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Ashen is a 3rd person, action RPG about forging relationships. Players can choose to guide those they trust to their camp, encouraging them to rest at the fire and perhaps remain. Together, you might just stand a chance.

2023.03.31 16:59 PsychologicalJoke242 [US][H][Illidan] T/W 8-11PM CST 7/8M LF Mage/ DH to Prog Raz!!

"...the night is dark and full of terrors, and in the night - I saw them.
Healers sniping CD's with reckless abandon, Druids being life-gripped during tranquility, PI's bought and sold - I saw them. DPS claiming they were purple, when they were grey in performance and attitude. Raiders standing in fire - I saw them. Grey parsing raiders adamant that gear was their only issue, and not play - I saw them. Tanks facing the wrong direction, defensives and pots not being used yet screaming for heals, lack of situational awareness and accountability, endless and irrelevant chatter in comms, lies...lies...and lies.. - I saw them!
I saw them, and my soul cried, and my eyes bled... "STOP, this CANNOT BE!" I cried to the heavens. And then, I had a dream.
I dreamt of a place where raiders competed for one another, not against. Where killing bosses together was the reward, and not loot. Where officers were worth their ranks, and GM's were the first amongst servants. Where individual performance was supported and rewarded, not maligned. Where raiders were selfless not selfish. Where it wasn't the top vs the bottom, but all united in a common goal-together.
I had a dream, a dream of Spring."
How to apply:
Please kindly use the direct link:
Officers will get back to you in (1-3 days) regarding your application. If the application is approved, a voice interview (about 30 minutes) will be conducted to address the guild, any questions you may have.
Trials last through several weeks of progression raiding, 100% attendance (unless already excused) is expected during the trial period. A trial will get into some raids immediately. Once trials are approved to members, they should expect about 80% playtime.
or simply apply through our discord!
About Spring
Spring US-illidan is formed from a collection of raid veterans with 15 years of experience at the Top 30 US, Top 200 US, and CE level who dreamed for more. The guild leadership is united in a shared vision of creating a safe and welcoming environment, while maintaining a progress effort that reflects our experience on a lighter mythic schedule.
The guild culture is one of collaboration not competition: We cooperate, we discuss, we grow, we count on ourselves and each other inside and outside of raid. The guild maintains a focus on doing what is always best for the guild, and for our raiders.
Raiding Schedule:
6 hours weekly which includes farm kills during progression. We are respectful and discerning about everyone’s time, and do not extend raid for any reason.

We raid 2-3 days a week at the following times :
Main Raid (25 Man Roster):
(6 hours weekly during prog this tier-VoI) (9 hours next tier - first month only)
Tuesday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm server time (CST)
Wednesday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm server time (CST)
Other guild events:
Alt Raid/Heroic (Optional)
Thursday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm server time (CST)
Guild RBG/M+ cleanup (Optional)
Mondays 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm server time (CST)
Raider Requirements
Spring strives to create and maintain a positive and stable raid environment with low turnover. There are no recruits for the bench, we are recruiting players not classes. All raider members have value. Raiders should expect to received around 80% playtime.
We all make mistakes and have sub-par play. Have the courage to admit your faults, communicate them properly, and strive to improve. Raiders are expected to maintain all relevant forms of player power: rep/great vault/expansion systems.
Strive to do what you say you will and treat others as you would like to be treated. Your word is bond.
Each member of our roster shows a willingness to get along, to sacrifice for the good of the guild. No one player is guaranteed 100% playtime. A roster of about 24-26 must be maintained to allow for absences and comp needs. All raiders must be supportive of each other. The guild must always be united in a common goal.
Our reason for playing retail is for the community. We get the most enjoyment from killing new bosses together in a team and people first atmosphere; however, we are not solely progression oriented. We are content with being the best 6 to 9 hour raid guild we can be, while demanding the best out of ourselves. If your goal is simply to progress or push ranks, this is not the guild for you. If you are looking for a long-term home, then you are welcomed and encourage to apply.

Pudgy (Discord: Pudgy#3472)
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2023.03.31 16:58 laurenh18 slept through fire alarm?? NEED HELP

Hi there! I’m not sure if this is the place to tell this story but I am so baffled and need someone else’s input.
So I wake up this morning to multiple texts and missed calls from my roommates asking if i’m okay. I’m like yes why? So last night our apartment buildings fire alarm went off at 3:30am and woke everyone up (except for me?). This alarm is so goddamn loud you have no choice to go outside and wait. For context I live in a college affiliated dorm building so people set the alarm off quite often. I had my bedroom door locked because I got out of the shower and changed and forgot to unlock it before I fell asleep. I also stupidly had my phone on airplane mode which is why I couldn’t hear my roommates calls. I also had one foam earplug in my right ear because my neighbors are loud. But this earplugs is a shitty cheap foam earplug from like Giant and you can hear close noise through it. DEFINITELY not enough to sleep through a loud ass fire alarm though. And the cherry on top is that while the alarm was going off, my roommate banged her fists on the door to wake me up. Nothing. They were all worried sick that I never came out. Everyone thought I died in my sleep or was kidnapped or something.
Does anyone have any explanation for this??? I am so confused and this is triggering my health anxiety because now I am convincing myself I have some kind of brain disorder or that I died in my sleep and came back to life or something. If anyone knows how the fuck this happened please give me your input because I am a light sleeper and have never been known to sleep through alarms for class.
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2023.03.31 16:58 TheOfficialIntel I own a missile for homeland defense

I own a missile for homeland defense because that's what Woodrow Wilson intended. Four bandits break into my airspace. Scramble scramble as I grab my helmet and AIM-9x Sidewinder, blow a softball-sized hole in the first bandit. He's dead on the spot, draw my AMRAM on the second man as I miss him entirely because he notched it and it pitbulls on a civilian airliner. I have to resort to the patriot missile system mounted at the airbase below. Tally-ho lads! The surface-to-air missile shreds two men in the blast. The sound and falling metal set off car alarms. I then resort to dogfighting the last bandit, select my M61 Vulcan 20 mil, pull him into HUD and fire. He bleeds out in the cockpit, waiting for ejection because 20 mil high-explosive is impossible to stitch up just as I get a bingo fuel warning.
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2023.03.31 16:57 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Leak Has Fans In A Frenzy For Rockstar’s Next Monster Game Title

So far, Rockstar Games has been rather tight-lipped about its upcoming addition to the Grand Theft Auto series with GTA 6. However, that could be changing soon, based on recent speculation and potential leaks from YouTuber SanInPlay, who previously correctly predicted information about GTA 6’s female protagonist.
In September, GTA 6 gameplay footage leaked online, sending the internet into a frenzy over what was not previously known. That footage quickly spread, being torn down by Rockstar and then popping back up on another site just as quickly. At that time, we expected that Rockstar might leverage the new found excitement about GTA 6, and announce the game properly or even drop a trailer. However, this was not to be, as Rockstar remained silently plugging away.
SanInPlay twitter trailer content leak
As we go into 2023, we expect some GTA 6 news to come out, and we might get it sooner rather than later. YouTuber SanInPlay originally reported that one of the playable protagonists of GTA 6 would be a Latina named Lucia, over a month before we had any information from the leaks. More recently, SanInPlay has claimed that there might be a trailer with a few specific beats, including planes passing overhead, dogs playing, and Lucia in prison exercising, among other details.
SanInPlay twitter Lucia content leak
Of course, this could all be proven wrong by Rockstar in the coming weeks, though prior leaks would suggest otherwise. However, Rockstar could also recut and tweak their trailer if they have one waiting in the wings, should they want to discredit SanInPlay, so future leaks get less coverage. Either way, we will have to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks, because if there is speculation such as this, something of real substance might be coming soon. Where there's smoke there's fire most times, as they say.
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2023.03.31 16:57 late4thegameNOW Powerwolf Worst Of P13

1 Sanctified with Dynamite but they lob dynamite. 2 Werewolves of Armenia but they release the hounds 3 Dancing with the Dead but they dance with a corpse 4 Undress to Confess but they undress the audience. 5 Sermon of Swords but the naked audience duel. Ressurection by Erection because everyone is dead. 6 We Drink Your Blood but they drink everyone's blood 7 Fire and Forgive but they re-aim the pyrotechnics. 8 Sainted by the Storm but they conjure a storm. 9 Beast of Gevudan but they release the beast. 10 Where the Wild Wolves have Gone but they get replaced, the replacements play Return in Bloodred with a kazoo, beatboxing and a Goofy voice. 11 Faster than the Flame but its an hour of intro. 12 Stoggsebet but the audience have an orgy. It's the encore now, let's make it more painful and more lethal than ever!
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2023.03.31 16:56 Ready-Code-6133 SOUND?

does anyone hae issues with new sound scheme...muted sounds,really dimm sounding enemy engines ,hollow sounding explosions and machine gun fire etc?
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2023.03.31 16:56 Aldubrius Not sure if suggested before, but what if we had non-expansion specific dedicated leveling campaigns?

TL;DR: Instead of revamping all old-world content in one go, Blizzard could pick and choose a bundle of areas at a time to revamp while adding new questing content that's not tied to any expansion.
So, Chromie time is very nice for giving variety when levelling alts, but the way that expansion-specific content is set up can be a bit jarring (levelling in Northrend, building up to bringing down the Lich King, then you're 60 and you just leave, etc.). New players (as far as I understand) get to go through BfA for their first 1-60, and I feel BfA has some of the same issues as what I mentioned above, but it's also imo not a great intro to WoW.
Now, this is coming from someone who has no idea how much time and effort zone revamps and writing questchains actually takes, so I'm not sure how feasible this would be, but since people keep suggesting old-world reworks, why not take a few, say, 3-5 old world zones, give them a facelift, and create a sort of "campaign" that's not tied to any specific expansion, for people to level through? These could be set some time post-Shadowlands.
It would be an opportunity to update old areas, see the changes in the zones (if any) since Cataclysm, questlines could be used to introduce big WoW characters, and it could alleviate some of the issues that especially a new player could have getting thrown from BfA to Dragonflight and beyond with no resolution to what happened in BfA. And as long as they don't tie in to any expansion directly, we could have a sort of timeless introduction to WoW that wouldn't need an update every few years to stay relevant to the greater whole. It would also give even more variety for existing players leveling alts.
Some examples for what kind of "campaigns" I'm thinking of;
Cleaning up Lordaeron
Areas included: Tirisfal Glades, Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Ghostlands (maybe?)
Quest focus: remnants of the Scarlet Crusade (one last push?), healing the land (Argent Crusade in wpl&epl), the Forsaken
Possible antagonists: Scourge remnants, necromancers, Scarlet Crusade
Night Elf Restoration
Areas included: Darkshore, Ashenvale, Felwood, Mount Hyjal, Moonglade
Quest focus: rebuilding after the war, coming to terms with losing home, protecting what's left
Possible antagonists: Satyr, Felwood demons, Venture Co (could have moved in during BfA), maybe a splinter faction of the Horde that don't approve of the peace arrangement
Burning Steppes, Badlands and Searing Gorge could center around the elements, maybe include a trip to the Plane of Fire; Dragonblight, Crystalsong and Icecrown could expand on the dragons as well as what happened to the Scourge; take a few Outland zones and make something out of it.
Apologies for the long winded post. I genuinely think something like this could be beneficial to both people who like levelling alts as well as (and especially) new players. I personally wouldn't even mind paying like 20-30$ for something like this. Apologies if this has been brought up before!
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2023.03.31 16:56 techstar2000 [Bestbuy] bObsweep - Bob PetHair Robot Vacuum and Mop - Champagne with $470 off, for $200

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2023.03.31 16:56 shumweezy Proposal ideas

Hey everyone! I am going to purpose and I’m having a hard time finding a good spot near SLC. I’m wanting somewhere outdoors that we can drive to in our 4Runner that’s wooded maybe has a fire pit/table or a view. I’ve checked some campground and picnic areas but would love more suggestions! I’m wanting to do it soon and know the record snow makes this much more difficult. Thanks!
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2023.03.31 16:56 Correct_Ambition4678 Aoi honō

This ability allows you to control blue flames to a certain extent. This is a technique based on Marco from one piece.
Fire fist: this ability engulfs your hands in blue flames which can either be used to heat up your punches or to shoot out a stream of fire.
Fire bullets: this ability puts flames on your middle and index fingers which can be shot off like bullet.
Flame jump: before the user jumps, they put a bunch of the blue flames on their feet. When they jump, the blue flames propel them up for a little bit.
Flame cannon: the technique fire a giant fireball like thing form your foot or feet. This ability is different from the others because it is partially solid and doesn’t actually burn the enemy but just hits them.
Shikigami: the user can also create a shikigami made of flames. This shikigami is a phoenix and is manly used transportation and fire fireballs from above. The phoenix can come one with the user to travel but they can’t use any other abilities when doing this.
Maximum: the user spins around spawning a bunch of flames then shoots them out to form a flame tornado which can be controlled for a short period of time.
Cursed domain: the user is spawned on a mountain which is covered in flames. On this domain, the user powers are so strong they can actually become flames. This allows them to go through attack and pretend to be one of the flames on the ground.
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2023.03.31 16:55 PaddyVu 1k3 damage with divine bloodline and heart of fire ( 14k hp - 0 egg )

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2023.03.31 16:55 TheVoidOfSpaceTime The Lament

The grinding screech of steel on steel as I tear through a Vex, bringing another hobgoblin down through its false spell of fiery protection.
The grinding screech of steel on steel, as I tear through a horde of goblins, each one losing a limb before permanently being destroyed by the wrath of steel fury.
The mechanical stomps of Wyverns, as tall as three men and as wide as many more, crash down beside me, but I still tare through it. The removal of its legs from its torso brings about the removal of its radiolaria core from the rest of its body.
The harpies swoop past, firing lasers into my body, but I do not yield. I wait for them to get a little too close, a little too confident, then I destroy them with the screams and wails of my fury.
Fanatics, coming closer and closer, I swipe through one, and a flood of radiolaria comes crashing upon me, but I block with all my might, and the waves pass around me, parting from the area on where I stand.
The hydra blasts fury down upon me, from its safe haven floating above me. I leap towards it, but it remains just out of range. Unyielding, I jump as high as I can, and stick my sword into its side, causing it to sway wildly. When the beast crashes, it does so on top of me. There's one last thing I feel as I fade out of existence, which is-that I wake back up, freshly reset, a new number to go-
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2023.03.31 16:55 patellaryn Free Reggie's Shuttle to SF for DC game April 1 info

Free Reggie's Shuttle to SF for DC game April 1 info
The free round-trip shuttle to the DC game at Soldier Field on Saturday April 1st will depart from Reggie's at 6:30 PM.
Great option for CTA commuters to SF. Instead of walking from Roosevelt CTA stop to SF, you can get off at McCormick Green Line stop or Chinatown Red Line stop and walk 1 block to Reggies to hop on the free bus to SF (and back after game).
For questions or additional info about the free Reggies Fire shuttles, visit my complete guide
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2023.03.31 16:54 mialg Understanding Yeast Infection Discharge Color: What It Means

Understanding Yeast Infection Discharge Color: What It Means
Yeast infection is a fungal infection that affects the vagina. It is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans. One of the most common symptoms of yeast infection is an unusual vaginal discharge. The discharge can vary in color, consistency, and smell.
In this blog, we'll focus on the color of yeast infection discharge and what it means.

1. Normal Vaginal Discharge:

Before we discuss the different colors of yeast infection discharge, it's important to understand what normal vaginal discharge looks like. Normal discharge is usually clear or milky white, and it doesn't have a strong odor. It is also normal for the amount of discharge to vary throughout the menstrual cycle.

2. White Yeast Infection Discharge:

The most common color of yeast infection discharge is white. It can be thick and clumpy, or thin and watery. It may also have a cottage cheese-like texture. White discharge is usually accompanied by itching, burning, and irritation.

3. Yellow Yeast Infection Discharge:

Yellow discharge can be a sign of a bacterial infection, such as trichomoniasis. However, it can also be a sign of a yeast infection. If you have yellow discharge, it's important to see a healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

4. Green Yeast Infection Discharge:

Green discharge is usually a sign of a bacterial infection, such as bacterial vaginosis. However, it can also be a sign of a yeast infection. If you have green discharge, it's important to see a healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

5. Brown Yeast Infection Discharge:

Brown discharge can be a sign of many things, including a yeast infection. It can also be a sign of old blood that is being expelled from the uterus.

6. Red Yeast Infection Discharge:

Red discharge is usually a sign of menstrual blood. However, if you have a yeast infection, you may also experience some red discharge.

7. Tips for Preventing and Treating Yeast Infections:

To prevent yeast infections, it's important to practice good hygiene, wear breathable underwear, and avoid douching. If you do get a yeast infection, over-the-counter antifungal creams and suppositories can be effective treatments. If your infection is severe or recurring, you may need to see a healthcare provider for prescription medication.

Now Listen Very Carefully Here:

There is a Sure-Fire way to guarantee yeast infection treatment - get rid of those infections and get complete relief in 12 hours. If you have been desperately looking around for a permanent cure for yeast vaginal infections, visit Yeast Infection No More to start on your way to immediate relief!


In summary, yeast infection is a common health problem that affects many women. One of the symptoms of yeast infection is an unusual vaginal discharge. The discharge can vary in color, consistency, and smell. White discharge is the most common color of yeast infection discharge, but it can also be yellow, green, brown, or red.
If you have any unusual discharge, it's important to see a healthcare provider for a diagnosis and treatment. To prevent yeast infections, practice good hygiene and wear breathable underwear.
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2023.03.31 16:54 nightwing612 Black Canary, Atom and Aquaman are paired together for a mission against Eclipso. (Justice League of America 1960 #109 - Art by Dick Dillin)

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2023.03.31 16:54 CollectorCache [Store] BIGGEST Store of TI5/TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/2022 Collector's Caches Sets

Why me?

Best Selling Deals:

steam link:

Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Silverwurm Sacrifice [Dragon Knight ] 17$ 33 Sold
Scales of the Shadow Walker [Phantom Lancer] 13$ 44 Sold
Perception of the First Light [Dawnbreaker] 14$ 37 Sold
Apex Automated [Clockwerk] 13$ 38 Sold
Test of the Basilisk Lord [Razor] 8$ 41 Sold
Secrets of the Frost Singularity [Ancient Apparition ] 5$ 36 Sold
Perils of the Red Banks [Chen] 9$ 40 Sold
The Chained Scribe [Grimstroke] 9$ 38 Sold
Widow of the Undermount Gloom [Broodmother] 9$ 33 Sold
Forgotten Fate [Mars] 5$ 44 Sold
March of the Crackerjack [Rubick] 10$ 37 Sold
Stranger in the Wandering Isles [Drow Ranger ] 20$ 38 Sold
Cosmic Concoctioneers [Alchemist] 13$ 41 Sold
Days of the Demon [Axe] 15$ 36 Sold
Blightfall [Abaddon] 10$ 40 Sold
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected [Ogre Magi ] 30$ 38 Sold
Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel [Chaos Knight ] 47$ 26 Sold

Nemestice Collector's Cache 2021:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Twilight Hex [Dark Willow] 13$ 23 Sold
Litany of the Damned [Doom] 12$ 25 Sold
Astral Terminus [Enigma] 5$ 21 Sold
Caerulean Star [Enchantress] 6$ 21 Sold
Arcane Inverter [Gyrocopter] 15$ 23 Sold
Creed of the Skullhound [Lycan] 18$ 22 Sold
Desert Bloom [Nature's Prophet] 8$ 22 Sold
Silence of the Starweaver [Oracle] 7$ 23 Sold
Eyriebound Imperator [Skywrath Mage] 9$ 21 Sold
Anthozoan Assault [Tiny] 13$ 21 Sold
Vision of the Seraph Scion [Vengeful Spirit] 26$ 23 Sold
Defender of the Brumal Crest [ Winter Wyvern] 8$ 23 Sold
Red Sands Marauder [Shadow Shaman] 13$ 21 Sold
Indomitable Legacy [Sven] 48$ 21 Sold
Footfalls of the Sporefathers [ Witch Doctor] 45$ 13 Sold

The International 2020 Collector's Cache I:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Origin of the Dark Oath[Night Stalker] 25$ 32 Sold
Ravenous Abyss [Underlord] 15$ 36 Sold
Apocalypse Unbound [Ancient Apparition] 9$ 31 Sold
Beholden of the Banished Ones [Warlock] 10$ 39 Sold
Fury of the Righteous Storm [Disruptor] 5$ 25 Sold
Lineage of the Stormlords [Juggernaut] 27$ 43 Sold
Silent Slayer [Silencer] 15$ 47 Sold
Mindless Slaughter [Pudge] 17$ 28 Sold
Heartless Hunt [Bounty Hunter] 9$ 32 Sold
Herald of the Ember Eye [Grimstroke] 10$ 36 Sold
Fissured Flight [Jakiro] 5$ 29 Sold
Flashpoint Proselyte [Huskar] 11$ 36 Sold
Signs of the Allfather [Nature's Prophet] 15$ 37 Sold
Glory of the Elder Flame [Lina] 25$ 42 Sold
Songs of Starfall Glen [Enchantress] 10$ 35 Sold
Ancient Inheritance [Tiny] 27$ 51 Sold
Forsworn Legacy [Mars] 40$ 24 Sold
Spirit of the Sacred Grove [Mirana] 100$ 30 Sold

The International 2020 Collector's Cache II:

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Evolution of the Infinite [Enigma] 5$ 33 Sold
Beast of the Crimson Ring [Bristleback] 9$ 42 Sold
Clearcut Cavalier [Timbersaw] 6$ 36 Sold
The King Of Thieves [Keeper of the Light] 9$ 34 Sold
Horror from the Deep [Tidehunter] 22$ 47 Sold
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler [Arc Warden] 40$ 39 Sold
Talons of the Endless Storm [Chaos Knight] 11$ 33 Sold
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade [Rubick] 6$ 29 Sold
Crown of Calaphas [Shadow Demon] 10$ 38 Sold
Wrath of the Fallen [Doom] 20$ 31 Sold
Blacksail Cannoneer [Sniper] 8$ 32 Sold
Secrets of the Celestial [Skywrath Mage] 5$ 38 Sold
Blaze of Oblivion [Phoenix] 5$ 23 Sold
Master of the Searing Path [Ember Spirit] 40$ 37 Sold
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber [Templar Assassin] 24$ 29 sold
Claszureme Incursion [Faceless Void] 57$ 26 sold

The International 2019 Collector's Cache I:

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Echoes of the Everblack [Abaddon] 14$ 52 Sold
Allure of the Faeshade Flower [Dark Willow] 25$ 52 Sold
Paean of the Ink Dragon [Grimstroke] 9$ 55 Sold
Scorched Amber [Dragon Knight] 19$ 51 Sold
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan [Chen] 10$ 53 Sold
The Arts of Mortal Deception [Enigma] 7$ 57 Sold
Poacher's Bane [Tidehunter] 6$ 59 Sold
Soul of the Brightshroud [Death Prothet] 9$ 57 Sold
Curse of the Creeping Vine [Undying] 18$ 56 Sold
Pursuit of the Ember Demons [Huskar] 14$ 51 Sold
Appetites of the Lizard King [Slark] 25$ 53 Sold
Forbidden Medicine [Dazzle] 17$ 57 Sold
Riddle of the Hierophant [Oracle] 6$ 59 Sold
Glimmer of the Sacred Hunt [Drow Ranger] 25$ 57 Sold
Adornments of the Jade Emissary [Earth Spirit] 23$ 57 Sold
Defender of Ruin [Disraptor] 18$ 55 Sold
Gothic Whisper [ Phantom Assassin ] 70$ 51 Sold

The International 2019 Collector's Cache II:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Souls Tyrant [Shadow Field] 40$ 42 Sold
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful [Drow Ranger] 15$ 45 Sold
Tribal Pathways [Warlock] 6$ 41 Sold
Directive of the Sunbound [Clockwerk] 8$ 43 Sold
Prized Acquisitions [Batrider] 5$ 47 Sold
Verdant Predator [Venomancer] 8$ 49 Sold
Fury of the Bloodforge [Bloodseeker] 7$ 47 Sold
Distinguished Expeditionary [Tusk] 8$ 43 Sold
Automaton Antiquity [Broodmather] 8$ 47 Sold
Tales of the Windward Rogue [Pangolier] 18$ 48 Sold
Endless Night [Abaddon] 30$ 44 Sold
Grim Destiny [Wraith King] 10$ 47 Sold
Dapper Disguise [Pudge] 17$ 47 Sold
Fowl Omen [Necrophos] 27$ 40 Sold
Cinder Sensei [Ember Spirit] 70$ 33 Sold

The International 2018 Collector's Cache I:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum [Bloodseeker] 13$ 23 Sold
Pitfall Crusader [Pangolier] 22$ 23 Sold
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud [Dark Seer] 14 20 Sold
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel [Spirit Breaker] 16$ 11 Sold
Forlorn Descent [Undying] 28$ 16 Sold
Stonemarch Sovereign [Wraith King] 24$ 17 Sold
The Murid Divine [Necrophos] 18$ 16 Sold
Primer of the Sapper's Guile [Techies] 17$ 18 Sold
Molokau Stalker [Venomancer] 17$ 16 Sold
Morbific Provision [Witch Doctor] 17$ 15 Sold
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin [Queen of Pain] 20$ 20 Sold
Fate Meridian [invoker] 24$ 20 Sold
Grasp of the Riven Exile [Weaver] 17$ 17 Sold
Visions of the Lifted Veil [Phantom Assassin] 40$ 14 Sold
Dread Compact [Warlock] 140$ 9 Solt

The International 2018 Collector's Cache II:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Pitmouse Fraternity [Meepo] 12$ 95 Sold
Fires of the Volcanic Guard [Ember Spirit] 9$ 73 Sold
Third Awakening [Dragon Knight] 19$ 88 Sold
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript [Axe] 4$ 58 Sold
Shimmer of the Anointed [Nyx Assassin] 4$ 66 Sold
Cruelties of the Spiral Bore [Magnus] 20$ 101 Sold
Loaded Prospects [Brewmaster] 14$ 81 Sold
Ire of Molten Rebirth [Phoenix] 8$ 74 Sold
Pattern of the Silken Queen [Broodmather] 4$ 43 Sold
Dread Ascendance [Doom] 24$ 92 Sold
The Rat King [Chen] 7$ 68 Sold
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge [Underlord] 17$ 53 Sold
Legends of Darkheart Pursuit [Night Stalker] 180$ 41 Sold

The International 2017 Collector's Cache:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Jolly Reaver [Pudge] 40$ 21 Sold
Eternal Testament [Death Prothet] 20$ 21 Sold
Secrets of the Katekhein [Winter Wyvern] 25$ 22 Sold
Rumrunner's Carronade [Brewmaster] 27$ 25 Sold
Abyssal Vortex [Enigma] 15$ 23 Sold
Samareen Sacrifice [Huskar] 23$ 22 Sold
Seablight Procession [Undying] 20$ 23 Sold
Corruption of the Virulent Krait [Venomancer] 19$ 22 Sold
Seaborne Reprisal [Kunkka] 70$ 25 Sold
Pressure Regulator [Clockwerk] 15$ 23 Sold
Meranth Dragoon [Sven] 40$ 21 Sold
Spoils of the Vodou Rover [Witch Doctor] 18$ 24 Sold
Shadowforce Gale [Luna] 17$ 22 Sold
Mechalodon Interdictor [Gyrocopter] 22$ 22 Sold
Riptide Raider [Monkey King] 25$ 20 Sold
The Dread Prophet [Nature's Prophet] 20$ 21 Sold
Covenant of the Depths [Invoker] 50$ 23 Sold
Sovereign of the Kray Legions [Sand King] 25$ 21 Sold
Cunning Corsair [Riki] 20$ 22 Sold
Chitinous Stalker [Nyx Assassin] 30$ 21 Sold
Manta Marauder [Batrider] 140$ 8 Sold
Submerged Hazard [Tinker] 110$ 14 Sold

The International 2016 Collector's Cache:

Set [Hero] Price[items] Reserved/Sold
Nightsilver's Resolve [Luna] 16$ 9 Sold
Rising Glory [Magnus] 18$ 4 Sold
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror [Chaos Knight] 35$ 9 Sold
Family Values Bundle [Meepo] 50$ 7 Sold
Diabolical Fiend [Shadow Field] 50$ 4 Sold
Iceburnt Elegy [Winter Wyvern] 18$ 5 Sold
Heir of Terror [Bain] 17$ 6 Sold
Diabolical Fiend [SF] 100$ 7 Sold
Creeping Shadow [PA] 110$ 8 Sold
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2023.03.31 16:53 deeptechsharing Beatport Top 100 Downloads April 2023 320kbps / FLAC

Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Nu Disco / Disco, Funky / Groove / Jackin’ House, Dance / Electro Pop, Bass House, Progressive House, Drum & Bass Release Date: 2023-04-01
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps / FLAC here:
Tracklist: 1. Fred again.., Skrillex, Four Tet – Baby again.. (Original Mix) (5:19) 2. GENESI (ITA) – Everything You Have Done (Meduza Edit Extended) (5:39) 3. Westend, Noizu, NoMe – Push To Start (feat. NoMe) (Original Mix) (5:31) 4. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Extended) (5:30) 5. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side (Original Mix) (5:32) 6. John Summit, Hayla – Where You Are (Extended Mix) (5:10) 7. Joshwa – Bass Go Boom (Extended) (6:28) 8. Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix) (Original Mix) (5:12) 9. Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. – Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) [Anyma Remix] (Extended) (5:01) 10. Anyma (ofc) – Explore Your Future (Extended Version) (5:09) 11. Jamie Jones – Lose My Mind (Extended Mix) (7:00) 12. Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle (Original Mix) (4:55) 13. Bart Skils – Roll the Dice (Original Mix) (6:08) 14. Larse – A Part Of (Riva Starr Extended Saturn Mix) (5:47) 15. Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) – Eternity (Extended Mix) (5:20) 16. Green Velvet, Chris Lake – Deceiver (VIP) (Extended Mix) (6:28) 17. Adriatique, Eynka – Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version) (5:23) 18. Andrew Meller – Born Slippy (Luca Morris Extended Remix) (6:40) 19. Vintage Culture, Meca, Bhaskar, The Vic – Tina (Extended) (5:34) 20. Joshwa – Magalenha (Extended Mix) (6:30) 21. Enrico Sangiuliano, Charlotte De Witte – Reflection (6:46) 22. Claptone – Euphoria (Extended Mix) (5:24) 23. Toxinate – Nope (Original Mix) (3:43) 24. Joshwa – Supersonic (Extended) (6:35) 25. Adam Port, Monolink – Point Of No Return (Extended Mix) (6:34) 26. Dualities, Solar State, Gia Koka – Crazy In Love – Extended Mix (3:31) 27. Mau P – Gimme That Bounce (Original Mix) (5:21) 28. Layo & Bushwacka!, Paul Woolford – Love Story (vs Finally) (Paul Woolford 2023 Extended Remix) (5:41) 29. Fideles, CamelPhat, Be No Rain – Night After Night (CamelPhat Remix) (6:58) 30. Space 92 – Gravity (Original Mix) (6:05) 31. Anyma (ofc) – The Answer (Extended Version) (6:27) 32. ACRAZE – Take Me Away (Extended Mix) (5:22) 33. Stereo Express – Rise Of The 2nd Sun (Original Mix) (7:05) 34. Turno – Killer (Original Mix) (3:40) 35. Coi Leray, David Guetta – Players (David Guetta Remix – Extended) (4:09) 36. El Chuape, Hugel, Ryan Arnold – Pa Lante (Extended Mix) (4:21) 37. Skrillex, Missy Elliott, Mr. Oizo – RATATA (Original Mix) (2:06) 38. Bruno Furlan – Bongoloco (Extended) (4:48) 39. Volen Sentir, Makebo – Alchemist (Original Mix) (8:35) 40. Odd Mob – LEFT TO RIGHT (Subsonic Remix) (4:05) 41. Kim English, Schak – Moving All Around (Jumpin’) (John Summit Remix) (5:33) 42. Block & Crown, Lissat – Gimme A Bloody Mary (Original Mix) (5:24) 43. Eats Everything, Shezar – Get Up (Extended Mix) (6:36) 44. Mha Iri – Never Go Back to Sleep (Original Mix) (5:50) 45. A’Studio, Polina – SOS (feat. Polina) (Skylark Remix – Nic Fanciulli Extended Edit) (6:40) 46. Wax Motif, Riordan – La Samba (Original Mix) (4:27) 47. Argy, Goom Gum – Pantheon (Extended Mix) (6:22) 48. ANOTR, Abel Balder – Relax My Eyes (Original Mix) (6:36) 49. Jerome Robins, Sinner & James – You’re Not Alone (Sinner & James Remix) (6:09) 50. Pickle – Crank That (Extended Mix) (4:40) 51. Dateless – Geekin – (Extended) (7:04) 52. Latmun – Just Play (Original Mix) (5:44) 53. DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (TI & DMinds ‘Run In The Jungle’ Remix) (4:02) 54. MEDUZA, Eli & Fur – Pegasus (Extended Mix) (6:06) 55. Supermode, 1991 – Tell Me Why (1991 Remix) (4:04) 56. Layton Giordani – Life Moves Fast (Original Mix) (6:27) 57. David Guetta, Marten Hørger – The Freaks (Extended Mix) (6:09) 58. HI-LO – PURA VIDA (Wehbba Remix) (5:31) 59. Denney – Lies (Gorge & Nick Curly Extended Remix) (6:10) 60. MANT, Todd Edwards – Provenance (Original Mix) (6:41) 61. HUGEL, Nfasis – Como Shakira (Extended Mix) (4:53) 62. Nari, Steve Tosi – Stayin’ da Club (Original Mix) (4:39) 63. Supermode – Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Extended Remix) (8:28) 64. Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended) (6:03) 65. Basstripper – Ricochet (Original Mix) (3:45) 66. Joyhauser – Wasted (Original Mix) (6:05) 67. D.O.D – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) (4:41) 68. Creeds – Push Up (Original Mix) (4:00) 69. Oscar Barila – Miles (Original Mix) (5:04) 70. Gorgon City – Voodoo (Extended Mix) (6:16) 71. Martin Ikin – Oscill8 (Extended Mix) (5:16) 72. Volac – Energy (Extended Mix) (5:04) 73. Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon – Work (Extended Mix) (5:48) 74. Low Steppa – The Feeling (Original Mix) (6:52) 75. Dombresky – IRLY (I Really Love You) (Extended Mix) (5:23) 76. Robbie Doherty – It’s My Beat (Extended Mix) (6:33) 77. Sota – Wait For Me (Original Mix) (3:07) 78. Volen Sentir, Makebo – Into The Stars (Original Mix) (7:00) 79. TECH IT DEEP – Maria Maria (Extended Mix) (6:09) 80. Hannah Laing – Get Busy (Extended) (5:57) 81. Dope Ammo, Benny Page, Cat Mctigue – I Need Your Loving (Bladerunner Remix) (5:36) 82. Yet More – Erotic Trip (Original Mix) (5:32) 83. Kanine – Take Me Up (Original Mix) (3:35) 84. TC – Tap Ho (Formula Remix) (4:18) 85. Space 92 – Cooper (Original Mix) (5:56) 86. Ryan Nichols – Insane (Extended Mix) (5:27) 87. Sub Focus, ACO – Vibration (One More Time) (Original Mix) (4:02) 88. Something Good, Yotto – Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix) (6:35) 89. Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Damian Lazarus Re Shape) (6:12) 90. Kevin de Vries – Pegasus (Original Mix) (6:52) 91. Ragie Ban – My Bank (Original Mix) (6:16) 92. Eden Shalev – Papi (Bhabi) (Original Mix) (5:46) 93. Darmon, Eran Hersh, BLONDISH, Madonna – Sorry (with Madonna) (Original Mix) (4:55) 94. Lil Wayne, SIDEPIECE – A Milli (SIDEPIECE Extended Mix) (3:30) 95. Francis Mercier, Idd Aziz, Nitefreak – Kamili (Extended) (6:26) 96. Biscits – House All The Time (Extended Mix) (5:16) 97. Young Marco – What You Say (Extended) (5:16) 98. Bob Musella – Baby Hot Stuff (Original Mix) (5:32) 99. Fred again.., The Blessed Madonna – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (Original Mix) (4:45) 100. th;en – London (Original Mix) (6:42)
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2023.03.31 16:53 blueraptir Goodwill trouble

Hey, so, i need advice, my mom has worked at goodwill for 36 years and was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She has been home for 24 weeks going through chemotherapy and has medical restrictions of not being exposed to the general public and a lifting restriction of 20 lb. Just last night they called her and fired her over the phone cause they vant accommodate the restrictions. I am angry as im sure this is illegal, so i need opinions, please help.
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2023.03.31 16:52 laxmi1987 StoryFire is a social media platform for both written and video content that aligns the incentives of advertisers, content creators, and content consumers. #StoryFire #Btc #Crypto #Binance.
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2023.03.31 16:52 fastball_marty Meditations on Zero, Hardware, and Longevity

03.31.23 : 10:51
Starship 5. Captain’s log. Situation
dire. Last phone charger broke. At
12%. Notify command immediately.

Once they (math people) started messing with zero (queue pushback from the church), it was game over for “the unknowns” of mathematics. Most of them. There are new ones now. But harnessing zero implies harnessing infinity: if you can mathematically define “nothing,” you can mathematically define “everything.” Now, throw infinity into your unsolvable equations, plug and chug, and boom, calculus is born. Infinity is tantalizing. It is limitless and unbounded by spacial and temporal planes. It just falls off the graph, keeps going past what we can see and touch and think and feel. We confine infinity to a cute little symbol, but that’s nowhere near expansive enough. Do you really understand infinity? Can you really understand something you’ll never experience? It’s more than empathy—it’s attempting omniscience.
I often confuse the digital sphere as infinite, as in there is no end to all this can do, all this can hold. It’s an attractive idea, but it’s not tangible until software is independent from hardware. Hardware is finite, hardware is the bottleneck to its software counterpart, hardware breaks, malfunctions, gets wet, just…stops working, explodes, catches on fire, becomes “unsupported.” They stop making replacements. Models discontinue. If hardware lives in the physical plane, relies on physical resources, and those resources have already been established as finite (and depleting) by scientific communities, then we’re gonna run out of shit to make hardware with. Climate change is the bigger problem here, always was, but I’ll take every opportunity to knock down digitality’s contrived infinities.
Software can’t exist without hardware to experience it on. Yet. For all of Meta’s virtual/dreamscape/entrepreneurial/infinity-fetish goals, the hardware problem has to come first. And it’s been a problem forever. Von Neumann’s gone, but his bottleneck is still alive and well. I think we’ll figure it out eventually—humans are pretty stubborn when put in rock and hard place scenarios. I picture Pacific Rim level badassery. That tasty action packed 120minutes of irreverent demagoguery.

Starship 5. Captain’s log. Situation
resolved. Found one in my backpack.
Tell command it’s cool.
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2023.03.31 16:52 rotsihylop [WTS] Hammerhead to Polaris upgrade $45, Pack of 5 Constellation Taurus LTI $690, Glaive LTI $370, Endeavor Masterset 2018 LTI $1250 ◄ Many LTI ships and packs Inside ► Aurora LN SQ42+SC Game Package $60, Referral Code STAR-TGVR-RMW9, Subscribers

Standalone Special-Offer Ship
Name Insurance Price (USD) CCU from
5 x Constellation Taurus LTI 690 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
5 x Ares Inferno LTI 1010 5 x Aopoa Nox LTI
Glaive LTI 370 Dragonfly LTI
Polaris LTI 750 Dragonfly LTI
Cross-Chassis Upgrades
Base Ship Target Ship Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Andromeda Redeemer 25 60
Hammerhead Polaris 25 45
Original-Concept Combo-Pack Ships/Vehicles
Name Contents Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Caterpillar & Dragonfly Pack Caterpillar, Dragonfly (Black & Yellow) LTI 300 375
Endeavor Masterset 2018 10 Modules (2 Bio Dome) LTI 1000 1250
X1 Three-Pack X1 (Baseline, Velocity, Force) LTI 130 165
Race Team Pack X1, Dragonfly, Nox LTI 115 150
Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow) LTI 65 110
The Tortoise and the Hurricane Hurricane, Terrapin LTI 345 450
600i Series Combo Pack 600i (Touring & Exploration), G12, X1 LTI 835 1000
Air and Space Pack Terrapin, Cyclone-AA LTI 250 290
All-terrain Vehicle Mega Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR), Rover (Ursa, Lynx), Greycat PTV LTI 405 500
Offroad Vehicle Pack Cyclone TR, Ursa Rover, Greycat PTV LTI 110 150
Tumbril Cyclone Pack Cyclone (Standard, AA, RN, RC, TR) LTI 255 320
Starfarer + Nox 2 Pack Starfarer, Nox (Standard, Kue) LTI 365 425
Top Secret Bomber Pack Eclipse, Gladiator, Retaliator Bomber LTI 670 770
Banu Combo Pack Defender, Mechantman LTI 515 615
Ground Vehicle Pack VIP Dragonfly Yellow, Nox, X1, Ursa Rover, Cyclone, Nova Tank LTI 320 420
Deluxe Ground Vehicle Pack Dragonfly (Black, Yellow), Nox (Black, Kue), X1 (Standard, Velocity, Force), Ursa Rover, Cyclone (Standard, TR, RC, RN, AA), Nova Tank LTI 725 850
Standalone Original-Concept Ships
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Freelancer LTI 110 150
Vulcan LTI 200 240
X1 Velocity Edition LTI 45 70
Hawk LTI 90 115
Hammerhead LTI 650 800
Polaris LTI 750 900
Sabre Comet LTI 185 225
Gladius Valiant LTI 110 140
Hornet Wildfire LTI 175 210
Avenger Titan Renegade LTI 75 100
Origin 85X LTI 50 75
Prowler LTI 425 500
Vanduul Blade LTI 250 315
Prospector LTI 140 185
Buccaneer LTI 110 150
Dragonfly (Black or Yellow) LTI 35 65
Terrapin LTI 195 250
Vanguard Hoplite LTI 225 275
Razor LTI 135 170
Endeavor Base LTI 350 450
Hurricane LTI 175 215
Banu Defender LTI 185 230
Eclipse LTI 275 340
Nox Kue LTI 40 65
600i Luxury LTI 400 475
600i Exploration LTI 435 525
Standalone Original-Concept Vehicles
Name Insurance Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Cyclone LTI 50 75
Cyclone-AA LTI 70 95
Cyclone-RN LTI 55 80
Cyclone-RC LTI 55 80
Cyclone-TR LTI 55 80
Nova Tank LTI 105 130
Original-LTI Game Packages
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
UEE Exploration Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 495 700
Exploration Mega Pack LTI SQ42 + SC VFG Industrial 20,000 UEC 895 1100
Game Packages requiring referral code: ►STAR-TGVR-RMW9◄ +5,000 UEC bonus
Ship Insurance Games Hangar Starting Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Aurora LN 3M SQ42 + SC SelfLand 1,000 UEC 45 65
Hangar Flairs Subscribers Exclusives
Name Melt (RSI) Price (USD)
Kastak Arms Custodian SMG Citizen 2947 Edition 5 15
UEE Calendar 5 15
Stellarsonic Jukebox 5 15
Locker from Another Universe 5 15
Mr. Refinement's Cabinet 5 15
Patron of the Arts Award 5 15
Puglisi Collection Planet Artifact 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vanduul Scythe Armor 5 15
Puglisi Collection Vasli Fragment Stone 5 15
Puglisi Collection Kamposi Magnus Skull 5 15
Puglisi Collection AV8 Battle Armor Replica 5 15
Space Flower - Emperor Blossom 5 15
Space Cactus - Kavische 5 15
Space Plant - Ophelia Vine 5 15
Conner's Beard Moss 5 15
Opera Mushroom 5 15
Revenant Tree 5 15
"Tears of Fire" Painting 5 15
Hitbox Magazine 5 15
Icarus One Holographic Model 5 15
Takuetsu RSI Constellation Phoenix 2944 5 15
Takuetsu MISC Freelancer MIS 2944 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Reliant Kore 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Aegis Sabre 5 15
Takuetsu Mini Hornet F7C-R 5 15
Takuetsu Series Mustang Beta 5 15
Takuetsu Series Aurora ES 5 15
Takuetsu 350R Ship Model 5 15
Takuetsu Starfarer Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Avenger Model 5 15
Takuetsu Khartu-Al Model 5 15
Takuetsu Aegis Gladius 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Delta Model 5 15
Takuetsu Origin M50 5 15
Takuetsu Mustang Gamma 5 15
Takuetsu Golden Herald 5 15
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2023.03.31 16:51 44penfold You're all wrong. This is the definitive tier list.

You're all wrong. This is the definitive tier list. submitted by 44penfold to Metalocalypse [link] [comments]