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2023.03.21 22:47 Positive_Divide8195 STR

I have 2 STR properties. I bought one 18 months ago for $80k and another over 2 years ago for $165k. The 80k property was rented out on Airbnb for 8 months, the $160k for about 2 years.
I am now going to sell them for roughly $350k each (I remodeled them plus the market here got much stronger).
I’d like to put the money I make into a new STR but there is no inventory in the market in which I’m looking to buy. My dad’s accountant said you get a one time capital gains exemption. Could I sell one property and use that exemption and hold onto the money until a house comes on the market? Then I could make an offer on the new house with only having to sell one property to get the money (as I’d have the funds from the sale of the first STR set aside)?
I’ve already lost a bid on the perfect house bc I had to sell two houses to get the funds.
Thank you!
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2023.03.21 22:46 aussie-engineer Pre-auction offer advice for FHB

Went to an open house last week - house was a dump but in a good location. Auction was scheduled for following Saturday.
REA called Mon arvo asking if I was interested - said unsure. I said I'm still looking at other places and that that was one of the first open houses I'd been to. REA asked how much I'd offer if I were to bid - said I couldn't bid anyway (waiting for pre-approval to come through). He said I could still go to the auction and if it passed in could present an offer subject to finance. He said others were saying they'd bid towards the lower end of asking price (580k to 600) and if I were to bid around the same range, I'd be a strong contender.
REA txted next day saying someone had made an acceptable offer and would be selling before auction. Said if still interested present formal offer by 12PM next day. I called back and asked what the offer was, he said couldn't say but if I offered over 600 subject to finance (between 615 to 630 - higher end of asking price) that I'd again be strong contender. Also said if I made an offer could get documents arranged asap and get things signed via docusign as settlement is 21 days. I didn't make an offer and said I'd call him back after thinking it over.
REA/vendor sound desperate and wondering if there's not enough interest? REA also sounds like they're lying about putting in the 615-630k offer. I'm planning to call my broker for advice this morning. But also thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!
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2023.03.21 22:46 fluffycowgod to prospective Berkeley students

Hi :)
I've been thinking about writing something like this to prospective Berkeley students for a while, even though there are dozens of posts just like this in the Berkeley subreddit and what I have to say probably isn't anything new, so take that with a grain of salt, and I hope I don't get any hate for my opinions. This post is, also, in a way, more for my own catharsis, so if anyone doesn't read this I don't mind too much either.
I'm in my second to last semester here at Cal, and across my time here, I feel like I've done a lot of reflection and learning -- enough to gather a comprehensive view of this school and offer some advice/warnings to people who might be thinking of coming here, especially with admissions timelines steadily arriving (or have they already happened? idk, i'm so disconnected from college admissions now heh). With that, here are some of the primary lessons/insights I've taken from my time here as someone who's going to graduate relatively soon.
  1. Berkeley club culture is a huge, huge part of social life.
    1. Club culture is huge here, affecting everything from your professional development, to potential friend groups, to a network of academic support. It definitely isn't everything -- I know people who have found community through their dormmates, rock climbing, etc, but clubs are definitely integral to student culture here, possibly in a way that doesn't exist in other schools. My other friends at other UC's and privates are often confused by my experiences with club culture. Clubs here go on retreats together, implement big-little systems, share past exams / exam resources (lol mainly CS) , etc. And "recruitment" here is no joke. Consulting clubs often have multiple rounds of both technical and behavioral aspects, and the most competitive clubs have acceptance rates that are relatively way less than Cal's own admission rate (~16%). However, there's also some more chill clubs (like potluck club, the genshin impact club, etc that are also really sweet, but are more about general membership and seem slightly less tight knit)!
    2. Although I've been lucky to join clubs that have offered me professional and social support, I have friends and roommates who have often told me they often feel like they have to prove their worth in order to gain social validation and connection. It's not a great feeling. However, as someone who's been a part of the club culture here, I can also vouch that some of my closest connections are just from random friends I've found on Instagram whose friendship I've been able to gain from consistently asking to hang out and consistently reaching out to. So, clubs aren't everything, but they can also act as "built in" social circles and a lifeline to surviving school here.
  2. It's sink or swim here.
    1. This is probably also common in larger schools and public schools, as well as most UC's. If you fall behind, you have to pick yourself up. You are the one who is in charge of maintaining social connections and making sure your academics are in order. There are many resources here, such as programs like the Disabled Students Program (can help ppl with mental illnesses or disorders like ADHD), academic tutoring, study groups (again mostly for subjects like CS or for bigger classes haha), but you need to put in the work to find them. It teaches you the valuable lesson of being independent, but it can sometimes get tiring. Sometimes, it's nice to have someone like an academic advisoetc looking out for you, but here you'll only get the help you look for. There's so much going on here, but it won't come to you magically.
  3. If you are a student with a history of struggling with mental health issues, Cal may not be for you.
    1. Now, I know that this is an affliction that affects students and non-students alike nation-wide, and that all administrations struggle with addressing mental health struggles. Mental health is an epidemic here and everywhere. However, there are aspects to attending Berkeley which, in my opinion, can really exacerbate this. (the two bullet points I listed before are part of this heh). CAPS is largely unreliable as someone who's applied to get therapy more than three times from them, and again, you're likely to have to seek out help yourself + elsewhere (outside of the school). This really sucks if you're low-income/don't have access to these resources. Also, even if you have DSP, not every professor follows DSP (disabled student program) guidelines and (again) you're going to have to cross-check with each professor about how to implement DSP. In a school of 40k+ students, it's easy to get lost and feel lonely here, and sometimes it's really not manageable.
  4. The people are all quite lovely :') (most of the time)
    1. In lieu of all of this, I've still met some of my best friends here. There's such a diversity of opportunities here that I've had the chance to meet people from all over the world and country who are kind, intelligent, nuanced, and who care about me. People are sooo smart and talented too.
  5. Don't listen to stereotypes, there's something for everyone here in terms of the social scene.
    1. The plus side of 40 thousand people attending Cal is that there's so many types of people here. If you're into Greek life, there's a huge community for that. There's communal living spaces post-dorm (co-ops, Bowles Hall), there's clubs for e-sports and anime and furries (lol). There's also a house show/band scene here and fashion shows/student run art installations and galleries for people who are really into music/art. I feel like I've only heard this from terminally online ppl lol but Cal isn't only a 'school for nerds'.
  6. Tech is not everything here, but it does saturate many parts of student culture. There's less focus on art for the sake of art if you want a campus with a super strong creative culture.
    1. Even non-CS majors are often part of consulting/tech-consulting clubs because our proximity to SF/the Silicon Valley. Tech is a major part of Berkeley's identity and if you want a school that's more focused on the humanities, just consider that. However, there are so many cool opportunities for the humanities here as well (AMAZING creative writing faculty, the chance to audit Berkeley Law Classes, I even know a few people interning for senator Feinstein in SF). There's kind of way less opportunities for art (lots of people go into design-tech), except for student-run orgs. Art Practice majors still exist here but there definitely aren't as strong creative programs as places like UCLA or actual art schools haha. However, as I said before, because there's simply so many people here, it's still very possible to find tight-knit creative communities just depending on what you do, what you join, and the people you meet. Again (lol), it's all about seeking opportunities for yourself.
Ahhh, that's all I could think about for now. For students who are planning on coming here, I just wanted to offer some transparency, even though, again, I know lots of posts like this already exist. Coming to Berkeley has changed my life in so many ways and I've grown so much (even though I'm going through a really tough patch right now). I wouldn't be the person I am today without the obstacles thrown at me, the chance I've given myself to grow/be aggressive about seeking chance, etc. I just wish, sometimes, though, that someone had told me these things before I'd gotten here to inform my decision better. That's all -- Go Bears !!! :,)
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2023.03.21 22:45 Marsden1979 Halloween Haunted House Active 90s-early 2000s In Mason

Hi, I've searched online but couldn't find anything so I thought I'd ask here. Back around 1998 I was finally able to get to a haunted house in Mason right off Fields Ertel near 71. I think there's a motel there now. I remember having known about it for a few years through high school, and was only able to go until around 2000 when I heard it burned down. I can't recall the name of it, but I keep thinking Night of Fright. Anyway, just curious as to if anyone remembers it and what the name was. Had a lot of good memories there. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 22:45 Serious_Yam7268 Ashley, is that you?

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2023.03.21 22:45 BruntsLeftFoot [WTS] 100oz JM, 10oz RCM, Junk lot, Foreign silver lots near melt, 1/10oz Au & 1oz Ag privy sets, LMU Francs & Crowns!

Good evening! Open to trades; especially for ancients or large size US currency. I have tons of ancients for sale; feel free to ask! Spot used is $22.50(Ag) & $1975(Au).
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Venmo, PayPal FF, Google Pay, or BTC/ETH/USDC (+5%) are preferred.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.21 22:45 amithea1234 AITA for telling someone I didn’t care that my husband bullied their brother

For starters it was my sons birthday party and things were going great. Me and my husband were just sitting and chatting to a few other parents and keeping an eye on the kids. Then this other guy came in who was the older brother of someone my husband bullied when we were teenagers and he was the parent of one of the kids in my sons class.
I didn’t know he would be coming as he’s split up from his ex wife and she is the only one I’ve seen at parents evening and other meetups but this was the weekend and my sons friend was staying with his dad so his dad was taking him.
He immediately went off at my husband in front of all the other parents and even accused our son as being a bad influence on his son. He just flat out exposed my husband for things he did in highschool and it was awful and humiliating. My husband is now a lot more diplomatic and explained that he was a kid then and he’s very sorry for his immature actions and wished he could take it back. That didn’t stop the brother and I lost my shit and just flat out said, “nobody wants to hear about your dead brother if you don’t want to be here leave”. He blew up on me and how I was just as awful as my husband and called me a monster and then I said, “nobody cares about what my husband did back in highschool”. My husband then just told him to F off out of our house.
Things went awkward after that and a lot of the other parents seemed quiet so me and my husband just explained to situation to everyone and that my husband wasn’t the sole cause of the outcome that happened to his brother and was just blamed him for it. I’m now worried that the brother will influence my sons friendships with his kid and influence the other parents viewpoints too. I just need to know how bad I looked in front of the other parents and if I was wrong in this situation.
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2023.03.21 22:45 i_love_dominos_pizza cohabitation, is it ethically possible?

i want to start this post by clearly stating that i don't intend to house leopard geckos together, i only think it could be a fun and interesting conversation.
cohabitation is looked down upon because there will be competition between the two theoretical leos for food, water, heat, and space. even causing them to fight or be otherwise aggressive in some cases. more often than not one gecko will be malnourished and even injured while the other thrives.
what if you took extra care and attention to equally provide for each gecko, however? when cohabiting larger reptile species a big concern is having enough space that they can each have their own territory. space for two leopard geckos isn't an issue if you use a 4×2×2 enclosure, though. you could solve the issue of equally providing food and water by tong feeding geckos individually and having several water dishes throughout the vivarium. heat is a bit more complicated but still very possible. you could place two lamps on each side of the enclosure, providing two basking spots while still maintaining an ambient temperature gradient if you have a 4×2×2. the only difference being that the coolest part of the enclosure is in the middle.
obviously, even when equally caring for each gecko, there are other factors of course such as the temperament of both geckos. one could still attack the other. if you have had them spend time together before having them share a vivarium you might know how they interact with other geckos and feel more comfortable with the idea of having them cohabitate. however, you won't be able to predict or guarantee the behaviour of any leopard gecko when cohabiting with another gecko until they are.
with all of this in mind, is it ethically possible to cohabitate leopard geckos in practice?
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2023.03.21 22:44 NumerousTemporary Any advice how to work with Sales team?

Hey, I am a Product Manager at this SaaS B2B startup. We have very few clients and we have somewhat problems with understanding our target audience/buying persona/use cases/etc. You can read my previous questions about use cases in my previous reddit post .
Based on feedback from that thread, I stated learning more about our potential clients' problems/needs/wants/etc. and started talking more to our Sales teams about what clients ask them for and reading Sales' notes in Hubspot from calls with potential client. I have got an impression that our Sales team does not know much about the product, as their feedback is somewhat superficial. For example, if we were a smartphone manufacturer - Sales would say that clients want a better camera, whereas clients actually ask for better zoom quality, ability to switch between fps faster, ability to record in raw. You get the idea?
Part of it could be that the product is somewhat technical and you need to have at least some understanding of APIs, web development, etc. And no one from our sales team has tech background.
QUESTION#1: How do you work with Sales team? Do you have any education sessions with them explaining the product? Anything I need to consider working with Sales team to more effectively gather use cases?
Side QUESTION#2: I plan on joining calls with clients myself, but kind of not sure how I can add to the calls, as most of them are intro calls, where client and our sales mostly get to know each other. Any advice here?
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2023.03.21 22:44 Any-Obligation9761 Advice for starting an MS with PhD ambitions

Hey all! I'm starting my MS soon, and I anticipate wanting to go onto a PhD after. I've always intended on following the PhD route, but struggled to find a lab that would take me without an MS. I'm 29, though, and starting to feel like I'm behind--I haven't met anyone doing the jobs I would like that finished a PhD after their early 30's. I'm in ecology, so the absolute earliest I could potentially finish a PhD would be 36.
So, I'm looking for 2 things--(1) should I be more realistic with my career goals/how much is age going to impact my competitiveness, and (2) can you offer me some advice on how to really set myself up for efficiently making progress? Thanks in advance!
Note: I have worked in research in my field for the last 8 years.
Also note: I'm in the US.
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2023.03.21 22:44 ThrowRAbutttcheeks AITA for accusing my(26f) husband (32m)

A few weeks ago my(26f) husband (32m) went to celebrate his late bachelor party in Costa Rica with 15 friends. We decided since he’s already in South America we will make a trip out of it and we will meet up in Mexico to celebrate Valentine’s Day and his birthday. So, a day before he left on vacation we wanted to try using condoms which we never used before. We tried it, and didn’t like it. He told me to return them online and I said ok! We have a great time on vacation and get back and I’m doing all the laundry. I noticed his bag from Costa Rica isn’t cleaned up so I decided to put all his dirty clothing in the laundry and clean it for him. As I’m taking out his clothing from the dryer, I noticed 2 condoms come out. I asked him how come he had condoms mixed in with his clothing? He laughed and said he has no idea and that that’s very weird. He then changed the subject and said our pet is walking towards the washing machine so to look out. I found it weird, so I walked to him and said those 2 condoms came out with his load from Costa Rica. He started answering me weird and said he could’ve gotten some laundry from his drawer (which is where the condoms are) and it got mixed in with the laundry or maybe he brought it for us. I asked him, why would he grab clean laundry from his drawer and grab condoms and put it in the washing machine? He said he had no idea. I tried to just brush it off because he kept saying “who would I use those with aside from you?”. I said okay fine I was just confused towards how you answered me. I went to take a bubble bath and it ended up being very short because I didn’t like how he seemed defensive and got upset for questioning him. I finished up early, and like a crazy girl counted the condoms and saw 2 more missing from the ones we used. I went up to him again and said I didn’t like how he got so defensive and I asked him why would say he got condoms from a clean drawer and put them in the washer. Now, I don’t think my husband would ever cheat on me and I trust him. I was just taken off guard with his terrible answers. I let go and told him to leave me alone for a bit and he kept coming in the room to make me laugh and was asking me what fun things I’d like to do one the weekend and I told him to just give me some space once again. The next day we were okay and I was making us food and trying to clean the house and we didn’t bring up what happened. He began keeping his distance from me and hasn’t talked. I asked what’s wrong and he told me I owed him a big apology for accusing him of something so terrible. I told him I didn’t accuse him of anything. I didn’t yell. I didn’t do anything but ask him questioned that concerned me and I did have an attitude when I told him to leave me alone because he was trying to be funny when I wasn’t in the mood. It’s been a few weeks now and we aren’t back to normal. He has slept on the sofa or guest room every single day since and gives hot and cold treatment. There’s more to the story but I’d like your opinion before I do an update
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2023.03.21 22:44 ViddyFanUK How old is your double glazing?

I moved into my property in the late 90's and we get the feeling the double glazing was installed in the 80's as we inherited every scrap of paper going back 150 years to the blueprints. The history is fascinating, in the 1980's there was planning permission granted to convert to a 'hostel' but as it's a mid terrace house I feel that moniker could mean several things.
A it's Victorian we are lucky to still have two sash windows, one is painted shut like super thick layers on layers over the years, and the other is operating. This one lets in a lot of cold air in in winter, it's on a landing at the top of the house.
There's a couple of plain panes (with no opening handle) which I would like to open so I was thinking oh god that's a double glazing lead from heaven for one sales rep. A whole house done and I'll be hounded with calls and emails and leaflets and god knows what and I'm terrified.
How many years shall I leave it? How old is everyone's double glazing? I don't think I can handle the stress if one breaks and then we may as well get them all done and it's a really bad time like winter.
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2023.03.21 22:44 BeardAfterDark What's everyone's ideal location in the United States to teach?

I'm currently working in New York City where I live with my wife. While I love it here the winters are taking its toll on both of us plus my wife has been allowed to work from remotely from home from anywhere in the U.S. As a result we've been exploring various different cities and states that would be more affordable to live. Since my wife would be able to keep her NYC based salary this means I would be able to take a cut in my salary, which is pretty high for teaching, and still be able to live a higher quality of life where maybe, just maybe, we could even buy a house someday.

Anyways, I'm curious what everyone's suggestions are on different cities/states you've taught compared to others. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 22:43 morningsushi Buying bike from private seller who’s credit union owns bike (he finances)

Pretty annoying as all the bikes I’ve bought were just simple cash sales.
I’m on the hunt for a very specific yeabike and found a few contenders. The best option though is a guy who makes payments to his credit union.
How simple is the process of buying this bike with minimal risk? I have the asking price in cash, and I ideally want to be able to pay this man/bank cash and receive the motorcycle and title same day.
Is that possible?
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2023.03.21 22:43 cfmonty [Spoilers EXTENDED] Tin Foil Hat Theory: 14 known children of Garth Greenhand are reincarnations of / inspirations for some of the main ASOIAF characters. PART 2.

The first part of this two-part series explored:

Remember to put the tin foil hat on tight and embrace the madness.

Part 1

Anyways, thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts!
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2023.03.21 22:43 MissLilPumkin How should I break up with my girlfriend?

I want to end it for different reasons, but she has told me of how it has ended with other of her partners and she usually gets very angry and resentful, so I want to do the right thing for her.
The thing is we live with 2 hour distance so we see eachother very little. She is very very clingy and gets ultra excited everytime I go see her or she comes here. This is why I doubt about breaking up in person. Everyone tells you that is the right thing to do, but to give her all the excitement, drive two hours to her house and then break up with her seems cruel to me. Is a phone call worse? What should I do? If it's relevant I am 19 and she is 20
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2023.03.21 22:43 Yularen2077 AUS Business Plot Facelift Proposal

AUS Business Plot Facelift Proposal
Hey everyone! Unfortunately no, this is not the Netherlands guide yet but don’t worry, once a couple things are cleared up it’ll be ready to go!
For now, as a bit of a follow-up to a previous post a year ago on the AUS's Business Plot Succession, I wanted to share a slight facelift of the Business Plot I thought up. I made this around the time of that post, but finally worked up the courage to post it. You can say the Business Plot is one of my guilty pleasure paths, and with my research into Presidential Succession back then I wanted to see how I could make it more ‘constitutionally correct’ from an in-game standpoint.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism of the current content having no right to complain. This was done more just for fun, but if it sparks any ideas then all the better.
President Long Disappears
Disappearance Aftermath
A day after the ‘A Midnight Dinner’ event, the 'Every Girl a Queen' event would trigger. Long would not be succeeded right away by Moseley but instead the Queen Event would make either Lemke as the VP and next in line, or Rose as stipulated in Long’s will, the new country leadeActing President. (Think like the current Kerensky death event if you picked the left coalition, how Kerensky stays leader until the next day when the Senate meets to decide his successor). References to Moseley taking over have been omitted from the Dinner Event and World News Event.
  • The new Queen event could keep the cover-up variable, move it to a brand-new event, or omit it entirely. Since there are three possible outcomes currently to the Plot, picking the cover-up option once or twice results in the same outcome (just with Pat Aut/Stability increases or decreases) so the variable for the Queen event can be omitted entirely.
  • If it is kept, to me it could be a tossup if Rose or Lemke is better suited to help cover it up; Rose for the show of support for Long (as is currently), or Lemke for keeping Rose out of the White House away from the plotters.
Lemke or Rose (don't mind the constitutionality of Rose taking over, widow's succession and all, but as I see it while Lemke is de facto she’d be de jure: Think old LKMT and Dai’s Totalist Coup) would hold office until at least the end of the event chain. (Credit to Kaiserredux for the Lemke portrait)
The Plot can end in a couple of ways:
The Plot Succeeds
  • Moseley successfully covered up the plot against Long. He goes on to impeach and remove Lemke/Rose from office for treason, having falsely implicating him/her in the made-up syndicalist plot arguing that he/she wanted the Presidency for him/herself.
    • Or if too much of a stretch, you could always go with health concerns but I think being removed on something so outlandish and trumped up fits better.
  • Moseley somewhat covered up the plot against Long. He goes to force Lemke/Rose to resign due to ‘health concerns.’
In both cases:
  • There would be a change of the Presidential Succession Law to allow Moseley as Senate President Pro Tempore to succeed to the Presidency as Acting President. When the next election rolls around (for arguments sake let’s say 1940), he would run for a full term and be considered an official President, and keep running until his death and be succeeded by VP Charles Lindbergh (who joined the ticket in 1940). Since Moseley becomes President officially in 1940, his portrait would change to a suit. (Originally Opposite to MacArthur currently but…).
  • There is no need to make Moseley VP before he runs for office himself. I'd take out the part in his death event that Lindbergh was the 33rd President since you've got Lemke who would technically be the 33rd.
Looking over this again, the All 3 Cover Ups Event needs a bit more clarification, adding the bold: "With his allies in Congress, in tandem with the President's impeachment and removal from office, the Presidential Succession Act..."
Plot Uncovered
If Moseley was not able to cover it up, Lemke (officially) or Rose (unofficially) would hold office until the next election, say 1940. At the time they would choose not to run with Earl Long running and being elected President.
An extremely niche topic to be sure, but I’d love to hear what anyone’s opinions are on this. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 22:43 eastcoast82 My mother has helped me to be self conscious and i often feel sucidial because of it

I am 40f. And my mother really is a sweet lady. We have never been rich or poor just average. My whole life my mother would not let me leave the house unless i looked my best heels makeup hair done even just to go grocery shopping. Everytime i have a pimple on my face she will look at me with this grossed out look on her face telling me to cover it up etc. Her favorite saying was "what are people going to think about me" im was rebellious and did things that embrassed her because i was so pissed about this image thing. So im 40 now moved across the country and in 3 months i sent her two pics and every time she will say "you look tired" "your look puffy" "why dies your hair look so yellow" etc. I have panic attacks and cry. Im to the point now i will not take a selfie. I have sent somone a selfie and wanted to kill myself and cryed for 2 days. I look in the mirror and cry and want to die i hate myself so much. I think this all stems from my mother and i want to like myself even just a tiny bit and not think if people even see my face they will be so grossed out it will ruin their day. I rarely leave the house and i have no social media and havent had a friend in 7 years. I dont know where to start.
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2023.03.21 22:43 ee_h_ binding for years fucked up my back

I started binding around when I turned 14, and tbh I never really paid attention to the "bind safely!" warnings. I used a binder every time I left my house, mainly for school and work, and I often wore it for more than 8 hours a day. Also for maybe the past 2, 2 1/2 years I've been double binding every time I bound.
I got top surgery 4 months ago, and I started getting back in the gym 2 months ago. I have a personal trainer and we've been working for like half a year to fix all the weird muscle imbalances in my upper body which have all been caused by binding. I feel like I've made next to no progress and it's really frustrating. It sometimes causes me pain in every day life, but that's mostly stopped since top surgery.
Moral of the story to younger trans guys: listen to the fucking warning. I think the thing that fucked me up most was the double binding and if I could go back and tell my younger self to never even try wearing 2 at once, I would in a heartbeat. If your binders aren't working as well anymore, it's so worth it to just get new ones. Or just wear baggier clothes with the loose ones.
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2023.03.21 22:43 realestateson Father going through divorce wants to buy a home through LLC in my name

As the title says, my (m29) father is currently going through a divorce. He rehabs homes for a living, and lives in a common property law state (NV). His soon-to-be ex is a pretty spiteful person, and so he thinks it is unlikely he can get her to sign the required documents for him to be able to buy a new house and then sell it without her taking half. He has a new investor that would like to fund a few rehabs for a 5% ROI. My dad called me and asked if he could set up an LLC in mine and my older sister’s name, and do the business through that. (The investor would pay the LLC, and I would buy the house and pay for the materials to rehab through the LLC.)
Would I or my sister be on the hook for anything if we do this? Could it harm us in any way? My hesitation is that I don’t know this new investor. Also, I love my dad to death but he plays pretty fast and loose with his money, and I am a pretty conservative and risk adverse guy. I would love to help him if I can.
Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.
*edit: typo
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