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2023.03.21 22:38 euphoriclex Kind of confused and need some advice

I 15 F think I know everything there is to know about abuse however it’s really difficult to identify if what I’m enduring is abuse. My mom is mentally Ill to say the least, she has never hit me or done anything to physically harm me and half of the time she’s a pleasant person and I do love her I think, maybe we’re trauma bonded but I don’t want to get too into that. Anyway she has recently been medicated for some of her issues and it did help slightly but my entire life she has been what I consider to be emotionally abuse. She will yell at me for being a terrible kid and make me cry until I can’t breathe (i would like to note the worst thing I’ve ever done is not clean my room). I honestly can’t think of too many examples but at least one blow up happens per week which leads me to want to harm myself and other things. Anyway today i really wanted to get some things to eat because we have no food in the house that I like (she never asked me what I waned) and when we got to the store she had one of her outrages and said “I did groceries yesterday wtf do you need now” first of all why did you drive me all the way here if you didn’t want to get me food, second of all I didn’t know you even did groceries and if I knew I wouldn’t have asked. Anyway this outrage led her to throwing food at me in the store and storming out of the store and then she sped with me and my 8 year old brother in the vehicle all the way home. she continues to say things about how she wants to off herself and go back to being a drug addict and i feel like it’s my fault for being so terrible. I was planning on continuing to live with her while I go to uni because I know a lot of her issues stem from her mental health issues but honestly I can’t put up with this bipolar mess and I’m just sad and need advice. Maybe this isn’t abusive and im being sensitive but I need to know.
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2023.03.21 22:38 K7sweetshrooms Trulicity Weight Loss

Trulicity Weight Loss

More doses. More weight loss.3

Trulicity is not indicated for weight loss.
In clinical trials with primary endpoint ranging from 26 to 52 weeks, weight change was a secondary endpoint. Mean weight change from baseline ranged from +0.4 lb to -10.1 lb for 0.75 mg dose to 4.5 mg dose respectively.3,4

Mean weight change from baseline at 36 weeksTrulicity 1.5 mg (n=612; mean baseline wt: 210.6 lb); Trulicity 3.0 mg (n=616; meanbaseline wt: 212.3 lb); Trulicity 4.5 mg (n=614; mean baseline wt: 210.4 lb)

One of the numerous GLP-1 drugs that Calibrate doctors have recommended as part of Calibrate's One-Year Metabolic Reset is this once-weekly injectable prescription.
Semaglutide (marketed under the trade names Ozempic®, Wegovy®, and Rybelsus®; all made by Novo Nordisk) and liraglutide (marketed under the trade names Saxenda® and Victoza®) are two additional GLP-1s that Calibrate prescribes.
Eli-Lilly and Company, an American pharmaceutical firm, produces Trulicity®.
In 2014, the FDA authorized Trulicity® as a type 2 diabetes medication for people who will also need to make lifestyle modifications.
Individuals with higher baseline BMIs lost the greatest weight when taking Trulicity at increasing doses. According to the authors' findings, patients across all BMI groupings saw equal mean percentage weight losses, with those
Like all other GLP-1 drugs, how well Trulicity works for weight loss will depend on how well you’re able to incorporate lifestyle changes such as dietary modifications and exercise.
Calibrate uses proven methods for long-term results—the latest science, FDA-approved medication, one-on-one doctor visits, and accountability coaching—for weight loss of 15% or more.
With Calibrate, members benefit from comprehensive, one-on-one support and coaching that spans four key areas: Food intake, exercise, sleep, and emotional health. These are what we call our Four Pillars of Metabolic Health.
Throughout your Calibrate year, you’ll apply these pillars by making small changes to your daily routine. Small, sustained lifestyle changes combined with GLP-1 medication, a support team, and a science-backed curriculum all come together to make metabolic health achievable.


Trulicity®, like other GLP-1 drugs, works by mimicking the natural incretin hormones that your body produces.
This results in a complex cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters which effectively communicate feelings of satiety (feeling full) and slow down the rate at which food leaves your stomach (making you feel fuller for longer).
In addition, GLP-1 medications can improve blood sugar levels in people living with impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes. As explained on the brand’s website, Trulicity® “helps your pancreas release insulin in response to high levels of sugar in your blood after you eat” and “can limit how much sugar gets into your blood from your liver.”
If you’re worried about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), rest assured that GLP-1 medications pose a relatively small risk. Hypoglycemia is typically only a concern when GLP-1s are used in conjunction with other diabetes medications such as insulin.
As one 2015 study evaluating Trulicity® concluded, “The long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonists improve glycemic control and help to promote weight loss. Furthermore, based on their glucose-dependent mechanism of action, the GLP-1 receptor agonists have a low risk for hypoglycemia.”

How to take Trulicity® for weight loss

Taking Trulicity® is easy. Even if you’re intimidated by an injectable medication, the pen is designed to be simple to use and relatively painless. Better yet, Trulicity® can be taken at any time of day, with or without food, and only needs to be injected once per week. Your doctor will provide thorough instructions to make self-injection easy and stress-free.
Trulicity® is available in prefilled pens in the following doses:

Trulicity® may be
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2023.03.21 22:38 plantsnspoods462 Why won’t my spider eat??

My big boy has only eaten once since his molt which was just after he came out of his web (I didn’t know there was still a meal worm in his enclosure) and now a few weeks later he won’t eat. I can tell he’s hungry and he’s very very skinny and he tries to eat but he won’t latch on to his food, I try to hold it there for him but I can’t hold it for hours. He picks it up in his mouth and almost immediately lets go but he keeps trying and trying and I feel so bad. He used to be such a good eater and was always a little plump(but healthy) and now he’s completely the opposite. Any help would be great. I use meal worms for all my other spiders and he ate them really well before so I know he’s not being picky.
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2023.03.21 22:37 TwinktheGreat I want to get a lip piercing buy my lips are thin so I don't know what would work.

I've included a picture of me and then my lips up close. I don't know whether to get snake bites (which I would wear with hoops), or angel fangs. I was thinking both, but I think my lips are too thin for a piercing through them. I also wear strictly black body jewelry so it's all cohesive and I don't want to look to in your face. Any advice?
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2023.03.21 22:37 West_Plum9246 Biting issues

Does anyone elses JRT have like really bad anxiety and bad biting problems, that you managed to fix - if so can you dm I really need help mines on his last strike😭😭, he's a good dog most of the time but at a certain time of night he turns into a possesive devil
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2023.03.21 22:37 Character_Quit5489 Giving islam one more chance

this is definitely not the type of post you'd see here often but yeah , like the title said i'm giving islam one more chance , reason why is reallly just to fully comfort myself and let go
ever since i mentally clocked out of islam 6 years ago i've really had an existential crisis since then due to i guess my fears of death and uncertainty of afterlife aswell as not having a purpose in life ig
it's also really just to make sure i'm firm on this decision i've made. im still a closeted muslim however i act pretty much like the average teen muslim where i live( doing everything but eating pork )
what i'll do really is just act as a ' perfect muslim ' for a month , read quran , pray everyday , do more research etc
anyways i'll update in a month and see if my views change
ik this may seem odd to some people and i get why but oh well
have a good day <3
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2023.03.21 22:37 ishitonyourerns Idk what to call this

I am still a child and already hate life, a lot has stuff has happened already. My best friend is dead, my grandma is dead and so is my brother. I don’t like talking about my feelings but I really need to talk. My parents always talk about how they feel but never ask how I feel. I feel like I’m constantly failing and can never succeed. I’m only a child and I have already had a sh addiction and eating problems. Every school I have been to I have been constantly bullied and all that. A lot more stuff is wrong but I’m already to upset to finish writing. Any advice??
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2023.03.21 22:36 Yopzi Anyone use Balanced Kush?

What's it like for daytime focus and concentration?
I'm having a hard time with brain fog since the the end of 2020. All other aspects of my life are in check (clean eating, gym/exercise, vitamin and minerals, etc.)
I mainly need a light strain in order to work and be functional.
I'm finding some success with 10mg hypera THC and 25mg cbd wafers, but I'd like to cut the cost by using flower. 2 month supply of these two scripts is $271.
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2023.03.21 22:36 Ruttlethrople47 My(F29) boyfriend(M30) likes to tell me when he gets hit on by other women.

My boyfriend of 1 year likes to tell me when he gets hit on by other women and it's starting to bug me.
We have been together for a year and usually once a week he will tell me a woman approached him, or looked at him or tried to flirt with him.
Don't get me wrong he's a very attractive guy and I've tried to bite my tongue about this but the other day when he told me for the second time that day that a woman approached him in a coffee shop I snapped a bit.
I asked him why he feels the need to tell me this every time, multiple times, and he said "it was something that happened in my day and it made me feel good so why wouldn't I share it" and when I said how he would feel if I told him when men approached me he genuinely said it wouldn't bother him.
It doesn't bother me that women approach him, that's a part of life and I know being with a handsome guy comes with that. What bothers me is that he will tell me multiple times and be so pleased about it, I'm genuinely confused why he would want to tell me and if I'm making a big deal out of this?
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2023.03.21 22:36 Petrified_Blossom Cat keeps getting worse with every visit to the vet

I have a 2.5 year old male domestic shorthair who is neutered.
He will not eat, foams at his mouth when you come near him and has isolated himself. Bloodwork showed slight infection which he was treated for, x-rays and 3 physicals showed nothing. Diagnosis is stress. How can I take care of him and get him eating? 💔
Complete history:
My cat has never had any previous medical concerns. Ever since we got a new cat and renovated our home, his condition has deteriorated.
First he stopped meowing, I noticed he would excessively lick his lips. I took him to the vet who said he is fine maybe just stressed. They gave me stress medication. Then after the vets visit he stopped eating, I took him back in did bloodwork and x rays which showed no obstruction but just slightly elevated white-blood cells. He was dewormed, given appetite stimulants and antibiotics. His condition deteriorated over the next few days so I took him to an emergency room. They did some more bloodwork and assessments- they said it has to be stress. I was given yet another type of antibiotics and pills for nausea. When my cat came home, he was in even worse condition than before taking him to the vet. He will now hide under my bed and foam/drool and repeatedly lick his lips when I come near him
I am now scared to take him back to the vet. I feel like he is won’t survive another visit. I am trying to keep him comfy but he’s still not eating, he’s only drinking a little water. I am scared to force feed him too. I am worried sick about him to the point where I also barely feel like eating.
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2023.03.21 22:36 Fries_andgravy In so much pain, nothing is helping. Please help, I'm desperate

In so much pain, nothing is helping. Please help, I'm desperate
Nothing is helping. This is impacting my mental health so much. The pain is so bad, my scalp feels like it's on fire and is so tight. I wake up every morning to a bloody pillow. I sleep in gloves, and wear press on nails so I can't scratch. I'm losing so much hair. I eat gluten and dairy free, no sugar, no processed food, and very little meat. I don't know what else to do. Derms just prescribe steroids and they never help.
What else can I do? I need a little hope, because I can't live like this.
I use prescription ketoconazole shampoo, salicylic acid shampoo and ointment, clobetisol (prescription steroid), mineral oil, coal tar, sulenium sulfide, pyrithrione zinc.
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2023.03.21 22:36 smmmxx Why does my cheating ex [M33] have no remorse/regret for their actions and the pain he has caused [F30]?

Do cheating dumpers ever feel remorse? I feel like this is someone who's never cared or our relationship meant nothing based on how he's acting now.
We were together 4.5 years and own a house together.He knows how much finding out the cheating hurt me. He left me for her. In the mean time of separating our home/going our separate ways he's continued to see her. He has seen me hurt and he said it hurts him to see me sad but still continues with his actions. He is going on vacation with her in a few weeks and still hasn't told me. It's been 2 months, and I am slowly healing but it's hard when I was so blindsided. The betrayal is eating at me. I've expressed to him how he basically discarded me and completely forgot about us.He doesn't know what to say. I fought so hard to work on things but he kept choosing other things. It's completely heartbreaking.
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2023.03.21 22:36 SirLurksAlot_2021 📈 Daily GameStop Statistics Recap. March 21: Up 4.62%. MTD: Down 8.22%. YTD: Down 4.39%. Buy/Sell Ratio: 66% Buys, 34% Sells. Apes are hodling strong. BUY HODL DRS BOOK 🌙

📈 Daily GameStop Statistics Recap. March 21: Up 4.62%. MTD: Down 8.22%. YTD: Down 4.39%. Buy/Sell Ratio: 66% Buys, 34% Sells. Apes are hodling strong. BUY HODL DRS BOOK 🌙
Some media pundits are saying "surprise profit." It's not a surprise to apes. After hours is pushing closer and closer to a Double-Manny! LFG! 🔥🔥🚀
The streak of short volume above 70% is now at 20 consecutive trading days. The borrow fee is rising fast. Makes it harder for them to suppress the price. 👍
Orders on Fidelity - See the screenshot below
  • Buy/Sell Ratio: 66% Buys, 34% Sells
  • Total Orders: 1,667
  • Orders per 1k volume: 0.24
Volume: 6,993,598
  • Up 57% from yesterday
  • 154% of 90-day average volume
Dark Pools - source
  • Volume: 2,836,541
  • Up 119% from Friday (Monday stats unavailable 1 )
  • 41.24% of total volume ⭐ Up ‭14.45‬‬‭‬ ‬‭from Friday (Monday stats unavailable 1 )
  • 30-Day Average: 37.92%
Yesterday's Short Volume (not Short Interest) - source
  • Total volume reported: 3,500,425
  • Short volume reported: ‭‭2,692,266
  • 76.91% of total reported volume 👀
  • 30-Day Average: 70.25%
  • Borrow fee: 18.1% ⭐ Up 4.8 - See the screenshot below
Note: The borrow fee was 30.8% as of market close today. 👀
source: iborrowdesk.com
source: fidelity.com
  1. ChartExchange did not publish Monday's exchange data. I searched for a second source, but could not find one. As a result, the dark pool comparison stats for Monday are unavailable.
For apes new to my daily posts, please see My perspective on GME buy/sell ratio from Fidelity and Retail Ape Sentiment: Analyzing 5 Months of Fidelity Buy/Sell Ratio Data for information about how I gather and use the buy/sell ratio stats as an objective measure of ape sentiment.
Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I am just an average, crayon eating ape. Nothing in this post should be taken as financial advice.
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2023.03.21 22:35 rrickrolled Why does my mom’s conure keep biting me?

Hello. My mom has a green cheek conure. Every time I visit my mom he is friendly with me and lets me carry him and everything, and would rarely bite me, and it would be to let me know he wants to get down. In these cases he would bite me not so hard either.
I have moved in with my mom now for a few days and ever since I did he isn’t letting me hold him. Every time I stick my finger out like before he bites me really really hard. I’ve tried more than once and he just won’t let me anymore and puffs up in anger now.
What changed and how do I fix this? Thanks.
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2023.03.21 22:35 MomThinksImCool96 Being a child free and happy can be lonely…

I am a 27(F) and I find it so hard to relate and make friends with women my age. I have always had female friends growing up with no problems, i never found it hard to bond with my peers. That is until our late 20’s when everyone started having children. I can’t relate to a single thing in any of their lives. They are over stimulated and over worked, I have a job I love and come home to a quiet clean house. Their husbands don’t help them and they are more like roommates than romantic partners, my husband and I have so much sex and go on so many dates/travel. They are gaining weight and dealing with a changing body (nothing wrong with that it’s just what they complain about) I am working out and eating and looking better than I ever have even in my teens/early twenty’s. I am so thankful and so happy with my life, I go to bed feeling so positive and healthy. But one early dinner out with my girlfriends I feel so down and depressed about their lives. I know they made decisions but they are my friends, they’re practically my sisters, and I feel for them. At the same time I have to downplay my happiness because I don’t want them to feel worse even though they are good people and they would feel happy for me. At this point I feel like I’m 16 sitting at a table with 40 year olds and it’s so incredibly lonely.
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2023.03.21 22:34 VictorMafort [SIR] Draft 7-1 with GW Humans/Delirium

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2023.03.21 22:34 Altnob A munke

A bank with debts and loans that were unpaid, Went to a monkey hoping to get its aid, To withdraw some cash and pay off its dues, But the monkey refused, leaving the bank in blues.
The bank pleaded, "Dear monkey, I need some cash, To pay my creditors and save my stash." But the monkey replied with a clear no, "I'm sorry, Mr. Bank, but your debts you must owe."
The monkey explained, "I'm just a simple primate, I climb trees, eat fruits, and play with my mates. I can't help you out of this financial strife, You'll have to find another way to save your life."
The bank was crestfallen, with no option in sight, It had to face the truth and prepare for the fight, Against bankruptcy and financial ruin, The bank learned a lesson, not to depend on a monkey's doing.
So the bank went back to its boardroom of high towers, And strategized ways to face its financial powers, It learned a lesson, that in this economic race, Even a bank can fail and lose its place.
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2023.03.21 22:33 Dangerous-Notice-702 Sick of feeling guilty about screen time

I realize I have an internet addiction due to my CPTSD/potential ADHD, I spend a lot of time on screens. Last year I started trying to detox from screens but I was still dissociating 24/7, I was just stuck in my head instead of stuck inside a digital world. This advice telling me to get rid of my addictions did not help and just made me more stressed, perfectionistic, and dissociated. I’m sick of feeling guilty about my body’s chosen way to soothe its nervous system. I do yoga, I try to eat healthy, do grounding exercises. They only help marginally, I still get stuck in my head a lot especially when cooking food or in the shower or right after waking up.
I don’t want to quit my addiction, people say “you have to face your feelings” but I’VE TRIED ALL THIS SHIT! I’ve tried recovering repressed emotions through freedom tapping and other stuff but all my feelings are buried and I have trouble accessing them a lot. I’m sick of listening to gurus online telling me how I should live my life. I can’t go back to therapy for a few months because of money and I don’t want to quit my addictions because they are my body’s way of keeping me safe. I often feel depressed when not on screens but quitting is too painful, I want to distract myself and work on healing myself slowly in the meantime, but I keep beating myself up for wasting my life behind a screen even though I’ve been using screens since I was 6 years old and quitting makes me feel worse.
Anyone else feel this way? As long as I continue healing, is keeping my screen addiction really that big of a problem?
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2023.03.21 22:33 Insomniacguy85 38m Sweden/Anywhere keep me some company on videocall hopefully we can be friends !:)

Iam pretty extraovert a fair varning i love videocalls i love to talk to people in general iam a pc gamer love most things iam gym,ming hiking and alot of things i love my cat or love animals in general when iam gameing i game most games but for the moment iam playing tarkov but going to play Diablo 4 in comming months dosent matter where your from or how you look like iam very chatty up late nights located in sweden also i can talk about most things iam not a fan of texting so if you looking for texing friends then iam not for you also we could watch movies game on pc or just talk whatever you feel like your comfy with doing also iam very kind i like to support my friends matter what hope to see you soon iam awaiting your reply dont be shy i do not bite ;)
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2023.03.21 22:33 PreparationStock3274 "high restriction" isn't real, restriction is just restriction AND many ppl w/AN consume waaaay more per day than stereotyped

Ok couple notes: 1.) I will be discussing specific calorie values in this post 2.) yes I realize there is restricting more vs. less 3.) weight loss is NOT a criteria for having a serious ED (and, imo, should not be required for an AN diagnosis) 4.) different bodies, different responses and needs to different calorie intakes.
this is definitely kind of a rant lmao, but fr I think the phrase "high res" is super harmful and also misleading.
So I recently saw someone use the phrase "high res" on insta and I NAIVELY thought "oh maybe they're referring to mental restriction while eating adequate calories or smth"...nope! This person was talking about 1200 cal/day. I think it is INCREDIBLY harmful to paint this as "restricting lite" because restriction can be dangerous at many caloric amounts. Different bodies, activity levels, basal metabolisms, health conditions, etc. mean different nutritional needs - there's no singular amount of calories that can be use as a cutoff for restricting. Painting some arbitrary calorie limit as "high res" just generates a sense of shame/need to eat even less. And like hey, if you've restricted more in the past and youre increasing your intake now, awesome! but oh my GOD don't pretend that your restriction is suddenly "sooo much food" in a way that could so clearly induce shame in other people?? save those thoughts for private journals and your therapist jfc.
On that note, I have had AN for 12 years. I became medically unstable twice, once while eating an average of ~1400 calories/day and another time while averaging ~1700 calories/day. I was not purging either time; my instability was exclusively related to restriction. I won't tell you the least I ever ate bc I don't think that's useful information, but I will say that there were at least as many days where I ate 2000+ calories as there were days I ate under these approximate averages, and most of the time I ate around these values. I have met individuals with restrictive EDs, strong food rituals, and exercise addiction who became underweight while eating 2500+ calories per days (among many other health problems). And I don't think myself or these others are strange outliers; in fact, multiple studies document underweight AN patients consuming 1500-1800 cal/day (link; link). And why should this be shocking when most ppl (myself included) maintain weight between 2500 and 3500 cal/day?? Like of COURSE you could lose weight restricting to 1800 at that point???
Besides invalidating people and encouraging decreased intake with harmful effects, I think calling 1200+ calories a day "high res" also feeds into really dangerous stereotypes about this disease. The world is, by and large, sooo disconnected from knowing how many calories people actually need per day that me saying "oh I eat 1600 calories/day" to many people wouldn't read as problematic when it definitely should be. And the AN stereotype of like, one apple and a black coffee isn't helping this at all. ugh ok this is my rant byeee
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2023.03.21 22:33 Thesauce05 [USA-KY] [H] Oculus Rift CV1, Ryzen 3600X, MSI RTX 2070, Motherboards, Label Printer, Docking Station [W] PayPal

Hello all! Sorry for the poor formatting. I only ever use Reddit mobile. I’ve got a few things to sell that have been sitting around for too long. May be some dust or a bit of hair on a few things, but everything is pretty clean and well taken care of by me. Some things have been stuffed in a closet for quite some time.
All prices are shipped. If you’re interested in local and can meet around my schedule I can knock a bit off the prices. (Local is 40511)
Up first is an Oculus Rift CV1 with extra sensor. I bought this off eBay sometime before 2020 and only used it less than 10 times before boxing it up and putting it in the closet. Worked fine when I used it last. Has a bit of dust on it. Asking $150
Next is my Ryzen 3600X. I can’t remember when exactly I got this but I bought it new maybe in late 2019. Used it until last month when I upgraded to a 5800X3D. Works great. I never tried to OC it and it was under an AiO it’s entire life. Comes in the original box with the original, unused air cooler. There’s a bit of thermal paste that got too close to the pins for me to be comfortable trying to clean it. Asking $80.
Third is my MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z. This was an RMA card from MSI they sent me to replaced my dead 1070 from spring 2020. Used until last month when I got a 6800XT. I never OC’d or mined on this card. It’ll come in the non-retail package it was sent to me in. Asking $200.
Next is an Asus Prime Z270-AR. I don’t remember when exactly I got this. Late 2017 maybe. Used it until I got the 3600X and was planning on building another PC with it, but never did. Worked fine when decommissioned. Comes with IO shield and original box. Asking $50
I’ve got a Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H that I bought around summer 2017 and built a cheap PC in. Used it until I got the Z270 above. Worked fine until decommissioned. I don’t have a CPU slot cover, but I’ve had paper clamped in it for protection. This one will come with the IO shield and in a random MB box. Asking $30.
The Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo I purchased as an open box item about a year or so ago thinking I would starting selling and shipping more stuff, but I never did. It has sat in the closet until I decided to clean stuff out and tested it. It works fine. I don’t have any labels for it. The ones I used for testing were just a couple left in the box. Comes with power cable, USB cable and original box. Asking $175.
Lastly is a Dell D3100 docking station. This was also an open box item purchased about a year ago. However it never worked. I finally decided to have a go at it and it had a solder bridge on the power input. Took it apart and cleaned it up and it works perfectly. Comes with all cables and original box. Asking $50.
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2023.03.21 22:33 Xamnation Tried To Recraft Stats After Prepatch Today

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