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2023.03.30 15:58 shakyjed Almost made it

Almost made it
I don't think my shield deck is gonna make infinite this season fellas
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2023.03.30 15:57 deerlovecarrots YHM T2 in jail for my 13.9" AR15, having slight buyers remorse..

I ordered the YHM T2 2 days before the T3 was announced. It was originally for a 10.5" AR15 that I have since sold, and my only AR (and the only one I plan to have) is my 13.9" build. I picked it over something like the polonium because I could not figure out what mount the poloniums needed and the ones I found were out of stock or very expensive and I didn't want to deal with that.
Now with YHM's Turbo K-RB coming out in the next couple weeks, I feel like maybe I should pick up another suppressor just so if the T2 doesn't end up working for me I have something else to try. And I can sell the T2 to a family member through the trust and not have to do another Form 4.
I've got an SA AGB on my 13.9" in preparation for this, I don't want to use vltor A5, so I'll probably end up running a H3 and maybe a sprico spring if I absolutely need to.
One big concern I have is that people say if you have a gap between your upper and lower (I have a small gap on mine because I'm doing the O-ring trick) then you'll get a bunch of gas coming out.
Are T2's easy or hard to tune? Should I regret my purchase? thanks.
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2023.03.30 15:57 Bubbly_Effect_4738 Hi guys, just trying out again for help..

Good day friends, I have posted in another subreddit to look for help. I have been terminated at work cus of a vertigo attack and used up all my leaves and been absent for too long. A nice lady have helped me out for my baby's milk and diapers 8 days ago and I appreciate her so much. I tried to budget everybit of it for my son and me. Unfortunately I really got nothing in me anymore and I've gone to some interviews It will be in 2 weeks until I can start on my new work.
I'm hoping for another kind hearted person to help us out or loan me some until I can get my first salary.
I only need 25$ for my son's milk and diapers. I'll appreciate it a lot guys. Thank you.
My paypal is emooolynne14
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2023.03.30 15:56 MyUniquePerspective Ladies and Gentlemen, the storms are over

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2023.03.30 15:56 Schroedingers_2cents I'm struggling to cope

I [28M] got broken up with by my gf [24F] of almost 4 years, just 1.5 months ago. I got blindsided and she cheated on me in the end (see I really, really thought we'd go for the long run. We loved each other so damn much and talked a lot about future plans, marrying, kids names and so on. We liked each others families and they loved us and our relationship.
I'm doing all the things that are recommended like going to the gym almost every day, going for a morning walk every day, journalling, talking to friends/family (mostly on phone in my case, I unfortunately don't have a big social circle where I live), distracting myself with work and so on. I live abroad and right now I'm visiting my family and some old friends in my home country.
I still am hurting so badly. I'm by myself in my mum's flat at the moment and broke out into tears 2x today. I grew up in a dysfunctional family environment and think I suffer from CPTSD, so started therapy for it 2 months ago, and that makes things harder.
Due to that upbringing and some bullying in school, I don't think I ever really felt like a mentally healthy, confident, grounded, "whole" person. This breakup now makes me feel so abandoned, worthless, anxious and feels like it throws me back 10 years in my development. She was my one, my everything. My one person to which I let my guard down. And then she leaves me because she "lost feelings". She can't give me clear reasons and says our relationship was great. I treated her like a queen but last year we took each other a bit for granted and both had a very stressful year which affected some areas of our relationship and 4 months ago we had to go long distance (with a fixed end date by the end of this year). It hurts so damn much that she just drops our relationship without ever fighting for it and without ever giving me/us a chance to work on things. She apparently had doubts for months but never told me.
I would still take her back in a heartbeat, because I think I can forgive the cheating (which was a purely physical drunk ONS). And I can't help myself but hoping she realises with some time and space what she threw away and comes back.
I guess I don't really know what I want to achieve with this post. Just needed to write it down. If anyone has some wisdom/advice or their own story to share, please do. Lurking here has been such a source of support for me the past month.
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2023.03.30 15:56 No_Touch686 Dense sampling of ethnic groups within African countries reveals fine-scale genetic structure and extensive historical admixture
Previous studies have highlighted how African genomes have been shaped by a complex series of historical events. Despite this, genome-wide data have only been obtained from a small proportion of present-day ethnolinguistic groups. By analyzing new autosomal genetic variation data of 1333 individuals from over 150 ethnic groups from Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sudan, we demonstrate a previously underappreciated fine-scale level of genetic structure within these countries, for example, correlating with historical polities in western Cameroon. By comparing genetic variation patterns among populations, we infer that many northern Cameroonian and Sudanese groups share genetic links with multiple geographically disparate populations, likely resulting from long-distance migrations. In Ghana and Nigeria, we infer signatures of intermixing dated to over 2000 years ago, corresponding to reports of environmental transformations possibly related to climate change. We also infer recent intermixing signals in multiple African populations, including Congolese, that likely relate to the expansions of Bantu language–speaking peoples.
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2023.03.30 15:56 pixelgamingcenter For anyone who is struggling to maintain a regular yoga practice, or if you feel like you just "can't get back on your mat"....

My best friend is a habit coach for a living and did her master’s in health psychology, and we’ve been working together for about a year now to teach about the actual psychology behind forming a daily yoga practice. It’s been superrr interesting and helpful for me, and this is right around the time that a lot of New Year's resolutions falter, so I want to share some info with you. Our minds are programmed to prefer low-effort, immediate-reward activities (which yoga is not, really—most of the benefits are in the long-run), so it’s totally normal to struggle with maintaining a daily practice! But we can work with our biology rather than against it to make a practice stick. So here’s a brain-dump of some of the best things I’ve learned. I hope this helps some of you!
1. Make it as easy as possible to get on your mat. As in, have your mat already rolled out in a location where you are guaranteed to go every day. Mat rolled out at the foot of your bed is perfect. If you want to practice first thing in the morning, wear your yoga clothes to bed. Remove any steps of resistance between you and your mat. (Research shows that the geographically further we are from the yoga studio, gym, etc., the less likely we are to form the habit of going, so remove physical distance).
2. Make it daily. This doesn’t mean doing a long practice daily, but rather, instilling the habit of GETTING ON YOUR MAT EVERY DAY, through daily repetition, no matter how long or short the actual practice lasts. You want to make the act of stepping onto your mat every day feel so automatic, that you feel weird on the days you don’t do it.
**3. Link your “yoga habit” to an existing habit—** something that you already do every single day without fail, like brushing your teeth, or showering, or finishing your morning coffee. Habits are things we do automatically without the need for conscious decision-making, so choose one “habit” that you already do daily, and let that be the “cue” for your yoga habit. Immediately after doing the existing habit, you get on your mat. So, spit out your toothpaste, and step onto your mat. Or put your empty mug in the sink, and step onto your mat.
4. Start small. REALLY REALLY REALLY SMALL. Commit to doing just a ONE MINUTE PRACTICE every day (maybe just one minute of mindful breathing, or one sun salutation). This is probably the hardest part for our yoga habit students, because we’re often so set on the idea that a yoga session has to be a full 60 minutes. You’re welcome to set aside enough time in your schedule to do a “full” practice (whatever that means to you—10 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour), but really and truly mentally commit to doing ONLY one-minute, so that each day you practice for a minute, you’ve succeeded in your yoga habit.
5. “Success” is what motivates. The reason the “one-minute practice” works to instill the habit is because success is super motivating, and “failure” is super de-motivating, so if you’ve convinced yourself that you’re only a good yogi when you do a 60-minute practice, you’re going to feel all the horrible sensations of guilt and failure the first time you skip a long practice, and research shows you’re much less likely to try again after that. But if you really and truly convince yourself that one-minute is a successful practice (and, it totally is—if the alternative is to do nothing, there are massive benefits to even just one mindful minute in your day, or one backbend), so then you can do it even on the days when you’re super busy or an emergency has arisen. Imagine how motivating it is to have practiced every day for 30 days, then 60 days, then 90! And again, that repetition of getting on the mat every day is what makes it stick as a habit, and it gets easier and easier from there.
6. Feel the good feels by CELEBRATING. Remember, one minute is something to celebrate! It may feel silly at first, but choose a “celebration” (a happy dance, jumping up and down, a self-hug—what does your body naturally do to celebrate?) and act it out immediately after finishing your one-minute practice every day. (This is a hard step to convince people to try, because it feels silly, but it REALLY works!) Your happy dance releases dopamine that tells your body that yoga is something you love, and THAT makes you more likely to want to practice again.
7. Only do a longer practice if it feels GREAT. Some days, you may find that doing your one-minute practice feels so good that you want to stay on your mat longer, and that’s great! If you’re enjoying the sensations, keep going for as long as you like. But make sure you’re doing it because you love it (intrinsic motivation) and not because you feel some external pressure—from your teacher, from Instagram yogis, from the mirror, from society, etc. (extrinsic motivation). Most of yoga’s benefits are in the long-term, and psychologically, we’re hard-wired to prefer instant rewards, so let the practice itself be intrinsically rewarding in the moment. Practice because you love it (…and when the love wears off, see below).
8. “Twenty-One Days” is a HUGE MYTH. This whole “it takes 21-days to form a habit” thing is actually a myth started by a plastic surgeon who found that his rhinoplasty patients got “used to” their new noses at around 21 days. That doesn’t mean it takes 21 days to form a habit, but rather, that it takes 21 DAYS FOR NOVELTY TO WEAR OFF. It’s actually typically at the three-week mark of daily practice that yoga students start LOSING INTEREST in their practice, because it’s no longer new and exciting—the intrinsic love may start to falter. So it’s around the 21-day-mark that you may need to start finding some new (perhaps extrinsic) motivation to encourage you to continue. (The actual amount of time it takes to form a habit varies MASSIVELY from person to person, so “averages” aren’t even really helpful).
9. Find new things to love. When the intrinsic love of the practice starts to wear off, it’s time to find something new to love. Luckily, yoga is a VAST subject. Perhaps you’re interested in diving deeper into anatomy, or yoga philosophy, or pranayama, or spirituality… find what fascinates you, and let it reinform your practice. For me, I fell in love with the stories of the gods for whom the yoga poses are named, and this breathed new life into my practice and has sustained it for five additional years after initially burning out.
10. Competence breeds dedication. Another great reason to not just PRACTICE yoga, but to STUDY yoga, is that the more knowledgeable and competent you feel about a subject, the more likely you are to remain consistent with your practice. Note that yoga competence does NOT mean that you can do all the fancy poses—in fact, if all yoga poses came easily to your body, you’d probably get bored of yoga very quickly; there’s nothing inherently interesting about a series of stretches. Rather, yoga competence is learning the why—when you know the intentions behind the asanas (whether that’s physical, energetic, spiritual, or in whatever way interests you) then you form a stronger connection to the practice itself, deepening your dedication and keeping it interesting.
There’s so so so much more than this, but this is already a huge wall of text, so if you want more, or you want to see the peer-reviewed sources for any of the above, feel free to reach out and I can send you some other resources. Most importantly, I hope it makes you feel more HUMAN to know that forming a daily habit of any kind is really psychologically hard for everyone, so you’re actually totally normal if you’ve struggled with this! Forgive yourself and find joy in the practice <3
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2023.03.30 15:56 ymydlnlnbi 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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Like my other shorts, this will be free at Smashwords with a pretty cover I made that will give you a visual for Miki. Hope you like it, and download my other works here:
Somehow I found the need to say, “Spreading your legs doesn’t make to a woman.”
"It's not open yet," Gloria said.
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“Okay why bring him here if he’s losing his mind,” it sounds like Mathilda asking the question.
I unhooked her bra revealing her perfect tits. Turned out they were 34Cs. Dark tan nipples, even darker than her skin. I buried my face in her tits and she let out a gasp of shock.
thing no one could hear us, because I am sure I was screaming by now.
He didn't seem angry or anything so I just said "You want to have some fun?"
The chainmail was completely latched on to Luke’s left arm and squeezing so tight he felt like his arm would pop off. He groaned in pain as it tightened even further. Finally a scream escaped his lip as he felt a bone crunch in his shoulder. Panic had overridden reason as he tried to punch the mail. His right arm came over his shoulder and made contact with the metal. A resounded boom pulsed in Luke’s ear as wind rushed past him.
Ask sat down beside her and lifted up the backside of her dress, letting his hand slide down the crease between her legs. She lifted her hips and pulled her panties off, giving him access to her moist slit. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his handy work.
I pressed the button, but then realised that the doorbell wouldn't work 'cos the power was off.
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ymydlnlnbi to jkg8sgp6a3 [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 15:55 PinkStand1989 LISTEN UP, DOORDASH CUSTOMERS FROM US, CAN, and ANZ!

Warning: LONG post ahead. Throwaway account because reasons.
First of all i just want to say that DoorDash has been really strict lately on when to issue refunds and extra credits, because there are so many scammy customers out there. I work at DoorDash customer support and here are the "life hacks"/ tips and tricks and nuances I've been seeing since working for this company.
  1. Some of you are devoid of common sense and we know you're lying. One time a customer only received napkins. Fuckin stupid ass. Did you really think the restaurant deliberately forgot your food items and the Dasher happily delivered paper? Lmao. Make up better lies if you want to get a full refund which brings me to my next point.
  2. You're fighting with us because you want a full refund but the food is cold/ melted. Unless you're dying, you'll only get a partial refund. If you want a full refund, just say that it's unsafe to eat or it's inedible. We will give you the full refund right away IF WE STILL CAN.
According to DoorDash's refund policy, you will only receive 25% refund for cold food. Obviously, your food will vary in temparature if it's delivered so if you want it piping hot and fresh, eat at the fucking restaurant. Same thing with MELTED ICE CREAMS/ SUNDAES. I swear, if i receive another complaint about melted ice creams, soggy fries, and soggy spring rolls, i will lose my goddamn mind. Go back to science school.
  1. We will offer a refund IF WE STILL CAN no matter how stupid you sound but personally, i will make sure you sound stupid on your request lmao. One time a customer ordered a DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER but complained that his burger had cheese. Please. Just order a plain ass burger if you don't want cheese!
4.You will not get refunds and redeliveries AT ALL for missing napkins, sauces, cutleries. Also, you will not get refunds and redeliveries AT ALL if you didn't like the taste/ quality of food. Eat at the fuckin restaurant next time and don't fight with us over this shit. It wastes your time and ours too.
5.I've been getting a lot of complaints lately that the advertisement is different from the food receieved. Where were you for the past few decades? You sound stupid. Touch some grass.
6.If you want a full refund for the entire order just because you're struggling, report that it's unsafe to eat, or you received the wrong order (this is the fastest way if you don't have that much time chatting and it's our favorite issue to solve too). We will issue a full refund IF WE STILL CAN.
7.For ANZ customers, you will recieve a full refund it it's not packed properly/ the seal is broken but for US/CAN this is just a partial refund (idk why) so just say it's unsafe to eat/ inedible for this one if you want a full refund (of course you do). Sadly, a redelivery isn't offered for this issue.
8.If you've reported that you never gotten your order, we will ask your delivery address. If what you say is different from our end, you will only receive a PARTIAL REFUND because it's your fault for not checking the correct address. If you've received your order and reported that you didn't, there is a special place in hell for you. There are Dashers that are doing their honest work and for some, this may be their only income.
9.We know if you've received your order really late/ it's running late. The ETA is on your end but why continue to lie and overexaggerate?? I get that you want your order soon but jeez, there are restaurants that are busy and some don't even prepare your food on time. Some of you will go "i live two minutes away from the restaurant i can easily walk there" so GET. IT. Unless you're sick, you have a meeting, or disabled, i don't see why you can't get the order yourself, lazy ass.
10.Because some of you are creeps, DoorDash can no longer reassign a Dasher (i know this is for DD ANZ unsure of DD US/CAN). Why would you want a female Dasher, hmm? If you don't like your current Dasher, it's either we cancel the entire order or suck it up and hope the Dasher unassigns.
11.If you've reported about an order that passed more than 72 hours, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND. Report it on the day itself. Seriously, it doesn't take long to chat with us. I envy your memory becuase you suddenly remembered that you didn't receive the order you placed on January. I don't know what i ate this morning.
12.If in case you got food poisoning, make sure you have some documents ready especially if you went to the hospital. This case will always be escalated. As much as we want to give you a full refund for because you asked, we are required to eacalate. Don't fight with us over this.
13.And finally, saved the most important bit for last. If you can no longer receive a refund at all, it's because you've been complaining so much that you've been tagged as an ABUSER on our end. Some of your cases may be true but if you've been complaining more often, there is a limit to that.
"But this is my first time ordering through DoorDash?" We have a tool that detects that this is your nth account, and in all your accounts, you've been tagged as an abuser too.
"But my complaints are legit" i'm sorry, it sucks to be you. Take it to your bank. They will return the money to you.
"But this happens so much with DD, it's crazy" you put so much faith with DoorDash, I wish my lovers would do the same.
"I will take my business elsewhere 😡" okay? We. Don't. Care. Go use UberEats or something.
Also, I've been lurking around this subreddit for some time and i see that some of you are complaining that we sound scripted. That's because it is. We are trying to meet certain minutes per case we receive and while some of the scripts i read are appalling, we are just trying to meet our target that the boss likes. So it's more boss service than customer service lol . Plus we're chatting with 2 customers at the same time so having scripts help. If you're pleasant, I'll add personalized touches to my script.
Lately working as a cx support has been shit because we're not given enough freedom to help y'all out because of new policies that keep on rolling out.
We will always 100% believe our customers even if y'all's requests are absurd and give you a refund IF WE CAN. You best believe we are making fun of some of you to make our shift less hellish.
TL;DR: if you want a full refund for the entire order, just say that you either received the wrong order or it's unsafe to eat. COLD FOOD will only get you a PARTIAL REFUND if that's okay with y'all. We will ESCALATE if you got sick. If you tried contacting us 3 times and we won't grant a refund, that means you're and ABUSER. Count your sins.
It feels good cussing y'all out. It's every agent's wet dream.
If you made it this far, I love you. Feel free to share this on Facebook or whateva. Also, feel free ask shit below, and if i don't respond right away, it's because i'm probably working or timezones! ♥️
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“Me too dad,” Rita jumped in. “I never want to be with anyone else. Please try to understand.”
With an awkward goodbye I leave the room and head home. ‘Well that was weird’ I thought as I sit on the bus. ‘I wish she did want sex’ I chuckle inwardly. ‘I would have happily bent her over her desk. Maybe one day.’
"Er, I dunno. I guess the pretty ones-"
“I’m sorry I overreacted.” I whispered into her ear. I gave her a little kiss on her neck.
‘Lets see how you handle this Naruto’ thought Jiraiya.
“…Okay wait, hold on.” I replied, pushing myself up so I could sit down on the bed.
Without moving, and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light filtering in through the window from a sidewalk lamp outside, I realized that we were lying together on my bed, spooning. I shifted my attention and one hand lower, just to confirm, but we were both still fully dressed. We must have just drifted off to sleep like that at some point. In my shifting, I must have disturbed Sandra a little, because she mumbled something and shifted herself back into me further, pressing her butt against my crotch.
silence. We just sat and looked at each other. Now I was
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“Well, no one mentioned names, but I realized that I would not have been offered “lessons” without having been recommended by a former student. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that YOU sponsored, or recommended me.” I smiled knowingly. “It was a complete coincidence that I had actually been a student of Maggie’s back in high school… and that I knew Michelle from the very same class… Those two things are still blowing my mind. What are the odds?” I shook my head in amazement.
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Mom gave another pensive look and a weak smile.
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“I am,” Chasity asserted, voice full of pride, “and that's why I can't stand down. He's my Master.”
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There was a second bulky gift in the bag. I pulled out to what seemed to be a DVD. I looked at the cover wich read, "Blonde Bombshells 3" On the back it read.
“You go ahead and start the car Jim, I wanna talk to Randy for a second,” Marie said.
I felt her squirming around, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what she was doing until she brought her arms up from under the covers and threw her panties on my face. They were my favorite pair; lime green lace with a little pink bow on the front.
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"Sir, as much as I respect you, I don't want to see her face right now, she has insulted the family by getting herself pregnant." He explained
“I'll be right back!” she said brightly.
“It’s ok Mrs. Stevens, I deserved that. I probably deserve more than that since I’m the reason he’s here in the first place.”
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I put on my best politician smile for her and added, “I hope they end up together.”
“Woah,” she purred. “That actually feels super nice."
She poked her head out the window to check the sun, “I’ll get the blanket.”
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Tsunade shrugged it off and went inside. The music was loud in there. As Naruto went inside his eardrums were almost busted due to the volume of the song that was playing, Disturbed’s Down With The Sickness. He followed Tsunade to the bar and sat next to her.
We had a great time at the dance, probably dancing more than sixty percent of the fast ones and all the slow ones. I especially loved the slow ones. I thought that Rose had already figured out that we weren’t real cousins; she moved really close to my body. I was sure she could feel my thick erection, but she never pushed away. We left at eleven, driving to the local soda fountain where I treated to banana splits. Rose had hers with three flavors I wouldn’t ever consider. Me…I loved every flavor of ice cream so long as it was chocolate. We joined another couple from school and had a wonderful time. We left at 11:45 so I could get her home by midnight.
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2023.03.30 15:55 4four7 Michael Burry on twitter

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2023.03.30 15:55 doomer_irl Modern Vampires of the City is their best album.

There, I said it.
I don't even think this is a bad opinion, while ITI is definitely the most influential album of this century, and revived garage rock all while still sounding fresh today, it is not as good as Modern Vampires of the City.
Modern Vampires of the City doesn't have one bad song, in fact, it doesn't have one less than amazing song, they took everything brilliant from FIoE, and refined it's production and lyrics with some absolutely brilliant guitar work. Julian is the best he has ever been on vocals, the album is so good, that today, my three best tracks from this album are Obvious Bicycle, Hannah Hunt, and Ya Hey. But only a couple of days back, they were Diane Young, Unbelievers and Step.
Each and every song gets better with every listen.
ITI is an easy 10/10 for me, but Modern Vampires of the City is just another level above, my favourite album of all time.
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2023.03.30 15:54 mango0 BTFD TO THE MOON 🚀

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2023.03.30 15:53 Funny_Perspective472 My wife doesn't set clear boundaries with her male clientele and it creates problems in our relationship that she labels as jealousy dismissing a real issue that I'm having that has nothing to do with jealousy

My wife is extremely beautiful and gets a lot of unwanted attention from the opposite sex. I am not a jealous man. Just not who I am. My wife on the other hand is quite a jealous woman. She has a double standard when it comes to members of the opposite sex and the boundaries that we set with them and when I try to speak to her about these boundaries that she keeps crossing she labels as jealousy dismisses what I'm saying and I never get to feel heard and address the actual issue at hand and this has been going on for about 7 years now. My wife is a hair stylist and she works at a beauty salon where they do hair styling and there's an esthetician not really a place that you would think of a guy going to get his haircut I mean all the other girls she works with are old ugly and fat and they don't have any male clients but my wife has a bunch and that was from her time at a different Salon where there was a lot of foot traffic and guys would be walking by and they'd see her and go in and hit on her and get their haircut or whatever and try to get some time with her by getting their haircut so she's got a lot of male clients I'm fine with what's that my issue isn't that she has male clients my issue is the way that she doesn't set clear boundaries with these guys and puts herself into situations that make me uncomfortable and that if the roles were reversed she would lose her fucking shit over. example she has one particular mail client who brings her a bottle of Fireball every time he comes to get her his haircut from her I've caught them when I came to pick her up from work alone in his truck then make some excuse and justifies why it's okay for her to be doing that only to come to find out in the future that that was a lie because she tells me a different lie that goes against that first lie and then a third time I hear the actual truth of it and she still denies that she told me the previous two lies all red flags all causes for the alarm and not coming from a jealous place but coming from a place of why is my wife drinking alone in a truck with another male and then lying to me about it. Another example Oliver clients use the same app to book their appointments and the communicate with her about their appointments and things work related yet there's a whole bunch of male clients that have her personal cell phone that she will text at any hour of day or night and I thought it would be more appropriate if she had them use the same app as everyone else to book their appointments in the communicate with her about work related to things and to do it during business hours not at 12:30 in the morning when they're drunk and flirtatious calling her beautiful and whatever which brings me to another example of when they call her beautiful she is like I said quite beautiful or are flirtatious with her she absolves herself of all responsibility of the way they speak to her because she can't be in control of how someone else talks to her she can't be in control if they call her beautiful or are flirtatious my argument is if she set clear boundaries then they wouldn't be doing those things now my issue with that isn't that they're necessarily calling her beautiful but there's certain things that I share with my wife that I expect to be shared with only me like she expects the same of me if I was sitting there texting a girl at 2:30 12:30 in the morning 10:00 at night anytime of the day for that matter and she was calling me handsome and flirting with me and trying to get me to go to drinks with her and shit like that I couldn't then say to my wife oh she's just a client it's okay you're overreacting you're just being jealous that would never slide yet she expects me to take that spoonful of shit and believe her when she tells me it's honey and take it without protest. Another example is she will be the only one in the building and she'll have a male client it's her last client of the day and no one else is in the salon no one else is in the business building that it's located in and there's no one else in the businesses around where she's at there's no really traffic there at night and so I find that this is an inappropriate situation to put herself in because of the implications of what it tells the man she's touching in an intimate fashion regardless if it's a haircut or not being touched in that sort of way having your head shampooed and massaged by a beautiful woman and and she's talking to you while and like being kind and nice which a lot of guys will misinterpret as flirting and they'll be flirting and she doesn't set a clear boundary because she shows them that like hey I want to be alone with you get Salon with them and then they do things like bring her alcohol to drink with them while he's doing that alone with them and then there's also the aspect of it where it's dangerous because one of these guys might get the wrong idea by getting her alone and having this alone time knowing that there's nobody else around and maybe one of them does something stupid and sexually or physically assaults my wife and there's no one there to help her no one to hear her scream no one to come to her eight or her rescue if she's in distress so that bothers me because it puts her in a dangerous situation and a situation with potential for things to go wrong and a situation that is communicating with these guys the wrong message. So these are the things that she labels as jealousy and absurd and unreasonable requests that she won't even consider and she will not do anything to change because I'm just being jealous these are my my requests of my wife to help me feel better about these things and to stop crossing my boundaries there are as follows one set clear boundaries with your male clients you absolutely can control whether or not they continue to call you beautiful and flirt with you by setting a clear boundary with them by not setting a boundary with them it tells them and gives them the impression that it's okay for them to keep doing that and to push the envelope a little bit more which is ultimately what they all do she says she can't control what other people do and how they treat her and talk to her I disagree and recommend and ask that she sets clear boundaries with these men which she refuses to do second I asked her not to put herself in a situation where she is alone with these male clients for any amount of time if it's professional let's keep it professional and let's show them a clear message not one that can be misinterpreted as oh she's into me she wants me and I can make a move on her I don't want my wife to be put into this dangerous situation or to keep putting herself into these dangerous situations yet she thinks that I'm just being jealous and crazy and irrational and unreasonable another request I had was for her to have her male clients use the same app that all of her other clients have to use when they're booking or communicating with her about their appointments and to stop taking personal texts at all hours of the day and night and to be focused on home life when she's at home and not texting her flirtatious clients instead of engaging with me her husband at home taking away from our time together I feel like it's more professional and it sets a clear boundary also doesn't cross mine yet with all of these requests I am told I'm being crazy irrational I'm being jealous and that she's set a clear boundary because we're all adults and adults know that the boundaries are already set so she doesn't have to set them with them. Am I being jealous am I asking for anything that's unreasonable or crazy or overbearing or controlling like am I in the wrong here by asking my wife to respect my boundaries by settings more obvious and direct boundaries with her clientele that is male and did not put her in self into situations that are compromising and dangerous and not to mention the double standard of the whole thing because if I was to do any one of those things she'd be going through my phone bill calling up the person telling them to get off her husband and making sure that that person was not going to ever contact me again regardless of the nature of the relationship whether it was a friend of a 30 years or a new client it would be met the same hostile jealous aggression and you better believe that it wouldn't slide with her and would expect me to comply with all of her wishes immediately can someone please explain to me if I'm being a jealous irrational crazy psycho manipulative controlling husband who's a narcissist and emotionally abusive or am I being rational reasonable in my requests and are my feelings on the situation Incorrect and wrong and should I go see a therapist and figure out how to be less of a psychopath please share with me what you think about my requests and if I'm being all these crazy things my wife says I'm being or if I'm actually just coming from a good place being a loving husband with reasonable understandable requests and boundaries that I have I can take it either way but I just need to hear it from someone else who isn't screaming at me and who isn't displaying a double standard to me I have no support system outside of my wife and she does not listen when I speak she doesn't show me that she values my opinions my thoughts my feelings but I have to say any of that and so I am reaching out to a public Community because I don't really know girls to turn to to get either validation or support or be educated on how to actually behave properly so I'm turning to you all to help me work through these issues because my wife is not going to be that person to help me through these issues she doesn't give a fuck
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2023.03.30 15:53 kizzuz Nap time?

Hi! I nanny an 8mo. and I’ve been having trouble with her sleep schedule as it’s pretty inconsistent despite attempting to stick to a timed schedule and following wake windows.
She has dropped to two naps a day, typically first one 9:30ish to anywhere around 10:30-11. Second one is around 1:30/2:00 (depending on when she wakes from her first nap) and this nap is typically 30 minutes or shy of 30 minutes.
Bedtime is 6:30-6:45 PM, but her morning wake is inconsistent. Some mornings she’ll wake up at 4-5:30 AM and then sleep again around 6:30-7 AM. When she does this, she’s usually undertired for her morning nap.
If NK isn’t waking up until later in the AM because they’re falling back asleep after waking up early as fk, do you all still stick to their timed nap schedule? Like today, woke up 5 AM, fell back asleep 7 AM-8. Supposed to nap at 9:30, but afraid she won’t go down. If she does end up sleeping, it’ll more than likely be 30 mins or so as she’s not as tired. Therefore, she’ll try to nap midday and forgo her afternoon nap. No nap from 12:30/1ish to bedtime 6:30 (because she’ll refuse to take a third), not happening.
TLDR; How to stick to a timed nap schedule with an 8mo. who is inconsistent with their wake times and wake windows?
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2023.03.30 15:50 eyvduijwfvf 1 day old (almost)

1 day old (almost)
at the time of writing
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2023.03.30 15:50 Laskuh_ TopD

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2023.03.30 15:50 Naqimaros [BCJP] Is anyone also seeing BCJP in the google playstore, I feel like its official?

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2023.03.30 15:49 AfroMightGuy Worried about a potential thin file for an auto loan

Buying a new Toyota tacoma in the next couple days when it gets delivered to the dealer. I have a deposit on it to reserve it since they go pretty quick.
I’m 23, have an 800 credit score, but am worried about a potential thin file. I have 3 credit cards that have been opened varying times from 2.5-4 years, and am an authorized user on 2 cards from my parents, which were opened 15years and 34 years. Total limit including auth cards is around 40k. Do those authorized cards help me at all?
This will be my first loan and car purchase, so I’m running thin on just the 3 cards and interest rates are wild. I definitely do not want a 20% rate.
I’m putting 20k down on the truck with a 5k trade in, and am pre approved at my credit union for 5.7%. The only concern I have with the credit union, is the dealer is only giving me 48hrs to pick up the truck when it arrives, or I lose the reservation and it goes first come in their lot. Worried if the rate through the dealer is insane, that accepting the pre approved rate and them getting a check to the dealer may take longer than the 48hrs.
Anyone have any opinions? Or am I way overthinking this and it’s way easier than I think
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