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2023.03.21 22:04 lilpinklady95 “To Be Announced” classes

So I have my registration appointment tomorrow and I have all my classes set up. I’m just curious to know when the classes that don’t have a professor assigned to the class yet (To Be Announced) will have a professor assigned. I like preparing my schedule by reading reviews on rate my professor but most classes don’t have a professor assigned :-/
Also, I’m going full time for the fall semester, how do y’all balance work and being a full time student? 😭 Gotta go full time since my financial aid is done after next semester :—/
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2023.03.21 22:03 EnderKnight197 Downsides to taking a break between years?

I'm in my second semester at a 2-year college, and I was originally planning to transfer to a 4-year institution after 2 years at junior college in order to save money and complete my degree. However, it's become clear that I won't have enough money saved to make car payments and pay for college after my 2 years are up, so it's looking like I'll have to take a break year after junior college to work full time. What are the possible downsides of stopping after my second year? Is there a risk of losing credits/access to financial aid? Do I lose my status as a "transfer" student? I'm sure others have asked this question, but I can't find anything about this kind of situation online, so I'm asking here. Thanks guys!
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2023.03.21 21:59 RadiologyXL Financial Aid Refund???

My account shows a negative balance so I'm due for a refund I think...? I'm also getting emails saying I have unpaid "housing charges"..do I actually have to do anything?? Lowkey worried rn
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2023.03.21 21:55 bloopboopboopy Debt collectors texting me?!

this is a throwaway. So I'm guessing Navient finally sold my loans to a third party. I've been getting calls from some TX number called LTD financial. I've ignored all their calls, I've also been getting a ton of spammy Snapchat friend requests. Today I began getting text messages from a Houston number just saying 'Hey'. I don't know anyone in Houston. Lol Anyone have experience with these grubby vultures? Should I just continue to ignore?
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2023.03.21 21:48 pconwell Just for fun 2.0: My very poorly analyzed predictions for GME Q4 financials - THE RESULTS. (blue triangles = today's numbers)

Just for fun 2.0: My very poorly analyzed predictions for GME Q4 financials - THE RESULTS. (blue triangles = today's numbers) submitted by pconwell to gme_meltdown [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:41 TheRiftYT Commit to Purdue?

Hello! I am a high school senior and was accepted to Purdue's Fall 2023 term for CIT; I want to commit to Purdue, but OOS is too expensive, and I would love to attend. Can they renegotiate my Financial Aid?
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2023.03.21 21:34 donklors When should I apply?

I have this year and next year of high school left then I have 1 year of compulsory military service. I want to apply to uni with financial aid, by applying next year would they still provide me with financial aid if I defer my entry by 1 year due to military? Thank u in advance!!
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2023.03.21 21:33 kaylawayla0_0 FAFSA application is telling me i need to provide my school documentation that i am at risk of homelessness

this is my first time doing the application since becoming financially independent. i am not a dependent of my parents, i don’t live with them anymore, and i fully support myself, but there’s not much info on what documentation i can provide. i’m trying to contact the financial aid at my school and they haven’t gotten back to me after two emails in the last two weeks. what am i supposed to do? i have so much anxiety because i feel like i’m not going to be able to get any support, but there’s no reason i shouldn’t be able to get it
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2023.03.21 21:29 Peachy_sunday INVESTOR CONFERENCE CALL. 1-877-407-6169. #13736983. LFG.

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2023.03.21 21:29 throwaway-3748294 Generation-skipping trust

Has anyone taken the time to understand these deeply? US-based, throwaway account.
My parents are considering one, and asked for my input, though I don't think I have enough information (either about the generation-skipping estate tax exemption, or more critically, my parents' net worth).
There's definitely a family dynamic where nobody shares exact numbers, but I would guess my parents NW is high 7-figures or low 8-figures. They have consulted with an estate lawyer, and think that the benefit of this trust would be limiting estate tax liability and protecting the estate from hypothetical creditors (not sure whose creditors we are talking about). The downside is that we would need to hire a professional to manage it.
In the next generation, there is just me and my sibling. We're both early 40s and doing fine financially. There are a total of 3 grandkids, all under 10. I don't know the details of my sibling's finances, but depending on a bunch of variables, my estate might be subject to taxes when I die. Current NW is about $6M (single, one child), but I hope to live a few more years, and many things can change.
I'd appreciate any experience with this kind of trust. Also, any tips for fostering an open discussion about money. I really and truly believe that it is my parents choice what they want to do with their money, and worry that they will be weirded out of I ask for exact numbers. However, they asked for my input on this decision, and it's hard to know if this makes sense without knowing the specifics.
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2023.03.21 21:26 Known_Bowler_2154 Am I being conned?

Ok, so let me give my situation:
I met this girl a last week on a Thur, and it went really well. We got along great and made out nice. She gave me her allowance requirement and I didn't debate it. We agreed we would start Sunday. She even offered to be one of my "employees"
And, this is where it gets curious:
Over the weekend she continued to send me a stream of texts telling me she wanted to make sure we were clear on money, because she really needs it. I mean, dozens of texts. Several long
She told me about her previous arrangement that:
  1. Paid an allowance (same we agreed, except this time, it was NET what we agreed)
  2. Paid for her health insurance
  3. Paid for her apartment
  4. Paid for her grooming
  5. Gave her a CC and clothing allowance
  6. Paid for misc. travel.
All-in-all, doubling the original offer she made to me. This is what her previous arrangement, allegedly, gave her. We agreed on slightly more than the original, but nowhere near her number
She also asked me for money to get a manicure and wax for a dinner event we have on Thur. I violated my own rule and gave her the money. The "manicure" was just a powder dip with no color or anything. Very vanilla, if she got them done at all.

As for the waxing, that story is developing, but I think she's lying about that too. When I asked her where is was at, she couldn't remember, vague about location ("Oh, you know, they're all very generic sounding"). I offered to take her straight there, but she sweetly declined because I "had already done so much". I looked up the name of the place she gave me, and the general location she gave: There aren't any salons near there at all, period. Are there are none in the entire Seattle area with the name she gave. I texted her asking if she had left yet. No reply. I told her if she brought a receipt, I'd pay for it (even though I already gave her money). I am betting she "forgets" to get one.
Then, there are the last minute surprises:
  1. Date night Sunday: Literally, she sits down in my car and tells me "My period just started". She had also told me she's on an IUD and has been for years. Now, while it's not a FACT, every woman I have known to get an IUD has their period totally cease. So now, sex is off the table for days. How coincidental, now that's she's getting paid
  2. Turns out, she has a car, but it doesn't run. Oops, thought I told you that
  3. Turns out, she also has dogs at her house - Oops, thought I told you that
  4. She doesn't have a bank account, but really needs to get one. Venmo only
Now, here are the plot twists:
  1. As part of becoming a W2 employee, she has to give me proof she can work. And, she does: She gives me her passport and allows me to photocopy it!
  2. Her passport has an entirely different name that what she gave me. The first name difference was that she assumed her sisters name until she could trust me (uh-huh). The last name I have yet to get an explanation for
  3. She knows I want a submissive, and she has been taking copious notes and waiting on me hand-and-foot (even washing my dishes and cleaning my kitchen, thought I didn't ask).
  4. She's always eager to meet me.
  5. She's spent the night at my house 2x. And although there was no sex, there was a brief blowjob.
There have been lots of tears along the way about her financial hardships, etc. That she's living on canned food (but, in a pretty decent apartment). She's basically unemployed, as far as I can tell.

Right now, I have already violated 2 of my rules and I suspect she's still chatting with dudes, but she otherwise seems sincere. I mean, what con artist would give me her passport?
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2023.03.21 21:26 RagingTails Offered job he was already doing.

The world we live in. So I have a friend who has been working at a hospital in the operations dept. he has been with them for seven years now. He is what you could call “third in charge”. When Covid hit, both of the people who were his superior left. The hospital asked him to take over as interim head of the department. He agreed and during this time he lead the department into becoming a well oiled machine. People enjoyed working for him and he was continually lauded for doing an amazing job. Better than those before him.
He stuck with the job through Covid, at a hospital which as you can imagine was hell. Well the other day he was told that they wanted to give him the position on a permanent basis. Remove the interim title, raise his pay etc.
However, it’s company policy that department heads have at least a bachelor’s degree. He doesn’t. So in order to have the job he’s been doing and doing well in an extremely tough time he needs a bachelors degree.
They have said they will give him the job officially when he gets the degree. Until then he stays interim. Here’s the kicker. The degree technically doesn’t need to be in his field or related to the medical industry. Absolutely pathetic. Are they offering him a reduced schedule or financial aid for the now required schooling? Nope.
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2023.03.21 21:23 throwawaylurker012 Everything Everywhere All At Once: The Citadel Big 3 and how Citadel’s sphere of influence has its fingers stuck not just in the stock market, but the municipal/bond market and sovereign debt/sovereign debt credit default swaps to dangerous degree

Everything Everywhere All At Once: The Citadel Big 3 and how Citadel’s sphere of influence has its fingers stuck not just in the stock market, but the municipal/bond market and sovereign debt/sovereign debt credit default swaps to dangerous degree
TL;DR: Citadel doesn't just have a major outsized influence in the US stock market via its market making firm/hedge fund, but also a major indirect influence via Headlands (biggest municipal bond trading firm made of 3 ex-Citadel employees), and direct influence on sovereign debt (can decide when sovereign credit default swaps pay out) with its seat on the CDDC (Credit Derivatives Determinations Committee).


Hi y’all. Been some while since have been able to post regularly here, so I’m returning alongside my recent post on FHLB with a bit of a “DD". Partial rush job, so all errors are mine and mine alone (obviously)

0. Sphere of Influence

Over the past 84 years (/s), you lovely apes at Superstonk have been able to fish out many of the finer points of corruption crystallized into pure, unadulterated financial terrorism and financial terrorist-level crime undertaken by Steve Cohen (Point 72), Jeff Yass (Susquehanna), Doug Cifu & Vincent Viola (Virtu), as well as Wolverine Trading, Jane Street, TwoSigma, and more. But, of course, much of it has centered on our Mayo-artist-in-residence and his firm, that of none other but Ken Griffin and Citadel.
One of the biggest finds that has come to light has been the complete and utter bullshit of having (1) a hedge fund and (2) owning a market making firm that most DEFINITELY does not use that non-public information to its benefit? I mean, it would be easy for us to check except that we need 5 swipes to even access that level of inner sanctum at Citadel, which–per DLauer’s words–is more than the fucking Pentagon.

But despite Ken Griffin’s reach into every aspect of the most influential stock market in the world, that is not his ONLY level of his sphere of influence. For we, dear apes, can step back and revisit this idea that Citadel’s power duo (its market making firm and hedge fund) is more like a single part of a Big 3.

1. Meet the Big 3

Citadel’s sphere of influence includes not JUST (1) the stock market business, but directly or indirectly, the (2) U.S. municipal and bond markets, plus (3) the sovereign debt/sovereign debt credit default swap markets.

Yes, you heard that right. Citadel not only has some sufficient level of influence to tank your favorite stock–and, in turn–retirement fund, but can also effectively drive your city into the fucking ground, or even your country.

I’ve written about each of these at length, and wanted to revisit some pieces in the wake of our recent dick twitchings of the coming financial crash.

2. Meet the Municipal Bond Market

Citadel has an indirect grip tickling the taint of the municipal bond market, believe it or not. I first wrote about the municipal bond market here (“Headlands: How ex-Mayo mercenaries copy pasted Citadel’s model in the muni bond market”): https://www.reddit.com/Superstonk/comments/sy6ubj/headlands_how_exmayo_mercenaries_copy_pasted/. For those unfamiliar with municipal bonds, I’ll reiterate what they are and why many push them as a safe investment in most times (with some caution being thrown intermittently due to the collapse of regional banks like FRC and Silicon Valley Bank):


“Municipal bonds (or "munis" for short) help towns/cities raise money for projects like building schools, parks, and fixing highways. Many retail investors--admittedly, on the wealthier side--invest in munis for tax incentives like not paying federal tax on bond returns. In certain cases, certain muni buys also mean no state taxes are paid…Just like what had happened to stocks, the old-school market for buying and selling muni bonds is going electronic. This is mainly done through an ATS, or "alternative trading system" known also as a dark pool. This speeds up the process of buying and selling munis, making it closer to a "house auction".
In the wake of the SVB (Silicon Valley Bank), there have already been rumblings of its effect on the municipal bond market (Bloomberg “Bank Woes Create Bond Bargain in Obscure Corner of Muni Market”):

“Investor concerns over the crises within the financial industry are bleeding into a corner of the $4 trillion municipal-bond market where major investment banks guarantee energy for public utilities….
Spreads have widened on so-called prepaid gas bonds, which government agencies use to purchase long-term supplies of natural gas. Large institutional banks act as facilitators of the transactions, guaranteeing the supply and providing investors tax-exempt exposure to bank credit….

3. San Jose, Revisited

That part about “large institutional banks” acting as facilitators of the transactions is what we saw in part in this post by [redacted].

A commenter spoke about this, and how it wasn’t Wells Fargo in doo doo but the city of San Jose.

“I believe in theses cases it’s not Wells Fargo that has a problem but the city of San José.

„Because presentments are currently processed automatically at DTC, IPAs have the option to refuse to pay (“RTP”) for maturing MMI Obligations to protect against the possibility that an IPA may not be able to fund settlement because it has not received funds from the relevant issuer. „ -> Wells Fargo didn’t receive the money from San José city.
Wells Fargo acts as an issuing agent for the city - the city transfers assets to the trustee and the trustee securitizes the assets and offers the money market securities to investors. The assets generate money (for example a sports arena that was build) and that money goes through the city of San José to the trustee who is managed by Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo has no liability or influence on the money that comes from the city and is distributed to the investors. If the money doesn’t come or isn’t sufficient, the assets are sold or liquidated and used to pay investors.
Anyway: Wells Fargo acts on behalf of the city and is not responsible they just handle securitization but don’t have any influence on payments or failure/default.”

In this case, we might be seeing one of the first of MANY issues of cities up shit’s creek over this.

4. The Municipal Bond Market Time Bomb

The size of the municipal market is A SHIT TON BIGGER than the corporate bond market, which will already show even more signs of being turbo fucked due to borrowing at low interest rates for years. Here’s the size of the municipal bond market for scale, sans banana:

Unfortunately, just like retirement funds, many muni investors are “buy and hold”: they buy a muni expecting a safe, long-term return with no federal income tax and then, welp, shit hits the fan. The market is heavily illiquid too, meaning if shit needs to move, then you might be fucked. Only about 1% of municipal securities trade any given day, in auctions that often take HOURS:

“Now, the primary method of trading on this doesn't look like the New York Stock Exchange or like Nasdaq. It looks like an auction. It takes about 4 hours. An auction is initiated. Participants who come in can bid on this, and it is a competitive auction that yields a very good price.”

Now to my understanding you can’t short these bonds, but the long time frame means its hard to sell these illiquid assets. Not only that, THERE IS NO NATIONAL NBBO (National Best Bid Offer)...you’re flying blind while this shit happens.

Now if you’re wondering what magnanimous souls are helping municipal bonds be sold or fixed in a timely manner for cities like San Jose, well have I got news for you.

5. Meet Headlands, U.S. Municipal/Bond Market Making Firm…Run by 3 Ex-Citadel Employees

Two months after the sneeze (March 2021), TD Ameritrade bought municipal bond market maker Headlands. Yes, that’s right…an electronic market maker just like Citadel, this time for bonds for cities and towns vs. stocks. Now let’s check the fine fellows that run this:

  • Jason Lehman: Citadel Investment Group, began/ran their global options market making, dipped his dick in Japanese convertible bonds, and managed “Private Investments”
  • Neil Fitzpatrick: Citadel Execution Services COO (Citadel Investment affiliate), ran equities/options. Ex-Knight Capital Group, did Citadel’s OTC and equity shit. Direct Edge board of directors.
  • Matthew Andresen, co-CEO Citadel Derivatives (Citadel Investment affiliate). Previously served on board of directors/committees in the past from International Securities Exchange, Direct Edge, CFTC, Lava Trading (Citi’s electronic trading unit that made LavaFlow)

Of note, Matthew Andresen founded Island, one of the 1st dark pools EVER and 2nd only to “Instinet” (who also got an even bigger wave of funds during the sneeze, info courtesy of Ringing Bells) and was featured heavily in the Scott Patterson book “Dark Pools”.

Ol Matty told us that Headlands is completely automated, and where some muni traders make 75-100 muni bond sales a day (sometimes over the phone), Headlands currently bids on 10,000+ bond auctions a day with its algo. Matty Boi even said if that number ever 10x’d “we wouldn’t notice.” Even more sus, Headlands has been growing its own “holdings” of muni bonds on its books.

6. In Bros We Trust

So remember, this branch of 3 ex-Citadel bros is front and center to the issues already rearing their head. In my previous post, these were just SOME of the already teetering municipal bond issues:

  • Some might have history befall them again: last time the market crashed, Michael Burry’s California went spiraling down to BBB rated for many municipal bonds. California is a special muni case where it generally does well when times are good; much of their revenue is tied to personal income taxes. But when shit goes tits up, it goes tits up.
  • Major projects have tons of debt piling up due to the [March 2020 crash] New Jersey built a giant ass mall–I kid you not--called “The American Dream” over 10+ years that has no sales receipts to cover it in part due to the dropoff in retail buying. As of 2 weeks ago, the mall only had like less than $1000 in the bank to pay off muni debt (“Developer Triple Five Group also sold US$800 million of muni-debt backed by payments they agreed to make to bondholders instead of paying property taxes”)...

  • NYC’s MTA has been getting reamed by both ends. One of the biggest shitstains on its books is that it took out a shit ton of municipal debt and opted to sell $3 billion in bonds to the Fed’s muni lending program to stay afloat
And this issues extends way beyond the U.S.' 50 states...it even affects our territories too.

7. Hurricane

What began this rabbit hole was the one and only welp 0 0 7, who caught wind of some fuckery in the municipal bond market:


In the post, he mentioned how "American Thinker" 's Joseph Lawler mentioned the SEC has been giving fucking STIFF Heismans nonstop (or per [redacted] the ol' Dustin Martin "don't argues" for you Aussie apes!) on FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act) related to the municipal bond default in Puerto Rico, the BIGGEST bond default in America's history EVER.
It went all the way the way up to a federal court in California where the SEC said "we don't know what you're talking about" when others found they have fucking 2800 pages of documents on it and nearly 270,000(!) emails referencing it referencing a billion dollar Ponzi scheme on the level of fucking Bernie Madoff.
Big banks (Citi, Wells Fargo, BoFa) had their scheme collapse in 2016, potentially bribed senators to kill investigations into it by the DOJ and now the SEC is caught in yet ANOTHER 2 lawsuits saying they fucking aided and abetted this shit.

You see, because this level of municipal bond includes fuckery includes not just cities and towns, but U.S. TERRITORIES. In my post about Hurricane Maria’s effect on Puerto Rico, I talked about how UBS and others loaded up Puerto Rico with debt because of what’s called a “Treasury Put” guarantee that was even called “an exit strategy” for banks (“They describe the "treasury put" as "...the implicit guarantee -- as perceived by investors -- from a government agency to provide support in the event of financial distress by the issuer of Puerto Rican bonds."”).
Puerto Rico’s default was the largest in US history, EVER. And all this the same while guess who was holding the bag? Let’s see what W S O P tells us:

“The reality is that a large percentage of Puerto Rico’s debt is held in tax-free municipal bonds and municipal bond mutual funds, owned not by Wall Street banks or tycoons, but by mom and pop investors seeking tax-free income.”

So once again, whether its retirement funds or municipal bonds, its retail caught holding the bag. And this hasn't changed for years. We’ve seen similar fuckery with bonds for NYC in the 70s, and more recently in the 00s for Detroit.

One astute wrinkle by the name of [redacted] posted this on that original post trying to dig into how it could all be related:

…how the MMLF fund that expanded money/credit to towns/cities started including commercial paper…but also leveraged near the 15 to 1 ratio perhaps under the Net Capital Requirement limit:
[redacted said]: "$500B at 14:1 Leverage? If I'm making the right connection between the flavor of asset, that's just under the 15x Net Capital Requirement limit. Is this all the Fed had/could afford? Or is this all they needed at the time?

8. Don't Bet Against America...Says the Banks and Hedge Funds That Already Did

Commercial Paper? Municipals related? Now where does that sound familiar? Ah, yes…the city of San Jose got its call-out by Wells Fargo over COMMERCIAL PAPER. This comes as the push for ppl into municipal bond markets continues, trying to sell it as a “safe haven” to retail investors. Vanguard just recently launched its first ETF–surprise, its first US-listed ETF in 2 years– for municipal bonds (selling point: “hey everyone it’s tax-exempt! Give us money plz!”) for example:


Many of us can see all of it for what it is. Bullshit. In the wake of the SVB collapse, there is still a strong push that these regional banks–many of which lend to municipalities–will be fine. This “safe haven” theory continues, even as articles try to have them appeal abroad (such as a few days ago, “ ESG Factors of Munis May Attract Non-US Investors” “https://www.marketsmedia.com/esg-factors-of-munis-may-attract-non-us-investors/”)
Even further, one last find is that . I mean it’s not like credit default swaps can be taken on cities and towns in theory right?

FWIW also I found an interesting research paper talking about hedge funds buying up credit default swaps, and how they could potentially bankrupt towns/municipalities through some of these moves if they wanted: https://openyls.law.yale.edu/bitstream/handle/20.500.13051/8264/MingJieWangCreditDefaultS.pdf?sequence=2
"Another potential concern is that even in a market that is generally liquid, the market for individual single-name [Credit default swap]s may be quite small, which could allow a single bad actor (a hedge fund, for example) to force a municipality into default..."


This is all while we have 3 ex-Citadel heads in charge of just how the municipal bond market moves, like that of San Jose.
So is this where Citadel’s reach stops? Clearly, no. It doesn’t stop at the US border, just like how Mayo Force One doesn’t.

10. ELI5: What’s a Soverign Credit Default Swap?

That’s right, mofos. You read that sub-header right. In case you’re wondering, not only can you take out credit default swaps on a failing Swiss bank like CS, but you can do so ON ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRIES.
In one of my old posts “Sovereign Debts & Ransom Notes: Pt. 1 The Importance of Being Non-Linearly Destabilized through Sovereign Credit Default Swaps”
(“https://www.reddit.com/Superstonk/comments/t35rdi/sovereign_debts_ransom_notes_pt_1_the_importance/”), I talked a little more about the insanity of these things even existing.

Sovereign credit default swaps exist. Long story short: sovereign credit default swaps are insurance policies that if a country defaults (usually on its debt)then you get paid! Like many other shit that we’ve seen in the GME saga, they are a form of financial derivative (a bet that something goes up, a bet that something goes down) on an underlying (the thing you’re betting on)....They can be used to insure government debt for a country in case that country is unable to pay its debt, for example. However, just like other instruments, naked sovereign credit default swaps also exist.

Naked sovereign credit default swaps are used to bet that a country or a country's debt will fail without you owning that country's debt. In part, they were destabilising during the Euro-crisis immediately after the 2008 financial crash. Greece was one of the countries that got naked shorted in 2008. In fact, the country got shorted so bad they were worried about fucking SHORT SQUEEZES on Greek debt and the sovereign CDSs!
In 2012, the EU put a ban on naked sovereign credit default swaps. However, workarounds include the fact that a country can effectively change its mind on it within 24 hours and all the regulatory agency can do is offer an opinion.

There were a tons of perhaps “we will see soon” if relevant additional points in that old research, including:

  • The VIX affects sovereign credit default swaps A LOT

  • The Big Bang Protocol: ISDA helped formulate a set of rules that decides when a country “defaults”
  • You can “short” a sovereign bond if you find a locate (sound familiar?: “Short sales of shares and short sales of sovereign debt will be permitted only where the seller has “located” the share or debt instrument prior to entering into the agreement and has a “reasonable expectation” of being able to borrow the shares.”)

Crazy shit. So you might say, now this post is meant to be about Citadel’s sphere of influence you might say? “Where does Citadel fit into all this? ”

11. Meet the CDDC (Credit Derivatives Determination Committee)...Where Citadel Sit and Helps Decide Which Countries Default on their Debt

One of the biggest GFC 2008 scenarios of sovereign credit default swaps being misused was against Greece. Afterwards, one of its biggest cases of misuse was by Elliot Management (ran by Paul Singer) who was using their position on the Credit Derivatives Determination Committee, or CDDC, to help decide when their sovereign credit default swaps against Argentina would pay out.
Wait, Eliot Management doesn’t sound big enough. Who else is on this committee?

Oh wait, so Citadel is ALSO on this committee? Alongside our favorite fucksticks like Chase, Goldman, Deutsche, and BNP?

It’s not lost on me with seeing now that Credit Suisse has been sucked up into UBS, maybe its position on the CDDC has been absorbed further by UBS. Back then, I wrote about the fact is we know next to nothing about the sovereign credit default swaps that might be opened up against countries (be it Russia, Sri Lanka, or otherwise):

Here's one such example of a swap dealer: Swiss financial terrorist aficionados UBS AG, who registered to be a swaps dealer with the US at the end of 2012. (UBS had also been a member of the CDDC through the Greek crisis in early 2012, alongside Citadel. In Mar. 2012, they were also one of the members pressing to ask whether Greece had defaulted already.)
UBS AG registered as a swap dealer in the US at the end of 2012 enabling the continuation of swaps business with US persons. Regulations issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) impose substantial new requirements on registered swap dealers for clearing, trade execution, transaction reporting, recordkeeping, risk management and business conduct.
If UBS AG decides to make a market on sovereign credit default swaps like Russia, then we might also have no idea who is on the other side of the trade. This also goes for many of the other swap dealers who (surprise surprise) also sit on the CDDC board and can determine just when these sovereign credit default swaps pay out.

Not only that, but the CDDC even can say when CORPORATE BONDS even shit the bed: late last year, they were the ones who were deciding to let everyone know whether Sunac (an Evergrande-relate company) went tits up.

12. We Say When

For months, there has been talk of a looming debt crisis (alongside all the other ones) in the sovereign debt world.
And shit continues to hit the proverbial fan. Apart from Russia, Sri Lanka and others, emerging markets like Ghana and Zambia are beginning to feel the hits from their sovereign debt (oftentimes, trying to restructure it with creditors like China).


Even further, now that Credit Suisse has gone under. We may have another thing to worry about: what banks and prime brokers are housing these opaque sovereign debt structures, loans, and swaps? Even worse, what happens when they go under? Roll that less than beautiful bean footage:


“Before collapse, Credit Suisse quietly conquered an obscure debt market
Before its rescue by Swiss rival UBS, Credit Suisse had quietly become a major player in an obscure market that purports to help developing countries ease their debt burdens in exchange for protecting nature. Known as debt-for-nature swaps, the complex financial instruments help governments restructure their debt to raise money that can be used to fund conservation efforts.

Credit Suisse was the sole structurer and arranger of the world’s largest debt-for-nature swap, a $364 million deal that it orchestrated in 2021 along with The Nature Conservancy, a charity, for Belize. Last year, it sealed another $150 million deal for Barbados. Credit Suisse has in recent years helped revive interest in the instruments and for the first time opened them up to institutional capital. The bank raised money for Belize and Barbados from pension funds including Sweden’s Alecta and Nuveen LLC, a unit of the US’s TIAA, by issuing so-called blue bonds tied to the deals.

he convoluted setup has drawn criticism from sovereign debt experts for its high cost and lack of transparency. And the opaque terms of the Belize and Barbados deals — the first of their kind — mean outside analysts will struggle to assess precisely what comes next.

A lot of poorer, especially emerging market countries were already in dire straits. Now as opaque deals meant to help these countries might not come to light (are these some of the Level 3 assets that UBS was talking about?), we can ask ourselves wtf will happen when the same banks looking to save their own ass while holding these sovereign, are the same fuckers that sit on the same board that can decide when they are worthless (while I’m sure being positioned net short).

All in all, these banks and holders of sovereign debt credit default swaps, who decide when a country goes boom, are sitting arm in arm alongside Citadel, who themselves potentially hover their greasy mayo-covered finger over the button that decides just when and how the US stock market will eventually implode.

13. Everything Everywhere All at Once

To recap, we then have Citadel with (1) the biggest market maker and arguably one of the most influential hedge fund able to decide which stocks rise and which fall as the US stock market teeters on the brink of collapse…
…with having (2) three of its ex-employees in charge of (not even counting other Citadel employees working there) operating at Headlands ready to help position themselves when the municipal bond market gets nuked, whether as a continued result of regional bank failure or in spite of it…
…while (3) sitting on the board that determines when ENTIRE COUNTRIES FAIL, in such a way that their hedge fund and associated pals can be ready to short and profit off failing nations that they and their fuckstick friends help cause.
Did I miss anything? Because remember, Citadel is not just Citadel, the market-maker that we all love to hate; Citadel’s sphere of influence via the Big 3 means the grip that it holds over the US and world economy is even greater than we think…and as such, far far more dangerous.
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2023.03.21 21:17 Ok_Disaster9257 SEEKING STAKING

Hi guys, i’m a professional online MTT poker player, over 5 years experience online (10 years total). I’m seeking staking due to a personal financial setback. Below I have outlined a staking plan. Please feel free to hit me up if interested and I can provide further details regarding graphs and previous results etc.
Seeking total investment of £1,000 which translates to $1,222 (the currency we’ll be playing in is dollars).
$1,222/11 = 111 - this is the total number of tournaments (buy ins) the £1,000 investment will give us. As you know, poker is heavily based on skill but luck is also a factor which means losing is inevitable. 100+ tournaments gives us the ability to cushion the blow when we do lose and enough remaining buy ins to recover and profit in the long run.
The goal is simple - grow the £1,000 ($1,222) bankroll until we reach £10,000 ($12,223) in 3-5 months. Remember, if you win an $11 tournament you can easily grab a £1K or £2K payout, even more in some instances depending on the tournaments guaranteed prize-pool (I’ve done this countless times). As our bankroll increases I will incorporate bigger tournament buy ins to further increase our chances of bigger payouts - but I will always stick to the rule of 100 buy ins required to play at any tournament entry level e.g if a tournament is $22 to buy into, ill need 100 buy ins to play which means $2,200 minimum. This essentially ensures that we have enough bullets to combat variance.
The profit chop for this deal is a 60/40 split backers favour. You will receive daily updates (every evening) outlining results which will include either a profit amount or loss amount for the day and a final bankroll figure so you know how much money remains going into the new day.
You also have the option to take your £1,000 investment back after our bankroll exceeds £2000, that way we can choose to continue on with profit alone so you’re no longer risking your own money.
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2023.03.21 21:15 Napple341 Financial aid refund

Hi, I applied for financial aid late this semester and finally had it disbursed on Friday the 17th, I was wondering how long to expect to wait for them to issue my refund for the excess funds now that it’s disbursed
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2023.03.21 21:10 ThrowRA16473 My boyfriend is financially irresponsible and hateful and I'm done with it.

At first, I was really excited to be dating my boyfriend. I'll call him Y. I met Y on a dating app 2 years ago, and I didn't notice any real red flags about him at first. Y was talented creatively and academically, and was pretty shy at first. I'd drive out to his college to see him for a date every weekend, we would text and call eachother every day, and eventually we decided to move in together a year into the relationship.
I knew that it might have been too soon to move in together, but a long term committed relationship is what I really always wanted. Y's parents were emotionally abusive to him and lived states away. When Y left college for winter break and traveled back home, I kept him company over the phone and witnessed how agonizing living in the same house with them was. When Y came back to college, we made a plan to move in after the semester so he wouldn't have to go back to her parents. For me, it wasn't an issue as I'm out of college and financially well off. We planned to share responsibilities proportional to our free time and share the expenses of living together proportional to our income.
The moment Y's spring semester was over, we moved in together and I started to notice things that I was not aware of the severity of up until this point. Y would be home all day every day over the summer while I was working 40 hours a week, but he would not take care of his share of responsibilities around the apartment. I would talk to Y and politely ask him to help out, but he would frequently say he forgot or say he wasn't feeling up to it. I tell Y how it makes me feel awful to have no free time as a result and he would just get upset and shut down. To this day, I still take care of the majority of the chores and responsibilities at home despite working full time.
I also began to notice how Y would treat others and communicate and gossip about people behind their backs. He can't seem to resist belittling people for anything they do that he doesn't agree with, constantly painting himself as the victim, and feeding off of the sympathy of others. He repeats increasingly warped stories at every chance he gets to his friends about people who wronged him and urges his friends to hate the villains of his stories. Y has gone so far as to push to ruin people's lives by pressuring them to move states or to ruin their careers by spreading dramatacized rumors.
For some of Y's college months, he worked part time, but has otherwise put in little effort to find a job or plan to work after he graduates and has recently decided not to use his degree after graduation. Y is actually only able to go to college because some family friends are paying for his tuition. Y then uses any spare financial aid to buy luxuries instead of saving it. I only discovered how financially irresponsible Y is after witnessing his spending habits turn him completely broke. At that point, I had to take on all of our financial expenses. I tried to be supportive as I urged him to seek a job to help out, and he got a part-time job for a few months again when the fall semester started back up. When the fall semester ended, the work stopped and it hasn't started back up since. Y is now just coasting on his remaining financial aid.
Some other things that bother me that took me time to discover are our incompatability with spiritual beliefs to the point that he doesn't recognize my own identity as a product of my free will and actions and rather believes I am defined by my birthsign, his tendency to have no regard for other people's time and be late to everything, his negligence of all responsibilities whenever he is feeling sad or upset, and his unwillingness to communicate peacefully when there's something bothering him.
I have decided I do not want to continue this relationship. I have no desire to save it at this point. And I plan to break up with Y soon. However, Y has completely cut off his parents after a heated phone call a few months ago. The rest of Y's family also hates him. Y has a few friends, but no family other than me now. I realize that, if I break up with him, there is a good chance he will struggle financially due to his poor financial decisions. After such a long time with Y, I do care about him enough to not want him to be homeless or be forced to rejoin his abusive family. Our lease ends this summer and Y graduates in May. I want to wait to break it off until he graduates so that he can focus on school. Since I'm paying the rent already, I'd like to break things off a couple months before the end of our lease, move out to a new place, and pay for a couple months rent for until the end of our lease, so that Y can have those couple months of notice to get on his feet and secure a job and housing. Is that the right thing to do? I know I don't really owe him anything, but I really don't want to part on bad terms or leave him homeless and a month or two notice feels fair. Or should I break up now, well before his graduation and just discuss a living arrangement where we split our apartment and potentially live together until the end of our lease in what might be a bitter awkwardness.
I'm reposting this after posting on relationshipadvice because I also just want to vent to people about it and I'd like more opinions and people on here always seem caring and considerate. Thank you in advance.
tldr; I noticed red flags about my boyfriend after we moved in together and I want to break up, but I'm not sure what is fair.
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2023.03.21 21:09 perusw7690 When to Reach Out After Acceptance

Hi all,
Last Thursday (3/16), I checked the portal and got my first acceptance. It was a typical letter from the Director of Graduate Admissions welcoming me, congratulating, etc, and said the next step of the process was to send in official transcripts. It ended by listing the DGS in my department as my advisor for course registration.
The next day (3/17), I received an email from the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, saying I had been admitted, linking me to resources should I have questions about x,y,z, including funding (fellowships, graduate assistantships, financial aid, etc). Also a generic communication.
It has only been a few days, and my assumption (hope) is that the DGS will be reaching out to me individually, presumably after they've made a final decision about funding. Is there a point at which, if I haven't heard anything directly, I should reach out to them?
I'm currently waitlisted at my top choice, so I don't want to commit to anything just yet, and I feel strange being the one to initiate the conversation without hearing from them first. Apologies if this is a silly question and the answer is just to wait a little, but it's my first admit after being out of the game for a long time. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 21:04 sunshineroundabouts I make £103K and I spent £370 on a long weekend trip to Northern France

I don’t see many travel diaries for Europe or the UK so thought it would be nice to do an example of a long weekend!
For reference I live with my partner and share some housing / bills with him but keep all other money separately, however I went on holiday with one of my friends.

Section 1: Bio

Age - 34
Occupation - Tech Manager
Hometown - East Sussex
Number of PTO days and how you accrue them - in the UK most people get at least 25 days annual leave plus public holidays. In addition to this I get the option to buy holiday as part of my benefits - I do this every year, usually between 6 and 10 days, so this year I have 31 days.

Section 2: Assets and debt

Savings balance: We bought a house early last year with my partner, that wiped out most savings! I’ve probably got £10,000 now across stocks and shares ISAs and standard savings pots.
Checking balance: About £1500
Debt: Other than a giant mortgage, no other debt.

Section 3: Income

Salary after deductions: Around ~£5K per month - that’s after tax, NI, pension, life / critical illness insurance, health insurance, holiday purchase deductions
My pals overall situation: I don’t know her specifics but she works in PR and makes somewhere in the area of £60-70K per year.

Section 4: Travel expenses

I have kept all costs as combined through the diary and then have done the split at the end.
We wanted to do a long weekend Europe trip but wanted it to be pretty relaxed and I didn’t feel like taking a flight so we eventually decided on doing the Eurotunnel.
For reference, the Eurotunnel is where you drive your own car onto a train and then the train goes through the channel tunnel from the UK to France. We then thought we would do a bit of northern France and do a bit of exploring! I've done other areas of France previously but never further North than Paris.
Pre trip:
Eurotunnel and insurance - £213 - we booked this beforehand, this is return for one car with two people in it. It was a fixed time train each way, and includes car insurance for when we were in France for three days.
I also spent £40 on a “prepare your car for Europe” kit which included what you must have in your car to legally drive in France (high viz jacket, first aid kit, breathalysers, light deflectors etc) - I haven’t included this in the trip expense totals because we will reuse it many times for trips, and to be honest seems like a handy thing to have in the car anyway!
Air bnb - £155 - we booked the accommodation beforehand, we booked two nights in Lille in a studio apartment with one double bed and one sofa bed. I always like to get an AirBnb as it gives more flexibility to stay in, have your own kitchen and have a bit more space!
I didn’t book separate travel insurance - I get full year cover as part of one of my bank accounts.
Accommodation total: £155
Transport total: £213
Pre trip total: £368
Day 1
9.30 - I pick up my pal from a nearby train station then drive down to Folkestone where the Tunnel is. I am very excited to take my car on a train!! We stop off for fuel at the services nearby so that I won’t need to figure out France petrol stations - it only needs half a tank to fill, we also pick up snacks for the drive £40 for fuel and £5 for snacks.
11.30 - our train is at 12.20 but we arrive about an hour before. Check-in is super easy and we get a little sign to hang from the mirror to show what our train number is. We park up at the terminal and wait for the signs to show to proceed. We grab a drink from the terminal whilst we wait £4.
12.30 - whizz through both passport controls and then drive on the train! So weird to be sat in a car which isn’t moving on a train which is speeding along. The train takes 35 minutes and then you can just drive straight off onto the motorway. We lose an hour with the time difference so arrive at 2pm.
2 - we have no plans as we've both been so busy with work and decided to just see how we get on! But the signs on the motorway says Dunkirk and that’s a place I’ve never been so we head there which is about a 35 minute drive. Park the car £1.
3 - wander around Dunkirk looking at the war memorials and the pretty harbour. Buy some cheese baguettes to keep us going - £5.
5 - back in the car to drive to Lille where the AirBnb is which is about an hour away. We stop off at Lidl to buy some provisions (bread and cheese ofc), snacks, Prosecco, champagne, and tonic for the bottle of gin I brought with me from home - comes to £45 but £15 was the bargain champagne!
5.30 - check into the Airbnb. Promptly drop my bottle of champagne on the floor and it smashes everywhere. £15 well spent… spend ages cleaning it up. Have a glass of Prosecco to commiserate.
7 - decide we need to go out for a drink to make up for the champagne. Head out to a nearby French restaurant - food is delish, service isn’t excellent but overall a lovely evening catching up - £65.
9 - head back, more Prosecco, put the sofa bed up and then off to sleep eventually around 11.
Day 1 total: £165
Day 2
9 - time to explore Lille! We get our walking shoes on and start to explore the city - lots of walking down little streets. We do the classic of wandering from cafe to patisserie with a snack here, a drink there, comes to about £15 for the three breaks. The city of Lille is beautiful - it didn't get as destroyed in the war compared to Dunkirk so full of French architecture and big grand squares.
11 - walk a bit out of town to the Citadel and do a big walk around the park outside. You can't go in the citadel but its still a very nice spot to walk around.
1 - time for proper lunch!! We fancy crepes and thankfully we are in France! Find a great crepe restaurant and have a sweet and a savoury - ham and goats cheese which is so good. Plus a couple of glasses of wine - £27
2 - there are so many chocolate shops due to how close we are to Belgium. Pop into one and buy some chocolate as a gift for my partner - £7
3 - feet are getting tired by this point so make the 25 minute hike home - almost 20,000 steps today! We are exhausted. Collapse in the Airbnb for introvert time of tv, phones and ignoring each other.
4 - I for some reason start to feel a bit off and have a bad stomach (too much cheese and wine?! Surely not). Make the decision to stay in for the evening.
7 - have a little bit of gin which I brought with me and watch a movie on Amazon Prime. End up getting Uber eats of some pizza - £25. I used to feel guilty when we stayed in when I was on hols but now I know that I need to not be exhausted when I get back so a night in is okay! We did so much exploring that we did make the most of seeing Lille. Plus I know it's so close now, I can pop back!
10 - water, reading, bed!
Day 2 total: £74
Day 3
8 - feel much better this morning - so thankful! Nothing like being ill when you know you need to travel, I was worried it would not be a good driving day today. Glad I got lots of sleep!
10 - clean up the Airbnb and pop to the patisserie for croissants - £2, before hitting the road and driving back to Calais to do some exploring. It's raining a bit but clears up when we hit Calais - win!
11.30 - it’s about an hour and ten back to Calais. Driving hasn’t been too bad considering it’s the wrong side of the road for me and the wrong side of the car! I was a bit worried about it but as long as I just tell myself continually to drive on the right then it seems to be okay! I want to go to the lace and fashion museum as it sounds interesting. We park - £1 - and then walk over. It’s £8 for both of us to get in because it only has one exhibit on - bargain! Very much enjoyed it, never realised so much went into lace or that there were so many different types!
1 - time for our final lunch! Head to a probably too touristy restaurant and the food wasn’t great. Clearly means time to go home! £27
2 - head back to the Eurotunnel and stop in the terminal once we are checked in. Pop into duty free and buy 2 bottles of rum as they are a bargain, plus some macarons as a gift - £33. Stop for a drink in Starbucks - £8.
3.30 - another speedy trip through the tunnel! Save an hour on the way back too. Head back and drive home. Used about three quarters of a tank of fuel so quite pleased with that. So nice to have a lovely break, see somewhere new but also return back not feeling utterly exhausted!
Day 3 total: £79

Section 5: Overall

Total cost for both of us: £686
Total cost for what I paid: £370 (half most costs, plus full cost of rum, smashed champagne and gifts)
How I afforded the trip: I’ve only recently started earning more so I’m still a very naturally frugal traveller! Plus most of what I enjoy when travelling is just wandering about and eating the delicious food.
I split the cost so did all the pre trip costs earlier in the year so it doesn’t feel like all at once. I then usually put my “spending money” onto my Monzo which I don’t use for anything else - makes it really easy to track how much I’m spending and keep an eye on it. This was probably lower that I expected for the trip because we didn't go out for dinner on the second night which definitely saved some money!
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2023.03.21 21:03 StopMedium4155 housing financial aid

Can anyone who had their on campus housing covered by financial aid tell me if you moved off-campus and the money was refunded?
Went to financial aid office and was told that if I showed proof of my leasing document my financial aid will be adjusted and refunded. Has anyone does this before?
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2023.03.21 21:03 nicoleandrews972 Takeda Help At Hand - I have a question about the form.

I am trying to get approved for Vyvanse, but I’m confused about Section 4 (Insurance and Income).
Background: I am 24 years old. I graduated college in Dec. of 2021. Since then, I’ve been living with my parents. I have had no job since graduation (although I did just get hired for a position that I will start next month). Because I did not have any income, I did not file taxes. I don’t believe I’ve ever filed taxes individually. This year, my parents did not file me as a dependent on their tax form (due to me not qualifying).
The questions on Section 4 of the form are:
1.) “Number of people in household” (it specifies that household = you, spouse, and dependents).
2.) “Total yearly household income”
3.) “To verify your income, please include a copy of one of the following: Last year’s federal income tax return(s) for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents; Social Security Yearly Benefits Statement; or All household income statements from last month. OR If you have recently lost your job and are experiencing financial hardship, attach proof of job termination or unemployment.
I have no idea how to answer these questions, what to include, etc. I’m really stressed. Please help.
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2023.03.21 20:52 HistrionicOctopus Elemental Speaker - Arcane Tradition for Wizard. I'd love your feedback (balancing, wording, ideas, etc.). Check it out. Here's The Homebrewery link if you want: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/7hKHq-Mry7Qn

Elemental Speaker - Arcane Tradition for Wizard. I'd love your feedback (balancing, wording, ideas, etc.). Check it out. Here's The Homebrewery link if you want: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/7hKHq-Mry7Qn submitted by HistrionicOctopus to DnDHomebrew [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:51 HistrionicOctopus Elemental Speaker - Arcane Tradition for Wizard. I'd love your feedback (balancing, wording, ideas, etc.). Check it out. Here's The Homebrewery link if you want: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/7hKHq-Mry7Qn

Elemental Speaker - Arcane Tradition for Wizard. I'd love your feedback (balancing, wording, ideas, etc.). Check it out. Here's The Homebrewery link if you want: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/7hKHq-Mry7Qn submitted by HistrionicOctopus to UnearthedArcana [link] [comments]