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2023.06.11 01:53 NitroFish44 [WTS] [US] Pen smorgasbord pt.2- Vintage and Modern! Wahl, Parker, Ingersoll, Good Service Pen Co., Eclipse, Gravitas, Platinum, Lamy :-)

Hello fellow pen lovers! :-) This batch features pens from last weeks sale in addition to 5 new awesome vintage pens and 1 new modern pen! There are a couple budget friendly flexible stub nib options available here too(my favorite nib type). All of these are superb writing, beautiful pens that would serve anyone well. Thanks so much for looking🙏
Verification and photos: Please note: there may be ink on the nibs(and on my fingers lol) in the photos as a result of my testing them. Rest assured, all nibs are in great shape
-All sub rules in effect. PayPal G&S is the only acceptable form of payment! -Please post on this listing first, then PM with your PayPal email and I’ll get an invoice sent out ASAP. Users that indicate firm intention through messaging to purchase a pen will get priority for a given pen, irrespective of “pm” order in the thread.
-The cost of shipping is higher than ever. All packages ship with full value insurance-absolutely no exceptions. Shipping will be a flat rate of $10. I’m happy to combine shipping if you purchase multiple items.
On to the pens!
[D for vintage] Platinum Pocket Pen w/18k factory Music nib! $200+shipping
This pen is quite unusual in that you definitely don’t see them everyday. While I’m not an expert on Platinum as a brand, I do know these pens are few and far between. In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever seen available and I paid a pretty penny for it. I’m sure there are others out there, but they rarely come up for sale. This is a must have for any Platinum collectors! The 18k music nib writes absolutely beautifully and has a bit of spring. The pen is also in really good shape and is ready to write your sweet, sweet music! If you’re a Platinum collector(or a traveling composer), this is a must have pen for you ;-)
[D for vintage] Parker Vacumatic in Gray Pearl Shadow-Wave w/14k Med. flexible nib $125+shipping
Up next is a fantastic user grade Vac that would be perfect for someone who’s either just getting into vintage, or for the person who wants a vintage pen to carry with them daily without having to worry about losing an uber expensive pen. The pen presents very nicely indeed, but is user grade with brassing to the trim and a mark or 2 on the body. The nib is awesome though, and has rare flexibility to add plenty of character to your writing. It is not easy to find a Vac with flexibility at this price point!
[D for vintage] Wahl full length slender pen in Jade celluloid w/14k Fine flexible nib $125+shipping
Those that know me here know that I collect Wahl as a primary focus. This pen was an early acquisition and is perfect for getting into vintage. The Jade celluloid has discoloring, as do most pens made of this material. The color on this pen is a lot better than some however. The nib is awesome! A fine with flexibility to take your writing to the next level! The nib writes really, really well! I’ve traded up to a similar pen that has better coloring, so this pen must go. Discover why I love Wahl so much! I guarantee you would not be disappointed with this pen if you purchased it! I still didn’t take a picture of this pens awesome nib….dang it!! I’ll add one here shortly…
[D for vintage] Ingersoll all metal pen w/14k Med. Stub Italic nib $105+shipping
This pen is great for somebody who wants to experience vintage stub flex without breaking the bank. While still a stunning pen, the exterior does have some wear, however it’s a very old pen! This is a twist filler, requiring that one simply remove the blind cap, insert the nib in ink, and twist the metal piece to “deflate” the sac. After releasing the metal piece and allowing the sac to fill with ink, boom, the pen is filled! The nib is what makes this pen special! A #2 Ingersoll, it is a truly flexible, italic like MF nib. There is some feedback when writing, however this pen is a whole lot of fun to write with! If you’ve never experienced a flexible stub, here’s your chance to do so in a relatively inexpensive manner!
[D for vintage] Unbranded Blue Oversized Flat top pen w/14k #8 F stubby nib $120+shipping~~
This is an extremely good quality, unbranded oversize vintage pen. The large 14k Warranted #8 stubby nib writes extremely well. Great pen for EDC due to its budget conscious price :-) The thing is, you don’t give up anything with this pen! It writes splendidly with line variation due to having a bit of springiness and the stub like nature of the nib. Very nice pen that would be a great starter vintage pen too! If you’re looking for a wallet friendly, ergonomically ideal, oversize vintage pen that not wallet busting expensive, there is no better option than this! Larger pens were not common back in the day so this is a very nice departure from the normally relatively small vintage pens. You can feel the quality of the pen as you cap it, it’s solid! Great pen!!
[D for vintage] Blackbird pen w/14k Fine Flexible nib $150+shipping~~
I have a thing for Blackbird pens. While in user grade condition, this pen sports a really special nib. The 14k Fine nib on this Blackbird is ready to take you on all kinds of flexy adventures! The trim is brassed and there are a few light scratches from careful use over the years but personally, I find that’s part of the charm with these old pens. You can tell that its previous owner loved it and used it faithfully. The nib is in perfect condition and is nice and luxuriously soft! In this pens case, it’s all about this wonderful nib! Try truly upper echelon vintage flex at a relatively affordable price!
[D for vintage] Parker Duofold aerometric filling pen w/14k F nib $95+shipping~~
Next up is a trusty Duofold! I continue making cuts of duplicate pens. I may be selling this pen, but it’s a great example of one of Parker’s most vaunted models! The Newhaven factory nib writes with the perfect wetness, is smooth, and has a bit of flex. A quintessential vintage pen, no collection is complete without one! This pen has micro scratches consistent with careful usage though the passing of time. Trim looks very nice for its age. Overall, a very nice example of this model and a great writer!
D for vintage] Parker Duofold AF w/14k F nib $115+shipping~~
Another Duofold, this one an AF(aluminum-filler) model! Matching its brother above, this is a reliable, excellent writing pen that is ready to write for many more decades! I love Duofolds and have quite a few different models. You can’t go wrong with these pens as they make excellent everyday writers! This particular example is in nice condition with only a bit of brassing to the cap band and fine microscratching as a result of use throughout its life. Again, this is a Parker you simply must have in the collection!
[D for vintage]Good Service Pen Co. Oversized Mottled Red and Black Hard Rubber Flat top w/#8 Med Stub Flex nib (MRBHR) $130+shipping
This is a really special one here and really, probably one I shouldn’t sell….This is a large, oversized, beautiful mottled red and black hard rubber(MRBHR) pen! MRBHR mesmerizes me! I mean the color absolutely POPS on this pen! I love looking at it and can get lost just staring at the patterns :-) This is a nice example of one of the most beautiful materials of all time to make a pen out of, imho of course. There is some brassing to the trim, a personalization(small and very difficult to see due to the pattern in the material), and a singular scrape in the body, but is a drop dead gorgeous pen! Take a look in the gallery….the pen is absolutely stunning! This is another pen where the nib is grand!. This pen has a ridiculously soft #8 flexible stub nib that exhibits perfect flow! The tipping is very worn but it is incredibly smooth and fun to write with! This nib is so soft that it’s quite easy to touch the feed against the paper if you’re not paying attention….a good problem to have lol, and a minor price to pay for jaw dropping writing imo….a great writing experience!
Modern pens below!
[B+] Lamy Accent Briarwood w/14k Med nib $110+shipping
Lamy’s Accent is a great way to enjoy Lamy’s gold nibs. This pen is customizable in that you can purchase additional barrel inserts and swap them out if you wanted. The Medium nib writes beautifully and is exactly what one would expect from a Lamy nib. This pen is in really good shape and needs a new owner who will actually use it!
[B+] Lamy Studio Palladium w/14k Fine nib $120+shipping
There’s probably not a whole lot I can say about the Lamy Studio that hasn’t already been said and they are indeed, great pens! This one is in great condition and also writes beautifully. I’ve always liked the way Lamy gold nibs feel against paper. I also really like the ergonomics of this pen. For my hands they’re extremely comfortable to hold, and quite grippy given the texture on the section. I’m primarily a vintage guy and don’t use this pen nearly enough to justify owning it.
[B+]Platinum PTL-5000a w/14k Fine nib $80+shipping
This Platinum model was discontinued several years ago. While it’s a great pen that writes wet and smooth for a Japanese fine, I just don’t use it. These pens gained an almost cult like following and were known to have nibs with flexibility. This example is no different. Great pen in great condition and with a great nib!
[Parts due to no nib, otherwise B+] Gravitas Pocket pen-Aluminum NO NIB $65+shipping~~
Gravitas pens are very popular right now! It’s no wonder as you can feel the quality of workmanship as soon as you pick one of these pens up. This pen has no sign that it’s ever been used really, and is in very nice condition. It doesn’t come with a nib but will accept any #6 Jowo you’d like to put in it! Grab this pen at a discount and without the wait of shipping across the pond.
SOLD BEFORE LISTING[D due to nib swap but otherwise A2] Pelikan M200 w/SS Med. nib
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2023.06.11 01:35 neuyeu Broke NC with Siblings due to Parent's Health

I (33F) am the middle sibling of 5 children, two of which are sisters 8 and 11 years older than me and brothers 2 and 3 years younger than me. Our mother is schizoaffective bipolar and as a result we have all experienced varying degrees of trauma and varying ways of coping. My coping mechanism, for as long as I can remember, has been to create a life outside of the family unit. One filled with creativity, exploration, and friendship (although I do have my own struggles within relationships).
I haven't been in contact with my 2nd oldest sister since last year. But I've spoken to several times this week, for hours on end because our mother had another psychotic break and is now in the hospital. Now, I stopped talking to my 2nd oldest sister for many reasons. One of which is because during lockdown she was struggling, like many ppl...and she called me expressing that her internet went out while my nephew was doing his schoolwork and she needed almost $300 for the bill. Now she is very prideful and does not ask for help or money, and because it was impeding on my nephew's ability to excel in school I gave her the money without hesitation and never told her she had to pay me back. I said don't worry about it, it is a gift.
When it was time for him to graduate, she shared that he needed to make up a lot of work or else he would not graduate and was blaming it on the fact that the teacher was racist and was out to keep my nephew back. She asked me to come over to their place in Jersey (I live in Brooklyn and do not drive) to "help" him with the work. I told her that I was sure the teacher was not out to get him, and that if he did not do the work he did not do the work and it's her responsibility as the teacher to hold him accountable for not doing his work. Also, I'm not doing a 17/18yo homework! I will help you...but you are going to do your work on your own. And we can connect on Zoom. I don't need to travel 4hrs round trip to offer up my help. Also, so much was expected of teachers during the lockdown and I expressed that it was unfair to this teacher who could very well have her own difficulties and children to tend to.
Well, my sister did not like that. And she did not invite me to my nephew's graduation. But also, I realized that I did not feel good talking to my sister. I would always get off the phone with her feeling very drained and just negative vibes. She is very negative at times. And is a bit of a bully - she is 8yrs older and continue to try to talk to me as if I am a child and know nothing about life. I could never get a word in edgewise. Anytime I disagree with anything she says, she flips. It's like I cannot have my own opinion. And oftentimes she would start yelling and hang up.
So now we're in contact because of my mom and I feel like this is a way for her to weasel herself back into my life without addressing the issues we have. Now, I was trying to focus on my mother because I really did not want to go into anything deep with any of my siblings without a third party (i.e. therapist present). But we have been talking and I regret sharing things with her. For instance, I recently got a paternity test with the man I have know to be my father - still waiting on the results. And she went back to tell my older sister about this and is speculating that someone said something to me or did something to me for me to question who my father is and my place in the family. And I shared that no, this is something I have always wanted to do and according to him they never did one (but my sister who was 8 at the time seems to remember that they did). But also, that yes I have not felt very welcome in the family or like I could trust any of them if I was truly being honest - especially my mother and my oldest sister. Big mistake!
So, she calls me today accusing me of recording the conversation we had last night - apparently she's got some app on her phone that alerts you when someone is recording you (paranoid much??!). I assured her that I did not. And then she goes on to tell me that she thinks I need to go back to therapy because I'm still harboring about things that happened in the past and that I should really just get over it. I even brought up the time her and my mom jumped me in an elevator when I was in high school and she said she never did that to me. And is just telling me that I need to go to therapy - mind you this is from someone who has never gone to therapy and boasts about how she never needed to go that route...that she has God, etc. But, before hanging up I expressed how it was highly inappropriate for her to tell me that I need to go back to therapy because she does not agree how I feel and most likely feels uncomfortable with my feelings.
This is super long, so if you've made it this long bless your heart. I have stopped sharing this stuff with friends because I haven't met many people, outside of therapists, who have the capacity to hold space for me as I navigate the fuckery that is my family. But I hung up the phone because I needed to put up a boundary, even if it was in an immature way. My conversations with my sister this week have only confirmed WHY I have been toying with this idea of estrangement and trying it out. My family will never do the work that is needed to heal themselves enough so that we can have a healthy relationship. I also cannot trust that any conversations I have with any of them will stay between us. I just do not trust them or feel safe around them (emotionally, mentally, and physically as it pertains to my mom) enough to be my authentic self and speak my truth.
So, outside of the conversations about the treatment plan with my mom - I have to stay firm on not discussing any other issues with them because they will always try to manipulate me and deny things that have happened in the past. I am not crazy I know what I experienced - I have also been an avid journaler since 5th grade so I have a hefty account of my life written down so no one can tell me about my life and how I experienced it. So yeah....just needed to reaffirm that my decision to distance myself is actually necessary for not only my survival, but for the betterment of my mental health because these bitches tryna make me feel like I'm crazy!!!
Any supportive comments would be greatly appreciated during this time.
Much love!
TLDR: After a year of NC, I got back into contact with my older sister because my mom is in the psych ward. I am regretting it deeply because she told me I need to go to therapy so I could get over the stuff and is trying to make me question my own perception of my life growing up.
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2023.06.11 01:31 PotatoSwag2318 Chris Paul would be a TREMENDOUS VALUE on a minimum contract and even worth it on the TPMLE

Listen, I understand Chris Paul’s age/injuries are a major concern. But on a minimum contract he would be a “NO BRAINER”! Frankly, we should be begging for him to come on a minimum contract as a collective fanbase via social media and really try to apply whatever little pressure fans can generate.
A simple breakdown of some stats/advanced stats:
CP3: 59 games played, 32 minutes per game, 3.2 Box Plus-Minus, 0.156 Win Shares per 48 minutes, 0.8 Playoff BPM, 0.065 Playoff WS/48
DLo: 71 gp, 33 mpg, 1.5 BPM, 0.106 WS/48, -1.7 Playoff BPM, 0.039 Playoff WS/48
Schroeder: 66 gp, 30 mpg, -2.9 BPM, 0.068 WS/48, -3.4 Playoff BPM, 0.036 Playoff WS/48
Advanced stats need to be combined with eye-test and contextualized to truly have meaning. However, no one can tell me that we should not be begging for Chris Paul on a minimum contract as a fanbase. He is simply too good and it is simply too low-risk of a maneuver. In fact, he is probably even worth the TPMLE if push came to shove.
My ideal off-season: re-sign AR (~$11.4m), re-sign Rui (~$16m), re-sign DLo (~$19m), retain Bamba and Beasley solely for trade purposes as they will be expiring contracts (which are very tradeable). Sadly, we can’t offer Dennis his worth so I hope he gets paid handsomely somewhere else, while we also target CP3 on a minimum contract (saving the TPMLE for another addition, if possible, but willing to offer it to Paul if necessary). Lastly, we utilize a combination of 23’ FRP, 29’ FRP, pick swaps and 2nd rounders attached to expiring contracts of Beasley and/or Bamba to pursue trade upgrades no later than the 2024 trade deadline.
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2023.06.11 01:25 dwight_is_superior My Collection

My Collection
I try to keep it in alphabetical best I can, although the last photo is of older press vinyl so I separated that from the new. Tell me what you think!:)
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2023.06.11 01:25 Tomahawk005 Passed ITILv4 Foundations (2 days)

Just posting this so other people know it is possible. This was really just a glorified vocabulary test. I signed up for it on Saturday afternoon and passed in on Sunday morning with a score of 32/40.
I watched a video series on Youtube from Value Insights was like 29 videos. Most were a few minutes. He pretty much goes over everything important. I took notes and memorized everything, well most of it.
I took a practice test on the Dion training site scored 80%. Took the actual test and scored 80%.
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2023.06.11 01:14 BurningLariat13 The Heart Booking A Nigel McGuinness Return British Rounds Part 2

Nigel McGuinness is back doing what he loves more than anything, and he’s been trying to wrestle as much as he can. Getting wins over some newer guys he never got the chance to face, like Fenix, Tony Deppen, and Dalton Castle (the man who inadvertently caused this return).
However Nigel has always been attracted to those raw unfiltered brawls that he’s so synonymous with. In search of something similar, Nigel calls out one of wrestling's best. Konosuke Takeshita.
Takeshita and Don Callis march down to the ring. After locking eyes for a moment, Nigel asks Takeshita if he would be willing to have a match? Don Callis, whispers something in Takeshita’s ear. Takeshita nods and grabs hold of Nigel, hitting him with a German Suplex right onto his head!
Don Callis says two words, “He accepts.”
Callis and Takeshita leave Nigel lying in the ring in a crumpled heap.
ROH Survival Of The Fittest 2023
Nigel McGuinness vs Konosuke Takeshita\ w/ Don Callis*
Takeshita is more than happy to involve himself in a match of this caliber, a win here would help slot him into the World Title scene definitively. But Nigel is in it for more than just a title, this is the way for him to prove to himself that his body can still handle the wear and tear he’s been putting himself through.
Nigel tries to take Takeshita down, but is muscled up and thrown off. Takeshita follows up with a wild lariat, but Nigel ducks it. They go back and forth for a while, before Takeshita whips Nigel to the corner. Nigel does a headstand on the turnbuckle and boots Takeshita in the face with both feet! With the advantage Nigel pushes on! He hits a divorce court for a near fall, then locks in the London Dungeon. Takeshita reaches the ropes and starts to build momentum. Nigel gets clobbered with a big boot, but tries to get off the rebound lariat! Takeshita cuts him off with a Zero-Sen Kick!
The match rages on, with Takeshita getting the better of Nigel most times. Nigel is bruised and battered from Takeshita’s strikes, and he’s being thrown around nearly effortlessly by the titan of a man. In a last ditch effort Nigel throws a headbutt that knocks Takeshita down to a knee! Nigel’s vision is blurred but he runs the ropes for a lariat, but Takeshita hits him with a Zahi running knee that rattles his jaw! Nigel goes down, and the next thing he knows is that the referee just counted to three.
Takeshita celebrates as Nigel holds his head in his hands. He knows that this is a sign of where his career is going.
Nigel is in the ring for a promo, he tells the crowd how happy he is to be wrestling again, but recognizes that he isn’t 25 anymore. He needs to limit himself somehow, and he has just the idea. Nigel McGuinness is rejoining the Pure Division! As the undoubted best Pure Champion in ROH history, this is a huge announcement.
The Following Week…
Nigel McGuinness\ vs Tracy Williams in a Pure Title Eliminator*
Nigel is slotted into a potential title shot early on, because his reputation alone makes for exciting TV. Williams is also a great technical wrestler, a truly perfect fit for Pure Rules.
The match itself is mostly in favor of Nigel, although Williams gets a fair bit of momentum, nearly locking in a crossface that could have been devastating for Nigel. But Nigel is able to fight out of it and hit a flowing DDT! Nigel grabs hold of Tracy’s arm and locks in the London Dungeon, and Williams is forced to tap out.
ROH Final Battle 2023
Katsuyori Shibata © vs Nigel McGuinness
In a match that nobody could have thought possible only a few years ago, two of the best in the world duel under Pure Rules. Shibata walks right to the center of the ring and Nigel meets him, the two men press their head against each other as Shibata pulls back to unleash a strike on Nigel. But Nigel grabs hold of Shibata in a waist-lock and drags him to the ground. Nigel obviously wants to pace himself, while Shibata is itching for a chance to test Nigel’s reputation. The two men grapple back and forth for the opening section of the match, working different holds and trying for a possible early submission.
Shibata gets side control over Nigel, and flips him over onto his stomach. In a lightning quick motion Shibata stands up and soccer kicks Nigel right in the head. Nigel cradles his head in his hands while Shibata leans up against the ropes. Something ignites inside Nigel, and he’s on his feet and feeding Shibata as many forearms as he can.
The two legends clash in a brutal exchange, each trying to end the match at any moment! Shibata grabs hold of Nigel and hits a crazy backdrop suplex! Nigel is right back up on his feet and hits Shibata with a running european uppercut to Shibata’s chest! Shibata is back up and throws a spinning backhand that catches Nigel on the neck! Nigel falters as Shibata knees him in the gut over and over! Nigel pushes Shibata back, then leaps forwards for a headbutt! JESUS! Shibata goes down, and drops to his knees. Shibata is limp, and Nigel drags him… and dumps him outside the ring. Under Pure Rules, the title can change hand under count out or DQ. Nigel stands and stares at Shibata, waiting as the referee starts the 20 count.
Tension builds as Shibata barely makes it in time! Nigel kills him with a lariat! SHIBATA KICKS OUT AT 1! SHIBATA IS UP! HE HIT’S NIGEL WITH A FLURRY OF KICKS TO THE CHEST! Oh! Nigel catches the kick, he sweeps leg! JUMPING KNEE TO SHIBATA’S FACE! Nigel drags Shibata up and hits the Divorce Court! Nigel wins! He’s once again Pure Champion! But was the damage worth it?
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2023.06.11 01:07 No_Initiative_4735 Renters rights advice

Been renting 12 months this month from this landlord whom rented us this unit with an existing leak from the units tub upstairs. He made promises to have fixed the following month after signing lease (July signed end of August promised 2022). The ceiling tile was turning colors he did know of this but say it’s annoying but small leak only causing discoloring nothing serious? Discoloring is mildew/mold. He gave excuses with more promises to have fixed by next month then next month and so on. I told him I’m not paying rent until fixed then came back with I’ll have my attorney and Sheriffs department there to evict. Being a somewhat newer renter I got nervous as I don’t no the ins and outs to withholding so I made an agreement payment plan for back rent and upcoming rent. This being our last month now June 2023 he says he will not be renewing lease and gave notice to quit and wants back rent payed. What are my rights ? I shouldn’t have had to pay him without him fixing I have done at home mold test which comes back positive for mold. I just want my security if anything or take the loss but not have my credit affected or have to pay this slum lord a dime
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2023.06.11 01:05 _Thosearentpillows How To Recover From A Major Slip?

So, not looking for the exact answer, just any advice.
After two months of some pretty successful sobriety streaks (8-11 days), what would have been my wedding anniversary came up, and I spent a week giving up everything I had gained.
Speaking to one of my doctor’s, I consumed the equivalent of 2-4 of beer per day for five days.
Withdrawal sucked, but meds helped. Now seeing signs I’ve never had before. Weird bruising spots on my arms and legs, eczema on my scalp and back; plus the usual sleepless nights, self-loathing, and endless fatigue.
Am trying to get a week sober to take the liver enzyme tests before seeing my doctor, but am having trouble reaching even two days.
Only a Doc will be able to give me an actual diagnosis, but I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’s faced something similar…or hear from anyone at all, really…on medical leave (while I still have it) and the rest of my family, including my ex-wife and daughter, are all taking vacations.
Attempts to converse with the family cat have been futile at best, though the belly rubs seem to have been appreciated…
Thoughts? Pithy remarks? Knock-Knock jokes?!
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2023.06.11 01:01 DarkEeloo Was originally going to test out stuff with hanging signs... But one thing led to another and I built a church..

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2023.06.11 00:57 ahcyyy I don’t want to do law enforcement anymore

Hello all, new poster here. Just a short story of what’s going on in my life.
I left my home in New York to Ohio and applied to an agency and was able to pass the fitness test and was sent to the academy at the agency’s cost while being paid. So far I’m 95% done with the academy but I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to do this anymore because it’s just not for me. The issue is I signed a contract with my agency that if I leave I have to reimburse them $6,000 plus equipment costs. Could the agency really make me pay them back? Would they sue if I didn’t pay them? Do any of you guys have experience with this issue? Please let me know. Thanks!
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2023.06.11 00:55 antiquarian-camera [S][USA-CA] 🎞️ Film Sale 🎞️ 4x5, 220/120, 35mm - expired/rare/discontinued/fresh

My film stock is up for sale, moving once again trying to raise funds for in/out expenses. Link -
I’ve got some good stuff here, I source my film for use not resale and I have stored all my film refrigerated since new or purchased.
I ship PayPal Goods and Services, USPS, and I cover sellers fees, because they are sellers fees. We can take shipping if you purchase a lot.
Most of this is expired although I have some fresh. See dates and prices below
4x5 lot of miscellaneous film, all or nothing See dates in pics, from 1980-2022. Infrared, Slide, Neg. 200 (ish) sheets of Vericolor III 20+ sheets Rollei IR 30+ Fuji RTP 64 (Tungsten) 30+ Velvia50 15+ Velvia100 And a few sheets left of the rest, Provia 100f, Ektachrome E100, Portra 400.
$350 shipped, PP G&S
220/ batch tested
Portra (old stock) $25 per roll
7x avail. 400 VC Sep 2001 5x avail. 160 VC Jul 2002 7x avail. 160 NC Apr 2005
15x avail. Konica Pro 160 Mar 2006 $17 per
2x avail. Kodak Vericolor III Sep 1990 $14 per
Take all 38 rolls $475 shipped
120/ I have batch tested all of these, ask for details on shooting specific emulsions.
Portra (Old Stock)
15x avail. 160VC Jul 2001 $10 per roll 10x avail. 160VC Nov 2005/2007 $12 per roll 10x avail. 400NC Feb 2009 $12 per roll 10x avail. 160NC Apr 2003/2005 $12 per roll
10x avail. Ektachrome 100 Dec 2006/2007 $12 per roll 5x avail. Ektachrome 200 Feb 2006 $12 per roll
5x avail. Agfa Portrait 160 Feb 2006 $15 per roll
Take all 65 rolls for $500 shipped
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2023.06.11 00:41 HitchFuckedAnnie I've come to make an announcement

The "R Mika is a bad character design" bandwagon never fails to disappoint. It's fucking Street Fighter. There is a green guy with electricity powers. He doesn't even electrocute you, he electrocutes his fucking self first and then you second. And you know what we did in the 90s? We shrugged our shoulders and nodded at each other, "Oh shucks! Capcom is so wacky!" What will they think of next? They thought of a 7 foot tall Mexican and then they took a lunch break for 3 months and decided that thinking of new characters for Street Fighter was hard work for a pre-globalized world with fair wages. Let's see, we can make a game in one year that pulls enough profit to pay for each employee that worked on this for....let me get my calculator out, that's 5 million dollars per person here at Capcom. Ahhhhhh just steal Bruce Lee and keep the money. And Fei Long was and is loved, for no reason, really. Back then, you could take risks on retarded ideas and people would still love you. Think about it - the fact that someone went to a board meeting, just got done making a sketch of Ryu, and another man spoke up and said said "Okay, and then we make an Indian guy with stretchy legs." And they did. And despite Indians having no cultural relevance to stretchy legs, or fuck, cultural relevance in fighting or games in general? We have Dhalsim. Are we better for it? Yes, he adds something to the game and because it was the 90s, it wasn't for diversity or hashtags, it was just because some idiots in Japan were not ashamed that they didn't know anything about India. They had no ideas then and they still released a Street Fighter every year because it was profitable. R Mika is a Dostoevsky character compared to T Hawk. They put Street Fighter on every system. They put it on a system with only 3 fucking buttons that couldn't produce anything that sounded human and told you to buy a controller for their game, and then told you to fuck off, No more street fighter games, and sorry about the controller you had to buy to play our game. Oh and all the characters sound like they have cystic fibrosis on the Genesis version, too. Look that up in Encarta. Games made money with no problem: For christ sake, they released a game where you needed to buy another game just to make the first game work - and it was a flagship Sonic game for $70 bucks...and it MADE money. Sonic and Knuckles was an extortion project, not a videogame. It didn't make "Uhh this game is successful, but we can't fund a sequel by ourselves" successful, it was "Let's put this faggot in a game about Pinball because Pinball rhymes with Spinball, a word we just made up." successful. The 90s were a time when you could make shit up without risk. You could fail at everything in life and still get a job in middle management making a good income. If Sonic Spinball could be made un-ironically, then so can your salary. Now kids without STEM degrees are called worthless by job-secure 59 year olds in hiring HR. "Look, I don't think you're qualified for this job, Microsoft Excel can be very daunting. 900 people are competing for this job, and I found 500 math PhDs in Bangladesh who are willing to do the work over Skype. "It says here you have a degree in History: I had a degree in history too, art history - it's just like regular history only less. Fuck you." So part of our interview is to figure out a way for me to justify why I can work here and why you can't - which is hard because, keep in mind, I have some brown people that will work over Gmail and pay for their own long-distance Skype credit, which saves me about 99% of an otherwise healthy worker's salary per year. A few questions: Do you have a math PhD? No? Do you have the motivation to work under pressure..hold on i'm not done...Do you have the motivation to work under pressure even if you're being paid in circus peanuts? It's not looking good for you. What makes you think you're in demand in a capitalist system that appraises your worth based on whether or not you can do a job better than poor people with the internet? Let me reiterate, I have a degree in art history - why should I hire someone that basically is just me + all other history? How do you think we stay competitive in the marketplace if we have people like me who have a degree in Peter Rabbit Illustration and don't seek out the absolute most unfortunate people with the best credentials? I have a guy with a math PhD from Nigeria that cleans our toilets remotely from a computer. What he doesn't know is that I piss all over the toilet seat on purpose. I literally just piss all over the toilet seat just to tell a black man to clean up my refuse, and godamnit if I will give back what Capitalism gave me just so I can go back to pissing vanilla-style. I work long-dick style from now on and I ain't going back to vanilla style. I can piss and shit anywhere I want and a black man controlling a robot will always be not that far behind me, remind me again why I'm not the richest man in the world? The economy has evolved - workers that used to use Excel 2005, now need to know Excel 2015 at this company - ...Excel 2005 was easy for liberal arts majors, but 2015? Much easier, actually.'s actually way easier for just about anyone to do work these days...and because of that, my piss gets cleaned by robots. Anyone can do this job and everyone needs it, hence piss robots. Only got one piss-robot but a long line of workers looking to pilot it. Poor people clean piss like it's their last day on earth...and if you piss as much as I do, they're spending their last day on earth a lot of times a day. It's Groundhog Piss day for these guys, and I am the groundhog. If some brown kid can convince me that I can call him racial slurs AND sign a non-disclosure agreement about said racial slurs, AND that he can get work done through GChat? Let's use the Groundhog Day analogy again..Name the only cool person older than 50. Bill Murray. I'm Bill Murray the Groundhog, baby. Devalue, debase, and reduce every last thing on this earth in the name of efficient markets and if you get to the end, you're Bill Murray. That's some economics they don't teach you in school. Welcome to the big leagues. I want a candidate that knows how economics works - not some socialist that reduces our competitive advantage in the world. We use Microsoft fucking Excel here. This isn't a fucking game. Microsoft Excel is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and I'm still doing it 20 years's practically the only thing I've done at this job for the past 20 years. The efficiency of being able to rename a servile little indian boy a SandNog on GChat in the same interface that I receive his work in and I get to pay him in beach shells? Uhh someone get me off the this gravy train because my goose is cooked and papa is ready to eat. That is why I voted Ron Paul - papa wants to eat. If the Efficient markets have worked themselves out to the point where I can call a desperate brown kid a sandnigger and get work that is more efficient and productive for it then we've won. Tell me what the difference is between a sandnigger that does good work and a white person that does good work? I'll give you a hint: If I can't call either of them sandniggers, there is no difference. Okay that wasn't a hint, that was the answer and I'm giving it to you long dick style. There are so many people from countries that I don't respect waiting to be hired... I'll eventually get to a Sophie's Choice situation - "Do I pick this guy who doesn't mind that I call him a CamelBoo (Jigaboo+Camel) or do I pick the white guy? Hold on with the Street Fighter and R Mika shit, I'm talking to you about economics - fucking always with the videogames, these kids. I pick the CamelBoo because Papa wants to eat. When I was your age, I could afford a car in 5 months on overtime pay alone, but I'm saving money on the fact that Banglor speaks a language that doesn't have a word for "Overtime". I want a payroll tax exemption for making him a non-salaried subcontractor, and he wants to understand why I keep asking for "More Clocks" in Google Translate. It's because your country is too poor to have a word that means getting more money at your discretion. It's a superfluous word for you. Of course you want overtime - that's like having four different words for "chicken wings". Of course I want to have the edible kind of chicken wings - I'm so rarely going to speak about a chicken's wings in the context of anything but fried chicken, the word is not necessary. Did you know that both Pakistan and the US don't have a word that represents the low-level humiliation of manning a robot that cleans my piss all day? Was there a word for the feeling of cool satisfaction that a man got from a nice shoe shine an affable and willing negro gave to man in Birmingham in the 1930s? No, but that shoe got polished. And so shall the toilet seat. That's a lot of math PhDs, that are literally just waiting to be called a nigger by me - a guy that still asks his employees to help him "log on the dotcoms" to check my aol email account. The real injustice is not that I continue to use AOL 3.0 like a security blanket, but that if a competing company is not filled with people like me I have to get more wizkid brown nerds to make up for it. I am a liability and yet I steer this ship away from the iceberg. I am the emperor with no clothes. I must bear the burden of the nakedness I have resolved to live in. I am exposed. And you are blaming me for spilling a little pee-pee or, god forbid, soaking the entire bathroom at work every 20 to 30 minutes? Even Jesus had to go to the bathroom when he was on the cross for 3 days. You think he just held it in because he was embarassed? Do you hold me to a higher standard than Jesus? It's a highly pissable bathroom and I'm a highly pissable man. That is my only sin. You think you have it tough because you can't get a job? I have to call 9000 kids named Rameen and sometimes I can't even make it to the end of the phone call to get to the part where I unapologetically make racial jokes that they don't understand. I called this one guy a SandySpook - you know, like the Sandy Hook shooting. I called him an entire massacre. SandySpook this, SandySpook that. I even got frustrated that he wasn't feeling shitty about himself, so I got obvious about it and started calling him "Dead Children". I literally called the guy Dead Children. He only started to notice that I was called him different things when I accidentally referred to him as "Dead Kids". If he had a problem with it, I got 8999 others who are willing to play part to their own degradation and abuse. I didn't make the rules of capitalism - if someone will clean up my piss by remotely controlling a robot for 5 cents an hour - do you get mad at the piss? No, you get mad at the toilet for being so pissable. Then you get mad at the entire bathroom for getting piss all over it. But do you blame the pisser or the piss-ee? No, he must piss. And maybe he doesn't have to piss all over the place, but who cares who has to clean up my piss if it isn't me? Were we talking about Street Fighter? Yes people were retarded and retarded people were a valuable part of the gaming economy. It was a good thing because we got interesting shit from retards. Retards with money are as useful as Investment Banks, they don't make anything to give the world, but they give their money to someone else that does and then the government has to give them welfare because they shit their pants too much. But it wasn't just retards that shit their panties... when UMVC3 was released so soon, people went apeshit. Maybe they didn't get the memo that that's how buying shit works. You are supposed to buy shit that you like and then it and things like it gets made again. You're not supposed to not buy shit that you like. Even fucking retard in the 90s knew that. There are indie games and then there are triple A games - the mid-tier games don't exist anymore, and 1 or 2 AAA games are all some studios budget out. The mid-tier is gone now. In the 90s, Capcom made SF2 for SNES and then they made SF2 for the Amiga. Is that really that crazy? Imagine being a Capcom employee in the 90s and you're coming back from your lunchbreak, which was a few days longer than you expected, in Italy, and you knew that you could make a profit by putting your game on a system that nobody has anyway - those SF2 devs had so much money that they didn't know what to do with: they literally did not know what to do with it. They made an Amiga SF2, an Atari SF2, a Commodore 64 SF2 - then they made some more SF2s, then they got millions of dollars for it. To this day, nobody knows what an Amiga is, yet they still pulled a profit on just the people that bought Amiga by accident. That's the 90s in a nutshell, you can make whatever you want because and you can make a profit from people that buy your shit by accident, and if you can't, you really had nothing to offer anyone. Buy more shares of, it's 1997. and are booming in the futures market. IT's the 90s and everything is great. This gravy train will never end." A few friends made Doom in a garage in a few months, and the economy had to start paying them in pussy because the dollars were all being used up. John Carmack was literally paid in stinky pussy for a few years. And this is why half of the 29+ year olds thought "Rai-You" says "Dookan" btw - nobody cared that Street Fighter sounded like shit, calculators were powered by lemons like 5 years before SF and you could make money investing in an internet company that sold ugly milk. There was a market for people that wanted to buy milk that was ugly. It was the 90s. You could make money just combining shit for no reason. In the 80s, Marketing scored it big by combining raisins and smokey black jazz musicians. To reiterate, they gave raisins blackface, and then told you that they go in your mouth, and ugh it was just gross - and back in the 80s, black people weren't useful or well-liked by white people until Social Networking, so really, the California Raisins were 0 for 0. Huge success. The 90s made Pogs successful. Pogs combined cardboard with itself to make garbage. And it was a phenomenon. You can't afford to make Street Fighter V in 2015, but we figured out a way to make people trade circles with value called money for circles of trash called cardboard, and then they sold us containers for that trash too: and nobody thought, hey isn't this Pogtainer a minitrash can? Did they sell me a mini trash can and call it a Pogtainer? Nobody just stopped and said, "Am I sure this isn't just a little trash can for cardboard?" for at least 4 years. People played with cardboard circles for longer than they played Street Fighter X Tekken, get your head in the game, Capcom. can't afford to make your flagship fighting game. That's a problem. Just fucking scale back the technology already and make profitable games again. Games are too fucking expensive to make. Next gen is a disaster. It's unsustainable, just let it die. Start from scratch, bring back Lycos, pogs, ace of base, jell pens, and every other 90s codeword for trash because as soon as we start giving garbage value, so too will we get back to giving value to actual things. The commodification of capitalism was supposed to be scary because of the fear that we'll pump out shitty things that would sell. It's much scarier than that. We pump out shitty things that don't sell, and there are 9000 people waiting in line to do it, anyway. 9000 Bangladeshis working over the internet. 9000 people who work a day job on Reddit and Wikipedia, 9000 experts with LifeHack blogs stealing the same idea about saving money on shaving cream ortelling you why it's bad to shampoo your hair, 9000 girls who realize that they're not pretty enough to get paid to be naked unless they get cum in their mouth, the list goes on. In the 90s, If you waited 6 months, a computer three times more powerful came out, and internet speeds doubled - now instead of new computers, we look forward to pornstars that may or may not swallow cum. The innovation and progress of capitalism is truly upon us. We don't dare to wonder about things like space exploration as we stand in front of a threshold of doubt and a frontier unknown and take a step anyway. If we can't make spaceships, or find gratification in the grandiosity of an intrinsic sense of coming closer to something bigger than yourself, then just give me the porn. Everything is free, and if it's not, keep checking bittorrent, because it's probably fucking free. We forgot how to love, and when we see girls that love cum, we start to wonder and believe that we can love again, too. I'm not a homo, but that cum makes me feel things. And even if I was, she can guzzle cum like an Irishman at a swim-meet, i'll never love cum like that, not no way, not no how, not like that...and she does it for almost free, depending on how ugly she is. That's love. That's what I felt like the first time I played SFII - it kills me to know that the best times are behind me, and the closest I was to ever getting to experiencing what the true love of a mouthful of cum is like was when I was a supple, young child of 8. Things changed quickly because development costs were lower and shit was insanely expensive - Hardware and software was much more expensive than it is now - people paid $70 to $80 in 1990 dollars. That's crazy. People just threw money everywhere. There were companies that helped people sell things on Ebay, and they made a living. You can't even make a living on ebay selling things yourself. And the stockmarket proved that pyramid schemes could make you profitable - as long as someone that wasn't you had the shares of the hyper-inflated startup that tanked, it didn't matter that you made $50,000 buying options in a company that sells candy for raccoons, that's 50,000 shares someone who isn't me is stuck with. Chuck ROck 2 being $70 in 90s dollars makes a lot more sense now that people are burning money and raccoons have lollipops in their mouth, doesn't it? Square could justify selling a Final Fantasy game on a TI-83 calculator and still pull a profit. When a developer said "Jump" to a publisher for funding, they asked "How high?" right after "Are there at least 20 fat kids that are interested in buying this game to cover the entire budget?" Some of the most unlikeable, unfocus-tested, bullshit could make money because kids had grandparents. Nobody buys shit by accident and keeps it anymore, they'll argue on Apple tech support to get a refund for their 2.99 phone game. Why would you pay 60 bucks for a game with a caveman in it - they have never been able to make Cavemen likeable. But the 90s could try Encino Man, Chuck Rock, Joe and Mac, Flintstones, Adventure Island, Tomba... movies and games etc - what changed? Cave Men sure as fuck didn't - they literally sold Cave Man games to people and made a profit, now nobody wants to play cave man games? Fuck out of here. Cave Man games didn't change. People just don't want to waste their money playing as a Cave Man and they're willing to return the game and admit that they bought a game to play as someone stupider than they are. We can try to make the cave man cool, we can get Brendon Frasier, we can give them dinosaurs to ride on - no, like we have the internet now, nobody wants to play as a fucking cave man, not even by accident anymore. We're done. Nobody has made a cave man game since the 90s. Steam has a no-return policy and nobody so people will make sure they don't buy cave man games. There are no cave men in League of Legends or Dota. There are no Caveman in fucking any game that anyone likes. Would you rather live in an era where you could make money making things nobody likes and other things people like, or begging Capcom to look under the couch for development money for their most famous game that people already like. We had a market that was able to sustain CaveMan games being sold for 140 inflation adjusted dollars sounds bad, but let me tell you, Chuck Rock sold enough to get a Chuck Rock 2...on the Amiga, Amiga CD32, Sega Game Gear, Sega Mega-CD, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Try to sell me Chuck Rock 2 in 2015, I dare you. I fucking double dog dare you. Kickstarter's incentive system better find a way to account for sloppy, almost blasphemous blowjobs, if they want to sell Chuck Rock in 2015. Pile of shit. Novelty was everywhere because innovation was highly rewarded in a society that valued things. You open up a magazine and see new games all the time: "What's this? Samurai Showdown? That's different." Nevermind that I have to go to the arcade and pay enough quarters to hear what Ryu says clearly, look at all these games we're getting. Now that people can understand what Ryu says at home, arcades are fucking dead. Oh, yeah, what a coincidence. As soon as Ryu doesn't talk through a speak-and-spell arcades die. Yeah no connection. I'm 12, I can make money at school selling Mortal Kombat fatalities because information has value when nobody has access to it. Is that a good thing? Fuck no, it's not a good thing. But I made it a good thing. I convinced a kid that Kitana has a "Fuck-Ality" and charged him $5. I wrote random button presses on a napkin and made money for it. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. No James, I wrote the code down right, you're just doing it wrong - keep trying if you want to see titties. "Keep trying for titties" - the maxim that made people who they were before the internet. We had to try for those titties, and we always did. Kids risked juvenile records to steal dirty magazines of porn that wouldn't stimulate a 13 year old's dick in 2015. There was porn in the everyone's woods, and for some reason, it was always of fat girls with like, i don't know, gunshot wounds and stretch marks..real nasty was just fucking gross, but in the 90s you found beauty in anything, especially because seeing areolas was a rarity for a kid. Why is it always the same woman, though? It was the same fat bitch with the bruises and shit all over her thighs. She was the Heidi Klume of porn-woods. Kids these days can spell titties wrong in Google and Google will correct them. No trying at all. "You Searched for: Parks in Connecticut? Did you mean: Steaming Hot Latina Pussy and if so, I found a few videos that you might be interested in.. i mean, it's whatever, no big deal, it's just instant 40 minutes of 1080p pussy and you're 13, so you probably aren't making a decision consciously anyway, but just thought I'd ask...dude this is crazy, girls are practically dying to give their picture away on these sites man, we've got all these results for you for free! Yo, you're so lucky I'm hooking you up, like 15 years ago all I had were the same 12 Jenna Jameson pics for some kid. Got him super hard, though. I'm Google. I feel kinda bad that you're 13 years old and you can't get fully hard unless I bring you weird shit like girls with cocks fucking clowns in the ass. You can't get hard from regular porn, and If someone calls you a faggot for liking videos of girls with cocks, which seems reasonable considering I remember when all I had to do was find kids pics of Sable from WWF, then Twitter will make sure your parents will lose their job for transphobia. The only time a kid is reduced to jacking off to a woman that looked like she went down all the broken rides at the waterpark at Great Adventure is because he can't get off to normal women anymore because he's been exposed to so much porn. Weird shit is everywhere now. Cuckolding is its own category on porn sites - that shit never existed in the past. Now obese women with thighs covered in black and blues are starting to become a category, instead of something you shame-cummed to after finding in the woods. This is not what I had in mind when I thought Capitalism would ensure that the cream was supposed to rise to the top. The most undesirable and obese filth-hogs are more desireable than supermodels, because nobody can jack off to girls in swimsuits, not even 11 year olds. Supermodels don't make money. If you're a woman and you're getting paid for having your picture taken, it's probably because cum is being dumped on your face. The Age of Pussy Deflation - the internet age - where 50 minute porn videos are just a click away. Pussy just pussy now homie. Imagine telling Cindy Crawford, "Hey, you're really hot and everything, but if you don't get some semen in that mouth before you turn 39, I'm not quite sure you'll capture the MILF market, which is a great market, don't get me wrong, but it's heavily targeted towards black men, which is fine, but it overlaps with the market of guys who don't like black guys in porn, and you have to take a side, Cindy. Which side are you on, Cindy? This is a big decision for you Cindy - are you yay or nay on the black cock? And keep in mind, both parties want to see your mouth full of sperm. Yeah, I know it's kinda different than what you're used to, but Porn Stars are the new supermodels. We've all got cum in our mouths now, Cindy, it's up to you to decide how much you wanna get paid for it. She would probably get a job at Trader Joes. A woman like that lived in an era where her titties made her a millionaire, and they were covered up and now you expect her to put a cock in her ass for a 40 minute video you won't ever pay her for? But you will pay for Anita Sarkeesian's Patreon because you masturbate to dirty filth-women, but princess peach is a national treasure. Ono couldn't get enough money to develop Capcom's FLAGSHIP fighting game even after it was hugely successful because games take years and millions of dollars in 2015. And there is still some kid in a ketchup-stained novelty gaming shirt complaining about the textures. "Oh, this looks like ass. Oh his hair looks like bananas. Oh this design is dumb." Nigga, I found out about T-Hawk by opening up a magazine and reading an article written by a community college dropout that could still find work in the field because the publication market was healthy. You could NOT get hyped about T Hawk. For one, he was mexican - which was very unimpressive in the 90s. Hot sauce or premium burrito places or whatever hipster bullshit that made Mexicans so cool today didn't have fucking retards cheerleading it. Burritos were good, but not This Needs a Subreddit good. For 2, he's fucking stupid, okay? "Oh, this Mexican Mestizo fights to defend his homeland." Oh great, now the Mexicans are invading our videogames and I have to fight for his right to be here, too? Fuck it, it's the 90s. This might have value. I paid money for an Aerosmith CD, and I didn't realize what a ripoff it was until I was able to download music for free. Turns out music is free all the time. If someone puts a sticker on a CD, be careful because music is actually free. It's worth nothing. You can just get it. In the 90s, we didn't know that. We didn't know music was worth nothing and Columbia House sent us Alannis Moresette cds in the mail and charged us for it, we said, "Oh these cds are an investment. I can sell these back for 5x the amount. It's the 90s, even Alannis Moresette is worth something. Now level with me here, if Rush or Pink Floyd or whatever has a sticker on it that says $20, what are the chances that another musician, totally unrelated to them are worth exactly the same? The 90s made sure that whatever was worth less, was more valuable because of everything else. It was the Friendly Capitalism of the 90s - If you made a Genesis game, and you played as a rodent of some sort, then godamnit, Sonic ain't the only $60 ticket in town. Make the filthy fucking rodent say "gnarly" a few times and do me a favor, stop being a worrying faggot and get him a pair of sunglasses. Of course you're gonna make a profit it's the 90s. Nobody knows what they're doing and we're making a killing.. I'll give T Hawk a chance. I gave Dhalsim a chance, and I know I'm genuinely not racist because there's no way I can tweet about it to everyone, so that must mean it's true. You can't confirm racism anymore - not being racist can sometimes be hard, but writing hashtags are always easy - and the benefits from getting high fives from cool black people come faster in the latter case. You can have your cake and eat it too, in 2015 - and then you can take a picture of your cake and lament about how "Trayvon would've turned 19 today...this cake is for him." But as soon as you log off, Trayvon's cake is as dead as he is. And lucky for you, you can eat dead cakes because you're a selfish fat fuck sycophant that gets self-congratulatory black people to retweet your cake-morality. "The cake is a lie" you laugh to yourself, because memes are a thing now too. What a faggot you are, you wish you could tell yourself. Also we were used to getting games all the time, so it didn't really matter. A game could be developed in a year, risk being innovative with characters and systems, and still pull a profit because they didn't have a $5 million dollar Chun-Li's Eyelash Physics Studio. You think Darkstalkers is even a thing anymore? Capcom will sooner develop a game where Cops kill black people to get that Twitter cash and keep the Darkstalkers name in one go. That's called a two-fer. Darkstalkers is now a survival horror game. Resident Evil 4 let you kill Africans, now DarkStalkers is a game about cops stalking black people. The cops are female so it's okay. Kotaku writes, " Goodbye Darkstalkers the fighting game, hello DarkStalkers: The SocioPolitical Commentary" - people flip their shit on Twitter "Capcom is politically and socially conscious? Finally!" Finally Capcom is taking a political stance. I was worried about them. Capcom. The company that can't afford to make the most popular fighting game on earth, after the most successful iteration of their game in decades, finally DarkStalkers is saying something...oh and it has an unreleased Macklemore track? Where do I sign up for this? I thought I wanted a horror-themed fighting game that aestheticized everything awesome about design in a solid fighting game, but nah, this got the Feminist Frequency "This is Fine For Now" award. Fuck off. This is not fine. Fuck off with this shit. You're killing games. Nothing is fine for now, it's all fucked up when I could get 3 Darkstalkers games in 4 years and now I have to embarrass myself by being middle-aged faggot when FFXVI comes out. By the time the next Final Fantasy game comes out, who knows? I might be dead, so I have to settle for playing this shit. I don't want to play as a bunch of queers. I shouldn't have to plan how I want to be ashamed 9 years in advance, but this is what the gaming industry has done. If you go to the Capcom offices and ask, "When are we getting another Darkstalkers?" 2 things happen: The first thing is that Capcom starts laughing in your fat fucking face. "It costs more to make Ryu's hair look like not-bananas than it did to make Darkstalkers 3, and that was all of our not-bananas budget that has to last until the Ken DLC. We can make 5 Darkstalkers games a year, or we can not make Ryu have hair that looks like bananas, and trust us, they really look like bananas no matter what we do. It costs millions of dollars to get the bananas out of his hair - Playstation 4 is so advanced, but unfortunately bananas happen until millions of dollars and a few months gets them off. Right now the bananas are on Ken, but we expect to make those bananas go away too when Sony fixes the overdraw issue on our credit line. Event Hubs and NeoGaf are posting gifs of Ken's Hair and Shoryuken has started blogging about it - they are at max cpm, we can't fight it, we just have to pay to un-banana everything. Thanks to technology, it'll only put us back about...yeah, 7 theoretical DarkStalkers games. We can bear that cost, I think - I think we can recoup 40 Dino Crisis games if we hit our sales targets. Capcom financial information is quantified by the dead games it has because it's easier to understand for people in a world where NOTHING IS FUCKING VALUABLE. YOU CAN'T FUND YOUR OWN STREET FIGHTER GAME, THAT IS A RED FLAG. WHEN YOUR GAME COSTS 93.4 BREATH OF FIRES TO ANIMATE SOME NO-NAME SWEATER WEARING FAGGOT IN THE BACKGROUND STAGE, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. You don't even have enough money to give him any context - he cheers when both players die and when both players win, and he sure as fuck isn't cheering about street fighting in general, because he continues to cheer after the match ends. Just fucking don't have him at all, save your money at that point. Just fucking put the money elsewhere, no not in the fucking un-Banana hair jar - that's a waste of money too! Oh my god, you people have no fucking clue. What happened to you Capcom. What happened to you that you give anyone who says the word "Fundmantals" on EventHubs a job. You're Combofiending again. Combofiending the death of your company, and you pathetic bastards can't even see it. He spells every other word wrong on the Capcom blogs, but we Combofiending. Peter spelled Dragon Punch wrong again...Ahhh...we can't fire him now, we Combofiending. Peter, you need to proofread your work. But we Combofiending. The second thing that happens when you ask about Darkstalkers? EventHubs posts about how Capcom doesn't give a shit about their old IPs. Ono makes a statement on Twitter, "no, no no, we love our fans, but we can't afford to make a PS4 Darkstalkers game!" EventHubs posters come together, "How depressing. Capcom is just sitting on all their mega-fortune IPs! They don't know how to run a videogame company!" and make an online petition . "Ono-San, If this petition gets 92 signatures, will you release Darkstalkers 4?" Ono responds, "Listen all DarkStalk Fan! Sony no money for Capcom. Money hard to find for DarkStalkers series just like nut hard to find for squirrel in winter. Breath of Fire phone game now! So sad!" EventHubs and Shoryuken get an influx of inquiries about DarkStalkers and the Fighting Game community and blogosphere lights up. Everyone talks about how good DarkStalkers is, many of whom played it for 4 minutes at a roller rink are using words like "fundamentals" and "footsies" to make sure they sound legit. Capcom eventually realizes that they can make a $40 total profit if the online commotion of DarkStalkers is any indication of market interest. Ono petitions Jewish financiers to get funding after Sony's refusal. Darkstalkers 4 is a reality but Capcom will be indebted to Schlekestein Brothers investment bank for the rest of the company's life span. OH, and Part of the deal is that Ono has to join the IDF, too. Ono writes "I did it for you hardcore Darkstalkers fans!" when he shows off pics of himself in his IDF uniform in Israel." "This me serving our investors!" and holds up his little blanka figure in the foreground of a picture of a dead Palestinian child - you can't put blanka in front of everything and have it be funny. Nobody gives a FUCK that this is going on Ono's twitter, all they care about is that in the reveal trailer that was just released..and that Felicia's fur doesn't have real-time physics.."It's a war crime!". Everyone that pretended to like DarkStalkers is now on NeoGaf writing in a thread about how important 60 FPS fur physics are to the competitive scene. All posts start and end with, "Remember SF X Tekken". Kotaku releases a video showing that female representation per male representation in the trailer is problematic. Many refuse to buy a game that doesn't support 4k resolution. "Inadequate texture filter for a 2016 game" starts trending on Twitter. Surprisingly, the Jewish narrative in the trailer is universally praised. IGN lauds the trailer: "Capcom has taken Sasquatch and has evolved him in a bold and innovative new direction: He is now able to talk, which he does before every match by explaining why the Iran nuclear deal is bad for the western world." The Jewish direction is extolled by the FGC, as well: Maximillian makes a "I react to Demitri's yarmulka DLC announcement" video, which is publicized on all the major primetime news shows and Max is given a timeslot after Bill Maher. His show is similar to his Twitch channel: It's called "Assist Me" and he just asks for donations, which he gets. "Capcom is daring to be political in the current climate!" they say. Ryu takes up rabbinical study, eats kosher, and uses a bulldozer every 6 months to destroy Palestinian banks. Ono realizes that this is the key to the game's success, so he announces that "Holocaust-Remembrance costume pack in the works!" and he makes the Guinness book of world records for Most Retweeted Advertisement on Twitter. Everything is looking great for Darkstalkers 4 again. Then it happens: Chaos. Ono opens Arturo Sanchez Rosetta Stone.exe to translate what every 14 year old white kid in the suburbs is screaming over on Twitter. "4-frame buffer window? What a blowup. Frauds will body gdlk players. Dead game, says a kid with very thin wrists. "Trailer shows hard knockdowns on DP. Game is so dead." Ono tries to reply with his broken english into the his Rosetta Stone software but the program can't parse it. Ono's plea for the fgc to "No worry! We work on game and make better!" translates into "I have serious apprehensions about Zionism and Israel's use of unilateral force in Gaza and other occupied territories." People are disgusted by Ono's antisemitism and refuse to wait. Ono pleads, "Just give Capcom some time!" "Remember SF X Tekken?" says a cool kid on Twitter with an anime avatar. He gets a few retweets but no girls. "Because you certainly don't remember the 8 million." Okay now that gets him some girl retweets. Now that pussy is on the line, he's fighting for Israel. Ono realizes the perennial insight - the ultimate epiphany - if he, as an IDF soldier and puppet of the Israeli nation can be anti-semitic, is everything meaningless? Just as information has lost value in the internet age, so does the meaning of language itself atrophy too? Does everything die "just like Street Fighter X Tekken" and does nothing ever truly live, "just like Street Fighter X Tekken"? The irony is that the Holocaust wiped out the Jews from the streets without so much as a fight, but the Jews killed street fighter with the Holocaust. See how smart shit sounds when you reverse the sentences. Have you ever thought that perhaps smart shit is reversing the sentences? That is the second thing that happens.
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2023.06.11 00:38 Jaye-Fern Anyone see ads for the CONNEX-3 phase 3 clinical trials of a drug that may improve cognition?

I keep seeing facebook ads to sign up for this CONNEX-Schizophrenia drug trial, after looking into it quickly I found that it’s a drug that has been fast tracked in testing by the FDA because of its potential benefits to cognition for people with schizophrenia.
The chemical is Iclepertin and there is a small Wikipedia page related to it. The drug is code named CONNEX-3
Anyone have any more information about it?
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2023.06.11 00:37 ProposalEcstatic3944 Niles Needs a Home Butner North Carolina

Niles Needs a Home Butner North Carolina
He's lived his whole life in rescue....
When will someone notice him? 😔
Niles was born under another rescue over 2 years ago.
He's dog friendly, house trained, crate trained, friendly with all people, and he walks great on leash.
Niles is a doofus with a smile that spends his days in the Charley's House pools making a splash!
He's fluffy, he's soft... he listens well...
We can't understand how this fella was born in a rescue and still remains over 2 years later. Niles has never lived a life that wasn't crate and rotate with other dogs.... he's never known even a regular foster home.... a couch, a bed...
Over 2 years in rescue and still waiting. Usually puppies whelped in rescue are adopted around 8-9 weeks... but that is long gone.
And now Niles is an adult dog. 🥺
Surely someone is looking for a goofball to keep their days entertained. He'd love some doggo friends, a pool, and some kiddos.
Don't you think it's time Niles had a home?
Rescue contact info in second photo if you have questions.
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2023.06.11 00:35 ProposalEcstatic3944 Butner North Carolina Niles Is Looking for Forever

Butner North Carolina Niles Is Looking for Forever
Charley’s K9 Rescue Butner North Carolina
He's lived his whole life in rescue....
When will someone notice him? 😔
Niles was born under another rescue over 2 years ago.
He's dog friendly, house trained, crate trained, friendly with all people, and he walks great on leash.
Niles is a doofus with a smile that spends his days in the Charley's House pools making a splash!
He's fluffy, he's soft... he listens well...
We can't understand how this fella was born in a rescue and still remains over 2 years later. Niles has never lived a life that wasn't crate and rotate with other dogs.... he's never known even a regular foster home.... a couch, a bed...
Over 2 years in rescue and still waiting. Usually puppies whelped in rescue are adopted around 8-9 weeks... but that is long gone.
And now Niles is an adult dog. 🥺
Surely someone is looking for a goofball to keep their days entertained. He'd love some doggo friends, a pool, and some kiddos.
Don't you think it's time Niles had a home?
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2023.06.11 00:30 AutoModerator [Race Thread] Jack Ingram Memorial @ Hickory Motor Speedway

(Note: This is not a CARS Tour sanctioned race, however, threads will be posted for many of the crown jewel late model stock races in the Mid-Atlantic region, just like this one)
Today's Schedule (EDT)
7:00- Limited Late Model Feature (35 Laps)
7:30 (approx.)- Super Truck Feature (35 Laps)
8:00 (approx.)- Late Model Stock Feature (111 Laps)
9:15 (approx.)- Street Stock Feature (30 Laps)
9:45 (approx.)- Renegade Feature (20 Laps)
Official Live Stream
Live Timing
Entry List (updated in real time as competitors sign in)
Track Information: Hickory Motor Speedway is a 0.36 mile oval located in Conover, NC, USA.
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2023.06.11 00:28 Virtual_Wrap2494 Help w/ inspection

Help w/ inspection
I'm living in DE now and apparently they do hardcore testing on OBD1 cars.
I failed. Cat, hose/canistefuel cap all passed.
The DMV has their own recommended shops and if you spend $1K-$1200 trying to fix the issue and still fail, they'll let you register your car.
Where do I start first? Not looking to drop 1/3 of the price of the car just to get through inspection.
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2023.06.11 00:27 AutoModerator How Can I Watch ‘Taylor vs Lopez’ Live (FREE) Streaming on Reddit

Boxing Live! Here’s options for watching Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez live streaming for free on Reddit, Crackstreams, including where to watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Boxing prospect Josh Taylor will face Teofimo Lopez on Saturday night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Lopez, a former champion at lightweight, moved up to super lightweight last year. After stopping Pedro Campa and getting a split decision nod over Sandor Martin, he meets undefeated Taylor this weekend.

🥊Watch Live: Taylor vs. Lopez Live Stream Free

🥊Watch Live: Taylor vs. Lopez Boxing Streams HD!
Taylor has held his WBO belt since 2021 when he stopped Jose Carlos Ramirez twice en route to a unanimous decision victory. After prevailing in a dicey win over Jack Catterall early last year, he returns with the hope of keeping his record flawless this weekend. Our full preview of the fight can be read here.
Tonight, we’ll have live coverage of the event as it progresses. Check back for updates on the undercard, highlights from the evening, plus a play-by-play once the main event kicks off.
Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez is live this Saturday night. Teofimo Lopez’s campaign up at 140 pounds will get its biggest test thus far when he takes on WBO Super Lightweight Champion Josh Taylor. Their bout is scheduled to headline an evening of fights from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, USA.
Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez finally square off tonight, with Taylor’s WBO junior welterweight title on the line at Hulu Theater in New York.Prelims go live on ESPN+ at 6:15pm ET, and the main card will go live on ESPN and ESPN+ at 10:00 pm ET, also featuring Xander Zayas’ return against Ronald Cruz.We’ll be here with live updates, highlights, and results, then round-by-round for the main event, which is expected to have ring walks around 11 pm ET. All updates in this stream:
Here’s everything you need to know about Taylor vs. Lopez tonight.
When is Taylor vs. Lopez tonight? Date, start time

What channel/stream is Taylor vs. Lopez on tonight?

U.S.: ESPN+ UK: Sky Sports
The fight will be broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK, and for viewers in the US they can watch it on ESPN+ ( click here to sign up now). Where is the Taylor vs. Lopez tonight?
The fight will be staged at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York.

How to watch Taylor vs. Lopez Live Stream from anywhere on Earth

Just because Fox isn’t available everywhere doesn’t mean you need to miss Taylor vs. Lopez live Fight if you’re away from home. Watching along with the rest of the internet can be pretty easy. With the right VPN (virtual private network), you can stream the show from wherever you go.
Not sure which VPN is right for you? We’ve tested many different services and our pick for the best VPN overall is ExpressVPN. It offers superb speeds and excellent customer service.

How to watch Taylor vs. Lopez live streams in the US

In the U.S., fans can watch Taylor vs. Lopez TV coverage Saturday, June 10 on Fox.
Fox can be accessed for free with one of the best TV antennas or through a cable TV package.
If you’ve already cut the cord and don’t have cable, you can watch Fox on a live TV service. We recommend Sling TV Blue (or Orange + Blue) or Fubo.
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2023.06.11 00:22 lvl10geekr Cat ate pieces of plastic grocery bag, has been passing for over a week

So one of my cats, not sure which one yet, has eaten a lot of small pieces of a plastic grocery bag, I’ve been seeing it in his stool for over a week and theyre both eating/drinking properly and seem lively and well. Should I worry that its still passing over this amount of time?
Hi, it looks like you did not include the information we require in the side bar. Having this information is very important for us to be able to give accurate advice. Please copy the points below and edit your post to include the answers:
• ⁠Species: Feline • ⁠Age: 5 • ⁠Sex/Neuter status: M/Neutered • ⁠Breed: Amercian Shorthair • ⁠Body weight: 13 lbs • ⁠History: Ate plastic bag • ⁠Clinical signs: Plastic bag in stool • ⁠Duration: 1 week • ⁠Your general location: US • ⁠Links to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have: None
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2023.06.11 00:18 Lilbeanne So many PE questions

I was diagnosed with bilateral PE about 6 weeks ago and am currently on 5mg Eliquis twice a day. No sign of DVT, though I recall leg pain a few weeks before going to the ER with PE symptoms. 48 year old F. I had no risk factors at all. It’s been very upsetting and a shock to say the least, especially with no explanation why this happened. My initial bloodwork I had about a week after starting the medication was normal except for indeterminate lupus anticoagulant and low positive anticardiolipin. The doctor seems fairly confident these are false positives. I will finish the first 6 months of Eliquis, then switch to baby aspirin for 3 months and retest.
Sending well wishes to everyone dealing with this!
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2023.06.11 00:11 zairanator LR-LG-LR-RC

Here’s what I think I got wrong (at worst):
LR: -2 (I have no clue which one was experimental lol) RC: -1 LG: -8
That logic games section was truly one of the hardest things that I have taken. Most of them were sequencing style which I thought would be easy, but the rules made it so hard to make multiple game boards.
Signing on was also difficult but the proctors guided me easily. They constantly were nagging me to adjust my camera and at the end of the test there was no on there to see me rip my scratch paper up. I end up just doing it in front of the camera recording and then two minutes later the proctor came 🤦‍♂️
Anywho I called LSAC and they said I should be fine and that they don’t see anything on my test that would indicate a flag. I really don’t want to take this test again.
Aside from that I thought the rest of the questions were not too bad besides LG.
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2023.06.11 00:10 Existing_Role_772 [NY] Does the DMV not update driving test results?

I took my road test Friday. The instructor said your results will be on the website by 6pm.
It’s the following day and there are no results. Will I have to wait until Monday to get my results?
Does it really take 80 hours just to know if I passed or not?
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