Getting Lobomail on my phone.

2015.12.12 11:26 CamCam1029 Getting Lobomail on my phone.

I know the semester is already over (Thank God, how finals went well!) but I've been trying for roughly a year to get my Lobomail to come to my phone without actually going through a browser. Any ideas on how I can do this? I have an LG G3.
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2013.07.11 04:17 physguy Has anyone been able to get UNM Lobomail to work with Mozilla Thunderbird?

I'm a newcomer to UNM (starting this fall as a graduate student) and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to access my unm webmail from an external client (Thunderbird). IT says they can't help so I thought I'd ask here if anyone has had any luck setting up their mail with an external client. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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