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2023.05.07 16:46 cppBug sugar, spice, and everything nice

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2023.05.05 22:59 ZottyThottie summer classes sign up

summer classes sign up
is anyone else having trouble signing up for classes? I tried last week and it was bugging, i’m trying now again and it’s still doing the same thing. pretty much every time i add my class to my cart and click next it never goes through to the payment information page and takes me back to the main page as if i never added my class. I’ve tried so many times and even different browsers and I even tried on another computer, i really need to enroll in this class :/ (i included an image of the steps i pretty much never make it past step 3, since it always refreshes after that and goes back to 1)
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2023.05.05 07:55 ajatt_research Recruiting Participants for a Research Study on AJATT

Hello AJATTers,
I am a doctoral student at UCI School of Education, and I am interested in studying your experiences learning Japanese using the AJATT method.
My goal is to gain a deeper understanding of your motivation and approach to studying Japanese, as well as your approach to learning vocabulary within the larger context of learning the language.
Specifically, my research questions are:
  1. What experiences do AJATTers report that shape their motivation and approach to studying Japanese?
  2. What approach do AJATTers take to learning vocabulary, and how do they view the task of learning vocabulary within the larger context of learning Japanese?
For this study, I am looking for a total of 10 participants who are willing to be interviewed over Zoom, in a semi-structured format, twice, with a minimum of three months between each interview. The interviews will be recorded with your consent but will not be shared or disseminated anywhere. As a token of appreciation, you will be compensated with $20 for each interview, totaling $40, which will be paid via PayPal or Venmo.
Please note that all information collected during the study will be kept confidential and anonymous to protect your privacy. Your input would be incredibly valuable in advancing our understanding of the AJATT method and people’s experiences with it.
If you are willing to participate in this study, please DM me. Also, please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.
Thank you for considering participating in this study.
Julian Levine
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2023.05.03 17:45 Wonderful_Relief4478 UCI MSBA round 4 admission results?

Did anyone get their results from UCI MSBA program for round 4? (Deadline March 1st)
I did go through KIRA interview in early March (no zoom call tho), but no contacts after that.
In their FAQ, reviewing process should take around 2 months.
Is there anyone still waiting for the results? or got rejection/waitlist emails?
Round 1: October 15
Round 2: November 15
Round 3: January 15
Round 4: March 1 (Final deadline for international applicants)
Round 5: May 1Round 6: June 1
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2023.04.28 01:47 astridow "special case" prospective transfer, anyone have similar stories?

tldr: summary of my own situation with mental health issues tw, basically looking for inspo/hope i suppose.
soooo i've been lurking here for a bit after having a bit of a revelation about the goals of my major (phd in pharmacology, ucsf); although the phd program requires any science bachelor's degree, i want to be able to do something related to the specific field, y'know, so i can have more immediate experience in what im working towards.
as a ca resident at a ccc, i would like to aim for a uc school, but only a few have majors specifically relating to pharmaceutical science stuff, many (like 2/3 iirc) are something like "chemistry/biochem: pharmacology" or something. however, on a whim i popped into the counseling office a few weeks ago, and my counselor (an alumni!) just happened to have a little pamphlet of majors from usc, which has the exact major i want to go for... although i wasn't aiming that high, knowing my stats, they said before attending, they failed at a previous institution, which got me thinking about applying.
here's the tricky part: more long-winded contextual prose.
let me entice some "impossible, you wont get in" reactions with these stats first... lol
college gpa: 3.11 extracurriculars: literally none outside of high school (im 21 now, it was ages ago🥴) units: like wayyyy too many. me as person: 1st gen, 1 parent, biracial, she/her... poor? i technically qualify for disability too lol (aka checking all the boxes of adversity)
i went to cc my senior year of high school and transferred to a uc with a 3.9 in 2020 after one year of just cc gen eds. for reference, i got accepted into uci, ucsb, and ucsc. i was a classic pandemic zoom econ student for a few quarters, until i went to the hospital.... for a while, and got academically disqualified. online school made depression worse, and i didn't want to be here anymore. my mental health has always been shit, and with having been diagnosed ptsd (childhood.. rough.) and adhd only a few years ago, i can say "i know why i feel so different, why everything is harder for me than anyone else." even so, it's hard to say, do extracurriculars when im already struggling to get up and stay motivated, feeling stupid every day and dealing with disabling stuff in my head.
long story short, someone i met in ✨residential hospitalization✨ convinced me to go back to school with them, so i have support..... an hour long commute away. i like to drive, whatever.
so far, i have a 3.8 at this cc for two semesters, in only science classes since i have the gen eds. we (sadly) no longer speak, but i've fallen in love with chemistry and the other classes i take here, to the point where i wrote most of my professor's lecture notes for them. the commute is worth it for that. my stem history (aside from calc 3 at the uc school) has been 90% As, so i think i can progress in it when i try hard with the right accommodations. also, even though i was awarded in k-12 for science, i never felt good enough to do stem (i failed lots in hs), and economics was Not my passion. i took this year to prove to myself that i can do science, something i've loved my whole life.
the amount of classes needed to raise my overall gpa high is so many more than the needed requirements, and im still learning how to function and overcome everything. since i can't ask "do i have a chance", (y'all aren't admissions, i know) hearing stories of similar rough situations would be lovely to hear. i've read some already from old posts, but anything would help, especially from a non extracurricular having standpoint.
extracurriculars are important, i know, but i physically and mentally can't. ideas for any "easy" ones doable in cc would be helpful, or anything at all to increase competition of my hypothetical application and make it more than a sob story.
(idk. tysm if u read this essay oh my god... also yes i will contact the school to ask questions about admissions in general, idk if this question is allowed either, hopefully so.)
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2023.04.25 19:56 vriskasserkets Wasian girl gets into T15 school 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏😨

Intended Major(s): Biology
Standardized Testing
None at my school
Letters of Recommendation
None required for UC / CSU, did get a few for scholarships though. All were very kind and spoke very highly of me.
First essay was about my internship, working with mentally ill unsheltered people. Related that to being low income and growing up with my schizophrenic uncle. Also spoke about how I created a program to help unsheltered animals.
Wrote about how I used my leadership skills to finish a hard deadline project that were due the next day. Made tote bags to gift to mentally ill teenagers at mental hospitals.
Wrote about my experience at my dual enroll art class. Spoke about how everyone there was significantly older than me (I was 16, everyone else was 20-35). Related it to how as a child, I was artistically inclined and drew patterns in my coloring books. Related that to how I am outspoken / not afraid.
Wrote about my experience with 55 hours of babysitting (average school week). Helping my mom with the housework / kids, growing up poor, working harder than everyone else to end up in the same place. Related it to my work ethic and how it taught me to not be stagnant later in life.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
Couldn’t do as many extracurriculars as I wanted due to 55 hours of babysitting a week (for reference, a full time job is 40 hours.) This was babysitting on top of school.
School is project based, hence the lack of AP, IB, sports, etc. My school has a great rep with the UCs and CSU.
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2023.04.25 09:05 Fantastic_Honey2541 Spring 2023 Free Clinic Project Recruitment

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2023.04.23 07:44 Randomath A Beginner's Guide to Surviving UCI's CS Major

Hey guys what’s up it’s your favorite CS major from reddit, and I’m here to give all the transfers and freshmen my best advice for surviving the smelliest major on campus.

Part 1: Academics

Most people think having a CS degree can allow you to become a millionaire before you’re 30, but assuming chatGPT doesn’t replace you, you’ll actually graduate exactly at 30 adjusting for the decreased life expectancy from sleepless nights of studying.
Tip 1: Start things late, not early
Tip 2: Don’t go into the ICS 4th floor while the moon phase is a waning crescent
Tip 3: If you don’t think about office hours or labs, they will cease to exist
Tip 4: 50/50 TAs
Tip 5: Work harder, not smarter
Which function do you prefer to use?
return x % 2 == 0; 
if (x == 1) return false; if (x == 2) return true; if (x == 3) return false; if (x == 4) return true; if (x == 5) return false; if (x == 6) return true; if (x == 7) return false; if (x == 8) return true; … 
the answer is always the second option because both are the same if they pass the test cases AND the second option gives you more experience in wasting time for pay-by-the-hour jobs
Tip 6: Don’t read documentation or Ed-Discussion
Tip 7: Inverse-STEM Law
Tip 8: Sleep is for the weak

Part 2: Social Life

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a social life as: “the part of a person's time spent doing enjoyable things with others,” so I guess that’s the definition (idk what a social life is)
Tip 1: Don’t have a social life
Tip 2: Why have friends when you can have slice of life anime?
Tip 3: Riot games is great for spiraling into depression
Tip 4: Only join CS clubs

Part 3: Personal Life / Relationships

Most people desire sex and a fulfilling relationship unless you’re aro, ace, or the CS major who’s academically focused. Fortunately, a lot of people don’t fit neatly with any category.
Tip 1 (for guys): she’s not interested in you
Tip 2 (for girls): date outside of your major
Tip 3 (for non-binary people): idk
Tip 4: Be yourself (not really)
Tip 5: Don’t shower
Tip 6: As tempting as it is, do not play “sorting algorithms to relax/study to” during sex
Thank you for reading my beginner’s guide to surviving UCI’s CS major, if you want more resources for help please check out your nearest over-prepared dude who always sits in the front and answers the professor’s questions confidently.
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2023.04.15 06:08 luvrgrl1677 Need some help!

Hey guys!! I'm a transfer who just commit to UCI for the Fall :) I'm hoping I could ask you guys for some guidance because the past few days have been a little confusing for me and my family.
Firstly, I had some general questions about payments/my checklist but when I asked my admission counselor I got some pretty basic and unsatisfactory responses that just redirected me to links I already knew about. Does anyone know where I can schedule a Zoom meeting with a counselor that could answer my questions? It might be early for all of it, but I have a lot of anxiety and fear about missing something that I didn't know about or forgot completely and I really want to make the most of my two years here with as minimal mess-ups as possible!
But mainly I wanted to ask you guys about housing. I just submit my housing application for Plaza Verde which I'm really happy about but I'm not really looking forward to my second choice (Puerta de Sol). So out of curiosity, I wanted to ask if anyone knows about my chances of getting Plaza Verde. I hope that isn't an annoying question or anything but I've never done this before so it's nerve-wracking just as much as it's exciting! When I submit the plan I wanted, it was labeled "Limited Availability" already, so does that mean I'm practically already waitlisted? Is it first come first serve for these types of things? Should I submit more than one application in case? Is housing competitive? Am I too worried or not worried enough? I hope it is because I heard Plaza Verde was REALLY nice and I literally love everything about it! But right now, it literally just feels like the equivalent of applying to one college with a bad backup. So any assurance or advice would be super helpful!! Thanks a ton :)
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2023.04.11 02:16 rzehrung [Academic] Recruiting Adolescents (13-17) with Chronic Illness for Interview Study

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2023.04.05 01:22 CharlesDarwinII Bay Area Asian Male gets rolled by colleges until he gets lucky

Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Residence: California
Income Bracket: Too much to get aid
Type of School: Semi-competitive Bay Area school
Hooks: N/A
Intended Major(s): Finance/Econ (for schools with no finance)
GPA (UW/W): ~3.89/4.53
# of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: 12 APs/9 Honors
Senior Year Course Load: AP Lit, AP Art History, AP Gov, AP Microecon, Advanced Stats class, AP CS A, APES
Standardized Testing
  1. School’s DECA Co-President (9, 10, 11, 12): Leading a decently big officer team for 200 members; managing $250K+ budget; organizing events. I put additional information to try to put more information about what I did here/recognition.
  2. VC Internship (11): Did research + presented info on 10 companies looking for funds; presented to the team; did research on two different medical markets; put my paycheck amount
  3. Student-led productivity app, Chief Business Officer (11, 12): Leading 10-person business team to get 1000+ active users; managing/budgeting revenue; working with other high schools to expand the app
  4. Students of the Year, Leadership Team (10, 11, 12): Founded school’s club, serving on leadership team, talked at workshops, and raised ~$60K
  5. Independent research with a couple mentoring professors from T30 school (11, 12): Computational economics research to find factors for business success
  6. MedTech NPO, CEO/Co-Founder (11, 12) - Sponsorships ($10K+) for an AI-based robot to help children with communication disorders
  7. I guest lectured/am a mentor for my school’s entrepreneurship class and one of their mini-companies (12) - talked abt medtech business stuff and mentor a medtech company
  8. Played volleyball as a freshman, nothing soph because COVID, and didn’t try out junior year. I played a lot in open gyms though (which I put down).
  9. Chess Club treasurer - just managing funds, hosting tourneys, and my rating
  10. Econ summer camp/Volunteering hours
#1 Entrepreneurship Competition - Regional Semi-Finalist
#2 National stats competition project recognition
#3 Covid PPE distribution, got recognition from California Board
#4 School’s honor roll
#5 Duolingo (1000+ days learning languages; Spanish, Latin, Russian)
Letters of Recommendation
  1. DECA advisor: No idea what she wrote since FERPA, but I’ve had her as a teacher for both sophomore and junior year. Would probably say 7/10 - based off graduated friends, she writes very detailed letters.
  2. English Teacher: I had him in 9th grade and talk with him often, talking about my participation in teaching his students before tests and unofficial TAing. 8.5/10
  3. STEM teacher: Honestly pretty generic, also talked abt taking me to the ER for a medical emergency. 5/10
  4. Counselor: She asked for a prep sheet and then asked for follow ups after a while. 6/10
Common app main essay (7/10): I had two for EA/RD. For EA, it was pretty generic - what fueled me to become interested in the intersection of MedTech/Business. RD, it was a montage essay comparing the 4 steps of Judo to different hobbies I had (Geoguessr, Duolingo, Chess) and how the lessons I’ve learned from each would help me in a career. I liked it but I don’t know how beneficial it was for college applications.
Supplements (7/10): Just wrote specific anecdotes from my ECs and connected them to college offerings.
UC (7/10): Just longer supplements and UC 8 was my common app (#2).

Final thoughts + Reflections:
I’m super happy to go to Berkeley. I’ll be honest though, in the 4 months since my Wharton ED didn’t go through, I felt completely down in the dumps and would incessantly regret not working harder academically, about how much time I had spent on my ECs, and think constantly about “What If’s.”
I still don’t know what got me into Berkeley and not into any other colleges (like UCI or UCSD). Whenever I've talked to the seniors at my school (which I get is not particularly accurate in terms of understanding college apps), we always agree that, once your stats + ECs meet the threshold, it comes down to the subjectivity of the AO reading your essays.
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2023.03.31 01:11 Ashamed_Composer2740 Girls Who Code Opportunity !!

Are you interested in exploring the innovative resources that Girls Who Code offers to women in computer science? We invite you to join us via Zoom March 31st at 3:30 PST PM to learn more about Girls Who Code directly from the founder, Reshma Saujani. During this event, you'll have the chance to ask questions and gain valuable insights into the organization and its mission to empower women in computer science. This event is open to all majors. There will be a chance to win an Amazon gift card for those who attend the event.
Link to Zoom: https://uci.zoom.us/j/95740315106
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2023.03.31 01:10 Ashamed_Composer2740 Girls Who Code Opportunity !!

Are you interested in exploring the innovative resources that Girls Who Code offers to women in computer science? We invite you to join us via Zoom March 31st at 3:30 PST PM to learn more about Girls Who Code directly from the founder, Reshma Saujani. During this event, you'll have the chance to ask questions and gain valuable insights into the organization and its mission to empower women in computer science. This event is open to all majors. There will be a chance to win an Amazon gift card for those who attend the event.
Link to Zoom: https://uci.zoom.us/j/95740315106
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2023.03.30 20:08 crystalclear221 Research Study Opportunity: Volunteers Needed - Free Gift Card

Research Study Opportunity: Volunteers Needed - Free Gift Card
Hii, I'm a 4th year conducting research on Former Foster Youth in College. I need 4 more participants by week 1 of spring quarter 2023 to be able to graduate in June! All that is required is an interview through Zoom (camera can be off) answering questions about your experience in college. In order to participate you need to be a college student and have some history in the foster care system, doesn't matter how long your experience was! This topic is something I'm really passionate about and my overall goal is to help former foster youth college students voice themselves because there is little to no research on this group.
Please share with anyone you know! HELP ME GRADUATE 🙏🙏 for anyone interested please fill out the Google Form linked: https://forms.gle/qVcVLZXtHUFy5566A (need uci email) or https://forms.gle/bac4UVg2pNHEmMer5 (if you don't want to use your uci email).
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2023.02.28 01:08 kjs1715 [Blind parenting] Interviewee needed! Research on the co-reading process between blind parents and sighted children

Hello everyone! I am a student at the University of California, Irvine. I am studying how technology can better serve blind parents as they read with their children. It is important to me that blind parents are involved in designing new technologies, so I am looking for blind parents who would be willing to let me interview them for my study. If you have a child between 2-8 years old who you read to, please reach out. Please get in touch with me by Email at [email protected]. Full details are below.

I am seeking 8-10 participants for my study. You may qualify if you:
- Use a screen reader
- Are 18 years of age or older
- Have a child or children between 2 to 8 (you are also welcome to share your experience if your children are already grown-up!)

Participants will be asked to interview via Zoom or similar teleconference meeting. The interview will last for 30 to 60 minutes, and we will ask you some interview questions about how you read books with your child and if technology could improve your experience. After short questions, we will ask you to read a children`s book in digital format with your shared screen, to have further exploration of the accessibility issue of digital children's books.
This research study is being conducted with IRB approval from the University of California, Irvine. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by Email at [email protected]
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2023.02.28 01:01 imwaitinggg1 Meeting w/ Dr. Tran (OBGYN) at 5:30PM!

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2023.02.25 02:44 rzehrung [Academic] Recruiting Adolescents (13-17) with Chronic Illness for Interview Study

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2023.02.24 07:41 thestarsintheknight OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS

I was going about the speed limit somewhere within UCI and this person just ZOOMS through a red light when it was a green light for me. Keep in mind it was a green light long before I approached it and there were cars even on the other side of the road and ahead of me.
Trust me between a bike vs a car we all know who’s going to win 😐
Be especially careful now with all the rain too. Visibility be shit and y’all don’t know how to obey traffic laws.
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2023.02.22 09:20 trollerbowler21 Asian Male gets into dream liberal arts school for STEM

doing this cus im super bored during break so f it we ball
Intended Major(s): Applied Mathematics, Math, Statistics etc. (honestly might pick up a CS double major to complete the asian male cs trifecta)
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Math Competitions (washed aime qualifier, 9-12)
  2. Varsity Sport (9-12, captain Jr year, league level team award)
  3. Varsity Sport (9-12, captain Jr year, league level individual award)
  4. Piano (9-11)
  5. Tutoring Job (10-12, super on and off because of school sports)
  6. Barista Job (only have of jr year, got booted cus my availability was ass)
  7. Science Fair thing (9, made a water filter lol)
  8. CS (9-12, took college courses at local community college in Java and Python, working on an AI project)
  9. Instrument (9-12, played brass instrument since 6th grade, in highest ensemble at school, did youth orchestra in 9th grade)
  10. Clubs, few honor societies (9-12, barely attend the meetings 💀)
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. #1 2x AIME qualifier (9,10) choked last 2 years by 1 question
  2. #2 Synopsis Science Fair, regional award (9)
  3. #3 AP Scholar with Distinction (11)
  4. #4 The President's Volunteer Service Award, Gold Level (9, 10, 11)
  5. #5 ABRSM grade 8 Piano (9)
Letters of Recommendation
Stats Teacher (8/10?): really liked me cus I was one of the only juniors in his class last year and I'm TAing for him this year. TBH I just sleep in that class and dont even do any actual TA work for him. wrote a few summer program letter of recs for me last year.
APLAC Teacher (9/10): Really liked me since I participated a lot in his class and I would often ask pretty "good" questions in class. Super positive impression of me.
Colorado College (not evaluative but 7/10)
did a lot of other interviews w schools that tracked demonstrated interest, most of them were the liberal arts school, nothing rly stood out
Common App (8/10?) the only essay I actually worked hard on LOL had it reviewed a few times by school college advisor and a family friend who works in admission at Columbia.
UCs(7/10) Wrote them in the last 3 weeks leading up do November 30th but they turned out solid. Got flamed by my friends for writing 3 of my first drafts within an afternoon at the library. But due November 30th, do November 30th amiright?
Colorado College:
Rochester, CMC, SCU: (7/10) wrote them a few times, had them reviewed by school college advisor, don't think there were any major flaws.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Applied but Withdrew (chance me?):
Was gonna apply RD (chance me?):
Additional Information:
Sorry I'm kinda lazy on the extracurriculars. If anyone wants to learn more, ask in a comment or pm and I'll probably reply.
Visited some colleges in Southern California last spring and figured out I like smaller schools, but still got sucked into applying to some big ass schools lmao. imo the smaller liberal arts schools are kinda overlooked and there are a lot of hidden gems. For example, Grinnell is an amazing kinda prestigious liberal arts school with a super generous financial aid office, if u dont mind living in a cornfield. All jokes aside, idk where im going w this. Sometimes I'll start a sentence, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way. - Michael Scott
Basically, I'm a lazy/procrastinating shotgunner who got pretty lucky. I was gonna apply to all those RD schools but I didn't even start on their essays by the start of December lmao. Even dropped UMich and USC before November 1st cus i was too lazy to write those long ass mf essays. Dropped UT Austin and TAMU cus I was lazy as well LOL. Dropped Tulane as well cus counselors told me abt their non ed policy which they basically accepted over 90% of their class ED and everyone applying EA or RD were just SOL. So dropped that.
Harvey Mudd and NYU were rly a shame cus I think they were the best academic schools for Math and Applied Math but I was right off their recruiting standards for both of them so the coaches couldn't offer me any pull. NGL would have applied to either of those ED if I could play my sport there. And I'm like 80% sure I would have gotten into NYU for ED regardless.
If I were to do it again, I maybe woulda been more risky to see where I coulda got in else where, but I really got sold on Colorado College when I took an athletic visit there in the fall. Crazy thing is that I never even heard of it until this spring when I attended a zoom presentation covering like a lot of liberal arts schools. Visited in July and basically loved it.
Word of advice for ppl applying in the future: there is basically always light at the end of the tunnel and you'll probably find a school that is a good fit for you. Don't worry about where so and so is applying or what expectations you rly have going into the process. And don't be discouraged by failure and rejections. Imo if you get rejected, you lose nothing and you are right back to where you are so brush it off and just move onto the next. At the end of the day all you need is 1 school. Those are my two cents i guess
Pretty happy w my overall results and GO TIGERS!
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2023.02.20 08:19 ObjectiveEffort568 Academic advising appointment

Academic advising appointment
Couldn’t access the Date and Time selection section after completing the Appointment Information section because the screen says, ‘An error has occurred. Please try again at a later time.’ Anyone else having this problem? And how to schedule an appointment? Thank you TT
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2023.02.16 13:36 jeremyzward Participants ages 9-13 and 18-29 needed for a paid sleep study over Zoom using Minecraft

Researchers from the Sleep and Cognition Lab at the University of California, Irvine are looking for participants ages 9-13 and 18-29 for a paid sleep study involving Minecraft. Although the flyer states the lab is looking for participants between the ages of 9 and 85, the researchers themselves have stated that they are primarily looking for 9-13 year-olds and 18-29 year-olds to participate. The study aims to understand sleep as it relates to memory consolidation. All study sessions will be remotely conducted over Zoom.
If you know anyone in this age range, please pass this study info off to them. Those interested can contact [email protected] for more information.
Attached is a flyer with the study information. The link in the flyer leads to https://uci.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_262Y2UHDXKyBMDH.

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2023.02.15 17:51 Sommet_ Do I Follow Assist.org Or The Transfer Requirement Website Of A University?

I see that some UC’s require one less math class when I see their transfer require website but on assist it says something a bit different. What do I follow and are there ways for me to schedule a zoom meeting with a counselor?
I’m looking at UCD, UCI, UCSD
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