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2019.01.08 00:43 LittleEmmy Made in Staten Island on MTV

Eight young men and women were made in Staten Island -- and even though they call the New York borough home, they're trying to break away from the temptations of the criminal lifestyle they were born into. They were "born to win" -- and they're chronicling their journey on MTV.

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2023.03.31 18:10 SympathyDelicious297 first r4r exp!

just wanna share with u guys my first sponty labas last night with a fellow redditor! 🥹
also, idk if this is the right subreddit to share this kwento with, pero ito lang alam ko na pwedeng pag-labasan ng mga chika? HAHA I’M SORRY IN ADVANCE IF MALI PO HUHU
but i’ll still continue my kwento hehe. ANYWAY, ayun nga. i came across his post na naghahanap siya ng kasama mag-dinner around manila. i had nothing else to do last night naman, so i messaged him and told him i was available.
i’ve only been on reddit for a year, tapos ang nag-iisang subreddit ko lang is yung commute guide sa PH. HAHA (LOVE that subreddit btw) kaka-explore ko lang talaga actually sa reddit, and just passed by this r4r thingy. although ‘di naman na bago sa’kin makipag-meet spontaneously since i’m vvv active sa dating apps, super hesitant ako and kabado as fuck dahil na-realize ko na iba nga pala yung set-up dito sa reddit 😭
at na-realize ko rin na as i’m writing this, andami kong chika bago makarating sa talagang kwento ko.
LONG STORY SHORT HAHAHA, i had a really really REALLY great time! 🥹 nag-dinner kami sa shakey’s sa cubao and went on a long walk afterwards. we tried going to art in island, but sarado na when we got there.
and while on our way sa bus terminal ng carousel sa main ave (nilakad din namin), nagu-usap lang kami about musicals, and next thing i knew, we were both singing songs from wicked and rent while walking 😭
HAHAHUHU SOBRANG CUTE TALAGA. gave him a tight hug before i left!
new core memory unlocked 🥹 (hoping na mag-aya siya uli CHARENG)
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2023.03.31 18:10 tpatmaho CHAOS RATINGS, GULFSTREAM, APRIL 1 (LATE RACES)

I think I spelled chaos right this time. In any event ...
RACE EIGHT (chaos 84/ depth 5) The Orchid
Four wins in Europe motivates Christophe to bring #5 Amazing Grace for a Florida vacation, hoping, of course, that she'll pay her way.
RACE NINE (130/5) The Sir Shackleton
#1 Dean Delivers rarely misses the board at this, his home park. Here he drops in from graded competition.
RACE TEN (101/7) The Sand Springs.
#3 Jouza is done beating the merde out of French horses, and now tries America under the urging of Mssrs. Motion and Rosario.
RACE ELEVEN (143/6) The Sanibel Island
#10 Metaphysical damn near scored at 58/1 last time and has been firing bullets since.
RACE TWELVE (106/5) The Gulfstream Oaks
The second horse on this list, #8 Dorth Vader, comes off a 46/1 shocker in the Davona Dale. But this time he’s 4/1.
RACE THIRTEEN (128/9) The Appleton
It’s the Delgado/Sutherland team on #7 Winfromwithin, and they've been doing well lately.
RACE FOURTEEN (103/4) The Florida Derby
Can’t make much in the win pool on #11 Forte, so naturally, some clever exotic is the way to go. Saffie Joseph is running four, yes four in here, the #2,5,6,8. None seem likely to do anything but pick up participation awards — which in a $1 million race, can be considerable.
CHAOS RATING: The average race scores 100. A race rated under 90 is chalk-biased, and in these races the short-priced horses win more than their share. At 120 or more, the longshot bias is strong, and short-priced horses don't pay their backers.
DEPTH: The number of likely contenders.
THE LIST: This is not an attempt to pick obvious winners but to find hidden longshot value. There is no “best bet” because that depends on the tote board.
CLASS: A rating derived from the performance and class in the last similar race, with speed as a secondary factor. The most likely winners will be within 7 points of the leader.
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2023.03.31 18:09 NewTown_BurnOut Gliese 710 into Mycelium

Love this transition and I think that it was intentional. The boys are no strangers to meaningful track listing and I think this album paints a beautiful picture of existential dread and the death cycle of our planet. I never noticed the transition from Gliese; a tale of inevitable Earthly annihilation, to Mycelium; a story of rebirth from death and decay. The album as a whole reminds me of a cycle similar to the water cycle but for life and death on Earth:
Mycelium: Decay and Rebirth, laborers of organic recycling
Ice V: Frozen stage of a planet recycling itself
Magma: Subterranean rebirth juice
Lava: Rebirth juice is bubblin’ up to get us
Hell’s Itch: Earth is scratching us off it’s surface with tectonic/volcanic activity and rising temperatures
Iron Lung: We are on our deathbed in critical condition faced with irreversible doom and inability to do anything about it
Gliese 710: Inevitability of our planet being uninhabitable in the long term if we somehow manage survive all of the above. Cycle repeats with the help of fungi
I acknowledge the incompleteness of these thoughts but just wanted to share. The dreadful ending of Gliese 710 bleeds perfectly into the upbeat vibe of Mycelium and it paints a beautiful dichotomy
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2023.03.31 18:09 FreudianYipYip Climate zones

Has Rivian said anywhere why they decided to have climate zones that are side to side along the entire R1S? Can this be changed in a future software update? I ask because one of my kids really likes having fast air blowing, so wants to choose a faster speed than either of the zones in the front.
For example, when my mom bought a basic Suburban in 1995, there was rear climate control. It was a knob that allowed the second row to set fan speed.
Fast forward to 2023, and my R1S does not have climate control for the second row. The person behind the front passenger gets what the front passenger chooses, and the same behind the driver.
Is this something that can be changed in a future software update? Or will second row never really be able to control fan speed and/or temperature?
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2023.03.31 18:09 mastersairduct The Hidden Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts: Why You Need to Hire Air Duct Cleaners

The air ducts in your house or company may be out of sight, but they should not be out of mind. Dirty air ducts can cause a variety of health problems, as well as increase your energy bills and decrease the lifespan of your HVAC system. That is why it is essential to hire professional air duct cleaners to maintain air quality in your home or office.
In this post, we will investigate the hidden hazards of filthy air ducts, the benefits of employing air duct cleaners, and how to identify the finest specialists for the task. We will also answer typical issues concerning air duct cleaning, including how much it costs, how often it should be done, and how to tip the experts who do the service.

The Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts

Particularly for those with allergies or respiratory conditions, dirty air ducts can lead to a number of health complications. Your house or place of business uses ducts to circulate the air, so if they’re unclean, you may expect to breathe polluted air. Dirty air ducts contribute to indoor air pollution, which the (EPA) says is two to five times worse than outside air pollution.
Dirty air ducts reduce HVAC system efficiency, increasing energy expenditures and equipment lifespan. Your system must work harder to maintain the temperature in your home or business when dust, grime, and other impurities accumulate in your ducts and impede the airflow. This can cause your energy bills to increase and may even lead to premature breakdown of your HVAC system[...]
Read more click here.
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2023.03.31 18:08 swagNextTuber Small island nations 'canaries in the mine' for climate change, says Barbados climate envoy

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2023.03.31 18:08 kingshwarma RAV4 Roof Rail Updates

Hey Everyone,
This topic has been beat to death but I'll put in some info for everyone. Based on research I've done (in Canada), I've found that all RAV4s built after the refresh (22MY) with bare roof or with regular Sunroof have new roof rail designs. This includes the trail/woodland.
I received parts diagrams for bare roofs and roofs with sunroofs. Basically the parts advisor said Toyota has removed the white "alignment" clips and now only relies on 5 nuts/bolts plus adhesive, parts diagram and TIS confirm this. There is a adhesive seal around each and every nut/bolt to ensure water cannot go through. The new adhesive seals require heat and from what I was told by the parts advisor that the heat is used to activate the seal, meaning the heat "turns on" the adhesive component so it can stick. Once it cools down it remains stuck to the item but the cool thing is once it's cooled down the properties of the adhesive almost double in strength. I did some digging and numerous resources online confirmed that adhesive seals that require heat tend to work like this.
Basically, as long as the production line uses enough heat (my research said for this type of adhesive to work 100% flawlessly it needs to hit a certain temperature) then there should be zero leaks. However, in Arizona or Texas etc where heat can get very high I'm not sure if it'll reactivate the adhesive and cause damage or what else. The only issue I continue to see is that the recessed channel is such a horrible design flaw. I've never seen another company use such a deep recess before.
So good news for new model years but it took 3 years for the previous design to leak so if there are going to be leaks I'd say if it happens we'll know by 2025 the earliest.
This also begs the question of what about the prior years. A new class action lawsuit was just started and with Toyota creating a new design means they know the original one was flawed. They're about to get whalloped with that and I don't know how they can defend the design when it was changed.
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2023.03.31 18:06 FluffyTortuga [WTS][USA-NC] Hi Capa Odin Adapters, Custom Colors available. [W] Paypal

Hello, airsoftmarket,
Timestamp & Gallery

I am releasing my brand new Hi Capa Odin speedloader adapter for 22$ with free shipping anywhere in the US. (The adapter also works with Odin rip offs.) which makes loading Hi Capa mags incredibly easy, fast, and painless. It works with all normal Hi Capa mags. It is created with high temperature resistant ABS plastic which means it won't melt or deform if left in your car on those hot skirmish days.

Custom colors are available upon request for no additional charge, although it depends what colors I have available but generally I have most colors, just ask.

I accept paypal on here, or you can visit my webstore at the link below to pick one up. Shipping is done typically within 48 hours with USPS with a tracking number included. Thanks!
Webstore link:
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2023.03.31 18:06 Lingroll Using ‘Honor Among Thieves’ as an “in game” production?

My group and I are going to see the movie tomorrow as a substitute to our session time. I had an idea to use it as an “in universe” theatre production; think: the aang gaang seeing The Ember Island Players in S3E17 of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.
This would happen as a magical road show of sorts (why it looks and feels real, and not like community theatre) and be a reenactment of a quest undertaken by “real world” hero’s, put on by these performers.
I would set it up as if my party runs into the wandering road show and has been enthralled by the idea of hearing a legendary tale like it has never been seen before.
What could some story implications be AFTER the spend the time watching this production? Repercussions? Any ideas are welcome!
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2023.03.31 18:05 SDBALLSIndustry Teflon Balls (PTFE)

Teflon Balls (PTFE)
Teflon Balls (PTFE)
PTFE – Teflon balls have a nonstick, slippery surface. Fluorinated semicrystalline polymer balls are light in weight and used in high temperature applications because they have excellent corrosion resistance. Compared to other plastic materials, it has weaker mechanical and wear resistance qualities. They are auto lubricant and effective electric insulators. If Teflon is subjected to electromagnetic radiation, its characteristics alter.

Teflon Balls (PTFE)
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2023.03.31 18:05 mistreke Alright I'm in! Zonai are the Wind Tribe

Following another redditors suit, the totk sub is a very much on the "it's a sequel" vs "it's bloated dlc" conversation, and Id rather do playground theory-crafting so here's one I feel is fairly supported now.
Motor fans, sky islands, and magic. We see this in the Zelda universe quite often by now, and while we have multiple beings known to be associated, the way they're depicted in the TotK trailegameplay/art book remind me most of the Wind Tribe from Minish Cap with the use of motor fans, and some general art and style overlap. (Of note, this theory assumes Breath of the Wild to be a "inevitable" part of each timeline, placing at the end of each timeline.)
My personal head-canon for the TotK sky islands is that for the most part, they are the same as the ones in Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess. In Skyward Sword it appears ONLY skyloft's goddess island decended to seal Demise, but there were plenty of other islands above the cloud barrier. Moreover, the world within the cloud barrier in SS always seemed to be more of a "portal to" location rather than just existing at high altitude due to the inability to see a giant thundercloud constantly while on the surface, except after Ganondorfs TotK revival, or whatever triggers the seeming dissipation of the cloud barrier.
In the Minish Cap, the wind tribe are said to have moved their palace to above a cloud barrier using their magic. I propose that it once was magically moved to be located within that time's version of the SS cloud barrier, considering the only way in is through portal. Recalling the Twilight Princess sky dungeon, the entire structure is far statelier than any of the leftover SS sky islands, and seems to be held aloft by magically tiny fans/magic rods. I theorize the structure from Twilight Princess is the abandoned palace of this wind tribe.
So by the time of TP, why have the wind tribe left and the Ooca taken over? And why is there no longer a cloud barrier? The wind tribe were the ones relegated to Twilight imprisonment, becoming the twili.
If the wind tribe entered the cloud barrier (some still theorize this is the actual "sacred realm" but that's hyper-contested), it's likely they could find evidence or even leftover Skyloftians if they survived that long to tell them about the triforce's location, or even just more history of it since Skyloft has songs about its location and history. This could lead to the gods becoming angry at their pursuit and invoking their wrath through the TP Light Spirits sealing the wind tribe away in the twilight realm. With no pilots for the sky palace, it was set adrift and left the cloud barrier.
Of course, it likely wasn't every member deposed to the twilight realm, as there has to have been some wind tribe members that drifted around to the other Hylia suspended sky islands within the cloud barrier, or that didn't participate in the pursuit of the triforce. Leaving them to "evolve" over time to develop their magic and tech to become the Zonai.
There's a Lot of conjecture in this theory, but for the most part I believe there's good evidence and lore backing to believe...
TlDr; ...the islands that appear in TotK are the leftovers of the islands that existed in the sky barrier, and Zonai are the wind tribe that did not get sealed in Twilight. Ganondorfs revival affects Hylias power in some way to dissipate Demise's hates cloud barrier that concealed the Triforce's previous(?) location above Hyrule.
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2023.03.31 18:04 Own_Sheepherder_6918 If you could change one thing in your life as a single parent to get closer to "heaven island," what would it be?

For me it would be “firing my boss” and having financial freedom working my own successful biz from home. Having greater control over my time and flexibility to do things with my kids or other things I enjoy when I choose to would be a key benefit.
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2023.03.31 18:03 thebiggestbumm Heavy, constant night sweats

Posting on behalf of my partner who doesn’t have Reddit.
General Info: - Male, 23 years old - No drinking, no smoking - Physically active, eats relatively healthily - No medications but does take lots of health supplements like protein, collagen, fish oil, and creatine.
Hi everyone,
I am very concerned about my boyfriends night sweats. We have been together for about 5 years, and the night sweats have been happening for over a year now.
Every night, within 30 minutes of falling asleep, my partner is soaked in sweat. And I mean SOAKED. The sheets are wet, if I role into his spot it feels like someone wet the bed but everywhere. Our mattress and his pillows are being dyed yellow/orange from his sweat. It is practically every night. It also smells quite bad despite him showering before bed.
Also, my partner works out 6 days a week and never sweats as much as he does in his sleep. I would say he sweats a normal and/or minimal amount when working out.
Our bedroom is kept cold, he is often complaining about it being on the cold end. I am always the one that’s too warm at night so it’s definitely not a temperature thing.
He has no other symptoms or concerns, it’s just night sweats. Should he be concerned is is this just a normal thing for some people?
Thank you for any help with this!
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2023.03.31 18:03 Enthusiastic-Retard Printer suddently started to take a lot longer to heat up and the temperature is much higher than the one printer shows.

Printer suddently started to take a lot longer to heat up and the temperature is much higher than the one printer shows.
Well, my CR10S Pro since i’ve replaced a broken bed thermistor has behaving strangely. First, the bed now tooks way longer to reach the target temperature, and just doing a comparison with my hand, I could see that 55C in the CR10S Pro felt WAY hotter in my hand than 55C on my Ender 3. Then I bought a probe thermometer, that reads around 53C in the Ender 3 bed, but it reads just shy of 70C on the CR10S Pro. I’ve replaced the thermistor again and the problem persists. Someone knows what this might be?
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2023.03.31 18:03 silenceanddistance Boys buying for 463… please read full post first, I will not reply if you don’t do so.

Boys buying for 463… please read full post first, I will not reply if you don’t do so.
  1. ⁠I neither want nor need tips BUT if you decide to leave any, you can use the donation box or if you wish to no use that, let me know on the DM
  2. ⁠Use the pipes to go directly to the store.
  3. ⁠Please be quick. Go in- sell- leave.
  4. ⁠Do NOT share this code with anyone!
  5. ⁠Please, on the main thread, comment a number and everyone else follow in that order, so 1, 2 etc. I will DM you once it’s your turn.
  6. ⁠Once you’re done, please put the word “done” by your number so people know where they stand in line.
  7. ⁠When I DM you, please provide me with your island name, character name AND the number of trips you need.
Some may ask why I don’t use a website like turnip exchange, but that’s because I like to have control over what happens on my Island. (As much control as possible.)
It’s a Friday guys, please hurry, so everyone who wants to can get through.
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2023.03.31 18:02 storm6436 Started up a new game after a long break...

Previous games, I'd stuck with the newb island because I'd figured out a decent positional setup, but decided to do something different this time around. Went with the giant C-shaped island and it's going about as I expected: "You get all these extra resources because you're going to need them."
Pathing has been "interesting" and getting to the point where I had to open up the far side of thr island certainly exposed what I think is some shortcomings in a few spots. Not 100% sure, but I believe job allocation is largely determined by cardinal distance, not path length. Will be able to tell if truck allocation gets wonkier as my land bridge finishes (ie. Suddenly have a bunch of guus deciding to drive all the way around to dump at the far side.)
Similarly, bridging the C into an O highlighted the digging/loading behavior could still use a bit of work. I get having timeout behavior, but if I have "no partial loads" checked, I really shouldn't be seeing this many mining trucks with 1-2 dirt or stone, especially when there's plenty of whatever they're carrying still waiting to get dug up.
It'd also be very nice if mining towers had a "Ignore outside jobs" toggle. I've got a terrain demolition crew in the SE corner, at the far side of the C pushing the bridge from that side, and periodically one of the rock trucks will get this idea that they really, really need to take their load all the way to the NW side of the island where my filtration material production is... and while I understand the container is set to "keep full," I've got a secondary, smaller demolition crew eating the first plateau literally right around the corner from it.
That said... I really wish I had access to some sort of cargo barge or coastal (on-map) shipping. Until I finish the bridge, I have no choice but to either truck or belt everything all the way around the C, which has made gold production "interesting." Now that I'm nearing the end of the close coal vein, it's looking like I'm going to be building the longest set of belts I've ever made... being able to dump it on a barge and slow boat it across the channel would be nice.
Speaking of nice, I doubt we'll ever see cargo helos, but bridge building and dredging would certainly be useful, especially if ship pathing ever gets added back in. Building ports on the protected beaches in the middle would make life so much easier, but the moment you close the C, they'd be sealed in... Building a massive steel and concrete bridge across the gap would be bad ass.
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2023.03.31 18:02 Scratch__Gobo How to interpret skin temperature data?

I see my skin temperature data every morning but I don't understand what it is saying. I see numbers like -7, +3.5, 0..... there's no way my skin is getting down to negative seven degrees or positive 3.5 degrees. So I'm guessing this this is measuring some change, but what is the baseline? And if temperature varies throughout the night, how can there even be a steady baseline? The "about" isn't helpful either. Please fill me in. How do you guys use this data anyway after interpreting?
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2023.03.31 18:00 Restitutor_Orbis_214 Skellig Islands-Old World Sanctuary in Time

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2023.03.31 18:00 ronnyt8 Aftermat ISlands

Aftermat ISlands
Aftermath Islands is about ownership, creation, and community. Own land in the Metaverse today! Which Island will you choose?
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
About Aftermath Islands
Aftermath Islands is a blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform.
Aftermath Islands as first described in the initial whitepaper published in 2017 and then subsequently updated, was based on the premise of a water-world that had islands that represented destinations in a global virtual game. Since then, the Aftermath Islands metaverse has evolved and now represents exciting themed based islands, communities, and estates where players can experience a wide range of adventures and opportunities.
In Aftermath Islands’ virtual world, users can buy, develop and trade Virtual Land (VL), property and items, like buildings, crafted items, transport, and other items all through NFTs, a non-fungible token that represents the ownership of digitally created items. Each plot or parcel of VL is unique and owners get to choose what content they want to publish on their VL.
This can range from simple scenery and structures to an interactive game, store, warehouse, dwelling, facility, or destination. Users can purchase VL as well as all other goods and services in Aftermath Islands with CREDITS, the current code name for in-game currency, fiat and other authorized currencies, coins and tokens.
Aftermath Islands is a shared virtual world, much like the Metaverse described by author Ernest Cline in his science-fiction novels Ready Player One and Ready Player Two. Expected to launch mid-2022, Aftermath Islands will allow users to connect and interact with each other, create content, craft, participate in activities and quests and play games. Aftermath Islands will have a virtual economy where users can engage in a myriad of in-world economic transactions as well as monetize the content, items, quests, and applications they build.
15% off all products with this Promo Code - 15%RAX3UXKSKO
The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara early sign-up - Earn 50 Aftermath Island Credits - T'SaraRAX3UXKSKO
Yotube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIrwsRw6qgs&feature=emb_title
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2023.03.31 17:59 ChessAngler [WTS] Hammock Gear 20 degree 800fp underquilt Economy Incubator

Brand new. Never used. Asking $165 + shipping or best offer. Local pickup in MA/NH area.
Economy Incubator Stock(Outer Shell Color: Dark Olive Green (20D), Inner Shell Color: Black (20D), Temperature Rating: 20°F (-6°C), Length: Standard (5'7" to 6'2") (170 cm to 187 cm), Down Fill Power: 800, Overfill: Standard Fill) 25.02 ounces
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2023.03.31 17:59 Daquavius [TOMT] [Song] 1980’s- early 2000’s reggae/rock song.

Man o man, this shit has been stuck in my head. It sounds like “ohhh I like the way you move, (I like the way you move) or “ohhh don’t throw my love away, don’t throw my love away”. It’s like island vibes. I imagine Adam Sandler from grownups listening to this song on a beach. It isn’t outkast, it’s like rock or reggae I can’t tell. But it’s just good vibes. Like vacation vibes
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2023.03.31 17:58 CFox21 [UK] [H] Tomo, Sagittarius, Prophet, Frog, Duckboard, GMK Demonsword, Metropolis, Muted, Colourchrome, Serika2 Hiragana, Fundamentals, Striker, KAT Monochrome BOW&WOB, Cloudline PCB+Plate, Namong Artisans, Switches [W] Paypal

Item Notes Price
Tomo Suave Blue TGR Tomo A Stock - PC Plate, Alu Plate, 1 BNIB PCB, 1 Desoldered PCB, Blue Monokei Kaban £425
Sagittarius Grey/Lilac Grey/LilacA Stock - comes with 1 desoldered PCB Brass Plate https://imgur.com/a/yYnbIrj - The bag did get a bit squashed during shipping £300
Prophet WKL E-White A-Stock - Comes with 1 Unused, 1 Desoldered PCB, 1 PP Full Plate, 1 Nylon Plate - Nylon plate has warped a little bit due to temperature change which is why I've left it mounted on the pins £250
Frog TKL Burgundy F13 B Stock Mark along front left seam, inside weight, outside weight. Please see pictures. Comes with 1 Unused, 1 Desoldered Galatea PCB, Alu Plate, Stock Tadpoles, Plate and Case Foam - Album of B stock things here: https://imgur.com/a/IC9kkmX £325 - I'll bundle this with GMK Burgundy Base + Add on for £525 if you wish
Doodboard Duckboard White PCB + Clear Acrylic Case - Case has a few scratches, plate is cracked between the 9 key and the stabiliser. Comes w/ C3 Stabs installed and some stock oetumu purples? (they matched I thought it would be nice) - One of the leds had a damaged trace but has been repaired w/ a jumpwire £50
RAMA M6C (Metropolis Version) Never Used £75
GMK Demonsword Base Kit Sealed £150
GMK Metropolis R2 Base + Spacebar £160
GMK Muted R2 + Purple/Blue Accents Base + Accents Sealed £175
GMK Colourchrome Base + White Mods + Rama X Sealed £225
GMK Serika R2 Hiragana Base Kit Sealed £130
GMK Fundamentals Base + Accents Sealed £160
GMK Striker Mounted & Typed on for about a week, expansion sealed £150
KAT Monochrome BoW Text Mods + Latin Alphas (sealed) £90
KAT Monochrome WoB Text Mods + Latin Alphas (sealed) £90
Cloudline PCB + FR4 Plate PCB BNIB, Plate Unused £65
Namong Yuru Cookie Mounted, won in raffle and I have the accompanying auth card £80
Namong Striker Rudory Mounted, won in raffle and I have the accompanying auth card £80
Namong Fundamentals Rudory w/ Sunglasses Not Mounted, Won in Raffle and I have the accompanying auth card £80
Coral Switches x70 stock £25
EVA 01 Switches x70 stock £35
Gateron Yellow Switches x70 stock £15
Banana Split Switches x70 stock £45
Please comment PM before messaging, please don't use reddit chat. I'll cover UK shipping, otherwise prices don't include shipping. Thank you
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