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So my fiance went to jail..

2023.03.21 03:31 Jaded-Substance-3492 So my fiance went to jail..

Day 1 (I think)
After a 16 month court battle for a MISDEMEANOR charge, my fiance was sentenced with 93 days in jail.
I know.. 93 days.. big deal.. people go to prison for life. I won't get into all of the details because honestly, I'm so over all the details. It would take me a year just to explain everything. Long story short - his now ex-wife tried to screw him over in their divorce (and she did) by making false claims against him. He decided to take his case to trial. And now, I'm here.
I'm here to vent and also give advice on the immediate actions that I took.. Possibly to share information with those going through the same thing.. or how to prepare. This is my first ever experience like this. I am still in the dark LOL but here's what I did:
ADD FUNDS TO THEIR PHONE CARD AS SOON AS YOU CAN - As soon as I got home, I found the jail's resource website. From there, I got his 1 and only free phone call. It lasted about 30 seconds. That phone call then took me to a call center where I added the maximum $ amount. This enabled him to call me (a collect call) as soon as he could. He called me 3 times in the afternoon. It was very reassuring to hear his voice and to know he was okay. I'm sure it was comforting for him as well.
Some cell phone companies block collect calls. I.e. if your loved one tries to call you, and this feature is enabled, even if you added funds, they won't be able to contact you. I believe there is a debit account you can add $ to, and they can call anyone. I didn't experience this because my phone excepted the call, so I can only speculate from what I read.
There was a $50 limit for me, and each minute costs $0.21. I see on the website that there a limit for a "phone card" of $300.. I don't know what that's about. I may be only allowed to add $300 total? And then what? I don't speak to him? I don't know - I'll report back on that later if I'm put in that position.
Long story long - do your research on how to add these funds for a phone call. And add $ asap.
ADD FUNDS TO THEIR COMMISSARY ACCOUNT - One of my friends boyfriends said keep a minimum amount in their commissary. He suggested $50. I did $40 because I added the funds before I spoke to her. I'm not 100% sure what's available in a jail's commissary.. but I wanted to add this. Food was on my mind. But they may be able to purchase clothes, shoes, medicine, etc.
GIFT CARE PACKAGE - On the county's website, I saw an option to send a care package. There were many categories. From food to health to beauty to art supplies. During the next call he made, I asked him what, if anything, he wanted. He asked for a long sleeve shirt (because he said it was so f****** cold in there) and socks (because I guess you don't get the luxury of socks). He said he didn't want anything else, but I added a pad of paper and a pen. This package (I guess) gets shipped to the jail. I was thinking, maybe, there was almost like a warehouse and officers would deliver these items to his cell.
Nonetheless, the email said my order would be processed in 7 days. Like they won't even look at my order for 7 days? It will be delivered in 7 days? So he has to be cold for another week, or more??
Anyways, as an afterthought, I read that shower shoes should be one of the first things you should buy. So I went onto the same website where I ordered the clothes and stuff, and the website informed me that inmates could only receive 1 "gift package" per QUARTER. WHAT??
With that, get a full list (or make an educated guess) on everything they need/want, and place a large order.. because you won't have the opportunity again.

Thanks for reading my advice/rant/venting session. I'll be posting daily updates on my personal page. Not so much for public entertainment, LOL, more of a way to journal what I did each day while we were not together.
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2023.03.21 00:37 Far-Researcher7838 How is this only aggravated A&B AFCF. How is this not attempted murder.
I am aware OK HAS NO ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGE-it won’t let me change the title. See below for the specific charge I was referencing( attempted murder was a figure of speech / term used to get the point across)
Per OSCN statutes. Aggravated assault and battery shall be punished by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years, or by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one (1) year, or by a fine of not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), or both such fine and imprisonment.
Per OSCN statutes Ok title 21.Chapter 21. Sec. 652
Shooting with Intent to Kill - Assault and Battery with Deadly Weapon, etc.( including assault with intent to kill)
C. Any person who commits any assault and battery upon another, including an unborn child as defined in Section 1-730 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes, by means of any deadly weapon, or by such other means or force as is likely to produce death, or in any manner attempts to kill another, including an unborn child as defined in Section 1-730 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes, or in resisting the execution of any legal process, shall upon conviction be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding life.
Seems like the suspect is being seriously under charged. I think it’s pretty obvious that throwing someone off a 4th floor balcony while wrapped up in a blanket is pretty damn likely to cause death.
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2023.03.20 23:36 10marketing8 Judge won't toss lawsuit over ivermectin in Arkansas jail.

Judge won't toss lawsuit over ivermectin in Arkansas jail.
A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit that says Washington County Jail inmates were given the drug ivermectin to fight COVID-19 without their consent
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2023.03.20 04:40 FSOexpo Shannon O’Connor, 47, who was charged with 39 criminal counts, including felony child endangerment and sexual battery was attacked by five inmates in a Santa Clara County jail, court records show.

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2023.03.19 22:54 Doc_ET The Complete List of Statewide Bellwether Counties

From shortest to longest streaks. Year is the start of the streak.
Georgia: Biden didn't flip a single Trump 2016 county in the state, so it doesn't really have one. Trump actually flipped Burke, though, making it an anti-bellwether that last voted with the state when Bush carried both in 2004.
Florida: Jefferson, Monroe, and St Lucie. Last miss was voting Kerry in 2004.
New Hampshire: Grafton, Cheshire, Merrimack, and Strafford. Voted Gore in 2000.
New Mexico: Sandoval and Los Alamos. Reverse of NH, voted Bush 2000.
Arizona: Maricopa, voted Dole 96
Nevada: Washoe, also Dole
Indiana: Starke, Madison, Spencer, Vanderburgh, all Clinton '96
North Carolina: Jackson, Caswell, Hyde. Clinton-Bush again.
Michigan: Saginaw, Dukakis '88
Wisconsin: Sauk, Bush '88
Maryland: Howard and Baltimore County, both Reagan '80 while Carter held the state.
New York: Schenectady. Voted Ford '76.
Hawaii: Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui. Kalawao, the tiny leper colony county, doesn't have results I could find, so was excluded. Only voted R three times- 1984 and 1976, when Republican tsunamis hit the islands, and 1960, when they backed Nixon but Kennedy's lead on Oahu narrowly outweighed them.
Illinois: Peoria and Champaign, both Nixon '60.
Minnesota: Hennepin, Nixon '60. Only voted red since in 1972- same as Minnesota.
Louisiana: Concordia, Catahoula, Winn, and Jackson parishes. Kennedy-Goldwater, like the rest of the state (and a lot of the South).
Alaska: Four county-equivalents have voted the same as the state since statehood: Mat-Su, SE Fairbanks, Wrangell, and Ketchikan Gateway.
Missouri: Lincoln and Scott. Voted Eisenhower in '56.
Kentucky: Lawrence. Voted Eisenhower both times, the state didn't.
South Carolina: Newberry, Eisenhower '52.
California: Monterey, San Benito, Santa Barbara, and Imperial. Dewey Defeats Truman- in those counties, but not in the state.
Colorado: Larimer, same deal.
Iowa: Cedar and Louisa. Again, same thing.
Delaware: New Castle, the reverse. Truman county, Dewey state.
Pennsylvania: Northampton, same situation as Delaware.
Connecticut: Middlesex, since '48. Dewey '44.
Oregon: Hood River and Benton, same thing.
Maine: Sagadahoc, since '48. Roosevelt '44.
Ohio: Ottawa, since 1944. Willkie '40.
Massachusetts: Essex, Hoover '32.
Virginia: Loudon. Smith '28.
Montana: Sanders. LaFollette '24.
Tennessee: Lawrence, Coolidge '24.
Rhode Island: Bristol, Taft '12.
West Virginia: Raleigh and Tucker, both Roosevelt '12.
Wyoming: Platte County has voted with the statewide winner since its formation in 1911.
Oklahoma: Custer, since statehood.
Utah: Wayne and Morgan, both since statehood.
Idaho: Boise, since statehood.
North Dakota: Barnes, since statehood.
South Dakota: Clark, since statehood.
Washington: King, since statehood.
Alabama: Tuscaloosa, Pike, Coffee, Dale, and Covington. Greeley '72.
Nebraska: Clay and Fillmore, both counties were founded in 1871.
Kansas: Saline, Lyon, and Bourbon, since statehood.
Texas: Parker and Lampasas, both counties founded that year.
Arkansas: Franklin. The only Wikipedia map to show county results in Arkansas in 1848 shows Franklin County as "votes rejected", meaning Arkansas only gets the bronze for longest streak.
Mississippi: Carroll, voted for Hugh White (W) in 1836 over Martin Van Buren (D). Silver medal.
AND THE WINNER IS... VERMONT!!! Rutland and Bennington counties last voted contrary to their state in 1832, when the voted for Henry Clay of the Whig Party while Vermont was won by William Wirt of the Anti-Masonic Party.
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2023.03.19 21:13 External_Raise_9078 For Franchise at axis football 2023

West Texas A&M Buffalo University academy lion Tennessee state tiger Tennessee tech golden eagle American eagle Arizona Christian firestorm Oklahoma Wesleyan eagle Oral Robert golden eagle Fort Scott greyhound Finlandia lion Jacksonville dolphin Johnson county longhorn Kansas Wesleyan coyote Kentucky Christian knight Kentucky Wesleyan panther Millkin big blue Missouri southern lion Montgomery bear Morningside mustangs Nebraska Christian eagle North Alabama lion North park Vikings Northwest Nazarene nighthawks Northwest Missouri state bearcat Northwestern Oklahoma rangers Ohio northern polar bear Ottawa brave Brayn college lion Benedictine ravens Clarke pride UMKC Roos Union bulldog Univ.of of the ozark eagle Pittsburgh state gorilla Point Loma sea Lion Prairie view A&M panther Princeton tiger Drexel dragon East bay pioneer East Tennessee state buccaneers Eastern Illinois panther Grand Canyon antelope Grand valley state lakers Green Bay Phoenix Eastern Nazarene college lion Evanvilles purple aces Fort hays tiger Tarleton state Texan William jewell cardinals Wisconsin-parkside rangers Truman state bulldog Arkansas tech wonder boy Arkansas-fort smith lion Simpson storm Southeastern Louisiana lion Southern Nazarene Crimson storm Southern Utah thunderbird Central Arkansas bear Central Florida knight Central Washington wildcats Loyola Marymount lion Marist red fox Idaho state bengals Illinois college blueboy Illinois Wesleyan titans Iowa Wesleyan tiger Langston lion Lehman college lightning Northern state wolf Northern Arizona lumberjack Alcorn brave Minnesota state maverick Western New England golden bear Missouri state bear Thomas more saint Villanova wildcats Western Oregon wolves Indiana Wesleyan wildcats Stonehill college Skyhawks St.Thomas bobcat Michigan tech huskies North Carolina A&T bulldog North Dakota state bison Taylor Trojan Holy cross crusader UC davis mustangs Jacksonville state gamecocks North American stallion Merrimack college warrior Assumption college greyhound Northern Colorado bear Northwestern state demon Bucknell bison Mars hill lion Post university eagle Lafayette leopard Richmond spider Grambling state tiger St.Andrews knight Maine black bear Davidson wildcats Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks Western Illinois leatherneck Duquesne dukes Monmouth hawks Fordham ram LIU shark Colgate raiders Furman paladin Youngstown state penguin Lamar cardinals Abilene Christian wildcats Lindenwood university lion Houston Baptist huskies Nichols state colonel Chadron state eagle Dixie state trailblazer Charleston southern buccaneers Montana grizzlies Virginia Lynchburg dragon Presbyterian blue hose Kennesaw state owls Barton college bulldog Louisiana-Monroe Warhawk Weber state wildcats Tuskegee golden tiger Hampton pirates William&Mary tribe Campbell fighting camels Portland state Vikings Austin peay Governor Memphis tiger Dartmouth big green Dayton flyer Kentucky state university thorobreds Harvard crimson Wofford terrier Lehigh mountain hawks Delaware fightin blue hen Georgetown Hoya Pennsylvania Quaker Stetson hatter Towson tiger Elon Phoenix Valparaiso beacon Norfolk Spartans Jackson state tiger Yale bulldog Howard bison San Diego toreros La Verne leopard Eastern New Mexico greyhound Lane college dragon Stephen F. Austin lumberjack Western Carolina catmounts Wagner Seahawks Albany great dane Morgan state bear South Carolina state bulldog Sam Houston bearcat ST. Thomas tommies Trevecca Nazarene Trojan
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2023.03.19 07:02 Vulcan_Jedi Former Washington County Sheriff and district jail doctor conspired to test Ivermectin on inmates without their knowledge or consent. A Federal Judge just ordered the lawsuit can move forward.

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2023.03.19 04:02 PomegranateLimp What to do when an inmate is disrespectful to me or other officers?

Male, 22 years old. 3rd week in. I just started a job at a large county jail (houses 2500) as a rookie CO. I worked at a small county jail (housed only 200) for about a year so I have some knowledge, but I didn’t receive proper training at all, and was mostly stuck in a tower, with little to no interaction with inmates, so basically I’m starting over again. The new jail I am at now is completely different. We do ‘checks’ every 30 minutes and are constantly around inmates. I know they talk smack and I’m not necessarily afraid of that and I’m aware of the manipulation and games they try to play on officers. But whenever they disrespect me in the middle of the pod I typically just shrug it off and don’t react at all, because I genuinely don’t care. But now I’m afraid I’m just gonna start to be seen as a push over, and it’s going to continue to happen. Tips on gaining respect or how to handle whenever they disrespect me?
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2023.03.18 20:47 Whey-Men Florida - 'They are sleeping on the floor, head to toe:' Clay County Jail almost at capacity. Bed and storage space is limited and staff are being forced out of their offices to make more room for inmates coming into the facility.

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2023.03.18 15:07 BusbyBusby Second inmate dies from fentanyl overdose in Thurston County Jail

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2023.03.17 17:34 Environmental-Cow606 Boyfriend not able to make phone calls in new facility yet

My boyfriend of three years was just moved to a classification center to be registered as an inmate. He was sentenced about two months ago to two years in prison with at least 50% served, and was waiting in county jail until they transported him down to the prison about 13 days ago. He was able to call me one time about 4 days ago for about 30 seconds just to let me know he’s okay and that they still have not approved me on his calling list. He said they are in no rush to get anyone the phone pin for calling or approve people on the list. He’s currently waiting in classification still with some other inmates who also have not had access to phones.
My question is how long does it take for him to be taken to the prison he will be at to serve his remaining sentence? He will most likely be moved to the neighboring prison which is minimum security. And how long is it normal for the classification center to take to let him use the phones to call?
I know they take their sweet time with everything as I’m sure there’s a lot constantly going on there for the staff but it just sucks not being able to know how he’s really doing. I just want to know that he’s okay. Anyways Thanks for listening to my ramble. Any advice or answers would be helpful just to ease my anxiety about the whole situation.
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2023.03.17 01:21 the-coyote-kidd Jail Ghosts

So, I worked at a county jail . One night I was working in the maximum security unit on the night shift. It was pretty boring with nothing to really do except checks where go around and look in each cell every 30 minutes or so to make sure everything was ok and the inmates weren't doing anything they werent supposed to. It had been about 15 minutes or so since my last check and I was sitting in the control room reading a book to pass the time. The control room sits higher than floor level and looks out over the cell block. If a person average height were to walk right by you would only see the top of their head. As I'm reading my book I see out of my peripheral the top of a bald head walk past the window. I knew that nobody else was in the area as another Officer would have had to go through two sets of remotely opened doors and there was no way past my control room. I looked up and into the cell block. I didn't see anyone. I then looked at the camera monitors which showed every angle of the cell block. Still nothing.

I put my book down and exited the control room making sure to lock the door behind me in case an inmate got out their cell they couldn't lock me out of the control room. Its uncommon but it is possible. I walked into the cell block shining my flashing into some of the more dimly lit areas. I took notice that I did not hear a cell door close so if an inmate did get out of the cell they would have either had to close their cell door incredibly quietly or they were hiding somewhere. I radioed for another Officer to respond to my location as a backup. I began to conduct a check making sure to count the inmates in each cell and pull on the door to make sure it was locked. When I reached the upper tier one of the inmates was standing at the cell window and asked me what time it was. When I told him he noted that I was early on my check and that I had been checking the doors. These guys have nothing to do but watch you. The inmate asked if I saw the bald headed guy. He must have seen the expression on my face because he he said that he was seen by somebody at least once a night, usually passing quickly by the cell windows. He said they always knew it was him because there were no bald Officers on night shift.

I went back to the control room and locked it behind me. I asked the Officer who responded as my back up about the bald headed guy. He was a very senior Officer and said that he had never personally seen him but it wasn't uncommon for Officers to report it. I never saw the bald headed guy again, eventually I promoted and every once in a while an Officer or inmate will ask me about him.
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2023.03.16 09:24 ThisIsButter1 Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office releases video of chase that ended in jail parking

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2023.03.15 21:02 Bardahl_Fracking 6 inmates overdose on fentanyl in Thurston County jail

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2023.03.15 01:28 Offic3r_Friendly The Kidnapping

The following story is based on true events; the circumstances and names have been slightly changed to protect victims and the case; but for the most part it is all factual. This story is also told by the interpretation of one person; the main character, Rob.
“Life in Prison.” Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear those words. My name is Rob, I am 29 years old, and I feel my life will has come to an end. Let me start at the beginning.
It is the fall of 2007 and I was drinking with my girlfriend and friends at home.
“Tyler, bring me another beer!” I shouted as I sat on the couch and watched TV with James, Kelsey, and Michael. Tyler came running in, hands full of beer. I grabbed a beer can as did James and Michael. We sat and drank while watching episodes of Chuck on TV. It was the only show tolerable to watch at the time.
“Hey Rob, what ya doing tomorrow?” Tyler asked before chugging his beer.
“I gotta go to work.” I replied.
“When ya get off work, want to go to town with us?”
“You kidding? I’m gonna sit here and watch some TV. I’ll wait till the weekend to go out.”
“Oh, come on man! Just join us!”
“Ain’t happening.”
“Well at the least can we barrow your van and I'll return it tomorrow?"
“Damn it Tyler; just this once. Now don’t beat the shit out of it or you’ll owe me a new one.” I said as I handed Tyler the keys to my van.
We continued to watch TV and drink beer for a few more hours until Tyler, James, and Michael left. I then went to bed. The next morning I woke up, went to work, got back to the house as any normal day, and laid down on the sofa for a nap. I thought nothing of Tyler taking the van home with him last night. It was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.
I jerked awake to the sound of someone knocking on the front door. I heard shouting from outside as I walked to it. I twisted the doorknob and the door burst open. First thing I see is Michael being shoved to the floor. Tyler stood there hanging onto James, who was about to fall over Michael as Michael was laying on the floor. James was holding onto this pretty blond woman, whose was blindfolded, mouth duck taped shut, hands bound, and had multiple injuries to her body. The two stumbled over Michael as they lunged the woman onto the floor in front of me. I looked down in horror at the woman. Kelsey came walking it, making sure to check outside behind her before closing the door.
“What the hell is going on!?” I shouted as I grabbed James.
The woman got up to her knees and attempted to stand up.
“Stay down bitch!” Tyler screamed as he pushed the woman to the ground. Michael got up and grabbed Tyler.
“What do we do now!?” Michael shouted.
“Shut the damn door and let’s figure out a game plan!” Tyler shouted back. I grabbed Tyler by the shirt collar as he kicked the woman, who was again attempting to get to her knees.
“Who is she!? What have ya’ll done!” I shouted as Michael shut the door.
“Look man, I need your help!”
“What you need is to get the fuck out of my house!”
“You’re now a part of this!”
“No I’m not! Now let her go!”
“It’s too late Rob; you lent us your van, remember!? You’re in this too!”
Michael grabbed a hold of me and said, “Look man, we’re in this pretty deep. We need your help.”
I thought a moment about how close of friends I was with Michael, and realized that I didn’t want Michael to get in trouble.
I shoved Michael towards the kitchen, “Go on, get outta here!”
Michael ran out the back door and disappeared. I grabbed the woman and brought her to her feet as Tyler grabbed a hold of her too.
“Let her go!” I screamed.
“You’re not gonna do shit!” Tyler screamed back
“We got to do something with her; she can’t stay here!”
“And what do you propose we do with her?”
“Let’s take her outside town and...”
“We’re not taking her anywhere. I say let’s throw her in the basement for now.”
“What!?” Tyler yelled as we turned to look at James. James stood at the window, hand shaking as he pointed outside. My jaw dropped as I watched two sheriff cars slowly pull up the driveway. The squad cars stopped behind the van.
“What do we do now?” James asked.
“Wait a sec and let me think.” Tyler said as he pushed the woman out of my grasp to the ground again.
“There are more coming.” James shouted as he ran into the kitchen. “There are cops in the backyard too!” The house filled with the reflection of red and blue lights.
“They must have gotten the plates when you idiots didn’t follow the plan!” Kelsey shouted. I bent down and laid a hand on the woman reassuring her that things would be fine.
The two of us watched in horror as officers surrounded the house. Several troopers changed into camouflage tactical gear. These troopers grabbed rifles and stood in front of all the other officers on scene. One trooper leaned into a squad car and picked up a mic.
I heard the message as clear as day scream across the loud speaker. I could not believe this was actually happening. I stood up, walked past Tyler, and flung open the front door.
“What the fuck are you doing!?” Tyler yelled as he darted for the door.
It was too late; I was already outside. I kept my hands in the air as I walked toward the line of squad cars. Deputies and troopers stood aiming rifles at me and my house. My adrenaline was pumping more and more every step I took. I followed the commands shouted to me. I walked to the first patrol car and turned around to face the house making sure to interlock my fingers on the back of my head. I then started to take footsteps back until the deputy shouted at me to stop. Then came the cold handcuffs around my wrists before being placed into the back of a patrol vehicle. From the backseat I watched as one by one Tyler, James, and Kelsey exited the house just like I did and they too were put into separate patrol cars. Then I watched as the deputies and troopers swarmed my entire house and van. They walked that poor woman to an ambulance waiting nearby and took her away in it. As for myself and my friends, we were driven to the county jail.
Once at the jail, I was fingerprinted, had photos taken of me, and had to change into black and white striped jail clothes before being placed in a cell for hours. In the cell I had a toilet, bed, a window, and a large steel door with a small window in it. I lay staring at the florescent ceiling lights wondering what was about to happen to me. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my cell door being opened up. There stood a jailer who led me off into what I would later learn to be an interrogation room. I was asked to sit in a seat as a plainclothes investigator sat across from me.
“Hello Rob, I’m Investigator Andrews with the Department of Criminal Investigation. I would like to speak with you regarding the events of today.” Investigator Andrews stated before I waived my Miranda Rights. I was asked if I wanted an attorney present, but I declined knowing I didn’t do anything wrong. We spent the first hour getting to know one another, asking about family, and work. Finally Investigator Andrews began asking the questions I was waiting for.
“So Rob, tell me, what made you want to be a part of this kidnapping?” Investigator Andrews asked me.
“I’m not a part of anything! I had no idea that they would be doing this.” I explained.
“So you lent your van to your friends, and never asked what they would be doing with it.”
“They’re my friends. I thought I didn’t need to ask stupid questions. Besides my girlfriend went with. I thought at least she wouldn't damage my van.”
“Did you know they would be kidnapping and torturing a defenseless woman?”
“Of course I didn’t know! Why the hell would I engage myself in a kidnapping!? I don’t even know that lady! Ask her; I wasn’t a part of it! I would never lay my hands on a woman like that!”
“Well here’s the issue Rob…” Investigator Andrews said as he laid a sheet of paper on the table, “…one of your friends, Tyler, told me otherwise; wrote a statement that you knew about the kidnapping when you agreed to lend the van to your friends, and furthermore he’s telling me you told them to bring her to your house. The jig is up, just tell me the truth.”
“That’s bullshit! He’s lying! I knew nothing of it!’ I stood up and leaned over toward Investigator Andrews. “We were drinking when he asked me to barrow the van! He didn’t say he would be doing anything with it!” I shouted.
“Sit down!”
I sat back down and the rest of the interrogation went as worse. Once done I was brought back to the same cell. I paced back and forth trying not to get any more upset. While I was pacing, my cell door opened and I was able to walk to the dayroom. I grabbed a try of nasty looking food that was handed out at the pod door and sat down at one of the 4 tables. The pod was filled with about a dozen other inmates. Off to my left I saw Tyler sitting by himself. I stood up and walked over to him.
“What the hell man, why’d you tell them I was a part of the kidnapping?” I asked as I shoved him.
“If I’m going down, you’re coming with me.” Tyler responded and he stood up and shoved me back.
“Knock it off you two!” A guard shouted to us via an intercom.
“I’ll see ya in court tomorrow jackass.” Tyler whispered as he sat down and grabbed a spoonful of food.
The next day I stood before the judge who read the formal charges. I almost collapsed hearing the charges.
"Count one, Kidnapping in the First Degree. Its a Class A Felony punishable by a mandatory sentence of Life in Prison without parole. County two, three, and four are Child Endangerment with No Injury. These are all Aggravated Misdemeanors punishable each by two years in prison." The judge said. "How does the defendant plead?"
"My client pleads Not Guilty, you're Honor." The public defender stated.
“Bond on count one is set at no bond, bond on counts two, three, and four are two thousand dollars each.” The judge stated before I was again lead away. I could not believe my friends were letting me take the fall for something I had no part of. I spent the first night of many long weeks, lying awake in bed praying and thinking. I kept hearing the judges voice over and over in my head, saying the phrase, "Life in Prison." I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in a prison somewhere, especially for something I had no part in. I felt my life was over. I didn't know what to do.
One day I was led away from my pod to the visitation area. Michael sat on the other side of the window. I picked up my phone to talk to him.
"Rob, cops are coming by the house daily asking questions."
“Michael, don’t worry, I will make sure you stay safe and aren't involved. I promise.”
Not wanting anything else on recording, I ended the conversation there and returned to my pod.
The lawyer I met with every week. He worked on my case, but the more we worked, the more we realized that my case was looking stronger and stronger for the state. Throughout all the statements I made I made sure to keep my end of the deal with Michael and excluded him in everything. As far as the kidnapping was concerned, he wasn’t a part of it or knew anything about it. While working my case, my lawyer tried throwing witness statements out, but that motion got kicked down by the judge, as well as a motion to lower my bond and set a bond on Count One. Then we tried everything. Then came the day I was asked to meet with the prosecutor over the case. My lawyer and I sat down with her in a secured room. This time the jailors left me in handcuffs, as normally they release them.
“I’m going to offer a plea deal.” The prosecutor stated as she handed over a paper listing charges.
“What is this?” I asked.
“This is the deal I am bringing to the table. You plead Guilty to count one, which has been amended to Willful Injury-Causing Serious Injury. This is a Class C Felony. You also plead Guilty to Count two, which is Child Endangerment with No Injury. That is an Aggravated Misdemeanor. You plead in these two charges and Ill drop counts three and four. You’ll be looking at serving ten years for count one and two years for count two.”
“So you want to throw me in prison for twelve years?”
“The sentences will run concurrently meaning after serving two years, that sentence will be gone. And once you serve ten years you can be released. Your options are take this deal or go to jury trial and face Life without Parole plus 6 years. I’ll give you one week to decide.” The prosecutor said before packing her case file and leaving.
I laid my head on the table. I was frustrated. I had no idea what to do. I spent the next few days speaking to family about if I should take the plea deal or take my chances with the jury. I was afraid my friends would throw me under the bus with the jury like they did with the police. Finally I decided, with the help of family and friends, to take the plea deal. I signed the papers and was given a Plea Hearing court date. In the mean time I was allowed to attend the trial of James and Tyler as I waited for my sentencing date to come around. Eventually they too took plea deals to save their lives.
Finally after a long month in county jail, I was back in front of the judge again. This time to hear my fate. As I stood beside my lawyer I listened to the victim cry and tell everyone how I had helped with her kidnapping and how I had hurt her children. Once the victim and her family stopped berating me for pleading Guilty, the judge read the charges I pled Guilty to and confirmed with me that it was my final decision.
“Having pled Guilty to count one, Willful Injury-Causing Serious Injury, I hereby remand the defendant to the Iowa Department of Corrections to sustain a sentence of ten years imprisonment. Having pled Guilty to count two, Child Endangerment with No Injury, I hereby remand the defendant to the Iowa Department of Corrections to sustain a sentence of two years imprisonment; with both sentences running concurrent.” The judge stated. My lawyer confirmed the sentence was correct with the judge before asking for me to stay to hear the sentencing of one of my ‘co defendants’.
The judge allowed it and I was sat down off in the corner. Tyler was brought in. Just like with me, the victim and her family berated him about his actions, and once done the judge read the sentence.
“The defendant, having pled Guilty on count one, Willful Injury-Causing Serious Injury, I hereby remand the defendant to the Iowa Department of Corrections to sustain a sentence of ten years imprisonment. Having pled Guilty to Count two, also Willful Injury, I hereby remand the defendant to the Iowa Department of Corrections to sustain a sentence of ten years imprisonment. Having pled Guilty to Count three, Kidnapping in the 3rd Degree, I remand the defendant to the Iowa Department of Corrections to sustain a sentence of ten years imprisonment. ” I was never so happy to hear those words and see the look of horror on their Tyler's face for getting me involved in the kidnapping.
While awaiting transportation to the prison I would be sent to, I learned that James took the same plea deal as Tyler and was sentenced the same. As for my stubborn ass girlfriend, she pled on the kidnapping charge but fought the child endangerment charges. She was eventually was sentenced for Willful Injury and 3 counts of Child Endangerment. She was sentenced altogether to 16 years in prison.
Rob proceeded to serve five and a half years of the ten year sentence in the Newton Correctional Facility and was released in the fall of 2012. Once released, Rob packed his belongings and moved out of the county to be closer to his family and friends.
Tyler and James served 7 years in prison and in early 2021 were released from parole.
Kelsey served over 3 years in prison. In 2011 Kelsey was arrested for Violation of Parole, however eventually her case was dismissed, and her parole was reinstated. Kelsey was released from parole in 2021.
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2023.03.14 19:18 Whey-Men New York — An ailing inmate at the Oswego County jail waited four crucial hours before medical staff got him to a hospital, contributing to his death days later, a state watchdog found.

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2023.03.13 23:37 Whey-Men Lawsuit claims female inmate at Webster County, Kentucky Jail was sexually abused by deputy jailer

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2023.03.12 16:30 walterherbst There Is No Evidence That Lee Harvey Oswald Shot JFK

There Is No Evidence That Lee Harvey Oswald Shot JFK
Despite strong evidence to the contrary, there are still many people who believe the Warren Commission’s finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who assassinated President Kennedy. Below is eyewitness testimony that proves Oswald did not kill JFK.
Arnold and Barbara Rowland were standing at the west entrance of the Dallas County Records Building on Houston Street, with an excellent view of the TSBD. At 12:15 P.M., fifteen minutes before the assassination, Rowland saw a man with a rifle at a Depository window just as he heard a police radio report that the motorcade had reached Cedar Springs Road. Police records show this occurred between 12:15 and 12:16. Rowland described the man as 140 to 150 lbs., light-skinned with short-cropped dark hair, with a light-colored shirt over a T-shirt and dark pants. As he told the FBI, the man was not standing in the sniper's nest. He was at the far-left window. At the far-right window on the sixth floor, from where the shots were allegedly fired, he saw an African American man, about 55 years old, balding, and thin.
Ruby Henderson also saw two men on the sixth floor, right after an ambulance left that had attended to a man in front of the Depository who was having an apparent seizure. Records show the ambulance left at 12:24, just six minutes before the assassination. She said one of the men "had dark hair... a darker complexion than the other." He was "possibly a Mexican but could have been a Negro." The second man was taller and lighter.
Fifteen-year-old Amos Euins was standing on the other side of Elm Street. He also saw a dark-skinned man with a rifle at the southeast corner window, at the opposite end of the building from the sniper’s nest window, confirming what Rowland had seen.
John Powell was an inmate on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Jail, which offered an excellent view of the sniper's nest. For years, he told friends and family members that he and his cell mates could see two men with a gun in the sniper's nest window. His vantage point was so clear that he could see them "fooling with the scope" on the gun. "Quite a few of us saw them," he said. Powell recalled that one of the men appeared to be Latin.
Carolyn Walther also saw two men with a rifle. "I saw this man in a window," she said, "and he had a gun in his hands, pointed downwards. The man evidently was in a kneeling position because his forearms were resting on the windowsill. There was another man standing beside him, but I only saw a portion of his body because he was standing partly up against the window... only halfway in the window; and the window was dirty, and I couldn't see his face... because the window was pushed up...." The man with the gun "was wearing a white shirt and had blond or light brown hair." The second man wore "a brown suit coat."
Richard Carr was a construction worker who watched the activities from the upper floor of a building under construction near Dealey Plaza. He saw a heavy-set man wearing a hat, a tan sports coat, and horn-rimmed glasses on the sixth floor of the Depository shortly before the shooting.
James Worrell was walking along Houston Street after the shooting. He saw a man suspiciously running from the back of the TSBD wearing a brown sport or suit coat. Carr, Worrell and Carolyn Walther likely saw the same man.
Inside the TSBD, according to the official record, a fellow employee named Charles Givens claimed he saw Oswald on the sixth floor at 11:55 A.M. This was critical, for finding an eyewitness who placed Oswald on the sixth floor was needed to contradict the testimony of those on the street who claimed to have seen two men. However, when first questioned, Givens never mentioned that he saw Oswald on the sixth floor. Instead, he said he "observed Lee reading a newspaper in the domino room (on the first floor) where the employees eat lunch about 11:50 A.M.”
Foreman Bill Shelley also saw Oswald on the first floor, near a telephone ten or fifteen minutes before noon. Another employee, Eddie Piper, said he spoke to Oswald "just at twelve o'clock, down on the first floor." These men knew Oswald and could not have been mistaken.
Givens, Shelley and Piper all saw Oswald on the first floor 5-10 minutes before noon, which was corroborated by Oswald after his arrest. He told his interrogators that he had followed his coworkers down to eat and ate a snack on the first floor. Oswald also remembered two African American employees walking through the domino room while he was eating. One of them, Oswald recalled, was called "Junior." He could not recall the name of the second man, but knew he was "short."
Two African American employees, "Junior" Jarman and Harold Norman (who was short), usually ate lunch together. According to Norman, he was in the domino room between 12:00 and 12:15 P.M. He thought "there was someone else in there," but couldn't remember who that was. Around 12:15, "Junior" Jarman walked into the domino room. The two men walked out together, just as Oswald described, and left the building for a few minutes. Between 12:20 and 12:25 they went upstairs to watch the motorcade from a window above street level.
Oswald could not have known that Jarman and Norman were in the domino room unless he had seen them. This indicates that as late as 12:15, possibly 12:20, Lee Oswald was still on the first floor.
During questioning, Oswald stated he left the domino room to go to the second-floor lunchroom where the Coke machine was located. This would have been around 12:15.
Carolyn Arnold was secretary to the vice president of the TSBD. Her FBI interview was omitted from the Warren Report. In 1978 she told author Anthony Summers that she told the FBI, “I went into the lunchroom on the second floor for a moment.... Oswald was sitting in one of the booth seats on the right-hand side of the room as you go in...I did not speak to him, but I recognized him clearly." She claimed the exact time was "about 12:15. It may have been slightly later."
Oswald was seen by Givens, Shelley, and Piper on the first floor when Oswald claimed to be on the first floor. Oswald confirmed the presence of Jarmen and Norman in the domino room at the precise time that Norman said they were there. Mrs. Arnold saw Oswald in the second- floor lunchroom around 12:15, which is when Oswald left the first floor to go upstairs. No one else recalled seeing Oswald in the half hour leading up to the assassination, yet what these people claimed was completely rejected by the Warren Commission.
Arnold Rowland saw two men with a rifle on the sixth floor shortly after 12:15. Ruby Henderson's sighting occurred around 12:25, establishing the Rowland sighting as the earliest testimony of anyone seeing a gunman on the sixth floor. This makes sense, since another employee, Bonny Ray Williams, did not leave the sixth floor until around 12:15. Mrs. Arnold claimed she did not leave the lunchroom until 12:25, which was after the Rowland sighting. Since she did not mention seeing Oswald leave the lunchroom before she did, it is safe to assume that Oswald was still there at 12:25. This obviously made it impossible for Oswald to have been on the sixth floor at 12:15. Which means he could not have shot President John F. Kennedy. However, it does not mean Oswald was not involved in the assassination plot. I believe he was, but not as an assassin. His role was to get out of Dallas and be the designated patsy, but something went wrong. For more like this, please check out, It Did Not Start With JFK, published by Sunbury Press.
Texas School Book Depository
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2023.03.11 21:51 Dull-Extent1613 In Patient Treatment for Felon with DID

**This post may be triggering as it mentions criminal behavior, incarceration and sexual abuse** Hi! My brother and my lifelong best friend started experiencing severe mental illness about 5 years ago. He's been diagnosed with PTSD w/dissociative features, Bi-Polar with psychotic features, many substance abuse disorders and dissociative disorder, not otherwise specified. Doctors have explored a DID diagnosis and from my observations over the last 2 years, I believe that is the appropriate diagnosis. I don't know how else to describe it except that it feels his brain broke about 2.5 years ago and he has been really struggling since. When he is medically compliant, things are generally well and the "switching" is much less. However, when he chooses to take himself off of medication, things take a very scary turn, very quickly. One of his more aggressive parts come out and it feels like he totally runs the show. I'm both grateful that all of his parts love & trust me and also, this is a big responsibility that I take very seriously. I want to find the care that my brother needs and I do not know where to turn. A little over a year ago, he was in a severe manic episode and had taken himself off of his meds. In the course of a week, he engaged in almost every destructive behavior you could imagine. He was arrested for the first time in his life on a Wednesday...I begged the county to keep him in custody as I knew he was very, very ill...they would not, he was arrested for a second time within 12 hours of being released...and then within 8 hours of being released arrested for the third time. He has been incarcerated for 13 months. His charges could have resulted in a life sentence, though it's important to say he did not harm anyone else he did behave in very dangerous way. Currently the plan is for him to be released in about 9 months. There is no requirement of mental health care or in patient. I now have guardianship so I am able to make choices for him when his mind is unable to make healthy choices for himself. I am really struggling to find an in patient treatment center that can address his severe mental illness and find a healthy structure for him. I am confident the 13 months in a county jail in Oklahoma (not where we live) has only further traumatized his mind. I am not sure how he is going to deal with the consequences of his behavior while in a state of psychosis. I would feel much more safe if we could find a place for him to go to process and heal. Unfortunately, it's not an option for him to live with me as he has shared that parts of him fantasize hurting me in my sleep...and it would not be safe. I am not finding treatment centers that are willing to help someone with felonies or with some of my brother's tendencies in unhealth. When he is well, he is the sweetest, most generous heart, brilliant mind, hilarious, warm...honestly my favorite human!! I feel like I'm fighting for that part to survive. And honestly, I understand and respect the other parts of my brother too...we had a very difficult childhood. On top of the abuse within our home, my brother experience ongoing sexual abuse by many perpetrators. I know all of his parts have kept in him and have worked so hard...I just want them to be able to rest now...and I'm hopeful to find a place that can help him through this. I hope this post is kind and fair to those living with DID. I am open to hear any feedback on how I can be more thoughtful with my words as it would never be my intentional to cause harm or be insensitive. I hope you can hear through my post how much I love my brother and desperately want to find help for him. Thank you in advance for your suggestions and resources!!
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2023.03.11 20:09 Whey-Men Oklahoma - Legislation named for a Norman business owner who died inside the Cleveland County Detention Center would offer greater protection for those experiencing a mental health crises, including jail detainees.

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2023.03.11 06:52 n0noTAGAinnxw4Yn3wp7 Jail Vigil 3/8 Reportback

Supporters, family members, and beloved community members of the 23 young people charged with domestic terrorism at the South River Festival gathered outside of the DeKalb County Jail last night (3/8) to protest their unjust incarceration. Parents gave speeches to their children locked inside, calling them heros and promising to fight for them until they are free. Protestors chanted the names of all those arrested, sung freedom songs, and reassured each other they would keep fighting against these unjust charges. Other inmates shouted from their cells, describing the brown water, cold food, broken toilets, and other deplorable conditions at DeKalb County Jail. Burning rags were thrown from windows as inmates joined the protest in solidarity. Despite the grim circumstances, the crowd of supporters was fired up, passionate, and creative.
Cop City Will Never Be Built!
Free Them All!
source is Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.
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2023.03.10 23:32 hurricanemod Inmate found dead in Washington County jail

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