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HAUS-KEEPING (March going out like a lamb? I think not.)

2023.03.31 18:18 KetoKitsune HAUS-KEEPING (March going out like a lamb? I think not.)

The handy-dandy Cliff Notes version of what's been happening in our sub recently! (a collaborative effort from your moderator team, we hope you enjoy it!)


u/2-22-15 shares a moment that we are all so grateful for as well
Walking back to my part of town, bags full of treasures from this delightful store, cold brew in hand, I was in awe of the forest around me. The store and coffee shop are only 2 miles from my apartment, but the road between them is heavily treed, and gives full-on Ancient Forest sensory overwhelm. I was struck, yet again, by the fact that I live in the perfect place for me.
u/Petronella17 reminding us to celebrate the little things when getting over being sick
I've progressed from PJ pants to real pants.
u/Natalicious-keto taking a moment to just be
It was one of those Funky Days where I felt like laying low and away from the world all day long. When it started to rain, I went out side on the patio and let it pour on my uplifted face and then I grabbed some Lime Blossoms and crushed them to bring out their cleansing fragrance and inhaled deeply. I wished I could just take off my robe and let the rain drench my whole body but...neighbors. It was a brief, healing, cleansing moment. Then I had to put on a new dry robe, so perhaps it was also silly.
u/Jennlnz You love to see it.
Had a great weekend. I felt more like myself than I have in a long time. No mood swings, no headache, didn't feel stressed for once. Genuinely felt...happy, I think.

Hot Topics:

New month, new goals! u/TrixieKixx has you covered with how to keep track of your progress with the April Goals Post. Share your goals, your game plans and support one another making April a success.

Biggest Disappointments:

u/TrixieKixx having problems diagnosing the microwave situation
We got our new microwave installed on Saturday morning! Bad news? It wasn't our microwave that was the issue. Apparently, it's the circuit or circuit breaker. Hubby is going to contact an electrician today. Fingers crossed, it's fixed soon! I didn't realize how much I relied on it every day.
u/ketokate-o with some workplace headaches
I clock back in right at 4pm to find that during these two hours I was AWOL the meeting I had set up on Friday for our team of five to meet the one new assistant controller had been forwarded and re-forwarded and re-re-forwarded and somehow now had ten additional people invited. I sent the invite directly addressed to the new assistant controller and I'm fucking baffled as to how this happened. I booked an eight person conference room thinking that would be plenty space for six. Now there are sixteen fucking people and I have no idea what they're expecting from me since all I was planning to do was talk to the new person about what our team does and how we support them.
u/2boredtocare and u/shesakatie were both had their keto trains de-railed by a danish!
u/ketokitsune has a shitty night
I went to bed I accidentally knocked over this shadow box bank thing that I use to save money for vacations. It has a glass panel that shattered all over my bedroom floor. Now its midnight, I startle wake up the boy and then Bento is freaking out because I am on the floor picking up glass shards and trying to prevent the animals from running through the carnage. I got a micro shard in my finger that hurt like a bitch. Anyways, now there is glass all over my floor (probably). I slept like crap.
u/Gillyak with a tragic garden fail
I woke up to the nasty surprise that I'd forgotten to take in my fuschias, and it froze last night. I may have lost them to my forgetful brain. I have been putting them out during the day to get them ready for spring. The poor things had ice on their leaves.

Best Advice:

u/Petronella17 looking at the silver lining for those who procrastinate.
Procrastination works! By the time I got around to setting up PT, my ankle is finally healed!!
u/gillyyak promotes taking care of yourself for the better
My body positivity affirmation for today: I feel good when I take care of my mind and body.
u/TrixieKixx shares some quotes that she found motivating
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." and "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." I hope they resonate with you as they did with me!
u/NunneyCatch has a great point
Live life to the fullest! It's funny how when you say yes, how many other things end up wanting to agree with you!

Food Porn:


WE’VE REACHED 5,894 MEMBERS! Let’s celebrate - our community is growing in numbers and awesomeness as we reach our FOUR year anniversary!


Question of the Week:

You guys are what makes this community great! This weekly recap is a great place to interact and get to know each other just a little bit better. Please leave your answer in the comments if you’d like to play along! Have fun with it :)
What movie makes you cry? No matter what, no matter how many times you watch it. Maybe you even watch it when you need a good cry. Share!
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2023.03.31 18:11 litlnemo One upgrade leads to another...

One upgrade leads to another...
I wrote this up for a FB comment, then realized my odyssey might amuse someone here.
I got my printer in October. It pretty much "just worked" for several months, with almost daily use. Then... things changed. And I ended up on the Upgrade Merry-Go-Round. Yikes!
Here are the upgrades I have so far, in chronological order.
  • The usual start, various printed items like a new knob, filament guides, drawers, tool holders, etc.
  • spare nozzles just in case (still haven't used)
Everything worked great for ages (I got the machine in October and it was pretty reliable and easy to deal with until Feb.). Then, I printed out some adjustment wheel thingies to make it a little easier to keep its level, since I kept bumping into it and knocking it off-level. While installing the thingies, I noticed a lot of people had the yellow springs, etc., and said they were good. So I bought:
  • Yellow springs, red adjustment wheels (for functionality AND because they look sharp!)
  • Red aluminum extruder because it was an inexpensive upgrade and I was gonna break the plastic one eventually
Had worse trouble with the leveling after that, which I hadn't had before, and thought maybe my bed was a bit warped, so next change:
  • BL Touch (and firmware that would work with it)
Issues setting up the Touch meant that the nozzle gouged holes and ruts in my magnetic bed. So...
  • new removable magnetic bed thingy, to use after calibrating Z offset again
Everything worked well for a few days, then started getting worse, then the extruder stepper motor seemed to be going bad, so....
  • new stepper motor
Got two good prints, then the nozzle (for no reason I can tell) decided to gouge the bed again. Even working around the gouges, I just couldn't get anything to print properly any more. Decided to give the printer a once-over to make sure the structure itself was properly level (I found the x gantry definitely was not!), tighten some belts, etc.
  • caliper so I could measure this stuff, since I didn't have one
  • another removable magnetic bed surface since the latest one was ruined
Got everything all fixed (I hoped), then realized I've been printing like heck since October -- like, almost every day -- so I probably need a new nozzle right about now. Tried to remove it with the tools that came with the printer. No budge. I thought maybe the wrench didn't quite fit, and nothing else in the house worked. So...
  • Nozzle wrench kit with extra nozzles, tweezers, needles, some other stuff
Got the kit. Heated everything up, went to remove the nozzle, it just. wouldn't. move. Until it did. Snapped off.
The look on the heat block's face pretty much matched mine at this point
Tried for hours to fix, finally gave up and ordered new hot end.
  • all metal hot end
  • Capricorn tubing because it came with it
  • new nozzle that came with the new hot end (already screwed into it -- I hope THIS one will come out when I need to remove it...)
Releveled and everything else again. Have gotten about 4 tiny print jobs done so far, and they are fine. Cross your fingers for me... this odyssey took about a month.
Since my printer was a Microcenter special ($99), this means it pretty much doubled its cost over that month.
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2023.03.31 17:51 VaquitaPorpoise TDP March Monthly Update Toward season 5

Hey TDP fandom! Welcome to this monthly update toward season 5 with brand new TDP content, news and updates within the month of March!
I hope everyone had a wonderful St.Patrick’s Day and a safe Spring Break!
As springs starts to welcome us with its breezy winds, sunny days and warm temperatures, it’s also a season where new beginnings occur occasionally! That’s right I’m talking about season 5!
While there’s still no major updates about season 5 ocean yet, that doesn’t mean there’s something big going on with the TDP team!
Let’s review on what TDP content, news and updates that occurred within the month of March!
  1. I’ll cut right to the chase on this one. For a long time, the fandom has been asking Wonderstorm on what’s the latest information regarding the development of TDP’s video game.
There hasn’t been much discussion about TDP’s video game not until now.
TDP’s video game is called Project Arcanum and it’s now available for everyone to sign up to beta test the game on pre-alpha mode! It’ll feature everyone’s favorite characters from the TDP series and also including a few new ones as well! You have to be at least 13 years old or above to test out Project Arcanum.
Here’s the link for everyone to get started to sign up for Project Arcanum to get all the latest updates about TDP’s newest video game as it continues to undergo early development! https://www.wonderstorm.net/projectarcanum
Here’s a side note: Project Arcanum will only be played in North America first before extending to other countries and will be accessible to be played on PC only.
  1. The TDP team made changes to the official TDP discord server as they changed some of the hashtag names to be more saga related to connect to the TDP series while also retiring some old hashtags to make room for upcoming TDP content projects.
  2. The TDP team attended the 2023 Wondercon event performing a wonderful exhibition educating the audience about animation how scenarios make it from storyboards to the live screen by doing it on a fan favorite scene from season 4 and performing a Q&A with the audience!
Here’s a quick recap from the panel:
They featured a scene between the fight of Claudia and Ibis fighting over the staff of Ziard at the Storm Spire showing how they set out a episode step by step.
  1. Episodes are arranged in three acts using index cards to indicate the plot.
  2. They begin to write the script in two documents that sets the outline and give voice actors time to read the lines their going to record.
  3. The writers read the script out loud to see if the tone matches the specific scene.
  4. They go on to the storyboard and animation phase then continue further down to animation using LRC.
  5. Finally they go to sound and mixing on soundtracks which is performed by an entire orchestra!
  6. Season 5 is confirmed to arrive this summer!
  7. A few Out of context spoilers were revealed from some season 5 episodes.
  8. The TDP Team announced more brand new merchandise are now available for purchase through HotTopic that includes a variety of new clothes and face masks!
Here’s the link to get started to check out on all the merchandise HotTopic and Wonderstorm has to offer! https://www.hottopic.com/pop-culture/?cgid=pop-culture&prefn1=license&prefv1=Dragon+Prince
  1. The first play test of TDP’s video game of Project Arcanum has begun to enroll!
Here’s the link to sign up on the pre alpha version if you haven’t already yet signed to check out the contents of Project Arcanum! https://www.wonderstorm.net/projectarcanum
That is all the TDP news, content and updates that occurred within the month of March! We were blessed with a miracle to get an official season 5 announcement from the TDP team and now knowing it’ll be coming this summer!
Now that season 5 has finally been announced, we best prepare ourselves for more possible season 5 major updates in April!
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2023.03.31 17:51 Delmer9713 SPC will also issue a *High* Risk in their 1630z Update for the Mid-South

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2023.03.31 17:49 jeyhix PDS watch on top of a High Risk…today is gonna be something.

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2023.03.31 17:45 FpsNoobi Massive damage to wallet. But worth it.

Massive damage to wallet. But worth it.
I’m stupid
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2023.03.31 17:27 OkayFlan [THANK YOU] Your mail brings me so much happiness! 🥰📬

u/410bore – thank you for the lovely handmade Easter egg card, it's beautiful! I love your use of textured cardstock and of course the sequins! Thank you also for the Native American washi stickers you included, they're so pretty! PS- the bluebell wax seal is just beautiful!
u/wafflish – thank you for the postcard illustrating Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone National Park! Sadly, your message rubbed off inside the envelope so I couldn't read it, I'm glad I could make out your username at least!
u/SherlockLady – thank you for the "you're a blessing" pastel bird card, it's so adorable! 🥰 I loved reading about the best parts of spring for you. Spring is full of simple joys, I love it! I appreciate the mindfulness card, the peach cobbler tea bag (omg!!), and the cute stickers you included. It's always so nice to hear from you, friend!
u/LadyLili13 – thank you for the vintage botanical scientific illustration postcard! I enjoyed hearing about what makes you smile. :) Also, those taco and hot sauce puffy stickers are incredible!! Thank you for the pride stickers, inspirational sticker, and the weird starfish sticker, I love them all!
u/solitre – thank you for the pretty minimalist feather notecard, I love it! The donut sticker you included is amazing! I liked hearing about how making cards makes you feel good. 🥰
u/maiiiu – thank you for the beautiful handmade kindness card, I love it so much! The lettering is super cute and I love how you decorated the envelope too. It was nice to read about how your best friend from high school messaged you on Snapchat about crabs at Costco xD Sometimes it's really nice to know somebody is still thinking of you even though time and distance get in the way. Thank you also for all the great stickers, I love them all!
u/Monetmonkey – thank you for the incredible photo card depicting a houbara in full courtship mode. What a crazy looking bird!! I agree, I love the symmetry found in nature. The way his wing curves up is mesmerizing! The envelope you made for it is absolutely gorgeous too, I'm jealous of your neat folding skills! Thanks for such a cool bird card, I will cherish it!
u/melhen16 – thank you for the cool handmade card that you upcycled from other happy mail! I love that you repurposed other materials to make this, I'm inspired to do the same with my card box from last year. It's so nice to give new life to something that's been sitting in storage. 💌🥰 That's a really cool beaded sticker you used on the front!
u/stephkempf x2 – thank you for:
the happy birthday card for RAoC's tenth anniversary! I can't believe it!
The card depicting two girls in sunglasses laughing together (and your comment about growing up in a big family ❤️) The art really touches me, too.
u/midnight_marauder16 – thank you for the women's empowerment postcards, they are super cool and I love them!
u/Powerful_Cobbler_215 – thank you for the awesome handmade card, I love all the Animal Crossing stickers you used on the inside and the sticker of your cats!!
u/FollowingTheBeat – thank you for the super pretty floral card, I love the vivid colors! I appreciate meeting another lavender lover, I have not been to a lavender farm but that sounds amazing! Love that you drew lavender on the envelope! 💜
Mystery Sender – thank you for the cute Christmas goose card! It does indeed meet my need for birds, haha. It's a love of all bird things, but as far as collecting goes, I only collect bird cards and bird stamps. My husband and I used to have pet birds, which sparked my interest years ago. I especially love parrots, but I love all birds!
u/MarineWife0922 – thank you for the "little note" card! I loved reading your story about the time your now-spouse did something kind for you the first time you met. I'm so glad that you're still here! ❤️
u/TigerLady13 – thank you for the cute Easter rabbit card! I love the stickers, the little positivity card, and the potato salad recipe! 🥰
u/OneiricOstrich – thank you for the International Women's Day postcard! Thanks for sharing what made you feel good recently, organizing always feels great!
u/KatDuq – thank you for the beautiful handmade pink coffee card, I love it so much!! The dimensional stickers you used are really cool, and I love the sheets of Stickii stickers you included! I really enjoyed reading about the things that are important to you. I love the handmade floral envelope and the pink honeybee wax seal, too. It's clear you put so much effort and detail into this, thank you so much!!
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2023.03.31 17:04 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Rundown March 31st - April 2nd

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/482633


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.03.31 17:04 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Roundup 3/31-4/2

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/482633


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.03.31 17:03 Turbinobandito Hot Spring Pulse Pricing

Can I get some feedback on this deal? Getting pressured to buy today but not sure when my patio will be ready. Dealer said they took a price increase last month and he won't honor quote past today (which is 35 days since quote). They say if they will charge $200 a month after 5/30 to store it.
Hot Spring Pulse A White/CG 16,499.00 -$2,900.00 $13,599.00
FW Salt System $0.00
Covercradle I/ ProLift III $0.00
Delivery & Assembly $0.00
Subpanel 30/20A 230V Siemen/SqD $0.00
Salt Spa Valet Check-up $0.00
Mileage charge 0.00
Salt Chemical Start-Up Kit $0.00
GB great water filter $0.00
SG pH Increaser $0.00
SG pH Decreaser $0.00
SG Total Alkalinity Increaser $0.00
FW Stain & Scale $0.00
SG Chlorine 14oz $0.00
SG Phosphate Remover $0.00
SG Water Clarifier 1 pt $0.00
SG Oxidizer, 35oz $0.00
Subtotal $13,599.00
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2023.03.31 17:00 alikr1234 Seeking Advice - Oakville Pre-construction - FTHB

Hey guys,
Me and my wife booked a condo in Old Bronte Rd and Dundas St W, Oakville in Nov 2020. The closing is expected mid or end of next year. Currently we are living in KW on rent which is 1800/mo for a 1000 sq.0ft condo.
The market was hot when we booked this condo and the realtor showed us very bright future. But now that I am working on the numbers, I don't know how we are going to make money on this. Our goal is to eventually to buy a house. Current family gross income is ~$192,000. We thought we will make some good money on the condo while our income increase to afford a house.
My questions are:
  1. Is my calculation correct? Am I missing something or undeover assuming something?
  2. Should we move in or rent it out. If rent it out we eat the negative cashflow, maybe balance it out from what we saving through current rent in KW. And then wait for the right price to sell?
  3. Calculations for moving in the condo is throwing me off!
  4. Any advice or any other options we have?
  5. Is hiring a property management company worth it?
Following are the numbers, please let me know if I am doing something wrong:
Cash flow per year: $33000 - $19600 - $35621 = -$22,221
As per an assignment sale listing for the same building as of today: 841sq. ft @ 899,900 = 1,070 psf
If I sell after renting for 1 year:
If I live in that condo for 1 year: Net Profit: $65,909 - $13,182 - ($22,221 + $35,621) = -$583 (This included occupancy cost as well)
I am aware of the $24,000 rebate so that is not in the calculation.
I have my working in this excel sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10XLiMTmRTO-gtd-3YhuB5PRBgy3D-draT-54mKz_MJ4/edit#gid=1590655164
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2023.03.31 16:49 Hopairenterprises Hop Air Enterprises Llc.

AC Maintenance New York

Summer, spring, fall – basically anything outside of winter in New York is downright hot! This makes having a fully functioning AC an absolute necessity to ensure the comfort of your and your loved ones. So, when your AC is on the fritz, give Hop Air Enterprises Llc a call! With our emergency 24/7 AC services, we’ll be there in no time flat! With over so many years of experience providing quality services to the New York, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
Call us today: 718-844-3854 or visit http://www.hophvac.com/
#newyork #hvac_cooling #heating #air_conditioner #ac_servicing #repair #installation #maintenance #hvac_installation #contractor #new_york_city #commercial_residential #ac #winter_storage #new_york #air_conditioner_removal #disposal_nyc #ac_recycling #queens
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2023.03.31 16:49 Cooch98 Update On Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Bridge.

I work for the county and we just had a large meeting yesterday about the Hot Metal Bridge. Currently the county and consulting parties are discussing design ideas on just about every detail possible. The designs should be finalized by the end of the year and construction to make it a pedestrian, cycling bridge should start next spring, and tenitivley should open to the public by summer of 2025. However, were still gonna need to get a lot more funding for this project which could delay the project, so I'd aim for a 2026 summer opening. Ask any questions you'd like and I'll try to answer the best I can.
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2023.03.31 16:28 ExaminationDue627 Thoughts....

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2023.03.31 16:24 ChowdahMaven Doubleheader! Two reviews for the price of one. Adams Fairacre Farms, Wappinger, NY and Maggie McFly’s, Brookfield, CT

Baseball season opened up yesterday, and in keeping with the spring spirit, I am bringing back a vestige from olden times - the doubleheader. Today, you get two reviews for the price of one. (PS , if any of you are actually paying for these reviews, please let me know, I would like to get in on that gig. Currently, I work cheap - I get nothing.)
Adams Fairacre Farms, Wappinger, NY - Adams is basically a regional grocery store, but they also have many specialty items like a cheese shop, a fresh seafood section, a flower shop, a garden center, a bakery and a hot food selection including 10 different soups on any given day (At least, the Wappinger store has 10 soups). There are four locations, all in the Hudson Valley - Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Wappinger and Kingston, NY.
I was helping a newly wed young couple to refurbish the home they just purchased. My duties included staying out of the way, and going to get lunch (among many other insignificant activities). Adams was a logical spot to try, it’s right on US Route 9, a busy regional highway jammed with commercial businesses and activities.
I grabbed two orders of New England chowder, one for me and one for the lovely young woman of the house - who is 7 plus months pregnant. (this will come into play shortly).
I thought the chowder was very flavorful. I get a little bit snooty about having all the ingredients maintain their own flavors, and in this case they did not. But the overall experience was quite pleasurable. It was a hearty and flavorful bowl, with good representation of clams, potatoes and onions, a chowdah I would have no problem eating on a fairly regular basis. I give it an 8.0. I then made the mistake of saying, out loud, that I gave it an 8.0.
My soon-to-be-a mom host then blurts out “What??!! an 8? This stuff is horrible! I give it a 3, and don’t make me eat the rest of the bowl!”
I do not know if hormonal imbalances can generate these kinds of reactions, or if it was just the phase of the moon, or perhaps the sad realization that she had just signed a mortgage that she would be paying off every month for the next 30 years, but I thought the reaction was just a tad over the edge. However, I am not here to change anyone’s opinion, just give my own.
Bottom Line Ratings:
CM - solid 8.0
Crazy pregnant woman - 3.0
Maggie McFly’s Local Craft Eatery and Bar - Brookfield, CT
Maggie’s has 8 current locations in Connecticut, New York and Virginia, with a new location destined to be open soon in Boca Raton, Florida.
They have an absurdly large and varied menu, with many, many gluten free and locally sourced dishes. I have heard very good things about the dining experiences at Maggie’s, especially in the last few years (they have been around since the early 90’s). But, we care nothing for that, we only care about the chowdah.
I am always excited when I see that a chowdah is gluten free, because, in the case of NE Chowder, it should not ever contain any wheat products, or, in fact, any other grain containing gluten. So, right from the start, before the bowl even gets to the table, it’s scoring points with me.
And it scored some points afterward as well. This was a very well rounded product, thick, a very, very generous amount of clams, and very flavorful. Salutations go to Maggie’s for delivering a very solid product while maintaining a huge menu selection (my dinner mates were all happy with their food, as well).
Bottom Line: a very enjoyable 8.5 CM
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2023.03.31 16:13 Loli_Cheer A little girl makes somewhat intimate requests to her older sister.

It's been a few years since I saw a compilation of scenes, I'll tell you what I remember about:
There was a scene, I think one in a hot spring, where the two are together and suddenly the younger one makes a request to her sister, I think, a kiss on the mouth. Her sister would have refused, but she ended up giving in to the request. Further forward in other scenes, it seems that things are getting worse and worse.
I remember that they were blonde, and also that her sister wouldn't be, well, perverted, maybe she just wanted to know what it looks like, out of curiosity.

They are very young, the youngest sister is a little girl. For example: 16 and 13 years old respectively.
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2023.03.31 16:04 kkReddotkatto_artist Baba is you game + alphabet lore + some eggdog crossover I made cuz bored

Baba is you game + alphabet lore + some eggdog crossover I made cuz bored submitted by kkReddotkatto_artist to alphabetfriends [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 16:03 kkReddotkatto_artist Baba + alphabet lore + some eggdog

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2023.03.31 15:30 namssorge Feel Kinda Stupid

I don't really watch the livestreams much. Watched Goosemas at Rockefeller Center on Relix but that's about it. Now with this free streaming on nugs for the Spring Tour, I decided to watch the Ryman run. I posted in here last night about the music in the waiting room. It was incredible. Didn't realize it was the Ted Tapes. (Thank you to the nice person who responded). To be honest, I brushed that album off. Loved Moby but didn't really give the whole album the listen it deserved. Talk about egg on face here!!! That shit is super hot fire. Have had it on repeat all morning. Didn't realize that's where Dragonfly was from at all. I've seen the lads 8 times so I wouldn't consider myself a noob but man do I feel stupid. Guess there's always more to discover!
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2023.03.31 15:05 orainegeneral "Fire" the true "Stone"

The "Stone" is so simple that when you realize it you will laugh and of course see that it isn't all that fancy at all. Its like wanting to see something amazing but then when you see it you are disappointed. The stone is like mercury sulphur and salt. It is either gold or silver depending on the "mine" well that mine is more of a spring. The only thing you are trying to do is to make the substance decompose and become something else. So it turns black, then white, then red (not literally colors but a process) the way of working is simple. The same place where you get the substance is the same place you will find another substance of a much smaller magnitude. Put them both together and leave them alone in a "hermetically sealed vessel." Which literary just means anything that can be sealed like a flask or regular bottle. The little substance will kill the big substance and both will die, and become alive (just as how a seed is first dead in order to properly germinate) Once it is done then it will be a physical form of the Sun that we have in the sky. You will be able to live forever with it because the fire is a cleanser and it cleanses all things.
Now for transmutation. Gold is not gold because it grows into gold, that is a lie. Gold is actually gold because it is clean from impurities. So gold is in every metal. If you get a regular metal and smelt it down you can then add our fire and the fire will clean the metal from all impurities and it will turn gold. Further more bare in mind that the stone is one substance because both substances mentioned earlier come from the same root. Now understand that a liquid is the only thing that enters into all things. If you seek a stone or solid object like a stone you will fail. Why? You may ask. This is because if it was a solid object then your body wouldn't break it down if it was the consistency of a stone. Also, your body processes liquids way faster than any solid food. The stone is a solution of Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. Ofcourse as I said it is one substance but when you examine the finished product then it has similar properties to those. The stone can multiplied into an infinitum by using the first substance that is the one that you get in a larger quantity. The stone is like making alcohol and so it has those properties of alcohol but it doesn't make you drunk. It also has magical properties and you can use it as a bath to cleanse your life and remove jinxes and curses and so forth. It has many many uses.
Now to the 'why you have never seen any alchemist with it.' The reason for that is because no wise alchemist will show anyone the stone. It is always hidden by the alchemists because of many factors.
  1. Alchemy is hidden not because it is hard to understand but because most people will not accept it or accept the Truth.
  2. It is not something with beautiful features, so at first sight without proper knowledge others will hate it at first sight.
  3. Giving away the secret will reshape the world which may involve a lot of chaos.
The next thing I wanna add is that it is called the Philosophers Stone because the name itself is a veil. The true meaning of that name is: "Bearing The Sign Of The Sun" So if you hear the name "Stone" it is not a solid at all.
Now on the substances. The substances come from the same root so technically they are one. One is old and one is young. The young will finish off the old because of it's strength as how a young person can easily kill an old person. So when the young kills the old then he will inhabit the house of that old person because he is always search for a womb or house because he didn't have anywhere to live. He will then reshape the old persons house into a new young and living house that is fortified and unable to be destroyed. This house will become fire itself and will shine when light touches it. It will be a fire in a tangible form that does not burn you like a real fire so you can handle it. This fire is also like lava because it flows. Now the only reason why it is like fire and flows is because it is basically like an alcohol.
Now when you make the elixir of life with this fire which is just basically diluting it and masking it into a drink, you can then drink it because the fully made stone is hot. It would burn you like a fire if you don't dilute it. When you drink the elixir it will burn away the impurities in your body and allow your mind to function at peak. You will also feel lighter in the body. If you feed on it then it will cause your body to develop new functions, or you can say old functions since it is said that man fell from grace in the times of Adam. So it is basically how you want to look at it.
You can prepare a bath with this fire and it will clean your skin from all impurities by burning them away. Your skin will then look younger because of the oils and so forth that is within the stone. With constant bathing and drinking you will show to be young for a very long time. Your skin will also lighten over time, and your eyes will also get lightened as well from this use. Eventually you will look very fair and beautiful with strength and vigor.
Also, drinking the elixir will cause your food that you eat to be fully processed by the body so with effective and constant consumption you will not pass much feases or none at all depending on what you eat. Your body will function in full and you will grow hair faster and so forth. You will get really really long hair overtime.
The stone is a gift from god given to man. When Adam was put out of the garden it was said that God placed the cherubim and a flaming sword turning every way to guard the path to the tree of life. This flaming sword is the stone, so without it you will not enter the garden to get to the tree of life. Also Prometheus was punished because he gave fire to man which is the same stone we are talking about. Basically these things are just allegories, but they all mean the same thing. Also, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree they got something called "pride" or "shame" This is the only reason why they stopped living forever because with pride you will never gain the stone. So it is not necessarily hidden by alchemist but it is hidden by god because man cannot conceive the truth in his own mind. So we steer clear of the things that are beneficial to use because we have become dumb and stupid.
Also, human beings are reptile like creatures. The whole evolution from apes is a very stupid concept made to dumb us down just like a spinning ball earth is only clear to the uninitiated. With constant use of the stone we will take our true forms which of course are giant glowing reptiles. The same Angels that were spoken of in the bible. Of course that is not the final form but one of the many forms that we will take.
Now on the topic of why we don't see reptiles walking around. Please know that we are on a flat earth with unlimited lands in the water. Of course just as how if you were in America as natives you wouldn't know about England and would call it a myth. We are flying planes in circles to prevent the "babies" from going on the "adults" lands. Also the alchemists with unlimited energy made disk objects that the stupid folks call UFO's which are just regular aero vehicles like our common planes. If you flew a fighter jet back in the days when the natives were around they would say the gods came from the skies in chariots. The so called gods understand what the natives don't and that is Science. So too do the so called aliens understand a mixture of magic and Science which is true esoteric knowledge.
I hope you enjoy this article. Of course just like all the hidden alchemy texts you may laugh or ignore it. Some will take it seriously and understand the meaning and some won't. In order to live forever you have to live by the flesh and blood of Christ. You have to eat bread and drink wine. You have to enter the kingdom of heaven. You have to be reborn from fire. You have to consume Ambrosia which is the food and drink of the gods. Which is like how soup contains both food and liquid. Be wise in this life because there are so many mysteries to uncover and so many things to learn. Children are born creeping but with knowledge and understanding they will soon walk upright.
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“So then I said, ‘I’m not your mother last night!’ And, well, he took exception to that.”
Elsi rolled her eyes as she chuckled politely at the tired-retreaded joke that Jacki made as she broke the ice with the two new rookies that had been shifted to her pod. Despite it being the middle of summer the temperatures had dropped down to the low 50’s, positively bone chilling for the new girls. At least Jacki had fur, being a Rakiri and all, but most of her unit was huddled around the portable heaters that had “fallen off a truck”.
Thank the empress for small miracles (and bribes to the girls in supply) for that.
She sighed and turned her attention back onto the bridge they were watching. While the area felt remote and was hours away from anywhere worth being, it was vital infrastructure after the I40 had been blown by terrorists. This small concrete two lane was the only link across the Rio-Grande river that supply vehicles could cross for hours, or at least that would be the case until the I40 could be rebuilt. Hopefully this time out of thermo-crete or maybe even thermocaste.
“Anything out there?” Jacki’s voice rumbled as she padded up to Elsi, her comedy routine done for now at least.
“Nah, nothing on motion sensors or thermals. Other than that one car an hour ago it’s dead tonight.”
“Good! Maybe with the Governess easing up on the rebels they won’t be so bomb happy...” she trailed off and cocked her head to the side. “Huh?”
“Huh what?”
“I heard… something…”
Elsi closed her eyes, straining to listen. At first all she caught was the gentle breeze, and lapping of water on the pylons of the bridge, then a shrill, metal on metal ringing cut through the background noise, faint, but coming from the direction of the bridge. She groaned, “Fuuuuuuuuuck. Lights on folks!”
Jacki was already moving to the switchboard, flipping everything on as her marines, acting like a stiff, but oiled machine, tore themselves from the heaters to get into defensive positions. One by one the massive banks of lights clicked on with reverberating electric thunks, bathing the bridge in white hot light. Elsi pulled a set of binoculars from the rail and began scanning the bridge from the elevated observation post and groaned again. “Device at the crest of the bridge… There’s a bundle of wires. Looks like an IED, but it was a dud. I’ll take another small miracle.”
She sighed and picked up her headset and keyed the mike, “Hyperion 00-Actual to overwatch, we need EOD to bridge NK95.”
The radio specialist opened up, professionally, but she could tell the girl on the opposite end was overworked, “Understood Hyperion 00. An EOD tech will be dispatched to your location at the earliest possible time. What is the current situation?”
“Possible IED. We can hear it making noise from our position, but it may be a dud. We’re going to be closing NK95 until it can be rendered safe.”
“Understood.” There was a pause as the commo tech processed the information. “Oh. Logistics is not going to like that.”
“Yeah I know. Any idea on when the EOD tech will be here?”
“Unknown. EX-01 is currently handling another device at the moment.”
“Great. We’ll keep watch over things. Hyperion 00-actual clear.”
In truth, it ended up being several hours and nearly sun-up before anyone even arrived at the bridge. Meanwhile, all through the night, that ghostly ringing noise called out like a siren’s song, practically begging the marines to do something.
“You know, if it is a dud, us shooting it with a laser probably won’t trigger anything,” Jacki mused for the third or fourth time.
“Yeah, and are you willing to take the blame if we lose this bridge too? The next heavy crossing is near Vegas for fuck’s sack.”
“Do you think-?”
“No, they wouldn’t let us take the posting for security there if you shoot it and it blows up.”
“Fair enough. Incoming! Blue tacoma,” Jacki announced, sitting up and glancing out to the east as a lone vehicle approached the bridge. She flipped up her binoculars and studied the vehicle before relaxing. “Driver is Shil’vati. Hopefully that’s our EOD girl.”
“Fucking finally.” Elsi sighed and climbed to her feet, deciding to crunch down the gravel path from the observation post to meet the vehicle as it came to a stop at their roadblock. The door to the tacoma popped open with a clink as the driver, and a couple bottles of blue grail and some brown bottled human alcohol spilled out of the vehicle.
Thankfully, she caught herself before she could fully faceplant. The girl was short for a Shil’vati and stocky, reminding Elsi a bit of a Shil’vati scaled dwarf from human mythology.
“You girls request ord’nance disposal?” she asked, screwing her eyes a little in the glare from the illuminating lights.
“Yes. You’re EX-01?”
Elsi received a grunt of affirmation.
“The device seems to still be active, and has been making noise the whole night. It’s at the crest of the bridge…. Um, do you need any help with anything?”
“Nah. I’ll have this cleared up in a jiff,” she said nonchalantly while stomping to the back of the light pickup to pull loose pieces of heavy strap on armor from where it seemed to have been haphazardly tossed in the back. “Helmet-cam is set to channel 01 if you an’ yer girls want to watch the show.”
“Ooooh-kay? Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Look, I get you want to help girl, but let me do my job and I’ll be out of your hair and overwatch can go back to routing trucks this way,” she grumbled as she pulled what looked to be a hinged scalloped piece of starship hull from the bed of the truck and began ambling her way up the bridge once her helmet was in place.
“Goddess help us if that’s the state our EOD techs are in now,” Elsi mumbled as she trudged back up to the command post. “Helmet stream 01” She said with a shrug, more than a little morbidly curious as the EOD tech approached the device.
“She good? I could smell the alcohol from here,” Jacki asked.
“Probably not,” Elsi replied as one of the rookies tuned in to the feed on the main display on the post.
The helmet feed wasn’t very enlightening, as up close the device looked to be, far less sophisticated than anyone had expected. A human cell phone, a truck battery, a tangle of wires going far too many directions for anyone in the command post to make sense of, and some squared off cream colored plastic device that seemed to be the source of the ringing as it shook and chattered with the metal ringing.
EX-01’s chatter to herself, or possibly overwatch, however was much more enlightening. “Device is interesting, not sure how they did it, but they patched the cell phone into this old human desk phone. Not seeing any leads from the battery or phone anywhere… Sniffer isn’t picking up any explosive residue…”
The ordinance tech tilted her head some as she slid the mass of tangled wires away from the contraption and studied the vibrating and ringing box for a little longer. “Whel fuck… Here goes nothing,” she mumbled as she picked up the handset on the ringing device and tensed up.
But nothing happened. Everyone watching through the cam-feed remained tense and Elsi could swear her ears popped from the shift in air pressure.
“Hello?” The bomb tech finally asked now that she had the ancient communication device’s handset up to her ear.

There was a long, drawn out moment where the bomb tech processed the question. She had honestly expected the cobbled together device to explode the moment she had picked up the handset, and so hearing a voice, especially one speaking in a mix of trade and english had put her on the back foot.
“I… uh… I think so? ‘Keeps the beer and blue grail cold so… yeah…”

There was a click, then the line went dead.
“I…wha?...what the fuck…? This fucking planet! Gah, fuck it.. Prepping for disposal,” she groused as she slapped a small adhesive explosive onto the truck battery and then another on the jury-rigged desk phone. She then gently pushed the whole pile onto the blast resistant sled and covered it up before starting to trudge back. “Exfiltrating. Not drunk enough for this shit.”
The bomb tech started making her way slowly back across the bridge as the timed explosives gave a light “pop” within the blast resistant enclosure, tearing apart the offending electronics. As she walked she mulled over the question for a time before suddenly starting to shout expletives after coming to a stop and hurled her blast helmet onto the roadway of the bridge. “Daughter of a Milk-drinking, goddess-damned, boy-bashing, brother-fucking, basket-faced, slipper-wielding, worm-eyed, vile-stoochie, Jessie of an Arlien whore!”
“Hyperion 00-actual to EX-o1, is… is everything all right?” Elsi asked into her headset, not sure if she could be heard as she continued watching and listening through the now disorienting and distorted helmet feed once the bomb tech finished up her rant.
OwO, what's this? A chapter that is decidedly not Eagle Springs content, and the author's note at the bottom? Yup. It's more likely than you think.
As awlays, thankyou to Blue for creating SSB and letting us play in his sandbox.
And a special thanks to u/BruhMomentGEE the Author of Appalachia Calling for handling the editing and hammering some of the verbiage into shape.
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