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2023.03.17 23:37 NeoRyu777 Need some tips on how to navigate this relationship issue ethically

Where do I begin...? I suppose, some context.
I'm in a closed triad with my wife (W), my girlfriend (G), and myself. Before anyone jumps down my throat about ethical triads, check my post history on this sub. We've all been best friends for more than two decades, and we've had all the talks, and yes I'd accept it if G decided she only wanted to date W, etc etc.
Anyway. G is in the middle of a divorce with her former husband (EX) of several years, which she filed for early last year. Before that, they'd been separated for a few months due to very serious criminal investigations that mandated that EX and G live separately while the investigations were underway, or else custody of G's children might be temporarily transferred. I don't want to go into details on that, not particularly relevant to the problem.
EX has been dragging out the divorce for more than a year. He took months to sign the paperwork she left on his desk, sold several of the home possessions prior to any possible division of property, tried to take away basically all custody of their son from G, and has overall just been a complete dick about the whole thing.
In order to fight it, G needed to lawyer up. So she did. Her parents (despite being abusive narcissists) paid for the lawyer for several months while G lived with them, but after G found a job (she'd been a stay-at-home-mom previously) and moved out late last year, G's had to try to pay for the lawyer on her own.
But lawyers are expensive, naturally, and EX (and his lawyer) have required so much communication and back-and-forth with G's lawyer. Including actual visits to court to deal with stuff face-to-face, that it's a massive, massive drain on G's finances.
There. Background context over. Let's look at the present.
W and I are financially in an amazing place right now, due in large part to selling a home in Colorado late last year. I'm also working two jobs as a software engineer, which means I'm making almost-stupid money. Far more than what W and I need for us and our kids.
Because we're so comfortable right now, I volunteered to help out financially with G so she could get on her feet. Her credit wasn't great (EX had tanked her credit score), and her credit cards weren't great due to doctors and therapy for her kids, so I cosigned on her car and her new home, and have been helping out with the rent, and little bits here and there. W has 100% signed off on all of this, btw.
G is an incredibly proud, independent woman. She knows very, very well how much help we've given her, and she's only been able to accept the help by assuring us that she'll pay us back at some point. Every time, I told her that the money has no strings attached, that we're happy to help our best friend, that we know perfectly well that if the situations were reversed that she'd do the same for us.
It helps a little bit, but doesn't stop her from feeling like she needs to pay us back. Her parents' love had always been transactional, and while she knows intellectually that our love isn't transactional it's hard to unlearn emotional responses. Some part of her can't help but to keep track of how much financial aid we've given her. I never bring it up. W doesn't either. But G knows, and it's a weight on her; she has a document that she showed me once, during one of her bad days.
Today, G had to swallow her pride and ask for help with paying the lawyer, because EX was dragging things out AGAIN for another court date, and between medical bills and therapy and food and car payments, she just didn't have it. I agreed, and she commented that she "would need to win the lottery to afford this and pay [me] back".
I know she would feel so much better if she had some means of feeling like this she could give back. Some small way of "earning" the financial help. Unfortunately, I'm just not smart enough to figure out how. Please, any advice would be helpful.
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2023.03.04 21:54 Instant_Ex Winning numbers 4 20

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2023.03.04 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Sat, Mar 04 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Me 5 years ago vs now
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I Used to Before Bitcoin
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Paying with Bitcoin on Boracay Island, Philippines
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Ethereum’s Supply on Exchanges Has Fallen Below 11% for the First Time Since June, 2018
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Ethereum Staking Withdrawals - A Simple Explanation
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Rocket Pool —Atlas Upgrade
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Solana is a Dying Coin
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People who sold the top in 2021. What made you do it?
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Binance was simply the last straw for audit firms in crypto. Binance's now-deleted Proof of Reserves only accounted for 14% of their total reserves, which explains why those firms left the industry soon after.
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Tether Used Falsified Documents and Shell Companies to Get Bank Accounts - WSJ
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Bitgree Marketplace: The Decentralized Way to Buy and Sell with Bitcoin Cash
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My personal experience using bitcoinCash in pasig Philippines, from buying pizza at pizza street octagon to riding the jeepney back and forth to university
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Doge KaKi… March 4th 🔥🔥🔥
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DEX volume comparison between Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana
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Binance.US Is Operating 'Unregistered Securities Exchange,' SEC Official Says
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Ethereum’s Supply on Exchanges Has Fallen Below 11% for the First Time Since June, 2018
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Crypto Narratives to Watch for in 2023
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"Effective Altruism finds a perfect trifecta with block-chain technology, ecological preservation and investment opportunity in digital art collection, as global NGO release digital art with a good cause mission. "Do good, feel good, and be rewarded"
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Thread for those with Restricted Accounts
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Chainlink's Oracle Network Enhances Scalability of Coinbase's Layer-2 Platform, Base
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Memes of The Week
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Which exchanges support depositing from the Fantom network?
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Solana (SOL) Master Guide - Everything You Need to Know!
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Put your SOL to work: Complete Guide
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Why don't specific NFT appear on ME
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Cosmos Catchup ep.17
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Anyone knows if this guy is an actual dev? also I guess we should create proposal for this I guess
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Finally joined
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Governance bashing
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🚀 Say hello to Pera Onramp – the easiest way to buy #ALGO, #USDCa, and #USDTa with fiat!
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PSA: Had to rekey MyAlgo wallet back to itself to vote on Folks Finance
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DEFI strategies on Cardano
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Are there wallets that use hydra? (second layer)
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Your favorite Cardano Twitter Space #RealTalk now has a YouTube show! Join Cinny as he talks about Contingent Staking, the newest Cardano NFT marketplace, and the upcoming Rare Evo event in Denver, Colorado.
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Bitcoin Private Key Lottery (Coz everyone can see your balance)
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Rachel-Rose O'leary programmer at Darkfi and editor AgorismXXI, Report, News, Dev & MORE! Join us LIVE this Sat morning (3/4) @ 11AM-EST/5PM-CEST on Monerotopia!
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MoneroKon 2023 Planning Meeting: Saturday 4th March 2023 @ 18:00 UTC
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The blue one NFT collection on OpenSea The Eye Art Gallery
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UPLOAD̶̮̅̉̆̏ by 🅲🆁🆄🅴🅻 - 1500 x 1500px - 30FPS - 67mb
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Questions on NFTs -- Questions in comments
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2023.03.03 03:52 Inevitable-Image-154 My episode idea: 350, 351 and 352

I made my plot of these episodes
350: 2 days later after kenny leaved colorado to live in tamaulipas and make new friends alongside with the lottery money, mr garrison welcomes stella wich came to see pip learning that pip was dead by crushed by mecha streisand, wendy breaks up with stan, super adventure club was ready to set Darth Chef to attack South park
Darth Chef started to attack South park making havoc, kyle, stan and cartman tried to snap him but they had depression flashbacks, but at the end thanks to pc principal they stopped him, causing him kill himself
351: after 1 day that chef attacked south park, wendy reconciled with stan, a new menace appears as the blue haired kids that was ten times worse that the ginger kids and using summoning powers and activation, they summoned sharkbearlion and activate mecha pip, and The only thing that they can stop them is obama and teamed up with super adventure club to destroy south park and kidnap wendy
Kidnapping wendy was a success and they sended sharkbearlion and mecha pip to destroy south park, The Super best friends without [censored] came and tried to stop them but like mecha streisand, they fail and sharkbearlion and mecha pip continued with the rampage, freedom pals except call girl and coon and friends realized the only thing that they can stop them was obama, manbearpig (yeah sharkbearlion and manbearpig are friends) and stella, stan realizes that wendy was kidnapped by the blue haired kids and super adventure club so he in mad goes to rescue her
352: freedom pals and coon and friends except toolshed and call girl goes to manbearpig's home to get help from him alongside stella while the adults cames to get obama, stan (as toolshed) arrives to the blue haired kids' lair and fights against the blue haired kids and the Super Adventure Club members, stella tried to convice pip to be couple again and success, manbearpig and sharkbearlion reunited as friends and both killed super adventure club and blue haired kids' leaders and stan saved wendy from the blue haired kids, and both kissed and stan never vomited this time, after the Events south park started to be rebuilded 43th time, The episode ends with sharkbearlion living in stark's pond
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2023.02.27 14:21 Earkick 7 Strategies for Boosting Mental Readiness as a Student

7 Strategies for Boosting Mental Readiness as a Student
The following article was first published on our blog in February 2023

Flex Your Mental Muscles
It's time to talk mental readiness - the secret ingredient for overall well-being academic success. Think of it as being in your mental gym, building up your mental muscles to tackle school challenges and navigate college life like a boss.

Cheerful group of smiling female and male students feeling relaxed after successfully passing their exams, sitting outdoors.
But what does that mean, exactly? Think of it like preparing for a big game or competition. You wouldn't show up without any training or practice, right? Mental readiness is like the warm-up, it helps you get in the right mindset and be fully prepared to handle any challenge that comes your way.
It's about building the mental muscle you need to stay focused, motivated, and resilient in the face of stress and uncertainty. Whether you're tackling a tough assignment, facing a difficult exam, or dealing with the ups and downs of college life, being mentally ready is key. By developing positive habits and micro-routines, you'll be setting yourself up for success in every area of your life.
Not sure how to do it? Don't worry, we've got your back. Here are 7 easy-peasy strategies we got from three students to help you increase your mental readiness on a daily basis. By following the tips of Cassie, James and Brittany, you can start boosting your academic performance, kicking stress and anxiety to the curb, and building the resilience and confidence you need to crush it as a student.
So, buckle up and get ready to flex those mental muscles!

7 Strategies For Higher Mental Readiness

The secret to leveling up your life may sound very simple, almost mundane. It's all about those little, unsexy changes you make to your daily routine. We're talking about setting a consistent sleep schedule, taking regular study breaks, and swapping out that second Red Bull for a glass of water (gasp!). Sure, it's not as exciting as winning the lottery or becoming TikTok famous, but trust us, it'll do wonders for your mental readiness and well-being.
Take it from folks who’ve been through the change and who've reaped the benefits. We’ve included real-life examples and we’ll let Cassie, James, and Brittany share their learnings in their own words.
1. Prioritize Sleep
Yep, we know - staying up all night to binge-watch your favorite show or cram for that exam might seem like a good idea, but it'll only hurt you in the long run. Catching those Z's is crucial for your brain to recharge and be ready to take on the day.

Cassie lying in bed and watching videos on mobile phone in dark bedroom until deep into the night.
Example: Cassie, a college student at the University of Michigan, says "I used to stay up all night cramming for exams. And even when there were no exams, I would binge on TikTok or hang out with friends.” When Cassie started developing symptoms of chronic stress and insomnia, she quickly realized that her lack of sleep was not only impacting her academic performance, but also affecting her mental readiness and health.
“I started tracking my sleep routine and reading up on how to improve it. Now, I make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night to help me stay alert and focused during the day." On weekends she still gets to occasionally stay up late with friends or dance away at parties until the wee hours, but on Sundays, Cassie is in bed before 10pm.
2. Practice Mindfulness
Take a breather and practice mindfulness. This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths, going for a walk, or even just closing your eyes for a few minutes. It's a quick and easy way to ground yourself and reduce stress.
Example: As James, a senior at Montclair High School, New Jersey, says "I started practicing mindfulness during the pandemic, after overcoming my prejudice of it being kind of ‘woo-woo’. I wanted to get a grip on the anxiety that had started to creep into my life due to all the uncertainty and bad news of COVID-19.” With no school friends around to judge his initial attempts at breathing and meditation exercises, he quickly started reaping the benefits of his new routine:
“ It has made a huge difference in my mental readiness and mental health. My anxiety is at a healthy level and the breathing exercises help me stay calm and focused during exams."
James also noticed that he's able to concentrate for longer periods of time, and he also deals with criticism easier. Always curious to learn more, he has recently enrolled in a yoga class to explore somatic exercises.
3. Exercise Regularly
Get your body moving! Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and it releases endorphins that can boost your mood and energy. Also, you can build your mental and physical resilience while having fun.
Example: Brittany, a college student at UCLA, says "I like to start my day with a quick workout, whether it's going for a run, hitting the gym or doing a short yoga routine. It helps me wake up and feel energized for the day ahead. Plus, I find that it clears my head and helps boost my self-confidence. I'm simply more productive and focused when I exercise regularly."
She shares that in order to motivate herself, she got her best friend to join her: “A challenge shared is a challenge halved” she says with a big smile. Exercising with her friend not only gives her the feeling of making the best of her time, but it has also strengthened their relationship. "We laugh and cry together, we sweat and chill together. And it's so much fun to have someone to chat with while jogging my rounds".
4. Plan Ahead
Don't let procrastination get the best of you. Plan ahead and break big tasks into smaller ones so that they're more manageable. You'll feel more in control and less overwhelmed.
Example: As Cassie says, "I like to make a to-do list each morning for my daily tasks and assignments. It helps me stay on track and focused throughout the day, and I feel less stressed knowing that I have a plan in place". To keep herself accountable, she gets her roommate to do the same. What’s more, they both make sure to also plan for enough off-time, keeping a balance and avoiding unhealthy types of perfectionism.
"We're both what you would call messy perfectionists. Structure, accountability, and planning ahead have made all the difference in our mental readiness. And whenever one of us starts to get scattered or involved in too many projects, we remind each other of the roadmap we agreed on" Cassie says laughing.
5. Take Breaks
It's important to give your brain a break every now and then. Taking short breaks can help you recharge and come back ready to tackle your work. You'll catch up in no time and even get ahead of the curve if you do it regularly.
Example: James found out that taking short breaks helped him stay productive and focused during long study sessions. "I’m a pretty competitive guy and I used to try to power through my studying without taking any breaks. Then, during the pandemic, I hit a wall. Everything was happening online! I sat in my room non-stop and it felt like having no life.”
He started seeing a therapist who made him realize that he would get burnt out and lose focus if he continued that way. “Now I take a 10-minute break every hour or so to recharge and refocus, and it makes a big difference in my mental readiness and productivity."
Thanks to his dog, going for a quick walk in nature is not only fun but comes with multiple benefits. When there's no time for a walk during school hours, James intentionally takes mini-breaks to stretch or take a few deep breaths. “Being competitive doesn’t have to come at the expense of health and happiness. I found out the hard way, but now I can have it all” says James as he leaves to play with his dog.

Student James with his dog running in outdoors to disconnect from his studies and build up mental readiness
6. Stay Hydrated
Water is your friend. Staying hydrated helps keep your brain functioning at its best, and it can also help reduce headaches, fatigue, and the risk of developing anxiety or depression. The key is to not wait until you feel thirsty!
Example: “Funny how I used to think that drinking water doesn’t require intentional reminders, “ Brittany says "It wasn’t until my headaches and tiredness got frequent and started to affect my daily functioning that the penny finally dropped.”
Her tutor taught her to always carry a water bottle with her throughout the day so that she can stay hydrated. He also encouraged her to track her progress and the impact of hydration on her symptoms. “I now use a free selfcare companion app for tracking and reminders. Nowadays I can say that when I'm hydrated, I feel more alert and focused, and I'm better able to retain information during class." Her boyfriend recently even gifted her a beautiful water bottle to support her healthy routine and keep her mental readiness high.
7. Set Realistic Goals
Don't set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals. Instead, set goals that are specific and achievable. You'll feel more motivated and confident in your ability to succeed.
Example: All three students agree that setting smart and achievable goals play a key role in their mental readiness journey. “For example, if I have a big project due in a few weeks, I'll break it down into smaller tasks that I can work on each day. It helps me stay focused and motivated, and I feel like I'm making progress towards my overall goal" says Cassie. "I define each goal, write out the roadmap and check off the tasks when they're accomplished. It's important for me to have it in writing."
“My competitive nature drives me to set so-called stretch goals “ explains James. “Those goals are ambitious, but not unrealistic and I do not beat myself up if I do not fully reach them. My tutor helps me do a sanity check and establish milestones that make sense for my mental readiness."
“For me, it’s all about setting goals that include my friends. We plan together, we share our goals, our failures, and our successes. And we celebrate together” says Brittany
“Unrealistic goals will eat away my time, my joy and my relationships. I believe in the old saying about going together if you want to go far.”
So there you have it - 7 simple strategies to help you increase your mental readiness and crush it as a student. Remember to prioritize your mental health and don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.
Now go out there and flex those mental muscles - your future self will thank you for it!
Need a little helper that stays with you along the journey? Check out the free Earkick self-care companion. Tens of thousands of students use it every day to become their healthiest and happiest selves.
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2023.02.27 14:00 HockeyPowerRanker r/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 19: Goalie's Goalie Goal Edition.

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Feb 20, 2023 - Feb 26, 2023

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.


mukuu sandman730 copaceticvindication mdlt97 timmablimma recockulous maxpowr9 mcrsft3brdev b1wein americanadian98 hrint lang14 rasera nodessb rawrberry_ eatingasspatties blueferret98 dingleberry314 dorkandjosh silkeystev dagetawayman421 doggo0732 igo2extremes steckums hockeycross sarcastic__ offraindrop13


lang14 thatmikeguy429


The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here


How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.
The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /hockey!


Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (1.04) Boston Bruins - 45-8-5 3-0-0 maxpowr9 says Linus Ullmark
2 (2.48) Carolina Hurricanes 0 39-11-8 2-1-0 timmablimma says So as long as Anaheim is no where near the playoffs and John Gibson doesn't go to a team the Hurricanes play, we should be good, right? Right?!?! Saturday was rough, but it was a good week overall. Given all the trade activity, it's going to be interesting to see what Turtleneck Don does. That Troy Terry move completely breaking Pesce's ankles would look great in Hurricane colors and is the type of player we typically go after.
3 (3.3) New Jersey Devils 0 39-15-5 2-1-0 silkeystev says IT'S TIMO TIME LET'S GOOOOOOOO IT'S TIME FOR THE SWISS CONNECTION. And to think there were fans telling us there was no way we could get Meier without giving up Mercer, while the Devil's fan were saying Holtz would be enough... and in the end neither ending up leaving. I'm going to ignore the fact that we have to pay Bratt and Meier in the offseason and celebrate the stressful hours of "what's the return??" being over Party Time
4 (4.37) Toronto Maple Leafs 0 37-15-8 3-0-0 offraindrop13 says Was a fun week - got to enjoy seeing our new toy ROR score his first as a Leaf + two more vs Buffalo, a nasty OT winner by Nylander vs Minnesota and then Matthews getting out of his funk with 2G vs Seattle. Also, Giordano broke the blocked shots record which is just crazy to me. He's been amazing, at 800k, he's the only Leafs defensemen to play every game this season. I wonder if Dubas has any other tricks up his sleeve as the trade deadline nears, and the eastern conference arms race continues.
5 (5.07) Tampa Bay Lightning 0 37-18-4 2-1-1 mcrsft3brdev says Vasy just doing Vasy things. Pointer at 35 goals. Trade deadline wishes? An experienced defense man so we don't have to see Fleury/Foote on the ice, preferably at all. We have 3 back-to-backs in the month of MArch. Not ideal, but will show what the boys are made of. GO BOLTS!
6 (7.04) Vegas Golden Knights 1 35-18-6 1-0-2 doggo0732 says Not a great week results wise, but we got points in every game, and we now have a player I can call barbie, positives all around!
7 (7.22) Colorado Avalanche 1 33-19-5 2-0-0 hockeycross says The Avs are back looking like contenders. Lots of tinkering on the side but still expect something big ish before the deadline is over. They looked really good on a light week as well. Tons of games on hand and the western conference should take notice cause the Avs are coming for the first seed.
8 (8.07) New York Rangers -2 34-17-9 1-3-0 nodessb says This week has gone less than optimally, that much is for sure. The scoring has dried up a good bit and the defense and goaltending has taken a nosedive recently. It's frustrating to watch after seeing this team play so well during the win streak. Hopefully they can get back on track soon and the rumored addition of Kane gives a nice boost to the offense, as well as takes away the distraction. Still hyped about this team come playoff time. LGR!
9 (11.41) Los Angeles Kings 1 33-20-8 1-2-1 dorkandjosh says The Kings went 1-2-1 on a tough road trip this week. The Alex Edler Sean Walker pairing was awful this week especially today against the Rangers. The Kings have some promising young defensemen they can put into the lineup so it doesn't make sense to me to continue to play vets who aren't preforming well. Fortunately the Kings only have 1 more game on this road trip in Winnipeg before returning home where they will play all but 2 games in March.
10 (11.52) Edmonton Oilers 3 32-20-8 2-1-0 eatingasspatties says We scored 21 goals in 4 games this week and only won 2 of them. The defence hasn’t been fantastic, but goaltending has been what’s sinking this team lately
11 (11.56) Dallas Stars 0 31-16-12 1-1-0 rawrberry_ says Ever since I stared watching hockey The Dallas Stars has always, always, always gone on three streaks where they lost 5+ games. One in the beginning, one around the middle, and one at the end. So this past five game losing streak tracks for how things have played out in the past. The Stars beat the Pyrite Squires this past Saturday to halt the losing and they did it after regulation. Not sure that is allowed but the league might need to start an inquiry. The Stars have 12 OTL this season which is quite impressive. The PP has gone stale and Otter is the only reason why some of these games go to OT. Seems that after I cut my hair the Stars started to fall apart. More testing needs to be done to determine if my hair caused that or I am just crazy.
12 (11.93) Winnipeg Jets -3 35-24-1 1-3-0 rasera says One word per goal scored in the past seven games. Fucking Pathetic.
13 (12.37) Seattle Kraken -1 32-21-6 0-3-0 lang14 says Writing this before the Leafs/Kraken game because I am attending. Boston loss hurts, but we took the best team in the league to 5 goals against. Not bad. Loss to San Jose is brutal. Don't really know how much damage we do in the playoffs but it's likely not much.
14 (13.11) Buffalo Sabres 0 31-23-4 3-1-0 hrint says Wins on the road against the Florida teams and a win at home against the Capitals. Tage's 40th. Cozens's First Hat Trick. The OT winner and first of the year for Lyubushkin. Inside of the playoffs after week one. Truly an excellent time to be a Sabres Fan. Get well soon, Tuch.
15 (13.26) Minnesota Wild 0 33-21-6 3-0-1 No Wild blurb this week, sorry.
16 (17.11) New York Islanders 2 31-25-7 3-1-0 b1wein says Somehow we're still in the playoff hunt. Barzal is hurt and our entire bottom 6 is made of AHLers, but we press on! At least we still have the best goalie in the league.
17 (17.37) Pittsburgh Penguins -1 29-21-9 2-2-0 No Pens blurb this week, sorry.
18 (18.56) Florida Panthers -1 29-26-6 1-1-0 copaceticvindication says Losing to Craig Anderson basically puts us in miracle territory to make the playoffs, not great! The team simply cannot play multiple complete games in a row. Anthony Duclair is finally back though from his Achilles injury so thats cool atleast. I just want off PoMo's wild ride.
19 (18.74) Detroit Red Wings 1 28-22-8 2-1-0 americanadian98 says Detroit has been on a roll lately, spending some time in a playoff position this week. Unfortunately, now Michael Rasmussen is hurt, who plays an important utility roll for the team. Hopefully he will be back soon, and that the Wings can keep winning and stay in contention in the meantime. Important back to back with Ottawa up next...
20 (19.37) Nashville Predators 1 29-22-6 3-0-0 We are looking for a Preds ranker, if interested please message ThatMikeGuy429
21 (19.56) Calgary Flames -2 27-21-12 1-2-1 dingleberry314 says Lol we suck
22 (21.44) Ottawa Senators 1 28-26-4 1-2-0 No Sens blurb this week, sorry.
23 (21.48) Washington Capitals -1 29-27-6 1-3-0 dagetawayman421 says This team is god awful. We have a third pairing of Dylan McIlrath and Matt Irwin. One journeyman who no longer has the footspeed to play in the NHL and one dude who got drafted in the first round by the Rangers, and like all first round picks by the Rangers, they're either busts, take forever to develop, get traded for pennies on the dollar, or get suspended for spitting on Drew Doughty. Peter Laviolette is trying to get this team to suck by benching our young guys and playing the vets. Even moreso, he's running Kuemper in back-to-back games. We need to go full moneyball where we trade our vets to force Laviolette to play the kids from Hershey. Laviolette is not a bad coach, but this team honestly looks like they dgaf for 20 to 40 minutes a night. Embrace the tank Caps fans, trade two more blue liners, and let Chucky get lit up every other game. Maybe we finish bottom 8 and win the lottery. I hear that Michkov kid is pretty good if we can't win the Bedard sweepstakes.
24 (24.48) St. Louis Blues 0 26-28-5 0-1-2 We are looking for a Blues ranker, if interested please message ThatMikeGuy429
25 (25.19) Montreal Canadiens 0 25-30-4 2-1-0 mdlt97 says I feel like I've said this before but somehow the injuries continue to get worse and somehow we continue to not play worse lol
26 (26.78) Philadelphia Flyers 0 23-28-10 1-3-0 igo2extremes says Looks like tanking is back on the menu boys. With TK out, there's nobody on the team to try to win besides Hart, and all we have to do is screen him ourselves. Elliot Desnoyers was called up and given a rude awakening in his first game as we lost 0-7 to the Devils, who had a successful rebuild. The attention of fans in Philly is fully on spring training in Clearwater, FL.
27 (26.85) Vancouver Canucks 0 23-31-5 1-1-1 sarcastic__ says Sorry guys, I got sidetracked by the Tanner Jeannot trade to think of anything clever or insightful for this week's blurb.
28 (27.44) Chicago Blackhawks 1 21-32-5 3-0-0 sandman730 says Kane and Lafferty didn't play Saturday due to "roster management." The Hawks have won 5 straight, led by Domi's Domi has 4G, 7A and Kane's 7G, 3A. David Gust made his NHL debut at age 29 and scored his first NHL goal on his first shift.
29 (28.78) Arizona Coyotes -1 20-30-9 0-2-0 recockulous says Add Shea Weber to the list of Coyotes greats. Can the trade deadline please pass already?
30 (30.33) Columbus Blue Jackets 1 19-35-6 1-1-1 steckums says The Jackets once again beat one of the best teams in the league this week and it was in front of a sold out crowd at Nationwide Arena. You know, despite being last in the league and half of our big-name players out for the season with injuries, the Jackets are still pulling great attendance numbers. This isn't a good time to finally start to string some wins together though!
31 (30.37) Anaheim Ducks 1 19-34-7 2-1-1 mukuu says The Bad: We won 2 games this week, need to fit that ASAP. The good, lol we beat the canes again. You know you are going to go far in the playoffs when the Ducks got you figured out this year.
32 (30.41) San Jose Sharks -2 18-30-12 1-1-1 blueferret98 says Pretty whatever week of games, another OT loss as is tradition. Now for the real news, I'm super unhappy with the return for Timo. NJ specifically said they would top anyone else's offer, but we still didn't manage to get any of Nemec, Mercer, or Holtz. I know they're good and NJ wanted to hold onto them, but if they were all deemed untouchable then we should've looked elsewhere. It's pretty ridiculous that we traded our highest value player and didn't get a single top prospect in return. Grier better be praying we land Bedard, cause he blew our best chance to get some A prospects when he traded Timo for no high quality assets. He's has yet to make any really good moves as GM, and this trade made him look like a total chump.
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2023.02.25 16:40 rfwaverider Company Retreats

As we've been growing I look for ways to encourage, reward, and support my employees.
We pay 100% of health insurance costs, including a very large dental and vision stipend.
We offer two different types of retirement funds with a 6% match to each.
We have stocked foods and drinks at the office so employees can enjoy free breakfast, lunch and snacks.
We offer growth bonuses at year end based on employee performance, length of employment and success of company that year. The formula is $50xMonths of Employment.
We do quarterly reviews and company update meetings where pay raises are given.
We offer unlimited time off and unlimited sick time. We close the office between Christmas and New Years so employees can be with their families. We offer one month of paid time off for maternal/paternal leave.
I'm considering adding to this a yearly corporate retreat where we basically shutdown the office except for one or two employees who are left back to handle emergencies. They would be paid a stipend to sit out from the festivities. This could be by choice or lottery, where they get to go next year.
We would go somewhere for a few days, all expenses paid and basically have a vacation paid for by the company. Perhaps combined with a small professional event one day. This would be someplace that would be expensive and perhaps difficult for many to do financially without concerted savings/debt. Maybe Orlando in a high end hotel, Colorado to go Skiing. Just some examples. Making sure there are a variety of events so everyone can find something to do - or nothing to do if they'd rather just lounge.
Where I'm trying to figure out the I only invite employees? Do I try to make it a family vacation perk where employees can bring their immediate family? Maybe, I offer that invitation but only cover travel costs for the immediate employee?
Any of you done this before and if so how do you structure it?
EDIT: Thank you to everyone who replied. This is exactly what I was looking for, and no I'm not shopping for employees right now :).
Clearly there are two very distinct groups of people. Those who love the company retreats and those who don't and would rather have money. That's cool. That's why I think this situation works well. It wouldn't be mandatory. If that isn't your thing, stay back. Take care of things and take some money in place of us paying for your trip.
Appreciate all of the ideas and thoughts. I'll ponder through them all more.
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2023.02.22 17:32 TathanOTS First Round Picks and Cup Wins

In the last 20 NHL drafts the First round overall picks have only won 13 cups for the teams that drafted them. That's counting 6 for the three that Pittsburgh won with Marc-Andre Fleury and Sidney Crosby. Put another way only 5 teams out of those 14 unique teams that drafted a player first overall have won a cup since. 9 have not. Including Edmonton, who drafted four in a six year period.
Fleury (2003) - 3
Ovechkin (2004) - 1
Crosby (2005) - 3
Kane (2007) - 3
Stamkos (2008) - 2
MacKinnon (2013) - 1
Colorado is the only team to draft a player first overall in the last decade and then win the cup with that player.
I really hope Connor Bedard helps whatever team drafts him. But I hope all the fans of teams that lose the lottery don't get too upset. And that the fans of the team that does, don't get discouraged if they don't go right out and win the next year or ten.
Edit: fixed a word. Can't fix title. First overall.
Second edit: flipped Fleury and Crosby by accident.
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2023.02.20 16:31 HockeyPowerRanker r/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 18: Threesome Edition.

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Feb 13, 2023 - Feb 19, 2023

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.


recockulous mdlt97 sandman730 timmablimma b1wein maxpowr9 offraindrop13 copaceticvindication steckums pm_me_small_tit_pics americanadian98 hrint driftshade11 lang14 eatingasspatties silkeystev nodessb igo2extremes mcrsft3brdev blueferret98 sarcastic__ dagetawayman421 hockeycross dorkandjosh mukuu


lang14 thatmikeguy429


The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here


How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.
The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /hockey!


Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (1.15) Boston Bruins - 42-8-5 3-0-0 maxpowr9 says I was getting worried but am happy our goal differential is now more than our points again. Was a fun week: goals were scored, hugs were had, Shutout Swayman was clutch, and the siblings brought down the house in Dallas.
2 (2.04) Carolina Hurricanes 0 37-10-8 3-0-0 timmablimma says The Stadium Series was incredible as an NC State Alumni. While the entry outfits could really burn us in the Spring, it's a nice homage to the whole state with the Pinehurst inspired Payne Stewart I'm good with it since NC State didn't want too much of a tie in on the entry apparently. I don't know how the game looked on TV, but it was incredible in person, the football tie-ins were great, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Jarvis with the hattrick after I called out last week "this line is too small" and Rod added Svechnikov and the dynamic changed! Kotkaniemi is on fire, Necas continues to be amazing, and the team was just amazing in the 3rd period of the Canadiens game and pretty much all of both Capitals games. I know it's not the best measuring stick on where those teams are respectively, but you gotta believe this team has to go all in for the Cup with everyone else arming themselves.
3 (3.85) New Jersey Devils 0 36-14-5 3-1-0 silkeystev says Dawson Mercer can't be stopped. It feels weird that we're sort of just continually trying to catch the hurricanes until the playoffs... I like this feeling.
4 (4.81) Tampa Bay Lightning 0 35-17-3 1-1-1 mcrsft3brdev says A strong comeback win vs Colorado was followed by two losses. Road trips, amiright.
5 (5.58) Toronto Maple Leafs 1 34-15-8 2-1-0 offraindrop13 says Dubas with the big swing!!! Ryan O'Reilly and Noel Acciari for a bundle of picks. As Kyle said himself, this is a top 5 team and yes the playoff path is going to be ridiculous but we can't just sit on our hands and be scared of a first round playoff loss. Look where that has taken us. I love the move and having that kind of centre depth is amazing. People saying we need a defensemen when in the past win-or-go-home games we keep losing by scores of 2-0 or 3-1, etc. We needed more offensive firepower and we got it.
6 (5.73) New York Rangers -1 33-14-9 2-0-1 nodessb says Despite an OT loss to end the week and the winning streak, this past stretch has been fantastic for the Rangers. It's been great watching this team and especially the kids flourish lately. Hopefully the boys can keep this momentum going into the next week and through the playoffs because they have looked like true contenders, dare I say. Also, welcome back Motter. LGR!
7 (6.85) Vegas Golden Knights 0 34-18-4 2-0-0 No Knights blurb this week, sorry.
8 (9.19) Winnipeg Jets 0 34-21-1 1-2-0 No Jets blurb this week, sorry.
9 (10.08) Seattle Kraken 2 32-18-6 2-0-1 lang14 says Much better play this week. Close game in Winnipeg. Winning those games are gonna illustrate if we're a good team or lucky. Not at all disappointed with overall, though. Goaltending was good this week. Been awhile since I've felt I've been able to say that.
10 (10.27) Colorado Avalanche 2 31-19-5 3-0-1 hockeycross says Awesome week for the Avs 2 back to backs and only gave up one point to Tampa. The team is looking almost like a contender again and Mackinnon has been on fire since the New Year. Makar is unfortunately out for a bit and hopefully will come back fully healthy. Landeskog is also finally back in Colorado and is going to start skating again. If he is close to 80% his old self the team gets a huge deadline acquisition. With the current trade market the Avs are certainly wondering what they are going to do the 2C market is drying up and with all the injuries maybe one more dman would not hurt. Bit of a break before the Jets and Flames this weekend for 2 more key games for the playoffs. Avs are looking to be first in the west!
11 (10.69) Los Angeles Kings 2 32-18-7 3-0-0 dorkandjosh says Kings go 3-0 this week extending their win streak to 4. They have scored 5 or more goals in 4 straight games thanks to the kings great forward depth. However, the Arizona game may be a cause for concern, blowing a 5-1 lead and needing a shootout to win it. Jonathan Quick has really showed his age this season and while Copley has been solid, they need to add at least a decent backup for Copley at the deadline.
12 (10.69) Dallas Stars -3 30-15-12 0-1-2 No Stars blurb this week, sorry.
13 (12) Edmonton Oilers -3 30-19-8 0-0-3 eatingasspatties says The Oilers have points in 14 of their last 15, but have lost 5 of their last 6. Back-to-back blown 3 goal leads with loser points is beyond painful, and a lot of the blame can be pointed at the goaltending. The only excuse they have is that the team is ravaged with illness and has been playing with only 17 skaters for most of the month.
14 (15) Minnesota Wild 0 30-21-5 2-1-1 No Wild blurb this week, sorry.
15 (15.27) Buffalo Sabres 0 28-22-4 2-1-0 hrint says Lost to better teams, defeated worse teams. Playing better away than at home. Scored a bunch of goals, allowed a bunch of goals. Business as usual. Still have a ton of games in hand on a tight wildcard hunt. Is it too early for Kevyn Adams GM of the year once we get swept in the first round?
16 (17.23) Pittsburgh Penguins 0 27-19-9 1-2-0 pm_me_small_tit_pics says I can’t say I’m terribly motivated to write this blurb. Penguins remain in a good spot to keep their postseason streak alive, but nothing about their play of late inspires any hope beyond making the first round. Could this be Sullivans last year in Pittsburgh? Probably not but it’s clear the Sullivan era is rapidly coming to a close and it’s hard to imagine the big three in Pittsburgh playing long enough to have another era with a new coach. Hard to be disappointed with the success we’ve seen, and it’s hard to not go for the cup every year you have Sidney Crosby on your roster, but this is likely going to bring the franchise into limbo for awhile where we aren’t real contenders and we aren’t ready to rebuild.
17 (17.23) Florida Panthers 0 28-25-6 2-2-0 copaceticvindication says Are the Panthers good or bad? The answer remains yes. Nice wins over the Wild and a struggling Caps team are offset by getting outscored 5 to 13 in blowouts by the Blues and Predators. I am once again asking for Paul Maurice to be fired.
18 (18.65) Calgary Flames 0 26-19-11 1-1-1 No Flames blurb this week, sorry.
19 (19.35) New York Islanders 1 28-24-7 1-1-1 b1wein says I don't know what to make of this team. All of a sudden we're scoring a ton of goals and the defense is terrible?? We'd be in the running for a lottery pick if it wasn't for Sorokin, but because of him, we somehow still have a chance at the playoffs. Need to start winning.
20 (19.73) Washington Capitals -1 28-24-6 0-3-0 dagetawayman421 says This team is cooked. Four straight losses in games they needed to win, not to mention getting beat by Carolina twice in the same week. I have no god forsaken idea why Irwin continues to get a sweater, he plays physical when it's convenient for him, he got outmuscled for the first goal in front of the net Saturday night. Then Jensen played like absolute garbage vacating his zone and leaving players open in front of the net. Gus is another issue with his no-look passes to the stick of an opponent. I don't know when Ovi is going to be back, but this team does not look like it has the makings of a team able to compete in the playoffs. Trade Eller, NAK, Gus, Jensen, Irwin, etc. Get some picks in a deep draft, let Backstrom, Oshie, Wilson, and Carlson rest. Let Ovi spend some time in Russia to settle his family affairs. Call up Snively, Protas, McMichael, Alexeyev, Malenstyn, etc. and sign Ethen Frank. Lastly, for the love of god, fire Blaine Forscythe, our PP is utter garbage.
21 (19.77) Detroit Red Wings 1 26-21-8 3-1-0 americanadian98 says Woooo boy the Wings went on a heater out west, pushing themselves back into the playoff conversation. Raymond and Vrana should be in the lineup this week, which may give the offense some much needed extra oomph. Hey Stevie, can you sign Larkin already?
22 (20.73) Ottawa Senators 1 27-24-4 3-0-1 driftshade11 says You would really really like to not blow a lead to the Hawks of all teams, but banking points is what matters now, and the Sens have been doing a lot of that this week, putting themselves back in a place to take a shot at a playoff race. Tim Stützle (no more nicknames now) is on fire and the kids in net are playing solid; now, it's time to see if DJ Smith can coach when the chips are down, or if it's the end of the line for him and Pierre Dorion in Ottawa.
23 (20.92) Nashville Predators -2 26-22-6 1-3-0 We are looking for a new Preds ranker, if you are interested please message ThatMikeGuy429
24 (23.81) St. Louis Blues 0 26-27-3 2-2-0 We are looking for a new Blues ranker, if you are interested please message ThatMikeGuy429
25 (25.81) Philadelphia Flyers 0 22-25-10 0-2-0 igo2extremes says Nobody is happy in Philly. The development watchers have nothing going, nobody is playing well. But we're still playing well enough for the tank fans to be unhappy. We all feel like Konecny recently, just looking to take out our anger at the first person to try us. I feel you bud. Sigh
26 (26.19) Montreal Canadiens 0 23-29-4 1-2-0 mdlt97 says 3 games this week, Sens, Flyers, and Devils, all at 7:00 PM
27 (26.85) Vancouver Canucks 0 22-30-4 1-2-0 No Canucks blurb this week, sorry.
28 (27.5) Arizona Coyotes 0 20-28-9 3-0-1 recockulous says After beating Tampa 1-0 in the shootout, Clayton Keller told the media, “I’m sure the GM’s not too happy about it.” Yep, despite the organization's stated intent to tank, we know coaches and players don't tank. The Coyotes have scored points in every game since January 27 (tied for the longest active streak in the league with the NYR) which is their longest point streak as a franchise dating back to 2012 (their bet season ever, when the team went to the Western Conference Finals). In short, when the best player in a generation is coming to the worst team in the league, the Coyotes are playing their best hockey in over a decade - and that's with their two best defensemen in the press box (Chychrun, Gostisbehere).
29 (29.85) Chicago Blackhawks 2 18-32-5 2-2-0 sandman730 says Kane has scored 5 goals in the last 2 games. He (1221) overtook Roenick (1216) for the 3rd-most points by a US-born player. Toews announced he's dealing with Long COVID and Chronic Immune Response Syndrom. Cole Guttman scored his first NHL goal.
30 (30.04) San Jose Sharks -1 17-29-11 0-3-0 blueferret98 says Another tough week for the Sharks, with an especially brutal loss against VGK. The games were alright to watch this week, but they're gonna be absolutely brutal once Timo leaves, especially if Karl goes with him. It was nice to avoid the OT losses though, and I'm excited for the trade deadline rumours in the coming weeks.
31 (30.42) Columbus Blue Jackets 1 18-34-5 2-1-1 steckums says The Jackets are actually playing decent hockey right now. Been fun to watch them take out the top two teams in the Western Conference pretty convincingly. Korpi has definitely made the Jackets front office really regret picking Elvis over him, too.
32 (30.73) Anaheim Ducks -2 17-32-6 0-2-0 mukuu says Back on bottom baby! Team looked absolutely horrific again this week which is exactly where we want it. Only way the week could have gone better is if someone traded for Gibson. Handshakes all around.
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2023.02.11 23:45 Skraxx Skraxx's Mock w/ Explanation

I'm going to eventually make a full-fledged offseason post, but with Aaron Glenn still technically a candidate, I'm gonna hold off for now in case we get a DC that very specifically runs a certain scheme. With that said, this mock assumes that Aaron Glenn is the defensive coordinator. Before we start, I wanna talk about three things:
Pick #6: Joey Porter Jr. (CB, Penn State)
In all honesty, I could realistically make good cases for all three of Gonzalez, Witherspoon and JPJ. I find Witherspoon (along with many people) the greatest scheme fit, but find Gonzalez the one who is most likely to immediately translate at the NFL level. So, why am I going with JPJ? I find him to be kind of a nice balance between the two other prospects. While I find JPJ a worse schematic fit than Witherspoon, he's a better schematic fit than Gonzalez. While I think JPJ has a bit of a lower floor than Gonzalez, I find it higher than Witherspoon. In terms of ceiling? I actually think he beats both of these guys. At 6'2", 190 lbs with a reported 35 inch wingspan, he sure is built like a potential CB1. We have yet to see an official 40-time, but he's been able to keep up with some of the faster receivers he's faced in his career at Penn State. If we draft a CB at #6, we've gotta be confident he can be our CB1. Well, I am.
Pick #18: Bijan Robinson (RB, Texas)
Alright, bombshell time.
It's been reported (and I agree too) that Bijan Robinson is the best RB prospect we've had since Saquon Barkley. Since Saquon Barkley, we've seen teams be more and more hesitant to draft an RB in the first round. Generally, I do agree with that and there's still a reason why I didn't pull the trigger for him at #6. Teams used to draft RBs high all the time, but the league used to be a lot less pass-reliant compared to now. Due to this, an RB can't carry and save a franchise anymore and there's no real reason to draft them as a team that finished in the bottom 10. Luckily, we were NOT a team that finished in the bottom 10.
The Lions offence is already good, top-10 at minimum and more realistically competing for top-5 at the moment. Adding a talent like Bijan Robinson, would put this offence into top 1 conversation. An offence that good will forever play at the NFL level, and with us drafting a key CB at #6, it won't really interfere with our ability to address our defensive needs either. In fact, the whole reason why I made this mock draft is trying to prove drafting Bijan wouldn't seriously impair our ability to also improve defensively. In short, if addressing our defence raises our floor, drafting Robinson is what raises our ceiling. Look at what Goff did when he had Gurley. Look at what he's done this year with Amon-Ra. Combine those two, and it's gonna be really sexy.
The Immediate Trade:
But obviously, drafting Bijan Robinson would mean a trade would have to be in order. I think the Lions need to absolutely keep Jamaal Williams. Despite being a RB2, over the past two years we've seen how reliable he is as a short-yardage back. This means the odd man out has to be D'Andre Swift. As talented as Swift is, he hasn't exactly shown to be a reliable RB1 with both his injuries and his performances post-injury. Plus, I would argue Bijan Robinson's floor is Swift, meaning I think he can provide the same production in the same roles at the very minimum. No offence to him, but when you have the choice between D'Andre Swift and D'Andre Swift but better, you've got to go with the latter.
So, what's his trade value? While he has shown to be unreliable as an RB1, he still has trade value. What saves him is the talent he does show when he's healthy, and more importantly, his incredibly low cap hit. For a team that's struggling cap hit-wise but wants an immediate RB contributor... Swift seems to be a great fit. I'm going to trade him for pick #98, a compensatory pick from the Cleveland Browns. The Browns made their massive gamble on Deshaun Watson, and are likely not going to keep Kareem Hunt. Swift would be a win-now move for them, that fits their budget.
Pick #48: Garrett Williams (CB, Syracuse)
If you really examined what the CB problem was last year, it was actually the depth. Jeff Okudah indeed played like a CB1 to start the year, but the CB group would still get cooked with a lack of a CB2. When Jerry Jacobs came back, Jeff Okudah regressed and then suddenly the lack of a genuine CB1 was a problem. What does this indicate? Well, our lack of depth at the CB position, which is why I've double dipped.
If I drafted Joey Porter Jr. with the idea that he can be our CB1, Garrett Williams is a pick to get better depth at the position. Especially with Jeff Okudah's option (probably?) likely to get declined, we also need to worry about the future as well. As for Garrett Williams himself, I like his ceiling. If it wasn't for his ACL injury, I think he could have been a 1st-round talent. He fits the physicality mold that Aaron Glenn loves, but also can be a little scheme versatile for other passing situations. I get he's a risky gamble coming off from the injury, but we're not looking for him to be an immediate starter. Just for him to potentially grow into one.
Pick #55: Keion White (DL, Georgia Tech)
In watching the senior bowl, I was finding Keion White pretty impressive. In fact, maybe by draft time he's not projected to be a 2nd-round pick after what probably should be a good combine. Though since it's pre-combine, I get to steal this 6'4", 290 lbs behemoth at #55.
Kind of like Tyree Wilson, he's often listed as an EDGE rusher. While I'm sure we could use him in the role, what I really like about him is the versatility he showed at Georgia Tech. It is my personal opinion that I would like the Lions to switch back to a primary 3-4 like they ran in 2021, and I do believe White could work on the other side of Alim McNeill. But like Garrett Williams, we can also be patient with him with options like Cominsky (I totally believe we'll re-sign him) and Paschal. If we want to consistently get to the QB, we need to get Hutch and Houston standing up more often. How we can do this, is draft more personnel to make it work beyond them. Keion White should fit that mold.
Pick #81: Keondre Coburn (DL, Texas)
Speaking of, here's Keondre Coburn.
At 6'1", 346 lbs, he's heavier than Alim. Now he doesn't quite have EDGE versatility like Keion White, but I do think with this frame he could work at both the DT and NT positions. I projected Isaiah Buggs to be our starting NT in 2023, but it was his first breakout season. As we saw from Charles Harris, it's no guarantee that he's our guy going forward, so why not get better with the depth behind him. If Buggs remains great that's fantastic. If he doesn't, we've got our developmental guy behind him. Hank Fraley should have a lot of fun with this one.
Pick #98: Jarrett Patterson (G, Notre Dame)
Part of what made Evan Brown so helpful for our offensive line, was his versatility. He filled in for Ragnow when he was out in 2021, and did great. He filled in for Vaitai when he was out for the season in 2022, and he was pretty solid. With Evan Brown a serious candidate to leave, I think we need someone who can provide that same versatility. That's where Jarrett Patterson comes in.
Although Patterson primarily played C with Notre Dame, over the last year he played at the left guard. It will probably take him a bit (like Sewell with RT) for him to adjust to the RG position, but he should be fully capable of translating. As a pass blocker, he's pretty solid player and should suffice for Goff. As a run blocker however, he's a pretty great. Since I drafted Bijan earlier, the possibilities of what this offence can do... Oh boy.
Could he be an immediate starter? Depends on how much you trust rookies coming out of camp. But based on what Holmes constantly did with the guard position in 2022, he's going to address that depth anyways.
Pick #154: Dontayvion Wicks (WR, Virginia)
I know I went most of this draft addressing depth, but a lot of them were with the idea that they'd be eventually starters. From this pick on, these are likely true depth guys.
Dontayvion Wicks is, realistically, a lottery ticket pick. It's probably likely that he's just gonna end up an intriguing guy on the practice squad. In 2021, Wicks had put up quite the season for Virginia... 1203 yds on 57 receptions and 9 TDs in 12 games. In 2022, that production dipped all the way to 430 yds on 30 receptions and only 2 TDs. What hurt him transitioning from one year to the next, were two things: a new scheme, and problems with drops. I guess that's why he ends up in the 5th round of this mock. But make no mistake, his 2021 wasn't cause he got lucky either. He's got fantastic ball skills from uncontested to very contested situations. If we can reign in his issues with drops, he could maybe even be an effective WR3. That's easier said than done of course, but I do think he's still worth taking a shot on with a 5th rd pick.
Pick #183: Mohamoud Diabate (LB, Utah)
Granted, I'm probably a bit biased here as someone who is a Colorado fan and watches PAC-12 ball. But I've been seeing what kind of program Utah has turned itself into with recent years, and definitely want a piece of it.
Since Brad Holmes doesn't traditionally draft the LB position too much, I've had to wait til these final 3 rounds to get one. So I went with one who has excellent speed and the ability to likely play in our theoretical 3-4. Of course, being a 6th rounder, there's also really not much risk either. At 6'3", 220 lbs he has the size to be a prototypical starter, but I'm gonna guess he's more likely a special teams guy.
Pick #194: Jake Moody (K, Michigan)
Granted, Jake Moody being here is probably more due to PFF's mock machine not being a huge fan of kickers. Realistically, this pick could be either a K or backup QB, depending on what you find more pressing. To me, I think over his tenure so far with both the Lions and Rams, Holmes probably doesn't care too much about his backup QB. So I'm gonna go with a kicker.
Since a lot of y'all are already Michigan fans, you know about him. Jake Moody was rock solid for Michigan, not missing a single XP in his 5 seasons there. He won the MVP at the Shrine Bowl, making all 4 of his kicks, 2 of them from 51. He's had a long of 51, blah, blah, blah, you get it. The point is, Moody is someone who's got the leg to make it in the NFL, and it comes with great accuracy. I can live with Badgley, but if given the opportunity to get Moody here I will take it every time.
Final Thoughts:
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2023.02.02 19:30 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/habs roundup for the week of January 26 - February 01

Thursday, January 26 - Wednesday, February 01

Top videos

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318 53 comments Harvey-Pinard now has 5 goals in 7 games since being called up from the AHL
257 23 comments [Habs Shenanigans] Caufield having fun at practice
204 13 comments AHL line carrying the team
193 39 comments [Highlight] Andrew Copp vs. Kirby Dach, January 26, 2023

Game thread comments

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93 HabChronicle said Harvey-Pinard is a Montreal Canadien
93 shitwalkingsimp said If we won the Bedard draft lottery, they should hang the real MVP of this season at the Bell Center. This fucking ugly jersey.
73 willard287 said Perfect game, really fun to watch and we lose in regulation.
57 backwardzhatz said "The Montreal Canadiens have announced they will be wearing their reverse retro jerseys for the remainder of the season."
38 sean_psc said Lavallagher is great. Alas, we still have the original Gallagher on contract for another four years.
34 bathbwoi said Rafael Harvey-Bedard
24 Ross_Rhea said Grosse game à soir.
24 pichenet14 said Anybody out there still think KK was the right pick? I imagine less now that he’s not a hab but folks clung to the KK argument far too long. Tkachuk is a beast.
20 fortytwoanswers said Great game on all counts. - Very small sample but RHP is looking like a young 20-goal scoring Gallagher – been playing incredible since being called up and brings a much-needed burst of energy. Lo...
17 bcgrappler said What a great game. A few more from RHP and we will need to permanently make space for him. He looks like a very talented player. I've always wanted to see him in the show and I am very impressed.

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414 17 comments Good luck to our sweet, smol elite sniper Cole Caufield who’s having his season-ending shoulder surgery in Colorado today. Here’s to a great, quick recovery & we can’t wait to see you back with the Habs next season! ♥️
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364 20 comments Arber Xhekaj celebrating his 22nd birthday with Guhle, Slaf & Barron
352 33 comments [Engels] Great quote from Jake Allen on Samuel Montembeault and the need to keep developing:
335 25 comments A Habs fan met Cole Caufield in the airport & asked him if he could take a picture with their lil baby girl
323 38 comments [Injury] I would have needed more doors for the meme to be accurate
319 11 comments Cole Caufield has reached the “commenting on old IG photos from June 2021” stage of missing his BFF Nick Suzuki & the Habs 😔
312 174 comments Habs call-up Owen Beck from OHL
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2023.01.29 14:37 Instant_Ex The jackpot numbers were 07 08 16 24 29

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2023.01.29 01:44 TrooperAssassianKT Colorado lottery

Hey, I work at a gas station in Colorado. If I misprint a lottery ticket, do I have to buy it?
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2023.01.28 08:00 WinAccomplished4555 Colorado Dashers......

If your tired of: -$2.50/10mile offers -disappearing shifts that you previously scheduled -being punished for not accepting garbage offers -having your dash paused or ended for doing anything on your phone besides staring at the Dasher app -being tricked into taking no tip offers because lack of pay transparency -losing the DD tip lottery -no support if you have any discrepancy in your pay -having your Dasher direct card get declined for no reason -only being able to schedule 30 minute shifts -False CV's with next to no recourse to explain your side -driving your car into the ground with no way to pay for repairs if necessary for a CEO that makes $400 million a year -being seen as disposable cheap labor source for a company that doesn't give a damn about you and your in Colorado just leave a comment or 👍
If we can get a decent amount of Colorado Dashers together we can try make some changes. This is only possible if we can organize and get on the same page and act like adults. California and Washington have made changes. We cant sit back and hope for someone else to do something. We have to do it. So is anyone interested?
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2023.01.26 06:59 MuffyVonSchlitz The Daily Check-In for Thursday, January 26th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!
Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!
I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.
Maybe you're new to stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!
This pledge is a statement of intent. Today we don't set out trying not to drink, we make a conscious decision not to drink. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.
What this is: A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
What this isn't: A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
One time I went on an epic river trip. 23 days and 280 miles on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, in January, holy shit it was cold. We had to bring everything with us we would need for the entire trip: food, toilet paper, camping gear, kitchen sink, and oh yeah a shit load of beer and cigarettes too (these were the before times.) It rained on us for 5 days, and some of us got whooped in some rapids, and we had a legendary takeout (which is its own story for another day.) It was a pretty tough routine, lots of schlepping gear on and off the boats. We spent at least 6 hours each day rowing down the river where your hands and feet and sometimes your head were always cold and wet. Huge rapids! Hiking in wellies. We rowed as fast as possible through the shade and floated in the sun. We collected wet wood for a small fire each night, peeling back layers of wet fleece then crawling into cold damp tents. Then in the morning you do it all again in reverse order.
There are plenty of folks who will never have the opportunity to experience the awe of the bottom of the Grand Canyon because they simply cannot endure the difficulty involved in the trip. But for those who can, for those like me, it was 23 days of glorious bliss and life experienced like no other way can match. When you get to the end of something like that you question whether you are about to re-join reality or maybe you are leaving reality? It's all debatable of course but the one thing I knew for sure, if I had time and money to buy more food and another shuttle I would have packed the boat that very minute and headed back to the put-in to go again. When you are standing at the beginning of it, 23 days in the wilderness can seem like such a long time. But when you really have a profound living experience and those different ways begin to change your existence, and this new existence you feel is actually wonderful, then well, it can be hard to end it.
Hey where are all my dry January folks at? Yeah I see you there with your day count just shy of a month. There's a few of you who gave yourselves an early Christmas present and already passed a month. You have come all this way, only a few more days left. Most people never go far enough on their first wind to find out if they even have a second wind. *winky face* Do you have it in you to keep going? An excellent way to put some motivation behind that second wind is to think about signing up to host this shindig. All you need is THIRTY DAYS of continuous sobriety. You do not have to put as much effort into it as I do, trust me, there’s all kinds of people who don’t want to have an existential crisis every morning before they go to work. Just some simple stories tacked onto the template are totally fine. Contact u/SaintHomer to sign up.
Grand Canyon/Colorado River permits are won by lottery and at the end of January 2020 I won another trip in August. Stoked! Here! We! Go! Of course by March of that year the entire world was questioning whether anything would be the same again, and it is not. I think we were all profoundly changed in one way or another going through a worldwide pandemic. I still don’t know what values I hold at the top of my life exactly, I talk like I know but there's plenty I’m not sure about.
Due to covid that trip was deferred until 2023 and last week I scrolled ahead in my calendar and audibly gasped when I rediscovered my launch date, August 18th, which just so happens to be my day 364 of sobriety if I stay on course. I don’t see myself jumping off the sober train anytime soon, but in a weird way I don’t see myself in the Grand Canyon either. It would be an epic one year present to myself but like, who am I gonna go with? A bunch of beer drinking fools? No. I can’t go by myself, not that trip it's too big. I want there to be more of us sober folks and I think through time there will be, the younger kids seem to be understanding that drinking doesn’t do us any good. But We/Us might just need to keep reaching across oceans to find connections. I’m so glad you are all here. I hope you consider hosting us and telling your own stories but either way I won’t be drinking poison with you today.
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2023.01.17 04:32 yooooooo5774 2023 Draft: Can someone explain why Chicago's odds are at 18.5% and 25.5%?

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2023.01.10 16:57 ThumperStrauss Taxes on Canadian winner of $1 billion Mega Millions US lottery

I bought some Mega Million tickets in the US recently when the jackpot was a billion dollars. I was wondering what the requirements would be to claim the prize as a Canadian. Would I need to buy a property in the US to avoid extra taxes? I did some research and found that one doesn't need to be a US citizen or US resident to claim a prize. However, there are some tax implications that I am confused about.
First, here is how Forbes describes the tax implications for a US resident on a billion dollar prize (if taken as a one-time payout):
The winner would then face a mandatory 24% federal tax withholding to the IRS, reducing the prize money to $432.2 million, plus a federal marginal rate as high as 37%, which would cut it to as low as $358.3 million, if the winner has no additional income, dependents or tax deductions including charitable contributions.
What about for non-residents? Here's what TheLotter states:
Each state has slightly different tax requirements. An example: "For non-resident aliens, the Florida Lottery is required to withhold 30 percent federal withholding tax from all prize amounts." In Colorado, "non-citizens are taxed at 34% (30% Federal; 4% State)." In Texas, "The tax withholding rate for a nonresident alien is 30 percent on prizes of $600 or more."
This article doesn't make clear how this compares to the tax rate for US residents.
  1. I'm wondering if these ~30 percent taxes are in addition to the initial 24 percent federal tax that Forbes mentions. Or does this replace the 24 percent federal tax?
  2. What will CRA charge me on this US income? Would I have to move to the US to avoid CRA trying to grab my hard-earned winnings?
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2023.01.09 18:19 Constant_Gardner11 [Analysis] Which teams are the best fits for an Aaron Hicks trade?

The New Year has begun, and the Yankees still haven't moved Aaron Hicks. In fact, reports are beginning to surface that the Yankees will possibly just keep Hicks as the team's starting left fielder in 2023. While that is certainly a possibility, we know for a fact the Yankees have tried to move Hicks in the recent past, and media reports are often calculated leaks from the front office.
I still believe the Yankees will trade Hicks, even if takes a while. Between the Yankees handling of Hicks (benching him in home games down the stretch and not starting him in the playoffs until forced to) and Hicks' comments (about the difficulties of playing in New York and fan vitriol), I think separation is best for both sides here.
This writeup is just a brief look at who Aaron Hicks is from a neutral perspective and which teams may be conned convinced into taking him.

Aaron Hicks, on the Market

First let's briefly review what Aaron Hicks brings to the table, both pros and cons.
Offense: Hicks hit .216/.330/.313 (.642 OPS/90 wRC+) this season in 453 PA and .215/.337/.342 (.679 OPS/97 wRC+) over the last three years in 790 PA. It's pretty clear who he is at this point in his career: a low-batting average, good-on base guy who has seen his slugging decline every season for six consecutive years. I'll note that Hicks' batting average could see a bump in 2023 with the shift restrictions, given that he was shifted against in 92.6 percent of his plate appearances in 2022 (11th most in baseball). One other positive thing about Hicks at the plate is that he works the count. Hicks saw 4.45 pitches per plate appearance in 2022, which was best in the AL and second best in MLB (min. 300 PA).
Defense: Hicks has extensive experience in center field (654 MLB games + 526 MiLB games), though he's no longer good enough out there to start full time. In 2022, Hicks started 55 games in left field and graded out very well (8 DRS, 6.5 UZR, 1 OAA). That's a small sample size, but if there's any truth in those numbers, Hicks has the capacity to play well above-average outfield defense in left.
Baserunning: Hicks graded out as a solid baserunner in 2022. He led the Yankees with a 2.5 BsR and had a strong Sprint Speed (27.9 ft/s), as measured by Statcast. Hicks isn't an aggressive baserunner by any means (only 15 SB since 2019), but in general he's a smart runner.
Health: Hicks reached 450 PA this year for the first time since 2018. In that five-year span, Hicks has suffered injuries to his back, calves, elbow, shin, wrist, hamstrings, and knee. It's been a struggle for him to stay on the field. Best I can say is that 2022 was the healthiest Hicks has been in quite a while.
Contract: Hicks has 3-y$31.5M guaranteed left on his contract. That's $10.5M in 2023 and $9.5M in 2024 and 2025, along with a $1M trade assignment bonus and a $1M bonus if his 2026 club option is denied. Needless to say: this contract is underwater, and the Yankees will need to pay a portion (or attach a quality prospect) to get another team to bite.

Potential Trade Partners

Washington Nationals
The Nationals are a good fit if the Yankees are willing to attach a prospect to Hicks' contract. The Nationals are very bad (107 losses in 2022) and have room in the outfield alongside Victor Robles and Lane Thomas. Additionally, their projected payroll is more than $100M below where it was in 2019, so money isn't a big issue here. Hicks would become their oldest position player and could serve as a mentor for some of their younger players. Of course, the key to any trade with a rebuilding club is attaching prospect capital. I'm not sure who the Nationals would want or who the Yankees would be willing to part with to make this happen. Best-case scenario for the Nats: acquire a prospect with Hicks, pray Hicks has a hot first-half maybe helped by the shift ban, and then trade him again to some desperate ballculb for a lottery ticket prospect at the Trade Deadline.
Detroit Tigers
Comerica Park would not be kind to Aaron Hicks, but I still think the Tigers are worth including here. The Tigers outfield was so incredibly bad last year that Aaron Hicks would've been their best outfielder. Just let that sink in. The five outfielders who got the most playing time in Detroit last year combined to put up 84 wRC+/0.6 fWAR. Ouch. Again, the Yankees would need to sweeten the offer here: pay some of Hicks' contract and/or add a prospect.
Miami Marlins
The Marlins are unlikely to add payroll, but maybe they'd match up here if the Yankees were willing to take on a bad contract in exchange. The remaining money for Jorge Soler (2-y$24M) and Avisail Garcia (3-y$36M) doesn't look very good, for example. Hicks would be a defensive upgrade over those guys and his bat would somehow improve the NL's worst offensive outfield (85 wrRC+). I'm not sure such a trade would help the Yankees much (aside from possibly escaping some 2025 financial commitments). But the Yankees and Marlins have been frequent trade partners, so maybe something gets done here.
Colorado Rockies
If the Rockies acquired Aaron Hicks, they'd have to play him in center field since they have Kris Bryant in left and Randal Grichuk in right. You might think that's a bad idea, and I'd agree. But this is the Rockies we're talking about. It makes no sense, so they might do it. Worth a phone call anyway. Hell, they might give us a prospect for Hicks. The Rockies got 0 fWAR from center field last year, tied with the A's for worst in baseball.
Texas Rangers
The Rangers are ALL IN headed into 2023, having spent heaping piles of cash on guys like Jacob deGrom, Jon Gray, Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, and others. And yet, their outfield remains extremely weak. As of today, their projected left field is some combination of Bubba Thompson (77 wRC+/0.4 fWAR), Josh H. Smith (68 wRC+/0.0 fWAR), and Brad Miller (69 wRC+/-1.1 fWAR). That's terrible. And while I'm sure the Rangers have hoped for better than Aaron Hicks, the best outfield free agents have already signed and the trade market may be demanding more than they're willing to give away. The Yankees would have to eat some money to make this work, but I'd take Hicks over that assortment of "talent" ticketed for Texas' left field in 2023.
Atlanta Braves
In 2022, the Braves had the NL's worst left field production, so they're certainly watching the market for an upgrade. And believe it or not, Hicks may be an upgrade over what they had in 2022. Now this trade would require some form of bad-contract-for-bad-contract swap to work. The Yankees want out of the Hicks deal and the Braves would surely like to part with Eddie Rosario (1-y$9M) or Marcell Ozuna (2-y$33M). It's a challenge to work out such a swap between contenders, but maybe the trade can be expanded in a way to allow both teams to add depth in areas of weakness.
San Diego Padres
The Padres are looking for a center field upgrade and are listening to offers on Trent Grisham. Is Aaron Hicks an upgrade in center? Offensively, yeah probably. Defensively, no. And with Juan Soto in right field, that could be a disastrous fielding outfield. Still, I'll mention the Padres since their owner is spending 'fuck you' money after his battles with cancer and AJ Preller is such a wild card. This would probably require a bad-contract-for-bad-contract swap. Maybe involving Blake Snell (1-y$16M)?
Los Angeles Dodgers
This one is a stretch but bear with me. The Dodgers are projected to start the season with Trayce Thompson and Chris Taylor in left and center field with Gavin Lux sliding into shortstop and Joey Gallo and Cody Bellinger gone in free agency. For the first time in a long time, the Dodgers outfield looks rather weak. And the Dodgers owe us for bailing out the Red Sox back in the day when they took on the Carl Crawford contract. Aaron Hicks strikes me as the Dodgers type of player (low batting average but high OBP and the ability to play multiple outfield positions). Hicks was born less than an hour from Dodger Stadium too. So BRING HIM HOME, LA. Obviously the Yankees would need to eat some money, or take on a bad contract to make this work, and the Dodgers would have to be willing to cross the luxury tax threshold (which they may be forced to since Trevor Bauer was reinstated).
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2023.01.03 16:44 theresloveintexas How to reserve a campsite at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?

Did the South Kaibob Trail last May and dying to plan another hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, this time camping at the bottom near the Colorado River. I would love to do backpacking camping at either Cottonwood or Bright Angel Campground. I heard from hikers on our trip that you need to sign up for a lottery many months in advance. I’m searching online and I’m super confused on how to reserve a spot or enter a lottery for one of these campgrounds.
Does anyone have links or instructions on how to reserve a spot or sign up for a lottery?
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2022.12.17 02:52 Fantastic_Captain Gas station scratch offs made me understand the gambling high today

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2022.12.15 01:33 JohnRDundon Internal Revenue Service – Area 6 - Stakeholder Liaison Monthly Team Meeting Notes with Q&A

Internal Revenue Service – Area 6 - Stakeholder Liaison Monthly Team Meeting Notes with Q&A
IRS Employees Present

Topic 1 - National Tax Security Awareness Week
We are coming to the end of National Tax Security Week which ran from 11/28 to 12/2. However, the message continues to be applicable year-round.
Stakeholder Liaison wants to remind you that if you experience a Data breach with in you tax business, we are your first stop to report the breach so please spread the word within your organizations and share our contact information.
Also, if you are aware of individuals or clients who have had identity theft issues, they can always proactively elect to protect their Tax information by getting an IPPIN. An (IP PIN), is a six-digit number that prevents someone else from filing a tax return using your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
The service to elect to get an IPPIN is currently closed but will reopen on January ?
But more importantly we want to urge you to avoid these breaches by doing regular reviews of your safeguards.
The IRS provides a lot of useful resources on the Identity Theft Central page. You can find this page by going to and entering the phrase “Identity Theft Central” in the search box.

Topic 2 - IRS is Hiring!
Click on link – this will take you to our Careers webpage, which lists out many positions that are currently open including professional level jobs. If you click on Apply link, you will be redirected to USA Jobs. You can also search directly on USA Jobs website.
4000 customer service reps hired – will be trained in time for filing season
700 new employees to be hired for Taxpayer Assistance Centers
We have many other professional level jobs posted as well, so make sure you check USA Jobs.

Topic 3 - 1099-K
1099-K information return is required beginning after 2021, if payments to a participating payee for goods and services during the calendar year exceed $600. Here are the links that will be updated as more information becomes available on the 1099-K.
1099-K FAQ link for updated information; Form 1099-K Frequently Asked Questions Internal Revenue Service (
1099-K information link; Understanding Your Form 1099-K Internal Revenue Service (

Topic 4 - Issues Management Resolution System Issues:
Direct Pay for Married Filing Joint Taxpayers:
Direct Pay Estimated Payments for anticipated Married Filing Joint Returns, You can make a payment for someone else if you file jointly on the same tax return. On Step 2, "Verify Identity," select "Married – Filed Joint Return" as your filing status, then input the remaining information for the primary spouse (name listed on the tax return first). (Question 7)
State Revenue Updates
Colorado Department of Revenue
• The Colorado Department of Revenue is holding a public rulemaking hearing on December 15, 2022 at 10:00AM. At the hearing, the Department will take comments on proposed rules regarding the foreign-source income exclusion and net operating losses. The hearing will include in-person and video conference options. Written comments may also be submitted to [dor_[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) until 5:00PM on December 15, 2022.
• The Department is also taking public comment on draft changes to the wage withholding rules. Written comments will be accepted until 5:00PM on December 16, 2022. Updated withholding certificates (DR 0004) and formulas (DR 1098) will be released shortly reflecting changes to federal standard deductions and the reduction of the Colorado income tax rate for tax year 2023.
• Information on current and past rulemaking hearings is available at
Colorado additions by your moderator -
Each year, the Colorado General Assembly considers dozens if not hundreds of pieces of tax related legislation & the Department of Revenue promulgates many rules. For example most recently:
  • The General Assembly adopted SB21-260 Sustainability Of The Transportation System causing the imposition of a new $0.27 Retail Delivery Fee
    • A seemingly innocuous irritation to Colorado taxpayers.
    • However an overtly challenging law for BOTH industries to comply with AND authorities to enforce.
      • Industry representatives assert that it can cost up to $1 in administrative burden PER TRANSACTION to collect/remit this new $0.27 fee.
  • The Department of Revenue promulgated rules imposing sales tax on digital products by defining them as tangible personal property - YIKES!
What is going to be taxed next?!? One example:
The upcoming 2023 legislative session seems ever more challenging with our new congress searching for ways to offset the forecasted loss in oil/gas tax revenue through other 'revenue generating' legislation with little moderation anticipated.
Minnesota Department of Revenue
• 2023 withholding tax forms and instructions have been added to the draft forms and instructions page on our website effective 11/21.
• We will begin the process this month to migrate all tax year 2022 forms and instructions to the Find a Form function on our website.
• On November 17 an email was sent to subscribers soliciting feedback on proposed changes to apportionment for the tax year 2023 business income tax forms. Feedback will be accepted through December 16, 2022.
Questions and IRS Answers:
1. Q: Will IP Pin notifications still be mailed to taxpayers?
A: For those who applied online, they will need to go back online after January 9th to get their new PIN. Those who received their PINs by mail will receive their new PIN by mail each year.
2. Q: 1099K - How does the PSE know the difference?
A: Have clients keep all 1099Ks (in case you need to prove a payment was not from a merchant sale). We don’t know what the impact is going to be on this yet.
3. Q: Will this (Hiring) improve the PPS? I have tried three times this week , including today at 7:00am and was told all lines are busy. I have several client still waiting for refunds over a year. Received letter for more information - responded timely and still no refund or response. Was told on two of my clients that they have no record of filing?? How did a letter go out for more information if no record of filing?
A: The Taxpayer Advocate Service should be contacted in those instances in which your clients have been waiting to receive refunds for lengthy periods of time.
4. Q: Will the estimated payments for MFJ be fixed in the future so we can make estimated payments under the spouse who is self-employed?
It seems to have something to do with the social security number on the bank account being used for the estimated tax payment Clarification: Issue trying to use Direct Pay. If the ES payment is paid through a bank account from the other spouse (not the one with the NEC), the Direct Payment is not accepted.
A: The Estimated payment to be made on a future MFJ return should be made under the primary SSN, so the payment will reflect on the tax account. If it made under the secondary SSN, it appears it doesn’t always get “swept’ into the account. An IRS Notice will be generated, and it can be transferred to the primary, but that involves answering the IRS Notice or calling the IRS to transfer the payment. I have not heard any information on if a payment is in the spouse’s name, that it is automatically swept to the primary account.
For Direct Pay - the Social Security number of the taxpayer for whom the payment is being made for must be associated with the bank account used.
5. Q: Issue with Form 14661 – Taxpayer received the form – someone had requested transcripts for several years – IRS did not process the request. Taxpayer waited 1 ½ hours, confirmed their identity but IRS would not tell her anything. No resolution – what to do?
A: This appears to be an identity verification communication. We could not find Form 14661. Please review the form number. It appears to be an identity issue, and did you call the IRS Identity Number? True the ID Theft area cannot disclose information, but they should give you some guidance on this, to resolve this potential identity issue. They should let them know if it is an ID Theft issue. Please refer to the FAQ on identity and tax return verification service: Identity and Tax Return Verification Service Internal Revenue Service ( Another option would be to make an appointment at a Taxpayer Assistance Center - Contact Your Local IRS Office Internal Revenue Service.
6. Q: An RO told me an internal memo in late Sept., told them not to forward to process ERC returns due to staff shortage. How do I confirm this or find the memo. When will IRS process them?
A: Reached out to a revenue officer and asked about this. She said that they were NOT told to NOT process them, but that the area that is processing these returns (new ERC claims, not amended 941-X returns) is being formed. There will be a delay in these getting processed until this happens. She will keep us apprised of the status going forward so we can report back.
7. Q: Recent penalty notice still using due date of April 15 for failure to pay - also used date received rather than postmark date. Makes a difference of $250+ - how should we respond to penalty notice to get it corrected?
A: We have seen this issue before for regular filed returns. We will look at it again. SL will respond directly to tax pro.
8. Q: One of our clients received a late filing penalty on a 1120S. We have a receipt of the extension filed timely. Has anyone else seen this issue?
A: This issue has been elevated as an IMRS issue and we will report back when the answer is received.
9. Q: I also cannot get through to PPS and only call when transcripts have an ID block. So I cannot help those taxpayers at all. Issue on deceased taxpayers. POA is valid – with the PExecutor, but still can’t get the transcripts. Can get them by calling PPS.
Another thing that might help is to allow us to get transcripts, etc online for deceased taxpayers instead of locking the access to verified practitioner account requests
A: ID Block is put in place to prevent ID theft relating to decedents. We aren’t aware of a way to request transcripts online in this situation.
• Deceased Persons – Getting Information from the IRS
• Tax Tip 2022-96, June 23, 2022 — How to file a final tax return for someone who has passed away
• Topic No. 356 Decedents
• Publication 559, Survivors, Executors, and Administrators
• Deceased Taxpayers – Probate, Filing Estate and Individual Returns, Paying Taxes Due
10. Q: ERTC issue that we've seen as a potential problem but not an actual one until now. In short, the IRS is trying to collect an income tax liability from the individual owner (because of his company's reduced wages dictated by ERTC rules) BEFORE the company has received its ERTC credits. How do we address?
A: Issue clarified – Revenue Officer is calculating amended 1040 (amended K-1), but it hasn’t been issued yet – to determine ability to pay on payment plan – large balance owed. Suggestion - contact RO Manager – if RO will not provide manager info, contact SL and we can contact the manager. (Appeal rights have expired) If a levy is issued, you can appeal the levy with a CAP and that will go to Appeals.
11. Q: Client received IRS letter CP23 (changed your 2021 form 1040 to match our records). The letter came with a "Your caller ID number" Is this a new process? The client was able to get through and solved her problem. Have others seen this ID number on letters? followup = client received a LTR 294C telling her that she set up a "Personal Identification number " to be used on IRS automated self-service application on the telephone and internet. is this a new process?
A: This issue has been documented and we will report back answer.
Follow-up on my question on the CP 23 "your caller ID #" will I need the information when I use the POA?
A: You should not need it. Your POA should still give you access to taxpayer records. We don’t recommend calling using the taxpayer’s caller ID.
12. Q: Please explain the "volunteer" to help train or work the phone lines...I think I did not hear correctly - volunteers??
A: IRS Submission Processing and Accounts Management will be soliciting volunteers from areas that have knowledge of IRS systems. This is another effort for an additional surge team to help with the backlog. We do not have any additional information about how many will be assigned at this point.
13. Q: What is the direct number to account management? What is their role?
A: There is no direct phone number for accounts management. They handle correspondence.
14. What happened to allow tax preparer requesting a call-back on the PPS?
A: We still have the callback feature, but it is on a lottery system. I spoke with a practitioner the other day who has used it and says it does work. So, if you get that option, take advantage of it.
The IRS elevated the following comments as feedback for consideration:
  1. Tax pro reports they are unable to get through to PPS for over a month despite trying up to 10 times a day. This is a major issue.
  2. When calling the number provided on a notice, callers must go through approximately 4 minutes of menu choices (often not even related to the notice) before we are told that they can't take the call. Is there a way to skip directly to the too busy message instead? This is a big waste of our time when we have to do this repeatedly.
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2022.12.07 02:47 TheTurtleShepard [Passan] The 2023 draft order, as chosen by the first MLB draft lottery: 1. Pittsburgh 2. Washington 3. Detroit 4. Texas 5. Minnesota 6. Oakland 7. Cincinnati 8. Kansas City 9. Colorado 10. Miami Minnesota made a huge move up, from outside of the lottery to the 5th overall pick

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