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A subreddit for "The Last Kingdom," the BBC/Netflix television show set in medieval England. The show is an adaption of Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling series of historical novels known as "The Saxon Stories." Content from both the books and the TV series are welcome!

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Reviving a nostalgic game from the past that nearly disappeared.

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Subreddit for the History Channel's television series "Vikings", And the Netflix spin off "Vikings: Valhalla"

2023.06.11 01:55 Old_Fogey_Lady Where to park in Philly?

I'll be visiting my daughter for a week in Center City. Any ideas on places to park that cost somewhat less than an arm and a leg? I wouldn't mind paying something like $20 per day (especially if I can go in and out).
Several people have suggested parking on the street in West Philly, but where? Any suggestions highly appreciated!
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2023.06.11 01:55 darthkarja Missionaries are coming after my never Mormon wife now

I had my records removed last year to stop the missionaries from coming. They sister missionaries just showed up asking for my wife who has never had anything to do with the church. I only answered because they could see me through the open window. Is there any way I can stop this? I told them she isn't interested, but I know that's not going to do anything. My wife is pissed thinking my parents sent them.
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2023.06.11 01:55 Middle-Hovercraft-10 Reggie Bullock Early season Shooting

I’m not sure why everyone on this sub mentions him when it comes to this roster moving forward but I think he should be included in any trade for a significant player.
With that being said, we CANNOT allow him to have another season bricking everything for the first 3-4 months. He’s done it the past 2 years and apparently Kidd is ok with it because historically he gets better on in the season.
In my opinion he has at least 20 losses on his hands from last season we can’t afford it again. Am I wrong here?
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2023.06.11 01:55 B1g_CChungu5 This is how bullshit bulwark is in the story

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2023.06.11 01:54 joe516t 6/10/23 - Summary: Trump saying that he and his base will triumph over those who are out ot get him.

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2023.06.11 01:54 Joltad Filing a civil case in CA.

We seek civil appeal to vacate Summary Judgement in Kaiser Arbitration. We understand a we need a lawyer to "file the case" for us. We tried to do it ourselves in Sacramento County, paid the fee and were told a lawyer needs to file the case. We are willing to self represent. We feel we have a strong case. We just need a little help.
We know as an elderly person our father held no value to anyone but our family. We also feel this makes the elderly a vulnerable population for medical negligence and malpractice. Someone needs to stand up against the Goliath, Kaiser on their behalf. Our family is stubborn enough we are not going to give up. We endured the arbitration process, even though we could not get legal representation because of MICRA law, which basically enables Kaiser to practice Marginal Justice against the elderly. A whole class of citizens cannot expect legal accountability in California.
We understand lawyer's cannot work below minimum wage just to to the "right thing", they have families to feed. So we represented ourselves. My dad has 6 surviving children and we utilized tenacity, resilience and several hundreds of hours against over 10,000 pages of medical record.
Unfortunately, early into the arbitration process one of my sisters entered one of the arbitration meeting calls early. There she overheard Kaiser's council discussing with the Arbitrator since we had no legal representation this would be an easy case to move to summary judgement. My sister journaled what she overheard and filed a complaint with JAMS requesting a new Arbitrator due to familiarity, camaraderie and apparent bias. The change request was denied by JAMS. We found another instance in: Grabowski v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. where summary judgement was over turned under similar circumstances.
Recently the Arbitrator closely following Kaiser's legal representatives narrative of the case made a decision for summary judgement.
We asked JAMS for the decision to be vacated because, Kaiser's counsel selectively ignored our evidence from the medical record and what was witnessed. And the Arbitrator's written decision too closely parrots Kaiser's Legal Counsel's positioning of the evidence. Here is a brief summary of some ommitted evidence.
a) Personal Information violations -that the surgeon was somehow aware of the colonoscopy performed the previous afternoon, and entered our father's medical record the next morning, before the surgical referral was completed. A marketing call from a mortuary was received by my brother (DPOA) referencing patient's impending death, one month before death, before the family or the patient was aware of anastomotic leaks. (We found in May 2023 someone in Oakland has filed class action against Kaiser NorCal because of providing 3rd party marketing of personal patient health info similar to this.,patient%20data%20for%20advertising%20purposes.)
b) Male admitted to obstetrics/ emergency services medical record mentioned surgical cut to uterus. This was for an elective surgery with a hesitant patient not wishing a long hospital stay. The original record released to the family supports the surgeon (new to Kaiser) coerced a very hesitant elderly patient to have surgery by promising 1 day length of stay (on consent for surgery). Following the surgery the family was informed the length of stay would at least 4 days due to patient's age. Bait and switch... because you can do whatever with an old person - without concern for legal recourse.
c) The medical record used by Kaiser's Medical Experts and Legal Counsel was sanitized and released the year following death. Many key points of evidence were missing in the second version. The first version was received by the family before the patient was released from the hospital. The existence of both records and that there were discrepancies between the 2 records was pointed out to the Arbitrator and Kaiser's legal counsel. Both records were admitted into evidence in JAMS. Claimants made point of references when evidence was being shown from the original record. But as Kaiser's counsel only referenced the 2nd modified copy, and the Arbitrator followed his version Claimants evidence was omitted and ignored.
d) Dr. Kevin Mitchell, our medical expert wants a chance to represent this case from the stand. In his statement Dr. Mitchell identified that sepsis was not diagnosed (in the medical record) and treatment was delayed at least 4 days. The medical record shows when symptoms presented on POD 2, Dr. Park deferred to the surgical team for further diagnosics. The surgeon said "no" to further diagnostics until at least POD 5. In deposition the attending surgeon said when symptoms for sepsis appeared she was not on duty. This critical evidence was left out of the Arbitrator decision because it was ignored by Kaiser's counsel. In fact Kaiser's Counsel's further controlled the narrative of the Arbitrator by stating that the medical expert needed to state causation within "medical probability". The law says this means show causation was more "likely than not", but does not require specific use of "medical probability" in medical expert statements. Our medical expert's statement included causation of death "most likely" (this surpasses a statement of more likely than not). Kaiser's counsel had his medical experts use "medical probability". In his decision the Arbitrator wrote that our medical expert only stated "likely" diminishing the actual statement of "most likely". The Arbitrator followed Kaiser's Counsel's narrative and approved the motion for summary judgement. We suspect when at the end of our last meeting call when the Arbitrator said he would consult with his "legal expert" he was talking about Kaiser's counsel.
Yes I am writing a book about the experience. It is a modern day horror. Working title: My Father's Uterus...or How Kaiser Gets Away with Murder.
Please if you can help with how to get this gross medical and legal malpractice case filed in civil court we would be grateful. We already asked the Sacramento District Attorney who said this is not criminal.
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2023.06.11 01:54 StayWinning100x What are the best pans that aren’t stainless steel or cast iron?

Main considerations are: light weight, non toxic, don’t rust, don’t require seasoning, and don’t stick
I bought one cast iron pan before but I hate it. It’s heavy and clunky and it rusts like a motherfucker. The other issue is that from my research it sounds like it’s porous and I worry about the idea of cross contamination from certain foods maybe getting burnt into it? We have one celiac person and one non-celiac person.
I own one stainless steel but it seems like it sticks and burns really easily.
So far growing up I’ve loved my non sticks but I didn’t know until the last few years that they were unhealthy for you, and ours are definitely beat up and scratched. But I like them for their light weight and ease of use and maintenance. I want to find pans that are similar ease of maintenance and use.
Are hard anodized pans worth it? What about carbon steel or ceramic?
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2023.06.11 01:54 IllHost1193 Cant improve, I was only put on this earth to fucking fail

Tried multiple times in the past few years to improve, and fucking failed. Tried even harder last summer, failed again. Been trying this summer, and I started to crumble and fail a few days ago. Fuck this shit. I’ve accepted that I can’t improve and will never become the charismatic, social, good looking man who emits positivity and humor. I can’t wait till I fucking kill myself and everyone feels bad for the poor 19 year old who tried so damn hard to be better, not knowing it was impossible the whole time
Cant even do basic shit like selfcare. Cant even have an ounce of fucking discipline. Cant even look a girl in the eye for more than 5 seconds without looking away. Cant even put an ounce of effort into working out
If u fools think all of this is buildup or “motivation” for me to change my life and go from a bum to perfect, you’re fucking wrong. I thought it was possible too, but I gave up on all that now. There’s absolutely no way I’m going back on a damn improvement path again, I fucking quit forever and only just started smoking, in hopes on getting hooked and ruining my life with it
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2023.06.11 01:54 GleefulGeek My (43M) wife (43F) of 15 years has never apologised. A red flag?

In our 15 years of marriage, we’ve fought a lot. When I say a lot, I mean, a lot. To be fair, let’s just say, we have emotionally hurt each other in these fights equally and both of us have been equally accountable for each fight. While I have apologised and taken accountability of my actions thousands of times, she has not apologised or taken responsibility of her actions even once in these years. Due to our fights and build up of toxic environment in house, I’ve left our house and stayed in hotels for scores of times in last 3 years. We have considered divorce multiple times by now but due to the love we have (or have had), we have not taken this step. The highs have been very high and lows have been extremely low. I also feel, my wife wants to control everything particularly things related to the kids. Due to consistent fights, the kids are not at all attached to me, since in every fight, I’ve isolated myself so that she won’t need to isolate her or feel isolated. When we’ve been happy, I’ve tried to spend most of my time with my wife and not kids to avoid fights. My work or jobs have been very demanding, so I have spent most of my time either working or with my wife. I have helped with household chores as much as I can. Have bought properties in joint names with my wife, have been getting her the most expensive gifts and all that. I feel very emotionally used and consistently sad. Am I in a toxic relationship or is it a red flag?
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2023.06.11 01:54 Fox_lagd0 AITJ for being mad at my mom because of costed problems.

So I'm certainly living with my mom still and my mom and dad divorced when I was 1 or 2. I'm now 11 turning 12 in August and here's the background of the story. so I was 9 and I wanted to live with my dad but the last few times I had mentioned it to my mom she had got mad or cry about it like I git it she is my mom what mom is not going to do that but here is the reason why I'm righting this. she will tell me "it's not my choice to make and it's her's but here" is The thing it's not mom's choice either it's the courts choice and my dad he's going to court next year so my brother is going to have a chance to move also. I think it's fare but am telling them everything and here's what I'm going to say my mom crys and gits mad when I say something about wanting to go to my live at my dad's place and my dad is is OK with it and he's said "as long as your happy I'm happy l" so am I the jerk for being mad at my mom.
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2023.06.11 01:54 BadFuzzy8799 unsure if my friend is straight

hi, so me and this guy met in november. ever since i saw him i knew i wanted to talk to him and we became friends pretty quick. we started snapping and as a month passed, we got comfortable with each other. but i then realized that we would be flirty with how we talked and i noticed that he wouldn’t act like that with his other friends. i eventually caught feelings for him and then we started hanging out. also, me and him have never hung out alone. but moving on, the first time we hung out he introduced me to one of his friends and since then we all started hanging out as a trio. this is where i started to overlook his friend and get jealous. side comment; tbh i really think his friend is straight. but sometimes i overthink something and i think that he secretly likes his friend, but they’ve also been friends for a long time and if something were to happen i feel like it would’ve already. anyways, after a few hangouts, he started to get annoying and he started acting dumb when we were with his friend. i would get over it but it would just annoy me in the moment. we later started to have sleepovers, it first started with me sleeping with his friend on his bed but then after a few sleepovers his friend moved to a mattress and we started sleeping on his friends bed together. since then I started feeling like chills every time he would touch me. there’s been times where i’ve just slept on his shoulder and he would put his head above mine. we would also sometimes lock arms while we were in bed together, but we’ve never done or have gotten close to do anything. the three of us hung out at few weeks ago and we were all in his friends car. his friend was driving and he was in the passenger seat and i sat behind him. so me and him have this obsession over olives and i had brought some that day but i didn’t really like them, he asks me for the last 2 in the bag but i tell him no i’ll give them to you later. he starts saying “why later, it’s not even like ur going to eat them, u don’t even like them” but i just continue to deny him and i tell him ill give it to him later. so, after a little, his friend starts calling a girl and he gets me talk to her. i start talking to her and having a conversation with her and he sort of tries to hide from the camera. at this time i had put the olives in the side door pocket and i have my hand over the olive bag. i continued talking to this girl, but then he starts playing with my hand and at first i didn’t want to play back because what if he was just doing it as a joke, i didn’t want it to make it weird, but after a little i just gave in and i started to play back. his friend ends up ending the call and i ask who the girl was and he stalled for a second and asked him if he can tell me who she is, and it turns out that the girl i was just on the phone with was his ex girlfriend, i asked why they broke up but i never got a response. back to what happened before. two guys just don’t do that right? ever since that happened ive just been more confused. i don’t know what he wants, i was happy that happened but i don’t know what it means. does he want something? are we just friends? or am i overthinking it all?
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2023.06.11 01:54 Informal_Gazelle7956 6 months post op, feeling much better!

I had a rough go of things after surgery. I had been really sick for a long time before getting it out, got it out at the very end of December, did better the first two weeks after surgery, and then got worse again. By mid March I could function again, but I got tired very easily and still had to be really careful what I ate. I slowly increased my food uptake, started going to the gym and slowly increased the time I was working out. (10 minutes was really hard at first). I was feeling better little by little until about 4 months post-op it was like all of a sudden my body decided it was good and I stopped getting sick from eating and was no longer so fatigued all the time. I’ve continued to try and get back in shape and this last week I visited Boston and was getting in 15,000 or more almost every day. I was also able to eat everything I wanted to without any repercussions other than some mild heartburn the last day of the trip. I also thought I was lactose intolerant before getting my gallbladder out and now that it’s gone I can eat dairy just fine again!
There was definitely a while during recovery where I wondered if I would just have poor health the rest of my life, but that’s not the case! Things get better! Of course if you are worried about any symptoms after surgery you should definitely consult a health professional, but also remember to be patient with your body as it heals.
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2023.06.11 01:54 PsychologicalPark815 I can’t tell if I should leave or stay

language warning
I won’t have this conversation with her so this is the best thing I got. I just wanna let it all out, I’m so sorry
I hate having to be the one who decides if we're going to be friends or not. I feel mistreated and this is the 2nd time that we got into a fight. What are you gonna do? Cry like how you did last time. I had to fing walk out of the room because if I didn't I felt like I was gonna hit you or something. And you had to go and do this 4 days before the finals. Wtf is wrong with you. I swear to god I'm going to start skipping classes, it's not like it matters. Only 2 days left of school anyways. You and your trust issues, we all know you're a fat liar, everyone who I've asked agrees. And asking her to go and speak for you is so not cool. I mean like being scolded by someone is the last thing I want to be right now. I wanna disappear. If it wasn't for my parents I'd rather skip the last 2 days of school entirely. How am I gonna undo all of this? We've been drifting apart and I can feel it, and you have the audacity to ask her to ask me if we can speak, I know for a fact that you must be stupid. I haven't even told you about the summer school and my new friends from swimming class! Ma says I'm sensitive and that she hopes I make new friends, I hope so as well. I refuse to cry, I refuse to remember either. I will work diligently and pass into the next grade, I will have an amazing summer. I'll play with friends, workout, play games, and watch movies. And you can stay out of it till I can't remember what your face even looks like. Was I the one in the wrong? You said you didn't like the games we played, yet you played the same ones. Every time I tried to change you screamed at me. "I have trust issues because of you!" "What's wrong with you" "leave me alone". Their, I left you alone, what's it feel like b*. How dare you try to contact me, I don't care if you cry and I don't care if you blame me for it all. If it really is all my fault then you don't have to worry about me anymore, I'm gone.
Translation: We got into a fight and I wanna avoid you for a bit, don’t take it personally. I’m having a hard time comforting myself and what I should do. I want to leave it up to fate but I know that’s irresponsible. It’s just so hard, especially since there's so much going on in my life right now. Is this my fault? Could I have been better? Should I leave/stay? What will friend 1 and friend 2 Think of me? What about when September rolls around again?
It’s too much . . . I can’t wait for summer . . .
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2023.06.11 01:54 motrep Cutting my LO out

Ill provide the quickest breakdown I can. I met my LO months ago, she was so forgettable to me I didnt remember her name when we talked after meeting months before. Made zero impact on me. We started talking in this new year and alot of her personality won me over. Even when we started getting close and id be with her in person i felt nothing close to butterflies.
But it grew into limerance over time. She ended things because i flat out told her i wasnt interested in being a bandaid for her last bf.
This is where i got triggered. She became godlike and "perfect" to me. The things I liked about her became magnified. I began a spin into a bad place where I just wanted her to want me back..logic need not apply, I know we have no potential and no future even if she wanted me but I want her to want me. I want her to love me. I left her alone for weeks, then saw her in person again.
When i see her in person I am not giddy nor do I get overrun with emotion, i am not that into her...but when I'm on my phone she is amazing and irreplaceable.
I decided last week to just be myself and supportive to her, I do value her as a person and want the best for her. Ive sent messages saying this. I know this is 1. All my ego 2. Me wanting someone who doesnt actually exist but is more a person i built up in my head based on her hitting a few of my main interest points in women.
When she chooses to reply I become a wreak and count the minutes till I reply. I reply and get ignored for days and it makes me want her more, i guess we want what we cant have.
Today, after 2 days of being ignored she replied and i put her in archive folder and am going to ignore her. I can't keep making myself martyr to a false image. I cant keep making myself try to make something out of nothing.
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2023.06.11 01:54 gunsandtrees420 How is fault determined for past accident (applying for new insurance after accident)

So this last winter I put my car in the ditch during the last bad snow storm of the year. (I live in Wisconsin and it was super snowy and just a little below freezing so the snow was super heavy) I don't think plowed at all so snow was hitting the bottom of my bumper and flying on my windshield. The snow froze my windshield wipers up and so I rolled down my windows and tried to pull to the side of the road. Like I said they hadn't plowed at all so I couldn't really tell where the road was very well even if my windshield wasn't covered with snow. And I pulled off a little too far and got sucked in the ditch. So basically my car got totaled and I was told since I was the only car involved I was considered at fault, I was just wondering if that's really true and when I apply for new insurance if I have to put that accident as at-fault or if I can choose I was not at fault. Thanks.
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2023.06.11 01:54 BookLover1888 Weight Restoration and Sciatica - common/expected?

Hi all,
Long-time lurker, occasional commenter, first-time poster here. 35M, AN for 10 years, began recovery mid Jan 2023, weight restored since early April 2023.
I'm currently waiting for my weight to redistribute to extremities - my lower legs and upper chest/back/shoulders are still quite small - I'm carrying it in the middle, like so many in early recovery. Body-image-wise, I am fine. However, I've been dealing with on-and-off sciatica pain for about a month now.
Can anyone else in recovery relate to this or had this experience? Did it get better with regrowth of lower leg and upper back muscle and fat?
I'm hoping this isn't a long-term issue, and that "meatier" lower legs and upper back will help with this over time. Also hoping redistribution from my midsection will lower the amount of "work" my lower back has to do.
However, if this is an uncommon occurrence in recovery, it would be good to know, as I would seek a specialist in back disorders. Also worth noting that my DEXA scan last month showed that I'm on the line between osteopenia and osteoporosis, although I'm not sure how much that would matter in this instance - nothing hurts enough to signify a fracture or anything, just a dull frequent ache that radiates from butt down leg - typical mildish sciatica.
Thanks in advance, even just for reading this far lol.
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2023.06.11 01:54 LordOfEye Thousand Green Hells: Digital Game, Looking For Players

Thousand Green Hells is a digital board game/rpg, hosted on discord. The game is inspired by 'extraction' style games like Escape from Tarkov, set in a cyberpunk future. The game has no player limits, and we're looking for new players. If the game sounds interesting, feel free to join or spectate at the link below!
We welcome both observers and active players.
The year is 2111. Sixty years ago, the Black River Corporate-State was established as a joint stock project between Japan and the Eastern Rus Union as a solution for joint-management of Kuril Islands, in part due to pressure from oligarchs in both nations.
The BRCS brought jobs. They built cities. They legally acquired several nuclear ICBMs which they siloed under those cities.
Three years ago, the BRCS collapsed due to corporate infighting, insolvency, and a corporate war with LinkNET. Two years ago, a war of ownership broke out between the LinkNET Corporation, the ERU, Kurilish Separatists, and the United Corporate States of Australia. Last year, the last major population center was declared fully evacuated.
Today, you are a mercenary. Who you fight for doesn't matter, and may change more than once in a day. More than once in a mission, even. You're here because there are nukes, and because those nukes mean people are willing to dump a hell of a lot of money into this place, and because you want as much of that damn money as you can get. You'll pull guns and gear off near-dead cadavers, buy cybernetics from guys named things like "Butcher", and snipe heavily armored medics to steal their stuff. You'll drink yourself to death and smoke yourself back to life. You'll do enough unregistered combat stims to see god.
You'll strike it rich, spend it all on guns and ammo, and get your brains blown out by a wet-nosed rookie straight off the chopper.
Welcome to курить ад, Exclusion Zone Thousand Green, Jigoku rettō.
One Thousand Green Hells.
You're going to die here.
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2023.06.11 01:54 aboricidegrl TW I found out he’s been cheating via Snapchat

TW I found out he’s been cheating via Snapchat
I don’t know what to do I don’t know who I can talk to i feel so hurt, he told me this after I begged him to tell me why he has been acting weird occasionally, he told me he’s been doing this and I made him show me. It is always so much worse than I am prepared for, this was I guess for a few weeks in the beginning of the year and then Last month for a week. Phone and video chat sex, nudes exchanged, chit chatting all day, complaining about me, graphic sexual talk. I’m horrified and I almost can’t even think I can’t stop crying, I haven’t eaten, I can barely move from my bed. Hundreds and hundreds of messages. Nudes taken to send to her in my bathroom. On my birthday, IN BED WITH ME Including a couple screenshots from the ever growing mountain of heartbreak and betray
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2023.06.11 01:54 kicks210 3 headed monster tour merch

3 headed monster tour merch
I know people been asking for peeks of the merch. Grabbed this pic last night here in San Antonio
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2023.06.11 01:53 Roberto_Big_Piece Gout flare up and drinking

I had a gout flare up last Sunday. Started as a tickle in my ankle and by Wednesday I couldn't walk. I'm on the downturn, foot is still swollen, but I need to get blitzed and can't call out on Monday.
Any of y'all know if drinking while you're already in an acute flare up makes it worse?
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2023.06.11 01:53 DrukRN ASUS XG27AQM Black screening

Upgraded to a i9 13900k and a 4090 and ever since whenever I go on a streaming service it black screens then comes back 5 minutes later and I can watch the content on it instead of my secondary monitor. Last night I was watching Spiderman 2 waiting for it to come back and it never did, loaded up my PC today and its black screened. It's not the cable or the port, the power light is still on when I try to open up the menu on the monitor but nothing shows up its just black screened. The power light will go from yellow to white though whenever its plugged into my PC or I try to pull up the menu.
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2023.06.11 01:53 Less_Breakfast2136 absolutely terrified and can’t think straight

My dad really wanted us to get takeout tonight and we ended up getting it from a restaurant that doesn’t have great reviews—like a 3.8/5 on google. I was really terrified but ate some of it anyway because I felt bad that he paid. I got rice and a vegetable dish with some kind of broth? I’m really worried the sauce/broth had meat in it and I’ve been vegetarian for almost ten years so if I have meat I can get s. I also am just absolutely terrified about fp considering the not very great reviews of the restaurant. Barely ate the rice because it was really gluey and I’m worried it sat out and maybe grew bacteria. I absolutely can’t get out of my head and I can’t stop crying and I’m so worried I’m going to get s* in the next few hours. My anxiety has been so bad I had a horrible panic attack last night and haven’t felt well since—n* on and off. I can’t keep going like this I feel so alone and everyday is absolutely miserable because I spend every waking moment afraid I’m going to get s*. I feel so exhausted from this phobia
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