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2021.02.12 07:11 o0oo00o0o notinspiring

“Grandma comes out of retirement at 70 to buy teenage grandson a car so he can work to pay off his mother’s cancer treatment.” We’ve seen these stories described in the media as “inspiring.” We all know they’re not. Post them here so we can call them out, and maybe help those involved.

2023.03.30 16:45 thebanannarama help! i’m in over my head making pants for Halloween costume. I think this fabric is too stretchy…

help! i’m in over my head making pants for Halloween costume. I think this fabric is too stretchy…
I’ve sewn and embroidered before but this would be my first clothing attempt. I had to buy this fabric online and it’s way stretchier than I thought. I can’t imagine this will work with the chino pattern I bought. Anything to do here? they’re for my husband and he would also be wearing them to a costume wedding we’re attending, so I’d rather they not look like absolute newbie garbage. any ideas? scrap this plan? thanks!
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2023.03.30 16:45 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass

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Case Studies
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You will be able to apply what you learn from them to improve and ensure success in your own campaigns.
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2023.03.30 16:45 ByrgerTidesson Serial killers of Russia - Andrei Chikatilo (part 2)

Let me preempt this second post on Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo by apologising for a lengthy gap between the previous part and this one. My future write-ups will probably only comprise a single part, but I'm still hoping to post them more regularly. Frankly I've been a little reluctant to cover this case since it's already well-known outside of Russia and there's plenty of information I've had to compile. I originally wanted to limit this story to two parts, but I’ve now decided to split it into three parts instead. The first one was about the investigation into the serial murders occurring in the Rostov region of Russia. This one is about Chikatilo’s early life and the development of his proclivities, as well as his second arrest. The last part will be about his interrogation, trial, and final years. I would recommend checking out the first part to get a better understanding of who exactly we are talking about today.
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was born on 16 October 1936 in a small village in the Sumy Oblast of Ukraine. When he was just four years old, the Soviet Union's so-called Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany broke out and Chikatilo's father left to fight in it, leaving his mother to watch over both Andrei and his older brother Stepan. In late 1942 Chikatilo's village was taken over by the Germans who started carrying out public executions. Chikatilo almost became a victim of one such execution, though luckily he hit his head on a rock in the commotion and lost consciousness, while the Nazis left him among the bodies, believing him dead. That episode might have given Chikatilo brain damage in addition to diagnosed hydrocephalus, bedwetting, and myopia.
In 1943, Chikatilo's mother gave birth to a girl whom she named Tatiana. Considering her husband had left the village over two years prior, the identity of the father was unknown, though she had possibly been raped by a German soldier. The Chikatilo family was starving to such a point that Andrei had to subsist on grass and roots just to stay alive. Around the same time his brother Stepan disappeared and his fate, like the identity of his sister's father, is a mystery. Andrei's mother would tell him that Stepan was kidnapped by starving neighbours and cannibalised. Things went bad for Chikatilo's father as well - after being captured by Germans and sent to a concentration camp, where he developed tuberculosis, he was eventually freed by the Allies... only to be sentenced to a labour camp back at home as a suspected Nazi collaborator. Like many fellow soldiers, he managed to survive German camps but died in the Gulag.
In 1944, Andrei went to school, where he proved himself a poor pupil due to both his incredible shyness and short-sightedness. He was also mercilessly bullied by his classmates, both verbally and physically, but he was too timid to fight back. Years later, he would complain that all his life he had been "treated like a doormat." At the same time, Chikatilo developed an interest in politics and quickly became a veritable expert on Marxism-Leninism.
After graduating from school, he initially wanted to become a lawyer and applied to the Moscow State University but couldn't secure the position due to the highly competitive nature of the entrance exams. He pivoted to engineering but joined the military before finishing his studies. After his discharge, Chikatilo moved to the Rostov oblast in Russia, where he started working at a phone station and writing for local newspapers. He eventually married (more on that later) and decided to go back to studies, earning degrees in linguistics and teaching.
By 1970, he was teaching Russian language and literature at a boarding school in Novoshakhtinsk, which is when his sexual perversions first manifested. He would sit near female students, pretending to explain something, and grope them. In the evening he would wait until the girls started undressing before bedtime and barge into their room unexpectedly or, even worse, enter the room at night and molest the children, groping them and licking their genitals. Eventually he was forced to resign after groping a female student during a day out on the beach. Chikatilo took a second shot at teaching in 1978 (by then he and his family had relocated to the nearby Shakhty), but that stint was, too, cut short. Chikatilo, who was ridiculed by his students for occasionally touching his own genitals during classes, tried to grope a male pupil, which caused others to come to the boy’s rescue and beat Chikatilo up. He was fired from the school.
It’s worth noting that the very first time that Chikatilo experienced a sexual climax was not under normal circumstances either. One day when he was home alone, his sister’s female friend came to visit and the sight of the 13-year-old’s blue pantaloons excited Andrei so much that he wrestled the girl to the ground and got on top of her, which was enough to cause an ejaculation.
His later sexual life was an abject failure. Chikatilo was a tall, good-looking young man who received a lot of attention from local women, but his impotence precluded him from sexually performing (or even deriving any pleasure from intercourse) and sometimes became a source of mockery from his girlfriends. On more than one occasion, Chikatilo even attempted suicide because of the psychological and emotional frustration his impotence brought him.
However, he seemingly caught a lucky break when his sister introduced him to one of her friends called Feodosia. The two got married and while their sexual life was virtually non-existent (his wife later estimated that they had sex 25 times at best), Chikatilo barely managed to father two children, a girl and a boy. His sexual drive was strong, however, so in secret from Feodosia he bought a small wooden hut on the edge of Shakhty, which he used as a place for trysts with local prostitutes. Despite her husband’s impotence, Feodosia made peace with it because Andrei was a hard worker who didn’t drink or smoke, which was more than could be said about many other men.
Soon after he was fired from the Shakhty school in 1978, Chikatilo committed his first murder, luring 8-year-old Elena Zakotnova to the his secret hut, killing her, and throwing her body into the nearby river. I also talked about this crime in the first part.
“We entered the hut and immediately I threw myself on top of her. She started screaming. I gagged her but couldn’t engage in intercourse. Her screams excited me. I then grabbed a knife. After I realised I had killed the girl, I got up, got dressed, took the corpse to [river] Grushevka and submerged it in water. Her school bag followed.”
If you read my first post on Chikatilo, you may remember that the police managed to create a composite sketch of the murderer and the school’s principal confidently pointed to his former employee Andrei Chikatilo as the man in question. Unfortunately, Feodosia lied about her husband being at home at the time of the murder, thus giving him an alibi.
It was three years until Chikatilo claimed his second victim, a teenage prostitute, as he was afraid of getting caught. After Chikatilo solicited the girl’s services he tried to have sex with her, but his impotence got the better of him yet again. The girl apparently started mocking him, saying that his “apparatus” wasn’t working. That both embarrassed and infuriated Chikatilo, who proceeded to kill her. “I was achieving mental relief by hacking away without even looking,” he would later tell the detectives. Before the Rostov Ripper confessed to killing Zakotnova, that girl was considered his first victim.
One thing that in my opinion bears significance in the case of Chikatilo is that he never resorted to kidnapping his victims or threatening them with a knife. Every single woman and child who followed the killer to their demise did so of their own volition. The Rostov Ripper was extremely cunning and could always find a way to convince his victims to go with him willingly. He also managed to appear entirely harmless, presenting himself as a mild-mannered, soft-spoken older gentleman. He reportedly couldn’t even kill a chicken as it made him queasy.
However, once bloodlust overtook him, he would transform into a sadistic fiend, stabbing away at his victims, mutilating them, and even cannibalising some of their body parts. The sight of blood brought Chikatilo such excitement that his head would start spinning, blood pressure would go up, and he would lose all impulse control. The next half hour or so would be spent in a dazed, disoriented state, with him stabbing trees with a knife, walking in circles, or almost getting hit by passing cars. Confusion would soon turn into blissful relief, and Chikatilo admitted to sleeping like a baby after committing murders as if he was resting from unloading a freight car. It typically took two or three months before the “high” wore off and Chikatilo went out hunting again.
I should also note that Chikatilo, like fellow Soviet serial killers Alexander Berlizov and Gennady Mikhasevich, was part of a volunteer unit assisting the police in searching for the murderer and even had a document confirming it. That made it easier for him to avoid law enforcement as he had access to information that regular people didn’t.
In late 1984, by which point Chikatilo had murdered 32 people, he was arrested and the police found a very peculiar collection of things in his suitcase (the circumstances surrounding the arrest can also be found in the previous post). After only spending three months in jail for theft, Chikatilo and his family relocated to Novocherkassk. His job in logistics enabled him to travel around the Soviet Union, and as a result, several murders were committed hundreds of miles away from Rostov or Novocherkassk.
After his release from jail, Chikatilo killed two women (one of them all the way in Moscow suburbs) in 1985 and then decided to lay low for almost two years. When the Ripper resumed killing in May 1987, his victim preferences had changed somewhat, with him now targeting boys more often. One teenager had the misfortune of having a quick smoke in the hedgerow when he ran into the killer. Another was lured to Chikatilo's imaginary dacha under the pretence of forging a sick leave. Yet another kid agreed to the offer of celebrating his successful entrance exams. Like I said before, Chikatilo never had to coerce or threaten his victims into accompanying him. Because no new murders took place in the Rostov region between 1985 and 1988, some in the police even began thinking that the murderer had been arrested for unrelated charges or even committed suicide. In reality, he was simply killing away from Rostov.
Between May 1987 and November 1990, the killer claimed 19 more lives. Let us now return to the ending of my previous post and look at how Chikatilo was eventually apprehended. As you may remember, the Ripper’s last victim was a homeless woman named Svetlana Korostik whom he killed in the forest next to a way station on 6 November 1990. The woman put up a struggle, resulting in scratches to Chikatilo’s face, as well as leaves and small branches getting stuck on his suit. Upon exiting the forest, he was approached by sergeant Igor Rybakov, who took note of his dishevelled look and large duffel bag that seemed out of place in the woodland area (unbeknownst to the officer, the bag contained Svetlana Korostik’s severed breasts). While the sergeant had no valid reason to arrest the strange man, he jotted down his details in a report and sent it to the higher-ups. Eventually it reached the lead investigator on the case Issa Kostoyev, who instantly remembered that the name Chikatilo had already crossed his desk.
He quickly ordered to set up surveillance of Chikatilo, who remained none the wiser and continued approaching women and children in search for a new victim. Ten days later, on 20 November Chikatilo took leave from work to visit a doctor – his penultimate victim, a 16-year-old boy, had fought the killer hard and bitten his finger, which later got swollen. Chikatilo’s wife was still at work when he came home, so he grabbed a bite to eat and went out to buy some beer, carrying with him an empty three-litre can. It was a cool, cloudy autumn day. At the time, beer was quite difficult to get a hold of in Russia, so Chikatilo had a fairly long walk ahead of him.
All this time he was being followed by a surveillance team. After buying only 300 millilitres of beer (which struck the officers trailing him as odd considering he was carrying a three-litre can), he briefly went into a café. As he walked out and passed the cops, one of them asked, “What is your surname, citizen?” “Chikatilo,” he replied. “Citizen Chikatilo, you are under arrest.” He exhibited no reaction towards being arrested but, as the officers were taking him to the police car, he muttered, “here’s another proof you shouldn’t feud with the higher-ups.”
To be continued
My previous write-ups (feel free to give them a read as well):
Anatoly Slivko (part one)
Anatoly Slivko (part two)
Vladimir Ionesian
Alexander Berlizov
Gennady Mikhasevich
Vladimir Vinnichevsky
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2023.03.30 16:44 PowerWindows85 [Official] 2023 Buy/Sell Ticket thread

It's that time of year again. Festival passes go on sale today (aside from the presale and loyalty sale, of course) but people are already starting to post presale passes for sale elsewhere in the sub, so it's time to get this thread going.
Here is your official Buy/Sell thread. Please use this for all posts to buy or get rid of your 2023 passes.
If someone is selling tickets above face value, posting personal info, or reaches out to you and seems like a scammer, please report them to the mods and provide evidence. I will sticky a comment below with their usernames so people can watch out for them.
Any posts about 2023 ticket/pass sales or exchanges outside this thread will be removed. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 16:44 WonderfulClub8628 Extension for GenP

Hi, I'm new here to this community. I've followed the instructions and my premiere pro is working! Is there a way for me to add the extension Storyblocks in the same way? Or, if that is not possible, if I buy the Storyblocks plugin, will I be able to use this premiere pro?
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2023.03.30 16:44 Businesslogosticker How to Make Unique Jewelry - Look to Troll Beads

How to Make Unique Jewelry - Look to Troll Beads

men beaded bracelets
Troll beads are a new type of craft supply that has sparked a renewed interest in jewelry-making among amateurs. Troll beads can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, and other ornaments. Troll beads are handmade by some of Scandinavia's most talented designers, and each one is one of a kind. Mythology, astrology, fairy tales, and the mundane aspects of daily life inspire each bead's narrative. The natural pearls, precious stones, and sterling silver used in their construction are among the finest in the world.
Artists at Trollbeads first sculpted their designs in hard modeling wax before having them cast in metal and given a sterling silver or 18-karat gold finish. Around 300 beads and charms are available for use with Trollbeads. The tools and supplies used in the arts also change with time. Bead and jewelry enthusiasts were treated to a bountiful harvest of new products in 2007. Trollbeads allows others to participate in your journey by purchasing your handmade beads.
The beads are offered for sale in jewelry and gift shops all around the world, as well as online. With troll beads, you can make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that you won't find at your neighborhood mall's discount jewelry counter. Making outrageous jewelry that stands out is a great way to get people interested in what you have to offer. Beading fans can create one-of-a-kind works of art by selecting beads and charms from a wide variety of styles and threading them onto a silver or gold chain. Those who own necklaces or men's beaded bracelets with removable beads can easily switch up their accessories whenever they like.
Each charm on a classic charm bracelet represents a different moment, object, or person in the wearer's life. These materials allow for the creation of jewelry that is a fresh spin on the classic charm bracelet. Bracelets and charms made from tiny troll beads are becoming increasingly popular as more people discover how much fun it is to collect them.
If you're already skilled at the art of necklace and bracelet manufacturing but are searching for a new way to spice up your hobby, troll beads are here to give your jewelry the unique flair it deserves. You may recognize them as being similar to the Italian charm bracelets.
Troll beads symbolize our shared history, our enthusiasm for the present, and our joy at the prospect of the future. These beads are unlike any other component used in the creation of jewelry. These troll beads are a deviation from the standard geometrically carved beads, favoring instead a more personalized style. These are a line of beads that practically any jewelry aficionado would find impossible to resist.

A Kids Club Project With Plastic Beads

men's beaded bracelets
Plastic beads are great since they come in many different hues, forms, and designs. Plastic alphabet beads are among the most sought-after kinds of beads for kids. These plastic beads, as their name suggests, are fashioned after the shapes of letters of the alphabet or are painted with the letters themselves. Making bracelets from plastic letter beads is a great activity for a kids' club or youth group.
Although there are a variety of materials from which to choose, including gold and silver, plastic beads are a good option for users with a large group of children due to their low cost. The low cost per bead means losing a few beads is not a big deal when purchasing in bulk. Consider purchasing your beads for this DIY venture from a wholesale provider, as they typically have greater quantities at lower prices. It's important to plan if you're buying alphabet beads by the letter, so you know how many of each letter you'll need (Q, X, and Z). For the remainder of the bracelet, you should stock up on plenty of simple beads.
In addition to the beads, you'll need some thin, bright elastic. The bracelets can be made out of elastic, which is not only cheap but also simple to deal with. Choose the elastic to complement the beads, or go with something simple that won't stand out too much. In most cases, the elastic will be hidden, but if you choose a contrasting shade, it will stand out like a sore thumb.
Help the kids cut lengths of elastic that will fit around their wrists, and show them how to tie a safe knot in the elastic about 1/2 an inch from one end. The kids can start stringing the simple plastic beads onto the elastic from the other end. Because of the knot, these beads shouldn't slide off the elastic. When they approach the elastic's core, kids can start picking out alphabet beads to spell their names. Some of the smaller kids might need your assistance to ensure they spell things correctly. When the letters are all in place, finish the bracelet with more simple beads and secure the ends with a knot.
The bracelets should be stretchy enough for the kids to slip over their hands and onto their wrists, and off again. These bracelets can be worn by the kids as they do homework or hang out with friends.
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2023.03.30 16:44 GolDBloth I got banned for cheating which is something i never did.

I got banned for cheating which is something i never did.
Yesterday (March 29 2023) i was playing as usual with my Brothers (+ cousin + sister-in-law). Some Quick Play games because they're on Console so we can't play Competitive. That same day the Empress Mei skin got released and i couldn't wait to buy it which i did so i went on a game and we dominated (i was playing Mei to try out the skin and got POTG ofc), not just me but all my team dominated. I was second to last on the damage count on that game (look image).
Then all the enemy squad (some guy named Rick and another named Morty and the rest after) decides to call me out for Cheating (and to report me) and surely reported me (5 people in the spare of few minutes). I didn't cheat. I mean, why would i to begin with ? And here's the game code for everyone to inspect if wanted : C3E1BY (i'm playing MEI) thanks to my brother that could get the Game Clip. I would never cheat in any given game, i've been playing Apex Legends since launch (0 bans), Fortnite since launch (0 bans) even CSGO one of the most toxic games ever and never got banned on that either but for some reasons Overwatch decides to Ban me for "Cheating" few minutes after that game where i got called out for potentially cheating (USING MEI). I tried appeal but they just said that i cheated on OW and closed the appeal ticket. the only reason i call out for help is because it's the only game i can play with my entire family and have fun. i dont even play competitive. WHAT DO I DO PLEASE? Thanks for any given help. GolDBloth
we cant see the names but enemies' names are :
Junkrat's name : Morty Hanzo's name : Rick DVA's name : Rabia Reinhardt's name Goldenfold Moira's name : Furiouus76
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2023.03.30 16:43 rmxttmgg [for hire] Build your website or app with me. PHP/Python/JS Web Developer available, fullstack, remote (14yrs freelance exp)

Hardcore web programmer looking for the next challenge to launch your awesome web project. I never get tired or bored doing my job! Adding another year in the bag. Let me carry that complex tech job up to your expectations.
game based, hobby and anime culture, dashboards with a lot of dynamic information displayed. cloning existing applications. accepts adult/nsfw/automation/python/AI/crypto/streaming/social media projects
convert/migrate PHP app to x platform or JS/full-stack update PHP to latest with preferred/modern stack work with PHP/Python/JavaScript/PostgreSQL/etc database based projects
No “fix x issue” only offers, I prefer debug for long-term clients only. No low budget offers, I work with pro clients that understand funding behind complex real world applications/websites. it takes months or years for iterations to be completed. serious business and commitment only.
starting at:$20 perhoucrypto/fiat currency. USD or BTC accepted. free to discuss, portfolio/previous works for legit buyers email me at [email protected], discussion channels: email and chat. if you can afford to pay/offer higher than the minimum I ask, the better. I only work on projects that are interesting enough. I'm not available for agency hiring. no free services/hours taken please.
send inquiries and tasks to [email protected], pls be brief, email responses are priority, I have limited onboarding this month of March, make sure you are serious enough to commit, complete/with full funding a project
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2023.03.30 16:43 shadow1515 What, if any, recourse is there for someone who gets a car totaled and it can't really be fixed by normal insurance methods?

I may have worded it badly, so here's an example scenario:
Person buys car that costs $50k. They put down $15k, and have a trade-in worth $15k, so they finance $20k (I know, fees, taxes, etc. but pretend it's all included). Then like 9000 miles later, the car gets rear-ended and totaled.
Due to regular depreciation, the insurance decides the car is worth $39k and pays out that amount. So now the insured has about $20k in their pocket (assuming they paid off some of the car loan already) to replace their vehicle. Because the used car market is still fucked, even a used version of what they just had is around $48k.
Therefore, to replace the car they lost, they need to come an additional ~$10k out of pocket, even after the insurance reimbursement. If there was no accident, then they would not have this expense, so it seems like logically the insurance should cover this, but from my understanding it would not.
What does the person do here? They're just out $10k (or a comparable vehicle) due to sheer bad luck, or is there some remedy?
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2023.03.30 16:43 CapcomBowling Mitigating Risk of Waiving Inspection

The market in my area is still very tough. We are going to open houses where the streets are completely blocked off by cars, and there are 50+ people touring the house shoulder to shoulder like a crowded museum or something. Nearly every home is getting 20+ offers and under contract within 3 days.
I know how stupid it is to waive inspections. I don’t want to do it.
However, there is literally no sales taking place in my market with inspection contingencies. We have done multiple offers $75k over that have been beaten by other offers waiving inspection. Our agent says they have not seen a sale in our area in over a year with an inspection contingency.
What am I supposed to do here? Leaving the area really isn’t an option. And we can’t wait much longer crossing our fingers hoping something changes.
Is there anything I can do to mitigate the huge risk of buying a home without an inspection?
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2023.03.30 16:43 muck_30 [TIN-FOIL HAT SPECULATIVE BULL THEORY] Execution of a reverse stock split will be LMC's last stand. And I think Alpha Dan and the board are playing chicken with market-making-exempt brokers who LMC thinks hold massive naked short positions

Disclaimer! This is not financial advice. This is complete speculation and is not meant to be construed as factual. Do you own research and make your own decisions. I own 36k long at $3.7.
This was my response to the post earlier asking for a bullish take on the reverse split. So here's my attempt:
We know that short interest is at 19%, meaning 45m shares are lent out. Insiders own 34.4% meaning retail owns 65.6% of this company. That is a shit ton of the shares. But, here's the deal. Brokers hold most of retail's shares and those retail brokerage accounts don't hold the street name of those shares. Brokers aren't supposed to lend out shares that the account holder doesn't allow, but market making brokers need to "provide liquidity" and they're allowed to short share's they do not have. That is naked shorting and is often tied to failure to delivers. In a reverse split scenario, this creates a “sold not yet purchased” liability on the broker's balance sheets. If this company is "Fraudstown Motors" no big deal. Selling will continue post split.
Now this is why I believe LMC is making their final stand and why I'm going to vote "YES" in favor of the reverse split. They are either committing suicide - which I know everything thinks they're doing - or they're playing chicken with the market makers and they've got a buyer wanting 70% of the company after post split and willing to pay the post split share amount for those 50.2m Jeffry ATM shares. That. Funds. Everything. They. Need. +$400m. That is significant news. No one believes they have anything lined up. It would also represent a friendly buyout for controlling interest that give's the buyer a launch pad to scale up with FoxConn! You can say there's no chance of this, but I will disagree until this company does go bankrupt.
Market makers want retail to vote no. They own 65% of the company and bankruptcy is guaranteed if they're unable to r / s. If retail doesn't vote at all, the broker gets to. If you're lending your shares out, you don't vote, the broker does. In my opinion, the manipulation here is on the side of the "No" vote and will be the nail in the coffin. But I think there's a silent majority of retail that aren't here or don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks and are holding long. If you are retail, I just hope you at least have the balls to make your own decision and cast your vote. Don't let your broker make that decision for you because they do not have your interests in mind if they hold a massive naked short positions. They already have you written off.
But, if Dan is a fucking Alpha, he's about to square up with these market markets toe to toe with this move. I even think now that LMC could have tipped them off in a "I dare ya to fire first" tactic to build up FTDs and that's exactly what they did and it caused the borrow rate to short RIDE to double the day before this filing.
Just think what that offers an OEM in terms of an reverse merger. A bunch of em are talking about splitting out their EV business. Taking over 70% of RIDE after the split, injecting capital, having 430m shares back in their treasury, hard tooling away from +60k annual capacity?
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2023.03.30 16:42 ThrowRA-11789 Landlord made a mistake and I’m unsure how to proceed

I am writing this on behalf of my mother.
A few months ago, the leasing office sent a letter telling everyone to credit a certain amount (I believe this was a little over $300 for my mom) from their next rent payment. My mom went and asked if this was error and she was told no and to go ahead and do it. So she did.
Since then, my mom has also not received 2 utility bills. The leasing office has explained that they’re in the middle of switching to a new payment portal which is probably the reason why.
Today, she was told that the leasing office HAD actually made an error and that she shouldn’t have credited that original $300 from a few months ago and that she would have to pay the extra in a future rent payment. We also learned that they they’ve known it was an error for a while now but only recently informed my mom when she went to go speak about the utility bills.
In the end, they let her know that she will be billed a rent payment, the erroneous credit, and 3 utility bills (2 past bills + this month’s). They are still determining if she will be asked to pay it all at once or over time somehow but honestly, with how the office has been operating I would not be surprised if they asked for it at once.
My question is: is there anything that can be done here? None of this is my mom’s fault and she’s double and triple checked about everything and essentially given the runaround. Is there anyone outside of the leasing office she could talk to?
Thank you!
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2023.03.30 16:42 Harlando5 Thoughts on St. Louis Live show (No ROH or Rampage Spoilers)

My wife and I were at the live show last night and, first and foremost, it was incredible. The place was pretty packed and the vibes were awesome. It was my first time ever seeing Kenny wrestle live and he is somehow more mesmerizing in person than on TV (Im going to take the controversial stance that I prefer the Battle Cry entrance over Devil Sky). I can barely talk at work today because my voice is so raw. Anyway, my one complaint was that the entire live show was too long. it started at 6 central time so we got an hour of ROH, the 2 hour live dynamite, an hour-long Rampage taping, and then another hour of ROH. By the time the last match started half the crowd was gone and the other half were pretty worn out. I appreciate TK for giving us so much wrestling (he seems to always make the St. Louis shows special to make up for the cancelled 2021 Full Gear) but man I wish he had either started it earlier or ran the ROH show the day before. Either way it was a great show and I will always buy tickets when Tony and the boys come to town. Now he needs to pull the trigger and have a PPV here.
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2023.03.30 16:42 Zonerq Firestone destroyed my car and denied my claim

This is a very long and detailed story that took place over the course of 2 months but I will try to sum it up as much as possible. I brought my car to get an oil change at Firestone and they also did an inspection and recommended over $3,000 in repairs. A couple days later I went back to a different Firestone near my house and had them conduct two of the repairs (Rear brakes and tie rods). They completed the job around 7pm and were closing up shop. On the drive home I noticed the car was making rattling noises and shaking. I thought it could be because of the brakes needing to be broken in so I didn’t freak out too much. The next day I decided to bring it in before going to work and have them make sure it was ok. I brought it in to a different shop because it was on my way to work. I was told they couldn’t look at it for 2 days because they had booked appointments. So I scheduled an appointment for two days from then. On the way to work it began to rattle and shake much worse. The car ended up braking down and the ABS light came on. The drivers side rear tire was smoking and tilted slightly to the side. Luckily, I happened to break down at a small tire shop. Before entering the tire shop I called the original Firestone that I had the work done at and explained what happened. They told me to get it looked at and bring it straight to their Firestone and they’d reimburse me. I had the small tire shop mechanic take off the tire and immediately he noticed that there were no bolts through the brake pads and caliper. He also noticed the brake hose was unhooked. He told me that he didn’t have the replacement parts on hand. He told me that there was another Firestone a few blocks away and that he could remove the rear brake and caliper so that I could make it over there. I agreed to do this. I took the car up the road to the other Firestone and they told me the exact same thing the earlier Firestone told me. They couldn’t take me for two days. I was in a tough spot and unsure what to do so I called my work and told them I wasn’t going to make it and drove 50 minutes to the original Firestone. From here I dropped off the vehicle and it was there for a week while they changed parts. They then called me and told me that the brakes no longer work at all and that the other tire shop messed up the vehicle. I explained that he didn’t because he didn’t change anything other than remove the damaged parts. The Firestone eventually turned the vehicle over to a Ford dealership because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I was told that the vehicle would be turned over to claims. Within one hour of being at claims, I received a call and the guy stated that Firestone isn’t liable for the damage because the other shop worked on it. I explained that the initial damage was caused by Firestone and that they also agreed to work on it afterwards. They weren’t having it and just kept telling me that they aren’t liable and the other shop is at fault. After this I asked for a refund on my $1,200 in repairs. He made a phone call and they agreed to reimburse $500. I denied this offer because I felt that were attempting to wipe their hands of the entire situation. This phone call took place over a month ago and this is the last time I spoke to anyone in Firestone claims on the issue. I have called and emailed everyday with no responses. I have contacted corporate daily and they have no solutions. The initial Firestone manager told me they are not liable and said it’s my problem now. I was told my file says “Case Closed: DO NOT REOPEN. The claims office did know research and immediately decided they weren’t liable. I didn’t even have an opportunity to explain the damage that happened to the vehicle prior to the other shop touching it. From my understanding at this point, I and supposed to either pay $3,000 for the car to be fixed by Ford or get the car towed to my residence. There are many more details that I can answer for if y’all need them. My question is what should I do from a legal standpoint? Do I have grounds to sue? Would it be worth it?
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2023.03.30 16:42 sungarebod Havenly Promo Code - 10% Off

Here is the Havenly Promo Code - 10% Off
Before buying anything, you must use coupon codes and discounts.
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2023.03.30 16:42 Grocery-Super Treat Toenail Fungus with Apple Cider Vinegar

Treat Toenail Fungus with Apple Cider Vinegar

Is apple cider vinegar effective for treating toenail fungus?

Some people treat it very effectively, but there are people who cannot treat the root of the disease.
In general, depending on each person has a different body, they are suitable for apple cider vinegar or not, from which to evaluate this remedy.
Processing img zyy4i0m5zvqa1...
🔺 Important note: for many people, apple cider vinegar is very powerful in curing toenail fungus. That is, it has a very strong effect, but does not apply to most people.
🔺 The most effective apple cider vinegar treatment for toenail fungus:
Apply apple cider vinegar to the affected area and drink it in moderation. When you drink apple cider vinegar the right way, you're treating toenail fungus from the inside, which means working your blood and using your body's strength. It also means that you are affecting your toenail fungus from the outside and from the inside.
If that doesn't work, again, find out what's causing your toenail fungus. Discuss the causes of toenail fungus at the article: 🔑 Toenail Fungus Treatment Reviews

Summary of common uses of apple cider vinegar and related to toenail fungus

Apple cider vinegar has many uses, here are 10 typical uses of apple cider vinegar.
Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar - 10 benefits for both health and beauty:
  1. Improves Digestion
  2. Treat intestinal problems
  3. Immune Booster
  4. Support for diabetes treatment
  5. Lower blood pressure
  6. Detoxify the liver
  7. Lose weight
  8. Beautify skin
  9. Treat bad breath
  10. Prevent fungal infections, including Candida
The above 10 uses have 2 very closely related to toenail fungus, which is the 2nd and 6th use: Treat intestinal problems, Detoxify the liver.
🔺 Why relevant? Because a lot of diseases are related to dirty small intestine and large intestine. And the liver is a very important organ for filtering toxins from the body.
Toenail fungus comes from both the outside and inside of the body. Not everyone is infected with toenail fungus, but in fact, this disease mainly comes from the fault of the cells. Toxins and imbalances of the body will lead to the failure of nail or skin cells. Although it is manifested in the skin or toenails, it is actually a signal that the body is at fault.
🔺 Important: To use apple cider vinegar effectively for toenail fungus, apply it topically and drink it. It is a 2-way treatment: from the inside and from the outside.
Related: What to do for Foot Fungus?

How to make apple cider vinegar and how to use apple cider vinegar for toenail fungus treatment

Maybe you don't know how to make apple cider vinegar. If you need apple cider vinegar to treat toenail fungus, you can buy it or make your own. So I'm going to show you 2 full videos, including how to make apple cider vinegar and how to use it to treat toenail fungus.
🔺 Video 1: How to make apple cider vinegar at home
Processing video bijbd7zwzvqa1...
🔺 Video2: How to use apple cider vinegar to treat toenail fungus
Processing video qmko6bd70wqa1...
One of the best home remedies to treat it include using Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda.
Note: Learn more about how to make apple cider vinegar yourself using other methods, including sugar and other additives. Then also learn how to use apple cider vinegar to drink.
While apple cider vinegar is very effective for many people, it may not work for some. Because the cause of the disease is unknown. So you need to find out the cause of toenail fungus.
🔺 An acidic blend like apple cider vinegar, considered to be stronger than apple cider vinegar, it's a unique proprietary formula of 4 special high quality oils, along with a powerful combination of 9 oils and minerals. Quality: 🔑 Fight Fungus Resistance And Support Healthy Nails And Skin 🔗
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2023.03.30 16:42 Wireloxx Legacy Realms Survival :
Bedrock: 255200
Legacy Realms – The Ultimate Semi-Vanilla Server

If you're looking for a fun, friendly Minecraft server with a thriving economy and exciting new developments, Legacy Realms is the perfect choice. With a commitment to player feedback and an emerald-based economy, Legacy Realms is the ultimate semi-vanilla server for players of all skill levels.

Legacy Realms [Java + Bedrock Supported] is a just-released Minecraft server that promises to be the ultimate destination for Minecraft players. With its peaceful atmosphere and focus on player feedback, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new server to call home. Here's what you need to know about Legacy Realms:

Emerald Economy

One of the most exciting features of Legacy Realms is its emerald-based economy. Unlike other Minecraft servers that use traditional currencies like gold or diamonds, Legacy Realms relies on emeralds as its primary form of currency. This unique approach adds an exciting new dimension to gameplay, allowing players to earn emeralds through various activities and use them to buy and trade items with other players.

Semi-Vanilla Gameplay

Legacy Realms is a semi-vanilla server, which means that while it retains the basic gameplay mechanics of Minecraft, it also includes several plugins and mods that enhance the overall experience. This approach strikes a perfect balance between vanilla Minecraft and fully-modded servers, making it a great choice for players who want to explore new gameplay mechanics without sacrificing the classic Minecraft experience.
Player Feedback
At Legacy Realms, player feedback is a top priority. The server's staff are always on hand to listen to player suggestions and incorporate them into the server's development. This means that Legacy Realms is constantly evolving and improving based on the needs and desires of its playerbase.
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2023.03.30 16:41 One_Indication_6921 Offer Table in Star Schema

Hello everyone I try to Put my Data in a Star Schema and I've got a table that contains data about offers that I receive. In this Table there is an offer number, informational columns about the seller, the purchase price and one column that contains The offer's Status (new, checked, declined, accepted) which gets updated accordingly. When I buy an Object nothing happens aside from the updated status column in the aforementioned Table.
Should i try to create three fact tables using the status changes (checked,declined,accepted) and have two dimensional tables (offer Info, seller) or should I only have dimensional tables Here that I Update according to kimbals "slowly changing dimensions"?
Looking forward to your answers.
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2023.03.30 16:41 Italianswitch Some general advice, part two: Promotion

Hello everyone, since quite a few people seemed to appreciate my last post giving some advice on how to run a page, I thought I'd make another post giving some advice. More specifically, this time I'm gonna talk about promoting your page as best as you can.
Now, keep in mind that I've been promoting for quite a long time, so my experience from when I started a couple of years ago is going to be wildly different for you starting now, since there are a lot more restrictions and people react with hostility towards a lot of nsfw creators.
I'm going to be dividing these points by different methods instead of numbering them in the hope of keeping things as clear as possible.
Reddit: this is the platform you're gonna have the most success on if you know what you're doing. I know that promoting on here can be intimidating, as Reddit is a huge website, with each subreddit having its own set of rules. But ultimately it's worth putting in the effort and learning how to navigate the website, because chances are you won't get the same results as you do on here anywhere else. The best thing I can recommend you do as a new creator is finding other creators with a similar look/aesthetic to you, and looking at which subreddits they post on. You can easily find creators with a similar look by simply looking up one of your physical traits on google and adding "reddit" at the end of it. The most difficult thing, however, is actually starting to post. To post you need karma and an account that is usually at least a week old. The week old thing is just something you have to be patient and wait for, but karma is actually super easy to get. Do you have a pet? Post a few photos of them on pet themed subreddits and watch your karma go up by 1000 in a few hours. Do you have something interesting in your house that other people may like? Post it on mildlyinteresting and you'll get some karma from there. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be smart about your approach. Just keep in mind that I've heard some people say that posting in karma farming subreddits such as freekarma4you will get you banned from certain nsfw subreddits, so keep it in mind. Once you get the karma and want to start promoting your content, make sure to write a good bio and put your links in there. A good bio should represent the kind of content you offer and your aesthetic. On top of that, make one of your pinned posts some of your favourite pictures of yourself and write a little something about yourself. Your subscribers will want to get to know you, and this is a good starting point. Also make another of your pinned posts a link to whatever discount/trial you may have going on at that moment. Once that is all said and done, all you have to do is promote as much as you can and keep your fingers crossed that people will like what you have to offer.
Twitter: the website is pretty dead now, and on top of being less sw friendly than it was before it will actually avoid showing your content to people unless you pay for it. It's really not worth it anymore, but if you do manage to find a few people on there it's a great platform to make friends and potentially connect with other sws.
Instagram: sort of in the same vein as Reddit, Instagram is a great place to promote in my opinion. It doesn't take as much work, but it does rely a lot more on luck from what I've seen. Chances are that you've used Instagram at some point or another so I don't need to explain in great detail how it works. Just keep your profile as sfw as possible, and I do recommend keeping your linktree to all your other nsfw stuff on a separate, alternate account in order to minimise the risk of getting banned.
Dating apps: i've seen a few creators talk about promoting on here. Honestly, the idea disgusts me. Yeah sure you'll get more eyes on you, and yeah sure a lot of them are just used for hookups anyway, but a lot of the people on there are looking for relationships or friendships, and giving them the false hope of either of those only to then hit them with your OF page and show them you were only interested in their money is just so shitty to me. I'm not gonna tell you that you can't promote on there, but I personally wouldn't.
Snapchat and TikTok: I'm gonna group these two together as I've personally never used them. I know Snapchat is big in America, but where I live no one really uses it. I'm sure it can be a great platform to promote on as it does allow you to post whatever and simply having the link in your linktree might get some people interested. When it comes to Tiktok, my fyp is just cute animals and food so I can't help you much there. It is mostly targeted as a kids' app and even though I know a lot of creators promote on there, I know they get a lot of hate. You can use it, just make sure you have thick skin.
I hope this post helped some of you. If anyone else has something to add please feel free to leave a comment, the more we can help each other the better. And once again, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.
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2023.03.30 16:41 valency_speaks Superior Qualifications Template

I wrote this in response to another post, but thought I would share it here so others can find it more easily in the future. I used this template to successfully negotiate a much higher step and Leave Group. Every agency handles the request a bit differently, so be sure to ask your Hiring Manager, but this is a good place to start.
Good morning, [HIRING MANAGER'S NAME] -
I recently accepted the tentative job offer for the position of [INSERT POSITION, SERIES, GRADE, & LEVEL].
I am requesting to be considered for a higher starting step in accordance with 5 CFR 531.212.
The starting salary of the position could have an impact on my continued acceptance. Based on the referenced policy, I believe this request meets the criteria for possession of superior qualifications. This position may also meet the hard to fill criteria.
A review of my resume will reveal that I have [INSERT A PARAGRAPH RE: YOUR SUPERIOR QUALIFICATIONS HERE. The goal of this paragraph is to make it incredibly clear to the hiring manager why they should go through the Technical Review and pass it along to the Facilities Manager for approval].
In addition to my superior qualifications, the policy allows the use of a higher than minimum entrance rate based on current salary. My current rate of pay is [INSERT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CURRENT PAY RATE, INCLUDING BONUSES, ETC.]. This adds to a total of [INSERT YOUR NUMBERS] annual salary. To support these numbers, I have included the [PAY STUBS, PAY GUIDES, OTHER REFERENCES THE HIRING MANAGER CAN USE TO JUSTIFY THE PAY INCREASE REQUEST. Your job is to make this as easy for them as possible].
Based on my superior qualifications and my current salary, I am requesting consideration an increase from Step 1 to [INSERT STEP YOU FEEL YOU HAVE THE DOCUMENTATION AND QUALIFICATIONS TO MEET. NOTE: Don't undersell yourself, but don't oversell yourself either. This is a one and done request. You get one chance to get it right - if you ask for a Step 10, they won't come back and say, "How about a Step 5 instead?" It is yes or no.] Based on my [INSERT NUMBER OF YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE ROLE], I am also requesting to be considered for Leave Group 2 rather than Leave Group 1.
I am interested in the position and look forward to my entrance on duty. I hope that you will consider the information provided and adjust the initial salary offer to a more reasonable figure.
Thank you in advance,

Edited for grammar because it's early in the morning and my proofreading skills haven't quite woken up yet.
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2023.03.30 16:40 nethus45 possibly silly question from a new player

Hey everyone so I did a Google search for this question and maybe I didn't word it right but I was not able to find an answer so I am asking here.
I recently got into 40k and am having a blast. I was thinking of trying to also get into kill team as I think it would be easier to introduce friends through kill team plus it's more reasonable for me to get a couple squads together for it myself so friends have something to play with.
The question I have before I start planning units is, are the squads you make with regular 40k models inherently worse at this time then using the squads included in the official kill team box's? For example I play tau in 40k, would I be at a disadvantage if I just made the squad using my models from my army rather then buying the specialized pathfinders box with all the additional special weapons or do they work to actually balance the standard squads to the specialized kill team boxes?
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2023.03.30 16:40 ogreatgames Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition: Speedy Racing Action - Xbox Game

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition: Speedy Racing Action - Xbox Game

![video](2gdq22tpsc491 " Prepare yourself for a fast-paced racing action set in an open-world city in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xbox #racing #openworld --
Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition for Microsoft Original Xbox. Rev up your engine and prepare yourself for a fast-paced racing gameplay experience! Choose and unlock over 30+ of spectacular vehicles such as choppers, muscle cars, classic cars and more! Race in different locations, including Atlanta, Detroit, and San Diego. Customize your car in plenty of aspects and play different game modes, including Track & Frenzy, Circuit Race, and Autocross Race. Take shortcuts and jumps to aim to win every challenge! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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