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This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG from HoYoverse. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to explore!

2023.03.14 15:12 Mibukaa My fanart of Kaeya 🌟

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2023.02.24 21:28 HappyFireChaos My Kaeya fanart 💖 (dunno what to make flair)

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2023.02.20 05:34 No_Professor_9375 Kaeya fanart I made for a student exhibition at my college

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2023.02.06 21:43 Ghostbur4820 A question for fanart.

I'm thinking of doing some fanart of genshin characters you guys would like to see as pirates. So, excluding the pirates we already have, such as beidou and kaeya, tell me who you guys would want to see become a pirate. I recommend some Sumeru characters. pls :D
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2023.02.02 09:29 theonetruekaiser The Icy Peacock

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2023.01.20 23:27 EifieDreemurr My Klee & Uncles deck. Saw a fanart of Kaeya teaching Klee the TCG so I immediately made this combo.

My Klee & Uncles deck. Saw a fanart of Kaeya teaching Klee the TCG so I immediately made this combo. submitted by EifieDreemurr to KaeyaMains [link] [comments]

2023.01.05 07:25 fivebulletrevolver Kaeya fanart I made a few months ago, he'll always be my favorite :)

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2022.12.28 03:19 marii_chan789 Kaeya fanart by me ♡

Kaeya fanart by me ♡
If ur interested in my art process and what i use, feel free to check out my speedpaint! https://youtu.be/0C3a_3dZZRE
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2022.12.28 03:16 marii_chan789 Kaeya fanart by me :)

Kaeya fanart by me :)
i mainly used the watercolor brush, dreamy marker, and watery, as well as textured hair brush for lineart and hair (all free brushes on clip studio assets :)
Heres the link to my speedpaint for this piece! https://youtu.be/0C3a_3dZZRE Feel free to check it out to see my full process and tools ♡
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2022.12.04 21:39 FruitFantastic9374 2 days old new player here

tried not to give in to the fomo but alas.. been watching my online friends play the game for the past two years and i kinda kept thinking about playing it.. and the urge got worse few days ago so yeahh
i basically wanted to play for the pretty characters and watching their fanarts made me want to draw them too. and then the lores. people making references of the characters made me feel left out.
the game isn't so easy it's time consuming obviously (addicting i mean) but the ui and everything is so simple i love playing it. characters are so pretty i love every one of them so much (kaeya, diluc and xiangling especially look gorgeous)
the amount of catching up i got to do makes me feel overwhelmed but please let me know things i should remember while playing so i don't lag even behind tia
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2022.11.29 18:09 SilveryInk Happy Birthday, Kaeya. My fanart

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2022.11.27 01:57 kittypuppet Happy birthday Kaeya! 🎉

Since Kaeya's birthday is coming up in a few days, I've prepared a giveaway! I will be choosing 3 people at random to win a Welkin! Comment a birthday wish below and/or share a fanart (SFW of course) with us. Winners will be picked and announced on the 30th :)
edit: Sorry for the delay - lost power so the drawing will be delayed until Dec 1 :)
edit 2: welp, the outage messed up my internet, so the announcement will be delayed another day, but we're going ahead and locking the post now :)
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2022.11.23 14:57 Novel-Concentrate-98 Teams based on Genshin Impact characters

Saw a crossover fanart on RWBY and Genshin. Got me thinking what team would most likely be formed based on characters history and interaction. Most semblance are reflection of thier element skills.
  1. Bennett Adventure Team: BRMA; Bennett, Razor, Mona, and Amy(Fishel).
To Start the fanart is based on if Bennett was related to ruby and yang. https://br.pinterest.com/pin/712553972299024946/
Slight twist for that picture, Qrow found Bennett after his parents die so Bennett ends up getting adopt in the Long-Rose family. His semblance is similar to Qrow of creating bad luck, but it draws all of it to him.
Razor semblance always him to speak to wolves and create his elemental burst.
Fishel can create illusions based on her imagination, thus includes oz.
Would Mona's future sight be possible as a semblance or would that break the rules of that world. If not possible than her semblance would allow her to turn to water for a short time.
  1. Archon Team: REVZ; rukkhadevata, Ei, Venti, and Zhongli.
Note this is based on if this four are normal humans in remnant so they are not as powerful as thier genshin counterpart. Thier semblance is pretty much the same as thier game play.
Nahida still exist in this AU except she is the daughter of Rukkhadevata. Zhongli is a komodo dragon faunos.
  1. Knights of Favonious: JDLK: Jean, Diluc, Lisa, Kaeya. Could replace with any of the other Knights, or make a whole new team.
  2. Liyue Qixing: NKGY: Ningguang, Keqing, Ganyu, and Yelan.
Was thinking of including Beidou but probably still be a pirate that would work along Huntersman.
Additional Headcannon: Ningguang, Ganyu and Xiao were all raise by Zhongli and Guizhong.
  1. Inazuma: AYIK: Ayaka, Yoimiya, Itto, and Kuki. Probably the weakest justification but couldn't think of 4 people in one group from Inazuma.
  2. Sumura: TCCD: Tighnari, Cyno, Candace, and Dehya. Mayba replace one with Nilou or Collie.
  3. Traveler: APLD: Aether, Paimon, Lumine, and Dainslief. Not sure how to translate Paimon into a character that fits into RWBY.
  4. Joke: Aether, Keqing, Ayaka, and Nilou. If you know, you know.
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2022.10.13 01:25 NoeruSakuragi Honestly I think my shipping gotten worse or for the better…..please don’t bash me for liking KaeLuc

So I used to ship Dulic with Jean and lately I’ve gone down the KaeLuc rabbit hole…. Now that’s the only ship that I will ship Dulic with now…. I know they’re brothers…. Like they’re not related right? Since Kaeya was adopted right? So technically they can have relationship right? Now I need to know if my brain has gotten worse or better… I just kinda liked BL but never got into it. It’s okay to ship them right? Sorry for rabbling… soon I will come out with Kaeluc fanart based on the song called suki da kara/ Because I love you! I will try to make a PV out of it.
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2022.09.23 18:04 Birudson Saying goodbye to summer- Kaeya Fanart

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2022.09.11 17:11 Aly0033 Kaeya fanart <3

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2022.09.09 16:23 SHio_00 Good day! Here's my Kaeya fanart. ❄️🌊🌊🚶

Good day! Here's my Kaeya fanart. ❄️🌊🌊🚶 submitted by SHio_00 to Genshin_Impact [link] [comments]

2022.08.25 03:03 urotakufujoshi I have a theory about kaeya

Okay so I am a huge kaeya simp. By huge I mean I main him have hopes of getting all his constellations look up fanfics, theories, and fanarts of him all day. So yeah I am a huge simp so of course I am aware of his lore. While simping over him one day I stumbled upon a charecter analysis video and in that video it basically shut down the kaeya is a prince theory and the kaeya hidden eye thing. It shut down the prince theory cause apparently more lore was revealed and the Alberich clan was not the of royal family but they took the royals place and apparently diluc injured kaeyas eye (but kaeya wore an eye patch before the incident so that doesn't make sense) So anyway I didn't agree with everything this video said but it made me come up with some theories of my own and here they are. The first one has the do with the prince theory. Basically I have a theory that kaeya is actual a mix blood between Alberich and the of royal family (or something if this sort) the reason I think this is because of kaeyas lore. In the lore kaeyas dad referred to him as 'khaneriahs last hope'. While watching that charecter analysis video I realized something. How tf is kaeya 'khaneriahs last hope' simply by spying on a nation with a god barely present. That makes no sense, cause I'm sure they have more spies and agents then kaeya so 'khaneriahs last hope' is interesting wording. How can he be the last hope when he doesn't even look like he's reported anything back. I say this because it said kaeya was struggling with who to side with and it troubled him everyday until crepus death. I think that insunates that he hasn't really been in contact with khaneriah at all after his father left him. So why was he referred to as khaneriahs last hope. Plus even if he was a spy what information that is so useful is he going to get from mondstat...the god is barely even active. So my theory is he is the last remainder of the if khaneriah royal family....maybe his mother was one as well but died or something or maybe pierro who I believe is his dad is one but he's going to die soon. I think that kaeyas dad left him in mondstat to protect him from the things he knew was going to happen. Maybe he felt that kaeya was too important and he feared kaeya would get injured if he didn't separate from him. I think he plans on revealing kaeya to everyone as the last royal and he plans to do something with that. Anyway on to the eye theory So it does appear that Diluc may have scared kaeyas eye but the thing is kaeya wore his eye patch before all of that so...yeah. bi have a theory that the royal family has a special power or something. Also I think that kaeya took off his eye patch to prove to diluc that he was telling the truth about being a trader and that's how diluc was able to scar his eye Anyways that's my theory what are your guys thoughts please do share does it sound like shit or does it have some credibility
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2022.08.18 18:34 displacedindavis Finding the most controversial post on each character sub revealed some...interesting stuff

First of all, the character subs have some amazing things, but damn...there's some absolute garbage sorting by controversial haha.
Here's the most controversial post on each sub to date:
Sub Most Controversial Post Comments
Aether_Mains Thought I should share my ship list as well :) Shipping wars never end well
Albedomains best ship? Again, these never end well...
AlHaithamMains Al-haithaim with anime filter Thanks I'm gonna see this in my nightmares tonight
Aloymains AloyLeak? Please no
AmberMains POV: AMBER CARRIED YOU IN CO-OP Toxic co-op player
ArlecchinoMains arlecchino fanart made by yours truly There's far more controversial stuff on this sub IMO
AyakaMains ummmmmm. i decided to do one random 10 pull at 20 pity. these are my first 5 stars from the weapon banner. (i guess im free to play because i only ever bought 2 welkins and one bp) OP clearly doesn't understand what F2P is
Ayato_Mains Honest question: Am I the only one disliking the Boba-thing? You'll understand where OP's coming from if you read it, but Ayato with boba isn't a great example IMO...
BaizhuMains Wth is wrong with this kind of morons!!! Didn't know this was a thing with Baizhu
BarbaraMains Barbara nsfw sub should be banned. Honestly, I'm with OP here
BeidouMains Rant : Went from 12K primos to 5K primos in just a minute in weapon banner Well, that's one way to learn about the weapon banner...
Bennett_Mains Imma just leave this here heh Called Bennett a loser
CapitanoMainsGI I drew Capitano's face reveal <3 Wasn't expecting this lol
childemains Childe mains are one of, if not, the saltiest mains in the game Why you say this in his sub?
ColleiMains is it just me or is collei her looking a bit thicc on the thighs. Hey! I ain't complainin tho, I'm a thigh man myself You're weird man...
Columbina_Mains A maiden no more... (NSFW warning Like ArlecchinoMains, this sub also tends to attract a lot of horny
CynoMains Cyno being an Electro Polearm kinda worries me tbh..... Not sure why?
Dehyamains A pleasure to serve under her (NSFW warning) I'm gonna try and forget I saw this
DilucMains What do you think about my Diluc? he's not doing too much damage even tho he's C1 :( would appreciate some tips!! :D (i'm new to the game so please don't go too hard on me) Troll post
DionaMains I made a playlist of 7 hours of retro inspired music for those who like to play Genshin Impact with background music on. Check it out! Annoying self-promo
DoriMains 💀💀💀 Not directed at OP but the person who made the Tweet hunting for Islamophobia
DottoreMains has anyone seen these yet ? Fake leaks
EulaMains Now that Eula Hype has died down... Saying Ayaka is better is an easy way to start a war, especially on this sub lol.
Fischl Fischl's 2022 Rate Up on Yae Miko's Banner "Everbloom Violet" in February Not sure how this became the most controversial
Ganyu Does anyone feel Ganyu should have been a Cryo catalyst user :( Honestly this take looks a bit better in hindsight the longer we go without a Cryo catalyst user
GorouMains Am I the only one who's somewhat unsatisfied with Gorou's hangout quest? I loved it personally...
Heizou_Mains I CRY I AM CRYING. WHY DID I C6 KAZUHA. That's a you problem man
HouseOfDainsleif The Twilight Sword and the Raiden Shogun Some fans really hated this ship lol
HuTao_Mains Why mihoyo must release hu tao soon. Complete absence of any common sense
IttoMains I need to do a PSA. THE PSA BEING. ITTO DOES ACTUALLY SCALE OFF OF ATK No one likes a loud PSA like this
JeanMains Why are the people complaining the skin so much? Jean's GAA skin was controversial in some circles
KaeyaMains I want kaeya to fart on me 🧍 Ok...
KazuhaMains Eula, Kazuha or neither? "cool but not a waifu" that's all you need to know about this
KeqingMains More fun > More dmg Said physical Keqing was more fun
KleeMains Losing Faith In Genshin Community Again.... Not every interaction between a boy and girl is a ship
Kokomi_Mains I hope people here will understand Kokomi's purpose better IMO mostly not OP's fault, the sub was a cesspool around her release
KujouSaraMains Petition to let Sara,Sayu and Thoma be in Hutao banner. Pretty selfish reason to want this by OP
KukiShinobuMains Her first name is Shinobu OP ain't wrong...
Lisa_Mains I made a playlist of 7 hours of retro inspired music for those who like to play Genshin Impact with background music on. Check it out! Annoying self-promo
Lumine_Mains Lumine 😝💅 is such a baddie ! ✨😌💅 You have to read it to believe it
marionettemains Damselette vs Marionette Questionable leaks
MonaMains Jiggle Impact Title says it all
Nahida_Mains From radish loli to melon mommy Uncomfortable sexualization given Nahida's context, this sub gets extremely weird
NilouMains Translated Nilou Kit from uncle Lu on nga Unfair to OP, couldn't cite source because it was deleted by leaker (Uncle Lu), but reliable leaker SYC confirmed
NingguangMains SFW Community This is a pretty sensitive topic
Noellemains Noelle does a little trolling. (slight NSFW warning) WTF
PantaloneMains is it safe to say that he’s hydro? People have all sorts of ideas for his vision rn (although it's been leaked that he may not even have one)
PierroMains In-game style All Fatui Harbingers Introduction Cutscene Animation - Japanese Dub [4K] Not sure why this was controversial
PopsicleMains *NSFW* Chongyun overheating (as title indicates, NSFW warning) Well then...
PulcinellaMain slightly younger and less circular Pulcinella Not a bad interpretation though...
QiqiMains Qiqi included on the giveaway Scam
RaidenMains Im tired of people's copium, skyward spine is better than the catch. Made an off-putting rant without providing evidence to back up claim
RazorMains I guess its time to move on.... Thank you Razor for accompanying me through the low ARs Razor fans obviously didn't like that
RosariaMains Rosaria's CHARACTER DESIGN CHANGE Very controversial topic
SayuMains Most Bikini-popular character in terms of google search volume Why did OP post this to a kid character sub?
ScaramoucheMains Unpopular opinion: scaramouche being anemo is a GOOD change I'm indifferent, but his fans really wanted him to be electro and anemo was the worst alternative for most
ShenheMains wait until she’s released before u say she’s bad!! Not bad advice, just her fans had a massive meltdown around that time.
SignoraMains RIP
Sucrose I found this video while scrolling Not sure what the context of this is
ThomaMains Why thoma is better than diona (imo) OP got shredded in the comments for being a homer for Thoma on his sub lol.
TighnariMains Am I the only one who thinks this tone suits Tigh more? Made Tighnari darker skinned, Sumeru skin tone controversy got really heated
venti I'm also posting it here, I want to know what you think... Shipping can start wars
Xiangling I wanted to know your opinions and gain some help with my Xaingling build. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Sub really didn't like that build
XiaoMains "Xiao with Calamity is trash" Don't think I've heard anyone say this either...
XingqiuMains Wow... This is fine... Complaining about a good artifact roll
XinyanMains I've given up on Xinyan Mains. If you read the post you might understand OP's rationale, but they didn't have to complain so hard about it...
YaeMiko I'm quitting Genshin Impact. that's it ...and you shall not be missed
YanfeiMains I think you made Yanfei mad... Was it something you said? (NSFW warning) What is this interpretation?
YaoYaoMains Yaoyao free?!. This wound up being false: Collei is the free Dendro character
YelanMains Who else just simply hates Xingqiu? What did he do to you?
Yoimiya_Mains Oh so yae miko can have the pass but yoimiya cant??? Misunderstood the situation with the Yae Miko targeting fix
YunjinMains Will people STOP saying Yunjin is copying Kuro Neko First I've heard of it, why you heff to be mad?
ZhongliMains Seriously, it should be mass reported how underwhelming it is, even compared to other characters' 6th ... Ngl Genshin_Memepact is pretty awful
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2022.08.09 21:15 Lavenderixin My Kaeya fanart ^^ got his cons in the very first wish in the game and he’s one of my current mains

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2022.08.07 20:20 gynniee Kaeya Fanart!

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2022.08.06 20:21 Saramd My Kaeya fanart ^^ got his cons in the very first wish in the game and he’s one of my current mains

My Kaeya fanart ^^ got his cons in the very first wish in the game and he’s one of my current mains submitted by Saramd to KaeyaMains [link] [comments]