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2023.02.06 20:48 Unusual_Sir9978 Duo Push

Does anyone know why every time I sign into myUMBC I have to use Duo Push? And how to disable it?
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2022.10.14 20:48 Garstinius which one of you did this lol

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2022.09.29 06:00 Global_Sir2846 Missed deadline for health waiver?

Under my MyUMBC alerts, it clearly states that the deadline for the proof of insurance waiver is September 30th for the fall semester, however when I submitted it today the form itself says the deadline was the 15th of August. I am worried that I will be automatically enrolled in their health insurance. I have not been enrolled or billed yet and I do not wish to be, I already have insurance and quite simply cannot afford their insurance with other expenses I have in my life, I will have to ironically drop out of college over it to work full time if they enroll me. Who should I contact about this and does anybody have any experience dealing with this? I saw a post from a couple years back saying they grant exceptions, how should I go about this? Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Right now my waiver request just says pending.
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2022.09.23 11:33 kamekaze1024 python local host not refreshing to new request from flask

python local host not refreshing to new request from flask
Hello, I am very new to flask. I set it up just yesterday to have it display to me a message. It worked but ever since then I have been trying to have it display other messages but it still showing the first message I had it return.

Here is the python file

HTML file
and then what's printed on the webpage continuously
I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm following a video guide word for word and the person doing the tutorial isn't having any issues
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2022.06.12 18:25 Usedbirthctrlutensil Why is myUmbc profile showing pre-computer science?

I am an incoming freshman (fall 2022). On my application I put computer science as my major. Is there a mistake or is this by default?
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2022.04.05 02:15 MrKingC0bra MyUMBC broken??

I attempted to log into blackboard through myumbc and it throws an error saying my account is not allowed? This happening to anyone else?
Edit: seems to be fixed now
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2022.03.21 17:20 csarmy_24 Unable to activate myUMBC account!

Hey guys, I got an admit from UMBC for MSCS. I am not able to access myUMBC account. Is anyone facing/faced such issue?
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2021.12.22 13:30 ComposeTheSilence Transfer Student + Scholarships

So, I am trying to apply for scholarships for the Spring semester, but unfortunately, my GPA is 0.0 according to myumbc. Obviously, this is because I just transferred this semester. My fall grades for the semester will come in by Jan but apparently will not make it to my official transcripts until later on - which will cut my scholarship window pretty close. Is there a way around this? I've emailed my advisor, but obviously, with winter break, they might be a bit slow on emails.
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2021.12.21 04:13 doritogangkid Is NAMI still active?

Does anyone know at all if NAMI is going to be active in the spring semester at all? I haven't joined any clubs since I started attending umbc since the pandemic began in only my second semester here, and I was interested in joining NAMI this semester but I have no idea if the club was active at all since I didn't hear anything back after involvement fest. It looks like posts and updates have been pretty sparse on myumbc as well, so i haven't been able to stay updated on them :/
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2021.12.19 06:09 IndependentlyOdd Sigma Pi Sigma - Honor Society for Physics Majors

I was poking around on myUMBC and found out that we have a chapter for Sigma Pi Sigma.
Does anyone know what the requirements for joining are? And, is it an automatic admission, or is there an application?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.16 02:13 No-Put-8414 Admissions

I applied for early action through Common App and submitted it, however, myUMBC says my application is incomplete because I haven't sent test scores in. MyUMBC also says the test scores are optional but I don't know how to fix this issue. Any help?
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2021.11.02 16:34 tanay910 I submitted my common app last night for UMBC Early Action, when should I expect to get access to the myUMBC account?

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2021.08.29 02:00 RawrsOfGnar proof of immunization for move in?

im stressinggg it says i still need proof of immunization on myumbc but i registered for classes just fine even tho it’d supposedly bar me from that. both my doctor’s office and high school lost my records so my only option’s been getting a blood test but bc of my strict work schedule i haven’t been able to get one. i’m supposed to move in tmrw and i’ve been telling myself it’s fine and residential life will be understanding but now that it’s the night before i’m freaking out djakdsksjdk
do you think they’ll still let me move in? :/
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2021.08.11 08:26 Vowserr Health and Insurance Forms

Hello, incoming freshman here
I submitted my health forms and proof of insurance through a student portal about a week ago but on myumbc both of those things are still on my to do list. The deadline for those things is coming up and I was wondering if anybody else was having that problem? what should I do?
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2021.08.04 02:42 leminades18 books with access codes? Are they necessary to purchase?

hi all, I’m an incoming freshman and had a question abt books for courses. So I’m looking at all the books I would need for my classes and some of the pdf’s are available online. However on myumbc it says the books name “w/access.” Does that mean it’s necessary to buy the books to get access to the online material or is there a way around that? hope my question makes sense
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2021.06.26 00:44 Western-Associate-62 Language Clubs and Applied Linguistics

Hey everyone! I have a couple questions for y'all so bear with me :)
I was wondering if you guys knew if there was a discord server or groupme setup for the Russian club, as I am interested in joining but can only find the club group on MYumbc and don't know if there's another place the club communicates.
Second, I am thinking of looking into different degree programs and have been interested in the applied linguistics program for a bit (I am currently pre-compe but am struggling with it). For those of you majoring in it, or are taking linguistics classes, do you think linguistics is a good program for someone who really enjoys learning languages and the science behind language? In a more broad sense, what is the program like and would you recommend it?
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2021.05.28 09:15 LightskinNiqqa Can unofficial transcripts be wrong?

So, as many current students know, final grades were due on the 27th. I checked BB and I only had 1/4 classes totally graded. I got a B there, and it seems like I would finish with a 3.25 (two As, the B I just stated, and possibly a C) assuming that my math is right. The C might be a B, but I did really poorly on the final, so I doubt it.

Anyways, my final grades never actually came in, so I went to the unofficial transcript on MyUmbc outta curiosity and saw that I had straight As for the semester. Is this wrong? Are the As there as place holders because the final grades haven't been submitted yet? Or maybe my professors ended up curving my grades like crazy? I don't know, man, but I just wanna know for sure because straight As sounds too good to be true.
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2021.03.30 00:44 TheBigRaj How do I check if I got into the honors college?

Hey guys,
I recently got accepted as a transfer student. I also applied to the honors college because of the opportunities available through the program. I couldn't find any specific letter on myUMBC about the decision to the program. Can you guys please help me? Thanks in advance.
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2021.03.16 01:46 meredactyl grad admission - official letter?

UPDATE: the grad school [like, the office that's grad admissions] sent my admit letter to the wrong email address. not like 'use this one please' and they sent it to a different one, they had a typo and the email bounced and they didn't check why it bounced or re-send it. the (amazing!) department admin lit some fires in the grad school office today and got things sorted out, so a letter will be heading my way soon. the grad admissions office has been nothing but disappointing throughout this whole process, but i'm very pleased that my program genuinely values its students and went to bat for me. ----
hey y'all - looking specifically for replies from folks who've previously been admitted to the graduate school, please.
i am excited to have received admission to my grad program of choice at umbc. i've received both an informal personal note about it from the grad program coordinator and also an update in my myUMBC asking me to accept/decline the admission; however, i'm curious if the grad school will also send me something on letterhead, either by email or by snail mail?
i'm very excited but i'd like to have something more official before i make my decision. i appreciate your insight and assistance - thank you!
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2021.02.08 00:44 ilisia62 Is joining Omicron Delta Kappa worth it?

I got an email a few weeks ago about being invited to Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Society and the deadline to apply is coming up, but I'm not sure whether I should go for it. The organization generally seems pretty legit but the myUMBC group hasn't been active since 2012. Does anyone know anyone in Omicron Delta Kappa? Do they do anything or is it more of just a resume line? Thanks!
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2021.02.04 23:42 hbk_squidd Blackboard makes me want to punch a hole in my laptop

Let me start by saying I use chrome. Besides the normal it being slow at times which I can deal with it has begun freezing and not allowing me to open pdf or other external links (it prompts me to sign in but with what credentials? the myumbc login doesn’t work).
This is extremely frustrating at times especially when I needed to access a formula sheet for a quiz yesterday and to open the discussion worksheet a few days prior. Blackboard is mediocre at best and a hair pulling experience at worst. Anyway that concludes my blackboard slander. Anyone else having these issues?
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2020.12.18 21:05 mmiiiq question about myUMBC account

i’m a recent admit to UMBC and i need to upgrade my account so i don’t have solely portal access. however, whenever i press ‘set up account’ it tells me something went wrong and that i should check back later. i’ve tried to request help thru the help page but it just takes me to a white screen lol. can someone redirect me to the right place to get help? thanks
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