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2023.03.31 08:18 Flat_Slide_6260 Is it horrible I heavily dislike most rescue dogs

I like the rescue dogs I fond and train but the average rescue dogs 1year-5 typically are too hyper, too loud, messy, rude, destructive and too pushy (rude), typically the same breeds here as well bully mutts, small mutts, doodle mutts and hound/lab mutts, very rarely a husky gsd or mix of them. I rather deal with a dog with leash reactivity than a dog that's up your ass and destructive from severe anxiety. That being said I foster and rescue animals but I tend to not be able to tolerate older rescue dogs as well. I dislike rescue dogs for.the same reason I dislike exotic birds- noisy, clingy, destructive and messy
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2023.03.31 08:18 lana_mysterious Misplaced outrage is the worst kind of outrage

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2023.03.31 08:18 AgentWowza Ordering a to-do list.

Hey yall, I'm a newb, I've just finished my yellow science factory and my only extraterrestrial experience is a small titanium farm on the closest planet.
I'm at the point where everything I need to do seems really hard and time consuming so I thought I'd ask for advice on what to do first to speed that process up.



This is the part I'd appreciate if you guys could put it in order.
A) Automate mk3 belts and sorters.
B) Automate some other building (PLS maybe? Vessels, drones and bots?)
C) Automate mk3 proliferator.
D) Amp up existing mk2 proliferation.
E) Automate deuteron rods.
F) Something completely else that I'm missing.
Issue is, a lot of stuff at this point needs sulfuric acid (which means more hydrogen to deal with) and EM turbines, so I'm not sure if I should be making a factory for each building, or making a factory for intermediaries like EM turbines and using logistics to ship it to wherever it's needed.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.03.31 08:18 PrecisionPlastic Leading Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers In UAE

We are one of the top Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers in UAE. Our wide variety of aluminium extrusion goods includes, among other things, profiles, doors, windows, louvres, partitions, curtain walls, and handrails. To guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and are made in accordance with the most recent international standards, we employ cutting-edge technology and systems. In order to better serve our clients' individual requirements, we also offer a variety of anodizing, powder coating, wood grain finishing, and other surface treatments. Our staff of seasoned experts is committed to giving our clients the best support and service. We're eager to hear from you and look forward to assisting you in locating the best extrusion option for your requirements.
Aluminium is a remarkably adaptable substance. It lends itself to a broad range of products, many of which we use on a daily basis because of the variety of forms it can take (castings, extrusions and tubes, sheet and plate, foil, powder, forgings, etc.) and surface finishes accessible (coatings, anodizing, polishing, etc.).
Benefits of aluminium
Aluminium is a soft enough metal to carve, but when combined in small quantities with other metals to create alloys, it can offer the strength of steel while weighing only one-third as much. Commercial flight travel would not be possible without aluminium.
A thin insulating sheet made of aluminium that has been sprayed onto a polymer can keep an infant warm or save a person's life on a mountaintop.
Aluminium and its alloys can be easily shaped using any of the four major industrial metalworking processes: rolling, extrusion, forging, and casting, thanks to a combination of their properties.
Aluminium creates the best packaging and containers for food and beverages because of its excellent barrier function. It protects the items inside by keeping out air, light, and microorganisms.
Aluminium is used in transportation to lighten the vehicles, improving fuel economy, cutting down on energy use, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Aluminium is a valuable building substance because of its naturally occurring coating of aluminium oxide, which acts as a highly effective barrier against the effects of air, temperature, moisture, and chemical attack.
After it is created, aluminium can be recycled endlessly with only a very tiny amount of the energy needed to create "new" metal. 95% of the energy needed for initial production is saved through recycling.
Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, aluminium has taken the place of copper in many electrical applications. Additionally, it is non-magnetic and non-combustible, which are qualities extremely valuable in cutting-edge sectors like electronics or offshore structures.
Precision plastic profiles are used in a variety of products and applications, including industrial parts, furniture parts, and the best Plastic Packaging Products in UAE. Depending on the needs of the client, we can produce complex extrusion. From the most typical, large extruded profiles to some of the smallest, thinnest-walled extruded profiles on the market, our extrusion presses can make them all. We have some of the strictest tolerances for extrusion.
Precision Plastic is familiar with the working principles of dealing with aluminium. We take into account wall thickness, profile circumscribing circle size, dimension location on the profile, and profile type for every component we make. Additionally, we are able to choose the appropriate extrusion machine size based on the tolerance requirements. Although the aluminium industry offers standard dimensional tolerance guidelines for extruded aluminium profiles' flatness and twist, contours, and straightness, the experience our team brings to each project enables us to account for those special circumstances where standard tolerances will not work in the end-use part application. We are aware that each extruded shape has essential characteristics that affect how well it performs. Our knowledge enables us to decide when tolerances need to be tightened in order to meet the final applications' requirements for fit, form, and functionality.
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2023.03.31 08:17 Impossible_Mother I sent my son away when he was thirteen. Now he's back and asking me to make my other son forgive him.

I married my husband (Alan) when I was fifteen. He was nineteen. I don't have to tell you we were both far too young for this and it should never have happened. I had my first son when I was 15 (Sam) and my second when I was 17 (Matt). We lived with my husband's parents, who are on the older side, retired, and very wealthy. My parents are not in the picture.
My husband's family treated my first child like a do-over baby. They spoiled him rotten and set absolutely no rules, he was never told "no" unless it was literally a matter of life or death. I was rarely allowed to care for him, to hold him, or even nurse him. By the time Sam was four years old, he was calling my MIL "mama". I was not allowed to leave the house to get a job (not that there were any I could get to without a car), and mainly spent my day working as a maid for my MIL. I was able to do some remote freelance work to save money, which I did in secret with my husband. The money was deposited into a joint account we shared and he put his own paycheck in there as well (which he hid from his parents by lying about how much he was paid). Sometimes his father gifted him large amounts of cash to go out for a night with the boys, but Alan always put that straight into the joint account.
Things changed when I had Matt. My in-laws ignored him and barely acknowledged him, except to threaten to have him taken from me if I interfered with their relationship with Sam. Alan spent so much time working that I was left to raise Matt nearly on my own. In some ways, it was better, because I was at least allowed to raise my own child. But it was like being a single mother and I struggled to keep working while trying to conceal it from my in-laws.
When I turned 21, my husband and I left. We waited until his parents were out to dinner late one night and packed everything in just about an hour, got ourselves into the car, and drove away.
I was afraid I'd made a mistake almost as soon as we left. Sam asked where we were going, and when his father told him we were moving, he started screaming he wanted "mama" (MIL) and that he was being "kidnapped" (I later learned MIL and FIL had warned him that I might try to "kidnap" him, and if I did, he was to scream for help and tell people he was being kidnapped). My husband and I were absolutely heartbroken, but he told me that we were doing the right thing, and would just have to brace ourselves and bear it out. We were out. He had an uncle the next state over who'd offered us a place to crash until we found an apartment (uncle was estranged from in-laws). He talked about our dreams, how in a few years, this would be like a nightmare we'd almost have forgotten about.
Matt adjusted great. He was an easygoing kid, did well in school, made friends. Sam did not. It would take a book to detail everything that happened, but Sam always resented Matt and insisted Matt was my “favorite”. Matt called me mom. Sam didn’t.
For the first year, MIL was still "mom", and when he first went to school, he told his teachers that I'd kidnapped him from his real mom-- that was a hell of a call to deal with. He tried to run away twice when he was eight, though he admittedly didn't get very far and was home by dinner. It wasn't a real threat of running away so much as it was a very unhappy kid acting out, and Alan and I both took it as a cry for help. We did our best to comfort him and listen to him and reach out to him.
When Sam was thirteen, we discovered he was in communication with MIL through an email account we didn’t know about. MIL kept promising Sam that as soon as he was sixteen, she would whisk him away. The emails talked about how we'd "kidnapped" and "taken" Sam from her, and that she'd buy him any car he liked for his sixteenth birthday, and that they still had his old room ready and waiting for him. Asked if he remembered the pool. Things like that.
Sam became convinced that the only reason we weren’t going back was because of Matt (his logic was that he was MIL’s favorite and Matt was mine, and I was jealous of MIL).
I’ve written and rewritten this part about twenty times. To make a long story short, Sam attacked Matt one day, screaming that it was Matt’s fault that his life was “ruined”. I took Matt to the ER for a broken nose and a cracked rib. Alan stayed with Sam, because he was the only one strong enough to restrain him, and I was afraid Sam would turn on me (and he did try to punch Alan while I was gone).
My husband and I were shaken. This absolutely could not happen again—Matt didn’t deserve to live in fear in his own house—and we could tell it had been escalating to this for a while, and was completely out of our control. Alan had been sent to an all-boys boarding school when he was Sam’s age, and we discussed it with our boys’ godfather (Alan’s uncle, who took us in when we first escaped) and he suggested letting him keep Sam for a year and see if things improved, and go from there. Uncle agreed that it was best to separate the boys for now. He lives about two hours away, so we could visit regularly, but he said to keep boarding school on the table if things got out of hand. We agreed.
Uncle lives in a place where the only internet is what your router offers, the cellular is nonexistent unless you’re very close to town. So we felt confident that Sam would be off contact with MIL, and he loves and respects Uncle, so we felt it would be good for him. And we were right, it was. Alan saw him as often as Sam would let him, but completely ignored me. Matt always came to visit Uncle and work with him in the workshop, but never spoke to Sam. Sam sometimes came to sleep over at our house to spend time with Alan or for special occasions (his birthday, Christmas). Matt always slept over at his best friend's house whenever Sam showed up. Sam chose to stay with Uncle until he finished high school.
As soon as Sam graduated high school, he went to stay with MIL and FIL. We didn’t hear from him for a few years, except the occasional phone call to Alan and updates from Uncle, who assured me that this was in no way my doing. Sam has shown no interest in college, trade school or a job, and my in-laws seem content to house him on their dime. He is now nineteen and I worry for his future, but it’s entirely out of my hands.
Matt graduated high school this year and went to train under Uncle (he’s been sort of apprenticing for years, but now he’ll live with Uncle). Sam dropped by a week ago to speak to us. He said Uncle has cut contact with him. He says he needs Matt to forgive him, because Uncle said not to talk to him until Sam has made amends, but Matt won’t speak to Sam. Sam came to me specifically and said Matt would listen to me.
I told Sam that I can tell Matt that he’d like to speak, but I cannot make Matt do anything. Sam insisted that I could tell Matt to forgive him. I told Sam that we all make mistakes, but sometimes the damage is too late to heal, and I think he can understand that. Sam insisted it was not the same that he was thirteen when he broke Matt’s nose, and I was his mother. I told him, “I was fifteen when I had you. I made many mistakes raising you, which I will pay for the rest of my life, but the worst of them was when I was still a child.” I told him I wish we’d escaped with him sooner and I should’ve been braver. This pissed Sam off. I said I’d pass his message on to Matt then went inside.
Alan spoke with Sam a bit longer, then Sam left. I rang Matt and said that Sam would like to speak, and Matt replied, “I know.” So, he knows.
At this point, I don't think I can repair the relationship with Sam. I don't think I even want to try. Alan wants to repair things, but I think the damage is long done. Sam will always have a bed waiting in our house, but I don't think I can advocate on his behalf to Matt, particularly not when he's only asking because he wants things to go back the way they used to be with Uncle. I'm certain I'm a terrible mother to give up on one of my children, but I've had a few years now to come to terms with that. Alan is gently encouraging me to try, but I told him I've been rejected by my own son for thirteen years, I don't think I can take it anymore.
tl;dr: Husband and I married too young, had kids too young, MIL tried to replace me as mother to my eldest. We escaped but the damage was done. My eldest son attacked my younger son when he was thirteen and permanently broke their relationship. I don't know if I should even attempt to involve myself at this point.
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2023.03.31 08:17 horror_movie_chick I'm having a sexuality crisis and I'm not sure what to do

For over five years I've thought I was pansexual, I feel attracted to all genders and so on...but now I'm beginning to question my sexuality and I'm making points I'm not sure about.
Throughout my life I've had crushes on only fictional males while having actual crushes on real females or extremely feminine presenting people. I've thought 'oh no big deal this means nothing' until somebody brought up that I might just be acknowledging that the male fictional crushes are handsome and I'm not legitimately feeling actual attraction. This feels like a good point and I'm slightly nervous about this new information.
I'd really appreciate some advice on what to do next, I'm not sure what to do next but I want to further explore who I am as a person.
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2023.03.31 08:16 yoliiii18 How did I get here

I been dealing with very sad lonely thoughts since I was 18. I thought I was an idiot for acting like a self entitled bi*ch so I stayed shut but I’m not sure what’s worse feeling lonely or pretending like I’m unbothered. No matter what day I wake up it feels like a dagger twisting itself into my heart.
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2023.03.31 08:15 Scary_Ad_8919 My daughter's Korean settlement period where hair grows on her face

Hello. My name is Camilla, an English woman who lives her life with a unique daughter who was born in England.
Most mothers, if they had a daughter, would go for a walk peacefully with her or go shopping with her and have fun and live a normal life, but my daughter Luna is a very, very special and precious daughter who dreams of such a life.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with her daughter, Luna, but the biggest problem is that the eyes and preconceptions of other people looking at Luna seem to play a big role. Luna, who is such a cute little daughter to me, was born with a rare disease that grows hair on her face from birth.
When I first gave birth to Luna in the UK, my husband was in the birth room, and I still remember his expression of indescribable embarrassment when I saw Luna coming out of the world, and even the doctors who helped me were embarrassed. For some reason, Luna's face, which first came out of the world, had a lot of black spots on it, so I had no choice but to worry about my daughter, Luna, as soon as I recovered my body.
The British doctor in charge of childbirth also told us that we need to approach Luna's rare diseases carefully, and we conducted tests one by one over a long period of time through various tests to determine exactly what Luna has.
Fortunately, apart from that, Luna's body was healthier than the rest of the kids and she wasn't physically challenged, so that was a very reassuring point. But the test results were more shocking than I thought. She's found to have a rare disease known as one of the syndromes, and there's no cure for it, so she's told that she's going to have to live her whole life, taking care of hair like the hair that grows on her face.
Luna's disease, called Werewolf Syndrome, had no health problems, but there were many factors that made me feel white as soon as I heard it, and I didn't feel motivated to live my life because I felt like I was responsible for her rare disease.
As Luna grew to an age where she didn't know anything about it or not, her facial hair grew longer and I thought a lot about how to make Luna happy when I saw her. I've searched all the famous doctors and all the doctors in England who only deal with rare diseases, but now Luna's disease doesn't have an exact cure, so the best way to do it is to take care of the hair growing on her face on a regular basis so that people don't hate it on the surface They only told me the bad results of the inevitable situation. And what I couldn't understand was that some doctors even asked me rudely if I could make Luna my thesis subject, and how I felt about her as an object of study, not just a human being, I don't know how much Britain is It also served as an opportunity to feel that it is an absurd country. And right then, my husband, who promised to share his life with me, split up with me, and we became a divorce family overnight. Before I knew it, my husband often saw Luna's hair growing on her face, screaming that she was not her daughter, or feeling the same way as others who thought Luna was disgusting when they first saw her. And I thought, of course, that's what I thought, but anyway, we were the parents who brought Luna out of the world, and I thought, "How can you behave like that?" And I said to my husband, "Why is she so irresponsible?" And I thought, "It's also our responsibility." We fought a lot, saying that Luna's life is guaranteed only when we eventually take responsibility and treat the rare diseases she is suffering.
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2023.03.31 08:14 Callum_Rose WIP about page

What is In The Spirit Of Panthea
ITOP is a polytheistic religeon that is less about beliving in a set of hard rules and a pre-written book and more so about your own religious and spiritual understanding of the text.
I take inspiration from many courses and come to my own conclusions, theories and fanfiction (what a word to use) based on Various Deities, Gods, Demons and creatures founf in religious texxts- however it's not limited to such.

In theory everybody's ITOP beliefed are individualizes and unique to every believer. Some may praise God, Some may find solas in celebrities or Singers, some may find comfort in Satan. It's up to you.

Spirit of Panthea meaning
Anything you praise or believe in akin god is considered a god, so would fall under the Patheon lable. Even non Godly entities like demons, cryptids, celebrities, orniments and statues.. List could go on.
A pantheon is a word meaning a collection of gods.
However for me personally it's less about me beliviing in the entities i treat as gods to be real beings-- and more so taking inspiration from, them for my own personal beliefs. You can do both.

The baphomet in its religipous cannon(s) may be different from my intepritation of him. Same goes for the Abrahamic God, Jesus, Zeus and so on.

I take my own little tid bits from each Patheon's various sources and craft my own intepritations in that i then believe in. Thats what In the Spirit Of portion of the name means. I dont believe everything about them from their cannons directly, i just take inspiration and come to my own intepritations and conclusions.

Why a moth as the logo?
Panthea is a genus of the owlet moth family, Noctuidae. The word Panthea is from Greek, meaning "all of gods" (Wikipedia). Panthea is one of two words wich is the plural for Pantheon. Even though panthea is the less common plural term, i chose it after finding out a genus of month shared the word as it's name, so that made for a quick logo idea. Plus moths are neat.

But Why?
Religious trauma.
It helps me deal with it but what started off as a little 'de bunking the bible' project turned me to satanism but now i'm on my own spiritual journey. It helps to understand what youre beliving in other than just blindly believing because some adults in your kid life tell you so otherwise you'll go to hell. Took me to long to realize it is NOT normal to have panick attacks over dreading going to hell because you did something wrong as a kid. Even if it was something as small as breaking property that wasnt your accidently.
Pluse i find it dun learning about all these deities.
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2023.03.31 08:14 shishiasia Setup Your Own Business With A Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant

Setup Your Own Business With A Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant
If you have been focusing on the growing crisis of plastic pollution throughout the world, you must have heard about the expression pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the method by which waste including plastic and various other materials may be changed into useful products which have numerous uses in various industries. We have seen a great deal of fascination with the little-scale pyrolysis plants since these plants allow anyone to create a particular business that not only helps the environment but also causes them to be good money. The following is all that you should find out about buying your very own small pyrolysis unit to be able to set up your personal recycling business.
Above all, it is necessary that you can understand that a pyrolysis plant, especially a compact-scale plant, could be set up and operated inside a limited space. Unless you have a big plot of land, it is possible to select a small-scale plant and acquire your business going. By using a plastic pyrolysis plant, you are able to recycle tires, plastic waste as well as other forms of raw materials. When these materials undergo pyrolysis, they are transformed into useful oil and gaseous products, and some other things. Most of these products have popular in different industries which means you use a ready-made marketplace for the final products.

With regards to the availability of raw materials for pyrolysis is involved, you should certainly find a lot of such materials. Among the finest ways is to make contact with the regional authorities as these authorities can also be responsible for the safe disposal of waste tires, waste plastic and other such harmful materials. They should permit you to get a steady source of raw materials that you can use in the pyrolysis plant. In relation to investing in a small-scale pyrolysis plant, there are some what exactly you need to consider in order to get the ideal bang for your buck:

One of the more important what exactly you need to take into account may be the standing of the manufacturer. As a result of increased interest in pyrolysis plants, numerous companies have jumped into this business and you may purchase these plants from a large number of companies spread all over the world. Not all the firms within this business can supply top-quality plants which may have high efficiency and therefore comply with your local pollution standards. Also, there are numerous models that vary when it comes to capacity, automation, efficiency, and labor requirement among other things.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to prepare your own business plan taking into account the option of raw materials, labor, electricity, water and other things like this that are needed to run your skid mounted pyrolysis plant. After you have prepared your own business plan, it helps you in choosing the right style of pyrolysis plant. After choosing a few models from different companies, you ought to compare their specifications with regard to efficiency, quality of materials employed for making the plant, amount of automation, labor requirement along with overall efficiency. It is additionally recommended to speak to no less than several buyers who have dedicated to such plants to acquire a good plan for selecting the best pyrolysis plant.

Overall, establishing a small-scale pyrolysis plant has an excellent home business opportunity. If you have ample availability of raw materials that can be used in the pyrolysis plant, you ought to think about establishing your very own profitable business. It does not only allow you to money but will also assist the environment.
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2023.03.31 08:14 No_Bowler_3903 How much do you hate know it alls?

How do you guys deal with “know it all” coworkers. I’m pretty chill dude. When at work when I just have an opinion about anything. It’s turns “ahhh well I’d do this” literally anything. How do you just not give a crap what they think or say. Just gets old listening to this.
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2023.03.31 08:13 sfspectator Advice and Remedies for Dark Spot Removal Above Lip Area for a 30-year-old Male

Hey everyone!
I'm a 30-year-old guy who has been dealing with a rather annoying dark spot just above my lip area. It's been bothering me for a while now, and I'm starting to feel a bit self-conscious about it. I've tried a few over-the-counter remedies, but nothing seems to have worked so far.
I'm turning to this fantastic community for some advice and remedy suggestions that have worked for you or people you know. I would really appreciate it if you could share your experiences and tips on how to effectively tackle this issue.
A few specific questions I have are:
Feel free to add any other information or insights that you think might help me on this.
Thank you all in advance!
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2023.03.31 08:13 garciiia Searching in MTGA

I always write something like "return graveyard" to find reanimationspells and missed all spells with "put target". Same for red spells to deal damage to each or all creatures.
How can i find all reanimation-spells or board wipes easier?
Googled them but couldn't find a list for current standard.
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2023.03.31 08:12 StepwiseUndrape574 Heads-Up! Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Free At The Epic Games Store Today

Epic Games appears to have jumped the gun and revealed the "mystery game" that is set to unlock as a free offering in the Epic Games Store today. In a now-deleted Twitter post, the official Epic Games Store account let the cat out of the bag, saying Grand Theft Auto V will ride into town, and that once you claim it, the game is "yours to keep forever."
Free games on a weekly basis is one of major incentives Epic Games came up with to entice players (and by extension, developers as well) over to its digital distribution platform. Not without controversy, Epic Games also inks exclusive deals, whereby some titles are only available on the Epic Games Store for a period of time before heading over to Steam.
As far as the former goes, GTA V is a pretty big draw still today, five years after it was initially released to PC. It follows Death Coming, a fun and addictive little title that is still free at the time of this writing, until 11:00am ET (8:00am PT).
While Epic Games saw fit to delete its Twitter post revealing GTA V as the next free title, it was captured and archived by Wario64. "Get Grand Theft Auto V free on PC until May 21. Yours to keep forever on the Epic Games Store," the tweet read, accompanied by a video reveal.
Epic Games Store Grand Theft Auto V (the "mystery game") unlocks as a free title at 11:00am ET today at the Epic Games Store
According to the countdown timer for a mystery game at the Epic Games Store, GTA V will unlock at 11:00am ET (8:00am PT), the same time Death Coming ceases to be free (or by the time your read this). If you've held off playing all this time, today is your chance to reward your patience.
Some things have changed since we reviewed GTA V. One of the big draws these days is Grand Theft Auto Online, a free online multiplayer extension. In addition to being able to team up on missions, there are role playing servers that add a deeper element, for those who are interested in that sort of thing.
Once the time arrives, head over to the Epic Games Store to claim GTA V.
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2023.03.31 08:12 garbhsanskar02 Stomach Pain During Pregnancy Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar

Stomach Pain During Pregnancy Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar

Stomach Pain During Pregnancy
Stomach pain during pregnancy is one of the many symptoms that every pregnant woman has to deal with. Many a time, these pains can be a cause for worry as it is really difficult to deduce whether they are just normal pains of pregnancy or something to be concerned about. And hence, it is imperative to know and distinguish between normal pregnancy pains and those that should be treated with immediate action.
Read More:-
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2023.03.31 08:12 redkinoko Stop waiting for the company to promote you or give you a raise.

Your company is not your friend. It's not your parent. Stop giving it the responsibilities that should be in your hands. It has zero obligation to make you grow. Or pay you your worth. Your company is a customer that pays for your skill, energy, and time.
It will not negotiate for your maximum worth or even your fair value. It will aim for the lowest possible price that will not break your transaction. It's not being evil or oppressive that way. It's just how companies operate - by holding resources steady while minimizing resources to maximize profits.
You, on the other hand, are the person who has a limited number of hours in this lifetime that you can use for work. You are literally selling the best years of your life when you work. To leave the pricing of each minute, hour, day of your life to another person simply because you think that's just how things are supposed to work, is nothing short of allowing yourself to get scammed.
You need to maximize the pay for each minute of your life as much as you can. Maybe if you get enough, you might not need to sell all of it and spend more time for yourself, your passion, and your loved ones.
What I'm getting at is this:
You have to stop waiting for raises and promotions thinking the yearly appraisals or your "kind" manager will eventually notice your hard work and skills and give you your worth.
Make yourself indispensable then milk the ever living shit out of your situation.
You have to actively negotiate more when you think you deserve more. You have to learn to sell yourself and your achievements and capabilities without thinking you're doing something dirty.
Set up meetings with your bosses. If they don't want to, set up a meeting with their bosses. When should you do it? The best time for it is yesterday. The next best is today. Fuck fiscal years. If you're being underpaid now, you need to start fixing the situation NOW. Be cognizant of what you contribute to the company. Do away with the "I'm a fast learner", "I'm a team player" bullshit. Tell them how much money you help them make. Tell them how much better they are now because of you. Tell them how much your team literally depends on your output and knowledge. Tell them what they can get if you stay on for longer if they give you what you want. SELL YOURSELF. HARD.
Don't rely on the yearly performance appraisal bullshit. That's a circus to keep people just happy enough to stay for as long as possible. It's not a true negotiation of worth.
If you can let the company know your worth and if the company knows what they're doing, they will be willing to adjust to your demand for equity. True negotiation.
You don't need to threaten them with a job offer from another company to do this. Matter of fact, sometimes those even can get in the way. You will likely get a much better deal when you're still under their good graces than when you're blackmailing them for a counter offer.
You can always just say the truth: if you like where you are, tell them that you want to stay but you think you can get more for doing more. Companies aren't idiots in general. They know losing people will cost them more money in the long run because they lose tenured resources and have to spend more money to headhunt, screen, and train. They will bend if your demands are reasonable and attractive. For as long as you make yourself important enough to be sold at a fair value, you will have the seller's advantage in every negotiation. Ask for what you think you deserve. Tell them what they can get if they promote you. Demand concrete timelines. Follow up rigorously until you get what you set out to get.
And if, at the end of all that, you still cannot get what you want, then that's the time you go to another company. Because you know the true value of the time you have, and you are not running a charity.
You are running a business. Your trade is you. Your product is your life. Do not sell yourself short.
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2023.03.31 08:10 No_Bowler_3903 Dealing with know it alls?

How do you guys deal with “know it all” coworkers. I’m pretty chill dude. When at work when I just have an opinion about anything. It’s turns “ahhh well I’d do this” literally anything. How do you just not give a crap what they think or say. Just gets old listening to this.
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2023.03.31 08:10 Sothis_Bot Yuri: Underground Lord Unit Discussion (03/31/2023)

Description: Leader of the Ashen Wolf House and proficient with both magic and the sword. He fights for those who can't protect themselves, seeking no favor.
Color: Red
Weapon Type: Dagger
Move Type: Infantry
Weapon: Abyssal Blade (14 Might 2 Range)
Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If unit initiates combat or is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit, neutralizes effects that prevent unit's follow-up attacks, deals damage = 20% of unit's Spd (including when dealing damage with a Special triggered before combat), and reduces damage from foe's first attack by 30% during combat. Effect:【Dagger 7】
Assist Skill: Foul Play
Unit and target ally swap spaces. (Range: 3)
A-Slot: Atk/Spd Hexblade
At start of turn, if unit is within 2 spaces of a magic ally, grants【Hexblade】to unit for 1 turn. If【Bonus】is active on unit, grants Atk/Spd+7 to unit during combat.
Calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res during combat for 1 turn (including damage dealt by Specials before combat).
All effects that last ”for 1 turn” or ”that turn only.” Includes bonuses granted by a skill like Rally or Hone and positive status effects (extra movement or effects like Dominance).
B-Slot: Seal Spd 4
Inflicts Spd-4 on foe during combat, and if no effect neutralizes penalties to foe's Spd, inflicts penalty on foe's Spd during combat = 7 - current penalty on foe's Spd (min: 0). If penalty is active on foe's Spd, inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack during combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.) Inflicts Spd-7 on foe through its next action after combat.
C-Slot: Fetters of Dromi
Enables【Canto (2)】.
At start of turn, unit can move 1 extra space (that turn only; does not stack). After start-of-turn skills trigger, if【Stall】is active on unit, neutralizes the "unit can move 1 extra space" effect of this skill. Inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-4 on foes within 2 spaces of unit during combat.
【Canto (2)】
After an attack, Assist skill, or structure destruction, unit can move 2 space(s). (Unit moves according to movement type. Once per turn. Cannot attack or assist. Only highest value applied. Does not stack. After moving, if a skill that grants another action would be triggered (like with Galeforce), Canto will trigger after the granted action. Unit's base movement has no effect on movement granted. Cannot warp (using skills like Wings of Mercy) a distance greater than 2 space(s).)
If unit has "unit can move 1 extra space," converts that effect into "restricts movement to 1 space" through its next action.
Stat Flaw Neutral Asset
HP 37 41 44
Atk 41 44 48
Spd 44 47 50
Def 21 24 27
Res 22 26 29
This post was created by a bot. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the moderators
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2023.03.31 08:09 thick_texas_girl My Final Goodbye to the Love We Had

As a person going through a new separation, I would like to say this, everyone has emotional problems. Issues that are deep set inside themselves. Some of course are worse than others. So many variables as to the trouble of the person's inner being and soul.
With that said, it's highly egotistical to point fingers as an omnipotent being, as if to know who is to blame. When it literally takes each person to be in a relationship. No matter what details and factors exist.
I'd say, don't be sorry for me. I don't want pity because this is something that I knew was going to happen. I tried to figure it out and discuss things because I could sense it. But after constant times of being either ignored, reflects back at, told that I only wanted to argue, and similar, I slowly grew bitter inside. I grew feelings of hatred. Feelings of not being valued and respected. Frankly, it became clear to me that I was the only one who really valued communication in the marriage. I was the only one who truly sought the ability to work through all issues or concerns with my spouse with some adult grace and maturity.
Time after time, I was told what I was feeling. Told how I needed to feel and not feel. Was condemned for expressing emotions. But I'm okay with it now. I'd rather have the capability to do so, than to be like the spouse who cannot and will not. Truthful communication was necessary before things got to where they've ended today. You made certain to not be honest and to not truly talk about things and if you can give yourself a quick check, this is actually your fault because of that. It is not my fault that you told me lies and I believed them as the truth. You didn't do anyone a favor by choosing to handle our relationship communication in this way. No favor to yourself, to me, to your daughter's, and no favor to our marriage and family we built. That is on you.
I've read your message and thoughts about your opinion on what I may need in order to obtain inner healing. It is just that, your opinion. I'll let the experts, who gave my true best interests at heart, decide the details of that matter. You were never safe for me to come to. It resulted at times with lashing out. Which was wrong and unhealthy for us all. Yes, I came to realize this and adjusted to react better. I learned that my heart and feelings are not safe with you nor around you. Nor were they appreciated and valued. You only viewed my emotions and communication as an enemy. I did express ALOT of negatives at a high frequency because I didn't want to give up. I had hope. No matter how many times I tried to get us to get just one issue truly fully addressed, you never would allow it. You'd basically say it's done, addressed, and we have to move on.
This told me that because you were healed and over things, that I needed to ignore my feelings in my heart and just agree that it didn't hurt anymore, when it, in fact, still did. And this caused more hurt because it was clear that you never truly cared sincerely about my feelings nor did you consider your efforts and lack of efforts provided towards me via communication and emotional healing....did one of two things...your responses either ensured a sense of respect and deep rooted security OR your responses planted roots of being disrespected, not valued, ignorant in thinking that not caring about the details would manage to continue to feed marriage so that it is thriving. But these factors did not concern you. And you definitely would not give enough patience to hear the reasons for my feelings and thoughts. To you, I'm too complicated. You're right. I am very deep. I am so amazing. And you, well, you just aren't capable of meeting me on my level. And that is okay.
It became obvious that one of us was pointlessly trying to prevent our marriage failure, but that it was inevitable. Unfortunately for our daughters I am so sorry. None of this was expected as I personally thought eithy entire being that we we unbreakable soulmates. I felt that out kids would be one of the few who would come from an unbroken and successful home. I was wrong. Maybe hope is an immature feeling to cling to but I was clinging to it.
Regardless of whatever you feel is the cause for the ending of our love, connection, relationship, family life, and doesn't matter anymore. I'll willingly take the blame so you can feel best about your decision.
Yes, I changed. That happens when one person in the marriage constantly has been, in a manner, taken as a joke and not given the deserved loving respect by making certain that the others feelings and concerns are being met and addressed.... allowing them to know without question that they truly are loved and valued.
Yes, I became angry and bitter. But wouldn't you? Indeed, you would and also did. Yes, I gave up on many things. I no longer saw the point in valuing things as much as I did, when my spouse did not match my level in appreciation of certain things.
I changed so much that I don't like myself. I don't recognize myself. I also no longer like you and I don't recognize you either.
And so it all continued. I had to live in a marriage where I had to deal with issues and concerns that were never fully cared about and addressed so that I definitely could let go of the topic. You continued to hide the truth about the feelings you were having at times, which gave me no opportunity to fix things as I was unaware of the truths beneath the lies. So again, that is on you.
The person I fell in love with is gone. And the person you fell in love with is gone also. Bittersweet are those wonderful memories we have. I won't be even mention the feelings I have towards the bad memories that also exist.
I will miss those times. I thought surely that you would be the forever home where I could plant my heart for safe keeping. But, reality is a cruel thing sometimes. And many things I could not control.
I'm not sure what more to say. I have been given my heart back and told that you don't want it. Maybe it's too for the best. It wasn't being handled appropriately. Like a box labeled as fragile, you'd be sure to handle with more attentive care. You didn't handle with attentive care during my efforts to communicate for relationship repairs. So my heart grew darkness. Once my heart grew darkness, so did yours.
And this is where we are tonight. Me, alone. You, alone but next to our kids who are going to be confused about everything that is going to happen.
All I can say now is that I did try. I was willing to attempt marriage counseling even though I don't know if it would help or not. But you refuse it. Make it clear that we work and money are more important than at least trying. And with that, I understand and feel that you don't want us anymore. You don't love me and us anymore. Despite what I feel, I was going to at least try. But, again, it is what it is. I cannot control things. I cannot force anything.
So I'll walk the rest of my life alone. With only our daughters beside me. I realize that love is just a fleeting thing and eventually burns out. It was nice. I'll miss it. I'll have a whole inside my soul forever. It is something that will never be permanent, solid, and secure. I have to accept this and know I'll die with this feeling in my chest. It is horrific. But I cannot do a thing about it.
I pray so deeply for our girls to be okay through this. I guess this might be their first heart break.
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2023.03.31 08:08 skyseeker88 I can’t believe it. After a year of being off opiates, I found a pill in one of my old jackets.

It was just sitting there, tempting me. For a moment, I held it in my hand and even fantasized about taking it. It was like all the memories of the high, the euphoria, and the temporary escape from reality came rushing back to me. But I quickly snapped out of it. I couldn’t believe I was even considering taking it. I’ve come too far to let opiates back into my life. I’ve worked too hard, made too many sacrifices, and committed too much to living a drug-free life. I refuse to let opiates win. With a sense of disappointment in myself for even considering it, I made the only choice I knew was right - I flushed that bitch down the toilet. As the pill swirled away, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had made the right decision. I realized in that moment that I had the strength to overcome any temptation. I’ve conquered the demon that once ruled my life, and I refuse to let it take control of me again. Fuck opiates. I’ve chosen a better path, and I’m committed to living a life of freedom. I’ve proved that I have the power to overcome any obstacle, and nothing will stand in my way. I’m proud of myself for staying strong.
It's not always easy to say no. Sometimes it means facing uncomfortable situations or dealing with the consequences of your decision. But the strength to suffer through the temptation, pain, and consequences of saying no is what sets you apart. It's what makes you stronger, wiser, and more resilient.
When you say no, you are saying yes to a better future.
So, don't underestimate the power of saying no. It's a small act that can have a huge impact. We have the power to make decision that will guide our life.
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2023.03.31 08:08 SuspiciousAd6289 I'm newly diagnosed with BPD. Advice on trigger coping mechanisms?

Hi everyone. I was rocked when I received this diagnosis for the first time. I have spent many years thinking there was something very wrong with me and couldn't figure out what.
One of my biggest problems is reacting to triggers. When something upsets me (and these days it feels like EVERYTHING upsets me), especially with relationships, I immediately get super emotional (defensive or sad), have these intense impulses and find it impossible to deal with the problem rationally. You can imagine how difficult it is to be happy.
In that moment, how do you deal with that overreactive explosion of emotion, and the impulsivity, and the irrationality? Tips?
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2023.03.31 08:08 Back_To_The_Oilfield My kids’ apparently have to weigh in while their entire class watches their weight. This can’t be legal, right?

I ask because I’m not too worried about my sons because they are average height and weight, but my daughter is 10 and roughly 5’ 6”. She’s obviously going to weigh more than anyone by a large margin, and unless school has changed that’s going to end in a bunch of bullying.
The thing is she has been in BJJ and I had to quit practicing with her because I got hurt by her (and my username should say a bit about that). I plan on speaking with the principal today, but I just can’t believe this shit is legal. It’s literally asking for someone to get tired of being bullied and becoming a headline.
Of fucking course this is Texas, and I want to get us out of here asap. But it won’t happen before my giant daughter has to deal with it, and while I’m no badass compared to the people I’ve worked with… I’m beyond infuriated that I may have to literally reward my daughter for body slamming the fuck out of other kids if they fuck with her. Due to her insane height, she won BJJ championships just because the girls and boys were literally a foot shorter than her and she just put them on the ground and laid on them.
Seriously, please, help me. I know they all see Instagram and tik tok so they already have body issues. If a bunch of kids see her weight and start bullying her over that, it’s not going well for anyone. I’ll be speaking with the principal later, but this literally can’t be legal and I’d like to bring the proof to her before this happens.
Thanks in advance.
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