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2023.03.21 20:26 GoatsAreDope72 An Amateur's Attempt at Tales of Arcadia Scaling 2: Gyre Calculations, Part 1 (maybe)

An Amateur's Attempt at Tales of Arcadia Scaling 2: Gyre Calculations, Part 1 (maybe)
On my latest binge of Trollhunters, I was watching the season 2 finale "In The Hall of The Gumm-Gumm King" when I realized something: characters in the verse can scale to the Gyre. For those who are unfamiliar, the Gyre is a Troll vehicle consisting of massive metal rings capable of crossing continents in seconds. While the series has been out for a while I'm still going to warn of spoilers just in case.
For the climax of the episode, the Gumm-Gumms figure out that Team Trollhunters is smuggling the citizens of Trollmarket out using the gyre. The Gumm-Gumms then seal the Gyre station exits to prevent escape while Team Trollhunters seals the Gumm-Gumms out of the Gyre station entrance. In spite of this, Team Trollhunters still attempts to use the gyre to bust the seals, only for their attempt to be no-sold. Meanwhile, the Gumm-Gumms are able to use Draal to bust down the sealed Gyre entrance. This means that Draal, and those who are able to fight him, should absolutely upscale from the gyre. Other evidence for characters include AAARRRGGHH spinning the Gyre rings to start it on a couple occasions and Jim's amulet being able to power another one.
While this is unlikely to come close to the Large Island calc I did a while ago, I figured it'd still be worth calcing the amount of force the Gyre would generate, I guess as some sort of extra consistency or something.
To start this, I realized I would have to calculate the mass of the Gyre.
With these models I found on this site, I was able to use pixel measurements (with Blinky as a measuring stick) to figure out the dimensions of the Gyre parts. In the end, I calculate that the total volume of the Gyre was 24.56 meters cubed. To find the mass, I multiplied this by the density of iron (which according to a search was around 7873 kg/meters cubed) to get a mass of 193360.88 kilograms.
To calculate the amount of force of the Gyre, I would need to find out its speed. Fortunately, I didn't have to do much as it was calced at mach 1652 (566636 meters per second) on this site. I assumed that it reached this speed in a second (which from what I remember of the episode may be a conservative estimate) and multiplied this by the mass of the Gyre. What I came up with was a result of 1.09565236 x 10^11 Newtons.
Newtons are about equal to Joules, so this would place the force of the Gyre at City Block level according to VSBW. This would mean many Tales of Arcadia characters can upscale from City Block level, which isn't super impressive compared to my previous Large Island level calc but still shows that the characters in the verse should get above Building level.
If you're wondering about the Part 1 in the title, I will potentially be making a Part 2 where I calculate the amount of force the Gyre would have needed to tunnel through the ground and burst into the surface, as occurred in the season 2 episode "KanjigAAARRRGGHH!!!", but in order to do so, I will need to figure out how deep below the surface Gyre tunnels are. If I'm even able to do it, it'll take me a while so don't expect Part 2 soon (it might not ever even come).
While I don't think this should be accepted until further notice, the Arcadia-Oaks Wiki makes reference of the Gyre traveling at Light Speed. There is no citation for this statement, but were this statement to be proven true, then the Gyre would be capable of exerting 5.78149031 x 10^13 Newtons, making it Town Level according to VSBW. However, since I haven't been able to confirm the statement, this should only be used as a tentative high-end at best.
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2023.03.21 20:12 LlamaGaga Wanting to freelance write as a marketable hobby, but not wanting to start a full business operation

TLDR; want to casually write as a side gig, don't want the IRS to send me to federal prison. also other general questions
I've been researching freelance writing for a while, and I've recently read through the entire wiki (quite the undertaking)! Many people have built successful businesses, write full-time, are happily creative, and I love that.
For me, I'm a lifetime hobby writer but never published or provided it as a paid service. I have a healthy day job that I love and don't want to leave. I figured I may be able to take my hobby and turn it into a little cash here or there, because it is a skill that is marketable. Because I want to keep my current career, it can be more casual and on my own terms. I would like to pick up assignments that interest me in a generalist way with no specific niche.
For those reasons, I don't feel like a website is necessary, but a portfolio with some samples would be useful. My biggest concern is ensuring my income from any writing or editing side work is properly documented for tax purposes.
General questions for advice, if anyone would like to share any:
Probably a separate bank account? I don't feel comfortable giving any direct deposit directly to clients online, so perhaps a business Venmo, then I'll move the funds myself? If I use a separate bank account to track the funds, do I pay myself into my regular checking? Does that make it unnecessary? I'm not comprehending this. Is this being dramatically overthought?
Is invoice software necessary for easy financial management and paper trails to take to my regular tax preparer?
Is creating and signing a contract necessary for all assignments, or is that more of a long-term client type of deal?
Once financial aspects are stable and legitimate, I suppose I just... start an account on a freelance site and go from there?
One last thing: despite hearing, watching, and reading, I'm still very confused about how to create samples other than accepting a few pro bono clients. At the risk of sounding like a dingus, I don't write up a few fake projects, do I?
Anyway, thanks for any tips or knowledge! Sorry that was so long.
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2023.03.21 19:57 Educational_Ice151 AI Prompt Programming & Prompt Engineering Job Opportunities

I created a reddit wiki dedicated to job opportunities in the field of AI Prompt Programming and Prompt Engineering. It focuses on positions involving zero-shot, one-shot, few-shot learning, embedding, fine-tuning, and other relevant skills.
If you're looking for a job or seeking to hire someone with these talents, this is the place for you!

Job Listings

Post a job listing by using the template below. Replace the placeholder text with the relevant details about the position.

Resume Listings

If you're looking for a job in the field, list your resume using the template below. Replace the placeholder text with your personal details, skills, and experience.
Job Title: [Job Title] Company: [Company Name] Location: [City, Country] Job Type: [Full-time/Part-time/Contract/Internship] Responsibilities: [Responsibility 1] [Responsibility 2] [Responsibility 3] Requirements: [Requirement 1] [Requirement 2] [Requirement 3] Preferred Skills: [Skill 1] [Skill 2] [Skill 3] 
How to Apply: Please [send your resume/apply online] at [email/website].

Resume Format

Name: [Your Name] Location: [City, Country] Willing to Relocate: [Yes/No] Job Type: [Full-time/Part-time/Contract/Internship] Education: [Degree, Institution, Year of Graduation] Experience: [Job Title, Company, Duration] [Achievement/Responsibility 1] [Achievement/Responsibility 2] Skills: [Skill 1] [Skill 2] [Skill 3] Portfolio/Projects: [Project Name, Brief Description, Link to Code/Website] [Project Name, Brief Description, Link to Code/Website] Contact: Please [email/message] me at [email/Reddit username]. 


This subreddit focuses on the following AI Prompt Programming and Prompt Engineering specialties:
  • Zero-shot learning
  • One-shot learning
  • Few-shot learning
  • Embedding
  • Fine-tuning
  • [Other related skills]
Happy job hunting and good luck with your career!
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2023.03.21 19:50 Comfortable-Dot-2317 My brother in Christ that’s straight up bullshit

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2023.03.21 19:03 mendeleev__ Looking to install SD and models like ControlNet, but AMD card

Hey all!
I've been following StableDiffusion for a long time, and always come by the rule "for IA, use NVIDIA". Well, where I live AMD cards are VERY cheap compared to nvidia so I got a 6700XT back in november. I work with computer consulting, hardware projects, custom solutions for IT so I'm in love with IA. What a fantastic piece of software!
My question is, can I install SD on my pc using that card, and take advantage of newest models like ControlNet and txt2video? How? I'm looking to try and learn those models but I could only get some shady website ONNX runtime and basic txt2img 1.5 SD to work for me, and it takes like 30 seconds to generate a 25 steps image (default count the script gave me).
I looked into the SD wiki on Reddit and it looks like its outdated, as I see no references to ControlNet or newer networks like txt2video. Sorry if I'm mistaken. In reality I'm afraid to go through the Python dependencies hell again and in the end, can't install anything beyond txt2img 😅😂.
PC Specs:
Ryzen 3600 PBO ON (amd's native overclock) 8+8gb DDR4 3200mhz RX6700XT AMD SAM ENABLED 4TB HDD, + 2TB SSHD, + 512GB SSD 5000mb/s
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.21 19:02 Perspective666 Budget Studio Setup Recommendations, for a Cause

Hey guys,
I'm pretty new to this sub, and this is gonna be a kinda weird post, but hear me out?
I'm an engineer, producer, and (just started out) releasing my own music based out of Mumbai, India. But besides that, I work with an org called The Dharavi Dream Project, which you guys really should check out. It's a "school" (kinda like a rec centre) based in Dharavi, Mumbai, widely considered the largest slum in the world, where kids come to learn how to rap, beatbox, bboy, and basically just produce music to escape the harsh realities of their lives. We've been around since 2014 and have honed some insane talents.
we recently made the decision to start teaching the kids the basics of recording and production, with the hope that our mentors (including Oscar and Grammy-winning artist A.R. Rahman) will foster them into industry talents and turn them away from lives of distress, poverty, and often, crime.
for this, we're setting up a small studio (think less than a thousand square feet) with multiple machines and interfaces, allowing upto 6 kids to work on a basic DAW set up. I know this sounds like an ambitious project, but we've already raised some money, and are in the process of raising more to buy equipment, computers, treat the room, and install circuitry, air con, and power supply. think of the closest you could get to a state of the art studio, but in a slum.
we're take the studio to the streets.
But I need your help.
I'm basically one-manning the entire geacomputers/soundproofing acquisition and have no experience as a studio designer, beyond setting up my own basic home studio. (though I have and am currently working with several pro studios around India.)
We've found a vendor who can do a fairly professional soundproofing job for about 10k, which is one of the benefits of doing this in a developing country I guess?
I've prepared a tech rider with budget laptops, and wanted recommendations on the rest of the gear. I know the exact prices will vary considering that a lot of you are from other countries.
I'd request you to consider general performance, durability, and a total budget of approx $15k while answering the following questions:
Which is better?
  1. Interface: Focusrite 2i2 3rd Gen vs Arturia Minifuse 2 vs Audient Evo 8
  2. Mics: Audio Technica AT2020 vs AKG P220 vs SE Electronics X1A
  3. Headphones: Audio Technica AT M20X vs Sennheiser Professional Audio HD 280
  4. MIDI Keyboards: AKAI MPC Mini MK3 vs Arturia Minilab Mk3
  5. Studio Monitors (1 pair to be shared for the entire studio): Kali Audio LP6 vs Adam Audio T5V
Besides all of that, any general advice on best practices to keep in mind during set up (what is a really weird and might I say, unique, studio), soundproofing, acquiring gear, electrical wiring, acoustics, etc would really be appreicated
Once again, I request that you keep in mind while answering, that this is one studio where access matters more than perfection. We want to make this as professional as possible, while recognising the limitations of our model at the same time.
If you've reached the end, congratulations. You have an amazing soul (besides your already amazing ears lol). my most heartfelt thanks in advance to everyone who responds to this, really means a lot
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2023.03.21 18:52 nostone3241 The connection between Freemasonry, Indian residential schools, the Indian wars, the Indian removal act, the Indian act and the Indians-as-Israelites theory.

My name is Thomas Saul, I am a member of the Skatin Nations tribe in British Columbia, Canada. I am of Salish, and European descent. I began this project around May 2021 when news broke about the Kamloops residential school where the remains of 215 children were allegedly found. As a teenager I briefly Attended Norkam secondary in Kamloops, and have friends and family who still live in Kamloops, so this hit close to home. Upon my research into The origin of this residential school I found that Israel wood Powell, a Freemason, was the Indian Superintendent at the time it was built. Four generations of my family attended residential schools, some in Port Alberni and some Mission City, so naturally I wanted to know more. I have come to the conclusion that Colonisation, Freemasonry, and residential schools go hand in hand. Its a Fact, both the United States and Canada would not exist without Freemasonry, Therefore many Freemasons played a leading role in the genocide of Indigenous Americans. “Freemasonry, as it exists in various forms all over the world, has a membership estimated at around 6 million worldwide.”
Genocide: The UN definition, which is used in international law, states that genocide is: "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group," as such:(a) "Killing members of the group;"(b) "Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;"(c) "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;"(d) "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;"(e) "Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
The supreme governor of the Church of England is the head of the Church of England, a position which is vested in the British monarch. The father of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 King George III was not a Freemason, George III had announced that the colonies would no longer seize Native lands or purchase them without treaties. Starting in 1763, no English settlers could legally travel through or acquire land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The proclamation specifically stated that Native Americans had been subject to “great Frauds and Abuses” and that their sovereignty should be protected. Freemason Thomas Jefferson in his list of 27 grievances accused the king saying “He has excited domestic Insurrections among us, and has endeavoured to bring on the Inhabitants of our Frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known Rule of Warfare, is an undistinguished Destruction, of all Ages, Sexes, and Conditions.’’ Thomas Jefferson did this to build support for the revolutionary act that the Declaration of Independence would represent. It was suspected that the Freemasons were behind the Boston Tea Party, the American War of Independence, the french revolution, and Napoleonic France triggering British prime minister William Pitt’s, the Unlawful Societies Act of 1799 where he aimed to see Freemasonry abolished. Some Freemasons addressed Pitt explaining how vast their membership is and its connection to Royalty and As a result, Freemasons were excluded from the Act, but lodges were obliged to return a list of members to the local Clerk of the Peace every year, which are recorded in the Quarter Sessions.1. King George IV reigned from the death of George III until 1830, he was the first of many British Freemason kings and was the head of the Anglican church. William IV, Edward VII, Edward VIII, George VI were also masons. In the 209 years since the Union of the Premier and Ancient Grand Lodges to form the United Grand Lodge of England, a member of the Royal Family has been its Grand Master for more than 150.
A Freemason warrant of constitution is the Document which authorizes or gives a Warrant to certain persons therein named to organize and constitute a Lodge, Chapter, or other Masonic Body. The first Warrant for a military Lodge was issued by the Grand Lodge of Ireland in 1732 to the First British Foot Regiment. Within a few years the Grand Lodge of Scotland and both the Grand Lodge of England, Modern and Ancient were issuing Warrants to military Lodges. In 1733, 18 men gathered at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern on King Street in Boston and organized the first Masonic Lodge in North America. The first record of a military Lodge Warrant being issued in the new world happened during the French and Indian Wars. It was issued by the then Provincial Grand Master at Boston to the 28th British Foot in an expedition against the French at Crown Point. Edward Cornwallis became founder in December 1748, of a military Lodge in his regiment, the 20th. Foot, No. 63, on the registry of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The warrant was issued to Lord George Sackville, Lieut. Col. The Hon. Edward Cornwallis and Captain Milburne. When in 1759 this famous regiment gained new honors at the battle of Minden, that name was immediately adopted as the name of the lodge. Cornwallis’ second lodge was founded in Halifax early in 1750 or possibly earlier, under a “deputation” or dispensation from Major Erasmus James Philipps of the 40th. Regiment at Annapolis Royal, Provincial Grand Master for Nova Scotia under Henry Price of Boston. Of this lodge, known as the First Lodge, Cornwallis was the first Master. Cornwallis In October 1749, issued an order that came to be known as the Scalping Proclamation. His government would pay a bounty to anyone who killed a Mi’kmaq adult or child in a bid to drive them off mainland Nova Scotia.
Sir William Johnson, an agent for the British Indian Department met Joseph Brant, a 9-year-old Mohawk boy while doing a land deal with Joseph's father King Hendrick. Sir William eventually started a common-law relationship with Joseph's sister Molly giving him incredible power over her tribe. Johnson groomed young Joseph Brant to become a loyal warrior and eventually leader of the six nations tribe. At 13 years old Joseph accompanied Johnson on his first tour with the military. Missionary Samuel Occham, a student of Eleazar Wheelock (father of The Great Awakening) procured a 19-year-old Joseph Brant to attend Moore's Indian charity school in Lebanon Connecticut with the blessings and charity of William Johnson. Freemasons Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold had also donated money to Wheelock’s cause. William was the British Crown's first superintendent of Indian Affairs for the colony in 1756 and Joseph Brant was appointed as a captain in the Indian Department. Many Freemason colonists were high-ranking military who waged many wars on the Indigenous American population, scientists say so many Indigenous people were killed as a result of colonization it caused a mini ice age. After the North American wars, many Freemasons took positions as Indian agents helping to remove and segregate the native population. Anyone who wanted access to the six nations had to go through Indian agent Sir William Johnson and his family which includes the Brant family and the Kerr family through various marriages. At one point Johnson proposed that the moor's Indian Charity School move from Lebanon, Connecticut, to Johnstown but it never happened. Eventually, Johnson withdrew the support for Wheelock. In a letter Wheelock had suggested to Lord Dartmouth "The Nations will not make war with us while their Children, and especially the Children of their chiefs are with us” Dartmouth college claims that In 1766, Johnson was invited to join the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), the largest and most influential Anglican missionary society in the 18th-century British-Atlantic world. He began working to place Anglican missionaries like Freemason and bishop Charles Inglis, rather than Congregationalist and Presbyterian ones, among the Six Nations. I believe Moore's dubbed “the great design” was the original model for the Mohawk Institute and the Canadian residential school system.
On April 10, 1766 Sir William Johnson was raised to the position of Master Mason of St Patrick's Lodge No. 4 where many Freemason Indian agents like John Butler, Guy Johnson, Sir John Johnson, William Johnson Kerr, Christian Daniel Claus, Gilbert Tice, George Croghan and A protégé of Reverend Eleazar Wheelock, Rev. Samuel Kirkland attended. In 1770 Johnson's fellow St Patrick's lodge Freemason Rev. Samuel Kirkland coincidentally parted ways with Wheelock and Moors charity school. Eventually Kirkland founded the Hamilton-Oneida Academy as a boys' school in central New York. In 1776 Joseph Brant was initiated into the Freemason fraternity in London England where it is rumoured a benefactor of Moors charity school king George III gave Brant his masonic apron. When Brant returned to Canada he became affiliated with Lodge No. 11 at the Mohawk village on the Grand River, of which he was the first Worshipful Master, and later affiliated with Barton Lodge No. 10. Joseph Brant invited fellow Freemason and grandson of Eleazar Wheelock to be a minister to the Mohawk. To Joseph It was imperative that Freemason Rev. Davenport Phelps was made minister of the Mohawks, so he reminded the Bishop, through Sir John, of the pledge which the Archbishop of Canterbury had made to him in the presence of the King, that whenever the Indians, by the erection of a church, should be ready for religious instruction, he would do all in his power to supply their wants. A Freemason named Rev. Robert Addison helped make this happen. Mr Addison, a relative of William Johnson, had been minister to the Six Nations and Joseph Brant and Freemason John Norton were his translators. Freemason Reverend Davenport Phelps and Jarvis Wheelock, the brother of Eleazar, were invited to Canada and granted land by Freemason and founder of the family compact John Graves Simcoe, the man behind the Simcoe patent. Mrs Simcoe in her Diary says, “In April of the following year Mary Brant (sister of Freemason Joseph Brant and common-law wife of Freemason Indian agent Sir William Johnson) successfully prescribed a favourite Indian remedy, the root of sweet flag (acorus calamus), for Governor Simcoe, who had been extremely ill with a persistent cough. The medicine relieved his malady “in a very short time. This brought the Brant family and Simcoe family close together. Davenport Phelps became the Worshipful Master of The Barton Lodge under Freemason William Jarvis and he was the first chaplain at the Mohawk Chapel. Davenport was the leader of many Indian agents who were members of The Barton Lodge. I suspect Davenport's mission was to help with the so-called Indian problem.
Chief Joseph Brant has been accused on many occasions of selling off land for his own enrichment and in a lot of cases he sold land to Freemasons. He granted 999-year leases to many families, the Nelles, the Young’s, the families of Adam Young UE, his three sons, Lieutenant John Young (Indian department) UE, Sergeant Daniel Young UE, and Private Henry Young UE, along with Captain Henry William Nelles UE and his families (Rev. Abraham Nelles). Many of these Indian agents were members of The Barton Lodge. Both Captain Henry William Nelles UE and Adam Young UE, fourth great-grandfather of Robert Collins McBride UE, were also the first Freemasons to settle in Haldimand County. Freemasons Robert Kerr and Rev. Robert Addison, William Kennedy Smith, also had land there. "There were very few outright legal sales of our land; 90 per cent of the leased land has never been paid for or paid to Six Nations," according to a research document prepared by Six Nations. Many Freemasons were involved with the Simcoe patent and the Haldimand Proclamation. Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe stated that the Indians could not lease their land since British subjects could lease land only from British subjects. Freemason William Jarvis signed the Haldimand proclamation, Freemason Thomas Ridout surveyor-general was behind the Ridout survey, Freemason Sir Peregrine Maitland lieutenant governor informed them that they had no title to the northern part of the grant, Freemason John Butler acted as an agent of purchase on behalf of the government, Freemason chief John Brant) and Freemason Robert Johnson Kerr finally went to England to lobby on behalf of the Six Nations.
Freemasons King George IV, and King William IV, reigned from January 29 1820 to June 20 1837. The idea of residential school was brought forward by the Freemason Governor of Upper Canada, Sir Peregrine Maitland, within the context of a proposal he made in 1820 to the Colonial Office "for ameliorating the condition of the Indians in the neighbourhood of our settlements." Maitland's proposal contained most of the civilising concepts and techniques that would be adopted in the next three decades. The American Freemason, President Andrew Jackson succeeded in pushing the Indian Removal Act through the United States Congress in 1828 leading to the trail of tears. John Brant solicited help from the New England company to build the Mohawk institute, the first residential school in Canada. The mohawk institute operated from 1831 to June 27, 1970. John Brant appointed Rev. Abraham Nelles son of Freemason Robert Nelles as principal of the Mohawk Institute. Abraham after over 30 years was succeeded by Freemason Robert Ashton. Oronhyatekha aka Peter Martin was also a Freemason and played an important role in the development of the Mohawk Institute. The Arthur of the Historical sketch of the Barton Lodge, No. 6, G.R.C., A.F. and A.M., says “the name of Brother John Brant is connected with important events in the history of Canadian Masonry.” John Brant is responsible for the formation of at least 12 residential schools in Ontario, while Freemason Israel Powell the superintendent of Indian affairs in British Columbia Powell “was able to boast that the government had established seventeen Indian schools, one for each year in office.”. Powell sought to establish several boarding schools across the province and particularly pushed for creating a school in Kamloops to address communities in the province’s interior.The school opened in Kamloops in 1890 and became one of the largest residential schools operated by Indian Affairs. The Freemason Organisation is vicariously liable for all abuses in those residential schools.
In 1837 a Rebellion in Upper Canada was led by William Lyon Mackenzie, who was a fierce critic of Simcoe’s Family Compact, an elite clique of businessmen and many Freemasons. Mackenzie opposed a system of land grants that favored settlers from Britain. Many Freemasons such as William Botsford Jarvis and Sir Allen Napier Macnab who was Joint premier of the Province of Canada helped stop this rebellion. Sir Allen Macnab was succeeded by Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald as Joint Premier. This Rebellion of 1837, this triggered the 6th generation Freemason Lord Durham to write The Durham Report, he was appointed governor in chief of British North America. In his 1839 Report on the Affairs of British North America, he recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be united under a single Parliament, with responsible government. In 1863 a steamboat named the Brother Johnathan) carried smallpox from San Francisco to British Columbia killing 1/3rd of the Native population. Many Freemasons like Thomas Harris the first mayor of Victoria, Israel Wood Powell who served in the Victoria Rifle Volunteer Corps which was established to protect the colony from the indigenous population, Amor De Cosmos who was the extremely racist editor of The Daily British Colonist, and Ronald J. NcDonell clerk for magistrate Pemberton who forced The Nuu-chah-nulth to leave their camp, escorted by two gunboats. There are many many more who may have purposefully mishandled the smallpox epidemic of 1863. British freemason Edward Jenner created the life-saving smallpox vaccine but on the other hand Freemasons Jeffrey Amherst and Col Henry Bouquet have been accused of distributing smallpox contaminated blankets to their enemies.
As early as 1866 Israel W. Powell, with his colleague Amor De Cosmos, had proposed confederation with the Canadian colonies. Israel Wood Powell, Superintendent of Indian affairs also outlawed potlatching an indigenous ceremony In British Columbia. Following the Lord Durham’s report, Freemason Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon proposed The British North America Act, 1867 Under section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867, the federal government has exclusive legislative authority for "Indians, and Lands reserved for the Indians." Of the 36 Fathers of the Canadian confederation, 11 were Freemasons. One being Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald, He was named by the United Grand Lodge of England as their Grand Representative near to the Grand Lodge of Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald took a page from American Freemason Andrew Jackson's book by removing the Indigenous people from their land. He was proud that he was able to subdue the Indigenous people with less blood shed than his American brethren. One Of Macdonald's Legacies is the Canadian Pacific Railway which displaced many tribes across Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald's campaign promise in the 1870s was that he would have a railway built that would link the country from coast to coast. Freemasons Richard Marpole, Sir Sandford Fleming, Sir George J.A. Bury And the Chinese Freemasons of Vancouver and Alberta made Macdonald’s promise come true. As quickly as the railroad was laid Freemason lodges were erected. Louis Riel a Métis hero, led two resistance movements against the Government of Canada and its Freemason Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald. Riel sought to defend Métis rights and identity. The Wolseley expedition was a military force authorized by Sir John A. Macdonald to confront Louis Riel and had been dispatched to Red River under Freemason Colonel Garnet Joseph Wolseley. Another of Mcdonald's legacies is the North West Mounted Police. Macdonald established the N.W.M.P in 1873 which boasted 750 Freemason members in its time. He claimed that “it was intended to have a body of mounted rifles to protect the people from the chance of an Indian war.’’ Meanwhile, The Pacific Scandal, the first major post-Confederation political scandal in Canada, Sir John Macdonald and senior members of his Conservative Cabinet were accused of accepting election funds for the contract to build the C.P rail.
The near completion of the railway allowed troops from eastern Canada to quickly arrive in the territory causing Riel to surrender to Canadian forces. The NWMP barracks was where Louis Riel was detained after his arrest in 1885 for leading the North-West Rebellion. Many Freemasons were involved in the defeat of Louis Riel. The RCMP museum had a display of the noose which hung Riel. Macdonald said this about Riel "He shall die though every dog in Quebec barks in his favor." John A. Macdonald is also one of the fathers of the Canadian Indian act First passed in 1876. In 1879 Freemason Nicholas Flood Davin wrote the Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds, otherwise known as The Davin Report. An amendment to the Indian Act in 1894 under Freemason Prime Minister Sir Mackenzie Bowell, made attendance at day schools, industrial schools, or residential schools compulsory for First Nations children, resulting in over 100000 Indigenous children being forcefully removed from their families by Indian agents and the RCMP. From 1740 to 1896 The Mexican government's response to the various uprisings of the Yaqui tribe have been likened to genocide particularly under Freemason Porfirio Diaz. Due to slavery and massacre, the population of the Yaqui tribe in Mexico was reduced from 30,000 to 7,000 under Diaz's rule. One source estimates at least 20,000 out of these Yaquis were victims of state murders in Sonora. It was during this period of the conflict that the United States Army fought the last battle of the American Indian Wars, the final battle being the Wounded Knee Massacre December 29, 1890, and in the subsequent Drexel Mission Fight the next day. In recent history the statues of Freemason John A. Macdonald, Freemason Edward Cornwallis, Freemason George Washington, Freemason Lawrence Sullivan Ross, Freemason Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson have all been vandalized but no mention of their affiliation to the Freemasons in the news. We can't point fingers at the church or government without first confirming whether or not the accused are Freemasons. The Order of the Eastern Star, Job's Daughters, and Rainbow Girls are masonic fraternities for women such as the daughter, widow, wife, sister, or mother of a Master Mason. All masons will cry out that Freemasonry has nothing to do with what an individual member has done, yet they all praise these men and prop them up as heroes. Freemasons claim to have superior morality compared to the average person, that they are the most honorable men on the planet, yet they refuse to acknowledge their members role in the genocide of the Indigenous Americans.
You may believe Freemasons are irrelevant nowadays but that is far from true. Winston Churchill is regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century. Churchill was initiated into Studholme Lodge No. 1591 on 24 May 1901. He said of the Pashtun people “all who resist will be killed without quarter,” Pashtun territory was occupied by the British in 1848 and divided into two areas. Winston Churchill's policies caused a famine that claimed more than 3 million Indian lives during the The Bengal famine of 1943. President Harry Truman, known as one of the most dedicated men to have joined Masonry on the morning of August 6, 1945, ordered an American B-29 bomber to drop two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The two bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians. John Edgar Hoover, more commonly referred to as J. Edgar Hoover, was an American attorney and director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Hoover was raised on November 9th 1920 in Federal Lodge No. 1 in Washington D.C. In 1919 Hoover became the head of the Bureau of Investigation's (predecessor of the FBI) new General Intelligence Division. The division was also called the Radical Division because it was the task of the division to find radical elements in American society to monitor and disrupt their activities. The Duke of Kent was initiated as a Freemason in Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 in London on 16 December 1963. The Duke of Kent, is now UGLE’s longest-serving Grand Master. The Duke’s brother, Prince Michael of Kent, is also a Freemason and is Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex. On 6 March 1953, HRH Prince Philip progressed to the Second Degree of Freemasonry, before advancing to the Third Degree on 4 May 1953.
I encourage those who have been affected by the actions of Freemasons to begin a class action lawsuit against this organization in what ever country, state or province you live in and hold Freemasonry accountable for genocide. The first thing a Freemason will say when presented with this evidence is you don't know how masonry operates, that the lodge is not responsible for individual members actions. That is exactly what the Catholic church said before the Canadian Court of Appeal on July 28, 2020 had found the Archdiocese vicariously liable for abuses committed by a civilian employee. I witnessed countless people stand up against the Catholic Church for what they have done and the Pope came to Canada and apologized. Now it's time to turn your sight toward Freemasonry. You must understand that all Freemasons on the American contenent have greatly benefited from the genocide of Indigenous Americans.
“ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's acceptance of an inquiry's finding that Canada committed genocide against Indigenous people could have tremendous legal impact if a court ever weighs Ottawa's responsibility for crimes against humanity, experts say.”
"I didn't use the word genocide because it didn't come to mind but I described genocide," Pope Francis told reporters on the papal flight from Iqaluit to Rome on Friday.
“The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
President John F. Kennedy
“President Kennedy issued an Executive Order prohibiting use of facilities on military bases by groups not integrated. The result was to bar Masonic lodges from using the bases.” Masonic Parallels with History - A Chronology of General and Masonic History by Alphonse Cerza. themasonictrowel
Freemasonry in Nova Scotia
Freemasonry at the Two Sieges of Louisbourg 1745 and 1758
Freemasonry in Quebec
Sir William Johnson, the Brant family, the Kerr family and the British Indian Department
Mohawk Institute (Mush Hole)
The rebellion of 1837
Manitoba Freemasons
Saskatchewan Freemasons
North-West Rebellion
Provincial Premiers Alberta masons
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Smallpox epidemic of 1862
British Columbia Freemasons
Freemason Prime Ministers
American Freemasons and the genocide of the
Indigenous peoples.
Spanish Freemasons
Royal Freemasons
300 Years of Freemasonry Celebrated at Royal Albert Hall Global Event
Freemasonry according to Masons.
The Fourth Council of Toledo Canon 60 and Indian Residential Schools
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2023.03.21 18:10 Ishipcharacter I still wait for Mizuki's sister

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2023.03.21 17:44 yearz Shifting to a dumb draft strategy resulted in unprecedented success

Been playing fantasy for a couple of decades. One league in particular I've been in every year and is highly competitive. For over 15 years, I never won that league. I developed increasingly sophisticated draft rankings, involving the techniques such normalizing based on positional scarcity, expected games missed filled by replacement player stats, aggregating different sources pre-season projections, etc. Finally, a couple of years ago, I threw all out that out the window.
For the last two seasons, I've drafted almost entirely based on Yahoo ADP. In those two season, I've finished #2 and #1. It's a small sample, but also by far the best two year stretch I've had.
I think I was getting "too cute" with my drafts and trying to outsmart everyone, which was resulting in the opposite. Which goes to show, we all think we're the smartest fantasy manager in the room, but the wisdom of crowd effect is real, and something you might want to consider.
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2023.03.21 17:05 ArnauGames Finaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2023.03.21 16:38 Dude902 Modding MSX keycaps for modern cherry keyboard, Is it possible?

Hello. I am looking at fancy modern keycaps on Drop and enthusiast subreddits and I'm just not feeling it. Nothing against the cool Japanese lettering and whatnot, I'm a weeb, but I've been there, done that. I saw some vintage MSX machines with Arabic legends and I would love to be the only person using them on my fancy Keychron Q6, with expensive Zilents switches.
Some of the potential options I am looking at importing: IMO they all look pretty sick. There are others as well but not many fullsize.
It's part art project, part making a statement about my Egyptian heritage. And we all know it's gonna be a long, difficult journey if I want to see a good, high quality Arabic keycap groupbuy.
I've seen one or two videos and they're clearly not cherry stems (the + shape) as expected. The plan is to get a resin mold for cherry stems and making them. I have easy access to resin and a curing station and would get a mold off Amazon.
My concern is that they aren't the right dimension as I'd rather avoid too big/too small and having to sand them down or having weird gaps in between keys.

It's pretty expensive to import one of these from Egypt / Arab countries on Ebay to just try them out on a whim. The cheap ones are around $150-200, some are over $350. Honestly not bad when you compare to the cost of most of the keycap sets on groupbuys and artisan keycaps.
tl;dr: Does anyone know if vintage MSX keycaps are the right dimensions to fit a modern keyboard layout (assuming mods to make the stems attach properly)
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2023.03.21 16:26 elzibet Method of 360 Metrics overlay Video Editing for Wiki

This was previously written by another user, but someone reached out saying this had been deleted, so I wanted to repost with the info and re-link it to the wiki:

Metrics heavy 360 video workflow.
Content: This is the single stretch of road I turn my ebike's power up on, so I can go the speed limit and safely get in the left lane for my turn. The other 14 miles of my commute are dedicated lanes, MUPs (I always keep it under 10mph with the bike off) or clean wide shoulders designated as bike routes. I think I'm a rare use-case for ebikes, as far as I've seen, but would love to be proved wrong. I wear bibs and a HR monitor, and the e-bike is a great crutch on those days with crazy headwinds or terrible weather where I wouldn't normally ride. I use the bike in the lowest setting most of the time, (or off completely on the MUP), to turn the 60lb behemoth with 700x43s into a great feeling road bike, that has the power to make my 17% final climb home bearable. At home, I exercise on an indoor trainer with Zwift on my non-office days. I love cycling and hope e-bikes gain that wide-spread appeal they deserve, as long as people can be considerate on the MUPs and trails (that said, I've had people on road bikes fly by me at 25+ on the MUP I use).
This is turning your 360 video into a director's cut 16:9 video, pointing the camera where you want. Youtube supports 360 video, and it can be cool, but I prefer more control over what the end product looks like.
Camera: GoPro Max 360, Sandisk Extreme MicroSD. Make sure you get a real one (so probably not Amazon, even shipped and sold by Amazon, counterfeits get into the mix. GoPro does sell them directly, or a local store like Best Buy which will price match the artificially low [because of the fakes] price on Amazon). A fake one won't be fast enough for the 80mb/s video without dropping frames.
Settings: 5.7k 360, 29.97FPS, auto coloWB and low sharpness
Software: The GoPro apps for consumers are very basic. The only way to process video without learning what I did is to use GoPro Quik on a cellphone, which is relatively easy to use but not up to the quality I wanted. The tools I use, I swear were created for GoPro's ad team, because there's no documentation and they are hard to find.

  1. Copy the files to a PC with an SD card reader, and move them onto an SSD if you have one
  2. Use the GoPro Max Video Exporter to turn the .360 into a Cineform video. With an SSD this takes a few minutes, it's primarily a HDD intensive task, as the 8 minute long, 4GB (This is the camera's doing, no matter what format your SD card is, you get 4GB chunks because of FAT32) turns into a 50-60GB file. The other options in Max Exporter are 4k HEVC and H.264, but they use encoding profiles so low (like H264 level 2) that the quality is horrendous, in order to make it quick, and you can't change what the program sends to FFMPEG. This cineform .MOV can be played with GoPro's VR Player if you want to see the maximum quality right of the the gate. Don't have a VR headset plugged in when you launch GoPro VR Player though, or it'll turn it on and display the video there instead. (somehow the default .360 video isn't supported, even though you can play it in MPC-HC, albiet that program will see it as two video streams with no stitching, but good to make sure you have the right clip)
  3. With your files arranged, you'll need a video editing tool, the only programs GoPro has created their reframe plugin for is After Effects and Premiere Pro. I use Premiere. There is a way to do it for free in Davinci Resolve
  4. GoPro actually has a great video here on how to use the plugin keyframe your video with it. Basically, you get your sequence set up, and use the plugin as an effect on the video. This allows you to change where the camera is pointing in a 16:9 picture frame, including zooming, tilting, adjusting the fisheye effect, etc. It's pretty easy to learn from the video
  5. Export as an H.264 MP4. In reality, the quality at 1080p for your 16:9 output is fine, however I make it 4k to get more quality out of Youtube.
  6. Metrics: The easiest to use software for this is Garmin Virb, created for their Virb line of 360 cameras. I've never got it to sucessfully import HEVC video, hence the h.264 output from your video editor. The big other option is Dashware. For me, this is usually the longest leg of the process. If you've ever had to rely on GoPro's GPS data for precise tasks, I'm sure you're aware that the camera itself has no filters and will occasionally throw in crazy GPS coordinates and speeds if it starts to loose satellites. You have a lot of options to make your GPS, time, and HR data clean. This is the easiest method I've found:
    1. Don't rely on the GoPro if you can help it. I use Strava on my phone to record GPS, the Wahoo app to record HR, export them manually, and combine them with this tool: (consider donating if you can). I then upload it into Strava as a new activity, and download THAT GPX from Strava (Strava cleans it up automatically, but you can try the raw combined file from the website too. I've just had better luck with Strava's algorithm to clean up the files. It'd be great if Strava could record HR from a device or had a tool to combine a .fit output with your ride, but it doesn't). I import that into the Metrics section of Virb after you've started a new project and have your video file loaded up. Any other GPS recording app that exports a GPX can be used too.
    2. If you must rely on the GoPro, you're going to need a tool to strip the GPS data from the files. I use the paid version of this tool. (He also has an AE template available for purchase for metrics, but doesn't have one for HR or power data. I've never used it). If you have multiple segments, you'll get multiple GPX files, and the tool isn't smart enough to put the GPS data in order. So download all of them, upload them to the GPX website as before, and it'll sort it out as one long file, this is where you add your HR and power data from your .FIT). Then clean it up with a free tool like GPS Track Editor (for some reason my GoPro, while great 99.9% of the time in this video, had me teleport to the equator for 2 points and back)
  7. Export to your desired quality (size) from Virb. For me, I use the maximum quality, but that's about 1GB/minute. If you want more info on Virb, checkout u/elzibet's video here:
  8. If you upload to Youtube, you can upload your own thumbnail IF you verify your account with your phone number. There are plenty of simple websites that will make it the right size and have arrows, text, shapes, etc to use, like this one.

And that's all. I don't do this a lot, or for 'content', I'm just a cyclist with a camera. I hope this helps you.
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2023.03.21 16:24 Tachyonic_ New gigabit ISP option for us mountain dwellers

Hey everyone!
I've added a new ISP option to the boulder wiki for everyone who's west of Boulder and up in the mountains - This has been a project that's been in the works for quite some time, and we're finally launching and supporting gigabit/multigig service. Connectivity out here has generally limited to 5-15mbps on CenturyLink DSL, Starlink, or a handful of wireless companies running on 2.4ghz/5ghz. We're going to be focusing on expanding coverage to areas where demand is high and existing connectivity options are limited.

Edit: We'll bring service out to wherever the demand is, so please sign up if you're interested even if you're not in a coverage area. These maps are very approximate and will change significantly based on demand & planned site builds.
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2023.03.21 15:51 HarukaShimada Need help!!

I deleted the japanese version of Project Sekai by accident, and I don’t know how to recover my account ? If someone could help me I’ll be very grateful.
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2023.03.21 15:48 Noblesse311 Character Concepts [102]: YNS Chuda (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War)

Union of Yuktobanian Republics

Project 956 Sarych/Sovremenny-class Guided Missile Destroyer

In the Strangereal World…
The Sarych-class Guided Missile Destroyers \1]) were the brainchild of Yuktobanian Fleet Admiral Khristofor Braginsky \2]) under the purview of naval guns still retaining a role in amphibious landings, as well as a desire to replace earlier gun cruisers and destroyers such as the Varyag-class \3]) in the case of the former and the Skrytny-class \4]) for the latter. This new ship would be developed around the 130mm automatic gun in twin turrets, allowing her to fulfill her role as a support ship for amphibious assaults. As the Osean Maritime Defense Force was developing the Cavalier-class \5]) (and would later co-develop the Chivalry-class \6]) with the Independent State of Ugellas when the Cold War began in 1980 in one of the last cooperative agreements between Osea and a Usean nation until the late 2000’s), the ships would adopt a new air-defense and anti-ship suite, including the SS-N-22 “Sunburn” Anti-Ship Missiles, (which would later be adapted for use by Yuktobanian Su-33 “Flanker-D’s”) and SA-N-7 “Gadfly” Surface-to-Air Missiles.
YNS Chuda was the tenth Sarych-class laid down, when she was laid down on 30 December 1984 originally as YNS Gremyashchy at Okchabursk Shipyard, before being launched under her current name 23 November 1987. She was commissioned into the Yuktobanian Navy on 30 May 1988. Chuda’s early career would be dominated by the general tensions wrought by the Cold War between Yuktobania and the Osean Federation. In this capacity she would serve as a picket and air-defense ship attached to the Admiral Tsanev battlegroup, a role that she would spend the majority of her career in, largely operating in the waters of the Ceres Ocean, patrolling the seas and often times participating in shadowing Osean navy forces in the general area. These operations would be scaled down when Yuktobania declared for Osea and the allied powers in their war with the Belkan Federation in 1995, though no Yuktobanian Navy asset would take part in the Belkan War.
Chuda was among the many warships that would serve as escorts when Admiral Tsanev carried Yuktobanian Prime Minister Feodor Samanov for a symbolic meeting to the Republic of Sotoa for a meeting with Sotoan President Abulhassan Hoseini on 21 April 1996. This would be a part of later plans by both Samanov and his successor as Prime Minister, Sergei Viktorovich “Seryozha” Nikanor in pursuing peaceful relations following the tragic and self-inflicted nuclear strikes by Belka that ended the Belkan War as well as the subsequent end of the Cold War and the news of the impending threat of the Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid that was due to impact the Earth in three years’ time. It was in fact due to this knowledge that Chuda, along with many of her sister ships would receive a refit that allowed the ships to simulate a limited AEGIS capability, a feature that would be perfected with the later Admiral Tikhemenev-class Frigates \7]) used by Yuktobania and more infamously, by the Erusean Royal Navy. Chuda’s refit would be completed on 16 February 1998, with the ship being equipped with weapons to defend her battlegroup and Yuktobanian coastline from the threat of asteroid fragments.
These weapons would not be used however on the fateful day, 3 July 1999. Although Yuktobania would see itself subjected to a number of impacts from fragments of the Ulysses asteroid, they were too few, too isolated and far out of range of any of the converted Sarych-class ships to strike Yuktobania. In fact, Yuktobania comparatively suffered minimal damage compared to the devastation wrought upon the Usean Continent and the Socialist Federal Republic of Estovakia on the Anean Continent. The remainder of the year, and over the course of the next decade would see Chuda employed in humanitarian efforts all over the world, in response to the aftermath of Ulysses’ planetfall. She would also escort a number of transports delivering engineers and material in the construction of Basset Space Center in southwestern Osea, with the aim being to outfit their maneuvering space vehicle, the Arkbird with the tools to destroy the remaining fragments of the asteroid.
These operations for Chuda would end in early 2010, when the Admiral Tsanev battlegroup would withdraw back to Tiger Naval Port for exercises and preparations for what would become the start of a war of Osea. Though the war (which would become known as the Circum-Pacific War) would begin on 27 September, Chuda’s involvement in the early weeks were minimal, with the battlegroup remaining at port, in favor of supporting use of YNS Scinfaxi, a submersible aviation cruiser in the opening days of the conflict. The Tsanev battlegroup would largely remaining based at the Tiger Naval Port until news of the sinking of Scinfaxi reached Naval HQ, and the decision was made to move the ship north into the Fuscum Sea, largely away from combat operations, even as the Yuktobanian mainland was itself invaded by Osea on 1 November. The reasons for this move remains a topic of debate to this day, either stemming from a desire to have aircraft from the Admiral Tsanev to provide CAS and CAP operations in various hotspots where the Osean and Yuktobanian Armies were fighting, while others cite the possibility of the Commander of the Admiral Tsanev, Captain Afansy Kostroma to have had Belkan sympathies (with some even believing that he was secretly a Belkan, one of many who infiltrated the Yuktobanian government and military, though that claim has not been substantiated) and wanted to hold back the fleet until such a time to inflict maximum damage to Osean and Yuktobanian forces both. Whatever the case may be, Chuda would remain out of action for much of the conflict, only setting off from Leopard Naval Base on 15 December once Osean advances had been thoroughly stalled along the outskirts of Cinigrad and before reaching the city of Okchabursk.
On 1721 hours on 29 December 2010, The Admiral Tsanev battlegroup encountered a small Osean fleet in the Ceres Ocean. To Kostroma’s luck, the flagship of that fleet was the Hubert-class aircraft carrier OFS Kestrel, a ship that had managed to escape Yuktobanian attacks time and time again. Kostroma would order all ships to battlestations to engage this Osean fleet. It was then a most unexpected moment would occur that would change everything. Seryozha Nikanor, the Prime Minister of Yuktobania was aboard the Kestrel and implored his countrymen to cease this conflict for the sake of saving Yuktobania. These words fell on deaf ears for many of the ships, with Captain Kostroma even labeling Nikanor a traitor for having aligned himself with the Oseans. Many of the ships, but not all, as the captain of one of the ships in the battlegroup, the Burevestnik-class Guided Missile Frigate Pitomik would protest this order, citing his loyalty to the Prime Minister, Kostroma would respond by ordering his “loyal” ships to sink the Pitomik, hitting the ship with four shells, including a fatal hit to the bridge, killing its Captain, Mikhail Sablin and sinking the ship in 1722 hrs. This callous act, would compel the captain of another Sarych-class Destroyer, Gumrak, Aleksandr Ramius to defect to the Kestrel Fleet. Chuda’s captain, Konstantin Petrov, would join the Gumrak in the defection, alongside another Sarych-class, Dub. The three ships would elude Yuktobanian gun and missile fire along with aircraft from the Tsanev as it sought to close the distance and join the newly established Kestrel Fleet. This task would prove easier with the support of Kestrel’s airgroup, the Razgriz Air Command Squadron, which fought hard to defend the Kestrel’s fleet as well as the defecting Yuktobanian ships, while supporting efforts to rescue crew members from both the attacking Yuktobanian fleet as well as from Osea’s Barbet battlegroup that also attacked the Kestrel. In the end, the Kestrel fleet would survive the battle mostly unscathed. Chuda would later take part in the sinking of an Osean November City-class submarine, OFS Sudentor the following day, after the latter successfully struck the Kestrel with two Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles, sinking the venerated carrier.
Upon the cessation of hostilities on 31 December 2010, Chuda, alongside Gumrak and Dub would return to Tiger Naval Port for repairs and refits, and would spend much of the following year escorting Osean ships as they brought Army and Air Force units back home to Osea. Chuda would be decommissioned on 23 April 2016, and would be sold for scrap the following year.
\1]: Headcanon in-universe name for the Sovremenny-class DDG’s.)
\2]: The name Admiral Braginsky being a reference to a Russian Kara-class guided missile cruiser that appeared in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.)
\3]: Yuktobanian Sverdlov-class CL’s)
\4]: Yuktobanian Kotlin-class DD’s.)
\5]: Osean Spruance-class DDG’s)
\6]: Osean/Ugellan Hatakaze-class DDG’s)
\7]: Yuktobanian Admiral Gorshkov-class FFG’s)

Chuda is a Russian word meaning “marvel” or “wonder.”


Stat Spread:
As a guided missile destroyer, Chuda sports good firepower, higher than conventional destroyers (B), and a well off torpedo stat (A) and decent anti-aircraft stat (B), due to her OTL class role of an anti-ship and anti-air platform during the late-era Cold War. Her HP pool, reflecting Destroyers of that era, is largely comparable to Light Cruisers (B). Chuda’s speed is also fairly decent (B).


Chuda is a person who is cool as a cucumber and one who is often always close to Gumrak, often being led into trouble but is calm enough to know how to get her and her friends out. She’s teasing at times, often to her Osean counterparts, but she’s caring enough to aid those who need it.


Chuda is depicted as a girl in her late-teens with medium-back length snow white hair with a long braid at the side coming down to the front of her shoulder and ruby red eyes. Her attire is a white button-up coat with a red ascot that has yellow trim and a pin on her right chest that sports the Yuktobanian deer that serves as its national animal. A white skirt with blue trim at the base, white stockings and black shoes with grey at the base round out her attire. In addition, Chuda wears a pair of sunglasses on her face.
Chuda’s rigging is fairly straightforward, consisting of a split in the bow on each side of her body, and two plates of side armor serving as makeshift pauldrons, each of which carry a pair of quad missile launchers that carry the SS-N-22 “Sunburn” Anti-Ship Missiles. In her hands is a single twin turret AK-130 which she uses as a makeshift pistol. Her superstructure serves as a backpack of sorts, with her helipad in the back of it.

This ship was requested to me by u/All-Hands-112. I hope you like this design as I did making it.
My second Ace Combat 5 ship that featured exclusively in Mission 26 ladies and gentlemen, and in this case I've already made my thoughts known on that particular mission with Character Concept #96: OFS Barbet, as well as my thoughts on the game itself, so I'm not going to go into details here. But it is my first Ace Combat concept involving a Yuktobanian warship, aka what happens when Russia wasn't united by the Grand Duchy of Moscow but instead, united under the Principality of Nizhny Novgorod (and I'm not kidding, the reindeer emblem used by Yuktobania, while actually a reference to a car company from the titular city, also happens to be the coat of arms for said titular city). All in all, an interesting concept, and also by extension the first Russian design I made into a shipgirl in two years.
Last time, when I did PSS Wasp, I've announced that I was going to remake the concepts of Year 1 to post into AO3. Well I'm pleased to announce that the first of these has now been posted to that website, my first concept, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, which I will link here. I won't be announcing these on Reddit on a regular basis as I want to focus on continue the upcoming concepts, but if you are interested, those updated CC's will be found on my list of ships, as well as the original Google Docs that I used to write these up for posting.
As always, if you want to suggest a ship or retrofit in the future, please leave it in the comments below, you can also reach me via DM's to make your suggestions as well. Next time we will beginning the next theming operation, Codename: Weissenburg after the battle in the Franco-Prussian War. This theme will showcase the German battlecruiser line from World of Warships. Starting off we will be taking a look at Tier III German Battlecruiser, and Germany's first ever battlecruiser, the Bavarian Knight herself, SMS Von der Tann.
Link to the list of ships
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2023.03.21 15:00 AutoModerator Mid-week Worship Service Examination (Mar 21 - Mar 23, 2023)

This discussion thread is for the midweek worship service. For those helping out with the Seven Deadly Themesproject, please post what the lesson was mainly about so we can log the topics the Administration preaches for each service. Any bit helps, so long it's accurate and honest. You can find the current listing here. Thank you for the support!
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2023.03.21 14:35 kKMidgardKk #1: Heatblast

#1: Heatblast
I start.
Species: Pyronite Homeworld: Pyros Powers: Pyrokinesis, Fireball Generation, Fire Bomb Generation, Fire Absorption, Pyrokinetic Flight, Pyrokinetic Surfing, Fire/Heat Amplification, Fire Transportation, Fire Dagger, Fire Spear, Fire Tornado Generation, Fire Disks, Pyrokinetic Touch, Flame-Enhanced Punches, Terrakinesis, Fire Cutting, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strenght, Enhanced Acrobatics, Enhanced Jump, Underwater Survivavility, Enhanced Reflexes, Smoke Immunity/Generation, Underwater Heat Creation, Ice/Fire/Heat Resistance, Fire Breath, Light Generation, Pyrotechnic Projection, Fire Spit. User: Prime Ben
Source: Ben 10 Wiki
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2023.03.21 14:31 ToxicHolyGrenade AngryJoeShow's Hypocrisy and Demagoguery + Social Media is Dangerous

Before this rant starts, I have to first bring up these five videos of his to give you an idea of what I am about to describe, as well as the appropriate timestamps saved.
While I do agree with some of the things Angry Joe/Joe Vargas says, especially here that EA and NBA had been doing greedy practices to exploit children and make bigger profits, he is still being hypocritical in certain areas, like calling out the entire sports game community for simply buying the game and paying for microtransactions, when he DOES THE SAME THING HIMSELF.
I know for a fact that he paid for micropayments in DC Legends himself, and also bought the game, while he disallows people to buy it. I really despise the idea of reviewers disallowing others to buy subpar products and certain other things they are reviewing, whilst they do the same thing. This is blatant hypocrisy, whilst Joe Lopez/Other Joe, and Alex, are no exception to that either. I may still respect those guys, but that doesn't mean that I am not above still calling each of them out when they screw up.
Another point that I need to bring up, is that customers purchasing products of subpar quality, is something that is inevitable, there's nothing you can do about it. Besides the point, Not everybody is going to catch wind of what was said in terms of this situation if disallowing them.
The Rageaholic, who is well known to be a heavy metal music artist coverage channel, had made a single rant regarding Angry Joe.
I took some digging in Angry Joe's response to the video itself of all the replies other people sent to him in there, and some which I found noteworthy.
gingersleep: Joe likes Anita Sarkessian and thinks she's a victim. The cult Joe belongs to is the killer of video games. Gamers shouldn't listen to you. Like trying to cure cancer by donating to a cigarette company. I don't like the word toxic, but it is a word with a meaning an anti-gamergaters are it. Gamergate is over but it's not forgotten and you're not forgiven.
Here is a link to why Anita is not technically innocent.
DARK the noble: "I don't think you've actually done any research on anything whatsoever joe. Honestly, it kinda reminds me of how you insulted me and the rest of your audience over historical concerns that would have literally spent the company less than $20 to fix with but few lines of code. And no before you decide to try to project or go on a huge fucking rant on a false assumption that I just want it deleted. Most people would have still bought the game if they were simply given the option to turn off your forced unhistorical far left features that were in battlefield V. Honestly I kinda found myself quite a bit flabbergasted when it happened because at the time things were mostly political about your channel. It's one thing to like those forced features but committing career suicide and throwing your fans under the fucking bus? Can you really blame me for unsubscribing? Can you really blame me for this being the last time I even heard your name in such a long ass time? I can't, are you going, to be honest enough with yourself to be able not blame others for your own actions?
As for politics, have you ever thought about stopping and thinking for yourself joe? You remind me a lot of that Canadian chick in Quebec I know that would always have articles, data, and surveys backing up all her wild outlandish claims. Even though If you actually read them, you'd realize on stuff like her delicate precious survey on why the USA isn't the freest nation in the world was completely full of shit, because A) it didn't disclose what they were scoring those places on, and B) it was labeling places like Hong Kong that weren't even countries. Do you not think that maybe behavior like yours is why people no longer want to go to college anymore? Do you not think that maybe seeing so many college-educated people being stuck at dead-end fast-food jobs, or other low skilled labor-areas of the economy in over $200,000 might be a bit of a serious problem that society as a whole should look into? Instead of being like you and just demonizing everyone claiming they're uneducated. You run low budget YouTube channel with editing software that isn't exactly rocket science, do you really think that needs a fancy college degree? Did any of you people that claim anyone that didn't go to fucking college is an uneducated moron actually pay attention in high school because you people seem to underestimate what the average high school graduate can do quite often. Maybe we wouldn't be at a point in this countries history where everyone was wanting each other dead, if we all just stopped to look at things from the other perspective, and be a bit more realistically open-minded about our surroundings.
I don't know if this pandemic is going to be the thing that causes this cold civil war were in to start getting a little shooty, or if it's because of all the extra authoritarian laws that people are trying to sneak past congress, thinking the public won't notice because we're in a crisis. I'm heading to bed now, because I have to keep societies lights on, as an essential employee, and continue being a productive member of society."
These replies pretty much sums up how I think of Angry Joe in simultaneously liking and disliking him.
He's also a vile, arrogant bully, a sick, dangerous demagogue, a hypocrite, and a fake outrage monger that misleads his own audience to believe that the regressive left (which is 100% true in their definition and word usage), as well as the fake outrage mobs, as "social justice warriors" (SJWs) when in reality, it was a term that was warped and distorted by another certain demagogue into believing that's what they are, when really, they are actually called either the regressive left, or in an alternate and more general case, fake outrage mobs.
He really needs to drop this sort of agenda online, repair his reputation from going downhill, and stop being a belligerent di** to almost everyone when they try to oppose whatever controversial stuff you do and say. Do that, and you will risk souring your reputation. Simple as that.
There is yet another point I need to bring up in regards to social media as a whole, (especially media in general in some areas). While social media sounds good on paper, at least admittedly, the way it was worked on wasn't even thoroughly thought through, and while there are some rules that are against moral wrongsies and in general bad behavior, there is not even that many of them to ensure that the social media sites are much safer. In the same vein as reality TV, like the infamous Jeremy Kyle Show, is a breeding ground of lies, deceit, demagoguery, bigotry, hypocrisy, modern-day pillory, voyeuristic enjoyment of in real life (IRL) dramas, disrespect, toxic cynicism, and the list goes on and on. This is why I firmly believe that social media is an absolute embarrassment of a social experiment, more so than reality television.
And there is another video that entails how bad and dangerous social media has become. There is also a video that Jaron Lanier had created, where he plans to fix social media platforms with Data Dignity. Here are the two videos that I have mentioned right now, one about why social media distorts society and among other things, and one that Jaron Lanier made. This is why I am advocating Jaron in the present day.
Now I am not saying that social media has zero purpose, because they are indeed useful in the sense of creating content, communicating with your well-trusted friends, and having a platform to voice opinions. But there does need to some certain lines that should not be crossed.
Rant over.
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2023.03.21 14:17 yudhishthiraD JMDict - How to get dictionary form of verb from conjugated form?

I am writing a Python program to automatically build Anki card backs, which takes in words copy pasted from a sentence and searches them into a dictionary.
However, I want to convert conjugated verbs back into dictionary form first before searching. For example, "引き受けさせられて" is converted to "引き受ける".
Online Japanese dictionaries can (mostly) do this:
引き受ける, 引受ける, 引きうける, 引受る, ひきうける Conjugated: 引き受けさせられて does not get it completely correct:
引き受けさせられて could be an inflection of 引き受けする, with these forms: Te-form. It is a connective form of the verb. 
The mobile app Midori is also able to return a result for "引き受ける".

I have tried to just scrape the output from these websites but it is way too slow (almost 2 seconds per query), so I would like to do this offline.
All of these dictionaries use the JMdict, Kanjidic2, JMnedict and Radkfile dictionary files. How are they able to get the dictionary form verb like this?
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2023.03.21 14:00 AutoModerator [Daily Discussion] Brainstorming- March 21, 2023

Welcome to our daily discussion thread!
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2023.03.21 13:50 dapeche [OPEN DISCUSSION] Weekly thread

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As a growing community we find ourselves having to limit the posts that may be off-topic to the primary purpose of the sub of 1) home improvement questions and 2) sharing of completed projects. These topics include home warranty companies, household tips, general painting advice, room layouts, or rants about companies, contractors, and previous owners. While these may be of interest, we are trying hard to provide a venue that will both allow, and constrain, the conversation. Again, the main goal here is to help homeowners with their homes. Thus, this thread. Thank you for participating.
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2023.03.21 13:42 onko342 Project Sekai Ship Wars Ship Formation Stage Round 6: Meiko and Ena have been shipped! Since Ena and Mizuki got the same number of votes, the random number generator has decided for you. Choose 2 characters and the top 2 will be shipped!

Project Sekai Ship Wars Ship Formation Stage Round 6: Meiko and Ena have been shipped! Since Ena and Mizuki got the same number of votes, the random number generator has decided for you. Choose 2 characters and the top 2 will be shipped! submitted by onko342 to ProjectSekai [link] [comments]