Just got the good pop up with 145 questions

2023.03.31 21:32 Able_Snow_9212 Just got the good pop up with 145 questions

I notice a trend in the exam for those who finish at 145.
Personally, I had a lot of infection control, OB, therapeutic communication, prioritization, delegation and leadership.
Shit ton of SATA, 1 graph and 1 calculation.
I know for a fact I got the last question wrong too so that myth is busted.
I stopped using UWorld after like 300 questions because I knew the NCLEX wasn’t going to be as detailed. (Took the NREMT before) I had < 40% scores.
All I used was NurseLabs’ free q bank and took notes while listening to Simple Nursing.
UWorld is way too content heavy which made it discouraging and unnecessary imo. The NCLEX was even more vague than NurseLabs so all you have to know is the main topic on most subjects.
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2023.03.06 17:17 rasberry4236 First time taking NCLEX passed in 75 questions

Hi everyone,
I have been reading this subreddit throughout my time studying and found it very helpful so I wanted to give back by explaining my study tips and what I think contributed to my passing in 75 questions.
First I'd like to say I went to a school that had a very high NCLEX pass rate I'm talking like 98-99% so I felt like I had a very good foundation of content and really just needed to learn how to answer NCLEX style questions if I didn't know the answer. My school required us to purchase the hurst review and I honestly hated it at first. Their rationales are super condescending and made me feel like an idiot. I was required to do about 500 questions from there by my school and had to attend the live in person review. The review was helpful and gave some good tips but the book they give you is over 200 pages and the amount of content they cover is just way too much. Honestly, I feel that the Mark Klimek lectures give you the same basis of understanding as the entire hurst book. You can find the yellow and blue book by Mark on Studocu for free btw! We were also required to purchase the Saunders NCLEX review but I actually used this review book throughout nursing school. I don't think saunders is bad but I don't think its the best use of your money if you don't have it already.
I gave myself about two months to study. I graduated in December of 2022 and took the NCLEX on March 3. I probably could've taken it sooner but I needed a break from school and just needed to relax a little. I purchased UWORLD the one that has one self-assessment and I loved UWORLD. The rationales are explained really well and it taught me how to answer NCLEX questions even if I didn't know the answer. I did study throughout January but I really dedicated myself to studying in February. I created a NCLEX study plan and followed that for about 4 weeks. Now I did not study from dusk to dawn. I did 75-100 questions every day and read the rationales. I also listened to Mark Klimek's lectures and then would do questions about those specific topics. So I would say I averaged about 4 hours of studying a day. I wouldn't study past five and didn't study over the weekend. It's important to give yourself breaks and not overload yourself.
On UWORLD at the beginning, I was averaging about 55% but by the time I finished the Qbank, I had an average of 67% which put me in the 94th percentile. I also took the self-assessment the week of my test, I took it Monday and my test was Friday, and got a 72% (very high chance of passing). After I finished the UWORLD Qbank I went back to the hurst review and found that my scores had improved a lot, they also have 4 self-assessments and I got above the passing rate on 3 of them. The second one I took I did after already studying all day so I think I was just tired and rushing through it and that's why I didn't do as well. I also went through my incorrect questions on UWORLD which helped me remember the rationales for questions better. So if you have time I would definitely go through your incorrect questions too. Despite these scores, I was still super nervous about NCLEX and was convinced I wouldn't be able to pass but I just continued to manifest I would say "I passed my NCLEX on March 3rd, 2023" every night before I fell asleep which really helped with my confidence.
On the day of the test I treated it like a normal day, I got Starbucks and relaxed. The day before the test I only reviewed the NCLEX cram sheet from Nurselabs and read over the Mark Klimek notes I didn't do any questions. Honestly, my drive to take my NCLEX was more stressful than the NCLEX itself. I felt very calm taking the NCLEX and didn't even use the whiteboard they gave me like I thought I would. The NCLEX questions are vague and I think they are more similar to hurst than UWORLD but both resources were harder than the NCLEX itself. I was genuinely surprised when my test shut off at 75 questions because I felt like I either knew the answers or was just straight guessing. I also felt like I didn't have that many SATA maybe I did but I wasn't counting them but I felt like I only had like 10. I am also a fast test taker so I finished this in 45 minutes and then had to spend another 45 minutes doing the NGN questions. I was super anxious to know if I passed or not so I did the person vue trick and got the good pop up. Since I took it on Friday I did not get my results until Monday. I paid for the quick results because I was so anxious and it said I passed. I also religiously checked my states licensing board (I live in Indiana) and finally got my license number today. I haven't gotten the email from pearson yet saying I passed so I'm glad I was checking everything I could.
My biggest tip is to be confident in yourself and remain calm AND please when you got to sit for your NCLEX do not rush through the first couple of screens before the test starts. You have to agree to their rules and while I was taking the NCLEX someone accidentally put that they didn't agree and they couldn't restart their test so they had to reschedule. Take your time and believer in yourself! If anyone needs any help please don't hesitate to reach out!!
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2023.02.08 21:22 lornmerverl Advice on my study plan!

Hey all! I will be taking the NCLEX on Feb 18th. I’m looking for some advice on my studying techniques for the exam. So far, I’m doing UWorld + NurseLabs exams (doing more specific subjects on UWorld and getting used to 75+ questions with NurseLabs). I’m also remediating my exams and making quizlets to retest my knowledge. I also have a few other quizlets on electrolytes, lab values, amongst other things. I’ve watched lecture 12 on Mark Kimlek.
My UWorld stats:
56% correct 35% of the test bank used 58th rank (compared to median 48th rank)
I just want to make sure I’m on the right track as I am about a week and a half out from the exam. I’m definitely am going to do more and more questions to get exposure/build up endurance. Was there anything specifically helpful in your studies? Any advice would be great! Thanks.
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2022.12.21 04:20 thevagabondtara Adopted this baby💜 She’s 3 months. Sweet but sassy 😂. Playful. Loves her purple octopus toy. My other cats have either P or T names 🤷🏻‍♀️

Adopted this baby💜 She’s 3 months. Sweet but sassy 😂. Playful. Loves her purple octopus toy. My other cats have either P or T names 🤷🏻‍♀️ submitted by thevagabondtara to Catnames [link] [comments]

2022.07.19 19:22 Brilliant-Milk Can't afford UWorld, Any advice with studying?

So currently I'm freaking out. I have my test next Tuesday and I'm considering taking out a loan for UWorld because of it.
Currently I'm studying with ATI (98% chance of passing - scoring Med/High on the CAT in 75 Qs), NurseLabs (67% AVG), listening to Mark Klimeck, and I got a Kaplan book from my library (68% on their predictor). I'm also watching videos on youtube and making flashcards on what I don't know! Every question I get wrong, I write down the rationale on a notecard.
I just don't know what to do. My family's pretty low-income and haven't been able to help me out with it. Do you guys think I should pay out for UWorld or keep doing questions with what I have?
Thank you guys so much in advance! I know I'm a little nutty with anxiety right now, haha.
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2022.03.19 06:16 Think-Location-6980 Passed in 145!

Sorry for how long this is in advance.
Hi! I wrote my NCLEX-RN on 03/11 and found out I passed on 03/12. As a long time lurker on here, I maybe saw one post in 3 months from someone in Canada. I’m in Ontario and figured I’d share my experience!
I did a 28 month compressed nursing program directly after finishing my first degree in 2019. I finished in December 2021 with a job on the L&D unit that I did my IP on. I got my temporary license in January and scheduled my exam for March 4th. Towards the end of February, I realized I didn’t feel ready so I rescheduled my exam for March 11th.
I started out using Mark Klimek and the NurseLabs free NCLEX-RN questions just to see where I was at. Then I bought Uworld and started doing anywhere from 25-150 questions per day, with some days where I didn’t do any questions at all. I listened to Mark K in the car on my way to work (35 minute drive) and sometimes when I went for walks.
My Uworld stats were: 38% of the test bank used, 64% overall, 89th rank. On my readiness assessment I got 63% with a very high chance of passing.
I had seen lots of posts about Archer and decided to give it a try. I don’t remember my stats on Archer but I passed both CAT assessments I tried in 75 questions and got 2 very high and one borderline on my readiness assessments. The borderline happened the night before my exam after I had worked for 12 hours plus an extra hour and a half of overtime and I was exhausted.
The morning of my exam, I had oatmeal for breakfast and nearly threw up brushing my teeth because of how nervous I was lol. I listened to Beautiful Nursing’s Comprehensive NCLEX review on 1.5x on YouTube.
Writing the exam, I took it one question at a time but found myself disappointed when I reached 75 questions and then on to 76 all the way to 145. I took a breath and kept going. I had soooo much SATA, I didn’t bother counting but would say that only a little less than half of my exam was SATA. I had maybe 3 OB and a handful of peds but those are both strong areas for me, I had some pharm but no math. Two images for injection angles and one EKG. The rest of my test was mostly patient and peer teaching (all SATA) and PPE and precautions for specific illnesses and diseases (also SATA). I came out of my exam feeling indifferent but as the day went on I felt more and more sure that I had failed. I initially tried the PVT but I think I did it wrong because I got “all fields have been cleared”, I didn’t bother trying again. I spent the night hanging out with my boyfriend, my sister, and brother-in-law and then went to bed. I randomly woke up at 0440 and saw that I had an email from CNO so I logged on to go into the message centre and found out I had passed!!
It’s been a week and I’m still in shock but so excited! I believe in all of you, you’ve got this!!
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2021.10.07 01:41 Kuzenbo_OP Med Surg Cardiac

Can anyone link a great source to find med surg cardiac questions? I’ve been using Nurselabs and completed all of them.
Still finding this section difficult
Thanks in advance
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2021.04.20 23:09 sushilover104 Best Resources for SATA PN questions? :(

Which material/program has the best/most accurate SATA questions. Ive used all my Archer. Nurselabs has free SATA NCLEX practice tests but some of the questions just seem inaccurate idk.
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2020.09.22 01:11 bajoyjoy87 3-4 month study plan

Hi. I'm about to take NCLEX for Australian registration, they just introduced it here in oz this year for international nurses so not much resource in here. I graduated in the Philippines in 2008 so a lot of revision to do. I have about 1-1.5 hours a day I could allot for serious studying as I have an 11 month old, I hope that is enough. Right now I only have saunders pdf reviewer and also answering nurselabs free question bank. I realised I have to fork out a bit of money for more question banks but can anyone recommended an affordable one that is also reliable? I looked at uworld and it's a bit pricey for me, might do it when I'm close to doing the exam.
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2018.09.19 19:19 Xiaco9020 A good place for useful practice questions that are actually difficult?

I was wondering if anyone had found any useful online quizzes or questions that are actually as difficult as tests. I've use quizzes like NurseLabs and others but the questions are nowhere near as difficult as the questions we have for our tests. Our test next week is on ABG and acid-base imbalances. I'm good at ABG interpretation but have some difficulty relating it to nursing concepts. Thanks!
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2018.07.02 15:32 juicybuttfarts Passed the NCLEX in 75. Here's how I did it.

Just got my results and I'm feeling pretty good.
Uworld. I really can't sing its praises enough. At first when I saw how many people were using it, I started checking post histories because they must be uworld bots promoting the product as much as people did.
I came from a pretty crappy school. We never even were told to practice an nclex question until our last semester. The class behind us had a 60% pass rate.
They tried to push Kaplan on us, and honestly I'm sure it's great for some. My instruction was just so lacking I knew I needed more details behind the rationales than what Kaplan gives.
I got Uworld once I had a test date 30 days away. Everyday I did at least 75 questions. Once the "Incorrect" bank got to 100, I'd remediate on all of them until I got every one correct.
I never finished the unused portion (had 325 left), but I made sure to do all the unused OB and pharmacology ones. Total including remediating, I did 2400 questions in 30 days.
I made sure I scheduled my test in the afternoon as well to give myself time to wake up and look over key points like lab values and therapeutic indexes. Found a great pdf on nurselabs for that as well.
Edit: Here's the pdf from nurse labs.
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