Hammond clinic lab hours

New Diagnosis. RF >1000. 35 y/o

2023.05.28 07:36 Plane_Trick8320 New Diagnosis. RF >1000. 35 y/o

Diagnosed at 4:45 pm over the phone. I saw my labs and provider called me from his personal cell phone to give me the news off the clock.
How it started: Painful erythematous nodule on my shin and on my left knee.
I hit my leg in late December on a trailer hitch. No broken skin, en think about it afterwards. Three weeks later I developed what I thought was an abscess. Three rounds of antibiotics later and an I&D with negative wound culture (just many WBCs), I ended up having a non healing wound and had to see the wound clinic for several visits. Previously healthy, just with self-diagnosed Raynaud’s. Well the same scenario happened after falling on my knee. Minor bruisin so insignificant I didn’t think of it afterwards except worrying it would end up like the other one.
Saw a provider 2 days ago. Casually mentioned I also had bilateral hand pain and weakness. Trouble opening the front door or opening a chip bag. Still dealing with intermittent knee pain/stiffness for 8 months. I have been going to PT for quadriceps tendinitis and have been frustrated with the lack of improvement. Aka knee pain that is totally gone at the end of the day but present for hours in the morning. Hard to get off the toilet or out of a chair. I think I have just had RA all this time.
I’ve been dismissing my own symptoms. I thought the hand pain was from embroidery so I stopped, but the pain continued (I started up again). My fingers were painful and swollen so I thought I had gained weight in my fingers. I have been unable to wear my wedding ring for weeks. I literally thought it was cause I had gained weight in my hands. I thought my knee pain and stiffness was from “getting old and weak”. I thought I wasn’t exercising enough. I ride my horse 3-4 days per week but have just been thinking it was something I was doing wrong. The physical therapist has seemed unsure about the diagnosis.
I am a healthcare provider myself and I have been dismissing my symptoms for 8 months. I am worried about the amount of time it will take to see a rheumatologist. Has anyone started on MTX or other DMARDs with their pcp? In general, I am very upset about this diagnosis. It has been just over 24 hours since I got the lab results. I work this weekend so at least it takes my mind off my problem.
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2023.05.28 07:27 throwaway70357 Asking for a raise

I make $0.75 above minimum wage as a technician at an emergency clinic. I’m still a baby tech, but i’m halfway done with my tech program and i work full time. i started as a receptionist and moved to the back in march. I feel a little taken advantage of because i’m young and in school.
i found out an old receptionist was making $14 an hour, and she was completely new to vet med. I am completely trained in reception and I run appointments, draw blood, place IVC’s, care for hospitalized patients, do other general treatments, and take X-Rays. I have monitored anesthesia/sedation with supervision, but i’m not confident in it and we don’t have the staff to train me to be comfortable enough to monitor alone. There are no RVT’s at my clinic, and only one other person is going to school.
I know i don’t know a lot, but i feel like i deserve to make more. There’s never time to take a lunch break, and i work 12-14 hour days. On indeed, places are offering $4-$10 more than what i’m making.
Does anyone have any advice on asking for a raise? I have never done this before and i am bad at confrontation. I also have incredibly bad imposter syndrome.
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2023.05.28 07:24 LittleCricket_ Glucose test experience (1hr and 3hr)

I just wanted to share my glucose test(s) experience(s) and see how it might compare to everyone else's. I had my first test (the 1 hour one) at 28 weeks. I had called the lab to see if I needed to fast and they said that I did. So I fasted and they told me not even water. I thought...that might not be right so I grabbed a sausage egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds on my way in just in case I was meant to have eaten. Sure enough I was meant to have eaten so I had my biscuit and then had the test. The drink wasn't too bad. I had the orange flavor, it was served cold, and it just tasted like flat Sunkist soda. I didn't have any adverse reactions and I had my check up during the hour wait then read my book in a private room. My blood sugar was 151 so they had me schedule a 3 hour test.
I had my 3 hour test yesterday ( 29+6) and it didn't go well. I was supposed to fast and made double sure before the appointment. So I did fast. I was allowed water in the morning. So I had a few sips. I was at the hospital instead of the clinic so I went to the lab to get my finger stuck and my drink. I had orange again and it was cold. I went to a waiting room to read while I waited. I was looking forward to a quite 3 hours with my book. 20 minutes in my heart started racing I could see my shirt moving my heart was beating so hard. My baby was also very active. I felt lightheaded and a little nauseated. I texted my husband and he urged me to go tell the lab. So, I did. Apologies to the gentleman who asked me "do you get free TV on that?" and pointed to my phone while I muttered "I don't feel good" and waddled away. The lab was concerned and put me in the chair where they draw blood and elevated my feet. Then called the emergency room to send a nurse to check me and baby. My heart rate was elevated. Her heart rate was 140 which is her normal. The nurse offered to take me (10 feet) to the ER but I said we seemed fine. The nurse agreed it was just all the sugar on an empty stomach. The lab people asked me to stay in the lab with them in case I felt worse. Keeping me in the comfy chair (elevating my feet did help!!) for the duration. They took blood in a separate room while I laid there. I didn't feel good until the last 30 minutes of the whole test. I kind of just dozed, played on my phone, and sipped water since I couldn't concentrate on my book. I was okay by the time I left and definitely safe to drive. Immediately had two cheeseburgers.
All said and done I passed the test. I came home and immediately crashed. Sleeping from noon to 4:30. They called while I was sleeping and when I called them back they gave me the good news! Here are my numbers: Fasting: 76
Hour 1: 150
Hour 2: 140
Hour 3: 130
Just wondering how ya'll's went and if you felt as bad as I did! I'm usually pretty tough and I didn't expect that reaction at all.
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2023.05.28 07:19 gretwalk Feeling bad that my dog didn’t know it was his last day

I’m not sure why I’m posting here, I guess writing my feelings down and maybe hearing some other people who have the same thoughts could be helpful. I had to say goodbye to my childhood dog about three weeks ago.
My 13 year old dog started having stomach problems a month before he left us, but nothing too severe. In his final week, he didn’t eat or poop at all. We had imaging done and there was most likely cancer blocking his intestines. The vet offered to do surgery in case it was a foreign body, but we were pretty sure it was cancer (he had a tiny growth in that area a few years ago) and we didn’t want to put a 13 year old through surgery.
I know we made the right decision to put him down before it got worse. This wasn’t something that would just go away on its own. But the day of his euthanasia was so weird. We didn’t even know we were going to put him down that morning, we made the decision around noon and had an appointment for 5pm.
He wasn’t his normal self, of course, but he was normal enough that it freaked me out. He greeted me when I walked in the house. He acted like he was interested in the food we offered but couldn’t bring himself to eat it (he did lick some sour cream off of the floor, which I guess is a fun last meal!) He asked to go outside and walked straight to his favorite tree and plopped down under it. I know he wasn’t feeling well but i guess I expected that when the time came to put him down, he’d be really unwell and unable to walk and such. Not acting like a slightly mellower version of his normal self.
What disturbs me most is thinking about how he had had no idea he only had a few hours left alive. He just thought it was a normal day where he was getting a little bit of extra attention. When we finally took him to the vet clinic, he wanted to sniff the bushes outside and pee. A lady outside came over to pet him and say hello and he was happy to meet her, as he always is. He had no idea. It hurts so much to think about that.
I know we made the right call overall, and I’m sure many people wish they had a chance to give their pet a food death before they were in a lot of pain. But does anyone else feel this way about their pet’s passing? It kind of feels like a weird thing to fixate on - he’s a dog who has no concept of death regardless.
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2023.05.28 07:05 carlos3rcr 25[M4F]CDT scientist that likes trashy reality tv, running, and imessage games. let’s call?

here’s what I look like
I’m in chicago, in the middle of my phd, using the sacred few hours of sleep I got to scroll reddit while binging on the trashiest reality TV and early 00s MTV music videos… I’m known for taking wise choices :P
a few sentences about myself
I’m a very proud mexican doing his phd in theoretical biophysics in the US (somewhere in the midwest). sometimes I like to think I’m super smart… then I remember how much trashy reality tv trivia I know. tbh, since moving here I’ve been aching to meet people that aren’t related to my professional or academic sphere, and rarely got the time to do much outside the lab, so, here I am, it seems meeting people online could be good bet :O
some random trivia
here are two truths and a lie
If you're interested in talking, send me a line about yourself!
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2023.05.28 07:04 plantz54 Getting involved with research

Hey everyone, serious question.
I understand that getting involved with research is super important not only for understanding modern clinical medicine but also for building your resume for the eventual match. I never got into it in undergrad really but not because I’m not interested in primary research or anything I’m actually jazzed on the idea of focusing on it in med school. I love to read papers and I want to be a part of it.
My question to all of you who are starting now, in the middle of it, residents guiding med student pups, and perhaps attendings leading the projects-how can I best get involved when I matriculate? Like do I just read up on what research is coming out of my school and approach the lab staff leading the projects I’m interested in? I have been part of paper review groups in the past and I’ve done a very small amount of wet lab work as part of my cell bio lab but that was a long time ago. I don’t want to be a burden but I definitely have a lot to learn.
Thanks in advance for your input!
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2023.05.28 06:37 KingJahad1 should I retake the DAT?

20 AA, 21 TS, 20 PAT, 17 QR, 18 RC, 20 GC, 21 OC, 22 BIO
3.5 sGPA, 3.7 CGPA
shadowing hours 160 hours
Volunteer hours 160-180 hours
I just wanted to let you all know that I studied for 5 weeks and took the DAT. I will post a breakdown, schedule, and my scores soon. I lost my phone right after taking the DAT. :)
I have worked as a CAD/CAM tech at a dental lab. I also opened a restaurant during the pandemic after some stock trading. should list myself as a business owner in the application? Would that be a red flag
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2023.05.28 06:34 Snow_Corn Regarding EOTE p.2

So this is an update to a post made a few hours ago. You can find it here if you want to read it. So I further explored the area and found an elevator that lead to the area where the guy would be at I'm pretty sure. Now I have explored more and I don't think your even supposed to actually meet the guy. So anyways I come across the shrine thing (I'm not sure what its called) where you go up to it and focus the fire to make something appear. I find some kind of village. I explore but I don't find to much. I take the raft and go on my way. I go the structure that looks similar to a bell that's held up by three chains that also houses some kind of vault. I approach it and see some kind of stick similar to the ones the Nomai used to write. I looked into it and I found myself in a slideshow similar so the one you see at the end of the loops or the slide reels you can use in some buildings. It shows something inside the structure. Naturally, I leave the dream and find that building in the stranger. I go under it to find a path to lead inside it. I see the vault but also a green campfire. I already has the artifact on hand so I went in. I went to the dream realm and took the elevator down. A giant underground lake meets me. Though it was very big I didn't make any leads. I went to the village thing in the real world located in the canyon area (wow I am really bad at remembering names). I see some kind of lab and another painting shrine that appears in every village. I open up the painting and find (surprise surprise) a green campfire. I enter the dream world and it opens up to massive village. Fast forward a few minutes of exploring until I approach a room overlooking an active projector. I didn't activate that. I look closer and see the shadow of a figure. Seemingly the same species of figure I saw in the last post. Again, I believe you aren't supposed to actually come face to face with the Owlk. Only see glimpses. (And yes I know there called Olwks don't ask how I know that). So thats pretty much it. With the lake room I saw three combination locks and the vault you can open to the vision but after that I didnt learn anything. I don't need hints right now I think I might be on to a lead. Maybe words of encouragement would be nice but after that I think im good. I'll make another update as soon as I can. Goodbye!
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2023.05.28 06:30 FaithlessnessBig3446 Advice!

We have a newish neighbor. He moved in roughly a year and half ago and ever since he's moved in almost daily he's had parties that last until 3 or 4 in the morning, even on weekdays. He's a military veteran on disability and works part time so I'm sure every day is the weekend for him but for us we work 10 and 12 hour shifts during the week and in the 5 years we have lived in our house we haven't had any issues with shitty neighbors until now and as time goes on its more and more people at these parties and now our kids are starting to be affected since their bedrooms are on his side of the house.
Just a mini back story about our middle son. He has PTSD because when his biological mom lost custody of him she would come to our house when he was in a different bedroom and try to get in to kidnap him in the middle of the night. So now that the party house is next door he is always bringing up how he's scared because he thinks people are outside trying to get in his room because he can hear them outside yelling and being loud. It's a horrible situation and it took a while to easy his anxiety until this past year and now we are back to trying to help him through it. We are also worried about our son's mental well being because he's not getting the rest he needs and isn't doing as well in school and moving his room isn't an option because his room faces our backyard and you would need a ladder to reach his window so for peace of mind his room is his safe space.
On top of the daily parties he's also showed up at our house multiple times in the middle of the night so drunk he can barely walk to complain because our dogs barking at his party is disruptive. And if he's not stumbling over here he's calling my husband. The most recent time he came over drunk to complain my husband got the feeling he was coming ready for a physical altercation and luckily my husband just told him what he wanted to hear so he would just go home and so we could go back bed. Our dogs are not an issue and they rarely bark unless they are alerted by something or it's past their feeding times. His abundance of people being loud is what's disturbing our dogs. We've also purchased bark collars to try to be considerate neighbors but we also feel those defeat the purpose of a bark and we like that they will alert us if something is off considering the situation with our son's biological mother.
We aren't the kind of people who want drama or want to complain or we would have started that over a year ago. However we are getting pissed because the showing up all hours of the night drunk, 3 am Facebook calls, excessive parties, we've had his drunk friends opening up our gates to come in our yard and removing my lab and taking her to his yard to play, we've woken up to my dogs missing from our yard because mysteriously our gates would be open. I can go on and on at the ridiculous situations that have happened since he's moved in and we are just over it. We have a ring doorbell and cameras on the front of the house and we are in the process of getting more for our back yard so until those come in so we can see what exactly is going on in our yard at night any advice is appreciated, we are miserable unfortunately.
Apologies for any grammar errors I'm angry and sleep deprived from stress and anxiety this is causing me so please be kind :(
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2023.05.28 06:26 ThrowRA_chapi Feeling (21F) un-prioritized by boyfriend (22M). Am I crazy or just over thinking?

Sometimes I feel un-prioritized by my boyfriend. Idk if I’m just over thinking or being crazy. We live about 40 minutes away. I go to his house on weekends or when I can (usually 3-4days a week) I drive to see him. Which costs a lot when you’re driving back and fourth for work/school. I go to school full time, go to two 12s, and work at my family’s restaurant. When I mean I try my best to see him and spend time/money on him I meant it. I barely sleep just to get homework done to see him. I drive back and fourth to see him. I do things for him such as cook food for him, take him lunch for school, see him at school, take care of him when he’s sick/down. And I barely get min in return.
Today we were suppose to hang out and I was going to drive to his house to see him and we were going to his friends house… well as soon as I got out of work he texts me to not worry on seeing him because he’s already at his friends house… and I’m like “??” Because we were suppose to go. His answer was “well you don’t like to wake up early so I assumed you didn’t want to go” and I said “I wake up early regardless just to be with you”. I told him I called of work tomorrow and then he’s like “well I can pick you up and go back to my friends house” I didn’t reply to that because I feel like he said that since I called off work. I also stayed up for 25 hours for a clinical shift that was 13 hours, came home took a shower, did homework till 4am, slept, woke up at 6am and packed my stuff for the weekend… I was also pissed because he says we never do anything fun. I booked a nice hotel in my town to go out drinking and just spend the night in the hotel without having to drive for so long. Well that I was pissed because I lost money, once I did the same to take a little weekend trip and we got into a fight and broke up and I couldn’t get my refund. I go to the hospital for 12 hours and during my shifts he texts me “i miss you” and then I say “then come see me for lunch” just let me know an hours ahead so I know what to do with my patients. He does nothing, no school over the summer, no job. Yet he complains of being bored. He can spend a little bit of time with me seeing me and eating lunch with me. He has the money to do so, he has 100k or more saved up. Im also not saying for him to spend it all. When he’s lonely or upset he asks me to come and if I don’t he guilt trips me with “you don’t miss me?” “I see you don’t care about me” “you’re lame”…
I used to have an ex who would be amazing at being a boyfriend. He always made me the priority even after we broke up and I made him a priority too. He would come have lunch with me at my clinical shifts, school, and work. Help out at my work to just be with me. Surprise me with little things such as coffee, flowers, candy, snacks, food, jewelry, worry about my doctor appointments, take me out on dates, didn’t keep count on what he spent on me (my current bf does this to me. I absolutely hate it. He’s like “ I paid last, you’re turn” “you’re paying this”) it bothers me a lot because I pay for things over and over without telling him that he owes me X thing. I’ll buy something without looking at the price tag or being like “too expensive, not the right time” . I’m not broke, I can buy it myself. However you cannot invite me out and then when the tab comes hit me with “you pay” . It’s not even about money, it’s about like also him not planning things for me, being romantic, or hand making things
I once had a a ceremony for school which was a huge thing. He asked to go and I said yes. Later the following 1-2 weeks I tell him if he was coming and he’s like “no I have a doctors appointment” so that hurt me a lot.
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2023.05.28 06:21 fireball-137 Clinical Psych PhD Applicant Seeking Feedback/Advice

Hello all! I just graduated (May 2023) with a BA in Cognitive Science (concentration in neuroscience) and a minor in psychology. I hope to apply to clinical psych PhD programs for admission in Fall 2025 and am ultimately interested in a career in developmental clinical neuropsychology. My general research interests include neuroplasticity, learning, and memory in children. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how to strengthen my application over the next year or so before I apply. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 06:17 kkmm2323 School List

Working on my school list and would appreciate some help.
516 MCAT, 3.96 GPA, Illinois resident, California undergrad, ORM
Significant paid clinical experience in a dermatology clinic and fertility clinic (1000+ hours)
110 hospital volunteer hours, 120 hours volunteering doing health screening in underserved communities, 25 hours teaching elementary schoolers health
1 publication (7th author) and 1 poster abstract in cancer research (120 hours in this lab doing wet-lab work). And 150 hours doing data extraction for an environmental health research lab (not published, will be within a few more years)
Not the best writer; don't love my personal statement and feel like I have any standout circumstances to write
Feeling pretty uncertain about what types of schools are on target for me and align with my experiences. I don't want to apply anywhere that has unrealistic volunteering expectations given my app. Would appreciate any guidance!
So far: Colorado, Case Western, Einstein, GWU, Miami Miller, NYMC, Ohio State, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UCSF, UIC, USC, Dartmouth, Loyola, Tulane, Tufts.
Thank you!!
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2023.05.28 06:14 TheSpaces2Everything Right Knee Pain ICD 10: Understanding and Treating the ICD-10 Condition

Right Knee Pain ICD 10: Understanding and Treating the ICD-10 Condition

Welcome to our extensive aid on knee pain, explicitly zeroing in on the ICD-10 condition known as right knee pain. We comprehend the crippling effect knee agony can have on your routine, thwarting portability, and causing tremendous distress. In this article, we expect to give you definite bits of knowledge into the causes, side effects, conclusion, and compelling medicines for right knee pain. We want to engage you with the information to defeat this condition and recapture your satisfaction.
Understanding Right Knee Pain (ICD-10)
Right knee pain, as ordered under the Global Grouping of Infections, 10th Correction (ICD-10), is a condition that influences a huge number of people around the world. It envelops many hidden causes, like wounds, abuse, joint inflammation, or basic ailments. By understanding the points of interest of this condition, you can pursue informed choices regarding your treatment choices.
Causes of Right Knee Pain:
Right knee pain can stem from various factors, including
1. Wounds: Horrible mishaps, for example, sports-related mishaps, falls, or direct effects, can prompt intense or ongoing knee pain. Tendon injuries, meniscus tears, breaks, or disengagements are normal wounds related to knee pain.
2. Abuse: Dreary exercises, like running or hopping, can strain the knee joint, prompting agony and aggravation. Abuse wounds frequently influence competitors or people with actually requesting occupations.
3. Joint aggravation: Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid joint agony are two normal sorts of joint torment that can cause steady knee torment. These circumstances dynamically break down the joint ligament, prompting firmness, expansion, and distress.
4. Ailments: Certain ailments, including gout, bursitis, or tendinitis, can appear as ok knee pain. Recognizing the fundamental condition is significant for compelling treatment.
Symptoms of Right Knee Pain
Perceiving the side effects related to right knee pain is essential in looking for proper clinical consideration. A few normal side effects include:
1. knee pain
: Industrious or discontinuous agony around the knee joint, which might deteriorate during active work or after delayed times of latency.
2. Expanding: Aggravation and enlarging around the knee, causing it to seem bigger than expected.
3. Firmness: Trouble in bowing or fixing the knee, frequently joined by an impression of snugness.
4. Restricted versatility: Decreased scope of movement in the knee joint, making exercises like strolling, climbing steps, or stooping testing.
5. Insecurity: Sensation of the knee "giving way" or being not able to help body weight appropriately.
Diagnosis and Treatment
Appropriate determination of right knee pain is fundamental to deciding the basic reason and fostering a compelling treatment plan. Clinical experts might utilize different indicative procedures, including:
1. Actual assessment:
Assessing the knee's scope of movement, soundness, and indications of irritation.
2. Imaging tests: X-beams, X-rays, or CT sweeps might be led to survey the design of the knee joint and distinguish any irregularities.
3. Lab tests: Blood tests or joint liquid investigation can assist with distinguishing basic ailments adding to knee pain.
Treatment choices for right knee pain differ contingent on the reason, seriousness, and individual necessities. They might include:
1. Meds: Nonsteroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs), corticosteroids, or analgesics can assist with overseeing torment and decrease aggravation.
2. Non-intrusive treatment: Designated practices and stretches endorsed by an actual specialist can further develop strength, adaptability, and portability in the knee joint.
3. Assistive gadgets: The utilization of supports, bolsters, or orthotic supplements can offer help, ease the strain, and help in the recuperation cycle.
4. Infusions: Corticosteroid infusions or hyaluronic corrosive infusions might be controlled to mitigate agony and upgrade joint grease.
5. Medical procedure: In serious cases or when moderate measures fizzle, careful mediations like arthroscopy, and halfway or complete knee substitution might be thought of.
Preventing Right Knee Pain
The expectation is for each situation better contrasted with a fix. Integrating specific practices into your way of life can assist with decreasing the gamble of growing right knee pain Continue
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2023.05.28 06:09 fireball-137 Clinical Psych Applicant Seeking Feedback/Advice

Hello all! I just graduated (May 2023) with a BA in Cognitive Science (concentration in neuroscience) and a minor in psychology. I hope to apply to clinical psych PhD programs for admission in Fall 2025 and am ultimately interested in a career in developmental clinical neuropsychology. My general research interests include neuroplasticity, learning, and memory in children. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on how to strengthen my application over the next year or so before I apply. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 06:06 KnownCicada8344 DXM a Retrospective on 10 Years of Abuse

I first tried DXM when I was 20. Having just moved out of state for college, not being able to readily purchase booze and having developed a pretty extensive poly-drug habit prior to the events I’m about to describe, I was up for just about anything.
I vividly remember taking the first swig of Vick’s 44 Dry Cough , it was nauseating but a necessary means to an end in my pursuit of reckless abandon. Being (at least at this point in my life) very inexperienced with dissociatives, I did ‘t know what to expect beyond skimming a few reports on Erowid. When I finally did start to feel the first tinges of an effect, it was indescribable. My body became an odd paradox of loose and rigid. My perception of time and distance, alien and as everything reached a crescendo, I was taken away by a manic, almost god-like euphoria, far different than amphetamines, MDMA or the other RC stimulants I’d dabbled in that seemed to build and build as the night progressed. Suffice to say I was hooked from day one.
This led to a pattern of steadily escalating the dose, first consuming one bottle (approx 350 mgs) 1-2 times a week to doses in excess of 700 mgs 2-4 times a week. I was buying all of this from my uni’s C-store on prepaid meal cards so, had virtually unlimited access and more than enough time to indulge. I saw incredible things, reptilian entities that popped out from the sky and laughed at me, leaving my body and hanging out with machine elves, crashing a study session being held in my hall and, overtaken with extreme mania loudly proclaiming “I am God.” fairly innocent until it all culminated in massive OD that left me handcuffed to a hospital bed with what I soon came to understand was serotonin syndrome.
During thai time, I combined DXM with numerous other substances most notably; cannabis (which produced insanely synergistic effects), extreme amounts of alcohol, methylphenidate, MDMA, Ambien, benzos and (probably worst of all), synthetic cannabinoids (aka “spice”) which led to a full psychotic break that took an inordinate amount of time to recover from.
The aforementioned overdose (roughly 2100 mgs in a 2 day period) gave me enough perspective to clean up my act for a couple years, but after graduating with honors, securing gainful employment and moving out on my own, I went back to what was familiar. I had money for other vices that I indulged in (cocaine and alcohol were becoming problematic around this time as well) but convinced myself that DXM was a world that I would always be willing to explore. Well that I certainly did.
My most visceral trip was essentially the equivalent of a full on DMT breakthrough. At this time, I’d discovered “triple C’s” (EXTREMELY dangerous DO NOT abuse these) and was regularly taking doses exceeding 900 mgs. This particular time, I was about an hour into dosing and standing in my kitchen. Suddenly, everything went black and I felt the presence of some greater entity which scooped me off of the ground. I opened my eyes and saw a plethora of other alien life forms all stuffed into mechanical pods (think The Matrix) and was told by this entity (for lack of a better term G.O.D.) that I had “been selected from across the universe to be sent to a training camp for new gods.” I was again overtaken by euphoria and gave myself to the entity as I was wired into a pod of my own, feeling every sensation. I then stared out at the walls of other beings and closed my eyes. I came to fumbling around with a bowl of mac and cheese that I’d put in the microwave for far too long. Looking back on this, it's somewhat reminiscent of Isac Asimov’s The Last Answer, a short story of which I’m quite fond. Anyway, this experience forced a different form of perspective, so I decided that I’d pursue another “breakthrough” again even if it killed me.
It was during this time that I let my abuse and general debauchery reach truly disgusting levels. I had a girlfriend at the time who also indulged in the narcotics (I’d “upgraded” from coke to meth during this time and always had booze as a mainstay) and our use skyrocketed after a scant 6 months together. I continued going balls deep into addiction. Moving from one toxic relationship to another and somehow managing to hold down steady, professional jobs. None of my coworkers or the few friends I had knew about my vices, especially the propensity I had for leaving my body to solve equations that hold reality together with my homies, the machine elves.
I had my final trip in the summer of 2020. At this time in my life, COVID lockdown was in full swing and I was actively suicidal more days than I wasn’t. I ingested roughly 1800 mgs and literally disappeared. I felt my entire world collapse into a fine point before everything faded from view. I sometimes, wonder if I had clinically “died” or at the very least, stopped my heart for some unknown period of time in that moment. I came back with the epiphany that I’d learned all I could from this strange, strange molecule. The IV meth and 5th of vodka a day were soon to follow and I as of this writing have been able to string together 2.5 years of sobriety (including alcohol and cannabis).
Overall, my experiences with DXM were in many respects incredible. They were also incredibly destructive. I can’t recommend in good conscience that anyone follow in my footsteps and never want to understate the importance of how powerful and addictive this substance is. If you do decide to venture into the dextroverse, please do so with extreme caution. There really are no harm reduction measures to suggest beyond making sure that the products you're ingest ONLY list DXM as the active ingredient and keeping the doses to a 2nd plateau range. Much and as always stay safe out there.
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2023.05.28 06:04 LRMV_10 [TOMT] [MOVIE] Film about monsters that affect light

Hi, I'm new here and need some help to find a film I watched a long time ago. I don't recall everything but a few core ideas and scenes. The movie is about some monsters that are invisible and affect light (The film isn't The darkest hour).
The scenes I remember are one where the antagonist attacks a man and his wife and puts in the some parasite to control them. The same man has the monsters in a cage.
The monster pursues the protagonist (I remember 2, maybe I'm wrong) through a building and the lights being affected by it.
Another scene involves soldiers setting an ambush for the monsters with powerful lights to be able to see them, when suddenly mind controlled people attack the soldiers and destroy the lights.
And finally the protagonist access some underground lab where they find a gate to a cave (or portal) where the monsters come from and blow it up.
The ending scene has the protagonists walking in an empty street when suddenly a monster 's roar can be heard.
Sorry for the long post but I can't find the movie's title.
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2023.05.28 05:57 princeofokay High blood pressure with mysterious cause

ETA: sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile!
I am 29F, 5’8, 145lbs. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my four month old. I do not drink or smoke. My medications include 150mg Sertraline and oral contraceptive Slynd (drospirenone), and recently I have also taken Claritin (loratadine) for seasonal allergies and a generic women’s once-a-day. I have a history of anemia that has previously been managed by iron supplements, but I have not taken those in some time as my anemic symptoms disappeared while I was pregnant.
Speaking of that, I am four months postpartum with a healthy baby. I have recently begun exercising again— spin class has become my exercise of choice and I go twice a week. My pregnancy was uneventful and considered ordinary risk despite my only other pregnancy ending in ectopic surgery in which my left fallopian tube was removed. In my 37th week of pregnancy this past January, I had a vision tunneling event upon getting out of the car that revealed that I had severe sudden onset preeclampsia, and I was admitted to the hospital to be induced later that day. The doctors had me on a cocktail of different medications during labor, including magnesium to reduce risk of seizure, misoprostol and pitocin for induction, and after delivery (40 hours of labor?) ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain, and Labetalol (500mg 3x a day) and later also Nifedipine (50mg once a day) to manage blood pressure. I was on these two blood pressure medications with BP check appointments once or twice a week for about a month postpartum until I was cleared by my OB to be off them. As I never had any issue with blood pressure before this, I assumed that would be the end of that.
WELL…. Now, threeish months after coming off the blood pressure medications I went to a routine physical to discuss my SSRIs with my doctor (not to adjust amount but to fix a clerical error that was not being addressed in my clinic’s internal e-mail communication system) and the nurse took all my vitals and discovered that my blood pressure was elevated again, in the 140/90 range.
My doctor elected not to do anything reactionary over it, and told me to monitor at home for a couple of weeks and then send it to him, which I have been doing. Here’s my log since my appointment last Tuesday 5/23:
5-23-2023 8:30 PM: 136/95 pulse 71 8:40 PM 132/93 pulse 70
5-24-2023 8:30 AM: 120/76 pulse 84
5-25-2023 3:30 PM 131/92 pulse 77
5-26-2023 12:00 PM 130/92 pulse 70 (just got back from spin class) 1:45 PM 147/92 pulse 78 2:30 PM 141/97 pulse 90 4:45 PM 122/90 pulse 94
5-27-2023 8:45 AM 125/79 pulse 76 8:55 AM 114/79 pulse 85 3:45 PM 140/86 pulse 82 3:55 PM 130/88 pulse 73 6:00 PM 142/93 pulse 81 (just woke up from long nap) 7:00 PM 134/93 pulse 75 8:45 PM 146/89 pulse 63 8:55 PM 125/89 pulse 68
I absolutely plan to work with my doctor to find the root cause of this, but I’m wondering if anyone has any insight into why this might be occurring in the meantime. I am generally health conscious and try to eat a balanced vegetarian diet, and am exercising regularly. Probably my biggest vice for the moment is coffee, being that I sleep poorly due to having an infant, but I don’t think I go very crazy even with that- I try to limit to one cup of home brewed coffee and then one espresso based drink a day.
I do have two stepsons, 12 and 4, who we have most of the time. The younger one has Down’s syndrome, and requires quite a lot of attention, comparable i would say to the infant. I would not say this is a low-stress household. I am on maternity leave until July, at which point I will return to my remote WFH job. I have been feeling balloon-headed and overwhelmed.
Any ideas?
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2023.05.28 05:56 marzolle Furbo Fear

I got a furbo 360 to keep an eye on my pup (2 yr old FS lab mix, got around the 1.5yr mark) - and made a mistake. I didn’t introduce it slow enough and she is TERRIFIED.
If it’s out, she’ll hide. I put it up on the counter to watch over my living room and she will curl on the kitchen floor, away from the cameras view for HOURS terrified of it. As soon as I put it away, she’s fine. I tried turning off the auto follow function in case it was the sound, but she’s scared of it still.
What’s a way to help desensitize her to it without making her “suffer” from the fear on her own? Or is that the only way to do it? It just hurts to leave her alone at home and scared - especially because I can’t even see where she is when it’s out. It’s just in the cameras blind spot.
She also displays the fear when I am home but is more willing to come say hi and interact - but is VERY hesitant and glances over toward it often.
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2023.05.28 05:25 GGH2023 PLUVICTO

I thought it would be beneficial that I give some insight to those battling ADVANCED PROSTATE CANCER so they may be proactive. My husband turned to PLUVICTO as a last resort and was extremely positive about the possibilities. Below I am sharing his six-month fight with PLUVICTO and experience that I addressed with an email to his doctors after he passed.

It is with a heavy heart that I reach out to all the doctors and health care professionals that treated my husband these past years and notify that he passed away on Saturday, April 15th. Furthermore, I believe it is my obligation to stress the importance of continuous scans, and aggressive follow-ups for patients receiving PLUVICTO. On 10/31/2022 my husband began treatment and immediately his side effect was diarrhea, which is common for many cancer treatments, nevertheless for this type of radiation. However, everyone was hopeful that with time this side effect would stabilize, and days became weeks and weeks became months even while taking prescription meds. After four months of persistent diarrhea, we discovered my husband had C.Diff.

For this reason, patients with detrimental side effects should immediately be tested and if it is related to the GI tract there should be a quicker avenue for immediate referrals and appointments. Keep in mind that doctors refer you to a GI specialist and an appointment may take weeks or even months. In our case, after reaching out to four GI doctors from Baptist which had no availability for months, even when explaining the circumstances, I called Dr. Cristian Andrade who is my GI, and my husband was scheduled as an emergency. In addition, his stool results (C.Diff) took at least two weeks due to an internal issue with the lab.

After three sessions of Pluvicto, due to my husband’s significant weight loss (65 pounds), deterioration and progression of the disease concluded by a scan done at Mount Sinai Hospital on 3/10/22 we agreed to stop treatment. As a result of months of radiation proctitis and C.Diff which caused extensive diarrhea and lack of nutrition because of the discomfort as well as extreme fatigue; it led to Necrotizing Fasciitis that developed in his colon and rectal area. We learned about this bacterium by a CT scan on April 8th when we went to the ER which brought upon an emergent debridement of the area that extended to his bowels. The resulting wound of my husband was so large and deep that the pain from performing wound care every twelve hours sounded inhumane, it was like he was being tortured or burned alive. In fact, he had to be kept in the ICU so they could administer Fentanyl & Versed for wound care and even then, he was still in agonizing pain. Eventually, my husband decided on comfort measures because he would require surgical intervention for placement of a colostomy for the wound to properly heal, which he could not handle.

I consider that each day brings a new teachable moment, and I wanted everyone to learn of my husband’s journey these past six months. I know that the end result would have been the same due to his advanced prostate cancer, but what my husband endured was brutal in 2023. A million thanks to all those that brought him a smile and optimism because you gave him hope. We never thought he would almost make it to four years due to statistics. I consider that my husband was blessed and received the best possible care through the years. He always thought of those worst off and younger battling cancers. Therefore, I created a GOFUNDME in his honor to help others less fortunate. All proceeds will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation, Zero Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute. https://www.gofundme.com/f/jose-enrique-hidalgo-ramos

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2023.05.28 05:12 NotYourOtter Tips on to live independently straight after (or at least months after) a private residency?

Without having to resort to either the family lottery kung meron, Onlyfans and grinding clinic hours til you drop dead out of poor health and irony?
Our “stipend” is poor and we are undercompensated such as it is.
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2023.05.28 05:10 CatHelpPlzz Cat Coughing Throat Spasm

Species: Cat
Age: Aprox 6
Neuter: Yes
History: Always healthy
Clinical Sign: Coughing spams & heavy breathing through the nose, please see attached video!
Hello all. My cat has been breathing very heavily thru his nose. He is also making these throw up noises. There are no hair balls coming up. Its been maybe 24 to 48 hours of this. He is running around normal, but im very worried. Please let me know if this is something that needs immediate assistance or any kind of advice, thank you!


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2023.05.28 05:03 UniversalHairClinic Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is There a Permanent Solution?

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is There a Permanent Solution?
Have you grown increasingly worried about hair loss? Perhaps you’ve noticed your hairline slowly receding or your hair is thinning on the top of your head? Losing hair can be a distressing experience, especially for men who take pride in their appearance. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is a reality for many Irish men, with up to 50% experiencing it by age 50.
But is it possible to cure baldness once and for all? In this blog, we’ll explore the latest research and insights on male pattern baldness cure and help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to hair loss treatments.

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia or hereditary baldness. It is the most prevalent hair loss condition, affecting both men and women. However, it’s more common in men because they have higher levels of testosterone (the hormone that causes male characteristics).
Male pattern baldness is a common condition that affects men and women. It can cause hair loss on the scalp, forehead, and temples. The hair loss pattern in this condition typically follows a specific pattern, starting with a receding hairline and thinning hair on the crown of the head.
Its exact cause is unknown, but it’s thought to be due to an interplay of genetics and hormones. Specifically, experts believe it is caused by a combination of genes from both parents that make hair follicles more sensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
DHT is a by-product of testosterone and can cause hair follicles to shrink and produce thinner and shorter hair. Over time, the affected hair follicles may become dormant and stop producing hair, resulting in baldness.
While genetics and hormones are the primary factors determining whether someone will develop male pattern baldness and to what degree, other things may also contribute to the condition. These include age, stress, certain medications, and underlying medical conditions such as thyroid disease.

Current Male Pattern Baldness Treatments in Ireland

If you have androgenetic alopecia, know that several treatment options are available to help manage or slow down hair loss.
Hair loss products and prescription medications containing active ingredients like minoxidil and finasteride are the most widely used treatments for pattern hair loss. These ingredients have shown promising results in slowing down or preventing further hair loss for some individuals. Finasteride is a prescription medication that works by blocking the hormone that causes hair loss, while minoxidil is a topical solution that stimulates hair growth.📷
For those seeking more permanent solutions, hair transplant and scalp reduction surgeries are also available in Ireland. While these procedures can be costly and require anaesthesia, they offer long-lasting results that can be life-changing for individuals struggling with hair loss.
In addition to these treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are also gaining popularity in Ireland. PRP therapy involves using a patient’s blood to extract platelets and plasma, which are then injected into the scalp to help stimulate hair growth. On the other hand, laser hair growth or low-level laser therapy uses specialised lasers to increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
It’s important to note that, while these treatments are effective, they do not work for everyone. Results can vary depending on the individual. So, it’s best to consult with a hair and scalp specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment plan based on your needs.

Why Available Male Pattern Baldness Treatments Are Not Permanent Solutions

While current treatments can help slow down hair loss or promote hair growth, it’s important to understand that these are not considered cures for male pattern baldness.

In medical terms, a cure eliminates the underlying cause of a condition, resulting in a complete resolution or healing. In contrast, a treatment is an intervention that aims to alleviate or manage the symptoms of a condition, without necessarily eliminating the underlying cause.
While medications, low-level laser therapy, hair transplant surgery, and other treatments address male pattern baldness symptoms, they do not address the underlying cause. This means, if you stop the medications or procedures, the hair loss will continue or progress. As such, these treatments cannot be considered a cure for male pattern baldness.
It’s important to note that this does not mean that available treatments for male pattern baldness are ineffective. In fact, they are proven to help individuals manage their hair loss and improve their appearance. However, it’s essential to have realistic goals when seeking treatment for male pattern baldness. Understanding that these treatments do not cure androgenetic alopecia can help you make informed decisions and manage your expectations.

Why Is There Still No Male Pattern Baldness Cure?

Despite numerous studies and medical advancements, a cure for male pattern baldness remains elusive. Let’s explore why there are still no permanent solutions to this hair loss condition.

Complex Genetic Factors

Genetic factors primarily influence male pattern baldness, making it a complex condition to tackle. Multiple genes are involved in determining an individual’s susceptibility to hair loss, and their interactions are not fully understood. Finding a single solution that can reverse or modify the underlying genetic predisposition is a formidable task.

Hormonal Influences

Hormonal imbalances, specifically the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), play a crucial role in male pattern baldness. DHT causes hair follicles to shrink, leading to shorter hair growth cycles and thinner strands.
While some treatments for baldness aim to inhibit DHT production or its effects, completely blocking this hormone without causing adverse side effects is challenging. Achieving a delicate balance is essential to prevent unwanted hormonal disruptions.

Individual Variations

Each person’s experience with male pattern baldness is unique, with variations in the hair loss rate and pattern. Some individuals may respond positively to specific treatments, while others may not experience the same level of success. The complexity and diversity of responses make it difficult to develop a universally effective cure.

Regenerative Challenges

Hair follicle regeneration is a complex biological process. Stimulating dormant hair follicles to regrow hair and sustain long-term growth requires a deep understanding of the intricate mechanisms involved. While advancements have been made in hair transplant techniques and regenerative medicine, fully restoring hair to its original density and quality remains a challenge.

Slow and Expensive Research and Development Process

Developing new treatments for hair loss conditions like male pattern baldness is a slow and expensive process. It can take years of research and clinical trials before a new treatment is approved for use. Moreover, the cost of developing new treatments is also high, which can limit the number of studies that can be conducted.

Lack of Funding

There is also a lack of funding and investment in male pattern baldness research. Why? Androgenetic alopecia is not a life-threatening condition. So, it is not receiving the same level of funding as other medical conditions that are more urgent. While understandable, a limited budget significantly slows down the progress of research and limits the potential for finding a cure quickly.


New Research in Male Baldness Cure

While there is currently no cure for this balding, there are new studies that offer hope for a permanent solution. One of the most promising developments is stem cell therapy, which uses the body’s own cells to grow new hair follicles and treat balding areas. Researchers have found that stem cells can be used to regenerate hair follicles in mice. Clinical trials are underway to test this treatment’s effectiveness in humans.
Another potential treatment for male pattern baldness is gene therapy. This involves inserting genes into skin cells or other types of tissue, so they produce proteins that can reverse hair loss and stimulate growth. Recent studies have shown that a group of genes called the Wnt signalling pathway stimulated the growth of hair follicles in mice when activated. As a result, researchers are exploring the possibility of using this gene to treat baldness in humans.
In addition to stem cell and gene therapy, there is ongoing research into cloning hair follicles. This involves taking hair follicles from a patient’s scalp, cloning them in a lab, and then injecting them back into the scalp to create new hairs. While this treatment is still in the experimental stages, early results have been promising.
Clearly, the advancements in research provide a glimpse of hope for people suffering from male pattern baldness. While these treatments are still being tested and refined, the progress made so far is encouraging. Hence, it may not be long before a cure for this prevalent hair loss condition.
In conclusion, male pattern baldness can be a frustrating and distressing condition. While we may not have a cure for it yet, ongoing research is bringing us closer to a solution. To add, as the world awaits further breakthroughs, experts focus on improving existing treatments and enhancing the quality of life for those affected by male pattern baldness.
So, you don’t really need to wait until a permanent solution is found. There are many effective treatments for male pattern baldness that can help you prevent further hair loss and achieve hair growth.
It is also worth mentioning that the earlier you address the problem, the higher the chances of achieving favourable results. So, act now and consult a hair loss specialist in Ireland who can provide a personalised treatment plan based on your needs and using the latest scientific knowledge. By taking proactive steps to address hair loss, you can improve the health and appearance of your hair and enhance your quality of life.
Worried you might be suffering from male pattern baldness? Don’t wait for a miracle cure, but also don’t settle for temporary fixes! Explore our comprehensive range of male pattern baldness treatments. Take the first step towards a lasting solution and schedule a consultation today. Call us on +353 (0)1 679 3618 or email us at [email protected]!
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