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2023.03.31 17:12 Delicious_Courage_85 Insurance denied preautherization on a crown for my 10.Lateral Incisor

I just got home from the dentist and need some help on what to do. 2 months ago I had to have a root canal on my 10-lateral incisor and a temp filling was put in. I was supposed to get my crown today but my insurance denied me (medicaid- caresource OH) I have over 60% tooth loss and my dentist tried to appeal but they still denied me. Today he took new X-rays of my tooth at a different angle once the temp filling was removed to try and show the damage better, the whole back of my tooth had to be drilled out along with a good chunk of the side/ front next to my 9- Centeral incisor when I got the root canal due to decay, he placed another temp filling along with fixing one of the holes in my 9-centeral incisor that was causing pain (the two are now connected so that I dont lose the temp filling) and billed it as a consult, the new pre-autherization had been sent and my next appointment is may 22nd but what do I do if they still deny me? With the ammount of tooth loss from what I understand i'm looking at either paying $1300 out of pocket for the crown or extraction if my insurance doesnt approve it. I live paycheck to paycheck and have no wiggle room with money, Is there anything I can do if they deny me and appeal doesnt work? I really dont want to lose one of my front teeth
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2023.03.31 17:11 Thingstodo919 Things to do in Raleigh this Weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.03.31 17:11 StepwiseUndrape574 Mexican Drug Cartels Apparently Think Skilled GTA Online Players Make Great Meth Mules

I have no personal frame of reference for this opinion, but I imagine being a drug runner for the Mexican cartel (or any cartel) is loads more fun in a video game setting than in real life. The latter pays more I'm sure, but the stress, risk to life and limb, and persistent threat of jail time have me convinced to stick with legal employment. Not so for some GTA Online gamers who thought it a good idea to become meth mules.
It sounds wild (because it is), but apparently drug cartels sometimes use online multiplayer video games as a source for new blood. Back in October of last year, for example, Mexico's assistant public safety secretary, Ricardo Mejía, said a cartel recruiter purchased bus tickets for three teenagers between 11 and 14 years old.
The recruiter found the teens on Garena Free Fire, a popular online game, and offered them each $200 per week to serve as lookouts for the cartel. Authorities detained the teens before they boarded the bus, but Mejía told ABC News that other cartels have also recruited drug mules and lookouts through video games, including Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Grand Theft Auto V.
Now three months later, Forbes says it discovered that US officials have evidence showing GTA Online is also used as a recruitment tool for drug cartels.
It's not clear how long this has allegedly been going on, but according to the site, border agents stopped and inspected a Jeep Cherokee in Arizona last November and found almost 60 kilograms of methamphetamine. The driver, Alyssa Navarro, said a man named George first contacted her in GTA Online, through which they got to know each other over time.
Those in-game chats later pivoted over to Snapchat, where George raised the idea of being a runner, albeit for electronics to be sold in Mexico. Navarro claims she was offered up to $2,000 per trip, depending on the size of the load.
The only problem for Navarro is that the cartel allegedly hid meth in the Jeep's fuel tank. Authorities have charged Navarro with conspiracy to import and sell meth, and also possession, charges for which she has pleaded not guilty.
It remains to be seen how that case will turn out. Suffice to say, though, if someone online propositions you for an offer that seems too good to be true—or is outright illegal—it's best to politely decline.
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2023.03.31 17:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

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2023.03.31 17:11 Few-Refuse3646 advice on friends with eds pls :(

so many of my friends and classmates don’t eat lunch sometimes. i first noticed one of my 3 person friend group, A just ate something from the school cafe we have such as bread not actual food. i didn’t rly care but then my other friend B (mind u this is a 3-person friend group) just stopped eating lunch altogether which i think caused A to completely stop too.
so i moved to eat with another bigger friend group (of 8+) while they continued to go around not eating by themselves (A&B). after some time B claimed to me that i abandoned both A and B and ran to the other group and that i don’t eat lunch with them anymore. the reason was bc if i were to get my food they would wait with me in the line but then when i get it and sit down they will go to their own cafe line while leaving me eating by myself. by the time they get their tiny snack, i’m already done eating. i found that eating with them was the same thing as just eating by myself. but i felt guilty and started eating with A and B anyways again.
after some time, i got tired and when B got COVID and had to miss a week of school i started just eating with the other larger friend group bc A has other friends to hang out with as well and she clearly didn’t mind. now i have increased my friend group and they overlap in some ways (basically 3 different friend groups overlapping with some other mutual friends included).
theres also C who seems to have lost so much weight since her last school that her ring could easily fall off if she does light exercise. at first i thought it was just because but after i asked she would say i don’t have time to eat. or i have to study instead. (i love C though except the food part). and then recently she felt comfortable enough to tell me that she thinks she might have an ed but in the nicest way possible. C is not really a problem it just adds another person.
D, does not have an ed but she is aware that i am one of the only ppl in the friend group who also eats consistently. therefore she often looks for me and asks “you’re gonna eat right?” to me before anyone else knowing i would say yes. she’s also vegan which makes her diet not as nutritious and she’s also a tri-seasonal athlete which doesn’t help me from comparing myself. D also gets perfect grades but cries, and stresses when she doesn’t get the highest mark.
E. I love E as well she’s someone i’ve found recently that i can hopefully confide more with just not about this topic. she’s very hard working and often skips lunch to study.
The biggest problem is B. whenever i don’t feel like eating she makes comments saying “oh YOU’RE not gonna eat? omg what is happening are you okay?” but then is very derogatory and dismissive when i tell her she should get food with me. however, recently she has just been completely stealing half of my food. i paid for it with my money and she doesn’t get her own claiming she’s not hungry. usually friends will take like 1-3 bits but she stays with me and basically just shares my food that i paid for. she doesn’t even say anything. she enjoys it and always making comments saying stolen food is the best tasting. (no i can’t cut her off i don’t have much time left to spend with her anyways and it would cause so much unnecessary drama cause she also had a victim complex so it wouldn’t go well for me)
it just makes me so upset and triggered with my dad also constantly offering me food items as ways to show his affection which i think is stupid. whenever i’m mad, “want some food?” “is there any food you want” at 11 pm, “omg how are you already full i’m so hungry” “are you hungry? (me: no) oh i am because i haven’t had a single meal today bc i was too busy.” and then my grandparents are always trying to feed me food i hâte while saying “no it’s good! it’s made out of ____” as if suddenly those words will make me like an item of food i never liked? my grandparents and dad are very conservative asians as well so then when i decline if they literally give m a side eye or put the food forcefully on my plate.
it’s just so tiring to have so many ppl around me (basically all close friends) have a bad relationship with food. because of my grandparents and parents i might have an ed where i can’t stop eating. because my friends leave a lot of food, i always feel the need to finish it instead of them which would conclude in eating approximately 2-3 meals for lunch. i’ve cut down on doing this and trying so hard by just finish eating and leaving first. it’s kind of working but it’s just SO FRUSTRATING.
i don’t even know what i’m supposed to do when someone tells me they’re not eating anymore. “no, eat!” ? they won’t, they don’t care what i say. “ok” what if they think i don’t care about them.
i also don’t really expect an answer or advice from any of you guys either, i just wanted to write it out somewhere. thanks :)
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2023.03.31 17:11 Lolokthen_guy56 Review- Glendronach 28 year: Single PX Cask 1992 vintage

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2023.03.31 17:10 Kickitoff1902 Take your power back

I'm just over 4 weeks out of break up. First 9 or 10 days I was a mess, totally broken. Failed a job interview for a job I really wanted because my head was messed up.
3 weeks later, I have lost a stone, succeeded at interview today and got a new job where I'll be much happier (I hate my current job, and the new place seems like a perfect fit for me), and me and my ex are in a weird limbo situation - we're friends but really we're clearly more but not actually a couple - we're basically dating without the label. We text every day. We both initiate. We have some rhythm with it. Lots of positive things have been said and we are on the path to reconciling, but that will take some time... but we are on that path.
Yesterday "our band" announced a show. We saw them last year, our first concert together, truly a magical romantic night. The kind of night you put in your top 5 days of the relationship.... She loves the band, and got me into them and I love them too. They are OUR band. The band neither of you listen to after you break up. The band it's unimaginable to see without being together.... I asked her if she wanted to go and she was all in. I got tickets this morning.
I know that timeline for all of that is fast, but none of it would have been possible if I hadn't taken my agency back. I did the work on myself and the relationship, I figured out what I needed to do to improve my situation, and then I took a deep breath, remembered who the fuck I am, and did it.
So this is your wake up call. If you sit there, moping over your ex and letting life happen to you, then don't expect anything good to come from it. You have to dust yourself of, get your shit together and get shit done.
Life happens to all of us, we can't choose that, but we can choose the outcome of it.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but somebody somewhere does.
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2023.03.31 17:10 Akahana07 Innocence; lost

Down fell the moon, and they cast it to the east, beyond moutains and the Crowns Ina seance and drums abounding
Paradise; The excursion: A hysterical price. Obscure matters; Phantasm. From whom? And Spin wool Riposte; And glancing Recite: The beginnings.
Snake worship: Smoked; Earths up: Dissaray; Thicke of the Night.
Never lose: Botching Clever Ruse: Plotting
An Indian Wrote: It deepens.
Three reasons: These demons; The guilty ones, The pretty ones.
The most, Is cutthroat; And quoted.
The Squire; Conspired: In The Hellfire.
A fire raging, And Inspired writings; From eyes betraying.
Embracing; a crystal gazing, be self-effacing.
As the syringe is running
with more and more blood, his visions more blurred and he became morbid, ‐‐----- The Cremation: Morris To Hell.
Requested; ticket-of-leave,
To: A wilderness;

From: The wicked sun

From: Embody To: Balcony, A visitor suppressed the world; of cast; obsidian, seemed mundane. Potraying therein; death's will. On a door;


To: Arrivederci From: Orpheus.
Subject: Impervious
each day we stayed; each day, dwelling space; we stayed in a vacant place; we were breaking glass. unable to escape; a lady-in-waiting. a shadowy embrace; degrades humans.
in the human mind, the revolution, but our diamond mind; in the lungs a room above, a-side; and among up hill, pit filled, land fill i figure well; our blood will tell panicked, a cast of ran at, acts of ransacked, tracks of
this path way; she turns up, mistaken clear as day we burn up, and laden
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2023.03.31 17:10 Distinct-Rate7832 Riff at the start of a Dance/Electronic song called “Gameweek 9” by aaron tracey.

Riff at the start of a Dance/Electronic song called “Gameweek 9” by aaron tracey.
Heard a remic of the riff of the start of this song and i cannot find it for the life of me the only thing showing up is the full song by aaron tracey. Has anyone found it or know the original song from the start of this.
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2023.03.31 17:10 Salt_Pineapple Spite

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2023.03.31 17:10 Fraxision [discuss] SmallAnt's insane shiny luck, did he cheat?

[discuss] SmallAnt's insane shiny luck, did he cheat?
I was watching SmallAnt's soul silver shiny only challenge, and after seeing how lucky he got, i decided to chrunch some numbers to see how lucky exactly he got: The chances of a run like that happening are around 1.16e-7, or 0.0000001164, which means 0.00001164%.
This is pretty suspicious, since i actually did this run, legit on an actual 3ds (so without speeding up time) and got fairly lucky too, but this was TOO lucky. Most shiny hunters you see online take tens of thousands of resets PER POKEMON very often, since the chance to get a shiny after 8192 resets is only 63%, so his "extreme unluckiness" of not finding a voltorb in that amount is NOTHING if you think about the fact that every single time you start a hunt there is a 15% chance that you won't get a SINGLE shiny in 16000 resets (the total of resets of the WHOLE run).
His odds were: 15%*14%*80%*0.35%*3.5%*5.35% (Totodile, Eevee, Voltorb, Dratini, Lugia, Ho-oh). This would mean that there is a 99.99999% chance the run could have gotten more resets in any of the hunts.

Ant's odds
Let's take a legit shiny hunter's chances for comparison, TheSupremeRk9s, on his hunt for the 3 hoenn legendaries, and his hunt for the kanto starters in Fire Red in which his luck was normal:
24%*63%*84%*61%*78%*77% = 4.6% What this means is that there was a 95.4% chance that it could have taken more resets on any of the hunts, which sounds like a lot, but the more pokemon you hunt in a "single run", the more likely you are to get stuck on a long hunt somewhere ( by "long" i don't mean like the Voltorb one, that one was normal in terms of number of resets in shiny hunting, really being unlycky means doing 20k-70k resets, which has a 9%-0.01% chance of happening).

TheSupremeRk9s' odds
Another example we can look at is TheSupremeRk9s' hunt for the regis in which he got VERY unlycky, his chance of that run happening were 23%, with a 77% for more resets, which is TERRIBLE, and i am listing this just to show you how the chances change for a multi hunt: even if the singular chances were: 99.98%,93%,91%,28%

Note that the graph was squished on the x axis because it originally wouldnt have even included the 70k resets
This is still considered SUPER unlucky, even if the final percent is slightly skewed by the Regigigas hunt in which he hit a 28%.
Note: I was extremely kind with the numbers in his favor, pretending that the shiny electrode he missed just didn't exist, and counting the weird resets between hunts that i don't know why he added (it adds up to a couple hundred for some reason) so yeah, i really hope i am wrong, but if my math is correct he 100% faked it.
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2023.03.31 17:10 Independent_Room_267 Could anyone buy me a meal?? I'm literally so hungry I have no food here I could show you pictures of my cabinets and fridge as proof of no food..I have been trying to sell content all night but no luck.

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2023.03.31 17:10 russian_hacker_1917 What is one class you wish was taught in high school?

I personally think a class on civil rights would be an amazing class. One, probably taught by a lawyer, where you are taught your rights when it comes to the law and police interactions (what they can and cannot do per the laws in your state), as well as labor rights. Things like how overtime works, unionization rights, what your boss can and cannot do, as well as laws in regards to child labor since it'll be extremely applicable to the employees. Also showing the right government organizations to inform should there be a violation of any of the above.
What do you think?
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2023.03.31 17:10 Sweet-Count2557 Eli Lilly stock shows early effect of Alzheimer's therapy (NYSE:LLY)

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2023.03.31 17:10 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Complete Program)

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2023.03.31 17:10 WhyHowForWhat Discussion for It Was a Mistake, Granduke

So far I already read this manhwa. I have to say somehow the FL grows on me. Yes she is cute like a bunny but she is pretty sensitive on whats going around her. Its also rather interesting that she can be rather bold when she needs it. Usually when I meet this type of FL I will just brush it off as typical however I dont know why but there is something about her that still win me over like I have no meaningful complain till now about her.
ML? Due to how little information that the author is giving us, I will reserve my comment about him. So far I dont see any quality that can make him stand out or unique. All I can say is he has to appear perfect for so long he forgot how to show his true emotion thats why he is so happy when he finally can get the FL. Yes I still like him tho Im kinda weak about him he is so dreamy haha.
Eventhought the progress of the plot is kinda slow, I still dont mind it at all, maybe because of the art? ML and FL interaction? FL interaction with other people? Idk but one thing for certain, I will see myself read this manhwa till the end. So far I still dont see any meaningful villain that needed to be defeated whatsoever but I like that the author slowly revealing the ML and the crown prince about their background. When it is revealed that he has a fiancee and he doesnt like her, I was surprised and suddenly it feels like him trying to approach FL kinda make a tiny sense. Why? I think its because he feels jelaous of the ML on him getting a partner he loves while crown prince is stuck with his fiance. Tbh his fiance looks kind for first impression however I need to wait for more chapters to have my own judgement about her.
Btw props to author to clean out all of the "love rival" of FL. They even ended up gravitating more towards FL lmao poor her.
Thats it about what I feel on this manhwa, what do you guys think?
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2023.03.31 17:10 daaafe Since when is showing off crime/drugged out videos in Regina "Cyber bullying" ??
I seen the account and instantly recognized that it was in front of the place I used to live in downtown Regina (5+ years ago). The video contained footage of a man keying a parked car set to "Experience Regina". It also had other videos of people "passing out" on the property and "tagging" the building all set to the typical tiktok music. (I am not the account owner, nor am I affiliated with the account owner).
Now the page is removed and getting flagged for "cyber bullying" because a gentlemen complained that he recognized people in other videos... WELL NOW it gets even more interesting as the complainer is one of the "regular shit disturbers downtown" who is banned from several establishments for theft and drunken aggressive behavior, who is literally flipping the blame.
I personally feel like vandalism and damage to property SHOULD BE SHOWN TO EVERYONE regardless of it being due to addiction.
So now my questions..... is this actually bullying? or is this exposé just too much for some to handle? AND how does one "respectfully" show footage of someone doing damage to a building.
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2023.03.31 17:10 strugeler Greef Karga is a bad leader and I hope he loses his position in the next Nevarro Elections

Greef Karga is a pretty impressive guy, possessing immense personal courage and a talent for interpersonal communication that obviously served him well during his time as bounty hunter guild chief. He is also obviously devoted to the people and well being of Nevarro. However, these skills have not translated into being an effective civic leader, as the devestating pirate attack on the planet shows.
First, regarding the situation of Nevarro itself. In the aftermath of overthrow of the Empire's central government, it was under the control of various imperial remnant warlords, who were largely content to let it be a "nest of bounty hunters" and other criminal elements. Karga deserves some credit for the overthrow of that regime and the establishment of civil society, but he had very little idea of how to lead a planet after that, particularly in its "foreign policy" so to speak. Nevarro did prosper under him, but crucially not because of clever management or hardscrabble frontier values, but because it was the beneficiary of trade route placement. And because of that trade route, it was part of regular New Republic patrols, which is no doubt how it survived as long as it did. I think this is important because, despite Karga's claim to fierce independence and not wanting to be subject to distant bureaucracy, he was also happy to be the beneficiary of New Republic infrastructure and security. I'm not sayin the New Republic colonel was right to hang Nevarro out to dry but, like, he didn't not have a point.
And this gets to Karga's difficulty in transitioning from wheeling and dealing bounty hunter chief to government administrator. What was his plan for security? It was to rely on his personal charisma to bluff his way through any situation and, failing that, his personal network of contacts. And this directly led to the devastation of the pirate attack, because while that may work for a underworld chief it doesn't work with a civil administration and regular military. You can't just call in a favor from a buddy and get an X-Wing squadron. Beyond that, what was the plan? He isn't willing to pay off threats and he didn't plan on any defense, he the people of Nevarro suffered for it.
Granted, his personal connection did end up getting the Mandalorians to come to his aid, but 1) this was after the city was destroyed, and 2) we will see if being next to an autonomous band of fanatical warriors will be a positive or a negative in the long run for the good citizens of Nevarro.
Also, Greef, c'mon man, you are a trade port just build a cantina.
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2023.03.31 17:10 nthecow A renter that rents hi apartment to other ppl

Hello, I live in an apartment with 2 other people and recently got a letter that says the price per month of our apartment is around $1500, but the sum of what we pay is around $1900. The person that rents the apartment to us is also a renter (in french it would be called sous-louement). When we asked her why was she charging us more money than what the lease specifies she told us that the extra money was for bills, "managing the space", cleaning products... but we pay hydro + internet and we are the ones that buy all the cleaning products.
Is it legal what she is doing? If not, could you give me a link to an article or something to show her that what she's doing is ilegal? Thank you very much :)
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2023.03.31 17:09 WonderfulVirus4440 Any idea when the HM events are coming back?

Like who remembers the HM 50th event at Disneyland,CA was held?Is any of those events coming back to meet HM characters cast members to do a meet & greet like: Sally, Constance,and The Hitchhiking Ghosts????
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2023.03.31 17:09 ToopersTookies859 What's it like?

For you, I'm sure it can get annoying and old. You are constantly being told about how great you are. I'm sure you think, "What's so wrong with you that you can't see what's right in front of your face?" But that's where you find the beauty in it, isn't it? Because you know there's no way I don't see all the negativity that you focus on, and that I choose to overlook it because I find way more value in all the positivity that you have to offer. I make a conscious decision not to focus on the (what I perceive as trivial) things that don't do anybody any good.
I find so much good in you that it will never not outweigh the bad. There's just too much good. But at this point that's obvious, isn't it? That's why when I say things like, "I love you more!" You respond calmly with an "I know." Can you even fathom what kind of love allows someone to be that way? Or do I just constantly seem full of shit? Sure you know that I wouldn't say things that I didn't believe with my whole heart. I think you do, and that's why you keep me around. In a way, you feel bad for me because you think I'm at some hidden disadvantage that nobody else seems to be at, but what you don't understand is that I see everyone else as having some huge disadvantage that I don't have.
I don't care what you think, it will never take away from my truth. And that's that there will never be anybody better than you. And even with all the bad, I still know how much good there is in you. You do deserve to have at the very least me be able to help you see just how amazing you are. And do you know what? I promise that you'll never see a day where I don't. I'm not full of shit, I mean what I say. And only time will show just how right I was all along. There's one thing I'll never regret and that, my friend, is loving you.
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2023.03.31 17:09 KH4RN_THE_BETR4YER Does somebody know what that bug means?

Does somebody know what that bug means?
Since the start of the new season, I've had infinite loading screens on maps, and the game's been kicking me in the main menu. It doesn't appear every time but every second or third attempt. The game also shows this yellow message
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