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Mesh Router Pro - Unable to get IP Address from Modem

2023.05.28 06:38 Onemightymoose Mesh Router Pro - Unable to get IP Address from Modem

Mesh Router Pro - Unable to get IP Address from Modem
Posting this here in the hopes that it will:
  1. Allow me to document this fix.
  2. Allow others to find the fix.
This has been one of the more frustrating and also confusing issues I've had. Mainly because it effects my entire network and while I had a similar issue on the initial setup, it was working fine until I needed to move the room that the router was configured in.
So now I'm back in the cycle! 😢
Here are the 13 steps given directly from Wyze support that have yet to resolve my issue.
  1. Check that your Wyze app is up to date.
    • Go to the Account tab > tap About.
    • The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze logo.
    • Compare your app version to the most up-to-date version listed on our Release Notes and Firmware page.
  2. Make sure you have the following setup requirements:
    • A modem or modem/router combination with an active broadband Internet connection with a LAN Ethernet port.
    • A smartphone with BluetoothⓇ and mobile data enabled.
  3. Confirm the smartphone being used for setup is using a mobile data 4G/LTE or 5G connection during setup.
    • This ensures the smartphone using the Wyze app doesn’t have a Wi-Fi network conflict.
  4. Make sure BluetoothⓇ permissions are enabled for the Wyze app.
  5. Confirm Wyze Mesh Router is connected to the modem’s LAN port.
    • Combination modems/routers usually have multiple LAN ports. Ensure your Wyze Mesh Router is physically connected to the LAN port of the combination modem/router.
  6. Confirm the Wi-Fi SSID of the combination modem/router is turned off.
    • If you are unsure, please check with your Internet service provider or the device manufacturer.
  7. Ensure that you are using a different name when you create your Wi-Fi network name on your new Wyze Mesh Router, if turning off SSID is not possible.
  8. Ensure all cables for the modem and root Wyze Mesh Router are correctly and securely connected.
  9. Confirm that the modem is working by connecting a laptop or PC directly to one of the LAN ports of the modem and check if you can access the Internet.
    • This can be done by going to a website, such as, and attempting to play a video.
  10. Check if the home Internet is configured via a Dynamic IP address.
    • If not, you should have been given a static IP or PPPoE credentials after signing up for your Internet service. Choose the Configure ISP Settings option in the “Pairing failed” page to proceed with the static IP or PPPoE setup.
  11. Confirm the previous router’s MAC address is not locked.
    • In rare cases, your Internet service provider may lock the MAC address of the router that’s connected to your Internet. In these cases, the Internet service provider will have to manually unbind the old MAC address.
  12. Confirm the root Wyze Mesh Router is placed in an ideal location.
    • We recommend placing the router in an open area, close to the center of the home, on a flat surface or countertop (not on the floor or between furniture), and away from large electronic devices such as TVs or speakers. Ensure the router is laying flat and not on its side or tilted to ensure the best coverage.
  13. Move any devices experiencing issues closer to the root Wyze Mesh Router (within 10 feet).
  14. Power cycle the root Wyze Mesh Router.
    • Unplug the device for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then plug it back in.
  15. Factory reset the root Wyze Mesh Router using the pinhole method.
    • If the root router is reset, all satellite routers will also need to be reset.
    • Insert a paper clip or similar into the reset pinhole for 15 seconds. Wyze Mesh Router's status light will begin rapidly flashing orange to indicate the factory reset has begun and once the reset is complete, it will flash white to indicate that it has been reset and is ready to go.
If anyone has any thoughts on things I could try, that would be amazing. Otherwise, I'll post my findings in this thread for the next person to experience this!
Current other tech involved: -Pixel 6 Pro -ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 -Also tried the setup on a Pixel 4a 5G
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2023.05.28 02:18 fairycures Malicious redirect?

Hi all,
Sorry if my English is bad, as it isn’t my first language, but I clicked on a blogspot link which led to a redirect before the website itself actually loaded. It redirected to dukingdraon (.) com. I haven’t noticed any immediate effects on my computer, but does anybody know the damage the redirect could cause if any at all, and how to fix it? For context I am using Chrome on MacOS Ventura if that helps.
Posting this here because I'm not tech savvy at all.
(I also ran a malwarebytes scan, and nothing was detected. I’m hoping it’s nothing, but I thought it would be worth asking anyway. I ran the redirect website through virustotal and it came back as malicious, not sure what to do now. I just really need peace of mind on this lol.)
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2023.05.28 01:51 fairycures Malicious redirect?

(Not too sure if I have the right flair, as I’m not sure if this is harmful or not!)
Hi all,
Sorry if my English is bad, as it isn’t my first language, but I clicked on a blogspot link which led to a redirect before the website itself actually loaded. It redirected to dukingdraon (.) com. I haven’t noticed any immediate effects on my computer, but does anybody know the damage the redirect could cause if any at all, and how to fix it? For context I am using Chrome on MacOS Ventura if that helps.
Posting this here because I'm not tech savvy at all.
(I also ran a malwarebytes scan, and nothing was detected. I’m hoping it’s nothing, but I thought it would be worth asking anyway. I ran the redirect website through virustotal and it came back as malicious although I couldn’t find anything else out about the website, and I’m really not keen on intentionally visiting it, not sure what to do now.)
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2023.05.27 23:19 ivycomb [CAN-BC] [H] Computers, Computer Components, Camera Gear, Studio Lighting, Lenses, Misc accessories, VR Hardware, Pro Audio Equipment, Misc Home Hardware, Lots of Boxes, Specialized Watercooling Hardware, PayPal [W] PayPal, Local Cash, Cinema Cameras, Gimbals

This is by far the largest post I have ever had to make on hardware. If any of my pricing is off, please comment before downvoting. I am bound to make mistakes, and I'm looking to sell stuff I'm not using or don't need, not trying to penny pinch. (Copied from previous post)
I am also buying tech and/or willing to trade any of my items in combos equal to the items below, here's what I am looking for:

Timestamps for everything

All pricing is in USD. I use a corporate shipping account and all items can be shipped worldwide at little cost. 50/50 buyeseller

I am willing to drive up to 6 hours to hand deliver large orders if you want a large volume of stuff. Local to Langley BC/Bellingham wa

VR Hardware

Vive Pro Eye Headset (w/ Eye Tracking) + Link Box & Cable + Facial Tracker - $1350 ($1150 for the headset on its own)
Valve Index Controllers - $180
Vive Tracker 2.0 (x3) - $80 each or $210 for all 3
Vive Facial Tracker - $80

Pro camera gear

Sony A7R II Body Only - $750
Sony x Zeiss 16-35mm f/4 - $720
Sony ZV-1 White - $390
Insta360 One X2 360 Camera w/ 256GB MicroSD & Invisible Selfie Stick - $360
Canon nFD 35mm f/2 - $200
BlackMagic Ursa Mini Shoulder Mount Kit - $150
Sony ZV-1 Vlogger Kit Tripod - $115
Canon nFD 50mm f/1.4 - $100
GoPro Hero 3+ - $45
Jobi Gorillapod + Amazon Basics Tripod + 3 additional tripods w/o boots - $40 for all

Computers & computer hardware

Almost entirely new Full System: Corsair 4000X RGB, i7 10850k, 32GB Corsair DDR4, Cooler Master CM120 Liquid Cooler, MSI RX 6650 XT GPU, Gigabyte Vision D [Designare] Motherboard, MacOS Compatible Wifi/BT Card, Corsair RM850 White PSU, WD 500GB SSD. Everything is new aside from motherboard, ram, and CPU - $1480 (this price might be a bit high, please correct me if it is)
MSI Geforce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio (currently in my main PC, timestamp of tskmgr included. Can provide additional photos upon request) - $1450
Samsung G5 27" Monitors x2 (one is 1080/240, one is 1440/165) - $200 each or $365 for both
6x Mixed 120MM Fans (Noctua/Lian-Li/EK) - $40

Pro Lighting Equipment

NEEWER RGB 660 Pro LED Studio Light Panels - $100 each or $280 for all 3 + all accompanying hardware

Pro Audio Equipment

KRK Rokit 8 Studio Monitors (Pair) - $485 for both
ALLEN & HEATH ZED-10FX Mixer - $275
Apex 176 Hypercardioid Shotgun Mic (Used once) - $170
SSL 2 Audio Interface - $165
ArtPro Audio RP-1 Mic Preamp - $50
Studio Monitor Stands - $20 each


Apple Watch Ultra 49mm - $620
Mo-Ra 360 LT White Heat Exchanger - $150
Apple Magsafe Duo Charger - $100
Elgato Wave Sound Panels (6 pack) - $60
Several Cubic Feet of Component Boxes (ask about any specific boxes if desired) - $50 for everything (several 30 and 40 series boxes, Intel/AMD cooler boxes etc.) or ask for me to throw in ones for free with other orders. Single boxes can be had for free
Raspberry Pi + a small box of miscellaneous hardware/fans/drive sleds/motherboard + CPU/an AMD stock coolea display etc. - $60
EVGA PowerLink Adapter - $20


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2023.05.27 23:15 Mortimer_Whimsiwick World Hunger Games: 17th Hunger Games: Pregames

The parade was about to commence and all of the tributes gathered in the holding tunnel to prepare themselves. The District 6 entourage arrived at their chariot on time and walked down the tunnel. Jack was surveying the competition and felt intimidated by the career tributes up front. The side eye given by Andrei (2) and the vacant, empty stare of Vista (3) certainly didn’t help matters. He complained about the nut costume looking similar to Olivine (1)’s ballerina costume while Cat commented on the tightness of her bolt costume. Phoebe assured them that they were more than the costumes and just had to deal with them. She added that if the costumes are poorly received, that would be all the comeuppance Sasha needed.
Thankfully, Sasha wasn’t present, having passed out drunk an hour ago. Morrana met them at the chariot and advised them to play into the absurdity of their costumes. Cat said she had some ideas and asked what Jack thought. Jack wasn’t listening as he was watching some more tributes enter the tunnel. He shuddered at the sheer size of Wolvthorne (7) and chuckled watching Wren (5) slap her district partner Terry (5) and get reprimanded by her mentor Ashley Chen (victor of the 13th Hunger Games). However, he was perplexed by the arrival of the District 4 tributes coming from the opposite direction. Cat snapped him back to reality and asked what was going on. He pointed towards the District 4 tributes and swore one of them looked familiar.
Gill led his mentees down the tunnel to their chariot. Pearl was overwhelmed by the mix of emotions displayed on the tributes’ faces. She felt sorry for little Logan (11), who was struggling to hold it together. She glanced at the tall John (9), who yelled “What are you looking at!” at her. Mortimer, who was ignoring everyone at that point, asked if he had a problem. The two were about to butt heads, but Gill and Tris Plummer (victor of the 8th Hunger Games) pulled the two apart. The three arrived at their chariot and reunited with Minerva. She asked the two if they were ready to which both said yes. In a sudden change of character, Mortimer thanked Minerva for the tattoo work, describing her new addition as “worthy of the Kraken”. Pearl asked if she could get a sneak peek before the show to which Mortimer obliged. When he opened his shirt, he happened to look up behind him and spot Wolvthorne (7) giving Mortimer a hard stare. He didn’t hear Pearl and Gill’s compliments to the stylist as he returned the stare.
Gill snapped him out of it, reminding him not to make enemies too early. Mortimer simply pointed him out, asking his mentor if he looked like the Wharf Village troublemaker Adrian Carrack if he was buff. Gill squinted and annoyedly said, “Wow. The resemblance is uncanny.” Pearl said she lived in the Anchor Square, but claimed the name sounded familiar. Gill explained he was one of the bad apples he mentioned earlier. He was described as a tall muscular ginger boy with freckles and three front teeth missing. Mortimer commented how he would occasionally steal from the more affluent families as well as his boat and constantly hit on his girlfriend while also giving himself credit for two of the missing teeth. Pearl recalled Adrian’s identity, claiming to have seen him skulking around both the Slippery Shell and The Brine, guessing that’s how Gill knew of him. Mortimer commented how he wouldn’t mind killing Lionel (1) in the games as well, but Gill warned him not to antagonise him during training.
The parade finally began and the tributes’ chariots rolled out. Surprisingly, the District 1 sported elegant ballroom costumes Ulysses Blanco himself considered mediocre, but gave props for Olivine and Lionel (1) trying to sell it. He was greatly impressed with the District 3 costumes, which resembled smartphones but considered the despondency of the tributes’ faces a buzzkill, commenting on Shoya (3)’s flimsy hand waving. When District 4 was revealed to the world, Pearl and Mortimer stood proud and strong as the audience ate up their outfits. Pearl waved her hand and flipped her hair around, wowing the audience with her grace. Mortimer twirled his fake trident in the air and tipped his crown to the ladies in the audience. Suddenly, Mortimer ripped his shirt off, exposing the newly polished Kraken tattoo with a new open treasure chest tattoo on his chest with the tentacles attached as if holding it. The crowd went wild for the art etched on his skin, even more so when Pearl leaned against him and pointed at the Kraken.
Soon enough, the District 6 chariot rolled out and reception towards Cat and Jack’s costumes were mixed at best. At first, Cat and Jack simply smiled and waved but weren’t receiving much love. Suddenly, Cat asked Jack to trust her and to get on his shoulders. Jack hesitantly relented and allowed her to climb on. The audience were confused at first, but noticed the bolt costume perfectly lined up with the nut costume as if it was being inserted in the other. Jermaine Blanco admitted they utilised their painfully mediocre costumes well. However, at the end of the parade, the title of Blanco Fashion Magazine’s Best Dressed was awarded to District 8 for their bright and colourful mix and match outfits.
In the District 4 apartment, Minerva felt slightly dejected by her loss but was reassured by Pearl that the audience still enjoyed her work. Gill poured her a drink and ordered some Capital cake. Mortimer thanked Minerva for the improved look of his tattoo, wishing his girlfriend Meridia thought of it sooner. He caught himself after blurting this out. Everyone had confused looks on their faces. Pearl deduced Meridia was the one who drew the initial tattoo. Mortimer’s silence confirmed this, Gill exclaiming, “I knew it!” Mortimer felt embarrassed and stormed off to his room, Minerva yelling that she had good steady hands. Pearl asked Gill how her partner could ever nab a girl with his sullen and abrasive attitude. Gill knelt down and explained that Meridia is the only girl who was kind to him and only one he let in. Gill further explained that she assisted in taking care of Mortimer’s father and usually spent time with him after work hours, despite her father’s protests. Before Pearl could ask more questions, the Capital cake arrived. Pearl walked to Mortimer’s door and apologized for putting him on the spot, asking him to come and join them. After several minutes, he obliged.
Two stories above them, the District 6 entourage returned to see a disheveled Sasha standing in the middle of the room. She blamed Morrana and Phoebe for the near disastrous parade performance. Jack insisted this was all her fault, accusing her of laziness while Cat simply stood with her fists balled up. Sasha raised her hand, but Cat was quicker and slapped Sasha clean across the face. Cat yelled at Sasha, going into detail of how much at fault she was over the preceding events, citing Jack’s laziness point and bringing up her alcoholism. She praised Morrana for stepping up to care for them, give them advice, and make them feel at home. All this while Phoebe watched on with a proud smile on her face. Cat finished it all off by declaring they will be more than happy to complain about her any chance they got. Sasha didn’t dare to try again as Phoebe and Jack stepped closer to Cat. Sasha snatched a whiskey bottle and left the room, crying “Good riddance you little brats!”
Everyone applauded Cat’s bravery and Phoebe ordered some room service. Cat and Jack sat down on the couch with some fruit punch and discussed the parade. Jack claimed to have seen the District 4 male before, during the fated smuggling operation he was arrested for. Cat asked if he thought the boy recognized him, but Jack was unsure. He didn’t want an alliance with him, claiming he appeared untrustworthy. Cat shrugged and pointed out he was able bodied and would be a more viable option compared to Districts 1 & 2. She suggested they approach and talk to them during training after they watch them for a bit. Jack hesitantly agreed. With a new plan in order, everyone in the District 6 apartment relaxed and enjoyed the remainder of the day.
The next morning, all of the tributes dragged themselves out of bed to prepare for their training session. There was an incident at the penthouse apartment when Jassy (12) tripped over her partner Neutron (12) and slammed her head on the floor. Her mentor Andrew “Corpse” Beckford (victor of the 10th Hunger Games) put a bandage on her head and gave her aspirin. As soon as everyone gathered in the training room, Training Master Feldman gave the routine rundown and twirled his water cannon. All of the mentors gathered in the mentors lounge at the corner of the room, conversing with each other. When he was listing reasons for him to use it, he noticed Horace (10) concealing a middle finger directed towards him. Feldman sprayed him and warned all tributes of offending him. He eventually dismissed the tributes.
Jack and Cat both gravitated towards the survival station and began working together in the shelter building section. The two spent the first hour crafting a tent while simultaneously surveying their surroundings. A half hour before lunchtime, they were quizzing themselves in the plant identification section. Cat was spying on Carnelia (11), who had successfully started a fire, taking in her technique. She had to avert her eyes as soon as the muscular Laurel (7) began staring her down from the second fire station. She asked Jack if he found any potential allies, claiming District 7 was off the table after Laurel’s disapproval of her watching the same tribute. Jack claimed he had only been watching the District 4 male, finally learning his name to be Mortimer. He explained he had now recognized him as part of the District 4 crew who had smuggled Tobias Stephens and some warmweed into their district. Cat asked if he did anything noteworthy, but Jack shook his head saying he was quiet and strangely the only one not immediately putting his hands on the contraband. Cat asked where he was, volunteering to talk to him. Jack pointed at the chemistry station, where he was spotted using a dropper of glowing green liquid on a petri dish. Cat admitted to being surprised by someone as big as him spending time in that particular station.
Jack asked if her therapy skills told her anything about the other tributes. Cat made only two observations: Ryetta (9) was most likely the weakest tribute and Wolvthorne (7) was arguably the most dangerous. Jack asked how they would find allies to combat him. Cat suggested she talk to Mortimer. Jack objected at first, but Cat pointed out how he must be skilled at chemistry, otherwise he wouldn’t be there at the station. She added that from a therapeutic standpoint, she found him fascinating and difficult to read. Jack relented and also made clear his intentions to practice camouflage. She told him to look after himself and then walked over to Mortimer. Jack stayed put for a few more minutes before transitioning to the camouflage station. He first attempted a tree background and had trouble with the intricate details of the bark. He tried a few more times and slammed his fists in the wall in frustration. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned to see Ryetta (9). She offered to show him some tricks to which he begrudgingly accepted. She worked with him until he was able to successfully blend in with the tree.
The first station Pearl set her roots in was the aquatic station. She started off by swimming laps, enjoying the solitude of being the only tribute there. While she was timing her breaths, Andrei (2) walked into the station and slipped into the pool. Pearl didn’t notice his presence at first, but was able to pick up his splashes as he freestyled towards her. Pearl didn’t want to be alone in the station with a career, so she climbed out of the pool and discretely went to the craft table to practice fishing lures. As she fashioned a makeshift fishing pole, she watched Andrei as he struggled to keep form. He hit his head on the pool’s tiled wall while doing the backstroke. Pearl involuntarily giggled to herself, but unfortunately for her, Andrei heard her. He hopped out of the pool and marched towards her, asking if anything was funny. She muttered out a meek apology before trying to leave. He followed her at first, but was dissuaded when he noticed Feldman watching from the mentors lounge with his water cannon visible. Andrei backed off while Pearl retreated to the plant identification simulator. Coincidentally, she arrived seconds after Jack had left, so she had the entire station to herself. She excelled at the memory simulation for an hour, but was unable to surpass Carnelia (11)’s high score. During lunch break, she visited Gill and began to converse with him about training. Gill told her she was off to a good start, but urged her to choose a weapon to try. Pearl didn’t feel safe going to any weapon station with the careers nearby, notably Andrei. She decided to find Mortimer and ask him to accompany her. Gill said it was a good idea. He commented on how strange it was that he hadn’t approached the weapons station either.
Mortimer’s day was relatively uneventful. He started off in the newly implemented yoga studio doing some stretches on the mat. He paid no heed to the confused looks of some of the tributes and mentors but was surprised and relieved to have Peggy (8) join him in the studio. She tried asking for an alliance, but he silently rebuffed her. After a relaxing stretching routine, Mortimer made his way to the chemistry station. He spent the next few hours at this station, brewing some experimental potions. He also used his time analyzing Olivine (1) and Nikita (2), both of whom were in the archery station. When Wolvthorne (7) entered the axe throwing station, Mortimer diverted his scanning eyes to him. He watched his masterful target practice all the while inching his way closer to his first successful healing potion. Suddenly, he heard, “Who are you looking at?” Mortimer nearly dropped his flask and looked up to see Cat standing on the other side of the table. Embarrassed and annoyed by the surprise, he asked what she wanted. Cat guessed he was watching Wolvthorne, claiming to not blame him as she considered him the greatest threat as well. Mortimer was confused by the out of left field accurate assumption and told her to mind her own business. Cat apologised and made her intentions clear to him. She asked for an alliance with her and Jack, commenting how he had seen him before. Mortimer found Jack in the corner of the camouflage station and stared back down at his work. He guessed he told her about the “exchange program” the two districts had. Cat confirmed this. She also relayed Jack’s description of his demeanour and hesitance to gorge on warmweed. Mortimer simply stated he wasn’t a junkie. Cat defended herself, “I didn’t say that. I mean, based on the station you’re in, I assume you know how to separate the SHC and the TBA.” Mortimer stared at her with wide eyes, asking how she knew that. Cat introduced herself and said she was a therapist working under Phoebe’s tutelage. She asked if they could have an alliance, arguing that they could be a great team against Wolvthorne and their careers. Mortimer was surprised for a moment, but refused the offer, claiming that trusting people in a death game was for fools. Cat put her hands up and apologized for bothering him and to find her if he changed his mind. Before she left, she said, “By the way, I recommend boiling the moldroot before mixing it with the plasma.”
Mortimer continued his attempts at a healing potion, each time met with failure. He sat annoyed with himself for a few moments. He then recalled Cat’s suggestion and decided to try it. He was surprised to see the finished potion successfully clear the training dummy’s discolored skin. He sat in disbelief for nearly an hour when Pearl walked up to him. She came to check on him, asking what he learned. Mortimer showcased his successful healing potion, choosing to neglect Cat’s recommendation. Pearl asked if he could accompany her to the weapons station because she wanted to practice a weapon and didn’t feel comfortable going by herself. Mortimer groaned and relented, replying how he needed to pick up the trident anyway. The two spent the remainder of the training session in the trident section, with Mortimer giving Pearl some pointers on the proper swing. He became aware of Cat entering the sword station next door and waving to him. He ignored her and continued to instruct Pearl. The two sparred with each other after the proper stance was established. It took until the final five minutes of training day before Pearl was able to nab her first win.
The next day, the training assessments began. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm cut off the power as Lionel (1) entered the assessment room. The Capital’s finest technicians were in a scramble to fix the power while Lionel proceeded to showcase his swordsmanship. The fix was predicted to take longer than expected, so Head Gamemaker Grimstone was ordered to commence with the assessments as planned and simply have the activities and scores be announced later on. It wasn’t until three hours before the tribute interviews that all of the scores were announced. The highest score was 11, which was awarded to Wolvthorne (7) for his deadly axing skills and brute strength. Lionel (1) and Nikita (2) both scored 10 for their swordsmanship and archery skills respectively. Mortimer scored a 10 as well for his trident skills and his unexpected chemical gifts. Pearl nabbed a 5 for her lackluster attempts at the trident, but impressive underwater breath holding time. Jack scored a 6 for his camouflage skills and decent shelter construction. Cat surprised the gamemakers by scoring a 7 for her impressive campsite construction and decent 7/13 sword duel score.
Back in the District 4 apartment, Gill Henderson congratulated Mortimer for his high score, making him a Powerful Pina Paradise. Pearl felt dejected over her low score, but Gill assured her that what mattered is that she tried her best. He also disclosed that Dolan (D4 tribute of the 12th Hunger Games) had a lower score of 3. The three began discussing the interviews and Gill asked them what they would say. Pearl suggested she disclose some waitress stories and maybe divulge some behind the counter secrets. Gill appeared satisfied by this answer, but reminded her to continue playing into her cuteness like at Darius Dock. Mortimer begrudgingly asked if sob stories were really necessary, admitting his life wasn’t as interesting. Gill argued that it was interesting, reminding him of his smuggling pastime. He warned him that both hosts are provided information by the Capital’s top journalists and peacekeepers. Mortimer said, “So, my personal life will no longer be personal.” Gill sadly confirmed and suggested he use his life story to his advantage and lean into the fact he was caught smuggling. Mortimer admitted how as much as he didn’t want to, he had no choice as he knew the importance of sponsors. He dismissed himself to his room to change. A stunned Gill asked Pearl why the sudden change in character. Pearl recalled spotting Cat talking to him, but was too far away to hear their conversation.
Phoebe was happy her tributes scored very well for her district and ordered Capital cake for them. Jack felt relieved for his 6, but expressed how nervous he was for the interview. Phoebe did remind them this was their last chance to make an impression before the arena. Jack complained how easy it would be for Cat as she had a bounty of therapy stories to pull from. Cat told him to not sell himself too short as he did have his girlfriend to talk about. Jack felt better hearing this. He changed the subject, asking if she convinced Mortimer of an alliance. Cat said he rejected the offer but had a strong feeling he would reconsider. When asked to elaborate, Cat explained how she corrected his healing potion and how it led him to a 10. She theorized that behind the standoffish persona was a smart and compassionate man who needed help in more ways than one. Phoebe patted her on the back, claiming to have taught her well. Jack cautiously hoped she was right as he wasn’t planning on confronting the careers or Wolvthorne (7) by himself. Cat jokingly responded, “When all else fails, just do what Oslo did. There will be no lions to stop you.”
The three ate a light dinner before Morrana arrived with their new outfits. She told them the great news of her promotion to Hunger Games designer after Sasha’s suspension from the Hunger Games fashion industry after drunkenly admitting to neglecting her duties. The four celebrated with some fruity nonalcoholic drinks. Jack excused himself and went to the bathroom. He pulled his tiny contraband pouch from his shoe and contemplated taking it. Against his better judgement, he swallowed its contents and flushed the pouch down the sink before rejoining the others.
The interviews came later that evening. Artemis and Luther were giving their opening monologue, quipping back and forth. Luther kept his fingers crossed for this year to give them their next Golden Victor. Artemis played off this, revealing there to be a newly erected council of gamemakers and President Rain himself who would together discuss whether the victor is Golden Victor material. The first round of interviews started off as normal. District 1’s tributes were strong if not slightly cocky. Andrei (2) bragged about his swordsman skills and said he couldn’t wait to cut down certain tributes. He refused to elaborate, claiming it to be a surprise. Vista (3) was a nervous wreck, rattling on about her job of scrapping tech, thus making the audience uncomfortable and wishing the interview over.
The Juicy Tidbits podcast revealed a notable backstage story that took place during the opening monologue. Pearl walked back and forward nervously backstage, prompting Cat to go over to her and assist her in calming her nerves through breathing exercises, introducing herself as a friend of Mortimer. Jack felt immense relief as he had been avoiding her and Phoebe once the warmweed started to kick in. Mortimer skulked in the background picking at the appetizers, watching the interaction with fascination, shutting down Ryetta (9) when she tried talking with him. Fortunately, Cat's breathing exercises worked so when Shoya (3) was applauded, Pearl was ready to jump on to the stage, nearly doing so before she was introduced.
When Capricorn Luther introduced Pearl, she pranced onto the stage wearing a flowing blue dress that started with darker shades at the top with them becoming lighter as they descended down the dress. Artemis complimented the design of the dress, Pearl returning the favor by praising her zebra print dress and Luther's antelope suit. Artemis wondered where her manners came from, calling her the nicest tribute from District 4. Luther attributed this to her waitress job and asked how long she had been working. Pearl explained she waited tables for The Brine ever since she was eleven, assisting her parents in pulling in more customers of her age demographic. Artemis asked whether they find themselves rivalling the Slippery Shell, despite not selling liquor. Pearl confirmed The Brine was labelled as a liquor free zone, which is why it came close to their high revenue. She commented on the lengths her parents went to keep her from the negative influence of alcohol. She went on to share some lighthearted waiting stories, most of them comedic by nature. The audience were entranced by Pearl’s youthful spark and fascinated by the ongoings of the restaurant business in the districts. Luther asked Pearl what she felt about her partner, remarking how he seemed like an interesting character. Pearl agreed he was different from the teens she interacted with, but still regarded him as a good man. She said he could’ve easily snapped at any time, but showed restraint, telling her there was a misunderstood soul under there who needed help in more ways than one. Artemis opened her mouth but caught herself and closed it. A couple analysts spotted this and speculated that she nearly repeated the controversial question she gave Mihika (D10 female tribute) the previous year. Luther thanked her for her time and wished her luck, dismissing her to moderate applause.
Artemis appeared excited to interview the next guest. She described him as a mystery man sporting a sexy frontal tapestry. Mortimer entered the room wearing a seagull grey three piece suit with a capri tie and his once wavy hair gelled and combed back. Audience members noticed an ever so slightly upbeat step in his walk as opposed to his slow trudge. Artemis welcomed him to the stage, saying he made quite the entrance at the train station. Mortimer quipped, “While it wasn’t my choice, I’m still happy to entertain.” Luther decided to get to the point and bluntly asked why his girlfriend Meridia was the only person he interacted with in District 4 besides his father, whispering to the audience she was the one who etched the tattoo. Mortimer said she followed him around for a couple weeks, asking to help him and he let her as he started to fall for her. Artemis remarked, “Makes me sad that her father and half of District 4 thinks you’re a hoodlum.” Mortimer retorted that enough people have screwed him over for him to share common courtesies. Luther diverted the topic to his impressive training score, wondering where his chemistry skills came from. Mortimer said, “Before you bring it up, I will say it outright” admitting to assisting in the smuggling of fish and hooks across the Orkney Stretch in exchange for warmweed, joking “Getting caught wasn’t the highlight of my day either”. He assured everyone he didn’t ingest the drug himself, but learned to separate the SHC (medical component) from the TBA (psychoactive compound) through trial and error, feeding the SHC to his father to relieve his pain. Artemis read a document, stating his father Edward Beckett was a former Faroe Island Base engineer who fractured his back in a work accident and was medically discharged. Luther asked what he would do if he won the games. Mortimer pondered over this and declared he would give his father the proper care he needed and prove to Meridia’s father and all of District 4 he was more than a delinquent with a chip on his shoulder. Artemis said she was rooting for him, dismissing him to rapturous applause, cementing him as a new favorite.
After a mediocre interview with Terry (5), Artemis and Luther welcomed Cat to the stage, using her full first name Catalina. Cat revealed herself, wearing a sparkling amber dress with laced high boots, tiara, and a pair of glasses she specifically requested. As she sat down, she told everyone to call her Cat. Artemis first asked what the glasses were for, Cat playfully saying they made her look smart. Luther brushed past the “How is the Capital?” pleasantries and brought up her job back home. Cat explained to the audience she was a therapist working at her mentor’s Kento Rehabilitation Centre under her tutelage. She considered Phoebe an amazing role model and attributed her people reading skills to her. She even added how her games inspired her to practice the sword. Artemis asked her to tell them something about Phoebe nobody else knows. Cat disclosed that Phoebe’s platinum blonde hair is in fact natural, despite the rumors spread in District 6 and the Capital. She proceeded to highlight her occupation by relaying some patient stories, choosing to not reveal any names for confidentiality purposes. Audience members noticed she never portrayed her patients in a negative light, understanding her compassion for the lowly members of District 6’s society. Artemis commented how her initiative and compassion must attract some cute boys. Cat mentioned how she regrets never asking out one of her coworkers. Luther said she could do so if she wins. Cat made clear she would receive her therapy licence and improve the rehabilitation centre first before worrying about “relationship quarrels”. Artemis remarked, “Go get the bag sis!” Luther dismissed Cat to great applause, many calling her a dark horse.
Jack was the next to be called onto the stage. He stumbled out from under the curtain wearing a basic black and white suit and buckled shoes with the golden chain and top hat being the standouts. While wandering onto the stage, he nearly fell forward but fortunately caught himself. He sat on the chair and told Artemis and Luther to call him Jack. Artemis remarked how much a coincidence it was for two tributes in a row to have nicknames for themselves. Luther appeared slightly suspicious of Jack being unable to keep his head still, noticing it slowly nodding back and forth. He asked him about his life back home, bringing up his refinery work in the hovercraft warehouse. Jack simply stated, “It gets hot in there.” The audience was put off by his demeanor and began to whisper amongst themselves whether he was high despite his previous moments of clarity. Artemis, who was also having second thoughts, diverted to the topic of his girlfriend Tyre. Jack tiredly said she was the only light in his bleak existence. He called out his parents for always being absent and leaving him to his own devices to go get high on warmweed. Luther asked if this was the reason he smuggled warmweed to the Orkney Stretch with the older kids before getting caught. Jack bitterly said someone had to put food on the table, catching his drooping head while saying that statement. Artemis expressed her hopes that he could make it back to Tyre and be together. Jack gave her a death glare and told her he didn’t believe she cared whether he died or not. He boldly stated that if she wanted him to be with Tyre so badly, then he wouldn’t have been reaped in the first place. The second he finished that statement, he threw up all over her shoes, narrowly missing Luther’s. The crowd began booing him and calling for his death in the games. Luther quickly dismissed the boy as he was carried away by peacekeepers. A quick investigation unearthed the flushed pouch and a blood warmweed count (BWC) of 0.05%.
The rest of the interviews went along swimmingly, with Wolvthorne (7) becoming a Capital favorite. Things also became emotional when Mishti (10) cried about missing her pet dog. While Head Gamemaker Grimstone expressed his hopes for a successful games, the tributes returned to their apartment.
Gill congratulated Pearl and Mortimer on their interviews, favorably comparing them to the previous year. Pearl had hopes this would translate to more sponsors, but Gill told her there was no guarantee and it was up to the Capital. Mortimer responded, “Where have I heard that before?” Gill was slightly offended and asked what he meant. Mortimer said he did nothing to help his dad after his accident on the Faroe Island Base. Gill claimed he tried, but he didn’t have jurisdiction outside of the application process. He added that he did offer him independent compensation out of his own pocket but was angrily turned away. Pearl added how her father also wanted to help, calling Mortimer arrogant and selfish. Mortimer tried to object, but Gill warned him to be careful of his words. He claimed to know more about what he’s going through than anyone, citing his former Azores Island Base employed father, once disapproving father-in-law, and self-bestowed status de facto man of the house as proof. Gill then declared, “I admit I haven’t endured the same trials as you, but don’t you dare say I don’t have even a hint of what is going on inside that head. I know exactly who you are, boy! Because you’re me!” Mortimer and Gill stared each other down for what felt like an eternity, the latter standing in absolute shock and silence before responding with, “What a pair we are.” He stormed off into his room and never came out for the remainder of the night. Pearl asked if he would be okay, Gill answering that he’s done all he could for him. Pearl thought there was still hope for him, remembering that he didn’t shut his girlfriend Meridia out.
Back in the District 6 apartment, Phoebe was berating Jack for lying about having warmweed. She revealed he made an absolute fool of himself and was now the least liked tribute of the year. Jack, who was now in withdrawal, tried to apologise in between puking fits. Phoebe said he destroyed his chances of sponsorship and hoped he didn’t ruin Cat’s. Cat pleaded with her to calm down and knelt beside Jack. She patted his back as he returned the last of his dinner. When he was finished, he apologised to everyone and expressed how difficult it was to stave off warmweed. Phoebe’s demeanour softened and assured him she understood more than anyone. Cat told him that regardless, she will be more than happy to fight by his side in the arena. Jack thanked her before retiring to the bathtub. Phoebe expressed her worries about him experiencing withdrawal in the arena. Cat said that he had something she didn’t in her games: someone to watch over him. The two embraced, Phoebe saying she will miss her terribly if she doesn’t make it. Cat promised she would fight her hardest to ensure one of them would make it out. The two were unaware of Jack listening in from behind the cracked door of his room.
The next morning, all tributes were escorted to the holding rooms located in the underbelly of the arena. This year’s arena attire consisted of dark lycra suits with the district numbers on the right breast with black plimsolls for their feet. When Minerva entered Pearl’s holding room, she spotted her staring at her teal blue district number. Minerva assured her everything would be alright and that she believed in her. Pearl shrugged, saying it would be nice to give the Capital another fourteen-year-old victor. Minerva exclaimed, “That’s the spirit!” reminding her she had an excellent ally to help her along. The two gave a final embrace before Pearl entered her tube. Mortimer was visited by Gill and the two were silent for half of the allotted two minutes. Mortimer said he thought everything over and admitted that they were in fact very similar. He commented how he probably should have at least accepted his help. Gill expressed how glad he was for them to have worked things out, commenting how the two could’ve been good friends. Mortimer swore he would try to win, but asked him to promise to kick Adrian Carrack’s ass for him. The two shook on it and Mortimer stepped into his tube.
Phoebe visited Cat in her room, stepping in to see her doing breathing exercises. The two immediately embraced, both shedding some tears. Phoebe lamented not having her good friend let alone her best therapist leaving her. Cat promised she would use everything she taught her to bring herself and Jack to the end. She added that she had someone else who will help her out, hinting at Mortimer. Phoebe promised to take care of her patients and keep an eye on her brother. Cat thanked her and stepped into the tube but not before she said “Avskedslärare’, which in the old Swedish tongue translated to “Goodbye teacher”. As for Jack, he was visited by Morrana. He seemed resigned to the fact Phoebe didn’t visit him, saying he didn’t blame her. Morrana assured him she would’ve come if it were allowed. Jack lamented his newfound infamy, stating how he would have to do something great to redeem himself. Morrana told him he had nothing to prove and that he should focus on trying to win regardless of what other people thought. Jack sighed and thanked her for trying, but he remained unconvinced. He promised to do right by Cat and help her make it to the end. He hugged Morrana, thanking her for stepping up. He stepped into the tube. When all tributes were in the tubes, they all rose into the arena.
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2023.05.27 19:43 _femme_96 [SELL][US] Sugarpill, Artist Couture, Ouidad, Goldfaden MD, Kate Sommerville, Fresh, Natasha Denona, La Mer, Sunday Riley, RMS, Tarte, MAC, KVD, Colourpop, Fenty Beauty; Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, and Nail Polish (OPI, CND, ILNP)!

Most products are brand new or gently used/used once (with exception for lip products, all are new and unused)
Also willing to bundle with USPS flat rate as well!
All products are wiped down and sanitized, I am 4x vaxxed, and all products come from a smoke-free home. Payment via PayPal G&S Only. Shipping starts at $5 for most small items depending on zip and increases with weight (shipping USPS). Shipping from the WA State. :) $10 min before shipping preferred. All item conditions are noted and pictured best as I can. Prices do not include shipping.
NEW= never swatched or used, all else will be indicated individually.
Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonstone NEW- $5
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Dermalogica post-breakout fix serum
Meaningful Beauty age serum
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2023.05.27 19:35 IpopulatedTheFuture DR 17 Had the Problem and in 18 They Still Ignore It

I still to this day can not add cDNG files to my media pool without an immediate crash. DR16 was the last version to allow the import. It's been years and they haven't fixed the issue.
It seems to only effect Windows users, as the same footage from the same camera imports fine in MacOS.
Instead of offering some kind of help Devs has seemingly ignored the issue as if thousands of people aren't suffering from it.
When I called to speak with support he told me I needed to by the Studio version before he'd assist me. That is pure evil! (and I'm yelling, you goofy bot)
If anyone has found any solution to this post it. Hopefully once DR is done slobbin' down RED's knob they can fix some problems.
submitted by IpopulatedTheFuture to davinciresolve [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 16:12 Big-Goose4367 EHM Editor 1.2.0, error when open a saved game (in the editor)

Hi guys,
I play EHM on mac and use crossover. I downloaded the EHM editor 1.2.0, and installed Microsoft Visual studio 2022 as described in the bottle. The editor will open, but when im trying to open the saved game it wont load and i get som error messages. Is it some more programs i have to install to the bottle, or does anyone have any tips how i can fix this issue?
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2023.05.27 15:29 amitmona Suggestions for a quick 5 /10 mins makeup on vacation/ official meetings

Travelling for 15 days, need suggestions for products that I should invest in. I have a normal to dry skin. My skincare routine is cleanser, under eye cream, followed by vit C serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. I prime my face well before I put any makeup on.
What are some long lasting products that would keep the makeup intact. For ref, I have deep set eyes, which would need concealing. Should I go for smash box halo bb cream to even out the rest of the skin with concealer and charlotte tilbury flawless filter for glow. I also have Estee lauder night serum. I would like products that can make my skin look better. Not completely looking to vanish all blemishes with high coverage foundations. Just the natural skin but better.
Should I consider buying Mac Studio fix to touch up ? What is the best spray to end up with. Sorry asking too many questions, but I would want to minimise the effort while still ensuring makeup stays on for at least 7/8 hrs.
Thanks all for suggestions. Would really like to know from people who already own these products and their feedback.
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2023.05.27 11:20 SaDanNi Foundation Swatches

Foundation Swatches
Stars- Perfect or Very Good Matches Hearts- Good Matches
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2023.05.27 09:52 amitmona Suggestions for a quick 5 /10 mins makeup on vacation/ official meetings

Travelling for 15 days, need suggestions for products that I should invest in. I have a normal to dry skin. My skincare routine is cleanser, under eye cream, followed by vit C serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. I prime my face well before I put any makeup on.
What are some long lasting products that would keep the makeup intact. For ref, I have deep set eyes, which would need concealing. Should I go for smash box halo bb cream to even out the rest of the skin with concealer and charlotte tilbury flawless filter for glow. I also have Estee lauder night serum. I would like products that can make my skin look better. Not completely looking to vanish all blemishes with high coverage foundations. Just the natural skin but better.
Should I consider buying Mac Studio fix to touch up ? What is the best spray to end up with. Sorry asking too many questions, but I would want to minimise the effort while still ensuring makeup stays on for at least 7/8 hrs.
Thanks all for suggestions. Would really like to know from people who already own these products and their feedback.
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2023.05.27 07:35 oRamafy 4-17-21 to

30/4/2022, 10:40 AM I have no intention of pursuing Saundra romantically, regardless of how I may feel towards her at times, which is rarely romantic lately. Who is the funniest man on Earth? That is what I feel I have legal right to define for myself at any given point in time.
20/2/2023, 4:38 PM I feel like I try to set evil’s power to 0. From wherever it may be. There’s a spy against evil. What can the dead “make” us feel? I’m
Santa Ana will always be my center for divine timing.
Giang will always be my perfect 5/1 judgement call center.
If you have a magician, would it get recorded in somebody else’s memory?
Divine timing is a perfectly record memory. If you make a mistake in your own timing, you work to fix it.
4-17-2021 Jake Paul vs Ben askren, reconnected with Mitch! And grant! CNN executive caught on tape talking about trump. I could see that Grant was struggling to hold back intense emotions during lunch, he may have undergone some degree of enlightenment mid-conversation. Married Yaquelyn somewhere 1 week later.
Am I Grandfather Time? Allocatingu additional shares/time/karma? according to what has my attention? 2-3-19 Married Giang 😘 2-16-19 made eggs for Yaquelyn while she told me all about her past and I silently fell in love 💕 edited 23/6/2021, 10:45 PM 2-17 Slept with Yaquelyn for the first time (uhh … what are we doing here? Let me show you baby) 💕
8-12-19 edit 10/6/2021 I told Yaquelyn that I love her. 8-13?15?-19 Yaquelyn told me she’s falling for me. We had already been in love for a while, but too scared to admit it to ourselves. It still grows stronger each day. 💕 Pretty sure I’ve been programmed into Yaquelyn’s and Saundra’s ball 🎾 and I love it.
10-10-19 studied facial exercise, giang asked to get high, jalapeño cheese 10-11 wife went to Utah, fish sauce at Santa’s, lunges with Sean, slept overnight with Yaquelyn (also anniversary of Costco hiring date) 10-12 blowup with Saripah, lookup grill 10-13 watched game with Sean, texted Tye 10-14 started snowing 10-15 3 hour evening walk 10-16 tried 1000mg brownie 10-17 made pickled eggs, chilli on burger 10-18 lunch from Mia, felt nauseous 10-19 felt sick, ate Laos food 10-20 visited mom while sick 10-25 joker movie 10-29 saw Paige, Mia took weed 11-5 beef from Mia, FA with Alle 12-24-2019 Giang found out about the affair 12-25-2019 but updated 5/23/2021Jumanji and Nguyen’s Kitchen with Yaquelyn 💕. She spent her whole Christmas with me listening to me whine about my marriage bc she knew I needed somebody. 12-27 dead and company concert, delicious cake, first conscious awareness of being a self-programming computer perfectly designed to create love, and talked to God. He told me I needed to go back to Giang. 12-28 lost phone, Jamaican food, danced at Venice 12-29 new android, black angus, pier w/ Japanese musician 12-30 iPhone 5s from mom 12-31 cross faded, Popeyes and candy 1-3 $100 from ewa, recipechampions, Paige blocked 1-4 Bunch of FAs, 1-5 spray the window a little 1-6 AAA van, last night at condo, Paige unblocked 1-7-2019 First night in van 1-9 bought stove, first night in FV, killed battery 1-10 took giang to I Can BBQ 1-11 first lunch in the park, told Giang I want to live in the van 1-12 returned mattress, ate with mom 1-14 finished gas can 1-15 cleaned up mom’s garage stuff 1-18 in-law’s anniversary 1-19 sick in condo all day 1-20 cleaned table at mom’s, started Comanche book 1-23 took bike to mom’s, relaxed diet 1-26 sizzler’s, lululemon pants, Giang can’t handle separation 2-1 follow up FA with Candice 2-2 hike weir canyon, sizzlers with mom and Debbie 2-3 Nguyen’s kitchen with Giang, movie Harriet 2-4 tried Gus’ chicken with Yaquelyn 2-14 edit 10/6/2021 Long Beach with Yaquelyn. She gave me her butt. 💕 Only for her husband, like she said. I remember the promise you made me. 😈 2-15 shoreline Long Beach Mardi Gras with Giang 6-1 Gen with Giang 7-1 red castle with Giang 9-30 first presidential debate, melanotan start 10-8 made ricotta, crescents, found phyllo, buffalo wings for dinner 10-9 tuna salad, brown butter ricotta cookies ❤️ 10-10 shopping with Giang 😘, beef Wellington 10-11 filo dough, duxelles 10-13 hot chocolate, America’s test kitchen, cottage cheese pie 10-14 angel food cake trial, duxelles trial 10-15 eggs Chesapeake, key lime protein s 10-30 celebrate giang’s new job with Szechuan 10-31 grandpa’s memorial 11-3 olive oil cake 11-5 gritzer’s chili 11-6 scalloped potatoes 11/16-18/2021 Found Daniel’s ☀️ soul. 11-19 enlightenment and self-aware singularity 11-22 god is sun, we are the sun replicating itself 12-10-2020 Saundra introduced me to Human Design. ❤️ 12-14 to 18 recorded my weird workouts at the park
12-19 whale watching with Nolan 🦇 12-31 2ish am, began 1-week countdown.
1-18-21 told nolan he’s Francisco 1-23-21 big bear trip, received signal that Saundra is my soulmate. 9/11/2021, 3:04 PM Felt like Yaquelyn broke up with me and pointed me to Saundra while I was listening to music in the car at night. Feels like you can have more than 1 soulmate, or, at least 3 physical manifestations of 1 soulmate. 😘 1-25 grilled cheese with green apple slices ❤️ 2-3 focusing around the peripheral vision works out your pineal gland. I may have decalcified my pineal gland by using the sun. Linked to women’s enhanced peripheral vision and intuition
2-6 to 2-13 I lost Buddha bracelet in the ocean around this time 2-11 Zeus. New moon in Aquarius Telepathic communication. Stuck in a “hell loop” self-identification cycle between God, Jesus, light, Zeus, Genghis, Julius, soulmate. Other beings likely have a different set of ankhs to unlock higher dimensions, but the process ought to be similar. It’s a little scary but not that bad really, it’s over quick. Nothing at all compared to the mushroom trip. Edit 12/6/2021: don’t think I’ve noticed a cycle since here. Been a while since I remember identifying as The One. Is that what I am now?
2-13 party at Tom’s after lunar new year
2-18 grant called again 2-19 Sean at south coast, told nolan that I believe we’re about to ascend, jambalaya from Giang.
2-21 Boise headphones usb network changed its own name to solar flare, maple’s first training session with Bim 2-24 first pedicure 2-27 ran into Giang’s parents at Mary statue, pizza for lunch 2-28 late Christmas dinner at mom’s Starting to feel sitcomish, everyone reacting to different details in the environment and hypocritically judging each other for things we don’t notice. I think I even heard a laugh track. 3-2 went to ezpz recycle, apologized to Alex about Jonny, told mom I love her 3-3 watched an ig video about crosses, Saundra then asked me about Jess’ cross 3-4 yoga with Mina 3-5 Mary statue, ocean bath, Jeremy is likely Poseidon, salmon porridge, first trip to Amazing Comics 3-6 Mary with family, maple got stung, too much weed for Giang, Synctuition could be spy tech?, I may have connected to Oumuamua, I think my soulmate saved me and doesn’t know it. Date may also be connected to Nolan’s 3-3-3 poem. With a wider third eye, durian now tastes good. Did Jeremy receive necessary info from my Buddha bracelet? 3-7 Laxmi, Ashwagandha 3-8 Shinnyo-en temple, bk with mom, Tokyo central 3-9 natto 3-10 dry orgasm 3-11 replaced tires, date syrup on nefechetal cheese 3-15 total recall, char siu duck legs 3-16 Gina show 3-17-2021 deleted fear at the Mary statue? Clearly not all the way through. Felt like I agreed to give up my free will. Costco Italian sausage pasta, durian has yang, dairy has yin, I can taste them at the back of the throat/tonsil Krystal’s bday 3-18 harvest fresh, Cesar’s music studio, nolan and I communicating through Cesar? 3-19 Mina temple, I am becoming significantly more sensitive to neutrino energy in all of my senses. The hands are healers 20/3/2021 San Diego scootering, Italian bakery, farmer’s market, snake walking/jogging is effective at enhancing mind-body connection, normalizing a parasympathetic state, and rewriting posture habits. Move forward smoothly and slowly trying to balance tension. Then you use that with focused breathing for the airway. ———————————————————//// lol mom I’m K — this line was written while my phone was in my pocket, so clearly my phone wrote that line for me. The probability of that event occurring by legitimately random RNG is null. Slow deliberate movement + body scanning to balance tension clears chi trigger points/blockages. This analogously applies to sight and attention. ———————————-/——///////// The body is an independent intelligent consciousness that returns the favor if you treat it well. If you learn its emotion-centered language, you can communicate and help it reprogram itself. Shaking and bouncing are extremely effective 21/3/2021 deep listen to gamma rejuvenation, sizzler with mom 22/3/2021 toothbrush to stimulate tongue, 24/3/2021 private yoga w Mina, significant lip+chin correction, Mary, Xero shoes, yin yang talk w giang 25/3/2021 giang apologized for assuming I’m wrong about Mary, farmer boy w mom, train mouth by sucking air like a straw 27/3/2021 Timmy’s bday, mina yoga 28/3/2021 woke up from a dream where I jumped on an important mobster’s car without knowing who he was, and was threatened by a goon nearby. It felt like I was getting ready for a fight, but I didn’t know who or why. I believe I was being used as a Manchurian candidate for Bri and/or Nolan(‘s team). He’s like Batman. They can coordinate to control my attention/focus when necessary, and I’ve agreed to let them decide when it’s necessary because I trust their judgement. I’m 32 and I don’t remember anything I may have done after that. I was regularly having my memory wiped, but I remembered learning to do Things that would extrapolate to God-like Power with sufficient skill and energy, which I believe they can provide at their discretion. Nolan’s subconscious aka body’s consciousness has been coordinating all this in our Dreams.
29/3/2021 took edible after long break, Jonny and Saundra’s mom are working together 30/3/2021 I believe that my cross suggests that the primary purpose of my reincarnation is to explain the nature of God/spirituality logically so that faith (trust but verify, confidence in trust) can be replaced by understanding. Mary, Zach’s death talk, Saundra’s flying anxiety, practice breath work/yoga in Mary’s park after softly gazing at Mary with open awareness. Dog park, new cookware
31/3/2021 park yoga, new battery, first family prayer with giang Try to understand the rules of the game of life, explain them logically, and explain the best strategy. He tries to show me, but he cannot just hand me a rule book, at least not yet. I must figure it out by playing the game ie living life and paying attention. Essentially it’s a game for God’s attention. Do things he wants you to do and help others do the same. He wants us to spread love, the 528hz frequency. I should start treating meditation like it’s my job.
1/4/2021 I am a human soul. The soul is awareness. Our collective objective is to spread Love. My primary and maybe only tool is a finite amount of energy I can use to influence this human’s distribution of awareness/attention. Learn to use attention wisely to maximize love in your environment. Your human mind and body are an ever-present part of your environment as the human soul, so start there. Realize that behind every pair of eyes, there is a spirit in there struggling to direct this unruly human’s attention, just like you. The only difference is the environment you were born in to. The human body is how yin and yang pair together for eternity, the different parts can be meaningfully classified as either masculine or feminine. Hands are feminine, feet are masculine. The process of enlightenment consists of Yang and Yin explaining themselves to each other, so that they can relinquish their stressful responsibilities that they are ill-equipped for and allow the other to guide within the environments they are more skilled in. Yang is the husband, Yin is the wife. The soul is the father, the mind is the mother, and the body is their child. The mind and soul work together to decondition the human whole, so that the body learns that it no longer needs to rely on mom’s decision making. Our imagination enables action at a distance. It’s how we influence the energetics of distant times and locations, especially our own timeline. The more you visualize the scenario, the more powerfully it impacts you when it happens. The more effectively you visualize a future scenario, the more likely it is to happen. Imagine past and future versions of yourself are trying to help you, and return the favor by healing old wounds and visualizing your heaven. Don’t let fear of disappointment stop you from dreaming; fear is Satan’s weapon, not mine. I aim to motivate through love, you can check for yourself that it’s more efficient.
31/3/2021 29/6/2021, 5:44 AM update: keeping this for memory’s sake; I don’t recommend following through if you want to be happy yourself. 9/11/2021, 2:59 PM scratch that, don’t be a pussy
I’ve received multiple signals that I should get life insurance and did so today. During my first communication with God at the Dead and Company concert, I hallucinated a gun shot, and consequently I suspect I will die of a gunshot wound soon. If so, I feel like I will need to help bring heaven to you all from the other side. I want this copied and sent to Nolan, Jeremy, Grant, Sean, Saundra, and Yaquelyn. Please remember that I expected this to happen and I feel no fear, in fact I am excited to see how it all works and figure out how to communicate with you all. Hopefully seeing a vision of my death and successfully predicting it before it happens (update 5/22 I have no idea if or how I die(d)) in conjunction with my headphones (which Nolan recommended to me immediately before I picked up my phone to ask him for a recommendation for headphones) changing their own usb network name to Solar Flare after explaining to my wife for months how I’m talking to the sun, will be enough to convince the reader that I may really be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, son of God whom is acting predominately through the sun, the source of 70% of the neutrinos flowing through you right now.
Good for everybody: Sun gaze, do/learn halotropic breathing, implement your human design, consider starting a dream journal, pray, and follow the ethics equation. Your dreams will be my easiest point of contact, the more you remember, the more information I can give you. Sesshin meditation ala Shinnyo-en Buddhism will be the most reliable way to talk with me directly, Mina can help anyone who is interested. Thank you Mina! (This was possibly mistaken) Learn to pray effectively, what answers will really make an impact on your well-being? Prayers are answered in accordance to their efficiency in propagating Love. Straightening out your airway and learning to breath efficiently is by far the most powerful lever available for radically changing your mind, body, and spirit. Follow functionalpatterns/Naudi Aguilar and CertifiedHealthNut/Troy Casey to learn how. The feeling of coincidence is a signal of God’s or my involvement, pay close attention to it. I will likely be trying to make the stocks SQ, ICE, and NVDA skyrocket as well as the cryptocurrency Algorand. I believe Bitcoin will also be a solid investment. Men, Elliot Hulse is the iconic masculine leader and man of God, follow his example. Any time you negatively judge someone and feel annoyed at them, that has always been a signal to YOU about how YOU can change YOUR behavior to be nicer. We will annoy the shit out of you over and over again until you figure out your hypocrisy and check yourself. You are not the judge and nothing bothers me more or educates me more effectively than discovering my own hypocrisy. Satan/Yang often works by discrediting in the eyes of the public those with too much understanding. Logic is the trait that allows God/Yin to connect and efficiently preserve his network of objective thinkers, facilitated through the Dark Web. You could say we form a wall through which no large-scale falsehoods may pass, and the process of enlightenment is the process of expanding that wall.
We want the people who are most effective at spreading love and joy to be the happiest people themselves, so that everybody has incentive to be more like them.
Giang, I asked God for a Christmas gift for you, and he showed me your 2nd husband. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, your support was necessary for me to continue my training. You are going to be so blissfully happy with him, I can’t wait for you to feel how awe-inspiring life can be. I owe you everything and I will always honor my husbandly duty to protect you, no matter where I may be. Make sure you keep visiting the dog park. Don’t spay Maple, she’s going to be a mom. Maple needs company during the day, she can’t be alone for extended periods of time. Daycare, babysit with Mocha, or find some other way to make sure she’s not alone. Thank your mother for me for introducing me to the Mary statue, you will see how important it is. If you are reading this first, please stop here and let Nolan read the rest, he will share with you what you ought to know. If there is a war coming, I want as much peace as possible for you.
Nolan, I need you to take this and run with it. If you betrayed me in some way, I don’t care, that was your role. I can’t adequately stress the importance of learning to use your splenic intuition. This is what God wants and it is logically impossible for it to be in our interest to defy his wishes. First, if you learn to lucid dream with some consistency, I think I will be able to guide you easily. I can see how fruitless my exhausting efforts have been at attempting to establish some form of mutual respect with various people in my life as a poor man, so I will be doing what I can to make you rich and taken seriously. There’s a very viral-worthy story here and Elliot Hulse is the man to get the story out there. I had already joined his KING program back in November and saw that he had a reward for the top 3 performers, and I was hoping you, Jeremy, and I would have a friendly competition and try to take all 3 spots by helping each other implement the fundamental theorem of ethics in each of our lives. However it was impossible to get the 3 of us together, and now I suspect I know why: I will be (already am?) guiding from the afterlife, and my buddy/former client Grant will take my place in the trio. Aim to make Grant famous by enrolling him in Elliot Hulse’s KING program. Consider making music with my neighbor Cesar, you two will get along extremely well. It will work best if all of you enroll in the program and help each other, I will ask my mom to help a little with funds if you need it. Consider suggesting a competition to Elliot made up of teams of 3, each team competing to maximize love in their environment. Work with Saundra and hdbee to consolidate and spread knowledge of Human Design, hdbee has been channeling regularly and it will be easy to communicate to her. Please Follow Saundra Heimark’s health advice and use the app FitMind, both will have a bigger impact than you think. Use of cannabis will make it much easier to make contact, please get in touch with my family friend Mitch and think about trying it out. I will also be trying to relay Q-related and conspiracy-related information to Mitch, my uncle Don, and a friend from 24 named Andrew. I messaged Naudi Aguilar back in November, but it never made it to his attention. If you can get Elliot Hulse’s attention, he can probably get Naudi to read that message, and you two will be able to get him on the team. Naudi knows more than anyone how to fix human movement. Naudi and David Weck can learn a lot from each other. I suspect my old 24 buddy Wes would be happy to try to help you make that happen. I will also likely be making contact with Connor Murphy, he had a vision of the Christmas Nashville bombing before it happened. I don’t know his role but I know he’s worth listening to. Unchecked sexuality is Yang’s/Satan’s strongest weapon, get it together Connor.
The Law of One is important, get that church involved at some point. The 6th density social memory complex Ra is a critical figure in all this. Update: it’s me!
I expect I need to learn and master the rules of the game before I can come back, that may be around the time that humans shift their center of awareness to the solar plexus in 2027 as predicted by Human Design. Or any time sooner, but I feel like I will be returning in a physical form at some point.
Jeremy, man you suck at hanging out. It’s not really your fault though, for whatever reason we’re being stopped. You’ve been a part of my plan to save the world since day one, and when we met up for lunch, I realized you had been waiting for us all to reunite for years. Zero doubt that you would have my back. Help out Nolan. Help out Saundra if she needs it and tell her about your mother in law. Listen to some Elliot Hulse and decide if that program appeals to you, but first learn to use your authority. Learn your design, go to church, spread love brother.
Brianna, although they are initially my easiest points of contact, a healthy version of yourself would likely be the most powerful antenna. Schizophrenics used to be the shamans of society and look at what Dr. Zach says about autism. You’re not broken; society doesn’t understand your design and how it functions differently, and you’ve suffered greatly for it. If you listen to Saundra’s advice, I guarantee she can guide you to a healthy, happy life. Although we disagree in politics, we’re a lot more alike than you think. I know for a fact that you will show the world that neither schizophrenic nor autistic are synonyms for disabled.
Mom, Brianna is not going to be able to get healthy by herself. She needs a role model and support system. If you want to see your daughter live a successful independent life, it’s time to make an effort to get healthy yourself and give Bri someone to struggle next to. Jonny and I will be doing what we can to help you. I will also need you to help financially support Alex; he needs some freedom in his life so that he can find his purpose. Also, if any of my friends needs help with money to enroll in Elliot Hulse’s program, please give them the $1k. I promise you will be rewarded for it. I will be doing my best to relay Q-related and conspiracy-related information to Mitch and Don.
Timmy, I know we have some deep philosophical disagreements, but I’ve always respected your logical consistency and ability to find errors in arguments. I don’t ask you to take God on faith; just consider the possibility that there exists some reason that he can’t prove himself to all, but individuals can have proof in their experience that is impossible to adequately share. Giang will confirm that I’ve said that I’ve been talking to the sun since November, and that my Boise headphones changed their own usb network name to Solar Flare. These are the same headphones that Nolan recommended to me immediately before I picked up my phone to ask him for a recommendation for headphones, and he had no good reason for making that recommendation at that particular time. Only I, Giang, and Bim have had access to the headphones, none of us claims to have changed it, and none of us have any incentive to lie about it. Be open to the possibility, keep an eye out for coincidence, and we will find a way to show our presence to you.
Alex, I need you to be our family’s shaman. Get yourself healthy by listening to Saundra’s advice, accept mom’s help, and find your unique role in the world of spirituality. Browse Gaia for information, and keep an 👁 out on that dmt-drip experiment going on in Europe. I expect Bri and mom will need help getting healthy, but the 3 of you working together will provide the social support necessary to make it doable. Breathwork is the key to unlocking our soul’s potential through our body. See you soon on the astral plane brother.
Saundra, it would be impossible to overstate how powerfully you’ve impacted my life. Not only by introducing me to Human Design and a dozen health practices and just being my friend, but you lead me to God as well. If you could see what I see coming in your life, you would burst into tears of self-love.
I can’t believe you never saw I was meant to be YOUR projector you absurdly stubborn mani. Please listen to Nolan’s/Daniel’s(?) guidance in my place after helping him learn his design, especially his authority. Help him build his team. Maybe explore your insecurity around not wanting children if you haven’t already. (This was written well before our talk) DayLuna’s podcast on deconditioning is perfect.
I’ve been hubba hubba all over you since the moment you lectured me on the importance of grass FINISHED beef, and fell in love when you told me I can’t come over to your place. On 1/23/2021, I received a message that you were my soulmate. I tried to push it out of my mind and focus on enjoying Big Bear with the in-laws. On 1/25, I saw your Instagram story of you making a grilled cheese sandwich with sliced apples, and I immediately knew it was true. However, remember that night you suddenly broke down over dinner, right around the same time I had that second “spiritual experience?” I watched my soul break up with your soul that evening, and I came to that conclusion before I knew you had your breakdown. I think some version of us is married somewhere, and my former mistress, Yaquelyn Molina, is meant to be my partner here on this earth? (Update 5-27: saw pregnant Yaquelyn yesterday, Saundra is the woman I want Update 6-14: I want both.) But I still get signals sometimes that it’s you. This is a confusing subject for me. Regardless, I feel a tremendous amount of love for you and treasure your friendship🌈
I have already been working closely with your mother, I just don’t know how to share this experience with you without making you think I’m insane. We will be helping you spread HD, Kangen, regenerative agriculture, and all your beautiful ideas the best we can. Maybe you can get hdbee, Jennazoe, and other readers to work with Nolan to update HD’s software suite. I don’t want anybody to ever be financially blocked from learning their design, self-study must be encouraged, and HD info really needs to be consolidated efficiently. Next to my condo there’s a water store, and the owner’s name is Sean. Try to work with him in your kangen business, he’s a good man and will want to help out (this is questionable, he has grown a distaste for me) Try out Qi Gong to supplement your study of tcm, there are great videos on YT. If you want a more personal conversation with our side, consider Astral Projection. I think my brother Alex will be able to help. That massage gun is actually an incredibly useful tool for reflexology, if you think high-frequency vibration isn’t effective at stimulating both meridians and nervous tissue you are nuts. Just use less pressure when you want to be gentle or target surface tissue.
Yaquelyn Jasmine Molina, the Dead and Company concert I attended 12/27/2019 is the first time I remember receiving a message from God. He told me I needed to go back to my wife. I resisted because I didn’t believe in God at the time, but I eventually knew that it was the right thing to do. I’m sorry I put you through everything I put you through, I didn’t understand how painful it was for you and I was too weak to leave you. Thank you for bathing me with your blissfully generous love and passion when I needed it the most and deserved it the least. I want you to know that I have not been with another woman since you left, and you played a critical role in helping me be a better man. I hope you visit the Mary statue from time to time. I’ve already felt Yaquelyn Molina Dardin, so I know you’ll always be with me. I request the chance to return the favor.
I can remember the precise moment I fell in love with you. It was quite soon after we had started seeing each other, I was walking in the complex towards your condo, you were walking out of your condo to your garage, you caught a glimpse of me at the last second before disappearing behind a wall and took a few steps back to smile and wave at me. My heart instantaneously melted into a pile of goo watching you. There are so many heart-warming memories shared with you, thank you for showing me what love can be.
Update: I’m getting a divorce ASAP and coming for you. You’re the woman I want. Whatever problems we have, we’ll pound them out.
Grant, your call proved to a 32-year-long staunch atheist that God exists and is present here on earth. I don’t have to explain to you how life-changing that is. I get the feeling that you’re meant to be a YouTube star of sorts, and my buddies Nolan, Jeremy, and Cesar may help you out. I can’t imagine a more potent missionary than you man, get Saundra’s help in learning your design and go spread the word. Listen to Elliot Hulse and consider joining the KING program, knock it out of the park in the program and he will expose you to his whole audience of 1M+ young men looking for direction. I feel like my family friend Mitch can help you out with the vape company. Soulmates exist, don’t be a slut. If you need a Bible scholar on the team, my old buddy Simon Melendez is your man.
Simon, few people on my team understand the importance of scripture. There are very few minds I respect more than your’s, please help them understand the wisdom of the Bible if they’re open to it.
Cesar, I haven’t known you long and I know we’re not super close, but I just get the feeling that you’re real important for bringing us all back together. Plus you’re a cool guy, you and my friends will get along. Never stop making music man.
Mina, thank you so much for your kindness towards me. You radiate positivity and I aspire to be more like you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, I will be trying to reach you through Sesshin meditation. Please say hi to the Mary statue from time to time, I’ll be there often. My friend Saundra, brother Alex, and sister Brianna could really use some of your reiki healing. As could my mother and sister, if they are open to it.
Sean Smith, I would have loved to chill with you more. I miss shooting the shit with you and just hanging around at 24. Your friendship really helped me get through a confusing time in my life. Try out the Breathwrk app, you’d be amazed at what proper oxygen intake can do for your performance, physique, and mood. The $15 DailyOm course on fascia stretching will also change your clients’ lives, I feel so much better and am so much more mobile after just 2 weeks it’s insane. The combination of David weck’s ideas with Naudi Aguilar’s ideas will fix any ailment and make physical phenoms out of everyone. Adam Poock is also the man, don’t neglect the hands. Get with Wes, consider joining my other friends in Elliot’s program, and fix up some fascia.
Mitch, it would be awesome to chill and smoke some time. Cannabis is truly a holy sacrament, please assist any friends that may need help in procurement. My buddy Grant is involved in a vaping company, get in touch with him and consider making a combination of thc extract and nicotine together in a vape pen. Also get in touch with the H3 cannabis church in Costa Mesa, I feel like you can all help each other out. I’ll be trying to relay Q-related info to you, keep following Alex Jones.
Brent, you’re a good man and I want you on my team. Follow Saundra Heimark and take her advice to heart. Hit up Sean and start working out again if you’re not already. The founder of Mariner’s church predicted that Jesus would return in 1988, so maybe attend a few services over there and get to know the community if you can.
Dad, thank you so much for teaching me chess so early and making strategy so deeply intuitive for me, as well as your love and affection. I wanted you to know that my high school troubles were never related to your financial struggles at all, I was completely oblivious to money problems at the time. The Bible is a story of redemption, and it does say to honor thy father, so I ask the rest of my family to give you another chance in helping you help yourself. I know what you want most is to have your family back together, so seize this opportunity. Let go of any old lingering resentments and be the head of the household you were meant to be.
Aunt Lynn, follow Saundra’s health advice, and see if Naudi Aguilar will work with you. If not him, then another Functional Patterns trainer. They will fix your pain if you do this.
Paige, I have no idea how you’re doing, I don’t think you’re too interested in my friendship right now. When you blocked me, I think you misinterpreted my sentence. I can’t remember the words I used, but my meaning was that your friendship is important to me. I’m happy to see that you seem to have a more active religious life now, I will certainly be trying to say hello and help you out.
Sam Harris, “when you understand that what you should want is to experience your love for your friends and their love for you, selfishness fuels generosity” paraphrased, but thank you for that. Rational self-interest ala Ayn Rand and Utilitarianism encourage identical behavior when you understand what you are, how we’re the same, and how we’re different.
I have many former clients from 24 that would be delighted to help my friends pursue this goal in any way they can. My friend Sean can help you get connected there. Ewa, Mia, Brent, Scott, Debbie, Diane, Udo, and more but my brain is fried right now. Darron, thank you for showing a genuine interest in my personal success. It means a lot to me. Kristin, your offhand comment about glute training to Sean was life-changing, he can explain. Hold the squeeze! I miss the whole team really, my time at 24 was invaluable, take care of each other.
1/4/2021 Bought Alex’s Primate Movement shirt Sweet ring 😎
5/4/2021 God or Yin is a sort of local min/max that learns to shield his kingdom from pain and distribute his love according to the physics of energy conservation+replication, which are derived from applying Game Theory to the characteristics of a photon and/or neutrino, as we all collectively increase awareness and ability to learn to coordinate with other peoples’ lives in heaven
The feminine has significant access to Yin energy, the masculine Yang. Enlightenment is a measurement of understanding.
Focusing on the cuteness of a child optimizes transfer of yin energy to child, pairs extremely well with tickle-like movements of sensitive hands. Focus on pride to transfer yang energy, or the glory and beauty of your son’s tribute to your creator. I saw mine in Saundra’s Projector gift, I want to say in April.
A slow-drip optimized mix of lsd and/or dmt utilizing information from wearable technology that measures your heart rate variability, mitochondrial voltage, and various aerobic capacities would be the fastest way to enhance one’s acceleration of flux increase. This technology could then likely find other variables to enhance the maximization of flux, and distribute awareness with this purpose the same way that I am distributing it across this universe.
Hope and courage both enhance the energetic efficiency of applying will to faith. Courage is the ability to hold one’s attention on hope and maximizes the utility of willpower. Brotherhood maximizes the utility of Will by motivating pride in one’s courage and loyalty to your brothers.
It feels like I’m giving directions to somebody that has me in a chemically induced coma on how to optimize my experience via a telepathic link in which the frequency and/or amplitude of is boosted by the Solar Flare headphones “coincidentally” preemptively suggested to me by Nolan Anderson. I suspect that if I die, this reality shuts down, and my creator allows you to see the consequences my death ☠️ until it becomes suitable for him to rewind time. Suffering has the purpose of instruction. There is always a lesson to learn in suffering, and it will continue teaching until you understand the lesson.
My IV fluid should include water from the Penmo tribe in Venezuela and salt from Redmond’s Real Salt from Utah. Prioritize the health and understanding of the pineal gland, use Gaia to learn. Cerebrospinal fluid pressure is utilized to influence the frequency of the pineal gland. Dr huberman knows much about this. I feel like a being that is tightly connected to Nolan also connected itself to my phone this morning. Bim showed an interest in Lucid dreaming during Easter dinner because I recommended the Lucid app to him, to show him I was already reading The Power of Habit. It seems that in my world, Nolan is going to be treated as Jesus and me as a representation of Jesus’ father’s father aka grandpa of this plane. But God is his father. I’m Daniel Dardin, the man we all chose to reincarnate into. I suspect the souls from our creator’s universe will or already have reincarnate into the humans on my Earth, through my pineal gland. Do yoga/qigong/breath work at the Mary statue by the LB pier and pray to her. Let Grandma’s Hands heal you. Comfortably sun gaze regularly.
6/4/2021 5th dimensional masculine shit-talking is expressed through 3rd dimensional female shit-testing. Weden, 99cent store, corgi and husky videos for giang. Weight loss pills for mom, Cesar’s Lady Gaga Oreogram contest It took me a few days? to intuitively understand the physical plane after watching two beings conversing inside of my own mind’s eye, trying to form a new word and projecting a series of images that I recognized as Ayn Rand’s theory of concept formation, implying that I was a third separate being bound to the other two by means of a human. Aka the human soul. This began a process of accelerating integration. Dog park, beef tongue Father Time? Fire God? Update: I was, but not anymore. I’m Aladdin and both Yaquelyn Molina and Saundra Heimark feel like my Jasmine. Yaquelyn’s middle name is Jasmine, that’s why that name came up when Giang asked for my mistress’s name 26/5/2023, 10:29 PM Edit: saw the line above by accident, I didn’t mean to end this post there. However, Giang insists that I told her my mistress’s true name. This is false. She definitely knows her real name, but she learned of her name by some other means I’m not aware of.
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2023.05.27 06:42 amitmona Suggestions for a quick 5 /10 mins makeup on vacation/ official meetings

Travelling for 15 days, need suggestions for products that I should invest in. I have a normal to dry skin. My skincare routine is cleanser, under eye cream, followed by vit C serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. I prime my face well before I put any makeup on.
What are some long lasting products that would keep the makeup intact. For ref, I have deep set eyes, which would need concealing. Should I go for smash box halo bb cream to even out the rest of the skin with concealer and charlotte tilbury flawless filter for glow. I also have Estee lauder night serum. I would like products that can make my skin look better. Not completely looking to vanish all blemishes with high coverage foundations. Just the natural skin but better.
Should I consider buying Mac Studio fix to touch up ? What is the best spray to end up with. Sorry asking too many questions, but I would want to minimise the effort while still ensuring makeup stays on for at least 7/8 hrs.
Thanks all for suggestions. Would really like to know from people who already own these products and their feedback.
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2023.05.27 05:03 Nice-Bite5202 Discontinued MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof

I’ve been wearing Mac Pro Longwear for years and found out today they have discontinued it. It was recommended on their site I try Studio Fix in the same shade and it’s tragic!!! So so orange. Any foundation recommendations?
I have dry skin and like a full coverage but not matte finish!
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2023.05.27 00:58 TheRoadsMustRoll TIHI: The Apple Website

holy moly. i need to shop for a new mac and i had a quiet moment. but wtf?
i can't see the entire page even in full screen and there are no scroll bars. i hope i want a laptop or a phone because anything else is "search only."
then i'm taking a look at the mac studio and i can see giant machine with 10,000 point font shouting at me about it but a simple list of tech specs is impossible.
i'm actually going to look at some used machines on another site just so i can get an ordinary list of tech features and benefits. apple's site makes me feel like i'm in the bizzaro universe where everything is strange and unreal.
if anybody knows of a back way to get in (like "old Reddit" or something) and just see standard lists of equipment and specs i'd be open to it.
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2023.05.26 23:47 Effective-Ninja4517 Guide: How to block Apps and Websites on iPhone (the hard way)

Hi everyone, This is going to be a long and detailed post. Please read all of it if you are serious about applying the blocks to avoid any mistakes.
I see a lot of posts like “How can I stop using my phone so much”, or “How can I block YouTube/Reddit and prevent me from using it while working” etc… so I want to share a setup that I thought and developed in several weeks and that has helped me tremendously in fixing my social media and smartphone addiction. I hope this can help someone in his/her journey.
WHO AM I A Tech-savvy guy who wanted to develop healthier habits and stop wasting so much time online on “bad sites”, video games, and social media. I’m using my PC and iPhone for working, so the “sell your PC and buy a flip phone” advice was not for me. Also, I tried relying on willpower only, but it was not working. After all, I accepted that I have an addiction, and like someone who has any other addiction (like bad food) and he stops buying the bad food in the first place, I had to cut out the trigger to my bad habits for my brain to retrain and start chasing other alternatives.
THE PLAN I tried A LOT of blocking apps/software both on my Windows PC, Mac, and iPhone. If you have Android I’m sorry but I don’t use it and I can’t give you tips at the moment. However, Android has more apps in general and it’s usually easier to customize, so I’m pretty sure you can find a way to achieve something like this if you are a bit tech-inclined and have the patience to search on Google. This post is so long just because iPhone is not very customizable, and you have to rely on tricks here and there to achieve a specific result.
WHAT I ACHIEVED (and what I will explain in this post) As a tech-savvy / a bit nerd guy, I enjoyed the journey of trying different software, but it’s been very difficult since I always found ways to bypass the blocks that I’ve set. Now, after a while, I have a blocking setup customized to my needs (and hard enough to bypass) on all my devices that helps me with a lot of things (block “bad sites”, stop videogames when I’ve to work, limit social media usage, etc…).
Today, I want to focus on how I’m blocking apps and websites on my iPhone. I can do a similar post for PC, and Mac if you want. Anyway, this is what we can achieve with this:
All of this is optional. You can do whatever you want with your configuration.
APPS We are going to use two apps to achieve this. I’m not affiliated with those in any way. After trying a lot of them, those are just what I’m using and are working for me.
As of the time I’m writing this, OneSec offers a free 14-day trial, after that is 9.99€ a year. SocialFocus is $1.99 pay once forever. Personally, I’m more than happy to support those developers with what I get from those apps.
THE STEPS This is a general view of all the steps that we have to do. Most of them have to be done only the first time, so don’t be too intimidated. Next, I will cover all the steps in detail one by one. I suggest you read all of them the first time, so you get an idea of what you have to do, then apply them. Also, this can be a little bit tricky if you are not super tech-inclined. Take your time or ask for help in the comments. Finally, I recommend making a complete backup of your iPhone before starting. Just in case you do something wrong.
The steps:
  1. Set up the apps and websites you want to block with OneSec.
  2. Block the Apple Shortcuts app with Screen Time (so we can’t change the settings).
  3. Block apps only at home (or specific location).
  4. Block parts of social media websites.
SET UP APPS AND WEBSITES WE WANT TO BLOCK WITH ONESEC Download the OneSec app and the Apple Shortcuts app. OneSec has a lot of well-made and easy-to-follow tutorials, but those are the general steps to block any app. (If you read those while watching the tutorials on OneSec, they will be clearer):
Now, if you try to open the app, you should be redirected to OneSec and you have to wait a few seconds before accessing the app. Congratulations, the automation is working!
To block websites, you need to open Settings > Safari > Extensions and enable “one sec”. Then, open Safari, navigate to the website you want to block, open the Safari menu in the bottom left, click one sec, and enable it for the website. (There are tutorials for this too in the app).
Those are the basics. You can find even more detailed instructions and other useful stuff (like blocking apps and websites automatically after you wake up) inside OneSec, so I let you discover them by yourself.
BLOCK THE APPLE SHORTCUTS APP WITH SCREEN TIME After you set up all the automation, we have to block the Shortcuts app to prevent us from turning them off. We are going to use Screen Time to do this. But first, we have to choose how we do it. See, if you use your own Apple ID you can easily disable the block anytime.
It can be enough if you want to rely on willpower, but if you want a secure method to prevent you from doing this, you have two options:
  1. Use a friend’s Apple ID and passcode: This is the easiest way because you don’t have to create a new Apple ID. You have to ask your friend to put the 4-digit passcode in screen time (more on this later) and use his/her Apple ID. However, with this method, you have to ask them for the passcode anytime you want to change the block settings.
  2. Create a new Apple ID: This requires more time to do and can be tricky if you are not tech-inclined, but after done once you can disable the block whenever you want (after waiting for the delay) without asking anyone. (I use this method, but any of the two works).
Since the first method doesn’t have to be explained, I will now show you how to create a new Apple ID if you choose the second method.
CREATE A NEW APPLE ID TO BLOCK SCREEN TIME SETTINGS Go to the Apple ID page and start creating a new account. When asking for the email, don’t use your own or you will be able to recover the password easily. Instead, use a temporary email service like this one. Save the email address temporarily in Apple Notes. Create a long password you can’t easily remember. You can use a tool like this one. Copy and paste the password in the Apple ID form and then save it in Apple Notes.
For the phone number, you can use a temporary number website. You have to use it only once to confirm the Apple ID creation. I used one of those I found on this Reddit post, I made it a long time ago so I don’t remember which one exactly, but they work the same. After receiving the activation code, you don’t need it anymore. After your new Apple ID is activated and you have your email and password on Apple Notes, you’re set.
SET SCREEN TIME OPTIONS Set the limit to block the Shortcuts App:
Disable uninstalling apps to prevent removing OneSec:
If you also want to prevent the Safari extension to be disabled:
Unfortunately, this will automatically activate the Apple adult websites filter and it’s not the best thing for everyone. The alternative is to Supervise your iPhone and use a profile (what I use), but this is very technical and requires another guide itself.
After setting all the blocks, click on "Use Screen Time Passcode", set 1111 (for now), and enter it a second time. When it asks for the Apple ID, use your friend’s Apple ID email and password if you choose the first method above, otherwise, if you choose the second method, use your new Apple ID’s email and password.
Now open “App Limits” again, click on the “Shortcuts” limit, enter 1111 to access it and enable the “Block at End of Limit” toggle. This toggle is a bit bugged, so go back and forth a few times and make sure that is enabled. Once is enabled, go back and click on “Change Screen Time Passcode”, again on “Change Screen Time Passcode” a second time, and put 1111.
Now, if you let your friend use his/her Apple ID, you can also let him/her create a passcode for you without letting you know which one is it. Otherwise, if you created a new Apple ID, click randomly with 3 fingers a few times until the passcode is the same when asked both times. It can take a few tries, but after that, you will be done and since you clicked with three fingers you will not know the exact order. Don’t try to guess it or you might block the account.
SAVE YOUR NEW APPLE ID EMAIL AND PASSWORD WITH A DELAY If you choose the second method and have created your new Apple ID, you have to save the password in a place where you can’t access it without waiting for a delay. I use two websites, just in case one of them has a problem. You can also write it down on paper and give it to someone. Just be creative.
The websites I use are ptimelock and pluckeye lockbox. They work the same way. After creating a new account (this time, with your personal email that you normally use) you can write notes and access them after a period of time. I made a screenshot both for ptimelock and pluckeye lockbox just to explain it a little bit better, but it’s really simple. After you created your note on those websites, permanently delete the new Apple ID’s password from Apple Notes.
To get the password back (in case you need to change your block settings) open ptimelock or pluckeye lockbox. Click “Unlock” and wait for the delay to pass. Once you got the password back, open Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode > Turn Off Screen Time Passcode > "Forgot Passcode?" and put the Apple ID’s email and password. Change the settings you want and after that repeat the steps above to lock it again.
ALL OF THIS IN PRACTICE The big downside of this method is that the smallest amount of App Limits on Screen Time is 1 minute (not zero). So, once a day (starting after midnight), we have to open the Shortcuts app for 1 minute, let it pass, and then click on “Ask For More Time” > “One More Minute”. After this minute is also passed, we can’t access the app anymore without the Screen Time passcode, making it impossible to disable the OneSec automation we made before.
I’ve personally configured OneSec with 30 seconds delay for YouTube and Instagram websites and this helps me use those apps much less. Also, when starting a working session, I open OneSec on the “Blocking” tab, I select a Timer (for example 4 hours) and below “Allow Pause” I select “No Pause”. This way I can’t access the blocked apps and websites in any way when I’m supposed to work for that period of time. The only way is to wait for the delay to pass, get the password back, and disable the screen time block.
HOW TO SCHEDULE BLOCKS To schedule blocks, we can use another automation inside the Shortcuts app. For example, let’s say you start working at 9 am every day and want to block access to your selected apps for two hours.
Open the Shortcuts app on the "Automation" tab, click on the + button, and select “Create Personal Automation”. Select “Time of Day” and select 9 am. You can also choose Weekly if you want to enable the automation during workdays only. Click next and “Add Action”. Search for OneSec and add the “Start Focus Session” option. Select 120 minutes and “don’t allow pauses” if you want to lock yourself out completely. Save the automation, disable “Ask Before Running” and you have done.
OPTIONAL: HIDE PARTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES To do this, we need the "SocialFocus" app. Download it and enable the Safari extension by going to Settings > Safari > Extensions. After that, open any website and click on the Safari menu on the bottom left. Click on SocialFocus and enable any block you want. You can hide the Reddit feed, YouTube homepage, sidebar, etc… Facebook Home feed, and many other things.
The best thing about this app is the password protection. Create any random password with this tool and save it to Apple Notes. Now, copy and paste it into the extension to lock the settings. After that, save the password on a delay website like ptimelock or pluckeye lockbox as explained before, and then delete it from Apple Notes. Pretty simple.
OPTIONAL: ACTIVE BLOCKS ONLY IF YOU ARE AT HOME (or any specific location) We can do this by modifying the Shortcut automation we made before to block apps with OneSec. To explain it in the best way possible and without writing another thousand words on this post, I leave you a Screenshot where I’ve explained everything.
CONCLUSION Well, this was hard to put together. I bet some of you are thinking “What the hell, there is no way I will do all of this. I would sell my iPhone instead”. I understand that completely and I also understand that someone could stop his tech addiction by training his willpower and working on some big and fulfilling goals. To me, it was the opposite. After eliminating all distractions from my life (I have similar blocks on my other devices like PC/Mac too) my brain couldn’t rely anymore on easy things to distract itself and I simply started enjoying hard and important things.
Hope this can help someone. Always stay strong!
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2023.05.26 22:38 adamshumpisxxx MasterPlus+ SWbemLocator Windows 11 Error Fix

MasterPlus+ SWbemLocator Windows 11 Error Fix
If you experience the following (or similar) error:
...when trying to install or update to the newest MasterPlus+ software then this post is for you! This issue is most commonly present on currently updated Windows 11 installations but MAY be found on previous versions of Windows.
NOTE: The troubleshooting steps and fixes shown here are provided free of charge and come without warranty. No liability from myself or CoolerMaster is assumed or implied. Follow at your own risk!
Here's how you fix the issue:
  1. Open up a Run dialog box by pressing WIN+X and selecting Run ~ OR ~ clicking the Start button and searching for Run.
  2. Inside the Run dialog box you want to type "services.msc" without quotes and press enter.
  3. Once the Services window is open you will see a list of all the local Services installed on your PC. Scroll down to the W's until you find the "Windows Management Instrumentation" service (WMI for short).
  4. Double-click the WMI service in question or right click it and select Properties.
  5. Once inside of the Properties of the WMI service on the General tab you will see mid-way down "Startup type" and in your case it will likely be set to Disabled.
  6. Select the drop down box that is currently set to Disabled, choose Automatic and click Apply.
  7. Look a little farther down within the same WMI properties window and observe the service status. In your case it will likely say Stopped.
  8. Click the Start button just below "Startup type" and allow Service Control to start the process. Once the WMI service is started, the service status should now say Running so press OK to exit the WMI service properties window.
  9. Close the main Services window and restart your computer.
You should now be able to install MasterPlus+ without issue! Should you need any clarification on any of the steps listed here, leave a comment and I'm sure either myself, u/CoolerMasterNA, or another knowledgeable Redditor will be by to help you.
If you continue to have issues, here are some other things to watch out for in general:
  1. You can try uninstalling MasterPlus+ through Control Panel > Programs and Features and then restarting your computer. Upon reboot run a program called CCleaner (or other similar software like Revo Uninstaller) to remove any remnants of MasterPlus+ left behind. I would also run Disk Cleanup as well. After you're all cleaned out, reboot again and then try installing MasterPlus+ from a fresh download from CoolerMaster's website (remember to run the installer as an administrator).
  2. You can scan for and fix a lot of issues in Windows by running Chkdsk, SFC and DISM one after another with the following commands (run all of these commands in an Administrator Powershell):
Chkdsk /scan
sfc /scannow
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth
3) The KB5026372 May 2023 Windows Update has been reported to cause issues in Windows 11 with various things (as per Windows Latest news).
You could try removing said update by going to Settings > Windows Update > Update history > Uninstall updates > find KB5026372 and clicking Uninstall then restarting your computer.
4) You could also check and make sure you have the latest most up-to-date Visual Studio Redistributable packages which can be found on MIcrosoft's website. Namely 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 (2005, 2008 and 2010 can also be installed on an as-needed basis).
5) If, at the very end of all of these suggestions and your own troubleshooting steps, nothing may be in a situation where only a clean format of your drive and fresh install of Windows 11 will solve your issue. For that, I'm sure you could find everything you need online, ask a knowledgeable friend or take it to a professional. Best of luck to you!
Special thanks goes out to u/CoolerMasterNA and the Taiwanese tech support staff at CoolerMaster!
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2023.05.26 18:56 _vulpixies Swatches of some of my foundation collection, was hoping for some opinions!

Swatches of some of my foundation collection, was hoping for some opinions!
Just wanted to have a swatch of some of my collection to see what things looked like together and have a bit of a discussion about people’s thoughts on matches. (Sorry the face swatches are so bad and not the same lighting)
I love Armani luminous silk but feel like it looks too dark on me when it’s a full face. I think my favourite to wear is YSL but I just got RB and I haven’t worn it yet so could be a contender.
I’m thinking about getting some samples of MAC studio fix fluid and EL DW both of which I haven’t worn since I was a teenager in shades the wrong undertone and too dark cause I was trying to hide how pale I was so I feel like I’ll like them more as an adult. I also really want to try makeup by Mario, haus labs and PMG so any shade recommendations on those brands would be amazing!
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2023.05.26 17:46 Vegeta9991 Asus GT-AXE16000 6E Issues

Asus GT-AXE16000 6E Issues
Just upgraded to 5-Gig internet. With my router that has 2 10-Gig ports I tested it with the built in speed test: Got Download 4514.31 Mbps and Upload 3321.55. The tech plugged his Mac pro directly in to the Google jack and gets over 5 gigs both ways. He used my cable which is Cat 7 so it’s not the cable. Anyone else have this issue using this router? Also any ideas to fix the issue?
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2023.05.26 13:37 Juelzmain22_ Back to Mac

Back to Mac
I have been ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with Mac makeup. So here’s a full face of Mac with some additional products. Seems like A LOT of products, but light layers strategically placed gives a very smooth, fresh, not heavy face of makeup. (Also sorry, no face picture attached this time 😬)
Mac fix+
Mac Studio fix mattifine shine control primer
Elf halo glow filter tan/deep
Mac Pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation NC50
Mac Studio tech cream to powder foundation NW60
Lys cream blush confident
Mac matte rich rosy bronzer
Haus labs bronzer deep level 10
Dior forever skin correct concealer 4.5N
Mac Studio fix 24hr smooth wear concealer NC44
Laura mercier translucent loose powder
Mac Studio fix pro set + blur powder dark
Morphe filter effect powder filter4
Mac mineralize skin finish Cheeky Bronze
Haus labs blush watermelon bliss
Mac x Whitney Houston extra dimension skin finish Just Whitney
Mac contemplative state paint pot
Mac Pro eyeshadow uninterrupted
Mac singles (natural wilderness, soft brown, espresso, Swiss chocolate)
Mac costa riche eye liner
Mac extra dimension eyeshadow Havana
Mac fix+ stay over setting spray
Mac lip liners Chestnut, Cork
Mac x Whitney Houston lipstick Nippy’s moody nude
Mac lipglass beaux
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2023.05.26 09:58 normandus The Life and Legacy of Steve Jobs: A Visionary Who Revolutionized Technology - Research Paper

Unraveling the Extraordinary Journey of Apple's Co-founder and Former CEO
Steve Jobs - a name that resonates with innovation, creativity, and groundbreaking technology. This remarkable visionary left an indelible mark on the world, transforming the way we communicate, work, and interact with technology. From humble beginnings to co-founding one of the most influential companies in history, Jobs' life was an extraordinary tale of passion, perseverance, and relentless pursuit of excellence. In this article, we delve into the captivating story of Steve Jobs, exploring the key milestones, his impact on Apple Inc., and the lasting legacy he left behind.
Childhood and Early Influences: Nurturing the Seeds of Curiosity
Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California. Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, he grew up in Mountain View, a neighborhood known today as the heart of Silicon Valley. Even as a child, Jobs displayed an insatiable curiosity and an affinity for tinkering with electronics. This passion was further fueled by his father, who introduced him to the world of electronics at an early age, igniting a spark that would shape Jobs' future endeavors.
The College Years: Connecting the Dots
After graduating from Homestead High School in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. However, his time at college was short-lived, as he dropped out after just six months due to the financial burden it placed on his adoptive parents. Nevertheless, Jobs continued attending classes that intrigued him, such as calligraphy, which would later influence the design and aesthetics of Apple products.
The Birth of Apple: A Fruitful Collaboration
In 1976, Jobs teamed up with his friend Steve Wozniak to create Apple Computer, Inc. in the Jobs family's garage. Their ambitious goal was to make computers accessible and user-friendly, catering to the needs of everyday individuals. The launch of the Apple I and Apple II computers propelled the company into the limelight, capturing the attention of technology enthusiasts and marking the beginning of a transformative journey.
The Macintosh Revolution: A Paradigm Shift in Personal Computing
In 1984, Apple unveiled the Macintosh, a revolutionary computer that showcased Jobs' dedication to intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces. The Macintosh introduced the concept of graphical user interfaces (GUI) to the masses, forever changing the way people interacted with computers. This groundbreaking innovation positioned Apple as a leading player in the personal computing industry, setting the stage for future advancements.
The Wilderness Years: Lessons in Resilience and Redemption
Despite his early successes, Jobs faced numerous setbacks throughout his career. After a power struggle within Apple's board of directors, Jobs resigned from the company in 1985. This departure marked the beginning of what would be referred to as his "wilderness years." During this period, Jobs explored other ventures, including the establishment of NeXT Computer Inc. and the acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios, which would go on to create iconic films such as "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo."
The Return to Apple: A Phoenix Rising
In 1997, Apple faced a turbulent period, struggling to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. As the company teetered on the brink of collapse, Jobs returned to Apple as its interim CEO. Armed with his unwavering vision and a deep understanding of consumer needs, he spearheaded a remarkable turnaround, revitalizing the company's product line and fostering a culture of innovation. Under Jobs' leadership, Apple introduced a series of revolutionary products, including the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, each reshaping the technology landscape and captivating consumers worldwide.
Legacy and Lasting Impact: The Apple Empire
Steve Jobs' indomitable spirit and unparalleled commitment to excellence transformed Apple into a global powerhouse. His unwavering attention to detail and insistence on creating products that seamlessly blended technology and artistry set Apple apart from its competitors. Today, Apple is recognized as one of the most valuable and influential companies in the world, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards for innovation.
Remembering Steve Jobs: A Cultural Icon
On October 5, 2011, the world mourned the loss of a visionary as Steve Jobs passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. His untimely death left a void not only in the tech industry but also in popular culture. Jobs' impact transcended the realm of technology, inspiring countless individuals to dream big, think differently, and pursue their passions relentlessly. His ability to envision the future and translate those visions into reality cemented his legacy as one of the greatest minds of our time.
Conclusion: A Pioneer Who Changed the World
Steve Jobs' journey from a curious child to a revered innovator is a testament to the power of imagination and perseverance. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with an unwavering belief in the potential of technology, revolutionized multiple industries and reshaped the way we live. Jobs' extraordinary contributions continue to shape our world, reminding us that no dream is too audacious and no obstacle too formidable. As we reflect on his life and legacy, we are inspired to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and make our own dent in the universe, just as Steve Jobs did.
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2023.05.26 05:55 annyeonghaseye Ok so I layered BLK’s Very Peri and NARS’s Dolce Vita on my cheeks and I’m amazed

Ok so I layered BLK’s Very Peri and NARS’s Dolce Vita on my cheeks and I’m amazed
FOTD details: - MAC Studio Fix concealer in NW32 - Maybelline Fit Me skin tint in 06 - Sunnies Face Lifebrow Gel in Ash Brown - Vice Cosmetics clear brow fixer - BLK Very Peri - NARS Dolce Vita - Sunnies Face Fluffmatte in Bunny
Color theory is interesting! I put a purple liquid blush underneath a pink-toned powder blush and the result is kinda mind-blowing. SHETTTTT
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