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2023.03.21 21:04 Britta_Nati How important is eco-friendliness & sustainability when you choose your laundry products? (university run survey for any demographic, but we welcome GenZ participants!)

Hi all!
I'm a student at Columbia University conducting a 2 minute anonymous survey about people's choices when buying laundry products-- specifically scent enhancers.
We're using survey responses to figure out the best ways to design and market a new eco-friendly scent boosting product and would love your insights! The survey can be found below:
Thanks so much!
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2023.03.21 21:04 AbsoluteInfoTech Oracle Cloud Financials Lead

Oracle Cloud Financials Lead
Hello! if you are looking at this, you might be a good candidate for this position or know of someone who can earn $1000 if your referral lands a job. The job market is getting very tight and with many #layoffs, there are more candidates that are #OpenToWork than open #TechJobs out there. We are here to help! If you are #OpenToNewOpportunities, we have a lot of #jobs in #Technology. Apply Now:
Specific Technical Requirements: Must have managed or led a minimum of 3 (end to end) #OracleCloud Financials Project implementations Must have configured those implementations Serve as the Oracle Cloud #ERP Financials Lead on projects through the full project life cycle: planning, configuration, design, build, testing, training, go-live, and post-production support. Working closely with client teams to understand their needs and offer solutions and design. Be able to offer industry best practices and solution design to address client business needs. Build up best practices within the Oracle Cloud ERP Financials solutions (e.g., General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Expenses, Cash Management, and Fixed Assets). Must be able to be seen as the SME within Cloud Financials.
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2023.03.21 21:04 mhargrev Parking near trailheads around the island

Hi all,
When I visit tenerife ill be renting a car and wanted to know what the parking situation is like for the various trailheads around the island (not including teide which appears to have large designated parking). Is it legal to just park on the side of the road, assuming you are not blocking someone or in a no-parking zone? Does anyone have recommendations as to the best way to park in such a situation (e.g., trails in Anaga or near Masca).
Gracias de antemano!
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2023.03.21 21:02 Complex-Owl51 Practising Law in the UK with American undergraduate degree

I wanted to know what the process would entail for me to practise law in the UK with an American undergraduate degree. I am graduating from my degree this May and will be attending KCL this upcoming fall for my Master's programme in History. I have been to London many times already, and I know that I would like to live there long term. I feel that pursuing a Postgraduate degree in the UK will help to solidify my desire to live there and establish more connections. I am aware of the two year LLB degrees, and I wanted to know if this would generally be the best process for me to go about practising law in the UK. I aim to work at an MC, SC or American firm. I have a few questions:
Currently, I'm studying International History at a fairly well known uni in the US and likely overseas. Thank you!
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2023.03.21 21:01 MajoraThief Advice on repayment plan entering residency?

So I'm a financially illiterate 4th year about to start IM residency. Graduating with $300k i student loans, all from unsubsidized and Grad PLUS loans from the government. I also plan to get married next year.
Based on everything I've been reading, I plan to sign up for REPAYE which sounds like the best thing to do in terms of keeping my payments low and limiting interest (especially if the changes Biden proposed stick). My hospital is also non-profit so I plan to do PSLF as well (and plan to try and stick with it due to my high debt burden since idk about fellowships yet).
I just wanted a little input to see if this is a solid plan and to make sure there isn't something I'm overlooking. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 21:00 amoffit93 AITA for leaving ym fiance for a married man?

When I was 18(F) and my boyfriend at the time 19(M) met I was still in high school and my boyfriend had already graduated. When we started dating I kept hearing from mutual friends that he cheated, he's not good for me, he lied to me. I was very naive as I was bullied all throughout school for being the girl with cancer, and didn't think anyone would actually want to be with me until he came into my life when I met his younger brother in one of my classes which is how we met. I decided not to listen and to find out for myself to see what he was really like, after all we were young I didn't think we'd honestly get too far as no one ever really marries thier first love. Fast forward five years, we had already moved into a house together. On a random day I got a message from a random girl in my messenger saying my boyfriend was messaging her and she didn't know he had a gf. When I went through his phone and confirmed it, he gas lighted me. He told me she was trying to start stuff and I replied with I don't believe you. Three days later he finally apologized and I was dumb enough to forgive him. At this point we have been together almost 11 years, I spent close to 60k on him when he quit his job not once, but twice with no backup plan. We were engaged and planned to marry in May of 2022, I also got a puppy for him that I ended up training and spending time with due to his rigorous video game playing. None of my friends liked him I even lost friends because of him. March 2021 I met a new colleague at my work I was now 28 (F) and he was 29(M) who honestly I didn't think I'd ever end up with but, that's exactly what happened. Mentally I wasn't even in the relationship for at least two years with my boyfriend and we weren't even intimate anymore. I became close with this person to where I realized how a woman should be treated, but...he was technically married. He was separated and planning to get a divorce and I left my boyfriend with confidence two months before the wedding, realizing I had dealt with enough, of course he suspected me of cheating and I denied it because it was true, I hadn't. He moved out that week and the new guy started staying with me. My now ex tried to take his dog even tho I paid all the vet bills, bought him and trained him and I was still trying to be ok with taking him. In the end I won and got to keep the dog which is now my new boyfriend's best friend. Leaving I feel was the best decision for me mentally and my boyfriend and I have been together a year now and I never thought in a million years that I'd be with what I believe is my twin flame. Everything's easy and he has a daughter that I love very much. We are happy and even the mother is a pleasant person most of the time to us. So am I the asshole for leaving my the fiance for a married man?
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2023.03.21 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 1 - To the stars

Hi all, I’m back with the full series following on from my last mini-series, Angland U. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend it, as it serves as a prologue and an easy entry into the THJ Universe, which started with The Hunter’s Journey. I have tried to make it so reading THJ isn’t necessary if you read the prologue, but it will provide more insight into the world than my prologue will (it’s a lot easier to go into the full depths of something with around 2,000 pages than it is with around 40-50 after all.)
Fair warning, there will be some adult themes in the series, so reader discretion is advised.
So, without further ado, enjoy!
Prologue / Previous / Next
Daniel rolled his left arm in its socket as he read his new assignment once more, excited to finally be getting out of constant lessons, training, and parades. He shut off the holoviewer and retracted it back into his bionic arm, allowing his hand to snap back into place, banging the back of it a couple times to make sure it was seated properly, and letting out a small sigh of relief that it was still holding up after so much punishment in basic training. He quickly checked his bags once more, making sure he had everything on him, completed one final check of the room, and then exited it. He walked down the hallway and hopped into the lift, heading down to the ground floor. Once there, he walked over to the reception, where he checked out of the hotel, and then made his way over to the hotel's subway entrance.
Upon entering the subway, he identified the military door and scanned his pass, letting him through the secure door to the private platform, where a half filled carriage was waiting. He quickly boarded and found a seat, watching the door for another 30 seconds before they closed and the carriage began to move. Less than a minute later, the carriage slowed to a halt at the other platform, and everyone began to disembark. Once he was off, Daniel quickly pulled his uniform straight, making sure the creases were still crisp and that his brassard was sitting correctly, before touching his headdress to make sure it was on straight, and he then began to walk up the stairs and left the subway.
Looking out onto the runway, he spotted his transport almost completely loaded, a massive 350 metre wide behemoth of a flying wing, an ASWT-16. As he walked towards the military security terminal of the spaceport, two privates stood to attention and saluted him, which he acknowledged quickly so they could get back to their business. He scanned his pass on the security terminal, and then walked through the attached gate, scanning him and finding nothing of concern. He quickly removed his headdress now that he was on an active airfield, and stored it in his bag before jumping on the nearby shuttle bus, which collected a few more people before the doors closed and silently drove towards the transport, coming to a stop just before the ramp. Everyone quickly disembarked, and the bus headed back to the gate the instant the last person was off, and then the group all quickly boarded the transport, rushing to get one of the better seats. Daniel didn’t rush though, and instead headed to the subtly comfier seats with an actual real window that peeked over the surface of the wing, reserved for officers like himself, and he stuffed his bags under it.
As he waited for boarding and loading to wrap up, he flicked his metal hand back and checked his messages on his holo once again, looking to see if any of his family or friends had responded. As expected, he had a quick good luck message from his Dad, and absolutely nothing from his Mother, but all his childhood and University friends had responded, barring the one person he really wanted to hear from. He knew she had read it, the app indicated as such, but she hadn’t responded. He hoped she was just writing a really long message congratulating him and wishing him luck, but he couldn’t just help but worry that she hadn’t taken the news well.
He forced it out of his mind as the loading ramp began to close and the transport crew called out their final checks. He raised both his arms off of his lap as a crew member checked to make sure his belt was on, and once the crew member had checked everyone on the row, they found their own seat and sat down. Less than two minutes later, a low rumble could be heard as all twelves thrusters roared to full power, and the transport began to quickly accelerate down the runway, taking off with its full 4,000 tonne load.
Daniel watched the fields blitz past out the window, each one getting smaller and smaller as they ascended faster and faster, until he could just about make out the curvature of the Earth, feeling a small jolt as the thrusters switched from their air breathing modes to their vacuum modes. It didn’t take long until all he could see out of his tiny window was the black void of space above the wing. The wing in question suddenly became a hub of activity as numerous panels began to wing open or retract, allowing a pylon with a long pod on the end to raise up, which began to glow a dull blue as the star formations visible to him began to distort.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please,” one of the crew members began. “We are now at warp, and it is safe to walk around the craft. ETA for Mars orbit is 30 minutes, so please make sure you are buckled back in before that happens. The gravity generator isn’t the strongest on a transport like this, so the docking manoeuvres could pose a danger. Also, please don’t enter the cargo grid, gravity is weaker there, and any magnetic objects could be ripped from your body. I don’t fancy having to retrieve your body for the medic because a piercing got ripped out.”
Daniel looked over to the other passengers, noticing that one of the plain clothes personnel was grimacing and holding their legs tight together, while their friend next to them bumped their shoulder with a poorly masked grin. He shook his head and got to his feet, giving them a stretch while he had the chance, and checked his holo to see that it was now disconnected from the network as expected. He snapped his hand back into place, finding that the connection for his little finger wasn’t engaging properly, so he gave the back of his hand a firm smack and thankfully managed to regain control of his extremity.
“Should probably get that looked into, Sir,” the Lieutenant sitting next to him said.
“Yeah, I’ve got a replacement ordered. It’s been messed up since basic, and I’ve finally gotten approval for the latest model,” Daniel explained.
“Is requisition that bad at the moment?”
“Only for the full suite I need.”
“What do you need that’s in short supply?”
“Sorry, but that’s need to know,” Daniel told him, knowing that the parts weren’t restricted information to someone of his rank, but he was still happy to use it to avoid unwanted conversation at the moment.
“Of course, sir. My apologies for asking.”
“No harm done,” Daniel assured him as he straightened his shirt and made his way towards the front of the transport.
He opened the doorway into a corridor, and then immediately made his way into the office space, taking a seat in one of the four cubicles and logging into one of the computers, pleased to see that his travel profile had been uploaded before takeoff. The data was sparse, but it was all he needed at the moment, which was mainly the bios of his soon to be subordinates, and more importantly interview and trainer notes. None of them had any real world experience in the world of electronic subterfuge, though they did all pass the training and tests with perfect grades like him, even if the tests missed off a few handy tricks he’d utilised on occasion. It meant that he would likely be irreplaceable if the ship was in a dangerous situation, though he knew that would be the case just from him being in a position of authority. He was a little disappointed by the prospect of almost always having to be at his post, but such was Navy life.
He continued to look more closely at their bios, making a mental note of the comments made against them. They all seemed to be by the book types, which means that he would have to teach them some dirty tricks at some point, but it at least meant that he wasn’t likely to have a rough time with them. They all originated from various colonies though, so he was wary of the tribalism that could cause. It should have been trained out of them so they all acted as a single unit, but pride was often something hard rooted.
“Five minutes till Mars!” a crew member shouted into the room, before moving onto the next.
Daniel took his que to wipe his profile in case it got missed due to tight schedules, and logged off. It might not be his responsibility to do so, but he’d be damned if someone else messed up and he and his new team got hurt for it. He left the cubical and made his way back to his seat, buckling in and allowing himself to be inspected once again.
He looked out the window once again as the warp pylon powered down and the distortion effect stopped, causing the green and blue surface of Mars to take up the majority of his view. It remained in his few for only a few moments though, as the transport began to turn and roll as it aligned with the station. The warp pylons quickly stowed themselves in the wings again, and the transport edged forward, sliding into the hangar after a minute or two of travel. There was a small bump as the craft touched down, followed by a droop as the hangar’s gravity was turned up to normal levels.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Mars Stardock 02. Please disembark to allow for unloading of supplies,” the crew member from before announced.
Not wanting to get caught in the crowd, Daniel jumped up from his seat, picked up his bags quickly, and was the fourth person to exit the transport. He looked at the unloading tractors that were entering the room, noticing that they had a particularly large one usually reserved for ship modules. He was surprised that something like that would be coming from Earth given Mars’ manufacturing capabilities, but he probably couldn’t find out what it was without putting his rank at risk, so he elected to ignore it. Instead, he headed over to the hangar exit and scanned his pass, confirming his presence aboard the station.
As he began to walk down the corridor of the station, following the signs for the habs, he checked his messages once more, finding that he still hadn’t received the message he was hoping for. He did his best to hide his frustration, and continued on until he reached the nearest short stay habs, walking past the honeycomb array of pods designed to pack in the lower ranking spacemen of visiting ships if the ships weren’t serviceable. Thankfully for him however, he was able to keep walking until he reached the officer’s cabins, picking an empty one and assigning it to himself.
His temporary accommodation was little more than a small bed, a desk, and a stool, but it served his needs. He dropped his bags on his bed, and quickly activated his arm’s scanners, checking the room for any bugs, which he found none of. He knew there was practically no way of someone knowing which room he’d end up in, but he couldn’t be too careful. Happy that he was safe, he opened the makeshift compartment on his arm, removing the memory chip that had sat there for almost five years at this point. He carefully hid it in the ceiling light cover, and exited the room, locking the door behind him. He knew that after five years of no-one looking for it that was probably safe, but he wasn’t going to take the risk.
He began to look at the station signs again, managing to find a layout map. He quickly committed it to memory the best he could, and made his way to the station’s clinic. Once he finished the short walk there, he checked himself in, and was assigned to a room, which he entered and sat down on the bed within it. He let out a small sigh as he looked around the room, waiting for the doctor to arrive, and began to study all the posters and displays, containing information on a bunch of medical advice that was inapplicable to him.
“Sorry about the wait,” an old and balding man in a medical uniform apologised to him as he entered the room, carrying a large long black case.
“It’s not a problem,” Daniel assured him.
“I’m Dr Middleton,” the Doctor informed him. “Now, may I just confirm your identity please?”
“Lieutenant Commander Daniel Hardbrooks,” Daniel replied, handing over his military ID.
“... Indeed you are. Just a couple of quick questions before we get onto why you’re here. Can you please confirm the purpose of your visit?” the Doctor asked, handing his ID back.
“To receive a replacement mechanical prosthetic arm, containing equipment I am not allowed to disclose.”
“And can I confirm that you don’t need a socket upgrade?”
“No, I have the latest socket after my last one broke during basic training.”
“Perfect,” the Doctor replied, checking a few boxes on his holo display. “Will you be recycling your old arm, or will you keep it?”
“Recycle. This thing will probably break if you look at it wrong,” he explained, taking off his shirt and holding up his scratched and dented arm.
“A mk IV-C. I’m surprised it’s still working. Well, you’ve got a nice new mk XXII-NM. I’m pleased to inform you that a starsteel heatsink was successfully sourced, as well as some other components that are simply blank on my display,” the Doctor told him as he handed Daniel the case. “The profile from your old arm has been transferred onto this one, but you will have to map any new functions.”
“Of course,” Daniel replied, pressing the lock and allowing the case to scan him.
After almost ten seconds of waiting, the locks popped off, and the lid opened to reveal his new arm. It looked almost like a real arm in shape, except he had given it a custom carbon black with white trim paint scheme, and replaced the plates that visually simulated muscle with armour and electronics. Happy with his new appendage, he grabbed hold of his current arm and popped it out of its socket, laying it on the nearby table before picking up his new arm and locking it in place, checking to make sure the seal engaged properly.
He rolled his shoulder, surprised at how smooth the motion was, making him realise just how bad his old arm was performing. He then began to twist his arm and wrist while flexing his fingers, finding that each motion felt like it had less purpose, but they instead felt much more natural like his real arm. He then performed a systems check, making sure none of the secret stuff was displayed, before giving the doctor a thumbs up.
“It’s working perfectly. Thank you for your help,” he told the Doctor as he put his shirt back on.
“You’re very welcome. Please tap here to confirm your appointment has been completed,” the Doctor instructed, pointing at his holo display.
“There. All done,” Daniel replied, performing the action.
“Thank you very much. Any issues and concerns, please check back here or to any other military approved clinic as soon as possible.”
“Will do. Thanks once again for your help,” Daniel told him as he left the clinic.
Daniel made his way straight back to his hab, entering it and testing out his new scanner, finding it to return the same readings of his room, but he could now read practically every electromagnetic and aetheric signature within half a kilometre, with the larger signals of the station’s fusion generators easily detectable from almost two kilometres away. Satisfied, he quickly retrieved the memory chip from the light cover, and stored it within the new secret high security compartment he now possessed.
Satisfied, he left his room once more and entered one of the nearest lifts. He punched in the button for the observation deck, and braced himself slightly as the lift accelerated rapidly, bringing him to his destination in a matter of seconds. He stepped out of the lift and into what was essentially a ball of transparent metal, overlooking the whole station. He walked over to the edge, and took in the sight of the disk shaped station floating over the distant Martian landscape. He could just about make out some of the smaller hangars from his vantage point, but what he was more interested in was the docking arms on the outside of the disk.
He could make out three corvettes dock on a single arm, and another one on an arm of its own. The next three arms were empty, with the next two servicing a frigate each, followed by three arms servicing destroyers. He was able to identify the classes of the destroyers, identifying two as direct combat ships, and the third as a light drone carrier. Finally, he rested his eyes on a single ship taking up two arms that were far longer than the others, the expedition cruiser, CNS Trailmaker.
His soon to be new home.
Prologue / Previous / Next
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2023.03.21 20:55 Big_Acadia_4590 Which series has the best suit design for the pilots? ( In your opinion of course)

My favorite is 00
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2023.03.21 20:53 Britta_Nati How important is eco-friendliness & sustainability when you choose your laundry products? (university survey for any demographic, but we welcome GenZ participants!)

Hi all!
I'm a student at Columbia University conducting a 2 minute anonymous survey about people's choices when buying laundry products-- specifically scent enhancers.
We're using survey responses to figure out the best ways to design and market a new eco-friendly scent boosting product and would love your insights! The survey can be found below:
Thanks so much!
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2023.03.21 20:51 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VI C38

We lay together that night. It seemed that this act was the ultimate stress reliever and comfort between bonded pairs, we’d done the same in our time together in Chi’cagoa Rea. Though we had little enough time together thanks to her ship obligations in the immediate time after that, as she’d engaged in a few extremely profitable trade runs from Earth to a Dlamias outlying colony that conveniently enough had no patrol ships around to ask any nosy questions about arrests or charges…
We made up for the lost time when we could.
Lisa always took full advantage of that absence, though as for what she thought of the Captain’s absences, [Redacted]. The homeworld did not get around to properly securing the colony where the liquor flowed from, until after the Earth government asked that she be pardoned as a show of good faith given her ‘exemplary services rendered in the pursuit of harmony between worlds’.
Which was a fancy way of saying she had a fanbase and it would look good if she were in favor again. I wag my tail sometimes, thinking of the apocalyptic fury that must have run through some bureaucrat’s veins when they had to process that request for an outlier turned infamous pirate. Even if she didn’t target the Dlamias fleet, her ability to wreak merry havoc must have presented all kinds of headaches back home. Not to mention stealing the ‘official envoy’s’ place.
That one did eventually arrive and now made occasional trade runs in a triangle shape between Earth, Dlamias, and the Maxiki home moon.
But I digress.
Our laying together proved relaxing to us both, and when she was nestled against me in the bed we shared, I would be lying if I said I could easily return to my former existence in general isolation.
The more I thought about it, the more the concept of human ‘pack like’ families appealed to me.
And I had a lot of time to think about it.
Unsurprisingly, a few days later a small team of six grief therapists arrived, three of them with experience dealing with what humans referred to as PTSD or, ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ or what Dlamias referred to as WIOS or ‘War Induced Outlier Syndrome’. In the past I would not have recognized it, but I cannot unsee what I have seen. And that is that the term ‘outlier’ in there is not just a medical identification for a traumatized soldier, but a deeply embedded mistrust of nonlinear thought and a noncompliance with the common cultural framework our government has approved.
In short, it helped make outliers appear inherently untrustworthy, though to their credit they recognized that soldiers were victims of this rather than internally flawed in some way.
I wasn’t present when the exerts arrived, but was present when the engineers on loan from Earth were assisting the Red Spark’s engineers with the installation of several virtual reality systems akin to what Bonny Red described as experiencing on board Captain Archer’s ship fifty years earlier.
Of course the new models were far more versatile and realistic, or so their chatter said.
“Yeah these things are great.” The skinny engineer in plain white overalls said as he tapped it, “There aren’t many like this one out there, the sense data is a lot more immersive, and the time dilation software is such that these Arachnae 9000 models can give you almost anything you want, thanks to their embedded creation kits. Now you can modify your games and customize them to your liking, and with Genesis mode, you can create your own world and games within it, and jump to other peoples designs on the network in the same way as long as they’ve either made it ‘public’ or given you a passkey access code.”
“That’ll make a good training system.” The engineer, Scotty, remarked. “Do we get to keep these after the mission?”
“Hell if I know. But…disconnecting them would be damn tough. And I don’t have a disconnect schedule date. So…probably?” The human remarked, “I’ve got to say, I envy you these things. Even the capital ships don’t all have these yet.”
I pretty quickly figured out that some of the humans on board the ship had pulled a few strings to get some entertainment on board the Red Spark. And probably done it quickly too, using the therapist costs as a late rider on a bill or something.
It was a guess, but I suspect, a good one.
As for the therapists themselves, as these systems were hooked up, the humans tested them and began installing the programs they would need. You might find this strange given that time dilating virtual simulators were used in the human confinement system of justice, as well as it simple games and the older models were used as toys to play games.
But as it turned out, virtual reality was also used in therapy.
I was able to briefly try one out while the therapists explained.
A therapist named ‘Carl’ went over it while the program ‘World of Healing’ loaded.
What began as a silent black world in which I stood, neither falling nor flying, nor seemingly standing on anything at all, stars came into view first, billions of tiny lights twinkling in the darkness. The sorts of things that inspired the dreams of generations.
Then there was grassland, rolling hills, and I was standing on soft earthen and green.
Then the hills loaded terraces with yet more greenery, and around them appeared little babbling brooks, creeks of water with the occasional small fish leaping through the water from one place to the next.
Then, young men and women clad in the outfits of human nurses, the traditional red and white shades.
The therapist appeared beside me a moment later, stepping out of the darkness as his avatar loaded. “Let there be light.” He said with a wave of his hand, and the sun began to rise in the distance. There was a strange warming sensation, like I’d stepped out into an early summer day, as well as the feel of a breeze, I looked down at my body, my hairs were moving.
“That’s good.” He said and cracked a little smile, he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Environments like this one are popular.” He said, “I actually worked on the development of some of these. The nurses,” he gestured to the unmoving simulations, “are designed to appear as nonthreatening as possible. Mostly female, but there is some demand for males as well. Do you know why?” He asked.
“No?” I didn’t, and as he began to walk down a trail of smooth stones that appeared beneath our feet, he explained.
“Do you know what the most common word among the wounded on the battlefield is?” He asked, and as we walked, I watched the scene continue to generate, the path leading to small islands of trees that swayed in the simulated breeze. I shook my head.
“Mother.” He replied. “Followed closely by ‘I’ and ‘want’ and ‘my’. In every language, the wounded scream for their mothers, even the fiercest, hardest, and most savage of men in their most painful hours, call for the one who provided care and comfort in their childhood. Usually, that is still the mother. Not always, mind you, but commonly.”
He smiled at the simulated nurse, and even without being activated, it made a radiant smile in return. “So we program the nurses of both sexes with simulated parental care and attention personalities. Ideally the personalities of the wounded based on known interview data are loaded beforehand to provide the best possible experience, thus allowing the AI to tailor itself to the needs of the wounded.”
I couldn’t deny I was impressed.
“And the environment?” I asked.
“A garden.” Carl replied, “Someone once said, ‘If any man has ever heard the voice of god, it was in a garden on a cool day.’ Our myths and legends often begin our existence in idyllic gardens. Of course we know those are just myths, stories. But it says something about our nature that when we need to create a paradise, ‘this’ is what we make.” He held his arms out as if to embrace the simulation.
“Running water has a calming effect, the feel of the ground and the breeze, the sun and the caring attendants, all serve to create the ideal environments for a group of wounded soldiers. The nurses,” he added, “can be taken over by real qualified people like myself to properly diagnose and help guide the healing of others. The truth is, we don’t heal anybody.”
“No?” I was surprised at his admission, and Carl stroked his russet beard and chuckled as he replied.
“No. A doctor of the body can claim he healed a disease or an injury. But people who deal with the mind, we are guides. That is all. PTSD isn’t something you ‘get over’. It doesn’t go away, it just goes from an open wound to a scar. It may hurt sometimes, like a scar, but it doesn’t have to dominate someone’s life. All we do, is try to make it easier for that scar to form. Environments like this?” He said rhetorically, “These are just ultra modern hospital beds.”
“Couldn’t you just, I don’t know, leave somebody in here for what feels like a hundred years until they’re a whole lot better?” I asked, and his head hung just a little.
“If we could do that, we would. But studies of simulation use show that long term continuous use makes it difficult to adapt to the real world again. In the distant past, astronauts who spent only a few weeks in space, took several days on Earth to remember that things they let go of wouldn’t just ‘float’ if they let go of them. I can only imagine how much coffee was wasted.”
He let out a mock gasp as we got to the little tree cluster where willow leaves hung in long strands to create a kind of gentle shadow casting barrier to the trunk within.
“If we leave somebody in a superhero game for what feels like a hundred years, they’ll try to use those powers in the real world. If we leave somebody here in paradise for a hundred years, they’ll no longer be able to function in reality. And time dilation in a simulation isn’t exactly the same as actually lived reality either. Even the best AI is predictable to a degree. The real world, not so much.”
That was unfortunate, but even so, I could see the use.
“So, an hour per day drawn out to a few days at a time for the grieving, the wounded, and whoever we need. We have simulations for almost everything. From the wounded veterans, to those who grieve the dead in a thousand times a thousand ways.” Carl seemed to me to be equal parts proud of, and saddened by, the existence of this simulated world.
“It gets really bad, doesn’t it?” I asked and out of curiosity, when we crossed a hill to find ourselves amidst an apple orchard, I reached up to pluck a bright red fruit from a branch. It felt so real in my hands. And there was even a real scent to it. ‘I wonder, can I taste it?’
“It does.” Carl replied. “A few decades ago there were some xenophobes who were protesting… something. I don’t remember what it was, I was a child at the time, but some of them managed to get a bunch of guns somewhere and took over a bridge and blocked a road. They brought out their wives and children to use as human shields, trying to force the government to kill them to create sympathy for their cause.”
The apple tasted fantastic, but at his words I coughed and spat and he slapped me several times on the back. This ran entirely counter to everything I’d studied in human society. My work showed that humans valued their offspring and mates to such an extreme degree that harming them was akin to suicide if the survivor got a chance to exact revenge.
“I see that sounds strange to you.” He affirmed and asked, “Are you alright?”
“Yes, yes but…” He slapped my back a few more times and then finished.
“There’s a subset of humans for whom mates and children are property, this is a dying cultural remnant of the past, but it dies hard. Xenophobes wouldn’t hesitate to use those they’re supposed to protect, as pawns for their vicious causes. My father actually worked with both the people who confronted them, and the unarmed people that were rescued.”
“How did it come out?” I asked.
“I was just a kid, I don’t know all the details. But the media stories that spun about it accused the xenophobes of every kind of abuse on their spouses and children, thousands of people were ‘doxxed’ when they posted support for the xenophobes actions. It’s like somebody was out to get them. It got messy, they were a laughing stock, referred to as maniacal cowards, and there were a lot of cartoons and comics where people whose faces and names were out there, became villains to be laughed at and despised. I guess pretty much any evil thing is easy to believe if you’ll put your own kid or your own spouse between you and a bullet just so other people will feel sad for you.” “I mean, were there deaths or…?” I wished I hadn’t asked, but he shook his head.
“No, not exactly. Some clever bastard came up with the idea of walling them in. They pushed these big metal walls into place to surround them, then tightened it up. Slid a roof overhead, and then gassed the lot of them with something to knock them out. There was a lot of gunfire, it made the news, but seeing them shooting at giant metal walls while hiding behind their families did nothing to help their cause. But there were a lot of people who needed mental healthcare to recover from that incident. That’s why I do what I do. My father did it, and I saw how badly it was needed. It’s kind of my purpose, I guess you could say.” Carl said and reached up to take a bite of an apple for himself.
“Tastes like reality.” He said, and then asked, “Have you seen enough?”
“Yes. But… thank you for coming, I think you can do a lot of good up here.” I said and he quickly recited the exit code.
“Admin Red Spark Arachnae nine thousand. Exit simulation.” He said, and the world faded away to nothing.
I was sure of one thing at least.
The wounded hearts were in good hands.
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2023.03.21 20:45 Any_Campaign2923 Cooles T-Shirt Design!!!

Sieh dir dieses Produkt an in meinem Etsy-Shop
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2023.03.21 20:44 Britta_Nati How important is eco-friendliness & sustainability when you choose your laundry products?

Hi all!
I'm a student at Columbia University conducting a 2 minute anonymous survey about people's choices when buying laundry products-- specifically scent enhancers.
We're using survey responses to figure out the best ways to design and market a new eco-friendly scent boosting product and would love your insights! The survey can be found below:
Thanks so much!
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2023.03.21 20:44 Usual-Minister Choosing my last specialization (Civil Engineering)

Need help choosing I currently have Water resources, Geotech and Structural I wanted to go into transportation but don’t have the prerequisite yet since I transferred into Civil Engineering and my schedule was messed up.
So I was wondering what is the best out of the three Structural was my second option but I heard you get overworked and stressed but the pay doesn’t match
I have work experience in water and geotech and I would like to either work for the government (water ) or oil and gas (geotech ) But I am most interested in Structural and bridge design 😭 Help please
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2023.03.21 20:43 Airanuva Free from Nectarmerger!

Finally went and did what will likely be my last playthrough of Nectarmerger. Got my slime relic up to 9, and my trophy room looks so neat and clean again.
I don't see a reason to return; an extra 5% slime would be useful sure, but that'd be 8 fantastic runs in a needlessly stressful mode, only reduced if I shelled out in each of those runs and played flawlessly enough to get a level 7 trophy every run, which'd make it so I only have to run it 4 additional times. Neither scenario appeals.
Nectarmerger has some very annoying flaws in its design which Sibling Rivalry answered better. The fore most of which is that it is a timed event that, if you are trying to play optimally, you cannot sleep the first day you play. You need a high level hive and a fully upgraded storage capacity to not lose efficiency when you go to bed, and doing this is bad because then you are massively behind in efficiency unless you have godly RNG with the bees, and do not gain as many bees throughout the day.
The base game of course can't be left alone 8 hours without an efficiency loss either, but it isn't timed, and you aren't penalized for it.
Sibling rivalry lets you, relatively out of the gate, set it up so you can go to bed and continue in the morning with minimal to no efficiency loss. It is far less stressful, and consequently more fun.
That alone has me not want to touch Nectarmerger ever again, because you should be playing the events off cooldown for best results, but you cannot passively or occasionally pop in to Nectarmerger. Sibling Rivalry, while still rewarding good active play, can more feasibly be set up so you don't have to babysit it all day.
If Nectarmerger were modified to decouple storage from production, and enable one to be able to sleep without wasting efficiency in some manner through good planning, then it could be more appreciated and I'd consider doing those last 8+ runs for maxed Slime. Now though... I'm content that I am free, and await next Tuesday when I can play Sibling Rivalry again.
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2023.03.21 20:43 Britta_Nati How important is eco-friendliness & sustainability when you choose your laundry products?

Hi all!
I'm a student at Columbia University conducting a 2 minute anonymous survey about people's choices when buying laundry products-- specifically scent enhancers.
We're using survey responses to figure out the best ways to design and market a new eco-friendly scent boosting product and would love your insights! The survey can be found below:
Thanks so much!
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2023.03.21 20:39 Astoundastic Jobs that are MADE for ADHD'ers!

Ranch hand:
This is the most simple job ever, no overthinking like in primary school; ain't no test, stupid rules or anything. And who's in control? YOU, you clean the stalls, seep, fill the water, feed the animals. Play catch with the dogs, pet the little cat etc.
Then you go home and nobody cares about how messy you are after a day of work, but they don't mind you taking a shower after of course. Best of all, you just feel connected to earth, you feel real, and life is just sooo simple!
You make some drinks, serve the drinks. Then some ice, some more orders, you finish the orders using pre-made scripts. Single or double? Any preference? Pay as you go? You make the drinks!
You do a bit of cleaning based on a dedicated checklist specifically designed to make sure you do it all, perfect. You count some money, maybe twice because you forget the number in your head but that's fine, then you leave. EASYYY!
I heard a few more jobs on the Humans Anonymous app, but I figured your attention span couldn't take it haha!
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2023.03.21 20:38 Alert_Shoe_4534 Research Heavy Applicant, Advice Needed Please!

Hi all! I have a few questions as I go through the prep process and would love advice as I’ve seen this forum be so helpful for others! I detailed my current hours and experiences to date (didn’t project ahead for any hours) to provide more context for what I’m asking. Questions at bottom, and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can for any questions!
-cGPA: 3.38
-sGPA: 3.30
-Research: 4503 hours
-ECs: 2340 hours
-Clinical: 594 hours
-Non-clinical and non-research work: 156 hours
-only have about 20 shadowing hours of my PI in the OR and clinic but have others I can shadow, honestly this has been low on my priority list since it doesn’t seem as beneficial
-have extremely strong LORs from an MD (my boss), prior PIs, and science professors as well as my volunteering coordinator at the homeless/residential shelter, but still need a non-science professor LOR
-Graduated May 2021
-Was in the honors program at my school which waived general education requirements, so I took almost all STEM classes with 2 exceptions. Was so focused on my research in college that some of my harder science classes slipped for grades, and I have an upward GPA trajectory.
-retaking two classes I got C-’s in, then taking psychology, an english class (even though I have lots of writing credits from my courses they’re not ENG designated), and biochemistry
-in undergrad, wanted to do a PhD, got in senior year (was told by multiple schools I had strong interview and interpersonal skills) then realized I liked clinical so have been looking at med school and am in a translational surgical lab at a local hospital with a surgeon and surgical fellows
-Currently I have 9 publications (2 first authors), on track for 4 more by the end of the summer and roughly 20 by the end of next summer (end of my job contract). Was awarded “Most Outstanding Research Undergraduate” senior year for my medium-sized university, received a research grant one summer for research that I later published and was accepted to an international conference to present and awarded the undergraduate travel award for it (conference canceled due to COVID), Honors in Biology distinction from my senior thesis which I was selected present at a collegiate conference as my university representative, and my senior thesis was later published.
-worked as a team leader of the student public health educators on campus during COVID (156 hours)
In college included being a staff leadeorganizer for annual service day on campus creating activities for special needs adults in the community (90 hours), teaching elementary and middle school students in the community introductory science and a service trip to Peru with the same organization (120 hours), part of a marine mammal rescue team and assisted with a pygmy sperm whale necropsy (250 hours), SCUBA club member (150 hours), volunteered while abroad with the Galapagos National Park Service (50 hours), and lots of volunteering/fundraising through my sorority in college (and now involved post-grad in alumni chapter) for breast cancer education and awareness (200 hours), was a peer mentor for both the honors program (120 hours) and my college within the university (80 hours)
Have been volunteering every month at a local homeless/90 day residential shelter since graduation (300 hours), and I’m on my university’s alumni board for my region helping to organize networking events, fundraisers, etc. (100 hours)
-I also work per diem as a nursing assistant in the cardiac ICU at another local hospital (594 hours)
-for fun I go to a nearby boxing class, play in a hockey league, and SCUBA dive.
My questions:
-I know I have low stats and I need to raise my GPA, which I am currently working on and have an A+ in my chemistry course and lab I’m taking. What else can I be doing to help strengthen my application to have them look past my GPA and look at the rest of what I’ve done?
-When I look online, it seems like I need an english course or 2 for fulfilling premed requirements. Do my writing credit courses not count towards this since they are non-english classes?
-Any advice you have! I plan to apply Summer 2025, working in my current job until summer 2024 then taking 6 months to solely study for the MCAT and have my application in order to submit ASAP once it opens summer 2025.
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2023.03.21 20:37 Osceolafence2023 Don't know why everyone is replacing their old rods with vinyl rods? That might be your best option.

One of the most popular materials right now. Take advantage of these affordable prices and install vinyl molding. We are pure quality! Your best fence company Chicago choice!
Vinyl windows are everywhere. Over the past 20 years, PVC windows and doors have become the status quo in the marketplace. What makes plastic windows special? PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a chemically produced synthetic plastic polymer. Vinyl is generally manufactured in both rigid and flexible forms. A plasticizer is added to the compound to make it flexible. It is weather resistant and does not deteriorate, warp or discolor quickly.
One of the major advantages of these windows is that they require little attention or maintenance. Vinyl windows can generally be cleaned with dish soap and water and do not require any special skills or special cleaning products.
PVC railings are durable and will not rot, unlike wood railings. Over time, wood can warp, crumble and crumble. Vinyl windows have an especially long service life and are highly resistant to corrosion. They can also be made in different colors.
The latest generation of PVC is extremely weather resistant and will not yellow or discolor during its lifetime, another useful fact is that the material can be reused in the future in a variety of ways, plus it is an environmentally friendly
It is the best material on the market for its functionality combined with several factors such as durability and durability, ease of maintenance and flexibility when creating fully customized designs. We know what's best for you, so call us we are the best vinyl Fence Chicago at 773-278-4762
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2023.03.21 20:32 Upsilambaaa [Recommendations] Diagnostic bras for FOT, center full, average projection 28F/30E

Hi all! I posted asking for recommendations/shape help earlier this week, but I think I’ve got a better grasp on things now, so I wanted to ask again, but focussed more on try-on/diagnostic recommendations. I’m also visiting a bra shop the day after tomorrow, for the first time since learning about shape rather than just size, which is exciting, but also kinda nerve wracking!
The shapes in the title are my guesses, but I want to try and confirm whether they’re correct. Best I can tell, my roots aren’t extremely wide/narrow or tall/short. My tissue is fairly soft, so I have worn some shallower t-shirt bras successfully, but I don’t think my breasts themselves are shallow.
In my previous post, somebody suggested Panache Ana and Cari, so far they’re my list. I’m open to various materials and construction methods at this point in my journey.
My measurements:
Loose Underbust: 73cm/29in
Snug Underbust: 71cm/28in
Tight Underbust: 69cm/27in
Standing Bust: 86cm/34in
Leaning Bust: 93cm/36.5in
Lying Bust: 88.5cm/35in
Suggested starting size of 28F (but “the sister size of 30E may be more comfortable.” I think I favor a 28 in looser bands and a 30 in tighter bands.
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2023.03.21 20:31 Vitesser #5th Weekly update and what's coming next for Darwin Protocol!

Hello fellow Darwinians and happy Tuesday!

Our private sale is now near the final stages with only 2 days left until March 23rd. We are thrilled to share the news that we have raised a total of $26860 so far!
The funds raised during our private sale will enable us to accelerate the development and growth of Darwin Protocol and increase our marketing efforts to reach a broader audience. With this capital, we are well-positioned to execute our roadmap and achieve our goals, bringing us one step closer to our vision. We are incredibly grateful for the trust and confidence that our investors have placed in us.

We are excited to share that our latest whitepaper version 1.4.2 is now available!
This updated version includes several significant enhancements and revisions to provide you with the most up-to-date information on our products. Furthermore, we have made the whitepaper more visually appealing by incorporating infographics and diagrams to simplify complex concepts and make the information easier to understand.
We encourage everyone to download and review the latest version from our official website,

We are thrilled to announce that the second part of our 5-step contest campaign, Task Contest, is now live and open for participation! This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to showcase their dedication to our project and win big. We are offering a total of $10,000 worth of $Darwin tokens, which will be shared among the top 10 contestants.
We believe that this contest is an excellent way to engage our community and encourage participation from our users. The Task Contest is designed to challenge participants to complete specific tasks related to our product or service, and demonstrate their proficiency and creativity.
To participate in the Task Contest, simply visit our official Telegram and Discord channels and follow the instructions provided.
The contest is open to everyone, and we encourage everyone to participate, have fun, and showcase their skills
The contest will run for a limited time and will end 1 month after our upcoming presale(TBD), so be sure to submit your entries before the deadline to be eligible for the prize.

We look forward to seeing the amazing submissions from our community and wish everyone the best of luck!

Best regards,
The Darwin Protocol Team
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2023.03.21 20:31 galacticmang0 I slept with an old flame during a work trip and my husband has no idea

I met D in the 6th grade, science class to be exact. We weren't really friends for the first couple of years of knowing each other. We began talking more around the age of 13/14 and immediately clicked. We had a shared interest for a particular hobby, and once we bonded over that everything else snowballed. We started to develop feelings for each other, but due to my immaturity at the time I never really agreed to officially date. I will spare the details, but unfortunately we had a very painful falling out, and by the time high school came around we were no longer speaking.
We did eventually reconnect, but that was followed by several instances of going back and forth between being inseparable to no contact. It was always rooted in D's inability to be my friend because he still had romantic feelings for me and it made things difficult for him.
D moved across the country not long after we graduated high school, and any contact we had going forward was always virtual. We finally got to a point where it seemed like it was possible for us to be just friends. I got into a long-term relationship and D was dating other people as well. My long-term relationship turned into a marriage, and I've now been with my husband, M, for a total of 6 years. After a couple of years of being married, feelings for D began to resurface. We would talk and text all the time. There were a lot of flirtatious messages being sent. Several times I found myself wanting to cross the line completely. D and I had never been together sexually and I found myself longing for that sort of encounter with him more and more.
I think we both knew what we were doing was wrong. At that point it was pretty much a case of emotional cheating. So we went no contact again and stayed that way for quite some time. Until recently.
I got a new job last year where I've had several opportunities to travel for work. I was recently asked to go to Phoenix for a 2 month assignment. Phoenix is where D lives. I hadn't seen him in 10 years which feels crazy to put into words. I fought with myself not to reach out, but I couldn't help it in the end. I surprised him by showing up to his job (he owns a small café) with a couple of things I had collected over the years that I always wanted to give to him. Understandably he was in shock to see me standing there in the flesh, and I can say I practically felt the same way seeing him. I couldn't really get a read on how he felt about seeing me after so long, but I gave him the name of my hotel, and told him I'd be in the restaurant at 5pm if he wanted to catch up over dinner.
He came and we had such an amazing time chatting, reminiscing, laughing. Two hours flew by and I didn't want it to end. I asked if he wanted to come hang out in my hotel room for a while. I told myself that it was possible for us to just enjoy each other's company without crossing a boundary, but deep down I wanted to take it a step further. We hung out for a few more hours, drinking and laughing. Eventually we got tired. I laid down to clothes my eyes for a few seconds and he did the same. We inched closer together until we were basically spooning, and after a few minutes of laying like that I could feel him getting hard. I was so incredibly turned on, I really couldn't resist. I turned around and kissed him and I'm sure you can guess what happened next.
It was honestly the best sex of my life. I can't even describe what it felt like having him inside of me for the first time. Everything about it was absolutely perfect, from the pace, to the rhythm, the foreplay, everything. His hands on my body felt like electricity. I never orgasmed like that until I was with D.
From then on we saw each other almost daily. We continued to sleep together and each time felt just as good if not better. Of course in the back of my mind I felt tremendous guilt, knowing that I was betraying my husband in the worst way possible. But it just felt too good to stop. Even writing this out now makes me feel a certain way.
I got home from my work trip 3 weeks ago and my husband doesn't have a clue as to went on in Phoenix. I know I should end things with M but I'm scared to actually do it. I've built a life with him here and I know I'm an absolutely shitty, disgusting person for what I've done.
I've already been asked to return to Phoenix for another 2 month assignment beginning in September. I've tried to reason with myself but in the end I just know I'm not going to be able to resist seeing D again.
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2023.03.21 20:30 Ok-Establishment6161 [TASK] Create Cannabis Mylar Bag Design!

I need a double sided Mylar bag design Created for cannabis flower, the logo for the design is already created. Looking for multiple designers to give it their all at creating the design, whoever creates the best design I will pay them $15-20.
$bid and send me a message for more info!
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