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2023.06.11 03:16 bamamike7180 Seriously 🤔 63 days and a fine WTF!!!

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2023.06.11 03:16 rinsad Using Generative AI for

Using Generative AI for
Hello Redditors,
I am thrilled to share with you a sample of how AI technology can be employed to create persuasive listing descriptions for your properties. Using a random property from Zillow, I have generated a fresh and compelling property description on the fly.
As I continue to develop this tool, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on how we can make it more effective for users. Thank you in advance for your valuable insights and suggestions.
Sample Listing from Zillow
Listing description created by
Generated content in text:
"Looking for a spacious single-family home in the heart of Somerdale? Look no further than 713 Southwick Cir! This stunning property boasts 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with a total area of 2,582 square feet. You'll love the double car garage and central heat & air, perfect for staying comfortable year-round. Plus, the total fireplace adds a cozy touch to the spacious living area.

But that's not all - this property also offers a great view of the city, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings from the comfort of your own home. And if you're a nature lover, you'll appreciate the fact that this property is surrounded by greenery, providing a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make this property your own - schedule a tour today and see all that it has to offer!"

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2023.06.11 03:15 sskitchens Planning Advice

Hello! My boyfriend and I (both 30 yrs old) are visiting Costa Rica in July for one week. I know this isn't a ton of time, but it's what we have. I have been years ago when I was a child and really want to go back to Arenal/La Fortuna. Other than that, where else should we go? I've been to Manuel Antonio and Tortuguero, so I'd like to skip those. Also, I don't want to rent a car, and am looking for recommendations on private car companies or even flights... I would like to go to at least one other place in addition to Arenal. We like the jungle, sight seeing, ziplining, hot springing, etc. Bf isn't super into beach culture, but I figured a beach would be nice because Arenal is jungle and it'd be cool to balance it out with a beach. So, I'm looking for somewhere that's not super touristy (Manuel Antonio) but easy-ish to get to from the Arenal area. We were looking at Drake Bay, Corcovado, and Puerto Viejo, but not sure about how accessible they are. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Flying in to San Jose Airport from Mexico City.
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2023.06.11 03:14 Aaron_TheOtaku_07 I need your help in fixing Chapter 1 of My Fanfiction. I have some Questions about Tokiwadai Middle School and Academy City's Educational System and Institutions.

I need your help in fixing Chapter 1 of My Fanfiction. I have some Questions about Tokiwadai Middle School and Academy City's Educational System and Institutions.
I have some questions about Tokiwadai Middle School.
So, I recently did my research about it, as well as finding accurate information about the Japanese Educational System.
And it turns out that in Japan, correct me if I am wrong,
Middle School Years for Japanese Students are in Grades 7 to 9,
Which means students, who are 12 years old and who are turning 15 are in middle school.
And since Mikoto was 14 now turning 15 in the current chapter of the Index Light Novel and the Railgun Manga Series, this fits right and is accurate somehow for the timeline.
But for students, who had turned 15 and are turning 18, who are in Grades 10 to 12, they are in the level of High School, correct?
And beyond that is college or universities.
If that's the case, if Mikoto has her 18th Birthday ready to be celebrated within the coming days,
Then would there be a Tokiwadai High School that she had already attended to?
And if that's the case, what would the uniforms would look like now?
I don't see any information about Tokiwadai Schoolgirls attending Tokiwadai High School, if there is such a thing in the Toaru World, and having a different uniform because there's no indication of both.
Only Tokiwadai Middle School is currently known. Do you think it is also for Highschool Girls???
And that prestigious school for girls have the educational system that of a university level, which is very impressive, in all honesty.
Still, can any of you answer my questions, please?
I'm planning to fix some errors on my Touma x Mikoto Fanfiction.
It's not too late to fix Chapter 1, despite it being published on my account on
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2023.06.11 03:14 No_Tap3244 How do you open the playbins using the website?

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2023.06.11 03:13 Atricky1 REWATCH PREMIERE PARTY - NYC S1 E1

Hey Ya'll! It's time for our first rewatch party of the season!
Tomorrow, Sunday 6/11 at 7pm EST, we will begin our Rewatch of NYC Season 1, Episode 1!
We will have a watch party every Sunday and continue with other cities! (We can alter times as we go.)
I will start a thread shortly before 7pm so we can chat throughout the episode!
Let's have fun taking a trip down memory lane!
RSVP below! Woohoo!
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2023.06.11 03:13 CrowTaylor Parking Meter Press Release from BPD

Parking Meter Press Release from BPD
Allegedly a fellow stole 90 parking meters
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2023.06.11 03:13 Rejected_Noodle [TOMT] [Music Video] A music video where there’s some “doll like” human driving a car, moving in some numb uncanny way.

Basically, I remember watching this music video many times on VH1 when I was younger. For some reason I associate it with the song “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode but the actual music video for that song has nothing to do with it. In the music video that I’m searching for, I remember seeing the front view of the inside of a car, It was seen from an outside perspective like as if we were outside of the car. The car spent the whole video driving around some sort of city during the night I think. And inside the car on the drivers seat was a person who looked very uncanny, like they were drugged and numb. And I think I remember this person being tied up, but I’m not sure. As the car kept driving this person kept shaking by the movement of the car. This music video freaked me out, specially by the way the person was moving all numb. But I really want to find it. It’s been on my mind for years. Does anyone remember something similar to this?
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2023.06.11 03:13 throwitawaynowchili Italy - Switzerland - France in 2 weeks?

I have a wedding in Sperlonga this fall and am making a trip out of it. I could really use some input on my itinerary. I have already booked by arriving flight into FCO on Sept 25th and I leave out of Paris early AM on Oct 7th. I really want to do Switzerland but I am open to suggestions on the Italian cities and how much time to spend in them. Here is where I am at currently:
*Day 1: Arrive into Rome, immediately get on train to Sperlonga (I have done Rome many years ago and while I would love to spend more time I am not sure it will be possible on this trip)
*Day 2: Sperlonga
*Day 3: Sperlonga (Rehearsal Dinner)
*Day 4:Sperlonga (Wedding Day)
*Day 5: Leave Sperlonga, travel by train to Florence (Should I stop in Rome?)
*Day 6: Florence
*Day 7: Florence - late Train to Milan
*Day 8: Milan (AM) Train to Lucerne Switzerland
*Day 9: Switzerland
*Day 10: Switzerland to Paris
*Day 11: Paris
*Day 12: Paris
*Day 13: Paris
*Day 14: Leave early AM out of Paris
Thoughts? Milan is just a stop to break up the train ride to Switzerland. I would have loved to see Venice but dont think that works for this path. And would love to add some time in Rome if possible
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2023.06.11 03:13 rdk67 Spring Day 82: First, Stillness

When the flying saucers finally came, the matter of evidence was, at last, laid to rest – there they all were, just hovering there, in strategic locations around the globe. Yes, but a strategy in service to what? Some of the flying saucers landed where you might guess – above parliaments and beside military bases. Others found a vacant lot to stop over, a public park to stay in. Whatever the strategy, what they all had in common was a nearness to people. They all chose to be near people.
The craft came to rest at various elevations, and where they stopped, they stayed, humming slightly, slightly glowing. The crowds came, too, where they could, and for a time, every major crisis related to the alien invasion was a product of crowd control. After the first day, and certainly by the end of the first week, anyone who wanted a look at an alien craft could find endless photographic treatments of them online and in every other media. All were circular in appearance, domes in the center, flat on the bottom.
In other respects, they were completely featureless. This precipitated the second kind of crisis – namely, that there were no brand names, logos, or serial numbers on any part of any craft, and what was that meant to imply about an alien civilization and its relationship to free enterprise? Brand-less promotions might play well with strange lights in the sky but tends to trip alarm bells just hovering there in the city square, not really paying its way. No one said, commie aliens, but you could see them pursing their lips.
A month later, with as many measurements and as much evidence as anyone wanted to collect circulating around the world night and day, none of the alien ships had budged an inch. All attempts to communicate were without success, including instances of people walking right up and shouting at the top of their lungs. In places, queues formed for those who wanted to give the contact experience a shot. Timpanists, yodelers, sign-language therapists – no one elicited even a whisper of a response.
A video was leaked online, of a military-grade munitions going off in the vicinity of one of the flying saucers, and in no time, the instance spawned a whole new genre. Bomb blasts, rifle volleys, empty bottles heaved with force – none of it altered the stillness of the alien craft, nor did subsequent measurements turn up any difference. In certain places, squeezing off a few shots at a flying saucer became a thing people did for amusement. Did it amuse the alien pilots inside? No one knew.
Where are all the aliens? Even with hovering flying saucers dotting the global landscape, people began to ask the question again. Sure, the alien craft defied gravity, powered by an energy source that might be functionally inexhaustible, but so what? Keeping such a secret in plain sight was no better than hiding it on the other side of the galaxy. People began to walk around them, both metaphorically and in fact. One had a high rise go up beside it. One had a merry-go-round installed beneath it.
Not like we were cynical about it, but life goes on, even in the presence of the transcendent. A popular photo motif was of a traveler to one of the flying saucers seeming to hold it up with both hands, while an unseen third hand snaps the pic at just the right angle. In the photos, the human expression, among children, tended to be one of delight and determination, while the adults seemed mildly surprised and detached. The contact experience would turn out to be all those things and more. First, though, it was still.
I once wrote a story about flying saucers called Ramps or Ladders? The gist of the story is that no matter how impressive an alien craft might seem in size and form, as soon as it was forced to interface with the outside world, it would seem about as reasonable as a cuckoo bird popping out of someone’s mouth on a spring. What they meant to say was a quip, but out came the bird.
Ramps or ladders – what’s the better mood-setter for the fussy alien? Ramps or ladders – which makes the truer statement about the cosmos?
Teleportation solves the problem – right – but if we go that route, why not leave vehicles out of it? I give you: transmigrations of the flesh through limitless dimensionality, plus memories and selfhood, in a way that does not disrupt the second law of thermodynamics, anywhere you like, whenever you want. Works most of the time! Or we stick with the ramps and ladders problem.
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2023.06.11 03:13 Catastrio I Created An Isometric Map Of The Willis, Alabama Region For Operation Jack Frost! (Bonus Player Map Of Willis Inside)

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2023.06.11 03:13 Sunny_Flower06 There's nothing worse than having an apolitical family

And I mean it in the sad way. It'd be much easier if they all were righ-wingers, because then I'd knew that it's pointless to try and deprogram them.
Our family comes from Soviet Russian village near the Ukraine border. Thanks to Soviet system my grandma got a flat in Ukranian city close to Lugansk and we lived there until the 2014 coup when we had to flee. We returned to the same village my grandma was born, but due 2022 we had to run again.
My mother is highly underpreciated teacher with two universities degrees. She's looking for a job other than the one she studied years for, because the teacher's salaries nowadays can't cover our needs.
You'd think that after all of this they'd be pretty much left wing. That's the whole problem. I can hear them complaining about current dire situation and billionaires, but when I try to nudge them to radicalise them even more they shut me and try to deradicalise me instead, saying that "People up there know better and there's no point in trying to do something". I just don't understand how after everything we went through they still have this false hope about things getting better. All of this shit is going to become worse and I'm not going to pretend that this is how things are meant to be.
I'm sorry if my rant was off topic and all over the place. I'm writing this at 4 am with my brain almost turning off.
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2023.06.11 03:11 Xzauos Reaction?Future Ballon D'or winner?

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2023.06.11 03:11 donebeenforgotten Bunny suit at the Blanco Lavender fest.

Bunny suit at the Blanco Lavender fest.
Went to the lavender fest in blanco today, and on one of the steel staircases on the side of the old city hall building has a weathered, abandoned bunny suit halfway up.
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2023.06.11 03:11 ResponsibleMonkey432 What is the name of the toy store in the food court in Square One?

It is the toy store that opened up when the Disney store closed down. Does anyone know what the name of the toy store is?
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2023.06.11 03:10 cable_provider Find and return all values that fall between x and y with multiple criteria.

I have one work sheet (Miles) with a bunch of distances. The columns have depots and the rows are different cities. The cells are the distance from that city to the depot.
Looking for a way to filter all the cities by searching the depot name and that are in-between B1 and B2 cells.
Chicago, IL to Container yard is 76 miles
Aurora, IL to Container yard is 50 miles
Aurora, IL to BNSF is 67 miles
Harvey, il to Container yard is 30 miles
I want all cities to show on a new worksheet that are greater than or equal to 50 miles but less than or equal 99 miles. And only going to Container yard.
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2023.06.11 03:09 apio_uwu AITA for not wanting to study om the university my mom wants me to study?

Ok so I (M16) and my mom (F46) have been arguing over the past week over my studies, for starters we're not american and the school year ends in december, next year i finish school and have to go to study on an university.
My mom wants me to go to the not-so-far city because she says it's cheaper and safer and it will make it easier for them to visit me, but i tell her i want to go to study to the city that's about the same price but a bit more far and will be a better option for what i want to study (biology) she says no because it's "too far" and "too expensive" (i made research and it's not) and she will not be able to visit me.
But i told her i don't want my future to be determined by her wishes and that i'm tired of living in "rural" places and being like "stuck in a bubble" and she told me it's way too early to have this talk (it isn't) and idk i feel like i'm being TA here.
(Sorry if my english is bad :C)
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2023.06.11 03:08 Sirhc1995 I'm looking opinions on Orlando's economy compared to other places

I've been browsing this sub for awhile now, using the search function to get whatever answer I need, and I'm quite surprised at the amount of people that hate it there or pressure people into not moving there. I was born in Miami, and spent my entire life in North Carolina, moving back to Florida (Orlando) and I honestly can't get the answers I'm looking for besides hate for rent increases and "We're full" comments.
I'm not saying Orlando or Florida in general is the best place to live, but besides the politics and weather taking some getting used to and not being for everybody, I'm not understanding why it's complained on so bad considering it's not so different than you think. One of biggest complaints I see is the housing/job market.
People are upset that the average 2bdr in Florida is around $1500-$1800 and say that Florida is the worst place to rent or buy from. Dude, that's pretty much everywhere. My rent in NC went from $1700 to $2100 after just a YEAR of staying in my apartment and from what I heard they're due for another increase and I lived in a smaller town, the rent prices in Charlotte were either the same or worse. Before deciding to move to Florida I looked everywhere in NC and unless you stay in some small town in the middle of nowhere where the closest store is about 15 miles away or the flat out hood, you're looking at about $1500 minimum, even for a 1bdr lol. After doing research in the Orlando area the rent prices are either the same or even lower in Orlando compared to NC.
Don't even get me started on traffic, you guys complain about I-4, come take a look at I-77, it's backed up everyday, it's a wreck everyday, and I-85 ALWAYS has some sort of construction going on lol
So now you have a choice, do you continue staying in a city/state you've been your whole life with absolutely nothing to do and dealing with horrible rent increases? Or do you accept a change of scenery in a place that you love where it's tons of things to do daily for the same price or lower? Seriously, the only "Amazing" thing in NC is Carowinds, the nightlife is horrible and on top of it being nearly vacant, there's shootings every night at some club or bar, the art districts are lackluster, shootings there as well, even in the NoDa district, there's barely any events, CIAA was removed from the city because of shootings, theres no water just infinite trees and grass, no beaches unless you go to the abandoned beach on the coast or South Carolina, which are both 3-4 hours away, the weather is absolutely bipolar. One day it's cold, then it's hot, then it's warm, then it's raining, then it's cold again, then its storming, then it's snowing in February and hot in the winter.
I can go on and on but point is, Florida may not be the best place to stay, it has its issues, but its not far off from quite a few other states and even more forgiving in some cases. People complain about the influx of northerners moving to Florida, how do you think we've felt? We're their first stop, Charlotte has been completely overturned with Northerners and it's trying to be an artificial version of NYC. I'm just saying you can't really blame everyone for wanting to move there, it's A LOT better than most places, and a lot cheaper too especially on the east coast lol
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2023.06.11 03:08 brokendownhusband Wife wants divorce. Proof of infidelity came after her statement. Do I confront with proof?

Hey all,
Not really sure where to begin. Things hadn’t been great the past few years between my wife and I, so i kept pushing for counseling, tried to work on things and…nothing. Jump to Dec ‘21, I found her texting a guy. She agreed to counseling after, but it then was a bust. And then While I was deployed from Jan - May 2023 with the US military she told me she wanted a divorce. It got ugly, I came home, and before I came home it was her turn to deploy. Cue the proof.
Our youngest daughter’s iPad is synced to her account, so one day when the iPad was receiving a call meant for the wife I thought “let me check the notes app.” Sure enough, she had a running journal of her relationship and love letters to the guy. While I’ve been home I’ve been building my case for what divorce or a split may look like, but in terms of my own sanity…do I show the evidence? She has no idea I have proof, and up until then there were only clues (like her constant leaving while I was deployed). For my own sake I want to, because IMO it invalidates all the head games she was playing and any high road she feels she could take.
For negatives, maybe it’d make her fight harder in court. Maybe she’d be pushed even farther away. I originally was trying my hardest to make it work while I was overseas and said my intent was to show her this marriage is worth keeping while she’s gone, but maybe it’s a lost cause at this point. Appreciate you all, and have a good day.
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2023.06.11 03:08 Jadams0108 How has having a record affected your life personally?

So I’m not an ex con but I am a guy going through the courts charged with a crime. Plead guilty what I’ve done wasn’t serious enough to warrant jail time, I will be sentenced here in a few months to probation with a 50/50 chance of either having probation with a record or without a record. Curious how this had actually affected life for some people? As far as I know I’ve never had a record check done as I don’t work in a career field to warrant that(hell I’ve worked with numerous ex cons who’ve done some hard time over the years). Just curious to hear and discuss.
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2023.06.11 03:08 Rob404 So now that we deep into the summer movie season what movies you excited to use you reservations on?

Just curious to see what movies got everyone excited I know there’s big ones like the flash and Oppenheimer smaller one like Asteroid city.
Mine personally are
The Last Voyage of the Demeter
The Meg 2
Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One
TMNT: Mutant Mayhem
Gran Turismo
Love me some monster movies and the last three I just think they legitimately look good
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2023.06.11 03:07 Alive-Television Guy used me for his own financial benefit, back at his grandma’s house.

so I met this guy a couple of months ago and we really hit it off at first and I thought that he really liked me. He even invited me on a trip with him and offered to pay for the accommodations. So this guy was traveling all around, so it wasn’t anything serious. I was meant to go to this place with him and then he go to the next place on his list and I go back home where we met. But while we were there, he didn’t like the place that we went to, and he asked me if he could stay at my apartment and stay back in the city for a few days (where I live). I said yes, because I felt like I owed him because he had paid for a lot of our dinners and he let me stay at the hotel that he had booked in the city that we had went to.
But then he started acting more distant with me. We were hanging out every day before i let him stay at my place, and suddenly he wanted to only go out with the friends that we made together by himself, and he basically dis invited me all future hang outs. (i introduced him to these people) One night they were doing something cool and I asked if I could join and he said yes and when we got there the whole entire time he was flirting with this girl and not talking to me at all. Like yeah we weren’t together it was just a fling but common decency to not try and hook up with a girl in front of the girl you’ve been hooking up with.
it was then I finally realized that the guy was an asshole and i lost all interest in him. but he was only staying there for a few more days, so I just didn’t say anything and stayed civil. Luckily for me he was only at my house to shower and to change his clothes but I’m pretty sure he spent all the nights at this girls house. The day came for him to go and we said our goodbyes , after he left he pretty much ghosted. but I didn’t really care because I already knew he was an asshole.
But then one day he started talking to me more and he was calling me every day. We were texting every day. I entertained it because the conversation was good and then it was nice to have someone there whenever I was bored to talk to you, but that’s all it was to me just someone to talk to you when I was bored. Then he asked me if I would go with him to another city that he had next on his travel list , and if I would split the hotel with him because he had to get a tattoo done in the city.
Now, he had previously told me that he went too crazy with his money when he was in my city and had run out and wasn’t living off of so much. He had his mom sending him 100 bucks every few days for food. He has been expecting a few thousand dollars from some money from insurance but he had planned another two months of travel so it wouldn’t be enough. He also asked me if he could come back to my city and stay with me for a month because he really liked it. I then realized that he was giving me all this attention for the past two weeks just to warm me up because he thought that he could benefit off of me to help fund his travel costs. meanwhile, the past two weeks we had been talking every single day he was also a dick to me a lot.
So I told him yes, that I would go with him and that yes he could stay with me in my city. But of course, I had no intentions to. I let him believe that for another week or so while we have been talking every single day and he had also been a dick to me a lot, and didn’t treat me well at all. When I finally got enough of pretending. (about 2 weeks before “our trip”)I told him that I don’t wanna talk to him anymore because I don’t like how he treats me. Suddenly he starts panicking and trying to call me (because he needs me at this point) and I just tell him nope, good riddance. And then i block him.
I just looked at his Instagram story , today he was supposed to be in the other City to get the tattoo that he told me he had been excited about for a year. But instead he’s at his grandmas house :) I’m guessing that he couldn’t afford to go. Maybe next time be a genuine person and don’t use people while being a dick to them and the odds will go in your favor.
Maybe some of you see this and think I was too harsh. But i’ve been used so many times before, and this is the first time i’ve been able to recognize it and I was fed up. He wasn’t going to get away with insulting my intelligence like that.
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