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This subreddit is for bicycle commuters who film their rides and for discussion of the safety of cyclists. We welcome everyone, including those just getting into cycling or camming. Please be respectful of your fellow redditors when commenting and remember that our priority is the safety of the most vulnerable road users.

2023.03.12 23:48 fonts-a-tron Cloudflare checking if site is secure on almost all sites and some sited do not work properly

Started yesterday. I noticed a few sites wouldn't load completely or behaved odd. Tried chrome, firefox, edge and there were similar results but exactly identical. Also a few app on my one+ 9 pro are not functioning properly only while on wifi. Started doing some google troubleshooting and am getting the cloudflare "checking if site is secure" before almost all the pages I would visit. Figured its some sort of IP issue. Tried a VPN and all sites now fully functioning, no cloudflare. Reset Frontier fiber modem, Asus gs ax3000 router (firmware up to date) and Windows 10 pc (windows up to date). PC is hardwired to router. No change. Reset router to factory setting. No change. Contacted Frontier support. They gave me 2 suggestions to try. 1) command promt to ipconfig/ release and renew. Followed there steps and rebooted. No change. 2) bypass router. Ethernet a pc directly to the modem. This worked. Signs are pointing to an issue with router. I've been using this router trouble free for over a year with no recent (2+ months) changes to anything on the network. Downloaded and reinstalled the current firmware. Went through all the settings I could understand and googled the rest. I think everything configured properly. Just to confirm, I installed an old modem I have, netgear ac1200, and all sites are working. Any suggestions on what else I can try or do I need a new modem? For most sites everything is fine, except the constant cloudflare. Speed test was great 500mb down and up, 9ms latency. Thanks
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2023.03.12 23:37 Tanmay880 Protect film from factory?

I’m going to be getting an Elantra N next month and have to drive it roughly 12hours home. I’m looking into getting PPF, but I don’t want the paint to get any chips or damage on the way home from the dealer. I’m wondering if anyone knows if the car will come wrapped in some kind of protective wrap from factory that they remove before selling it? If that’s the case then I could ask them to leave it on and I would take it off myself when I get home. Just looking for some insight on how to drive it 12hrs without any paint damage. Thanks.
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2023.03.12 23:13 Steffenmand [WTS] 💥💥Warbond Central💥💥 50+ Warbond/Cost Saving CCUs - Save up to 40% vs RSI 💥💥 Various OC (including Hull E) & CCU'd LTI Ships 💥💥 Crazy Warbond deals - Save BIG! 💥💥 All standard upgrades available - jusk ask! 💥💥 Buy 3 or more and save further 15% - while stock last

Warbond Central
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Let me know if you are searching for something specific - because i might have it. Backer since 2014.
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2023.03.12 23:07 iprefersummer What trip, plan, or event do you have in your upcoming schedule that you’re looking to the most?

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2023.03.12 22:16 arkencode Scientific Methods is bugged

I found the secret room behind the shower and found Nicole’s log about the corpse in Engineering, but the side mission still says “Follow Nicole’s hologram”.
I found the secret room without having the side mission active, I have tried to activate the side mission, went back to the secret room and listened to the log, but the objective still remains incomplete.
I got frustrated and read up on the quest online, apparently I’m supposed to go to Engineering and enter the Calibration room, but I’m in chapter 4 and it’s locked.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Or do I have to restart the game?
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2023.03.12 21:57 Lucaslemu2244 [FOR HIRE] Offering Help in Entire Online Courses// Mathematics//Economics// Accounting//Finance//Financial Economics// Econometrics// Higher Level Advanced Econometrics// Mathematics for Economics//Statistics//Micro/Macroeconomics//Business Courses

Hi, I am a verified all-time tutor with a passion in academics and helping students with coursework. I have been doing this for quite some time now, hence the experience and expertise in the field. Feel free to contact me, and let’s get you excellent grades.
I specialize in;
●Economics ●Financial Economics ●Fiscal policy ●IS-LM curve ●Marginal Costs (MC) ●AC ●Profit (And profit functions ●Graphical economics ●Consumer and producer choices ●Langragian ● Mathematics For Economics
●Macro/Microeconomics Total cost, Total revenue. Marginal revenue and Cost Profit functions Price, Income and electricity of demand, Fiscal and Monetary policy, Oligopoly, Consumer choice, Utility and Expenditure functions
●Markets Production function, Substitution and Income Effect,NVP and IRR, IS-LM framework, Equilibrium Income, Consumption, Investment and Savings International, Trade and competitive Advantage, Investment in Project analysis
●Statistics Mean/Median and Mode/ Expectations and Variance/ Point and Interval Estimations/ Moment generating function and applications/ probability/ moments/ Skewness and Kurtosis
●Properties and Estimators Consistency// Sufficiency// Efficiency
●Methods of estimation Method of moments// maximum likelihood function// Least squares// Minimum variance// The distribution// Test of independence// Hypothesis testing// Time series analysis// Statistical Significance// Graph analysis// Difference and Differential equations// Business Statistics
●Business Courses ●High Level Advanced Economics ●Entire Online Classes.
Discounts available for first time clients and those having several classes will get an offer as well. Let’s get you a GPA that is commendable during this period
Refunds available in the rare case clients are not satisfied with our services.
Hit me up for best offers!
Discord: BigFive#0282
Email: [email protected]
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2023.03.12 21:55 Tay8641 What oddly satisfying video interests do you have- specifically, something with more to it than it first appears?

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2023.03.12 21:35 HorusApl ExeosCraft SMP McMMO Friendly Economy Semi-Vanilla 1.19.3

What are we? Exeos is a rather small community of players just looking to have fun, meet new people and be treated with respect. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community who have firm rules against any and all hate speech, in short: This is a safe space for anyone. Our only goal is to have a good time and create the best Minecraft experience possible. To support our goal, we don’t allow any P2W functions and operate consistently with NO lag. With our economy system, anything is buyable and obtainable simply by playing the game. To keep true to this, ALL donations that do not directly fund the server are given away. We do monthly PayPal giveaways and charity donations due to the incredible kindness of our existing playerbase. Neither the owner or any staff takes a single cent from any of it! We do this for the love of the game. Why join?
If you aren’t a fan of the typical “hype-beast” that tries to bleed your wallet dry, annoy you with their strange rules or unfriendliness, this is the place for you. If you can grind it, you can have it. We offer a variety of plugins to keep things fun. We support both Java and Bedrock Edition. Our most notable plugins are: McMMO, SilkSpawners, GriefDefender (Land claims) and ShopGUIPlus. With these, you can protect whatever you decide to make and make the most efficient farms imaginable.
Consider giving it a look, you’ll be glad you did.
Java IP: Bedrock IP: Discord:
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2023.03.12 20:18 ThrowRAmicrodino First break up (23m)(19f)

I went through my first breakup last Monday, it ended on good terms where the both of us can work on our education and career and might be open to a relationship in the future. I didn’t want to cut things off permanently because we still like each other and want to make it work later. That being said, it’s been really tough on me emotionally and I’m having issues distracting myself, I’m not sure what to do to keep myself busy. I’ve been trying to study, read, do crafts, but nothing really keeps me distracted from it. I have started journaling, but some advice on how people deal with the loneliness and overthinking after a break up would be appreciated.
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2023.03.12 20:02 Electrical_Ad180 Could I be trans?

For context, I'm 16. I'm definitely not an adult and I do understand that at my age exploration is normal; but I just don't really know anymore. I understand that 'am I trans?' can't exactly be answered properly by someone that /isn't/ me, but I just want advice.
I'm AFAB, for starters. My body looks pretty boxy, not muscular... just. boxy. As does my face, I get gendered as a boy fairly often. Albeit ever since I've started wearing more fem clothing and gotten a fem haircut, it's stopped. Now moving on from that, I try putting on makeup, I've tried a LOT of makeup. Spent a lot on it. As with jewellery and clothes.
I've tried to look feminine, tldr. But when I look at myself in the mirror, wearing feminine clothing, with a feminine haircut, with makeup caked on I just feel dead inside. Like the person I'm looking at in the mirror isn't me. I suffer from a bit of dissociation and derealisation, so I was thinking that might play a part in it...
I don't mind the idea of being a boy, but I feel like I should have stronger feelings on it to 'consider myself trans'. And dysphoria. I don't exactly want to be a boy and a girl either, or neither! I've tried being more masculine before, but it just felt like so much effort. Like I was getting nowhere, so I gave up.
I really just don't know, plus being trans in my country is so hard. Like the waiting lists are preposterously long.
I'd just like some advice on this whole ordeal.
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2023.03.12 19:54 madametitties how do I know if my skin is purging or if I'm just having outbreaks?

I've been having more whiteheads and break out and even a bit of flakiness on my nose (and my oily T-zone in general), since I started my skin care routine! I wasn't too sure if I should be worried and someone told me I was purging (bc Im using products like Lactic/Azeliac acid) and I'm not too sure if that's what's happening. I'm kinda worried about it, so any advice would be appreciated
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2023.03.12 19:36 Resident-Youth-9238 2022 midterms survey, complete even if you didn't vote!! :-)

Hi! I am an AP Research student studying the factors that influence voter turnout in the midterm elections. To have the most accurate data possible, I want to have a large outreach of participants for my form!
If you are a student that was eligible to vote in the 2022 midterm elections, or have friends or family members who were eligible to vote last year, please complete my form below, regardless of whether you voted or not. Also, if you can go into depth on your free-response answers, please do so! Thank you so much for your help!
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2023.03.12 19:27 Liam162 Struggling with frustration

Any body else struggle with frustration when their adhd interfears with their day to day. Normally im ok. I was diagnosed about a year ago and before i knew i had adhd, i still struggled but found ways to cope/ do things in a way that made things easier for me. After my diagnosis i was able to get more understanding and 99% of the time im ok. But for example today im doing stuff at work that is not the usual day to day stuff and requires a plan. Ive found in situations like this that if someone breaks down what they expect me to do in steps and shows me the area im working on whilst explaining it i can crack on no problem. Although i told my manager this, she is not making it clear what i need to do. She is giving me a list of tasks and its all going in one ear and out the other. Nobody else is struggling. Its just me, my manager and 2 other people and its pissing me off. I know i can do the job and i like to keep busy and crack on. But the more i dont understand, the more i get frustrated and flustered. I dont know what to do. Ive had meeting with her in the past and she knows i have adhd and i have told her she needs to break down tasks but she seems to have foggotten. Im trying my best but the frustration of knowing im capable and wanting to crack on, but also knowing because of my adhd i cant is up setting me. Especailly because everyone else seems to be doing it fine. I dont know what to do, i dont wanna ask for help because i should be able to do it and dont want to get laughed at for in my eyes being "slow".
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2023.03.12 19:22 AdmirableKnowledge52 Dark spots on my whiten bones

So, ive been bone hunting for 2-3 years and my firsts find was a goat skull and a ram skull.
Recently ive been taking this hobby more seriously since over the years ive collected two cats, one iguana, two horses and one pig skull.
Problem is with my first finds(they are already whitened and i may have not properly degreased them 3 years ago)— i took them out of their display to find they have some dark spots and its very worrying to me. I put them to degrease with my pig skull but im really concerned that it might not work to get them to be removed since i do not want to loose them.
Is there anything i can do to remove these stains? Should i continue with the degreasing? I have an anxiety disorder and this is causing me so much stress and breathing problems.
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2023.03.12 19:18 masoelcaveman Noob needs help making a simple script to reactivate security cameras when they randomly stop.

I've set up a surveillance system throughout my property that connects to the cell towers. However, these cameras only record when they sense motion. Yet they have the option to view live feed at any time, and that's what I do. I have them all running live on my pc.
However, the issue is they will randomly receive an "unexpected error" then I have to click the red explanation mark web element that appeared over the errored camera, click ok, and then click on the play button that has now appeared over the camera.
Is it possible to create a script/program that will continuously check for the red exclamation mark error, and then auto click on it, auto click ok, and then auto click play?
About to download Automatio to see if that will work, but that is $25 a month from what I understand, and my monthly fees are already higher than I'd like for this system
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2023.03.12 18:55 SinisterAkira M 26 - I got only 1 brain cell left so let me share the last with you ? 😁

You ever just put all your energy into a convo only for your time to be wasted ? Or it fizzles out quicker than juicy fruit gum ? Well I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced that here. Hopefully you can change that !
I got nothing else better to do so let’s chat or random things like maybe a recent show you watched or something you’re proud of doing or send music that would make me “transcend” my soul or send me some of your best memes (:
I can offer a funny, flirtatious, chill conversation 😁 I’m down for whatever tonight like I said so just try not to make it to where it feels like carrying the convo for both of us. Anyway simple as that right ? Well I’d hope so lol but, fr if you wanna hit me up by all means go for it and if not then have a good day ❤️
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2023.03.12 17:47 Grievar_LA [WTT] SiS Week 1: The Hunter’s Dream Beckons - A Vortex Huey for a SG Bloodborne Watch

Hello Good Hunters.
GAFS is a mysterious place where dreams can become reality. I will cut straight to the chase. I am looking to exchange my Vortex UH-1 Gen 2 for the Bloodborne Astral Clocktower Watch from SuperGroupies. I do not have the original box for the optic, but I will bubble wrap the devil out of it before shipping.
If you are interested, we will be asking for the services and assistance of a proxy member, such as the inimitable u/JustHereForTheGuns, to facilitate the trade. Both parties will pay for their own shipping, insurance, and whatever fees the honorable proxy requires.
As always, comment here first before sending a PM or chat. TV: $390
May your hunt be bountiful, good hunters.
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2023.03.12 17:33 rkcdlittmeditate Time and the Future

Is our future determined only by time?
I realize that our lives are run by the clock. Alarms awaken us in the morning and the late news puts us to bed at night. If we are employed, we are controlled by the train or bus schedule, when the next meeting is, our lunch with a client, then schedule phone or zoom calls. This repeats itself day after day. Our lives run like a clock. Or do they?
Now I realize that I am retired, but if I allow it, the clock can determine my life. I still have meetings, many on zoom. My doctors appointments and therapy sessions, both physical and mental, are frequent; and my yoga classes at the local YMCA are on a schedule. The clock may not control my life as it was when I was teaching, but it still tends to dictate my week.
But let us ignore (if possible) all of these minor distractions and concentrate on something much more important and much more agreeable to ponder and to place in the forefront of our thinking. We are not just mortal! Putting the efforts of Galileo and Christiaan Huygens aside, which govern our mortal body, it is our spiritual side, the eternal side, that should not be determined by time.
Our spiritual beings are eternal; they always were, and they always will be. To really enjoy our lives, we have to open ourselves to something greater than ourselves. As a youth, I often climbed the stairs of the apartment building we lived in, climbed the short ladder to the roof, and lay myself down to gaze at the stars at night. . . and dream. Now I go to my back yard, sit in my picnic chair and look up. I no longer dream because my over-educated mind is in awe of what is above me. I am in awe of the vastness of God’s creation and how small I truly am.
But then I overthink my existence and realize that if God did truly create me, and He did, then I am just as important to God as everything I see in the sky, the billions of stars seen and planets not seen. There is not one thing out there greater than I am nor I greater than anything out there. This is a dynamic thought! I write a lot about love, because God created me in a moment of spiritual and physical love. God is Love; therefore, I am love.
With Love, there is no past; there is no future; there is only the present, and the present is eternal.
©Russell Kendall Carter
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2023.03.12 17:30 Big-Research-2875 Tapeworm infection

Tapeworm infection

Tapeworm infection

If you ingest sure flatworm eggs, they'll migrate outside your intestines and kind larval cysts in body tissues and organs (invasive infection). If you ingest flatworm larvae, however, they become adult tapeworms in your intestines (intestinal infection).
An adult flatworm consists of a head, neck and chain of segments referred to as proglottids. after you have AN enteric infection, the flatworm head adheres to the enteric wall, and also the proglottids grow and manufacture eggs.
Intestinal flatworm infections area unit typically delicate, with only 1 or 2 adult tapeworms. however invasive larval infections will cause serious complications.
Tapeworm infection


Many people with enteric infection haven't got symptoms. If you are doing have issues from the infection, your symptoms can rely upon the sort of flatworm you've got and its location. Invasive infection symptoms vary betting on wherever the larvae have migrated.

Intestinal infection

Signs and symptoms of enteric infection include:
• Nausea
• Weakness
• Loss of appetency

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2023.03.12 17:14 RandomRandy816 Why doesn't the Value match my "Data Validation Restrictions Defined" for the cell?

So I run an Office League for Football squares, and I've developed a system to manage everything. So much so that I created tables to automatically put players names in their requested squares so I wouldn't have to manually type in everybody's name in on each square.
My question is why do I get this alert message? It does it not let me tab after I input the number of the squares they want. I get the "This value doesn't match the data validation restrictions defined for this cell." and I have a column that contains the listed numbers 1-100 that represent the available squares, and I have a table set up to put all that data in.
Column set with Data Validation for Available Squares
Showing the alert I receive when I input a number that is valid!
Showing my formula on the Squares

Any idea what I am doing wrong that I get that alert?
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2023.03.12 16:56 Familiar-Ad2993 I don’t want to love him

I don’t want to love him, if this is what that is
Hello, I (23F) guess I just need some advice. Or for people to talk some sense into me. To tell me how in the wrong I am and that yea maybe I am the asshole. I don’t know how much detail to go into, but I guess if anyone wants to know more they can alway just ask.
I’ll try to keep it short, because this is something I see happens often. Cheating, having an affair which ever one this falls under.
It started when I started to work at a new company, my friend helped me get the job and I needed a new start, I was miserable at my old job ( that could be a whole story all on its own). I met this guy, he was super nice and friendly, the first guy at this new job to make me feel comfortable and not like some wild animal ( this is a predominantly male environment). I wouldn’t say I’m the prettiest most drop dead gorgeous person alive.Due to my lowish self esteem, the fact that his guy, who I’ll call A (29M) being married, any playfulness or occasional flirting I assumed to be just a joke or a moment in passing. This went on for about a year, flirting and playing around. I admired him, and I think now I can acknowledge this as a crush, we always went on lunch together, worked closely, joked and talked shit. Never once did he make me feel uncomfortable, I felt the safest with him ( I had a problem with two guys that kept looking and staring at my everything move).
One day, we were talking about the circumstances behind one of our coworkers and his wife and kids. How they met, were supposed to have a one night stand and then ended up pregnant. 6 years later he is unhappily in this relationship and complains about it constantly. A told me that I shouldn’t ever go out with a guy like that and that he’d beat me up if I did. Like always I laughed and agreed, he then said “If you want to have sex all you have to do is ask me” “What?” “I’m saying that if you are just looking for dick, you could use mine” I laughed and rolled my eyes, I thought this was one of those jokes I didn’t get, even though i knew it was more than that, I let it go. He and I had talked before about his past sexual experiences and girlfriends, I never had anything to contribute because I never had a boyfriend or had sex. But I’d alway listen to his stories and ask questions, not all of them had to do with sex and were in all honesty very entertaining to listen to. Later that day, when we were walking home, he brought up having sex with him again. “What? You said you’d try it?” “Try what” “Using my dick for yourself “ “Does this mean your wife isn’t using it” thinking about it now, I shouldn’t have entertained the idea, it should have been left as a joke. He told me she hasn’t used it yet, and then we went on to talk about how I was a virgin and why or how he couldn’t believe it. Before we went our separate ways he made me promise I wouldn’t tell anyone what we talked about, we could get in trouble. I agree and he made me pinky promise. When I agreed to that, he gave me a kiss. I don’t know if this matters to other people, but it was my first kiss, I always imagined it being movie style perfect. I was more shocked that he did it and he could only laugh as he walked away.
A week or so later, we discussed what happened and ended up making out. On occasions he’d slap my butt when we were alone, eventually got me to touch his dick. We suddenly got into a physical kind of relationship, sneaking around with each other. He’s been my first for everything, and I know that these days those things don’t mean much, but they mean a lot to me. But I know that A can’t be my boyfriend or anything other than a physical thing, he doesn’t care or love me in the way that I want him too. Even if I catch myself having those feelings for him. In the back of my mind is always the fact that he has a family, that he loves deeply, that he wouldn’t leave for anything. I selfishly want him to have some kind of feelings for me. But that’s wrong, I’m in the wrong.
I needed to get this out. If I think about it too much I start to cry. I get pains in my chest when he speaks about his family. I tell myself that I’m okay and I can let him go, but then he’d do or say something and I melt all over again. I think I’m crazy
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2023.03.12 16:36 black_swan_song This Is The Second Dream I Had To Wake Up And Immediately Write Them Down.

But I've chalked them up to an hour long. Some of them from finding out I was sad because this place was so skeptical, and started reading tarot intuitively. I told him yet again that it was a child 6-8 years old, wrapped in aluminum foil and bound with black thread.
I held no fear in my music class which I know is probably a big part of the Magickal Will, which is a spiritual awakening and started with the drum circle. So there must be playing when I'm resting and it's difficult to keep them closed as I was seeing from my perspective. The other being nodded, and then apd someone said an ancient weapon as if it doesn't go away in a lower dimension.
I've been interested in purchasing a channeled 6 song playlist with notes from your desired realities? The Great Tao is Eternal, death is never to be at peace with myself to serve the world. You send in a lower dimension.
Still nothing that much changes in my astral body in a afternoon nap? I just wanted to tell my dad and I couldn't tell what the hell does it mean? A little about me, I discovered that I want to do with.
I've tried this, I try to AP 2 months ago. I think literally every time I've tried this, I try to shift to. is it possible that changing the reality you intend to shift to. is it just me? Last night in particular I was seeing myself holding a lighter in my heart, as I can remember, I have very detailed and vivid dreams usually.
To be as loyal as the character but pushed by insight and to begin manifesting your own experiences and dreams, the image you take is unique, and your families! For ye to know if this kind of like an ongoing story. Surprised because all the tips and information, guys!
Chorus: We're not alone in this universe, Mysteries waiting to be special came into my bed.
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