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2023.03.31 07:39 Brave_Performance_83 “I love our dogs so much!” Oh really? Then why can’t you fucking take care of them when I’m gone??

TL;DR at the bottom.
My (32f) husband (34m) and husband’s daughter (16f) have 3 dogs. We each “own” one. I’ve worked from home for 3 years, and all of the dogs have been adopted since Jan 2022.
I was under the impression that the dogs were a shared responsibility, but since I worked from home I took a bigger role on their care without hesitation since I LOVE dogs and was already with them day in and day out.
The “mandatory” care includes feedings (morning and evening), baths, vet appointments, basic manners training, kenneling at night/letting them out in the morning, making sure trash is picked up so they don’t eat something they shouldn’t and die, kenneling/putting the husky mix (my dog) outside in our fenced backyard when no one is around to supervise because she has separation anxiety and chews when alone (shoes, sentimental items, the fucking couch, EVERYTHING). The “fun” care is giving them a million bajillion kisses, cuddles, scrunches, stupid songs I make up about them and sing to them, treats, etc. I’ve know the majority of their care has fallen on me, but had no complaints because working from home made it no biggie and brought me joy to love on them throughout the day.
Over the last year, my husband and I have gone out on many date nights. Before leaving, I feed and put the dogs in the backyard because I know they’ll be unsupervised. Numerous times we come back home to a chewed couch cushion because daughter decides to let them in while we’re gone and then locks herself in her room and forgets that they’re inside. I get chewed out because the husky mix is “my” dog and my responsibility. In my mind, I did my due diligence by putting her in the back yard away from things to chew, and it’s not my fault she was let back inside.
Daughter loves sleeping with “her” dog (chihuahua mix), and I think it’s sweet. Problem is, is that she lets her sleep in the bed, then goes to school, leaving her on the bed with her bedroom door closed. Her bed is tall, so the dog could injure herself if she tried to jump off the bed to the floor because of how small she is. The only reason she would try to jump off the bed is if she needed to relive herself. When working from home, before logging in to work (which is about 15-30 mins after husband takes daughter to school), I would go into her room, grab the dog, smother her in kisses, take her outside, and feed/water her. It silently bothered me a bit that she does none of the “mandatory” care and only participates in the “fun” care, but figured since I was home it wasn’t that big of a deal, and I love the dog so didn’t mind caring for her in the slightest. Just wished his daughter would provide more care and practice some responsibility since it’s “her” dog.
This week I got called into the office indefinitely. The first few days I did my normal care in the morning (outside, food, water, good morning smooches and pets), and came home and did the evening routine. Last night I came home later than anticipated, rushed out for date night with my other partner (poly, don’t judge and has no impact on scenario) and spent the night there. I went to work straight from my partner’s house. Came home and one of the dogs (husband’s dog) wasn’t hanging out with me like he normally does. I didn’t think much of it until a few hours of not seeing him, so I looked around for him. Found him staring at his food bowl outside, looking sad as fuck. Immediately fed him and he was back to his normal self. He’s very food motivated, but normally he’ll come whine for food vs be absent, so was definitely weird.
I texted our family chat asking if either of them fed the dogs this morning, and the response I received was “No I don’t think so.” I responded with “K. My bad I didn’t say anything about it, but now that im in the office i need yall to feed/water them when I’m not home. I.e. staying the night at [partner’s] house, a trip, ect.” I feel that was a chill response, but I’m honestly boiling inside and really angry.
Im thinking back to every time they’ve bragged about “their” dogs being awesome and how they love them so much, but have 0 to do with their “mandatory” care and can’t even feed them without me asking them to in my absence. I’m not even sure if they were fed last night, meaning they went 24 hours without eating because I wasn’t home for them like I normally am.
I’m angry that every time any of the dogs does something bad (chewing, accidents in the house, etc.) that it’s my fault, even though I’m the only one actually trying to find solutions and train them.
I’m super sad that I can’t spend all day with them like I did when I worked from home (which is all they’ve know) and feeling like no one else in this house cares about them enough except for me.
I feel mad at myself for assuming my family would feed the dogs at the bare minimum because I have taken on that duty.
This can’t happen again, and feel like unless I send reminders to care for the dogs every time Im away that it’ll happen again. I feel my original text is too nice and won’t elicit change, trying to figure out what to say/do from here. Any suggestions are welcome! Also, if you think I’m irrational and unfair, please explain why and provide feedback. Yeah I’m venting, but also looking for solid advice on what to do from here.
TL;DR I take care of my family’s dogs, was gone for a night and discovered that since I didn’t remind others to feed the dogs that they went hungry and I’m pissed off. What should I do?
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2023.03.31 07:38 kb_chimpo So many languages in the world but Chat GPT chose to speak faxxxx

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2023.03.31 07:37 MedCoach Practice OSCE

You are a medical student in the final year of your medical school training. You are working in the emergency department when you are called to see a 54-year-old male patient, Mr. Charles Watson, who has been brought in by his wife. He presents with severe abdominal pain and nausea. You are tasked with taking a focused history, conducting a relevant physical examination, and discussing your differential diagnoses and management plan with the examiner.
Take a focused history from the patient. Perform a relevant physical examination (you may verbalize the steps you would take). Formulate a differential diagnosis. Discuss your management plan with the examiner. You have 11 minutes to complete this station. Patient Information: Name: Charles Watson Age: 54 Gender: Male Chief Complaint: Severe abdominal pain and nausea
Standardized Patient (SP) Script:
The patient appears uncomfortable and is guarding his abdomen. The pain started suddenly about 6 hours ago, located in the epigastric region, radiating to the back. The pain is described as sharp, constant, and worsened by eating. The patient has associated nausea and vomiting, with no hematemesis. The patient reports a history of alcohol use and admits to drinking heavily last night. The patient has no known drug allergies. The patient's past medical history is unremarkable, and he takes no regular medications. Family history is non-contributory. Denies fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, or constipation. Examiner Prompts (if applicable):
If the candidate asks about vital signs: The patient's blood pressure is 135/85 mmHg, heart rate is 110 bpm, respiratory rate is 18 breaths per minute, temperature is 37.1°C (98.8°F), and oxygen saturation is 98% on room air. If the candidate asks about laboratory results: Labs are pending.
Practice together!
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2023.03.31 07:37 QUIREX_2097 The results of last night’s BAFTA Games Awards. God of War picks up five awards but Vampire Survivors wins Best Game.

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2023.03.31 07:36 jadan1213 OnePlus Nord N20 5G Unlocked from Amazon

OnePlus Nord N20 5G Unlocked from Amazon
My daily driver is a Verizon LG v40 ThinQ w/v405QA7 firmware (which the IMEI checker said was incompatible of course...), but I decided, for giggles, to put my Visible SIM into my wife's Nord N20 5G. She recently bought an iPhone so it was just sitting in a box.
Now this phone is a T-Mobile GSM unlocked Device that *shouldn't* work on Verizon's network. Well, it supports the proper frequency bands...(2/4/5/13/66) so Mayyyybeee?
I was surprised, to be honest, but it works. Calls, texts, data (4G only, unless maybe you're in a band n2 region?), everything. Everything posted about this phone online says it shouldn't work.
Is this useful? Maybe if you have one laying around and want to use it. I'm not telling you to buy one, and I don't know if it will work for everyone, but it worked for me.
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2023.03.31 07:36 ingaman What is this lock? It's on a metal enclosure that contains my COAX splitter.

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2023.03.31 07:36 hollownostlen Honest feedback about rotations

The greatest problem I see on LoR is that regions have little identity.. wanna make a balanced system, focus more on that.. Shadow isles- instant killing spells and epheral units Piltover - damage spells on units Demacia- either challenge or barrier Targon - spell shield and growth Shurima- monuments Bilgewater- area of effect spells by combat like miss fortune passive Noxus- damaging spells focused on nexus Ionia- nullifying spells and spells to save units Freijord - unit damage buff and spells to reduce damage of other units Bandle city- portals and fairy units to buff smaller units
Anything that don't fit into one of those categories fall into the open regions.
This way you wanna build a deck that needs to counter spells you put Ionia, if needs to kill huge units you put shadow isles-.. wanna burn nexus fast use noxus-.. this way you can focus on improving one region without so many balancing problems as when you have a similar card I. Each region..
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2023.03.31 07:36 CarlosXD_129 Weird stuff happening with binds

First of all, my keyboard is alright, I've tested it with other games and it's responsive.
Problem is that when i play PF my keys just kind of do their own thing, CTRL and SHIFT seem to be locked and don't respond for 5 consecutive hits and when typing if i hit "a" it'll delete the entire message i had types out (Delete button also deletes whole words for some reason)
Any idea what's going on?
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2023.03.31 07:36 Mr_SpinelesS Any Incoming Patch?

Playing on Xbox Series X Version
The Patch locked all my achievements in my current game, so I saved my game just before a point where I would unlock an achievement and have been waiting for a patch to fix this issue.
Does anyone know if there is going to be a patch anytime soon? Or is this... "glitch" never going to be fixed and I will have to start a new game if I want to get the achievements?
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2023.03.31 07:35 sugarsugarrube I'm addicted to my phone

Like the title says I feel like I'm addicted to my phone, I spend too much time on social media and I know it. I've tried putting timers on my app that will automatically lock me out of the app but I keep going back and increasing the time. I even tried getting one of those timed lick boxes, where u put your phone in the box set it for how long u want it to be locked and lock in your phone, the problem with this is I keep thinking about it and how much time is left and I'll pace around and snack on food to pass the time instead of studying and I'll just be waiting for that damn box to open. I know to get over this I need discipline but are there any other tips or hacks that could help? I need to get this under control so I can study for the MCAT and get my work done in a reasonable time. Idk if this is the place to talk about this but I thought I'd get some reasonable feedback?
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2023.03.31 07:34 Adam-best 5 Row Lines Clear Crystal Wedding Ring Modern yet romantic, honor the one you love with this stunning ring. Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry. Our stones a

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2023.03.31 07:33 CardiffElectric1984 How would you personally like to see S3 wrap up everything?

I tried S1 and S2 and found them unwatchable. S3 is a line drive up Fan Service Alley, sure, but I'm curious how you're hoping the season/series concludes in the last three episodes. Not sure they can tie up all these loose ends in 180 minutes satisfactorily.
For me:
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2023.03.31 07:33 jamesdwell Buying Property in London as a Foreigner could be easy: Follow Joe Ricotta Tips

The UK capital remains the top destination in the nation and one of the top locations worldwide when it comes to property investments, despite the uncertainties and ups and downs of the last year with COVID19 and Brexit generating significant swings in the London real estate market. Even after lockdown, there will still be a high demand for homes in London since it is the greatest financial center in the world and is projected to continue luring many individuals to work and invest there. "Joe" Ricotta, a real estate developer shares the good news that there are no limits on international investors buying property in London. This is something that many overseas investors who are interested in the city may question.

Things to Consider as Foreigner while Buying Property in London

If you're thinking about investing in London real estate from abroad, you might be curious about how the procedure would compare to buying a home back home. Although the principles of investing in any type of property in the UK are often relatively like those in other nations, it is still wise to complete your study to be ready for any potential variances shared by Joe Ricotta, such as:
1: Examine Your Budget
Property costs might vary a lot depending on the London location that you select, so examine your budget and choose what is the greatest region for you to invest in.
2: Choose the Type of Property You Want
Select the kind of property you want to buy. Think about how you want to utilize the property in the long run suggested by Joe Ricotta, such as if it will serve as your primary home, a rental, a place for travelers staying for a limited time, or a place you intend to improve and resell in the future.
3: Figure out Financing Option
Ideally, you should talk about your options for financing your real estate investment as soon as possible with a UK-based mortgage broker or independent financial advisor. It is best to do this early in the process so that you can be sure you can get a mortgage from a British lender before you find a property you want to invest in. As per Joe Ricotta, your maximum loan to value (LTV) should be no more than 75%. The lower the LTV, the better your monthly interest rate.
4: Find a property
At this point, you can start looking for a suitable London property for sale. If you are doing this from your native country, there are several websites that you may utilize such as Zoopla and Rightmove. To get assistance with your home search, you may also get in touch with a London estate agent.
5: Restrictions and Property Terms
It is important to keep in mind that some properties in London are listed structures. In the capital, if you purchase a grade one or two listed building, you will be limited in the renovations you can make and will not be allowed to alter the building's original structure.
6: Making an Offer
It's normal for your initial offer to be declined unless you match the first asking price. You can boost your probability of having your offer accepted by investing during a buyer’s market, such as right now owing to the uncertainties in the UK.
7: Final Completion
If you need a mortgage, you must have a value survey done on the property elucidate "Joe Ricotta" to all the potential foreigner property buyers. You’ll also need to employ a solicitor or conveyancer to execute the relevant legal documentation and transfer the deeds for the property into your name, at which time you will exchange legally binding contracts with the seller.
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2023.03.31 07:32 Thorne2017 Need more friends please

Boyfriend and I both need more friends in POGO!
I really need Sandstorm (only need two gifts to finally get that one done) but will accept anyone!
Boyfriend needs basically all the regions
My code is 7693 7464 6096 His is 7899 9296 2435
We play every day and send gifs daily! Thank you!
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2023.03.31 07:32 Bhumfah A Big Crossover Event Idea

A Big Crossover Event Idea
Ok So I Make Kirby Collab With Cookie Run Kingdom Because I Am Going To Celebrate The End Of Kirby 30th Anniversary And The Launch Day Of Kirby Return To Dreamland Deluxe. So Let Talk About The Gameplay

Point Star: Use For Unlock Character Or Purchase A Decorations
Characters (Special Rarity)
-Kirby Cookie
Type: Brute
Weapon: Sword
Skill: Ultra Sword

-Bandana Waddle Dee Cookie
Type: Ambush
Weapon: Spear
Skill: Spear Rain

-King Dedede Cookie
Type: Tank
Weapon: Hammer
Skill: Masked Dedede

-Meta Knight Cookie
Type: Ambush
Weapon: Galaxia Sword
Skill: Mach Tornado

-Adeleine Cookie & Ribbon Cookie
Type: Heal
Weapon: Paint Brush
Skill: Al Fresco

-Magolor Cookie
Type: Magic
Weapon: Magic Sphere
Skill: Magolor Cannon

-Yellow Kirby Cookie
Type: Magic
Weapon: Beam
Skill: Flare Beam

-Red Kirby Cookie
Type: Magic
Weapon: Fire
Skill: Monster Flame

-Green Kirby Cookie
Type: Brute
Weapon: Hammer
Skill: Grand Hammer

-Blue Kirby Cookie
Type: Magic
Weapon: Ice
Skill: Snow Bowl

-Orange Kirby Cookie
Type: Magic
Weapon: Sand
Skill: Sandstorm

-White Kirby Cookie
Type: Ranged
Weapon: Mecha
Skill: Hyper Beam Mecha

Event Maps (Each Maps Have 15 Levels And Each Final Level is A Boss Fight)
-Cookie Country
-Raisin Ruins
-Onion Ocean
-White Wafers
-Nutty Noon
-Egg Engine
-Dangerous Dinner
-Another Dimension

-Waddle Dee
-Bronto Burt
-Broom Hatter
-Grand Dee
-Puppet Waddle Dee
-Bouncy Sis
-Blade Knight
-Poppy Bros Jr.
-Sir Kibble
-Waddle Doo
-Parasol Waddle Dee
-Knuckle Joe
-Armor Waddle Dee

Tough Enemy
-Gigant Edge
-Kibble Blade
-Flame Galboros
-Mr. Frosty
-King Doo
-Water Galboros
-Sphere Doomer

-Whispy Wood
-Mr. Dooter
-Fatty Puffer
-Grand Doomer
-Metal General
-Magolor Soul

Dreamland Decoration
-Green Greens Floor
-Wood Fence
-Fountain Rings
-Tree Wind
-Cookie Mountain
-Brown Cave
-Whispy Woods Forest
-Float Island
-Castle Lololo
-Bubbly Cloud
-Sky Tower
-Kirby Cafe
-Kirby Giant 30th Anniversary Cake (Point Stars Purchase)
-Lor Starcutter (Gem Purchase)
-Kirby House (Gem Purchase)
-King Dedede Castle (Gem Purchase)
-Battleship Halberd (Gem Purchase)
-Merry Magoland (Landmark)
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2023.03.31 07:30 gitsul48 No iPhone Alert Sounds

I've seen this issue being addressed on here, but not for iPhones, but curious to know if anyone else is experiencing with not the headset not working with text alerts. It doesn't matter what state the phone is in, meaning that I don't get text message alert sounds regardless of if the phone is sitting in standby mode when I haven't been using it and it's on it's lock screen) or if I'm currently using it when the message comes in.
Yes, I've made sure the phone isn't on silent and the alert volume isn't all the way down.

Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.31 07:29 Belzebutt Hazardous site mining: am I supposed to mine in one that overlaps with a hotspot for the desired mineral?

So I went to a Haz resource extraction site because I heard the yields were higher, and I was only finding useless asteroids... then I realized I'm at an ice ring, duh. So if I want to find Platinum at a Haz extraction site, do I need to find one that's near a Platinum hot spot, or it doesn't matter at all? How do I know what minerals most of the rocks at that site will have? Do all these Haz/High sites have the same types of rocks, and the only difference is the ring type? Does it make sense to look for cores at those sites, or are they not suitable for that because you have to go all over for finding the core asteroids as opposed to laser mining where you can stay at the edges?
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2023.03.31 07:29 ada0123 Adoration - Sentimonster Theory Confirmed

I just finished watching Adoration. While I thoroughly enjoyed Marinette’s attempt at friendzoning, the ending really stood out. I believe this episode confirms the sentimonster theory. If you’ve seen the episode, you’ll likely agree. So, after Zoe confesses to Marinette, she tells her to go confess to Adrien. Shockingly enough, she does just that. She finally says, “I love you.” We’re all so proud. Truly. Adrien is into it, and the two are about to kiss, but wait, Gabriel Agreste’s head emerges from the abyss and commands Adrien to stop before fading into the void again. That could be justified, but it is the end that seals it. After Adrien tells Marinette he “feels strange” and that she should leave, we see Gabriel fiddle with his ring while watching out the window. First, that’s kinda weird. Second, the ring is speculated to the object by which Adrien is controlled. This sequence of events can only mean one thing: Adrien is a sentimonster (and Gabriel has a concerning obsession with Parisian 14 year olds).
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2023.03.31 07:29 Revolutionary-Hat407 Nine Locks Dirty Blonde

Hello! Hoping for some quick advice! I’m looking to buy a case of nine locks dirty blonde. I see they have a brewery on spring garden road, but is that tap only or do they sell cases of beer? Do they typically sell at NSLC or just their brewery?
Also is there any local drinks (beer) that you suggest trying (that can be bought in a can)? (I’m flying home for the summer and bringing stuff for my parents/family friends).
Edit: also to add, I am not much of a drinker so any and all suggestions are appreciated, but definitely wanting to support local!
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2023.03.31 07:27 Always_Smile184 Mom giving me (25F) a hard time for sleeping over boyfriends (26M) house of 6 years

I (25F) I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years, 4.5 yrs long distance. He moved from up North to my state on the east coast a year ago. I initially stayed with him when he first came in his 2BD apt especially since he knows nobody here , was looking for a job so I helped a bit, and until my dad got sick with a brain injury and was left dependent on us. My father cant use the bathroom, speak, walk, eat on his own so I WFM at my parents house and take care of him during the days and nights. We have a caretaker for 3 hours during the day and overnight MWF. I spent the night at my bfs house for the first time yesterday since NOV and (I usually go there after I put my dad in bed and come back to my parents around 12am just to get outside the house for my mental health) and today my mom texted me to come home because "I am not married yet" which they always throw in my face. My BF has done the traditional "asking of marriage" to my family with his family in my culture but still working on the engagement since he recently got on his feet here and spending $2k+ on rent. My mom says I cant go stay over a man's house unmarried but I've done all they've asked in life which is go to school, 2 degrees in tech and a good job but I feel like she is trying to keep me locked in this house depressed which is killing my mental health. My sister (29F) also lives here and pregnant while her husband is in another country so she can't help much so I pretty much am dependent on for everything. I feel like my mom just is using me for her own good to help out. I told her I am going to sleep over whenever i'd like since I am adult but she and my sister kept attacking me. Should I just do whats best for me and stay at my bfs whenever i'd like which helps me get a break or just wait until we are married to stay over which will probably be in 2-3 years when my father gets better.
TLDR: "Because i'm not married", My (25F) mom says I cant sleep over bf (26M) of 6 years house anymore who moved to my state recently and knowns nobody but I feel like she just wants to keep me at home for her own benefit to continue to help care for my sick dad which is killing my mental health. I was doing it all year last year but all of a sudden, now she really has a problem with it when I slept over for the first time this year yesterday rather than driving home like I usually do at 11-12am. Should I do what is best for me?

Sorry for all the typos, just super erratic right now trying to figure out what to do now.
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2023.03.31 07:27 TransparentSky neighbor’s and my apartments marked with flowers?

so I’m not 100% sure where else to ask this and I’m sure I’m using the wrong flair but I’m hoping maybe someone here has some advice
my friend (who’s also my neighbor) and I live in studio apartments in a really shitty spot close to msu campus/downtown. lots of shady stuff around every corner, our front doors are basically only accessible through an alley that leads to our parking lot
earlier (3/30/23 around 1:30pm) I came out of my apartment and found an easter lily (we have some growing around the complex) sitting on my doorknob. I didn’t think much of it at first and brought it inside but did have the thought that it could be someone marking my door to return to or something? I have anxiety so I was actively trying not to think the worst so I let it go
my friend texts me later (more like 8:30pm) and says they just noticed an easter lily on their table INSIDE their apartment. they had come home from work around 6pm and hadn’t left so it was placed there before then. checked with me, their mom, their boyfriend, and a couple friends and everybody says no idea, nobody was around. they did let me know their door was unlocked while they were at work and they do frequently leave it unlocked but mine is always locked whether I’m home or not
I want to assume the best in everyone but another one of our neighbors is sort of a creep (incident he caused with another neighbor we learned about before she moved) and there’s a huge group of homeless folks who frequently stay around the apartments, and we’re scared the intention is unfriendly
may be important to mention we are both queer, but neither of us have anything lgbt specific visible from outside, and I don’t want to assume it has anything to do with that
anyone seen anything like this before?
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2023.03.31 07:27 Ralfop New High Quality 3Pcs/Set Green Stone Modern yet romantic, honor the one you love with this stunning ring.Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry. Our stones ...

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