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PLEASE HELP ME. I am being held in a Chinese internment camp. They forced me to kill my family. Everyday I am in agony and writhing in pain. The only food I’m aloud to eat is some shit called Lao Gan Ma. “What is Lao gan ma?” I asked them. They told me it was just chilli sauce with beef but when I snuck out back I saw that it was being made from the remains of my dead family. The guards are coming to feed me more of this shit. I’ve been stuck here for 83 days now. Please send help

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2023.03.31 08:50 Cuz_i_be_the_BADDIEB Questions about 3D touch

I'm switching from my really old iPhone 6s to a 12 pro and I noticed that it doesn't have 3D touch which is okay I guess I don't really use it much either way. Except specifically for one app, WhatsApp. Right now, on my 6S I can long press a chat to preview it before opening it (check screenshot to see what I mean). It's kinda important for me because I often preview the chats before opening it for my college assignments, I basically lie about it not being delivered to me.

So can I still preview the chats without 3d touch? or
exclusively on 3d touch iphones and WhatsApp just kinda forgot about it.
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2023.03.31 08:49 Coolingsiren697 I am legitimately afraid of the world

Now I would like to think I’m a brave person, I have faced a lot of my fears through out my life and think I’ve done well, but with how far backward we are traveling in time in the world is legitimately scaring me. I am a more androgynous leaning person, I paint my nails, I wear chokers and other stereotypically “feminine clothing” but I am also 6’2 have a deep voice and identify as boy (and yes I am a minor). And I am afraid that with how far the world has regressed I feel like in the near future I could be killed just for painting my nails
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2023.03.31 08:49 soulsurfer96 26m - How do I find relationships rather than friendzone

I never really had female friends growing up, was in a relationship ages ago.
Cut to now, since last year I was able to make friends fast and even got in touch with couple of crushes. But the issue is even I have become close or a good friend they don't see me as romantic interest.
One of my crush said, back then she was interested in me but decided to distance herself since "I was too serious". One girl I met on a dating app, became close friends with me and stated she never saw me as something more than friend. One close friend that I recently developed crush and told about it too wants to avoid any complications in the good friendship we have. (It is actually precious.) Any other long term friends whom I haven't even approached make point of somehow reminding me that I am just a friend.
With many of the friends, I understand their struggle to not finding good platonic male friendships and don't want to ruin that as well.
The issue is- I am demisexual, I never like person just because of their hot pictures or one the first meetings. Also, my mind refuses to see anyone random sexually. So, the people I am interested in I friends with. If I try the approach of asking people outright they want to get to know me better first. Also, I am not going to be able to hookup with anyone on first meet because it's not enjoyable for me.
TLDR- Can't date anyone immediately, so end up being friendzoned. The approach of hookup first won't work.
Also, socializing wise I am trying my best to meet people through hobbies and quota is already nearly full. I don't drink or do pubs/bars.
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2023.03.31 08:49 Throwaway261193 A rather self-destructive tendency

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know if I am suicidal or not. I’m alive, doing things I suppose. I live a great life, surrounded by great people nearly always, but yet I still want to die, or be whisked away into something else. I keep a gun on my bed, a 1911, my first handgun. I keep it ready with a round in the chamber and hammer down.
It’s not for self-defense, the odds of someone robbing this house is pretty low, and I’m gone a lot anyways. Sometimes I just put it in my mouth, put a finger between the hammer and striker and just squeeze the trigger, feel the hammer drop and then get stopped. I think of how easy it is to move my finger out of the way and just let it go.
I don’t want to be here, I don’t deserve to be here on this Earth, yet it’d be so much of a hassle for everyone else if I were to follow through and quite a few people would be devastated. Not to mention I don’t know if I truly want to die myself, just fix the part of me that’s so unrelentingly disappointing. Now the normal thing a person ought to do is go out of their way to fix it, to apply themselves and become better, a rather simple solution, something that most people understand. But I don’t get why I don’t. Why I’m so damn lazy to the point I just don’t want to change yet desperately wanting to. I went through the second hardest boot camp in the fucking 4 branches because I wanted to become better, to be something, yet I’ve fallen into the same fucking habits, the same laziness, the same shit. It ain’t nobody’s damn fault but mine, there ain’t nobody to blame but myself. Despite all this great shit that’s been given to me on a silver platter I have fucked it ALL up and seemed to not have learnt my lesson. I could be better, I SHOULD be better, yet I ain’t.
“But you can change! Do , , and !” Yea! That is great, solid, advice, and when I was able to force myself to utilize it for a little bit it fucking worked! But I won’t stick to it, because I must be chronically fucking lazy or some shit.
I don’t want to fucking die yet, I want to to fucking die heroically. Save someone in exchange for my life, be a sacrifice for something greater, or I dunno die in honorable combat in the wilderness. Something that shows I did something, that I fucking put my all into it and can finally rest, no damn excuses. I joined this service to do good yet I’m still cowardly and fearful when I think about the prospect. I’m so tired of living like this, with an idealized version of what I want to be yet not willing to take any of the steps to achieve it. I want to rest, to disappear and just not have concerns.
This was a rant that kinda went all over the place, apologies for the confusing and outright contradictory nature of some aspects. If you’re still reading this, thank you for that. This was more meant to be just tossed in the void really.
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2023.03.31 08:49 Cuz_i_be_the_BADDIEB Question about 3D touch

I'm switching from my really old iPhone 6s to a 12 pro and I noticed that it doesn't have 3D touch which is okay I guess I don't really use it much either way. Except specifically for one app, WhatsApp. Right now, on my 6S I can long press a chat to preview it before opening it (check screenshot to see what I mean). It's kinda important for me because I often preview the chats before opening it for my college assignments, I basically lie about it not being delivered to me.

So can I still preview the chats without 3d touch? or
exclusively on 3d touch iphones and WhatsApp just kinda forgot about it.
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2023.03.31 08:48 therealgerrygergich 7 years ago, my grandfather died and I had no support system. 2 weeks ago, my dad died and I have no support system. I'm dreading my 26th birthday this Monday.

7 years ago, my grandfather died while I was on a gap year program halfway across the world. The actual death itself didn't necessarily hit me too hard, but what really hit me is the realization that I didn't feel like I could talk to anybody else in the group about my grief or how I was feeling and my family was on the other side of the world. That feeling absolutely broke me and I don't think I've ever felt more alone. It ended up affecting me so much that I went through a depressive episode through the 2nd half of the gap year program and I still have trust issues about sharing such intense emotions with friends or other people. I didn't really tell anyone my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I've never really told people when my birthday was coming up or tried to invite them to something.
2 weeks ago, my dad passed away from cancer, right after I got back from visiting him and having a cathartic conversation with him. He got diagnosed less than a year ago, and while it seemed like hospice was gonna be on the table soon, I thought I would at least have a few more weeks or months with him. To be honest, I think I'm still in shock, even as we were lowering his casket into the ground, I didn't really believe it was him in there.
Over the past week, I've sat shiva for him and I've had to have tons of superficial conversations and small talk with people he kind of knew, but none of the discussions have been particularly nice or meaningful. If anything, it feels like I've been comforting them and even hugs feel like a chore now. I had a complicated relationship with my dad and some fears of turning out like him and one thing I noticed a lot was that he seemed to be pretty sad and lonely at times, without many close friends. I was terrified that would happen to me too.
And in the past week, although I've posted a ton of stuff and had a lot of friends react to my stories and compliment me on my Eulogy, very few of them have messaged me at all and of those who have, I can count on one hand the number of people that messaged anything that wasn't a cliche "Sorry for your loss". One person, who I'd been messaging almost constantly for the past few years about a ton of important stuff, just straight up stopped messaging me once I posted that my dad died, even though we'd literally been talking the day before. A few friends seemingly blocked me on Instagram AFTER they'd already messaged me condolences (unless Instagram just deactivated their accounts or something). I was expecting even a cliche "Sorry for your loss" message from at least some people from my summer camp, which was a great community that helped me recover from the grief and depressive episode of my gap year. But I've heard practically nothing from any of them, outside of some of the camp faculty, who have moreso reached out to my mom. I don't know, I want to believe the best of other people, but situations like this make it really hard.
And that brings me to my birthday. I've always dreaded my birthday. I just saw it as another reminder of the milestones I hadn't accomplished or more ways I was behind in life. I was already hesitant to tell new people about my birthday, and people who were aware of it because of Facebook wouldn't really wish me a happy birthday or anything. My dad and I had a complicated relationship, but he was always really excited for me and looking for a celebration. I know that if he was still alive, he's the one person I could've counted on to excitedly call me and wish me a happy birthday, to tell me not to worry about money and treat myself. But now I can't even count on that.
Even worse than that, is that besides all of this stuff, things had been generally going pretty well for me. I got a new job after graduating college last year that I really enjoy. I live in the city and I've been checking out a ton of cool events and bars and restaurants. I've even had some good dates recently that have strengthened my confidence. So I thought that this year, I might as well not be miserable on my birthday, and treat it like an actual celebration. I bought tickets to a local food tasting festival and Broadway dance concert. And even then, I'd go alone because I'm still more comfortable doing things by myself than trying to invite other people. And I would have been fine with that. If this recent loss hasn't reignited my worst fears and reignited this anger in me.
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2023.03.31 08:48 IcyFox8379 New here...

I was a fan of Katie ( I think I still am but having doubts). I started followed her through her pumping journey as I was doing pumping and breastfeeding. I loved following her because she was a working mum and it was helping me prepare for when I was due to go back to work and I was terrified at the thought. I always loved her content and looked forward to it.
I was initially so excited for her to launch her business and was so excited for her. I thought she deserved it. But I started noticing some changes. She started becoming very stuck up. Not sure if it was just me. She wanted to work from home so she could spend more time with the boys. Great! But I noticed the boys eat in front of the TV, they're always in day care, and that one TikTok she posted when she was bored and had nothing to do she didn't even spend time with them. Nothing against her taking her kids to daycare but I thought since she has more flexibility in when she works they wouldn't be there all the time. While I'm grateful I can work part time, I have to admit I've called in sick twice so far just so I can spend time with my son at home because I'm still trying to shake the mum guilt I feel for not being with him.
I had considered buying one of her rings for my mum for mothers day (my birthstone and my brothers) however Ive been seeing a lot on TikTok (and its how I found this page) of Katie clark jewellery scam and it's made me hesitant to purchase. I want to support her but not if she's scamming people. What gets me more is she's not really addressing it properly. I would think she would want to address this as it could harm her business. But that's my take anyways if I had my own business and there were rumours about a scam.
I knew she would loose some relatability having her own business but I didn't think to this extent. Most of her days are buying stuff, lounging around, doing nothing. When you first start a business I'd imagine you'd be really busy with things. Not to mention I don't ever remember her drinking this much like she's doing. Random but I've also found it weird how Caroline and Katie used to be such good friends and since Katie started her business, Caroline hasn't commented on her stuff in a very long time and when Katie comments on her stuff, Caroline doesn't respond to it. Could be nothing but I found it interesting. Makes me wonder what's happened if something has happened.
Anyways...I think I've rambled (thanks if you read this whole thing) but I've been considering making this post for a bit now. It's opened my eyes to a few things about her I didn't realise and I'm glad I found it because it's definitely made me reconsider my purchase. I'm still following her for now but perhaps I might unfollow at some point. But for now, hi everyone this is my background x
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2023.03.31 08:47 soulsurfer96 How do I find a relationship? 26m

I never really had female friends growing up, was in a relationship ages ago.
Cut to now, since last year I was able to make friends fast and even got in touch with couple of crushes. But the issue is even I have become close or a good friend they don't see me as romantic interest.
One of my crush said, back then she was interested in me but decided to distance herself since "I was too serious". One girl I met on a dating app, became close friends with me and stated she never saw me as something more than friend. One close friend that I recently developed crush and told about it too wants to avoid any complications in the good friendship we have. (It is actually precious.) Any other long term friends whom I haven't even approached make point of somehow reminding me that I am just a friend.
With many of the friends, I understand their struggle to not finding good platonic male friendships and don't want to ruin that as well.
The issue is- I am demisexual, I never like person just because of their hot pictures or one the first meetings. Also, my mind refuses to see anyone random sexually. So, the people I am interested in I friends with. If I try the approach of asking people outright they want to get to know me better first. Also, I am not going to be able to hookup with anyone on first meet because it's not enjoyable for me.
TLDR- Can't date anyone immediately, so end up being friendzoned. The approach of hookup first won't work.
Also, socializing wise I am trying my best to meet people through hobbies and quota is already nearly full. I don't drink or do pubs/bars.
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2023.03.31 08:46 EsatStuff GTX 680 to RTX 4090 upgrade. I'm planning on this build to last another 10 years!

GTX 680 to RTX 4090 upgrade. I'm planning on this build to last another 10 years!
Imgur album with more info
Case: Meshroom S Peacock Blue
CPU: i7-13700K
GPU: 4090 FE
RAM: 64GB Kingston Fury DDR5 RAM 5600Mhz (7200Mhz OC)
Motherboard: MSI z690i
PSU: Asus Rog Loki 1000W SFX-L PSU
CPU cooler: Fractal Lumen S28 280mm AIO
Storage: 2x Kingston KC3000 PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVME SSD - 2TB and 512GB OS drive
Fans: 140mm top slim Arctic fan, 2x rear Arctic 80mm fans
Misc: Aquacomputer Quadro fan controller
The Imgur album has a bunch of info in the captions, and I plan on shooting a detailed video/making a more detailed post after testing, while going into the challenges and learnings.
Long story short though: this is a build that's been in the works for many months, and is replacing a full tower GTX 680/i7-2700K rig I have that was built in 2012. This is also the first PC that I've ever built myself.
Specs might seem overkill (particularly the RAM), but I'm not planning on touching it for another 10 years, just like my previous PC. I use around 18GB RAM during my regular workflow, and wanted to have enough in the tank for high-end 8K VR in future, as well as video editing and messing around with AI. I got a killer deal on 5600Mhz 64GB RAM, and the MSI z690i motherboard instantly overclocked ito 7200Mhz without breaking a sweat.
I haven't tried pushing it further, nor have I benchmarked and stress tested anything properly yet. Quick tests show the GPU maxes out around 65 degrees at load, and the CPU around 88 degrees. I have a top 140mm fan mod, along with two rear 80mm fans, attached with adhesive magnetic sheet, cut to size. Both rear and top fans are exhaust, while the 280mm AIO is intake. There's a bit more info about the fans and fan controller etc in the Imgur album, and I'll go into more detail in another post after I've done some more testing.
Note that my lack of knowledge meant that I wrongly thought I only had one fan header, when it's since been pointed out that I have three! I'm still using the controller for finer control over the individual fans though.
Also, special thanks to SSUPD who managed to send me the case earlier than the official release date, thanks to a work request. Also a shout out to the flexible Rog Loki PSU cables, which saved me from having a full mental breakdown during cable management.
And, of course, thanks specifically to SSUPD and sffpc for the amazing help and knowledge over these past months. I've learned so much for this first build, and I appreciate it.
That wasn't really a long story short, just a long story with a bunch of rambling. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot a video/make a more detailed post in the near future, so I'll shut up now!
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2023.03.31 08:46 Remarkable-Rush-481 Where to go next?

BACKGROUND: I (30F) have a close friend (26F) who I have lived with for nearly a year now. We met at a past workplace, became very close and have been friends since 2017. She took me in when I was struggling to find a place due to the rental market, confidence, time constraints (needed to escape my past housemates) and due to it suiting her lifestyle.
She did me a favour by allowing me to move in, but I provide amazig vibes, company and pay my way completely. She has always treated me with the knowledge it is HER house and I am easy going so was unbothered as she does own the place. She is a neat freak but I abide by her rules - none of my belongings apart from groceries live out of my room/designated bathroom/toilet.
I have my own flaws - I know it! I know I can be a bit annoying, messy, adhd, sassy and high energy sometimes. Her boyfriend basically moved in when they started dating, he stayed for 5 months. I tried to explain he made me uncomfortable as he (40M) is a bit weird with boundaries and creepy. She completely took his side and make it exceptionally clear It was HER house.
Unfortunately, a lot of things have gone on since as well in life (I'll have to condense so as not to write an essay here!) which led to her blow up at me. My narcissistic mother found where I live (we were no contact), not due to anything either of us did or by choice. My housemate has trauma and struggles with being borderline abrupt/cruel/serious anger issues/inability to process or identify emotions healthily.
ISSUE. I am always patient and understanding when i can be. I try my absolute best for her to leep up wotj her jigh cleaning standards and help her - she has been not staying at her house a lot as she basically lives with her bf when hes back from fifo. She blew up at me over a few minor things at the house and yelled at me. I was already on edge and she pushed me so far I had a panic attack and had to leave. I was trying to listen but she was so agitated, angry and verbally abusive that I started freaking out.
She did message me a few times apologising after the fact which I really appreciate the thought. However I didn't hear anything the next day or today. She simply texted me at 8pm while I went for a drive to try calm down, and when I came home at 11pm she was fast asleep.
We haven't spoken and I don't want to just reach out as always as I always do and apologise to faun and soothe the situation.
What do I do?
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2023.03.31 08:45 PricklyPangolin Worth buying 2nd legendary chest?

Saved up my 2nd 2100 gems to buy another legendary chest. However I'm having second thoughts now.
I already have opened one where I got the better legendary - the one which cuts all prices by 10x.
My thought is, there's now a 50% chance I get the same card again but it won't be enough to upgrade so it will just be useless. Yeah I get a bunch of epic cards but it still feels like a gamble with the legendary card.
Now that we have the power up upgrades, I'm wondering if it's better to spend my 2100 on these or simply epic upgrades as at least it would provide consistent results and, for example, the disco upgrades would allow me to get diamonds more quickly again.
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2023.03.31 08:45 MrVedu_FIFA There was a positive reception to my last ChatGPT post, so here's the pitch for Spidey's college trilogy:

Spider-Man: Venom Unleashed
The movie opens with Mac Gargan, played by Michael Mando, in prison after his previous encounter with Spider-Man. Gargan is approached by an unknown figure who offers him a chance at revenge against Spider-Man in exchange for his loyalty. Gargan agrees and is injected with a sample of the Venom symbiote.
At first, Gargan struggles to control the symbiote, but he eventually gains full control and transforms into a new version of the Scorpion with Venom-like powers. Gargan escapes from prison and begins his search for Spider-Man.
Meanwhile, Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, is dealing with the aftermath of the events of No Way Home and trying to move on with his life. However, when he learns about the new Venom-Scorpion hybrid wreaking havoc across the city, he realizes he can't ignore his responsibilities as Spider-Man.
As Peter battles Gargan, he realizes that the symbiote has fused with Gargan's Scorpion armor, making him nearly unstoppable. Peter seeks help from his friend and ally, Dr. Curt Connors, who is an expert in biology and genetics. Dr. Connors helps Peter understand the symbiote's weaknesses and find a way to stop Gargan.
As the battle between Spider-Man and the Venom-Scorpion hybrid reaches its climax, Peter is forced to make a difficult choice. In order to stop Gargan, Peter must bond with the Venom symbiote himself, becoming a new version of Spider-Man with Venom-like powers.
In the post-credits scene, we see Peter struggling to control the symbiote, hinting at the possibility of a future storyline where Peter must face the consequences of his decision to bond with the symbiote and the new challenges it brings to his life as Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: Lethal Legacy
The movie opens with Peter Parker, still struggling to control the Venom symbiote's influence, as he tries to balance his superhero duties and his personal life. Peter reconnects with Felicia Hardy, played by Emma Stone, an old acquaintance from college who has returned to New York City to start a new job. Peter and Felicia's relationship starts to blossom, but their happiness is short-lived when they find themselves facing a new threat.
Curt Connors, played by Dylan Baker, who had previously helped Peter with the symbiote situation, is now conducting experiments on himself to find a cure for his missing arm. Unfortunately, the experiment goes wrong, and Connors transforms into the Lizard once again, with his alter ego taking over him. The Lizard goes on a rampage in New York City, causing chaos and destruction.
As Peter tries to stop the Lizard, he finds himself struggling with the symbiote's influence, which is making it difficult for him to make sound decisions. The symbiote is still causing havoc on his personal life, making it harder for him to balance his responsibilities as Spider-Man and his relationship with Felicia.
Meanwhile, Felicia, who has a secret of her own, is dealing with the pressures of her new job and the people she works with. She is trying to find a way to balance her work life and her budding relationship with Peter while keeping her secret hidden.
As Peter and Felicia work together to find a way to stop the Lizard, they realize that the symbiote's dark influence is getting stronger, and they must find a way to free Peter from its grasp. With the help of Dr. Connors, they discover that the only way to do this is to create an antidote that will neutralize the symbiote's effects.
In the final battle, Peter and Felicia work together to fight the Lizard, who is wreaking havoc on New York City. As they battle, Peter realizes that the symbiote is still influencing his thoughts and actions, and he must find a way to free himself from its hold.
Peter manages to weaken the symbiote's hold over him and creates an antidote that will neutralize the symbiote's effects. As the Lizard attacks, Peter uses the antidote to neutralize the symbiote, causing it to detach from Peter's body.
With no other choice, Peter takes a risky decision and decides to destroy the symbiote once and for all by burning it. He uses his web-shooters to create a flame and sets the symbiote on fire. The symbiote screams as it burns, eventually disintegrating into ashes.
Peter, exhausted and injured, collapses on the ground as Felicia rushes to his aid. The Lizard reverts back to Curt Connors, who thanks Peter for saving him and New York City from the Lizard, which he thinks of as a curse.
In the aftermath, Peter and Felicia's relationship becomes stronger, and Curt Connors continues his research to find a cure for his missing arm. However, in the post-credits scene, we see a shadowy figure watching Peter from a distance, hinting at a potential new threat in the future.

Spider-Man: Sinister Six
In Spider-Man: Sinister Six, Peter Parker has now become a seasoned superhero and is admired by the citizens of New York City. He finds an unlikely ally in Miles Morales, a young and enthusiastic high school student who shares Peter's passion for justice.
However, their peace is shattered when the notorious Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, hires the deadliest hunter in the world, Sergei Kravinoff, to eliminate Spider-Man. Kravinoff soon realizes that he cannot defeat Spider-Man alone and enlists the help of some of Spider-Man's deadliest foes - the Sinister Six.
The team consists of Doc Ock, Electro, Sandman, Chameleon (Kraven's brother), and Rhino, all with advanced weaponry and abilities that threaten to take down Spider-Man. Peter must now fight to protect his city and his loved ones from the Sinister Six and their destructive plans.
As Peter battles the Sinister Six, he discovers that they are not just random villains but have been brought together for a specific purpose. He soon learns that the Sinister Six are a part of a larger conspiracy and that they are merely pawns in a bigger game.
Throughout the movie, Peter's relationship with Miles deepens, and he finds himself becoming a mentor to the young hero. As they fight together, Peter begins to see the potential in Miles and the possibility that he could become the next Spider-Man.
The final battle between Spider-Man and the Sinister Six is a nail-biting and intense sequence. Peter, with the help of Miles' technological ability, fights against each of the villains, using his intelligence and skills to overcome their powers and advanced technology.
In the end, Spider-Man emerges victorious, but at a cost. He realizes that his fight against the Sinister Six is just the beginning of a much larger battle. He also understands that he cannot do it alone and that he needs the help of other heroes like Miles to fight the evil that threatens their world.
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2023.03.31 08:44 httpsierra Im scared I'm not doing the right thing

So for context, my partner (M26) and I (F24) have been in a ldr for about a year and some change. I'm on the west coast and he's in the Midwest, so we aren't too far. Unfortunately, we've both hit a rough patch financially so although we have made plans to meet before, we are still nevermets. We just don't have the funds to travel right now. It's hard seeing couples meet, hold hands, hug, or just be in the same room together sometimes.
So, I'm in the process of transferring to a university, and there's a school near him that's almost a perfect match for me. After doing some research on the school, I've started taking steps not only to attend school there but also close the gap. We're both really excited about this.
I live at home with my family and it's very unhealthy for me, negatively affecting me mentally and physically. This fuels me even more to close the gap. The problem is that, what if im making a mistake? I don't know what the mistake is, but what if I make it??? I've never been past the west coast, so packing up and moving halfway across the country scares the shit out of me but also excites the hell out of me. I told my grandparents about this and they begged me not to move, thats what really gets to me. I would hate to hurt my Granny, plus shes had health issues, what if something happens to her? I also won't get to see my siblings much anymore. Also.. the weather... my God the weather...
Besides the cons, there are some pros. The cost of living where i am is absolutely insane, I don't think I can afford to live here on my own. I get to finally live a little bit. I don't get out much and have spent the majority of the past three years in my room. I get to live in a big city with more opportunities ot thrive in the field im pursuing. And lastly I get to be with my lover.
Sorry for rambling, I really just wanted to get this off my chest and talk about it with it with someone. I'm scared honestly. Am I doing something potentially dumb?
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2023.03.31 08:42 RoughestNeckAround Watching the Jays abroad

UNDEFEATED!! I live in Central Europe and love that we started the season with an afternoon game, because it was a (late) night game for me. With six hours difference between EST and CEST, I get to watch so little baseball in a season.
I used to have SN Now but near the end of last season, it stopped falling for the VPN trick. Now the SN app is so smart that I can’t even watch highlights with a VPN.
How do other fans abroad handle this? I’d kill for access to Jays in 30 on demand, or even a live stream of SN1, but can’t find anything that will let me sleep at night and be with my Jays.
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2023.03.31 08:42 ana_365 WIBTA if I told my friend her bf can’t come to my wedding?

Hello everyone! Not very active on reddit but I wanted people’s opinion on this. So, me (31F) and my bf - now fiance (33M) got engaged and are planning the wedding. For numerous reasons we are having a short engagement and moving forward with the wedding this summer after only a few months of being engaged.
We are having a small wedding (at least small for my country where 300pl weddings are common) of about 60 pl maximum but we are inviting everyone with their plus one. We even have friends coming from other countries with their husbands/wives.
The issue is as follows: I have a friend who I love dearly, but who is an abusive relationship, both emotional and physical. I have tried numerous times to offer help and support for her to get out of this relationship, but have stopped being vocal against her SO for the past two years, after years of evidence suggested she was not leaving him. Just for reference: she is not in any way financially dependent on him, so it is not finance that is holding her to him.
I love this friend dearly and would love to have her at my wedding and have not even thought about not inviting her, but I cannot stomach being anywhere near this man, especially in a small event.
WIBTA if I told her to come to my wedding without him, essentially singling her out as the only person not invited with a plus one?
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2023.03.31 08:41 KingInTheNorthIV Beginner ping pong player looking for practice partners

Hi all!
I’m a beginner ping pong player looking for anyone interested in playing semi-regularly in the evenings or on weekends. I played a bit when I was younger but it’s been a while and I’m really rusty now. I started playing again recently but I don’t have anyone to play with regularly.
BTW, I am 23M and I’ve been in Berlin for just over a year. Sadly, my German is not great (A1 Level) but I speak English fluently.
Let me know if you're interested. DMs are open!
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2023.03.31 08:41 Equivalent-Bluejay52 I can be a dick sometimes but I’m not sure if it’s justified

My near 30yo sister has a 31yo boyfriend and they both live with their parents. So sis is here w us. Anyway, her bf got kicked out of his moms house so he stayed with us for a couple of days which was fine by me despite the fact that I openly dislike him. Until he got to move in with his grandma. Then because gram lives an hour away he ended up staying like 4 or 5 days with us, sleeping on out couch bc he had some sort of event to go to.
Keep in mind my mom is a single mother and it’s a small house.
I didn’t know how long he would be staying so after like day 3 I just asked him “so, how long do you plan to be staying with us?”
I feel like a dick for asking a guest that but these circumstances are really weird and I think it’s rude to be 30 and sleeping on your gf’s single mothers couch for prolonged periods and never telling anyone when you’ll be leaving.
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2023.03.31 08:41 Empereur_de_autisme Ballad Of The Dissident - Chapter 9

Thanks to u/BlueFishcakes for the SSB universe.
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Chapter 9 - Oh Boy
- 17th of April 2024,09:03, Haninge District, Sweden -
Tamarz had just spent the last ten or so minutes searching for her omni-pad just to realize that it was, in fact, in the glove compartment. She was still a little embarrassed since she’d made the girls stand outside and wait in the meantime, until she felt too embarrassed about keeping them waiting and told them to go on without her while she was searching for it.
And now, to realize she had just forgotten she put it in the glove compartment made it a degree worse, luckily no one else was around to see her sit and stew on her mistake, omni-pad now in hand. In the car she was still annoyed at several reasons, main one being that they had to use it at all. And all because they had left in their normal more elite deathshead vic for maintenance since it was liberation week anyway and they assumed they’d get to stay home for a week.
But nooooo some fuckwit had ruin it by trying to take some governesses life, not that Tamarz didn’t expect it. The first thought she had when she saw the news yesterday when the entire family had just gotten home was that her little week off would become nothing. Which was looking to become more and more correct as Tamarz had barely gotten breakfast in her before she was informed that she’d report to base immediately and that they’d then go to the district where the assassination attempt had taken place.
Meaning instead of being on break for once, Tamarz was now sitting in some beat up marine vic that sucked so much clit it was unbelievable. That they even gave this hunk of turox shit to a pod of deathsheads was scandalous on its own. And how she had driven these prior when she was a normal marine herself was beyond her.
And now they had to comb through this entire, rather large. District, in search of insurgents, and more specifically one they had no real idea what he looked like. The only descriptions they had of the terrorist was his height,hair colour and general build, and that he was probably ex-military. However that was about as good as telling her and her pod literally nothing because for this region of the planet, that was probably the most generic thing they could pull out of their ass.
However it's not like you can blame them really, it’s not like they’re hiding information, literally only video footage of said terrorist are a handful of security cameras that were on the roof where he shot from. What did annoy Tamarz though was that command had given them orders to search even the most remote, empty parts of the district like the half island she wouldn’t even bother pronouncing they were going to search currently.
Only somewhat notable thing was that a single car was parked at the end of the surprisingly large parking lot, which of course made the other girls excited because they’re horny virgins with high hopes. Not that Tamarz wasn’t a virgin but she had least had the self respect to act like a grown woman at the mere thought of a male being nearby. Maybe it's because she grew up with a little brother or it's just that she’s more mature than some of the other girls in her pod. To be fair Juia was the worst out of her three podmates in terms of keeping herself in check so she shouldn’t be giving the other two girls as much shit.
However that was pretty irrelevant as they’d nearly shouted at her to park close to the red little car parked all alone on the end, and seeing as there was likely nothing else interesting in the area she obliged. She just hoped if it was a male that he wasn’t nearby because as much as she likes the other girls in her pod, they’re probably desperate enough to force a male into sex. And the headline “lone male raped by three marines” would totally not at all lead to even the greenest districts turning boiling red.
And the other girls still don’t even have a grasp of the local language which amazes her as you’d assume they’d be more driven to learn it since it could earn them some dick but they’re either assuming the humans here will learn shil or they’re just too dumb to learn another language. And Tamarz really wasn’t sure which one of those two it was at this point.
Tamarz realized she was still sitting in the car and decided to get out before they started complaining. Throwing the car door open she stepped out of the vic she was embarrassed she had to borrow and clipped her omni-pad to her waist. She closed the door slowly behind her and didn’t bother locking it, because what was the point of locking it when there was no one around to steal it. Stretching her back a little as she began slowly walking in the direction the girls said they’d go, right into the little forest. Passing by the little red car she inspected shortly.
How anyone, human sized or not, could use that little rust bucket was beyond her. As she was looking at the little car, she realized that considering the terrorist they were looking for was supposedly tall and big, by human standards anyway, that the owner of this car was likely not, their guy, she snickered a little at the thought.
Continuing on from the little car, Tamarz started to walk past the trees and into the little forest.
As she walked she realized she forgot her helmet in the midst of trying to find her omni-pad. Which when she thought about it really didn’t matter, the only reason she would need her helmet when out in the middle of nowhere would be if she ran across something interesting. And someone needed to review the helmet cam’s footage. But seeing as the only mildly interesting thing they found thus far was a single parked car, Tamarz really didn’t care enough about it despite making her girls wear their helmets as their pod lead.
Tamarz’s thoughts were derailed when she heard voices, speaking the native tongue. One doing a horrible job of flirting and the other seemingly not sounding too pleased with her advances. The closer Tamarz got to the voices emanating from somewhere in front of her she could clearly tell it was specifically Juia.
harassing whatever poor soul they found there, likely the owner of the little red car now that she thought of it. As she came to the edge of the forest and to a small rocky beach she slowed down to see what in the deep was actually going on.
As she came to a stop, she could see, as she suspected, Juia. With her hand on a male’s thigh.
A male who was sitting on one of the large rocks scattered around the beach, a male who looked incredibly uncomfortable. And her two other pod mates Réka and Mejoxia were standing there looking at Juia's poor attempt at flirting, probably contemplating trying to stop Juia from harassing this guy or joining in. Also, they had all taken their helmets off, for what reason Tamarz wasn’t really sure.
However, as Tamarz stood there watching Juia basically sexually assaulting someone, Réka and Mejoxia quickly went from mildly interested in watching this unfold to looking a little panicked. However as Juia didn’t immediately notice Tamarz due to being busy putting her hands on a guy who had made it clear he wasn’t interested. she decided to make her presence more clear.
Stepping forward onto the beach she cut off Juia in the middle of her bad flirting. “JUIA! You desperate bitch what in the fucking deep are you doing?!” Tamarz at this point was actually pissed that any of this was happening in the first place and she had the perfect person to get her anger out on.
Juia quickly snapped her attention from eye-raping the poor, not actually so small guy that she’d pinned down by the thigh to Tamarz, and Tamarz got the exact reaction she wanted from her. Juia looked terrified, which was to be expected, even if Tamarz wasn’t her superior she still had about a head and a half on Juia but even with her macho behaviour. (Not that Tamarz was any better on that front) she was still really new to the deathsheads and add to that, that Tamarz was in fact actually Juia’s superior and it made it not particularly hard to intimidate her..
“I WANT AN ANSWER!” Tamarz yelled as she began closing in on Juia. “Uh… I.. I know it looks bad bu..” Juia said meekly in defence of herself before she was cut off by a raging Tamarz. “HE CLEARLY TOLD YOU TO FUCK OFF!”
Now standing right in front of Juia she tried to calm herself down before she had a heart attack. “I know you still don’t really speak the native language but that's not an excuse, Juia.”
Before Juia had a chance to respond she was once again cut off. “Also I don't think you realize how unstable this part of earth is” “If the story of a marine molesting or raping a male who was just sitting alone on a beach got out the entire sector would be in flames” “And your dumbass would be out of a job, all because you’re incapable of not thinking without your clam”
The now outright scared Juia finally got to respond without being interrupted. “I.. I… I’m sorry ma’am..” Tamarz cocked her head sideways, slightly confused. “I’m not the one you need to apologize to Juia now am I?”
“Aah of course…” Juia said meekly before turning back to the man sitting behind her. “Sorry.. I am..” She said quickly in broken Swedish before turning back and began walking back to the other two pod members.
To which Tamarz also turned to look at them and she realized something. “And why didn’t you two do anything?” Tamarz said while looking at the other two, sounding more disappointed but still clearly pissed off.
“I… Don’t really have an excuse honestly” Her rakiri pod mate Réka said. “Same…” her other pod mate, Mejoxia, said while looking down at the ground. “Well at least you’re honest…” Tamarz responded letting on the fact that she was tired more than she’d like. It was way too early for some turoxshit like this to happen, she thought to herself before speaking. “Well you three head back to the vic, and I’ll make sure he doesn’t press an attempted rape charge on Juia ok?”
“Ma’am yes ma’am” her three pod mates said as they began to walk towards their car. Even Juia who at this point was completely deflated said it, not that Tamarz felt any bad about it. Turning to the frankly, very attractive man still sitting clearly in a slight state of shock, Tamarz switched to speaking Swedish.
“So… Are you ok?” Her speaking in Swedish seemed to snap him out of his state of shock as he responded pretty quickly. “Yea.. Yeah I’m ok, she didn’t really hurt me” with a slightly awkward pause he continued. “Except maybe my masculine pride but I'll be fine, I guess…”
“She didn’t do anything but put her hand on your thigh, no?” Tamarz continued now looking straight into his eyes that were as blue as the ocean behind him. “No no, she didn’t really have time before you showed up.”
“I'm sorry this even happened, it's my fault that I stayed back in the first place and couldn’t keep an eye on her.” She said, a bit worried but hoping he’d accept her apology on the behalf of Juia, which knowing males wasn’t particularly likely. “No, don't say that it isn’t your fault.” “If anything I'm thankful that you came and yelled at her in the first place” He said while breaking eye contact to look at the forest behind her.
Stunned, Tamarz didn’t speak but tried to comprehend that the male in front of her actually thanked her. With her silence the male continued. “And feel like I owe you now, not that I have anything I can give but still.…”
“I mean, I would say your contact info but considering what just happened I…” Tamarz stopped before she could finish her sentence as she realized how goddess damned stupid she was for saying that, she’d be lucky if he didn’t hit her square in the face she thought becoming increasingly worried
After a couple of agonizing seconds he responded. “Hmm… Fuck it.. why not” “It’s the least I could do…” He said now flashing red and staring intently at the empty forest behind Tamarz as if there actually was something interesting there.
“I wasn’t expecting that” Tamarz responded now smiling and also blushing if only a little bit compared to him. “Are you sure though?” “After what just happened?” She said failing to hide the glee that was appearing in her voice, but she still wanted to make sure he wasn’t giving her his contact info just to be nice.
“Yes, yes I am” He said, once again to her surprise before continuing. “And we don’t even know each others names”
“Mine is Tamarz, and yours is?” Tamarz responded quickly now in a way lighter mood than just two minutes ago. “Adam, my name is Adam” he said now breathing a little heavier, clearly a bit flustered.
“Well, I’m on a schedule and you probably need time alone to decompress a little so why don’t I just get your info and we talk later?” Tamarz said, staring into his eyes again as he looked back into hers.
“Yeah that… works.” Is all he said timidly while trying to control his breathing. Tamarz quickly got her omni-pad from her hip and handed it over to Adam. Who quickly put in his contact info before he handed it back to her.
With her omni-pad now back in her hand and feeling like she was untouchable she spoke with a big smile parting her face. “Well, again I'm sorry for letting that happen but I guess we’ll talk later yeah cutie?” Before she turned around to walk back so she could gloat to the rest of her pod Adam responded now in a more normal tone of voice with his breathing under control.
“Yeah we’ll… we’ll speak later..”
- 17th of April 2024,09:20, Haninge District, Sweden -
After sitting still for a couple minutes just trying to get to grips with what in the actual fuck just happened, Adam was still at a loss. He had never once prior felt vulnerable, and to add to that he turned to putty when the woman who basically saved him from getting groped began talking to him like a normal person instead of immediately flirting with him.
All of this was very new to him and he really didn’t like the fact that a woman, a shil especially. Had to come to his rescue because he had his metaphorical pants down and wasn’t ready for a confrontation. Even if the woman who got yelled at and promptly apologized to him in more of her god awful rendition of swedish hadn’t really been violent he still really should have been more prepared to deal with the situation than he clearly was.
He was also at a loss as to what came over him to give the woman his contact information. Sure, she was conventionally attractive, very actually but he barely wanted to admit that to himself. However Adam had never really been attracted to muscular women, or tomboys prior, muchless ones that are easily two plus heads taller than him and very, very purple.
Sure he felt like he owed her something for not being rapey like most shil women. And his contact info and a date would probably be the only things a shil woman would be interested in. Bar maybe money but the SEK was worthless compared to shil credits so that wouldn’t really be anything of interest to a shil.
But she hadn’t even asked for his contact info, in fact she seemed almost hesitant to take it at first. Like she was afraid even mentioning it would be insulting to him, which to be fair. It normally would be, however for some reason, maybe because again, she wasn’t pressuring him or being rapey at all like most shil’s. He instead gave it to her.
Worst part is, knowing himself he’d probably respond to her when she did text him. He’d never really had the chance to start a proper relationship due to first going to construction school where a total of zero women went and then he went straight into the army and subsequently the special forces. And in both he had maybe seen a total of two women, so he was fairly starved for affection to say the least.
Not to say he hadn’t tried and been successful in talking to women, but he always felt like he was leading them on since most of them were over the internet. And he knew the likelihood of a long-distance relationship working for long enough for them to actually meet in real life was close to zero.
So despite being fairly attractive according to the women he asked, his lack of experience and time made it a headache even prior to the invasion. And after the invasion he sort of just lost all will to much of anything, so he really didn’t have the mental energy to hold up a relationship.
But he was still only twenty so it's not like he was fighting a race against time to get a family of his own. Thinking of which made him realize, even if this shil named “Tamarz” managed to get him to suddenly betray humanity despite just trying to assassinate a shil politician. It's not like he could have kids with a shil and a childless marriage and a childless life in general to him just seemed sad in the long run.
Adams' mind quickly caught up with him as he realized what he was just thinking about. He was just thinking about having a family with a shil’ which while impossible. He was still disturbed just by the fact that his mind even went on with a possible reality where he falls for a shil hard enough to start a family with her.
Because it showed something that he wasn't willing to admit. That he, perhaps, was so starved for attention that it would be possible. The irony of the situation also hit him hard in the face, he had not even 48 hours ago, tried to assassinate a shil. And just a couple minutes ago he had hidden his rifle.
And not even five minutes later, he had been groped by a shil who could barely speak five words of Swedish and then he was saved by one he hated to admit was attractive. And he was in such a daze when it happened that he actually gave her his contact info which was basically an invitation for a date if not a fuck, and that was in human culture. He could only imagine how big of a gesture that must be for a shil.
Adams' attention snapped from thinking about how desperate he was for attention to the buzz of his phone. His phone he only now remembered he actually had in his jacket. That he even had it there was a big risk since Adam sincerely doubted that the imperium didn’t track all phones and record their cameras and microphones. Luckily he didn’t wear his jacket yesterday or he would probably already be getting sent away halfway across the galaxy like some of the other freedom fighters who were sadly captured.
However that wasn’t currently a problem as he hadn’t really said anything illegal and the camera at most recorded the inside of his pocket. So fishing out his phone out of the aforementioned pocket he quickly opened it to look at what caused it to buzz. And it was a message from his dad.
Dad, 09:23 - “Can you pick up Andreas later?”
Dad, 09:24 - “He’s had some first day introduction thing at his high school and apparently met a girl earlier who goes to his school and he’s with her now.”
Dad, 09:25 - “I’d prefer to have him home before dinner.”
Me, 09:26 - “Not really possible, they you know, closed the municipal borders”
Dad, 09:28 - “What? How in the fuck did I not hear about that?”
Me, 09:30 - “I'm well aware you don't check the news basically ever, but since everyone has a week off shouldn't you be able to pick Andreas up anyway?”
Dad, 09:30 - “Watching the news just infuriates me, you know that.”
Dad, 09:32 - “Anyway, sure I could, but it doesn’t fit into my schedule whatsoever.”
Me, 09:33 - “Just make him walk home? Andreas could use the exercise.”
Dad, 09:33 - “This girl apparently lives in the middle of nowhere so not very feasible unless you can convince Andreas to walk for like two hours.”
Me, 09:34 - “How the fuck does she live a two hour walk away?”
Dad, 09:35 - “I’m also wondering that.…”
Reading his dad’s last message Adam decided he’d sat lounging for long enough doing nothing. And it’s not like he could be of help to dads first world problems either. So Adam turned off his phone and finally jumped off the rock he’d been sitting on. Finally standing up after what felt like ages, Adam began the slow walk back to his car.
As he let his mind wander again he realized he really needed the alcohol now to help digest everything that happened in the last thirty minutes…..
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2023.03.31 08:40 random0_0reddit I want to live so bad Im dying.

I want to assure you Im not suicidal and haven't sh in years. that being said I have been before and this hurts way more. nearly an adult I'm burdend with a sleep disorder that makes driving for now dangerous, I live too far from the city for transportation yet close enough so that everyone I know lives there. due to my sleep disorder I miss most days of school so much school I'm not able to graduate on time. this psysical isolation quickly lead to social isolation. now at best I have 1 or 2 friends only one who actually cares and a bunch of losers who vent to me. I constantly say I want to die but really I want to live so bad. for months I've been trapped. I've been suicidal before but honestly this is an all time low. wanting to live so bad with no sign of change insight zero hope and people who don't give a shit wether I'm alright but only acknowledge me when they need something.
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2023.03.31 08:40 NaiveProcess307 Career advice

Hi guys, I am here for some career advice and would love to know about your views. I am an engineer from a tier 3 govt college and my academic scores are 95% in 10th,85 in 12th and 72% in engg. I am currently working as a Senior Developer with 3.3+ YOE at a major tech firm. I am earning 21Lpa(19 inhand) and work life balance has been pretty good till now. I have been planning on getting a MBA for long but haven’t been able to execute the plan till date. For someone like me,do you think it is useful to get an MBA? Or should i stick to the tech side and try scale up the corporate ladder ? If i do plan for an MBA,how do i maximise the ROI ? Also,what are the colleges that I must target to achieve the maximum ROI? Does executive MBA open up the same avenues as a normal 2 year MBA?
Feel free to pour in your suggestions and comments.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.31 08:39 CrazyDaMister Lets talk about the burger king ad!

Imagine you're a burger king enjoyer who just enjoys the food like me. search burger king and these unfunny overused meme that has no humor pops up
Like jesus the old commercial is actually good but this is not. The old just tells you what they're selling but now no! I like the food but jesus christ just give me a bacon king this is ruining burger king what it's supposed to sell.
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2023.03.31 08:38 GutterFox737 Farted near boss now he says he’ll dock hours after cussing me out. Is this right/legal? Was I out of bounds?

On a two month work trip where we are doing construction. My boss had taken his boots off and stunk up the entire house with his feet, smelling like burnt popcorn and vinegar. He leaves for the gym, we put his boots out and open the windows. After I came back from drinking with some of the guys and he’s eating wings in the living room, I tell him I have a secret for him and rip a good one then act like I threw it at him (I’m a good 6-7 ft away). He then starts to cuss and tell me to fuck off. All us guys were laughing. Fast forward I’m watching Netflix on the couch on FaceTime with my girlfriend, he approaches me, asks if I’m the phone the proceeds to cuss me out even more, threatening actually to dock hours. I thought it was really funny as did the other guys till he came up to me with empty threats. I’m not concerned because good luck explaining that to our actual boss. What are y’all’s opinions?
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