was ranked fairly well for the price, and I seem to trust this reviewer. I took a gamble, and it paid off as it instantly became a benchmark and favorite for me.
This iem was the Aful 5, and I still find it an incredibly tuned iem with great retrieval, a major benchmark for the price, but not only that they were releasing the Aful 8 soon. I really enjoyed the Aful 5 and reached out to Aful about the 8 itself to learn more. I now have the Aful 8 in my hands, and I have paid for my copy of the Aful 8 and my opinions are my own.
There are recently been some rumors about more iems from Aful, and I can confirm one of them, a Single Balanced armature driver IEMs based on S&E-math technology is also in the pipeline. I would expect more from Aful in the future but that is the only thing that I can currently confirm. Award-winning technology just gets me out of bed. Paying some guy with a magic ear who says an iem good, just feels like I’m paying for a guy to repaint my house when my house is fine. It isn’t enough for me for a simple color retuning, I need to see value, technology, and quality. Hifi is a world of charging a silly amount, to have actual technology is insane and refreshing. The company has a few patients and a strong vision of what they want to do. Aful wants to achieve high-performing iems at a reasonable price. I encourage you to read up on the company.
Aful was founded in 2018 and this is their second international release and their fifth overall. There are graphs and videos floating around on Band 5 and Band 8, but they are tuned differently. Aful is a unique company name. I love their iems, and think this is a company to put on your radar. I’m
This Compares to Blessing 3, Blessing 2 Dusk, and surpasses the P5 handily. It’s a strong little iem with a taste of luxury that most can afford. The Blessing 3 is a fantastic iem, and I think that the Aful 8 fits better, and has a slight edge sonically. I think it competes with the more expensive Dunu SA6 MK2 and the Meteor which are 600 dollar iems. While I think other iems I have listened to rival it in technicalities and tuning, I do think this is my favorite iem over all that I've heard and is a competitive mid-fi iem to keep on your radar.
Quick-Fire Comparisons
In this section, I'll quickly compare the Aful 8 vs other iems.
Aful Performer 8 VS. Aful Performer 5 (220) Overall Tuning: Aful 8 Details: Aful 8
Aful Performer 8 VS. Blessing 2 Dusk (330) Overall Tuning: Blessing 2 Dusk Details: Aful 8
Aful Performer 8 VS. TheiAudio Oracle MK 2 (589) Overall Tuning: Aful 8 Details: Aful 8
Aful Performer 8 VS. Dunu SA6 MK2 (579) Overall Tuning: Tied Details: Dunu SA6 has a slight edge
Graph: Gizaudio has published a graph of this iem. It graphs very similarly to the Blessing 3 in the base, while the Aful 5 graphs are similar to Blessings 2 Dusk. While I was originally wary of this graph as it isn't exactly like my preferred tuning, I find this sounds really good. I would recommend that you try it before you judge it too harshly.
The base of the Aful 8 is Deep-Hitting and technical. The graph makes it look lean, but it is far from that. There is a growl and a rumble on the base notes. It hits hard and sounds fast. Cymbal hits are strong and detailed. The midrange is clean and clear without bleed from the base. It is an unusual experience like an Electrostatic driver in which you feel the base as the iem seems to rumble. There is a full sound that adds to the male vocals and everything sounds clear and vivid. It has a hard-hitting feeling that is tight with a nice timber Vocals sound supported and rich with great presence. There is no wisp or lack of clarity in the female vocals.
The midrange is very detailed and natural sounding to me. There is an expansive soundstage to me that is nice and present. Vocals have a natural timbre to them that ties me in. It really instantly drew me in. Podcasts and voices all sound natural to me. I feel like I’m there with the Performer 8.
The treble is natural, airy, and shimmers in this set. I feel it competes with other more end-game sets and sounds detailed, and has sparkle at the right places. It has good musicality in the 10-15k range which is really nice and gets me to quickly enjoy the music. It maintains a smooth and extended presentation that ensures instruments sound like I’m there and it's magical.
I’ve tested the Aful performer and it sounds great on different styles with instruments sounding good especially. I don’t think this iem should be characterized by only doing one type of music or another.
Value: Value is subjective. But I feel this iem competes with my other iems well and is something to consider for those who want their first taste of hifi. It’s easily on par with the quality Symphonium Meteor, Blessing 2 Dusk, and Dunu Sa6 MK2. The packaging is very nice and unique with what is the most beautiful shell that I’ve ever seen in an iem. I find this a good value at the expected price of around 400 in that it is on par or better than most in that range, and competitive vs other items at the 600 dollar pricepoint.
Should you Buy it:
It depends on what you are looking for and your budget. It is a great daily driver that I love to play loud. It hasn't left my ears in three days for longer than a few minutes to do comparisons. I fully enjoy them. If you can afford it, buy it, take the blind, and you won't be disappointed. If you can't, try it when you can at the next Cam Jam, or local store. Or just wait for the inevitable budget Aful product to come out.
I think this iem is going to start a fire, I think it’s going to be relevant in years to come as a technical monster. We live in a world where technology has an impact, but it’s not always apparent. It’s going to take time for this fire to get going, but when it does, expect more to jump on the bandwagon. This is a fantastic iem with great relevance to the market. It’s not just a pretty iem, it’s the kind of iem you’ll want to shout to the world about. The Aful 5 was the starter, now we are onto the main course, and it’s delicious. Now I go back to listening.
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2023.05.28 08:28 Ok-Can1945 best apple pie recipe - perfect classic dessert!

Before we discuss our apple pie recipe and explain how to make apple pie – let’s explore what this pie is made of. An apple pie is made up of two main components: the filling and the crust. The filling is typically made by combining thinly sliced apples with cinnamon. The apples are then coated with sauce typically made of butter, sugar, and flour.

apple pie crust recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Chilling: 1 hour
Nutritional Value: Mentioned above in apple pie calories



  1. Add sugar, salt and flour to a bowl, whisk well to combine.
  2. Mix the butter pieces also with the rest. Using your fingers, make pea size crumbs of the butter.
  3. Gradually add the ice water and as you continue to mix it. Pinch the dough to check if it’s sticky enough. Don’t add too much water.
  4. Split the dough into 2 halves and shape each into a disk.
  5. Wrap each disk in plastic and refrigerate for at least an hour before using them in your apple pie recipe.
To checkout in detail and get all your answers while making an apple pie recipe here.
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2023.05.28 08:28 JazzyJukebox69420 I'm the worst version of myself, really need advice.

Alright, I’m not super sure how to start this so I’m going to start with giving some background. I don’t want this to sound braggy or like I’m jerking myself off so sorry if it comes out that way but I think the context is pretty important to understand my position. This is gonna get pretty specific so I hope I don’t out myself too much to my anyone who might know me. I’m a 22 year old engineering (rising senior undergraduate) student at a small college (and one of the best colleges for engineering in the US). For reference, all of my classmates are absolutely brilliant and the school is a STEM college. This gets important later on. I am really passionate about computer science, engineering, and natural science and I want to start a company when I graduate that does some sort of innovative work in these fields. I’m also a musician and I write, record, and release music in a few genres. I’ve made a bit of a business out of the music that I make and the playlists that I use to promote my own music. It’s basically my biggest and most consistent stream of income. I play a bunch of different instruments (guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, piano, violin, ukulele, drums, and now cello) and I sing. I don’t really play any of the instruments exceptionally well but I can play them well enough for my needs. Also, I’m in an acapella group and sometimes in choir and I occasionally gig with other bands on campus. I’m also really into travel and photography. I took a year off of school during COVID and I visited a ton of national parks, I think I’ve visited somewhere around 30. I’m also really into photography and I’ve been trying to make a small business out of that as well. For a last tad bit of background, I grew up low-income and was entirely self motivated. I just lived with my mom who didn’t know anything about college and frankly just wanted me to get a job throughout most of high-school. Everything I accomplished it was out of sheer drive and personal discipline. In high school I had exceptional grades, a ton of amazing friends, and was in a serious romantic relationship that gave me a lot of meaning. My goal was to go to get into a good college and get a scholarship so that I could afford to give my future children things that I never could have. At the end of high school, my goals got as lofty as they could be and I felt secure in who I was and what I was doing. For a tiny bit more added context I’m taking antidepressants, ADHD medication, and anti-anxiety medication which has actually helped a lot. The one place that I’ve improved as a person seems to be mental health. I also don’t drink or do any kinds of drugs, although I don’t think anything is wrong with doing them, I know I have a very addictive personality and family issues with these things so I chose not to. I’m only mentioning this so you know it’s not part of the issue. But since I’ve started college (in 2019) I’ve made no progress towards my goals or aspirations, I’ve learned almost nothing, I prioritize nothing of value when you look at how I spend my time, I have no mastery over myself or my surroundings. I’m somehow floating on what is honestly a fabricated layer of understanding. I understand nothing in my classes, and I just do the bare minimum in every aspect of my life besides music. Somehow I pass my classes. My grades range from C-s to As, I have around a 3.0 GPA. Not great, but not as bad as it *should be* (based on my actual level of knowledge and understanding). I think part of my problem is that I know how much I can *get away with* without failing or destroying my grades. But I never take the time to learn the material. One of the worst parts is that I find all of the subject matter to be either important, interesting, or both…. And yet my behavior shows me that I don’t really feel that way. I don’t understand why. Throughout half of my college career, I’ve slept though many of my early classes, sometimes missing most of my classes because of some lame excuse I had. I never really *wake up* I’m just either asleep, half-awake in bed, and then eventually I’m out of bed and awake. My alarm at this point means basically nothing to me. Once I’m up, I either do some work that’s non-important and non-urgent or go to class. When I actually am in class, I end up getting distracted on my computer. If I don’t bring my computer I start by trying to focus and then I gradually allow myself not to focus at all. I end up almost learning nothing, and when I do start to try, I feel incredibly stupid. I don’t feel like I understand any of the concepts that are being thrown at me but I know that I *should* because (for the most part) none of them are actually that hard! This is in huge contrast to high school, where I woke up very early to my first alarm, shaved, showered, and got ready in the morning, then went to school for some 7 hours, then I went home, took a half hour break, then did homework until 1 or 2 in the morning. I got very little sleep but other than that I was doing well academically and was very motivated, despite struggling with mental health issues. I’ve been told that it’s burnout but I disagree. I may be wrong but if it is— what’s actually causing the burnout?? Oversleeping then half-stressing about my assignments? Here are the things that I try and accomplish during my time at school: - School (pass all my classes and take classes that I’m interested in/find useful) - Social - Participate in activities on campus that seem fun - Hang out with friends - Spend time with my partner - Go on dates - Music: - Produce and release music - Promote said music - Write new music (15 min - 1 hr daily) - Practice instrument(s) (15m-1 hr daily) - Rehearse (roughly 5 hours weekly) with my acapella group - Photography: - Take photos for the school at times - Travel to nearby parks and take photos - Edit photos - Do astrophotography - Physical health - Strength Training (at least 15 min daily) - Cardio (1 mile daily) - Stretch training (5 min daily) - Financial health - Save money - Make money (w/music business) - Goals - Work on my startup (like 30min- 2 hours per week) And honesty, yeah that’s probably a lot. A lot of people say it’s too much, but I’ve seen my classmates do it, and do *all of it* better than me, and I understand how. I see how much time I waste— and it’s a lot. How do I stop? And if your advice is to cut something out— what do I cut out?? Do I remove the things that I love? Or the things that are meaningful to my long-term goals? I don’t see one thing in here that would be safe to eliminate. Here are some big issues that I’ve been really struggling with: - Gaining too much weight - Eat when bored and not hungry - Sleep too much - Don’t wake up to my alarm - I’ve tried alarm apps, I make the conscious decision to go back to bed every morning despite walking 500 steps to turn my alarm off!! - Accomplish less in more time - Friends don’t seem to value me - Little to no self control - Extremely lazy - Always put in the bare minimum - I don’t learn - I’m getting my entire massive tuition paid by financial aid and I honestly can’t say I’ve learned anything value - I learned very well in high school - I went home and studied and got very little sleep, was in orchestra, in jazz, and in a band on top of writing and recording my own music - Lost my DRIVE and I don’t know why - I don’t look forward to much because I’m ashamed of where I’m at - I have very little motivation to do anything beyond the bare minimum in everything - I don’t prioritize the urgent OR the important well - I just do what I *need to* - I spend my time really poorly. When I have free time I don’t use it to have fun OR to be truly productive - I spend time not working and not having fun or relaxing - I don’t spend as much time with friends as I should - I don’t study as much as or when I should - I don’t work on my music as much or when I should - I don’t even play games or video games - I don’t relax when I should or *how* I should - I often take a nap for “just 30 minutes” which ends up taking half my day… hours and hours… In contrast, I was a better person in EVERY way when I was 16. Currently, I find myself: 1. Struggling as a student, with a noticeable decline in academic performance, and more importantly— LEARNING LESS THAN HIGH SCHOOL 2. Feeling inadequate as a partner, failing to put in the effort to nurture my relationship. 3. Struggling to wake up on time, repeatedly snoozing my alarm and compromising my productivity. 4. Having an unhealthy diet, consistently making poor food choices. 5. Becoming a less supportive friend, neglecting meaningful connections with those close to me, reaching out, texting and calling less 6. Experiencing a decrease in my social circle, resulting in fewer friendships. 7. Making minimal progress towards my goals, lacking the drive and determination to succeed. 8. Struggling to maintain positive habits, finding it difficult to establish and stick to routines. 9. Facing challenges when it comes to learning, feeling like I'm not absorbing information effectively. 10. Perceiving a decline in my athletic abilities, which is both surprising and disheartening. I find myself at my worst because: 1. Lack of focus: I struggle to maintain concentration and often choose not to focus. 2. Strained friendships: I have become a worse friend, neglecting gestures like gift-giving and meaningful quality time. 3. Declining social engagement: I prioritize less in-depth communication, barely making time for calls or outings with friends. 4. Lack of meaningful self-expression: Aside from occasional jokes, I fail to share my life in a meaningful way. 5. Regretful use of time: I realize I have wasted precious moments while important people in my life are moving on. 6. Academic decline: I am now a horrible student, rarely attending classes and lacking focus when I do. 7. Poor academic performance: I don't understand or actively pursue a grasp of course concepts, resulting in minimal learning. 8. Last-minute approach: I habitually leave assignments until the eleventh hour, resulting in superficial comprehension. 9. Unmerited extensions: I constantly request extensions without valid reasons, undermining my integrity. 10. Failure to learn: Despite attending a top-tier school, I feel like I've learned nothing over the past three years. 11. Sleep struggles: Snoozing my alarm for hours has become a daily routine, negatively impacting my health and productivity. 12. Disrupted sleep patterns: My oversleeping contributes to a lack of structure in starting my day and affects my well-being. 13. Relationship shortcomings: Though my partner loves me, I acknowledge that I have not fulfilled their needs in our relationship. 14. Neglected effort: I no longer plan dates or create thoughtful gifts as I used to, failing to prioritize quality time. 15. Physical decline: Surprisingly, I have also experienced a decline in athletic performance and overall fitness. 16. Unhealthy habits: I've gained weight and developed unhealthy eating patterns, often eating when not hungry. 17. Abandoned exercise routine: Despite initially committing to regular gym visits and running, I have completely stopped. 18. Lack of progress: My fitness levels have plateaued, and I haven't seen any improvement in my strength or endurance. 19. Wasting time: I squander countless moments without studying, being productive, enjoying myself, or nurturing relationships. 20. Lost sense of purpose: I struggle to identify what I am doing with my time, neglecting important areas of my life. 21. I feel stupid, which hurts a lot because I definitely think I’m less intelligent than I was in high school To top all of it off, I don’t feel like my few remaining best friends really value me. A lot of them graduated recently and one of them honestly told me “I noticed that a lot of the time people on the trip didn’t value your input or what you felt… with your senior year, find people who value you.” And it hurt, because I was feeling that way the whole time I was on the trip with them. What did I do to cause this? I used to love myself, I was depressed and anxious but I used to REALLY love myself. I was proud of who I was. Now when I look at myself, I’m ashamed of what I’ve become. And the worst part is I really know that younger me would be beyond disappointed in every way. I understand incremental improvement and all that but I can’t make my life better at all! I try developing habits only to ditch them a few days in. Why? What’s wrong with me? I know change is possible, but where do I begin?
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2023.05.28 08:25 KrypticXylo Love a nice plate of frozen shrimp in the mornin

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2023.05.28 08:23 cheeseattractedwoman Serious question, are mixed race women, especially those raised by their non-black side, black by your standards? TW: Racism

Obviously the black community is not a monolith. My mom is white and American, my dad is black and not American. I’ll add he’s the only person in his family that calls themselves black, the others don’t see themselves as black despite being darker than many black Americans.
I was raised by my mom. From a young age, I was taught to identify as white by my mom and grandmother, my grandmother was particularly insistent I looked white and that my hair was like an Italian person’s (it’s 3C). I was white on any form they filled. My missing person’s report from when I was a teenager? I was apparently white on there too.
I grew up in a very white and Asian beach town town, not to overly trauma dump but it wasn’t always great being the only kid that was mixed with black in the entire school. There were plenty of mixed kids. They were pretty much all wasians.
Warning: skip this part of you don’t want to hear me whine. Resumption is written when this part is done:
A one of my teachers (who was from japan) called my hair a rats nest), I was called a slave fairly often, compared to the American girl doll Addy (nothing wrong with her at all, but I look nothing like her. I’ll add that she was supposed to be a literal slave) and I was unanimously considered to be the ugliest girl in the class despite looking average.
As I grew older, my mom became straight up abusive in ways that don’t relate to the post. She would also, call me the n word when she was mad at me:
She forced me to straighten my hair, compared it to brillo. She was always super rough with it growing up and would say it was nappy/coarse/etc. She hated the gap in my teeth and forced me to get braces, tried to lighten my skin multiple times with lemons and chemical peels, and would comment and insult my body shape endlessly. She constantly would compare me to these blonde girls and tried to dye my hair blonde to match. She also was a trump supporter.
So, I’m 22 now. I’m no contact with my parents. My father is another can of worms, I don’t wish to explain further. I don’t know any black people. I’m not even sure if it would be appropriate to call myself Black at this point, I’ve seen conflicting opinions about it.
Resumption for those who didn’t want to read about my issues.
So, are mixed people black? Especially those raised in places with a population of less than 2% black people and are as removed from that side of my family as I am? I’m honestly confused at this point. I lurk this subreddit and I see conflicting things about it and am curious. Is it even appropriate to call myself black? Others refer to me as black, but I don’t even know if I should call myself black. I’m kind of lost on it at this point.
I hope I’m not intruding on this space.
Thank you :)
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2023.05.28 08:22 Eternal-Spectrum First oil painting on canvas

First oil painting on canvas
So I decided to try my hand at oil painting and I definitely find it more fun than just doing random sketches! I know the basics of color theory but it was waaay more difficult in practice when actually having to mix with pigments lol.
I don’t know if I’m off to a great start or not but I am disappointed in the fact that some of the graphite showing through. And with the Shadow, I can’t seem to get it dark enough without using black (trying to learn color theory)Any and all criticism is appreciated.
Pigments used: Yellow Ochre, burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Crimson Red, Scarlet Red, Lemon Yellow, Titanium White.
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2023.05.28 08:17 Secret-Lead938 Added a magwell to the elite

Added a magwell to the elite
Well thanks to the member in the group for the threaded back strap and magwell.
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2023.05.28 08:16 Majestic-Idea-9648 Very difficult getting along with family. Even when I'm helping them they keep me out of the loop.

I have a very difficult time getting along with my family. It's a value of mine to help out friends and family when they are moving homes. I am happy to help drive them around, lift boxes and move furniture.
Yesterday I helped my brother move. My dad helped too. The start time changed twice and I was given no explanation why. When he asked for my help he had said it would be to "move furniture". It turned out that we had to pickup my brother, drive to the truck rental location, drive back to my brother's home, load the truck, take the truck to the storage locker, and drop off the rental truck to return it. There had been some sort of administrative mix up with our reservation (they overbooked) and we had to go to another truck pickup location. It took an hour just to figure out that we were at the wrong branch. Though I was with my dad and brother, they didn't keep me in the loop to what was going on even when I asked. Also there was some issue returning the truck, I ended up just waiting a long time for them to figure it out and was given no explanation. Also I felt like my brother was a jerk when driving him around, for example he wouldn't help navigate or help find a place to park.I was told at max the whole thing would take 3 hours but it took 6. I get that unexpected delays come up. I think what made me mad is that no one kept me in the loop about them and got mad when I asked. If my friends were helping me move and things were delayed by hours, I was apologize to them and say how much I appreciate if they could stay longer. I wouldn't act as if nothing happened or blame it on a third party. When I brought this up with my dad I told my dad I need all the details before something like this happens again he replied "you should've asked" and that none of the delays were not known in advance.
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2023.05.28 08:07 misssoci Golden doodle won’t stop harassing my older chihuahua mix.

What can I do to help an overly rambunctious pup? He’s 16 weeks and tries to play with my chihuahua mix but doesn’t realize his size. The issue is that he lunges at the older dog and will even shake his head while play biting. He never growls or barks and it looks like playing to me but he drew some blood the other day from the other pups paw. I usually keep him on leash inside and this helps a lot but what can I do to stop this behavior? We’re planning to do doggy daycare to socialize him more with other dogs, he currently is terrified of bigger dogs because he hasn’t had much interaction with them. I’m not sure if that’s part of it. We’re also starting professional training but he has to be fully vaccinated first and that appointment is about a week away. Any advice is welcome. We walk him twice a day, do training for 30 min - hour and make sure he naps after he’s been up for more than an hour. He’s a great dog in all other aspects but this is really stressing me out.
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2023.05.28 08:05 Bojack_Horseman22 How do you accept partber’s history if hookups, if you came from religious family?

Hey guys, sorry if it’s not quite the place but i could use some older folks help.
It’s not quite the dating advice but more how do i fix and change myself. I’m 23M and dating my gf 27F for 8 months, and it’s going great, I feel like she’s in the relationship and there are no issues with bonding.
I’m ex-religious come from a religious family, and I only had 1 ex who abused me. My current gf has a history of some hookups, and I would like to understand how can you fix it and accept it even though it’s painful?
What are your tips, to accept it even though your values aren’t the same?
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2023.05.28 08:05 JustLobster5121 My fiancé wants to try being a SB

To preface - We’re by no means poor, we don’t have money issues, we have a place and both have good jobs. I’m not what you’d call a cuck either.
We’re both 29 and met in college. She is Chinese and her friend does it and said that there is a high demand for Asian sugar babies and sugar daddies pay upwards to $1000-$1500 per visit. She is great at communicating with me and wouldn’t do anything without my knowledge so it’s all very transparent and she lets me look at all of the seeking app messages if I want so there isn’t a trust issue or anything. We even have had a threesome with one of her female friends so she isn’t the jealous type of girl by any means and she has told me if I wanted to hook up with a girl that’s ok because to her it’s just sex and not love making. We have a great relationship and have traveled the world together and she is a wonderful partner but the idea of her having a sugar daddy throws me off in two ways. Like one: it’s kind of hot and ego inflating knowing that people think my fiancé is so attractive and sweet that they’re willing to spend $1500 to sleep with her using a condom, at a hotel, without sleeping over (her and I discussed boundaries like condom only, public meeting, Ubers, and hotels only) but reason two: I’m the kind of person who might be jealous and think sex is more than just sex. She said she wouldn’t do it if it makes me uncomfortable and would respect my wishes, but she wants to use the money to make OUR future better. Like she would have more money to invest into retirement funds, take us on more extravagant vacations, it could go towards bills etc so on paper it’s not a bad thing. She told me I’m the only person who she loves and would ever love so I know where her heart is. Idk I’m just kind of venting because I have nobody else to tell this to… are there any guys out there whose significant others do this, Or sugar babies who have significant other that can give me just some insight or tell me how it can impact a relationship? Also, since she has been floating this idea around our sex life has improved 10x. Idk I’m just rambling and have mixed feelings and would love some help/insight.
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2023.05.28 08:03 silentscribe07 Commercial Property Market in Noida: The Impact of technological advancements

Noida is a buzzing city located in Uttar Pradesh in India. It has seen rapid development and growth in the last few years. The introduction of technology into various industries, such as the commercial real estate market, is one of the main drivers of this rapid growth. Technology has changed the landscape commercial property in Noida, bringing many benefits to investors, local businesses, and the economy. This article will examine the impact that technological advances have had on Noida’s commercial real estate market. We'll focus on projects like World Trade Tower and World Trade Center.
Commercial Property Market Technological Advancements
Technology has changed the way that businesses are run and had a significant impact on the Noida commercial property market. Different technological advances have improved efficiency, increased connectivity, and offered innovative solutions for businesses to adapt. Explore some of Noida's key commercial projects that use these technological advancements.
World Trade Tower
World Trade Tower, located in Noida Sector 16 is an iconic project which epitomizes a fusion between technology and modern architectural design. WTT's state-of-the-art infrastructure offers businesses a conducive work environment. The tower is equipped with advanced security and smart features that provide a safe and seamless work environment. WTT Noida Sector 16 is a center for innovation and collaborative work thanks to the integration of advanced technology.
World Trade Center (WTC)
The World Trade Center, located in Noida's Sector 132 is another landmark. WTC Noida Sector 132 is a project that has benefited from technological advances to create a dynamic ecosystem. The project integrates advanced networking and communication infrastructure to enable seamless connectivity with international business networks. Noida WTC is a popular destination for international business and trade collaborations because of its advanced technology and strategic location.
Bhutani Cyberthum
Bhutani Cyberthum in Noida Sector 140A is an excellent example of commercial property harnessing the power of modern technology. This project features futuristic offices with the latest amenities. Bhutani Cyberthum Noida has awe-inspiring architecture including the largest rooftop infinity pool and helicopter pad. The project is a sign of modernity and technological innovation in the commercial real estate market.
Bhutan Experience
Bhutani Experience, located in Sector 32 is a property for businesses that meets their evolving needs. This project integrates intelligent technologies such as energy-efficient systems, and intelligent infrastructure to create a productive and sustainable work environment. Bhutani Experience Sector 32 Noida is a mix of convenience and innovation that attracts businesses seeking modern commercial space.
Bhutani 62 Avenue
The Bhutani 62 Avenue in Sector-62 Noida and offers an array of retail shops, office space, and other commercial facilities. This project is aimed at creating a connected and vibrant workspace by incorporating technologies like automated systems and fast internet. Bhutani 62 Avenue Sector 62 Noida is a popular destination for companies looking to rent modern, well-equipped office spaces.
Bhutani Techno Park
Bhutani Techno Park Sector 127 Noida, a project which embraces the latest technological advances is a model. This project provides commercial spaces designed to encourage innovation and collaboration. Bhutani Techno Park Noida is equipped with smart infrastructure and state-of-the-art amenities, such as advanced security and energy-efficient systems. Businesses looking for modern workspaces have made it their first choice.
Bhutani City Center
Bhutani City Center is located in Sector 150 and offers a combination of technology and convenience. This project provides a seamless business environment that is well-connected and integrates smart technologies. Bhutani City Center 150 Noida offers a variety of facilities and amenities, such as smart parking systems and automated management systems for buildings.
Spectrum Metro
Spectrum Metro Mall in Sector 75 Noida is an innovative commercial project which integrates the latest technology for a better shopping and business environment. Spectrum Metro Sector75 Noida is equipped with smart retail areas, interactive digital signs, and advanced safety systems. This project redefines the idea of a mall, incorporating technological solutions that attract both visitors and businesses.
Sky Bhutani Alphathum
Sky Bhutani Alphathum is located in Sector 90 Noida and offers a variety of innovative co-working spaces. This project boasts a futuristic design and high-speed elevators, as well as an intelligent building management system. Sky Bhutani Noida is a popular destination for companies looking to rent flexible, tech-enabled office space.
Bhutani Cyber Courtyard
Bhutani Cyber Courtyard is an innovative commercial project located in Noida that blends aesthetics and technological advances. This project provides technologically advanced offices designed to improve productivity and collaboration. Bhutani Cyber Courtyard Noida offers high-speed Internet connectivity, digital infrastructure, and smart meeting rooms.
Bhutani Cyber Park
Bhutani Cyber Park is located in Sector 62 Noida and caters to technology-driven companies. This project provides advanced office space with the latest amenities and infrastructure. Bhutani Cyber Park Noida is a popular destination among IT companies, startups, and other businesses looking for an innovative workspace.
Bhutani Etherea
Bhutani Etherea in Noida offers modern office spaces with a focus on technology and flexibility. This project is geared toward businesses that are looking for custom-made office solutions. These include co-working spaces and serviced offices. Bhutani Etherea Noida uses technology to provide a tech-enabled and collaborative workspace.
The conclusion of the article is:
Technology integration has had a significant impact on Noida’s commercial real estate market. Businesses now have access to state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure. Sky Bhutani Alphathum (Sky Bhutani Alphathum), Bhutani Cyber Courtyard (Bhutani Cyber Park), Bhutani Etherea, Bhutani 62 Avenue, and Bhutani Techno Park are some of the projects that have used technology to transform commercial space into something innovative. The projects not only changed the look of Noida, but they also gave businesses the necessary tools to succeed in this digital age. Noida is a great destination for businesses and investors alike, as the advancement of technology continues to influence commercial real estate.
You can reach +91 9009009728 for more information about Noida’s commercial real estate market, and the projects.

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2023.05.28 07:58 Finksta_951 Finally installed my Sundown X12V3 on a 3500W SIA amp with all 0 Guage OFC into my 2020 Toyota Camry.

Finally installed my Sundown X12V3 on a 3500W SIA amp with all 0 Guage OFC into my 2020 Toyota Camry.
I have just been being lazy lately and putting off installing this system that I bought last summer because I wanted it to be 100% before I installed it so I wouldn't be that guy with a half ass system. Well long story short I am now that guy. I am looking for some 3.5 in dash speakers and from what my install guy says 4 6x9s. I have heard of guys going straight 6.5in in all the door speakers but if the selection is good I am willing to go with either it doesn't really matter to me.
I am looking for the absolute best door speaker set up in the mid price range. Also I don't know what size/channel amp I should get so suggestions would be appreciated.

Lastly as it sits right now the sub works great and I haven't had any electrical issues that I would consider major. I can be thumping away and the only thing I will notice is after a while I will get slight interior light dimming very slight and only interior lights my headlights don't even move but still I have plans to give my poor alternator a break. I want to go with a higher output alternator and already have the wire ran for a second battery but I don't know too much about mixing my existing battery with a nice lithium in the back. Some guys say delete the front battery all together and just go lithium, other people say that you would need to replace your existing battery so that your electrical is just lithium, I personally have seen guys using a lithium battery in the back with the stock battery still intact but using an isolation solenoid to keep the batteries from fighting each other when my car is sitting but I would like to know if anyone else has any info on second batteries in newer cars so I don't end up fucking something expensive up because I am already like 2500 into this and having to buy a new ECU would not be very cash money.
Sundown Audio X12v3, Sundown Audio SIA 3500, GP Audio 1/0 Gauge wiring AudioControl LC7i
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2023.05.28 07:57 ATSbouquetnoida Saya Status, Saya Status Mall, Saya Status Sector 129 Noida

Saya Status, Saya Status Mall, Saya Status Sector 129 Noida
Saya Status Sector 129 Noida is also a great option for investors, as the project is expected to appreciate in value in the coming years. The project offers a wide range of investment options, ranging from small-sized apartments to large-sized apartments. The apartments are available at very competitive prices, making it an attractive option for investors.
Luxury Apartments – Unparalleled Comfort and Style
The project offers a range of luxury apartments that are perfect for those who want to live in style. The apartments are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom apartments. Every apartment has been designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience. The apartments are equipped with modern amenities such as modular kitchens, air conditioners, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Safety and Security – Peace of Mind for All Residents
Safety and security are of utmost importance at Saya Status Sector 129 Noida. The project is equipped with the latest security systems to ensure the safety of the residents. The 24-hour CCTV surveillance and the round-the-clock security guards ensure the safety of the residents. The project also has an intercom system that connects all the residents with the security guards.
Saya Status Sector 129 Noida is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The project offers everything one needs for a comfortable and stylish living, from modern amenities to safety and security. The project also provides an excellent investment opportunity, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking to make a smart investment. With all these features, Saya Status Sector 129 Noida is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the best of luxury living.For more help visit my site:-
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