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DSP advice - unusual predicament

2023.03.31 08:18 stephygrl DSP advice - unusual predicament

Sorry about another DSP post but my situation is quite unique so I couldn’t find advice that directly applied to me. I’m going to try and summarise the last 3 years of my life is as best I can.
Prior to June 2020 I was a young, happy and fairly healthy person in my late 20’s working full time as a teacher (and loving it). I ended up getting a stomach infection called helicobacter pylori (which I’d had before) and needed antibiotics to treat it. At that time I had believed I was allergic to penicillin so part of the treatment involved flagyl a very strong antibiotic in its place. I took the antibiotics as prescribed for 7 days and basically over that 7 days my entire life imploded.
The first symptoms started whilst still taking the medication: migraine with aura, pins and needles in extremities, foggy feeling, anxiety, insomnia mostly. I called the doctor on day 7 knowing something really wasn’t right and she advised me to cease the medication immediately.
Over the next week instead of things improving they worsened. My vision went blurry, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t regulate my body temperature, I had migraines, I couldn’t sleep properly and during the night I woke up in complete terror feeling like someone was drilling into my skull.
Terrified, I presented to the ED where I was basically just treated for a migraine despite the numerous times I told them I had a lot of symptoms and it was only since taking the medication. I was given an anti psychotic medication used to treat migraines through an IV. My BP ended up dropping very low and I started to feel what I can only describe as these feelings of doom and dread. I ended up fainting trying to get to the toilet and shaking, when I came to I had urinated myself.
The next night after coming home from the hospital the psychiatric symptoms from hell began. Things I don’t even have words for. A very deep and intense feeling of doom and dread came over me, a feeling so intense it felt like I was about to be murdered. I could not calm myself down. By the next day I was in full blown physical terror. I had non stop adrenaline rushes, sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, the feelings of colours looking ‘wrong’, I was met with sheer panic trying to simply go for a walk, I was met with doom simply being in my own lounge room, I suddenly lacked the cognitive faculties to make breakfast, I couldn’t be alone and I could not stop crying. I’ve never been more terrified in my life.
I’m going to speed up over the next part of the story but basically doctors didn’t do much, didn’t really acknowledge what was happening to me and treated me with more drugs. It was not until I looked online that I found resources and an online community suffering something called flagyl toxicity; all with matching symptoms to mine. I was prescribed an SSRI which made me worse (gave me insomnia and a agitation on top of the other symptoms), I was then given STILNOX which didn’t work and then put on nightly Ativan and intermittent Valium. I was a shell of my former self and eventually had to leave my job 4 months later as we transitioned from online learning back to school.
After continuing to decline and not understanding why 10 months later I stumbled on a forum discussing the dangers of being on benzodiazepines long term. It clicked that the benzos I had been prescribed had been making me sicker and sicker. By this time, I was scared of lights, faces, sounds and leaving the house. The doctor was pretty clueless about getting me off slowly and safely, but worked in conjunction with me to create a taper plan, using an online manual written by professor Ashton, a gov organisation called reconnexion and a compounding pharmacy I tapered off over three months.
I wish I could say that was it and things got better but they haven’t yet. There is a community full of people suffering from harm caused by medications, specifically an epidemic of people harmed by benzos. But this is not recognised and there isn’t much help, support or acknowledgement. There is no set time frame to healing. I want to believe I still can heal. I am young, have a career and everything to live for. I am just waiting.
I have been off all meds since June 2021. I had to take a very big dose of antibiotics last year to get rid of that h pylori infection once and for all, but it really set me back as my nervous system is very fragile now - a common theme in the benzo recovery community.
Since my setback I actually became anaemic and had to have an iron transfusion, I’ve also developed PMDD and OCD.
In regards to treatment; I have seen every specialist western and other you can think of. Psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, Chinese med doctors, hypnotherapists etc. Some were helpful, many of the western practitioners gaslighted me. It’s traumatic enough going through this, but being gaslighted on top. I wouldn’t wish this hell on anyone.
I applied for job seeker at the time I had to leave my job, but was not granted it immediately b/c I had too much in savings. So I lived off my savings until I believe January 2021 when the payments finally started. Since then I have had medical exemptions every 3 months. At one stage Centrelink randomly decided I could work, I appealed this and received an Esat(I think that’s the name) to which a lady granted me 6 months exemption as part of overturning the decision. I’ve only been told recently that I can’t claim exemptions for longer than 2 years, that my condition is now considered permanent and I must apply for DSP.
I just asked the doctor who has written my certificates for two years to do a medical report and basically it’s a load of crap and setting me up for failure. The problem is that BIND (benzodiazepine induced neurological dysfunction) is only in the process of being approved as a diagnosis and a doctor openly admitting I was harmed by meds on a form is not that easy to obtain. However, this current doc was putting the reaction on my exemptions.
I also have a clinical psychologist I’ve seen for 12 years who says she will help me do the application. I’ve read over the table for mental health alone and I am more than matched with the elements of the ‘severe’ table.
Is it worth changing to a better doctor and telling her my story? I have an exemption until June so a little bit of time to prepare.
Any advice welcome. Thanks for reading of you made it this far.
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2023.03.31 08:15 Scary_Ad_8919 My daughter's Korean settlement period where hair grows on her face

Hello. My name is Camilla, an English woman who lives her life with a unique daughter who was born in England.
Most mothers, if they had a daughter, would go for a walk peacefully with her or go shopping with her and have fun and live a normal life, but my daughter Luna is a very, very special and precious daughter who dreams of such a life.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with her daughter, Luna, but the biggest problem is that the eyes and preconceptions of other people looking at Luna seem to play a big role. Luna, who is such a cute little daughter to me, was born with a rare disease that grows hair on her face from birth.
When I first gave birth to Luna in the UK, my husband was in the birth room, and I still remember his expression of indescribable embarrassment when I saw Luna coming out of the world, and even the doctors who helped me were embarrassed. For some reason, Luna's face, which first came out of the world, had a lot of black spots on it, so I had no choice but to worry about my daughter, Luna, as soon as I recovered my body.
The British doctor in charge of childbirth also told us that we need to approach Luna's rare diseases carefully, and we conducted tests one by one over a long period of time through various tests to determine exactly what Luna has.
Fortunately, apart from that, Luna's body was healthier than the rest of the kids and she wasn't physically challenged, so that was a very reassuring point. But the test results were more shocking than I thought. She's found to have a rare disease known as one of the syndromes, and there's no cure for it, so she's told that she's going to have to live her whole life, taking care of hair like the hair that grows on her face.
Luna's disease, called Werewolf Syndrome, had no health problems, but there were many factors that made me feel white as soon as I heard it, and I didn't feel motivated to live my life because I felt like I was responsible for her rare disease.
As Luna grew to an age where she didn't know anything about it or not, her facial hair grew longer and I thought a lot about how to make Luna happy when I saw her. I've searched all the famous doctors and all the doctors in England who only deal with rare diseases, but now Luna's disease doesn't have an exact cure, so the best way to do it is to take care of the hair growing on her face on a regular basis so that people don't hate it on the surface They only told me the bad results of the inevitable situation. And what I couldn't understand was that some doctors even asked me rudely if I could make Luna my thesis subject, and how I felt about her as an object of study, not just a human being, I don't know how much Britain is It also served as an opportunity to feel that it is an absurd country. And right then, my husband, who promised to share his life with me, split up with me, and we became a divorce family overnight. Before I knew it, my husband often saw Luna's hair growing on her face, screaming that she was not her daughter, or feeling the same way as others who thought Luna was disgusting when they first saw her. And I thought, of course, that's what I thought, but anyway, we were the parents who brought Luna out of the world, and I thought, "How can you behave like that?" And I said to my husband, "Why is she so irresponsible?" And I thought, "It's also our responsibility." We fought a lot, saying that Luna's life is guaranteed only when we eventually take responsibility and treat the rare diseases she is suffering.
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2023.03.31 08:13 ThrowRAeveryrrr My (20F) Boyfriend (30M) Wants to Sleep With Other Women

I'm a college student (20F) who met my boyfriend (30M) at party about a year ago. Our relationship was unusual from the get-go, with all of my friends disapproving immensely, and my boyfriend being from a non-college background and with a criminal record. I live 40 miles away from him because I live at my university, and can only see him on weekends. Because of this, he and I don't see each other during the week, and it has put strain on our relationship. We talk every day, several times a day, and he texts me every hour if he can, but it's not the same. He has always suggested a threesome (as I am bisexual) but I have been very, very hesitant. I have only had sex with 1 man- him. In the recent months, he has expressed a wish to bring somebody to events when I am not there. A girl to keep him company, to possibly sleep with, and to possibly have a threesome with. He says that even if he does this, I'll always be his #1, the love of his life. I was shocked at this proposal, and the first time, I got very, very distraught. We fought, and ultimately I decided that he could sleep with whoever, as long as he told me beforehand. He has yet to do so with anybody.
But, a little background on both of our mental health: he has had a long history with depression and anxiety. During our relationship, he planned on ending his life and for the days leading up to it, began to take me on increasingly expensive and romantic dates. This was because he wanted to spend his last savings on me and leave some good memories for me before he died. His friends caught on and referred him to a mental health clinic the day after I tried breaking up with him for the first time because I felt guilty about not telling my parents about him. After hearing about it all, I decided to stay with him. He by no means blamed his suicide plan on me, and he never attempted to use it against me to convince me to stay with him. But I did decide to stay.
Lately, he has been expressing similar suicidal thoughts. Life has been extremely tough for him lately, in every single aspect. Everything you can think of, it has gone wrong. Employment, financials, family, medical problems... he has legitimate cause for his state of being. Me being gone 5 out of 7 days a week doesn't help. He says he needs human touch to drag him out of his loneliness, and since I'm never there, he needs another woman. I don't know what to do. On one hand, I don't want to see him anxious and depressed. On the other hand, I don't think I could ever look him in the eyes again if he kissed another woman.
My mental health has never been very stable either, as I grew up in a high pressure household with a suicidal mother and a alcoholic father. I am very conscious of how people view me, and dating somebody all my friends hate has been very, very difficult.
I am only 20, and I have just begun my life. I should feel excited and young! This should be the prime of my life! But yet I feel like I'm taking care of a 30 year old man and it's exhausting and it terrifies me. I feel like a horrible person to want to leave my boyfriend right when things are the hardest for him, but sometimes I feel so desperate for something normal. I feel entitled to the young, carefree spirit of a college student. It's horrible for me to think that way, but I do.
He is my best friend, the first person I talk to in the morning, the last person I talk to at night. What should I do? Should I make more of an effort to be in his life so he doesn't feel like he needs to sleep with another person? Should I break up with him when he's clearly at his worst? This is my first serious relationship, I love him immensely, but I just don't know what to do.
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2023.03.31 08:09 thick_texas_girl My Final Goodbye to the Love We Had

As a person going through a new separation, I would like to say this, everyone has emotional problems. Issues that are deep set inside themselves. Some of course are worse than others. So many variables as to the trouble of the person's inner being and soul.
With that said, it's highly egotistical to point fingers as an omnipotent being, as if to know who is to blame. When it literally takes each person to be in a relationship. No matter what details and factors exist.
I'd say, don't be sorry for me. I don't want pity because this is something that I knew was going to happen. I tried to figure it out and discuss things because I could sense it. But after constant times of being either ignored, reflects back at, told that I only wanted to argue, and similar, I slowly grew bitter inside. I grew feelings of hatred. Feelings of not being valued and respected. Frankly, it became clear to me that I was the only one who really valued communication in the marriage. I was the only one who truly sought the ability to work through all issues or concerns with my spouse with some adult grace and maturity.
Time after time, I was told what I was feeling. Told how I needed to feel and not feel. Was condemned for expressing emotions. But I'm okay with it now. I'd rather have the capability to do so, than to be like the spouse who cannot and will not. Truthful communication was necessary before things got to where they've ended today. You made certain to not be honest and to not truly talk about things and if you can give yourself a quick check, this is actually your fault because of that. It is not my fault that you told me lies and I believed them as the truth. You didn't do anyone a favor by choosing to handle our relationship communication in this way. No favor to yourself, to me, to your daughter's, and no favor to our marriage and family we built. That is on you.
I've read your message and thoughts about your opinion on what I may need in order to obtain inner healing. It is just that, your opinion. I'll let the experts, who gave my true best interests at heart, decide the details of that matter. You were never safe for me to come to. It resulted at times with lashing out. Which was wrong and unhealthy for us all. Yes, I came to realize this and adjusted to react better. I learned that my heart and feelings are not safe with you nor around you. Nor were they appreciated and valued. You only viewed my emotions and communication as an enemy. I did express ALOT of negatives at a high frequency because I didn't want to give up. I had hope. No matter how many times I tried to get us to get just one issue truly fully addressed, you never would allow it. You'd basically say it's done, addressed, and we have to move on.
This told me that because you were healed and over things, that I needed to ignore my feelings in my heart and just agree that it didn't hurt anymore, when it, in fact, still did. And this caused more hurt because it was clear that you never truly cared sincerely about my feelings nor did you consider your efforts and lack of efforts provided towards me via communication and emotional healing....did one of two things...your responses either ensured a sense of respect and deep rooted security OR your responses planted roots of being disrespected, not valued, ignorant in thinking that not caring about the details would manage to continue to feed marriage so that it is thriving. But these factors did not concern you. And you definitely would not give enough patience to hear the reasons for my feelings and thoughts. To you, I'm too complicated. You're right. I am very deep. I am so amazing. And you, well, you just aren't capable of meeting me on my level. And that is okay.
It became obvious that one of us was pointlessly trying to prevent our marriage failure, but that it was inevitable. Unfortunately for our daughters I am so sorry. None of this was expected as I personally thought eithy entire being that we we unbreakable soulmates. I felt that out kids would be one of the few who would come from an unbroken and successful home. I was wrong. Maybe hope is an immature feeling to cling to but I was clinging to it.
Regardless of whatever you feel is the cause for the ending of our love, connection, relationship, family life, and doesn't matter anymore. I'll willingly take the blame so you can feel best about your decision.
Yes, I changed. That happens when one person in the marriage constantly has been, in a manner, taken as a joke and not given the deserved loving respect by making certain that the others feelings and concerns are being met and addressed.... allowing them to know without question that they truly are loved and valued.
Yes, I became angry and bitter. But wouldn't you? Indeed, you would and also did. Yes, I gave up on many things. I no longer saw the point in valuing things as much as I did, when my spouse did not match my level in appreciation of certain things.
I changed so much that I don't like myself. I don't recognize myself. I also no longer like you and I don't recognize you either.
And so it all continued. I had to live in a marriage where I had to deal with issues and concerns that were never fully cared about and addressed so that I definitely could let go of the topic. You continued to hide the truth about the feelings you were having at times, which gave me no opportunity to fix things as I was unaware of the truths beneath the lies. So again, that is on you.
The person I fell in love with is gone. And the person you fell in love with is gone also. Bittersweet are those wonderful memories we have. I won't be even mention the feelings I have towards the bad memories that also exist.
I will miss those times. I thought surely that you would be the forever home where I could plant my heart for safe keeping. But, reality is a cruel thing sometimes. And many things I could not control.
I'm not sure what more to say. I have been given my heart back and told that you don't want it. Maybe it's too for the best. It wasn't being handled appropriately. Like a box labeled as fragile, you'd be sure to handle with more attentive care. You didn't handle with attentive care during my efforts to communicate for relationship repairs. So my heart grew darkness. Once my heart grew darkness, so did yours.
And this is where we are tonight. Me, alone. You, alone but next to our kids who are going to be confused about everything that is going to happen.
All I can say now is that I did try. I was willing to attempt marriage counseling even though I don't know if it would help or not. But you refuse it. Make it clear that we work and money are more important than at least trying. And with that, I understand and feel that you don't want us anymore. You don't love me and us anymore. Despite what I feel, I was going to at least try. But, again, it is what it is. I cannot control things. I cannot force anything.
So I'll walk the rest of my life alone. With only our daughters beside me. I realize that love is just a fleeting thing and eventually burns out. It was nice. I'll miss it. I'll have a whole inside my soul forever. It is something that will never be permanent, solid, and secure. I have to accept this and know I'll die with this feeling in my chest. It is horrific. But I cannot do a thing about it.
I pray so deeply for our girls to be okay through this. I guess this might be their first heart break.
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2023.03.31 08:09 ultimatesanjay Some Questions I have about mental state

I posted here a while ago. So far I've been a bit better. But removing one layer, I find another layer I don't understand.
My situation, I have high self-expectations, which causes me to be very focused on work. I realize my goals are unrealistic so I try to practice self-compassion. Currently, am a final year student, preparing to find work.
But there is something I do, which I don't understand.
  1. I have a unreasonable reason to hate a group of people, I try to put people down. I am pulled towards toxic people, I know its bad for me but I want to join them. I can't stop thinking about the hate speech the speak. I don't know why I hate anyone, but I want to stop. #I used to hangout with this guy, which caused some sort of trauma. Everything about him just makes me angry. He was manipulative and controlling.
  2. I also daydream a lot, imagining myself as some sort of Epic human, sort of a superior complex.I have a very active alter ego, someone I pretend to be for some reason. It happens when I walk, listen to music, and doing my work. I stop it for a while then few minutes later it has taken over me, then I live in my daydream world. #I've been like this since I was a child. the only time my mind is quiet is when I am doing homework. I use work to cope, but so far it hasn't been working.
I've met this new girl, and I want to be mentally ready before I get into the relationship, but for some reason when I think about her, I just hate her. I imagine scenarios where bad things happen. #This also occurs to friends, and family. Deep down I like them, but for some reason I imagine bad things happening
This is affecting me greatly in my work and life, I want to be a down to earth rational human.
Any advice, and why am I like this?
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2023.03.31 08:08 Smart-Command74 Mother in law calls my 30 year old husband papi and asks him for money

I always thought I got lucky with my mother in law until recently. She has always lived a lavish lifestyle in Mexico with maids, modern homes, designer clothes, etc. so I thought she had plenty of money and in the beginning she was very chill. But… Her husband passed away a few years back and I remember money was an issue with inheritance. She didn’t get as much as she wanted. Also she was fishing for money from my husbands dad who she had been divorced from for over 20 years. They died tragically only a few days apart. Aside I thought she wouldn’t bother us because she lives such a lavish life. The last few years she has been living her same lifestyle but recently has become increasingly more needy towards my husband. He hasn’t inherited as much as he thought he might but of what he inherited in Mexico he gave all the money to her, it equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He worked with her to invest in land that would appreciate and his plan was to use the investments to take care of her expenses. The investments needed to be viable but her whole life she has had businesses or investments funded by her other husbands and she lost all the money because they were basically hobbies for her and she is extremely irresponsible. She has been calling and texting him repeatedly every day and if he doesn’t respond she will text me telling me she is crying and he is mean and I typically let her know he’s at work. She has told me and other members of his American family she is worried about money and he is being mean to her. Last time she came to visit us we paid for her flights, dinners, accommodations, and she spent over $3000 dollars on our credit cards buying herself clothes and Christmas presents for her nieces and nephews. My husband and I don’t even own a home yet and where she currently lives and her lifestyle is significantly better than ours. I have two dogs and I have to walk them multiple times a day rain or shine. Meanwhile my mother in law is complaining that she used to have three maids in Mexico and now she only has a part time maid. She asked my husband recently to buy her a new car, pay for a trip to Thailand, and buy her a $700 dress and when he said no she throws a fit like a little teenage girl. She bitched about how his dad only left her one million dollars and she took care of him all by her self. She left his dad and got a new multi millionaire boyfriend within a year of leaving his dad and getting a million dollars. She has blown all the money she has ever received because she is extremely irresponsible. Now she is trying to dig her claws into her son and when he says no she throws a big ass embarrassing level fit as if she is a teenager who never worked a day in her life.
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2023.03.31 08:07 GSHealth Why Do You Opt For Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Why Do You Opt For Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?
Pregnancy is one of the most crucial times in every womens’ life. During this time, a woman faces multiple challenges and difficulties in physical and mental health too. At the time of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes several kinds of pain, and these pains make their life harder. In these circumstances, many women opt for Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is a safe and effective way to support a woman’s changing body and manage the discomforts she may experience during this phase of pregnancy. You can get numerous benefits after consulting Chiro care during this period.
If you are looking for a Walk In Chiropractor in the USA, then you can reach out to Grand Strand Health and Wellness to get the Best Chiropractor Near Me. Here you can have Dr Chris Garner, who is a reputed Chiro and can offer you supreme services.
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2023.03.31 08:03 Snooty_Cutie Why am I always looking for the negative?

Everybody at work this past week has been working really hard to prepare for our annual QA visit. When I came on shift there was a small party and celebration for doing well on our QA scoring 90.8/100. I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought and said was, “what did we do wrong?” My coworkers just looked at me like, “what are you talking about? We’re celebrating.” I kinda just apologized, walked away, and starting working. I mean I know in hindsight that was mood killer statement. But I don’t know why my mind immediately goes looking for the negative in a positive situation.
I do this with everything; at school, at work, with my family, and therapy. I don’t know why I do this. I’ve tried to think about “how does this help me?” but I can’t see any way that it does. It’s just keeps me sad. My T says I should “give myself grace” but even with that I think “I will when I earn/deserve it.” I’m not under any illusion. I know I’m doing this to myself. I just don’t know how to stop myself from looking for the negative.
Why do I do this and how do I stop?
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2023.03.31 08:01 fluffycloud69 is my facility letting me down or am i letting them down?

i’m sorry this will be long. i just want to know if this is normal or my facility is toxic.
i’m brand new, only been a CNA for a month, this is my very first job and i’m in geriatric LTC at a facility that had very good reviews on glassdoor & other sites. but i’m already burnt out, and i don’t want to work here anymore.
to start, i only got 7 days of unit orienting, no training at all: 3 days my first week, 4 days my second week so my 5th day on my second week i was on the floor alone. i have passed my state exam through credentia so i do know what i’m doing but the actual floor of an LTC is much different than the adult family home i did my clinical in and i’m struggling.
my patient ratio for morning get up is 1:7 & the rest of shift on day is 1:9. while i was being oriented i was “too slow” so all the CNAs i shadowed would not let me do anything, literally grabbing things out of my hands to speed up the process. i felt like i learned nothing, since i learn through practice and repetition with my own hands.
i thought i’d get better with time on my own, but i’m still constantly asking my coworkers for help & reminders cause i’m unfamiliar with the residents schedules and my time management isn’t there yet. i’m becoming so anxious i feel like my performance is getting worse with time. everyone is annoyed with me and either avoids helping me or answers my call lights for me then complains about it to me after. (i literally have told multiple people not to answer my lights, that i need to learn and they’re handicapping me).
most of my residents love me, minus the really grouchy ones who are impossible to please, and the social workers who’ve watched me work say im kind and thorough but i feel like i’m terrible at my job. my own charge nurse basically admitted to talking shit about me with another CNA because i have some family problems going on outside of work and “that explains why i’m so slow i must be distracted, they were worried i’m not cut out for this since it’s already been a month and i should be better.”
i’m doing two person assists alone daily, staying an hour after my shift just to finish my charting, and working through my 30 minute breaks daily. i want to cry, and i want to quit. am i actually just a totally disappointing newb or are they expecting too much and not giving me enough? i love caregiving, but i’m starting to feel like i’m not cut out for this. i don’t want to go in tomorrow :(
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2023.03.31 08:01 rivercanyon [WTS] SiOnyx Aurora, SiOnyx Aurora Pro Explorer Kit, OPS-CORE FAST SX HELMET XL, Princeton Tec VIZZ TAC MPLS [USA]

Group photo w/ screen name. Misplaced the shoes after photo but have found them now.

Comes shipped USPS Priority Mail, 2-3 days if I meet deadline. I have helmet posted in NV forum, etc.

In box. Are what remains from some incomplete projects I didn't put together in time for a family member who passed.

I have one of each unit still left in respective factory box, below.

Never fielded. You cannot do a duals project, because I sold the other units in the pair plus all my previous sets.

$500 NET OBO SiOnyx Aurora (Green) [new in sealed pack Wilcox shoe available for additional $20 NET OBO]

$950 NET OBO SiOnyx Aurora Pro Explorer Kit [new in sealed pack Wilcox shoe available for additional $20 NET OBO]

Since I only have one left, the tan SOTAC Wilcox Type Bino-Bridge w/ Wilcox shoe helmet mount kit, is only available as an option [additional $80 NET OBO, or $20 NET OBO if you just want the shoe] to first buyer of Aurora Green or Pro Explorer kit.

I have a new in sealed pack Wilcox shoe available for each unit, but only one bridge left and [only one spare modified Wilcox shoe left $15 NET ] from my other previously sold units.

You will then just need to source a G24 or clone and of course a helmet w/ G24 compatible shroud. You have two available pods (Double Axis) on this bridge, so you can also mount your thermal unit.


I also have a spare helmet never fielded from same project if you need one

Manufacturer safety info

FAST SX are limited commercially and only available as overruns of the LBH developed for USSOCOM.

$75 NET Princeton Tec VIZZ TAC MPLS

New, taken out of plastic container for photos, other parts still unopened. Color: Tan

WTS is cross posted. Please also direct message me with your complete shipping address if you want anything for site record since I'm sometimes not seeing replies or chats in my multiple smaller windows.
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2023.03.31 07:39 EggsAndSpanky We're fated

I'm psychotic, so take this with a grain of salt.
I'm very spiritual, and this started before the psychosis. Honestly, in those times, it was the only thing keeping me going. Since I can remember, I knew I had a promise to keep. There was someone I had to find, no matter what. Even little, I had trouble forming attachments, so I didn't have anyone I was close to besides my mom. I clung to this person I didn't know, and I thought of them every night. I wasn't even interested in any gender or romance, at this point. I just had this deep well of devotion I didn't know the source of. If I concentrated, I could FEEL them, always reaching out. Like they were screaming, "I need." started reaching back, concentrating on my own energy, towards them.
And then the dreams started. The brown haired boy. A boy my age who looks like my husband. In the first dream, he was naked in the snow. I gave him my jacket, held his hand, and we walked together. He was often naked, and I unfortunately know why, now. (The reason we weren't able to meet, sooner.) He always needed help in the dreams. Comfort. Guidance. I became increasingly protective. I felt like he needed me. I HAD to find him. I had promised. I knew in my heart I had promised him. In one dream, he was drunk and I put him to bed. I saw his back, and it ingrained itself into my memory. We were both far too young for alcohol, but more than likely he was high. I couldn't tell the difference. Another dream became a how-to instruction on his panic attacks. (Don't touch. Stay near, but a safe distance away. He'll want you when it's over. Low stimulation. Don't talk at him too much. Just guard, and don't let anyone come near him. Don't look at him if he cries. Just hold him when you can.) In another one, I had written "What's your name?" on a piece of paper, and hidden it under my pillow, hoping for an answer. In that dream, dozens of meetings flashed by, different people meeting for the first time, one always recognizing the other. (Meeting my husband was much the same.) I didn't get an answer, but written on a piece of paper in the dream read, "This is why I love you." I woke up with tears in my eyes. There were countless others. I always had nightmares. Really bloody, twisted, horrible nightmares. These dreams were my only reprieve, and I cherished them with my whole heart. I don't think I had any pleasant dreams that weren't about him.
I dreamt about him for a little over six years, and then I met him when I was eighteen. He was a friend of a friend of a friend, meeting up at a McDonalds to go downtown together. I fell immediately, and I fell hard. I KNEW him. He knew me. We spent a while trying to figure out how we knew each other, but came up short. (I kept calling him a completely different name, by accident, one I thought I remembered.) He was nothing like I imagined. To be frank, he was a man whore. He plucked cherries like he worked on an orchard. He was VERY experienced. More experienced than anyone his age should have been. He was energetic and excitable and practically vibrated with nervous energy. He made friends easily and got attached to people way too quickly, while still being aloof and catlike. He always wanted my attention when I was around, and kept trying to impress me (and making an endearing fool out of himself in the process). And I was totally taken by him. We both learned very quickly that I could read him like an open book. His feelings stabbed me like knives. I knew if he was sad, anxious, happy, angry, upset, stressed, because I felt it, too. It wasn't my own, but I also felt it. I used this to give him outs when he needed breaks, to comfort him when he wasn't well, to give him anything he needed. I lost my virginity to him two years later, and he had the same distinctive marks on his back. He's also the only one I've ever been attracted to. I had one boyfriend before him (and I cried and cried and apologized to my mystery person who couldn't hear me, but I was lonely) but I wasn't attracted to him. I loved him, but I didn't even know what attraction WAS. I still had the dreams when my boy as away, always running, never in one place, but they were him now. The boy had a face and name. I still felt his pull. "I need."
We dated on and off for the next ten years. It was... A very bumpy road. His anxiety only got worse with time, and life jaded him even more. I was always there when he needed me, just a text away. We were never on bad terms. He was just a kid, and was convinced he wasn't good enough for me. So I waited. I didn't want anyone else if it wasn't him. I had told him that, once, when he had come back to me again after a bad relationship left him in pretty bad shape, both physically and mentally. (He was so thin it looked dangerous, he had new medical problems, he always looked miserable and exhausted, and he had a lot of new baggage.) He eventually moved away to another state. He came back to visit family on his third year out of state, and decided to move back when he saw me again.
We moved in together, and that's that. I spoil him. I can't help it. He's just so cute. He's getting needier over the years. He still never asks me for anything unless he has to, too shy to ask for help, but not too shy to be an absolute pervert. So I just offer. All the time. Anything and everything. Or I just do. He showers me in affection and attention, so I am LIVING. Most importantly, he's patient with me when my head goes funny. No one's ever been this good to me. It's so nice. We've been living together for three years, now, and the less-than-pretty parts just make me wanna hold and love him even more. (His attacks are far more frequent than they used to be, and he has sensory meltdowns that I didn't know about. Sometimes he gets really listless and tired for a while, or suddenly gets clingier. He's really moody at times and it frustrates him. He doesn't get sick often, but when he does it's bad, and he can't sleep at all, unless I stay up all night, myself, to keep him asleep, which I always do. He drinks too much, if I let him. I'm making sure it doesn't go too far.) I wanna protect him. I want to coddle and spoil him. Buy I wanna keep him safe, like I promised, so I have to be stern, too. Make sure he eats right, that he goes to his doctors appointments, that he showers, I got him to stop smoking cigarettes... He's honestly a lot to care for, but so am I, and I love doing it. He's gotten so much healthier. I keep feeding him, and he keeps getting bigger, but I can't keep fat on him at all. It's just muscle. On anyone else, I'd find it scary. But he just looks so soft to me. I'm... I'm doing a good job caring for him, I think. I hope so.
So yeah, I still feel him. He says it's like I can read his mind. (I can't.) It really comes in handy, because speaking up is hard for him when he needs something. He's absolutely shameless, until it comes to asking for help, so I'm glad I always seem to know what he needs.
Anyway, I rambled on, but honestly I just always wanna talk about him. He's just so special to me. Fate and the spirits themselves brought me to him, at the earliest possible time. My life honestly hasn't been great, but I can't help but feel like the luckiest person alive. I found him. My person. My literal dream guy. He's my purpose. He's my everything. I'll die before I let him go.
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2023.03.31 07:34 whiterm20325 Some of ya’ll are either really brave or dumb lol.

So, I know this is a harm reduction page, which is the best thing to have, but some of ya’ll are either reallyyyyyy brave, or incredibly dumb. I simply asked for the name of the vitamin that the clinic recommends for side effects from the Methadone, which was Vitadone, because I was trying to recommend if to my friend and could not think of the name to save my life. So of course a lot of people made a fake profile trying to sale me drugs.. But I had a couple of ya’ll, even tho you made a fake profile, proceed to give me your real name and all of your info, plus all of the info to “your trusted friend that I should buy from”. I got a really good laugh from it, but seriously…. there are some good people out here that are terrified of being sick, and it’s not right to take advantage of their fear and pain. It actually disgusts me the ones trying to scam people. We get looked at like we’re trash, and treated like “junkies”, even by our own doctors, families and clinics, so the last thing we need is scum trying to take advantage of people in here. I’m not talking about the one’s actually trying to give good advice and legit trying to help someone. I’m talking about those that care about nothing more than getting over on someone.
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2023.03.31 07:34 antoncruvel Cornfield

I am a hunter on the western side of Texas, I am writing this in my notebook because I don’t think I am ever going to escape this cornfield.
Yesterday at around 1 P.M. I got in my Bronco and drove out to a brand new hunting spot that I had yet to see. My brother had told me he was going there 2 days ago and that was the last anyone in my family heard from him. I drove for around 3 hours and turned down a dark dirt road. I turned on my headlights and slowly navigated my way down it, at this time the sun had begun to set over the horizon and the pitch black invaded the road in front of me. I followed it for around 2 miles before a sign jumped in front of my lights. I pulled in front of it, it read “Private Property”. Against my better judgement I grabbed my rifle and flashlight out of the back seat and climbed out of the Bronco.
I started down the path and eventually it led to a cornfield, looking back now I wish I had turned back there and never pushed further. The path had stopped in front of it and there was no place to go but into the field. I slung my rifle around my body and held the flashlight above my head, pushing through the corn in search of my brother. I had been searching and yelling his name for around 10 minutes when I realized I would be better off trying again in the morning. I was worried however as it would be 3 days with nobody seeing him then and I doubt he brought enough water for one. I started walking before stopping, I realized I had no clue where my truck was, as the sound of the crickets infested my ears and the beads of sweat dripped off of my brow I started to worry. I decided to choose a direction and stick with it, I spun around looking for any indication of a specific direction to go but it was all the same.
I started down one way and walked for around 5 minutes before tripping over something large and fleshy, It startled me, causing me to drop my flashlight. Getting up I retrieved the flashlight and when I shined it upon the rotting horse carcass I yelled a few obscenities and dropped the light again I snatched it up off the soil and began sprinting away, I didn’t want anything to do with whatever the hell that was.
I had ran for around 10 minutes straight before I came to a stop and began drudging my way forwards. I noticed the crickets had stopped chirping and it was eerily quiet. I was stumbling along when the beam from my flashlight was interrupted by yet another rotting horse, this one was rougher than the last, dry blood covering the upper half of its body. Its throat had been slit and it appeared to have been mangled by a pack of wild dogs. There was something off about it however, more off than the fact is was mutilated beyond belief but it looked as though it was bloated by something inside of it. I ripped my bowie knife out of my leg holster and slowly cut into the horse, I had sliced a good foot along the belly of the horse before something horrifying appeared, a hand popped out of the horses abdomen. I stood up and threw up on the ground next to the horse carcass and gathered myself. I had to know what it was, I sliced open the horse more and discovered that it wasn’t just a hand but an entire body stuffed into the horse. I was horrified, almost threw up a second time but held myself back, I began looking for some sort of identification of the person, however I was shocked to see my brothers gun sticking out of the waistband of the body inside of the horse. I screamed and fell back on my back, knocking the wind out of me, I began hyperventilating and almost passed out. I knew then I had to get out of there.
I thought of all the possibilities of what could’ve happened and came to the conclusion that some psycho must have killed him and stuffed him inside of the horse. Then a horrid thought crept into the back of my mind, did the other horse have a body as well? I didn’t want to find out, I started a slow jog continuing through the cornfield.
I was walking along when I stumbled into a clearing, I was horrified when I saw all of the rotting horse carcasses, there was at least 10 of them, but in the middle of them all was a rock that i’m sat upon now. I have cut open all the horses and every one has a body inside of them. I don’t know how the get out of this hell or what is even happening but I believe the only thing left to is pray to whatever god is watching over this place, if any.
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2023.03.31 07:31 Accomplished-Fox7543 Waving around a “social media presence” to get a room comped

I’ve debated telling this tale for a good few months now, but after telling a good few friends and family about it I figured I’d gauge the reaction with a group of fellow front desk hosts.
So a good few months ago now I was nearing the end of the PM shift, around 10:30 PM when a rather stout bald fellow strolled in with what I assumed was his wife and another man (later revealed to be a lackey) and marched right up to the desk. I do the usual song and dance of “hey welcome back! What can we do for you?” To which he proceeds to fill the air with his scent of self-importance and states his name and room number (seemingly miffed that I didn’t immediately recognized him). Upon looking into his reservation he proceeded to continue in our dialogue about how the night prior he and his wife had been plagued with the smell of illicit substances and the sounds of illicit media in the room right next door to his. I naturally give the hospitality response of “I apologize for that sir is there anything we can do for you?” Which was my first mistake as I’d clearly done exactly what he wanted as he proceeded to tell me I was going to comp his room Night, no beating around the bush at all, just point blank told me I was going to. Now I’ve been “empowered” to make decisions such as these as I see fit and in order to save me any further headache with these goobers I just went ahead and conceded that we’d comp the room night for him. Should be over then right? He’s got what he wanted, but for some godforsaken reason, Mr. Z as we’ll call him decided to push a little further as a spoken agreement just wasn’t enough I suppose and proceeded to tell me “if that room Night isn’t comped, I have a very large social media following and it just wouldn’t be good for you or this hotel if that were to get out”. Naturally I recoiled internally as I’d never been threatened at the desk before, luckily I didn’t miss a beat and met his animosity with my usual laid back and semi-professional? Behavior, the next couple bits of the conversation were ultimately fruitless and consisted of me trying to remain composed despite being subtly threatened with blackmail, him shaking my hand and walking to his room with his wife and lackey.
Now I of course being the nosy individual I am, immediately looked him up through a quick google search and found he’s the founder of a massive mega church up in Colorado, and just used his religious influence to bully a random front desk worker into getting his room comped. A truly wonderful evening at the desk
Oh and a few minutes later his lackey came down from the room to tell me (with his hand touching the desk) “thank you so much for taking care of that”
sorry if this runs on but I talked so much to management about it that all of the details kind of stick
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2023.03.31 07:31 Original-Hedgehog126 Best Friend’s narcissistic ex won’t let him out of marriage

TL;DR: toxic estranged wife won’t let husband divorce her because he does all the childcare work, using DV charges against him to keep him hostage in the marriage, needs advice on how to get a divorce and still see his kids.
Back story: they have been legally married for the last 7 years. Their marriage was never a healthy one, both of them lying, cheating, mentally, emotionally abusive. She would get physically abusive to the point of him having to defend himself. They both became borderline alcoholics just to cope with being around each other. They’d separate and then get back together over and over. The one time he was almost gone of her, she ended up pregnant (son is definitely his). So now he’s got this tie to her, and he’s the only father figure his step daughter has known as she was a baby when they got married.
During their marriage, he worked full time marines, and a second job, plus would take the kids to daycare, pick them up, feed them and put them to bed, and clean the house, daily. All she would do is work and school, and then come home and bitch at him for the house not being clean enough. Then when they’d get into massive fights, she’d love bomb him with expensive gifts and things would be better for a few days or weeks and then get bad again.
Problem: 2 years ago they finally agreed to split. They filled out legal separation paperwork, and he deployed before they could file it, and she told him she would do it, but never did. Half way through his deployment he met someone, and then upon returning from the deployment she asked for them to try again. She found out about the other woman and attacked him physically. They were on vacation with his family when it happened out of country. He broke things off with the other woman so he could figure things out.
4 month later, they get in another massive fight, she knows exactly what buttons to push to get him to snap, he punches a wall, and yells at her. She records the yelling. A neighbor heads the fight and calls the police. He leaves before it gets even worse.
She ends up taking the kids and leave the state and moving to the other side of the country. He files for divorce and they both get attorneys. She drags her feet with agreeing to anything custody or asset division wise. When she finds out he’s dating again, she decides to come back, saying it was too much work to take care of the kids by herself. (She has 4 kids by 4 baby daddies, one of which lives with her dad, and the eldest in and out of mental facilities due to emotional and mental abuse from her mother- though no one can prove that). She moves back and feigns acceptance of his new relationship. His mental health starts to decline again because of her actions, her harassing his new relationship by saying the new girl is harassing her, and the she manages to corner him and seduce him in his weakest moment, which ends his new relationship.
He also finds out that the county is pressing charges against him for the walk punch. She didnt press charges and lies to the police to downplay the situation , but the county prosecutor manages to get the video of him yelling at her (either her or one of her friends sent it in) and the county presses charges against him. He pleads and get DV charges against him, but he can just do the DV classes and anger management classes and get the charges expunged.
Well the prosecutor also issues a hostile contact act against him, he’s not allowed to yell at her, call her names, or do anything that would be considered hostile.
The baseline, he wants a divorce. He wants to move on. But she doesn’t want to let him go because when things are “good” between them, he’s takes care of everything, and all she has to do it work and do her school and he does everything else. He tried dating again, (she was bragging to him about having dates too), but she keeps sabotaging the relationships. This time she made him cut off the relationship or she’d tried to get the girl fired, and if he filed for divorce she’d tell the prosecutor he broke the hostile contact order because there’s text from him during an argument from months prior. And that she’d use his DV charges against him to get full custody.
Currently, he’s cut off the relationships she doesn’t want him in, agreeing to her terms so she’ll calm down again. They don’t live together, but she has been helping him out financially while he tries to find a new job and waits for his VA benefits to kick in. She’s love bombing him again, trying to buy his affection back with tickets to concerts and new things. He’s tried over and over to tell her he doesn’t want to get back together. They havent lived together in over a year, and in the last 2 years only lived together for 5 months. She won’t let him go though.
Just looking for advice on what he can do. There’s a CPS case open against her because her 15 year old daughter keeps running away, though he doesn’t know why or what the specifics of the case is. He just wants to be divorced from her, and still have access to seeing his kids. This is all happened in WA state.
He is a really good dude, and doesn’t deserve this. She’s turned all his local friends against him, and has near zero local support due to being away from him family. Being involved with her on this level has pushed him close to suicidal tendencies and alcoholism and his close friends and family just want to see him free of her so he can be happy and move on.
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2023.03.31 07:27 Cryphixi Guide on how to effectively explore the campus w/o a student tour?

Hey everyone! I got into UC Berkeley and it’s one of my top schools!!! I still can’t believe I got in lol. Problem is I’ve never visited and my family is planning on visiting the Bay Area this weekend! I couldn’t book any student tours online and don’t know about any freshman admit days. I know it’s a public campus so it’s open during the day so what’s the best way to go about it? Ask a random student? That’s seems rude. Walk around like I’m lost? Embarrassing :( I really want to commit here, but I need to know the vibes and the surrounding shops. Any tips from current students, alumnis, or anyone on the best way to go about this?
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2023.03.31 07:27 Always_Smile184 Mom giving me (25F) a hard time for sleeping over boyfriends (26M) house of 6 years

I (25F) I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years, 4.5 yrs long distance. He moved from up North to my state on the east coast a year ago. I initially stayed with him when he first came in his 2BD apt especially since he knows nobody here , was looking for a job so I helped a bit, and until my dad got sick with a brain injury and was left dependent on us. My father cant use the bathroom, speak, walk, eat on his own so I WFM at my parents house and take care of him during the days and nights. We have a caretaker for 3 hours during the day and overnight MWF. I spent the night at my bfs house for the first time yesterday since NOV and (I usually go there after I put my dad in bed and come back to my parents around 12am just to get outside the house for my mental health) and today my mom texted me to come home because "I am not married yet" which they always throw in my face. My BF has done the traditional "asking of marriage" to my family with his family in my culture but still working on the engagement since he recently got on his feet here and spending $2k+ on rent. My mom says I cant go stay over a man's house unmarried but I've done all they've asked in life which is go to school, 2 degrees in tech and a good job but I feel like she is trying to keep me locked in this house depressed which is killing my mental health. My sister (29F) also lives here and pregnant while her husband is in another country so she can't help much so I pretty much am dependent on for everything. I feel like my mom just is using me for her own good to help out. I told her I am going to sleep over whenever i'd like since I am adult but she and my sister kept attacking me. Should I just do whats best for me and stay at my bfs whenever i'd like which helps me get a break or just wait until we are married to stay over which will probably be in 2-3 years when my father gets better.
TLDR: "Because i'm not married", My (25F) mom says I cant sleep over bf (26M) of 6 years house anymore who moved to my state recently and knowns nobody but I feel like she just wants to keep me at home for her own benefit to continue to help care for my sick dad which is killing my mental health. I was doing it all year last year but all of a sudden, now she really has a problem with it when I slept over for the first time this year yesterday rather than driving home like I usually do at 11-12am. My Bfs mother begs me to stay with him and my mother also begs me to not move out but I am leaning towards that or staying with my bf and splitting the $2K rent. Should I do what is best for me?

Sorry for all the typos, just super erratic right now trying to figure out what to do now.
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2023.03.31 07:27 Escaridole Slowly growing patch of red spots on the skin of my leg - routine or urgent appointment?

I am 38, male, 5’10” and 140 lbs, white/ashkenazi.
Here is a picture of my lower leg, immediately over the shin bone.
My wife noticed a discolored, oval-shaped patch of skin on my lower leg roughly in January of this year. No pain or irritation, little bit dry, slightly dark with small red spots; we thought it might be a bruise, scrape, dermatitis, eczema, fungus - I have had experiences with all of those at one point or another, never serious. I figured if it didn’t go away on its own I would ask about it at my annual wellness check, which was coming in February. I then tested positive for COVID-19, had to cancel the appointment, and have been slow to reschedule.
Tonight I went to reschedule that appointment and took another look at my leg spot, thinking I might as well put some cortisone on it to see if that does anything while I wait to get in (family doctor has been scheduling a few weeks out lately) and I realized the spotting has spread quite a bit outside of where it was in January. Hard to notice until I took a good look and it’s still not itchy or hurting but the boundary looks very irregular. So now I’m thinking this is less of a “while I’m here” thing and more of a “doc here’s what’s bothering me” appointment.
And then I went on Google, and now I’ve heard of Bowen’s disease. I stopped there because I’m sure there’s worse stuff I can freak out about if I keep going. But when I call my doctor’s office in the morning, should I ask for an urgent care appointment or just wait the 1 to 3 weeks it normally takes to be seen by my PCP? My medical group will not refer to specialists until I am seen in the clinic first and specialists in my experience are often booking 2 months out.
As far as history, my mom has systemic lupus, dad had ITP and died young of a stroke, both grandfathers smoked and drank themselves to death in their 50s, both grandmothers still impressively healthy in their nineties. No cancers that anyone ever found interesting enough to tell me about. The amount of sun I get feels extremely unremarkable but I don’t know how to quantify that. I don’t smoke, rarely drink, not on any medications, last thing I took was DayQuil while I had COVID a month ago.
Thanks for reading. I’ll check back in the morning in case there are any questions to respond to.
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2023.03.31 07:15 strippuhanika a lot of y’all lack empathy

upon joining this sub i did NOT think it would be like this. i thought it would be a place where cj listeners could discuss episodes/cases but instead it’s a cesspool of insensitive assholes that complain about the most trivial things. nonstop posts of “the episodes are boring now 😩” or “i’m tired of them covering unsolved cases”. literally wtf is wrong w y'all? do you not realize that the stories they tell every week aren't fictional and made solely for your entertainment but are about REAL PEOPLE and REAL FAMILIES? these are real people who lost their lives and real people whose killers/abductors are walking free. real families who want justice for their loved ones. and you’re over here complaining the episodes are “boring”? 🙄🤔 nothing but entitlement in this sub. do better y’all
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2023.03.31 07:13 greg0525 My little brother has been staring at the TV recently

I have a beloved little brother who is a toddler, and he and I have always had a special bond. We share a love of playtime, cartoons, and simply being together. Our parents are kind and loving, and they have always encouraged us to be curious and creative. We have a comfortable home filled with toys, books, and all sorts of fun things to do. Whether we are playing outside, building with blocks, or watching our favorite cartoons, we always have a great time together.
My little brother is full of energy and wonder, and he approaches the world with a sense of joy and excitement. He has a contagious laugh and an infectious smile that brightens up our day. Watching him grow and learn has been a source of pride and amazement for our entire family. I feel so lucky to have him as my brother, and I know that our bond will only grow stronger as we continue to journey through life together.
However, a few weeks ago, I noticed something quite strange happening with my little brother. I walked into the living room to find him sitting in front of the TV, watching what appeared to be nothing but white noise. The screen was completely blank, yet my brother was transfixed, staring at the TV with wide eyes and a big smile on his face.
"Hey, little bro, what are you watching?" I asked.
"TV!" he exclaimed, still staring at the screen.
"But there's nothing on the TV," I pointed out.
"Yes, there is!" Ben insisted, gesturing towards the white noise.
I was puzzled by this. I couldn't understand what he could possibly find entertaining about staring at a blank screen. But he seemed happy, so I didn't want to disturb him and I let it go.
This went on for weeks but it did not bother me. I had no idea what could be so captivating, but my brother was obviously enjoying himself and that was all that mattered. He would sit in front of the TV, with watching the white noise while I was reading a book or playing on my phone. It felt like my brother was in his own little world, filled with mystery and wonder. He seemed to have an endless source of joy from this mundane activity, and I couldn't help but marvel at how something so simple could bring him such happiness.
Eventually, I asked our parents if they had any idea why he enjoyed the white noise so much. They explained that sometimes toddlers can be strange, so there is nothing to worry about.
However, I started to notice a change in my brother's behavior. He had become obsessed with staring at the TV, and would spend hours staring at the screen. I tried to engage him in playtime and our favorite games, but he seemed more interested in the TV than anything else.
"Hey Ben, do you want to go outside and play our favorite game?" I asked him.
"No, I want to watch TV!" he replied, his eyes glued to the screen.
"But we always have so much fun playing together," I said, trying to entice him. "Remember when we built that awesome fort last week?"
"I don't care," he said, still transfixed by the TV.
I felt a pang of sadness in my heart. I missed our playtime together and our special bond. I knew that watching TV was not a bad thing, but I also knew that it was important for us to spend quality time together as siblings.
"Can we please play together, just for a little bit?" I pleaded.
"No, TV!" he insisted, ignoring my request.
I sighed and walked away, feeling a bit defeated. I knew that I couldn't force my brother to play with me, but I hoped that he would eventually come around and realize the importance of spending time together as a family.
So, about a week ago, I decided to join my brother in his strange little world of white noise.
As I watched, I noticed that the white noise on the screen seemed to have a soothing effect on my brother. The flickering static and the soft hiss of the TV seemed to calm him down and put him in a trance-like state. It was almost as if he was hypnotized by the white noise.
"I don't get it," I said, trying to engage him in conversation. "Why do you like this?"
"I like it!" he replied, still transfixed by the screen.
I tried to engage him in conversation, but he was completely absorbed in watching the white noise. He didn't respond to my questions or comments, and I realized that he was completely zoned out.
I found this whole experience to be quite weird and unsettling. It was as if my brother had found a strange and mysterious source of entertainment in something that should have been completely boring and uninteresting. Despite my confusion, I felt a strange sense of curiosity about what was going on inside my brother's head. What was he seeing on that blank screen that I couldn't see?
Then, I tried to focus on the screen. I did not move my eyes, I tried to find something. And then, very slowly, something was happening. From the millions of dancing black and white spots, I could make out some vague, animated geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, that moved and interacted with each other. They appeared to be engaged in communication with each other, as evidenced by their back-and-forth exchange.
“What the hell?” I said and got up to take a closer look at the TV and the cables behind it.
But as peeked at the back of the TV, the realization that it was not plugged in sent chills down my spine.
Since that moment, I moved to my girlfriend’s place and I have been unsure of what I should fear more: the house or my brother. Well, I have been avoiding both, just in case.
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2023.03.31 07:11 kelsauce URGENT DENTAL CARE

Please help!!!! I have some kind of abscess or infection in my mouth and am in excruciating pain. I’ve already been to the ER and the painkillers they gave me are not helping at all. I’ve called and gone into several dental clinics near me but they either don’t speak English or don’t have available time today. The earliest appt I could get is late tomorrow.
I am sitting in my Airbnb bawling my eyes out because the pain is so bad and I’m just at a loss. If anyone knows any URGENT care dental offices that do same day or out of hour appointments please let me know.
I’m in Shinjuku and my appt tomorrow is at Azabudai United. I’ve tried Trust Dental and Kamiyacho too. I can’t remember the others because I was just walking into any office I passed by.
Please help
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2023.03.31 07:10 znzbnda Sworn at, called a b-, and had my food threatened

Reposting because accidentally posted this under the wrong account. Apologies.
This happened about a month and a half ago, but I'm still completely perplexed and, honestly, now a little bitter.
I want to preface this by saying I've worked in customer service the majority of my life, including fast food, retail, phone, and chat service. I know how it feels to be demeaned or treated poorly, and I absolutely despise it. Because of this, I am almost always overly polite with anyone I encounter in these positions, despite being someone who suffers from chronic pain and is often hurting 24x7. Being overly polite is how I've always been, even as a child, but years of verbal abuse from customers really cemented for me to always be overly nice because I never want my intentions to be misconstrued. People at places remember me for it. (And I mean so much so that my older daughter once told me "You're way too polite. You're probably going to say 'please' and 'thank you' to the man who murders you." :/)
I feel the need to share this information because I know this story is going to sound absurd, that I must be leaving things out and was actually a total Karen. I can still barely believe it happened myself.
Anyways, I visited the drive thru of a chain fast-food restaurant that is known for being more expensive than most. It has nationwide locations, but not all locations have the same name, weirdly. The nearby one we used to frequent closed down, but I was in dire need of comfort food that day, and this is one of the few chains that offer plant-based burgers. So, my adult daughter and I drove the 25 minutes (each way) to go there.
I am a long-time vegan (nearly 30 years), and although I enjoy veggies on my burgers, I'm not sure what they do to them at this chain. Because every time I've ordered it with the veggies, I've felt kind of sick afterwards, so I seriously overpay every time for a very plain and simple burger.
I ordered mine same as I always do. "Hi there. Could I please get a [plant-based] burger with no cheese and ketchup only? So, just the patty, ketchup, and the bun." And after confirming, it's always. "Great, thank you so much!" I state my order extremely clearly and double check politely because, for whatever reason, the employees of this chain frequently get it wrong. I have no idea why. It's just this chain. (I'll usually self-defer so I don't sound like a jerk. "I did say no cheese on that, right?")
The (female) cashier rung it up correctly, per the receipt, but she said they had to wait on the patty to cook. I've ordered this exact burger numerous times (ND, so lots of same-food eating), and this was not unexpected in the slightest. They asked me to pull around the corner and wait. I said no problem and parked in front of the store.
Several minutes passed, and another employee brought out our food. Me: "Thanks so much and have a great day!"
However, like about 50% of the time, mine had cheese on it. Not a huge surprise, so I went back through. "Hi there. I just came through and ordered [x] burger with just the ketchup and the patty, but it looks like they accidentally put cheese on mine, which I can't have."
The employee said, "We got you. Come on up to the window."
We wait in line again, which was weirdly slow (I mean like roughly 10-12 minutes for just three cars.) Got to the window, gave them back the incorrect burger, and they said they'd remake it. Cool, no problem. Happens all the time.
But then they came back like a minute later and was like "Here you go." This immediately made my Spidey senses tingle because I know how long it takes to cook a new patty, so I pulled over and checked, and, of course, they had just scraped the cheese off. But there were still chunks of it on the patty, as I'm sure you can imagine is inevitable with melted cheese.
This is a problem for several reasons. Consuming dairy after all this time would make me sick. And even if the quantity was not sufficient to do so (I don't know, and I'm not willing to test that, nor should I have to), this "just scrape it off" type of mentality is extremely dangerous for people with food allergies. I've been admitted to the hospital with anaphylactic shock before (different food), and it was one of the worst experiences of my entire life - and I've had brain surgery. It was traumatizing, and I think it's really important to make sure restaurants limit cross contamination whenever possible. Plus, in all honesty, this was not my error, and why should I pay for something I can't eat?
I decided not to go thru the drive thru again because we'd already gone through it twice, and I didn't want to wait again, as it was already about a 30-minute ordeal (almost an hour, if you include travel time), and I didn't want to risk them getting it wrong again.
At this point, I could feel myself getting sightly perturbed, but I knew it wasn't the fault of the guy behind the register, so I sucked it up and smiled at him and said, "Hey, I'm sorry. But I can see they just scraped off the cheese. And if that was okay, I would have just done it myself. But I can't have cheese, so I need them to actually remake it for me." (Rereading my words, I can see they look a little bit rude, and maybe they were, but I tried my best to use a pleasant tone. It's very possible I did not come across as nicely as I intended here, though.)
He said, "Oh, they did?" and took the burger back to the grill.
Everything up to this point had been relatively normal.
However, when he brought the burger back, the person behind the grill got extremely angry. (I'm not 100% positive, but I think the person in question was a male, so I will use "he" for simplicity's sake. I never saw their face.)
He started yelling loudly. "There is no f-ing cheese on that burger. F- that. I'm not remaking a whole f-ing burger over cheese." I could not hear what the other employee said to him, but he continued yelling. "There is no motherf-ing cheese on that burger." The nice employee walked away and seemed to avoid making eye contact with me (my impression was that he was embarrassed).
When I say the man at the grill was loud, I mean not only could I clearly hear him from the counter, but other patrons in the seating area were also all turning to look and see what was going on. He continued to yell and loudly swear for a solid minute or two.
While the patty was presumably cooking, the female cashier went back to talk to him. However, she wasn't asking why he was yelling or asking him to keep his voice down, etc. They were talking about something else. I think it was weekend plans or something, but it wasn't about me, so I wasn't trying to listen. The impression I got from this was that this was normal behavior from this person. They were both laughing about something (not me).
A few minutes later, he tossed the burger on the metal slide thing and said "Here's the f-ing sandwich. I should have thrown that sh- on the floor." This honestly made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and I knew I would not feel comfortable eating this burger because I could not trust that this person had not done something to it.
The nice employee said, "Dude, she's right there."
He responded, "I don't give a f-. F- that b-." (To reiterate, I had zero interaction with this person at all.)
The female cashier came around, semi laughing, and casually asked if I wanted a bag or just the burger, like it was the same old, same old.
I said, "A bag is fine, but do you have a manager I can speak with?"
She said, "He's not here on the weekends, but I can help you."
I said, "I know you heard everything he said, and I know you know it's really inappropriate."
She said, "Yeah, I know, but" and just shrugged.
I said, "Well, it's incredibly inappropriate."
I forget what she said here, but it wasn't an apology or an offer to follow up or have someone call me back. I think she asked if I needed something else.
I said, "No, it's fine" and left.
I was honestly shaking before I even got to the car and continued shaking for about half an hour after. My daughter could tell something was wrong, and I explained briefly. She even offered to drive home because she saw how upset I was.
I have no idea what is going on in this person's life or why he thinks it's okay to talk to/about anyone like that. I was not rude at any point (I don't think), and I did not do anything wrong other than having certain dietary restrictions. And he was the one that messed up the order in the first place. It's not like I'd ordered incorrectly.
The whole thing was really upsetting because it just felt so undeserved. I cried the entire car ride home.
When I got back (will over 1.5 hours after we left), I wrote to the chain and gave them the order number and visit info, etc. I explained what happened and specifically asked them to contact me. Everyone in my family thought the person should be fired, but I just asked the chain for an apology and reassurance that he would receive additional training on food allergies and cross contamination.
The company's response?
I waited about a week, then called in to talk to the manager. I explicitly told him that I'm not trying to get anyone fired, but what he said was really unkind. I also said I understand if they need to blow off steam or whatever, but they should be aware that their voices carry. And I let him know how it made me feel.
His response?
"I've told them that their voices echo. I will definitely talk to (the female cashier, who was the shift lead) and tell her to get her people in line because they need to not be so loud." Again, it sounded like an everyday occurrence that was no surprise whatsoever, and that he had no problem with them talking about customers like that. He didn't apologize either but said he'd give me 'a free combo, on him' and just to drop his name next time I came in.
Never got my money back. Never heard from the company (even DM'd them on Twitter). Definitely not trying to eat there again because I honestly think the griller is the kind of person who will spit in your food.
Really shocked by how little the company and manager cared. :'(
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