3/16 compression fitting for brake line

Surprise, surprise! (or not) - the Nashville shooting was a false flag

2023.03.31 08:53 Researcher_1999 Surprise, surprise! (or not) - the Nashville shooting was a false flag

Surprise, surprise! (or not) - the Nashville shooting was a false flag
It was probably done to further the gun control agenda and direct hate at trans activists. Nothing new here.
Ah, I thought it was legit at first, but no. I found a post from someone showing how the shooter is wearing different shoes in the CCTV footage vs. the bodycam footage and I looked into it myself with the footage and sure enough, it's true. The shoes Hale is wearing in the CCTV footage appear to be Pumas of some kind, or a skate shoe that looks like Puma or something similar. In the body cam footage, Hale is wearing Vans with the colored flames.
No, they're not stupid - they do this on purpose.
Let's not forget, Columbine was also partially staged and orchestrated. The shooting was real, people died, but there is solid proof of several key aspects that were staged JUST like this (and I can show anyone). It's there for anyone who cares to look hard enough... but it took me 23 years to see it, so it's not obvious. I stumbled upon it by accident because I never would have thought to look for what I found.
Of course, they're already trying to shut people up and get them to think this is just some kind of camera lighting fluke. Ha! Not a chance. This one is undeniable.
"The lobby camera footage is fairly clear, while the body-cam footage is severely compressed. I think it is the compression artifacts that are changing the appearance of shoe color," O'Brien said.
Actually, it's the other way around. The CCV footage is worse than the bodycam footage, which is actually quite clear footage. But those stripes do not lie. They are completely different in shape, size, and placement proportionate to the shoe. Also Hale's right pant leg is folded FAR more in the bodycam footage.
It is not possible for 'compression artifacts' to alter a black and white shoe to look exactly like the Vans colored flame style where the pattern is an exact match in shape, color, and size AND have it be consistently that same pattern in every single frame AND make the pattern not match the first shoe. If it were 'compression artifacts' then the look of the shoe would change in every frame. It does not. This is an exact match. All the so-called "experts" stating that the shoes in both videos are exactly the same are lying.
This is what they do. They TELL you what to think and most people believe the story.
So I went through the bodycam footage and took screen shots of multiple frames - 16 to be exact - and the shoe colors and design remain the same in every frame. The shoe matches the Van's flame design perfectly, down to the thin line of black around the sole to the size, shape, and placement of the black stripe, and the curvature of the flames, including the colors.
Hale is wearing different shoes - it's absolutely undeniable!
Here's the shoe from the CCTV footage:
The shoes do look like Pumas - but they are not this exact style, if they are Pumas. The white stripe on the side goes further up to the front of the laces, and this style has a shorter stripe. However, the shoes in the CCTV footage are not the Vans flame style.
Here's the shoe from the bodycam footage:

Vans flames

There you have it. Another false flag shooting designed to incite hatred toward LGBT people and get conservatives to support gun control. They have to target different groups to garner support because they need to get everyone pissed off enough to support gun legislation. It can't just be liberals who fight against guns. Usually, conservatives don't support strict gun control measures... but when the perpetrators of these false flag attacks are gay or trans, or gosh, even non-binary, it riles them up and gives them reason to consider supporting gun control legislation... the only way to get conservatives to support gun control legislation is to put the guns in the hands of people they already hate. Like LGBT people.
It's the same song and dance, it never ends. Meanwhile, everyone's arguing and fighting, which is exactly where they want everyone.
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2023.03.31 08:50 Psionatix 31 [M4F] GMT+10.5 - TGIF about to cook, run, eat, and shower, how about you? (nerdy PC/Discord geek within)

Here's a selfie but my hair is since a tad longer than it was then (I also straighten it, it's usually an absolute mess - which is some times okay, and some times not).
PC/Discord geek, software engineer, seeking unlikely connection of wit and humour. I like hiking when the weather permits it, and I've only just recently started running, it's difficult with EIB, but should improve!
Nowadays, I'm just very open and accepting (yes, this implies I once wasn't, because I used to be a bit of an ass). I believe it's important, even in friendship, to develop a safe and welcoming environment, an environment where hiding things isn't necessary. Where you can speak your mind, speak your emotions (and even if you yourself disagree with them, you'll get support rather than hostility). Even if what you're thinking, or what you have to say, is condemning, or not so nice to hear - I value honesty above anything else, and so when someone is open and honest, I see no room for hostility or anger. I don't really get mad and I don't raise my voice, I try to remain respectful, considerate, even when faced with confronting and controversial perspectives. And even deep and personal things, I'm not here to judge you, I'm not here to tease you or laugh at you, I'm not here to kink shame you or think less of you because you're super obsessed with something that others may find strange or odd. I want you to be the most you that you can be, because there's a beauty to be found in that, and if in doing so we don't really vibe or click - that's fine. That is not a reflection on you, or on I, some times that's just the way it is and it doesn't need to be seen as a bad thing.
I don't believe in too much information, and I'm happy to discuss and answer almost anything. Take that as a challenge, if you do happen to cross some line (I doubt there is one), I'll simply say I'd rather not answer, and maybe give a reason why - but may still discuss whatever it is hypothetically too, who knows, try me.
What am I looking for?
Someone to vibe with, get to know, friends, maybe something more? Friendship and trust can take time, and forming something beyond that can take even longer. However I do believe that, if you click and vibe with someone in the right ways, the process can be a little bit faster, more so if you then continue to spend a significant amount of time interacting and conversing throughout the day-to-day. For instance, if you're seeing someone once or twice a week over the course of the year, I would say that interacting and conversing every day for 3-6 months is a potentially higher contributor to trust/bonding. It takes time and consistency to get to know someone, to learn about them. But, in terms of potential relationship, there's a few things you should know, I'm not here to hide anything. Let's chat for a while to start with and see how it goes.
My love language is touch. Intimate cuddles, snuggling, caressing, back scratches, giving massages of all kinds, hand holding, that kind of thing. However I am not a particularly sexual individual, it's something I am happy and open to exploring with someone, but I do not see it as a necessity within my relationship. But, that doesn't mean I don't have my perversions or can't be flirty, but it does mean that if I am those things, it is indicative of interest, but not necessarily indicative of sexual motives.
I want someone I can just share the experience of life with, have consistent attention from, give consistent attention to, watch things, play games with, travel, go on cute dates. Someone who compliments my intelligence, wit, and humor, and I theirs - something that may take some time for me to show. But, mostly, I play on the literal interpretations of ambiguous English in sarcastic jest and I will banter with you. If I was four inches tall, I'd hide in your pocket (just something to test you read through!) For me, I like to text and chat to start with, and grow into potential calls - if it's any condolence on this matter, when I met my online friends throughout Europe, they told me I appear exactly the same in person as I did online. Calls are easier for me initially if it serves an alternate primary purpose, like gaming together, as this shifts the main attention to something else. It's a little less awkward for me. In saying that, I'm terrible at FPS and I have never played the Halo games, so if there is anyone out there in the same boat, I'd live to dive in and play through the games in co-op mode (release order), even more entertaining if we dive in on the hardest difficulty and stream it!
What does a relationship look like to me? Cute dates, walks, hiking, cuddles and watching things together, playing games together, or even just chilling in the same space and doing our own things (with chatter, or even completely undisturbed by one another). Sharing the chore load. Making sure we both have enough time and space to still have our alone and free time. And ultimately... trust, honesty, and communication, and these ones take time to build. It takes time to show someone that it's safe to be open about all the weird and unusual things, to be comfortable being quirky, and it takes time for the other to become comfortable too. I'm not here to judge, and I want to see you as you, be the most you that you can be!
If we vibe, maybe we could watch the original Teen Titans and play some Halo?
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2023.03.31 08:49 miplconsulting How to Choose the Right Web Development Services Provider

Choosing the right web development services provider can be a daunting task, especially if one is not familiar with the technical aspects of web development. A website is a critical part of online presence, and choosing the right website development provider is essential to ensure that the website meets business goals and objectives. This article will discuss some key factors to consider when choosing a web development provider.
Experience and Expertise
The first and most crucial factor to consider when choosing a development services provider is their experience and expertise. Look for a company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality web development projects. A web development agency with extensive experience and expertise will have a better understanding of business needs and will be able to deliver a website that meets the requirements. MIPL is a leading provider of innovative web development solutions for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in creating custom web applications tailored to client's unique business needs, from simple brochure websites to complex e-commerce platforms.
A web development company’s portfolio reflects their work and will give an idea of their expertise and experience. Look for a company with a diverse portfolio showcasing its ability to work with different industries and businesses. Check out their previous projects and see if their style matches your business needs.
Another important factor to consider is the technology the custom web development USA provider uses. A good provider should be proficient in using various web development technologies and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and others. One should make sure that the company uses the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure that the website is up-to-date and meets modern standards. MIPL is the world’s leading web development firm providing various innovative web solutions to businesses across industries. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to excellence, we help our clients leverage technology to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and enhance their bottom line.
Customer Service
Excellent customer service is essential when it comes to web development services. Look for a company that is responsive and communicates throughout the entire project. A web development company ensures proper answering and customer service that ensures smooth functioning and reliant understanding to resolve any problem that comes the way and implements the best solution that is out there. At MIPL, we are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality services and solutions backed by exceptional customer support. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and are dedicated to helping them succeed in their business ventures.
Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing website development services. Web development company USA cost varies depending on the project's complexity, the technologies used, and the level of expertise required. Compare the cost of development services from different providers and choose one that fits within your budget. Businesses prefer hiring web development companies that benefit them with top-notch services and experienced website developers.
The timeframe for completing a web development project is another essential factor to consider. A good web development provider should be able to give businesses an estimated timeframe for completing their project. Make sure one chooses a company that can deliver the website within the required timeframe.
Support and Maintenance
A website requires regular maintenance and updates to remain up-to-date and secure. Hire web developers support and maintenance services after the completion of the project. Choose a company willing to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the website remains up-to-date and secure. MIPL has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge web development solutions to businesses of all sizes. They also offer a comprehensive range of services, including software development, mobile app development, web development, cloud computing, IT security, and more.
In conclusion, choosing the right web development services provider is critical to the success of a business’s online presence. Consider the factors discussed above when choosing a web development provider, and one will find the right company to meet their business needs. MIPL’s team of experts has years of experience in the industry and is well-versed in the latest technologies and trends. They work closely with their clients to understand their unique business requirements and tailor solutions to meet their needs. MIPL aims to help its clients achieve their business objectives through innovative technology solutions.
Remember, the right web development agency should have experience and expertise, a diverse portfolio, proficiency in the latest technologies, provide excellent customer service, fit within budget, be able to deliver within the timeframe, and offer ongoing support and maintenance.
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2023.03.31 08:42 Lanky_Operation_6418 Is this a reasonable nerf?

I'm not exactly a completely new DM, but I don't have much experience either and I never tried homebrewing rules before, which is why I decided to ask for advice here before I try putting what I had in mind in a game.
It's not exactly a secret that prepared casters in 5e are better than flexible casters. As in, not just "they allow for some obscure tricks that are harder for flex casters to pull off" - they are objectively better - they can do everything flex casters can and more. At the same time I don't want to just slap Vancian on the wizards, as I always considered it a deeply flawed method of balancing the wizards; sure, it gives sorcerers a niche of their own, but at the cost of making wizards tremenduously unfun to play (not weak, mind you, just unfun) - and from what I have seen, I'm far from the only person who sees it as such.
Still, Vancian introduces a good idea of how the balance should look like - prep casters are more versatile in what they can do while flex casters are more flexible with when they can do it. The only problem is, it makes prep casters far too dependent on DM giving them all thr needed info far in advance and gices them no real options if anything goes wrong with the plan made, by necessity, at least a day in advance.
So I had this idea floating in my head for some time now, which I call semi-Vancian magic, which takes the good idea of Vancian while still leaving players some flexibility.
It works like this: after a long rest prepared caster prepares a daily spell list the same way they would in RAW 5e, and then fills the spell slots the way they would with Vancian, using only spells from that list. Now, whenever they cast, they can either cast a spell already in spellslot like normal, or use two slots of the same level at once to cast any spell from their daily list at that level.
For example: let's say you're a level 3 cleric with 16 Wis. You have prepared a spell list for the day consisting of Guiding Bolt, Cure Wounds, Shield of Faith, Gentle Repose, Lesser Restoration and Zone of Truth. They have been preparing for a day in the dungeon and as such have their four Level 1 slots filled with one each of Guiding Bolt and Shield of Faith and two Cure Wounds, and their two Level 2 slots with Lesser Restoration in both. However during the exploration the party manages to catch an intelligent monster and are now interrogating them. The Cleric can now use up the two castings of Lesser Restoration to instead cast Zone of Truth.
The idea here is... again - to still force prep casters to strategise in a way flex casters wouldn't have to, without making them completely useless if something unexpected happens. However the big problem I see with the nerf is how it basically doubles the daily preparations time of a prep caster (I was thinking of getting rid altogether of daily spell list, but this in turn means the wizard has access to their entire spell list at all times, which is both broken itself and invites choice paralysis), as well as casting time ("I know I need to cast this spell I have on my daily list and not in my slots, but which slots do I want to use up? Wyich two spells are going to be least likely to be useful further down the line?").
So what do you think? Is this a good nerf, can you give me any advice on making it better, or is it just trash?
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2023.03.31 08:36 Ok_Plenty_2021 Feeling guilty for grieving

I had an abortion about 3 weeks ago now. I found out I was pregnant at 5 1/2 weeks. I ordered the plan c pills online and had my abortion at home at 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. I cried so hard when I first saw the positive test and my husband immediately asked what I needed and what I wanted to do. We aren’t in a great financial place right now and have a 3 year old autistic child. Life is already so crazy and so hard right now. My first pregnancy was so hard on my body too, I had horrible morning sickness until I was 16 weeks along and my body was in pain all the time. My delivery was also traumatic. I told my husband while I was pregnant that I never wanted to go through that again and he said of course. We came to the decision that we would only have our one baby. My husband is currently going through consultations and screenings to get a vasectomy so this pregnant just really caught me off guard. I felt so relieved at first and happy to not be feeling sick (again) everyday. But now, even though I don’t regret having this done, my heart just aches. I wish that my body could’ve been better at handling pregnancy. I wish I didn’t get so sick. I wish that we had more money and were more stable. But I was also worried about my toddler not getting enough attention, and they already take up so much of my time. It would break my heart if one of my kids felt neglected because I focused too much on the other. Again, I don’t regret this but I guess I just feel sad because I wish that everything could’ve lined up. It’s just not realistic for us to be bringing another child into this world and I want to focus on raising the one I have. My heart aches and I feel like I’m not allowed to feel sad about this. I never wanted to have to do this. But I know it’s what’s best for me and my body and my family. Has anyone else felt this before?
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2023.03.31 08:34 art555ua Handlebars, a neverending story

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2023.03.31 08:33 N_a_m_a_n010 15 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle

15 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle
Since the electric vehicles (EVs) turn out to be more popular, it's important to carefully consider what really are the factors to weigh when purchasing one. you can get the best ev vehicles to buy in dubaionce you explore the options thoughtfully.
If you are looking forward to purchase an electric vehicle but you are not sure what you should consider then this post is a good read for you. the post is going to share with you important things that ensure you make the right choice.

Range of the car
Range is the maximum distance an EV can definitely travel on a single charge. You should consider your daily driving requirements and the distance you may need to travel on longer trips. A longer range EV may be quite more expensive, but it can provide you with greater level of flexibility and reduce range related to anxiety. Of course, you can check out the type of electric car that gets you a huger range.
Check the Battery Capacity
Battery capacity decides the range and performance of an electric vehicle. A larger battery provides you with a longer range, but may add weight and even expense to the vehicle. you have to be sure that the capacity of the battery is huge as per your requirement.
Charging Time
Now, you know what, EV charging times vary depending on the type of charger and even the EV's battery size. A fast charger can provide an eighty percent charge in as little as 30 minutes, while a standard Level 2 charger can simply take up even several hours. so, you have to be figure out this part for sure before you purchase an electric car. Check out which model has which type of battery and how much does it take to charge it.
Type of Charging
You should know that there are three types of charging: Level 1, Level 2, and even DC fast charging. Level 1 makes use of a standard household outlet and can take eight to twelve hours to fully charge a vehicle. Level 2 chargers need a special outlet and can completely charge a vehicle in 4-8 hours. DC fast charging is somewhat the quickest, providing an 80% charge in just thirty minutes or even less. So, keep this aspect in mind.
Charging Infrastructure matters
It is important for you to consider the availability of charging stations in your area, especially if you plan to simply take long trips. Check if there are charging stations close to your home, work, and other common types of destinations.
Cost is crucial
The cost of an electric vehicle can vary greatly depending on the make and model. In general, you know EVs are more expensive than traditional gas-powered vehicles, but can provide you with long-term savings on fuel and even maintenance. After all, you cannot simply spend through your nose for a car. Check the options and go for the one that you feel is apt for you and you can afford.
Peep into the Warranty
Make sure that you do review the warranty offered by the manufacturer for both the battery and even the vehicle itself. EV batteries can be quite expensive to replace, so a good warranty can provide you with peace of mind. what is the point if the battery has no warranty and it gets out of order in no time?
Safety Features of the car
As with any type of vehicle, safety should be a top priority. Look for EVs having proper safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and even automatic emergency braking. After all, when you are out on the roads, you do want utmost safety for your vehicle and people riding inside.
Consider Tax Incentives
Many governments offer tax incentives to encourage the buying of EVs. Check with your local tax authority to find out what types of incentives are available in your area. this way, once you consider the tax incentives, you can figure out how much you are saving in a way.
Driving Experience
Well, eVs offer a unique driving experience with instant torque and even quiet operation. Take a quick test drive to see if an EV is perfect for you. of course, the test drive is going to get you a good idea about the entire experience you may expect it once you buy it.
Resale Value of the car
Indeed, as EVs become more popular, their resale value may simply grow. However, resale value can differ greatly depending on the make and even model. So, be thoughtful about the resale thing.

Brand Reputation
Consider the brand's reputation for proper reliability, quality, and even customer service. Choose a brand having a proven track record for building dependable EVs. You have to go for an electric vehicle that is absolutely reliable for you. once the brand is dependable, the vehicle should be good only.
Maintenance factor
EVs have fewer moving parts than that of gas-powered vehicles, which can simply reduce maintenance costs. However, some components such as the battery and even electric motor may require to be serviced or replaced with time. after all, maintenance is a big thing.
Energy Efficiency
EVs are much more energy-efficient than gas-powered vehicles, but some models are out there that are more efficient than others. Look for EVs having the high level of energy efficiency ratings to save money on charging costs.
Environmental Impact
It is also right to state that electric vehicles produce zero emissions while driving, which can definitely reduce your carbon footprint. However, the production of EV batteries can somewhat have a significant environmental impact, so consider the entire life cycle of the specific vehicle. this would get you a better idea about the whole thing.
To sum up, you can buy the best electric vehicles once you know what exactly you are looking for. after all, purchasing an EV demands careful consideration of many factors. Take the time to research and even test drive different models to find the one that best fits your requirements and lifestyle.
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2023.03.31 08:31 tardezyx Overview of good streaming microphones and how to set them up (vocal chain)

At first, you have to decide between the type of the microphone: condenser or dynamic.
Generally, condenser microphones are more sensitive and record more of the room and thereby more color of your voice but are also more sensitive when it comes to general noise, esp. the clicking of your keyboard, mouse or controller. They are easier to drive than dynamic microphones and you can sit further away while still being recorded with enough loudness. They could be a choice when you use them in an acoustic treated room where echoes and modes are already handled or when you want to record/stream non-gaming content where your surroundings are quiet. Especially on the latter you should check out small diaphragm condenser microphones like the Okatava MK-012 which could be used out of screen and which even forgives bad room conditions. There are also so-called shotgun microphones, but their design makes them more suitable for treated rooms and outdoor use, as they cancel out the room reverberation necessary for the voice.
On the other hand, dynamic microphones which mostly come in a cardioid characteristic are less sensitive to bad room conditions and to noise as you need to speak more directly and within a short distance into them. They are also a bit harder to drive than condenser microphones. For the casual gaming streamer, who sits in an untreated room and wants to reduce all noise as much as possible, a dynamic microphone mostly is a better suit. Therefore the focus here lies on dynamic microphones.

Dynamic USB Microphones

Probably the best dynamic USB microphones for streaming (i.e. focusing on voice and speech including filtering of ambient noise) are currently the following, though each comes with a few drawbacks:
  • Deity VO-7U
Has a very low self-noise, is plug & play (no special drivers/software), has some fancy RGB variants (which can be switched off completely) and already sounds quite pleasant when delivered. The gain control works in reverse and triggers a very good internal limiter from about 50 %. It handles plosives relatively well without a windscreen, but is more sensitive to sibilants.
The microphone arm that comes with the set is not much good and is quite wobbly. This arm is sufficient to start with, but should be replaced within a few months, since its table attachment is only glued to relatively thin plastic material on the inside and will simply break in the foreseeable future. The set with the arm is nevertheless worthwhile if you want to use the windscreen or do not yet own any microphone arm.
To adjust it reasonably to your own voice, you should use e.g. Equalizer APO with some VSTs (see below). I also recommend installing Volume² and TorkilsMicMuter so that you can turn off the mic via software (and thus no longer have an annoying red RGB light when it is deactivated). To handle the sibilants, you could use TDR Nova (e.g.) as De-Esser to attenuate the affected frequencies (see below where the vocal chain is explained).
  • Rode X XDM-100
It is relatively heavy and large (especially with the shock mount, which is also necessary as a mount on a microphone arm), which means that a particularly resilient microphone arm is required here. The windscreen unfortunately takes some presence away from the voice, but hardly seems necessary.
You need the Rode X Unify software for this, which - similar to Elgato's Wave Link, Steelseries GG or VoiceMeeter (see below) - creates virtual audio tracks with which you can make various presettings for streaming. However, it is more important that you can/must also make your microphone settings here, since the microphone's own Aphex DSP chip can only be set via this software, with which you can get a lot out of the basic recording, which is good in itself. The software doesn't seem to be fully developed yet, but it runs more stable than it did a few months ago. Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows.
  • Shure MV7
The little brother of the infamous Shure SM7b which sounds a bit musty and is more suited to metal vocalists and instrument recordings than streamers, but is hyped for its elegant looks while in reality there are better options out there which are not as hard to drive.
The MV7 is also still a bit musty, unfortunately has micro USB (and no USB-C) and reacts very strongly to plosives, which can be dealt with using an alternative windscreen (for example, the Shure RK345). You can also set a limiter here, but it probably doesn't always work correctly or hardly does anything. In addition, some other integrated functions can be set via software similar to the Rode X XDM-100. A big plus is the already integrated XLR connector, which allows a later change to an interface. The bold logo, which constantly jumps into the camera, unfortunately leaves the aftertaste of a permanent commercial.
  • Further notes and settings
There are of course even cheaper dynamic USB variants (FDUCE SL40, FiFine 688, Mackie EM-USB, t.bone MB 7 Beta USB, etc.), even some that are similarly priced (e.g. PreSonus PD-70, PreSonus Revelator Dynamic, Rode Podcaster, Samson Q9U, etc.) but they can't keep up with the above mentioned ones in USB operation, either because they have a higher noise floor or other problems. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to test whether these are better suited to one's own voice, location and handling and whether their tonal disadvantages can be compensated via equalizer adjustments and VSTs (see below).

Dynamic XLR Microphones

XLR microphones usually provide a better recording signal with less noise floor than USB microphones, provided they are suitably amplified. There are no "best" microphones per se, since personal preferences predominate here. However, the following should be singled out here, since you can achieve very good recording quality with these and, in combination with a relatively good entry-level interface (for about $ 150-300), stay under $ 500:
  • Shure MV7X
See Shure MV7 above - is quasi identical, only without the USB functionalities. Requires about +55 dB gain.
  • Rode Procaster
Similar to the Rode X XDM-100 above, i.e. also heavy and clunky. It is also a bit bass-heavy, but this can be remedied using an equalizer. Requires about +56 dB gain.
  • SE DynaCaster DCM8
Already without software extraordinarily versatile adaptable, whereby it approaches the quality of various, partially twice as expensive competition microphones. It handles plosives very well indoors, even without a windscreen, which also makes it stand out visually. The position of the XLR connector might slightly interfere with some microphone arms. Requires about +58 dB of gain. However, you can activate the internal amplifier via 48V phantom power (must be supplied by the interface), which raises the level by +30 dB, but the recording quality suffers somewhat.
  • Further notes and interfaces
Here, too, there are of course cheaper variants, whereby the combination of a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 with the Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD (delivers up to +51 dB gain) might be the cheapest entry-level combination with acceptable recording results. Also worth mentioning is the Elgato Wave DX, which comes quiet cheap in a set with interface, arm and XLR cable.
Also with the interfaces it depends clearly on the own requirements. For example, with the simple Elgato Wave XLR (provides up to +75 dB gain, of which +23 dB via software) you can use the Elgato Wave Link software, which also allows the integration of VST plug-ins in addition to virtual tracks (see below). The PreSonus Revelator io24 (delivers up to +60 dB gain), on the other hand, additionally offers DSP effects and loopback channels. Furthermore, you can also buy so-called streaming decks like the TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini (delivers up to +72 dB gain).
Attention should be paid here to the possible amplification (gain) and to the phantom power (48V) that may be necessary to be able to drive the selected XLR microphone. If the gain is not sufficient, there is also the possibility to connect additional PreAmp plugs in between (e.g. the TritonAudio FetHead).

Adjustments via equalizer and VST effects

  • Equalizer APO
For Windows users, adjusting the EQ and adding VST effects systemwide for each audio device can be done via the free software Equalizer APO. It uses the "config.txt" file as entry point in which you can include other files where you have your device-specific settings (caution: they all should be in the same folder as the config.txt). Those files are simple text files which can also adjusted via Notepad. You can also write little batch scripts and easily switch between different settings by overwriting the config files. You can either use those scripts as desktop or task bar shortcuts by which you can apply keyboard shortcuts to them or bind them in your stream deck as command.
While you are able to add VST effects to your audio device within Equalizer APO, it has one downside setting those up as you are not able to see live frequency changes on your microphone within Equalizer APO as it adjusts the signal before it is routed to the Windows audio processing. The only thing you can see, are the adjustments to the general frequency band.
  • Steelseries GG (part of Steelseries Sonar)
This little free software provides three additional virtual channels on which you can apply some EQ settings and route your audio for streaming. E.g. can it be used to set up two different audio sources for your live and VOD stream or to adjust the sound of a game (to enhance footsteps) or of your mates (e.g. in Discord). It is simple to understand and to set up but requires a registration.
  • VoiceMeeter
This is an alternative to Steelseries GG as it provides multiple virtual channels and a more complex way of routing those channels from and to different input and output devices. Unfortunately, it is way more difficult to set up and a bit more confusing than Steelseries GG.
  • Elgato Wave Link
This software is only useable with Elgato hardware like the Elgato Wave XLR. It unifies the functionality of Equalizer APO and Steelseries GG as it provides various additional virtual channels on which you can apply different EQ and VST effects on each of them. You can also directly set up plugins like "reafir" as you get a direct input signal from your microphone. It is also more easily to switch effects and to integrate it to your stream deck. Furthermore, you can set up different volume settings between your monitoring and stream channels.
  • Others
Some USB microphones and many XLR interfaces like the above mentioned PreSonus Revelator io24 (and mostly more expensive interfaces) also have integrated DSP chips by which you can apply various EQ or even VST settings and could be an alternative if you are not happy with the software solutions or are not able to use them (e.g. when you are using a Mac).

Vocal Chain: How to set up your microphone

I highly recommend adjusting your microphone to your conditions (voice, room, recording location within the room, surroundings, etc.) as those are very different for each user. Thereby, you can enhance the recording quality of your microphone tremendously but keep in mind that every setting is optional and can be very different for your conditions.
I recommend using the following VST plugins:
When I mention the Q factor in the following sections I mean the corresponding setting for the EQ setting within Equalizer APO (e.g. peaking filter). By that the affected frequency range is meant. The lower the Q factor the broader the range and vice versa.
The vocal chain is generally set up as follows:

1. Noise filter

Remove the noise of the microphone/interface and permanent surround noises (e.g. fan noise, street noise, whatever).
This is the most complex one to set up but you only have to to this once, so be patient.
You need to record a "quiet" signal for about 10 seconds and save this as audio wave file. You can use Audacity for this. Of course, do not speak or breathe into the microphone while recording. Furthermore, cut the first and last 2 seconds of your recording in order to not have any mouse clicks in the final audio file. The purpose is to have a recording of only the microphone ground noise and permanent surrounding noises.
Then open OBS, add the recording as media file and loop it. Now you should see a low audio signal within OBS. Right click on the media file source, click on filter, add an audio filter, select "VST-2.x-Plugin", name it "test123", select the plugin "reafir_standalone", close the window and open the filter overview again to see the button "open plugin interface" on which you click.
You should now see the reafir window with a low frequency signal on the bottom left. Set the "Edit Mode" to "Precise", the "FFT Size" to "4096" and the "Mode" to "Subtract". Then activate "Automatically build noise profile" and wait around 30 to 60 seconds.
Reafir is now setting a frequency filter which corresponds the signal of the audio source (our recording). After you have waited, you can simply close OBS.
Now we need the result which is stored within the corresponding OBS file which is saved under:
  • C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\obs-studio\basic\scenes
Just open the newest .json file in Notepad and search for "test123" (this was the name we gave the plugin within OBS). A bit after the result comes the chunk data of this plugin which contains the filter value that has been generated. This is a very long cryptic string which goes over several lines. We need the whole value within the quotation marks. Copy it to a new file named "ground noise" or something and save it to your desktop.
Now we need to apply this generated value to our real filter.
For Equalizer APO:
  • add the reafir VST plugin and close Equalizer APO
  • open the corresponding config file (within C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config) with Notepad and find the following line: VSTPlugin: Library "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\ReaPlugs\reafir_standalone.dll" ChunkData ...
  • paste the content of your "ground noise" file within the quotation marks after "ChunkData"
  • save the file
For Elgato Wave Link
  • add the reafir VST plugin
  • the content of your "ground noise" file should then be inserted into the corresponding ChunkData value in one of these files: %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\MixerConfiguration.json %appdata%\Elgato\WaveLink\AudioRoutingSettings.xml
  • save the file (and perhaps reboot)

2. Noise gate

Filter all other noises (keyboard, mouse clicks, rustle, coughs, rumble, etc.).
Add the Real-time Noise Suppression Plugin (rnnoise_stereo.dll) and open its interface window.
  • VAD Treshhold: here you set the general filter which is defined by the propability a signal is voice/speech. The lower you set this value, the higher is the chance, that non-speech is getting recorded. The default value of 0.60 (= 60 %) should be good.
  • VAD Grace and Retroactive VAD Grace Period: adds a bit of tolerance time which can add some latency. You need to test this values according to your speaking behaviour (check, if your speech is cut on the beginning and end of your sentence(s)).

3. Low Cut

Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 63-80 Hz.
Many microphones and interfaces provide one or even two high-pass filters at around 75-150 Hz on the hardware itself or within their software. If so, I recommend using the lower setting.

4. Compressor

This is used to reduce the dynamic of your speech (louder signals are softened and quieter signals are enhanced) and to distort the overall signal (e.g. to get the typical broadcasting sound). This should be set up after everything else but it is the fourth step within the vocal chain processing.
You can use the multiband compressor "ReaXCompX" (reaxcomp-standalone.dll) for this. This highly depends on your hardware and voice, but as starting point you could use the following values:
(Frequency, Threshold, Ratio, Gain, Knee, Attack, Release, RMS)
  • 137, -20, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 1147, -18, 2:1, 0, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 6910, -25, 2:1, -2, 0, 3, 100, 5
  • 24000, -25, 3:1, 1, 0, 3, 100, 5

5. Main Cut

The main cut is split into 4 sub regions:
5.1. Low and High Cut
Filter all low bass frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a high-pass filter. We already did this on step 3 but we need to do this again as the compressor on step 4 could lead to new low bass frequencies. Use the same setting as you did in step 3.
Filter all high frequencies which are not essential for the voice with a low-pass filter. I recommend setting this up at around 18,000 Hz with a default Q value.
5.2. Handling Room Modes
If you have an untreated room, you first need to find out on which frequencies problematic room modes could be created. The frequency range should be around 80-200 Hz.
To identify the modes, you can use the room mode calculator (https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc), enter your room dimensions and look for spots where where several red lines are closer together. Then play a song on your monitors (do not use a headphone, of course) with bass frequencies (I recommend some electronic music), turn it a little louder and use a peaking filter with a lowemedium Q factor and a moderate gain (+3 to +9 dB). Now scan the problematic region with this peaking filter. When it rumbles, the chance is high you have found a room mode. Apply a notch filter on each of the rumbling frequencies with a gain reduction of -3 to -9 dB and a high Q factor (12.00 to 30.00).
5.3. Handling Nasal Honk and Sibilances
The nasal honk lies between 800 and 1,500 Hz, depending on your voice. You can reduce it by setting a peaking filter around 1,050 Hz with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and either a low or high Q factor (0.5 to 12.00).
Sibilances (s, ch, ts sounds) can be harsh and annoying, depending on your voice and hardware. You can find them by using a test record with many sibilances and using a peaking filter with a moderate gain (+6 to +12 dB). The range you should look at is between 2,800 and 11,000 Hz. Apply a peaking filter with a gain reduction of -3 to -6 dB and a higher Q factor (12.00) to each of the problematic frequencies you found.
5.4. Vocal Enhancements
Until here, we only reduced problematic frequency ranges but now we want to enhance those where our voice shines with moderate settings (+1 to +3 dB and a low Q factor):
  • Increase vocal bass with a low shelf filter around 100 to 150 Hz.
  • Boost the vocal core for more clarity with a peaking filter between 1,000 and 2,000 Hz.
  • Add presence with a peaking filter between 4,000 and 5,500 Hz.
  • Brighten the vocals for air & sparkle with a high shelf filter around 8,000 to 12,000 Hz.
Then we should apply a negative pre amp that decreases the volume with the amount we have increased it via all enhancements. The pre amp should be put before the enhancements are made. This is done for two reasons: to not change the overall volume via our main cut and to not overdrive the audio signal. By the way, this should be done on each step, if necessary and therefore most plugins provide an additional gain setting which should be used to adjust the output volume to the input level.

6. De-Esser

While we already detected and slightly reduced the problematic sibilance frequencies and we can also handle them via a so-called "De-Esser" by which we additionally compress those frequencies.
Therefore we can use TDR Nova (TDR Nova.dll). The general settings could be as follows:
  • Quality: Precise+
  • HP: 40 Hz, 24 dB/oct
  • LP: 22000 Hz, 24 dB/oct
  • EQ Gain: ON
  • Dry Mix: 0 %
  • Out Gain: 3.0 dB
Then we can use up to 3 or 4 frequency bands to handle each sibilance frequency for which we use those settings:
  • Q: 6
  • Gain: -3 dB
  • Treshold: -4.5 to -6 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1
  • Attack: 5 ms
  • Release: 150 ms
Additionally we can handle plosives by applying the following frequency band:
  • Q: 0.5
  • Frequency: 160 Hz
  • Gain: 0 dB
  • Treshold: -3 dB
  • Ratio: 2:1
  • Attack: 5 ms
  • Release: 200 ms

7. Gate

This gate is used to cut all low noises while speaking (e.g. breathing).
We can use ReaGate (reagate-standalone.dll) with the following settings for this:
  • ReaGate: -40 to -30 dB
  • Pre-open: 0 ms
  • Attack: 3 ms
  • Hold: 1 ms
  • Release: 100 ms
  • Hysteresis: 0 dB

8. Limiter

The audio signal is capped at a maximum loudness level. This is used to prevent the recording from clipping and your viewers/listeners ears from bleeding.
Some microphones and interfaces provide an internal limiter setting. As those are not often reliable, I recommend to additionally set an own limiter.
You can use George Yohng's W1 Limiter (George Yohng's W1 Limiter x64.dll) with these settings for this:
  • Treshold: -6.0 dB
  • Release: 250 ms
  • Adaptive Release: active
  • Ceiling: -4.5
Thats it. Have fun and good luck by setting up your vocal chain.
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2023.03.31 08:21 _dharwin A Rogue "Tank"

I was inspired by this article.
Without repeating everything, they mention how Opportunity Attacks might discourage enemies to pursue squishier targets. They also correctly point out how the damage from Opportunity Attacks scales poorly to the point of being negligible which makes this method of locking down enemies ineffective at higher levels of play.
They point out Rogue Sneak Attack damage solves the scaling issue but then immediately dismiss a Rogue tank saying, "...a class with d8 hit dice and light armor only struggles to fit into tank builds for obvious reasons."
Which seems to contradict their analysis of tanky (enough) casters who have the same or lesser hit dice and armor proficiency.
I thought, why couldn't we address the issues with Rogue the same way they address "squishy" casters?
Improving AC
Our first goal is to exceed 19 AC before any buffs are applied.
Warforged is a standout option for the +1 AC, immunity to Disease and Magical Sleep, as well as resisting Poison damage. A very tanky kit overall. Honorable mention to Yuan-Ti and Satyr which are often banned in my groups for their Magic Resistance.
Next, we need access to at least medium armor and shields. Heavy armor is probably inefficient on the character. As a melee, martial build we can't afford to lose 10 ft of speed. That means we need at least 15 STR to meet plate requirements, 13 DEX to multi-class with Rogue, and ideally 16 CON to bolster our HP and CON saves. That's a fairly MAD build to get only +1 AC over medium armor.
If that +1 AC is important, I'd consider Medium Armor Master since we'll probably have a spare feat and/or some pick your favorite options.
For a one level dip, I would consider Fighter, Forge Cleric, or Artificer. They all have pros/cons to consider.
  1. Fighter - CON saves, +1 AC
  2. Forge Cleric - +1 AC, expanded spell list
  3. Artificer - CON saves, expanded spell list
This is a "choose two" type situation. I think the case can be made for any of these options. That said, we will have very limited spell slots so we're probably not going to need the variety we get from Forge Cleric or Artificer. Instead, we will focus on a few staple spell options which we can get from our Arcane Trickster subclass.
That leaves things in favor of the Fighter dip, which gets my vote. If you prefer one of the other two, it should be fairly close in effect.

WHIP for area control. Enemies do have wider range around us without provoking opportunity but we get Slasher damage type which let's us capitalize on perk. This gives us larger threat radius. Better for preventing backliners from getting attacked, worse for helping fellow frontline characters since they will more effectively be able to refocus/move to them. We just have to assume they will handle their defenses.
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2023.03.31 08:13 InternationalBody971 The Five Benefits of Collagen for Health and Fitness

The Five Benefits of Collagen for Health and Fitness
Collagen is a protein that plays a vital role in the health and fitness of our bodies. It has many benefits, including aiding in weight loss, muscle growth, joint and bone strength, skin health, and digestion. Here’s a closer look at each of these benefits:
  1. Weight Loss: High-purity, high-protein hydrolyzed collagen is an effective natural appetite suppressant. Clinical studies have shown that its satiety can promote weight loss. Unlike some weight loss products, collagen is free of fillers, hormones, and acids. It’s produced without any processing that could interfere with the body’s normal function. Hydrolyzed collagen has also been shown to reduce fat, avoid clogged arteries and increase organ support. Consuming edible collagen can help the body feel naturally fuller for longer, reducing snack cravings. This can aid in weight loss without any nasty side effects.
  2. Muscle Growth and Improved Sports Performance: Collagen is a powerful molecule that can provide many benefits to athletes and everyday bodybuilders. Research shows it can help muscle growth, which can improve athletic performance. Collagen contains amino acids that are essential for building muscle tissue. It also helps to repair damaged muscle tissue after exercise.
  3. Joint and Bone Strength: A high percentage of our bone mass is composed of collagen. It controls the strength and weakness of the body’s joints in everyday life. For those who exercise regularly, collagen is especially important. If we don’t get enough essential amino acids for our body, we won’t be able to produce enough protein to support the body. This leads to protein breakdown in the body, which we certainly don’t want. On the other hand, by supplementing with the amino acids it needs, the body can help build protein so it can reduce body pain, increase the amplitude and range of weightlifting exercises, increase the intensity of exercise and improve strength.
  4. Skin Health: Collagen is essential for maintaining healthy skin. It provides elasticity and hydration to the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Supplementing with collagen can help to improve skin health and appearance.
  5. Digestion: Collagen is also beneficial for digestion. It helps to repair the lining of the gut and improve nutrient absorption. This can lead to better overall digestive health.
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2023.03.31 08:10 Cameronfb Ni dominant intuition is like...

The mobile game "Wordle". Let me explain...
You have an idea that you're attempting to access, as it exists in totality at the back of your mind. It's there, but it hasn't been explained concisely in terms that relate to the external world around you. It's just this essence of fibrous material, of stardust, and you must fully engage your conscious mind to chip away at the marble until that thing you're trying to comprehend (which you FEEL is right there, just beyond the horizon) is reflecting the world around you. It's like there's an invisible autonomous vehicle right in front of you, that you can drive and get to point B from point A with, but you can't tell what it looks like or why it functions. How do you know it's the safest and most efficient means of getting from point A to point B if you're incapable of deconstructing its engine and checking it out? The only option is to cover it in paint until it eventually comes into focus as a vehicle with curves and lines and interlocking components. Though you could use it previously, and it worked just fine, you didn't know WHY it worked until you put the effort in to match real world material to its uncanny form.
Wordle is a game where you are attempting to guess a "word of the day" (paraphrasing it as WOTD for efficiency's sake), but only have a few guesses. You can try random words, and as you do, the app notifies you that some letters from those guessed words are within the WOTD. The more you guess, the more you learn where those correct letters sit within the WOTD, as there's a green hue which becomes more vibrant once you've discovered the correct placement of correct letters through your past guesses. INFJ intuition resembles this, in my opinion. You begin wandering aimlessly, though knowing that something's there. You have a vague understanding of the structure of your intuition, but have to feel around to see where the correct parts are before it's revealed to you in its entirety. You figure out that some chunks of the insight fit in one spot, whereas other puzzle pieces are missing, until eventually that scavenging for conscious explanation leaves you with a grasp on the intuition that feels whole and complete. At that point, through multiple "guesses" or attempts to deconstruct this sensation of knowing, you've guessed the WOTD.
Anybody else feel like this is an accurate representation of being an Ni dom? Sort of having a very strong intuitive feeling, or a notion that the answer has already been made obvious to a part of yourself that your conscious mind doesn't have access to, and then using said conscious mind to scavenge for materials/resources to bring the intuition to the external world?
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2023.03.31 08:06 bdlpqlbd Looking for a portable monitor.

Hey folks. I'm looking for a portable monitor.
... Some features it has to have:
1) Portable, with a folding stand, and small enough to fit in a backpack or laptop sleeve. Somewhere around 13 to 16 inches is probably ideal?
2) Low latency. I'd like to be able to plug a Nintendo Switch into it if possible and have decent latency. Refresh rate isn't as important, because the Switch can't go above 60FPS, but higher refresh rates could always be nice for future-proofing I suppose!
3) It should be a touchscreen with good stylus support. I want to be able to draw with it plugged into my laptop (I use Windows).
... Some features that would be nice to have as well:
4) Great colour accuracy. 100% DCI-P3, or close to it, would be a plus.
5) Would be nice if it had a battery to not drain my laptop so much.
6) Ideally not costing above $600 or so.
7) Great resolution. 4k would be ideal, 1440p would be alright, would accept 1080p though if it had everything else. Obviously this affects price quite a lot, so best bang-for-the-buck is more important than out-and-out price. If a unicorn shows up, I'm willing to save for it.
... Some final notes:
I'm fine with a variety of options. I've seen drawing tablets, regular standalone tablets with their own OS, touchscreen monitors, and even wireless monitors. So whatever suggestions you have, as long as it can do most of the things I mentioned above, we're golden.
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2023.03.31 08:04 Cameronfb Ni dominant intuition is like...

The mobile game "Wordle". Let me explain...
You have an idea that you're attempting to access, as it exists in totality at the back of your mind. It's there, but it hasn't been explained concisely in terms that relate to the external world around you. It's just this essence of fibrous material, of stardust, and you must fully engage your conscious mind to chip away at the marble until that thing you're trying to comprehend (which you FEEL is right there, just beyond the horizon) is reflecting the world around you. It's like there's an invisible autonomous vehicle right in front of you, that you can drive and get to point B from point A with, but you can't tell what it looks like or why it functions. How do you know it's the safest and most efficient means of getting from point A to point B if you're incapable of deconstructing its engine and checking it out? The only option is to cover it in paint until it eventually comes into focus as a vehicle with curves and lines and interlocking components. Though you could use it previously, and it worked just fine, you didn't know WHY it worked until you put the effort in to match real world material to its uncanny form.
Wordle is a game where you are attempting to guess a "word of the day" (paraphrasing it as WOTD for efficiency's sake), but only have a few guesses. You can try random words, and as you do, the app notifies you that some letters from those guessed words are within the WOTD. The more you guess, the more you learn where those correct letters sit within the WOTD, as there's a green hue which becomes more vibrant once you've discovered the correct placement of correct letters through your past guesses. INFJ intuition resembles this, in my opinion. You begin wandering aimlessly, though knowing that something's there. You have a vague understanding of the structure of your intuition, but have to feel around to see where the correct parts are before it's revealed to you in its entirety. You figure out that some chunks of the insight fit in one spot, whereas other puzzle pieces are missing, until eventually that scavenging for conscious explanation leaves you with a grasp on the intuition that feels whole and complete. At that point, through multiple "guesses" or attempts to deconstruct this sensation of knowing, you've guessed the WOTD.

Anybody else feel like this is an accurate representation of being an Ni dom? Sort of having a very strong intuitive feeling, or a notion that the answer has already been made obvious to a part of yourself that your conscious mind doesn't have access to, and then using said conscious mind to scavenge for materials/resources to bring the intuition to the external world?
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2023.03.31 08:03 Devendrasingh7773 Get to Know the Best Models of Tata Trucks in India with Price

Get to Know the Best Models of Tata Trucks in India with Price
Tata Motors has become a household name in India with its products which fulfil all the needs of its customers. Apart from the passenger vehicles, the commercial vehicles of this brand are valued equally in the transport sector.
All of the models of Tata trucks have created significance on the market, and for this reason, the repeat customer rate is also high. The brand has a legacy of over 7 decades in the market and has been a part of the transition. Here we have selected some of the top models of Tata Motors commercial vehicles, which ultimately boost your business.


Top Models of Tata Motors With Specifications

1. Tata Yodha 2.0 Pickup:-
Tata Yodha 2.0 is a robust pickup which is built to drive on all kinds of surfaces and weather conditions. It has a strong chassis and loading deck capacity, which can carry high loads easily. It is fitted with a TATA 2.2 l VARICOR BSVI Direct Injection Common Rail Turbocharged Intercooled Diesel Engine. Moreover, it delivers a power of 100 HP and 250 NM of torque. This Tata pickup is priced at Rs. 10.00 - 10.40 Lakh.
2. Tata 1512 LPT Truck:-
Tata 1512 LPT is a popular loading vehicle in the transportation sector. In addition, it is fitted with advanced specifications, which makes this one better than other vehicles in this category. This Tata truck has a 3.3L NG BS6 in-line water-cooled direct Injection diesel engine with intercooler engine delivering 168 HP and 395 NM. It has a big loading area for carrying a payload of 10550 KG and has a GVW of 16020 KG, and is priced at Rs. 27.65 - 28.40 Lakh.
To know more about the other Tata trucks, please visit Truck Junction.
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2023.03.31 08:03 AbbyMinlife Comforable Stackable Dining Chairs

Comforable Stackable Dining Chairs
The backrest of this comfortable stackable dining chair is in oval shape, with a beautiful line on the backrest and seat frame. The designer considers the inclination angle of the backrest can support the body well and design the slender leg that fits the overall design style. The same-colored pipeline design provides the product with a contour shape and makes the product trendy, the appearance of this dining chair is very light and thin, but the sitting feeling is very comfortable. The biggest advantage of this dining chair can be stacked and stored, no matter where you put it, which can save more space for you and increase the fun of the product during daily using. When you stack the chairs, you can directly place the chair in the corner, so that it will not affect your baby's play in a larger space. When you don’t want to stack them, 4 chairs can also be stored under the table at the same time, which can bring more using space to your living room. The cabinet capacity of this chair can reach 1000pcs. Welcome to contact us at any time if you want to learn more.
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2023.03.31 07:52 whudismin2713 MCO relay gone wrong

When I was 17, I met this guy (18 make) through a friend of a friend(during MCO), we became friends, at this time I wasn't looking for any relationship but I started having feelings for him and so did he. We got together and at first it seemed like there was no problem and that we fit together well, however once MCO had ended so many problems began.
It was after 5 months of dating, he had this neighbor (girl A) that he recently became close to after a few exchange of items due to lockdown, and he told me about it that he got a new friend, I didn't mind that. Then, when we went out on a date he started video calling her and introduced us and let the call stay on after, I was confused aren't we on a date? why is he calling his friend at this time, I think the girl noticed that it was weird for him to call her at this time so she said she was gonna end it and head to sleep, she seemed like a nice girl. I didn't like what he did so I told him right there and then, that he shouldn't video call his friends when we are on a date, if it's for awhile to say hi and how they're doing I'm okay with it but to stay on that call the entire time we are on a date sounds abit off. he said okay he'll stop. I thought it was going to end there.
He had some arguments with his family and he wanted to get away, so he went to his neighbor(girl A) house and do his assignments there, both him and her are doing a similar course, so they have similar interests. he video called me and I was surprised to see that he was in her house, I tried not to think much of it, both of them were talking and I couldn't say anything because I didn't know what they were talking about, so I felt like the third wheel all the time. A similar situation happen again where he invited me to a coffee house near where he lives and told me that he was inviting girl A too, before this I told him I was uncomfortable that he was meeting up with her more than me his gf and he said sorry he'll try to limit it, he wanted me to be friends with girl A so bad I don't even know why. she came and we talked I tried conversing with her on topics she and I might be interested in, it was going well then she brought up about something my bf did and she laughed and he laughed too and I was confused, basically they had an inside joke and I suddenly felt like a third wheel again. I didn't meet her again after that, but whenever I call my bf he was always with her, they'd either be in the car laughing or at her house. I told him again and again that I was uncomfortable with the situation and he keeps saying sorry he will do something about it until he didn't bring her up anymore and I thought everything was going fine. Suddenly I saw on IG that he went out with her alone again, I asked him I didn't know he went out with her why didn't he tell me anything, then he proceeded to guilt trip me saying I was being insecure, but the fact that he lied to me saying he is not going out with her again hurt me. he kept lieing to me about going out with his friends when it was just her and he tried comforting me saying he will never get feelings for her because she is in the same course with him which I find a bit stupid.
Then there was this other girl (girl b), this girl was friends with him way before I knew him and she was 15-16 at time. when I was dating him I didn't see any problem with her but after we broke up, one of girl b friend told me these stories, 1. whenever I didn't go out with the 3 of them (my ex, girl b and her bff) girl b would be very touchy feely with my ex, like sitting on his lap, leaning on his shoulder, putting her hands on his thigh, he would do the same to her. 2. he would stay overnight at girl b place sometimes all this happen when I was still dating him. 3. He would secretly go out with the 2 of them (girl b and her bff), sometimes with girl b only. Side note,I was becoming close to girl b's bff so she'd ask where I was, thinking she'd see me when my ex was going out with them, but he gave excuses saying I couldn't go out because my parents don't allow. Funny thing is he never asked me and I didn't even know he was going out.
What I didn't realize before when in the relationship, at times when I didn't want to have sex with him, he'd force me by constantly touching me here and there when I kept saying no and I didn't think much of it because I thought it was normal to please ur own bf and that if I didn't, he'd be upset and it would be on me for not helping him. Everytime he meet up with me, he'd get so horny as if I was his sex object and that's his only reason to meet me.
I was depressed the whole time after all the guilt tripping and lies he put me through and I felt like I wasn't enough because he always had these girls around him. I wanted to break up with him which took 3 tries because he always said to give him a chance and he'll do better and that he loves me until finally he said ok he can't make me stay anymore and he told me that no one could ever love me and that I was hard to love. He really tried to make me feel shit about breaking up with me.
After a couple of weeks, I was at home having an online class when I suddenly got a text and call saying he was outside and that he wanted to talk. I got freaked out because wtf he knows where I live and he came unannounced, what if I was alone at home? Being the dumbass I was, I went out to see him, luckily he didn't do me any harm, he just wanted to get back tgt and he told me he loves me so much, he misses me and he's sorry for everything and he won't do it again. I told him he doesn't actually love me, he just liked the idea of me because if he did love me he would actually listen whenever I was feeling shitty or uncomfortable and do something about it.
After years he still tries to befriend me, he asked if I wanted to meet up and asked for favours but i cut him out of my life, he really made me feel like utter shit for so long.
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2023.03.31 07:52 Electrical_Foot1452 How to choose the best SUV for your family?

Choosing the best SUV for your family can be a daunting task, but with careful thought, you can find the right model for your needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best SUV for your family:
Size: The first thing to consider is the size of the SUV. You want to make sure it's big enough to comfortably accommodate your family and any additional cargo that you may need. Consider how many seats you need and how much space your family needs.
Safety: When it comes to family vehicles, safety comes first. Look for SUVs with good safety ratings and safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control. Features like blind spot monitoring and backup cameras can also come in handy.
Fuel Economy: SUVs are generally not as fuel efficient as small cars, but you can still find models that offer decent fuel economy. Look for SUVs with good fuel economy, and consider a hybrid or electric SUV if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Comfort and Convenience: Think of the comfort and convenience attributes of an SUV. Look for models with comfortable seats, plenty of legroom, and adjustable seats. Amenities such as a sunroof, entertainment system, and air conditioning also add to your family's comfort and enjoyment.
Price: Finally, consider the price of the SUV. Set a budget and look for models that fit your price range. Keep in mind that while a more expensive SUV may have more features, it may not necessarily be the best fit for your family's needs. By considering these factors, you can find the best SUV for your family that offers safety, comfort, and convenience while staying within your budget.
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2023.03.31 07:49 lydiahehe Are Glass Railings Worth It?

Are Glass Railings Worth It?

Are Glass Railings Worth It?

Types of glass railings

According to the division with or without post, the two main types of glass railing are: frameless glass railing and post glass railing. Among them, frameless glass railings can be divided into: hanging glass railing, floor railing and swimming pool railing according to the different ways of fixing.
The first type is hanging glass railing, while glass is fixed by glass fasteners, sometimes called standoffs. Glass fasteners can also be called advertising nails. The common way of fixing is that two glass fasteners instead of a column fixed glass. Each column of two glass fasteners, equal spacing, alignment alignment. Neat and tidy glass fasteners, often hidden in the side of the floor, sitting in the living room to look at the side, you can only see the glass exposed on the ground, very simple and clear view.
The second kind of groove floow railing, is the use of the groove bar fixed glass, front, side and pre-buried three ways are available. Groove bar common aluminum groove and stainless steel groove, not easy to rust, durable, not only for indoor, can also be used for outdoor patio. The square groove railing, like a gift box, is solid and reliable, guarding the plants and trees in the middle and the people in the building, and is a safety line of protection.
The third type of pool railing, held in place with floor-to-ceiling glass clips. This type of glass railing is commonly used around the pool, so it is also called pool railing. Floor glass clips are small and delicate, square, round, oval …… No matter which shape of floor glass clip, as long as it is a reasonable spacing arrangement, you can fix the glass securely. Together with the matching door lock, the whole set of glass railing can not only block the water, but also restrict access, fully functional.

The advantages of glass railings

Glass railings are becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages they offer. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding a glass railing to your home.
Safety: Safety is one of the major advantages of a glass deck railing. The glass panels provide a clear view of the deck and its surroundings, making it easy to spot potential hazards. The glass also provides a strong barrier between the deck and the ground, reducing the risk of falls.
Durability: Glass railings are incredibly durable and can withstand all types of weather. The glass panels are highly resistant to scratches and dents, and they won’t warp or rot like wood or metal railings.
Aesthetics: Glass railings add a modern, sleek look to any outdoor space. The glass panels can be customized to fit any deck design and can be used to create a unique and stylish look.
Low Maintenance: Glass railings require very little maintenance, making them the perfect choice for busy homeowners. The glass panels are easy to clean and won’t require regular staining or painting like wood or metal railings.
Affordability: Glass railings are surprisingly affordable and can be an economical alternative to other types of railings. The glass panels are also easy to install, making them a great DIY project.
No matter what type of deck you have, adding a glass deck railing is sure to add beauty and value to your home. With its combination of safety, durability, aesthetics, low maintenance, and affordability, a glass deck railing is sure to be a great addition to any outdoor living space.

The disadvantages of glass railings

The first disadvantage of glass railings is their cost. Glass railings are typically more expensive than traditional wooden or metal railings due to their complexity and the materials used. Depending on the type and size of the glass railings, the cost can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.
The second disadvantage of glass railings is their fragility. Because of their delicate nature, glass railings are prone to cracking, chipping, and breaking. This makes them a poor choice for areas that are prone to vandalism or where there is a risk of them being tampered with. Additionally, glass railings must be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and free of any defects that could cause them to break.
The third disadvantage of glass railings is their lack of privacy. Glass railings allow people to see through them and into the building, which can be a disadvantage in some situations. This can be a particular issue for homes and offices, where privacy is important. Additionally, glass railings also allow sound to travel through them, so they should not be used in areas that require soundproofing.
The fourth disadvantage of glass railings is their lack of durability. Glass railings are not as strong and long-lasting as other types of railings such as wood or metal. Over time, they can become scratched, chipped and cracked, which can detract from their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, glass railings are more likely to become discolored over time due to exposure to the elements.


Overall, glass railings are an excellent investment for any home or business. They bring a level of sophistication and elegance that is hard to replicate with other materials, while also providing a secure and low-maintenance option that can last for many years. Plus, their versatility means that they can be used in a range of different applications, both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, if you’re looking to add a finishing touch to your property, glass railings are definitely worth the investment.

#Easiahome- Glass hardware Manufacturers & Suppliers
#Glass railing system

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2023.03.31 07:47 madmag23 Serie A 2022/2023 Gameweek 28 Prediction

SATURDAY 01 April 2023 (GMT +7)
Cremonese vs Atalanta
Bottom of the league Cremonese will welcome the visit of Atalanta who just ended their four-game winless runs in the league when they beat Empoli 2-1 last time out. Cremonese themselves manage to salvage a point on their visit to Monza as they hold the host 1-1 in that match. Their goalkeeper Marco Carnesecchi continues his excellent performance for Cremonese as he produced an impressive 6 saves in that match. He will be relied upon again here to try to deny Atalanta’s attack that has scored 44 goals from 27 games in Serie A so far. A win against Empoli is a big win for Gian Piero Gasperini’s side and he will take the confidence and positivity from their performance in that match to kick on momentum in the league with another win here. One player that is on red-hot form for Atalanta at the moment is the Danish striker Rasmus Winter Hojlund who just scored 5 goals in his last two international appearances for Denmark over the last week. His recent form should be enough to claim a starting spot for Atalanta in this match. Atalanta will also hope that Teun Koopmeiners is back fit for selection here but Gian Piero Gasperini has to settle for the absence of Hans Hateboer and Berat Djimsiti who will be missing through injury. Meanwhile, Cremonese's only confirmed absentee is veteran defender Vlad Chiriches. This will be a good opportunity for Atalanta to claim back-to-back wins in Serie A to help them push for a top 4 finish by the end of the campaign.
Prediction: 45 – 55
Inter vs Fiorentina
Two straight defeats against Spezia and Juventus were recorded by Inter in their last two games in Serie A and they will face another tough challenge in a form of Fiorentina who is carrying a momentum of seven straight victories in all competitions. Without a doubt, it will be a very interesting match to follow this weekend. Home advantage and a good record over Fiorentina (unbeaten in the last 11 games in the competition) will add confidence for Simone Inzaghi’s side to try to bounce back with a win here. But first, they should not repeat the same mistake they do when they got beaten 1-0 by Juventus in their last home game in Serie A. They have to be more effective up front and defensively they have to be ready for a fast counterattack from Fiorentina. Hakan Calhanoglu, Milan Skriniar, and Danilo D’Ambrosio look set to miss this game through injury while Federico Dimarco and Alessandro Bastoni appear to be fit for selection in this match. Meanwhile, Aleksa Terzic and backup goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu are Fiorentina's only injury absentees for this game, but Luka Jovic has contracted a virus and may also be ruled out. Arthur Cabral who scored eight goals in his last nine appearances for Fiorentina will lead the line for the visitor and Inter’s defense has to try to limit his chances up front. A very close contest between two very good sides that have the capability to harm each other might end with a draw here.
Prediction: 50 – 50
1. This prediction content comes from a third party and is for reference only. I am not responsible for any wins and losses generated by members using these tips.
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2023.03.31 07:40 ImmediateCase5849 AP CSP Performance Task Concerns

The jist of my concern is this: the program I am writing for the performance task consists of relatively simple concepts with some complex parts of it, but what I am highly worried about is being flagged for plagiarism. Here are the facts: - I referenced the docs for Python modules I am using (take pygame or the CMU CS Academy's graphics lib, the latter I use) so I can actually use the parts of it that I need, prodominently things like printing labels and whatnot - My coding style is relatively all over. Some parts are clean, some aren't.
My concern is that the board will view my code and rubric and think any of it was written by ChatGPT or taken elsewhere due to how I write code in parts and just me worrying about every little thing as I have been accused once in the past (not by CB but in a regular class, which I had disputed successfully).
My questions are: - Should I explicity cite the libraries that I use to cover grounds in that area? - Are there any reliable tools that will help give me a surface or somewhat deep analysis to see if my code is flagged in any way? - Should I just go through some bits of code, look it up and/or change code bits as deemed fit to be safe?
I'd rather not deal with being flagged, especially because I am being genuine with my code and essay portion as I have no reason to cheat if I enjoy doing it, but fear being accused again, especially now that I have something on the line if it happens (acceptance into college being it).
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.31 07:24 Furry_Buttslut [F4M] Looking for doms with BWCs to rail me like the eager little bleached whore I am just fuckingnme stupid with their huge cocks as they turn me into a cock addicted fleshlight for them to fill and cover in cum 24/7~ (low effort dms ignored please read the full post) Kik:Freeuse_Buttslut

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2023.03.31 07:23 lydiahehe 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Investment Casting

17-4 PH Stainless Steel Investment Casting
What is 17-4 PH stainless steel?
17-4PH stainless steel is an austenitic stainless steel containing more than 17% chromium, and its performance is equivalent to that of 18-8PH. This steel is used to make corrosion-resistant equipment, stainless steel for the food industry and general purposes, such as chemical processing, petroleum refining units, seawater treatment systems, and nuclear reactors.
It has high strength and hardness at high temperature (tensile strength can reach 1000-1200 MPa), and it has high strength and elasticity at low temperature (elongation can reach up to 50%). Due to the high chromium content of this stainless steel, the mechanical properties of 17-4ph steel are very close to those of 18-8ph steel; at the same time, it also contains a certain amount of nickel, so it has better corrosion resistance than 18-8ph steel.
About 17-4 PH casting grade
In the casting production process, due to the shrinkage of metal, thermal cracking and process hardening and other effects, so that the castings produce internal stresses. When the internal stress is greater than the yield limit of the metal at room temperature (that is, the material modulus of elasticity E less than or equal to 0.80MPa), it will produce compressive stress inside the casting; when the internal stress is greater than the yield limit of the metal at high temperature (that is, the material modulus of elasticity E>=1.20MPa), it will produce tensile strain. This change in volume due to temperature changes is called thermal and tissue stress. Thermal stresses and tissue strains are one of the main factors causing defects in steel, and are also one of the main factors affecting the performance of steel. Therefore, in order to ensure that the steel has sufficient strength and toughness and good weldability and cold-forming properties and other comprehensive mechanical properties, the casting must be annealed to eliminate or reduce these harmful internal stresses.

Heat Treatment of 17-4PH Stainless Steel Precision Castings

Heat treatment is an important process in the production of 17-4PH stainless steel precision castings, heat treatment is good or bad directly affect the performance and service life of the product. In general, 17-4PH stainless steel precision castings in the thermal process, due to the role of high temperature and phase change, resulting in certain organizational changes and changes in mechanical properties. Therefore, the 17-4PH stainless steel precision castings must be annealed, normalized and other heat treatment processes to eliminate the role of internal stress.
The following austenitic-ferritic steel as an example of heat treatment process and operation points: 1, annealing The purpose of annealing is mainly to eliminate the effect of the mesh carburizing body in the eutectic steel, reduce the hardness of the eutectic steel, brittleness and improve the machinability and weldability. For the requirements of the parts (such as the support), can also be appropriately reduced by heating temperature or the use of slow cooling method so that parts to achieve the required hardness value; and for the higher requirements of the parts (such as crankshaft, connecting rod) is to use quenching + tempering with the method to meet the requirements of use. Annealing is generally carried out in a protective atmosphere (furnace temperature of 1040 ~ 1150 ° C or so). Commonly used insulation media are asbestos board, diatomaceous earth bricks, etc., according to the need for graphite powder is sometimes used as a thermal insulation layer.

The pros of stainless steel 17-4 PH

1, good corrosion resistance. 17-4PH stainless steel has very good corrosion resistance, it can not only resist corrosion in alkaline solutions and most acid solutions, but also in the reducing environment. For example, it can remain stable in concentrated hydrochloric acid at high temperatures and is resistant to the action of any kind of organic acid as well as non-oxidising salts. Due to this characteristic, 17-4PH stainless steel is often used as a substrate or lining material in chemical equipment. 2, high strength, good toughness, easy to weld. 17-4PH stainless steel strength is very high (yield strength up to 800Mpa), its toughness is also very good; In addition, 17-4PH ductility is also very large (elongation rate of 10%). Therefore, when hot working (above 17°C), its properties do not change, and when cold working it does not deform; in addition, it is also very weldable.

The cons of stainless steel 17-4 PH

1,Pitting resistance is poor, generally used for seawater corrosion resistance, good resistance to chloride ion permeability in the environment.
2, poor weldability. Due to the high carbon content in the steel, easy to form martensite organization and embrittlement (i.e., reduced hardness). Therefore, 17-4PH stainless steel on the weld heat affected zone toughness requirements are high, and not suitable for TIG welding.
3, cold working hardening serious.
4, the price is expensive.

Application of stainless steel 17-4 PH in petrochemical industry

In the petroleum industry, PH stainless steel is mainly used to make various storage tanks, pipes and containers. As PH stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, strong mechanical properties and low price, so is widely used in the oil industry. The world’s largest oil storage tank is the Russian “Kuleba” storage tank (capacity of 10 million barrels), the material is 17-4PH steel. In addition, the “Aframax” refinery also uses a large amount of PH stainless steel to manufacture equipment and pipeline linings and other components.

Application of stainless steel 17-4 PH in nuclear power

Nuclear power is a clean, efficient, safe and reliable energy source, but nuclear power plants operate in a very demanding environment. To ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment, stainless steel is used as a material for key components to achieve efficient cooling and sealing of the equipment. Stainless steel 17-4PH has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good processability.

Application of stainless steel 17-4 PH in Shipbuilding industry

In shipbuilding, PH stainless steel is mainly used in marine boilers, heat exchangers and condensers. This equipment often requires materials with good corrosion resistance and PH stainless steel is therefore the ideal material choice. The tensile strength of 17-4 PH steel reaches around 1000 MPa, while the tensile strength of ordinary austenitic stainless steel is only around 400 MPA.

What problems can arise during the process of casting 17-4PH stainless steel?

  1. As the casting is cooled at high temperatures, thermal stresses are generated. When the temperature is higher than 800°C, the thermal stress will increase sharply; while when the temperature is lower than 400°C, the thermal stress will drop rapidly. So for the large size of the casting, 17-4PH stainless steel solidification speed to slow some, so that the internal heat generated enough for tissue transformation (i.e. austenitization).
  2. Due to the role of alloying elements and the influence of gas and inclusions in the steel and the hindering effect in the pouring system can lead to different shrinkage rates of castings. In general, large or heavier 17-4PH stainless steel solidification time is longer (about 20 ~ 30 minutes), and the shrinkage rate is also larger; and small or lighter alloy is relatively short (about 10 ~ 15 seconds) and shrinkage rate is smaller (17-4PH stainless steel has a large coefficient of linear expansion)
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