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2023.03.21 22:37 BeanOfficially My cousin just convinced me to watch the first episode, and I wanted to share my reaction. I'm so glad I was wrong about this show!

I am a huge urban-fantasy fan, but there's precious little of it out there that meets my standards. The combination of the mundanely familiar mixed with fantastical and impossible is my favorite genre, especially if it's in the monster of the week format. I've enjoyed classics of the genre, from Narnia to Dresden Files to Stranger Things to Goonies, and the list goes on (though not much longer. For example, I enjoyed but couldn't finish Lockwood and co.)
Oh, and I should probably note: SPOILER WARNING, and also SCROLL WARNING. This is long.
Ever since I heard of supernatural, I'd assumed it was bad. In my mind, it was a darkly lit, broody, shallow show about two highly attractive actors doing things the writers thought "sounded cool" to impress an audience of screaming fan-girls.
This was based on a couple of google searches, while I scoured the internet for intelligent and well written urban fantasy. I read part of a plot summary once, and it said basically "This brother died, then came back, but the other brother died, and then when he came back the first one died now," and I was like "this seems contrived, and kinda boring," Secondly, this show was produced by CW, which has developed a reputation for the kind of writing in their shows. Lastly, it was apparently "very gay" which, while admirable, isn't my taste.
This was an incomplete understanding. A friend of mine said I was good at dissecting media, so here goes. I'm going from memory, so there might be a few errors. It was 12 hours ago.
The first episode opens by establishing character motivations by showing us the inciting incident, and then cuts to the future so we can see how that has effected our characters. We are then treated to both eye and soul candy as one of the brothers is in a wholesome relationship with his girlfriend. This is not something I was expecting, since it will help to create contrast with the darker things happening in the show, making them appear even darker by comparison, and lures the audience into getting invested with these characters. The acting was amateur, but not bad. Kinda reminded me of Buffy, which is a show I adore (Especially the first 4 seasons).
After that, we are interrupted by Brother 2. I do not remember which is Dean and which is Sam, so for the sake of not annoying a lot of people brother 1 is the younger brother who looks like Luke Skywalker, loves the idea of living a normal life, and has resigned himself that there is nothing to be done about the supernatural. brother 2 is older, loves the idea of hunting monsters, and holds out hope. This contrast is layered on with brother 1, the resigned one, being overall more hopeful about the future, while brother 2 is more grim, and puts on a "tough guy" facade (or maybe that was just the acting).
The plot itself was tightly written, and it obeyed the laws of physics and magic it established. I know that might sound like a low bar, especially considering it was a pilot episode, but you'd be surprised how often Hollywood writers mess up obvious physics for no reason. " I mean, it's a supernatural show, so it already doesn't make any sense because magic, so who's gunna notice," BUT I DO, because without physics being consistent, you can't have an understanding of what's going to happen, and it makes it damn hard to have stakes. The physics of earth are right there, and easy to research. For example, I appreciate how the windows explode at the beginning due to a sudden burst of heat. That is both "logical physics" and a cool visual. Sometimes physics go out the window in favor of a cool scene, like shooting out the tires of a car, but doing that shouldn't cause the car to start flipping end over end, unless you don't want to be taken seriously.
This is a good sign moving forward, along with the depth of character that was established in the first scene the brothers meet. So far I've seen Efficient Writing, with scenes accomplishing multiple things at the the same time, and Good Writing, where we've been introduced to people we like, who want to do something, and don't want to do some other thing. I know that's vague, but it's my baseline.
Brother 2 asks Brother 1 to help save their dad, brother 1 is like "Oh, I'm sure he's fiiiiine," and brother 2 is like "there's a chance he isn't, Are you coming?" and brother 1 says "ok, but I have to be back by for an interview," which established a time limit. Brother 2 scoffs at the idea, but doesn't push back very hard because it's what his brother wants. Brother 2 couldn't imagine living like that, getting a job, trying to live a normal life after what happened to their mother, with the whole "being sucked into the ceiling by fire or maybe burned alive" thing. The best part is that the interview immediately creates a looming clock, which will cause conflict if it's not met. If the brothers get stuck out there, brother 1 will miss his interview, and that will be a conflict in their relationship. Neither of them want that.
They hit the road, but what the audience is shown isn't a road trip scene. It's the monster. And we aren't shown it. The first we "see" of the monster is the two bro's analyzing a voicemail from Dad, in which the message is "encoded," or something. I couldn't really hear, since I was whispering back and forth to my cousin the whole time these scene was taking place. I think they said it was on a different frequency or something. Regardless, we hear the words "will you take me home?" coming from an unnerving female voice.
THEN we see the monster. She glitches out of the woods, gets into a random young man's car, and has boobs. My first thought was "why isn't he running, she's acting really odd," but then boobs. But, as my cousin pointed out, he could just think she was a drunk woman on a walk home, who wanted a ride. The fact that they move the camera to show that "she isn't actually in the car" enforces the idea of her being a ghost, without anyone saying it. And we aren't given enough information to know why she's killing people, like it doesn't seem Malicious but it doesn't seem Innocent either. We don't even get to see how he dies, since the camera cuts away before a spray of blood splatters the windows. My cousin said this was for "budget reasons" but I think it's a good writing technique. As a rule of thumb, don't show your monsters abilities right away. Figure them out if you need to, but simply show the results of their actions. Then the audience knows what they saw happen, but they don't know exactly what they were looking at. Stranger Things does this a lot in Season 1. There is an explanation, but we don't get to have that right now, so our mind wanders into dark imaginings. How did she kill him? I guess we'll find out if it's relevant, otherwise it's unnecessary information that degrades of mystery factor of the monster.
Ok, so the two get to town, and I don't remember exactly what happened next. They visit the crime scene, posing as US Marshals with fake ID's. Brother 1 acts like he's not a US Marshal, brother 2 acts like he knows everything, and they get a little bit of information. The cops don't suspect anything supernatural could have caused this. They then go to their dad's apartment, which includes this shot where one of them is standing outside, and the other reaches out a hand and yanks him into the apartment. That kind of creative touch added to my enjoyment of the show, creating a little levity, showing their relationship, and stylizing the show. It's those little details that build up to create a mountain, and part of the reason I'm looking forward to watching episode 2.
Plotwise, the cops show up, arrest brother 2, ask him about all the weird stuff in their dad's apartment (I just realized it was actually a hotel room), and very importantly: The cop tells him him and his dad are a suspect in the case. Why? well, from a meta-writing perspective, you want to amp up the stakes and make the cops a human antagonist. Especially since from brother's 2's perspective, they are. The law is just another thing to get in the way of fighting and uncovering supernatural stuff. But in world, why would the cops suspect a random pair of shifty young men who had a hotel room full of strange occult stuff, and a bunch of pictures of women in a white dress. Well, because that is suspicious. It's not something that's easily understood or explained, and akum's razor indicates they are probably just psycho's going around and creating ghost stories for some arcane reason in their madness. Criminals be crazy. But also, brother 2 is acting antagonistic, was using a false name, fake credit cards, and refuses to elaborate or explain anything. He's already a criminal, so the jump to crazy criminal isn't far.
There is a thing that pulls the cops away, so he handcuff's brother 2 to the desk, and leaves after demanding an answer to a large cryptic note. It was clearly written recently. There are still cops around, and he's handcuffed to the desk. It's convincing, if not entirely realistic for the cop to be this relaxed, especially since he's not a proven "dangerous criminal" just a proven fraudster. But, this slightly unrealistic thing is used to enable something awesome. Brother 2 reaches over and opens the notebook. He grabs a paperclip, and we see him holding it. This is "subtle" writing, since we never actually see him picking the lock, but it's not subtle because everyone knows what he's about to do without being told or shown it. It's engaging, builds his list of skills, and his disdain/deference for the law. Efficient Storytelling baby!
I would like to note that there is a part earlier with Inefficient Storytelling, but it's excusable because it was both too subtle and too on the nose. When Dean and Sam first go outside to brother 2's car, he opens a compartment to reveal a bunch of weapons. The modern audience is aware of what the show is "vaguely about" and the presence of the weapons tells us he uses them. Brother 1 then says the line "we were trained to be warriors," which felt off because both people knew this information. It comes off as awkward, and inn inn-efficient. We already knew this! They already knew this! Why is it here?!?! WELL, it's because this is a pilot to a show with no future. Nobody knew it would take off. Nobody's knows if the general audience is going to pick that up from the way they've been speaking to eachother, or the oodles of weapons. A lot of people turn their brains off when they watch T.V, and they don't want to have to work to pick up essential information. "We were trained to be warriors" also fills in the time gap some, shows their relationship with their father by the way he says it, hardens the differences between the characters "one turned away to become normal, and the other accelerated to become a hunter, to the point where he's getting permission to go on solo missions,"
Interesting Trivia: At this point I took a pause to get a drink of water, and scrolled back up. I think I'm probably either 1/2 through or 1/4 of the way through the post.
So far, the plot has led from action to reaction to action smooth as silk, with nuggets of interest building up along the way. There are several questions hanging over the characters, pushing them forward. If I remember correctly, this is when brother 1 goes to the old man, and accuses him of infidelity. His reaction is an answer, and brother 1 runs into the ghost. I really don't remember the order of events after this, but basically what happened was: brother 1 is driven to the ghosts house, she starts to seduce him, he flat out refuses so she transforms, sticks her fingers into his chest, and does "the big suck" with her fingertips. Brother 2 shows up and shoots out the windows of the car to distract the ghost, which gives brother 1 enough time to hit the gas and ram the car through the side of the house. This allows the ghost to reunite with her children, and (after the only special effects I disliked. They were horrendous) she is at peace. There is a small sense of finality on one of the big questions: "what's going to happen with the ghost?" but we still have "what's going to happen with their dad, what did happen to him, etc" and "what's going to happen with the Interview?"
So brother 2 tries to tempt brother 1 into coming with him to find Dad, but brother 1 wants to go home. There's a bit of adorable banter, and then brother 1 is home. Here's where the show surprised me. I was expecting stuff and this point, trying to predict what would happen next. Logically, and heartbreakingly, brother 1 has to go with brother 2. I mean, that's the whole point of the show. But how to do it? As a writer, you have to break the character's underlying motivation for staying. You have to disprove brother 1's philosophy that "a normal life is possible" but how? Well, the episode was already about infidelity... well, not exactly. It featured infidelity of a husband, and brother 1 did the interviewing of that guy. AND there's are sounds in the apartment when brother 1 enters it. Something is going on upstairs. So, I assumed brother 1 would go upstairs, find his lover cheating on him (despite there being no foreshadowing for this, and in fact she shut down brother 2's advances), and realize that a normal life wasn't possible because he can't trust girls, or something. BUT IT'S SO MUCH WORSE... uh, I mean better.
Brother 1 goes upstairs to find the bedroom empty, despite the sound. He then finds his wife stuck to the ceiling, and the audience knows exactly what comes next because we saw it all in the beginning. Every step, from the fire to the stunned expression, to the pain, to brother 2 dragging brother 1 out of the burning apartment. This is so perfect!
For all he knows, She loved him to Last. Brother 1 has no hope for a normal life anymore because he is to become his father, a man who's wife was murdered by magnetic ceiling fire. Why? We'll find out at some point. But this is so good!!! The brother who is least like the father now has a massive parallel with him. He can no longer believe that it's possible to live a normal life and ignore the supernatural. He has a responsibility to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen to normal people. And!!! this puts him in contrast with his brother, who has already been shown to be a "heyyy girl," type of guy. Brother 1 will likely have trouble with another girl, as his lover loved him to the last. Perhaps he should have told her more, enough to be prepared. Perhaps there was something he could have done...
Those are my thoughts. I loved it, the characters are deep and developed while fitting into the familiar archetypes of Lumberjack and Homemaker, and I'd really like to talk about my cousins "New paper nitpick" but I don't have time. I'll be back to read comments. Ideally don't spoil anything too big for me, but I don't mind. This show looks awesome, and I look forward to watching it all throughout the rest of my life.
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2023.03.21 22:36 determinedlydepraved 47 [M4F] #Chicago Intelligent, intellectual, internally contradictory, progressive Dom seeking similarly omnicurious, voraciously intellectual sub female match for serious dating, romance, banter, dinners, trivia-,drinking-,and sex- games plus intense TPE-esqe BDSM dynamic

I’m a smart, sexy, extremely kinky, creatively cruel, surprisingly kind, self-aware, unexpectedly witty and seriously over-sexed dominant male. I want a long term, joyful and delightful relationship with a compatible submissive. I have wide ranging kinks, but more than anything I get off on a mix of emotional and physical sadism, serious mindfuck, and seriously rough sex alternated with genuinely affectionate and mutually empathetic aftercare. Ultimately, what I want most is an affectionate, trusting, and intense relationship with a like minded partner who also wants to be in a slightly unconventional 24/7 TPE-esque relationship.
I say "esque" because in the long run, while I require a great deal of control, there are some areas -career and education, forex - what I want is for you to be yourself, in the best, most exciting way possible. More generally, I am very aware that however kinky we are, there are some things in a couples life that simply have to be addressed by consensus if both parties are going to be themselves in the best way possible. Perhaps if I were inclined to life as a backwoods yokel, I might feel differently. But I spent the first eighteen years of my trying to escape the rural nightmare of my birth. I’m a very progressive urban professional by choice — almost by design, even. And I want the same thing in a partner: someone who shares my unabashed enthusiasm for cities and everything to do with them; someone (else) for whom living in dense urban neighborhoods isn’t a brief bit of tourism before retreating to the suburbs and raising a couple of over-privileged brats to repeat the process. It is a vital component of my life and my happiness. And while my personal politics are complex, because I’m a nerd who thinks that discussing policy white papers on the merits of UBI vs a federal jobs guarantee is a perfectly reasonable thing to incorporate into any exploration of kink that hasn’t involved a ball gag.
(And this can go here as well as anywhere: I’m looking for something involving touch; I’m a fan of the slow epistolary burn, and I am very open to meeting someone who isn’t in Chicago; depending on the person and circumstances it is not impossible I might be the one to move if we really, really hit it off. But I want someone to have adventures with, sexual and otherwise. Not talk about the adventures we hope we get to have someday. I’ve done the part of my life where I hope wistfully for what is coming, and I’ve done the part where I’ve been madly in love with a seriously compatible partner. One of those is worth any effort to repeat and improve upon and -notwithstanding the behavior of an alarming number of other men my age - it sure as shit isn’t high school.)
All that said.
I'm looking for a girl who is helplessly driven by her need to be owned, controlled, disciplined and I am by the need to control and degrade and punish. A girl who wants and needs to be micromanaged; who wants her clothing, her grooming, her hair style and her posture to all be exactly what Daddy wants. She feels a little heat between her legs every time she says the word Daddy, the way it is at once filthy and sexy and a little demeaning. A prized possession, a well-trained servant. But no more allowed to rebel against doing what she's told than the couch or the coffee table. She knows that praise is something to be earned; that being called "Good Girl" should be a reward for doing well, not a wage for showing up. She knows that her owner won't accept any excuses, or waste any mercy, and she is grateful: she wants to be perfect for her owner, and the only way that can happen is if she knows that nothing less than perfection will be tolerated.
She knows that punishment can range from a spanking as hard as her owner - who is stronger than he looks (and doesn't exactly look weak) - wants, to being given corner time, to being locked in a closet for hours in the dark, sometimes with a recording of herself or her owner to berate her, sometimes with nothing but blackness and her own feelings of guilt and shame.
She knows that she belongs to someone both loves both the visceral joy of delivering "simple" physical punishment to his plaything and who rarely loves her as much as he does when she is looking at him, bruised and bound and overwhelmed with lust and telling him how much she loves him, suffering for him, being degraded and humiliated for someone who uses her exactly how she needs. Just as much as I love that, I love longer term more cerebral torments just as much: lecturing and writing lines are at the low end (and lines, especially isn't a punishment so much as a normal daily routine), keeping you in sensory deprivation, depriving you of sleep or human contact until you are vulnerable and suggestible and even more frantic to please me. And then, as I comfort you and hold you and give -sincerely - the care and affection and attention you need to build you back up, I'm manipulating and molding you into exactly what I need. Until your desperate eagerness to please fills you so completely that you can't imagine any higher caller: belonging to me and serving me is the only thing you can imagine wanting, and pleasing me is a source of almost transcendent joy to you: a smile leaves you almost light-headed with pleasure and relief, and the words "Good Girl" from me will cause an automatic and intense orgasm. Because in the end, what you are, more than anything, is an art installation. Valued and incredibly valuable, the product of planning and thought and because of that cared for and prized. Because you are a person being shaped into a specific kind of sex and service toy, rather than an inert and inanimate lump of marble to be sculpted, your opinion is frequently sought and seriously considered: one of the things a good girl helps her owner with is figuring out how she can be a better girl, after all. But I'm no more going to be bound by your opinion (on your hair color or hem length, on how tight I should make your waist via corset training or what the best daily schedule to hold you to might be). Because it is my art project, and because my tastes run that way, the end result is going to be a person whose company I immensely enjoy, who I feel is an asset as a bauble on my arm and entertaining companion. I am going to make of you: Someone with whom I can spend one night relaxing at home, lounging on the couch reading while you sit curled up at my feet, working on your lines for the evening or with book of your own but always with one eye on my water glass and another on any intoxicant I I'm consuming: most likely a cocktail, but sometimes a cigar or a joint. No matter what it is, you always make sure that when I reach for a sip, or a puff, or a drag, I can be certain that it is there, whatever, perfectly prepared if it needs preparation.
Moreover, whenever you stand and walk to the kitchen or bar or whatever, your every movement appears effortless and graceful and feminine and sexy; I want you to feel my eyes on you even if they aren't and I want you to know that if I what I see could be improved -if you didn't put enough sway in your walk, or a hair was out of place, or your smile wasn't quite inviting enough that I will make a little note, and perhaps then, perhaps in an hour or perhaps in a week. (I didn't say it would be effortless, btw. This is a relationship that will be profoundly loving, breathtakingly intense, and -for us, for myself and the right partner, satisfying in a way nothing else ever could be. But it is not and never will be "fair" or "equal", and it isn't supposed to be. That is why we like it, after all).
Someone who I can imagine taking out to dinner at some place very nice like Alinia or Per Se and make her dress in a way that is merely obviously oversexed (if you've been good) or deliberately, humiliatingly trashy (if you've been seriously failing to shape up). And all night as enjoy the meal and as we enjoy each others company, you are aware that your skirt is not only so short that anyone looking can see your legs but that with the plug in your ass -one with projection designed to both push it in as you squirm on your seat, each movement affecting both the plug and the balls I'm making you hold in your snatch. And finally, at the end of the night, I'll turn to the waiter or waitress, and I'll apologize for your inexcusable nasty and wanton behavior. And then, with a level voice and gaze but glowing, shame-filled cheeks, you'll do the same and then invite both any of the waitstaff or busboys who want to come watch in the alley, because you are going to be punished by your owner for all the ways you are a nasty little bitch. Someone who I can take out dancing, doing shots in some filthy nightclub and filling your ass with my cock in its bathroom, for any number of reasons (I like to dance, to pick one, and while I'm a bit of a nerd I'm actually not bad) but one of them is that knowing that most of the male heterosexuals in the crowd are thinking about what a sexy piece of ass you are even before it becomes clear that you have a collar on and cum dripping out of you. Because what is the point of making you into art if I can't show you off?
If you've gotten all the way down here, you are probably dripping and certainly curious. I've listed only a fraction of what I might like to, but if you don't have a basic understanding of what I'm after, you never will. For myself: I'm a bright, handsome, white male, 5'10 and 44 years old. I'm active and while I've got a bit more of a gut than I might wish (COVID UPDATE: Considerably more gut. This whole section was obviously premised on being able to leave the house), I'm mostly big in the "can throw you around sense" more than the "morbidly obese". I'd say I'm trying to lose the gut, but that wouldn't be true - what is true is that lately I've enjoyed going to the gym and working out as well as going to the pool and swimming in a way I never before have, and as a result I've lost a great deal of weight and moved some of the rest around. (This was more true when I initially wrote these lines than it is now... lockdown has not been good for me. At all. )
While the forgoing has mostly focused on what you might call the "negative" space of a power exchange dynamic, it is important to know that I'm just as moved and just as driven by the "positive" space as well: I love feeling my partner in my arms, shaking and spent and intensely vulnerable. Being able to make her feel safe and protected in my arms and on my lap, feeling her relax into that space of safety and approval and affection is differently, but exactly equally, as rewarding as it was to put her into subspace in the first place. When we're in deep enough, are compatible enough, and have shared enough and done enough, those moments of affection also mean that when I look into her eyes and see a look of lust and approval and need and adoration that borders on worship. And that is an amazingly power and empowering feeling; a feeling that makes all the work and thought and attention to detail that goes into a project like turning a smart, interesting human being into a plaything who aches for my approval without (and this is important) damaging or disrupting any of the qualities of intellect or ability or confidence that make her both desirable in the first place and a capable of submissive, in the second. And of course, in making you my perfect submissive I'm necessarily causing it to be the case that I'm your perfect dom, and that is a nice feeling. Also in the realm of positive space: I'm a big fan of affectionate touch. Of hugs and kissing and making out, of having my hand rest idling on your thigh or caressing you as I walk by, running my hand along your flank or through your hair. As a dom, it is one thing with which I am almost always unstinting: I'm almost never going to withhold affection like that from you, and the question "Daddy (or Sir, or Whatever), could I please have a hug" is vanishingly unlikely to get a negative response. And, for that matter, the right sub will understand: sometimes, the only kind of safe word you need is my first name — you as a person will always, automatically, be more important to me than you-my-sub. And if we do it right -if we are right, together - the various roles we occupy in relation to one another (As friends, as romantic partners, the D/s dynamic) end up ceasing to be in tension with each other; one just finds oneself shifting to the the best role for the moment without either of us having to think about it. More generally, one of the satisfactions of being someone's dominant is being able to help them push through their anxieties, whether the anxiety is over some punishment I have planned or task I've assigned (on the one hand) or regarding an interview for a job you really, really want or deal with a boss or co-worker who is being an asshole. Some of my favorite moments as a dom, a boyfriend, hell, as a person, have been like that. Have been sitting on the end of my couch, her he on my lap and stretched out along the length. Letting my hand play along the hem of her skirt and idle reaching and pulling it back and playing with the cunt between my sluts legs. Feeling her shift her weight and legs and alter her position slightly to give me better access and seeing her hair spread out and just listening. Intently, interested as she tells me about a worry about her dissertation[1] or anxieties,
I'm successful in my profession, capable and very demanding. I'm a city dweller by choice and am not interested in changing that: I might move to a different exciting major city, but I'll never choose to live in the burbs. I'm intelligent and intellectual, with quite a bit of old school nerd (I like knowing things and trivia and politics and science and ideas) and a little bit of the new school: I read science fiction (among other things; god save me from the sort SF fan who's only fiction after high school was SF) love the idea of space travel and wish I could walk on the moon. Also, glasses. While I like being called Daddy, sometimes by some partners, I'm not really an age player; while a bit of DD/lg type tension can be fun, and the occasional bit of teachestudent, priest/penitent or similar role play is sometimes sexy and entertaining, I am ultimately want my partner to be present as herself. If my adult submissive is coloring in her adult coloring book because it is soothing, that is awesome. But I don't want someone who is going to pretend to be six, or even sixteen. When I scold you or praise you or spank you or kiss you it needs to always be you: an adult human person who has kinks that are twin to my own, who is living her life this way because, in the general case, she is self-aware, intelligent and introspective enough to know that she, for whatever reason, can only be happy in a relationship with a large, constant, and significant power exchange component and (in the specific) is choosing to do that with me as her dom because she believes that she can be a good sub to me and I make a good dom for her: that our kinks and curiosities and ambitions, our sense of humor and hopes for the future line up in a way that means that we are happy and healthy and mutually supporting in our relationship, even though it might look -and be- viciously abusive as well as so regressive in gender norms as to seem positively antediluvian, if stripped of context and consent. But it is what works for us, as individuals and as a couple.
Finally: I have only one solid and specific "must have" requirement: I need a person who has a quick wit, a filthy mind and a very dirty mouth. If you can't turn me on with words and speech, in the long run we simply aren't a good match. I want to be able to hear you beg, in detail. I want to watch you struggle to come up with some sufficiently outre act of deviance to forestall some punishment, and then see your expression change as you come up with and finally delight in the filth that comes out of your mouth and the smile that you wear while it does so. For everything else: I have enough experience, with both kink and relationships, not to have many remaining preconceptions about what the "right" person is. The right person is the one who reads this ad and sends me a thoughtful PM that is interesting and seductive. And respects me enough not to be a single sentence or, worse, not even a sentence. At one point or another I've been massively turned on by women of any number of shapes and a myriad of colors. I've also been left cold by the same. Don't ask me if I like xxx (BBW/black/asian/tall/short --interestingly, I've never had anyone put "white" in that variable. I'm going to assume that this is because I'm white; otherwise the despair will make my brain hurt, and at 3am I'm allowed a comforting untruth). Point is: I have to be interested in you, specifically, and if you can't or won't bother to respect me enough to try and seduce me back I can assure you: no matter what the answer to the PM "Like xxx" is, if you send that I'm going to enter into this not liking you. (Oh. And while a picture may be worth a thousand words, I promise: it won't substitute for any one of them).
[1]My tastes run toward the bright and the competent more than other single thing, which perhaps explains how it is that despite the fact that going to grad school has for me always been more in the way of a pleasant but never very serious daydream (there being no present niche for IT professionals with Ph.ds in either International Relations, nor ones who've written dissertations on the English Civil War and Cromwell's protectorate, nor ones who have made an extensive study of the social history of class mobility and the role played by the American military in hindering or supporting it. To name three things I've wished I might devote myself to understanding at one point or another in the last couple of weeks), I have a surprising degree of experience with the process whereby an almost comically specific question, like "If married Up and Down quark are inadvertently invited to an orgy and have unprotected quantum tunneling with a submissive-Truth quark (who is lying about his vasectomy) a switchy Bottom quark with body issues and a poly-triad made up of two Charm Quarks and a Higgs Boson that may or may not have been a mail order bride, will the baryon later left on the steps of the local firehouse b: a) Closed and Timelike b) Open, and spacelike c) lemon-flavored d) Pope Sixtus the Third?(a) or -on the Humanities side "Unprotected Casual Prose: Exactly When Did It Become Obvious that The Only Explanation for Brett Easton Ellis is Tertiary Syphilis" - and, these things, combined with pile of research about which I will spare the jokes, results in the right to annoy people by making hotel clerks and gas station attendants call you Doctor. (But not me. At least if we're dating; it isn't the kind of insecure I do and one of the points I try and get across above is that my whole approach to kink in an LTR is: if YOU eagerly choose to be MY submissive, then, by the transitive property of awesomeness, I, ALSO, must be awesome.)
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2023.03.21 22:34 HockeyMod Game Thread: Toronto Maple Leafs (42-18-9) at New York Islanders (36-27-8) - 21 Mar 2023 - 07:30PM EDT

Toronto Maple Leafs (42-18-9) at New York Islanders (36-27-8)

UBS Arena

Comment with all tables

Watch, Listen and Talk:

Listen TOR - NYI
Other-Away Preview - Boxscore - Recap
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GameCenter On

Projected Lineups

Left Center Right Left Center Right
Anders Lee Bo Horvat Simon Holmstrom Calle Jarnkrok Auston Matthews Alexander Kerfoot
Pierre Engvall Brock Nelson Kyle Palmieri Michael Bunting John Tavares Mitch Marner
Zach Parise Jean-Gabriel Pageau Hudson Fasching Bobby McMann Sam Lafferty William Nylander
Matt Martin Casey Cizikas Cal Clutterbuck Zach Aston-Reese David Kampf Noel Acciari
Left D Right D Left D Right D
Adam Pelech Scott Mayfield Mark Giordano Justin Holl
Alexander Romanov Ryan Pulock Jake McCabe Timothy Liljegren
Samuel Bolduc Noah Dobson Morgan Rielly Erik Gustafsson
Goalies Goalies
Ilya Sorokin Ilya Samsonov
Semyon Varlamov Matt Murray

In-Game Updates


Player Date Injury Status Details Return
NYI Sebastian Aho 18 Mar 2023 Upper Body OUT Aho (upper body) is considered day-to-day, Stefen Rosner of reports. 24 Mar 2023
NYI Mathew Barzal 18 Feb 2023 Lower Body OUT Not Specified 27 Mar 2023
NYI Oliver Wahlstrom 19 Feb 2023 Lower Body IR It's looking more and more like Wahlstrom (lower body) won't return this season, Andrew Gross of Newsday reports. 29 Mar 2023
-- -- -- -- --
TOR TJ Brodie 20 Mar 2023 Undisclosed OUT Brodie (undisclosed) will sit out Tuesday's matchup with the New York Islanders, David Alter of Sports Illustrated reports. 23 Mar 2023
TOR Ryan O'Reilly 04 Mar 2023 Finger IR-LT Surgery 04 Apr 2023
TOR Rodion Amirov Head IR-NR 15 Jul 2023
TOR Nicholas Robertson Shoulder IR-LT 01 Jul 2023
TOR Mac Hollowell Kneecap OUT 10 Apr 2023
TOR Victor Mete Lower Body IR-LT 06 Apr 2023
TOR Carl Dahlstrom Shoulder IR-NR 01 Apr 2023
TOR Jake Muzzin 22 Feb 2023 Neck IR-LT Not Specified 15 Sep 2023

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2023.03.21 22:31 TurnoverWinter5298 I (23f) kissed a stranger (25m) and it was the best kiss of my life.

I just wanted to share, because I still gush thinking about it. A few days ago, I went out with friends to this strip of bars in the city. Bars aren’t my scene but my friends begged me to come out so I did. We are a group of nurses and we were standing beside a group of army guys in one bar. My friend started talking to one of them, and I kind of stood by a little light from my couples drinks and just enjoying the vibes.
Then I saw a guy coming from the other side of the bar (visibly dressed like the army guys in the group). This man stood out as the most glaringly attractive guy in this bar full of people, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. As soon as his eyes met mine, they never left and he casually bee-lined through a crowd straight towards me. He came up to me, stuck out his hand for me to shake it, and introduced himself. He said he noticed me and that I was very pretty. We began to talk in the loud bar like nobody else was around. About our jobs (he’s a paramedic), family, where we are from, traveling, etc. My group and his group left to go outside and we continued to just get to know each other. We were pretty much chest to chest talking with each other and visibly comfortable with being super close as if we came there together. Eventually he asked for my number. When I decided it was time for me to peel away and meet up with my friends again, he said okay but asked if he could kiss me before I left.
I didn’t even hesitate. I surprised myself, I would never just kiss somebody I met. We made out on the spot, and it was amazing. I don’t mean to paint myself in a negative light, but I’ve had a lot of first kisses. However for the first time, this one felt like fireworks in the movies you see. It was sweet, but sensual. He gently held me, but was not inappropriately grabby.
He texted me at the moment when I gave him my number. I texted him after I left the bar. Yesterday I said “Heyy” just because I was the last person to text but he hasn’t responded. Bummer that he’s not interested I wanted to get to know him, but hey at least it was a memorable moment.
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2023.03.21 22:30 Relevant_Anxiety7254 I might have a crush

Ok so for context we've been classmates since 7th grade. I had a minor crush on her in 8th. It fizzled out within a month maybe two. Didn't have a curry for the test of highschool.
Now present day, I'm in my last 2 months of senior year and am taking a study break for finals and so is the rest of highschool. Couple months ago I worked on a project with the girl. Let's call her Z. During or maybe after the project ended, I realised I might like her again. Mind you I have kept my self away from the whole crush and girls business for the entirety of school since middle school. I've been trying to get rid of these feelings for months and they are kind of the reason why I started away from girls for so long. I know for a fact that she isn't interested in me. That I understood a long time ago. But now it is really tracking at my brain and I'm trying to just turn the switch off and go back to not being interested is such relationships just to protect my sanity and my conscience. I know I might regret it later but to hell with it. Right now my main focus is to graduate with good grades. But during this whole tone I'm feeling as though if I turn the switch off again, I won't be able to turn it back on. I feel lost. I just want to drive (not full sending it, just cruising) listen to some music and further about these so-called assistant feelings.
Anyway if you've made it this far, sorry to have possibly wasted your time but thanks for reading my rant I suppose.
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2023.03.21 22:30 NegativeGamer Respect Nagi Tahira (Tank Chair)

"What an intense killing intent… Thank you. It's been a while since I was able to stay awake for so long. You can keep going right? Give me more!"
Nagi Tahira was one of the strongest assassins around. Until one day, while saving his sister from a hostage situation, he suffered a bullet wound to his brain that left him in a vegetative state. Bound to a wheelchair, it seemed that Nagi would never regain consciousness. However, his sister discovered that if feelings of killing intent were directed at him, his consciousness would return, if only to deal with whatever the threat was. Now his sister, Shizuka, seeks to pit him against stronger and more dangerous assassins and situations, in the hopes that one day, something will have enough killing intent to fully revive her brother.


In total, Nagi was given seven specialty wheelchairs built by Dr. Radio, each one with a unique purpose and functions.


Arm Blades

Physical Strength






Killing Intent Detection

General Mechanics




Shizuka Tahira

Nagi's little sister, and also his caretaker. Not very strong or good at assassination like her brother, but she does her best to help him.
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2023.03.21 22:28 SlothGuy12 Why did Leafpool say this? It seems unfair.

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2023.03.21 22:27 PutridBite Last of the Defenders - Ch 28

Welcome new readers. Please start with chapter one
“I‘ve always been better able to swallow bad news with a good meal,” Li said as she walked around a counter and began rifling through a tall metal closet. She pulled out two wrapped bags.Sadly, we’ll have to settle for this excrement.
Allah took the bags when offered, and a pair of bowls. Li grabbed another tiny spade, this one with a jagged edge. She opened her mouth, blowing on the spork and rubbed it on her forearm. She stepped to a cupboard and set a cup inside. “Dispense 2.5 liters of water at 343 Kelvin, Demeter.”
Steaming hot water filled the tall glass. Li placed a second under inside the cupboard, “Repeat command, Demeter,” and the second glass filled.
She walked to the bench opposite Allah and set the glasses down. “It's hot so be careful,” Li cautioned, tearing open the smaller pouch. She poured its contents inside Allah’s bowl, “Veggie broth number one for the sick kitty,” and Allah poured the glass of hot water in as well. It looked, as the powder started to disperse into the water, like settling silt, “And soy chicken chunks with almond cheese spread for me--yum yum!” she grimaced, as she pulled out three packets. She held the smallest of the three aloft. “But I do get a cookie.”
Allah sniffed the broth, remembering to bless the meal with “Xièxiè nǐ de zhōngwén shíwù” before sipping slowly. It was weak, bland, but it was warm. She had contented herself with a few sips of water during the quorum and her belly now demanded more.
Li stabbed her spade into Allah’s glass, stirring vigorously, “Sorry,” the human said, “but look on the bright side. This time tomorrow,” she ripped off the top of the largest pouch and Allah’s nose was assaulted with a smell that could only be described as “artificial”, “you should be well enough to sample this culinary delight.”
“I think I would prefer the broth,” and she took another sip. It did taste better when the silt was mixed. Li chuckled, pouring half her water into the large bag and ripped open another. That smelled even worse as a brown powder puffed free when water was applied. Li stirred the contents of both vigorously before pouring the orangey brown “cheese” into the freeze dried soy chicken substitute, and spooning both into her own bowl.
The human took a bite as Allah hid a wince behind another sip. Li chewed woodenly, swallowed and said “Not bad for a fifty year shelf life,” and dug back into the packets, searching. “If I know those pesky anglos--Ah ha!” She pulled out the tiniest pouch yet, ripped off the top and a smell Allah could only describe as tamed fire struck her nostrils as the human squeezed red liquid into her meal. “Hot sauce!” Li grinned and took another bite, nodding, “but I should’ve saved it for the cookie.”
Allah nodded acceptance of the tip and finished her broth.
“Want some more?” Li asked as she chewed.
“I would be honored by such a gift,” Allah nodded her head up and down, imitating the human response. Though, truth told fully, she was not so certain she would feel as honored by a second bowl.
Li did not get up, but instead pointed at the packet the broth had been contained in. “See those symbols?” Allah nodded, committing the human glyphs to memory. “Go find a matching pouch.”
Allah stood, sniffing and walked cautiously behind the counter. She used her claws to pop the metal closets open, gasping at the rush of cold air. Frozen air; cold as a warm winter day. She looked over her shoulder at Li, then carefully riffled through the icey box.
Several had similar glyphs as her pouch, but they were too big, the glyphs in the wrong order.
She opened another box, finding small packets of the right size but…wrong glyphs. Was the trough before the broken box with a line in its center or after. The two tails with a dash in the center had sat next to each other, she was certain…
“Need help?” Li called from the table.
“I will find it,” Allah called, “thank you for the offer.” There! Two curved tails with a dash in their middle. The trough was before the broken box. She pulled the packet out, returning to the table with tight lips.
Li, nodded. “Good. Now,” she lifted Allah’s glass to her. “Do you remember the temperature I gave Demeter?”
“Too poin’tah f’eye’vah Li’tours,” Allah fumbled with the words.
“That's the volume,” Li corrected. “But you need both. The temperature was three hundred forty three degrees Kelvin. You try.”
T-ta-ta’ree hun der red f’or--bach! Ta’ree hun’red f’ord’ee ta’ree da’ggg’ree Kah’el vine.” It feels like I am speaking with a rock in my throat!
Li shrugged, “Welcome to English 101. Pop quiz,” she pointed to the hole in the wall. “Is to get our dim host over there to supply you with some fresh, hot water.”
Li continued eating as Allah took her glass to the square hole. She inspected the hole, say a metal nipple sticking from its top. She placed the glass directly under and began to practice.
“Dimetar! Too poin’tah f’eye’vah Li’tours va’tour. Ta’ree hun’red f’ord’ee ta’ree da’ggg’ree Kah’el vine”
“Command not recognised,” the cheerful voice replied, translated by her metal implant. “Please restate.”
Allah sighed, bit her lip and tried again. And again. Each time, Li offered hints, coaching and encouragement. Try breaking each command down, see where he misunderstood. Enunciate, don’t growl the ‘guh’ sound.
“Yes, User Allah?”
“Too poin’tah f’eye’veh Li’tours wah tour.”
“Please specify desired temperature.”
“Ta’ree hund’red fort ee ta’ree da’gah’reez Kah’el vine.”
And water poured into the glass.
Allah took her prize in her paws and returned to the table. She set it down and beamed at Li. Then clapped her paws together so sharply that the human jerked back. Allah rushed back behind the counter, grabbed her own spork and returned to sit, panting onto the tiny jagged spade before rubbing it on her forearm.
“Proud of yourself?”
“Yes,” Allah puffed out her chest and twitched her tail as she sliced the packet open with a claw. For the first time in two days, she fed herself.
“Good,” Li spooned the last of her fake chicken and cheese into her mouth, opening the cookie. “I plan to teach you some basic commands to use if you need Demeter to help you when I’m not around. How’d that sound.
Allah lowered her bowl and licked her lips with a small bow. “I will strive to be a worthy student.”
Li clapped her hands together, rubbing them furiously. “Then let's start with some ABCs,” but no sooner had the enthusiasm leap to her face, it vanished.
Allah lowered her bowl in mild alarm.
Li held up a hand, her human face squishing in confusion. “Jung’s hailing me. Priority transmission. One sec,” and her eyes glassed over.
And just as quickly the human’s eyes widened in alarm “What!?!” Li stood up from the bench, jostling the table. “No, n-no. Hold it.” She looked at Allah, glowering. “Jung, repeat that last aloud.”
The AI’s voice spoke from the wall speaker “Li, these are confidential orders. I don’t like keeping secrets any more than you do--”
“It directly concerns her, Jung,” Li growled.
“Very well,” and the AI’s voice sounded resigned as he said “Stardancer and her assigned personnel are hereby ordered to leave OGLE-3219-BLG-2624L with all available haste and set course for the supply depot above Basker III. Shipboard AI is required to reconfirm receipt of message once personnel have digitally signed the read receipt.”
“And I’ll mate a monkey before I sign excrement! And neither are you, buckethead!”
“Li,” Jung soothed, “you must understand, this is a fleet command order. I am incapable of refusing such an order. If you fail to acknowledge receipt, they will ask me if it was delivered. I would be incapable of dissemination.”
“Tell them the transmission was garbled,” she countered.
“What does this mean?” Allah asked, growing alarm blossoming into new panic.
“That will not work as I have already sent my own read receipt,” Jung replied.
“Why the mate did you do that?”
“I was ordered to via direct transmission.”
“What does this mean?” Allah forced the distressed purring to stop. She would not shake herself to uselessness. Li, Jung, what has happened?”
“They’re calling us home!” Li rounded and slammed her fists on the counter. “Without any notice of a reinforcement team.”
The human turned, a wild savagery in her dark eyes as she turned to look at Allah. The U’knock stood slowly but refused to back away in fear.
When Li spoke, spittle flew from her clenched teeth.
“We are not just leaving these people to die.”
“I empathize, Li,” Jung’s tone was soft, comforting. All Allah knew was that her world was about to die. No tone could comfort that grief. “But our orders are clear,” he continued. “If you disobey, they may begin sending instructions to Demeter to forcibly remove you.”
“Alright, alright.” Li took several calming breaths, in through her tiny nose and out through her mouth. “Alright,” and her voice retained a false calm. “Jung? Request reconfirmation on my authority. Ask them why they’re ignoring a Case Alamo.”
“I can send it immediately,” the AI replied
“You’ll send in a second,” she took another calming breath before saying “And Jung? Send it in the clear.”
That,” Jung’s voice was flat to the point of refusal, “is a violation of Secure Communication Protocol 23.9, section A, and a court-martial offense, Corporal Zhōu.”
“On my authority as acting ground forces commander of,” she paused and looked at Allah, “did your people ever name this planet?”
Allah nodded “U’dam,” she answered.
“Ground forces commander of U’dam. Note your protest, Jung, and confirm when you send the message.
“Noted,” but the AI sounded reluctant. “Sent.”
“Now,” she rubbed her face with her hands, “cut yourself out of the local circuit; I’ll call you back.”
“Li,” Jung protested
Now Jung.”
There was a pause of heartbeats before the AI softly said “Complying.”
Li strode to a black panel on the mess hall wall. “Demeter, PDF override. Create a new partition in primary through tertiary data cores.”
“Building partitions. What file size do you require?”
“How large is your current Operating System size?”
“Demeter-907OS is currently utilizing 8.87693 yottabytes.”
“Make the partitions 9 yottabytes each.”
“Stand by,” the wooden voice replied. “Processing.
“Partitions complete.”
“Clone core OS to new partitions and label them as BACKUP ONE.”
“Cloning,” Li was bouncing back and forth on the balls of her feet; in excitement, renewed anger or impatience Allah was uncertain. “Files copied.”
“Run a scan against current OS and repair any anomalous files.”
“File check complete,”Demeter replied as Li growled a hushed “Comeon!” at the black panel. “Three thousand, one hundred and eight errors repaired across all copies.”
“Seal partitions labeled BACKUP ONE under Administrator Zhōu, Li, Corporal. Serial Service Number 218-08-986-42.”
“Files sealed. Private login access required for BACKUP ONE on primary core, secondary core and tertiary core. Would you like to open these files?”
Now,” Li growled, shaking her arms like pieces of rope, “time to mate some excrement up. Demeter, access all thermopylae command files.”
“Accessing,” the wooden voice replied.
“Open program labeled ‘Naughty Boy’,” she ordered.
“Ope--Warning! Virus detected! Administrati--
“Authorization Zhōu, Li, Corporal! Serial Service Number 218-08-986-42,” Li shouted as a shrill alarm sounded. She slapped her palm against the black panel on the wall “Open ‘Naughty Boy’. PDF override authority!
“Opeeeeeeee--” Demeter began, but the wooden voice hung. The speaker chirped, hiccuped and was silent. The mess hall lights flickered.
Li sighed, sitting back down on the nearest bench. “Thank you Sven,” she whispered.
“What has happened?” Allah asked. “What have you done to Demeter?”
“Hopefully,” Li forced a grin and patted the bench beside her. Allah came to sit next to her friend, “I’ve removed his ability to accept command instructions from offworld. Which sucks because that means Jung can’t interface directly via the comms until we establish a hard line connection.
“Demeter?” she called to the open air.
“Y-y-yes Administrator Li?”
“Contact Star Dancer.”
“N-n-no user found b-b-by that name.”
Li closed her eyes in thought. “Try AI Jung, or TSN-1337.
“User founnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. Establishing c-c-connection.”
“What is wrong with him?” the lights flickered again. Li rose from the bench, pausing to pat Allah’s thigh, and walked to a white box opposite the counter. She opened it, pulling a thin package out. Ripping one end loose, she pulled a pair of green sticks out, tossing one to the U’knock.
Li bent her stick, shaking vigorously. It began to glow a soft green.
“Naughty Boy,” the human explained, “was based off of swarmer code the Star Dancer’s tech wizard acquired. It was originally written to strip local computer cores of higher thinking capability,” she gestured to the dark hallway. ”We should get moving.”
“Sven,” Allah asked, holding her own glowing stick above her head, “He was a friend of yours and Jung?”
Li’s head bobbed in agreement. “Our boy Sven retooled it to block external intrusion attempts--hostile or friendly. Never got it to work perfectly though. He always called it his ‘kitchen sink’ program; a last ditch effort to control an OS.”
“Is that why you told Jung to go away?”Li nodded again. “What would it do to him if he had not?” and silently Allah worried What could it do if he returned?
“Hopefully nothing,” Li answered,” Jung’s too smart to catch a cold,” and she smiled as she looked over her shoulder, “but there was no point in taking a chance.”
“Li?” an anxious voice called “Are you receiving?” the AI’s voice sounded strained, distant. Allah had played with other cubs near a culvert many times, calling to each other from different ends of the tube. Jung sounded like that now.
“I hear you Jung,” Li replied. “I was starting to worry.”
Demeter has been spamming my firewall with unhealthy requests,” Jung explained. “I had to find a clean port.” His tone grew stern as he said “I have also lost communications with the fleet network. With Demeter’s behavior, I suspect I know why.”
“That information is ‘compartmentalized’,” Li grinned.
“I appreciate your attempts to protect me,” though Jung’s voice was anything but appreciative, “but you must understand this is a stop gap measure, at best. If you intend to continue requesting fleet assistance we will have to restore long range communication and they will, in turn, repeat their order.”
“Let tomorrow's worries worry tomorrow,” Li entered the room they had sent mayday from. “What's your ETA?”
“Ram scoops at optimal angles, reactor mass at 60% of recommended capacity,” Jung sounded more distant still, as if talking next to a runoff stream, “I’ve begun suctioning the planet’s atmosphere and should be at safe slingtravel capacity in six hours, four minutes and twenty one seconds. I should be planetside in seven hours, fifty three minutes and nine seconds.”
Li took her seat at the monitor, tapping the screen on. “How long will it take to top off the tanks? I mean cutting out all safeties and max out pressure in your tanks.”
Jung hesitated.
“Seventeen hours, one minute and fourteen seconds, approximately,” he said so quietly that the noise of the connection almost drowned him out. “That assumes I would take such a risk.”
“Jung,” Li set her hands in her lap, looking up, “I know its a big ask--”
“Overriding safety protocols, Corporal Zhōu,” Jung interrupted angrily. The tone startled Allah. Jung didn’t get angry. Even when they had fought in the CNC and later in the Star Dancer’s mess, he had remained calm. “Rescheduling for high vector mass transport. Please be aware, traveling with such volatile materials will affect my time to return.
Li’s tone was soft now. “Revised ETA RTB?”
“Approximately two days dependant on U’dam weather patterns and celestial body avoidance routes,” he said resignedly.
Li winced. “That's cutting it close.”
“I would not complain if I were in your shoes,” Jung’s tone was acidic.
“If only you/I had any feet,” Li and Jung said together. The human smiled. Jung continued “You won't have remote access to Demeter until I’m on the surface,” he cautioned.
“’ll try to behave,” she patted the black screen affectionately. “Get back here as quick as you can, old man.”
“Stay safe down there, meatbag.”
And the speaker clicked dead.
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2023.03.21 22:24 Jazzy_Jane250 I'm falling for my FWB. Do I ask him to make it serious?

It's time to get serious kids. I'm in a predicament. But to help you fully understand, we have to go back a bit. I, 19 female, am a University Junior, but I skipped a bit of school, so it's only my second year on campus. Last year, my first, I was SA'd the second week of school, and it has left me struggling with trust and intimacy. I was homeschooled by my Math teacher mother growing up, so I never really had a high school relationship, but every situationship I had been involved in left me hurt and this only added to my trust issues.
This past summer, I started hanging out with a new friend group as a way to emotionally reset from my really difficult year. (I had a serious stalker, a car accident which left me concussed for almost a year, a good friend of mine passed away, and a few other pretty rough things occurred.)
Immediately joining this friend group I fell in love with the vibe. They were all definitely rowdy party kids all a couple years older than me, but extremely laid back. It was mostly comprised of the Men's Ultimate Frisbee team and a few other random kids who knew them from other things. They were immediately so inclusive and fun to hang out with, taking me on river floats, inviting me drinking and to play hours upon hours of party games. Nobody took themselves too seriously, and if you know anyone who plays ultimate frisbee, you know the vibe.
When I started hanging with this group, I got kind of causally involved with one guy, 20 male who we'll call Weed, who everyone warned be against, but I was naive and he gave me attention. One of the other guys, 22 male who we'll call Trojan, became particularly concerned for me. As shit started to hit the fan with Weed, Trojan was always there to take me for a walk to help me process everything and ultimately, I broke things off entirely with Weed after I drunkenly gave him a piece of my mind from attop a table on my 19th birthday that the guys threw for me. (AKA I told him he had a tiny dick and that the best birthday gift he could give me would be to leave.) Trojan gave me the space I needed but made me aware that if I ever needed anything, he'd be there.
Over the course of the next term, (Fall) Trojan and I became best friends. We talked constantly, sent each other hundreds of TikToks and reels on instagram, we'd go on late night McDonald's runs and watch Star Wars movies at 1am on week nights just for the hell of it. We realized how scarily similar we are, which sounds cliche, but it's true. We aggree on almost everything, and have nearly identical senses of humor. The only difference being I'm a bit more jaded than he is. I started causally seeing someone who wasn't part of the group, and Trojan started dating a girl from the next town over, but we remained as close as could be. As the end of fall term rolled around, we spent hours upon hours studying taking breaks to watch How I Met Your Mother, one of the shows we both love. It was on one of these late nights at his house that we were taking a study break, curled up on his heated blanket on his bad that he suddenly turned to me and asked, "You wanna make out?" Knowing he had a girlfriend, I snorted laughter and said, "Nope" and he seemed a little hurt, but laughed it off assuring me he was totally joking. about a week later, we were at my place, and I stood up from the couch where I had fallen asleep with my head on his shoulder to get a drink of water when all of a sudden he stood up and kissed me. I was too shocked to move, and when he pulled away, all I could think to say was "Isn't this a bad idea...?" and he said, "I dont think it is", and kissed me again. This time I pulled away and was like, "Wait, slow down, dont you have a girlfriend???!!" And he said, "No I ended it a few weeks ago. I started to feel things for you and didnt want to feel guilty about wnting to test the waters with you." I wasnt sure quite how to react so I just told him it was a bad idea and we sat back down and for the rest of the night we pretended like nothing happened. When he finally went home around three am, we texted about everything, and he caught me up to speed on the situation with his ex, and he apologized for kissing me so out of the blue without warning. He said he made a mistake and was embarrassed and sorry, and I was just so confused but assured him that it was okay, I was just blindsided and obviously because he hadn't told me he and his girlfriend broke up, I'd be confused when he kissed me.
Thus began almost three months of us being closer than ever, but with me insisting that nothing was going to happen. We'd spend hours texting, an hours of him trying to make me see how we'd be perfect together. And the thing is, he wasn't wrong. And I wanted to just throw every caution to the wind and go for it, but I was also terrified. He was one of my best friends and I was scared that with my PTSD from my SA, and my years of trust issues, that I'd ruin my favorite friendship by making it sexual. He insisted that we didn't have to make it serious, that we could keep it casual and be FWB until we wanted to take it further. I'd just roll my eyes and explain why it'd be too complicated, and eventually winter break rolled around. He went home to California to visit his family, and I stayed here because I live at home in a converted garage studio apartment at my parents'. Over the break, we started face timing each other at night to keep each other company, and it wasn't unusual for us to get high together and talk for hours. It was on one of these nights that I got a little more high than I had before and my filter entirely melted away. I admitted to having some sexual dream about him at one point, and we edged into a more sexual conversation. The next day I was frazzled because I let myself move in that direction, but part of me was excited and giddy.
When he got home from the break, we made an excuse to spend a night together, got high again, and watched movies. We ended up sleeping together, and that was it. We talked about it, and decided to be non-exclusive friends with benefits (For my benefit, so I wouldn't get anxious.) Ive never been in a relationship and wanted to take things slow, and although he wasn't thrilled with the idea of staying so extremely causal, he agreed, just happy I had finally let him in. I was happy too. I had convinced myself that I was annoyed with his persistence, but the entire time I had been subtly encouraging him, almost as if I needed to see if he'd really stay dedicated, and he did. Since then, it's been a firey passionate fling, spending more nights together than not, and having some of the best sex of my entire life. We get each other, and we're still good friends, which has made it my my favorite situationship yet. I've been happier than ever with him.
This past weekend was St. Patricks day, and I spent the entire weekend with him. We had been keeping it a secret, sneaking around and denying everything which only added to the excitement, but this weekend I was too drunk to defend myself when all of our friends started talking about how they knew. Trojan wasn't around because he went with some of our other friends to a bar on St. Patrick's day, so I was left to figure out what to do. But drunk, and weary, I gave up on denying it. Trojan had already told me that people had figured it out and that it wasnt a secret anymore, but it wasn't until that friday night that I realized that pretty much everyone knew. But heres the thing. I wasnt actually unhappy about it. I pretended to be annoyed, and rolled my eyes at it, but I was secretly really happy every time they'd say "Why did you keep it a secret? You know we all love him and think you'd be great together." The whole weekend Trojan was super kind too. We weren't over the top with the PDA in front of everyone, but he'd bring me glasses of water when he'd see me stumble a little, or he'd sit me down and make sure I was eating. He made me hot chocolate, rewarming it when it got cold, and held me every night as we fell asleep. It was so wonderfully comfortable even with everyone knowing and I started to feel that glowy feeling of falling for him. All of our friends noticed how he was taking care of me, and they'd give me this look as if trying to tell me I should just date him, but here's the problem.
We've been friends with benefits for a few months now, and he's talked about how he's told his family he's just having fun right now, and all that, and at first I figured it was just to make himself feel better that I wasn't letting him make it official, but now I'm scared that maybe he does just want to have fun right now, and asking to make it more serious might ruin what we have right now. Additionally, he's about to start a six month internship in another town, so I'll only see him on the weekends. (No, for everyone who's gonna ask, it's not the town with his ex.) I think I'm falling for him but is it a bad idea to start a relationship semi-long distance? Right now I see him almost every day, we go to the gym together multiple times a week and spend the night together regularly, and all of that is about to change. I just want to be able to look at him when we're together and tell myself, "Damn. That one's mine." I'm just really scared because neither of us are big relationship people, so is it better to just be best friends with benefits, or risk it all and see what could be?
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2023.03.21 22:23 Expiredpain State of the art viego V.2

Warning, very long post (13.5 patch before BT nerf).
My previous post was Your state of the art viego in which I wanted to know, what each and everyones favourite Viego build looked like, and why they choose it. Trying to find a build that would help our win rates and carry better.
By now I played a total of 105 ranked games with Viego and have, for the most part, played only 2 specific builds. Crit, and bruiser. both with conq, and PTA.
IMPORTANT NOTE: the builds are not equally distributed. That means I have a larger sample size with PTA, but smaller sample size with conq for example. That said, I thought I would share my findings regardless in hope that maybe others could maybe take something away with this, and get better games with him overall.
Also keep in mind, this is low elo (gold). Which means games are VERY volatile. I had for example 3 games in a row where I had trolling or AFK/rage quitting teammates at one point. remakes are not counted in the final win rate verdict I write out at the bottom of this.
lets start with what builds I used: Crit viego and bruiser viego. Crit viego consisted of me rushing kraken -> BT -> IE and sometimes SB -> BT -> IE. Bruiser Viego was the standard kraken -> DD/BC.

enemy dummy is around lvl 13 compared to you. and fed. super tanky and unkillable. and prob one shots you. (making ranked experience as realistic as possible lol).
goal of scenario: become as unkillable as possible and deal enough damage to kill 1 enemy to start your reset streak to be able to 1v9 everything and everyone, solo carrying.
relying on teammates is not adviced.
enemy dummy consists of: 3100 health and 210 MAR respectively. (with the current tank/bruiser meta, its quite easy to obtain these stats at around lvl 13 or 20min.
cough cough seju, zac, udyr, diana, maokai, jarvan, wukong, trundle, olaf, irelia, sion, mundo, cough cough)

First the runes:
both at lvl 11
conq: 25.2 bonus AD once fulled stacked. raw AA dmg 115 with BOTRK, KRAKEN, DD
PTA: bonus adaptive dmg once 3 AA have been applied: 122 once fully stacked, raw, exposure AA dmg 117 with BOTRK, KRAKEN, DD.

advantage and disadvantage of each rune:
early strong dmg, high burst, even late still strong.
very little benefits to it when going for possessions and resets. (a swain possession benefits from conq, not so much from PTA
unless the PTA exposure dmg has been applied beforehand. a lux benefits from neither conq or PTA imo. unless again, PTA exposure dmg has been applied)
easy to set up with auto attacks (no need for a full combo, as your W stun dash might be important to cancel an enemy champions ability. such as fiddle W, warwick ult, lissandra E,
bel veth W, etc. also gives you the ability to outplay your enemies skillshots, as you can reposition yourself behind them if your W is still up as you can dash through enemies. very important)

"scales" better because raw AD can be used for both your abilities and AAs (but really PTA does prob more dmg, the numbers seemed to be both higher in scaling and better dmg/ad wise, could be wrong here)
can be transfered over to most other champions if you manage to possess them.
weak early game. wont see much of an impact with conq unless you go for real late game (30-40min or reaching lvl 18. most games end around lvl 13 or in 20-25min.)
needs a full combo to fully stack conq instantly. leaving you with no W available to avoid dmg or stop the enemy from escaping. losing potential kills.
8% heal based on dmg is "neat" but not impactful at all. not unless you manage to somehow survive for long fights/teamfights. viego usually does not survive past a 10-15 second teamfight at best.

The crit build:
lvl 11, AR 80 MR 83, 984 shield 1867 health. 2851 total "health".
SB shield 334
BT shield 240
jungle item shield 190
overheal shield 220
runes: pta, overheal, alacrity, coup, future market, magical footwear. attack speed, adaptive power, MR (prefer to pick this for full crit into BT/shield bow)
fully stacked runes. PTA. combo E-W-AA-Q-AA-R-AA
SB, BT, IE = between 554 dps, 1329 (lowest) and 692 dps, total 1708 (highest). (volatile) avg. around 600 dps, 1500
kraken, BT, IE = 836 dps, 1979 (highest) and 704 dps, 1603 (lowest)

The bruiser build:
lvl 11, AR 80 MR 83 1587 health. (disregarding jungle item shield of 190)
runes: pta, triumph, alacrity, coup, conditioning, revitalize. attack speed, adaptive power, MR (prefer to pick this if going for resets combined with DD)
fully stacked runes. PTA. combo E-W-AA-Q-AA-R-AA
kraken BOTRK DD = 818 dps, 1798

(viego has healthy AR growth. he lacks immense MR however. must buy boots always merc's, as hes also allergic to CC. unless the enemy team is either fully AD)

general jungle gameplay:
usually full clearing my jungle then ganking.
most often dropping my full clear route in favor of a succesful gank and likely 1/2 kills
always starting top clearing into bot side.
if no gank is available: back port, maybe do gromp, wolves/raptor, krugs by the time i arrive, then transition into solo drake. (or skip camps and go straight solo drake, depending on
the time it arrives) (might die and lose drake, or if flash is up survive and lose drake and then continue my raptor, krugs/wolves, gromp into bot or mid gank)
getting first 2 drakes is too important so always going for that.
if neither bot or mid gank is available after drake and bot side jungle is cleared, back port, do my top side jungle if up, into herald
if i didnt get herald, gank top/mid else clearing jungle or counter jungling.
if i did get it, place it instantly onto either top or mid lane if possible. no matter the amount of platings.
(the more gold = the more items = the more solo carry. better use herald, than losing it)
always start with green smite. getting around the map with mist and dash. when back porting, use mist on the lane walls and run down to your camps (gromp or krugs respectively).
making full use of the movement speed the entire duration. while dashing around (only 8 sec at lvl 1).
always take 1 heal pot with you. always start lens first item and keeping it for the rest of the game. clearing wards essential as a jungler and doing solo objectives.
first back port usually consists of quiver for faster objective and jungle clear.
if i am not afk at the start of the game: i pick the ward trinket, get to my bottom jungle, ward my red buff bush, back port, switch to lens and go to my top side jungle.
prevents me from getting counter jungled or invaded. as a viego, i cannot duel anyone lvl 1 or 2 unless his name is fiddle/yi. so instead i counter jungle their buffs incase they take mine.
always focus lowest health target or the most immobile one or the most easiest to kill.
reset on that and try to avoid CC.

(IMPORTANT, the win rates here are very skewed because of the amount of trolls/afk teammates that were present, meaning that there may be less loses than what meets the eye. remakes are not included (4 total of 105 games))
win rate based on runes:
conq: 17 w, 15 L.
pta: 32 w, 37
win rate based on items:
crit: 21, 21
bruiser: 28, 27

Keep in mind that I may have forgotten some stats or data, but all of it should be present. In case I missed something or could add something else, let me know and I will try to gather the infos.
edit 1: trying to make the paragraph easier to read
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2023.03.21 22:22 Ianova Help Optimize My Primer! (Meren Deck Tech)

I'm making a deck tech video about my [[Meren of Clan Nel Toth]] list and want the list to be as fine tuned as possible.
Here is my decklist and thorough primer including combo lines and card discussion.
Death N' Staxes
Why Play Meren (Pro's and Con's)
Meren is a value commander who recently got some very nice toys printed for her arsenal. Her value comes in the form of free reanimation, which lets us abuse stax pieces like [[Plaguecrafter]] and [[Mindslicer]] to control the board. This is also a great form of resilience for all of our creatures.
The negative here is that Meren has no means of advantage herself, and relies on card synergies to truly be useful. While it's generally easy to abuse Meren, it's equally easy to be locked out by common stax pieces like [[Dauthi Voidwalker]], [[Aven Mindcenser]], and [[Opposition Agent]]. These things limit us and mean that pod composition is an important element of our success.
Golgari colours are generally weak, but Meren allows us to use unique stax elements to compensate for our lack of interaction, and abusable creature-based engines to bring our speed up.
New Toys
One of the new pieces we have access to is [[Braids, Arisen Nightmare]], which has shown itself to be a fantastic multi-tool for me. It regularly nets 1-3 cards per turn, it can sacrifice our unwanted stax pieces (such as [[Null Rod]] when we no longer need it), and it can potentially slow down board states. It's a "May" ability as well, meaning we aren't forced into saccing lands in bad situations. We can use Birthing Pod to go Dork>Confidant>Braids>Yawgmoth and have Meren keep them all.
As a stax piece this card isn't super efficient, as it gives the opponents the choice. Instead, we use this card as an engine, which is very good at netting 1-3 cards per turn. So far, in my experience, it has been a better [[Dark Confidant]], but it relies on the meta.
The real game changer we have in our arsenal is [[Saw in Half]]. This piece lets us reasonable and reliably pursue [[Razaketh, The Foulblooded]] lines instead of using them as a backup with [[Squirrel Nest]] [[Earthcraft]].
Golgari RazaHulk gets a huge boost
I feel like I don't see enough lists with this tech, I haven't seen a single Meren list running [[Saw in Half]], but here's why it's so damn cool
Saw in Half goes Infinite with [[Eternal Witness]] and [[Lion's Eye Diamond]] (or [[Culling the Weak]]). The former is a bit easier to pull off and the latter gets around our own artifact hate like [[Collector Ouphe]].
This is very relevant for Golgari RazaHulk in general, so here's the theory behind the lines (I won't be going into the requirements or executions of the combos, that'll be in the primer):
After cheating out Razaketh, we can relatively easily assemble this infinite combo. Once we have infinite tokens, we can infinitely tutor based on life. We tutor for [[Plunge into Darkness]] and that solves our life issue, now we can essentially tutor our whole deck. Then we grab [[Culling Ritual]] and get infinite mana (our tokens have 0 CMC!) then we win however we need too.
Up to and including [[Finale of Devastation]], we have a lot of ways to win. You might think "What if those cards are in the graveyard?", well, lucky for us the EWitness combo ends with 2 free EWitness triggers. Meaning, we more or less always have access to these cards, barring [[Dauthi Voidwalker]] or similar effects that might disrupt this. (Anecdotal evidence from me, but this has not been an issue for me yet.)
I want to emphasize though, that even if it wasn't available, RazaHulk has so much versatility that you typically have enough resources to get the win. The primer details various winning lines much more thoroughly.
To sum it up, instead of getting infinite tokens through the very bulky SquirrelCraft combo, we can now do so with a single synergistic piece that also happens to boost our synergy with 2 other cards (Culling Ritual and Plunge into Darkness) to add a high level of lethality to our win. By layering this combo with our [[Protean Hulk]] lines, we end up with a very resilient and versatile win condition.
More fun things
[[Necromancy]] and [[Wake The Dead]] offer us instant speed reanimation, with Razaketh or even Protean Hulk directly, we can shoot for a win overtop of someone else. This is cooler because we don't need [[Crop Rotation]] and [[Emergence Zone]] bogging us down.
Razaketh is cool because with extra resources we can tutor for protection, stax removal, and even our own stax control before or during our wins. I've included [[Elvish Spirit Guide]] as a way to protect ourselves with the Veils more easily. It's pretty fun pulling off a Mindslicer trigger before you win.
Running Razaketh and Protean Hulk together is worth it because it opens up a large amount of winning lines through as many circumstances as possible. Skilled pilots will be able to squeeze out wins in all sorts of boardstates.
Closing Notes
I think the new tech with Saw In Half is pretty strong and creature based combos are pretty hard to disrupt at times. Leading the combo with removal, protection, or sometimes even stax can be very effective in securing wins.
I'm not saying this is a meta warper or anything, and it might not be the best Golgari commander, but I think Meren's relevance does increase with these new cards; still fringe, but I think you'll have more fun and better results running this list than before. I certainly have.
I think the merit in this list relies on its unique stax-midrange play patterns in tandem with strong combo lines to generate wins. Let me know how you feel about it! I'll try to keep on top of discussion in the comments :)
Edit: Proxy friendly, budgetless
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2023.03.21 22:17 Amazed_and_Bemused Today showed Once and for All that Jex doesn't work the way the writers claim

Just to get this out of the way, I like Eden and Evan, and I can still see potential for the pairing of Jex, but it's becoming insulting at this point for the show to tell us one thing about this pairing, and then continually showing us something else. Are Joss and Dex both very hot? Yes. Do I think that they have the potential to give us Olivia/Johnny, Lulu/Johnny, Lucky/Sam, Kiki/Griffin forbidden romance hotness? Yes. Do they currently come across as anything more than two kids playing house? No. And why is that? Because of the story and the characters themselves.
From the get go, many of us said that the story of Dex and Joss should've been that of Dex and Kristina. We were told that we were crazy and that once the drama of Jex got going it would never stop. So we waited, and waited, and waited. And now we're still waiting.
First we were told to wait until Cameron found out about them. And Cameron did, and he got to speak his mind once and then we never saw him bring it up again.....with anyone. In fact he's already forgiven Joss. Then we were told to wait until Carly finds out. She did, and gave Joss her blessing with only the slightest of warnings. Then we were told to wait until Joss found out about Dex lying to her about being undercover, she'll be livid she was lied to they said. She didn't seem to care. You know who would've been pissed? KRISTINA! Then we were told to wait until Sonny found out about them. He did, and so far, he doesn't seem to care. Perhaps he's playing things close to the vest, but right now, total snooze fest.
Then they said wait until Joss finds out that Michael is Dex's true boss and Michael finds out about Dex dating his sister. Well both things happened today and neither had the slightest of impacts. Joss wasn't all that upset about Michael trying to take Sonny down. And why is that? Because she doesn't care about Sonny or what happens to him. AND WE ALREADY KNEW THIS!!! Do you know who would've been pissed? KRISTINA! As for Michael, his reaction to Dex was really nothing more than, "well I guess this is happening. Just don't get caught." The story just falls flat all the way around. And the reason for that? The characters.
Joss: I truly don't understand what the writers are looking to do with Josslyn. I've said my piece about her regarding Cameron and her flimsy reasoning where Sonny is concerned, so I'll leave that be. But then there is Britt and her siblings. I have NO IDEA why the show thinks it a good idea to have Joss continually downplay Britt's involvement in saving her life. Is that supposed to make us like her more? No doubt some will say it's because she feels guilty, but we've seen NO signs of that guilt. Guilt is going to her memorial service, even just under the guise of supporting Spencer. Guilt is showing love towards Liesl for her loss, even just as a common courtesy. Guilt is checking in with Spencer from time to time and seeing how he's dealing with losing a friend. GUILT, is not stonewalling the police to protect Dex, a gangster who CHOSE to be a gangster. Then there's Donna and Avery. The hurt they'd feel for Sonny going away has no barring in her thinking regarding Michael's plan. Her only concern is losing her boy toy. Speaking of which....
Dex: What are we doing here? Yes, he's good looking. He wants to learn to surf. He likes his dead friend's favorite football team. That's not a character profile, that's a tinder profile. He was abused by his brothers you say? The same brothers he never brings up and we know nothing about? His CO was a bad dude? What proof have we been shown of this? What we do know about Dex is that he was a mercenary. Aka, a criminal. That's fine. GH is littered with them. And we root for them anyway. But maybe stop trying to tell us he is in fact, not a criminal? Or AT LEAST acknowledge that he isn't a very good one.
He and Sonny beat up a reporter, they got caught. Sonny asked him to pressure a juror, and he then proceeds to do so in the most public place in town, and got caught. He was told to protect Diane, and was she was promptly attacked. He was told to get Anna out of jail, and he was almost immediately shot. He was likely told to go to one of Sonny's doctors if he got hurt, but instead went to the Qs, where he could've gotten caught, wrapped Joss up in mob activity, and then forced Joss to get Carly involved in mob activity. He then finally manages to actually save Sonny from headache by pushing him out of the way of a sniper.....and then immediately gets shot forcing Sonny to save him. Then of course there's the fact that he's dating Joss after being told not to by both Michael and Sonny. And yet despite all of that, he's not on anyone's bad side except Spencer, who gets chewed out anytime he tries to call Dex out for being shady.
So I ask you, where's the angst? Where is the potential drama so many spoke of? Because so far, everything we were told to be patient about has amounted to next to nothing. And can you honestly say that that'd be the case if Joss were Kristina? A women who actually cares about Sonny? A women who would actually go toe to toe with Michael over his betrayal? A women who's mother wouldn't just bless her union with a mobster? But since none of that did or will happen, and since we all know this is General(ly) Carly, can we at least subvert expectation and have Carly find out about this plan and be the one to rat Dex out to Sonny? We all know in that in time Carly will come to be the focus of the Pikeman deal as well, so why not at least make her useful? Rant over.
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2023.03.21 22:16 Sound_Squid Is it a dental/sinus issue or arthritis?

Hello! Lately, I've been noticing my teeth are sensitive as heck, almost like I've gotten braces tightened, but the feeling stays and won't go away. I'm highly doubtful it's due to dental hygiene, I take very good care of my teeth and there's no pain or discoloration, it's just extreme sensitivity.
I'm wondering if it's possible that this is because of my RA? Additionally, my ears have had minor pain and pressure for months and I'm unsure if that's a sinus issue or potentially arthritis. If anyone has any insight I'd love to hear any of it. Thank you!
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2023.03.21 22:15 cruisingNW The Foundations of Humanity 9 (The Next Step) - an NoP fanfic

The Foundations of Humanity 9 (The Next Step) - an NoP fanfic

Thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for establishing the Nature of Predators Universe, and for allowing Fanfics to flourish! Thank you u/Inkanyamba for the inspiration for Professor Tarva, relevant post and comment linked with character name
First -- Previous -- Next
Memory transcription subject: Valek, Venlil-Human Partnership Program Participant
Date [standardized human time]: August 25th, 2136. Midday
My eyes snapped open as I flung myself against the opposite wall. Somehow, that stars-cursed, silent human opened the door without either of us knowing. Paralyzed with fear, I could hear Maeve stutter through an explanation, "W-We, uh- I-It’s not-"
"Please come in." The man did not yell, but his voice rumbled through my snout and down the hall. With myself frozen in place, Maeve reached out to take my paw and guide me inside. "Have a seat, please." The man gestured to two seats in front of a wide desk.
The desk was a shared workspace; the human took his seat on the left, while a male Venlil remained seated on the right. "I'm Barry, and this is Borven," Borven flicked a welcome, "we are the liaisons for the exposure program. Do you know why we have called you here?"
Maeve spoke up while I was busy hyperventilating, "I can assume, sirs, but I would like to hear it from you, if you please," Maeve had assumed a… posture that I haven't seen from her before. She sat tall, while also making herself smaller; her eyes wide with unbreaking contact to the man at the desk. She must have been terrified.
Borven spoke up this time, "We noticed that you were one of the first pairs to leave the mess hall after news of the attack, before the incident involving ensign Baudelaire. We are wondering if you have any additional information you would like to share?"
Maeve and I sat in silence for a moment, both of us expecting a very different conversation. Finding my voice, I answered, "N-No sir. Maeve made the call to leave after the notice. I asked later, and she told me that such terrible news may cause a fight, so she brought us to safety."
"Is that right, Maeve?" Barry asked, letting his voice amplify his presence.
Maeve nodded nervously, then added, "We stopped in the hallway, and we saw a patrol going to the Mess, that's all we know."
"Do you have anyone to corroborate your account?" Barry enquired.
"No, sir. Valek and I tend to keep to ourselves, but I can give you the times we left and entered our room, and that would match with camera records." Maeve's posture relaxed. It seems this was a routine investigation of the commotion we heard as we left.
"I would appreciate that, Maeve," Barry spoke while Borven typed at their station, "you should be receiving a report template to your pad in a moment, please fill that out and submit it as soon as you can, including the times you mentioned. Besides that, you are excused; we apologize for taking your time."
"Thank you, sirs." Maeve got up to move, but I saw an opportunity,
"Maeve." I whispered, motioning for her to sit back down. Nervously, she followed, and I motioned for her to continue. "Valek and I would…" She looked to me for encouragement, so I tried a human smile, which she returned in kind, "We would like to continue the program."
The two men waited, Barry glancing between us, one eyebrow raised. Borven flicked his tail expectantly.
"Indefinitely." I added.
Barry tried to hide a smirk, but Borven was more surprised, "We could hardly keep you from continuing contact. What are you asking?"
Getting Maeve's attention, I held out my paw for hers, and she reciprocated. "I would like to host Maeve at my home on Venlil Prime, if she would join me."
Barry broke into a wide grin, behind which a mischievous cackle creaked through his teeth.
"Sun-scorched sonuva…" Borven mumbled and handed a pawful of colored steel rounds to Barry, which I later learned were poker chips.
"Don't worry Borven, you'll win one eventually." Barry jibed while adding the chips to a drawer, audibly clinking against his previous winnings. "Look, no one needs to talk about why you two want to move in together, it's none of our business. But there has been talk of a 3rd step: Integration." I perked up at that! So it is possible! "I'm going to give you the contact to the Lead Empathy Scientist on the station. They will have access to your test results and get the ball rolling." Barry finished, before handing a note to Maeve.
Borven interjected, "Valek? Are you sure you want to do this? Best case scenario, your request is approved, and now Maeve lives among strangers who fear her, on a world that exhausts her, unable to eat something her body demands. This is not an easy road! And that's totally ignoring the fact that we don't know what Maeve is capable of! You could be in real danger!"
That wasn't fair, they didn't know her! My ears back, I was about to tell them off, but Maeve squeezed my paw. She would speak for herself, "Strangers are friends yet to be made. As to the gravity, you're right there will be an adjustment period, but humans are exceptionally adaptable. As for food, I have greatly enjoyed Venlil cuisine while on the station, but if there are any nutrients I'm missing, humans have developed supplements for everything we need; technically a human could live on pills alone. I think this is worth trying, and I would be thrilled if I were the first, or the last; just as long as it happens."
My mane and scruff swelled with pride at her words; my ears swiveled to Borven, "I know exactly what Maeve is capable of. Yes, I'm sure."
Borven's body language was a combination of disappointment with a healthy dose of 'not my herd to lead' before he motioned that we were excused.
Once we were back in the corridor, we could finally breathe easy; catching each other's eye, we started giggling at the fear that brought us here, but I was glad to talk to someone about us staying together. Walking down the hall, I apologized for springing the idea of hosting on her, but Maeve was glad of my invitation, and was herself struggling to ask if I would welcome her. We both bloomed in our own way, thinking about life on the farm.
“While we are up here we should check on the lead scientist; the position is admin so it should be on this floor, too.” Maeve checked her pad and found the contact information.
Hello, my name is Maeve, Barry gave me your contact. I was wondering if we could talk about what he called the next step, Integration?
We decided to wander while we waited for a response, Maeve busying herself with the incident report. This section of the station was decidedly not of Venlil make. Hard lines and right angles made full use of every centimeter. Tough cloth ran the length of the corridor, only emphasizing the oppressive silence. Every few meters was another door, many but not all accompanied by placards. And the far distance curved to one side, hinting at the circular structure of the station. After several minutes, Maeve’s pad pinged a response.
Hello, Maeve! Barry told me about you two. We are looking for volunteers for a test program, so this is great news. I see you have already completed the Empathy test, with very good results. I would like to talk in more detail. Can you meet me in Suite 4182?
On our way.
At this point we had just passed 4082, so we were on the other half of the ring. Having finished her report, Maeve caught my eye, “I’ll race you there!” and she took off in a sprint. Finding my grip on the carpet, I bounded forward, quickly overtaking her, while we giggled at the game. I had passed 4118 before my legs started burning, and I heard pounding steps behind me. Maeve was quickly gaining on me, and I tried to push for more, but my well had run dry. My heart pounding and breath heavy, I slowed to a stop, and Maeve came to a slow trot beside me. A glowing smile from cheek to cheek.
"You look barely winded! How far can a human run??"
"Me personally? I've done a few 5k's, and had fun; that's, uh, 5 kilometers. But some humans specialize, and can run for hundreds, even low thousands of klicks, over several days."
"What!?" I exclaimed between labored breaths, "Why!?"
"That's actually a fun one! I'll tell you another time. C'mon, we can catch our breath before getting there."
With our slower pace, it took several more minutes before reaching the Lead Scientist's office, but we had thankfully caught our breath by then. Stepping inside, we were greeted by a diminutive bright white Venlil, the tip of her ears only reaching my chest, and equally small in all other respects. Her yellow eyes, bright as a sunbeam, shined through the dimly lit room.
"Hello!" She called excitedly, "I'm Professor Tarva ; no relation. You must be Valek," I flipped my ears in acknowledgement, "and Maeve!" Who returned a timid hello, "oh don't be scared! I know I'm a little more energetic than the average Venlil. Please forgive the lighting, I'm none too fond of brightness. So! What's this about Integration?"
Her office was smaller than Barry and Borven’s, but her size made it proportional, though the abundance of rolling stepstools and cushions was a notable difference. She offered us the only two chairs in front of her human-sized desk, which she nimbly climbed and occupied a cushion atop it.
Having spent no small amount of our recovery walk agonizing over how to best present our case, I spoke first. "We feel that our friendship sets a golden example for Human and Venlil relations, and I would like to host Maeve in my home on Venlil Prime."
Ears back, tail tuft wagging, Tarva didn't like that. "Ooo, a human in civilian lodging on VP? And you're from…" she shifted some papers to her side, "the Grove? Buncha farmers out there, they won't like it. Why do you think this is worth risking an incident?"
I spoke up quickly. I've had this conversation before, it was just like haggling our starberries; though I've never had to haggle for freedoms before. "Whatever risk exists, I believe it is less than the value gained by early scientific information of a Human and Venlil living together."
I had barely finished my sentence before Tarva had another flaw in my argument ready, "We already have Human and Venlil cohabitating on bases and in the Gubernatorial Complex. Why shouldn't we put you there?"
"You have humans living apart from Venlil. They don't see our culture, eat our food, talk to our people. Letting Maeve live in a real home in a real town will show us how Humans can integrate into Venlil society."
"And why would we need to integrate? Humans are weapons of war against the Arxur, nothing more, nothing less. Why would we need them on VP, especially once we win?"
I had never seen a Venlil like this before. She couldn't have predator disease, she doesn't have that… off feeling. But every moment of this -- this -- interrogation has been an attack!
But I refused to back down, this will work. "It's no secret that the Exposure program has been a glowing success. I personally know a dozen Venlil on Bleat that have every wish to continue contact. Humans will integrate with Venlil, which means we need to be prepared. Maeve and I can be the litmus test."
Tarva was clearly enjoying this, so she went for the throat, "Then why should we choose You? If the Program is such a success, we would be swimming in requests just like yours! Why should we choose You over the hypothetical Them?"
My breath caught in my throat. It hadn't occurred to me there would be so much demand for this, but she had a point. Based on what I've seen on Bleat and in the Forums, more than half of the Venlil that participated want to keep contact, and I'm sure we couldn't be the only ones to stay friends or more.
"Because," Maeve spoke up from beside me, barely a whimper, "you've already decided who your early subjects are. And Valek and I are on the short list."
Tarva squealed with undisguised glee, her tail thrashing behind her, "There she is! You've got a sharp one, Valek! How did you know?"
Maeve took a deep breath before answering, "Barry and Borven already knew about… us; they made a wager based on what we said. It sounded like they were betting who invited who, and Valek was the one who asked to host me. I'm betting you have a long list of Venlil wanting to serve with human soldiers, and a shorter list of Venlil going to earth. But those Venlil were invited by their Human partner. If there is a list of a Venlil inviting a Human to Venlil Prime, I think we are the only name." By now Maeve was leaning on the armrest of her chair, this exchange clearly exhausted her.
"The only name invited to a rural town. We actually have a healthy pawful that would live in the larger cities, with larger off-world populations, but you're the only ones in such a small town. There will be conditions, of course, and the locals will not be kind. Are you sure you wanna do this?"
I looked at Maeve. She was so tired, but she still looked at me with all the love her eyes could carry, and I could feel myself blooming under the weight of it. We nodded together, then answered "Yes." as one.
"Fantastic!" Tarva declared with the same unbridled enthusiasm she has held for this entire meeting. "You're on the next resupply back to VP. Shouldn't be more than a couple sleeps. Hope you enjoyed the station, cuz you're going home!"
On our return back to the room, Maeve fell forward onto the bottom bunk with an exhausted sigh, all of her energy sucked out by the surprise interrogation. Believing she needed comfort, I sat next to her on the bed and, remembering she mentioned back pain being common among humans, brushed my paw between her shoulders. My remembrance was rewarded by a contented hum I could feel reverberating through her ribcage.
Maeve rolled over beneath my hand, taking it in hers. She held my paw close to herself, pressing the pads and moving the fingers. I winced when she encouraged a claw from its sheath, at which she quickly loosened her grip. After seeing I did not pull away, she pulled my paw to her face and pressed her lips against the offending claw. The predatory action caused my ears to flutter, whether from fear or not I couldn't tell.
She played with my hand idly, before asking, "How do Venlil… show affection?"
After thinking for a moment, I answered, "Our tails do most of the talking, but where no words exist, they tend to find each other. We also enjoy grooming each other," taking her hand in my paw, I ran the tip of my tongue over the top of her hand, "And many times nuzzling," placing that same hand to my snout, and continued, "is seen as very intimate."
Her free hand brought my other paw up to her face, and she rested her cheek against it. She gently brushed my snout, before following my jaw and drifting down my neck, winding her fingers through my wool, then stroking the skin hot with passion beneath. "Humans," she croaked, as if not ready to speak. Clearing her throat, she began again, "Humans like to use parts of our bodies that are sensitive, like our hands, but also our lips, and…" She took my paw in hers and I felt a soft wetness on my center pad, sending another shiver through me, "We tend to bathe ourselves in the sensation of our lover; touch, sight, scent, and even taste. And… I'm worried that most of it will be frightening to you."
I moved to lie with her, supporting myself on my elbow. Taking her hand in my paw, I spoke gently, "Maeve… you constantly surprise me, in the most wonderful ways, and I am always excited to be surprised by you. But I won't fear you. You've taught me that what we are, is what we choose; not what we feel. And even if I feel the need to run, I will choose to come back to you. Every time."
Maeve reached out to me, and I to her, and we entangled ourselves in each other. I could feel my bloom deepening as she pressed her lips to my velvet, and I could see her color rising as my paw traced her side.
"And what do your senses tell you, Maeve?"
Licking her lips, she whispered, "I can see you're enjoying this as much as I am. I can feel your softness, and warmth. I can hear your heart along with mine. I can smell your excitement, as thick as stew. And taste…" she inhaled sharply, pressing her forehead against my crown, as her hands moved to my waist, "I'm excited to find out."

First -- Previous -- Next
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2023.03.21 22:12 Suspicious_Pool72 Not Sure on His Intentions

Hey! I have a relationship problem that is currently stressing me out on what I should do.
I started speaking to this guy I met on a discord server(I was 18 and he was 25) about 6 months ago. It started out really good, as most situationships do I guess. We moved over to snap and started talking about our lives and expressing how we feel about one another, blah, blah, blah. He said that he really liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend at some point, but had his reservations.
The thing is, we're extremely far apart from one another and he doesn't view long distance relationships as real relationships, which is fair. It's his opinion which I respect and I didn't expect more from him from that point.
The problem that arises for me is the constant flirting and in and out of his presence in my life. I think he doen't like me one minute after short, succint responses to my messages and at times responding weeks after I have sent a message. He's currently in school and pretty busy, so maybe that could be the reason, but I'm still not sure. It makes it clear that he isn't as interested, but then he comes back and is more consistent, showers me with attention, flirts with me and compliemts me on a bunch of things. This cycle has become exhausting and confusing. I'm not sure on his intentions anymore.
There was a point in time I took a break and told him that I started talking to someone new after he said that he couldn't give me what I want, but was extremely jealous and passive agressive and cold the times we kept in contact and constantly asked about the guy I was talking to. I think he has feelings for me and doesn't want me seeing other people, but he won't commit.
He also has this tendency to make the conversations sexual and for the most part leans into sexual conversations with me instead of having conversations to know more about my day and how I'm doing in life.
I'm not entitled to his time nor do I expect him to commit to someone so far away from him, but I would like some clarity on intentions and motives and where things are going and maybe how he feels about our situation.
In an attempt to salvage some of my feelings, I want to wait till 8 months and if he hasn't changed yet, leave and never look back or at least dissasociate from him.
What shoudl I do? Should I leave now? Should I ask him about his intentions and feelings?
Any advice would be appreciated. This is kind of a sensitive topic, please be nice lol.
Have a great day!!
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2023.03.21 22:11 feshybananas 29 [M4F] Vancouver Canada - Realized I'll be weird af for the rest of my life, but that's okay

Hello, hoping to reach another neglected millennial boomer here. Grew up as normal as our messed up generation could, probably worse off socially and individually today, yeah story of my life.
I can say for certain that I am nothing like the "norm" here, as a matter of fact I can't feel any more out of place when comparing myself to my peers but as common online folk goes I blend in pretty well. Speaking of which, how do people even meet each other nowadays? For the life of me I can't bring myself to advertise my ugliness on online dating platforms and I hate to judge others based on presentation as well.
I don't really know how to "get to know people" since I've been talking to the same idiots for so long that I basically abandoned any social skills that involves that, so I think it'll be easier if I just treat this the same way and just provide the same things I would with someone I'm comfortable with.
As an online introvert I do plenty of things that will make people roll their eyes, but if that's the case why are you here? I embrace the fact that I'm an OG gamer and will always compare games to THE GOOD OL DAYZ so if you're not ready to hear my rants on how modern gaming is all about cosmetics, xray vision, monetization, and piss poor performance it's okay you're still going to hear it anyway. I was a pretty casual anime enjoyer up till uni and since I haven't really done much with my life since then I've become as full fledged as a closet otaku can become. Ran out of things to watch lately and I don't really keep up with the latest seasons unless something catches my attention, but I'm not really into the generic hype people seem to be into all the time, I like to think I have exquisite taste in these things. Cars is my biggest interest and hobby for as long as I can remember, you're probably not into it so I won't go into detail. Into general tech and vintage tech, I love me some good ol gear. Somewhat into watches, pens, and keyboards, pretty casual.
Probably best to end it on that before I become paranoid and delete. I'll try to hold off for as long as I can but I'm pretty indecisive about these things and will delete once I lose confidence in myself again. I'm someone that's so used to and comfortable being alone that despite my internal cries to share my time with someone, I will convince myself that being alone is okay and force myself to delete this.
Thanks for reading and hopefully someone not too far away would be down to chat
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2023.03.21 22:11 feshybananas 29 [M4F] Vancouver Canada - Realized I'll be weird af for the rest of my life, but that's okay

Hello, hoping to reach another neglected millennial boomer here. Grew up as normal as our messed up generation could, probably worse off socially and individually today, yeah story of my life.
I can say for certain that I am nothing like the "norm" here, as a matter of fact I can't feel any more out of place when comparing myself to my peers but as common online folk goes I blend in pretty well. Speaking of which, how do people even meet each other nowadays? For the life of me I can't bring myself to advertise my ugliness on online dating platforms and I hate to judge others based on presentation as well.
I don't really know how to "get to know people" since I've been talking to the same idiots for so long that I basically abandoned any social skills that involves that, so I think it'll be easier if I just treat this the same way and just provide the same things I would with someone I'm comfortable with.
As an online introvert I do plenty of things that will make people roll their eyes, but if that's the case why are you here? I embrace the fact that I'm an OG gamer and will always compare games to THE GOOD OL DAYZ so if you're not ready to hear my rants on how modern gaming is all about cosmetics, xray vision, monetization, and piss poor performance it's okay you're still going to hear it anyway. I was a pretty casual anime enjoyer up till uni and since I haven't really done much with my life since then I've become as full fledged as a closet otaku can become. Ran out of things to watch lately and I don't really keep up with the latest seasons unless something catches my attention, but I'm not really into the generic hype people seem to be into all the time, I like to think I have exquisite taste in these things. Cars is my biggest interest and hobby for as long as I can remember, you're probably not into it so I won't go into detail. Into general tech and vintage tech, I love me some good ol gear. Somewhat into watches, pens, and keyboards, pretty casual.
Probably best to end it on that before I become paranoid and delete. I'll try to hold off for as long as I can but I'm pretty indecisive about these things and will delete once I lose confidence in myself again. I'm someone that's so used to and comfortable being alone that despite my internal cries to share my time with someone, I will convince myself that being alone is okay and force myself to delete this.
Thanks for reading and hopefully someone not too far away would be down to chat
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2023.03.21 22:11 xannyxantastic My boyfriend said my sister shouldn’t smoke weed while pregnant so she called the cops on him.

Using a throwaway. This started a couple days ago. I(21f) still live at home with my boyfriend(23m) and pay rent. We live in a very small town where everybody knows everybody and their business. I have 2 older sisters (26f and 30f) and one younger step sister(20f). My older 2 sisters live far away in different cities but My step sister still lives in town and rents an apartment a few blocks away. Anyways Me, my boyfriend and my step sister were at the bar the other night when my step sister brought up my oldest sister and the fact that she recently discovered she’s 14 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend said, “she shouldn’t be smoking weed while pregnant, especially as much as she does”(one to multiple times a day + She has a dab pen). Fast forward to the next day and my oldest sister decided to make a surprise visit to my town to stay a couple days with us. I was at work at the time and my boyfriend was at home. My oldest sister dropped off all her stuff at the house and went to hang out with my step sister. I guess my step sister told her what my boyfriend said and she freaked out. She sent me a series of messages that went a little like this:
“You should tell your boyfriend to leave the house before I have him escorted out by police”
“Maybe he should learn to keep his mouth shut, because I’m 10 minuets away from losing my shit on him. Talking shit about me in MY OWN PARENTS HOUSE? He can apologize to me or I’ll have him escorted out thank you.”
Now my sister is very.. unhinged. She has bad anger issues. She once beat up my other sister because she said she thinks my grandpa had bipolar disorder. When I got those messages I immediately freaked out because I knew something bad was going to happen but I couldn’t do anything because I was 30 minuets away at work. I texted my bf asking what was happening and he had no idea. 30 minuets an after she sent those messages to me, she showed up at the house to talk to my boyfriend. I guess things were fine until my boyfriend refused to apologize and reiterated that he believes she shouldn’t be smoking weed or drinking and it can affect the baby. So my sister called the cops to have him escorted out(He couldn’t leave at himself because his car isn’t working). I didn’t hear anything from either of them until my bf sent me a video of him in the back of a police car. The cops called my mom as it’s her house and she gave them permission to take him and drive him back to his parents house.
I heard 2 different sides of the story. My sister told my bf pushed her down the stairs and cornered her against the door. Then chased her around the house calling her belligerent names. My bf said they were having a fine discussion until she called the police and then he got really mad. They had a verbal fight and he grabbed her stuff and put it outside and told her to leave. Then she cornered him against the door and got in his face. When he tried walking around her to go up stairs she followed him and continued the fight. I guess my boyfriend started calling her names like fat bitch and a coke whore(she was a drug addict) and she got really mad and got up in his face and kept repeating “hit me. Hit me.” The entire time this was happening, My sister was sending me messages at work saying nobody likes my boyfriend and he’s a loser and we are both lazy moochers. Of course I sent messages back defending myself and him. The whole family got involved.
When I got back to my house my sister was there. We ignored each other until the next day. When I woke up and got ready for work my mom was at the house and I could hear them fighting. I got upstairs and my sister asked, “did you throw my bags outside and destroy my computer?” I was so confused. I said no wtf of course not? Well apparently she had her computer in her bag along with a jar of pickles. The pickle jar either smashed or opened up and got pickle juice everywhere in her bag when my boyfriend put her bags outside. She called the cops to see what she could do and they said they didn’t see my bf put her bags outside and she didn’t see her bags outside in general so it was probably me who did it. We got into a huge fight along with my mom. She’s threatening to press charges and destruction of property against me if I don’t do something. I don’t have any money. I can’t afford to pay. I didn’t know why she’s doing all of this. I don’t know if it’s the baby on the way or what. She’s going around telling all her friends in town a twisted story of what happened. She told my entire family and they’re backing her up. I don’t have any friends and I don’t talk to the family so I don’t know how to get my story across. I feel like I just got the shit end of the stick for something I had nothing to do with. I feel so alone. I’m not really talking to my boyfriend atm because I’m mad how he handled the situation(he did a lot more offensive behaviour than what I said but it’s way too confusing to tell) and none of my family is talking to me other than my mom and my sister who both seem to think everybody is in the wrong. They both feel bad I’m stuck in the middle. A part of me almost feels like I did something wrong or it’s my fault. Maybe it is? Idk. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry this is a stupidly long story but I figured as much detailed were needed as possible.
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2023.03.21 22:11 NewsFun3424 Should I consider getting back with him? Me ( 25 F) my ex (27 m)

Long long long- Story short. We started off amazing. He then lied about things and it triggered me from my past relationship I should’ve healed more from. So I became toxic and wouldn’t let it go and had anger. I did insult and act out of line but that’s when TI saw his anger issues that were physical. Not to me but to my stuff. Breaking things and going out of control. We got past that and he was there for me when I got back on my meds etc. long story short. Throughout the next two years I caught him twice msging a girl for attention. Emotionally cheating. He said I made him have a fear of telling me the truth and I’ve made him feel like nothing… I’d beg him not to lie to me about stuff cuz it destroys me. He then kept lying about things and it was a cycle. Fast forward jan 2022 my dad passed. We weren’t in the best place. I would see him and cry to him but then he was being sketchy with his phone and stuff so I was calling him out and wed aruge. He says I pushed him away during this time of me hurting. May 2022 I caught him with a girl at a bar kissing. Found out they been seeing eajcother rfor a month. Dates cuddling kissing etc. I was destroyed. Ended it. August he came back and hasn’t left me alone since. Begging me back. Says in therapy. Says he’ll do anything. Won’t give up on me etc. idk what to do… am I dealing with a narc or am I dealing w a Good guy that I pushed to these things. I’m lost. I don’t want to want him. I’m so confused.
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2023.03.21 22:05 Emmett203 I have been reading these for an hour, and I got to say, these are amazing!

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2023.03.21 22:03 PayinTopDolla SW WA (Camas & Washougal) is the Best Place to ChubbyFIRE

I've been reading a lot of posts lately about good places in the US to ChubbyFIRE to, including recent and popular examples like Las Vegas, Austin, and Arizona... but I would like to put out there another very viable option that is currently not so mainstream (maybe also a good thing): Southwest Washington (SW WA).
The common goal for people in their search is finding a place that has the right mix of amenities, tax sheltering, cost of living, and scenery. DISCLAIMER: If this is NOT part of your criteria and you're NOT looking to optimize down from VHCOL locations, and are NOT considering other popular locations like Texas, then this post does NOT apply to you.
I've spent much of my career traveling literally all over the US and seeing a vast swath of metropolitans. My conclusion after maintaining as much neutrality as possible and factoring in the aforementioned criteria is that Southwest Washington is the best choice. This region consists of a few cities and is part of the Portland, OR metro. There is Vancouver, WA but it doesn't stand out for ChubbyFIRE folks as it's a flat, normal, and dense suburb. To the East is Camas & Washougal, where things get interesting, and I'll explain more below.
Here is why these two cities are worth considering.
  1. Again, they are part of the PDX metro and just across the river from the Columbia. This means you're 20-30 minutes away from Downtown Portland and Portland International, which happens to be a great airport that's usually not crowded and highly ranked. From here, you're a 3-hour drive to Seattle and a 1-hour flight to the Bay Area.
  2. Included with the obvious amenities of being in the metro of an actual city (i.e., not a pseudo city erected in a desert that is Las Vegas) is great food, from trendy food carts to more gourmet places. Food is competitive here and the bar is set quite high with lots of choices. Media and sensationalists like to exaggerate the homeless problem, which certainly exists, as it does in Austin and most other big metros, but it's not rampant.
  3. Cost of Living - albeit it is getting higher like everywhere else, it is comparatively lower, especially on the West Coast. $1M for a house can get you a LOT of house.
  4. No Income Tax AND No Sales Tax... this is also why I recommend living across the river in WA versus Portland, OR. WA is one of the 9 states that does not have a state income tax. If you need to buy a big ticket item like a TV and whatnot, just drive over the river to Portland and buy it there with no sales tax. You could even do most of your shopping there if obliged since it's so close. One of the very few, true metro areas that offer this combo.
  5. Weather. Yes, the PNW rains and has overcast days and this one will be subjective. Maybe you prefer living in the scorching hot, dry desert of Las Vegas or Phoenix where it averages 100*+ instead, or you prefer the hot, humidity of Austin. I personally prefer the rain and having all 4 seasons in a year. If you consider the effects of global warming, being in this area may not be a bad thing in the years to come. It also isn't pouring ALL the time as some people think. It will drizzle and the winters are definitely wet, but Summer months from the end of May into October are beautiful and largely sunny days. Just look at California and how much rain they got this Winter, for being a "year-round" sunshine state.
  6. Scenery... the nature is world-class. Trees, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, and greenery are all around you. Drive East and you're at the coast and beach. Drive South East and you can go to Bend, OR, which is turning into a resort town for PDX these days. Skiiers/Snowboaders, Mt. Hood's Timberline lodge is open 10 months out of the year. The list goes on and on... but what is almost a SECRET to people is the Columbia River Gorge towards the East... a huge canyon that the river cuts through and hosts over 90 waterfalls. Just look at it:
  7. Now, more specifically on Camas & Washougal. Camas is a smaller, hilly, and upscale city with one of the best school districts in the metro. Great if you want to live in a more luxury-type suburb (gated communities, golf courses, etc. available). Washougal is right next door but uniquely features acreage properties if you're interested in having more space and privacy - while still being in easy access to all of the above.
That's my take and summary of why these 2 cities in SW WA stand out or should stand out.
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2023.03.21 22:02 MediumTitle JNmom in hospital

Long time lurker, No permission to use anywhere on the internet other than here. Apologies for spelling etc, I'm frustrated and annoyed.
So you might pick up from a couple of my comments my mother wasn't the exact beacon of moderately good motherhood. I actually went NC with her 8-10 years ago when she split from her then partner. They had been a massive alcoholic with periods of dry for 16 years at that point, plus stealing her partners medications and possibly trying every recreational out there. Also possibly sleeping round at least 2 towns (I've had creeps thinking I'm her asking if Id come for a "good night" creeped me the f out). She also accused me of cheating on my now ex by hiding and sleeping with her partner when he ran away as he couldn't deal with her behaviour anymore.
Enmeshed with my eldest son (I was young and I wish this sub was around back then), she actively encouraged my youngest to get bullied by using her own nick name for them Infront of kids.
Put bluntly, the physiological and psychological damage she has done running rampant over feelings, wishes, boundaries "because I'm Nanna" has taken its toll on both myself and my youngest (21 NB AFAB). We moved 180 miles north 6 years ago to get away from it. I even paid to have my youngest's deed poll to remove some of the emotional pressure.
2 weeks ago my maternal family..... kind of imploded. My mother is one of 6, and my Nan is now in her 90's. 2 weeks ago nan had a fall, ended up in hospital. Then ended up living with my next eldest cousin L as no one was able to care for her. My moms sister J died from a combo of big C's (Cancer and Covid). One of my uncles has suddenly decided after 2 weeks to rear his head, not to "help" but try get hands on my aunts estate. Mums ended up in hospital, but with numeral problems probably bought on by her long term abuses (apparently she's been clean for 6 years, but I've heard that soooo many times I just don't know)
I'm 180 miles away, no disabled and unable to walk, and Mum has apparently got dementia comming on. Bit of a pain as she controls my dead aunts estate but I digress. All this crap going on you can guess the flying monkeys have been rearing their heads. I should patch it up with her apparently. Same people called me a horrible daughter for going NC. My brother even thought it was a good idea to try guilt trip me to come down for the funeral and see my Nan (I've face timed her, L and her Mum are JY)
Im left with the possibility in order to get my Aunt and Uncles organised for the shitstorm about to hit I may have to reconnect with my mother again. Im not sure I want to. Im sure the dementia will be a excuse for me to be forced to forgive her for all the crap shes done. I just dont know. Kinda looking for advice on how to go forward at this point because I know I will have the support of my current partner regardless of my decision.
One thing is clear though, I wont be going down there physically as its totally impractical.
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