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2023.03.31 08:17 PlayfulPerformance12 Bay Area Asian Male in CS does decent, but still disappointed with Ivy rejections

Intended Major(s): Computer Science (at schools that accept by major), Biomedical Engineering (for schools that don't)
Standardized Testing
  1. President of FIRST Robotics Club (9, 10, 11, 12)
  2. Bioinformatics Research Assistant for a Professor at UC Berkeley (12)
  3. Ran a Biomedical Engineering class for elementary school students at my towns library (11,12)
  4. Founder and President of Bioinformatics Club (11, 12)
  5. Internship at Silicon Valley Bioinformatics Startup (11)
  6. Vice President of Math League (9, 10, 11, 12)
  7. Section Leader of Boys Choir (9, 10, 11, 12)
  8. Treasurer of HOSA (9, 10, 11, 12)
  9. Volunteer at Hospital, 400+ hours (9, 10, 11, 12)
  10. Cashier at McDonalds (11)
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Pending (but probably reject):
I'm grateful to be accepted into schools like UMich, UVA, UCSD, UCSB, etc, but I can't help feeling disappointed with all my waitlists and rejections from the T20s after all the work I put in to my grades and ECs throughout high school. However, my expectations were not super high going into the application season, due to my demographics, and also the fact that all my friends in my competitive bay area high school are even more cracked than I am.
But anyways, I'm currently deciding between UMich CS and UCSD CS, and heavily leaning towards UCSD due to in state tuition.
Also, if you're wondering how I got the internships, it was through sending a bunch of cold emails.
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2023.03.31 08:17 CastleInMyMind_ What stands out to you the most when looking at my chart?

What stands out to you the most when looking at my chart? submitted by CastleInMyMind_ to AstrologyChartShare [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 08:17 HappyChicken_ Dog rehab recovery after TTA TPLO surgery

My 4 year old jindo mix dog had TTA surgery in early December and she is still having difficulty walking after 15 mins on a walk, getting up and laying down without extending her leg, and she’s constantly licking her paws. She’s done 5 weeks of hydrotherapy (30 min sessions/once a week) along with laser therapy. She did 10 weeks of rest with PROM exercises. She’s on antinol now but dasaquin for two months beforehand. I don’t know what to do. She doesn’t seem to be improving. Her leg drags a little bit when she’s walking at a normal (but faster pace than she’s been walking recently) speed. K feel like I’m not getting real answers. X-rays have never shown anything big when they went in for the TTA surgery then said her knee ligaments were shattered. This doesn’t show up in X-rays? I’m also mindful of how many times she’s getting drugged for X-rays. It’s not good to put your dog under unless you absolutely must. How complicated is it to run and analyze an X-ray? She’s been through several X-rays, a TTA surgery, and some weird hydrotherapy sessions that have all come at an exuberant cost but don’t seem to be benefiting her. Now she’s lethargic, depressed, and can’t walk foff TV longer than 15 min. Is this going to improve? Please tell me it is.
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2023.03.31 08:16 No_Bathroom_420 Kinetic Vs Energy special damage, will it ever be addressed?

Kinetic specials get such a huge boost from their slots kinetic buff, That in every case outside of energy wave frame GLs and Trace Rifles with add clear perk combos it not worth having them. Every energy special is getting blown away damage wise simply because of the kinetic slots buff. (I don’t think nerfing the slot buff is a good solution either)
How long is this going to go on? What is the point of getting a vorpal roll or boss damaging type roll on an energy special when you could be doing so much more damage on a kinetic special with a similar roll? I don’t know if there’s a way to fix it without off balancing the entire game either. Say you bring energy specials up to the same level as kinetic special damage now, Well then stand outs like wave frames and trace rifles dominate even harder and there’s even less of a reason to run primary guns. You can’t nerf kinetics because that hurts every gun classified as kinetic and crates the same problem energy weapons have right now. It’s definitely not fine as it is because sense learning exactly how much energy specials lose out to kinetic specials in damage I have completely written off any good pve rolls for single target damage as not worth it at all. Even a 10% buff to energy specials would be somewhat risky in terms of how strong the outliers would be. (Wave frame GLs and Trace Rifles)
I do believe this is a larger scale problem that needs to be talked about more and we need to hear Bungie’s explanation on why a Kinetic weapon with the same roll as an Energy weapon crates such a huge disparity between the two. I’m definitely not understanding or struggling with the philosophy of it why a slug like Heritage with Vorpal completely outclasses a slug like Nessa’s Oblation with vorpal just because they’re in different slots? It’s crazy how much it devalues Energy Specials. They don’t seem to unusable on the surface but thinking about it they’re wildly impractical vs their kinetic counterparts so if an energy weapon only offers boss damaging options it’s practically (as in the actual practicality of it) useless and undesirable.
This topic needs a lot more awareness because it directly effects the value of an entire group of weapons. Right now I wouldn’t keep any Energy Special with a perk related to damaging bosses or high health enemies because I’d genuinely be doing myself a disservice. Probably the most out there thing I can say is, Why did Bungie power creep special energy weapons?
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2023.03.31 08:15 pabsgt Did my app broke? I been seeing this pops as new for like 4 weeks

Did my app broke? I been seeing this pops as new for like 4 weeks submitted by pabsgt to funkopop [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 08:15 meggganrose My husband and I have gotten a collective 10 hours of sleep this week

Yup, just as the title says my 16 month old is not sleeping through the night and both my husband and I are running off of fumes (and caffeine).
My son was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. 10 days ago he had his palate repaired and we were warned he may have “sleep disturbances” but not told the extent of it by his team and honestly they just brushed off the sleep. In the grand scheme of things I understand, they were definitely more worried about him taking in fluids and learning to eat with his new mouth.
Before surgery my son was sleeping through the night for 10-11 hours straight and napping about 2-3 hours a day and he was able to put himself to sleep and self soothe. But since we’ve come home from the hospital he’s not sleeping unless he’s being held and even at that if you’re not holding him how he wants to be held he gets pissed. He’s napping maybe an hour a day and night time sleep is completely out of the question. He will sleep for 2.5 hours in his crib at night and then refuse to be put back in his crib. But he also refuses to sleep in our bed with me and only wants to sleep with my husband on the couch. He also smacks us with his arm restraints like he’s swinging a baseball bat… At this point we are considering to just give up with the crib and co sleep but we didn’t really co sleep when he was a baby because he was born prematurely so we followed sleep based on what his pediatrician recommended.
From the cleft lip and cleft palate support groups we’re in I’ve come to the conclusion that around the two week mark they’ll start going back to what their normal was pre op but I’m so scared that his sleep will forever be regressed. Is there anything we can do to help him maintain his independent sleep?
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2023.03.31 08:11 AssociationIcy98 What stands out to you about my whole signs chart?

What stands out to you about my whole signs chart? submitted by AssociationIcy98 to AstrologyChartShare [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 08:09 illmatic4 How is my 4 day split?

Arm/Shoulders - Cable Tri Down Rope 12 10 8 - Cable Lat Raise 12 10 8 - EZ Curl Close\Far Half 12 10 8 6 - Overhead Press Standing 10 8 6 4 - EZ Overhead Tri Extension 12 10 8 6 - Incline Hammer DB 12 10 8 - Reverse Fly DB 12 10 8 6 - Roman Oblique 3x15 - Sit Up Machine 5x10 - Treadmill 12 incline, 3.2 speed 10minutes
Leg - Squat Smith 12 10 8 6 - Calf Smith 4x20 - Lunge Smith 10 8 6 - Trap Deadlift 12 10 8 6 4 - Treadmill 12 incline, 3.2 speed 10minutes
Full Body - Leg Press Single Leg 12 10 8 - Leg Curl 12 10 8 - Upright Row Ez 12 10 8 - Dips 4x8 - Roman Oblique 3x15 - Sit Up Machine 5x10 - Row Underhand 5min
I’ve been on this split for a while, recently started pyramid so still making steady gains and curious if my routine can use some work.
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2023.03.31 08:08 Playful-Ad6687 Fiserv ($FISV) announces share repurchase plan and insider selling raises questions

Fiserv, Inc. ($FISV) recently declared that its board has approved a share repurchase plan, which allows the company to buy back 75,000,000 of its outstanding shares through open market purchases. Such a repurchase plan is generally an indication that the management of the company believes that its shares are undervalued in the market.
Veriti Management LLC reduced its holdings in Fiserv by 7.9% during the fourth quarter, according to the firm’s most recent 13F filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The firm now owns 11,641 shares of Fiserv after selling 997 shares during the quarter. These holdings were worth $1,177,000 as of Veriti Management LLC’s most recent SEC filing.
Furthermore, several insiders have also taken advantage of high prices lately and decided to sell their stock options for cash instead of holding onto them for longer periods. Chief Risk Officer Christopher M. Foskett sold 9,000 shares at an average price of $111.00 per share for a total transaction value of $999,000 on Friday 24th March this year. Mr Foskett now directly owns a total of 97,665 shares in Fiserv valued at $10,840,815 after this sale.
Another top executive who made use of such opportunity was COO Guy Chiarello who sold 2,937 stocks at an average price of $105.03 per share generating a revenue amounting to $308,473 back in January this year.
Over the last three months alone insiders pulled out over 1 million shares from various sources totaling around $180 million dollars’ worth placed into their pockets – highlighting that existing stakeholders view current market conditions as being favorable for selling off ownership stakes within one’s very own organization.
Overall industry analysts assert that these continuous insider sells alongside any potential concerns surrounding the share buyback program just announced by Fiserv would be cause enough for informed investors to intensify their scrutiny of the stock performance and how it is being driven by both insiders and large funds alike.

Fiserv Attracts Institutional Investor Attention with Strong Earnings Results and Potential for Growth

Fiserv, Inc. ($FISV) has caught the attention of institutional investors as Atlas Capital Advisors LLC, Colonial Trust Advisors, MV Capital Management Inc., EverSource Wealth Advisors LLC and Cambridge Trust Co. have all modified their holdings in the company. According to a recent report from MarketWatch, these firms have been acquiring shares in Fiserv with gains of up to 71.9% in the second quarter alone.
A business services provider that specializes in financial technology, Fiserv has had an impressive run thanks to its robust earnings results released earlier this year. The company’s Q4 earnings call reported revenue of $4.63 billion – up 8.8% compared to the same period last year – while its net margin surged at 14.26%. This growth has not gone unnoticed by research firms with a “Moderate Buy” rating and an average price target of $127.14.
However, it is worth noting that institutional investors now own close to 89% of Fiserv’s outstanding shares, indicating that individual retail investors interested in investing may find it a little challenging to gain access to the stock.
Despite currently trading at $111.84 per share, Fiserv appears destined for more significant gains based on expert evaluations and strong quarterly earnings figures galvanizing investor interests this year.
Investors bullish on fintech stocks and financial service providers believe that Fiserv presents an excellent opportunity for long-term investment relative to other companies listed on Nasdaq or Dow Jones due to its proven track record and potential for growth.
In summary, institutional investor interest is intensifying towards technology-aided payment solution providers such as Fiserv because their unique revenue models can assure return-on-investment regardless of market volatilities. While the stock price may be above the means of retail investors, there is still plenty of opportunity to position oneself favorably on this rising fintech company.
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2023.03.31 08:08 createdjustforthis23 31/03/2023

I woke up annoyingly early again and couldn’t really get back to sleep. I had a shower again this morning and this time washed my hair too, which feels so weird. I never wash my hair in the day time. So now I’ll have wet hair all day but I didn’t want to wash it tonight as it’s chilly and I don’t want to sleep with wet hair when it’s cold but it’s warmer today thankfully. Well not thankfully but it’s warmer anyway. It’s still chilly though. It feels so weird to have wet hair in the day. This is how structured my days are without even meaning them to be, well I guess I mean them to be - it doesn’t feel right to have washed my hair by 8:30am.
I’ve had a few calls/meetings this morning work wise which were fine. I’m writing an LOE and the manager and peer review both said it was really well done which made me feel nice.
M and I aren’t continuing with our current cleaner, they suck. They barely do anything and just an appearance clean and it’s been three or four sessions now so like, come on dude. So we won’t be continuing with them. We’re gonna go back to doing it ourselves I think, we both don’t mind doing certain jobs that the other hates so it works well. I’m going to do vacuuming, mopping, windows and clean the toaster. M will do surfaces, the loo and empty the vacuum/unclog the shower drain because I’d rather die than do either of those things and she’d rather die than vacuum. I want to get a cool new mop, like a steam mop. And then we’ll both do the usual things like dishwasher, rubbish/recycling, laundry and whatnot. Anyway so we’ll try that, I really don’t mind cleaning I just don’t want to risk my hands flaring up every week.
I’ve had a lil Rihanna afternoon. I feel like that wild thoughts song always makes me feel a certain way… aka slutty. I wish I knew how to do a really good lap dance, idk if they’re even nice to get but I’m curious. I just feel like I’d end up with it being way more cringe than hot which is a mortifying thought. How do you even practice that? Put a cushion on a chair? That’s so weird. But I think it could also be kinda fun… no? Hmm. Not for anyone though, only Andy. Unless he wanted me to do it for someone else when we’re together and he’s watching but I think I also just want to do some things only with him. Like if I ever feel curious and brave enough and if he’d ever even be interested to try the other kinda sex, I’d only ever do that with him. I just imagine it would hurt so much plus also I don’t find the idea hot or anything so it’s never really appealed but I’m just curious because idk, maybe I’d like it? But he’s not into it so maybe he’d be like ew no thanks which is TOTALLY fair enough. Anyway. I just mean there are some things I’ll only do with him. Anywaaaaaay.
I got some nice praise with work today from various people. It feels nice.
I’ve felt so nauseous on and off all afternoon. I’m so sick of it. I’m headachey too which is annoying but it’s not too bad.
I’ve maaaaaaaybe had his photo up all day today, the black and white one, so that when I skim through my phone screens to get to other ones I get a lil glimpse of him. On a scale of 1 to 10, how obviously loved up am I feeling today? 14? Correct. I just feel so lucky to have him in my life.
It’s Friday and I’m happy. I have the weekend, then a short week and then a whole week off. I feel silly taking the whole week off but I have plenty of leave building up and I’ve been told I have to use some of it and it’s four days of AL to get like ten days off in a row? I’ll spend most if not all of it at my parents I think. Lots of countryside walks, reading, painting and puppy snugs. I’m seeing K next week, she’s back for Easter and so I’ll see her on Thursday for a drink. She knows I’m anxy about that stuff so I’m not going to the BYO dinner after and it’s good that she understands it’s not because of her. But I’ll def see her beforehand. And then I’ll take the train to my parents. I’m so excited to see puppy too. I miss him. I miss him so much. He’ll be fluffy too. I’ll take him for big long walks and cuddles by the fireplace. I’ll take my laptop too just in case Andy wants to watch tlou series with me. He probably won’t but he might. Anyway I’m happy it’s the weekend because it’s been a long and busy week.
I love how he casually lobs an “impasse” into a text. Fuck I love him. I mean it’s not a weird word by any means, but it’s not common. My clever baby. I’m forever obsessed with how he creates sentences. I’m so obsessed with his entire mind. I’d happily walk down the aisle with his active brain floating in a jar of science-brine. Except he’s too handsome to not also take the face too. I think it says a lot that I’m more in love with his mind and entire personality than his appearance, which is dumb because he’s hot as f but anyway. It doesn’t matter. I’ll shush.
I think I’ll stop journaling now. I need to get prepared for game timmmeeeeeeeee with honeybunny, night night
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2023.03.31 08:08 Back_To_The_Oilfield My kids’ apparently have to weigh in while their entire class watches their weight. This can’t be legal, right?

I ask because I’m not too worried about my sons because they are average height and weight, but my daughter is 10 and roughly 5’ 6”. She’s obviously going to weigh more than anyone by a large margin, and unless school has changed that’s going to end in a bunch of bullying.
The thing is she has been in BJJ and I had to quit practicing with her because I got hurt by her (and my username should say a bit about that). I plan on speaking with the principal today, but I just can’t believe this shit is legal. It’s literally asking for someone to get tired of being bullied and becoming a headline.
Of fucking course this is Texas, and I want to get us out of here asap. But it won’t happen before my giant daughter has to deal with it, and while I’m no badass compared to the people I’ve worked with… I’m beyond infuriated that I may have to literally reward my daughter for body slamming the fuck out of other kids if they fuck with her. Due to her insane height, she won BJJ championships just because the girls and boys were literally a foot shorter than her and she just put them on the ground and laid on them.
Seriously, please, help me. I know they all see Instagram and tik tok so they already have body issues. If a bunch of kids see her weight and start bullying her over that, it’s not going well for anyone. I’ll be speaking with the principal later, but this literally can’t be legal and I’d like to bring the proof to her before this happens.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.31 08:07 humaraffath How long does your baby breastfeed?

I’m just curious because mine used to take 40min+ initially (she was a premie)
Then I used to nurse her to sleep so anywhere between 10-20 minutes each breast feed.
Overall, I used to feed 3-4 hours a day. (After she was 3 months) around 8-11 times.
Now that I’m breaking the habit and implementing eat play sleep, she empties a breast in 3-8 minutes max. Now we’re down to barely 2 hours total about 6 times a day. So far I see no difference in her sleep nor is she waking up for extra feedings at night.
She is waking earlier, between 6-7am because of hunger but it’s developmental I feel. Her spit up has drastically reduced and I ensure a 2 hour gap between feeds. We’re dealing with short naps at the moment and about to touch the 4 month regression soon.
How long does your LO feed?
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2023.03.31 08:07 tommynever2471 Current work in progress for DREAM AMERICAN: "The Reddit years"

Current work in progress for DREAM AMERICAN: submitted by tommynever2471 to Webcomictalk [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 08:06 jhncclo 26 [M4M] oh no!

Friday, wake up, give me a cigarette. Everyday I feel the same, stuck and I can never change. Sucked into a black balloon. Got bubble wrap around my heart, waiting for my life to start. I haven’t lived life, I haven’t lived love. Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope. I’m living dead. Enough with the drama (LOL). Looking for someone who can drink/hangout with me at midnight. I want to drink until I ache, I wanna make a big mistake.
About me: 1. Taurus (Stubborn) 2. Lives in BGC 3. 5’10 4. An Acquired Taste 5. Average Body Type 6. Not Femme, Not Masc 7. Fashion Guy 8. Weird and Out of My Mind 9. Delusional 10. Loves Lana Del Rey/Lady Gaga/Kim Petras/Caroline Polachek/Rina Sawayama
About you: 1. Not Scorpio or Gemini 2. Lives around Manila 3. 5’7 or taller 4. Spontaneous 5. Average Body Type or Skinny 6. Can be Femme or Masc 7. Into Fashion, Arts, Films and Music 8. Crazy 9. Also Delusional 10. Gentle and Sensitive
Hit me up if you think we clique! We can drink tonight around BGC or Makati. You can message me here or on Telegram. My handle is @Jhncclo. See ya!
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2023.03.31 08:02 BenitoBudapest Élet a senior világ után

Inkább vitaindítónak szánom ezt a thread-et, de kíváncsi vagyok, hogy ki milyen megküzdési stratégiát alkalmazott arra, amikor elérte azt a szintet, hogy nem igazán van már előre.
Cloud Security területen dolgozom, nyugat-európai / amerikai enterprise cégeknek, startupoknak mint contractor. Saját vállalkozásom van lassan 10 éve, mindent is én intézek és alapvetően ezzel semmi gondom nincs, rengeteget tanultam könyvelés / pénzügy / adminisztráció területeken ami néha a hétköznapokban is segítség. Nyugat-európai napidíjakon dolgozom (~ 500 + VAT / nap), de mivel párhuzamosan több ügyfélnek is, így sokszor elég erős hónapokat is össze tudok hozni.
Az alábbi problémákkal küzdök rengeteget: - Mindenki 100%-os dedikáltságot vár el a projekteken, hiába lenne elég 1-2 nap (és még ezzel is sokat mondtam), ő csak akkor hajlandó leszerződni ha vállalom. (na most az első 1-2 ügyfélnél még ez bevállalható, mert lehet zsonglörködni, de utána már nagyon megterhelő. - Mivel időben szállítom azt amit megígértem, így mindenki mindent is velem szeretne megcsináltatni, hisz én valóban dolgozom (a belsős munkavállalókkal ellentétben). Amivel nem is lenne probléma, de minden projekt más és nem szívesen csinálom ugyanannyiért a migrációt / supportot mint például egy cloud security assesssment-et. - Mivel képtelenek egy SOW-t, projekt tervet összerakni így T&M alapon akarnak együttműködni, de ez részükről egy elvárt 7/24-es rendelkezésre állás és nem értik, hogy ha 1 nappal a megbeszélés előtt szólnak akkor nekem nincs lehetőségem becsatlakozni mert más ügyfeleim is vannak akik képesek 1 héttel előre tervezni / szervezni. - Mindenki mindent is elvállal (leginkább az indiai tech cégek - Thata, Chognizant) apró pénzért, de amikor szállítani kellene akkor mindenki eltűnik és az ügyfél meg ott áll morogva, hogy nem erről volt szó. Viszont ilyenkor megöröklöm azt a rengeteg szemetet és terveket amiket az első hónapokban összeraktak.. épp emiatt a projektek végül mindig 3-4x annyiba kerülnek, mert helyre kell hozni mindent is.
Nem szeretnék Lead lenni, bőven elég nekem az a sok kontár akikkel össze sodor a szél, nem szeretnék outsource-ing céget se építeni mert semmi innovatívat nem találok benne, viszont egyszemélyes hadseregként elég limitált hogy olyan giga-mega projektek közelébe kerüljek ahol valóban hasznos lenne a tudásom. (most mondjuk épp egy ilyenen dolgozom egy Fortune 500 cégnek, de időnként körbenézek és elég elkeserítő a helyzet..)
// Nem tervezek visszamenni munkavállalónak és hazai cégekkel se beszélek már egy jó ideje, nem is szeretnék.
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2023.03.31 08:02 Brooookeeee Mother in law worst experiences..

So I’m living with my now fiancé’s parents due to some complications with our last living situation. This was a last resort to live with his parents as we did not and I mean did not want to be around his mother. We had no choice. Idk why I’m just now posting about this it’s a lot to unpack. So since being with him 4 years now, when we first met she would say things like “you can find someone prettier and better than her.” And like “she dressed like a whore when you first went over there.” She would tell me to my face that I couldn’t wear a certain pair of leggings around the house because it makes me look like a whore. Also that she didn’t want me dressing like that around her husband, my fiancés dad…They were plain simple workout leggings. This was in late 2019…so when I’d have to spend the night with him or something I’d do some laundry cause I’d typically spend a whole week with him you know how it is. And anyways I’d wash my underwear with all my stuff, my thongs would go missing or I’d hear her telling him that she doesn’t like the thought of me wearing thongs around her son. That it’s not moral. That it’s not right. I’d been wearing that type of underwear since I was 14…as to prevent from lines in my pants.. welll ladies and gentlemen jt gets even worse, fast forward awhile and I’m staying the night, I just went to Victoria secret with my own money. MY money and I got myself a few nice pairs. Well I walked in and left the bag on the desk in the bedroom…….we had to go somewhere and get something I came back ready for bed and wanted to try them on finally and I open the little pink tissue paper and what do I find? HER underwear! And then I’m like what the fuck and I open another one to find HIS DADS boxers. I’m so mad so I tell my bf and he’s confused as fuck and goes to talk to her and her excuse is “I’m drunk.” He found the underwear she hid which it didn’t matter much cause they went missing over there anyways but to this day I’m anxious to do laundry and wash my underwear as a almost 20 year old. Another scenario…so we were having to temporarily sleep on the couch in the living room, now his mom stays up all night everynight…don’t know why probably to listen in on us but we were out in the open so therefore we can’t do nothing if you know what I mean so we would sneak out to his car to do a lil makeout sesh seeing as we were newly engaged and ya know. Well all hell broke loose when we would come back inside. She got mad because “I don’t want to think about what you’re doing out there son.” “You don’t need to be going and having sex out there I’m gonna be up all night thinking about it now.” And much much much more…like weird right?? Well now we have a bedroom but what does she do when she hears the tv up a little loud usually for no reason, she bangs on the door and tells us to turn the tv down..or she will sneak in the back hallway and stand by our door, you know the little floor creak sounds…yeah.
Oh so she would go and use the bathroom while he was showering in there… like last summer recent as a 22 year old adult male. And a 53 year old mother thats weird. So like she also walked in while his brother pantsed him as a joke and she seen his … you know and looked at it , didn’t walk away or cover her eyes and says “ew I didn’t want to see that jamen….can you come help me with something.” Didn’t address it anymore but it was just a weird reaction. If I had seen my adult sons member I would for sure be apologizing and walking away with my eyes slammed shut not just casually look away like it’s another day. She goes to the bathroom with the door open completely with Her 2 sons doors right by, she walks around the house in her underwear with a shorter t shirt on like it’s no big deal but only when her husband is either sleeping or not home. Pretty weird to me honestly…she gets mad at everything I do, if I take a shower, go to the bathroom too long, do laundry, make food or eat, drink anything like sprites and water…the only thing I do drink. I don’t drink caffeine so she will go and buy only caffeine drinks which like okay that’s whatever I’m fine with my own waters. She will push all my sprites to the back of the fridge and put a bunch of stuff in front of it so I can’t see it. Or she will throw them away full. Ummm what else let’s see…she got mad because I put her clean clothes on the top of the dryer completely dry and everything she just idk expected me to fold her clothes or something..idk. When she gets mad about something small like tonight it was the fact that I didn’t get my fiancés laundry for him because Im scared to go in there alone. She blasts the tv and surround system playing a bunch of videos that are talking about people who use others for their benefit and one sided love and talking about people who are with people only for money. Which I’d been with my fiancé when we both had no money homeless and Im still here with him. Oh so I’m religious, I believe in god and she will mock him, play videos about people preaching on how he is fake and all of this other stuff. One night she said “crucify me like Jesus on the cross.” She also always says she is god. Which is such blasphemy. To anyone who has beliefs it’s such disrespect on another level it literally breaks your heart hearing people talk that way to you or around you. So another thing, it’s gonna switch a lot cause I’m remembering as I go. One night the same night she was mocking my beliefs in my face she shoved me against the wall when things got somewhat physical between my fiancé and his brother, (brother was just tryna get my fiancé to go to the room so nothing else happened.) they weren’t actually fighting but she turns to me outta nowhere and shoved me against the wall and I said “what did I do, I’m tryna stop them.” She said “you know you’re the problem here.” Also one time a few years ago, my fiancé had to use his moms phone to message me and logged into messenger to text me, well he forgot to log out because she called him later that night telling him she seen his messages to his sister. Which also meant she seen the messages of me and him, including lots of pics and videos of us ….spicy pics. So I had to change my password a few times because of that. And he would delete it off her phone and it would randomly be back on there. Ohhhh oh my goodness I almost forgot, so I helped him get his license righttt, and she got mad because I didn’t help her other son, who isn’t my responsibility…also he had just gotten his social security when he turned 21 so he could update his license. Which was magically “lost.” For years but turned up randomly.
Lemme know what you think and if you want a pt 2…. Am I crazy or is this really all weird…
P.s. when I say I don’t feel safe here I mean in a sense of safe from screaming and verbal abuse.
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2023.03.31 08:01 SearchDapper8606 Help can someone tell me how I can get the answer 0.00375 instead of this bs

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2023.03.31 08:01 weluvmusic Beatport Top 100 Trance Tracks: March 2023

Artist: VA Genre: Trance Album: Beatport Top 100 Trance Tracks: March 2023 Year: 2023 Number of tracks: 100 Playing time: 11:20:33 Audio file format: MP3 Sound quality: 320kbps Size: 1.5GB
  1. John Askew - Aces Hi (Extended Mix) [8:19]
  2. Eelke Kleijn - Transmission (Armin van Buuren Extended Remix) [6:04]
  3. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Andrew Rayel & Achilles Extended Remix) [3:45]
  4. Ruben Karapetyan - Meteorite (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [6:29]
  5. Sean Tyas & Abstrakt - In The Dark (Extended Mix) [6:41]
  6. Ben Gold - I'm In A State Of Trance (Extended 2023 Edit) [6:11]
  7. David Forbes & Paul Denton - Bang (Extended Mix) [5:35]
  8. Rank 1 feat. Shanokee - Such Is Life (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Remix) [8:24]
  9. Allen Watts & Rene Ablaze feat. Cari - On My Way (Extended Mix) [6:33]
  10. Kenny Palmer - Temple Of Storms (Extended Mix) [6:05]
  11. Roman Messer & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - CYBERIA (Extended Mix) [5:31]
  12. Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Found (Roger Shah Uplifting Extended Remix) [7:55]
  13. Nicolas Menicou - What's Left Of Me (Extended Mix) [6:22]
  14. Stowers & Cooper feat. That Girl - Us Against The World (Extended Mix) [7:41]
  15. Sneijder - In And Out Of My Life (Extended Mix) [5:43]
  16. The Doppler Effect & Carol Lee - Beauty Hides In The Deep (James Dymond Extended Mix) [8:10]
  17. Factor B & Arielle Maren - Connected (Lostly's Change Of Season Remix) [7:16]
  18. Daxson - Who We Are (Extended Mix) [6:19]
  19. Solarstone - Leap Of Faith (Allan Morrow Extended Remix) [7:26]
  20. BiXX - Anthems Of Life (Extended Mix) [6:30]
  21. Aly & Fila x Chapter 47 x Richard Bedford - Edge Of Tomorrow (Extended Mix) [8:57]
  22. Ashley Wallbridge & John Weber feat. Bodine - Flashing Lights (Robbie Seed Extended Remix) [5:51]
  23. Talla 2XLC & Alpha Breed - Missing Link (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  24. Kaimo K vs. Cold Rush & Katty Heath - Here I Am 2023 (Extended Mix) [7:46]
  25. Dan Miles (US) - Away (Extended Mix) [6:47]
  26. Lostly & Jetason - Start A Fire (Extended Mix) [6:24]
  27. Alessandra Roncone - Unkonsciousness (UNK23 Anthem) (Extended Mix) [7:27]
  28. Talla 2XLC - Phenomena (Extended Mix) [6:14]
  29. Nikolauss - Rewind (Extended Mix) [6:38]
  30. Roger Shah & JES - New Horizon (Extended Mix) [7:51]
  31. Paul Clark (UK) - Bedlam (Extended Mix) [5:22]
  32. John O'Callaghan feat. Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Connor Woodford Extended Remix) [6:58]
  33. DIM3NSION - Funktionlust (Extended Mix) [6:58]
  34. York & Taucher - Infinity (Patrik Humann Extended Remix) [5:29]
  35. Man With No Name - Teleport (Save The Robot Remix) [8:16]
  36. Bryan Kearney & Karney - Compromise (Original Mix) [7:09]
  37. Talla 2XLC & DJ Tandu - Velvet (Talla 2XLC Extended Mix) [7:06]
  38. BT & JES - Every Other Way (Adam Ellis Extended Remix) [8:53]
  39. Christian Millan - Ella (Yoshi & Razner Extended Remix) [7:53]
  40. K90 - Breathe (Venetica Extended Remix) [6:37]
  41. Sean Tyas & Cari - Anywhere (Extended Mix) [9:03]
  42. UDM - Melodia (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  43. Driftmoon - Addicted To Love (Extended Mix) [6:44]
  44. York - The Awakening (NRG Trax Extended Remix) [5:46]
  45. Obie Fernandez - Gliding (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  46. LÜRUM feat. That Girl - Fall Or Fly (Extended Mix) [6:55]
  47. BarWall - Light In The Tunnel (Extended Mix) [6:47]
  48. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Conscious Mind (Extended Mix) [5:53]
  49. Mark Sherry & David Forbes - Galvanizers (Extended Mix) [5:54]
  50. Steve Hill & Technikal - Another Chance (Extended Mix) [7:02]
  51. Dreamlife & Aleksey Gunichev - In Search Of Myself (Extended Mix) [7:51]
  52. David Elston & Elle Mariachi - Higher State (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  53. Ronski Speed & Lucy Saunders - Calm Before The Storm (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix) [5:57]
  54. Amos & Riot Night + Adrian Boland - So Far Out Of Reach (Extended Mix) [7:58]
  55. Danny Eaton - The Vision (Extended Mix) [7:05]
  56. Dan Stone & Sarah Mark - Paralyzed (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  57. ReOrder - L'amour Et Moi (Extended Mix) [6:17]
  58. Markus Schulz x Paul Oakenfold - Pendulum (Extended Mix) [6:14]
  59. Maywave - Revolt (DJ Version) [7:30]
  60. Mark L2K & Norman Van Thee - Beyond Our Earth (Extended Mix) [6:43]
  61. Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - Fall Through The Earth (Extended Mix) [7:42]
  62. Lisa Louder feat. JODIE POYE - Safe Place (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) [6:59]
  63. Prism - Alchemy (Focus FL Extended) [7:06]
  64. Steve Brian - Cali (Extended Mix) [4:38]
  65. Andrew Peters - Evolve (Extended Mix) [6:59]
  66. Basil O'Glue & Nomas - Mission (Original Mix) [7:22]
  67. Maarten De Jong - Bamboo (Extended Mix) [5:52]
  68. Cosmic Gate & Gid Sedgwick - Emotions Of Colour (Extended Mix) [8:10]
  69. SØNIN - Affection (Extended Mix) [5:56]
  70. The Elite - 5 Seconds To Terminate (ADM Extended Remix) [7:38]
  71. Kenny Palmer - Raven Hill (Metta & Glyde Remix) [7:15]
  72. Claas Inc. - The World's Monster (Extended Mix) [6:11]
  73. Marco V & Vision 20/20 - RI/OT (Extended Mix) [5:42]
  74. Mike Zaloxx - Tranceaxxion (Extended Mix) [6:10]
  75. Maratone & Lyd14 - Heart By Heart (Extended Mix) [7:01]
  76. Dylhen - Mind Rewind (Extended Mix) [7:34]
  77. Alphed Le Cornett & Dropper Vampire - Closer To Heaven (Extended Mix) [5:45]
  78. TrancEye - Uriel (Ben van Gosh Extended Remix) [6:19]
  79. Mark Sherry meets Smith & Brown - Tambores De Carnaval (Extended Mix) [6:02]
  80. Peter Miethig - Metropolis (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  81. Adam Taylor & Tara Louise - Life (Extended Mix) [6:45]
  82. Frank Dueffel - Atardecer De Eivissa (Extended) [7:48]
  83. MuenX - Promise (Original Mix) [6:18]
  84. Allan Berndtz & N-sKing - Boost (Extended Mix) [5:09]
  85. Kiki Solvej - Royal (Original Mix) [5:33]
  86. Deepcry - Alpha (Original Mix) [7:49]
  87. Something Good feat. Yotto - Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix) [6:36]
  88. Hide & Seek & Jan Johnston - Because Of You (Extended Mix) [7:04]
  89. Ciaran McAuley & Audrey Gallagher - If This Is How It Ends (Stoneface & Terminal Extended Remix) [6:12]
  90. Alan Morris & Elixus - Come With Me (Extended Mix) [5:48]
  91. Racoon - Elements (Original Mix) [7:31]
  92. RNX & Matter - Underwater (Extended Mix) [8:00]
  93. Alex Wright - Awestruck (Extended Mix) [7:11]
  94. Dominant Space - XTC (Original Mix) [6:34]
  95. Elite Electronic, Dmpv & Anveld - Sumeru Sunrise (Extended Mix) [5:41]
  96. Victor Special - Arc Of Love (Original Mix) [7:55]
  97. Philippe El Sisi & Smaz - Better Off As Lovers (Extended Mix) [6:24]
  98. Mind Of Us - Behind Her Eyes (Facade Remix) [9:12]
  99. Frank Spector & DIM3NSION - 1000 Miles Away (Extended Mix) [6:21]
  100. Cubicore - Bifrost (Extended Mix) [6:31]

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2023.03.31 08:00 tommynever2471 Current work in progress for DREAM AMERICAN: "The Reddit years"

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2023.03.31 08:00 uctpe251990 Rock of ages Toronto EMPTY

Rock of ages Toronto EMPTY
(Photos of the auditorium right before showtime, second photo is 3 minutes before they open the doors to the theatre) I wasn’t expecting many people to show up to see this show on a Wednesday night; I had pretty low expectations for crowds. Although I didn’t expect the theatre to be like 5-10% full. I was legitimately astonished. Further more they said I could record the show if I wanted too, which is something they didn’t have the first time I went about a month prior. I’m guessing the reason why this is happening is because they don’t advertise the show anywhere, like I never see it on any billboards or online advertising except for there Instagram page. Very sad as it would have definitely paid off. I feel like they’re trying to get people to post about the show for free advertising hence the ability to record it. I don’t even think they had the mezzanine available considering the low turn out. I couldn’t imagine people being up there given they’re only like 40 people in the orchestra seating. It’s sad because the show is pretty good for the companies first.
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2023.03.31 08:00 Daehxn What percentage of your yearly income did you spend on your motorcycle?

Saw a post like this over on MTB and thought it would be a good discussion over here as well.
Personally, I’m looking at purchasing my second bike and it will be roughly 10% of my yearly gross income after I pay for registration, tax, a jacket, etc.
Feel free to include before or after upgrade prices as well. Curious to see what everyone has spent on their machines!
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2023.03.31 07:59 JinOfYlisse I want to invest into Nicole for waifu reasons, how ”bad” is she?

I love Nicole and want to use her, how much weaker is she actually compared to the top carries like Aki or Honglan? I’ve seen her ranking compared to them on prydwen’s tier list and read that Miriam is basically just a straight upgrade, but I’m not sure if it’s actually a major difference or if it’s like 10% or something.
If it matters I’m a very casual player that has been playing on and off since launch, hit lvl 69 last night and am on stage 11-something.
Also would appreciate any tips on building a team for her!
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