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2023.03.21 21:58 Own-Ebb-8089 How can I keep track of my partner’s phone? How to track your partner’s phone How to Spy on Phones Without Physical Access How to Receive Text Messages from Another Phone Number

How to track your partner’s phone?
Relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that may not be enough. There will come a time in your relationship where you may need to resort to other methods such as tracking your partner’s phone just to make sure that they’re completely honest and faithful.
If you’re reading this, you might have a lot of questions. How can I track my partner’s phone location? How can I track their phone without them knowing? How do I find their phone? We will show you the best apps to track a phone without permission. But before we get into this, you need to first know that it is completely normal to have such thoughts running through your mind. Regardless of the situation you’re in now, everyone deserves to feel secure and have their fears allayed. So, let’s get straight down to it.
What Info Do You Want to Know?
The first step to tracking your partner’s phone is to first know what you want to track exactly. Do you want to know their phone’s location or check all their messages and calls? With the right app, you can find out your partner’s location at every point in time. The apps may even let you get a step further by tracking their text messages, call log, browser history, and more.
Why Track Your Partner’s Phone?
There are many justifiable reasons why someone would want to spy on their partner’s phone including:
How To Track My Partner’s Phone?
One of those methods is oranjecracktech . Designed for parents to monitor their children, oranjecracktech is also used by men and women all over the world to help build trust in their relationships. Once installed on their device, you’ll be able to see their location, view their phone call log, read their texts, view their emails, and even read their private conversations on WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, and all kinds of other social media apps (including Tinder). It should be noted, however, that to use Eyezy on your spouse, you need to have their explicit permission. Otherwise, you’d be violating Eyezy’s terms of service agreement. Assuming you’ve got their permission and they know you’re monitoring them, you’ll find that Eyezy offers you a world of information.
How to Spy on Phones Without Physical Access?
If you need information other than just location, you can consider installing a phone spy app. Phone spy apps are software programs that give you all the information you need from your partner’s phone without getting caught. A search online will reveal that there are tons of spy apps available that offer both advanced functionality and stealth to help you track your target.
One of the best phone spy apps available is oranjecracktech, it is a cell phone tracking software that runs on both smartphones and tablets to keep track of almost every activity carried out on the target device. Even more importantly, it leaves no trace of your digital footprint, so you’ll not get caught using the tracker.
With the advancement of science and technology, it is even easier now than ever to track your partner’s activities. Whether you’re tired of suspecting your partner’s intention or just want to make sure they’re safe, these are a few tips that you can use to track their location and smartphone activities without getting discovered. contact mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 21:57 DualSwords14 Been stuck in gold for a while, what are my major mistakes?

Replay code: FCKPBD
Battletag / in-game username: DerrKreik14
Hero(es) played: Sigma, Zarya & Roadhog
Skill tier / rank: Gold 2 (PC)
Map: Paraíso
Description of the match / things you want reviewed: Not really that close of a lose, managed to capture in overtime, but lost first fight defending, still I had my ups and downs so I think it has good review potential.
I think my top 3 issues are positioning, mechanics and awareness of my team situation, but anything you can nitpick will definetly help me, thx!.
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2023.03.21 21:57 sizzling_ice an r/delhi member is suicidal and I'm unable to help him

I've been talking to him for past 2 days and he opened up to me about his situation.
He's in depression from past 6 years and now he's reaching a really low point. He tried going to therapy but it didn't help(he gave up after 3 sessions), and he's been taking anti depressents without prescription.
The cause of his depression as he told me is loneliness, he has good friends but he craves affection, so he needs a girlfriend. He's young, has a high paying job, good family life but the only thing lacking is a partner.
He has tried every dating app, every social app but didn't had any luck. He was in a relationship just an year ago but his partner was too controlling and that worsened his depression.
So, he texted me in the hope of finding a partner but I'm underage, so no luck here too. Then he vented out to me, and told me how bad his depression is, he's reaching a really low point.
I tried to help him the best I could, I gave him some advice but I'm too naive to be of any help and now he isn't responding to any of my texts.
I won't link his username here(it'd send him a notif and then I'm sure he'll delete his account). So I'm linking a post of his here. Please help him and try to be discreet ig, I hope he doesn't see this post.
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2023.03.21 21:57 MushroomFrogz A true hero, I won't even get the bonk-stick

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2023.03.21 21:56 Wazma9 I don't want to date, but being single is too expensive.

I'm a single 24m. I'm an extrovert but I enjoy living on my own and having personal freedom that I couldn't have if I was in a committed relationship.
The problem is, I have a good enough job that I can afford to live on my own and pay my own bills, and get most of what I want but that's getting difficult with the rising cost of rent, grocerys and inflation in general.
I'd prefer to get a house, but it's pretty much impossible to get approved for a mortgage in my state without a partner. I don't have any kids or any other kind of dependent that I can put on taxes so my yearly income is getting obliterated by the state.
It's so frustrating that I'm middle class on paper but because I don't have anyone to split my bills with or claim on my taxes, I'm effectively poor and can't make the investments I need to progress any further than I already am. I don't even want to think about what will happen if student loans resume and rent keeps increasing .
I could get a girlfriend if I wanted to, but I'm not stupid enough to go for it simply for the sake of financial comfort and flexibility. I've had bad experiences with roommates, which I've considered as an option, but that wouldn't help my situation long term. I just feel stuck.
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2023.03.21 21:55 DayPhelsuma [Long Read] Why ‘Tattoo’ would be a meaningless win.

Yes, this is a post discrediting NOT Loreen’s song, but the people who are voting for it. I know, simply let people vote on what they feel like. In any case, I’m letting you know this beforehand, just so if you don’t want any amount of shaking to your view - you can ignore or downvote this before anything else, and then go on with your scrolling.
[Quite a long (!) read. Only start if you have some free time lol.]
‘Clickbaity’ title, apologies!
But I wanted to get this opinion out there, which I believe is just as valid as the ones defending this song. If you want to get angry at my view, you’re also free to do so, of course.
I profoundly despise this entry. Don’t get me wrong, I like the song, it’s a competent ‘ballady’ pop song, easy on the ear, which we all know Sweden does so well. A solid representation of Sweden’s strength in this genre, at the European scope. But as an Eurovision entry, I see so many things wrong with it.
I don’t want to get into the fact that it is a repeating competitor. Morally, one could argue it’s playing dirty, going for the fan-factor, radio-factor, etc., but since we’ve seen many instances of this, it’s an argument that people will simply discredit. Even though, morally, it could very much be questioned. Not doing it here, however.
Right, so; ‘Tattoo’ is a safe entry that for some reason gathered a lot of backing. By giving her an(other) Eurovision win, the competition would be set back 10 years. The moment ‘Euphoria’ won, Europe’s attitude towards music changed. And massively, at that. We went modern and significantly dropped our historic roots. The EDM scene properly exploded in Northern Europe, we bettered our ability to control music digitally. Honestly? A revolutionary win that positively evolved Europe’s music scene. Very much deserved and well appreciated.
Ten years later, we go back to it again. With a less impactful music too! What did all these years mean?
We’re at a point in time where I feel embracing the history, the tradition, the culture of a continent such as Europe has would be beautiful. Combining the newly acquired dominance of modern sounds and incorporating the elements that define (if not the!) one of the most diverse continents in this world.
Can you imagine the possibilities?
Learning a new aspect about every country year in and year out, with the modern interpretation we’re capable of doing now! The reason why the festival came to be, to showcase our identity, but this time, we can not only do it in Europe - we can use the concepts we learned and showcase it to the world. They’ll feel familiarity and be able to enjoy our sounds now more naturally.
But no.
Here we are. Voting for a song that could come from any place in the world. A pop song without any particularity tying it to Europe. How is this all Eurovision is nowadays?
This is getting too long and I won’t really prepare a TLDR, as I wouldn’t even know how to summarise this - so I should think about wrapping this up.
Essentially, it’s a song that makes me sad for Europe, more than anything. Again, people can identify with it and there’s that, that’s what Europe has become - so it’d still be representative. Maybe that’s all it means and I’m diving too deeply into this. It’s just a song after all and we’re all dying in the end.
But it’s the message that passes, you know? That a soulless (not literally, she seems to pour a lot of her soul into it, but you get it lol) pop song is the play. With certain nations trying to erase others’ culture, throughout the world - not only the one your head thought of - this could be an opportunity to keep them alive, in yet another front.
Celebrating them. There is no other moment to do so in Europe. We can and will keep on listening to our favourite pop songs all year round. But the possibilities of what we could be doing in Eurovision make me so hopeful.
‘But this represents the European culture of today!’
Well, does it? It’s true that cultures evolve, we don’t have to be conservative and always go back to the past. However, a main characteristic of any culture is that they tie you to a place. If you told me this entry was from South Korea, the US or Norway, you’d have just tricked me three times lol.
If Loreen wins, it’ll incentivise countries to select this style, if they want to realistically have a shot at winning - when we could be making another revolutionary transition towards integrating the best of both worlds. And the truth is that some songs this year have already tried to do that! It’s not like we have no alternatives.
For that reason, I hope this year’s Eurovision winner can feel European, more than anything… and ‘Tattoo’ is unfortunately not the answer.
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2023.03.21 21:54 Comfortable_Crew4556 I am tired of being a teacher

I (F29) work as a teacher in a high school here in South America. Lately, the laws have changed regarding the expulsion of students or any other measurement that used to be applied to problem students. What I mean with this is that back in the days, when a teacher was hardly disrespected by students, they had to sign an “agreement letter”, if the students get in any trouble again in terms of violence, verbally or physically they had to leave school. Now it has all changed, the students are being mad disrespectful and nothing happens to them. In fact, if a student disrespects me, I am the one who needs to apologize to them because I was the one who triggered the student’s reaction. And not only that, I have to attend interviews and sessions at the orientation department not because of how affected I might be after a situation with a student, but to help that student to move on and continue attending lessons with no consequences at all. Lots of students have been to mental health issues, therefore they don’t feel well enough to do everything normally. However, I work at a private school, their parents’ got money to pay for psychologist and therapies, but instead, the headmaster’s order is that we teachers have to face their situations. Last year I had a sick leave because I couldn’t fulfill my duties as I used to due to the emotional weight that it all caused me. I love teaching, I am also aware that being a teacher involves to give more than just content. But I’ve had enough, it’s unacceptable for me to apologize to a disrespectful one whose parents don’t give a shit about their kids misbehavior. Whenever I call them they say “not even us know what to do with them, I hope you could help us here in school”… so basically I have to do what they can’t as parents. A student who is 16 was caught smoking at the gym’s dressing room while young kids were in PE lessons… that’s not just unacceptable but also illegal. However,he did not receive any punishment at all, in fact, he stated that the student felt anxious and that’s why he went there to smoke. Again, no measurements were taken. Criticism for the parents is the second issue that has me fed up. Whenever a teacher gets sick and has a sick leave, they send an email or go to school to complain that we are the unprofessional ones. The cherry of the pie, the headmaster… our salary is miserable even though we work at a private school. Nevertheless, we have to came up with projects to improve the service, work on new ideas that he comes up and the worst of all, if he is in a bad mood we better avoid him. I’d never had panic attacks before, but now I’ve had them and we stared classes just three weeks ago. Nothing protects the teacher, nobody gives us emotional support, and the payment isn’t even enough.
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2023.03.21 21:54 Honey8811 I (19f) feel like I'm actually crazy, do I move out or not?

Holy crap I honestly just wanna die, I'm tired of dealing with this (not in a suicidal way but just like I need a break). My mom hates me at this point. I'll give the whole backstory so this'll be a long post. Here is where the actual question is and info on that: paragraph 6 and on
Growing up my father was a narc and was very emotionally, physically and sexually abusive with me. He left when I was 13 and because of the way he was, my mom was perfect compared to that. But now I realize you can be better than someone without being good. That's my mom. She's way better than him, but that doesn't mean she is what people would consider a good parent.
My mom used to hit me a bunch, but it was always justified as me not listening to all the warnings and she had no other choice. So I'm like oh, ok, I guess I suck. My mom found out abt the sexual abuse in October and even now she still says I'm just like my father (which hurts so much in the first place, but now she's literally saying that I'm the same as someone who sexually abuses children). When I was 15 I was self harming cause I wasn't allowed therapy and I had trauma nightmares every night to the point that I barely slept, I lived with my grandparents, like life was really hard at the time and I had no one to talk to and that was a way I could get out my emotions. At 16 I told my mom and she said that no one will sleep with me and then she walked away. That hurt so much and she never apologized.
Last night we were fighting and she said she's never been hurt this much in her life (I was slow to help clean up a small flood and it was my birthday so I had a friend over or dinner. I came upstairs and said 'I cannot believe her. Like I just am so done. I'm not even hungry anymore so now my whole birthday dinner is ruined (that I made) and she's worried about being 30 minutes late to see her bf (long term and he's always late so it's not a big deal) and eat her dinner when my birthday is a bit ruined'). She asked me what I'd do if roles were reversed and I was trying to come up with an excuse but I couldn't so I said 'I'd be sad and then let it go' and she got mad. I said that she's hurt me way more before, she said if I don't have an example then I'm lying. I mentioned the sh thing and she was like 'ok I'm sorry if I said that'. Yay. Then today she said 'Like I know I'm not the best parent, but I try my best. Even with the sh thing like I've never dealt with that before so obviously I didn't know how to react (I think saying no one will have sex with you is something you avoid saying in this situation) and like how was I supposed to react when I found out you were cutting your thigh for pleasure. Like I never knew you were just cutting yourself for fun. And so that hurt a bunch too cause she said that it was just fun, like yes, I love having scars all over my thigh and being stressed to wear swim suits! That is so fun!
So yeah, still not really saying sorry. And so yesterday she was saying how she just wants me out, she can't live with me anymore, she's so close to kicking me out, like she wants to just kick me out. I said 'can I have a max of 5 more months? I can apply to -- and move there by the end of summer' and then she got so mad saying she bought this house for me, she bought me a car, she works so hard cause this is where I said I wanna go to school (I never wanted to go to school here, she kept pushing me and this whole time I've been coming up with other schools to go to. I never wanted a car, since I was a child I wanted to buy my own first car cause it's a pride thing and so I kept saying I'll just take the bus but she didn't feel safe with that.) And so then I packed a bag to stay with a friend last night. but 4 hours later at 9 my mom asked me to come home so I did.
-------here is where the actual question starts------
Now she's saying that I'm not a bad person at all, we all do bad things but one thing doesn't define us after she literally said I'm just like my father and she's never been hurt this bad in her whole life. She's like 'if you wanna move away for school then go for it, I just want you to be happy, like we can figure this out!'
But my issue is that my current school is a shit school. The only other schools I can afford (in terms of rent) are shit schools. Otherwise I can only go to Toronto and that's too expensive cause rent for a room is usually $1000-1200 a month and that's just not possible for me. Ottawa is $600-700 utilities included. Uottawa is a good school, but I'm in Social work and they only offer it in French which I don't speak. So I only have Carleton (if you know the school) and that's similar ranking to my current school. Plus right now I'm already accepted to social work at my current school, but at any other schools the deadline passed so I'd have to do honours psych for the first year, hope my grades are good enough to then get into social work for the second year.
So it doesn't make a lot of sense but I also think I need to get away from my mom but then I feel really bad and I'm so confused. This whole thing is so confusing and like idk if she supports me. If I leave she'll likely never speak to me again and idk if that's good or bad and idk what to do and I'm so confused. Like she pretty much kicked me out but then when I actually left she started apologizing and wanted me back and now I'm getting convinced that I'm a horrible person and I am just like my dad and I suck and I'm conceited and manipulative and I don't know what to do so please give me advice.
I'm sobbing while writing this so sorry if it doesn't read the best.
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2023.03.21 21:54 heartsandwrists Question about single dorms

Hi, I'm working on filling out my DRS stuff so I can have a better guarantee at a single dorm. I'm most interested in one of the rooms in Morgan that is apartment but still with a single bedroom, which I assume probably fills up quickly, but that's besides the point. So how does the roommate situation work with that? Do I still look for roommates but make sure we are all on the same page about that particular type of dorm? I don't mind sharing a common area with other people, just because of one of my disabilities it's important that I have a single bedroom specifically. Sorry if this is a dumb question lol.
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2023.03.21 21:54 Sea_Technician_8709 My sex life is better with porn; is it?

Hi there, I just recently explored Easypeasy after becoming aware that there is something obsessive about my porn consumption. So, after some relapses and porn diet, I am now at day 28 (my longest streak so far).
Up until stopping PMO, me and my girlfriend had a quite fulfilled sex life. I was not PMOing multiple times per day, but surely on average almost once daily. Whenever I "anticipated" me and my girlfriend might have sex in a certain night, I would PMO the day before. So when we had our time together, I would last longer, which my girlfriend, but certainly also me, enjoyed.
Now that I stopped PMOing, I find myself so easily sexually aroused that whenever we have sex, I can only last 2 or 3 minutes, which often leads to the situation that I orgasm before her. Sure, there is some ego part in here (I want to make my girlfriend come), but of course also my girlfriend likes to orgasm...
So, here I am: is my sex life with PMO better than without? Did you make similar experiences? Is there something I can do? Should I masturbate before having sex, but just leave the porn out?
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2023.03.21 21:53 According_Farm_1504 i 17f think my mom 45f is thinking about having an affair on my dad 47m with her trainer 26m and I'm not sure what to do

Hi everyone, so ive never posted here but its really really really getting to me. My parents have been married for 20 years but their marriage has had insane amounts of drama and horribleness. I've been dragged into it and if I had siblings, I bet they would've been dragged into it as well (ive gotten beat, got lots of panic attacks including while I slept, yelled at, blamed, etc etc)
To put it shortly, a couple months ago, my parents started getting fitness lessons from this company. they were going pretty well and both my parents were losing weight and i was happy for them. Then, my mom started talking to me how she suspects that the owner of the company might be hitting on her.
My moms always sort of loved other men's attention and since I was like 11 or so, shes been talking to me about other men flirting with her. I never said anything to my dad about it because my dad was being pretty abusive at the time and I didn't want to make things worse. But right now, my dads acting really nice and he seems to have changed. so I don't understand why shes still looking for attention from other men. Anyways, I told myself that shes an adult and she has full right to do whatever she wants to do and I cant control her. but then, she started dragging me more and more into her mess. lately, its gotten so bad that shes become obsessed with the guy. She tries to talk to me everyday about him (and she does) and she can talk about the guy for literal hours (when my dad was out of the house, she started talking to me about the trainer the second my dad left and right up to the second my dad came back which was about 6 hours later).
She gets really jealous about other women hitting on the trainer and one time even called a woman who was interested in him a "bitch". When I told her that he's young and its okay if he's interested in women his age, she basically said that the woman wasn't good enough for him and that the trainer likes women like her (my mom).
I admit that at first I didn't raise many red flags, but I was just happy that my mom felt wanted because shes had a lot of issues with my dad. But, looking closely at the situation, my dads really trying and whenever he tries to come close to her, she pushes him away. She always says that he embarrasses her while shes with the fitness company and acts like he's not good enough to be with her. I would have tried to ignore all this because there's no proof (and i don't think) that shes been doing a full out affair with the guy, especially cause he lives pretty far away. But, when she talked about letting the guy live with us (my family), I just felt really odd. And, I think my dad also feels off about it but he trusts my mom enough that she wouldn't cheat on him.
I honestly think that my moms spiraling a bit. Ive been trying to show her that I'm too busy with school to talk about the trainer, and shes been making instigating comments so that my dad will yell at me. She can be pretty monstrous when mad and I feel like full out saying I don't want to talk about the trainer anymore would set her off. I get that my moms lonely, however, I feel like she takes out her anger and frustration on me just because she can. And now, shes talking about another man with so much adoration, its weird. She even said that if my dad was doing what shes doing with her trainer with another woman (weird sentence I know), she would get mad. So like...she knows its wrong, right? Idk. I feel so torn because I know that if I told my dad, he would get mad at me and shout at me. If I told my mom I didn't want to talk about this, she would find ways to make my life hell and say horrible things to me (and those horrible things really hurt my feelings an have a big mental impact on me). I have no trusted adults around me and I feel stuck. Its still a couple months until I go off to college and there's a good chance that Im going to a college near home so Ill probably still be living with my family and have to deal with this. I also just turned 17 so its a whole year until I'm 18. In my culture, divorce is a pretty big nono and so is doing therapy.
Any help?
TLDR: I think my moms thinking of starting an affair with her trainer and she constantly ropes me into uncomfortable conversations about him that extend for hours. I can't tell my dad because of his anger issues and I can't tell my mom to stop talking to me about the trainer for the same reason. What do I do? Leaving home or telling a trusted adult is not an option, at the moment.
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2023.03.21 21:53 remilia_scarlet__ What would you do when the and then but the and the

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2023.03.21 21:53 StidnaDlaka Kitten mammal glands inflamation

Im sorry first and foremost for some incorrect words (3rd language).
My kitten is 7 months old. I adopted her tohether with her sister when they were 7 weeks old.
The kitten is female and has 6 bumps on her nipples. The front two are huge, the size of an apple, the other four are the size of a grape.
The veterinerian gave her a therapy of antibiotics and corticosteroids and it went stagnant for 2 days, then resumed growing. Today she received a 6x therapy of the same drugs. The first worker said they were tumors, then the veteran veterinerian took over and said that the tumors couldnt grow that large in 10 days.
Continued with saying that it also cant be an infection because the kitten doesnt have fever, keeps eating and drinking and behaving completely normal, but its the best shout.
They said that i should come back in two days and if it doesnt go away they will puncture the breast and see what will come out.
Im constantly scared that the breast will burst because they are so inflated and tight. Also today it developed a half inch scab across the nipple.
I would be glad if someone could give some advice or that they have been in a similar situation just so i can give an idea to my veterinerian.
If its any help to anyone with the diagnosis, i saw one carpet beetle a few days ago on the wall, but thats it when it comes to insects in the apartment.
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2023.03.21 21:52 Non21368 Could her job be the main reason for our DB

I’m the HL husband. Our sex life really sucks. Every time initiate it’s a no. Every time she does obviously it’s a yes. But it’s not much. 6 times in this calendar year. Our sex life hasn’t ever been just perfect but it was no where near bad. Well this job she has stresses her the fuck out. And I don’t believe she has the capability of leaving work at work like I do. So here’s the main reason I believe work is the problem…. Vacation sex is absolutely amazing. Multiple times a day, in the shower. Grabbing me in public. Basically all the things I rarely get at home. And when we do have sex is mostly Saturday or Sunday morning. Mon-Friday she’s to stressed from work. And come Sunday evening she’s stressing about the upcoming work week. She has to play mindless games on her phone just to not think about work.
Let me add, she does not have a stressful home life besides seeing my unhappiness. I do majority cleaning,cooking,laundry,(both our ours)organizing,yard work etc. I do that to eliminate home stress for her. But it’s doesn’t seem to help.
I’ve hinted to her I want her to find a new job but she keeps hoping on her boss making her job less stressful. But that’s happened in the past with no success.
Should I give her an ultimatum? Me or the job? How should I handle this situation.
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2023.03.21 21:52 BeavMcQueen How to set expectations for a teenager with a friend who was injured

I am hoping someone can provide information and advice. My son is 16 and one of his best friends was in a car accident about a month ago. He suffered a severe brain injury. I believe it was called a DAI, although I don't know specifics. He was in what I guess was a coma for a couple of weeks, on a ventilator. After a couple of weeks he became a bit more alert, opening his eyes, reacting to voices, but as far as I know has not really communicated with anyone outside of maybe a hand squeeze now and then. I know the doctors feel a recovery is possible. He is currently in a very good rehabilitation center, I believe still on a tracheostomy, but making small steps in progress.
My son is a mess. He assumed his friend would die right after the accident. We all did. But he held on, and now we feel there is some hope of recovery, but no one knows what that will be. Will he ever be himself again? Will he be able to talk, or walk? Will it take weeks, months or years to get answers? No one knows.
I don't know how to set his expectations. I don't talk to the doctors so I don't know what the real prognosis is. Do I tell my son his friend might never wake up? Are his recovery steps so far hopeful enough that I can tell him things look positive and we should think good thoughts? I just don't know how dire the situation is? I go from thinking he will never wake up to thinking he will bounce back and be with us soon.
Just looking for any advice from those who have been on the patient side or the parent side for what to expect and how to set expectations. Thank you all so much.
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2023.03.21 21:51 SnooSongs1615 Greedy Slumlords & Small Claims Court

We live in Atlanta, Georgia and our old landlords kept our entire security deposit for repainting the home we rented for 4 years. They said we damaged the property by mounting our television and hanging curtain rods. Our move out “walk through” was the morning we turned in our keys and the new tenants were taking possession of the home that afternoon. Therefore, we were not given the chance to repair the damages ourselves. I filled a case in small claims court because the bill sent to us by the landlord didn’t have an itemized breakdown of the cost for fixing the holes in the sheetrock. The invoice total was over $3,000 but the landlord said we only had to pay $1,450 of that (the entire amount of our security deposit).
We were good tenants and took care of the home as if it were our own and we were never a minute late with the rent in four years.
From the beginning of our residency in the rental, there were major electrical problems. We frequently went days (up to 9 in a row) without hot water. Our HVAC system went out too many times to count. The last month we lived there, we had no power for an entire week with temperatures hovering at around 90 degrees. Our landlords “generously” offered us $350 to find alternative lodging (for 3 people and 2 dogs) while the base of our electrical meter (which had maybe been updated once - decades ago - since the house had been built in 1955 and was the source of all of the electrical problems in the house) being repaired and county permits were secured to turn the electricity back on in the house. In fact, I had to communicate with the landlord’s electrician and the county permit office, repeatedly, because the landlord disengaged himself from the entire week long process of rectifying the situation in his rental house while his paying tenants (of 4 years) had absolutely no electricity.
I have text and email proof of the majority of this ongoing and blatant disregard of the law regarding the warranty of habitability by the landlord.
I filed my claim and then the landlord (who also happens to be a LAWYER) filed a counterclaim suing us for $3,140 plus attorney and court fees “due to Plaintiff’s stubborn litigiousness”.
I don’t understand the legalese of the counterclaim and now I’m super anxious that I’ve started a battle I can’t win.
I did email the company the landlord used to paint the house (once the new tenants had already moved in) and asked what they charged to repair the walls before they paint. The company said that they don’t charge anything for that and it’s considered part of the paint prepping.
Would a judge in a small claims court take into account all of the times we didn’t have hot water, heat, air, or any electricity at all when considering whether or not the landlord should refund my full security deposit or have I screwed myself?
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2023.03.21 21:51 Gingerbarrel01 Unblocked me after a year

Hi, long story so would appreciate any advice!
Basically, I was seeing this guy at the end of 2021 up until the start of 2022. Things weren’t really that serious but he kinda made out he wanted them to be, we saw each other often and he said that he really liked me. Then he blocked my number and deleted me off all social media. I finally got over him and then at the end of 2022, he added me back out of the blue. I saw him and he apologised for this, saying he was really depressed and deleted all social media but he wanted to make things work this time around. He also didn’t offer an explanation as to why he blocked my number and during the time of us seeing each other again he didn’t unblock it, we only spoke on social media. We saw each other several times a week for a couple of months until I noticed he had become distant again (kind of how he did the first time around). Some examples being taking all day to reply, making excuses not to see each other such as him having to empty his hoover saying we will see each other and then he ignore me until the next day. Eventually I got sick of this and told him that he is unable to give me what I want and we should stop talking but he didn’t take me seriously, so we continued to talk. About a week after this ultimatum I asked to see him and he said that he is feeling depressed again and relies on me too much for his happiness. We haven’t spoken since, I am very understanding and always supported him and offered him a safe space to talk about his emotions and be vulnerable. I kind of think he saw me as a free therapist and nothing more.
The exact same situation happened a year apart , the question is why? Please try and offer an explanation for a man’s perspective as I’m at a loss as to why he keeps doing this. Thankyouuu
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2023.03.21 21:50 elvisjaggeraj 10 grams fresh Atlantis truffles – 1st trip ever – A Shapeshifting Native American Shaman helped me to expel my demon of alcoholism

I (30+F) have been interested in microdosing and psylocibe mushrooms as medicine since I’ve read about its amazing effects on depression, anxiety, and in particular, alcohol dependence, all I’m having issues with. I’ve been having hardships with AUD since I had my first beer ever and after all these years I’m now determined to put an end to this family curse. MDing helped but not to the extent i’d hoped.
After some troublesome events in my life (also alcohol related, in the family) I had to take some off days from work and decided this was the chance to try and ask for some higher guidance, even though I was sure anyone would advised against it in the way i was.
As a complete beginner in tripping or any psychedelics at all, but not a complete beginner in meditation, I’ve educated myself on hundreds of tripreports and scientific articles. I kind of had an idea of the tools and mindset I needed, and after appx 35 hours of fasting (accidental, due to above mentioned unforseeable events), slowly chewed that handful of truffles, and washed them down with lemon water at around 10pm. No problem, they were like kinda off walnuts to me.
I sat down to play some Hogwarts Legacy but soon felt lightheaded and at loss of my physical capabilities. I began feeling very weak, I just assumed it had to do with my not eating for almost 2 days. I turned my PC off and said goodnight to my BF just before 11pm. I laid down in my room (yeah we have separate rooms but that’s how it works for us bc of mismatching circadian rythms and sleep issues on my side) and put on some binaural relax beats with „forest creek” sounds.
Tried to meditate for what felt like hours, but didn’t feel a thing. Put down my headphones and gathered my weighted blanket and other comfort-stuff and cuddled in, lights still on, and started to fiddle with my phone. 11.40pm.
A few minutes might have passed until I realized I have insane nausea and can’t really see what I’m reading, so put the phone down and tried to comfort myself with things like „i have felt worse and I’m OK now” or „bad things have happened to me and I’m still here now” or „I’m here for guidance and wherever it may lead I must let it come, accept it and learn my lesson”. With these thoughts, I slowly began dissociating, like the stuff in my room was unrecognizable, foreign, distant, and just overall, not „there” in a certain sense. And I began losing sense of my body as well, felt as if I was just a brain without a body, then just a mind without a brain, then just a single hair of thought without even a mind.
Some mild hallucinations came up, like when drifting in and out of dreams, with every few seconds I closed my eyes i experienced dozens of lives, emotions, situations, states and beings, all with beautiful imagery and etheric music, but nothing I could describe in detail. Felt a thought coming up, ’this is just playing around’. And it was, me learning that I can drift in, and I can drift out to anchor into ’reality’ if I wished, but it’s not what I came here for. I came for guidance.
By this time, I totally lost contact with my body and some troubling imagery came up as well.
This felt really scary, I’m sure I’ve had moments (probably only seconds) when I was crying and wailing silently for help and said I’d accept anything, I just want some help, and if I have to die so be it, they would know I tried so hard to cope with everything.
I realized what I’d read in many reports, that you really have to let the guidance come, come what may. So I decided to let it come.
I felt very small. Very useless. Frail and insignificant. A shadow came above me, a shadow of a vengeful Bison God, wanting to gobble me up.
I cried and woke. I was very afraid but couldn’t help not drifting back.
I was weak, a newborn calf, I saw the sky above, smelled the grass beneath myself, smelled milk i couldn’t have, and had an overlooming feeling of being small and feeble, and knew I was about to die. And I let it come.
I cried really badly then, and woke again for a few seconds. It was midnight on the dot. Felt like whole lifetimes had passed. But I thougt I’d died already and yet I was there again, so let’s see where we go next. Turned the bedside lights off and turned on my back from the baby pose I’ve been huddled up in. Darkness immediately made everything go deeper and I felt some kind of power beginning to surge.
I was a huge bison. My muscles bulging. I knew that I had to die so that someone else can have my muscles to grow large and strong on. And although dying still felt scary, there was a certain calm, natural acceptance to it.
Then the power really began to surge, I felt like I was running on all fours with a certain speed only panic and fear can induce, I felt my muscle fibers contract and that I had to run as fast as I could, if I had to die anyway, I might even fight to live for another day. Then felt pain in my neck.
The animal I was on all fours now, had a huge chest, strong thighs, bulky traps, claws, and I ran as fast as I could, with all my muscle and nerve fibers engaged, I ran in a way only need can induce, that I had to kill if I don’t want to die anytime soon.
Then something very strange happened. Those strong muscles I’d been feeding transformed to feel more human. I was, or in the same way, was not, a Native American shapeshifting shaman who seemed to have no gender nor age, and they were the one who came to help me and showed me the trials of the Grass, the Calf, the Bison, the Deer and the Cougar.
They told me that being nurtured by grass, bison and deer, I must be strong enough now.
And I was, I felt glowing and growing.
Growing into something dark and threatening I tried to validate. I tried rationalizing that this kind of power can be harnessed too, and that it wasn’t that bad, but inside I knew it was a lie. I tensed and was throwing myself left and right on my bed and I wanted to scream and shout and roar.
All of a sudden, when my muscles just wanted to rip, I saw the whole thing from the outside, and the Shaman, the Cougar, the Deer and the Bison came forth, then my BF, and my cat, even my therapist. And the demon that was so strong it could’ve killed me, was nothing but a mere glass bottle now.
And I screamed at it, „you said you would help but I don’t need you know! I don’t need you anymore! You could make small (me) believe that I did, but I have help now, I am strong now, I’ve got the Bison and the Deer nurturing me, and I do not need you anymore, get out of my life, get out of me!”
I remember mouthing this, I am just hoping that I wasn’t really shouting.
I don’t know how long I screamed and yelled, but after a while I grew very very tired and spent.
I slowly gained control of my limbs and began noticing my breath, my sore muscles, my bed and the cool rough linen sheets on my skin.
I said thanks to the Shaman, the guiding animals and spirits, and of course the mushrooms for helping and teaching me today, and laid idle for a few minutes (not sure about that tho) wondering whether I had anything else to do there.
When I came to, I still was dizzy and shaky, but I got up as soon as I could, to write the first draft of my report in my journal. Took a leak, almost freaked out by my huge pupils in the mirror, then ate the juiciest, tartest, tastiest apple of my life and journaled. Almost fainted into sleep at some minutes short 4am.
Since then, I had the luck to talk this experience over with my amazing therapist, who was really open-minded and understanding, not to mention knowledgable on the topic.
I understood that I am loved; linked with all the grass, deer, bison and everything, that I have helpers, and that I am never again giving so much power to something so deceptive as alcohol. I now have tools to help relax, I have people and spirits around me to guide me, I have people around me who love me and deserve that I learn to love them and myself just as dear.
Even though this wasn’t SUCH a big dose, the trip was very intense, lively and vivid. I am happy I had a clear intention to begin with and immensely grateful to have received such a clear guidance.
I am happy.
TL;DR: title
note 1: in the recent months, I have gravitated towards a ketovore diet, consisting mainly of organic grass-fed beef and sustainably hunted wild deer (friends as reliable sources, as my luck would have it) so I even felt kind of silly that I got this trip. Still, this way of eating has helped tremendously with my gut and autoimmune issues so it might have something to it, I’m feeling notably better.
note2: few days prior to this trip I’d watched a trailer of a new animated movie relating to Native American mythology which felt very intense. Might be related as well.
2 weeks later
I’ve had an integration session with my therapist about this experience. The Calf, the death of the Calf, I just didn’t, couldn’t understand; no matter how much I meditated on it, I just felt that its death was in vain. During that guided meditation my therapist led me in, I revisited that feeling. All those spirits came up to me and I asked them why they came in the first place; I knew I kind of understood them all but the calf. And then the calf showed me all that frail feeling, how does it feel when you’re waning out of life, and how the whole herd stepped above them, how crows and coyotes and bugs and snails came to integrate that small body that once me, the calf was. I realized that the death of the calf was part of the cycle as well, but on a different level.
I now know that weakness and feebleness has a place in the whole picture. I am just unable to accept my smallness yet. My feelings of being meek, small, weak, left, inapt. And it hurts a lot. And this is my weakest point.
it’s been 20 days since, and I’ve had 15 dry days. A score that hasn’t happened in years. I’m grateful. But yearning to learn. Looking forward to my next experience, even though I am not ’called’ by another trip rn.
This was an extremely interesting trip. I've had very clear intentions and I felt confident with letting it come. All as a story, a very vivid dream, almost like written and directed, as much so it even feels unreal, or silly. I often have very interesting and dramatically „written” dreams but this was something else. I see it as a very suprising and uncommon element, that I felt everything in my muscles. EVERYTHING in my physical, mortal, biological dirtbag of a body.
Shrooms are medicine. to be respected. And a powerful ally. I am grateful for all I have around me.
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2023.03.21 21:50 Riza48 Editing Videos For YouTube - Best Form, and Any Tips

TL;DR: I'm a new streamer who wants to start uploading videos to YouTube and I'm not sure whether long form videos or cut down videos is better for my content, which has little dead air but not a ton of "substance", and if I do cut down videos, what kind of transitions will be the least jarring between cuts. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Hey, all. So, I had some questions/need some advice, please, if you don't mind. I'm a really new streamer, I don't even have 30 VODs yet, but I want to start putting my videos on YouTube, so that anyone who misses my stream can watch my older content once it's no longer available on Twitch. The thing is, I'm not sure what type of video would be best; heavily edited and cut down, or more long-form. I know that both can work, but I want to make sure that my content is as enjoyable and accessible as possible for everyone.
My videos (BotW and RF5 so far) have very little dead air, but most of my talking is just about my impressions of the game, what I'm planning on doing, things like that. When I do have chatters I'll reply to them, and sometimes that can interrupt the flow a little, especially when I get distracted by chat in the middle of reading something, like a description of an item or, sometimes, actual NPC interaction in the game.
What I'm wondering is what is good form when it comes to YouTube videos with my kind of content (little dead air, but mostly revolving around impressions/descriptions of the game and verbally laying out plans for my next actions in-game)? And also, if I do more cut down videos, how best to handle transitions?
I'm concerned that just uploading the mostly unedited videos in chunks won't be very interesting or fun to watch, but doing a ton of editing might make things confusing or frustrating for the audience. My stuff is good to put on when playing other games or working or such (according to feedback I've gotten on my streams), which points to long form being better, but again, I worry that what I talk about isn't super entertaining. Additionally, people expect different things from a YouTube uploaded video than they would from a YouTube or Twitch active live stream.
I am also worried that, if I do more cut down videos, jumping from one thing to another will be jarring, and I'm not sure what the best kind of transition would be to do. My first instinct is to put a colored background between cuts with some text, like "After doing x and y..." and letting that act as a transition, but I don't think that's the common etiquette in these situations, and also it might detract from the whole "good for listening to while doing other things" aspect of my videos.
I'm sorry for the length of this, and if this isn't the "right" way to make this kind of post. I'm completely new to posting on Reddit. Plus, I tend to like to give as much information as possible so things can be clear. Anyway, thank you so much to those of you who read this, and for any responses. Sorry again about the length.
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2023.03.21 21:50 Dogettt [M4F] The Lord of the Rings!

Hello! So, as it is almost time for my annual The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings binge, I've decided to dig up some of my older Middle-Earth plots and create a few new ones, too! Romance, adventure, action and more awaits us. As one does not simply walk into a roleplay without being a detailed, literate writer, I ask that you must be able to contribute to the story and not just react to what happened in the previous post.
After the War's been won, Gimli - along with a guard of twenty Gondorian Riders - returns to Edoras as an escort to Lady Eowyn and her brother, the newly-crowned King Eomer, for Faramir son of Denethor perished due to his wounds. Sending the men back to Minas Tirith, Gimli Son of Gloín bids his friends goodbye and prepares for the march back to Erebor, for word has come: King Daín has fallen in battle against Sauron's forces and, as the detached cousin of Balin, his presence would help the coronation proceedings go smoothly. When Eowyn presents him with an impossible-to-refuse offer, he's torn between his heart and homeland. The offer? To join her in a journey around Middle-Earth as she mourns the loss of the man she was supposed to be betrothed to while pinpointing Sauron's remaining holdouts in the darkest caverns and deepest places where even the Son of Gloín would thing twice to step. (OCs in a similar situation are possible, or we can do someone else instead of Gimli.)
The Evenstar is at her wits' end. Not only does her father refuse to let her stay in Middle-Earth and Lord Aragorn has decided to distance himself from her. Imagine her surprise when, during a diplomatic mission to Erebor, Dale or Lothlorien, she's forced into a diplomacy and politically-fueled 'arranged marriage' of sorts with a noble Dwarf or Orcish chieftain. Perhaps he truly loves her? (This works with Éowyn or Galadriel, too!)
The fairest creature in Middle-Earth, standing tall and graceful, her eyes shining with ancient, endless wisdom: Galadriel is beautiful, intelligent and graceful, so why would she remain between mortals while the Grey Havens beckon to her? That's for us to decide! Lórien is almost empty, Mithrandir and your husband have left, yet you decided to stay. Why? Perhaps you have fallen for a human or such? Maybe you yearn to rear a child? Who knows!
Eowyn lost everything. Her uncle, Theoden. Her cousin, Theodred. The love of her life, Faramir, after he died of the wounds he acquired at the Battle of Osgiliath. Returning to the Rohirric capital of Edoras, the Golden Hall of Meduseld felt empty without her cousin and her uncle. She couldn't take it anymore. Spending almost all her time in her room, curled up in bed, having not washed for months or seen sunlight in weeks, a ray of light enters her life. A half-dead boy - Human, Dwarf, Elf, even Orc - is found by a party of Riders tracking down rumours of an Orc Horde running rampant near Isengard. Eomer, seeing his sister's need for love, decides he knows the perfect foster mother for the boy...
After the War of the Ring, Arwen Undomiel, Evenstar of the Elves, is left in Middle-Earth as her father and family sails to the Grey Havens. Her husband's health failed before she bore children, leaving her as the motherless Queen Regent of a throne governed by a gentle prince, but not one of her own blood. Left seemingly without purpose, Arwen dwells the halls of Minas Tirith until, one day, a patrol brings back the child of a slain soldier who had one last wish: to have his son meet the Evenstar. However, she instantly takes a liking to him and, before long, takes him as her own son.
Something with the Lady Galadriel is also possible!
So, those are my plots! Alternatively, we could create our own story, preferably set between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings or just after Sauron's final defeat! Perhaps a plot similar to ÉOWYN, with our characters taking on goblin strongholds? Maybe they're social outcasts who happen to meet by chance? Or a few soldiers defending Osgiliath? All I know is that I'd love some romance!
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2023.03.21 21:50 TheDrungeonBlaster Street Dreams #7: Keep it Quiet

“Alright, shitheads, before we drop, we’re running our way through the plan: our first step entails high tailing it to the center of the building; by my count that means we’re going to have to crack two separate high security gates to enter. The second step will be the simplest—get into the Supervisor’s office; two guards will be outside door, with another pair of patrols in the hallway at all times. We gas the joint, put ‘em out, then use their fingerprints to crack into the office. Finally, we’ll nab the plutonium and jet towards the windows. And remember: above all else, we keep it quiet, I don’t want to have to kill anyone tonight,” I explained.
“Sounds good, boss,” Krieg said, sarcastically.
“One more thing: while we’re inside, I’m in charge. I won’t repeat myself; if I have to say something twice, the second time I’ll say it through a barrel. We clear?”
Whitney rolled her eyes.
“Crystal,” Krieg snarled.
Rain hammered the plascrete, as storm clouds rolled in above Satellite Valley. Every inch of space not consumed by buildings, or the road had been converted into solar panel storage. Thousands of new cameras had been installed throughout the district a month ago, after a heist turned into arson and threatened the entire of the district. The skyway was surveyed by a veritable net of bulky, square combat drones, each of which possessing full access to the security network. I hated working in Satellite Valley.
Locust’s corporate tower was a mighty sentinel of automated aggression, eagerly overlooking the city, waiting to its payload of robotic death upon whoever was foolish enough to be made an example out of. The obsidian spire was framed with lines of streaming neon lights. An immense sign read, ‘Locust Munitions and Automotive,’ perched atop the building like a ridiculous square hat. I glanced to the security monitors atop the enviro-dome: no threat level increase. That in itself was a damned miracle; anytime a vehicle entered from outside the district, the threat prediction algorithm would do a routine threat level increase. Marcel and Maggy must have figured out a way around it, but how?
Finally, we reached the parking garage. The doors opened, but Marcel and Maggy never said a word. I left a credstick on my seat, nothing much, only a couple thousand; it was the least I could do—they’d seen me through so many hard times.
The garage was quiet. I compressed the button on a localized jammer as we all stepped out. The cameras sputtered for a moment before continuing their rotations. Marcel had dropped us at the bottom of the garage, a block away from the maintenance entrance. Krieg and Carol fell into formation, flanking me on either side; Whitney followed a few feet back, with Ursa and Monitor taking up the rear. With a thought my HALO readied my guns. I selected non-lethal rounds, watched the drums spin and clicked on my norepinephrine regulator. This was it; chances like this came along once in a career. This much plutonium would be enough to fund a retirement—if I ever decided to retire.
“Alright, team, load up non-lethal rounds, keep it quiet and stay in formation; on my mark!” I said, drawing both guns.
Whitney’s cufflinks cast sparks to the ground; tasers. Figures, she’d never had a stomach for murder, not outside of the man in her basement who she apparently intended to torture to death. I suppose the world had changed both of us. I could see it in the way she moved: she was leagues above were she’d been before we’d all went our separate ways. She was a professional now.
We wove through the shadows, careful to avoid stepping out of line. The cameras wouldn’t give us away, everything organic in a ten foot radius of the jammer would be masked, refracted like it was never there. Unfortunately, even with the best gadgets the risk of human intervention was still present. I slipped on my rebreather as we crested the garage’s slope. A small door situated between two separate webs of piping and wires sat across the room. The maintenance entrance. I flashed a fabricated security pass and the door slid open.
I emerged into a narrow corridor, the walls lined with hissing pipes and loose valves. We shifted into single file. Humidity drenched the room, accruing on the walls like hackers on an open HALO channel. The heat was nearly unbearable. I couldn’t help but think of how vulnerable we were. I let out a short, crisp whistle and started hustling forward in a quiet jog. All we could do was move fast and hope none of the staff had to leave mid-shift. Finally, we reached our destination: an automated door that chirped a synthetic sounding, “Good morning!” as I flashed the fake security pass.
Immense glass frames were laced throughout the metallic black hallway. The scent of industrial cleaner hung in the air, and the walls were decorated with surrealist art depicting melting faces, distorted objects and psychedelic landscapes. The group slid to a halt as something robotic whirred into the distance.
Carol’s eyes flashed to me, begging for permission.
Unsure, I slowly nodded back. Her cyber-shell tensed up, assuming a crouched position with her head covered by her arms. Her eyes were empty. I’d never seen anything like it; what the hell was she up to?
I waited with bated breath as the whirring slowly drew closer. I pointed my SMGs, but Krieg glanced at me, shaking his head. Finally, a security droid rounded the corner, taking point beside Carol. Whitney rolled her eyes.
The stairs were impossibly wide, apparently designed as the workers primary avenue of transportation, despite the intricate elevator system present; Locust reserved luxuries like elevators, breaks and days off for the higher ups. We clung to the shadows as we ascended the stairwell.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing here?” a guard called out, rapidly levelling a hand cannon towards the group.
Krieg’s finger reconfigured itself, firing a pair of darts into the guard’s neck. He hit the ground almost instantly.
“Poor bastard should have just pretended like he never saw anything and went about his—” Ursa started, before a rocket pierced his chest, detonating from within.
A hail of gore rained down upon the crew. We were helpless; there was no cover, no tactical advantage to be found. I clicked the guns over to lethal, enabling explosive rounds. Whitney dove forward. The shooter launched another missile, landing square in Krieg’s chest. Despite the obvious damage, the cyborg endured, his arms reshaping into miniguns as he bellowed a war cry.
And just like that, the run went loud.
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2023.03.21 21:50 Muted_Appointment735 4th date went AMAZING, how do I proceed?

I 27M went on a 4th date with a 31F and it went better than expected. We ended up getting brunch in my neighborhood after she expressed interest in checking out a place near me. We got brunch and talked. She actually paid for the meal, which was surprising but refreshing.
She expressed interest in watching a movie with with me after. I was like cool and we ended up walking to my place. One thing led to another and after some hours of foreplay, we had sex. We basically cuddled for 7-8 hours while watching movies also.
At this point, I know what I want. I want her to be my girlfriend. I made it clear when we were cuddling that the "ball is in your court" and that she has the power in this situation, because I already know that I want to pursue her.
She said she liked me and that she was happy to be with me that day. She eventually that night had to leave to literally feed her cat for the evening but we kissed goodbye and expressed interest in seeing each other again, with her saying "I will see you soon."
I don't know how to text her about a potential 5th date, but I told her I am available whenever I'm not working and would make time for her. I am thinking about giving her some space and text her scarcely until we figure out the 5th date. Is this the right approach?
tl;dr: Went on amazing 4th date that ended with sex and cuddling. Want her to be my gf. We hopefully will see each other again soon. How should I text her until we meet again?
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