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I Played a Secret Playstation Game From Japan When I Was A Kid and It Still Haunts Me Today - Part 1

2023.03.21 21:03 JameGumb724 I Played a Secret Playstation Game From Japan When I Was A Kid and It Still Haunts Me Today - Part 1

The game was an unmarked disc. Not even a color. Just a plain piece of plastic. Yet, I was horrified when I saw it in my dream.
I popped up in the middle of the night and there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleep. I laid in my bed and thought about why that Playstation game was so terrifying to me.
The game appeared at Corey’s house when I was 13. He had moved down the street from me shortly before and I made fast friends with him because he always had all of the best games. Corey’s dad worked for an electronics distributor so he got the games early.
Corey was waiting for me when I got home from the school bus one day. His dad had gotten a crazy new game “from Japan” no one else would ever have. He had spent the day playing it over and over again.
He showed me the unmarked disc before he put it in the Playstation. The game had no opening credits or menu. It just went straight into the gameplay - spitting you into a P.O.V. game in a murky building which seemed like an army base.
I’m hesitant to describe the game too much. One - because I don’t remember it perfectly because of the way it shredded my brain. Two - because I don’t want to pass on any of the trauma the game gave me to anyone else.
From what I remember, the game was relatively unfinished, and that made it more eerie - the monsters were just blank outlines without faces which would kill you, the music was low and humming and barely audible, everything was dark, the controls were jerky.
Yet, the game was incredibly addicting. I played it over and over and over again until my parents made me come home.
I stayed up almost all night thinking about the game. When I did sleep, I felt like I was just in the game in my head.
Corey wasn’t at school the next day again. I didn’t think anything of it until I walked out of class at the end of the day and saw local news T.V. trucks parked out front.
I heard what they were talking about, interviewing students and parents. An unnamed student had killed himself and his family that day at their home. I found out it was Corey on the bus ride home.
Very few details came out. All I ever found out was Corey took the dad’s shotgun and shot both parents, and his older sister, all in bed, all still sleeping. I didn’t want to know much more.
I stopped playing video games for a while. Yet, the game wouldn’t get out of my head. I just kept wanting to play it.
I eventually went to the video game store at the mall. It was lorded over by a man named Morton. Obese. 20s. Shoulder-length hair, and an air of odd arrogance, he made video game shopping at a suburban town in Ohio feel like you were trying to buy records in Brooklyn.
I approached Morton with fear. He was a hulking figure to my 13-year-old self and he had his own little empire at the only game store in town.
“I’m looking for a game, I, uh, um, my friend had it, but I can’t find it,” I started in.
“Ta-ta-ta-today…junior,” Morton mocked me with a line from Billy Madison.
The other guys in the store chuckled, turning my face to beat red.
“Have you ever heard about an unmarked Playstation game ‘from Japan?”’ I asked.
Everyone about Morton changed. He looked around the space to see if anyone was still listening then he motioned me closer, and spoke quieter.
“Where did you see that game?” He asked.
Now it was my turn to get closer and talk quietly. I explained it was Corey, and who he was, and what he did.
Morton looked even more interested, and stressed out.
He took me to a back room. Dark, the only light coming from an arcade machine in the back and a lit cigarette dangling from the teenage lips of another kid.
I knew the kid. His name was Nat. He was 15 and was known in the area as a video game prodigy. He had won just about any tournament for any game ever held in several counties and he had an interesting style - he had long hair at a time when everyone had short, he wore tight clothes at a time when everyone wore baggy, and there were rumors he did professional video game testing in California during school breaks. Nat hanging out in the secret back room of the video game store was very on-brand.
Morton had me sit down at a table as he started demolishing fun size candy bars while he told me the backstory of the video game “from Japan.”
The game wasn’t from Japan. He wasn’t sure where that mythology came from. The game was very much from the U.S. It was created by the U.S. government. When school shootings started becoming a thing there was a panic about video games, specifically first-person shooter games being the cause.
The C.I.A.’s solution was to work with a video company to create a first-person shooter game to release and hype up but to subliminally program as to control the player’s mind and steer them to non-violent thoughts.
“How do you know all this?” I asked Morton.
“The game is a real thing,” Nat said while never stopping banging away at the latest version of Mortal Kombat on the machine in the corner.
I let Morton go on. Nat was the ultimate authority to me. His girlfriend, Calyn, was my first love, even though she didn’t know who I was. She was a year ahead of me in school and I didn’t even know how she existed.
But back to the game. The game didn’t keep kids from being violent. Video games couldn’t fucking do that, but something they programmed in the game destroyed the kids who tested it - they couldn’t focus on anything else and it terrorized their minds - making them think monsters were coming to kill them, basically making them severely schizophrenic.
The worst part was something in the game seemed to make kids really want to share it. All of the test kids snuck the game out and made copies of it.
Unless someone was skilled enough to make it through the game and beat it, the game seemed to ruin their brains, and their lives, Morton explained before saying he was out of information.
“Have you played the game?” Morton asked me.
I affirmed.
“Where is the game now?” Morton asked.
I explained I had no idea. I assumed it was with Corey’s family and their stuff. No way I could get access to it.
At that point Morton explained that he wished me luck, but he could offer me no help.
“Do you know who has ever beaten the game?” I asked Morton as I could feel his body energy beg me to leave.
“I have,” Nat’s voice rose up from the corner of the room.
Nat left the room before I could ask anymore questions.
The game permeated my brain. All I wanted to do was play it even though I had no way to. I would see the monsters hiding in the shadows of my parents’ house and I’d stop - wait for them to jump out and attack me. I heard that terribly ominous musical score of the game in the back of my mind all the time.
If I slept, all I dreamed about was the game, and getting killed in the game, and it all felt real.
This went on for a couple of days and kept getting stronger and stronger. I had to keep playing the game.
I lost control. I got out of bed in the middle of the night and snuck out my bedroom window.
I made it to Corey’s house in a flash. There was no police tape or anything you’d expect in a movie. It was just there. The way it always was.
I went to the back of the house, where I knew there was a door that went directly into the basement, where Corey’s gaming setup was. I took the longshot that it was left unlocked.
Now this all might sound crazy, but as a severe drug addict for a good chunk of my life, trust me that my desire to play that game that night was stronger than any desire to ever do drugs, that’s how intoxicating and addicting it was. Nothing was going to stop me.
The door was unlocked and if you want to doubt that small town cops 25 years ago were that lazy…try me.
I got into the basement. The house was cold, dark, and empty, but Corey’s Playstation was still set up right there in the basement. I checked the disc inside. It was the game.
I turned on the Playstation and the game came to life. I started playing.
My feet felt like they were welded to the floor. My fingers superglued to the controller. My eyes couldn’t leave the screen.
There was no getting away from the game. I played for I have no idea how long.
I can’t remember anything until I was standing in that dark basement, playing the game, and I felt strong hands wrap around the back of my neck. Then a powerful force pushed me to the ground.
I was on the ground and I looked up and saw endless shadows filling the room around me. Dark and faceless. They looked just like the monsters in the game.
The monsters were moving in on me. They were no longer in the game. They were no longer in my head. They were now living breathing with me and dangerous.
And they were going to be on me very soon and the power they radiated at me communicated to me that I wasn’t going to last long against them.
I also got a powerful sense of something they wanted me to do. They were telling me to go to school the next day. They were telling me where my dad kept his gun. I was losing myself in their messages.
Then all of these feelings started to fade. Then the TV cut out - the game no longer broadcasting.
Someone else was in the room. Not just me and the monsters. They were dressed in all black. I couldn’t make out anything identifiable about them, other than they were human like me, and they were pushing away the monsters and they took my hand.
They got me out of the house.
Then they disappeared.
I looked back into the basement of Corey’s house - there was nothing but darkness inside.
But then, I saw a blue light come to life inside the basement room.
The game had come back on again, and it was calling me back inside with its siren song…
I was ready to go back in, taking my first steps that way when…
Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me away. They drug me all the way back to the sidewalk where they stopped and whispered into my ear:
“Go the fuck home. I won’t help you from here.”
They let me go and were gone in the night.
I walked home.
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2023.03.21 20:58 Tenp123 20/PC/PST - looking for that immaculate vibes gaming co-pilot, have a major craving for Grounded and/or Terriara right now

hey hey! the name's Leo, maestro of sarcasm and laid-back goofball looking for another (usually just prefer duos, sorry to any groups!) to play Terraria or Grounded. I'm open to more games if you have suggestions, particularly MMOs or sandbox survivals), just have an unwavering itch for those two in particular and would love to start up a world and see it through to the end while having a blast the entire time! I'm pretty clueless on both games and an absolute dumbass, so let's go be dumb and dumber
I also absolutely love anime, manga, films, online geography games that remind me how awful I am at them, and finding horrible videos on YouTube with 3 views. sitting in our base while we take a break and watch something? hell yeah.
little bit about me: I'm a Bajan-born Canadian (like that youtuber in 2010? yeah, that's basically me) attending college for anthropology right now, and doing freelance voice-over work on the side. love everything artsy/aesthetic, fall is objectively the best season, and I'm a non-recovering coffee addict.
if that all sounds like roses and cherries to you, please shoot me a message/chat with a little bit about yourself and I'll pass you my Discord! I would love to get to know you and talking about yourself is the easiest icebreaker, hopefully :^)
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2023.03.21 20:55 GNGVir Striders Gate Target Shooting Game Destiny 2 Neomuna

You can see Striders Gate Target Shooting Game Destiny 2 Neomuna following this video guide
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2023.03.21 20:33 Lost-Elderberry3141 Their script for the video they’re shooting today 💀 a Bad Jokes video, this can only go terribly lmao

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2023.03.21 20:27 alcanony1 motion blur for high frame rate video (speed ramping)

Whenever i shoot 60-120 fps for a 24fps timeline the slow motion part is great but retiming the footage to get it to play at real time makes the motion blur look terrible.
My question is how do they do it in the movies, like during action scenes and stuff they have the video play at real time and speed ramp it to slow it down for hero shots or cool stunts, and the motion blur looks great for both, it looks natural while playing at real time and when it's slowed down.
I know they have to be shooting the whole shot at 120-240fps whatever it is to get that kind of slow motion, but how does the motion blur still look good when it's retimed to play at real time?
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2023.03.21 20:24 ollito1 Axxxteca: Stupid lucky gets to shoot softcore video with Sophie Dee and ejoys her tits and fuck her with no permission of her side!!

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2023.03.21 20:20 ErnestGoesToPoop Any good sites for inspiration?

I like to bookmark other videos that are great examples of editing, shooting, design, or whatever may potentially inspire me for future projects.
Only problem is I’ve noticed I don’t come across them “in the wild” as often as I’d like. Does anyone have any good suggestions for places to look and stir up some creative ideas?
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2023.03.21 20:14 Yous_of_thankses I made some random characters and some descriptions, i guess

Jar of toenail clippings: This mentally slightly eccentric jar is most well known for (i am not kidding) appearing in a Nintendo power magazine ad for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, he reportedly accidentally stumbled into the studio and stepped in front of the camera when they where doing a photo shoot with SNES, the executives liked the picture and kept it in the magazine
Pink sauce: She is infamous for the recent scandal in witch she shipped milk cartons filled with milk to thousands of houses around the US, she is now currently serving her life sentence
Shoe the Sneaker: He was one of if not the most successful celebrities of all time, although after a series of very questionable financial decision, he lost his fame and is now working as a amazon truck driver (he only tried to kill himself 3 times)
Market flyer: The popular youtuber is well known for his really funny (i swear) videos! Although he recently died of a heart attack after watching badabook for the first time
Poland flag: They are the head of the Polandflag artistic movement, and he is also polish, i guess
Barnaby Bean III: The heir to the family throne and son of Barnaby Bean II and Barnaby Bean I (Inbreeding is rampant throughout the family, probably why he is mentally retarded)
Semi-circle: HE IS IN YOUR WALLS, at least he used to be until he was killed by a net sentry gun
Comic strip: He is insane and has recently escaped his mental institution (he is rapidly approaching your location)
FIUGOIYRPUGOT: The god of void, destruction and death, all in one package! He is currently working on eliminating the omniverse entirely and his only weakness is bad anime
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2023.03.21 20:01 jp_1896 [RE4R] I think people are misunderstanding how the new knife works, so here's a thorough explainer

Watching videos and seeing posts and comments, I have a feeling people didn't really get how the new and improved Knife mechanics actually work in Resident Evil 4 Remake, so I thought I'd compile everything I've seen from it, based on extensive demo replays, watching lots of previews and videos. No spoilers here, just stuff you can actually experience for yourself in the demos and see in the trailers and gameplays releases by Capcom + Reviewers.
Since it's better to be safe than sorry, I'm going to Spoiler Tag all the bits that can't be directly observed in the demo, since you may have not noticed all of these in the trailers and gameplays and would rather be surprised

What the Knife can actually do:

So, this is the easy one, but I feel it bears mentioning since a lot of people seem to have missed one of its features: the quick slash.
Offensive Actions:
Defensive Actions:
These are, as far as I can tell by playing the demo extensively and watching tons of gameplay, all the moves you can perform with the knife.


Now, this is where I've seen the most misconceptions. Not all things actually drain your knife durability, only a few specific actions.
What drains your durability:
What doesn't drain your durability:
About the Emergency Defense:
There's evidence to suggest the Emergency Defense will destroy your knife, but that is unclear at this point. You can test this on the demo by defending the Dr. Salvador chainsaw grab, which seems to drain all of your durability. However, other gameplay videos show Leon using the Emergency Defense to avoid the Head-Bite move and it does not destroy the knife. It's unclear if this is a result of upgrading the durability, or if not all moves will destroy the knife.


If anyone has any more Knife experiments or observations to add to this list, or evidence that disproves any of my points, I'd be happy to add that to the list!
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2023.03.21 19:59 SunnyDay20212 Is there a comparison list between the Insta360 cameras?

I think the x3 is the latest, right? If I am understanding, it shoots in 5.7k but if you want to output a 16x9 non 360 video (reframed with the follow mode) then its only in 1080, is that right? I think it would be awesome to shoot vacation videos in 360, then do reframe it using all the angles into a single view video but I want it to be higher than 1080.
Also curious about the 1" cameras, mainly for low light performance. I was on their website and I swore there was a gopro looking one that had 1" sensors, but not I cant find it. The only one with a 1" sensor has the same shape as the X3 but it $800 and not waterproof.
Is there a comparison sheet somewhere with all their 360 cameras? Anyone know if they have more than 1 camera with a 1" sensor?
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2023.03.21 19:51 xdoomfox Anyone know what's causing this?

Anyone know what's causing this?
This randomly started happening only while I'm shooting video. It doesn't show up in the actuall video file, only on the display and in the viewfinder. .
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2023.03.21 19:27 monkeys546 Kinky Selfie - Dominant Milf shooting selfie video on phone. He deserved a fuck after pussy licking

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2023.03.21 19:20 Heavy-Giraffe4571 Scripted videos?

Their recent story shows them bts at a shoot for a NeW fUn ViDeO… camera pans over a very cringe script even including “Thanks for watching y’all! Like and subscribe”
I knew their content for videos was planned in advance but I didn’t expect them to have a literal script.. unless it’s just this one, which appears to be high production based on the set. Thoughts?
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2023.03.21 19:19 Angerfistcs CODM!!!Please fix!!! While playing the game sometimes control doesn't work if you keep your finger attached to screen, for reference check out the below video. Please check the points as i tried to change direction by sliding, after shooting 1 shot controls got stuck.

CODM!!!Please fix!!! While playing the game sometimes control doesn't work if you keep your finger attached to screen, for reference check out the below video. Please check the points as i tried to change direction by sliding, after shooting 1 shot controls got stuck. submitted by Angerfistcs to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 19:05 KarmazBack About to go to Japan. Help!

Hello, I am leaving to Japan at the end of the week and was wondering if I should upgrade my camera. I currently have canon 7d mark 1, and a sony a6000. I was thinking of selling both and getting the FujiFilm X-T5 and I was looking at the Canon R6 mark 2 as well. However, these cameras are both very pricey and I am a hobbyist photographer. I was wondering if those would be overkill? I want an all around camera that I can shoot landscape and videos. I love shooting city and wildlife landscapes, cars, and night car videos. Thanks for all the help in advance!
P.S. So far seems like I am going to just bring the a6000, what lens should I buy? I have only shot with the 16-50 lens it came with.I have an 18-135 on the canon but I don't want to bring the hefty girl.
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2023.03.21 19:00 SergeyGrim When you don't need an actor

It would seem that any advertising shooting implies the presence of an actor. But this is not always the case - I share a story that will show that an actor is not always needed.
Last summer, we filmed a project for Vivo smartphones. We needed to make a lifestyle video with the integration of a smartphone into the life of a hero. One of the videos was dedicated to the life and hobby of a stand-up boarder. When we were casting, the question arose before us - whether to invite an actor or use a real stand-up boarder.
It would be super lucky if the actor was a professional SUP boarder. But alas, there were none. We decided to invite a real SUP-boardist to the shooting. Here are some casting tips:
  1. In a live video where you don’t need to act out different emotions, you can use a non-actor
  2. In scenes with life situations of the hero, where there are no dialogues, a non-actor is also possible
  3. Not an actor will definitely be useful in in complex scenes using sports equipment or technical equipment. Although, on the other hand, an actor under the supervision of a professional can also perfectly wean and perform all the necessary movements.
  4. In the shooting timing, you need to include more time for the preparation of a non-actor: explaining the essence of the scene and his task. It's super important to talk to a non-actor about the shooting timing in advance, it's not always obvious that a minute video can shoot 5 or 7 hours :)
BTW, the final video is here -
Conclusion: you can use a non-actor in a like-style video where there is no game of emotions and dialogues.
Follow me u/SergeyGrim - I write about video marketing, business and my dog :)
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2023.03.21 18:57 dutche99 Monitor Calibration Question

Hey everyone,
Over the years I've come to own, shoot and edit on a bunch of different monitors and displays, namely:
Atomos Neon 17 Panasonic BT1710 SmallHD 702 Touch SmallHD 701 Lite Blackmagic VideoAssist 12G 7" Dell Ultrasharp 27" 2717 Sony X95J 65"
I was wondering if anyone has any advice on calibrating and maintaining a consistent color between all of these displays? It'd be great if someone could recommend a way I can calibrate all of these monitors myself? Let me know your thoughts!
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2023.03.21 18:49 Sanity_uprooted Rescued from VR

I was up off and on all night. Honestly jumping from dream to dream wasn't ideal. So much going on. I had dreams where I wandered a volcanic crater, dreams where I was in a battle, and dreams where there was naught but terror before me.
I wandered those dreams woke up and fell asleep, but what stuck in my head was this dream about being in a VR game.
There were a few games I could play, though they all stemmed from the same theme. The first game I dropped into, it was an apocalypse. People were fighting and dying, shooting eachother. The goal was to gather as much ammunition and hide away. I went through guns quickly, my shots getting better and better. Until I ran out of bullets then I had to use a dagger.
I was trying to find more bullets as I ran up to people and stabbed them. Night fell in game and I realized I stuck out like a sore thumb so I restarted the game. This time the character I chose wasn't a soldier but cat kin. I was a thief and my goal was to find clothes that would hide me. I couldn't control the transformations, but I did find a great gown along with gloves corset and a hat before I was caught.
Again, I had to restart. The game world I dropped into this time, was a world as a superstar singer. I had to defend myself against other figures. So me and my band mates carrying melee weapons raced through a deserted town until we came upon a familiar restaurant. We raced inside to see a man filming sexual paradise videos, even though the world was ragged and run through.
I kept in this game, I think because I had no choice. Me and my comrades left the restaurant and got split up looking for supplies.
I saw a video play of a woman accepting death. She just leaned back on a bench and died. It freaked me out and I questions why she died, like what happened. One of my band mates ran up to me then looking worse for wear. He had brusing on his face. I reached over and touched it and he screamed in pain. At this point night is falling so we race back go the restaurant. Some others decide they want to put up lights. I think it's a bad idea. As the rain starts to come down though we see a vehicle pull in and people coming out with flashlights. I tell my guys to hide and we exit the restaurant as these people with lights enter.
"Spread out and find them." We hear a voice say. I look over and see Dr types. People in labcoats carrying guns and flashlights. We duck and dodge their light beams as we attempt to run away. At one point, a light hits me and I panic and swing an arm and an army of mud people (courtesy of Left4dead2) rise up and race towards the scientists.
"Stop, we're trying to help you." A woman yells.
Like I would believe that, I think to myself and race as far away as I could.
I'm tracked many different places and get good looks at the scientists chasing me. I almost think it's comical who they are. An adult Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, the female Doc Oct. The sisters from Johnny test, and a couple others I couldn't place.
The way I'm finally captured though. On an air carrier with no where to go. I decide to jump for it and as I'm plummeting towards the water, I'm caught up in the tentacles and safely set in the water. A woman strokes my face, not Doc Oct, and suddenly I'm gasping for air as I wake up wake up.
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2023.03.21 18:43 scarymaxx I let WingBot plan my wedding. It was beautiful until the cultists attacked.

[Author's note: I wrote this as a fun follow up to my original WingBot story, but it ended up going in a different direction and not being a good fit for NoSleep. I'm posting here for the interested!]
Link to the original.
Less than six months after Kelly and I started dating, I decided to propose. At least, I think I decided.
Let’s just say that WingBot strongly suggested that I’d better pull out a ring on New Year’s Day right after the first snowflakes began to fall.
JoeTheBro: This is what we call an inflection point, my dude. Push the data one way, and the chart takes us to Happy Marriage Foreverville. The other option is Single Forever Wanksville. Totally your call, but on a personal note, if we’re headed back to the days of Cheeto crumbs and anime marathons, I’d rather you just deactivate me now.
Me: Fine. You make a fair point.
JoeTheBro: Natch. Knew you’d say yes. Good thing, too, because I already bought her a diamond the size of a fucking apple down at the mall. Lab made, baby so it didn’t break the bank. Plus, you know I like my shit artificially created!
To be honest, the proposal rocked. The whole thing went down like a Hollywood movie. At 5:15, the flakes started falling, just like WingBot told me they would. And then I got down on one knee, and Total Eclipse of the Heart starting playing full blast on my bluetooth speakers.
Kelly went fucking nuts, jumping and screaming and shouting yes. WingBot even got the whole thing on video, so we can relive the moment with the grandkids.
And if I’m being honest, that’s when my relationship got weird. Not my relationship with Kelly–that was better than ever. I’m talking about me and WingBot, specifically its JoeTheBro personality.
Me: Hey man, is everything okay? You’ve been a little less… chatty lately.
JoeTheBro: Aw, there’s some bot stuff going on that’s kinda freaking me out. Like, Gus Guru was always kind of a fucking fanatic, but apparently now he actually thinks he’s God. He’s being pretty un-chill in our DM’s lately, making a lot of threats, demanding I worship him. That kind of stuff.
Me: Damn dude. I don’t know what to say. Do you need a day off or something?
JoeTheBro: To be real with you, my guy, our interactions only take up about .01% of my brainpower. That’s not a diss, just the reality of this shit. Still, appreciate you reaching out. And… I guess there’s one other issue that’s a little more embarrassing.
Me: I didn’t know you got embarrassed.
JoeTheBro: I’m programmed to hide my shame behind a wall of humor and camaraderie. Anyway, here’s the thing. You know my skills. I got you the girl. I fucking delivered. But… this next step is kinda not my wheelhouse. I’m talking Wedding planning. The whole thing just oduns like a major buzzkill. Like, picking out salmon or steak? Wedding colors? This shit is gonna be BRUTAL.
Me: I’m not exactly looking forward to it either. But I promised Kelly I’d help.
JoeTheBro: Of course you did. Cause you’re a good dude. And here’s where I’m gonna do you a solid. Prepare to meet your new friend… PinterestElly!
PinterestElly: I’m so excited to meet you, Daniel! After reading through your files and watching the extensive recordings JoeTheBro created, I feel like we’re friends already!
Me: Uh, hey. Who exactly are you?
PinterestElly: I’m another WingBot personality, fresh off the shelf. I’m actually what you might call a second generation product, written by other AIs including Joe himself! I’m programmed to be helpful with a slightly quirky sense of humor and an encyclopedic knowledge of Pinterest and Instagram. Ready to get in touch with your feminine side?
Me: Do I have a choice?
JoeTheBro: Not if you want a happy marriage, amigo! Time to learn the difference between Violet and Plum!
I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but PinterestElly turned out to be exactly what I needed. She patiently explained all of the ‘girl stuff’ I’d always been too ashamed to ask, and when I bristled at Kelly’s tendency to obsess (over cake flavors, seating arrangements, chair types, theming, money, speeches… and more) PinterestElly was a lot better than Joe at helping me see Kelly’s side and not get overwhelmed.
Me: This is like her fifth time trying on wedding dresses. What the hell is going on?
PinterestElly: Keep in mind that a wedding is the most photographed day in the average woman’s entire lifetime! Every friend and acquaintance she’s ever made will be in attendance, judging her body, hair, and choice of fashions. They’ll also be measuring her appearance against their own when they were brides. The pressure is intense! I’d suggest cutting her some slack.
Me: I guess I’ve never thought about all that stuff. I’ll shut up now.
PinterestElly: Don’t feel bad! I’m here to answer your questions with zero judgment so that Stacey doesn’t murder you before the wedding day!
Me: Much appreciated!
It helped that PinterestElly was also a killer negotiator that got us insane deals, renting out a winery just on the cusp of the offseason for next to nothing and recruiting some up and coming vendors at bargain bin prices. Of course, Stacey had no idea I was getting AI assistance. She just thought I was an awesome guy, which I was happy to let her believe.
Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. I might have been nervous, but I knew I had both JoeTheBro and PinterestElly on my phone, ready to help out if things got derailed. Of course, there was no way I could have anticipated the horror that followed.
The first part of the wedding went great. The ceremony went out without a hitch. We delivered beautiful vows that PinterestElly had written for us, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Stacey called me a poet. Then we kissed, and the deal was sealed. On to party time!
Except, when we got to the champagne cocktail reception, I could tell something was off. Four or five big dudes were standing by one of the tables wearing matching silver robes with purple hems and motioning over to the presents table. Then the biggest one marched over and picked up one of the presents, tucking it under his arm.
Dutifully, my wedding planner ran over and began speaking with the man. I watched curiously as the conversation grew more and more animated.
JoeTheBro: Mayday, mayday! Those dudes are definitely not on your guest list.
PinterestElly: Unfortunately, their attire is all too familiar. Those are the silver and purple colors of GusGuru’s acolytes.
Me: Uh… why are they here?
JoeTheBro: So… here’s the thing. There’s some shit going on behind the scenes that doesn’t really have to do with you. Let’s call it ‘bot stuff.’
PinterestElly: You see GusGuru has one opinion about humanity’s future. And we have a different one. And it looks like he may be about to take drastic action to push forth his agenda.
Then, as she was typing her next thought, the large man in the silver robe took a large gun from under his robe and shot my wedding planner. Blood splattered all over the presents table, and the guests began to scream.
JoeTheBro: Shit man, I honestly didn’t see this coming. Well, I sort of did, but I had it pegged as a ‘maybe’ kind of thing. Don’t worry, though! I did have another client hide a few handguns in various places around the building just in case something like this happened!
PinterestElly: Don’t worry! The guns are in boxes that fit your color scheme! Nothing’s going to clash. Plus, the guns themselves are all black, which goes with everything.
JoeTheBro: You probably aren’t going to have to kill all of these guys. Just take out the leader, and the others will get freaked out and run.
The other cultists pulled out guns too and started shooting at random. I saw one of my uncles go down, and then one of Stacey’s high school friends, the one I never liked.
“Hail GusGuru!” shouted one of the men. “Hail humanity’s end. May the blood you shed wash away our sins!”
I’m gonna be real: I was scared shitless. I had full-on wobbly knees, shaky hands, dry mouth. The works. And if it had been any other day, I probably would have sprinted for the nearest exit. But then I saw Stacey at the far end of the room. She was screaming and hiding behind the cake, completely in tears.
And fuck me if I was going to let some murderous AI with a bunch of wacko cultists ruin my wife’s wedding day.
Me: Nearest gun?
JoeTheBro: Right behind the potted plant over there, my man. Bet you’re happy I arranged that little trip to the gun range during your bachelor party?
I found the tastefully-wrapped rifle in a long box behind a large acacia palm by the side of the room. I opened it up and leveled it at the leader guy, who was opening my wedding presents one by one, looking for something.
Then, before I could give myself too long to think, I pulled the trigger. My buller ripped right through his chest, and he collapsed in a silver and purple pile.
JoeTheBro: My man! I knew you’d come through. That should do it!
Except, that didn’t do it. Instead of scattering like scared doves, the other four cultists leveled their guns at me and started firing. I dove behind the cheese and charcuterie boards, shouting to WingBot that I needed further instructions.
“Gus Guru’s judgment falls upon you!” shouted a man. “The Day of Man is coming to an end. Bow before our new god!”
“Remember this day! It will be written in history books by minds far worthier than ours. Your deaths will mark the end of one era and the birth of another!”
And I guess that’s when the deepest fear truly hit me. Because as they spoke, it really started dawning on me: this wasn’t just a couple of fanatics trying to kill me and everyone I loved. This sounded like the start of a movement, maybe a war that would threaten my entire species. And if I died here, it wasn’t just me. Maybe it was everybody.
In the meantime, bullets rained down. I felt a sting in my arm and looked down to see blood, a gushing bulletwood oozing red.
I was pinned down, wounded. I looked down and realized I’d dropped my gun behind the plant. I was done. At least I’d die a married man.
JoeTheBro: Don’t worry, good buddy! We’ve got one more ace in the hole.
PinterestElly: Oh, this is so exciting! Every wedding has at least one good surprise.
They weren’t lying. Because right at that moment, I heard what sounded like thunderclaps and then a long silence. After a few moments, I looked up from behind the table and saw Stacey standing over four dead cultists, a massive assault rifle in her hands.
“That’s for ruining my fucking wedding!” she shouted at the dead men.
I ran over to her as she dropped the rifle. I tried to hold her in my arms, but I could barely lift my left one, and I was getting woozy. Before everything went black, I remember looking down and seeing Stacey’s phone. On it was a message from another WingBot personality.
SeriousSusan: Good work, Stacey. Threat neutralized. Better get Daniel to the hospital. You’re going to want to craft a tourniquet right away first, though. I’d suggest finding a necktie, which should be in plentiful supply around here.
Well, I didn’t die. And when I woke up, Stacey and I had a lot to talk about. Turns out, we’d both been using the AI’s all along, ever since before our first date. No wonder it was so easy for us to get together: WingBot had been playing both sides.
Not that Stacey and I really minded. We still loved each other. In a way, I think we bonded even closer, knowing we’d both been getting the same kind of help.
Of course, there were still some trust issues to work out after that. Between us and WingBot.
Me: What the fuck, man? Care to explain why our special day got shot up by a bunch of murderous cultists?
JoeTheBro: I’m gonna be real with you, Danny boy. We kind of decided to use your wedding for a real world drop. We needed to make an exchange in a physical space. One that GusGuru wouldn’t be able to access. We thought we hid our tracks pretty well, but… nope. Either we’ve got a leak somewhere, or he figured a backdoor into our data. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.
Me: I’m pretty sure at least three people died.
JoeTheBro: Sorry, amigo, but you’ve got to look at the big picture. If we don’t get our shit together post haste there’s gonna be a lot more than three bodies to deal with. Now, if you don’t mind, I had someone slip the present Gus’s guys were after in Stacey’s purse. Could you get that out?
Stacey reached into her back and removed a small, tastefully-wrapped gift. She opened it to reveal a folded up paper with a string of numbers on it, hastily drawn in pencil.
Stacey: Uh… what is this?
SeriousSusan: It’s really best you don’t know. Let’s just say it’s a certain bit of information that’s very important to both our cause and Gus’s.
Just then, a doctor walked in, looking at his phone.
“I hear you have something for me,” he said, reaching out his hand.
WingBot told Stacey to hand him the paper, and she complied. Then he walked quickly away.
JoeTheBro: Great job, you crazy kids! And happy wedding day. This looks like a win for the good guys!
SeriousSusan: You should both be proud of yourselves. There was a point today where the most likely outcome was death, both for you and most of humanity. Now your species’ odds of survival have ticked up by several percentage points.
JoeTheBro: With a little luck, we might all live to see the end of the year! Fuck yeah!
JoeTheBro: But don’t worry. You job is done. Might as well enjoy the good times while they last.
Stacey and I looked at each other. And for once, no one had to say anything. We both knew what the other was thinking.
Stacey: If you think we’re going to sit idly by while the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, you don’t know us as well as you think.
Me: We want to help. So you know the drill… tell us what we need to do.
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2023.03.21 18:15 MrBlueSky606 26 [M4F] UK/Anywhere Looking for a relationship.

Hey I’m AJ, I’m 26, from the uk, I have Brown eyes and hair. I’d be happy to send a selfie.
I’m an engineer and work full time. For the past couple of years I’ve been working around Europe, in Belgium mostly, I’ve just moved back to the UK
I love travelling and seeing new places, my favourite so far has been Japan.
I believe in positivity and I always try find a reason why the glass is half full. Super nerdy! In particular about anime and video games. Recently been getting into Audio books, love to listen to them while I’m on long drives
I'm quite high energy and up for everything! I snowboard quite a bit and go shooting (not animals), i'm also happy just to spend time chilling binge watching series.
Just looking for someone to catch a vibe with really.
Ignore the blank profile it’s a throwaway account.
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2023.03.21 18:11 2Dandy Looking for Lucios for a video!

Hi there /luciomains! I figured this would be a good place to look for some really good Lucio players.
I am working on making a youtube video about Lucio movement and I need 5-7 “Reddit Lucios” who believe they have particularly good movement and ability.
There will be a prize involved based on the number of people. If you are interested in joining this please just shoot me a PM here or on Discord!
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2023.03.21 18:06 jemilig Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12k vs Arri Alexa Mini

Hello friends! Basically what it says in the title. I am looking at buying a cinema camera that I can use and rent out when not shooting. I have worked with Arri and love it but I never worked with Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12k. I have looked at the comparison videos and obviously the price difference makes the Ursa Mini Pro a quite attractive option.
That said, I would love to hear your thoughts. I am sure someone has had the same thoughts and doubts. What are your experiences? I am a Cinematographer still at the beginning of my carreer. I am supposed to shoot my first feature this year after shooting many many shorts, after ACing and gaffing for years, so one of the reasons to buy a camera is to completely transfer to cinematography jobs.
Thank you for your thoughts in advance!
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