505 elmwood ave buffalo ny

43 [M4F] Buffalo, NY - Just looking for someone to cuddle and watch shows

2023.03.21 21:52 Nobody7933 43 [M4F] Buffalo, NY - Just looking for someone to cuddle and watch shows

I am 43 male, divorced with two kids not living with me. I am 5’6” and average build with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. I am easy going, don’t judge, and laid back. I don’t smoke and drink socially.
I am looking for someone to come over cuddle and watch a little tv. If you want more and it feels right then I am up for that. I am not looking for anything serious just someone to hang with here and there.
I am nice and respectful and can be a bit shy. Reach out and say hi!
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2023.03.21 21:23 Mr_Niagara Niagara Falls NY Police investigate a shooting in the 1600 block of Cleveland Ave. Summer of 2010 or 2011

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2023.03.21 21:20 YGLHockey Using xG at 60gp to Suss Out Each Wild Card Team's Chances to Make the Playoffs

Following up on a project I did at the 8-game mark this season, I wanted to see how playoff chances looked at the 60-game mark. Specifically, I looked at each team's xGF thru 60 games this season to see:
- Where will their xGF most likely land at the end of the season? - How often has that "end-season xGF" resulted in making the playoffs?
(I am not saying that my method is best, better, or correct. Simply sharing it as a project and a test to see how it performs.)

EAST Wild Card

Team xGF% thru 60gp Hockeyviz The Athletic Moneypuck MINE (via Evolving-Hockey)
NY Islanders 48.24 70.0% 66.0% 69.0% 19.8%
Florida 52.90 70.3% 81.0% 80.0% 84.5%
Pittsburgh 52.26 48.8% 50.0% 47.2% 80.0%
EAST Notes

WEST Wild Card

Team xGF% thru 60gp Hockeyviz The Athletic Moneypuck MINE (via Evolving-Hockey)
Seattle 49.90 90.4% 94.0% 93.8% 74.6%
Winnipeg 52.01 67.0% 71.0% 75.7% 80.0%
Calgary 53.80 13.0% 21.0% 23.9% 94.2%
WEST Notes
  • Lowest xGF% thru 60gp among the teams who are Top 3 in the Metro & Atlantic:
    • Los Angeles: 51.37
  • San Jose's xGF% thru 60gp was 49.66
    • This method says that teams at that mark made the playoffs 74.6% of the time, but they've already been eliminated.
  • The team with the lowest overall xGF% at 60gp this season:
    • Anaheim: 39.49
    • This ranks as the 2nd lowest xGF% thru 60gp since the 2007-08 season.
    • The lowest is the 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres, who had a 37.64
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2023.03.21 21:08 syruphatesgeography This town is an airport.

This town is an airport.
While most towns and cities all around the world have an airport, the town of Dulles in Virginia IS AN AIRPORT (Washington Dulles International)
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2023.03.21 18:48 user34626 A quick look at the website/office shrinkage.

A quick look at the website/office shrinkage.
Starting this off with I'm not one to write DD or any of that, I just see this as something nobody has mentioned or discussed enough even with it being a small detail in plain sight. This is a real scrape which could be labelled as fluff however it's something to take note.
Anyone currently invested into Troika has had a look at their company page and most likely been disappointed when seeing it's just a bare investors page as the main page and only page on the site.
This isn't how it's always been.
An example you can find is this older version shown in an interview with Robert Machinist posted 2 months ago, timestamp 7:37. A lot of this was dropped pages from the NFT projects which makes sense but some of it should have been kept.
Maybe this interview is much older than when it was posted which could be why the page type isn't findable through wayback machine, also the URL is different think it was like that in 2017/2018. (I may be wrong here, this is just findable through wayback machine redirecting the URL to the old website URL)
During late 2018 it had 4 locations listed, these were all kept until the changes further down where the offices start to drop-off the list. The website was also so much nicer back then compared to what it is now. Not amazing but definitely much nicer, lot's of companies used that style/layout back then it was the style in fashion.
Troika had changed it's design to this bare investors page some time between 12/10/2022 and 23/12/2022 when looking through the wayback machine.
The contact us section at the bottom of the page has been dropping locations in the last year quite fast. 3 locations have been dropped from it within the last year. You can find these yourself by using the wayback machine and scrolling to the bottom of each page.
Contact us section 21/03/2023
Contact us section 12/10/2022 - https://web.archive.org/web/20221012040601/https://www.troikamedia.com/
Contact us section 03/08/2022
Contact us section 12/03/2022
They used to even link their social media presence and have a subscription letter below this section back then.
They changed buildings in New York at some time as well within the last 3 months? You can see this comparing the images or using the wayback machine.
I couldn't tell you if this is a downgrade, upgrade, what or why? I also have no idea how to look into this besides plugging the addresses into google. However they did have that original location in New York for over 5 years minimum that I can tell, until they changed location 3 months ago. (roughly when the website went bare)
Yes it could be to save more money as office and occupancy expenses had gone up during those times, mentioned in the 10-KT.
Hoping this adds towards the idea of a buyout because I can't see the company going bankrupt. Watching the price action so far today has been insane. It is being kept within and as close as possible to that $0.001 range near $0.200 as much as it can be. I'd be surprised if it's unpinned to either side today. Some actual big buys today as well.
If you have any thoughts on the removal of all the satellite offices or better knowledge please share.
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2023.03.21 18:24 esseintes_tortoise City of Buffalo moving forward in condemning Elmwood apartment building

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2023.03.21 18:07 unadulturated 10 Million for Wastewater

In case anyone else missed the news of this funding for the sewer authority
Buffalo Sewer Authority - $10 Million for Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure, Combined Sewer Overflow/Sanitary Sewer Overflow Pollution Reduction (Western New York): Buffalo Sewer Authority will improve wastewater treatment equipment at the Bird Island Wastewater Treatment Facility, including rehabilitating primary sedimentation tanks and associated sludge pumping and piping, and installing a new disinfection facility. This project will provide a higher level of primary treatment for wet weather flows through the facility and improve the quality of water entering the Niagara River. This builds upon the announcement in October that construction began on the wastewater improvement project at Bird Island Wastewater Treatment Facility.
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2023.03.21 17:54 MassiveConfidence480 TRIVIA TUESDAY 3/21 8pm!

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2023.03.21 17:16 CombinationWarm9382 Question ?

I been thinking to move in buffalo, NY soon in the future. But, do you have to be vaccinated in order to live, to work, or they lifted the mandate ?
Sincerely, Izzy
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2023.03.21 16:42 Queasy-Assistance133 Pending marriage based i485 and i130 ( F1 STEM OPT)

This is the first time I am posting to this group. I learned a lot from this group and i cannot thank enough for the contribution of this group.
I am currently on F1 visa and working with OPT STEM Extension. My employer also submitted application for h1b lottery this year. My wife is a permanent resident, who petitioned for me last year. We submitted i130, i485, i765, and i131 concurrently as the visa category F2A was current. Our priority date is April 26, 2022. Her income does not satisfy the sponsorship requirements. So my lawyer submitted i864a, where i am the household member and also the intending immigrant. My field office is Buffalo, NY.
I just received the combo card with travel permit a week ago which has two years term ending March 2025. Now i am confused over several questions in my mind.
  1. Do i have to start using the new ead for my current employer who has right now the STEM extension EAD?What I understand is using the new pending i 485 ead will cancel my f1 status. But I want to remain in the f1 status until I adjust if my green card is accepted within my stem opt ead expiration date which September 2024. Can i keep working with the STEM EAD with my current employer until I adjust if the adjustment is within STEM EAD expiration?
  2. If i use this combo card for international travel, will that cancel my f1 status? And will i be in trouble at the port of entry because of this f1 status?
  3. Does working with pending i485 ead conflicts the i864a condition where my income was based on f1 opt?
Any suggestions will be really appreciated. Thank you so much.
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2023.03.21 15:36 TH3_B1G_SALAD Kith Williamsburg?

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2023.03.21 12:37 YardAromatic3380 Dolphins scored the 11 most points in the NFL last year, defense not being able to get off the field was a bigger problem than the Oline.

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2023.03.21 12:23 Desperate_Door_9823 45 [M4F] #Buffalo NY

Looking for a discreet FWB situation. Sensual, orally fixated, educated professional would like to find a regular, mutually beneficial situation.
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2023.03.21 06:00 MindblownWatcher Mocking up Pitot source/Vacuum Source and Bell Data Tag.

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2023.03.21 05:04 Outrageous-Estimate9 GPS Tracking Issue

I am curious if anyone knows how the Tesla is using GPS

There is one specific location where Tesla Model 3 GPS goes insane. I have reproduced same error multiple times and while location varies same effect is noted. If you want an approx address the transit station is a focal point 214 Cross Ave, Oakville.
Location is in SW Ontario (Canada) major city area. GPS bounce is to middle of nowhere in Ohio. After bounce car GPS starts freaking out (eg need to recharge you are 8 hours from closest charger, estimated arrival time to home is 15 hours, your vehicle does not have enough power to complete trip etc). Usually takes 5 to 10 minutes of driving until car thinks we are "back". Power cycling does nothing (still keeps us in OH)
I find this odd as all 3 major Canadian cellco have fine reception in this area (heck from personal exp there are even Pokestops so kids are playing GPS specific games)
As well a temporary loss of reception one would expect the GPS to remain in (approximate) area; bouncing hundreds of miles away (to another country) is rather odd (esp since we have driven east to NY / Penn / MD but NEVER driven in OH in my life)

Any ideas?
(Yes we also are using latest software but this also effected older software versions)
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2023.03.21 03:36 karlosgmusik This Saturday March 25! House Music All Night Long!

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2023.03.21 02:14 emmaruthconcepcion Pinterest - Isabel Anne

Pinterest - Isabel Anne

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord
I just finished pinning to my "K" boards. I was in this lovely pinner's profile: https://www.pinterest.com/isabelchant1/ - Isabel Anne
I chose her "Jesus is Lord" board:https://www.pinterest.com/isabelchant1/jesus-is-lord/
Well Jesus indeed is Lord. And it's been a while since I've done praise and worship pins. It felt like a good moment.
I'm gonna eat dinner now.
Please check out her profile and collection of pins. Please pin respectfully.
~Emmaruth Allaire Zerna Concepción
At 1759 Dekalb Ave. Ridgewood Quooklyn NYC NY 11237-11385 (718) 497-6077
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2023.03.21 01:14 DM_Me_Your_Address [4] Another one from that big ass list of addresses.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's cheap. But I'm sitting on hundreds of thousands of these things, so it'll certainly do for the time being. Oh, and about the vague relation to taxes, I don't actually know how to read the tax bit of the "chart", so I can't pull any information from it myself. I can assure you, though, there are many mentions of taxes and amounts of $ and stuff, so there's... something of a correlation.
--Name: John P. Coughlin
--Address: 4034 Burke Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14219
--Age: 40s
--Spouse: Keri A. Coughlin
----Spouse's Age: 40s
----Spouse's Address: Lives with John (again)!
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2023.03.20 23:51 bruhmoment1602 Help with School List and Chances for T20

Hi everyone! I'm applying this upcoming cycle and wanted some opinions on my school list including schools that you would recommend adding or removing from my current list. In addition, I have been very worried that my ECs are lackluster for T20 schools so I wondering your opinions on my chances (I know its a crapshoot for anyone).
State: NY College: T20/Ivy GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 522 (132/127/132/131) ORM No gap year
Clinical Experience(paid and unpaid): 100 hours volunteering in the ER department. Started a scribe position last year and will have around 200 hours before applying which I will continue during the application process.
Non-Clinical Volunteering: 200 hours volunteering at an understaffed local nursing home assisting the recreation office. I would help plan/run activities, transport residents around the building, and keep residents company.
Research: Around 800 hours working in a structural biology lab. Sadly I have not had the opportunity to do a poster presentation or publication. Many of the proteins I have tried working with end up not being a good candidate for structural studies (and if you know how time consuming structural biology is you can understand why I haven't had a postepublication with that many hours). I also have around 100 hours assisting a neurologist with her research. I wrote an abstract on a case study that was accepted to be presented at a national conference for neurologists (essentially a poster presentation). After the conference the neurologist said it would also be published.
Other Activities: Due to COVID it was very hard to find anything clinical to do during 2021. A teacher reached out to me from my elementary school and asked to lead a tutoring program for students who fell behind due to COVID. I completed around 100 hours of tutoring during the summer. More importantly I have A LOT of TA experience across multiple subjects. I have around 150 TAing for General Chemistry where I helped run office hours (which 150 students would show up to) and participated in a 1-on-1 tutoring program for students who did poorly on the first exam. I will have 300 hours of TA experience in genetics where I helped run genetics lab sections and held office hours. Finally, I will have an additional 150 hours of TA experience in biochemistry. Here I helped administer and grade quizzes and run office hours while helping maintain the study center associated with the course since it was auto-tutorial. Finally I have participated in a lot of advocacy regarding a rare neurological disorder that my family and I have. It is often misdiagnosed, there is no cure, and there is little treatment. It is even hard to find doctors knowledgeable on it (if you want to hear more feel free to PM). Essentially, in college I spoke to around 200 physical therapy students at a local university regarding the disorder (since physical therapy is the main treatment available). I also created an educational video about my experience that, to my knowledge, is still being used to teach students. In high school, although I can't include this in my application, I did a similar thing where I was able to speak to medical students at that same university regarding misdiagnosis, symptoms, and my own experience.
Shadowing: 40 hours shadowing a neurologist and 45 hours shadowing a primary care physician
School List: Boston University, Columbia, Hofstra, Duke, Harvard, Mt. Sinai, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, USC, UCSF, Stanford, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, NYU, UPenn, Stonybrook, UChicago, UMichigan, URochester, UVA, Vanderbilt, WashU, Cornell, Yale, Emory, Brown, Case Western, SUNY Buffalo, Albert Einstein, Kaiser
Edit: I just want to add this school list was largely made by my premed advisor. Originally the list ONLY had T30… all the other schools were added by me. It made no sense to me and seemed like a problem in the making which is why I’m asking for help.
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2023.03.20 23:02 tedsvintagemaps Albany "Business Section" in 1947 Showing Business Names & Land Owner Names

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2023.03.20 23:01 tedsvintagemaps ✨🗺️ Albany, New York 1947 United States City Map • Old Map of the Day: March 20, 2023

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2023.03.20 22:38 SouthProposal8094 Android auto help.

Android auto help.
How do I not have these places pop up on android auto every time I start my truck (using a wireless android auto adapter). I cant seem to find a setting to get rid of them and its annoying having to manually close it.
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