Rv propane refill near me

What does it actually mean 🙄?

2023.03.31 07:24 Severe_Nerve_5446 What does it actually mean 🙄?

Actually I was studying yesterday and suddenly dozed off on chair 🥲. One of my family friend 's son actually visited during that time. Btw, I have my study room near lounge. And that guy was actually caressing my hair while I was sleeping. That guy is almost 5 years older to me and also working guy. He is 25 . I suddenly freaked out when I woke up. He just smiled and went. I am kinda confused now. Who the hell wanna touch the hair of a girl who is sleeping 😑😑. Btw, I am not pretty at all . Should I be worried regarding this 😥? .
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2023.03.31 07:24 shallah What did Congressman Andy Ogles do with nearly $25,000 meant for child burial garden? He won't say Ogles used photo of stillborn child in 2014 for GoFundMe, promising a place for burial of babies with benches for families, life-size statue of Jesus. It never happened, but he kept the money.

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2023.03.31 07:24 MissingTheMidlands Cat won’t stop screaming

I adopted a cat nearly three weeks ago, it’s the first one I’ve owned on my own, but I’ve grown up with cats for my entire life. George has screamed and meowed extremely loudly since I got him, every night for about two hours at about 3-4am. It wakes me up every night and I can’t get back to sleep. It’s making me extremely miserable and I’m exhausted.
George is 15, so an older cat, and has had a traumatic year (owner died, various foster homes, now me). But at every other point he seems quite settled with me, happy to sleep near me, plays, eats his food, drinks his water. At every other point in the day bar those two hours he seems like a happy cat.
We had to go to the vet 8 days into having him because he hadn’t pooed once at mine. The vet sorted him out, checked him over, said the not pooing was probably due to the stress of his move into mine, did various checks and put it down to anxiety. He has now started pooing at mine and this particular issue seems okay. I also sent him George’s medical history.
George had an operation before being fostered to me by the charity that rescued him in January. They wouldn’t have done the operation had he not been well and would have put him down if he hadn’t been.
I have tried everything to “soothe him” - I have locked him in one room overnight but I can still hear him crying when I do that, I’ve let him wander round the house. I’ve fed him, made sure he has water, I’ve stayed up with him and given him company in case he was lonely. Nothing I do helps or changes anything.
Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.03.31 07:23 DrivingEnthusiest Springtime!!!

Bought some things for the VB from MAperformance a Cobb AP, ETS CAI, Radium PCV Catch Can, 1 gal Motul oil, 2 oil filters & crush gaskets. I called in to verify parts were available etc. Kyle the MAP rep hooked me up not only did I get near $120 in points but he gave me all the oil change stuff at no cost. Just wanted to say these guys are great to work with.
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2023.03.31 07:21 Modernwastesolution Book EV Battery Recycling & Battery Disposal Near me in Sacramento

Book EV Battery Recycling & Battery Disposal Near me in Sacramento
Battery recycling involves recovering these valuable materials from used or discarded batteries and repurposing them for use in new batteries or other applications. This process can help reduce the environmental impact of battery production and reduce the cost of producing new batteries. Contact Us: 916-339-3676

EV Battery Recycling & Battery Disposal
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2023.03.31 07:20 BabyMansfield28 Is There Anything Any of You Would Change About The Mental Health System: A Question Posed by My Therapist as I Move Away From Therapy For Some Time

The question was more of what I had been talking about recently as I told her my discomfort, but also little comfort and trust with the system. I've been in it for about 7 years and have had more bad experiences than good. Much of it became apparent last year when I lost my older sister to her 20+ years battling Lupus. She was the main reason I even did most of the things I did. All my siblings are, but mainly her. She was always like a mother figure to me and I love her like a mother even though my mother is still in my life. It was just the bond I formed with her. And our age gap( She was 45 when she passed last year. I was 26, so we have a 19 year age gap. Yes, we have the same parents if anyone wants to know). I made a promise to her that haunts me more than it helps, though I knew it was for her own comfort; Don't make her have to bury another baby. She lost my nephew when I was 2. That was when she found out she had Lupus. I had made a life plan with her to start over and leave where I am, but that didn't come to be. And I feel she knew it almost. Her body was not okay before she died and those four months were torture. But the pain was made worse due to a lot of questionable decisions on the part of hospital staff and my therapist.
Last year wasn't my first attempt, but it fueled my traumatic past with the mental health system and worsened that trauma by adding more. When you're told you're doing the right thing, that you will only be there for the night and get to see the psychiatrist in the morning, only for them to ship you off to a behavioral facility without even getting the chance to talk to them, how can you feel okay with that when it wasn't the first time the hospital did something questionable to you? My therapist tried to justify it, but I was already in a lot of pain after losing my sister and then almost dying not because of the attempt, but a couple months earlier because of the stress my body was going through. It caused me to have a near fatal asthma attack. But I had become so disconnected and alienated when I came out, that I started to see how I had never once chose what I wanted to do when it came to my mental health. It was always an obligation. It is usually how you leave those facilities in the state I live in; you have to have an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist that they know of and can make sure of before you are released.
I think CPTSD, Chronic Suicidality and OCD are the main diagnosis that I think have the strongest affect on me. I know it is hard for people to deal with suicidal thoughts or understand how to, but I can tell you that my worst times were after my stays in the facilities. I myself wish you had more say in the way hospitals run their psychiatric ward and when it comes to going to a facility, it is discussed between not just you and them, but someone you trust also to make sure it is the right decision for you. I've been inside and heard from many that the main thing they wished was that they were able to not fear being locked away and just wanting someone that would listen to them. I've been in there and those rooms alone. It feels like a punishment for a mind you don't always have control over.
I have more ideas, but can I have some of your feedback please? It would help a lot for me to actually see what others may want but are too afraid to say. I want to get the word out, and if at the very least, hope someone will listen to the people it centers around the most. Thank you in advance if you do have anything to say.
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2023.03.31 07:20 8thFurno What's the meaning of Peacemaker?

So for context, I'm in the process of writing a script for video about 21CB, and I'm at Peacemaker. This is the first song that's really stumped me as to what exactly the meaning of it. I do know of how it ties back to the storyline of the album, but I wanna save that for near the end of the video. And I know most of the songs have both a story-meaning, and Wikipedia states that it's "the most personal, emotionally convulsive record Armstrong has ever written", so what does that all mean?
TL;DR: Writing a video about 21CB, Peacemaker has me stumped as for what it's about
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2023.03.31 07:18 Hot-shit-potato Gallbladder polyps and a disappearing liver cyst??

Age: 33 Sex: male Race: white Loc: Aus
In 2019 I had some abdominal issues and got a CT scan, and gastro endo camera. CT detected a simple cyst on my liver and a Polyp on my Gallbladder. Doc at the time said its worth monitoring and most likely benign. Endo/Gastro came back with Lymphocitic Gastritis.
Skip forward nearly 4 years and a pandemic, I've finally had my follow up on all these things.
Biopsy of my stomach shows LyG has cleared Ultrasound has found that my liver cyst has vanished. I had two sonographers have a solid crack at trying to find it (kept rolling me around, adjusting my position and telling me to hold my stomach at different sizes). Normally sonographers don't tell you anything because that's your doctors job, but because they were so perplexed they couldn't help but tell me that the cyst is gone. They also told me that my original gallbladder polyp hasn't changed but he's had 3 tiny friends move in.
My questions on this: is it normal for liver cysts to vanish? Should I be concerned about the polyps on my gallbladder? Are there any diseases I should be checked for?
As per my most recent serology: Negative - HIV, HTLV, CMV, Syph, Hep A/B/C
Bloods are normal
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2023.03.31 07:16 AFatCracker Am i doing something wrong socially during a job search or are these people tripping?

I work roughly 40hrs a week doing security. At the moment. That schedule is set 7p-7a saturday, and sunday nights. Then 11pm-7am wednesday, and thursday nights at about $15.50/hr being paid to do basically nothing. With this job i am offered overtime but not on a super frequent basis, but when i do they have me working 16hr or 24hr shifts, which i have the option to decline if it contrasts with a schedule, meaning this would not affect a second job but it highlights how i am able to work long periods of time without exhaustion.
That being said i have quite a few hours available to fill available for a side job as long as its near by, and i can just refuse the OT from the security job in favor of a lower paying, but more reliable/consistent schedule. So i applied to a few entry level stores thinking "well. When i worked these sorts of jobs 5-6yrs ago they always skeived everyone out of hours plus had low pay. So i would expect alot of them to have the assumption most of their staff has a second job and is supplementing their income with these sorts of jobs"

Important note: i included my availability IN MY RESUME

Cut to this morning. I got three calls from some of the places i applied for being:
Smoothie King advertised $10-$12/hr
Some new shopping place thats basically a ross i will just call it RossDupe because it seems to be a local brand and i dont want you weirdos triangulating my location or some shit advertised $10-$14/hr
A Dog Kennel advertised $7-$10/hr but puppies.
Starbucks: havent heard back yet and i forget the wage but the shifts were advertised as like 4/hr shifts so it was desireable plus its literally RIGHT outside my house.
Smoothie King started off the insanity. This peaked in highschool sounding man called me, asked if i got his email, which he had sent not 15minutes prior, (who the HELL is checking their email that closely??) Saying i needed to finish the personality assessment immediately as they urgently wanted to get the hiring process going. Uh okay i guess yall are that desperate for smoothie makers idk.
He asked what my availability was, i said per my resume its (timeframe) and he scoffed at me and said that wasnt enough and i said oh, well sorry like i said im only looking for supplemental income to complement my existing schedule, per your ad it stated you were also looking for part time work so id suggest you change that in the indeed settings to avoid future confusion.
Then he said okay fine we can work with it what do you expect to get paid? I said per the ad $10-$12. And he scoffed again then said their starting rate was less than $9.00 i asked him if he expected me to put aside my $15/hr security career with health insurance and some pretty sparkly licensing that looks good on resumes to work for $9/hr making smoothies. And he said "well here at smoothie king we do expect our employees to be available to cover shifts" yeah so- thanks for the opportunity, but never mind i dont see many career opportunities here." He said there were plenty and he started at $9/hr now hes a manager i was like yeah but not good a career.
The dog kennel was a similar convo but more or less they wanted a longer commute and with the pay + availability they wanted despite the ad saying they hired part time i didnt take it either.
The shopping center call went great- manager was cool with my scheduling restrictions and was glad i was honest about applying for supplemental income. said she wanted an interview tomorrow at 9:30. So ill see where that leads me.
Main question:
Do these places, like smoothie king really expect people to not take any other options, then do what with $9/hr without complaint??? Like this dude wanted my first born son and sworn allegience to the smoothie tyrant its just so strange to me that these places want to pay so low, with scuffed hours but then expect it to be your only job or expect their job to be your priority? Like no- my higher paying job is going to be the priority. Dont like it? Compete with it.
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2023.03.31 07:14 chipskeelark completely desperate to speak to someone who is going through a hell that is similar to mine?

for some quick background before i get into this pathetic attempt to verbalize the sentiment of living with a severe adderall and cocaine addiction since i was 16: i am 23 years old, born and raised NYC, attended a private boarding school + a great (and expensive) university, have parents who love me (who are divorced, one lives in TX and the other is still with me in the city), friends who love me, a fantastic job (even though i was fired from my previous due to addiction), and the funds/support to get help.
i was diagnosed with a mood disorder and depression when I was in highschool which resulted in a Lamictol, Wellbutrin, and Lexapro prescription (sorry for the rancid spelling, i am too tired to Google). During an extremely emotionally / verbally abusive relationship, my boyfriend at the time (I was 17) convinced me to basically lie my way into an adderall prescription. being depressed and insecure I immediately loved the drug because it allowed me to be excited/passionate about things, prevented me from taking my normal 3 hour long naps after school, feel like i had something to contribute to a conversation, and ultimately made me feel good about myself.
I started snorting it and by the time i was a senior in college i was running though both of my adderall scripts in less than 1.5 weeks (this included 30 10MG instant releases and 30 30MG extended releases - for refrence, my normal weight is 120LBs and I am 5'6). When I couldnt lie my way into an early refill from my prescriber, I started doing a shit ton of blow. By the end of my senior year I was fully addicted and spending upwards of three hundred dollars a day on coke.
How did / do I pay for it? I steal it from my parents, I borrow and beg for money from friends / exboyfriends promising to pay it back, i sell nudes online, i learned how to gamble, I sell emotionally valuable gifts from family , I got myself into an extremely dumb white collar crime scheme that I JUST recently recovered from, and more. I opened an AMEX and ran through 15K in 2 months on JUST cocaine and i cant pay it back.
I hate hanging out with my friends. I dont leave my apartment now because I get so racked that I freeze. I have no concpet of time. I got fired from my job. My anxiety is at an all time high and I developed severe social anxiety. My nose is bleeding constantly and is litterelly raw. The coke makes me feel horrible but being sober makes me feel almost worse. I drink 2 bottles of wine a day to combat the anxiety from the coke. I am 5'6, 23 years old, and I now weigh 105LBS.
I am an awful daughter to my parents, a shit friend, a literal waste of everything (not to be drama). I lie, I steal, I cheat and I know how horrible it is but the coke numbs me to everything and i cant stop. I do 3 grams a day and i go to my job as if i didn't stay awake for 3 conseuctive days or eaten a total of 200 calries that week. i cant afford groceries, i cant buy new clothes for work that i desperately need, i cant uphold promises, i cannot do anything.
i see an addiction therapist 3 times a week. i have friends and parents who would support me if they knew how bad it was. i hate myself for allowing it to get to this point and scaring the shit out of my parents every single day (they think im addicted to adderal and have no idea to the extent). i feel like i am going to have a heart attack at any waking moment. i write letters to the people i love and those that i have hurt in case i accidetnally die and dont get a chance to explain myself.
I am so sick of being like this. I am sick of hurting people. I am sick of being hungover every single day of my life and not enjoying anything but cocaine (and i dont even enjoy it anymore). i am living a hell that no one in my life can even attempt to understand and i think that i probably like it or deserve it. sometimes after a 2/3+ day bender i will take a clonazapam and sleep for 18+ hours and miss work - my parents will call my friends crying and my friends will bang on my door also crying until i hear it because they think that i died. i laugh it off and so do they because no one knows what to do and i refuse to let them know that i am so far gone and desperately need help.
i sometimes look at my life and try to figure out what i must have done to deserve this. i was always the girl who sat with the kids who got bullied and stuck up for them. i stick up for my mom when my dad shit talks her and i try my best with the little energy that i have to console my dad when he feels guilty about cheating on her and breaking up the fam. i make sure i give out three compliments a day to strangers because i want them to feel good about themselves. i buy or steal things (when i dont have $) for strangers when i see them looking at something and overhear that they cant afford it. i have started multiple charities for causes i was passionate about. i would pay for the strangers drink behind me at starbucks when i didnt blow through my entire paycheck on blow. i was nice to the girls who treated me like shit and I forgave my best friend for fucking my boyfriend behind my back for two years. i am completely broke but i give my money to my friends who need to borrow and i share everything. i try hard to put others before myself and i generally think i was an ok person but i am still the one who ended up like this.
i am sorry for the rant. i am so tired and maybe maybe maybe if i spoke to sometone who has dealt with something similar i would feel more at ease. if you made it this far, im going to also apologize for the terrible writing, obviously i am super racked right now, but thank you x100 for being the person who finally listened to 1/10000th of the constant pain ive been in for the past 4 years
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2023.03.31 07:12 iconic_and_chronic keep or donate or upgrade???

i was just told i’m going to have to surrender my apartment at the end of summer. big property owner, big power.
im curious how long do you hold on to certain items - and if you’re okay sharing, why?
items in question are: 1)a vintage dresser (being held together by cardboard due to the runners), 2) a ten plus year old ikea loveseat, 3) a coffee able that was maybe twenty dollars 4) living room area rug. between cats and humans and all things, it gets a lot of use. it has visible wear marks / indented strips and i have rotated it several times.
what would you bring, donate, replace/maybe slightly upgrade & in what order. (for reference there IS a vintage furniture place near me, i have yet to be able to go though)
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2023.03.31 07:11 kelsauce URGENT DENTAL CARE

Please help!!!! I have some kind of abscess or infection in my mouth and am in excruciating pain. I’ve already been to the ER and the painkillers they gave me are not helping at all. I’ve called and gone into several dental clinics near me but they either don’t speak English or don’t have available time today. The earliest appt I could get is late tomorrow.
I am sitting in my Airbnb bawling my eyes out because the pain is so bad and I’m just at a loss. If anyone knows any URGENT care dental offices that do same day or out of hour appointments please let me know.
I’m in Shinjuku and my appt tomorrow is at Azabudai United. I’ve tried Trust Dental and Kamiyacho too. I can’t remember the others because I was just walking into any office I passed by.
Please help
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2023.03.31 07:11 FormerConfusion7756 How are these things NOT Obvious?

Steamrolling through the subreddit drama:
-Over 1/3 of Americans are against abortion. That means a great deal of your classmates, teachers, faculty, and so forth are pro-life if they talk to you about it or not. They are most likely wonderful people like the rest of your class.

-When a competitive program in a competitive field is 100% white, 100% black, 100% asian, 100% male, 100% female, 100% purple, for years and years and years there is obviously bias. It means there are programs that are not for you from the moment you were born. This was true applying to medical school and this is true applying to residency.

-hOW dO I sTUDy: Discipline is the only thing required to pass medical school. You do not have to be smart. Wake up, doesn't matter how you feel, put effort in to Anki/Powerpoints/Uworld/literally anything school related without distractions and you are going to pass.
-Subset point: I have 7 children, 2 wives, 3 husbands, 4 grandparents to care for, and a crippling caffeine & alcohol addiction this is why medical school is nearly impossible for me. That sucks, that also would have made any other career harder too, darn.

-HOW DO I BE COMPETITIVE FOR [email protected]#?$!:
-Good grades (duh)
-Research! No it does not matter to the vast majority of programs what research that you do, just that you show you are willing to jump through hoops and give them a peak into your critical thinking skills if/when they choose to read it. Yes this always helps you, unless your critical thinking/analysis is equivalent to the average discussion on this subreddit then they are going to dump your app in the trash.
-Connections. You want to do neurosurgery? plastics? Better start spam e-mailing literally everyone in the nation from M1/M2 to give yourself the best odds. They are flooded with applicants with great grades, research, and interviews. What will set you up for success? If they know you, if the former plastics resident teaching at your school puts in a good word for you to help you get an AI and then coach you for weeks before hand so that you can dominate it.
-But my friend had a barely passive step2 score, 4 DUI's, attempted murder charge (still in trial), didnt do any research, and decided to apply randomly to xyz and he matched optho/derm/plastics/etc. Congratulations this is not the norm and they likely downplayed the strength of their application to you as do most medical students.

-How do I make friends? I've never gone to anything on campus/campus related except for mandatory lecture. Do you think I should reach out to admin about implementing mandatory friendship sessions? Btw for those of you still struggling making friends takes effort, your exhausted from school and don't put effort into your social life? Then your social life is going to suffer. Go to shit when you don't feel like it if having friends matters to you, especially if you agreed to go.

-I FAILED BY .00001% WTF dis iz stupid. Yeah, admin cares about the institution being accredited. In fact it is the only thing your admin cares about. The vast majority of medical schools will fail you even if you are a hairline below passing.
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2023.03.31 07:11 LFKShawn 35 [M4F] Kansas / CST - Let's be the best thing that's ever happened to each other

Hello! I'm Shawn! 35 M near Kansas City.
I have a standard array of hobbies/interests that aren't that unique. I like animals, movies, games, and road trips. More niche stuff is birdfeeders, weird electronic music, 3d printing, dnd, and cosplay.
I'm fully independent, child free and sterilized, employed, active (but could always be more active), and peaceful. I have friends and a social life. I'm super left wing and don't smoke or drink. I have my shit together. I'm just looking for my partner and best friend to live life and conquer the moon with.
I'm near Kansas City and looking for someone within a ~3 hour drive or so. I can make the trip, my car has good gas mileage.
I like helping people. Talking, cleaning, carrying things, running errands, making food, whatever. I'm happiest when I can make others happy. Call it support, service, assistance, whatever you'd like. It's what I enjoy doing. Helped a friend clean and rearrange their apartment a couple weeks ago and still feel good about it.
So if you need help with things in your life, maybe even a lot of things, and you're worried that someone you're interested in won't like that, you don't have to worry about me. If you worry about not being able to contribute 50/50 to a partnership, I don't mind covering the gap.
For relationships, I'm a soft guy. I'm looking for and wanting to provide affection and quiet moments. Unlimited cuddle capacity. Come home from work and let me hold you and ask you about your day. I really do want to hear it.
Here's the dream: There's two of us, probably me and hopefully you. We're both gainfully employed so we can get a house to house our stuff. We've got a really long table in one room for tabletop/board games and art stuff. My paints tend to take up a lot of space. We've got a small yard that we fill with birdfeeders. Like a dozen birdfeeders. Hopefully nothing's on fire. I'm a big fan of those couples computer setups but that's not a requirement. On weekends, we fight skeletons.
Here's me and my cat, Dinosaur. I like cosplay, especially making props. Can I make you something for yours?
Send a message! I'd love to hear about you, your animals, what game you're playing, what's going on in your life or whatever you'd like to talk about! I'll be here.
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2023.03.31 07:10 Euphoric_Charity5242 I (24M) don’t know how to move forward in relationship with gf (21F) due to her helicopter mom

Some backstory:
I first met my gf online about a year ago. We met on Tinder while I was in NC for a vacation. I currently live on VA, 2.5 hrs away. We chatted online and over Skype for about 4 months while I was on a job in Oklahoma. In may of last year, I met her for the first time in person. Since then, I’ve moved back to VA. We visit each other on average 2 time a month for weekends and sometimes longer trips. She is a very nice and sweet girl, who has a good sense of humor and is low maintenance, like myself. We are each other’s first serious relationship.
The Mom situation:
She lives at home with her mother. Her mother is divorced and is very socially conservative. My GF is also an adopted daughter, along with her older sister (not related). Her sister (24) just recently moved out, so my gf is the last baby bird in the nest. That is all to say, her mom is not ok with her daughter spending nights away with some boy, much less traveling off to VA for the weekend with me. So far, the times she has come, she has lied to her mom that she was going to visit friends back in college ( she graduated a year early). I’ve met her mom several times and we hit it off, but I have no idea when she’ll accept that I’m not an evil man trying to steal her daughter.
My situation:
I am also living at home with my mother. I lived in OK for 6 months last year, and came back last September when my job contract ended. I did not expect to still be living at home neary 7 months after coming back. I am financially and emotionally capable of living on my own, and am definitely ready to move out. I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.
The problem:
I’m not sure how to balance my desire for…personal progress(?) with my GF’s situation and her helicopter mom. My gf is several years younger than me, a year out of college. When I was her age, I was living with my parents - still am! I can’t expect her to want to move in with me or get her own place so that we are out from under the Sauron gaze of her mother. I could also just move down to NC to be near her, but the idea of moving away from my family and VA lifestyle, to a place where I know no one, just to be near a girl who I wouldn’t even be able to spend the nights with seems very lonely. The final option (I see) would be to move out to my own apartment near my mom’s current place just so that I can say that I’m not still living at home. This doesn’t solve the long distance problem though, ties me down further to VA through a lease, and results in me now paying rent (I’m not currently paying rent at my mom’s place bc she is v nice and doesn’t expect me to). Other options, like moving to Boston where I went to college and still have a lot of buddies and where I’d love to live, wouldn’t work since it’s simply too far from NC.
One silver lining is that I am soon going to spend a month down in NC at a relative’s place while they are out of town. It’ll be a good way of seeing if I like the area and spend more consistent time with my gf and getting her mom more comfortable with me. I don’t know how excited her mom will be to have her staying nights out knowing I’m in town - likely not excited at all. I like this girl, but I’m not sure how long I can deal with the helicopter mom stuff (she’s nearly 22…c’mon now >.>) and how it impedes our relationship and my personal progress.
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2023.03.31 07:10 znzbnda Sworn at, called a b-, and had my food threatened

Reposting because accidentally posted this under the wrong account. Apologies.
This happened about a month and a half ago, but I'm still completely perplexed and, honestly, now a little bitter.
I want to preface this by saying I've worked in customer service the majority of my life, including fast food, retail, phone, and chat service. I know how it feels to be demeaned or treated poorly, and I absolutely despise it. Because of this, I am almost always overly polite with anyone I encounter in these positions, despite being someone who suffers from chronic pain and is often hurting 24x7. Being overly polite is how I've always been, even as a child, but years of verbal abuse from customers really cemented for me to always be overly nice because I never want my intentions to be misconstrued. People at places remember me for it. (And I mean so much so that my older daughter once told me "You're way too polite. You're probably going to say 'please' and 'thank you' to the man who murders you." :/)
I feel the need to share this information because I know this story is going to sound absurd, that I must be leaving things out and was actually a total Karen. I can still barely believe it happened myself.
Anyways, I visited the drive thru of a chain fast-food restaurant that is known for being more expensive than most. It has nationwide locations, but not all locations have the same name, weirdly. The nearby one we used to frequent closed down, but I was in dire need of comfort food that day, and this is one of the few chains that offer plant-based burgers. So, my adult daughter and I drove the 25 minutes (each way) to go there.
I am a long-time vegan (nearly 30 years), and although I enjoy veggies on my burgers, I'm not sure what they do to them at this chain. Because every time I've ordered it with the veggies, I've felt kind of sick afterwards, so I seriously overpay every time for a very plain and simple burger.
I ordered mine same as I always do. "Hi there. Could I please get a [plant-based] burger with no cheese and ketchup only? So, just the patty, ketchup, and the bun." And after confirming, it's always. "Great, thank you so much!" I state my order extremely clearly and double check politely because, for whatever reason, the employees of this chain frequently get it wrong. I have no idea why. It's just this chain. (I'll usually self-defer so I don't sound like a jerk. "I did say no cheese on that, right?")
The (female) cashier rung it up correctly, per the receipt, but she said they had to wait on the patty to cook. I've ordered this exact burger numerous times (ND, so lots of same-food eating), and this was not unexpected in the slightest. They asked me to pull around the corner and wait. I said no problem and parked in front of the store.
Several minutes passed, and another employee brought out our food. Me: "Thanks so much and have a great day!"
However, like about 50% of the time, mine had cheese on it. Not a huge surprise, so I went back through. "Hi there. I just came through and ordered [x] burger with just the ketchup and the patty, but it looks like they accidentally put cheese on mine, which I can't have."
The employee said, "We got you. Come on up to the window."
We wait in line again, which was weirdly slow (I mean like roughly 10-12 minutes for just three cars.) Got to the window, gave them back the incorrect burger, and they said they'd remake it. Cool, no problem. Happens all the time.
But then they came back like a minute later and was like "Here you go." This immediately made my Spidey senses tingle because I know how long it takes to cook a new patty, so I pulled over and checked, and, of course, they had just scraped the cheese off. But there were still chunks of it on the patty, as I'm sure you can imagine is inevitable with melted cheese.
This is a problem for several reasons. Consuming dairy after all this time would make me sick. And even if the quantity was not sufficient to do so (I don't know, and I'm not willing to test that, nor should I have to), this "just scrape it off" type of mentality is extremely dangerous for people with food allergies. I've been admitted to the hospital with anaphylactic shock before (different food), and it was one of the worst experiences of my entire life - and I've had brain surgery. It was traumatizing, and I think it's really important to make sure restaurants limit cross contamination whenever possible. Plus, in all honesty, this was not my error, and why should I pay for something I can't eat?
I decided not to go thru the drive thru again because we'd already gone through it twice, and I didn't want to wait again, as it was already about a 30-minute ordeal (almost an hour, if you include travel time), and I didn't want to risk them getting it wrong again.
At this point, I could feel myself getting sightly perturbed, but I knew it wasn't the fault of the guy behind the register, so I sucked it up and smiled at him and said, "Hey, I'm sorry. But I can see they just scraped off the cheese. And if that was okay, I would have just done it myself. But I can't have cheese, so I need them to actually remake it for me." (Rereading my words, I can see they look a little bit rude, and maybe they were, but I tried my best to use a pleasant tone. It's very possible I did not come across as nicely as I intended here, though.)
He said, "Oh, they did?" and took the burger back to the grill.
Everything up to this point had been relatively normal.
However, when he brought the burger back, the person behind the grill got extremely angry. (I'm not 100% positive, but I think the person in question was a male, so I will use "he" for simplicity's sake. I never saw their face.)
He started yelling loudly. "There is no f-ing cheese on that burger. F- that. I'm not remaking a whole f-ing burger over cheese." I could not hear what the other employee said to him, but he continued yelling. "There is no motherf-ing cheese on that burger." The nice employee walked away and seemed to avoid making eye contact with me (my impression was that he was embarrassed).
When I say the man at the grill was loud, I mean not only could I clearly hear him from the counter, but other patrons in the seating area were also all turning to look and see what was going on. He continued to yell and loudly swear for a solid minute or two.
While the patty was presumably cooking, the female cashier went back to talk to him. However, she wasn't asking why he was yelling or asking him to keep his voice down, etc. They were talking about something else. I think it was weekend plans or something, but it wasn't about me, so I wasn't trying to listen. The impression I got from this was that this was normal behavior from this person. They were both laughing about something (not me).
A few minutes later, he tossed the burger on the metal slide thing and said "Here's the f-ing sandwich. I should have thrown that sh- on the floor." This honestly made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and I knew I would not feel comfortable eating this burger because I could not trust that this person had not done something to it.
The nice employee said, "Dude, she's right there."
He responded, "I don't give a f-. F- that b-." (To reiterate, I had zero interaction with this person at all.)
The female cashier came around, semi laughing, and casually asked if I wanted a bag or just the burger, like it was the same old, same old.
I said, "A bag is fine, but do you have a manager I can speak with?"
She said, "He's not here on the weekends, but I can help you."
I said, "I know you heard everything he said, and I know you know it's really inappropriate."
She said, "Yeah, I know, but" and just shrugged.
I said, "Well, it's incredibly inappropriate."
I forget what she said here, but it wasn't an apology or an offer to follow up or have someone call me back. I think she asked if I needed something else.
I said, "No, it's fine" and left.
I was honestly shaking before I even got to the car and continued shaking for about half an hour after. My daughter could tell something was wrong, and I explained briefly. She even offered to drive home because she saw how upset I was.
I have no idea what is going on in this person's life or why he thinks it's okay to talk to/about anyone like that. I was not rude at any point (I don't think), and I did not do anything wrong other than having certain dietary restrictions. And he was the one that messed up the order in the first place. It's not like I'd ordered incorrectly.
The whole thing was really upsetting because it just felt so undeserved. I cried the entire car ride home.
When I got back (will over 1.5 hours after we left), I wrote to the chain and gave them the order number and visit info, etc. I explained what happened and specifically asked them to contact me. Everyone in my family thought the person should be fired, but I just asked the chain for an apology and reassurance that he would receive additional training on food allergies and cross contamination.
The company's response?
I waited about a week, then called in to talk to the manager. I explicitly told him that I'm not trying to get anyone fired, but what he said was really unkind. I also said I understand if they need to blow off steam or whatever, but they should be aware that their voices carry. And I let him know how it made me feel.
His response?
"I've told them that their voices echo. I will definitely talk to (the female cashier, who was the shift lead) and tell her to get her people in line because they need to not be so loud." Again, it sounded like an everyday occurrence that was no surprise whatsoever, and that he had no problem with them talking about customers like that. He didn't apologize either but said he'd give me 'a free combo, on him' and just to drop his name next time I came in.
Never got my money back. Never heard from the company (even DM'd them on Twitter). Definitely not trying to eat there again because I honestly think the griller is the kind of person who will spit in your food.
Really shocked by how little the company and manager cared. :'(
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2023.03.31 07:07 1000LivesForver My Heart is Shattering Again

Ex AP on Vacation still in Touch
She ended things in November but met a few times for a fuck
She was AP living in another EU country.
We message everyday stiii.
I'm not over it as we had something unusual for nearly a year.
She has PMDD and was always cold each month.
Now first vacation she's 6 hrs time difference away with her partner and his parents.
Issue I miss her, we text morning noon till bed time. With timezone difference missing out on big including evening catch-ups. She's busy and couldn't care less ok on holiday I know. Owes me nothing.
Yet she's still messages ugh.
I'm so emotionally fucked and heartbroken.
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2023.03.31 07:07 joebchillin PPLs.

How was your onboarding treated? I've been a CSA at this location for nearly 9 months now; weren't I supposed to be put through all of this training shit before I got started on a register???? Because if so then this place is trying to get me to make up for *their incompetence; and while im expected to basically handle the entire front of the store too
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2023.03.31 07:07 1000LivesForver Hurts More She's on Vacation

Ex AP on Vacation still in Touch
She ended things in November but met a few times for a fuck
She was AP living in another EU country.
We message everyday stiii.
I'm not over it as we had something unusual for nearly a year.
She has PMDD and was always cold each month.
Now first vacation she's 6 hrs time difference away with her partner and his parents.
Issue I miss her, we text morning noon till bed time. With timezone difference missing out on big including evening catch-ups. She's busy and couldn't care less ok on holiday I know. Owes me nothing.
Yet she's still messages ugh.
I'm so emotionally fucked and heartbroken.
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2023.03.31 07:06 JDDW Los Angeles, CA - Landlord gave a 60 day notice to move out for violation of pet policy (rescued cat from shelter). Is there any way I can avoid being evicted by either renters protection laws or having the cats moved to a friends house?

I have been living in this same house since around 2017. I adopted a cat from the shelter a few months ago and the landlord found out about it. I have been planning on moving anyways in the near future but am having trouble finding a new place. I received a 60 day notice on my door today with the reason being "violation of pet policy". I heard somewhere that there are laws protecting renters against being evicted if the animal is a rescue from a shelter but am not sure if this is true or not. I also read something about landlords needing to provide some sort of relocation assistance for tenants they are removing from their property but don't know if that applies to this situation. If I get kicked out ill be in major trouble since I stopped working to study software engineering and am having a hard time landing my first job, so being evicted would make it impossible to find a new place since im currently unemployed and don't meet income requirements to find a new place. Is there anything I can do to avoid being evicted? I would love to keep the cat and would be extremely sad to have to get rid of it but at the same time don't want to go homeless because of my cat. If all else fails would simply getting rid of the cat protect me from being evicted? I don't know if I need to go to court or what to do please help me and let me know what my options are! Also - I never admitted to actually having a pet cat, It started with me telling them i was temporarily watching it for a family member so I don't know if the landlord is required to provide proof that I even have a pet.... How does this work and what can I do!? Help me and I thank you in advance for any information on how to fix this.
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2023.03.31 07:06 Id0ntunderstandj0kes Just faced the worst survivors ever

I was playing bubba on gas heaven, stood behind the counter to give them coffee. All they did was shine flashlights at me and run away.
Horrible customers, I don't want them near the shop ever again
The coffee was free! They just were toxic and were Karens. Bubba just wants to make people happy with his new coffee recipe but people just treat him poorly.


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2023.03.31 07:05 Drunkin_Dino Infinite poison bug? 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

I used poison bomb to kill that motherfucker assassin, and I poisoned myself by mistake and it nearly cost me the game, but my buddy and I got a grandslam somehow! Still pretty annoying as I couldn't heal at all. Solved by having my mate blast my head off and then revive me.
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