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Michigan Music: Where the Great Lakes Sing

2013.01.29 21:50 chipCG Michigan Music: Where the Great Lakes Sing

Post your favorite local Michigan bands, bands that have made it big, or discussions about which shows to go to.

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LegalAdviceUK exists to provide help for those in need of legal support in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We operate as a form of "legal triage" where commenters can guide posters towards resolving issues themselves or towards an appropriate professional.

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2023.03.31 18:20 eliesczhae Solo female traveller - need guidance for 2-week Taiwan visit

Hi, I know people here are probably tired of answering the same travel questions now and then but I am desperate. I did a little research, booked my flights, AirBnB, and will be securing tourist spot tickets soon but I still have several questions.
It's fine if you cannot answer all questions, just one or two is fine with me. I'm just writing these all down on this post so I can collect all the information.
Is it safe to travel all over Taiwan as a solo female traveler? I absolutely do not mean any offense, I am just not familiar with the culture. Are there any places or activities I should avoid to ensure my safety and that I do not offend anybody? I have travel insurance but of course, I don't want to go to jail for doing something illegal or offensive I was not completely aware of.
Is it better for me to buy a Taiwan sim than carry a portable wifi egg (not sure if that's the right name)? Is the grabcacab/taxi fees affordable or would you recommend just taking a public commute like a bus to move between destinations that are 20-30mins apart (approx by car)?
Are there any popular tourist spots that you would NOT recommend for me to visit so I can revise my itinerary? I am interested in pink stores, cafes, and buildings, do you have any recommendations? Any aesthetic hidden gems (not very popular online or with non-locals), can be cafes or parks etc you can recommend?
Lastly, I want to play Genshin Impact and Dota2 while there. Can you recommend a good computer shop with affordable hourly rates around Zhongzheng District?
Thank you so much and I am sorry for the trouble.
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2023.03.31 18:20 jostler57 What certificate programs are best for flower arrangement?

My wife is looking for recommendations on certification programs, and around us we have AAFF (French), DFA (Dutch), or AIFD (American) available.
There might be more, but from our initial search that's what we found.
I'd love to hear your advice and reviews of those different programs, or what's your favorite I didn't list?
Thanks very much for any info you can give!
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2023.03.31 18:20 klutzycat1975 [21/m] seeking kindred spirits to journey through life with!

greetings fellow (presumably) humans of planet earth! if you're not a human or resident of planet earth, that's cool too! i find that i'm unfortunately rather introverted when it comes to face-to-face interactions, but i'm hoping that i can meet some cool people on here and hopefully work to get out of my shell a little bit. so, here's a bit about me:
i am a twenty-one year old male from the east coast of the united states. i'm happy to live in an area that has such varying scenery, as one of my favorite hobbies is photography. i love being able to capture the world with the lens of a camera and to speak a million different words without actually saying a single one.
i also love writing and typically write fiction as well as read fiction, though i do try to experiment with other styles of writing every so often. i find it serene being able to create any world i can imagine, populate it with any kind of characters i can imagine and just get lost in it. similarly, i have a passion for reading and feel as though each book is a gateway into new and wondrous worlds. while they may seem like simple things to most people, i find both of these mediums to be great escapes, and can be quite cathartic.
i also enjoy music, cooking, and nature. music has always been a huge part of my life, and I enjoy discovering new artists and listening to different genres. cooking is a relatively new interest of mine, but I find it to be a great way to unwind after a long day and to experiment with different flavors and cuisines. i love spending time in nature, whether it's going for a hike or just sitting outside and taking in the beauty of the world around me.
but i won't bore you with a super long wall of text, so let's find out more about each other organically through convo! if you share any of these interests or just want to connect with someone new, feel free to shoot me a message. i'm excited to meet new people and hopefully form some meaningful connections. i'm open to talking to anyone and offering a friendly hand to anyone, i simply ask that you be over the age of 18. i'm looking forward to hearing from you! :)
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2023.03.31 18:19 Bank_Repulsive I [32M] ended my situationship with a person [35F], I feel weird but I know it was the right thing to do.

This post is about a male and female who entered into a situationship after meeting at a club. Both people are professionals who work from home and live about a 5 minutes drive from each other.
I [32M] got dumped by my long term girlfriend for another person about 6 months ago.
At about the 3 month mark of being out of the breakup, I ran into this wild beautiful girl [35F] at a club.
I got her number and within a week we are having sex. The rush was amazing. We had a such a strong connection straight away. She was unlike any other girl I had been with before. Bi-sexual, open with her sexuality and could do things in the bedroom I’d only seen in porn…wild.
Anyway after our first time sleeping together we would see each other at least 3-4 times a week. I actually think in the first week we spent the whole week together.
Anyway after 3 weeks or so, she tells me she didn’t want a relationship. I was pretty cool with that “to a point” but was gaining hard core feelings for her. She actually kind of pushed me away and I said let’s take it slow and see how it goes… she agreed and we continued on.
At about the 6 week mark she told me she loves me. I didn’t know what to say because I thought it was a bit soon. She was drunk. But it was stated to me with some conviction as she said “I think I actually do love you” several times. Whilst shocked I really liked the gesture as she had said she didn’t want a relationship with me and it gave me the warm fuzzies.
Anyway this similar thing happened several times over the future weeks of our thing we were doing and I would say it back. The next day I would raise it with her when we had sobered up and she would make me feel like an asshole for not respecting her non relationship request. Her words were “I shouldn’t have to repeat myself all of the time”.
Anyway as we went on she started messaging me that she misses me and really likes me whether I was out with friends or she was out with friends… times when we weren’t together. She was also introducing me to her close friends. But once again when I raised the conversation about saying the loving things (more from a very appreciative aspect) and what activities we were doing, I was made to feel like an asshole. By this point I had said miss you, love you, like you etc several times and she would not say it back. This was all because she had said it first. But it was all good on her terms to say it. One time she made me tell her that I love her but then wouldn’t say it back… super head fuck.
Anyway my head was getting more fucked up by the day. Every time we caught up we would still have sex. We were still seeing each other about 2-3 times a week at this point and I was prioritising my life around catching up with her. She was still playing this game where she can say loving things and I can’t because I’m not respecting her boundaries.
At about the last 2-3 weeks of the situationship I was ready to end it. But I couldn’t because I liked her a lot. On the particular week when it started to go downhill, we had seen each other on a Monday and Tuesday night and was very couply, the weekend come along and she pretty much ghosted me which made me feel very anxious after I thought the girl loved me. It was harder because she put photos up on facebook looking really pretty. I did message her and told her she looked pretty and she gave me nothing.
Anyway common sense said the mixed messages mean you probably should end it. Anyway I didn’t end it and she hadn’t talked to me by the time monday had came round. Normally there was a miss you message when these weekends happened. Not this time.
On that Monday I liked one of her facebook posts and within minutes she messaged me. I was like so I have to give her validation online for her to want me? Anyway we spent Monday and Tuesday night together. On the Tuesday night she told me really likes me and how she can see many reasons why the relationship wouldn’t work, but it seemed like it was implying she sees a relationship potential there. We also introduced our dogs on this Tuesday. Which seemed like a good thing for moving forward. Anyway she left Wednesday morning and I thought to myself I’m done with these mixed messages so I decided to not really give her much attention to see how she would react to that.
I didn’t hear from her for the week. I accidentally butt dialled her and I thought that was a good time to send her a message saying that was enough and I’ve had enough of the mixed messages, it’s not very nice to do those things and that I feel that it’s a little toxic. Anyway she reacted by telling me that I read into her lovey messages too much and that she had told me many times she didn’t want a relationship, told me I was catty (obviously for calling her out) and then deleted me on facebook. Bam over in less than 24 hours.
Anyway I feel like she used the “loves you and miss you’s” as a form to control me because as we were not in a relationship and she didn’t want one, so I could technically go out and hook up with other people. As one night when I was out with friends and didn’t get back to her she accused me of this.
One common thread over the many many nights of her saying loving things is she was also drinking. And what I got to notice more was that she drank a lot every time we hungout …. and also a lot when we didn’t hang out. I don’t think she ever had a night off drinking the entire 3 months of us seeing each other.
She worked from home and had quite a well paying job. I had seen her several times start drinking at 10am on a work day. I think she was drowning her emotion out with alcohol and then when she was drunk enough she would say the loving things. Once sober she would go back to not wanting a relationship. I think she had an alcohol abuse problem.
Another red flag with her drinking that was helping with my decision to end it, was that I was doing it with her as well. On work nights we would sit up drinking to 3am in the morning. Well to be honest she would drink a whole bottle of wine whilst I would have 2 glasses. It was a lot for me to handle especially on a work night.
I couldn’t perform in the mornings at work so this was taking its toll on me. She unfortunately convinced me to drink drive whilst we were hanging out. Which I’m not proud of.
I guess the biggest red flag was that she was on a 2 year DUI for rolling a car whilst drunk a year ago. So currently didn’t have a license.
I know it’s a good thing I walked away before it got anymore toxic. But I really did like her and it hurts for her to cut me off for calling her out but I wanted to stand up for myself and my self respect. I think it hurts because I was venerable after a 6 year relationship ending and found someone who “cared” about me.
How does one get over this fake toxic relationship? I feel like I was played to satisfy her needs and then spat out once she was done.
How do I avoid this happening again?
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2023.03.31 18:19 grodneng SPOILERS! Arks of Omen: The Lion

Hi everyone, a friend of mine works at Games Workshop, and he shared a review of Arks of Omen: The Lion with me the other day. I don't speak English so I apologize for the google translate. In a few words, THIS. SIMPLE. INCREDIBLE.
The spoilers themselves follow.
We are shown a vision of The Lion. He runs through a dense forest, jumping from tree to tree and chasing a red-skinned predator. Then he finds himself on the shore of a lake. Out of the water emerges a hand with a golden glove holding a sword. The lion swims towards her without a second thought and grabs the weapon. The inscription "Fealty" appears on the surface of the lake.
The Lion then regains consciousness on the unknown planet of Imperium Nihilus. He doesn't remember anything, not even his name and who he is. He only remembers his purpose: to hunt, and in his hands is the sword of vision. And he begins the hunt, destroying everyone who seems hostile to him.
As a result of his awakening, the Lion has a new ability: he can move between planets and the forests on them, but he cannot control it. After one of these displacements, the Primarch finds himself in a battle between space marines, some in green armor and others in black armor. Upon seeing the Primarch, both sides are stunned. Obeying a sudden instinct, the Lion eliminates the "green" squad.
The "black" troop kneels before the Lion and calls him his lord. The Primarch vaguely recognizes them, but does not remember. The warriors aid the Lion in his new hunt, and not even his new powers deter them.
Soon the squad receives a message consisting of only two words, "Starfire", and the coordinates of a certain planet. The lion, upon hearing these words, involuntarily activates his powers and finds himself on the small fishing planet of Red Herring. There he is greeted by Cypher and a large number of the Fallen, who are loyal to the Lion—there are enough for an entire order of them. In one hand he carries the Lion Sword, and in the other the Emperor’s Shield, which he acquired from some unknown place. The Lion recognizes Cypher, and even calls him by his name. Seifer gives the shield and sword to the Lion, and he recovers his memories, as well as all the knowledge accumulated by Seifer. The power of the memories is so great that primarch unleashes a psychic shriek, heard far down the warp.
Both the already recovered Angron, who is looking for a strong opponent, as well as Abaddon and Vashtorr react to him. His forces appear almost immediately in the planet's orbit. It turns out that it is the Lion Sword that activates the Silver Key. But the Loyalists have heard the cry too: the Dark Angels are searching for Vashtorr, and the Imperium Nihilus fleet, led by Dante, flies by.
Angron embodies himself in the midst of the army of the Fallen and lashes out at the Lion, exhausted and even aged on the outside. He quickly comes to his senses, but is unable to retrieve the Lion Sword. The Lion then battles the demonic Primarch with the Sword of Loyalty and the Emperor's Shield. Seifer retrieves the Lion Sword, but the Ark Warriors, where Abaddon and Vashtorr were, have already surfaced. Daemons and Heretic Astartes attack the Fallen.
The Rock arrives. The Dark Angels are lost. They recognize his Primarch, but do not understand why he fights surrounded by the Fallen. At first they decide to attack their former brothers, but at that moment Dante's fleet appears in orbit to attack the Arks of Omen. The main force of the DA then decides to help the fleet so as not to arouse suspicion, and the members of the Inner Circle, led by Azrael, teleport to the Lion and the Fallen. They cross swords with Cypher, but Cypher manages to explain the situation and convince the Dark Angels to help the Lion first.
Meanwhile, El'Johnson is surrounded by a large number of demons. Seeing this, Azrael and Cypher work together to open a path to his lord. The Lion smashes all enemies, not noticing Angron's Black Sword above his head. BUT AT THE LAST MOMENT CYPHER SHIELDED THE LION WITH HIS BODY! Angron inflicts a near fatal wound on Cypher. His sacrifice buys the lion precious seconds, and he BREAKS ANGRON WITH HIS BLADE from him, putting him back in the warp!
Then Vashthorr himself appears on the battlefield. He turns the corpses of space marines into half-mechanical cyborgs, attacking everyone and trying to get the Lion Sword. Despite all the resistance from the Dark Angels and the Fallen who are fighting back to back, Arquiphein manages to retrieve the Sword and teleport to the Ark.
In the void, Dante boards Abaddon's Ark and fights him. In a frantic battle, Dante severs Abaddon's arm with a Drach'nyen. The Despoiler, badly wounded, is forced to retreat. For a second Dante feels the urge to grab Drach'nyen, but quickly changes his mind, and then the demon sword disappears somewhere.
Vashtorr has finally assembled all the pieces of the Silver Key. No one can stop him anymore. Arkifane is about to activate it, but at that moment (ATTENTION!) the LEAGUES OF VOTANN SHIPS appear! THEY DISABLE VASHTORR'S ARK AND TAKE IT WITH THEM, THEN DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE!
The Imperium troops then easily finish off the remaining heretics. The Lion finally talks to the Dark Angels. They tell him of Luther and the Fallen, and try to persuade the Primarch to finish them off. BUT THE LION IS OPPOSED. Instead, he forgives the Fallen and assembles a new order of the Forgiven, with his foremost warriors in the Lion Guard. Cypher is almost dying, and the Lion sends him to the Rock, in the care of the Watchers in the Dark.
Next, Lion talks to Dante. He tells her everything that happens in the Imperium, including the reanimated Gilliman. Lion has found out from Cypher, but he pretends to be very interested. Dante offers to cede his powers as regent of the Imperium Nihilus to Lion, but Lion refuses. For now.
In the end, the Watchers in the Dark help the Lion fully master his new powers. He decides to lead the Dark Angels and asks to gather all the orders of heirs. He then ponders what he should do next. Go to Gilliman, who is now engaged in the war against the Necrons and Tyranids? Fly to Terra to meet the Emperor? Find Luthor the Architraitor? Or... find out more about the mysterious ships that have come to his rescue?
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2023.03.31 18:19 bill_dozer72 I have the opportunity to ask the EVP of the corporation I work for a question. I want to ask about AI

I work for a large manufacturing contractor and the executive vice president is doing a Q&A. I want to ask him if the organization is monitoring the recent developments in AI tools like GPT and if they have any plans for incorporating these tools. Is that a good question? Any other suggestions? I'm a little worried about how the tools will impact employment
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2023.03.31 18:18 hmnmnnmnnm Is UTM Visual Studies any good?

I'm deciding between UTM visual studies and Sheridan Illustration. Is the Visual Culture & Communication program good and does it set you up for grad studies/employment?
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2023.03.31 18:18 Absoluteasklad Bad Optimisation for Xiaomi 12 pro cameras.

Even in pro mode there is horrible detail loss .the photos are in kbs What's the point of giving /50mp sensors if they are not used to their potential. Any workaround or a good camera app that might use the full potential of these sensors?
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2023.03.31 18:18 luanaut What do these self-tape audition requirements mean?

I was sent some slides for an upcoming movie and here are the directions for the self-tape:
SLATE REQUIRED! (Preferably TAIL Slate)
\Name, Agency, Height, Where Based**
Make sure you are well lit with good sound.
Frame shoulders up, against a solid background
I've looked up what a tail slate is and it appears to be with the slate held upside down at the end of your reading. Do they still want me to say my "Name, Agency, Height, Where Based" at the beginning? Do they still want me to slate after I say all that? Does anybody know what I'm specifically supposed to do? And if I don't have an actual clapperboard, are there any alternatives I can use without looking unprofessional? Sorry, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.31 18:18 UoffendMe2 GOOD MORNING REDDIT. ☀️Long enjoyable read. ☕️

After threat of lawsuit for $ scammed and (now) an ex “friend” getting lose lips. MrMcScammy decided to punish his Mods and supporters by deleting THEIR discord. While keeping up HIS tiktok with all HIS money apps. He did not answer any questions people had about his vacation he took on their dime. Though he DID say he was at a mall in his girlfriend’s town. (He was ranting about reddit and didn’t think that through) So inadvertently that question has been answered. He took the vacation on their dime. He made sure to let everyone know there will be no way to contact him any further. (Except he is here lurking because as he said he was one of the first members here and almost a mod) 🤣 Silly guy thinks infiltration is a genius move. Discord/tiktok cough was loaded bud.
I almost feel sorry for those mods. They fell for this hook line and sinker. His tiktok friends, he spoiled their names. He came into tiktok and spread his toxicity to their accounts.
Accountability would have been apologizing. What he did last night was what narcissistic do to their flying monkeys when they’re no longer needed. He ghosted all of you. Threw you under the bus. Took no responsibility but all of the donations.
Left up a P.O box that he claimed had a scary apple AirTag in. Air tag that he has on his Amazon wishlist. It arrived in a box from Amazon, that had women’s clothes in it. Remember that night? He happily and jokingly tried on some of the clothes on live? No mention of the scary airtag. Good try though once again.
He accuses people of doxxing he who puts his real name and location on live videos. Tells his tiktok audience his entire family’s names and occupations. A much larger audience than this reddit sub has. Deranged fans who “love” him. Big donators who get blocked after giving him everything. (Carrot for example) Anyone can come into reddit and leave a post but I assure you, anytime a doxxing attempt would have been made, it was immediately deleted. That’s what mods do.
If this guy is serious about his new life then his tiktok would be deleted. He’s still here for the free money.
Everyone on reddit. You’re all beautiful wise people. You knew a con when you seen it.
Hope everyone is well and happy today. Hold your heads high. No lies were told here. Videos don’t lie. I’m proud of everyone who has their own tough battles to fight and yet found the strength to expose the wrong doings and going ons. Lol 😝
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2023.03.31 18:18 Signal_Context_5370 What are some the most important things I should know about the world and life?

I'm a guy who's just finished class 12, and I have been living a sheltered life throughout my school days. I wasnt really allowed to go to parties and outings with friends, ride a scooter, go for trips, allowed to have a phone, etc, etc. I dont really feel angry about all this, since I was practically single handedly brought up by a single parent, and I understand their feelings and worries about my safety. However, I find that I am living in a virtual world mostly influenced by the internet, and have almost no idea how the world works, how people are, etc. I feel that it is high time that I learnt all these things, since I am going to be joining a college this year, and I will surely be staying in a hostel, and interacting with a lot of people. And also I hear a lot of things about all the bad influences in college, so i also want to know how to tackle them instead of being taken for granted. Any tips and suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks y'all.
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2023.03.31 18:18 Adept-Cheesecake-988 20F - if you’re reading this it means we have to be friends

Hi! I hope you had a good week and are enjoying your weekend :)
Just like everyone else, I’m here looking for some new friends. I feel like the older you get, the harder it gets to make new friends! I’m 20, female, and live in the United States. I also work full-time.
I want to try and keep this (somewhat) short as I don’t feel like anyone reads these all the way through. And I would muchhh rather get to know you through conversation. I like watching sports, doing anything outside, Star Wars, reading, and photography. I’m a huge coffee lover and also love breweries on the weekends. I can talk forever to the right person. I put a lot of effort into the relationships I form. I (usually) answer pretty quickly, I know this is important to some.
If we don’t have the same interests, I don’t mind! One of my favorite things is listening to people talk about the things they love.
I look forward to hearing from you :) have a good weekend!
Insta: himothie_
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2023.03.31 18:18 CreamyCumSatchel Why do I need a prescription for contact lenses and glasses?

I don't imagine I'll find a decent logical explanation but I'm curious if anyone can try. They treat glasses and contact lenses like a prescription drug. There is absolutely ZERO reason why I can't just go out and buy as many sets of contacts as I want being that my vision hasn't changed in over 15 years. If there is a good reason for this I would like to hear it.. until then to me eye doctors, like most doctors, want you coming back as much as you possibly can -- they want your money.
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2023.03.31 18:18 NuformAqua Broadway-Steinway Stop to LGA.

Broadway-Steinway Stop to LGA.
My father (was a former MTA engineer) and I was spitballing with ways to provide transit from Midtown to LaGuardia. We agree (with just about everybody) that extending the N/W line from Ditmars to LaGuardia Airport is probably the cheapest and more efficient way.
But I thought of another idea and I wanted to get the nycrail community's thoughts. I want to preface this by saying I understand it would be much more expensive (probably why no one has brought it up) but I wanted to hear feedback.
Why not tunnel further north from the Steinway and Broadway stop in Queens underneath Grand Central Pkway and make a right at Ditmars Blvd where it would continue to LGA? I assume given the range the only line that would work with this is the R line or some offshoot of it.
Have people talked about it and ruled it out because of unfeasibility? Would this route also reduce any standing NIMBYs have to protest this since it's underground?
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2023.03.31 18:18 BloodFart431 Mixing ADnD and BECMI

Hi y'all,
Recently I've been reading more about the basic line of DnD products and found many things I like across BECMI and ADnD. I intend to get my hands on a physical copy the Rules Cyclopedia and begin mixing things into my current ADnD 2e game.
Currently I'm thinking of adding in some name level features from BECMI, namely class options such as the fighter becoming a Paladin if they are lawful, Clerics becoming Druids, etc as a way to partially waive class ability requirements through hard work and patience.
Using Paladins as an example, level 1 Paladins can still be rolled, but if you lack the stats you can run a lawful good fighter to 9th level and become a paladin without stat requirements. I think it'd make for cool goals to actually commit to a code and train to eventually becoming a paladin some day. Level 1 paladins can be seen as "gifted" or "chosen". Likewise any level 1 druid, ranger, etc can be seen as someone who just had great talent from the getgo.
The Avenger option for Chaotic fighters also interests me as it seems to be an evil cleric version of the paladin, tho I need to read more about them
The weapon mastery system of BECMI intrigues me, but I need to read BECMI in more detail to get a handle of whether it can even be implemented into ADnD without much issue. Currently I use the optional weapon proficiencies from the 2e PHB.
My questions to y'all is:

Do you mix ADnD and BECMI (Or B/X) in your games, and if so what do you like to mix between the two games?
If you mix the two systems, is your game more ADnD with some BECMI; or is it more BECMI with some ADnD?
If you've mixed the two systems, were there any issues with mixing that weren't apparent at first but came up during play?
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2023.03.31 18:17 PeeperSleeper What’s a “healthy” sale history for MB items?

Getting into the MB and I’ve decided to invest in making furniture. I’ve been told that it’s best to make stuff that sells often, but when it comes to a lot of furniture the sales history usually goes down to say, 15-18 days ago at the very bottom and 0-2 days ago for the most recent sales.
Is that what you’d call a “healthy” sale history, making it a good idea to sell that type of item? When it comes to furniture or any other items what would be considered a good sale history?
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2023.03.31 18:17 asian_fetish6 Just did the no scalpel procedure today… Ontario, Canada

Just had my vasectomy 2 hours ago. Fortunately here in Ontario it’s covered under OHIP. Took about 3-4 months to secure a surgery date. Doctor was real cool and comforting in his 50s I would say. A female nurse was also present during the procedure.
I’m not too good taking needles like most people. So had a little bit of anxiety leading up to today. Sweaty palms and feeling cold. I was also a wuss when I got a tattoo. Wifey was there to support and drive me home. We have 2 kids and I’m 42 so no plans to have more.
Doc asked me to stand and put down my pants and underwear to my ankles and lie on the bed. The procedure probably took about 10 mins. First needle wasn’t too bad it was a quick sharp pain then you can feel the freezing begin. I didn’t know but they make an incision for each ball. Felt the random tugging and pulling by the doctor. When he administered the next shot in my other ball this one hurt a bit more. Felt like the needle went straight into my testicle and felt like the freezing aid was filling my sac up. This was probably the most uncomfortable feeling and pain. So more tugging and pulling and he sprayed something to might close up the wound. They bandaged me up and I was good to go
Walking gingerly. It does feel like someone kicked you in the balls and the balls are in your stomach. Doctor prescribed Tylenol 2’s and to take it easy for the weekend. You don’t have to tell me twice. I plan to wear tight briefs and ice 10 mins on and off. Probably smoke some weed and watch some Netflix all weekend.
I did ask the doc where the sperm goes. He said it will hit a dead end and just absorb into my body. The procedure is reversible but the success rate is higher the closer you do it after your original vasectomy.
On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the worst pain and 1 is nothing. I would put this at a 6.5. More quick sharp pains and then a prolonged uncomfortable feeling. I’m still in the recovery phase so we’ll see how it goes.
Relieved that it’s over with now. Just can’t wait for the 3 month sperm count. Then cream pies for life with the wifey that we’re excited about. The thought of getting her pregnant and pulling out put a real damper on our sex life. She’s happy that I did it for our marriage and she doesn’t have to put an IUD in her. Happy wife happy life I guess!
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2023.03.31 18:17 KalinaOliver Most important skills for actually getting employed besides accounting knowledge and excel?

I’ve heard people say VBA and python would be good languages to be familiar with. Are there any other skills if you were an employer would jump at you to hire someone? Employment is my #1 priority as I’m going into this fairly late in my life. Any feedback is appreciated.
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2023.03.31 18:17 phatwithaphd Knocking (not clicking) in dashboard, possibly related to A/C issue

2014 Kia Optima Hybrid, ~130k miles
Most of the time when I start my car I'll hear 4-5 knocks come from the dashboard. Googling the issue mostly leads me to people talking about the blend door actuator making noise, but in the videos I've seen that tends to be more of a rapid clicking noise. This is different. It sounds like someone knocking their knuckles on the dashboard about once per second.
I don't ever have the A/C running when I start the car, but I do (almost definitely) have a leak in my A/C system as the pressure is very low and my compressor clutch won't engage. I checked the system pressure and it's reading at 25 psi on both the high and low side.
I'm going to do a dye leak test, and I think there's a good chance these two issues are related and have to do with the evaporator, but I figured I'd post this and see if anyone has any thoughts before I dive in this weekend.
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2023.03.31 18:17 Wrap-Zestyclose [I feel like I wasted everything.]

252 for psle, raw 9 for Os and 82.5 for As. Growing up, my parents used to tell me that as long as I got good grades, I could do anything in life. I did above average in primary and secondary school, but I js feel like a complete flop in jc. W 82.5, I almost qualify for non of the top courses in SG. The only realistic one is SMU law LOL.
I saw it coming. I knew I wasn’t gonna do well as I struggled to balance 4H2s in internal exams. My teachers had warned me that I was most likely going to get straight Bs at best ( and it happened lol). My only H2 A was econs. Tbh I was considering dropping chem in j2 as it was taking up a bulk of my study time ( I def shld have in hindsight) but my parents told me that even if I can’t make it NUS dent, w H2 chem I wld be able to meet the requirements for overseas universities. My dream course was dentistry and obv I can’t go to NUS dent w my RP lol. Then fast forward to now, my parents are Q reluctant to let me study overseas ( like Australia) cos it’s 500k. Idk… I js felt Q lied to and cheated cos they gave me false hope of gg to an overseas Uni if my grades weren’t good enough for local dentistry. If I had dropped chem, w the extra time ( ALOTTTT) I def wld have been able to pull up my remaisning H2s to an A and prob wld have better options to choose ( like NUS LAW /CS+ a prettier RP). Tbh I don’t blame my parents cos 500k is a lot of money + Idw them to ruin their retirement plan js cos of me. But now it js feels like w my RP I can REALISTICALLY get into Ireland /Australian dental schools but am financially unable to…. It js rlly sucks. Like I can qualify for Med/dent/ law in Australia but I js feel so sad that I don’t have any “ top courses” to choose from in SG. Call me superficial or whatever but prestige matters a lot to me and tbh idrh any passion for anything :/
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2023.03.31 18:17 dyinginsect I've taken action on a load of problems so why do I feel so much worse now?

TLDR: asked for appropriate housing for my challenging oldest son, have taken action on problem debts, made a self referral for mental health support which has been accepted, all things I really needed, but I feel like I have failed despite knowing that these things are necessary action on problems that were tipping me over the edge and I don't understand why I feel so much worse and not any better.
There has been a fair bit going on for me over the past few years and for ages I have just tried to get the fuck on with it and hope for better times. In the last couple of weeks, though, I've come as close to collapse as I have done in a long, long time, and realised how much I need help for some things, and have tried to get it.
My eldest is nearly 17, diagnosed with ADHD for which he refuses medication, other diagnoses queried but he won't engage for them to be confirmed, no longer in any form of education, currently on a Youth Referral Order after being convicted of street knifepoint robberies last September, awaiting court for a burglary that took place last July, with previous convictions already. He steals from me, his dad, his younger brothers, every chance he gets. He won't accept any of the help I have screamed and crawled and negotiated to get offered to him. He has a social worker who is as much use as a chocolate teapot and regularly goes weeks ignoring contact. He goes missing regularly enough that the police referred him to a charity aimed at supporting street based kids who are regularly found on the railways. He uses drugs and alcohol and commits acts in the community that make me want to vomit if I hear about them. In the past month he has had 4 missing episodes, stolen over £250 from me, breached his current youth referral order, brought people into the house overnight, been brought home by police twice and engaged in such conflict in the community that last weekend my living room and kitchen windows were smashed with bricks by people he is warring with. As is usual the searches of his room that I have to do have turned up plenty of items of concern. To give you an idea of how we live, everything sharp in our house is kept in a coded lockbox and searching his room is part of an agreed safety plan. Items I have removed and handed to police in the past include weapons, drugs and stolen goods, none of this is your normal teenage misbehaviour. I have tried to manage this for so long but the impact on my younger children, who are 8 and 14, is huge (they are fucking terrified to put it mildly) and I finally reached my breaking point, reported his thefts from me to the police and asked social services to find semi independent accomodation for him.
I have been the sole earner in our house for a few years, my husband was made redundant during covid, he has had health issues since (heart and thyroid stuff that got quite serious for a while and he had to have an op and various treatments) and he is trying to get self employment going but it isn't going well. I managed to get a job with a much better salary but every extra penny has been swallowed up by the cost of living increases (my gas and electric bill has risen by 195% over the past year and a half, my rent increased 30%, council tax and water and transport and food internet and, well, EVERYTHING has risen). We had credit card debt, it was manageable, my credit rating is fairly good, all was OK. Suddenly the 0% offers are ending and I am unable to get any new ones, the debt is about to become unpayable, I have been frantic. I contacted a debt company today, have arranged a debt management plan. This is a good thing. I feel like a fucking failure, a useless pathetic excuse for an adult who can't even handle money.
I can't sleep, I cry at the most ridiculous times, I find myself being unable to offer emotional support and to care about things other people tell me, I am comfort eating and drinking, I have started to fantasise about getting an illness or being in an accident so I could get away from all of this (because suicide is obviously not an option, I have children and in any case I don't want to kill myself), I feel like shit basically. So I self referred to mental health talking services via the NHS and they have accepted the referral and sent me a message to say so. And I feel REALLY FUCKING PATHETIC about that, because I never thought I would need to get mental health help ever again.
I don't know what I am asking for here. Reassurance probably. I just... people talk about a weight lifting when they acknowledge what is wrong and do things to fix it. So why do I feel worse? Why can't I get past the feeling that the help I have sought means I am a terrible shit excuse for a mum, a stupid inadequate financially incompetent adult, and an time wasting person who is using a mental health resource someone else needs more?
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2023.03.31 18:17 ImmediateCustomer551 Brain fog is getting frustrating— thinking of tapering off

Hi all! I’ve been on Lexapro for a little over a year and it has helped my anxiety/depression quite a bit!
The only truly frustrating side effect is my brain fog— I don’t know how to explain it other than I don’t feel as sharp as I used to. I forget thoughts mid-way through a sentence, I space out, and I can’t think of the right words.
It’s becoming frustrating enough that I’m thinking of tapering off (with guidance from my doctor).
I’ve had some lifestyle changes since starting Lexapro that makes me feel good about my ability to cope with my mental health without the medication. I left my really stressful job and now work from home, which is the biggest factor. Also exercising more and have more time to take care of myself.
I am super nervous about side effects of withdrawal and also if this brain fog is even reversible or not. Would love to hear about others’ experiences!
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