Calories in a double stuff oreo

1500 kCals A Day!

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2011.09.23 05:29 binary_jester The fun side of MFP

This community is geared to discussions about the MyFitnessPal (MFP for short) platform, including the app for Android and iOS and website. # DISCLAIMER We are not healthcare professionals and you should speak with your healthcare team about nutrition and exercise goals and concerns. What we can try to offer here is assistance with how the MFP platform can be used, in support of your goals.

2010.09.19 17:44 betelgeux Wicked_edge - reddit's straight razor and double edge shaving community

Wetshaving - isn't all shaving wet? Kinda. Wetshaving is how barbers used to get the ultrasmooth shave of legends. The secret isn't more blades and more canned goo but a single wicked edge. Shaving is 50+ days of a woman's life and 85+ for a man's. Do you want to spend that time hating or enjoying what you are doing? The better way is wetshaving, come and see what "they" didn't want you to know.

2023.03.21 21:45 Practical-Reindeer44 $BORZ update big partnering and cex listings in the making I told everyone at 12k mc to ape now sitting at 150k CG CMC applied $BORZ update big partnering and vex listings in the making I told everyone at 12k mc to ape now sitting at 150k CG CMC applied

This past 24 hours has been a remarkable one for $Borz to say the least we’ve managed to double our all time high
Ladies & gentlemen, it is our pleasure to announce that $BORZ will be launched on the Grove Chain!
We've started Phase 2 early & strong now that we've shaken out all the paper hands.
We're biting the moon this year, this is just the beginning of the Borzoi Inu prophecy. We’ve released the first AI generated comic book : Wolfgang the Borzoi comic book #1
We’ve got Twitter buzzing and are trending on CMC top gainer
We've partnered up with SmoothieFinance! You can now trade $BORZ with up to 10x leverage on their platform! 🌕🐺
They're old project has won the BNB Accelerator, however their new contract has not been audited yet, always DYOR
More details & listings will follow up! Stay tuned & may the snout be ever in your favor!
960M max supply
257 holders ($BORZOI INU ARMY)
153K MC
Doxxed and Based Dev
Contract: 0x08DA9EB6147694e671A455d946A620A70d721EaE
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2023.03.21 21:44 Fifteen_inches Feeding the Imperium: the wonder of Corpse-starch

Corpse-Starch is a well know staple of the Imperium, feeding hives and soldiers alike. But what do we know about it and how does it work? Let’s go into a deep dive into what Corpse-Starch needs to be to fuel the calories of the Imperium.
Corpses, naturally, are a byproduct of human settlements, and therefore corpses need to be disposed of. Not only do people produce corpses, they also produce poop, urine, and food waste. All of these things need to be dealt with speedily less the Hive comes to a grinding halt under plagues and compromised water sources. This is where His Majesty sanitation guilds come in, fighting the fight on the home front to keep the imperial war machine running. While it varies from planet to planet the sanitation guilds are always divided by their responsibilities; Corpse guilds collect bodies, trash collectors collect physical organic trash and plumbers (technicians, artisans, and mechanicus laymen) deal with the black and grey waste water.
The corpse guild, most famous on Necromunda, are the first processors of human meats. Because humans are not natural cannibals some parts of the human body are inedible; particularly the head and spine which house the central nervous system. Prion disease can turn a perfectly edible batch of corpse starch into poison, so heads and spines go for extra processing. The edible meats are sent to protein processing plants were, along with livestock and other dead animals, are minced, dried, and pressed into meat cubes.
The collectors of organic waste take on the responsibility of turning the inedible waste of the hive into nutritious feed for the Emperor’s servants. Firstly all the collected organic matter is shedded and fed to omnivorous livestock. This includes the leftovers from the corpse guild. Whatever is too putrid for the local hive livestock gets pushed into compost silos, where bacteria and bugs farther digest the matter into sludge-fertilizer. This sludge-fertilizer is then fed into vats of algae. These cats serve multiple purposes we will get to later.
The last and most deceptively simple of the sanitation workers are the plumbers who carry the the black water sewage (pee and poop) to the water treatment plants. Anything solid is broken up by grinders and the waste water is then left to be processed by the emperor blessed bacteria who solidify the waste into sludge-fertilizers. The water goes through this process multiple times before being pumped back into the Hive’s water system as clean water.
The all important Algae vats are the source of the one the most taken for granted resources: oxygen. These vats make up the Starch of corpse starch but also double as vast oxygen factories making it the clearest to fresh air you can get in a hive. The harvested algae is then formed into solid plant cubes.
The meat cubes and plant cubes are then processed into ration bars, feeding the loyal servants of the imperium in a nearly completely recycled system.
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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2023.03.21 21:44 phantomroguegalaxy 23 f Yearning for that friendship spark

Significant note: Please only message me if you're 21+ years old and from the U.S ONLY (due to the difference in timezones past 3 hours (PST) and I would like to hopefully meet up one day) no minors. I'm not interested in NSFW, drugs, or alcohol either so please don't contact me if you like those things
If you don't know what I'm talking about based off of the title, it's basically when you meet someone and everything just seems to align. Your values, morals, interests, etc are shared and you both share the same excitement to consistently chat with one another throughout your days and night everyday! It also means that things don't feel forced and the conversations just flow naturally instead of the other person ruining things by constantly saying 'so what do you want to talk about?'. I want us to both be our truest selves, no need to hide who we are. Plus what's the point of trying to cultivate a friendship with someone online just to turn around and be a fake? I've also grown tired of the types of people who send me messages. People who are super vague and don't really go in depth, people who are low effort and just tell me they liked my post, or people who can't say more than a 'hi'. I want to talk to people who actually read these friendship posts instead of skimming or not even reading them at all. What happened to all the people who had personality and a fun energy to them? And why do you think some of us put so much time and energy into writing these things? I sure as heck don't do it for nothing. I absolutely don't expect to find the right person or people right away but I expect to at least be met with a few people who share my plight
My availability is super open! I'm basically able to chat all throughout the day and I love sending and receiving long, thought out messages. I absolutely deplore small talk and refuse to have it with you. If you engage in it with me don't be surprised if you never hear back again. I love deep and meaningful conversations, but I'm also not opposed to having random chats as well! Heck, if you're going through stuff I'm more than happy to listen and give you advice. But please understand we don't know each other all that well and I'd rather not be used solely as an emotional punching bag. We are all humans here (I hope). Plus I'd really like more positive, supportive, and uplifting friendships honestly. I'd also like to say I usually mirror the other person I'm talking to so what you give me is what you will receive back!
When I'm not on reddit, I'm usually irl binging the hell out of YouTube, Amazon prime, or random sites I find because Netflix doesn't have the shows or movies I desire to watch. Life hasn't been the best without new music, that's for sure. Spotify seems to be getting worse and worse the more I use it. Constantly they are recommending shit that doesn't at all fit with what I am looking for and I still haven't found anyone cool who matches my music taste. I'm into a wide variety of stuff ranging from 80s-00s, alternative, post hardcore, punk, pop punk, rock, indie, synthwave, some goth, and plenty more. I'm not really interested in sharing playlists but instead actually listening to music together on (like a group sharing or something? Can't remember what it's called) would be nice to have for a change. I'm also a bit of a gamer but haven't been playing much lately. I have a modded ps vita, a PS4 I share with my bf, and a computer. I am not looking for gaming friends but if you'd be open to playing a lesser known battle royal with me let me know! I never get to play due to the fact I have no one to play with. I also love reading comics, fiction, manga, going to bookstores, arcades, shopping (online and real life), thrifting, collecting too many cute plushies (as seen on my profile), taking nature pictures, always eating too many sweets, and tons of other things you'll get to know about me once we talk more
If this sounds like a friendship you'd like to be a part of, feel free to send me a message! All that I ask is that you read this post and possibly any other post on my profile if you wanted to know more about my interests. As well as put some freaking effort into your responses. I can't do anything with responses that are low effort! See ya soon :)
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2023.03.21 21:44 Monsieur_Stray Anyone else getting "bird" errors?

It seems to only happen when I'm running a void subclass and have lots of volatile stuff going about. Happened to me in gambit and now in battlegrounds. I thought it was VPN related but it's not, at least for me.
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2023.03.21 21:43 ComplexUniversity396 Need new hobby ideas to stray away from borderline binge eating when I am stressed.

I have noticed for the past two weeks when I’m stressed I come home and by the end of the day I’ve eaten 2500-3000 calories, when I normally eat 1300-1500. At first it was once in a while, now it’s every other day.
I’ve been 365lbs for the better portion of my adult life. About 15 years ago I lost 150 lbs from 380, I kept it off for a long time, but when my habits slipped it crept up quickly.
I do great at work. I have a light lunch. A healthy breakfast (usually eggs and avocado) and I choose fruits for snacks (sometimes a few crackers if I’m feeling nauseated. I’m prone to nausea with headaches and I get them a lot).
After a stressful day I come home and just eat crap. When I snack after work I usually skip dinner or just have something very small.
I need different ways to manage my stress, or a new hobby :( any ideas? (Note I am active. I go for walks and I am a just dance junkie)
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2023.03.21 21:43 One-Ranger-7780 I have a crush on this guy and I think he likes me too? - how do I show I’m more interested (F17)

I’ve liked this guy since…I think January? And I didn’t think he would like me at all, but more recently I’m noticing signs that he might like me as well.
Firstly, he always tries to get close to me, at break and lunchtimes and always comes to talk to me first.
He usually grabs a chair and pulls it right next to me, leading to some indirect touch (do you get me?) - though he might just want to see what I’m doing on my computer cause I do the yearbook. And it’s Interesting(🤷‍♀️)
He asked a week ago if I wanted to see a school play w him since our friends were in it. That was really sweet - I had a lot of fun w him and got a good vibe when we were hanging out.
He’s really supportive of me, telling me not to stress myself out as much (and saying that I’m really good at my role within school) But he’s also quite protective (?i think that’s the word?) - when I needed to have a serious convo w a teacher he offered to come with me and support. I know it’s small but no one’s really done that before. He’s also really helpful on all of the projects I do and doing favours for me. He also showed me his chat bot that he programmed (or enhanced programme idk y really know about this stuff haha) - I know doesn’t mean much but he showed me something he was passionate about :)) In my opinion I do think he likes me in some way. I really really really want him to ask me out though - I will do it - but having him ask me out would be a dream… Does anyone have any tips on how to show that I’m more interested?
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2023.03.21 21:43 tori729 Life-changing and letdowns - additional items to make your reselling easier... or not so much?

What items have helped your reselling business and what items have not?
I mostly resell on eBay, so mine have to do with shipping:
A scale but of course that seems like a no-brainer for me; I've always had a postal scale. But if you are used to bulk shipping sites like Poshmark where you don't have to weigh your stuff, it might be something you aren't used to having. Anyway, use mine ALL the time.
Another thing that I really didn't realize how much I "needed" was a label printer. I always thought they were really expensive to buy and use but my friend who sells as well and hadn't even been selling as long as I had, had one and talked about how they aren't too expensive and they are really great. I don't know why I waited so long - saves SO much time, printer ink, and tape!
A box sizer. Don't get me wrong, it *does* help but it's not as life-changing as I thought it would be and as others hyped it up to be. I thought it would actually cut my boxes as well and it doesn't. It just perforates each side at the same spot so you can resize your box. It *does* come in handy, but just not as much as I might have thought.
A tape dispenser. This is my latest expense and either I got a bad quality one or I just suck at using it. I feel like I end up using more tape, it's not straight, it doesn't stay down, the box isn't tightly closed, etc. Mine also is hard to break the tape, hence using more because it just keeps on going. Anyway, not as amazing as I thought.

I would love to hear YOUR Life-changing and letdowns!
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2023.03.21 21:42 flavorfulmango dont know what to do about my cheating boyfriend (M240 and this other guy I just met (M23)

My boyfriend (M24) emotionally cheated on me (F20) last month. The girls he was cheating with came together and messaged me on instagram showing me screenshots of what he was saying and sending to them, basically a bunch of sexting and weird stuff.
I was sooo in love with my boyfriend that this absolutely crushed me. I didn't talk to him for a few days, but since this happened I forgave him. He wrote me a letter, brought me flowers, and is really doing everything possible to win me back. I know he loves me more than anything.
But this week at the gym, this attractive guy came up to me and got my number (M23). I already felt guilty giving it out, but I justified it because of what just happened with my boyfriend. But now we are planning on going on a date. I'm nervous because even though I don't know much about him, I feel like we have a lot of potential to really get along. The problem is, I'm still with my boyfriend. I didn't break up with him after he cheated on me because I wanted to give him another chance. But I haven't been able to stop thinking about what he said to the other girls, and now there's a new guy in the picture.
I have no idea what to do. I want to date this other guy and see what he's about because part of me is looking for someone who would never hurt me like my boyfriend did. But at the same time, I want to stay with my boyfriend because he's my first love and the only guy to truly go out of his way every single day to show me and tell me how much he cares about me. No one else has ever made me feel as cared for as him. But if I want to date this other guy, I need to break up with my boyfriend.
I don't want to break it off with my boyfriend because I'm so close with him and his family and he loves me more than anything, and he only emotionally cheated (to the best of my knowledge, but I believe him). But I want to give this other guy a chance. But what if this other guy doesn't end up loving me as much? I need to end things with my boyfriend before I go on this date because I don't want to be just as bad as my boyfriend and cheat on him. But I feel so stuck.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.21 21:42 MDuncan1182 Reminder: mealprepsunday isn't just about cooking everything on sundsy

Personally I'm not the biggest fan of reheated meals and neither is my partner. So we use Sunday to plan, purchase and organize all the meals we intend to eat during the week.
Most of the time people just struggle with impulsive eating. Just grabbing a quick unhealthy thing or running through a drive through when you feel you're short on time.
But when you preplan your meals and decide ahead of time what you're going to be eating when you don't need to spend the entire Sunday cooking it all. Just set it up for yourself to be ready when its time to eat and enjoy fresh made home foods. Today I simply made an omelet and had a glass of milk for breakfast. And including eating and clean up I was done in under 20mins. Less time than running out to grab food and coming back to stuff my face.
TLDR: meal prepping is more about reducing bad eating habits than it is cooking everything on one day and eating homemade TV dinners all week.
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2023.03.21 21:42 cardiac_thump [WTS] Therm-a-rest NeoAir Uberlite sleeping pad, Small, 165 g, $165
Item: Therm-a-rest NeoAir Uberlite, Small Price including shipping: $165 Weight of pad: 165 g Weight of pad with stuff sack: 172 g Weight of pad with stuff sack and air sack: 225 g
Description: Nearly new sleeping pad with no issues. I used it for two nights before realizing that my broad shoulders does not exactly fit on there well. Plan on getting the same pad in larger. MSRP: $199.95 Website of product:
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2023.03.21 21:42 flavorfulmango dont know what to do about my cheating boyfriend (M24) and this other guy (M23) I just met (I'm F20)

My boyfriend (M24) emotionally cheated on me (F20) last month. The girls he was cheating with came together and messaged me on instagram showing me screenshots of what he was saying and sending to them, basically a bunch of sexting and weird stuff.
I was sooo in love with my boyfriend that this absolutely crushed me. I didn't talk to him for a few days, but since this happened I forgave him. He wrote me a letter, brought me flowers, and is really doing everything possible to win me back. I know he loves me more than anything.
But this week at the gym, this attractive guy came up to me and got my number (M23). I already felt guilty giving it out, but I justified it because of what just happened with my boyfriend. But now we are planning on going on a date. I'm nervous because even though I don't know much about him, I feel like we have a lot of potential to really get along. The problem is, I'm still with my boyfriend. I didn't break up with him after he cheated on me because I wanted to give him another chance. But I haven't been able to stop thinking about what he said to the other girls, and now there's a new guy in the picture.
I have no idea what to do. I want to date this other guy and see what he's about because part of me is looking for someone who would never hurt me like my boyfriend did. But at the same time, I want to stay with my boyfriend because he's my first love and the only guy to truly go out of his way every single day to show me and tell me how much he cares about me. No one else has ever made me feel as cared for as him. But if I want to date this other guy, I need to break up with my boyfriend.
I don't want to break it off with my boyfriend because I'm so close with him and his family and he loves me more than anything, and he only emotionally cheated (to the best of my knowledge, but I believe him). But I want to give this other guy a chance. But what if this other guy doesn't end up loving me as much? I need to end things with my boyfriend before I go on this date because I don't want to be just as bad as my boyfriend and cheat on him. But I feel so stuck.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.21 21:42 imscared66488 Is it really safe for me to use adhd meds?

I want to start off saying that im not too good at english and i have ADHD/Aspergers so my writing might be off I started taking adhd meds (Ritalin)around 5 months ago and i actually started feeling like myself, i became more social, smart, focused and happy but the problem was i never upped my dosage from 5mg 1-2 because i was too scared off my raynaud's, im already extremely vulnerable to cold and even in mild weathers i have to wear very thick or else i tremble uncontrollably and i feel like i'm freezing up, then whenever i took ritalin i would feel a sharp and short pain in various parts of my body and my veins generally around my head and extremities would bulge continously even when i took only took half a dosage. Because of this i started taking ritalin only when i had an important lesson/study to do, i would sometimes take 3 half dosage a day and sometimes i would take none for days, i was scared because i was unsure if it was serious side-effect, after taking ritalin like this for several months i tried to take a full ritalin and it was worrying, i had red-white spots all over my hands (i think they are called bier spots?), my raynaud's was going wild and my veins were bulging nonstop. All of these side-effects are bearable but i'm really paranoid that it can leave permanent damage on my body or brain because of a potential blood flow restriction.
In the span of 5 months i went to psychiatrist only 2 times because it cost too much and my parents cant afford the session price easily first one told me to take risperdal because i was too anxious while ignoring the things i said about the side-effects i was experincing. After switching to another physchiatrist second one didn't even talk much about ADHD and focused on my social relationships with others and other useless stuff, in the end he described me concerta and told me to take it at 9AM everyday which then i asked if i could take ritalin around 8 PM because concerta lasts for 10-12 hours and i study until 12 PM. They told me Concerta lasts for 24 hours so i didn't need to do that... you can literally search it in 1 second to find that its not
I used Concerta 18mg for the past two days and i can feel my veins bulging even after concerta wears out
TLDR: What im trying to get is the psychiatrist went to are not so experienced at ADHD meds, and with the start of using concerta my veins bulge nonstop and my muscles twitch randomly, i stopped using my meds because im scared of the side-effects but i feel useless without them, if anyone knows if it is safe to use them or the side-effects can be solved by using another medicine like blood pressure pills please tell me i really want to use this drug but im scared of the side-effects
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2023.03.21 21:42 FeeAffectionate2330 My (42M) girlfriend (43F) blew up at me this morning and I'm kind of at a loss

This is my first post here so if I screw something up please let me know. I (42M) have been seeing this woman (43F) for about 6 weeks now. We have a lot in common and everything has been good. Really good actually. Great chemistry, both divorced, same sense of humor, similar incomes, similar dating history, our kids within the same age range... Basically if i could write up what I wanted in a partner and create it, she would pop out. Here's where things started to get weird, I think. Last week we were having dinner at a restaurant and finances came up. She asked me how I could always afford to go out. I laughed and said going out a couple times a month isn't always going out. She seemed a bit annoyed at my response and explained that even though we make the same amount of money I seem more comfortable and she didn't understand how since she receives child support and I pay child support. I explained to her I go out of my way to keep expenses down is all and if I feel like I'm running short I just rack up some OT at work. That seemed to click for her. When we got back to her place the conversation started again. In the process of talking about finances again she said she doesn't understand how I can pay over 2k a month for rent and still afford what I do. I laughed and said I don't pay 2k for rent. When I saw the look on her face I stopped laughing and said wait do you pay 2k for rent? Now her place is nice, really nice, but it's not 2k a month nice. She said with all her bills it cost her about 2500 a month. This made a lot of things click for me since for as nice as her apartment is, it's really empty. I told her with all my bills I pay about 800 a month. She was PISSED. I told her that's why I lived 45min outside of town. Rent was cheap. Bills were cheap. Gas sucks, but what can you do? She wasn't having it. We had our first "fight" and she asked me to leave. In the past week, she called to apologize and everything has gone back to normal. Last night was the first night she spent the night at my place. Holy crap... My place is not nice. Let me rephrase that, the place is not nice from the outside. There's no pool, no off street parking, etc. The inside though, I think is damn nice. When she got there the look on her face was disgust, when she got inside, she seemed angry. We had dinner and finances came up. Again. I decided to take a different angle and tried to explain to her the difference between cash poor vs cash rich. Yes her place was nicer, but she couldn't afford anything extra living there. My place is much jankier, but I can afford nice things living there. She seemed to settle down and the night went back to normal. This morning though things went off the rails. She opened my dishwasher and it was about half full (dinner last night, previous days dishes,etc). She freaked out. Then she stomped into my room, then the kids room and started yelling at me that I was disgusting because the hampers were half full. This entire time I'm trying to explain to her I do dishes when the washer is full (keeping expenses down) and laundry when the hampers are full (keeping expenses down) plus... well, I'm a guy. Then she went into the bathroom and there was this ungodly scream of frustration. There was water all over the sink. I had just shaved and so I don't have hairs everywhere I basically soak the entire sink, wash the hairs down the drain, and then let it air dry. Super simple clean up. She came out of the bathroom and said she can't be with someone again who expects her to be his maid because he can't take care of himself. (The rest of the apartment is clean... theres no clutter, I even dusted my electronics because i knew she was coming over) She grabbed all her stuff and left. This afternoon she started texting me to apologize. I didn't answer. Now she is blowing up my phone. I'm not answering. So here's my question Reddit... Am I some kind of disgusting slob who lords my money and stuff over her? Her words. Or is this just all her baggage coming to the surface? My take. I know I didn't do anything "wrong" but after living on my own for 7 years and not being able to get a relationship past the 3 month mark I'm really starting to question if I'm the problem. Beyond the money talk and the way I live... there has been absolutely nothing else to cause this. I'm kind of at a loss.
TL;DR girlfriend spent the night and freaked out this morning because there was dirty dishes and water on the sink.
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2023.03.21 21:42 joekarlsson Why does my Home Assistant dashboard on my Fire Tablet now show ads?

Hey there, fellow /homeassistant friends! I've been running Home Assistant on an Amazon Fire Tablet as a dashboard for about 16 months without any issues, and it's been a fantastic experience. However, I recently got a new router and now I'm facing some issues with the tablet.
Previously, the tablet would wake up and display the Home Assistant dashboard whenever motion was detected. But now, it only displays the default screensaver (with ads) and no longer wakes up automatically without my input.
I originally followed this guide to set up my Fire Tablet: I've double-checked the setup, and everything still seems to be configured correctly.
Here's what I've tried so far:
Despite this, the problem persists. I'm hoping someone here might have encountered a similar issue or has any ideas on what else I can try to get the tablet working as it did before.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 21:42 citadel223 Advice needed on how to deal with tax debt that keeps escalating as self employed please

I'm self employed and when I first started years ago I didn't pay taxes because I was more desperate for all the money and didn't know anything about it. After like 2 years I started doing taxes and had to pay back the ones from past too. Got on payment plan with iRS and it was fine but then didn't realize I had to do quarterly taxes (I honestly still don't understand how to do them and want to start but still need to figure it out), so ended up owing more. The iRS double my monthly payment plan which has been tough to deal with. My income did increase but not enough where I can pay it all off at once or even significantly compared to other bills.
Now with the current taxes needing to be done, I know I'm going to owe more and I don't know if I can afford if they decide to again doube my monthly payment even more.
Is there anything I can do to have them work with me on a reasonable monthly payment? Or anyway to get a compromise with them on paying off all the old debt in one go and starting fresh and doing everything right from here out? I tried talking to one CPA about it but they didn't help much with advice on doing offer for them because my debt isn't high compared to others in the States. But it's high for me.
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2023.03.21 21:41 Smorg125 Does anyone else wish they could just push a button and never need to worry about nutrition and calories again?

My (26m) entire life I’ve just lived off of processed junk. I’m like 5’10 and only weigh 140 on a good day. Never had a good relationship with eating, like not only do I eat nothing but shit (cookies, chips, etc.), but I also just hate eating. It feels like a chore and I don’t even really feel hunger anymore, which I’m assuming I am like 24/7.
My day to day is basically just Oreos and milk a couple times a day, Doritos for lunch, sometimes other salty snacks throughout the day. Occasionally ill drink a mass gainer, but I can never be consistent with it. I fucking hate every bit of it. From going to the grocery store and loading a basket up with this shit every week and people making jokes about it, to going to drive thrus and just ordering fries and having to hear the “that’s all?” I dread going out to eat with people because it feels like everyone’s judging me. I hated being dragged to restaurants when I was younger because I just feel alienated watching everybody eat while the entire fucking menu is unpalatable to me. I at least feel comfortable around friends, but my family just doesn’t get it and never offer anything constructive, and everything they say is criticizing me.
I’ve been to four therapists at this point, and it’s helped me the square root of fuck all. Finally found a program that may be able to help, but it’s a 6 month wait and I’m kinda gatekept by needing a primary care physician in their hospital to be eligible for it, which I can do, but it’s an additional step. Did I also mention I’m petrified of hospitals? I can deal with it for a doctors appointment, but this is definitely gonna land me in the hospital at some point at this rate, and that just fuels my anxiety. I’ve never had blood drawn, and I already know if they need to for this program I’m gonna bail. I want to get better and finally feel like I’m gonna have the drive to do it this time, but I feel like there’s always some shit that’s gonna come up. Anxiety has been taking over my life lately.
Trauma dump over, thanks for reading this far.
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2023.03.21 21:41 AkramStanli What people don't get about a character such as Stannis:

Many people seem to cling to the idea of "black vs white" or "good vs evil" or more specifically "hero vs devil". They pretend they don't, but they do. They think a character is only likeable if they are mostly perfect, doing everything cleanily and little bad stuff. This is why Stannis is disliked by many readers.
They don't understand that, as much in the real world as in Westeros, there is no place for mercy or courtesy. Stannis understands this; he sees no need in being a flatterer who uses nice words. Stannis is not Ned Stark nor is he Jon Snow or Robb Stark. He is honorable but we wouldn't let his honor be the end of him. He prefers survival and duty.
His duty is to become king and defeat the Others, which he fully believes in. In that path, he also sees that Shireen must survive and continue his legacy.
Stannis is just and honorable, yet he is cruel when he must be, uses dark magic when he must, betray his own wife if he must.
He is the best represntation of an "anti-hero". You're not supposed to adore him 100%, but you must put respect to his deeds and understand the complexity that lies beneath him.
A protagonist doesn't have to be a mary-sue or a Harry Potter to be likeable.
All this is my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone.
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2023.03.21 21:41 alicebunbun FWB(35M) doesn't want to have a relationship with me(33F)

We dated for a few months a few years ago. I broke up with him because i found out he was flirting with multiple girls.
About a year ago we started talking and became friends again. We started seeing each other every day, going out together(but not official dates), we became somehow a FWB situation but it included meeting at my place or his place every day after work, cooking or ordering takeout, watching movies, staying the night, he would call me if we couldn't see each other that day etc. I think we were pretty much living like a couple. Recently we started going out less but i like staying at home watching stuff or just having conversations while listening to some music. We had a sex life but it was maybe 1-2 times a week, most nights we just put on our pijamas and go to sleep.
A few months ago, i told him i have feelings for him, he changed the subject. I told him i want to be just friends then. We were friendly for a while but he started calling me drunk telling me how i am one of a kind, calling me after work to watch a movie at his place or mine every day, went back to putting his head on my legs while we are watching a movie, trying to kiss me etc and we went back to our FWB situation.
I'm going through a stressfully time recently (financial and my cat's health) Two days ago i went to his place after work as usual and we were chatting drinking a few beers. I told him that what we have is pretty much a romantic relationship and i do have feelings for him. He didn't want to talk about it at first and then told me he didn't want a relationship and he got angry that i brought the issue. This time i asked him why he did not want a relationship with me but he didn't answer, he was just annoyed. I told him i can't go on like this, i went home.
Yesterday he called me in the evening and i knew he called to spend time together and i didn't answer.
Today i found out that he blocked me from all his social media.
Honestly i am beyond confused. I am not great with romantic relationships in general and i loved the time we spend together and it breaks my heart that he refused to date me. Is it time to just let it go? Is it even worth just being friends if i know he will for sure try to make it FWB s again?
Tl;Dr : I confessed my feelings to my FWB and asked him to become my SO. He doesn't want to be my SO or he doesn't want people to think/know he is in a relationship. I don't know if i should cut all contact or do something to make it work because it has been more than a year and i feel like we 'broke up' even though we weren't dating.
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2023.03.21 21:41 ThrowRA9283627 My (26NB) partner (28NB) communicates toxically and then gaslights me when my feelings are hurt bc of it

we are both queer Women in our late 20s and have been together for almost 4 years. the connection we feel is that of soulmates. when we are happy we are so happy but when we fight i feel like my partners behavior is harmful and has taken a toll on me emotionally.
they have a lot shorter fuse than i do. they get irritated fairly quickly and is a one and done type of person- as soon as they feel like someone has done them wrong, they assume the worst and they shut down or start being passive aggressive and mean by saying hurtful things or invalidating any attempts at reassurance/reconciliation.
i’ve always told them that whenever we have issues with one another whether we’re irritated or there’s a misunderstanding/miscommunication or one of our feelings are hurt, that i’m never upset at HOW they feel. the issue i have is how they act. most times they will be passive aggressive, say shady stuff and kind of take jabs at me, bring up past arguments that we have “resolved” and then make me feel as if my issue with how they treat me is all a big overreaction. they will ignore Me as i try to tell them that i want to resolve things, want us to be able to have a conversation about our feelings instead of an argument. they usually shut down (they have an avoidant attachment style while i have an anxious attachment style) so i try to give them space and ask how long they need to be alone in order to calm down so we can come back and talk, they sometimes don’t give Me a time limit or when the time is up they still have their walls up and continue arguing.
we had an argument today. we just moved to a big new city and they wanted to make a profile on a friend-meeting app so we can make new friends in the area. i followed suit and made one myself. they hadn’t shown me or told me any about who they were talking to so i calmly told them that it made me a little uncomfortable and that i would prefer them to be open with me about the friends they’re making and not wait for me to ask. they understood and agreed. last night they were asking me who i matched with and i showed them all the people i was chatting with and what we were talking about. when we woke up this morning they said they wanted me to show them who i was talking to without asking just like i had requested of them. when i tried to respond they kept interrupting Me and being passive aggressive, saying that i’m being shady and when i tried to defend myself they said that i’m lying because if i brought the issue up to them why wouldn’t i do the same thing. i told them it wasn’t something i knew i was doing and that sometimes it’s easier to see things from others perspectives. i told them that they could’ve just communicated this the same way i did to them, that i am happy to meet their needs, and that we didn’t have to fight but they wouldn’t listen. i start crying and telling them that it’s not fair that i give them so much grace when i’m upset or have a need i want met, that i am calm and communicative vs when they’re upset or have a need they want met they get really angry, make assumptions, refuse to let me comfort and reassure them, and make Me feel like i’m crazy for being hurt bc they’re being cruel to Me. they said “oh yeah you give Me so much grace like when you threaten to divorce Me.” this was super hurtful bc the reason i’ve threatened divorce in the past was due to their gaslighting, invalidating, disrespectful, demonizing, and hurtful behavior bc i reached a breaking point where i couldn’t deal with it anymore. for them to equate My request for them to communicate healthily, with My intolerance for their past hurtful behavior made Me feel like they never understood how big of a deal it is to Me that they treat Me so cruelly when we fight in the first place.
we have had instances where we’ve dodged getting into arguments bc we both choose to approach it receptively and i reference those to remind them that it’s possible for us to do but majority of the time it doesn’t happen that way.
i would like some advice as to what to do. i want to be with them. however the pain that almost 4 years of being treated like My feelings are a burden and being invalidated has left a big hole in My heart.
tldr: My partner won’t communicate her feelings healthily to Me, instead takes jabs at Me, dismisses me, and invalidates Me and then when i express my hurt that they treat me that way they gaslight and invalidate Me about doing it
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2023.03.21 21:41 handsomeprincess Sleep No More for disabled?

Not exactly Broadway but I saw it come up a few times - I absolutely love unconventional and immersive theatre and SNM has interested me ever since it first debuted with the ART in Boston. I never got a chance to experience it myself and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it's still going in New York!
That said, I'm very well aware that it involves standing in very long lines, walking around a lot, and even being instructed to run with or chase performers. This is all stuff I expected from knowing how it worked early on. However, I was in a car accident several years ago that has limited my mobility - I can walk unassisted and do stairs unassisted, but I do have to go a little slowly and frequently take breaks if my back or knee starts up. I'm also woefully out of shape due to losing so much mobility which makes stamina a problem as well. I like the idea of being able to walk calmly around this dreamlike state of performance and explore the sets, but on top of the general mobility concerns with the style of performance, I'm reading reports of people stampeding to chase actors, fighting to try to get selected for a one on one scene, and overall very aggressive behavior that would sort of undo this and pressure me to move faster than I would be able to go. Honestly on top of the disability, this just sounds awful and was what I was fearful would happen if it took off onto a larger platform.
Has anyone here experienced it? What would be your take on this being possible or enjoyable for me? Has anyone seen any kind of disability accommodations in action? Does anyone have any similar recs for this kind of theatre in New York that might be a little more calm and disability friendly?
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2023.03.21 21:40 Annnnester Can my work do this?

So in NYC they were giving out a HWB (work bonus) to employees that worked in the healthcare business during the pandemic. So if you worked 25-30 hours you qualified for $500. If you worked 30-35 you qualified for $1000. If you worked 35+ you qualified for $1500. You have to work an average of those hours in certain periods. On the last period the payroll department accidentally gave the whole company that qualified for it a double work bonus. I qualified for the $1500 on both working period but after tax it was about $900. They realized their mistake 2 months later and are wanting a repayment of $1500, which is the pretax amount. But i only received $900 after tax. Are they allowed to take $1500 back? It still shows that I made an additional $1500 on my ytd paystub.
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2023.03.21 21:40 rockinoutwith2 "RBC tells employees to return to the office three or four days a week"

Coming soon to a job near you (?)
Royal Bank of Canada RY-T +0.96%increase has instructed employees to return to the office three to four days a week as companies grapple with convincing workers to leave their work from home setups.
In an internal memo to employees Tuesday, RBC said that starting May 1, employees will have the option to work from home one or two days a week, depending on the requirements of their team. RBC said that without frequent in-person engagement, its long-term competitiveness is at risk.
“When our teams come together on-site more frequently, we are solving complex problems faster, learning and growing more effectively, and ultimately building deeper connections with one another,” RBC said in an email from its executive team.
“We want to continue to encourage these healthy and positive face-to-face moments while ensuring a level of flexibility that we know is important. For this reason, we are shifting toward a more consistent approach to in-person routines that will double down on our culture and lay the foundation to protect our competitive edge in the years ahead.”
The bank said that senior leaders from various businesses will finalize plans and provide an update to individual teams on how they are expected to return to the office more often. An RBC spokesperson confirmed the details of the memo.
“This adjustment may not be simple for everyone, but it is the best thing to do for Team RBC,” the bank said.
RBC is the first of the big banks to mandate more rigorous return to office requirements. As of the beginning of March, TD employees working in a hybrid model are expected to be in the office at least two days a week, according to an emailed statement. National Bank of Canada said in an email that while “there is no ‘one size fits all’ model and that it is committed to flexible work arrangements, the bank has set an objective to have employees spend 40 per cent of their time in the office overall.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce said in an email that requirements to work onsite vary depending on the nature of a person’s job or business needs. Bank of Montreal and Bank of Nova Scotia said that its office work arrangements are determined by the role and business needs, but did not specify whether employees broadly are expected to be in the office a minimum number of days per week.
The move comes after RBC chief executive officer Dave McKay said in early March that productivity and innovation have taken a hit as workers continue to work from home for most of the week. The head of Canada’s largest lender made the comments during a conference call to discuss the bank’s first-quarter earnings.
“We’re in a discovery area and trying to find balance with employees and you hear a lot of commentary about it,” Mr. McKay said in response to an analyst question about risks in the commercial real estate market. “I think most CEOs would tell you that there is a productivity loss.”
He added that productivity gains and losses depend on the department and the nature of the work. Mr. McKay said that CEOs globally have been focused on how hybrid work models could evolve, and the impact that could have on the efficiency and creativity of their teams.
In an internal memo in August, he asked employees to “come together more often in person to work and collaborate.” An RBC spokesperson said at the time that the bank had asked most of its employees to work from the office two or three times a week by the end of September.
The Toronto-based bank is one of the country’s largest employers, staffing 97,000 people across Canada and the United States, as well as at offices in Europe, Asia and Australia.
Companies have struggled with employees resisting calls for teams to return to the workplace. While traffic in Toronto’s once bustling financial district has picked up from pandemic lows, the pace of workers returning to the downtown core varies widely depending on the day of the week. Tuesday to Thursday is the busiest part of the week, while offices and retailers are largely empty on Monday and Friday.
The percentage of employees in the financial district as of early March sat at an average of 43 per cent of prepandemic occupancy levels, according to data from consulting firm Strategic Regional Research Alliance.
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