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2016.05.12 17:27 chillaxin4life Milwaukee's Bicycle Community

Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.03.31 17:09 ADm_lg New Rule: Troop deployment from your Clan Castle should be the highest troop available as per your Townhall in Clan Wars.

Hello Guys. As per my title, what I'm saying specifically that, we should be able to use the Highest troop that is available to our Townhall in Clan Wars to attack, because right now, it's so unfair and a rule has hasn't been implemented yet.
For example, let's say, a 5v5 TH9 Clan Wars Going on. Clan A is like consist of only 5 Active TH9 Players and Clan B is a normal Clan with TH10+ players and those TH9 war members. As you would expect, Clan A members' Clan Castle[Offense] will have only troops that are TH9 max while compared to Clan B, some of them, will have maybe Bowlers/Electro Dragon which now result the Clan War unfair and unbalanced.
How can a TH9 base defend against bowlers or Electro Dragon[example] or for example, a Mass GoWiWi attack with Bowlers in Clan Castle, makes every TH9 Base useless. It literary kills the fun of Clan Wars. And yes, Some of you will say, go to a “request and leave” clan! Why should I leave my clan to get higher troops? Doesn’t make sense and based on that, all clan wars will end up being a draw.
It reminds me of the changes that took place in the past:
1) “Townhall sniping” was unfair and easy way to achieve the achievement "League All-Star" & getting free shield & free gems hence it was balanced with re-introduced with new shield systems.
2) “Engineering in Clan Wars” broke many people desire to have competitive wars as it was so unfair but now, it has been fixed.
3) “Changes To Trader’s Raid Medal Shop”, a recent change as people was abusing the Raid Medal Shop.
I would like that the team of Clash of Clan investigate on this matter because, right now, I just wanna chill with my friends and have some fun wars/competitive wars knowing that it's balanced and fair. But instead of, every time I launch a TH9 base only wars, I'm worried that yes, surely the opposing clan, will attack all our TH9 base, with Bowlers.
Hence my suggestion is, For Clan Wars only, you can only take to battle the highest troop available as per your Townhall, meaning, you cannot have bowlers/electro dragon in your Clan Castle for War, I’m taking Bowlers/Electro Dragon as example since I’m still level TH9. If other people came across this issue than feel free to comment the unfairness of people taking OP troops in clan castle.
So what do you think about this rule? Should it be implemented or not?
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2023.03.31 17:08 itsmfpete Infinus darts feeding problem

Hey Guys, So ive modded my infinus and got into some feeding issues.
The pusher runs above the darts in the Mag, wiggling them forward an backwards. But they dont reach the flywheels. Upgraded wiring push and flywheel Motors. Upgraded the pusher with the extended worker pusher.
Different mags get me different results.
Best: 35 drum from the infinus nearly gets every dart out.
2nd 25 drum from the hyperfire after 1 or 2 shots the pusher runs over the darts. Sometimes it pushes another 1 or 2 out, but its completely unreliable
Worst:18 rapidstrike mag. 1 or 2 shots. Reinserting the mag is the only Option.
Anyone got an idea how to fix that ?
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2023.03.31 17:08 notrororo Quantifying the Impact of Cost 100 Unit Release Schedule

Hi, everyone!

I'm Porororo, a regular human guy! I'm here to give you a downer post so if you're a relentlessly positive person, skip this.
Let's see how Cost 100s affect us. I gave a TLDR (kind off) right away if you don't wanna read through the whole thing.


PART 1 : Computing for Expected Pulls before pulling featured unit.

First, let's define a few things:
Most gachas, WOTV in particular, follows the Geometric Distribution. What is it, and how does it relate to the game?
  1. Each trial (in this case, each PULL), is independent of each other. This means that pull #1 shouldn't affect the outcome of pull #2 vice versa and so on.
  2. There are two possible outcomes
    1. p = success = pull the unit = 0.4% for Cost 100 units
    2. q = fail = NOT pull the unit = 1-p = 99.6% for Cost 100 units
  3. We are interested in getting the first success -- that is pulling the unit
  4. The MEAN number of trials is defined as "at which pull# do I expect to get the first copy of the featured unit". This is computed as 1/p.
MEAN = 1/0.004 = 250 trials => 250 pulls => 25 multis
However, pity is only up to 21 multis. This means that we can expect to pity for Cost 100 units.
In contrast, for Cost 90 and below, the MEAN = 1/0.008 = 125 trials = 13 multis.

PART 2: How much visiore do I need to set aside to complete a Cost 100 unit?

This one is dependent on your pulls but let's say that we go to pity which we expect to anyway.
There are 2 routes of pulling based on the recent banners that we had (they're pretty much the same)

Shard count: 120 shards + 80 mindspheres Shard count: 200 shards
We can conclude that 42K VIS is required to pull a unit alone.
What about the shards?

Daily Shop 70
Login 40
Login Ticket 2
Bingo 120
Soul Stars (300 soul stars) 100
Barracks (2 weeks at 2.25/day) 32
Chocobo Exp (2 weeks at 2/day) 28
From pulls (check first table) 200
Subtotal 592
Missing 8
Visiore to Complete 400
To complete a unit to 99, you need 400 visiore.

0 0 400 20,000
100 550 300 15,000
200 1300 200 10,000
250 1750 150 7,500
400 3250 0 0
To complete a unit to EX25 Level 120, you need an additional 0 - 20k visiore.
Transcendence (Dream Ability) requires an additional 120 mindspheres. You can use transcendence mindspheres for this but if you don't have, you need an additional 0 - 6k visiore.
Maxing a unit can set you back from 42,400 vis up to 68,400 vis

Part 3: Free Vis Income

Based on Zuvarius' sheet, we can assume that we earn around 30k free visiore per month.

Part 4: What this means for you, player

Let's be clear. Cost 100 is now the normal rate.
Based on wotv-calc/release sched sheet, if you check the releases after Yuffie, we're looking at 9 out of 12 (75%) are Cost 100 units. If we include Hyoh, that's 10 out of 13 (approx 77%).

Given that
Expect to save for 1.5 months - 2.25 months to max a unit... or maybe spend...
Wait what about vision cards? Fu--

P.S. I also have a channel where I post PVP vids if I don't get too lazy to upload. Idk maybe you're bored and have nothing else to do like me.
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2023.03.31 17:08 chillgalcb Amazon Warehouse?

I was eavesdropping and heard someone say that they went to the Amazon Warehouse and bought a coat for $5. She made it seem like it was in town and the girl with her said “I need to go” so I’m assuming it’s a physical location you can shop at and not their online warehouse. Looking for info on it if anyone has physically shopped at one of the distros or a warehouse around here? I can’t find anything online and I love a bargain so this is eating away at me
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2023.03.31 17:08 Possible-Dress-981 Considering becoming a blockchain backend developer using Cosmos SDK. Any help would be appreciated it.

Hi. I graduated with a cs degree from a U.S. university in May 2021 but had to return to my home country, South Korea, because of some complicated issues. I was dumb and naive during my university years I only cared about getting a good GPA, and I didn't prepare for coding interviews, or make my portfolio. After graduation, I ground Leetcode and made personal projects to get a job offer as a backend developer specializing in Java and Spring Boot, but had no lucks. I resumed applying actively this year in March after studying and making one more project but as the market is in recession, I can't find an entry-level backend developer role. I made it to the final round of interviews last week and the company would have sent me an offer letter but they sent me an email saying that the email was sent by mistake and I would not get an offer, WTF?
South Korea's labor laws are ridiculous and companies are much more hesitant and conservative when it comes to hiring new employees because of the rigid labor market compared to the United States. So basically, there are tons of new grads who can't land a web developer role even though they are highly skilled due to a lack of work experience in Korea.
Anyways, a college classmate highly recommended becoming a blockchain developer last year. He told me unlike web development which is nearly impossible to land a role without work experience, the blockchain industry values skills rather than experiences, compared to web developers. He told me his interview process was like explaining his personal blockchain project to the interviewer, with no whiteboard Leetcode-style problems which I hate the most.
For me, what intriguing things about the blockchain industry are
  1. Most of the materials including frameworks are open-source, and rapidly changing even compared to web development.
  2. Higher barrier to entry compared to web development, less saturated.
  3. There are job requirements for web backend developers that can't be self-taught unless I work in a real job, such as troubleshooting a server down, handling high traffic, etc. But blockchain seems easier to get a hands-on experience compared to the web IMO.
  4. No whiteboard interviews
  5. And most importantly, I think I just don't enjoy web development. I hate Java and Spring Boot frameworks, but I have learned them because most backend jobs in Korea are Java.

So, here are some questions I want to ask about the blockchain industry.
  1. Can someone land a blockchain developer job just with personal projects? I spent quite a large amount of time making kind of a simple Spring Boot microservice project but the interviewers didn't care. I think they don't even look at the projects unless they are deployed, hosted, and have some active users.
  2. Is there a whiteboard interview for blockchain jobs?
  3. My college classmate told me most blockchain jobs are remote and work in a distributed team, including his company. So there'd be more chances to get an entry-level remote job, whereas it is impossible to land a remote job as a web developer. Is this true?
  4. For an entry-level blockchain developer, what are the common job requirements? I guess I will learn the Go language and make my smart contract using Cosmos SDK if I make mind to get a blockchain developer job. I will make a smart contract while also applying for web backend developer roles and if I don't land a job by then, I will also start applying to blockchain developer roles.
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2023.03.31 17:07 Takashishiful Can I play LAN with two routers connected to the same modem?

Hello, so I'd like to play Minecraft with my siblings who live in the same house as me. I live in the opposite corner of the house they do, and have a router set up in my room because the other router (near their rooms) doesn't reach me. Is it possible for us to play a LAN game still?
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2023.03.31 17:05 xtopherkeegan [Discussion] Humidity in guitar store

Hi all, I've been in an out of my local guitar shop (one of the corporation giants) a lot recently as I'm in the market for a new acoustic. They have a separate room for acoustic guitars to control the humidity as you normally see but the doors always open so the hygrometer on the wall in there has never been above 33% every time I've been in. Seems crazy to me with all these high end guitars hanging on the wall. Made me think twice about purchasing here. Any thoughts on this?
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2023.03.31 17:05 jp712345 After five years, I FINALLY got a decent Rolex style watch, my PD1661 gold! Can't wait! - My story on why I bought it.
2018, I got hooked on automatic watches, especially watches. I was hooked. I always watch Rolex videos and watch enthusiasts, then I stumbled upon an Aliexpress ad and saw this Pagani Pepsi for $70 something like that. I was like, what?? You can get a legit Rolex looking watch for that price?
But still, I was broke, I'm still freshman college and no job. All I can do for now is window shop Pagani Design watches along with Parnis, Bliger, Etc. I promise to myself one day I can afford one.
After saving a bit lunch money , I was able to bought a $20 silver presidential homage and I asked my aunt to give me a $20 sub. Well theyre both trash lol. The presidential was not even waterproof, and the sub keeps losing so much time its insane, the quality is bad. Since then, theyre in a box and I used random junk cheap watches.
2019-2021, I've lost my interest in automatic watches. Ive moved on and focus on my guitar playing and college as I was using a Casio F-91W as i now have an online job. I at least need something not getting moist all the time
Early to late 2022, I abandoned the Casio cuz its hard to press the lights. Its a F-91W. I am for now using a $6 fake gshock ever since.
Fast forward 2023, Ive got a bonus from my job, and saw a Pagani Design ad from my local shop. My love for automatic watches and Rolex came back.
Ater days of thinking of me actually buying the watch and sacrificing other hobby as collateral, I first pulled the trigger on the GMT root beer Pagani Design 1992 for 4000 php, around $80, with discounts
But as soon as Ive read reports that the Pearl movement is faulty and they're a hit and miss, I backed out and bought a gold 1661 instead with a Japanese NH35 movement as I love gold too, lol. Thankfully, seller accepted my request. The Submariner is one of my dream watch toom
The PD 1661 is already a sentimental piece even it isnt in my hands yet cuz of the story, lol. Dreams do come true big or small.
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2023.03.31 17:05 danarexasaurus My experience with ACDF of c4/5 and c5/6

I just figured I would share my experience with ACDF c4-6 for anyone looking to get this surgery. I got to the hospital at 5:30am and was sent to a bed for about an hour while they ran through my medical history, allergies, and what would be happening next. They put in my IV, which stung a bit but wasn’t too bad.
My neurosurgeon came in and put a mark on my neck where he would be working. He asked if I was nervous and I said I was a singer and was afraid to change or lose my voice forever. He said he would do his best and that the risk of that was pretty low. Then I met the anesthesiologist and we discussed my tendency to throw up after anesthesia. He placed a nausea patch by my ear and said it would last up to 3 days and to be careful taking it off and to wash my hands immediately after. Apparently, it can dilate your eyes if you somehow get it in them. When I was taken back to surgery, the anesthesiologist came to show me the special intubation kit he had for me because he heard I was a singer. I thought that was SO thoughtful and a testament to how great my neurosurgeon is. He shared that information with his colleague to make things better for me, which was unexpected! Someone came and gave me oxygen and asked me to breathe in a few times and said she was going to send me away for a while. She asked where I wanted to go, and I said Scotland. I don’t remember falling asleep but I was totally out. I woke up with a lot of people around me. It was hard to open my eyes for longer than a few seconds but I was trying really hard. I was not given a catheter during surgery so I really had to pee (due to the IV fluids). The surgery went well, with no surprises and very little blood loss. I laid there for probably an hour trying to wake up. A nurse came to ask about pain and I told her it was a 6 out of 10. I could talk better than I expected. She said she would put some meds in my IV and I felt a lot better within a few minutes. The pain was localized on my right shoulder area in the back near my spine. It felt like they’d pulled those muscles pretty tight. My throat was swollen and it hurt to swallow but not as much as I expected. My incision site and neck area didn’t hurt at all yet. They asked if I wanted to go home or stay the night. I preferred home so they took me to a discharge room. They gave me some apple juice and Graham crackers, which I ate very slowly. I didn’t feel nauseated but I was in quite a bit of pain. So the nurse asked if I wanted a pain pill. I waffled a bit because I knew If I took one I would probably throw up. However, I went for it and sure enough, I threw up like 3 times. The nurse apologized over and over and I told her it was fine and that it was my fault for doing something I knew would make me puke. I felt a lot better as far as nausea goes and I just dealt with the pain which was maybe a 5/10 at that point. Physical therapy came and took me to the bathroom and made me go up some stairs to see if I could use my legs. I did great and she cleared me to leave whenever I felt ready. I went in at 5:30 and by 12:30 I was home in my own bed. I definitely didn’t expect that! The first day was mostly me sleeping on my incline pillow in my bed. It was really hard to get comfortable in the soft collar because it’s in the way of any kind of pillow. I finally has some yogurt and tried a pain pill again. I think the yogurt coated my stomach because I didn’t throw that one up and have been able to take them ever since. I was a lot more comfortable after that first dose and was able to sleep. I had a good rest that night and felt even less pain on day 2. My throat was still sore and seemed to be swelling more and my voice sounds weird. Like when you get a bubble in your throat while talking. I’m guessing the swelling is pushing against my vocal cords. I’ve been up walking around the house and going up and downstairs. I removed my compression hose because they annoyed me and I thought the risk of clots is a lot lower if I’m up moving around. Today is day 3 and my throat feels the worst today and I’m still hacking up a bit of phlegm. I assume that’s from irritation in my lungs but idk. My neck feels way better today and the back of my neck/shoulder doesn’t hurt too bad today. The incision site feels tight today and hurts a bit when I chew food. I’m taking it very easy and my husband scolds me if I twist or do anything I shouldn’t. I woke up with my left arm completely asleep which is weird because I wasn’t laying on it so I must have pinched off blood somehow lying on an incline pillow. That arm is numb and tingly today. I suspect swelling is pressing on those nerves today. I’m not worried about it. So far; I can’t say the surgery fixed anything for me. My thumb has stopped switching so I’ll take that as a win! I think it’ll be a few more weeks before I can say definitively whether I feel better or not.
Feel free to comment if you have any questions about my experience. Sorry for any typos. I’m on drugs. Lol
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2023.03.31 17:04 10CSPM AudioPhiles Beware Part 1

So on this mission you get a Tall House Key and supposed to find schematics and deliver them back. Me being unable to read for some reason didn't notice that it was the one by rock pools and not at woodcutter camp. So I went into raid 3 times and use all durability before finally realizing how dumb I am. Is there a way to find more of these keys, none of the shops have them for sale.
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2023.03.31 17:04 labdullah7667 How I really feel about dropping my son, individuals near me

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2023.03.31 17:04 labdullah7667 How I really feel about dropping my son, individuals near me

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2023.03.31 17:04 Maximum_Ad_1976 How I really feel about dropping my son, individuals near me

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2023.03.31 17:04 The_Dok33 Where to find 3D resin printing shops (preferably in/near Utrecht, The Netehrlands)

Like the title says, I'm looking for a publicly available 3D resin printer (makerspace?) or a shop that can print for me. I want to have some miniatures for a game printed. I have STLs available, and I've been on Google for a couple of hours now, and can't find it. I'm only running into makerspaces that are for students only, and business-to-business prototyping companies.

Or are there any useful online shops available perhaps?

Alternatively, how much would it cost to get started myself with resin printing? We have dabled a bit with a small 3D printer that does additive printing with PLA, but the resolution is so bad we don't even enjoy it much. (Did get a good pillbox from it)

If this sort of question is inappropriate, then I apologise, it's not intended to be rude. I'm just getting a bit desperate from not finding something I feel should be findable.
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2023.03.31 17:04 Ratchet_X_x Found on interstate off ramp, trying to determine age. Nutrition info welcome, severe malnourishment.

I picked up a puppy.on the interstate off ramp this morning. Very malnourished, very friendly and lovey. He's been chilling with me in the shop all day after he got a bath and about 5 bowls of water.
He'll be visiting the vet tonight.or tomorrow morning, but There's a debate about how old he may be. Most of us agree he's between 9.months and a year, guy insists he an "old fellow" because of the length of his nails. His nail beds are swollen and red, but I wasn't sure if this was a surefire way of determining age, I'd we are wary about opening his mouth.
He's not food shy, definitely not potty trained, doesn't seem to know commands, and needs help down stairs right now.
Is there a way to determine age besides the mouth? (You can also see nearly every bone in his body) we think he's a pit, but maybe a mix with boxer.
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2023.03.31 17:04 LemoLuke My eldest son has been diagnosed as autisic, my younger son is currently being diagnosed, and I've been told that I'm very likely autistic based on my behaviors and mannerisms. This past couple of years has been a lot to process.

I really need to vent a little and I don't know where else to do this.
A few years ago, shortly before Covid, my eldest son, (who was 6 at the time) signed up for Beavers along with his cousin, who is also his best friend. My eldest is not particually social and we hoped that it would help him make some new friends. I had always been very socially awkward growing up, and didn't have many friends and I didn't want the same for him. However, after a few weeks, his scout leader took me aside and asked if there was anything about him they needed to be aware of. I had no idea what he was talking about, and he sheepishly asked if my son was autistic, as he was apparently showing signs of it (the scout leader had been trained to help with neurodivergent children). We'd never even considered it, and we asked his teachers the next day, who said they hadn't noticed anything. The scout leader continued to give him extra attention though, letting him know in advance exactly what activities they were doing that day, warning him if certain activities were going to be loud, and giving him space when he just wanted to run back and forth, etc.
Shortly after, the school noticed patterns in his behaviour, raised a concern and formally begain the diagnosis process.
About a year later, the scout leader phoned us to talk about my son, and during the call, dropped the bombshell that he had seen some of the same signs in me, and suspected that I was also autistic. This had never crossed my mind. I knew I had always had 'quirks', and struggled socially, but the only thing I had ever been diagnosed with was OCD.
Last year, my son recieved his formal diagnosis, and around the same time, the school raised red flags about my younger son, and this year, he also began the formal diagnosis process (although, we now recognise his immense love for dinosaurs and wildlife as his special interest, and his contant, long-winded explanations of prehistoric creatures as infodumping). My wife took a 6-week online autism course to help with my sons, as well as liasing with my son's school appointed specialist, and now my wife is also convinced that I am autistic. After learning about autism via my sons, I am also convinced and now have to decide if I want to try and get a formal diagnosis.
It's pretty overwhelming. I'm 40 now and it has made me reassess my entire life. All the issues I have had throughout my life, which I chalked up to just being 'awkward'. The fact I have always found it incredibly difficult to connect with people. People often considering me rude or antisocial because I avoid eye contact and don't enjoy smalltalk or general conversation or social gatherings unless I'm with people I feel really comfortable with, prefering to sit quietly out of the way. Struggling to take my children to birthday parties because I constantly feel the need to find somewhere quiet to sit because all of the lights and noise and activity overwhelms me. I find it difficult or near-impossible to watch certain TV shows and movies because I suffer from unbearable second-hand embarrassment from cringe humor, or get painfully uncomfortable seeing people being mean, angry, or upset with each other, to the point I have to leave the room, or cover my ears and look away until the scene ends. I often find myself alone in the kitchen pacing back and forth, or making random arm or hand movements whenever I am stressed, anxoius, or excited. I have always found it difficult to read social cues and subtle hints which makes communication difficult. The fact that I consider myself a 'personality magpie', constantly taking traits, quotes, and mannerisms from other people (often from TV/movies) and using it to create a sort of Frankenstein personality, to the point that I'm not even sure if I have a real personality of my own. The other day, I read a meme on this subreddit, talking about the idea that you have to spend time constantly rehersing making a phone call to customer service before you can even lift the phone. For some reason, that one little thing hit so deep that I spent the next 10 minutes crying. If someone or something unexpectedly changes my day-to-day routine or environment, it can trigger unease and anxiety in me that can last for days. All social interactions feel like they deplete my emotional and mental batteries. I can't stand text/messenger conversations because the idea of not knowing exactly when someone will reply gives me anxiety.
Right now, things just feel very lost and I don't know how to deal with everything. I'm sorry for the long vent, it's just that writing this out is a much therapy for me as anything else.
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2023.03.31 17:04 JP_16 1/2 Air Comp Hose without Restriction

1/2 Air Comp Hose without Restriction
Hey all --
I'm looking for an air compressor jumper hose with 1/2" fittings thats about 6' long to go from my air compressor to the distribution system in my shop. The problem is, all of the 1/2" hoses I see on Amazon are restricted down to almost a 1/4" size on the inside of the fittings. Seems crazy to me. Here is an example below. How can I get a quality 1/2" hose that actually has a larger passage way all the way through? I might as well connect a 1/4 or 3/8" line at this rate. Not sure I understand why they're all like this (it seems). Any tips or corrections on my expectations would be appreciated.
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For three months, the near-constant streaming of ethereal woo woo woo oooooohs and the rapidly spinning arm choreography, and the many littles, riddles, miros, and dittos have caught the attention of a certain amorphous Pokémon.
A Ditto sent us the following message through Modmail:
Ditto ditto ditto… dittttoooooooo… ditto DITTO DITTO ditto. Ditto ditto ditto. Ditto DITTO dittoooooo ditto ditto. Ditto dit-to ditto ditto DITTO ditto ditto ditto. DITTO dittttttttttto ditto ditto ditto. Di-di-di-tto ditto dittoooo ditto ditto. Ditto-o-o-o. Ditto ditTO. Ditto.
I was having a tough time from not getting along with my fellow Dittos late last year, but then in the distance I heard dozens and then hundreds and then thousands of Trainers calling out to me, singing my name. Curious, I followed your voices. I discovered a fun new K-Pop girl group had created a theme song for Dittos. Hearing all you trainers enthusiastically singing the song of my people so much this year has brought comfort and transformation to me. I always knew we could be a chart-topping and record-breaking species. “Ditto” is in fact, the platonic ideal of a K-Pop song, the magnum opus of all K-Pop, if you will. Thanks to your enthusiasm I have unlocked the special ability to ‘All-Kill’, which should prove useful to any future Trainers!
Reflecting my belief that ‘Ditto’ is the best, most-catchy, and most-evolved K-Pop song, I’ve taken Snoo’s place as the overseer of this subreddit for a day of celebration and given Snoo and I've given the human Moderators a break. It’s going to be a Ditto paradise all day! For the next 24 hours, come party with me here in ‘Redditto’! I want to see how powerful your Meme Attacks are! Let’s go, Trainers! So say it Ditto!
This Ditto has recombined its own cellular structure to fully duplicate the human Mod Team, so we’re off to get some sleep. Before we go, here’s everything you need to know:

Redditto Rules for 24 Hours

Suspended kpop Rules: * #6. Only In-Depth Discussions * #8. No Memes or Joke Posts * #9. No Fan-Made Content
Check the Timezone Converter to know when the festivities begin and end!
Our Ditto friend said it will reward its favorite K-Pop memes and favorited Ditto-themed memes after the celebration ends! Try to catch ‘em all!
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2023.03.31 17:03 Raisin56 Mild Serotonin Syndrome + other issues from Sertraline

So I've been reading there's no such thing as mild SS, however my symptoms seem to align so I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks.
My situation:
Prescribed 50mg Sertraline, taking for around 3 months varying dose between 25 and 50mg. I would go to 25mg because of side effects such as bad myoclonic jerks, very intense dreams and generally feeling uneasy.
What happened:
One morning I woke up and took 25mg of Sertraline. Within a few minutes I felt quite sick and had to be on the toilet for a while. I had a shower and sat in my bed. Around 1 hour after dosing I started noticing something was wrong. I started feeling confused and dizzy, very out of focus and as if I wasn't real. My head starting becoming very hot and I started sweating. At this point I went downstairs to sit with my mum because I was quite concerned. I became unable to think, speak and form sentences properly. Mild visual distortions and slurring words. Asked my mum to take me to hospital but she refused on grounds of she didn't think it was serious. The whole thing lasted for around 3-4 hours and after 5 hours I started feeling vaguely normal again.
Things to note:
I may have been very sensitive to sertraline. It is now around 3 years since my last dose and I still have symptoms such as consistent myoclonic jerks, muscle shaking/tremors (worsened by exercise) and bad brain fog. More rarely, random extra heart beats, interruptions with breathing when sleeping, hot head and feeling spaced out. Everything is worsened in general by lack of sleep, sleeping in non-sleep hours or alcohol. It seems ridiculous how much such a small dose for a short time has affected me. In order to understand these issues I have had a large array of medical testing where everything has been inconclusive, yet hopefully rules out serious neurological issues. This includes:
Brain MRI, EEG, Multiple ECG, Consultant Neurologist, Nerve Tests, Multiple blood tests (organ function, deficiencies, thyroid, anaemia and more) , Many GP visits, Sleep study (awaiting results)
Also note I had been using MDMA in moderate doses but fairly frequently over the years before starting sertraline, last dose around 6 weeks before. After these issues I have never taken it again. I have read anecdotally on reddit taking Sertraline should not be an issue after doing this, however worth bearing in mind since very serotonin related.

I'm not expecting anyone here to solve my problem for me but if you would like to take a stab at it feel free, although it's been about 3 years and no medical professional has been able too lol. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated especially with the suspected SS. In addition any other medical tests I haven't done that could show something please suggest. Thanks :)
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2023.03.31 17:03 Bulky_Forever2610 21 [m4m] who’s up for cuddles? from mandaluyong or near mandaluyong, my place.

if you're from mandaluyong or near who's also craving for some cuddles
about me: • athletic chub • 5'8 • versa if it comes to that • right amount of fem and masc
about you: • 5'8 or taller • nothing in particular when it comes to physical attributes, just be you. • from mandaluyong or near mandaluyong
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2023.03.31 17:03 throwRA53345688 I've(20F) cheated on my bf(30M) once again. Is there even any way to fix this ? I feel so ashamed.

Tldr:I(20F) cheated on my bf(30M) about a year ago. He forgave me we nearly fixed it but I had drunk sex with a guy a week ago. I don't want to hurt him(bf) anymore or lose him. How do I tell it to him ? I feel very disgusted in myself.
We've been dating for about 2 years. I suffer from multiple mental health issues and also sex addiction. All of it is rooted from my childhood abuse. He was well aware about these when we started to date. He knew I can be very tough to handle. About a year ago, he was working a lot and was away most of the time. My mental health was getting worse because I was dependant on him. I don't know how to feel loved without sex, pathetic I know but I was missing him,I was missing feeling loved. He was away most nights. At that time a guy, let's call him "J(24M)" and I met via social media. I used to talk to him like friends. He knew I had a boyfriend but slowly we started making dirty jokes which resulted in sending and receiving nudes. I felt ashamed everytime I did those things and contemplated killing myself. It lasted 2 months. I told J I can't continue anymore and I'm going to come clean to my bf. I came clean to my boyfriend and didn't try to hide anything, he was furious a both me and J. He hit me which I think was well deserved, I begged and pleaded with him to forgive me. He did and restricted me from going out has my passwords. He was free now so we were having more sex etc. We explored lots of kinks and stuff he wanted. I wanted to make everything right though I had become something so gross, a cheater. I wanted to change it.
A week ago an old friend T(22F) came to my city and asked me to hang out with her. I asked my bf if he'd let me go. I've been able to regain some trust so he let me go but warned me to be back by 12 am. I haven't been out with friends in a long long time so I was happy to meet T. With T there were her friends A(24M) and L(22F). Anyways by 10 we all got drunk(at L's apartment) . I was specifically drunk because I can't tolerate a lot of alcohol. I remember I was trying to hug and kiss A, I was probably flirting with him too. And then my memories are pretty blank. I can only remember some snippets. I was in a dark room and someone(A) was taking off my clothes. I said something like "hey what do you think you are you doing?" . He answered something like " I'll make you feel good ". Another snippet is of A putting me on my stomach and he was having sex with me. I wanted to push him away but it wasn't possible for me. I don't remember anything else. In the morning I was on a bed with A sleeping on the side. It took some time for me to realize we had sex because I couldn't remember anything then I noticed I was naked with dried semen on my body. I went to the bathroom and then left quickly. My bf was already at work but he called me so many times. I told him I got too drunk to drive and apologized. He didn't know there'd be a male with us so he accepted my apology.
I feel so fucking bad because of it! I don't I'd have ever done it if I was sober. Guilt is eating me up. I'm so afraid of being alone . My bf should know that I'm a terrible person, a fucking liar who doesn't deserve him. I love him . Everything is eating me up. Can I fix this? I blew up my second chance . If I can't fix it how do I tell it to him? I've become suicidal once again. I just don't know. I want a break from all this...
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2023.03.31 17:03 Alqtrkappa Would you recommend MagiRevo LN? [Part5v2]

tl;dr Is MagiRevo LN better than the anime? How does it compare to Bookworm?
A more detailed tl;dr in the last paragraph. Everything in between is mostly me venting on my betrayed expectations.
So I recently watched The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady anime. I liked the premise well enough and through the first half I still believed in it. But in the second half of the anime, it started feeling like the conflict was nonsensical, and by the end it felt to me that nearly every character was like empty paper mache.
Like, what does the monarch actually do? In the anime, the King and Duke Magenta barely do anything in their roles as leaders. As a prepub reader, I can't say I fully understand the role of Zent beyond supplying mana to the country's magic tools/foundation, but we know everyone either follows royal decrees to the letter or comes up with clever plots to get around them. I wouldn't have a problem if the king in MagiRevo had less power than the Zent. But what power does he have? In the anime, it feels like his role is more father than monarch. What is the relationship between the royal family and the rest of the nobles like?
In fact, why do all the random nameless nobles who do nothing other than talk smack about people even matter? Almost every conflict in the MagiRevo anime is kicked off by trying to appease all these nameless nobles.
Unfortunately, as I asked these questions, I came to realize there was an even bigger and emptier paper mache looking me in the face. In the anime, despite calling Euphie a genius several times (and it being in the title!), what actually makes her so genius? The only other time in the show that I remember another human using magic is when Prince Al goes on a rampage and easily defeats Euphie. They said Euphie is loved by the spirits, that she qualifies to be a spirit contractor, but what does that even mean? The anime has zero good points of comparison. The only genius that was conveyed to me was how well Euphie would suit her future role as queen, that she was just an excellent example of a noble.
Even more unfortunately, the other half of the title presents even more problems! Though it is less obviously an empty title, since giving commoners access to magic which had been with only nobles does constitute a "Magical Revolution". But, the promise of researching magical technology is an empty one in the anime. Anisphia gets a spirit stone. She says she's going to research it and she has some ideas of what she'll make. She goes into her workshop. Then she walks out with a complete magic tool. Where is the research and ideas? Why is this so heretical in the eyes of other nobles? These other nobles make a big deal of magicology being offensive to spirits. While I can believe that a big part of it is that they don't want to share the power of magic with commoners, why not just keep magicology to themselves?
The anime doesn't show much magic, but almost none of it actually overlapped with magic tools. It feels to me like they have guns, then complain about the existence of trains. Yeah, there is some overlap in the underlying technology, but most of it is completely different and their uses are completely different. And again, why do these nameless nobles even matter? Why do family who love each other and friends who care for each other need to fight nearly to the death to appease these mooks?
In Bookworm, all of society is so much more fleshed out. All the magic and non-magic technology is so much more fleshed out. The only thing MagiRevo follows through on that Bookworm only baits is Yuri. But again, the romance and why it matters is so much more fleshed out in Bookworm.
The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady anime entertained me through its beginning. But as the story went on and it came time to explain things, the anime felt empty, pointless or contrived. I'm sure the MagiRevo light novel offers some more details, but the anime was so obviously empty in its world and initial promise that if someone would recommend the light novel I would appreciate some details on why it's worth reading. What makes the MagiRevo LN fun to read?
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