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2023.03.31 08:30 Rare_Sort_4157 Need advice after poor interview

I recently had my first IT interview ever since getting my A+ and N+. The position was for "technical support analyst I" and had a job description similar to any typical helpdesk one. Mentioned AD, ticketing systems, etc.; also only asked for 2 years of customer service/help desk experience (no degree needed).
I got emailed for an interview by the Technical Support Manager. I was excited and prepped for a typical interview, since it was a 30 minute in-person interview, and that's what I figured it'd be like.
Well, when I got there, it went from introduction straight into niche technical questions. No "tell me about yourself" or even basic things, but straight to "how many years of experience do you have in IT." I did my best, then she brought in someone whom I'm assuming was a lead technical support guy (she didn't say), and he kept asking me specific questions like he was interrogating me.
At one point he asked what my experience with RDP was, and I mentioned used Quick Assist on Windows 10. He asked how it worked specifically, so I told him the end user would share a code with the PC remoting in. He then interrupted and said "that's not what RDP does." It made me feel dumb, but I went home and looked it up and I was right. Also, he just said at one point "looks like you don't know much/have experience with computers" and I had to reiterate that I didn't have prior professional IT experience (as is evident if you read 3 lines of my resume lol).
The whole thing lasted legit 14-15 minutes. At the end they awkwardly said "well I can't think of anything else," said they'd get back to me in a few days, and that's been 3 weeks now.
I feel put off in pursuing IT now. Maybe I don't know enough to get a basic job. I thought I did with an A+ and N+ and using/tinkering with PCs my entire teenage/early adult life. I felt dumb in the interview, and from what I read here, I thought it would be a basic interview focused on soft skills. Instead, it was all weird technical questions.
Is this a common experience or was I unfortunate? I don't want to give up, but I had to work a lot of confidence to try pursuing in the first place, and this doesn't sit well with me. Thanks for reading it all if you did
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2023.03.31 07:52 Sandomane [Forsaken Sands] - Chapter IX

They marched through the darkness for a while, with Kite doing his best to lead the way in the dim light. Eventually, his nose detected a foul smell, and when he reported it, Leo told him to describe it. It took him a second to find the right words, but he eventually said, “Well… it smells like that bottle we found back at the dewfarm.” Leo perked up at that. “We’re going that way then.” Kite didn’t like the sound of that. “Wasn’t that water… not water?”
“Something like that. We need to go that way.”
“Whatever. The smell’s faint, but it’s getting stronger in… this direction.” He pointed, and began to walk in that direction. After a few twists and turns through the Underdune, Kite saw a glimmer of light beginning to poke through. “We’ve got light.” He called back. Leo and Alouette both nodded, and Kite led the way to a ramp leading up into the light. As soon as he exited back out into the light of day, he stopped before he fell into a sea of black water. He did a quick rotation to try and get his bearings, and saw that they had exited into a small island in a sea of blackness. At least, it seemed like it. There were many small islands poking out of the water, and as he looked around, he saw a couple of buildings erected out of it. Leo exited next, and took his own look around. “Hmph. It’s a different part than we’d been through.”
“So you have no idea where we are.”
“Nope. Not a clue, except that we’re obviously in the Blacklands.”
“Well…” Kite asked, looking at the water with grim trepidation. “What now?”
“Let’s go check out the buildings.” Ploob came out next, and grimly shook his head. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Metal and Water don’t mix. You all go on. I’ll wait right here.” Leo turned, and glared at Ploob. “It’s not water. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not water.”
“So? Is that supposed to make me want to go in it? I don’t know what’s in it.”
“That’s right. You don’t. But it’s either that, or go back into the Underdune alone.” Leo gave him a half smirk, before turning back. “Your choice.” He called, jogging ahead to catch up to Alouette and Kite. Kite heard Ploob groan in disgust before following. They walked to the edge of the island, and jumped down into the water. Kite sniffed the water experimentally, and curled his lip in disgust. “What the hells is this? This isn’t any kind of water I’ve ever seen.”
“It’s cursed water.” Leo bluntly stated. “Something big died a long, long time ago, and it cursed the land around here.” What? Cursed water, corrupted by the death of some figure centuries, or even millennia ago? Kite’s brain began turning those details with all his studies about the Great Blood War. Was it possible that this accursed land (or lack thereof) used to be free and clear? Was this the Great Blue? The ancient legends said that the Great Blue was a hydro-utopia, free of all imperfections and guarded by the Great Wyrms who dwelled in it. He knew that those Wyrms were still alive. Putting those inconsistencies together proved that this wasn’t his goal, but it was getting closer. Something to study when he got the chance. However, right now he had to focus on trudging through this waist-high water, and the horrible sensations that were singing his flesh. At least it felt that way. When they finally managed to clamber over to the wooden dock, he gratefully accepted Alouette’s hand to help him out of the water. Only then did he realize what was happening. There were thousands of little bite marks all over his skin, weaving through the robes he wore. In fact, the robes were covered in small dark splotches that disappeared as he shook around. “Fucking hells. What’s in that water?”
“Parasites.” Leo answered, sweeping down his legs. “They live in there, and eat anything that stays in it too long.”
“Ugh!” Kite called, patting himself down to try and get as many of them off him as possible. Their bites began to burn slightly, then growing steadily more irritable as time passed. “Gods above…”
“Hey, look on the bright side. At least they’re not poisonous.” Leo chimed. Kite glared at him. “I really hope at least a few snuck down below.”
“They’re everywhere, man. Come on, let’s check this place out.” Kite tried to follow, but these bug-bites were getting really annoying. Alouette seemed to notice, and smiled at Kite. “I’ve got you.” She called, and clutched at her necklace. A soft yellow glow emanated from Alouette which spread over to Kite, and he felt a warmth overtake him. Wherever it went, the itchiness and irritation faded to nothingness. “Ah. Thanks, Alouette.”
“Don’t mention it.” She grinned back. They moved as a group to a small collection of huts that jutted out of the water next to a half-sunken tower. Kite walked over to the closest hut’s door, and tried the handle. “Locked.” He reported. Alouette moved close, raising her mace, but stepped back when Leo shook his head at her. Instead, Leo raised his hand, and with a flick of his wrist, produced a small glowing white glove. It floated ahead of the group, and slid its way under the door. Within a few seconds, Kite heard a soft “click”, and the door swung open. “Right. We’re in.” Leo called. Kite nodded, and entered the small hut. The hut was pretty bare, with a small bedroll laid out in the corner. Kite moved closer and carefully pulled back the cover. “Oh gods…” he muttered as a humanoid skeleton rolled out. Alouette walked over at the sound, and slowly shook her head. “Poor bastard.”
“He’s been here a while. Two centuries at the least. There’s not a drop of moisture in these bones.” Kite said aloud, picking up the femur. He turned when Leo said, “He was a soldier. Likely perished when the beast that cursed this land died.”
“Where’d you guess that?” Kite asked. Leo pointed to a rusted sword-hilt peeking out from the edge of the bedroll. “This place is as abandoned as it gets. Even the Vultures don’t like this place.”
“So why are we here then?” Ploob asked, exasperatedly. “Because this isn’t the only place here.”
“I get the feeling you know something more about this place.” Kite said, turning back to Leo. Leo didn’t smile, but Kite could feel his smug demeanor through the air between them. “I might. I might not.”
“Would you be so kind as to inform us then, so we aren’t caught unawares like this guy?” Kite asked with a frown on his face. Leo rolled his eyes. “Sure thing. Bring me a parchment and quill, and I’ll write out the entire history of this place, dating back all the way to the Great Blood War.” Kite raised an eyebrow. “You know that much, huh?”
“Let me put it this way. I know some things. I know some things about this place. I know some things about the thing that died here. Do I want to know? No. Do I want to tell you? No. Do I know where we need to go? Yes.”
“Well then, if you’re being so tight-lipped, where do we need to go?”
“I can feel… I sort of know where we’re going.” Kite raised his hands in exasperation. “Great. We’re just stumbling around in this gods-forsaken wasteland, and you don’t even fucking know where we’re going.” A frown appeared on Leo’s face. “Hey, I didn’t ask for this shit. You think I actually like being stuck in a swamp full of parasites? If I had my way, I’d be off doing anything, and I mean, ANYTHING else. If you don’t like it, you can either shut up, or leave. I’m not forcing you to be here.” Kite growled, and let one of his claws emerge. “Maybe I will.” He shot back. “Fine! Go. You’ll be dead within a day.” Leo waved him away, and Kite unsheathed the rest of his claws. “Kite! Don’t. It’s not worth it. Leo’s right. We can’t afford to split up now!” Alouette pleaded to him. With her insistence, Kite was able to think past his frustrations. They were right. Both of them. Kite retracted his claws, and nodded. “I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re right. It’s just… I hate not having control. I hate not knowing where we’re going.” Leo seemed to relax a little, and nodded sympathetically. “Yeah, I know the feeling. We’re getting closer, though. Once we’re done, we just keep going in this direction.” Kite nodded, and they went to check out the other houses. The next one was a sort of fishery, with racks of strange fishes lining the walls. There were buckets, rods, and bait all spread out haphazardly across the floor, and Kite went to examine the fish a bit more. To be fair, fish were a rarity that he’d read more about then actually seen. These matched no description he’d ever read. These fish were about as large as him, and looked quite heavy. He touched it, and marveled at the strange, slimy sensation of the scales on the outside. Kite opened the lower lip, and studied the sharp fangs in the fish’s mouth. They looked like they could seriously tear something up. Kite decided that this fish shouldn’t go to waste. He unsheathed a single claw, and tore one of the teeth from the jaw. He pocketed the tooth, and followed Leo out, who had apparently decided there wasn’t much to keep him interested here. Together, the group continued on through the muck, and failing passageways. “Hells sakes. Couldn’t they have included some guardrails?” Kite called after nearly falling when a plank broke beneath him. Leo smirked back. “Where’s the excitement in that?” Kite shrugged. “Better that than fall in.”
“Yeah, you’re telling me.” Leo said. Skib suddenly pointed ahead. “Skib thinks he sees it.” Kite craned his neck and thought he could make out the top of some kind of structure way out in the distance. “What is that?” Kite asked. Leo answered, “You’ll see soon. You’re going to love it.” Kite was sure he wasn’t. They continued trekking forwards, and the structure began to be revealed. It was a massive pyramid, surrounded on the lowest base by a curled tail of a slightly smaller wyrm. However, as they approached, the stench of death began to wave through the air. Kite had to pause every now and then to prevent himself from vomiting up his last meal. The other humanoids didn’t seem much better, with Alouette and Leo pulling clips from somewhere to plug their nose. “Can I get one of those?” Kite asked Leo. After a brief eyeroll, Leo pulled another one from his pack and handed it over. Kite plugged his nose, and tried to continue onwards. Soon, they could see the entire corpse wrapped around the pyramid. “Gods above…” Kite said. The massive Wyrm’s inky black skin was riddled with holes from centuries, if not millennia of decay. Only the gods could truly know. Skib slowly approached the dead Wyrm, and began to scrape the side with his claws. “Uh… Skib? Whatcha doing?” Kite called, only to watch as Skib pulled a vial from his bag and collecting some kind of dark liquid from the Wyrm. He then turned to Leo and nodded. What was that about? Kite followed Leo and Skib as they walked around the side of the pyramid, and began to scale the outside. Skib was tall enough to simply pull himself up each side, before turning back to help Leo up. He in turn, helped Alouette up, who helped Kite up. Ploob, meanwhile, simply rode his Rust Beast directly up the side. For once, Ploob took the lead. He whooped in excitement, and turned in his seat to look at the others. “See ya at the top, slowpokes!” He called. Kite shook his head in disgust, trying his best not to slow down, while simultaneously trying not to show how exhausted he was getting. It had been a long day, and he was rapidly approaching the limit of his stamina reserves. Alouette turned, and helped him up another step. “Come on, Kite. We’re nearly there.” She was right. Just four more, and they’d be at the top. He nodded breathlessly, and continued climbing. After four more exertions, they reached the top of the Pyramid. There, they all looked confusedly at a half-broken wooden door. “Uh… what does your sense tell you?” Kite says, letting his concern appear on his face. “We go in.” Leo says, kicking in the half a door. They walked inside, and Kite’s eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness inside. The light shining through the door illuminated a rickety elevator made of wood, a lever, and a single rusting chain. Skib didn’t even hesitate. He strode past everyone, and stood on the elevator. “Skib will operate it.” He said. Alouette looked at the chain with hesitation, and growing concern. “Skib, I don’t think that chain will hold.”
“Nonsense.” Skib replied, jumping up to grab ahold. He hung there on the chain for a solid minute before jumping back down onto the elevator. “Look. Safe.” He said. That seemed to be enough for Ploob who brushed past Kite and Leo to join Skib on the elevator. The elevator groaned in protest, and Skib flicked the lever. With a shudder, the elevator slowly started to descend into the darkness below. Kite looked at Alouette. “See? Skib knows what he was talking about.” Right as he finished saying that, the chain snapped, and the elevator collapsed into the darkness below.
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2023.03.31 07:32 bees___ Unusual Wasian goes test-optional, somehow wins college lottery???

Intended Major(s): Political Science/Government/International Affairs
Standardized Testing
  1. Member of my county government's Youth Commission - Did community projects like park restorations, expos, other volunteer work.
  2. Mock Trial Team Captain - 4 years on the team, 5x Outstanding Attorney Award recipient. Region and district champions.
  3. Manager at a political consulting firm - Launched canvassing projects, managed new hires.
  4. Student Government President
  5. Social Media Intern with Young Democrats of GA
  6. Percussion Section Leader in Marching Band
  7. Poll Worker for the 2022 election season
  8. Campaign Intern with a city race in New York
  9. Senior Class Chair of my school's Beta Club
  10. President of Rho Kappa Social Studies National Honor Society
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. Alternate for a national political program (easily searchable so vague for privacy lol)
  2. AP Scholar with Distinction
  3. Finalist for GHP in Social Studies
  4. All-A Honor Roll (honestly meant to switch this one out but forgot)
  5. Georgia Certificate of Merit
Letters of Recommendation
I read all my LORs and I gotta say they def carried my application
  1. AP World/AP Human Teacher: 10/10 - Known him since my freshman year, had him as a teacher for 9th/10th. He's like my adoptive grandpa and he knows a lot about my extracurriculars and my future aspirations. Mentioned how I was one of a kind and he hoped the letter could do me justice, he's the best.
  2. AP Gov/Macro Teacher: 9/10 - Known her since my freshman year (she's the Mock Trial coach) and had her as a teacher senior year. Really cool lady; she used to be in politics so she's very supportive of my political aspirations. She likes me a lot and mentioned my maturity and responsibility a lot in my letter.
  3. State Representative: 7/10 - Not as personal as the other ones since he doesn't know me as well, but still nice. He mentioned some of my more career-oriented aspects and he knows me fairly well; definitely more than the average state rep knows their constituent.
  4. County Commissioner: 10/10 - Got to know her really well during the two years I did Activity #1 plus I helped her write the letter. This one especially touched a lot on the specific community work I did and my passion for helping my community. Out of all my letters, I think this one was the most important.
  1. Yale: 6/10 - I got my likely letter phone call an hour before the interview so I wasn't sure what to expect. Went in and did my best but I feel like I wasn't as charismatic as I usually was. My interviewer also just didn't seem to react positively to anything I said so that was a bit of a bummer.
  2. Harvard: 10/10 - I feel like this interview carried my Harvard app. The interviewer was a really nice guy, funny and honest about his time there. He showed real genuine interest in me and my background, I ended up talking to him a lot about my less common ethnic background (Chinese and Moroccan) and I feel like I was able to articulate really well how my upbringing and perspective have been shaped by my background.
Personal Statement: 8/10 - I tried to take a unique approach and talk about a lot of topics relating to who I am as a person. I used this overarching theme of my love for browsing Wikipedia and connected the things I learned on there to learning about aspects of myself. Completely overhauled the last paragraph in the last few days (but not before I submitted the old one to Georgetown and Harvard :,) haha)
Harvard Supplemental: 7/10 - I was on a time crunch to write this one since I was going out of the country. It's mostly a Frankenstein essay made up of bits and pieces of other essays I had written over the course of a year for college and scholarship-related things. More focus on my identity and how its shaped me.
Yale Supplemental: 9/10 - I felt like I did pretty good on these. I took a few days to write them all, the short response ones were especially good. I tried to be witty here and there and I think it worked.
Georgetown Essays: 8/10 - I gave myself plenty of time to write these and honestly thought they were pretty good. I would say these are the best bunch and they really let me showcase my passion and aspirations.
All other essays: 6/10 - They're all a blur at this point. Not the worst but definitely room for improvement since I kind of powered through them. Didn't get any outside feedback on any of my essays so I went in raw lol.
Additional Information:
All in all a crazy year for me. I still can't believe it sometimes but I'm glad it's all over! For what it's worth, I think my application on paper isn't the most outstanding compared to others that are on college subreddits (coughcoughA2C) but what really made up for it was my interviews and rec letters. Regardless, so happy and thankful for this decision season and wouldn't change it for the world!
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2023.03.31 07:25 mallory73 realistic humanities girl takes a dub

Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White
Residence: California
Income Bracket: $100k+
Type of School: Large, (relatively) competetive public arts school
Hooks (Recruited Athlete, URM, First-Gen, Geographic, Legacy, etc.): LGBT+
Intended Major(s): Film/Film Business/Humanities
Standardized Testing
AP/IB: 5 tests taken...three 4's two 5's
  1. 4 years Thespian NHS, was Secretary and now President. 2nd biggest club on campus. Got many lead roles in plays/musicals.
  2. 4 year varsity starter in Field Hockey + Captain. Played club field hockey and we were 16th in the US and qualified for Nationals.
  3. I founded my schools Film Club and produced/wrote our first short film, raising a $1500 budget.
  4. Auditioned + accepted for a summer training acting conservatory at a famous regional theater.
  5. NCL (charity)
  6. Youth Representative of my Church -
  7. Worked a handful of jobs throughout high schools
  1. 2x Overall Superior in Monologue at the International Thespian Festival (highest theater comp for high school)
  2. 2x Silver Key in Poetry at Scholastic Art + Writing
  3. 1st/2nd Team All-League for Field Hockey
  4. Scholar Section Captain (highest GPA in league)
  5. AP Scholar blah blah
Letters of Recommendation
  1. Theater Teacher: 8/10, I have a very close motherly relationship with her. I did not get to read it but I'm sure she had a lot of very personal anecdotes and things to say about my personality and leadership style. Only thing is she very much viewed LORs as a "chore" that had to be done, so I don't know how much passion was in it, but she sure did have a lot to draw from and write about so hoping it was good.
  2. Film Teacher: 10/10 I got to hear about some of it. He told the schools it would be a mistake not to accept me lol love him <3 inspired me to work in film and is truly one of my biggest supporters and my first fan. I love him dearly and I know he wrote something truly personal.
  3. AP World Teacher: 8/10 Haven't had a class with him since sophomore year but we have a really close friendship. He is very young and very smart (accepted to all ivies but went to UCSB instead lol), and he told me that he wrote about how I was intellectual and mature. I'm sure he wrote great things, but might've been lacking in recent personal anecdotes.
Penn 8/10, the interviewer was really young and worked in film, so we had a great conversation. I wish I would've been a little more well spoken because I think I got a little flustered and was a little too coloquioal with him, but I don't have any regrets.
8/10 My personal statement was definitely not my favorite piece of writing ever, but conveyed my humor and personality well as well as the key personality traits I wanted to convey. My supplements were very strong and so were my UC PIQs.
So yah! I'm very happy with how it turned out. My only regrets going back would be to have just tried a little harder my junior year on getting my ACT score to a 34 because it was probably feasible to me. I also wish I decided to submit to the ivies earlier, so that I would've completed the arts portfolio. Considering I was a humanities/arts applicant, I think it really hurt me that I didn't showcase those talents in the portfolio. Lastly, I could've applied to less safeties lol. Oh well! Very very excited go bruins <3
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2023.03.31 07:13 greg0525 My little brother has been staring at the TV recently

I have a beloved little brother who is a toddler, and he and I have always had a special bond. We share a love of playtime, cartoons, and simply being together. Our parents are kind and loving, and they have always encouraged us to be curious and creative. We have a comfortable home filled with toys, books, and all sorts of fun things to do. Whether we are playing outside, building with blocks, or watching our favorite cartoons, we always have a great time together.
My little brother is full of energy and wonder, and he approaches the world with a sense of joy and excitement. He has a contagious laugh and an infectious smile that brightens up our day. Watching him grow and learn has been a source of pride and amazement for our entire family. I feel so lucky to have him as my brother, and I know that our bond will only grow stronger as we continue to journey through life together.
However, a few weeks ago, I noticed something quite strange happening with my little brother. I walked into the living room to find him sitting in front of the TV, watching what appeared to be nothing but white noise. The screen was completely blank, yet my brother was transfixed, staring at the TV with wide eyes and a big smile on his face.
"Hey, little bro, what are you watching?" I asked.
"TV!" he exclaimed, still staring at the screen.
"But there's nothing on the TV," I pointed out.
"Yes, there is!" Ben insisted, gesturing towards the white noise.
I was puzzled by this. I couldn't understand what he could possibly find entertaining about staring at a blank screen. But he seemed happy, so I didn't want to disturb him and I let it go.
This went on for weeks but it did not bother me. I had no idea what could be so captivating, but my brother was obviously enjoying himself and that was all that mattered. He would sit in front of the TV, with watching the white noise while I was reading a book or playing on my phone. It felt like my brother was in his own little world, filled with mystery and wonder. He seemed to have an endless source of joy from this mundane activity, and I couldn't help but marvel at how something so simple could bring him such happiness.
Eventually, I asked our parents if they had any idea why he enjoyed the white noise so much. They explained that sometimes toddlers can be strange, so there is nothing to worry about.
However, I started to notice a change in my brother's behavior. He had become obsessed with staring at the TV, and would spend hours staring at the screen. I tried to engage him in playtime and our favorite games, but he seemed more interested in the TV than anything else.
"Hey Ben, do you want to go outside and play our favorite game?" I asked him.
"No, I want to watch TV!" he replied, his eyes glued to the screen.
"But we always have so much fun playing together," I said, trying to entice him. "Remember when we built that awesome fort last week?"
"I don't care," he said, still transfixed by the TV.
I felt a pang of sadness in my heart. I missed our playtime together and our special bond. I knew that watching TV was not a bad thing, but I also knew that it was important for us to spend quality time together as siblings.
"Can we please play together, just for a little bit?" I pleaded.
"No, TV!" he insisted, ignoring my request.
I sighed and walked away, feeling a bit defeated. I knew that I couldn't force my brother to play with me, but I hoped that he would eventually come around and realize the importance of spending time together as a family.
So, about a week ago, I decided to join my brother in his strange little world of white noise.
As I watched, I noticed that the white noise on the screen seemed to have a soothing effect on my brother. The flickering static and the soft hiss of the TV seemed to calm him down and put him in a trance-like state. It was almost as if he was hypnotized by the white noise.
"I don't get it," I said, trying to engage him in conversation. "Why do you like this?"
"I like it!" he replied, still transfixed by the screen.
I tried to engage him in conversation, but he was completely absorbed in watching the white noise. He didn't respond to my questions or comments, and I realized that he was completely zoned out.
I found this whole experience to be quite weird and unsettling. It was as if my brother had found a strange and mysterious source of entertainment in something that should have been completely boring and uninteresting. Despite my confusion, I felt a strange sense of curiosity about what was going on inside my brother's head. What was he seeing on that blank screen that I couldn't see?
Then, I tried to focus on the screen. I did not move my eyes, I tried to find something. And then, very slowly, something was happening. From the millions of dancing black and white spots, I could make out some vague, animated geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, that moved and interacted with each other. They appeared to be engaged in communication with each other, as evidenced by their back-and-forth exchange.
“What the hell?” I said and got up to take a closer look at the TV and the cables behind it.
But as peeked at the back of the TV, the realization that it was not plugged in sent chills down my spine.
Since that moment, I moved to my girlfriend’s place and I have been unsure of what I should fear more: the house or my brother. Well, I have been avoiding both, just in case.
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2023.03.31 07:11 FormerConfusion7756 How are these things NOT Obvious?

Steamrolling through the subreddit drama:
-Over 1/3 of Americans are against abortion. That means a great deal of your classmates, teachers, faculty, and so forth are pro-life if they talk to you about it or not. They are most likely wonderful people like the rest of your class.

-When a competitive program in a competitive field is 100% white, 100% black, 100% asian, 100% male, 100% female, 100% purple, for years and years and years there is obviously bias. It means there are programs that are not for you from the moment you were born. This was true applying to medical school and this is true applying to residency.

-hOW dO I sTUDy: Discipline is the only thing required to pass medical school. You do not have to be smart. Wake up, doesn't matter how you feel, put effort in to Anki/Powerpoints/Uworld/literally anything school related without distractions and you are going to pass.
-Subset point: I have 7 children, 2 wives, 3 husbands, 4 grandparents to care for, and a crippling caffeine & alcohol addiction this is why medical school is nearly impossible for me. That sucks, that also would have made any other career harder too, darn.

-HOW DO I BE COMPETITIVE FOR [email protected]#?$!:
-Good grades (duh)
-Research! No it does not matter to the vast majority of programs what research that you do, just that you show you are willing to jump through hoops and give them a peak into your critical thinking skills if/when they choose to read it. Yes this always helps you, unless your critical thinking/analysis is equivalent to the average discussion on this subreddit then they are going to dump your app in the trash.
-Connections. You want to do neurosurgery? plastics? Better start spam e-mailing literally everyone in the nation from M1/M2 to give yourself the best odds. They are flooded with applicants with great grades, research, and interviews. What will set you up for success? If they know you, if the former plastics resident teaching at your school puts in a good word for you to help you get an AI and then coach you for weeks before hand so that you can dominate it.
-But my friend had a barely passive step2 score, 4 DUI's, attempted murder charge (still in trial), didnt do any research, and decided to apply randomly to xyz and he matched optho/derm/plastics/etc. Congratulations this is not the norm and they likely downplayed the strength of their application to you as do most medical students.

-How do I make friends? I've never gone to anything on campus/campus related except for mandatory lecture. Do you think I should reach out to admin about implementing mandatory friendship sessions? Btw for those of you still struggling making friends takes effort, your exhausted from school and don't put effort into your social life? Then your social life is going to suffer. Go to shit when you don't feel like it if having friends matters to you, especially if you agreed to go.

-I FAILED BY .00001% WTF dis iz stupid. Yeah, admin cares about the institution being accredited. In fact it is the only thing your admin cares about. The vast majority of medical schools will fail you even if you are a hairline below passing.
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2023.03.31 07:03 moco_thrwaway all it takes is one gone somewhat expected

Intended Major(s): Computer Science
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. FRC - prog and electronics lead: helped get sponsorship money, teach newbies, etc. (too much time spent all year long)
  2. robotics tutoring: made and taught curriculum designed to teach middle and high schoolers programming over the summer; taught a rookie team that later won a regional; taught a rookie vex team that placed 10th in state
  3. county government: rallied some robotics teams across the county to get more support for robotics from the county; got 80k and centralized practice/build space for teams; never knew how school system worked before starting and felt proud of achievements
  4. 4,5,6 random summeschool year internships: interned at a variety of places to do some CS and robotics research
  5. cross country: was an npc but still did it
  6. community service: designed easily mass producable device that helped those with disabilities put on gloves, data proving it worked, cheap af too
  7. Deca: did it one year got an award and called it a day
  8. cooking: activity describes itself
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. 2022 FIRST Robotics Championship Finalist (Einstein finalist specifically, aka placed 2nd at worlds)
  2. Dean's List Semifinalist
  3. FIRST Regional Autonomous Award
  4. National Cyber Scholar semifinalist (very npc award)
  5. National rural and small town recognition program
Letters of Recommendation
junior year english teacher: looking back at it a 7/10 as all I did was raise my hand in class often
CS teacher: 9/10; had a pretty good bond with teacher as had him for multiple years in different classes
counselor: 8/10, barely stood out from everyone else
i personally thought all of them went well (had them at all places except for upenn) and interviewers seemed to be glad to have talked to me and looked like they themselves learned something from it
ngl i thought my personal statement was good (wont mention topic because my post is easily identifiable from someone who knows me)

supps vary from place to place but generally i thought i did pretty well on them and tried to think of the box for most of them and be quirky (wrote like a poem for one that i repeated for multiple prompts)
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
kinda chose all of my classes assuming i'd end up at umd to maximize gen ed eliminations and seemed like i was right. umd for me was a safety since i'm in-state and didn't apply to more places because would not go to them over sweet in-state tuition. since i chose my course load with the intention of going to umd, i can technically graduate in <2 years if i really wanted to. also, i do not really want pity or "dont worry ur so smart" because i'm still happy of where i ended up.
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2023.03.31 07:00 JHarvman Buy a High Quality Cover Letter at!

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2023.03.31 06:57 CheckmateHahaha College Admission was wonky

Intended Major(s): depended on school but mostly Cognitive Science
AP Chemistry (5)
AP US History (4)
AP Calc AB (5)
AP Lang (5)
AP Physics 1
AP Biology
AP Calc BC
AP Lit
AP World
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. #1 Founded startup that sold shoes in 5 week startup accelerator; $2500 in presales from registered podiatrists
  2. #2 briefly shadowed orthopedic surgeon
  3. #3 Student Pilot - have 40 hours on two different aircraft
  4. #4 Varsity Swim
  5. #5 President of Chess Club at school
  6. #6 Academic Decathlon President
  7. #7 Community Service
  8. #8 Writer for school Sketch Comedy club
  9. #9 Co-founder of Science Olympiad (only started end of Junior year)
  10. #10 2nd Violinist school orchestra
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. #1 Swim Medal
  2. #2 AP Scholar with Honor
  3. #3 Certificate of achievement from Startup accelerator
  4. #4 won my section fairly large Chess Tournament with 200ish people undefeated 7 rounds
  5. #5 Commended PSAT
Letters of Recommendation

Chemistry teacher:
I had him for two years and we had a fairly close relationship. 7/10
English Teacher:
Also advisor of Chess club, I think he wrote a very good letter for me. 8/10
MIT 2/10 will not elaborate
Princeton 5/10 definitely could have been better. Definitely needed to better research the college.
  1. Common App Essay was a work of art. Perfectly fit me as a person and the best piece of writing I've ever done.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
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2023.03.31 06:44 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 3

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle).
Super thank to SmolDs1337(Convenient Narrative) he was a massive help in editing this chapter and Grey_bit how has been a big help as well.
as always comments, complaints and suggestion are welcome.

When Lorian left Robert, she was in a foul mood. This bunch of clam digging flotsam needed to be investigated for criminal negligence and abuse. If things did not change before she left, she would be contacting naval criminal investigations. She could not go to the interior due to the classified nature of the evaluation for being declared a strategic asset. She asked the guard to take her to the facility commanders office.
When she entered the facility commander there were three naval officers waiting for her, the only one she had met to this point was Lt Cmdr Ashix, the security officer that had cleared her and her team for entry into the facility, she was seated to her left as she entered. To her right appeared to be an Edixi Lieutenant Commander also from naval intelligence with medical insignia and the woman behind the desk was and was a full commander from engineering.
Taking the last seat, the guard closed the door and remained outside “before we get started, I would like to know why I should not be in contact with NCI to investigate the abuse my client has endured at your hands” The stunned looks told her they were not prepared for that.
Commander Vashini was many things, but a boy bashing child abuser was not one of them. This sand clamed piece of turox shit dared to claim that she was … she did not complete the thought she pushed her temper down growling, “Explain yourself.”
Smiling predatorily, “Certainly, a fifteen-year-old human child kept in chains and in solitary confinement for three days. Also, there was no food or water at that time. Other than a few pieces of food he took from your lunch your lunch” pointing at the woman with the medical insignia, “and no basic hygiene since he was taken into custody. Now if you do not believe me, ask the guard outside if she is allowed to remove my client’s chains.”
“I am Dr Arandis Norroe and if that is the case then why did he not speak up?” Arandis realized just how moronic her statement was out of her mouth closing her eyes, ”He does not vocalize and none of the guards knows hand speak.”
Lorian continued, “add in the Fact that that a large number of young males from this world disappear all the time and believe he is next on the tragic list. The only reason I would not get the interior involved is because if I did, the odds of him ever going home drops below fifty-fifty.”
The woman to Lorians right, Lt Cmdr Ashi, spoke next.” I had heard stories that it was happening, but I thought it was an exaggeration, you know, just stories. Is it really that bad?”
Looking at Lt Cmdr Ashi, ”In the almost five years since the imperium liberated this world there has been a loss of almost six hundred million people and those are the planetary governesses own numbers and if you ask an human that would give you and honest number it would be closer to a eight hundred million. With either number I would start calling it a genocide or a mass enslavement. When I first arrived, I came to get a man and make a ton of credits. I naively used to believe that we in the Imperium were the righteous and virtuous ones, not anymore. The interior and the nobility are all out of control of this world. Now there are some who are doing the Empress's good work, but there are not enough of them.”
Zirlyn turned to Cmdr Vashini “This changes things, we are going to need to protect him from not just external but internal threats. I will take care of the boy, Robert and make sure safe and not abused and has everything he needs. I will make sure he has access to communicate with family and other involved persons. Once my background investigation is complete.”
Cmdr Vashini was reeling, she was complicit in boy bashing, almost. She had fucked up now she had to fix it. “Advocate, LtCmdr Ashix will see to all of the issues you have raised” Raising her voice “Guard Please get in here.”
The guard replied as she entered, ”Yes Ma’am”
“Please get our guest fully kitted out with the exception of weapons, armor, and electronic devices he will not need for now. And return any personal items again with exceptions identified. All personnel that need to interact with our guest will be equipped with a translation program for terrain hand speak. Once kitted out you and two others will escort our guest to an area where he may take care of his personal hygiene needs without intrusion. Per naval protocol our guest will not be restrained unless he is being interviewed by a technical person. That means leave the restraints in the interview room. Dismissed.”
When the guard acknowledged her orders and left, Cmdr Vashini “That should improve his treatment. The restraints are required, unless overridden by a flag officer. Advocate is there anything I can do right now to correct his mistreatment.”
“That should be sufficient for now. When this meeting is over I will check in with my client and see if he needs anything else and coordinate with LtCmdr Ashix ”, Lorian replied, relieved that there was no fight or recrimination, just fix the problems and more on.
Cmdr Vashini turns to Dr Norroe, “Doctor you're up.”
Dr Norroe sat up and began her presentation, ”I start with a complete review of his medical and educational records which are interesting to say the least. I was able to verify four items identified by a human psychologist from before the liberation, any one of these if he were not human, he would have been institutionalized with the expectation of a pending psychotic break and becoming a danger to himself and others. In curd terms he is a defective and was labeled as so when his mother moved him to Prescott. Fortunately for us his mother chose to parental educate.”
Lorian broke in “Don’t you mean fortunately for him not us?”
Bemused by the interruption” Yes you are correct. Where was I,” looking back to her notes “parental education option. To say I am impressed with her success is an understatement. He completed the imperium basic primary education curriculum in less than three terrain years with exceptional marks in every subject except language related courses. This shows his raw intelligence is very high and my cognitive test confirms he is at least a one in a hundred thousand intellect.”
Dr Norroe paused to let the good part sink in,” Now the four items I mentioned earlier Dyslexia, digraphia, low latent inhibition, and manic depression. We have different names for them, dyslexia is called ‘non-linear developmental psychosis’, digraphia is called ‘limited developmental cognitive articulation’ these a both defined by humans as learning disabilities and the humans have been aware if this for some though most of the time it is miss diagnosed. When correctly identified there are several strategies to work around and adapt the educational environment for this. For low latent inhibition or hyper process stimulation, this is so rare for us there is almost no research on the subject, except to indicate that it is a death sentence by the age of ten and mostly affects boys.
Cmdr Vashini broke in, “Are you telling me that humans deal with this all of the time.”
Dr Norroe had to laugh,” Hardly, with the learning disabilities they do not just deal they have used it a s a species to drive their technological advancement without dyslexia I do not think the human would have gone from the first powered flight to their lunar landing in one human lifetime, research in the subject showed that half of the engineers involved had the condition. The condition affects about fifteen to twenty percent of the population, so I believe there was an evolutionary advantage. About the same number of humans are left-handed, for the Shil’vita left handedness is about three percent.”
Lorian remembered something Robert had said: it is a blessing and a curse.
“With humans there is a very diverse spectrum of these learning disabilities.” Dr Norroe continued. “ In His case the manic depression is directly tied to his limited ability to articulate what he is thinking. This may be why he produced so many abstract art pieces, he is expressing an idea the only way he can.
Back to the testing I did with Robert showed not only is he very intelligent, but he is very creative as well and like all the others who have dyslexia, he just thinks differently.”
Dr Norroe paused waiting for any questions and pulled up an example, “Here we have two images one titled rain drops on glass next to one titled gravity lensing optical distortion. The first one would be considered art the other science. This is an example in true non-linear thinking, it is clear that the first triggered the second.”
Cmdr Vashini rubbed her forehead.” I do not understand how somebody could go from rain drops on a piece of glass to an understanding of gravitational lensing. There is no logical way to connect the two.”
Lt Cmdr Ashix countered “No, it is a form of pattern recognition. I am trained to see things that do not belong, and that took years, he connects things instinctively. I bet if he did speak, he would be finishing your sentences for you, and be correct better than half of the time.”
Cmdr Vashini,” Now that we have taken Dr Norroe up a side stream, the idea of pattern recognition begs the question if that thing out in the hanger is a piece of a pattern, if it is, then is it the start or the end. If this is the end of the pattern, the kid will be rich off all the things that come out of it. We have figured out about ten percent of what he created but no real idea why. From that ten percent the team has identified six or seven applications for just the navy.”
Lorian had to smile at the commander’s admission. Six or seven new applications in just a few days, this was very good news. “I will need that information in basic concept form, no technical data. It is legally his, is it not?”
Advocates, Cmdr Vashini though bemused, always looking for a quick credit,” Yes, it is all his if we ever figure out what it is. Now if we are done with this subject Doctor please continue.”
Garquile was as close to his happy place as the situation would allow. His ankle monitor chaffed as he tried to move around the kitchen. Two things in his life brought him great pleasure. Cooking and barrel racing. Cooking was a creative passion, a chance to tune out the world and concentrate on the creation of a flavor and texture, a single note of a song that would make up a meal. He had prepped all of the fruits, vegetables and was now working on the main dish, two large Copi, fresh from the upper Mississippi River. Deboning and deveining was the tedious and delicate part. If you rushed, you could leave the meat unpresentable. Finishing his cleanup of the filets, he surveyed his handy work, perfect he thought.
Three perfect filets for the adults doing their important adulting stuff, even with all four advocated here. The kids, himself included, would have the other filets with the gill meat and the trimming from the other filets that were too thin to be cooked the way he wanted. The Copi was covered in a mango lime jerk chutney to give the fish a delicate crusted glaze, when cooked in an outdoor brick oven. Waiting for the Copi, would be individual bowls of pad thai, served with a reduced coconut milk jerk spice reduction.
The kids, himself and his siblings would get fish tacos. Fish tacos were not something he made very often for dinner, it was finger food, it was not appropriate for the evening family meal in the dining room, but they were not having a real family meal tonight, so guilty finger food was on the menu.
Tonight’s meal would have been fun if not for the fact that he and Tommy were both wearing ankle monitors and Robert was locked in a cage and was being treated like an animal, from what he had overheard. Afterwards, the adults sealed off the dining room so they could talk in private. The family dining room was the only place in the house that could double up as a conference room.
Tommy had been pretty freaked out over the three days they had been detained. Tommy had explained it to him the day after they got back. Humans until very recently were not citizens of the Imperium and had no legal status for due process, so if he did anything the powers that be could just ship him off to the marines. It was a favorite tactic of the interior to deal with the troublemakers. Now he was a muted version of himself. Tommy always seemed to want to protect Robert, mainly from family shit with his grandfather.
He had met both Robert and Tommy about a month after they had moved to Earth in a Kung fu class. One of his mother’s security detail had started training long before he and his family arrived and suggested it as a way to integrate into the local community in a controlled environment. His sisters loved it from the start, mainly to interact with boys. It was not until he shifted into the Tia chi that he began to enjoy the Kung Fu. The only thing he still dreaded was sparing, the human boys would take the opportunity to hit him a little harder just to piss off his sisters. He remembered that early on Robert never attacked when he spared only using counter strikes.
He remembered his father telling him that every young woman should defend their family and every young man should have the poise and confidence to allow them to do it. Having confidence in your wife’s ability to defend you showed in how you presented yourself, you would never cower because you would never have to. Public displays of confidence in your wives are one of the most powerful displays of love and devotion the world can ever be shown. At least according to his father, he had eleven wives in his forty-six years and his youngest wife, Lalania, was almost twenty.
The timer on the oven pulled Garquile out of his thoughts the Copi was done and needed to be plated. Presentation was important, mother had an image to maintain, he could not and would not serve anything that was just thrown onto a plate. He and three of his sisters would serve the adults restaurant style since this was working dinner. Tommy would be serving the wine, he had the advantage working as a server in the local casino’s restaurant. Servers worked with the waiters to refresh the drinks and bring out the food for the waiters to present to customers. The server position was just a dodge to get around the law requiring waiters to be eighteen human years old to serve alcohol.
Garquile’s mother only tolerated having a large household staff to serve official functions. She had been very forceful when she had become governess. So that her children would not become lazy bottom feeders, all of the children had chores. Garquile had traded his sister Valenlina, laundry for cooking. She hated both chores, but laundry took less time than cooking the family meal four nights a week.
Garquile had chosen a pair of white wines from the Sonoita region, a Albarino and a Verdejo. Tommy had suggested these because they were very popular with fish at the restaurants. The guests would get to choose, and the family would get the leftovers. Garquile had Valenlina call their father and tell him that dinner was on its way. When they arrived with the food the table was not cleared but all the papers and data slate had been moved to the side of their owners. Garquile sighed. So much for his proper presentation, they were too engrossed to really care, but the show must go on. As his sisters presented the meal to their guests and family, Garquile described the meal, detailing each aspect. Tommy picked up with a well-practiced description of the wines when Garquile finished.
With the meal served, the children retreated to the outdoor patio. Garquile and Tommy brought out the tacos and chips and set them up near the fire pit. Valenlina came out last carrying the blender and margarita mix, the only thing missing was alcohol. Garquile intended to fix that at least.
Tommy had been looking out for Robert ever since they had met, not that Robert needed protection. Tommy acted like a filter, keeping the B.S. to a minimum and keeping him engaged with the people around him. When Tommy had asked him and Valenlina to help with the car,both of them had been excited. For Valenlina, a classic human car was a maybe someday dream, but time with Tommy was time with Tommy. Tommy explained that Robert had really started engaging with people when they started the car. It was something he could talk about that others could understand…. right up until the motor that had taken the six months of hard-core scrapping to buy. When the motor had turned out to be a worthless boat anchor, Robert had reverted to being disengaged. Lost in his data slate shell as he had been before, Garquile still did not know what had gotten Robert to re-engage so to speak.
As everyone was chowing down on the tacos, Garquile got the mixer going on the drinks. Valenlina started giving Tommy a back rub in to hope he would relax for a little while when she asked, “So Tommy, I never asked, whose idea was it to make the car fly?”
Sighing in pleasure Tommy replied, ”You keep that up I will tell you all of my secrets and maybe a few lies to make you believe in Santa Claus.”
Garquile brought over a tray of drinks, ”Mother would be aghast if she saw you handling a boy like that, and what do you mean Santa Claus isn’t real? You have destroyed my innocence!” He chimed in mockingly.
Tommy grabbed the drink when offered, Garquile made sure it was the one that was spiked. Tommy noticed the special ingredient, “Trying to help your sister loosen my resolve to her charms I see”.
Garquile feigned ignorance about the fact Tommy and his sister had been having sex for over a year now. Valenlina had told him, as soon as it happened, because she had to tell somebody, and he could keep a secret. There was a problem with the secret as it was not a secret. All of the parents knew and let Tommy and Valenlina believe they were being discreet. Valenlina had explained to him that Tommy was amazing, but he was also safe, and he felt the same way. They were not using each other, just enjoying what they had. Knowing it would be over in less than a year, when she would travel to Shil for University. “Please, my sister has no charm, as well as limited manners, but if you are going to spill your secrets…. I am listening.”
Valenlina worked her hands from the top of Tommy’s shoulders to just below his shoulder blades, ”As I am putty in Valenlina hands, I will tell you it was all Bobby’s idea. The reason he withdrew was he was afraid Granddad would get pissed about wanting to do a Shil’vita based retro mod on a sixty-nine Charger.”
Garquile finally getting his own drink “I would have watched Granddads reaction. I bet he blew a gaskit?.. I think that was the right way to say that.”
“It was, but not the way you would think. His first reaction was to snarf the beer he was drinking right his nose laughing. The guy he got the car from, Martinez, had a couple requests, ‘make it cool, fast and no shit purple shil metal on it’. ates the purple metal because it is a pain to shape by hand.” Pausing for another sip of his drink. “It took my Granddad a good five minutes to stop coughing while Robert was sitting there waiting for him to lay down the hammer on him, but then granddad said something neither of us were expecting.‘show what you have.’ Robert just sat there stunned then like a dam breaking. Bobby asked are you sure and my granddad just said show me what you have. “
Getting up to sit next to him, Valenlinaleaned over to wrap her arms around him. “It took Bobby about three hours to explain what needed to be done to make the car fly, with a top speed that he guessed was around two hundred and fifty miles an hour. When Bobby dropped that little tidbit about going faster granddad asked how much faster. Bobby only said that if he didn't deal with the heat, the car would melt. My granddad couldn'tthink how fast that would be and just told Boddy "let's just make it fly first then go for speed records.”
Garquile then asked, “So how long did it take to design all of this, to me it seemed that it was all in his head?”
Tommy rolled head back and laughed “To be honest, I have no idea, he could have been thinking about it since we started. He is like a dog playing fetch and then suddenly he sees a squirrel and off to the races, then ten minutes later he comes back with a rabbit and toy boat.”
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 2 : Sexyspacebabes (

Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (

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2023.03.31 06:43 ThorntonMelon Helping a Family Member Who Can No Longer Dive

Hello! A family member in Michigan who was an avid diver had heart surgery recently and, while they are recovering smoothly, their doctors have informed them that they can no longer dive. I am hoping to help them sell their gear which was top of the line and well cared for. I am not a diver myself but I was the most familiar with selling things online so I am trying my best to help. Here's the list that they complied for me.
2 Steel 100’s, right valve, hydro 5/2020, vis 3/22 filled with air, sidemount
1 Steel 100, right valve, hydro 9/20, vis 3/22, air filled, sidemount bands
Steel 50, right valve, hydro 3/22, vis 3/22, sidemount bands, air filled
Steel 50, left valve, hydro 3/22, sidemount bands, air filled
2 Alum 40’s, right valve, hydro 5/21, vis 5/21, 50% nitrox filed
1 Alum 30, left valve, hydro 5/21, vis 5/21, filled with TBD
DUI XL-S Flex Extreme-Elite Overlay Blue/White on Black, new
heavy-duty plastic zipper, new zip neck and wrist seals, Kubi dry glove
system, attached tech boots size 10.5
DUI Actionwear Pro XL, 2-piece underwear, black
Fourth Element Argonaut Flex-Black, custom fit for me when I weighed
around175 lbs, 5ft 8in tall but sized to accommodate the Halo undie,
size10.5 attached tech boots, Kubi dry glove system, heavy duty plastic
zipper. zip seals
Fourth Element Halo 3D, black undersuit, size large
2 Apeks Tek 3, right and left 1st and 2nd stage each with long hoses,
analog pressure gauge, and drysuit hose.
2 AquaLung Legend’s 1st and 2nd stage.
AquaLung Titan 2nd stage
Shearwater Perdix with transmitter
Suunto Cobra air-integrated console

AquaLung Axiom i3 large, black
DiveRite Nomad XT Sidemount harness large, black with 2 attached
weight pockets, attached line cutter, attached pouch with100 lb lift bag, and
a clip-on tech bag that fits a spare dive mask, tech scissor, and fold up
knife included,
2 Dive Rite BX2 Handheld lights with rechargeable batteries and
Dive Rite Soft Handmount
QRM for Dive Rite light
Dive Rite Classic Safety Reel 140 ft of a white line, stainless steel handle,
lockdown screw with retaining screw ensures it can’t come off, and a
marine grade bolt snap.
Dive Rite 60ft finger spool with marine grade double-ended bolt snap.
Din Pressure Gauge
Eurmax Canopy 10x10 Grey commercial grade, steel frame, 4 removable
zippered sidewalls, roller bag, heavy duty waterproof fabric, awning, sand
2 Yolk to Din adapters
Dive tools
Lots of parts and pieces
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2023.03.31 06:38 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 1

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle).
Super thank to SmolDs1337(Convenient Narrative) he was a massive help in editing this chapter and Grey_bit how has been a big help as well.
Fair warring this is a long one, Enjoy,
as always comments, complaints and suggestion are welcome.

On the morning of the third day a six-person naval security team came into Robert’s cell, with a set of leg and wrist chains and a hood. The smallest of the team of guards held the restraints, she ordered him to spread his legs and present his hands & not to resist. Her voice was calm but cold. Robert fought his sense of growing panic as he complied, spreading his legs and holding his hands out in front of him. The ankle restraints clicked into place, then the wrist restraints. As the first wrist restraint snapped into place true panic started to take over, his hands started to shake, his jaw was quivering, and his breath quickened and became erratic, making it difficult to restrain his left hand.
One of the guards blocking the cell door spoke up “Oh what a little cutie isn’t he just adorable quivering with anticipation I bet he likes it rough! Maybe we should pat him down once he's secure to make sure there's not any contraband hidden away.”
The guard securing his restraints forcefully retorted. “Kaynigne shut he fuck up, you are not being helpful.” “Keitrin don’t get your panties in a knot! I'm just having some fun, besides these little sex monkeys’ only think about fucking at this age, I bet he could take care of all our needs and still have juice leftover.” Kaynigne laughed.
Another guard spoke up as Keitrin secured his left hand and began to connect the ankle restraints to the wrist restraints, “Kaynigne, you slimily clam licking sand smasher, it is shit talking like that, that keeps you from getting a date.”
Closing his eyes, 'Stay calm, let me out' the voice said.
The guard wrapped the restraint belt around his waist, in his mind he was shaking in fear “No…” he whimpered.
The guard attached the chain 'Stay calm, I can make it safe, now let me out. ‘the voice demanded calmly.
Kaynigne felt his eyes on her in a way that curved her tongue. 'They will hurt me like the others, I need to get to safety' Before finally losing himself to the panic.
Calmly the voice replied, 'I will be safe, I will not be hurt, I will stay calm.' The guard opened the hood and placed it over Robert’s head. Kaynigne looked into the boy’s eyes as the hood came over him, she shivered but did not know why.
The hood was attached front and back to the belt around his waist. He slowed his breathing, forcing the panic down deep into his mind, not banished but subdued. The hood had a thin mesh material where his mouth and nose were, allowing him to breath but not see or hear well.
“All right the subject is secure. Let's get him on the transport and get him to the research site.” a voice he thought belonged to the guard that had chained him said, before the other voices became only muffled noise.
His voice calmed 'Breath, stay aware, stay calm' he thought, 'count, start the count in beats'. Felling his heartbeat slow
347 beats from cell to sit down.
1413 beats from sit down to stand up.
757 beats from standup to hood removed.
2517 beats later the hood was removed, the belt and connecting chains came away. He was made to sit in a metal office chair with four legs, behind a metal table. His wrist restraints were attached to an eighteen-inch chain welded to the table. His palms were flat on the table as the guards made the vile small talk, liberty shel. Ironic. They talk of liberty while they chain him to a table, locked in a twelve-by-twelve room. They left him alone, motionless in an off-white-colored room, he had been disappeared he thought.
Dr Norroe, Commander naval intelligence asset profiler, had been studying the subject for three days. Or at least his documented history, medical records, psych profile and most intriguing his drawing and some notes connected to what looked like math equations. Chasing gremlin was a common note in many places but the one that had caught her attention was about challenging the demon in the void. Opening the door to the interview room, Dr Norroe was pleased with the subject, patiently waiting, right up until she sat down. She tried to talk to him, only to stop before she uttered a word. Wordlessly she got up and left the interview room. Crossing the threshold into the “WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE GODDESS DAMMED TRANSPORT GAURDS?! I WANT THEM IN MY OFFICE IN NOW!”
Governess Seskie dismissed her aides from the conference room and closed the door, everyone who were connected to this were ten people in all. She flipped open a keyboard sized and punched in her security code to seal the room from external surveillance. “The room is secure, we should be able to speak freely. Advocate Listian, the floor is yours.”
Sitting forward in her chair Advocate Listian took a deep breath, folded her hands on the tabletop and began,” In the ride up from the detention facility we did some research on the strategic asset label. This designation can be applied to many types of things including people. People that have been designated are usually high-ranking military officers, admirals, generals, that level. Non-military persons are usually limited to personal doctors, advocates and accounts for the members of the imperial family. Now this is in our favor, because all these people can refuse to serve the imperial family. This is very similar to personal service contracts for corporate officers tied to noble families. Now the problem is, there is precedent to force this on an individual, but it has not been done since the Generation of Woe, over one hundred years ago.”
Nanorix broke in, “So the admiral wants to make Robert a personal servant to the imperial family?”
Advocate Listian shook her head, “No, it is more akin to the geneticist and doctors forced to work to find a cure to save hundreds of millions young Shil’vita boys from dying a horrible death.”
Advocate Listian paused waiting for any other questions, when none came, she continued,” The fact that this has not been done in over a century and he is still a minor and does not have legal agency a high court might block it, but I doubt it. So given that he is of value, capable of producing value or has already produced something of value for the Empire, this means we have to exploit the value proposition, so we need to incorporate him. In this case a corporation would have more rights than an individual. This is especially true for intellectual property.”
Max broke in, “What intellectual property?”
Advocate Listian smiled, “According to the receipts that Nanorix was given by the navy, Robert produced over six thousand pages of notes, drawings, diagrams calculation and other items, the flying car being the most obvious example.”
Opening her data slate Advocate Listian “I am going to add a couple of our associates to this meeting. Advocate Hevlyn Spenigna and advocate Mirka Roskin'' Activating the conference screen two new Shil’vati were added to the meeting, “To the right Advocate Spenigna, specializing corporate structures and trusts, to the left Advocate Roskin, specializing in intellectual property.”
Tommy looked at the two new advocates on screen and couldn't help but think of them as characters from some melodrama that his mom loved to watch. Speaking up, “So do Garquile and I need to be here? This seems like-“raising his hands in air quotes “-adult stuff.”
Advocate Spenigna, responded while trying not to sound condescending “Yes, both of you should be here, unless you do not care what is being done to protect your futures.”
Slumping into his chair, “I guess I don't understand how this affects either of us, we do not know anything of value, I couldn't even attempt to explain any of it and Garquile knows even less, no offense Gee”
Garquile smiled at his friend, “We’re good, mostly I am hanging out & hiding from my sisters or using Tommy and Robert as taste testers for my latest attempt at cooking.”
Advocate Spenigna suppressed a chuckle of mirth only thinking ‘Boys’ “You both provided material resources and time. That means you both have a vested interest. If not addressed now, it will cause problems in the future. Understand, property law favors the family matriarchs in cases where a minor has assets in their name. What we are proposing is the creation of a corporation and a jointly owned subsidiary. The subsidiary will have ownership of the flying car and related assets. All other assets will be solely Roberts, held by the parent entity. This is required because there has been no identified material resource contributed to those elements. The individual trusts will hold their individual portions of the corporate entities.”
Garquile had heard this type of talk before when his father explained the basic difference between personal assets and family assets.” So who are the trustee’s and when do we attain agency?”
Advocate Spenigna nodded to acknowledge the question.” You will get partial agency when you are legally an adult then full agency within six years, or ten years for a human. We recommend a parent or guardian and an administrator that manages the trust and protects the interest of the minors.”
It was Advocate Listian’s turn to jump in. “While they are working on the corporations and trusts, we will be working on getting Nanorix visitation access. It will take about a week to complete and file the paperwork and allow the entities to come into existence. Once that happens, they cannot deny you access to Robert.”
Advocate Roskin waited patiently to let the discussion of the corporate details complete. "Now for the difficult part, protecting what Robert has. Fortunately, he wrote everything down and nothing is device accessible yet. This has already made some local news, we need to make sure it does not go any further. We need to obscure the importance of his existence to the navy. Once the High nobility gets a hint of this, they will do anything and everything to steal it.”
After the meeting ended Nanorix unsilenced her data slate to check her messages. There was only one.
DogGroomer: Did you forget your appointment for Rufus? I still have an open slot?
Nanorix: Yes, I did forget. Thank you for the reminder. How does six pm work for you?
DogGroomer: Perfect, see you then.
Driving home gave Nanorix a chance to think about what the advocates had told her and the plan they had come up with. It wasn't enough. She had thought about reaching out to her old pod mates that were still on Earth but that would mean doing something really stupid and she needed to be smart. But she did send out a "How are you?" message to her pod sisters just in case. Rufus was waiting for her in his normal spot, stretched out on the tiled floor, just inside the front door.
Rufus was a five-year-old fifty-pound gray and black dog. The DogGroomer had given him to Robert because Rufus needed a friend. At that time Rufus had been about 4 months old and was an adorable little furball. Now he was a much larger furball whose presents in her home required her vacuum every other day, as his fur got everywhere. “Rufus Truck” was all she had to say for Rufus to get up and run and jump into the back seat of her old Dodge Ram pickup.
George the dog groomer waited for Rufus and Nanorix. He was getting old, too much time playing soldier and spy in his youth. While he was not a special-forces-badass, he still did some crazy shit in his youth. s greatest attribute was that he was average. So average that he almost never seemed out of place in many parts of the world. Most of his work was low level extraction and courier duty. He had gotten out of the game long before the invasion and had started working with rescue dogs to deal with his demons. The Barneys had pulled him out of retirement for a time, but after three years, he was spent and the survivors in his cell were as spent as he was. Whenamnesty was offered, they were not the first group to take up the offer, but they were not the last and were able to avoid prison. He had even facilitated the stand down of other groups which bought him a lot of good will in some areas.
The good will had been put to good use, over the years helping the governess cleanup corruption. By helping take the worst of the local ‘barneys’ meant he had contacts in the active resistance. When the boys had been taken, he reached out, mainly to keep the peace and provide intel to both sides. There was a great deal of things going on. The big piece of information was that Nanorix’s son, Robert had been moved to a new hangar out at the old Luke Air force Base. The other useful piece of information was that at least five different shil’vita noble families had moved assets to figure out what had triggered a planetary defensive information scrub. The same families that had major stakes in the pre-invasion defense contractors. None of them had great reputations.
Nanorix arrived with Rufus in tow. He was happy to see George and when Nanorix opened the truck door Rufus rushed over to greet him, rolling onto his belly begging for tummy scratches. He exchanged pleasantries with Nanorix and commented that Rufus looked good. After giving the tummy scratches George commanded. “Rufus Table” Rufus responded by getting up and jumping onto the grooming table. George made small talk with Nanorix as he brushed out Rufus and trimmed his nails. Thirty minutes passed, but when he returned her credit chit, he palmed her a small flash drive and asked if she wanted to set up the next appointment in two months’ time. She said yes, he confirmed the data, and she collected Rufus and left.
Nanorix suffered through George’s nattering, engaging in the small talk as he worked on Rufus. Rufus for his part enjoyed the attention. George, in spite of almost killing her when they first met, trusted and respected him. He was an honorable enemy, and his information was always good. The drive home seemed to take longer than usual. When they got home Rufus excitedly ran to Robert’s room and came back dejected finding it empty. Nanorix sat on the couch and was joined by Rufus, laying down with his head on her lap. Rufus’s presence helping her deal with this shit, he was a goddess sent. He was an anchor for her, not that she would ever admit it to anybody other than Rufus. Giving Rufus an absentminded ear scratch, she opened the data file on her slate and dug in.
There was a great deal of intel. There was Robert’s movement timeline, sixty plus pictures with limited basic information attached, name, rank and current assignment. George never failed to impress her with the completeness of the information provided. The pictures of Robert in full body restraints and a head bag hurt. Rufus picked up on this and did his best to distract her, forcing her to put down her data slate. She would get this to the advocates and governess in the morning.

Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch2 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch3 part 2 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (
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2023.03.31 06:35 Titerools Time.

As I walk down the street, full of chaos and loudness, Amidst the war, I see tumult and darkness, Like the human heart, I feel its hardness, And in the starless sky, there's no sign of gladness.
Also in my heart, there's a pain and sadness, Knowing you and I are both heartless, Yet, in a moment, everything changes, Thanks to the cat's faithfulness.
A cat comes near, strutting towards me, Offering kindness and beauty so free, And making me bend down on my knee, To stroke her big, fat, round belly,
Holding her brings such joy to me, A feeling of beauty, like honey of a bee, A rare thing to witness or see, As if she's the epitome of grace and majesty.
I'm stunned while petting her, "Am I in a dream?" her beauty's fur, White as heaven in the sky, And like a soft pillow before I die.
I look into her eyes, Not a diamond on disguise, But her gaze is what makes Earth stabilize, Yin and Yang, two colors that harmonize.
As I realize this truth before my eyes, There can be no sunrise without some lies, Yes, these two are ties, Removing them would be unwise.
Although time is short on this street, I must move on, walk with my feet, Even though I want to pet her repeat and repeat, I'll just make sure next time, I'll give her a treat.
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2023.03.31 06:34 Titerools Time[OPPORTUNITY]

As I walk down the street, full of chaos and loudness, Amidst the war, I see tumult and darkness, Like the human heart, I feel its hardness, And in the starless sky, there's no sign of gladness.
Also in my heart, there's a pain and sadness, Knowing you and I are both heartless, Yet, in a moment, everything changes, Thanks to the cat's faithfulness.
A cat comes near, strutting towards me, Offering kindness and beauty so free, And making me bend down on my knee, To stroke her big, fat, round belly,
Holding her brings such joy to me, A feeling of beauty, like honey of a bee, A rare thing to witness or see, As if she's the epitome of grace and majesty.
I'm stunned while petting her, "Am I in a dream?" her beauty's fur, White as heaven in the sky, And like a soft pillow before I die.
I look into her eyes, Not a diamond on disguise, But her gaze is what makes Earth stabilize, Yin and Yang, two colors that harmonize.
As I realize this truth before my eyes, There can be no sunrise without some lies, Yes, these two are ties, Removing them would be unwise.
Although time is short on this street, I must move on, walk with my feet, Even though I want to pet her repeat and repeat, I'll just make sure next time, I'll give her a treat.
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2023.03.31 06:22 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-03-31

Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.03.31 06:09 AbbyHut My grandfather gave me a letter six months before his death. He knew that I would cause it.

Throughout the last few years, I have made numerous attempts to document the events that followed my 17th birthday. I haven’t been very successful: memories elude me like butterflies through my bare hands, and what I do manage to catch dies on its way to the page. As time passes, my recollection has continued to fade, and that scares me. I believe my story deserves to be told, and I think I owe it to myself to tell it before I lose it forever.
When I was 16, my grandfather gave me a letter. This was not necessarily the beginning of my story, but I am starting with it for the simple reason that it has already been written.
Dear Abby,
I’m writing you this letter to say goodbye. I’m not expecting to die before you read it, or anything like that - no need to rush downstairs and call an ambulance.
I just have a feeling, of a sort. Maybe it’s a premonition, or maybe I’m just recognizing a pattern. Whatever it is, I just know that sometime soon - maybe tomorrow, maybe next year - you are going to go off somewhere, and when you do, I will die. No sooner, no later. I’m not saying it will be your fault - I’m not going to die of a broken heart from your absence, if that’s what it sounds like. It will probably be a heart attack, maybe a stroke, it could even be an accident. Again, it won’t be your fault, and you don’t need to stay on my account - I’ve already lived many long, happy years, and I don’t have any business sticking around for much longer.
I am writing you this goodbye as a letter so that you will have it with you when you decide to go. I doubt I’ll be given any warning before you leave, and frankly, I don’t want it. I know you don't like goodbyes, and neither do I. If you come to say goodbye before you go, then once you leave I will die sad and alone, knowing how terrible the ordeal ahead of you will be. Instead, please just take this letter with you. You can read it again on your way, and I’ll be able to die in blissful peace and ignorance.
I wish you would stay. I used to think that if your Grandma Abigail and I loved you enough, it might keep you from that awful place. I know now that it was a futile hope, but I still implore you to stay away from it. You’ve endured more pain than most kids your age, and while I won’t say that this place is worse than what you’ve been through, it carries a different type of suffering - one that is unrelentingly malevolent and sadistic.
I've seen enough signs for me to know there’s probably nothing I can say or do to keep you here, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have a conscious choice to stay or go, please stay. You’re a bright girl with a long and happy life ahead of you, no matter how grim things seem right now.
I figure this is the part where I should gush about my feelings. I’ve never been much for feelings, but I do okay with stories, so I’ll give you one of those instead, and I hope you’ll get what you can out of it.
I think I always suspected what you had ahead of you, but the first time it became real for me was about twelve years ago.
When you were four years old, I would take you to the park in our neighbourhood almost every day. It wasn’t much of a park, but it was what we had, and you seemed to like it well enough. You might have been too young to remember it properly, so I’ll fill in some of the details. At the entrance of the park, there was a nice little playground with gravel surfacing. It had some monkey bars, swings, a slide, and a sandbox. There was a nice bench attached to the frame that held the gravel in, and I would sit there and watch you do your thing. I wish I had been spry enough to join in, but even back then I couldn’t move around very well. A kid ought to have a father who can keep up with them, and I’m sorry that I was all you got.
Behind the playground, there was a field with enough room for kids to play soccer, which they often did. You wanted to join, of course, but the kids there were quite a few years older than you, so instead you’d sit on the swingset and watch them. There was a nice pair of siblings, brother and sister - I think they were twins - who would sometimes kick a ball around with you when a game wasn’t in progress. I met their parents once or twice; they didn’t seem too remarkable, but evidently did a good job. That’s not particularly relevant, but I figure it’s never a bad idea to remind you that a little act of kindness can stick around in someone’s life for a long time.
The soccer field was surrounded by a treed area. It was mostly evergreens. I have it in my head that spruce trees are the ones with the short, dense needles, and pine trees have long, soft needles. If that’s correct, then these were spruce trees. There were a few leafy trees mixed in there as well - ash and aspen, probably, the type you’d expect to see in our city. It was more of a thicket than a forest - it couldn’t have been larger than a city block in total area - so I didn’t think anything of it. There certainly wasn’t enough room for anything to be lurking in it - the thought that it might not be safe didn’t even cross my mind.
When there were other kids around, you’d often run through the woods and play a game called “forest people.” I’m not sure what the game entailed beyond a lot of hollering and waving sticks around, but it seemed like the kind of good-old-fashioned fun that kids these days don’t get enough of, where the only rules are the ones you make up and you don’t need any fancy toys or equipment. I would say “it’s just like when I was a kid” except that wouldn’t really be true.
You used to brag to me that you and “Wormy” had come up with the game, and that all the other kids loved it. That’s all I ever heard about this “Wormy” character - it seemed like he was an imaginary friend of some sort. The idea of imaginary friends has always put me off a little bit - I'm not sure if it’s normal for a parent to worry that their child’s imaginary friend might actually be a real-life child predator, but I sure did. I scoured the trees to make sure there weren’t any signs that someone had camped out there, and I asked around to see if there’d been any vagrants in the area - nothing turned up. I felt a lot better after you showed me that “Wormy” was what you called the worms and caterpillars. You’ve always been a creative kid, and I hope you never lose that.
One day, you and I went out to the park with a bucket of sidewalk chalk that your grandma had just bought for you. There was a coupon for chalk in the supermarket flyer, and she had a bad habit of buying just about anything when there was a good deal on it. You were so excited about the chalk, though, that it seemed to be worth it.
You started out by drawing on the sidewalk next to the park, but then a couple of kids your age showed up, and you all ran off to play “forest people,” taking the chalk with you. I don’t know if you still remember that day, or if it left an impression on you, but I just want to say that I’m sorry for the way I acted. If you don’t remember, you and your friends came back out of the trees with your faces covered in tree sap and coloured in with white chalk, sporting big grins. I immediately picked you up, with strength I didn’t know I still had, and hauled you home. I made you scrub your face until all the gunk was gone - it must have taken an hour - and threw out your sidewalk chalk. I don’t think I spoke a word the whole time.
You were just a kid - a perfect, precious kid - and I should not have made you suffer for my issues. You couldn’t have known how viscerally horrifying it was for me to see you with your face painted like that. I should have let you know how I was feeling - I wasn’t mad at you, I was terrified for you. At the time, the fear seemed irrational, so I was embarrassed about it, and that kept me from telling you how I felt. That night, I laid awake and cried uncontrollably. I almost never cry, as you know. It took Abigail hours to calm me down, but if it was up to anyone other than her I think I would have been inconsolable for weeks. She gave me a very stern talking-to the next day, of course, and you got extra dessert for a little while after that.
In retrospect, I think the severity of my reaction was appropriate, though I should have handled it differently. If anything, that day should have affected me even more. I still took you to the park after that, and still let you run around in the trees. You started spending time alone in there, as well. I always made sure to keep an eye on you, of course - the thicket was small enough that I could see almost all of it from my bench - but I still wish I was more careful. I know there’s something to be said for giving children some freedom, letting them make mistakes, and not being a helicopter parent, and I know things probably wouldn’t be much different even if I’d kept you out of the forest, but even so, if I could do it over, there is no chance I would let you anywhere near that park.
Two months after the chalk incident, I happened to fall asleep at the park while you were off in the trees alone. Now, I know a certain amount of narcolepsy tends to come with advanced age, and I’m not immune to it, but I was sure that I could always keep myself awake when I needed to. I had never felt myself close to nodding off while watching you before, and if I had any inclination that I might fall asleep, I would not have taken you to the park without additional supervision. I firmly believe that my error was taking you there in the first place, not inattention. The things I dreamed there all but confirm it, in my view.
I woke up sharply and suddenly, as though something had shaken me awake. Awakening to the sight of the forest was profoundly unpleasant - moreso when I realised I couldn’t see you. The first instinct of any normal parent would be to call the police or search the vicinity, but I got up and sprinted towards the thicket without a second thought - the thicket that was visibly empty. If sitting on the bench instead of playing with you allowed me to save all my energy for that moment, then it was worth it, because I tore through those trees faster than I could have as a young man. Branches whipped past my face as I ran deeper and deeper into the forest. What struck me in that moment was how terrified I was for myself. You were in danger - maybe lost forever - and yet I still felt this horrible terror as if I was plunging into an abyss, and every fibre of my being screamed for me to turn around and save myself. I am ashamed at how hard it was to suppress that feeling and continue onwards.
I began to panic when I saw a creek snaking through the forest in front of me. I turned to continue along the creek’s edge, but found myself hesitating. Again, I was filled with selfish concern for my own life. At that point, I was convinced that you were already gone. Did I really need to throw my life away? I could turn back instead, and live the rest of my days in peace. I am terribly ashamed, but those were the thoughts that crossed my mind at the time. I stopped for almost a full second before I started again along the creek’s path.
I finally caught up about five minutes later. You were standing in the middle of a clearing, ringed by birch trees. Your head was tilted upwards, watching and listening. I kept my gaze towards the ground and put on a burst of speed towards you, grabbed you and slung you over my shoulder - you didn’t resist - and took off in the direction I came.
It only took a minute to cover the distance to the park and leave the forest behind us. I didn’t look back or slow down until we reached our house.
That was the night that we got a call from the hospital saying your Grandma Abigail had passed away. It happened while we were at the park - she had suffered a heart attack while at the grocery store. The hospital had been trying to reach me while I was out, but my cell phone didn’t start ringing until we got back to the house. It feels wrong to mention this without saying more about it, but I’m going to leave it there anyway.
I know it’s in poor taste to state the moral at the end of a story, but in case it hasn’t come through clearly enough, the moral of this story is that I am so sorry for all the ways I’ve failed you, but I love you more than anything, and there’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do to keep you safe and happy and healthy.
I love you, Abby. You’re a wonderful young woman, so brave and selfless and smart. It’s hurt me so much to see all that you’ve been through in the last few years, but I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been, and I know your Mom and Dad and Grandma all feel the same way. I promise that things will get better, even if they have to get worse first.
I wish I could tell you more about what’s out there. I tried for a few years to write an account of it, but I just can’t seem to dredge it up. I can remember a collection of feelings, facts, and vague ideas, but no proper memories. I’ve been putting what I can on paper when it comes to me, and I’ll attach my notes to this letter.
Feel free to talk to me about any of this if you’d like, I’ll be around as long as you are. Just remember not to say goodbye, and please don’t talk about wanting to leave or when you might do it - if you go, just go.
Grandpa Peter
For the record, I never blamed my grandfather for anything, not even the chalk. I knew what kind of man he was, and he never broke my trust. I knew that if he made mistakes there were usually reasons behind them.
In the months after my grandfather gave me the letter, I talked with him a few times about his life, what he’d been through, and what he thought I might go through. I think I might write those conversations down next. I don’t have recordings or anything like that, so I’ll have to write from memory. I think it’ll be a good exercise: my writing, someone else’s story. I hope that might help me feel more comfortable with finally sharing my own story.
It seems I lost the sheet of paper that was attached to the letter, where my grandfather wrote down those notes he mentioned. I wish I had it, as it would be helpful to have a little more than just memory to go on.
I can’t promise that I’m going to write more, since this was just the easy part. But I hope that I can.
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2023.03.31 05:56 tinykitchentyrant Help with 'heritage' flour

Hello fellow bakers! I recently got into a CSA local to my state that raises and sells old fashioned type flours. A couple examples: Sonora soft white, and Methow Valley hard red.
I have noticed that these flours do not seem to hydrate well, I can't knead them in my stand mixer, (I knead them by hand for ten minutes) and my bread doesn't seem to rise well with the standard amount of yeast. I've tried cold fermentation, I've tried proofing in my oven, and it seems like the initial rise is ok, but after shaping, it just sorta sits there. The bread itself tastes ok (it needs more sweetener and salt), but the texture is pretty dense.
Does anyone have some tips or tricks I could try?
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2023.03.31 05:42 ihckrtdzpu 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif wb24qb07xzqa1...
“But how could you not know? After all, you are you, who else would know what you are feeling? You are the only one who knows your emotions.”
“While I may be afraid that doesn’t change what I do, what we do! We stand up, we face the fear, we take the pain and we endure the witless and the weak because we chose to stand up. They may not know us and they may not like us, guess what? People like that we don’t need in our lives,” I bark as people start to cheer me on,” The change has already started; it’s been going for almost a year now. And the fist is change and the fist will come down. If you look down on me you will see a demon there to drag you through the fire, if you look up to me you will see a hand there to pull you out of the darkness. And if you look me in the eye you’ll see a man. Scared, flawed but standing up and we will not stop! This is our time, this is our year!”
Billy looked at her and she did look like she was going to be out for a while. She took two Vicadin and she couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds. Yep, she was probably done for the day.
"That's because you're a fuckboy." She answered bluntly. "Plus you'd get arrested if you tried anything with me." She casually picked up the book again.
“Well get them out, we want to see” Ashley said
“Bend over” I whispered softly in her ear. I saw her look behind at me as she slowly bent over and direct an eerily naughty smile at me. As Charlie wasn’t wearing any tights, fucking her up skirt wouldn’t be a problem in the slightest. I slowly lowered her panties down to knee level and as she knew what was coming she began to exercise her clit. I dropped my pants and boxers, remembering to rub my cock. Charlie now began to lean against the shower wall and gradually stopped massaging her clit.
I just held her, and watched her, gently stroking her hair from her face, until I realised I was sitting in a puddle of water and she should probably be in bed right now.
“Don’t you think your boyfriend might be pissed off?”
The driver pulled up at the hotel and let Kim and Lee out, Lee paid the £7.50 the ride cost and went to find Kim again.
Hope you liked it. I will probably post more chapters if I get enough pm’s for the story. Remember to clean your keyboards though.
"Im on the pill, and I already have spermicide up there."
“Of course, just as long as everyone behaves.”
"I love the way you're looking at me baby." She whispered in my ear.
"Come on Aaron, I usually lock the door when I shower. Did you seriously think I FORGOT to close the door? I left it open on purpose! I hoped you would come up and watch me, and I saw the door slightly more open than I had left it, so I put on a show for you."
“Boys like staring at girls’ chests right? Are mine interesting to look at?”
“That’s not even funny Jules.” I spit out. “What room is she in?” I demanded turning away to find the nurse or a doctor, someone, anyone who could tell me where Michelle was. “Jim! She’s gone… I’m so sorry.” She tried again.
She struggles to breath, "Yes, always!" she pants, "Always!"
"Yes, of course." The glass shook in Candy's hand, so she steadied it with the other and drank the Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon as if it were water. The bourbon in her empty stomach was already being processed and sent through her bloodstream. Maybe a superb drunken stupor was better than the truth? Candy pushed the empty glass forward, and Sally refilled it with a smile.
“I have to ask this up front; are you two sure about doing this? It’s a very serious step, your lives will become as one, for good and bad; are you absolutely sure on the matter?” she asked.
“Not meaning to say it’s not good to see you again.” I clarified to Carson as he booted up his Xbox.
She stopped and opened her eyes, looking at us both, more ashamed than I could ever remember seeing Abby. "Please don't think I'm gross," Izzy said. She turned the chair away from us and bent down to her purse and fiddled there for a moment. She turned back towards us, leaned back and spread her legs again. I saw she had something smeared across all her fingers of her left hand and down nearly to her palm. It seemed gooey, and she held her hand up to keep it from running. She reached down and smeared some onto her pussy.
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“Don’t worry about it” I said yawning “Let’s go to sleep”
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Dear Journal,
With her climax complete, Ruth lay on the ground, feeling her body all over. God, I hope it’s that good with James. Mmmmmmmh. He is so sweet. He’s going to be the first boy ever to touch me, and I so want him to do it. Friday night will be nice, but we’re going to be alone in his house on Saturday night. God, he’s wonderful.
“Have I displeased you, Master?” Lumiosa asked Matt, tears starting to form.
Now that I was older and could look at it more objectively, the way our parents raised us was actually kind of genius. We had a safe environment to make all the mistakes we wanted, and they'd only help us if we really needed it. And thanks to them teaching us how to do everything from re-wire a plug, to clean and bandage an open wound, we usually didn't need it.
caused them to hang away below her. I could see her smooth tan skin curving away from the backs of
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“Still reminiscing?” she asks.
"I want to try it."
“You’re an ass” she said with a grin on her face.
“Say, who the hell is this woman . . . some kind of wall street whiz-kid or something? You said she wanted to raise a family here . . . how old is she, like 30?” Johnson was suddenly very inquisitive.
"I am doing fine, what can I do for you Detective?"
“ Mmmm you make it feel good, you make your mama feel real good, sweetie.”
“Aww, poor baby, come here.” I made myself comfortable on her bed and dragged her to me. She was completely limp, I assumed she was playing it up, but it was still funny. She sighed contentedly, putting her head on my chest and draping an arm over my stomach from my left side. Her bare breasts squashed against my side and her legs entwined with my left one, the heat from between her legs warming my thigh. With my good hand I reached across my chest and began gently stroking her hair until she was practically purring. I looked over at the clock; it was only six. But where was her family? Ben could be anywhere, but her mother and father both worked normal days and should have been home by now.
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"I know you think I have no morals, but I do draw the line somewhere."
The next night, Jacqui called me into her bedroom to watch a movie. While picking out a movie, she then told me that she had to tell me something about Danny; she had fucker her uncle! Our uncle! I couldn’t believe it.
Irina's eyes began to glow, and she informed Mike that she was holding the wolf down telepathically, but
i closed my eyes and opened them again stuggling with wether or not i wanted to look through the crack and see what was about to happen. Ali however was fixated on watching. I am not sure if i could have pulled her away from the door if i tried.
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"Lucky." She said.
Assassination is a term derived from "Hashish", a drug similar to marijuana, which was used by Hasan-Dan-Sabah to induce motivation in his followers, who were assigned to carry out political and other murders, usually at the cost of their lives. I use it here to describe the planned killing of a person who is not under the legal jurisdiction of the killer, who is not physically in the hands of the killer, selected by a resistance organization for death, and whose death provides positive advantages to that organization.
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I shrugged my shoulders. "You were sad. Your heart said you wanted Grandfather. I found him and brought him here." For a moment I was afraid I had done something wrong. I didn't have to read her mind to know that she was thrilled I could bring her the gift of her living father. She clutched me to her chest in earnest and squeezed. She reached out and grabbed her father and pulled him close too. It was the first time I was ever in the presence of indescribable joy. It was overwhelming for my ten year old senses. But I knew I wanted that feeling again.
Brianna and I walk in and a lot of female cousins that she had were ogling me big time. I looked down at Brianna and she and I laughed a little.
"Nothing happened," she rolls her eyes, "are we done?"
“I guess others have it worse. I don’t know. I live in the city part of this area, shootings and stuff daily. Nobody cares what I do or if I make it home alive, so I’ve sort of learned to keep to myself. Grew up like this, never having anybody to turn to or trust. Always scared.”
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